3 Examples of Chemtrail Fallout


These three videos show examples of the peculiar webs that are being seen falling from the sky after heavy spraying.


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  1. Billie says:

    The weirdest thing about these things is once you pick them up you do see them moving we get them every fall in Tennessee

  2. Glenda Jasper says:

    This absolutely sickens me to think we have reached to a point in our Lifetime that our very own Governement can be allowed to slowly poison our environment let alone attacking our immune system, of our very young & elders
    This will come to an end I believe as per documented evidence that we are not alone in this World and they are also being watched from above
    For certain they may have a hold on us now but I can feel it in my bones this spraying to stop Mother Nature from watering her living organs on ground let alone killing off our supply to water is going to come back & do exactly what they are in doing to us in this murderous act of insanity upon the people of Planet Earth..killing off the population is exactly genocide 2015

  3. Deborah says:

    I appreciate the information that you have shared with us. I am stunned and amazed how oblivious most of have been about what is truly going on. I have recently gone through several science classes headed for nursing program, now understanding the ramifications of what is going on at a molecular level. I am also very concerned of how they are constantly hitting us with those chemtrails here in the High Desert area (Apple Valley) they are also covering the sky at night, meanwhile we continue to be in a drought. There are so many cases of auto immune diseases caused by toxins! I just want to know what I can do to fight against this

  4. heather says:

    I live in camp verde and you would not believe how many folks around here have their heads in the sand. chem trail activity has been ridiculously amped up as of late. our government is using us as lab rats and destroying the eco-system. we have got to find a way to get people to open their eyes and simply look up. I am on a daily mission to bring awareness to the people in the verde valley

  5. Wayne says:

    Those are not spider webs. The next time you see these in your yard get a sample and go have it tested. The test results will show metallic and not a spider web trail which is made from a completely different material. You can also follow them and you won’t find any webs or spiders.
    You can also see polymers fall at night if you stand behind say a flood light as an example. That is not dust you see falling and moving around in the air. It only seems to happen after heavy spray days. I thought at 1st they were webs too. The truth is scarier than fiction.

  6. St. Peter says:

    Funny enough that there are NO paid disinfo shills posting on this website. Usually there are many of them posting all over the web. I guess they’re afraid to be identified as they know that paid disinfo shilling is illegal in many jurisdictions.

  7. GRace Wildfox says:

    I have some samples of them from last sumer. along with a box of unusual things that where out of the norm. I have insects too that aren’t around usually. please contact me if I can send them to someone.

  8. DL Mullan says:

    Ron, I’m from AZ.. contact me. Anyone from AZ, I live in Phx, contact me. I do a small online newspaper, the Villa de Paz Gazette, but I think we could form a coalition to bring awareness, esp since the spray days are becoming more frequent and heavy. Thank you!!!

  9. John says:

    Buy a simple label printer that prints rolled labels, one label at a time and print larger self-adhesive white labels with something like “STOP CHEMTRAILS!”. Then place those labels in well visible public places where people wait in line, etc. If many thousands or millions of people do this, we will win the blue skies back again.

  10. Drew says:

    Who’s spraying this all around the world? US Americans? NATO? Who exactly is doing this? Thousands of people need to go to those airbases and block their way, their roads in a peaceful protest.

  11. lindaN says:

    i found this artcle on analysis on chem webs done by:

    Dr. Hildegarde Staninger
    Integrative Health Systems, LLC
    415 3/4th N. Larchmont Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
    323 466-2599
    323 466-2774 fx

    Some samples were from Texas and some from Italy.

    “The EDS data from the Chemtrail sample Texas (three fiber samples) show the presence of six elements: sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and chlorine, which could be due to natural mineral fibers, but further testing using Raman Technology in Phase III confirmed they were nanotechnology (man-made nano composite materials).

    Further observation showed that all samples were composed of filamentous fibers very similar to what one would see or describe as fiber bundles in a fiber optic system.

    It is believed that once the fibrous material interacts with a human biological system via skin absorption, inhalation and ingestion specific elements are expressed as aluminum, zinc, nickel, and potassium and phosphorous. Arsenic was not found in any of the EDS analysis results, but is believed to play some role in the cellular activity of the Morgellon’s patients and in nano technology due to the fact that biological monitoring tests of Dr. Staninger’s in Colorado and in California show urine samples of elements found in the EDS results, but have arsenic present too. Arsenic will bind to PABA and Vitamin C before it can be detected in biological monitoring specimens. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that may become expressed as being deficient or not bio active due to being bound in a silica gel matrix as previously illustrated in Project FMM. If carbohydrate biodegradable plastic is forming within the intracellular tissue of the abdominal area or other areas a common degradation product is carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide will create Vitamin C deficiencies. Lack of PABA will make the hair turn grey to white prematurely. When one lacks Vitamin C the first thing that happens is the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.”


