Record Media Coverage Of Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering cannot be hidden in plain sight for much longer, mainstream media has now had to start addressing the issue on a massive scale. In the last TWO DAYS several dozen mainstream media articles have been published, 22 of them are below for easy review. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors. A great many in academia have helped to create the illusions which have so far hidden the dire and growing realities we must now all face. Lies of omission are a major form of the deception we have been subjected to, every one of the articles below are a glaring example of this. First, every one of the publications perpetuates the blatant lie that climate engineering is just a "proposal".  Next (and this is extremely important to consider), not one article (or the scientists who supplied them with their data) ever bothers to mention the most glaring, dire, and obviously important fact of all in regard to "aerosol geoengineering proposals", every single particle of contamination sprayed into the skies must fall to the ground. Every living organism is subject to this contamination, yet, this indisputable fact is never even brought up. The power structure does not want populations to consider or question the obvious dangers directly related to geoengineering. Internationally recognized geoengineer David Keith was questioned at a major science conference about his "proposal" of spraying 20,000,000 tones of aluminum into the atmosphere, his answer should shock any rational person. Now scientists and media always omit any mention of the fact that spraying the atmosphere with toxic particulates MUST contaminate the entire surface of the planet, there is no other possibility.  Not only is climate engineering fueling total biosphere contamination and implosion, every breath we take is now tainted. All are needed in the ongoing fight to completely expose and halt the geoengineering insanity, make your voice heard.

Source: LA Times Man-Made Climate Change May Need Man-Made Remedies, Science Panel Says

Source: The New York Times Panel Urges Research On Geoengineering As A Tool Against Climate Change

Source: National Geographic There’s A Good And A Bad Way To ‘Geoengineer’ The Planet

Source: NBC News Climate Geoengineering: 'Scary' Idea Should Be Tried Out

Source: The Washington Post Elite Science Panel Calls On U.S. To Study Climate Modification

Source: AOL Fed Report: Time To Examine Purposely Cooling Planet Idea

Source: MIT Technology Review Scientists Suggest Testing Climate Engineering

Source: Think Progress Anti-‘Geoengineering’ National Academy Report Opposes ‘Climate-Altering Deployment’

Source: Bloomberg Geoengineering: The Bad Idea We Need to Stop Climate Change

Source: The Washington Post Geoengineering And The Folly Of Playing God With The Planet

Source: New Scientist Geoengineering Would Be 'Irrational And Irresponsible'

Source: Mother Jones Scientists Are Pretty Terrified About These Last-Minute Fixes to Global Warming

Source: Sci-News Scientists Recommend More Research On Geoengineering

Source: Climate Central Geoengineering Holds Promise; Solutions Not Ready

Source: Idaho Statesman Top U.S. Scientists Urge Pursuit Of Technology To Cool Planet

Source: The Guardian Scientists Urge Global 'Wake-Up Call' To Deal With Climate Change

Source: Common Dreams Geoengineering Has No Place Among Serious Climate Solutions, Declare Experts

Source: Slate Climate Hacking Is Barking Mad

Source: MSN 400 – Page Report Digs Deep On 'Climate Intervention'

Source: ETC Group (this is brand new site from a major global environmental group) Plan B? What Happened To Plan A?

Source: Grist Scientists Are Pretty Nervous About Geoengineering

​Source: Friends Of The Earth Geoengineering: Unjust, Unproven And Risky

66 Responses to Record Media Coverage Of Climate Engineering

  1. Marley says:

    …Having said that, it's a breakthrough that they say that covert geoengineering might be a possibility and that some "actors" may be tempted to avoid "due process".

  2. Marley says:

    Article posted 3 hours ago in the Guardian "Where's The Justice in Geogengineering?"  Again, talks about it in a future tense and is frustratingly in inaccurate.  I was excited by the title!  

    "In practice unilateral geoengineering – whether by states or philanthropists – seems implausible. Yet claims that SRM is a high leverage, low cost, apolitical technology persist, and could yet encourage the prospect of covert geoengineering. As other have suggested, the fears of chemtrailers may not be wrong, merely premature. If SRM becomes bogged down in global negotiations, powerful actors might be tempted by ‘emergency’ rhetoric to avoid due process."

  3. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It's depopulation, Period.

  4. Mickey Scott says:

         Has anyone heard of the new  purported chemtrail program named "Indigo Skyfall" started around January 20?  The theory says the chemtrails are invisible and much deadlier than before.  West of Detroit today I saw two huge tankers flying low, maybe 20,000 feet, spouting robust plumes which dissapated quickly after 3,4 or 5 miles.  If this is true 8-15 years left sounds overly optimistic.  

  5. LALeveeGirl says:

    Checked in to see what you thought of all the recent news stories on geoengineering and the why behind it — news hooks, events, quotes, reports aside, there’s always a why when a topic is pushed out there and I was interested to see what Dane and all you fellow travelers thought. As someone who’s family and friends have thought me a nut job about this since 2005, believe me the awareness is exploding compared to 10 years ago. Before Dane’s amazing work and website, it was very hard to find credible, sourced information on the subject — save for Cliff Carnicon — and virtually no MSM — so there’s been immense movement As the spraying has become more frequent and widespread, as it is now, and the weather so crazy, it’s impossible to hide the topic anymore. What I find incredible and ridiculous is to talk about tests, trials and potentials when the spraying is so obvious and the resulting weather changes so predictable within 24-48 hours, but they keep up the pretense that it has not begun. It’s around us every day. It’s interesting to see even my denial-loving family and friends start to turn around — but denial is profound (they just don’t believe the gov’t would harm them). It’s the WHY that they cannot grasp, but it is a tough one to ponder… Through trial and error, in addition to directing them to Dane’s site, I’ve found more than science, or your own lying eyes, copies of the title pages to U.N. IPCC and U.S. government reports on weather as warfare, governance, etc. (w/links) and a simple list of patents put together single spaced literally opens their eyes. I compiled 6 pages worth from cutting and pasting and just give people that. Patents from 1943 to 2014…160 in all. Watching them flip through it and read it — method and apparatus for modifying supercooled clouds; weathermodfication by Royal Rainmaking technology; artificial fog; method and apparatus for altering a region of the earth’s atmosphere, ionsphere and/or magnetosphere (Eastlund;)generation of ice nucleating crystals….even without a head for science those descriptions are largely straight-forward, frightening as hell and seemingly more “real” evidence to many folks than what they see every day. Dane, your 8 to 15 year window has me freaked, while I believe there’s hope, I hope there’s time. Keep pushin’!

  6. Alio McDavis says:

    Most likely military due to the high altitudes.  Jet specs listed here:

  7. Jack says:

    Hi Dane, Can you (or anyone) tell me the airfields from which these flights are originating? (They’re never on planespotter)

  8. Climate regime change? CIA may fund weather research for new weapon, scientist fears — RT USA

    It’s all a big secret, don’t cha’ know?

  9. david says:

    Dane, what about skin conditions? rashes and the like?

  10. Steven Chamberlain says:

    “The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.”

    -Dakota Phillips


    Dane, your work is awesome! Thank you for always providing us with credible information and giving us the opportunity to look and do our research. Awareness is “key” in being able to understand the catastrophic effects that these Climate Engineering programs have on our Environment, our people, all wildlife, plants, the Sun. The toxicities of these nano particulates are killing off all life on our planet. It’s time we all pitch in and contact our Congressional team leaders and have them open a full EPA Investigation, full public disclosure and put an end to these programs once and for all. Thank you!

  12. Marley says:

    Dane you are amazing!  You always seem to be around and never seem to tire of answering what are probably oft repeated questions, thank you for your tireless efforts. 

    Well, reading the link, the picture is as bleak as I suspected.  We must stop this now though! I would rather die because of the repercussions of stopping this, than die not trying.  

    I still sometimes wish I had never noticed this vile, horrible act that the global powers are inflicting on us.  In the two months I became aware of it, It has changed my life completely, changed the way I think about friends and family who won't believe me or refuse to discuss it, it has changed the simple enjoyment I had from observing the beauty of this world and its changed my whole perception of the safe, "democratic" society I thought I was living in.

    I just wish I could do more and right now can only thank YOU!

  13. Marley says:

    Like many other people, I SAW CHEMTRAILS FIRST, then read up about them. I had no idea they existed until I observed them in the sky. So, if the 22 MSM articles referenced in Dane’s post are to be believed, you and I, and millions of others have the ability to see into the future. Not just once, but every single day! Wow, we are prophets!!!

    I have a serious question, which I hope Dane and the more scientific and better informed among you may be able to answer. All of the scientists in the articles expressed great trepidation in geoengineering, and one is quoted as saying that once we start it would have to continue for 1000 years. I have also heard a Geoscientist liken geoengineering to stretching an elastic band – you can’t stop or it willl spring back dramatically and if you keep going it will eventually snap, so the best thing is not to start (which we all know it did, 15 years ago). This fear doesn’t even take into account the health implications. My question is this. Even if every single person woke up to this tomorrow, our governments were disbanded and charged for human rights crimes etc…..can this ever be stopped now or has so much damage been done that there is no going back?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marley, your question is valid, stopping climate engineering once started is called “double collapse scenario” (link below). Not only can climate engineering be stopped in must be stopped or all is lost. There is tremendous pressure already built up in the climate system, and catastrophic damage already done from many sources, but geoengineering must still be halted at all costs.

  14. Dave Murray says:

    Donna, we have seen the same in Louisville, Colorado. This past week we have had clear blue skies (and record breaking warm temps); some late afternoon spraying but not enough to form the usual grey haze.

  15. January 28th, 2015, Palo Cedro, California 4:20 PM: On this date I witnessed whatOn this date and location (above) I witnessed a four-engine commercial airline flying north at about 15-20K feet, spraying aerosol trails from each of its four engines. A trail that extended to the southern horizon. Then abruptly, it stopped. There was a brief pause, then there came four short puffs from each engine in a sequence that went outboard engine left, outboard engine right, inboard engine left, inboard engine right. Another brief pause with no trails, then all four engines returned to emitting a full discharge of aerosol materials, which continued to the northern horizon. This sequence was clearly a line purging operation before a new tank of aerosol materials was engaged for dispensing. Dane knew immediately what I was thinking and completely agreed with my observations. This could not have been anything other than something being added to the normal operation of the four turbofan jet engines.

  16. MaryJane says:

    Murder! Murder most foul!!

  17. Dale Smith says:

    I am so very appreciative of Dane Wiginton and Greg Pallen’s efforts as well as the other whistleblowers that have been the tip on the spear. I work daily at waking people up and I have photos on my phone to show them what is happening right over their heads on an almost daily basis. I am waking up people around me and it is gratifying when I see the light come on. I had to get stitches today for a work related incident and when I was asked if I had any allergies I said “only to the crap they are spraying in the skies” and produced pics on my phone and she was absolutely floored and said “I had no idea…that isn’t right”. I referred her to this site. I told the doc that stitched me up but he already knew. There is a mass awakening going on and we can’t let up at all. Change will only come with due diligence.

  18. Rob Jones says:

    First and foremost I want to thank Dane for his endless fight for everything on Earth and we all need to keep up the support and do our parts to get the truth out. I’m spreading the truth about Geo-Engineering to as many as I can, but sadly so many don’t have a clue. Here in the desert southwest much of the wildlife is gone, no more Cardinals and other Birds that used to be so plentiful,much less Coyotes and no Crickets at my place for the last two years too. If people just take the time to look at all the changes that are coming way to fast it is quite obvious that we are being deceived big time.

    I ran across an article the other day that I urge all to go and read.

    It looks like our Government is about to try to pull a fast one on us buy introducing a whole new idea from the President. Basically the President is taking BOLD NEW steps to combat Client change by spraying nano bungee cords from aircraft. “Through a process that remains top secret, the Navy and Air Force tied one end of the bungee-like cords to commercial jets and the other to the jet stream and then used the jets’ trajectory to pull that baby southward to form the polar vortex”. Unbelievable!

  19. Pam San Diego says:

    Johnny, I wrote to my congressman Scott Peters, who apparently is on the climate task force.  I sent a neutral letter to them inquiring about what is going on in our skies, and I did get a voice mail from one of his aids saying "following up with you on solar dimming and aerosolizing in our skies, etc…congressman is writing the super Act to deal with "gasses" and that he aligns well with you".  So it was interesting that they did not deny it.  Not sure where to go next with this, but I'm taking a stab at it anyway.  Don't give up!!

  20. Kat F. says:

    With the now “We can’t hide or lie about this anymore” status, the controllers must admit to something. So they deliver the very least possible while they continue to carry out what would seem as a blatant assault on the Earth and all of its inhabitants. This is the way they operate. All of their science experiments are implemented, crafted and executed long before the public knows about it. Then by the time the truth finally is proven, it’s far too late. The power structure is like a spoiled child that never is held accountable for their behavior. There are no consequences, so they feel they can continue to get away with the crimes against humanity. Dane has worked very hard to crash the systems by using their very own tactics against them. Specifically by using science against science. The power structures know that they can continue to administer their forces against us by hiding behind a wall of paid and controlled scientist that will do and say anything to keep the lies in the forefront. The PTB will stand and even rise to even greater depths as we continue to squeeze the truth out of them. Be prepared for a coming storm as they will most definitely try to use all their tactics, fear propaganda, military and government control forces against those who are exposing them. If we look at our past we will see the pattern. I truly believe the PTB are capable of anything when it concerns their agendas. WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP, FEEL HOPELESS, POWERLESS OR ALLOW THEIR LIES TO CONFUSE OR OVERSHADOW THE TRUTH!

  21. Maggie says:

    Thank you Marc, you are right, well said!!!

  22. Diana Moss says:

    Virginia/2/12/2015 I have been photographing chemtrails since 2009. Yesterday around noon there was the weirdest sky yet. There was a definite line from horizon to horizon, one side was blue and clear, the other totally grey. By midafternoon the grey mass had drifted over the entire sky and then we got about a half inch of snow even though it was above freezing. This morning the snow was gone and we have a clear blue sky and the temp is right at freezing.

    I am more hopeful as even though the news media is publishing disinformation about weather modification if nothing else it will make more persons aware and the more persons who finally ‘look up’ the more persons who will begin asking what and why. I feel that we are getting closer to finding the truth and when we do there is going to have to be accountability. To Dane and all of the contributors and commenters on this site, kudos and keep up the great work.

  23. Jack says:

    The release of the haarp report video “chemtrails are coal ash” may have triggered the need for some spin control by the chemtrail criminals and this sudden publication of so many articles is probably a move to inure the general public to the reality of chemtrails.

  24. JR says:

    I posted a second ago but did not go through? Feb.1,’15 NASA launched a Satellite (SMAP) to record moisture in soil? This satellite will take radar and radiometer readings of soil for lack of ground and surface water from 4oo miles approx., hello. These characters are brain dead lacking a heart and eyes. Fleecing of America continues with much hoodwinking of all peoples included worldwide. Las Cruces, New Mexico Miss Ford is starting to get whited out again. Sprayings are coming in from West towards Deming and pumping overhead of what they have been creating up there. Our rain clouds as usual getting decimated and winds to accompany SAG operations. Hang in there Johnny and all of us. Lords Peace……

  25. Lrrpman 67 says:

    I have lost only one friend as I have harped over and over on my FB
    page. Several others have listened and learned and believe that we are geoengineering
    right now and for many years. There can be success if we do not quit.

  26. Nicole says:

    Thank you again Dane, it will take me some time to digest all of these but I absolutely will, one by one. This is so critically important. My initial reaction is that all of these look like some kind of plug for geo engineering. They are done in such a way I am suspicious these are timely planted in the media because Obama knows we all know, and they will have to answer for this omnicide. This is his way of patting himself on the back and trying to get all of the world to do the same, to accept the toxic chemicals we are being forced to ingest day after grueling day. It all reeks of genocide.

    The fact this is happening at all without our full knowledge and consent is pure madness, and the only thing that is more insane are those who know it is happening and are not speaking out. My family has become total shut-ins, afraid to go outside, afraid to breathe any more of it than we have to. Yesterday we watched from our bay windows as the jets came in and turned a perfectly blue sky to a shitty white haze that then snowed down upon us. We are six feet deep in chemsnow here and no one even realizes what is happening.

    I am sick to my stomach, my family all has nosebleeds, and my heart breaks for the loss of humanity at a time when we need to be coming together. 

    Keep up the good fight Dane, and all of you that care about this planet we call home.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nicole, hope you can document the nose bleeds, we have had them here also. While working in the forest some years back to restore habitat with a crew of 8 others, 6 of us got nose bleeds immediately after a chemically nucleated snow started falling at 40 degrees. Let us continue to focus all our efforts on sounding the alarm.

  27. Marley says:

    I don’t know if to laugh or cry. This does absolutely nothing to help us convince people this is actually happening already. Thank you Dane for everything you are doing. I live in the UK and believe me our skies are just as bad as in the US. Absolutely nobody believes me and cannot see what is so obviously going on right above their heads! When will people start to accept that we are being lied to? Once you accept that EVERYTHING else falls into place, People power can’t happen until people actually look up from their smart phones, games and TVs and start to question things. It’s only thanks to sites like this that I keep my sanity knowing that others are out there!!

  28. BorisW says:


    Let’s hope you are right, because the intense deluge of disinformation of catastrophic Global Warming due to CO2 is filling up all media driving towards a Global Governance with the High Priests of the IPCC in charge funded by BIG MONEY.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Boris, with all due respect to you, Co2 is a massive part of the problem relating to our climate system, climate engineering is an even bigger problem. It is important to remember and consider 100,000,000 tons of Co2 goes into the atmosphere every single day. It does not just go away. As far as the overall climate, whatever one wants to consider the causes, it is not just warming but in meltdown. Climate engineering can cause massive temporary cool downs as we see is constantly the case in the Eastern US, but this comes at the cost of an even worse overall warming. We must all look at and consider ALL the data in this equation in order to retain crediblity in our efforts to expose climate engineering.

  29. Miles says:

    Dane, do you anticipate the drought in California reaching new extremes this summer? If so what do you think we could expect?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Miles, so long as the climate engineers continue in their currrent trajecory, the drought in California and droughts in other places around the globe will continue to worsen.

    • Katherine Gale says:

      I happened to hear on the news today (02/13/2015), that we should expect megadrought conditions within decades. The news story also mentioned the dustbowl. This story was carried on the mainstream news and online (practically verbatim). Is the general public being conditioned to anticipate weather conditions that will “require” a geoengineering solution?

      Scenario: GeoEngineering Solution
      1. Introduce the problem: Megadrought = Severe Drought Conditions.
      2. Speculate on Effect: Water and food shortage, effect on economy and comparison to the dustbowl. Create concern and fears.
      3. Propose a solution: Positive stories regarding geoengineering. Public acceptance of geoengineering.
      4. Official Implementation of Geoengineering Programs.

      News Story Excerpt: “A new study by climatologists with the space agency claims so-called megadroughts — the driest and longest droughts in more than 1,000 years — could afflict much of the U.S. Southwest and Central Plains in just a few decades.”

  30. middleway says:

    There was constant geo-traffic over Sacramento today as well. 

  31. Bryan H says:

    And I took video and pics with my iPhone too

  32. Bryan H says:

    I live in Santa Cruz ,CA. I work near San fransico in hillsbrough,CA. And today Feb 12th 2015 the chemtrail planes were out in a strong force. At lunch me and a buddy sitting outside in 79 degree weather , in February??? Got to view a insane spray right over our heads and this plane was really low. Lower then usual. So I ran to my truck at that moment and got my binoculars and got to view it close up. Just crazy!! Smoke/chemtrail coming right off the wings. And my binoculars are top of the line. I just wish I could took a video of what I could see. These badstards burn in hell!! 

    • lisa says:

      Hey Bryan,
      It was nice to see someone else from Santa Cruz who is noticing that nothing about our weather has been normal now for at least a year straight. . We didn’t even have any fog last summer. Never in my wildest dreams thought Id EVER COMPLAIN about no fog in the summer being that I live in La Selva Beach as you know it normally gets more fog than anywhere else in the county. But last summer we had something that looked kinda like fog a couple times but it was fake. It didnt ROLL IN from the ocean, it kinda just appeared over the beach yet clear and sunny over the ocean. I call it FATHER NATURE. He sucks! I sure do miss MOTHER NATURE. 🙁
      Anyway, Just wanted to say hi and to keep looking up.
      🙂 Lisa

  33. Marc says:

    How, I ask, does it occur that within a “sudden” blizzard of articles examining climate fixes, not a single one openly acknowledges the OBVIOUS FACT THAT MASSIVE DEPLOYMENT OF SUCH DUBIOUS “FIXES” IS ALREADY LONG SINCE UNDERWAY? To me, and I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, this REEKS OF SOME LEVEL OF ORCHESTRATION, OR COLLUSION.
    Really? How can such an array of academics and investigative journalists not have stumbled upon what most who come to this website already find blatantly self-evident? This borders on the impossible and is highly suspect. The over-arching characterization of geoengineering as being just an “option” until such time as TPTB decides it must be deployed, is fantastically naive, not to mention just plain stupid.
    Yes, folks, they are playing us like a fiddle. And though I sound cynical, I refuse to believe that in this age of information and internet, at least some of these reports would have stumbled upon websites like this one here, wherein, thanks to the heroic efforts of Dane Wigington, a mountain of data proving beyond any reasonable doubt that SRM is already underway globally can be accessed and studied.
    How in hell can it not be “politically correct” to acknowledge spraying programs already underway? Is this stance a defense mechanism against the entrenched ridicule planted by those operatives who have labeled the likes of us, “chemtrail believers”?
    Nonetheless, that said, the media coverage of the general topic hopefully will morph into a greater awakening to the horrors of this deadly experiment.

