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Proof of US Military Biological Tests on Innocent US Civilians


Don’t think your government would poison its own citizens? Think again, this is business as usual for those in power. Criminal biological experimentation like the tests outlined in the short 4 minute video below are routine for the US government, this is not a matter of opinion, but is rather a historical fact.  Now, with the ongoing spraying of the entire planet with toxic metals and chemicals through the climate engineering programs, we are all literally being poisoned day in and day out. Many of the materials being sprayed over our heads have already been identified by numerous lab tests from around the globe, this mix of toxic metals is quite lethal by itself. Consider this, at any point in time those in power can put a pathogen in the “climate engineering” mix  that could mean game over for us all. The spraying of our skies MUST be stopped.

Dane Wigington

Is it Legal For The Government to Conduct Aerial Spraying Operations Without the Informed Consent of the Public?


Is your informed consent required for the government to engage in the aerial spraying of chemicals into the air that you breathe? The answer would seem to be “no”.  Public Law 105-85 is online, and available for public viewing.   In this document we read: