Hiding The Crimes Of The Weathermakers


Dane Wigington

When the atmosphere is heavily aerosolized (sprayed with extremely small particles), it tends to migrate rain because there are too many condensation nuclei so the droplets don’t combine into a large enough drop to fall (there can be many other effects from atmospheric spraying depending on the elements used, exposure to radio frequencies, or the addition of chemical ice nucleating agents). Migrated moisture can (and often does) come down somewhere else in the form of a deluge. Are the climate engineers really spraying the skies over our storms? There can be no reasonable doubt about this if all available information is examined. Most will never see the crimes of the weathermakers on radar images as most of these images are “filtered” out. If the public were to regularly see the blatantly visible toxic particulate trails laced into their clouds and storm systems (as is clearly shown in the image on the left below) they would already be rioting in the streets to stop the lethal contamination and manipulation of the Earth’s life support systems.

satellite infrafedThis is the same image, the left is filtered, the right is not. The public is always shown “filtered” images with very few exceptions

Why would the climate engineers migrate moisture in part of a storm (usually the leading of the storm) and then allow rain to fall later in the storm? Because there is often a great deal of moisture is in the front of the storms and the “AR” (atmospheric river) can lead the storm, this is where the “seeding” is most effective. The goal of “SRM” (solar radiation management) is to block as much of the sun’s incoming thermal energy as possible by creating as much cloud cover as possible (cloud enhancement geoengineering). So how much area can the climate engineers cover with mostly rainless aerosolized (and toxic) cloud cover? The satellite image below should be as shocking as the images above. Much of the moisture that was migrated right over the west on 12-2-2014 was then scattered across vast regions of the country in the form of rainless aerosolized cloud cover.

satellite radar combo

The image above is from 11:45 am 12-3-2014. MOST of the North American continent is COMPLETELY COVERED with generally rainless cloud cover, welcome to “solar radiation management”. Once the climate engineers have syphoned off enough of the rain to create the vast expanses of cloud cover they are after, some rain is generally allowed to fall. The aerosol spraying usually continues throughout most storms, and thus the rain often no longer comes down in torrents in the west as it historically did with such storms (as mentioned earlier, migrated rain can later come down in a deluge somewhere else). More precipitation is generally allowed at the tail ends of the weather fronts (though the precipitation is still contaminated with the heavy metal aerosols as as countless lab tests prove).

Again, why would one wave of a significant storm with substantial moisture completely pass over a region without dropping nearly as much rain as would have fallen historically? Only to be followed by a later wave of the same weather system which then delivers a higher percentage of desperately needed rain? Because the climate engineers can and are dictating where it rains, where it does not, how much falls, and how toxic it is. On the morning of 12-2-2014 I posted an article which highlighted the fact that some of the northern most regions of California were not receiving any significant rainfall in spite of the fact that very significant amounts of moisture were migrating over those areas. Satellite images and loops proved this fact. As mentioned, though rain was falling in some areas, others with the same amount of visible moisture (proven from radar images) got next to nothing. Even some regions with mountains (which should cause an “orographic enhancement” effect that generally squeezes out the most moisture) got very little rain. As of 11:15 pm on 12-2-2014 (after 3 days of “rain”), much of the mountainous zones in the north of the golden state had not received much rain in spite of heavy moisture moving right over them. Note how much rain there is completely surrounding Northern California in the image below. All of this rain migrated right over the regions in the far north of California  while dropping very little ( 20/100ths of an inch on 12-2 in the mountains north of Redding which were historically soaked by storm like this), why was there so little rain in this case? To create the vast expanses of aerosolized cloud cover shown in the PREVIOUS satellite image above. The image below was taken after the first major band of rain passed over California on 12-2-2014, though a few scattered regions in the state got a decent dose of precipitation, the far north did not.

satellite noaa

Can Climate engineering reduce rainfall if that is the desired effect? All available science says absolutely yes. On 12-3-2014, the climate engineers allowed some much needed rain to fall. Though the satellite image below actually shows much LESS moisture than the previous days image (shown above), many times MORE rain had fallen in the far north of California as of the time the image was taken on 12-3-2014


