US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real?


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering operations are the most massive untold story of all. How are such obvious and extensive operations kept from public awareness? How toxic are the climate engineering elements that are being dispersed into our skies? How can the illegal climate intervention operations be fully exposed and halted? All of these issues and more are discussed in this exchange between US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington from

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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29 Responses to US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real?

  1. Chaz says:

    Amazing, the above comment that Edward Teller, inventor of the thermonuclear H-Bomb, in 1959 warned about the CO2 creating the greenhouse effect and global warning! I have also seen the Bell Labs clip from 1950s video about weather, which briefly mentions the global warming effect. Now that 2023 has seen the CO2 surpass 440 ppm, and the temperature rise about 1.5C, It certainly seems plausible that by 2059, 100 years since the Teller warning, Earth may be uninhabitable! COP28 recently has openly called for SAI to try and reduce the global warming since humans have not slowed down the fossil fuel burning, AS IF if hasn't been happening for many decades already! And, some say that now, if it were to stop the SAI, the rebounding global warming would be its own disastrous impacts. 

    My entire adult life is bookended by this human calamity. 

    Thank you Dane, for all of your tireless efforts for all that you do. 



  2. margaretanne says:

    Yes, this is a brilliant expose of geoengineering.  God bless Dane for his remarkable courage and sincere concern for all of us.  The greed for control and power has overwhelmed "governments", so a true citizen who shares this alarming situation so it can be revealed and eliminated is a blessing to the world.  RFK Jr. did a good deed in interviewing Dane and giving him another way to expose harm and provide truth.  There are very intelligent, informed commenters here, so bravo to you all, and thank you for your research, knowledge, and sharing.

    We need to pray for our country and for all our citizens to be enlightened with the truth inherent in God's Creation.  Only jealous, rebellious evil will prevail if we allow it.  God gave authority to us to run the earth.  Our Founding Fathers gave us a God-inspired constitution to ive and govern by.  It is We the People who are responsible to :"right the ship" and "fly right", so we as a unity have an obligation to future generations not only to preserve all the blessings bestowed upon us, but a serious spiritual mandate to ensure a better tomorrow for our progeny, not a destroyed world, dead from deliberate contamination and life-ruining actions.  We the People must act to preserve what was gifted to us.

    Please pray for all and act to enact what is right on a local level.  Our survival depends on our enlightened work to inform and support our communities and our nation.  Thank you all and Happy Holidays.  May the New Year bring renewed hope and real life-giving change to America and thus to the world.  May God bless you all – and save America.  Amen.

  3. Megan says:

    Dane –

    I think this was a great discussion with RFK.  I do believe he knows more than he's letting on, but I think he has to be at least somewhat careful with what he says right now.  At the same time, the fact that he would do the interview in the first place, and try to get the word out is very heartening. Thank you for all that you do, it is so important to try and stop this in any way we can. 

  4. marvin sandnes says:

    Who's gonna kill us 1st:  Government/military or Climate? 

  5. Ibrahim says:

    Very well composed Dane, Not so Rfk,Jr. It's not a far fetched subject at all, climate engineering is an ongoing crystal clear fact, it's that in your face all you have to do is look to the skies, and you will observe an obvious difference between natural occurring cloud formations and engineered cloud formations that come clearly from planes in the skies.

    The deception in it all I believe is the masking over of it’s true purpose.

    As reference for those doubters who think unwisely this subject to be a tin foil hat out there man conspiracy theory, come out of your dark hole to the land of light and the living and check out these links;

    And for some added out there spice how about some study on geotechnical earthquake engineering (liquefaction and seismic soil-structure interaction).

    Keep up the GOOD work Dane.

  6. LoisLane333 says:

    Let us pray for RFK!  Hope he has great and loyal body guards! 
    Thank you both for your courage and concern. We need more men like you!  

    • Dave says:

      Pray for RFJ ?  Wayyy tooo  nice  Robert has done NOTHING !!!!  Bow down and pray MR> it is this type of worshop that has gotten us in this mess please don't kiss ASS ..

  7. Diana Trichilo says:

    Would really appreciate hearing how folks are finding like-minded people in their communities to work together on this problem?

