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In the email thread below, Joan Muncaster confronts Scientist/Geoengineer Ken Caldeira about the ongoing geoengineering programs.

As we read, we begin to feel that, now all too familiar, surreal disbelief, as Mr Caldeira responds to hard facts with blatant lies. How can a man lie so convincingly, calmly covering with more lies and ridicule when presented with the truth?

All of those behind these heinous crimes appear to possess this characteristic. They appear to run by an entirely different code than the average person. Unlike the rest of us, they can tell a lie as confidently as though it were fact, unhindered by the constraint of conscience or remorse. This is a character trait which most of us find difficult to grasp, a fact that is clearly used to their advantage. We see this evidenced in the millions of people who cannot, will not believe what is happening right before their eyes, chiefly because they cannot comprehend the motive of those who are behind it.

These character traits can be found in books and articles about psychopathy.

“Psychopathy is basically an emotional disorder. The book, The Psychopath, by James Blair, Karina Blair, and Derek Mitchell, states, ‘The crucial aspect of psychopathy is … the emotional impairment.’ According to Dr. J. Reid Meloy’s book, The Psychopathic Mind, although psychopaths don’t feel emotion in a normal sense, they do experience boredom, envy, exhilaration, contempt, sadistic pleasure, anger, and hints of depression.”(1)

“Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths,” agreed Dr. Robert Hare, in his book, Without Conscience. “When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed–they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie.”(1)

The lie?  That Geoengineering is not already taking place and has not been taking place for many years at ever increasing levels.  And yet the general public has been misled to trust a person with a title (surely they know more than you do), rather their own good sense.   To suggest that the experts are lying seems brazen, much less, to openly say that the people in charge of these programs are psychopaths.  This is, perhaps, not politically correct, but never the less, it is correct.  It is the plain truth.  And the truth must be told if people are going to be roused to wakefulness and resist those who are controlling and destroying them.

“When a rational person hears of the possibility that a massive lie has been told to a population by a trusted leader, (respected figure, such as a well-known scientist) and they attempt to use their logic to determine whether or not such a lie is possible, they will usually not believe the truth (that they have fallen for a huge lie).

The reason for this is that although most of us can identify with small lies, we find it difficult to conclude that such a massive lie is possible. When I use the term massive lie, I don’t just mean a complete falsehood regarding a major event, but also the scope of its influence (global) and the amount of people that have fallen for it.”(1)

We run into the lie each time we contact our officials, asking them to give us an honest answer about the spraying.  The lie is on our TV screens, in our children’s science books and films.  But most frustrating of all, are the blatant lies to our faces, suggesting that it is our sanity that is in question for pointing out what is right before our eyes.

Let’s not forget, oh sleepy nation, that all of this has happened before:

“The great masses of people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
-Adolph Hitler

Any American who harshly criticized the German people for falling prey to the lies of Adolf Hitler had best be paying attention to the lies being spread by the media and our “officials” today as  the very atmosphere we need for existence is shredded before our eyes.

More about the individuals who perpetuate these crimes:

“A 2005, report entitled, Antisocial Personality, Sociopathy, and Psychopathy, by North Carolina Wesleyan College, describes them (psychopaths) as, “morally depraved individuals who represent the ‘monsters’ in our society. They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless.”

When seeking an explanation for the behavior of a psychopath, they will attempt to apply reason. But, when dealing with a psychopath, we must understand that psychopathy is the reason. (emphasis mine)

A small portion of the population have a psychological makeup which is much different than most. They are completely aware of their difference. They also know that most people are not aware of this profound separation. The difference includes an emotional deficiency, accompanied by a lack of remorse, which allows them to operate outside of standard moral boundaries. They are able to conceal this difference to some degree and usually appear to be generous and friendly.

… they frequently enjoy mocking their targets, which they see as weak…. They span all levels of society. Some authors consider them to be a different species of humans.”(1)

These things are crucial to understand if we are to get our bearings and fight those behind this global assault.

When confronted with scientific facts and the facts of plain observation, the response from Mr Caldeira is blatant lies and ridicule, intended to be intimidating.  We would all do well to learn the traits of the psychopath, as our only hope to stop the spraying, and other destructive and murderous programs which are currently in place, is awareness, to shout “NO MORE!” with 6,974 billion voices.