Why would the climate engineers go to so much effort to create so much cloud cover? They are attempting to slow what is likely already a “runaway” greenhouse effect on our planet. The problem is, the geoengineers are making an already bad situation far worse, not better. How much did global temperatures change from 1970 till 2009? The “departure from normal high temperature” maps below make this clear. In the last 5 years (from 2009 till present), the warming is increasing at an ever more rapid rate. 2014 will likely be the warmest year ever recorded on our planet in spite of not being an el nino  year.

warming earthThose that live in the Eastern US have been cold, how can the planet be warming? Because the climate engineers have kept the Eastern US cooler at the cost of frying the US West and parts of the Arctic. This creates headlines which in turn has created division and confusion within the population . The GFS map below shows just how out of balance the engineered cool-down in the Eastern US is. Stealing moisture from the Western US  is one of the methods being used to artificially and very anomalously cool the Eastern US. Even when moisture does come down in the West, when heavily aerosolized, less rain falls than what would have been without the spraying.

temp departure from average 2014

Climate engineering is NOT about the common good. It is NOT about keeping our warming planet cooler overall. Climate engineering is about power and control. It is about hiding the damage already done to the planet (much of it from the climate engineering itself)  at the cost of making that damage far worse overall. Just like the chemical “corexit” which was used in the Gulf of Mexico to hide the oil spill at the consequence of making the spill exponentially more toxic, climate engineering is being used to mask the unimaginable challenge of planetary meltdown (Earth has now had 356 consecutive months of ABOVE average temperatures) and to confuse and divide populations in regard to this dire challenge. There is also the aspect of weather warfare and biological warfare which is historically documented and inarguably now a part of the aerosol spraying and climate modification operations. Overall, the climate engineering insanity can only be described as an all out assault against ALL populations and ALL life on our planet. Join the fight to expose these crimes, make your voice heard, our lives depend on our actions.


Consequences of climate engineering

35 Responses to Hiding The Crimes Of The Weathermakers

  1. Diana Moss says:

    I just read a believe-it-or-not main stream media about a giant methane ‘bloom’ over New Mexico and the entire comments section, although interesting, never once mention climate engineering, only methane released from drilling and from animal waste. I posted geoengineeringwatch.org for others to read and absorb.

    • jose vejar says:

      I just found out a month ago about all this stupid method to filter the uv and "restore" the ozone…Hey these people are killing us with all this chemical staff that they are spraying…we are breathing and eating it!!!I don't want to see my kid's kids with all these health problems…Who started this whole over warming problem?…The man!!! Who will destroy us?…the man!!! They will stop the over warming, but We will all pay for it with our HEATH!!!!.

  2. Phillip Harris says:

    I’ve started a search of my house and in doing so,”I have two pictures from a very small area of a mirror in our bedroom of two of the fibers that were described in a plan of action I read recently using a black light. I collected dust from the mirror with a q-tip and found these fibers under a microscope. I’m going to continue collecting samples from other areas including outside. When I have enough pictures, I will post them on my fb page and will post it here so others can go and view them. I am completely confident that what I have collected so far is outstanding proof of what they are doing.

  3. katesisco says:

    An older comment from site now closed:

    by: Aleida from: Arecibo Observatory
    July 31, 2010 16:10
    In March 26, 2008, MR. Peter Theeter, Director of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, DARPA, informed the US Congress that Sleight of HAND, SOH, was taking place. This is at page 22 of his report. SOH is an outgrowth of HAARP according to page 254 of DARPA’s annual budget for 2005. The goal of SOH is to inject very low frequency radiation at the Arecibo Geomagnetic Conjugate Point with Aregentina. WHY?
    Because in 1958 Project Argus, a series of nuclear detonations in the high atmosphere contaminated the Van Allen Belts with nuclear radiation in the South Atlantic. Now, that radiation is destroying the circuits of satellites. HAND stands for High Altitude Nuclear Detonation. The goal is to “clean” the mess. It is being cleaned over our heads, crops, hospitals, schools, etc. A CRIME. An act of ECOTERRORISM. Against the whole planet.
    My hometown is being used for the “cleaning” . Here is the document: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/20870176/Ionospheric-Effects-Caused-by-4075-kHz-Whistler-mode-Waves-over. The grants for operating are Grant ONR-N00014-05-1-0109 and N00014-7-1-0999 of HAARP at Massachusetts Air Force Base.
    I’m not a conspitationist theorist. I just read. also, I observe the environment around me. There is unusual heat during the night.
    Everyday we have chaff, that is a metallic compund to alter the atmosphere. We challenged the Arecibo Observatory personnell. Mr. Robert Kerr, Director of the National Artmospheric and Ionosphere Center admitted in August 3, 2007 that the US Department of Defense is in Arecibo. This information is posted at http://www.naic.edu in that date. The radar’s military name is National Atmospheric and ionosphere Center. There is a military base.
    Puerto Ricans are the only people in the world that have attacked the US Congress. We are the only ones to destroy 11 planes in a base in a military operation. We are the only ones to have used human bodies as shields to protect our island of Vieques from contiuos bombimg. They had to leave Vieques and Roosevelt Roads. We are not conspiracionist. We are people struggling for freedom from colonialism.
    And a colonial state is what is going to be imposed over humanity if you don’t read, learn, and struggle.
    The term conspirationist theory is developed to get people to dismiss what is really happening. If you study their budgets you don’t have to digress into whether it is an accurate information. HAARP is a conspirationist theory that has swalowed well over 250 million dollars? What a conspiration!!

  4. Ian Mitchell says:

    I agree It’s time to take this planet back, and give our children a future.I have tried talking to people in New Zealand and people are so asleep it’s not funny. Too busy with eye’s on their iPhone, iPods the world is just passing by, nobody cares. I tryed talking to greenpeace and all they said to me is if they speak out they could lose funding.

  5. Louise Neufeld says:

    Thank goodness for the dedicated people like you Dane. Great research and article! With all this documented proof, it is still difficult to pin point who exactly is doing the spraying. It is also difficult to convince people of this existing horror and assault. Nevertheless, we all wish do to our part to enlighten people and create a mass protest. But what can we do and how?

  6. Real men. There not the upper 10% controlling you now. Real men have truth not money. Money makes capitalists able to control earth. Most men have a price.
    Now we have a woman CANCER advocate taking money from big oil and authorizing big pink Fracking drill heads for kids toys. Everyone has a short view with no care for there families. Most have a view until they get the paid off.

  7. Your right it’s how do we get a following that will make its presence as strong as Occupy Wall Street. In the 1960s we were able to get heard. It took a pre awareness to life. The war in Nam was not changeable but was considered. We made our voices heard.
    Now that has all been blocked like your healthcare, your benefits you have paid since the sixties now being stopped, blocked, ignored.
    As long as you sit in front of your TV watch stupid TV adds vote for deniers because they make you believe that the 2% of the country on welfare is now 40% you react to there lies daily. Certainly not your true facts because if your a few people spending trillions to turn you into a TV add sponge they have the wheel. This last mid term election shows most people are sheep listening to rubbish the wealthy feed them. The truth is think tanks have you bought and sold on one or two facts that are not real. That’s a dangerous government.
    Why would anyone vote for a climate change denier or vote for a billionaire to give him an opportunity to buy a bigger more comfortable couch? People don’t read facts they watch TV for answers where Geoengineering has been forbidden to the Air Waves.
    Sorry I am a true believer in what I read on http://www.GeoengineeringWatch.org. Question how do we grow momentum?

  8. Congress sprays skies then congress denies climate change. My cousin living in New York could care less. A master degree and laughs it off as if I’m nuts. If anyone with a masters in any subject is completely void of the truth and is in his 60s we are a limited lie style and should be planning an early funeral. I’m in my 60s, maybe cause I have two kids that are part of the problem because who ever does this knows no normal living style has the means to fight this growing monster. To support yourself pay your bills work and a normal life leaves minutes to fight a catastrophic problem, a deadly problem.
    Moves to stop healthcare and the ignorance that congress has taken to the people? It seems they know something we don’t. What is published on this site is completely ignored. Now acting to quiet more of us with net changes will make our USA freedoms a match to the worse dictatorship on our planet.