    Thanks, Diana

  8. Cindy says:

    Although I do appreciate RFK interviewing Dane l, where RFK would agree with Dane out of one side of his mouth, out of the other side he tried to push back on Dane with his reasoning how this or that couldn't be, which tells me if he became President he would look no further. In fact being that he has been an environmentalist for 40 yrs he should have already been very knowledgeable on this subject bring Dane has been testing, proving , fighting this for 20 yrs yet RFK is just finding out? No in my humble opinion he neither is a man of God qualified to lead our Nation. He definitely is and always has been on this climate change agenda. Has anyone ever thought that we need nit be trying to change thus planet, what it dies, how it does it being God created it, leave the creations of Gid to God. Man has no business sticking their nose in the affairs if God, when doing so there xmcsn only be destruction. That's what's wrong with America today, to many people playing God and that brings God's judgements upon thise who do these things and those who support or stay silent against those playing God. Dane has and is exposing these people playing Gid, showing the people the destruction thar is bring brought upon us and fighting to stop it yet RFK wants to dispute some proven facts and people still have blunders in, thinking yep, he is the one who should be leader of our Nation? No folks, if he became President ,he would be like the rest, thinking he has all the power and we would not be better. We need a solid man of God, a prayerful man that seeks to serve Gid and the people, that enforces every word of our US Constitution, that understands tthe people givrrn their leaders, enforce the laws of this land, himoeach and remove frim offivmce those who step out of bounds eith the Constitution and at allows each state to be governed by the people as God and our Founding Fathers intended. RFK nor mot 1 person running fir Oresident holds these standards. People making the same mistake again, saying, " he us ehat America needs" he us our saving grace gir our Nation" people still have blinders on, people still aren't reading, studying the US Constitution or their states Constitution after the last 3 yrs of horror that we have endured. You can't defend thus Nation if you don't understand what you are defending. Thank you Dane fir a great interview, I knew you couldn't be shaven by RFK'S points of disagreements. Well Dine Dane abd thank you.

  9. Very_0wn says:

    "To this end, we shall urge proposals extending the United Nations Charter to the limits of man's exploration of the universe, reserving outer space for peaceful use, prohibiting weapons of mass destruction in space or on celestial bodies, and opening the mysteries and benefits of space to every nation. We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television. The day need not be far away when such a system will televise the proceedings of this body to every corner of the world for the benefit of peace."


    The Economist – Dr. Strangelove Save the Earth
    'Ralph Cicerone, president of America's National Academy of Sciences, has said that geo-engineering inspires opposition for “various and sincere reasons that are not wholly scientific”. Others might say the same about its support. One early enthusiast was Edward Teller, an émigré Hungarian physicist known in America as the “father of the hydrogen bomb”, and often cited as an inspiration for Dr Strangelove.

    A more fundamental objection is that the models used in geo-engineering are similar to those used in forecasting climate change. Which is to say, they rely similarly on assumptions and extrapolations.

    Still, the basic science seems sound. "I started doing this work in an attempt to show that geo-engineering was a bad idea," says Mr Caldeira. "I still think it's a bad idea, but every simulation we do seems to shows it could be made to work."

    Ralph Cicerone, president of America's National Academy of Sciences, has said that geo-engineering inspires opposition for “various and sincere reasons that are not wholly scientific”. Others might say the same about its support. One early enthusiast was Edward Teller, an émigré Hungarian physicist known in America as the “father of the hydrogen bomb”, and often cited as an inspiration for Dr Strangelove.'
    "I first met Edward Teller, the Hungarian-born physicist and father of the H-bomb, while researching a television series about Robert Oppenheimer. Teller was seen as the embodiment of Dr Strangelove, the eponymous scientist in Stanley Kubrick's classic black comedy, and though he hated the association, it seemed appropriate enough.

    The Americans detonated the first deliverable form of the H-bomb on Bikini atoll 50 years ago this month. It was thanks to Teller that the original discoveries were made that led to the bomb. He also pushed hard to develop the weapon, establishing his own lab, the Lawrence Livermore near San Francisco. In doing so, he quickly became the eminence grise behind one of America's key weapons laboratories."