  34. Howard Taylor says:

    Thanks again Dane.I told hundred of people .Some look up.Some still drink the KoolAid.The hardest to talk to are the young highly educated.The more you give them the more in denial. They are smart in one thing Departmentalised , they are separated from common sense. They drink the Kool Aid.Go to yoga, sing their songs at church as mother nature begs for help.Their is hope.I wake up every day curse the chemical skyline. But make it my blessed duty to inform. INFORM.

  35. Hello Dane,

    I’m compelled to thank you once again for your incredible clarity and courage. Bravo! Your personal replies to readers on this page (and others) are always inspiring. I’m in to stay in the fight. There are 100’s of millions of people that know the show is over for keeping geoengineering a secret. The lies are getting so ludicrous even brain dead people can see it. There’s much more going on than most people are aware of.

    EMF (pulsed electronic warfare) is also behind this effort. People just don’t get it: Smart grid infrastructure, wi-fi MESH, and cellular tower systems are intentionally maiming human intellect and killing people softly. All corporate portfolio – Wall Street controlled, yet even the brass players don’t know what the big picture is. I think you totally know the name of the tune… Thanks again…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Its all of us pulling together that matters Paul, its an honor to march with you in this battle.

  36. Karen W says:

    I couldn’t get past the LA times. No wonder people think we’re just a bunch of nuts out here! The article made me sick.
    If the rest of the articles are like the LA times then for sure the magic show is in black and white…Smoke and Mirrors…what a shame!

  37. Johnny says:

    There is NO DEBATE ALL these so-called NEWS stories are telling the world Geoengineering  IS NOT happening labeling anyone that says it is is a NUT!  I have put 100'S of hours into trying to inform people about this INCLUDING calling, writing Senators, Congress ect.. People are more worried about football, baseball, basketball, American Idol, Days of our Lives, Star Trek, bar hopping, Christmas, Valentines day, driving big trucks, fishing, hunting, cheesing up to the boss, golfing, smoking, watching the nightly news, going to church, camping, working 2 jobs so they can buy more cars, boats, four wheelers, buy hard liquor, partying, smoking dope etc…   ALL while ALL NEWS, ALL SENATORS, CONGRESS, POLICE OFFICERS, MILITARY, IGNORE anybody that SPEAKS OUT.  I am sick of the whole thing.  I have decided NOT one person is going to help us BECAUSE NOBODY GIVES A S— about anyone but there BIG F—ing paychecks OR they are just TOO BUSY!  What a joke!  So I have decided IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM join them.  I going to just have a good time with the time I have left and INDEED it has been SHORTENED BECAUSE THESE F—ING MANIACS SPRAYING US!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Johnny, I hope you re-think your position, we need you in this fight. All those people you spoke to who have so far stayed in their bubble still had a seed planted by you. These people will very soon be forced to wake up, the seeds you sowed will then sprout. There is no solace in giving up, only in commitiong completely to the fight for the common good. Wouldn’t you like to see those responsible for the spraying held accountable by a population that has finally been forced to wake? I would. Hope you will keep marching with us in this battle Johnny.

  38. donna ford says:

    Last week(about 6-7 days ago) there were many reports in the NW of “Milky Rain” have you heard anything about this and the testing results?
    Just thought it odd that the past 4-5 days here in NM have been cloudless(like the old days) when usually we are sprayed darn near daily.

