"Weather Makers" Create Erratic, Record Setting Temperatures


The Geoengineers are hard at it yet again. As they sprayed the hell out of the Pacific Northwest and Northern California in recent days, causing record warmth and record low humidity, they were preparing for yet another geoengineered “winter storm” further east. The latest in a parade of geoengineered winter storms has theatrically been named “winter storm Achilles”. The ongoing extremely radical forcing of the Earths climate system is wreaking havoc on the environment as a whole. The example outlined below, with data from NOAA (national oceanic and atmospheric administration) and “AccuWeather” is only the latest in a very long and growing list of completely engineered weather events. The “weather makers” seem to have absolutely no regard for the climate chaos they are creating around the globe.

How far can they push the envelope? If the ongoing insanity of global geoengineering continues, we will likely soon enough find out as the entire climate system unravels around us all.

Amarillo TX shattered its former record high temperature on April 30th 2013, nearly reaching 100 degrees, now, snow is going to fall the very next day, May 1st, 2013.

One has to wonder just how much toxic chemical ice nucleation material it takes to create such an extreme event. Very significant HAARP readings are also evident on monitoring stations in recent days, this is certainly a component of the latest engineered “winter storm”. The now constant use of the globes ionosphere heater installations to manipulate jet stream patterns is also throwing the entire climate/weather system of the tracks.

The ongoing atmospheric spraying programs, and the HAARP ionosphere heater installations, are not just an inconvenience, they are literally threatening the planet’s life support systems from top to bottom. This is not even to mention the completely toxic fallout of heavy metals and chemicals which are raining down on all life. These elements are “bioaccumulative” and are building up in the environment and our bodies.

Its up to all of us to bring these lethal weather modification programs to light. All is at stake in the fight to expose these deadly climate modifications operations. Every day matters in this effort.

  • Make copies of a credible flyer on geoengineering and its dangers and pass them out, examples can be found at geoengineeringwatch.org/ads.
  • Locate groups, organizations, and individuals on line that would care if they had a clue.
  • E-mail them an appeal to investigate the geoengineering issue and send them some credible data with a source for more.

We must act now,
Dane Wigington

Please review the data below,

Amarillo TX from a record high temp of 97 on April 30 2013, to snow forecast today, May 1st 2013

Record Report

Statement as of 2:02 am CDT on May 1, 2013
… Record high temperature broken at Amarillo…
… Record high minimum temperature broken at Amarillo…

The high temperature  Tuesday April 30th… at Amarillo
reached 97 degrees at 553 PM CDT. This breaks the old record of 93
which was set in 1981.

Also the low temperature Tuesday was 62 degrees. This breaks the
old record high minimum temperature of 58 that was last set in 1961.

AccuWeather 5-2-2013


18 Responses to "Weather Makers" Create Erratic, Record Setting Temperatures

  1. Wayne says:

    this happens regularly in London. In SWI we know exactly where the commercial flight paths are and no contrails are seen the last more than minutes. But I regularly see jets Criss crossing the blue sky with trails that remain then slowly dissipate into a haze.
    Same thing happens in South of France when I lived in Monaco.
    Then you could be on the beach and by afternoon the haze was thick , you can ‘taste’ the air and feel slight stinging on the skin .

  2. Kathleen Graham says:

    I live in the country in the middle of Kansas, and we have wide open skies here. The regular heavy chemtrail activity is largely ignored, which is astonishing when you can see it from horizon to horizon. We also see very weird cloud formations, heavy wet snow on 40 degree days, and the depressing dimming of the sunlight. No one will talk about it, and if I try to bring up the subject I get the vacant stares or ridicule. Is there any one out there from Kansas that sees and believes this is real?

    • Hello Kathleen I am from Kansas and I am fully aware of what they are doing. Of course, I have been living in Washington state since 1983. The Navy is using electromagnetic warfare here in western Washington. They are practicing and experimenting with this microwave warfare and in spite of meetings protesting it, they have continued. We know it is not safe for those living here. I am a Christian and look at things from a Biblical point of view. Other than that I know we are in the hands of psychopaths. Glad to hear from someone who lives in Kansas. I still love the land!


  3. peter says:

    greetings from greece..same weather here! greece was famous about sun and calm weather.now he had an extreme winter with lot rain snow and crazy wind blows..and for a lot months.now he have the coldest miserable summer ever.everyday we have cloudy sky with rain or not.sunlight is about 2 hours at day, and that only after 3 or 4 days of heavy clouds with rain moments.temperature is crazy..one day 35 and the other 21..planes making “baklava” paterns in the sky every day..no blue colour..people are always sick and “heavy”..we lost sunlight and the bad thing is that here people just don’t have a clue of what is going on.no reports no nothing except few activits..

  4. In upper west Germany, the jets are attacking natural clouds as soon as they form and destroying them. I can see drought being created for the growing season. Huge storm front – non-stop jets; just a few clouds developing – only a few jets (just enough to destroy the few clouds that are developing). Saw the same thing when I was in North Carolina in 2009 and drought was so severe horses were dying from lack of grass.