  9. Susan says:

    Question about the geoengineering occuring world wide.

    Is this happening in Washington DC? If not, why not. To close to home?

    These are “Crimes Against Humanity”.

    No One Is Exempt from Responsibly keeping their citizenry safe.

    Who are those who are allowing these crimes against humanity to continue to happen?

    How many thousands, have contacted the UN?

    Where is the UN? “Crimes Against Humanity”. Its happening worldwide.

  10. Tore Lie-Vikås says:


    I am baffled by how ignorant people in Norway also are. I try to spread the word via facebook. But nobody is responding to this info. I was also driving home an early morning from Golsfjellet in Norway and saw weird trails in the sky. We believe it is contrails but this was done during the night. When the traffic in the air by commercial airplane is none. Especially not where this contrails/chemtrails appeared. I took picture and you can see it hazing up the whole sky. I can send them to you if you like Dane.

    How can we wake up people? How can I make a difference?

  11. Tim says:

    Marc – HE also had John Coleman on who is so right wing, no global warming, Fracking is wonderful….I about broke my radio. People called in to ask about chemtrails and he blew it off as contrails. I don’t see how this show that claims to expose the unknown is touting this ice age garbage. Seriously? He needs to read the climate summary at http://www.guymcpherson.com

  12. Carmen says:

    I live in Colorado and recently visited Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They are spraying the skies in Halifax on a daily basis just as they are in Colorado. I spoke with a few people in Halifax who are well aware this is going on. Glad to see people are noticing the skies.

  13. Diana Moss says:

    Last Christmas Eve +as we were driving home from some last minute shopping we were driving from East to West and as the sun was setting the chemtrail pilots, with a sense of humor, I suppose, had formed a definite star with their trails, illuminated against the setting sun. The every thought of such a blatent display on Christmas Eve was nothing short of giving the finger to God, sort of a “See, we are in controll now abd there really isn’t anything you can do about it.”

  14. Mary Jennings says:

    It does not take a person with a PHD to realize the agenda of the evil, greedy, powerhungry to get what they want, even at the expence of the planet, atmosphere, and its inhabitants. NOW is the time to gather as one voice, one coollective and do the footwork. Your information is out there, it has educated thousands. But Mr. Dane its time to gather together as Warriors for our HOME. (earth). Freedom to speak is almost gone. I am ready to make a stand. Enough articles and forums. Our Earth is being pillaged and poisoned. We have to show up, stand up,be seen, make a stand. Who will be the courageous one to confront those guilty of crimes against the Earth and the peoples they are harming. How long until humans become nothing but collateral damage in the greed and power game? I am ready. I want my grandchildren to have a healthy home and life. THE TIME IS NOW!

  15. Diana Moss says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the spraying was stopped during the shutdown of the government and immediately began once the shutdonw was reversed. It was the first time for me that indicated that the government was involved.
    My questions have always been: Where are the home bases for the pilots who are doing the spraying? As the spraying is done in many states there has to be several ‘home bases.’ Are they refueling and replenishing their leathal cargo at major airports or are they doing this a ‘secret’ locations. Who is manufacturing the chemicals? How is it being delivered to the bases? How are the pilots paid and by whom? if our country is funding this ‘experiment’ out of what fund are the monies being appropriated?
    I am amazed at the number of TV shows that are filmed in areas where the chemtrails are clearly visable. How in the world can an individual citizen make a difference. I once wrote to Michael Moore about doing a film on chemtrails but never received a response. Those in power and behind all of this must have tremendous clout when someone like Michael Moore won’t touch the subject. Jesse Ventura tries but he is completely cast as a nutcase. And, of course as the result of arresting whistle=blowers most likely has diminished those who are interested in exposing the whole story. I want to KNOW if my meager tax dollars are supporting this venture.

  16. jefe says:

    Regarding doctored images for public consumption, NASA has been doing the same thing for many years with images sent back from space probes. Joseph Skipper’s website marsanomalyresearch.com used closer looks at those images to glean evidence of civilisation. When he began doing the same with deep ocean google-earth images, his website “disappeared”. There’s a facebook page, well-meant I suppose, bearing his name, but apparently it’s not his own.