    On its 100th birthday in 1959, Edward Teller warned the oil industry about global warming
    'Ladies and gentlemen, I am to talk to you about energy in the future. I will start by telling you why I believe that the energy resources of the past must be supplemented. First of all, these energy resources will run short as we use more and more of the fossil fuels. [….] But I would […] like to mention another reason why we probably have to look for additional fuel supplies. And this, strangely, is the question of contaminating the atmosphere. [….] Whenever you burn conventional fuel, you create carbon dioxide. [….] The carbon dioxide is invisible, it is transparent, you can’t smell it, it is not dangerous to health, so why should one worry about it?

    Carbon dioxide has a strange property. It transmits visible light but it absorbs the infrared radiation which is emitted from the earth. Its presence in the atmosphere causes a greenhouse effect [….] It has been calculated that a temperature rise corresponding to a 10 per cent increase in carbon dioxide will be sufficient to melt the icecap and submerge New York. All the coastal cities would be covered, and since a considerable percentage of the human race lives in coastal regions, I think that this chemical contamination is more serious than most people tend to believe.

    At present the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen by 2 per cent over normal. By 1970, it will be perhaps 4 per cent, by 1980, 8 per cent, by 1990, 16 per cent [about 360 parts per million, by Teller’s accounting], if we keep on with our exponential rise in the use of purely conventional fuels. By that time, there will be a serious additional impediment for the radiation leaving the earth. Our planet will get a little warmer. It is hard to say whether it will be 2 degrees Fahrenheit or only one or 5.'

    Edward Teller – Theoretical Physicist Los Alamos
    "Teller collaborated with Polish mathematician Stanislaw Ulam and came up with the first workable design for a thermonuclear device in 1951. A year later, the United States tested it first ever thermonuclear device at Eniwetok Atoll in the South Pacific. The Mike Shot, as it was known, yielded 10 megatons of TNT and was roughly 1000 times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima seven years earlier. The design, which came to be known as the Teller-Ulam design, still remains classified.

    In 1954, Teller testified against J. Robert Oppenheimer at his security clearance hearing. He was a major proponent of investigating non-military uses for nuclear explosives, and visited Israel often as their main advisor on nuclear matters."
    'Ede Teller was born on January 15, 1908, in Budapest, Austria-Hungary, into a Jewish family. Of Jewish origin, later in life Teller became an agnostic Jew.'
    Project A119
    "Project A119, also known as A Study of Lunar Research Flights, was a top-secret plan developed in 1958 by the United States Air Force. The aim of the project was to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon, which would help in answering some of the mysteries in planetary astronomy and astrogeology. 

    A similar idea had been put forward by Edward Teller, the "father of the H-bomb", who, in February 1957, proposed the detonation of nuclear devices both on and some distance from the lunar surface to analyze the effects of the explosion."
    Operation Fishbowl – was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program.
    "After most of the electromagnetic pulse measurements on Starfish Prime had failed because the EMP was so much larger than expected, extra care was taken to obtain accurate EMP measurements on the Bluegill Triple Prime and Kingfish tests. The EMP mechanism that had been hypothesized before Operation Fishbowl had been conclusively disproven by the Starfish Prime test. Prompt gamma ray output measurements on these later tests were also carefully obtained so that a new theory of the mechanism for high-altitude EMP could be developed and confirmed. That new theory about the generation of nuclear EMP was developed by Los Alamos physicist Conrad Longmire in 1963, and it is the high-altitude nuclear EMP theory that is still used today."

    • Serene Teffaha says:

      Dane you are so articulate and knowledgeable. It was so frustrating watching RFK J interview you with so little research. Seriously he did not know your website? You can hear him struggling accepting the information. It is outrageous for someone like him to not be up with the script with all his vaccination risks awareness campaigns and his position on the environment. He is not competent if he is not hook, line and sinker fully across the geoengineering happening across the whole world. You really showed him up and kept your cool and explained everything without letting him derail you. You my friend are a bloody legend! 


      Human Rights Lawyer

      Australia Melbourne

  10. John Miller says:

    I've been watching them build up the fires in northern AZ! I watch them drive back and fourth the last two weeks prepping to burn to get funding like they do every year! Now they are spraying daily and it smells like heavy befalls making people think it's from fires. They are spraying heavy and marking x all over skies. Now I have heavy metals smell up my nose. This is all planned fires are coming brought to you by your own gov with you tax paying dollars. Sick is what it is. Let's shut them down and expose them!