“The main reason I do it is it’s fun” – Ken Caldiera

email thread below


On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 1:43 PM, Joan Muncaster wrote:

I would like to voice my disapproval at the fact that you and your fellow “scientists” have the audacity to claim the skies over our planet and decide what you will dump on the people of the world.  We didn’t elect you and your cronies to pollute our atmosphere with toxic crap and destroy the natural weather patterns for who knows how long.

If you choose to take chemotherapy, that is a personal decision on your part.  You have no right to decide what is right and healthy for others.  I am asking you to cease and desist from implementing these programs on the people of the world and to ask those others who are taking part in this to stop.

Let me remind you that at one time people thought Agent Orange was a good idea.


Joan Muncaster


From: Ken Caldeira <>
To: Joan Muncaster
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: chemtrails


You are apparently misinformed.

My fellow ‘scientists’ and I do not have ‘the audacity to claim the skies over our planet and decide what you will dump on the people of the world’. I ‘pollute our atmosphere with toxic crap and destroy the natural weather pattern’ probably to the same extent you do, primarily with our carbon dioxide emissions.

I do not ‘decide what is right and healthy for others’. And I cannot cease and desist from doing something that I do not do.

I am an academic research scientist who has studied geoengineering only in the context of computer model simulations.

Perhaps you might consider getting your information from more reliable sources.  A good start might be this interview:



Ken Caldeira

Carnegie Institution for Science
Dept of Global Ecology
260 Panama Street, Stanford, CA 94305 USA
+1 650 704 7212  @kencaldeira


On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Joan Muncaster  wrote:

Looked up in the sky lately?  I’m 62 and I know what our weather used to be like.  For you to feign ignorance of the mass aerosol spraying of the planet is totally ridiculous.

You are smart enough to know the difference between contrails and the extensive aerosol sky war taking place over our heads.  And I imagine that if you have done computer models, you have also been in touch with those in the position to marshal the military to conduct these programs.

It’s too bad that you as a researcher don’t put your efforts to investigate the nefarious effects of nanoparticles of aluminum, strontium, and barium, as well as who knows what else on the population of the world, as well as the water supply, the tress, insects, birds, animals, soil, etc.  Or maybe you just don’t care because you are so much wiser than the rest of the crowd.

This spraying effects the health of you and your family and friends as well.  Maybe you should look into it and make an effort to stop it.

Thank you, and look forward to your helping end this plague.

Joan Muncaster


From: Ken Caldeira <>
To: Joan Muncaster
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 6:47 PM
Subject: Re: chemtrails

I do not believe that you know the full range of how normal contrails can appear.

There are many more planes than when you were a kid, so of course their are more contrails.

I prefer to work on real environmental threats and not imaginary ones.

Ken Caldeira


From: Joan Muncaster
To: Ken Caldeira <>
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: chemtrails

Your education must have left holes in your head.  Contrails dissipate–aerosols don not.  As a former flight attendant I can attest that planes do not fly in a checkerboard all over the sky and then the sun disappears the rest of the day.  Either you are totally ignorant and so full of yourself that you buy the party line, or you are a front man, and are lying.

You cannot claim ignorance anymore, and one day you will be held accountable for your lack of caring.


On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM, Dane Wigington wrote:


I met you in San Diego, 2010 at the AAAS conference though I am sure you do not remember. I believe David Keith however remembers me and my questions which the world has now witnessed.

I hope you find your honor Ken, and admit to the truth. How do you face your children while perpetuating the lie that geoengineering is not already going on? That it has not been going on for decades?

Perhaps you have convinced yourself of the lies, but the public is waking up very quickly to them. I believe one day soon all those that pushed these insane programs of planetary destruction will have much explaining to do.

Where is your honor Mr. Caldeira?

Dane Wigington


From: Ken Caldeira <>
To: Dane Wigington
Cc: Joan Muncaster
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:34 PM

Subject: Re: Geoengineering reality

I am speaking the truth.

Why don’t you focus on the real threats to our environment (CO2 emissions, deforestation, etc) or real government conspiracies (kidnapping and torture, drones, Guantanamo, etc), instead of your baseless fantasies?


On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Dane Wigington wrote:

As I have already asked Mr. Caldeira, where is your honor?

For you to so tenaciously hold to the lie that geoenineering is a “baseless fantasy” can mean only one of three things, you are pathological lier, you are blind, or your are nothing more than a paid government shill.

The truth about the ongoing geoengineering and those who helped to hide it will be known by the public at large soon enough.

Even if you have actually convinced yourself of the lie that geoengineering is not already going on, your advocation for geoengineering as a “cure” under any circumstances further shows your lack of rational prospective.

Human activity has indeed done great damage to the planet (the greatest single factor being geoengineering), and the issues of rising Co2 and methane are very real and imminent dangers, but stratospheric aerosol geoengneering is a “cure” that we already know is far worse than the disease. How can you even theorize that completely saturating the earths atmosphere with toxic nano particles would help anything? How total is your arrogance and insanity to believe you and the rest of the geoengineers could “play God” with the climate?

There is no need to “theorize” on the issue of geoengineering Mr. Caldeira. We can already say for certain that the ongoing geoengineering is decimating the planet and making our collective situation much more dire on all fronts. I live in  a wilderness area that was beautiful and healthy only a decade ago. In that time, the constant spraying has brought our forests in Northern California to the breaking point. Trees are dying everywhere. We continue to experience horrific drought as the geoengineering aerosols diminish and disperse our rainfall. (The science is clear on the drought causing effect of atmospheric spraying). The rain that does fall is highly toxic. Testing of our rain done by the State certified lab has shown very high levels of aluminum and barium in every single test of some 5 dozen tests performed. Some tests had as much as 3450ppb of aluminum. Where is all that metal coming from Ken? No, not from China as CARB (California Air Resources Board) studies have shown. So much metal has fallen in our forests in the last ten years that soil PH values have escalated some 12 to 14 times toward alkaline.  The forest is dying Ken. I live here. I know. It is silent. The waters flow with aluminum and other toxic metals so much so that aquatic insect populations are now down some 90%. The same is now true for terrestrial insect populations. I have a background in solar energy Mr Caldeira. I often lose as much as 80% of my PV uptake from the grid patterns left in the sky from the spraying. When the sun does shine through, the UV is so intense it is literally burning the leaves and the bark off of many native trees as geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer.

You tell me to worry about Co2, kidnapping, torture, drones, Guantanamo, and not the “baseless fantasy” of geoengineering. Every breath my beautiful children take in is laden with the toxic metals you say are just a “fantasy” Ken, the lab tests prove it. Autism has now gone up fully 10,000%, 1 in 50 kids now has it. Autism is directly linked to aluminum exposure Ken, is this a “fantasy” also?

In regard to the Co2 count, which has just crested 400 ppm as I am sure you are well aware, the planet and life on earth would at least survive without geoengineering poisoning the entire web of life. Are you even familiar with the “Pliocene Epoch”? In this era of earths history 3 to 5 million years ago, atmospheric carbon was significantly higher than today and life thrived. There was an increased hydrological cycle and the western US was much more lush according to paleoclimatic data. It was not a droughted out and poisoned disaster as it is now. True, sea levels were some 100 plus feet higher, but at least life thrived. You tell me to worry about Co2 when your geoenigneering has turned my forest from a carbon sink to a carbon source as it dies and burns to the ground.

Geoengineering is decimating the planet and the climate as a whole, shredding the ozone layer, completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, poisoning life from the clouds to the ground, and trapping more radiant heat than it deflects. How is your geoengineering helping?

Men like you have brought the planet and all life to the brink Mr. Caldeira, how do you live with yourself? How do you look your children in the eyes without turning away in shame?


From: Ken Caldeira <>
To: Dane Wigington
Cc: Joan Muncaster
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: Geoengineering reality

I have work to do, and do not have time to spend trying to bring reality to fantasists.


From: Dane Wigington
To: Ken Caldeira <>
Cc: Joan Muncaster

Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: Geoengineering reality

I covered much hard science in my message to you Ken, it seems you are unwilling to face “reality”

Awarness of geoengineering is rising quickly Ken, the truth about geoengineering will soon enough be known by the majority as will your position on this issue.