  17. Jane says:

    Let Me Tell U People of Canada. This mike jenson guy from Enviroment Canada.

    The Guy is such a Bull Sht’rrr it is not Funny. I mean it is not funny .

    He works for the evvirorment Canad’er and get’s paid a big buck to B.S. everyone that lives in Canada,

    The Guy is so full of Sht he does not even know his own height.

    That is because they cannot pile Sht that high.

    He is the biggest Liar.

    Gets paid to Lie.

  18. Joe smith says:

    We are asked to believe that carbon ’emissions’ are responsible for the climate change so that payment can be demanded from us. However, carbon emissions are the least of the worries. If you do not know what chemtrails and geo-engineering are and how it is causing our weather problems, find out. Shasta CA has had a hearing on covert chemtrail operations as Dane pointed out on this website. Geoengineeringwatch.org is a great place to educate yourselves!. Mainstream media is absolutely prohibited from saying one peep about what is going on. Weathermen who have blown the whistle have been fired. Scientists, especially at universities who speak up are blacklisted and some have had convenient ‘accidents’. It is no accident that scientists aren’t screaming bloody murder. They have too much to lose. This is the biggest secret right under our noses. I might add that conspiracy theories ( I know someone is itching to label this as such) are unproven. This is known fact. Our skies are being loaded daily with aluminum chaff, and highly toxic metals. These are not contrails, which are incapable of expanding into a layer of white until the sky is covered. They do far more harm than could ever be imagined, and it needs to stop. The worst enemy is the one you don’t believe in.

  19. Jan says:

    Thanks for the very informative article.

  20. Ruth says:

    It does not get talked about that it is the “men” who are making the majority of these decisions and plans to destroy our beloved earth. Where are the real men?

  21. Marc Rennard says:

    Yeah,Tim, shame on Coast to Coast, but then again George Noory has routinely voiced his own opinion that global warming is either not proven or…an outright hoax.

  22. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…not sure how or if you could use this information. The article came from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, who I WOULDN’T trust for truthful reporting, but I did pick up some interesting info from: “Russian Scholar Warns Of ‘Secret’ U.S. Climate Change Weapon.” 12/4/2014

    This article’s comments were closed and strangely what followed were all comments from 2010. In particular, a commenter gave proof of patents for HAARP way back to 1980’s.

    Method And Apparatus For Altering A Region In The Earth’s Atmosphere,
    Ionosphere, And/Or Magnetosphere
    Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    Issued: Aug. 11, 1987
    Filed: Jan. 10, 1985

    U.S. Patent 5038664:
    Method For Producing A Shell Of Relativistic Particles At An Altitude
    Above The Earth’s Surface
    Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Aug. 13, 1991
    Filed: Jan. 10, 1985

    U.S. Patent 4712155:
    Method And Apparatus For Creating An Artificial Electron Cyclotron
    Heating Region Of Plasma
    Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J., Spring, TX
    Ramo; Simon, Beverly Hills, CA
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    Issued: Dec. 8, 1987
    Filed: Jan. 28, 1985

    U.S. Patent 5068669:
    Power Beaming System
    Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC
    Cha; James T., Fairfax, VA
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Nov. 26, 1991
    Filed: Sep. 1, 1988

    U.S. Patent 5218374:
    Power Beaming System With Printer Circuit Radiating Elements
    Having Resonating Cavities
    Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC
    Cha; James T., Fairfax, VA
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: June 8, 1993
    Filed: Oct. 10, 1989

    U.S. Patent 5293176:
    Folded Cross Grid Dipole Antenna Element
    Inventors: Elliot; Paul G., Vienna, VA
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Mar. 8, 1994
    Filed: Nov. 18, 1991

    U.S. Patent 5202689:
    Lightweight Focusing Reflector For Space
    Inventors: Bussard; Robert W., Manassas, VA
    Wallace; Thomas H., Gainesville, FL
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Apr. 13, 1993
    Filed: Aug. 23, 1991