  12. gigglegoose says:

    Drove through Arkansas in December and these webs were flying around. They got stuck on our antenna and I have pictures. Was going to collect them when we stopped but was busy w/dog and forgot. I thought they could have something to do with the chemtrails, they were really spraying that day, but wondered if local agriculture processes might be the cause, also. Thanks for the videos, no question as to the source now. Will get the word out.

  13. Ron says:

    How can we make the world aware. Small web sites are hard find and not covering enough. People I’ve talked to here Arizona have not even noticed and their answer ” the government knows what they are doing???”

  14. John says:

    Has anyone been able to collect the chemtrail fallout strings and send to a lab for results?

  15. christoffel says:

    To all my Facebook friends family and all the nations around the world as we are being controlled by Dictators it is time for us to start fighting back by digging into the ground the ecosystem is out of balance and tune due to forestation removal, the Grids laser beams and the GMO of seeds and the control of food crops DNA removed out of seeds I ask and pray that every human on this Earth or globe plant some flowers for the insects as they have no food the bees have very little food for the winters as the flowers are few can we all start planting anything and everything as the trees and leaves are for the healing of the nations please share this on Face book twitter or wherever, you can teach your children not to throw there pips away from pumpkins fruit vegetables ,and the seeds in the flower as this will purify the air we breath and the pollution in the air leaves a tell tale sign in the leaves as to how much pollution there really is do not be lazy wake up and plant thanking you from a computer Engineer like a virus that your computer gets the earth has a virus it is out of tune and out of balance please help spread the word. these seeds do still grow as i tried growing and others tend to wither i am not promoting this company through sources I have heard from Others there seeds work as we need bees to pollinate start your own bee hives lemon oil attracts the Queen and do some research on making your own hive just be careful if you are allergic to there venom as the bee venom is a good cure for cancer and aids ,so the world is your Oyster go and get your pearl to make the pearly gates of heaven our new life is starting now do your part the word of Mouth is greater than the sword time to fight back in Love ]Livingseeds Heirloom Seeds (Pty) Ltd

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  16. Mark Evansville, IN says:

    Thanks everyone for putting this site out there. We are getting sprayed very heavy in Southwestern Indiana, U.S. I became a believer last summer when I walked out and seen my car covered in some type of ash. The entire car was covered and then I looked up. They were spraying very heavy and broke up the raincloud we would have had. Then in September of 2013 when it turned cool they stopped for a week after spraying 90 days straight and they started spraying clouds instead of dispersing them across the sky. I have good photos, where is the best place to post chemtrail photos?

    I have the skyder alert app now, I love that app so much I made a bumper sticker to advertise it using a Brother Label Maker. It has a gas mask on one side and I edited a plane logo to have chemtrails spraying out on the other side.
    Thanks for the webs video, I think I seen those on the grass at work but didn’t know it was related to chemtrails.

    I was showing a coworker the chemtrails on October 30th and happened to notice a predator drone zipping by, lol. Too bad they don’t sell RPG’s at Wal-Mart, lol. Maybe we can get a hat with a middle finger on top for them to look at.

    You know, it’s really strange that the HOPI INDIAN Prophecy talked of the false white brother covering the sky with spider webs and the land with iron ropes and iron horses and so on, so far everything has come true except for the mountain falling from the sky.
    I also believe that if they keep fracking the southern Illinois & Louisiana-Mississippi shale deposits, they’re going to remove the friction that holds the New Madrid, MO fault line together. Edgar Cayce said that a large oil spill would happen in the Gulf of Mexico (BP) and that the great lakes would spill down the Chicago river and into the Mississippi. Very Scary what these control freaks are doing to our beautiful planet.

    Check out this flower, it makes a great case for creationism…look up Clerodendrum Ugandense…how does a flower make itself look like the very thing needed to pollinate it? It is my favorite because it stirs up so much curiosity.

  17. edgar lewis says:

    is their and org res to the spraying,and the haarp weapon system at this time? they are pois the entire earth and using mind control on the worlds population. just look at the mindless killing. people going nuts with guns normal people and all of a sudden they just start shooting for no reason. 911 was a flat out inside job by our on goverment,those towers were flat blown to the ground and no one ccan do anything about it.then look at the war in vietnam iraq afaginistan.american young men and women killed because someone in power lied,what good did it do for us to be over there? the 911 comission is a fraud,why didnt they talk to the people on the ground?it would have been a completely different story.everybody in congres knows what really happened that day.chemtrails,911,fast and furious,bengazie,obamacare barrowing this money to run our country is so stupid they wont to bankrupt this country and turn it into a third world country.well I guess I have rambled on enough.we sure need to pray for our world and our country.God bless. Edgar Lewis

  18. Lindo says:

    Where can we find the lab composition of the fallout? I’m sure that this has been looked at….

  19. Vanessa says:

    I would imagine that someone is collecting these webs for analysis? Wonder what they’re finding? Clifford Carnicom? This is frightening for our children and pets, for all living things. Creepy!!

  20. Lisa DeFinis says:

    These webs are often very visible at my location in Sacramento ca. I live across the street from a flat open grAssy park and they are very apparent.

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