  39. Ana says:

    We shouldn´t need oficial entities to tell us what is true or not if we are seeing it with our own eyes !
    We shouldn´t need oficial entities that never did the required tests or research in our environment when that should have been their iniciative and mission as elected oficials by populations and not the mission of independent citizens ,labs or Cornicon Institute etc….
    All the evidences would never be enough if the criminals don´t want to admit their crimes ,they don´t want to take the responsability for their decisions or actions so what a better way to never be brought to justice if not the denial about the reality of geoengeneering ? Who can be judged for an inexistent ilegal act or who can be judged because of a geoengeneering “project”?
    My conclusion: Geoengeneering is nothing but just a “PROJECT” flying in our skies!…those projects have wings!
    All the evidence will never be evidence enough cause we would need a oficial seal for stamping our documents and studies to make it oficial .From the oficial side all they need is to deny it and to cal it “contrails” or a “conspiracy theory “!EASY(cause they have the oficial seal for stamping all the lies they want and make it oficial)

  40. Bob says:

    Hi Dane-

    I have been a diligent follower of this reality for many years now and been treated like a kook, a conspiracy theorist, and the like. I know you and your readers understand. My friends and family I have been trying to enlighten always come back with the arguement of “where are the actual results of testing done on these chemtrails and are these tests and analyses able to be peer reviewed”. They are not convinced by there own observations, these stubborn, educated folks, need scientific proof and if the teller of the information, me, can not instantly show them “scientific, peer reviewable” proof, they stop listening and go on in their disbelieving state of mind. Do you think it possible for your readers to link provable soil and water tests done by reputable labs. I believe if we started to map and began to visually show this fallout, across the country, and possibly even the world. I bet there are thousands of data points we could mark and compile a gigantic, scientifically based, data set, proving the fallout from this phenomenon. It would also help people easily understand that this is already happening, right now. I hope I was clear with this idea. Thanks for all the great work you are doing Dane!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, we have lots of lab tests, just go to the “tests” link on the top toolbar of Yes, the “educated” are the toughest of all in regard to their denial, but they won’t be able to stay in their bubbles for long, wait and see. Our reality is going to get very bumby soon, there will be no more option of denial.

  41. This is getting frightening! And to think of the mass of people that are total denial is ludicrous! How can anybody say there’s no such thing as Weather Control and Geoengineering! My friend said her husband says this is all a LIE! She has this spraying in Tampa, Fla regularly. He sees it! But says it not harmful. And that our governing officials would NEVER do that to their own country. He has a private airplane and flies often. IDIOT! He’s right in the middle of the CRIME. Talk about “can’t see the forest for the trees!”
    BOY! Talk about BLINDED! Thank you, dear Dane!

    Thank you, Dane. God richly bless you. Please continue with your marvelous updates and exposures. Sharing with Russ.

  42. Freedom Ranger says:

    Vox just wrote an article damning geoengineering and talks about the particles coming down, droughts, bounce back yet they do not recognize it is happening now. They also go on to say China may unilaterally do this (future scapegoat/casus belli). Seems like there is some effort to resist and damn what is going on, I sincerely doubt anything would get published that didn’t follow the law of omission, but the articles are basically saying don’t even think about trying it. So we got a legal case if someone just irrefutably proves which already has been done, but you know what I mean.

  43. David says:

    only an educated guess, but when people wonder why the establishment or elite would do this without informing us besides them not caring, or for short term gain I think we should also consider the pagan belief in cycles represented by the snake eating itself which in turn is represented by images of the juxtaposition of a child and a skeleton etc… there is an obsession with death in the mindset of some of the elite tied to the idea that is also found in the New Age movement of death, rebirth and renewal. so what is my point then? that an aspect why the elite are killing off the life on this planet is based on their belief they are just hastening this current cycle of civilization where after our death throes there will be an eventual rebirth where they believe they or their offspring will survive to write the history books, rule books etc…

  44. james says:

    That’s a really nice collection there Dane!
    At the end of last year i told all my peers to keep their ears & eyes wide open in 2015 – Geo-Engin. is going to become a serious issue up for debate … it is happening quicker than i thought. As the issue becomes more known across the board, I am hoping Most people are aware enough to know the diff btwn. proposals to examine an issue, & it being an actuallity happening on a daily basis around the world … we shall see :/

  45. It’s all just a movie, and the slaughter of 6.66 billion human beings is the theme. The metalic compounds being dumped onto your planet will end up in your body tissues. This in turn will make you a great antenn for all the RF you’re being murdered with.

    If you get your facts from watching television or listening to radio broadcast, you’re already dead.

    There are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 television stations, and 2400 publishers > all owned by only 6 international corporations. Public media is no longer a news and information service. All of the above media clones are psy-op and propaganda machines for the elite. Tom Wheeler (Federal Communications Commission Chairman, and Obama appointee) knows this, the Federal government knows this, the NSA knows this.

    The citizen public remains passive (and sick) as the propaganda machine is designed by professional television producers. Look at any news service page and a hundred other pages show up with the same linguistic manipulations.