  11. Lizzyh7 says:

    Good pushback on the issue of environmental groups and 501c3.  While RFK uses the idea that these groups would lose credibility in the main stream vs them actually losing 501c3, he makes your point for you by pointing out how "chemtrails" are nutter theory.  That tool has been used at least since the assassination of his own uncle and I'm sorry, but he of all people should be well aware of just how that works.  While he may be technically correct that "they" cannot just take away 501c3, "they" don't need to do that if your primary funders decide you are a nut.  We all should see how that works by now.

    As for the compartmentalization issue, he again should be well aware that local weather reporters do NOT need to be read into the program, if what they are told is all they know.  That is the very essence of compartmentalization, as your film The Dimming so well points out.  RFK Jr is a lawyer and if not a politician per se, but he knows good and well how that game works.  The idea that he would attempt to equivocate on that shows he is probably not willing to go all the way and truly expose it.  Lawyers know well how to use weasel words, as we all know, and truly exposing just how deep the corruption goes is more than likely beyond what we will get out of him. 

    Besides, POTUS does NOT run the country, and we know that by now.  He can get elected and not one thing will change.  While it is good to see this even discussed by a mainstream individual, that too can be wiped down the memory hole when they paint him as just another nutter.  And they will.

    I will just say, I started noticing the trails in about 2012.  Had no idea what they were, and assumed they were military planes doing some type of exercise, which they were, but not the way I was thinking.  In about 2014 someone on a blog posted a link to your site and voila, there were the pictures of what I was seeing.  The time lapse ones are particularly revealing.  But all one really need do is look up, watch the trails being laid across the sky, watch them spread out and form "clouds" as the day goes on.  As you have stated over and over again, "they" tell us that geoengineering would look just like what we see every day if we're watching, but they then turn around and deny it's really happening.  A very old tactic, older than we are, and it still works every single time.  The reassuring voice of authority gives us a comforting lie to believe in, and most of us do that as it's a lot easier then realizing it's just another lie.  Thank you for what you do.  I have managed to get one friend to see this, but only the one so far.

    • Firstly, Mr Kennedy is a very informed individual and extremely well financed… As such, he may acquire access to many classes of "unclassified" information via associates in governmental agency and legal fields. Few civilians have this sort of leverage available…

      My take is that he was playing a sort of devils advocate in this interview, and knows damn well how to filter dialog which may be damaging to a run for the presidency.

      Dane showed extreme self-control, and did not allow his points to be dismissed or deflected. Good on him.

  12. Duane Martin says:

    Thanks to Dane and Robert for a meaningful discussion amidst the babble and posing going on all around us.

  13. Al T says:

    The government is compartmentalized, the people are atomized but things are shifting.

  14. david says:

    I'm so glad to see this interview.  I really like RFK jr.  One of the few decent politicians left.  

    • EnoughAlready says:

      He's never been a politician per se, never having held office.  Public figure, for sure.  But point taken — he' s rare even among that class!

  15. Robin says:

    I Finally got back to college campus walks, this time a bible college.  I strolled through with fact photo sheets & some good conversations, also  very limited drops in trafficked locations .  What a powerful and spiritual boost from this dynamic duo!

  16. gene says:

    – this, good people, is an example of why RFK jr is 'running'. He is being used as a platform to expose truths to the American people that would NOT otherwise be done by the mainstream media !!!!

  17. Laura Kozicki says:

    The aerosol spraying reminds me of this verse from Deuteronomy 28:24. "The lord shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven (the sky) shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed." KJV

  18. Robert says:

    We've got them on the run now, kinda like the song, ,"Battle of New Orleans". Oh joy!

  19. Joe says:

    Air Quality Index (AQI) |

    NYC hit the worst air quality the other day in the world from the wildfires burning in Canada.


  20. Joe says:

    Great interview. 

    You tied in all the points with the extra film clips included in the interview.

    This should bring more light to the issue. 

  21. Gary Morrow says:

    Great interview Dane. Thanks so much 

  22. Earth Angel says:

    Stellar interview!  Much gratitude to Presidential candidate RFK jr. and to Dane Wigington for this excellent discussion. I am certain this will bring  much more needed attention to a topic so critical to all of our survival on planet Earth. Well done!

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