  5. Karin says:

    Hallo everybody,
    I am posting from Salzburg, Austria.
    It’s just the same here, same skies, same frightening and depressing atmosphere, permanent hazyness and funny clouds most of the days. Since for many months skies has been nearly closed, as if a thick blanket would cover the horizon, since darkness and coldness never endet, I have begun to seek for en explanation – chemtrails now seem not any longer e fairy-tale to me … Sure it is no coincidence, that people round the globus watch the same thing going on and the climate turns out to be somewhat crazy. What the hell do they think doing this and risk the life to millions of people, who are helpless?
    I realize that, sunbathing, my skin does not turn as brown as it used to do in former times – even last year was still “normal” compared to the actual situation.
    Since I realized the change, I am very frightened. My spirits have sunk my energy is low, most of the days I am not able to get on with my daily routine. Most of the people I know don’t care und seem to be happy with pale blue skies und a hazy sun: Wonderful weather, that’s what they say. The plantgrowing is four weeks behind normal – that’s what a farmer told me just yesterday, when I went to market for getting some vegetables. They have to import most things from southern countries at the moment.

    • admin says:

      Hello Karin,
      All is the same over here in the US. We share your anger and angst. Let us all work together in the task of bringing the crime of geoengineering to light. We are indeed making much progress, much more than we yet realize.
      Don’t give up, help us shine the light. Educate the farmers over there with credible information. Help us start spot fires of awareness.
      Most sincerely,
      Dane Wigington

  6. We have geoengineering going on over the UK almost everyday. The weather has been changed so that no Spring this year, just rain, rain, rain.
    This HAS to be a government agenda across the globe, as almost all countries are getting them, no mention on the TV channels or news, or in the media…
    Part of an agenda of trashing the planet.
    The propaganda against people talking about it, and the blatent brainwashing that it is all normal, including NASA putting up a childrens page with fake clouds and giving new names to everything they know is being man made.

  7. Jeff says:

    There is a lot of spraying activity in the skies above Denver today 05/03/13. We just had a big spring snow storm on Wednesday 05/01, so what are they working on now? It’s sad that we no longer see clear blue skies anymore; just faint blue with lots of white haziness from the particulates that are sprayed.

    • Deborah Barker says:

      Here in southwest Florida, we have just come out of four days of engineered rain. It has been miserable for weeks while the planes have been hacking the sky day in and day out, pumping the chemicals endlessly until we finally ended up with a “cold front” (these don’t happen here in April/May-it’s the dry season when fire alert is high!)The smell of the air has been thick with sulfur gas…just horrible. It is depressing to the very core. The Chemtrail Forecast reports no chemtrails for today, and sure enough, this morning I woke to what I now call a “real” day. The sky was blue (not as much as years prior, but at this point, I’ll take it!)with white puffy clouds and NO PLANES! I was actually able to smell the cut grass and the salty mangrove in the west wind!!! It was as though the weight of the world had lifted. One day of freedom from the tyranny of the poison planes…a taste again of what life used to be before the assault. It’s been just two months now that I’ve become aware of geoengineering, but the strain of it seems like an eternity. Every day is now governed by how bad the spraying is & how thick the air is. Once you know, it’s all you see, because it is almost always present. Today, without the planes, was like seeing an old friend. Sun, colors, even the crickets sound happier. We cannot let the geoengineers steal these things from us.

    • Karen F. says:

      N. CA here. We got alot of heavy spraying last couple of weeks also.

      Got some incredible photos of totally unreal looking clouds. I don’t understand why some can’t see these are not natural. They sometimes look more like smoke.

      It is so dry here beyond what you would expect from a drought, which also seems to be the result of the spraying of the West Coast USA. Fires in LA already.

      Where I live it is suppose to be rain forest. Bracing for a long dry summer. All the trees were late but now it is hot. I had a native maple tree die from what looks like sun damage. Lots of dead oaks this year also. Still have dead leaves from fall but no new growth.

      From Winter to Summer, no Spring? Not exactly a “Silent Spring” still have some birds but not like it used to be.

      I have had a vege gardern since I was five. I am not even going to try this year. It will be the first year I haven’t had a garden. Our soil PH 7.5-7.8. The municipal water district is saying they are getting a 7.5 for the water supply.

      Nice to talk to others about what is happening on their part of the planet.

      Everyone take care!

  8. Patak says:

    I figured they were pumping out the toxins for another big one. Here in Nebraska, they hammered the skies for a week straight before this storm hit. Now it has mysteriously stopped and is now backtracking to dump on us all weekend. 90* in the beginning of the week and 4 inches of “heavy wet snow” on Wednesday night. Lovely. The local forecasters around here have been on the radio all morning describing how mysterious this storm is..

  9. raphael says:

    When it comes to the most dire issue we face, Dane Wigington is king here, Alex Jones should focus more on this issue and admit to the venus syndrome taking place!
    not much focus on chemtrails from infowars when it’s the elephant in the room…

    • Karen F. says:

      Hi Raphael,

      I agree you you 100%…

      If a person has been informed about this and is not putting all their effort and resources into exposing it…. well, I can only come to the conclusion they don’t want others to become aware and centered on the most important issue we all need to be educated on RIGHT NOW!

      I would have question what their priorites really are exactly.

      We can’t take the word of every person who claims to be an expert on fighting the established way of thinking. A lot of us learned this the hard way back in the sixties, and I for one do not want to make that mistake again. There is too much at stake now.

      Dane Wiginton has proven to be trustworthy to me. I really appreciate the blood, sweat and tears he has put into this dire issue, and I truly respect and trust him.

      I am afraid I can’t say this about many others.

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