Dane Wigington

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Joan Muncaster
To: Dane Wiginton
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Geoengineering reality

Fantastic!  It’s time these guys are called on the carpet.  What a masterful dose of science for him.


A wonderful dose of science, exposing the true face behind the mask.

“Finally, there are other powerful, peaceful ways to reign in the power of psychopaths.  First and foremost, remember that it is the overwhelming numbers of normal people that enable their power, working and slaving away in a system designed as life support for a class of vampires. ….”(2)

“This is a critical time in the history of humanity; a time when you have to educate yourself and have courage to take non-violent action against a very violent infestation of the worst possible personality types. Think about the Russians, Germans, Chinese and so many others that might have been able to prevent a blood bath of agony with just some responsible action prior to the onslaught….”(2)

Quotes taken from:

(1 The Hidden Evil: Psychopaths

(2 Psychopaths Rule The World


13 Responses to People Behind the Lie

  1. Jane says:

    I know a brilliant women who died. Before she died she had a Toxicology test done on herself. She was full of Cadmium. Ken you are a pathetic liar. That is unfortunate as you will go down on the sinking ship as Dane Says. Makes me disgusted that people are falling for Media News. I investigated the 911 Lie. Real unfortunate people believe in such nonsense. Along with all the other False Flags and Hoaxes that are put out there. Parliment shooting in Canada. Shame on you Harper.

  2. VICTOR says:

    All we need are a few brave whistle blowers who fly or work on the planes spraying this stuff on us to speak up. Then the cat will really be out of the bag.

    Bradley Manning outed the horrible actions taking place in the Middle East and is just now beginning his trial after nearly three years as a “detainee”.Then there is the brave person who revealed the secret monitoring of all our telephone calls, email, etc. and the journalist who had the courage to publish the information.

    As others above have stated, this spraying will affect all of us. If you know something, say something before it is too late!

    Most of us can only report what we have observed above us, BUT some of you are involved in the actual spraying. Until people who have hands on experience of what is going on and know who is doing this to our world speak up;only then will people wake up and realize that the spraying is not just a conspiracy theory!

  3. raphael18malta says:

    well if there’s one good thing if the planet won’t support life anymore due to the obvious reasons or become like venus with temperatures that can melt lead…no complex system of any bunker or underground base or city or arctic seed vault will save the ones responsible so at the end of the day they will sink the ship with themselves…Karma

  4. Roger F says:

    Reading the condescending pious “scientists” talk to the public as though they wouldn’t know what was right there before their eyes is beyond maddening.

    Don’t these people know that some of us are engineers and IT professionals?

    I have worked my whole life in a field called SCADA which translates to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. All in the environmental monitoring field.

    Hearing Mr Caldeira speak down to the likes of myself and Dane, an engineering person of note btw, is infuriating and most of all insulting especially when you ask this question:

    Is Ken Caldeira actually a “scientist” or is he an economist.

    Anybody out there trust economists after what they did to our economy in the last decade???

    Isn’t it true that Ken Caldeira’s actual claim to fame was the financial management of the Gates foundation?

    I would like to take Ken on a tour of any of my SCADA systems that span the “upper” half of the state of California and question him myself to ascertain what he knows of natural sciences and physics in general!

    Personally, I suspect that Ken is nothing more than a corporate concubine, no relation to actual sciences there…

    But hey Ken, just keep breeding hostility! It will get you in the end! That’s called Karma! (Or cause and effect to westerners)

    • wolvenwood says:

      Thanks for your input Roger, much appreciated. Here’s what wikipedia says:
      “He received his Ph.D in Atmospheric Sciences in 1991 from the New York University Department of Applied Science.[12] From 1991 to 1993, Caldeira worked at Penn State University as a post-doctoral researcher. He then worked as an Environmental Scientist and Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory until 2005”

      Lawrence Livermore, all you need to know about him right there. My husband is a biologist who worked with a Nobel prize winning scientist and he thinks outside the box. He has vetted all the science of geoengineering and can find nothing wrong with Dane’s and other reports. We’ve seen for ourselves the giant white X’s in the sky and the weird snow, he says this is NOT normal. My plant in the veggie garden are getting sun scald/sunburn, this never happened before, plus all the fungus on our land that wasn’t there before. Eveything you say is true and my heart breaks at the loss of wildlife, our dying woods on our land and the loss of clear, blue skies. We all need to keep trying to get the word out.