    U.S. Patent 5041834:
    Artificial Ionospheric Mirror Composed Of A Plasma Layer
    Which Can Be Tilted
    Inventors: Koert; Peter, Washington, DC
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Aug. 20, 1991
    Filed: May. 17, 1990

    U.S. Patent 4999637:
    Creation Of Artificial Ionization Clouds Above The Earth
    Inventors: Bass; Ronald M., Houston, TX
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Mar. 12, 1991
    Filed: May. 14, 1987

    U.S. Patent 4954709:
    High Resolution Directional Gamma Ray Detector
    Inventors: Zigler; Arie, Rishon Le Zion, Israel
    Eisen; Yosset, Rishon Le Zion, Israel
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
    Issued: Sep. 4, 1990
    Filed: Aug. 16, 1989

    U.S. Patent 4817495:
    Defense System For Discriminating Between Objects In Space
    Inventors: Drobot; Adam T., Annandale, VA
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    Issued: Apr. 4, 1989
    Filed: Jul. 7, 1986

    U.S. Patent 4873928:
    Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation
    Inventors: Lowther; Frank E., Plano, TX
    Assignees: APTI, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    Issued: Oct. 17, 1989
    Filed: June 15, 1987

    US Military is DEFINITELY interested in weather modification. The HAARP Naval facility is online in Alaska and the godfather is Bernard Eastlund, who said:

    “In my opinion, the new technology for use of artificial plasma layers in the atmosphere: as heater elements to modify steering winds, as a modifier of electrostatic potential to influence lightning distribution, and for generation of acoustic and gravitational waves, could ultimately provide a core technology for a science of severe weather modification,” Eastlund told SPACE.com.

    and here’s the Navy’s brief from their website:

    DANE: Bernard Eastlund is also the first one in the above patent list for HIS PATENT FILED IN 1985!


    In March 2005 the senator that supposedly represents me introduced “Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005 (S.517), 1st Session, 109th Congress, on the floor of the U.S. Senate. The bill would establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board to overlook weather modification research.

    On December 8, 2005, the bill was placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 319.[2]” I don’t believe this bill passed but if it was introduced into the Senate you can bet it’s been done behind the scene for years. It is also forbidden by the U.N. to use weather modification as a “weapon” – Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. This was adopted back in 1976. Also, just doing an internet search for “weather modification patents” can be very enlightening.


    Americans had better wake up and “brain up” before it’s too late.

    Melody Meachum,

  23. Twolf1 says:

    Dane, Thanks for answering my questions upon my own observations this morning down here in Riverside, CA. I was driving my son to school at approx. 7am and the clouds began to clear somewhat, and had to pull over as my stomach began to sink!!!! Up above the rain clouds that had parted, were not only chemtrails, but the all too familiar haze left behind from hours before of spraying!!! I came to the only conclusion that any logical humane being could, and that was that they WERE SPRAYING ALL NIGHT, OVER THE TOP OF THE STORM, WHILE THE STORM WAS RAINING DOWN ON US!!!!!! Upon further observation, the low rain clouds close by, had an eerie brown color to them, unlike the normal white/greyish color of a normal rain cloud!!! FREAKIN SICK!!! So I was going to actually send you a message asking if you thought that they sprayed during storms, however I came upon this post and you were doing your own in-depth observations! Great info Dane, I will probably go over it numerous times to pick it apart just to educate myself even more on this Insanity that is being unleashed on us-
    God bless, and may he be with us in our fight-
    Tim from Riverside-

  24. Michel Pelletier says:

    This off topic but I think I have a method of waking people.We all know how hard that is.
    Language is so important geoengineering versus chemtrails.You may not know that the use of the word terror was hardly used before the mid 70s.Enter the CIA MI6 and the Mossad(thruogh deceit we shall wage war.This word allows them to wage war in secrecy.Their prefered word before that time was gorilla .I propose that we disarm that and replace it with the word crime.Crime and criminals are exposed and brought to justice with an open trial no secrecy.Criminal act versus terrorist act.Let us use 911 as an example criminal justice by we the people versus the governments war on terror.I would like people to use the evidence and contrast how each side would use or not use it.I am sure we could come up with long list. I am going to make my list I hope other people do the same.Keep dreaming on ways of bringing light to truth.