    Media cross-ownership in the United States – Wikipedia

    How Fox news feeds sanitized fodder to the sheeple, and who owns the media in the former united states. The forth leg of government is just as corrupt as the government itself…
    Obama appoints Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack to USDA chief
    Did Tom Wheeler subvert Research Showing Harm From Cell Phone Radiation?

    It’s a snuf job, folks. A snuf job…

  46. Marie says:

    They keep talking about this as if it hasn’t already began. How can we sit back and let anyone get away with this? The people carrying out the spraying each day as well as the people that are presenting these (options) to the public. Who is going to step up, have the courage, and admit that it is already happening? We cannot let this continue.

  47. Will Larsen says:

    Gee, I can’t wait to see what happens once they can carry out their planetary genocide right out in the open.

  48. Kim Ieland says:


    You’re hitting the ball out of the park with your logical questioning. As you know, we travel the West Coast full time watching this phenom over the past 8 years. Just returned to Bay area to see the sky loaded with aerosols and trails. This MSM discussion will be the “straw breaking the camel’s back” for many who have been “lurkers”…..meaning silently watching. Tipping point of awareness may be rapidly approaching as permission to openly discuss this issue is being presented. Your brave work is being publicly edified.

  49. Kim says:

    I can’t believe that all of these articles are addressing geoengineering as if it’s just an idea, when anyone with half a brain can clearly see that it is happening. We are frozen here in Michigan. We can’t even see the geoengineering going on most days because the sky is grey, but on clear days, that’s all you see are the chemtrails being sprayed. I went out to get my newspaper last weekend and there was a very strong chemical smell in the air, not exhaust because we don’t live near a major road. Do these chemtrails have strong smells?


    So, here’s the million dollar question…and I can’t be the only one wondering this:

    IF they keep spraying at the rate they are spraying and,

    IF the world keeps warming (due to all factors, including geoengineering) at the rate or faster than it is now,

    Then, how much time do we have left? I know it’s dire, and I know you don’t have a crystal ball, and I know you may not want to panic people, but I get the feeling that you have an idea. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

       Hello Kim, mathematically speaking, on the current trajectory, without a complete change of course, 8 to 15  years is the conclusion for life in the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere may last another decade. This does not mean life goes on as normal until the drop off point, not at all. Still, no matter how dark the horizon, if we could do one single thing that could yet change the flavor of what we face it would be to expose and halt climate engineering. To accomplish this would be to start the dominos of he power structure toppling. It would free the Earth from the toxic straight jacket it is now in and allow life to respond to the damage already done. No fear, rather get mad and use this for fuel in the fight. Every day counts, a breakthrough is close.

  50. Mark says:

    This means we are going to Defcon 2. Buckle up.

  51. Frank says:

    It is now a known fact that the ones in power can and will overtake and control whatever is in their best interest. A prime example is oak Ridge Tennessee. It was called the Secret City to build the Atomic bomb. It was one of the top secret facilities across the US. There were more than 70,000 people working there in secret for more than 3 years until the A bomb was used on Japan. They were told it was for the good of the country and utmost secrecy was necessary. This is just one example of cover ups that were on a huge scale for years at a time. Read the link below and find out more.,_Tennessee

  52. alan says:

    Please masser, stop killing us.

  53. Sharon says:

    This is obviously a calculated effort on their part to obscure the issue, and confuse the public. They can no longer able to hide geoengineering from notice, so they are attempting to do exactly what the biotech industry is doing with great success, trying to convince us that it is a necessary technology to save the planet, while failing to address the dangers. And because the public is too frightened to believe otherwise, they will remain in denial, while those of us who see the situation for what it is will be labeled conspiracy theorists, alarmists, and kooks. Truly a nightmarish situation!

    • BaneB says:

      The system is seeking to maintain control of the discussion.  And the public perception.  This mass media blitz is an attempt at an end run to keep their control of the flo of information to the general public.  What it says to me is the pressure from people like us and many tens of thousands of others who are writing and calling public officials about the obvious Geoengineering of our atmosphere is creating waves.  We are having an impact!!  This is a good thing!  I think when the public hears about proposals such as spraying 20,000,000 tons of nanoamuminum into our atmosphere, sane minds are going to move to the fore.  Meanwhile the crap is being sprayed NOW in real time and we need to keep pointing up and getting out the message.  I sense an awakening on the part if the public.  

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