    • wolvenwood says:

      P.S. – Roger, Gates Foundation provided the seed $ for starting geoengineering, so that fits with Ken’s background, doesn’t it? Also, Edward Teller apparently invented the process for geoengineering – which should further tell us all we need to know about how evil the program is.

  5. Karen F. says:

    Hey Ken,

    The cloud that rains on me rains on you too!

    Except we don’t GET rain in the Pacific Northwest since the spraying has increased.

    I live in what used to be a pristine forest. Now I can’t even grow my own veges the soil ph is so alkaline. Our property has changed with the increased spraying. We have been paying attention, Ken!

    I am very angry about this. In fact you might say I am willing to risk my life so we can get back just the simple right and pleasure of growing our own food. For now and future generations. Do you get it?

    My son was healthy, never smoked anything, and now at age 30 has extreme breathing problems. The only source for this is the increased spraying over our property. I know it is not contrails. It is impossible. We have a huge view of the sky. I would have to be blind or brain dead to not see the change in the cloud cover the last 3 or so years.

    There is nothing you can say to to change what I see with my own eyes and what I know to be true.

    How dare you to treat us like fools. Who do you think you are?

    Your false ignorance will not work with us. We must be smarter than you think, ya think?

    The world is watching you!

    • wolvenwood says:

      I’m seeing the same thing on our land, too, Karen. We lost 10 mature trees this past year, and in the 7 yrs before that, we lost about 4. I see lots of mold and fungus around the property, and am now forced to grow my veggies in my greenhouse. My plants are growing very slowly. I lost my beloved horse to COPD, which I believe was from chemtrails. Now my sweet kitty is having alot more asthma attacks, which she never had until age 7. Now I have to keep her on steroids to keep her from having an attack and feeling sick. We used to have beautiful rosy golden light and lots of triple rainbows frequently; ow I never see these things. I’m heartsick over the whole thing. I don’t want to live in the kind of world they are creating.

  6. Adam Halstead says:

    Too much time is spend on Ken Caldeira.

    He either knows full well about the program and acts as some sort of distracion creating front man pretending or is so clueless about what is actually occurring right now globally he is an embarassment to science.

    Either way this shill’s caper is one that warrants further little attention.

    The list of those with any sort of influence in the program does include the name Ken Caldeira.

  7. Deborah Barker says:

    To Ken Caldeira,

    The clock is ticking close to midnight, Ken Caldeira. When the bell tolls, the Carnegie sanctuary where you hide will insulate you no longer. For the world is watching. We see the planes, we see the spraying, and we feel the toxic effects. You do too, Ken. You discredit yourself by dismissing otherwise. Heed the call of Dane Wigington-awareness of the masses is peaking. People are mad and ready to make sacrifices for TRUTH. Where is your honor, Ken? Where will you run when the masses demand retribution for your destructive deception? The stampede is forming.

  8. Gary Attalla says:

    To Ken Caldeira; I am a NJ Health Department official. An environmental health official. I count around 25-35 planes per evening, criss crossing the sky at twice the altitude of any commercial airline. Also, if they were condensation trails, they wouldn’t slowly fan out and completely blanket the sky, and the sky would not be purple. Also, there wouldn’t be a dry, industrial smell. I am at the coast and there is no heavy manufacturing anywhere near me. Remember Ken, you are breathing in the same toxicity we all are. The laws of physics don’t change for you.

  9. Michael Skaggs says:

    This was great! Thanks for posting this!

  10. Thank you for this poignant information, of course you realize that these individuals have been co-opted, they have sold their souls for their grant money and insane power to practice their experiment. They are also in danger for their lives, as they are just a cog in the wheel of a much greater agenda, they will never tell the truth or they and their families will be suicided at once. And we know their names and can expose them. There are others behind them. We have to get to the head of the snake, and decapitate it. Who else is involved? let expose them all.. find out where they live create marches in their spaces. If they are even living above ground. here is a link to a possible solution written by Clint Richardson,
    you have to read this brilliant man, we may have a plan of action. Light and Love to everyone.

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