  25. Randallisimo says:

    A large proportion of those planes a fly by wire. Bet the loading dock boys know a thing or two above their “pay grade”

  26. Ana says:

    Very Good article Dane !thanks!…I don´t know what surprises so much people to make it (geoengennering ,in this case SRM) so dificult or impossible to believe. If oil companies cause or trigger “natural” disasters(earthquackes) or envyronment assaults all the time with fracking and oil spills what´s the surprise about assaulting our skies/weather /clima?they do anything they can for Money and power. I wonder if the situation of Artic is not going to get worst once that they are alouding the “big business”to go there to explore those resources that once were dificult to have the access because of the Ice conditions. Cause i saw this written on “Ecologist” from an article with the title “we must keep artic clean ,wild and free” from professor Robert Spicer :

    “Seals also use the ice to give birth and nurse their young. Polar bears, the unique and iconic predator of the Arctic, roam the sea ice; it is their home. All of this is now at risk from human activities such as oil drilling, industrial fishing, shipping and seabed mining.
    To invite big business into the Arctic, before we have even begun to understand the marine ecosystems that have evolved under ice cover, is wilfully destructive and regressive.
    And the science of climate change shows beyond any doubt that we cannot afford to burn all the fossil fuels we have already found. We do not need to risk the Arctic environment to discover and exploit yet more reserves. Future generations will think us mad for even considering it.”

    And i saw this (link down) about human induced earthquackes and about oil companies that shows us how everything sounds like a conspiracy theory for not well informed people and how our governments or militaries operate(not good examples but deceiving people),we just need to look at many other examples in our lifes in wich we can have access to the truth as a NOT DENIED reality (not yet a “research” as they say about geoengeneering)…people need to be clever than Them and to search for the truth cause they always hide from us the crucial information …

  27. carol freiberg says:

    Thanks again for an article to educate the folks who continue to think the weather is normal and those trails are simply contrails.Even my good senator, Mike Crapo ,has reassured me that what we are seeing is water vapor and nothing to be concerned about.Heck he even went so far as to send me a letter he got from the air force informing him this was not chemicals being released only water vapor. Crapo did say he would look at any evidence of chem spraying if we had some…Not sure which evidence to send that he may entertain and follow up on. Good God is this man for real? Is he really that ignorant or?? Dane please let me know the best thing to do here. what should I send him first for “evidence”?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, we have a number of excellent and undeniable film clips of various tankers spraying at altitude turning the spray on and off. Some of these short films are posted on the home page of geoengineeringwatch.org. There are also the numerous patents, lab tests, gov and UN docs, etc etc. You can show him any and all of it, though it is likely if not certain he will never admit to any of it. He is a part of the system and will not break ranks, all such people have long since sold any honor they may once have had.

  28. Tim says:

    Coast to Coast had the nerve to have a Global Cooling dude on tonight saying we are headed for an Ice Age….seriously?

  29. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you for writing this informative and descriptive article. This is one that people should save, refer back to, and share with others who need for more clarification on how aerosolizing affects the precipitation amounts at ground level, and the warming/cooling questions that people are often confused about.

  30. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Kathleen, Thanks for the reference to The HAARP report. I just watched it. Whoever gives the report is excellent. What is his name. I would like to thank him.

  31. Joe Miller says:

    My friend Mike Hendershot introduced me to your site and supplied info about HAARP . I am not a weather expert but find what he has told me very exciting and informative.

  32. Kathleen Gabel says:


    California’s engineered drought. From Nov 30 right up to today, powerful HAARP/SBX down bursts systematically blew apart several low pressure systems that would have brought much needed Sierra snow pack, and rain to Central Valley agricultural lands. Weather/agriculture futures investors, and others, have made millions off this fraud. Let’s all do our job to expose it – Share!


  33. L. Swanson says:

    I can’t help but wonder about the pilots doing the spraying. Even if lied to, they must know what’s going on?

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