Disney’s Planes


Sneak Peek of Disney’s new animated movie “Planes”. Chemtrails are featured throughout the film, teaching children that it is normal for jets to create lingering trails.
The money and effort behind this conditioning of the public is mind boggling.

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  1. […] about the spraying.  The lie is on our TV screens, in our children’s science books and films.  But most frustrating of all, are the blatant lies to our faces, suggesting that it is our sanity […]

  2. Marnie Wilis says:

    Blatant brainwashing of our youth that this is normal. It is sad that they will never know what a true blue sky looks like…so sad

  3. Rachel M says:

    What a shame! Its sad that my children will never know what a”natural sky” looks like. I remember, as a child, seeing normal contrails. Then, everyone started noticing that sometimes a plane would cross the sky overhead, and leave a thick, white line dividing the sky. WE had never seen this before, but were told it was normal. I knew it wasnt. Now, its very common to see chemtrails; in fact, contrails are the rarity now. Its a shame that we see being conditioned to believe that “persistent contrails” are normal. I have tried to educate my family, but they are skeptical. ever

    • asdf says:

      Who says that they will “never” know?

    • steven hall says:

      so you have given in already!what do you mean your children will never see a natural sky?they never will with that attitude,who’s side are you on?

  4. Carolyne Mas says:

    Boy, I have military jets doing exercises over my house out here in the remote desert of SE AZ all the time, and they NEVER leave trails of any kind. BUT, the unmarked white planes that don’t show up on Flightradar24, DO!

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