Another Day in the Asylum.


Dane Wigington

The climate system continues to unravel, and the geoengineers continue to fuel this disintegration. Continued jet stream manipulation has the “climate science” community scratching their heads. Of course they find all sorts of reasons to explain this unraveling that don’t involve the mention of the geoenginering/HAARP elephant in the room, thats TABU.

Record heat continues in many parts of the country and around the globe. Global ocean temperatures are far into record high temperature territory. Even though much of the eastern US has had record rains and unusual cold this winter and spring (due to jet stream manipulation, and artificial ice nucleation), other regions have been baking and burning with record heat. At this point the only card the geoengineers seem to have for lowering the temps over the US is to manipulate a dip in the jet stream path and accompany that with massive heavy metal and chemical aerosol spraying.

Arctic ice is in implosion mode, all the headlines to the contrary last fall were complete spun and totally false. Arctic is at record lows this spring and It is increasingly likely we will have an ice free Arctic this year or next. This cannot be hidden and the global powers know it. Much of the climate chaos in the lower 48 (US states) appears to be a direct result of the geoengineers attempt to hide the Arctic implosion till the last possible moment by manipulating weather down stream (the US) in a way that further shades the Arctic with artificial cloud cover and moisture. The ramifications from an ice free Arctic are immense and unquantifiable.

The methane levels continue to build. New highs of atmospheric methane are being reported constantly. This saturation will continue to increase temperatures around the globe at an ever increasing pace. The sea floor is “gassing” from the heating and thawing of methane deposits, thus all the fish die offs all over the world.

What about all the snow in the northern hemisphere this year? The US west got almost none, the same was true for most of the northern Hemisphere with the exception of the Eastern US that got the constant parade of completely engineered chemically nucleated snow storms. The focus on the Eastern US by the climate engineers was to create a few records, many headlines, and much confusion. Even this “extra” snow is melting fast under off and on record temps.

The ozone layer continues to be shredded by geoengineering. We have been monitoring UV radiation in recent weeks with state of the art equipment that was donated to The readings we are getting are far beyond  alarming. Not only high UVA and UVB, but also UVC. According to entities like the World Health Organization and US government agencies, no UVC is supposed to reach the surface of the planet. In fact, we are told that all UVC is blocked by the atmosphere some 30 kilometers up. Not true anymore. The radical UV radiation is so strong it is burning the bark off of native trees, as well as the leaves. Many forms of plants and garden vegetables are now not growing or producing in direct sunlight. UVC is the last band of radiation before it becomes an x-ray.Baton down the hatches, because its going to get worse before it can get better.

We are locked into a future planet that is very different from the one we have known. I believe all available data makes this conclusion clear. That being said, we could yet have a planet that would support life. Stopping the ongoing geoengineering is a must, period.

Please help us raise awareness of this most dire issue.


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  1. Hanora Brennan says:

    Today is the last day of September 2014 and we’ve had an almost rain free for Ireland – now that’s definitely not normal!!!

    I see the chem trails both at the front and back of my house going West to East and vise versa. No-one in this country seems to be clued up about this and it’s so frustrating to be unable to do anything.

    Thankfully, my lovely companion Harry (Kerry Blue/Poodle) will not be adversely affected by this.

    Oh, it’s raining today for the first time since the beginning of the month. Suspect. Definitely suspect.

  2. Dennis Hardy says:

    OMG David!! I thought I was the only one who was thinking about this. I KNOW we can not get a plane on the ground, but we do stand a chance of stopping this if we stop the powder from ever reaching the planes. Not just the aluminum, but how many companies have the ability to produce the barium, strontium, etc. I believe we all have the RIGHT to forcibly stop the delivery of these killer substances. I am currently looking into this matter, and I am sure the aluminum comes from Alcoa, although probably not in the US.
    ATTENTION: Truck drivers!! We need to know where the materials are coming from. I believe that other than getting one of these planes on the ground and having video proof of the spraying, our only chance is stopping the flow of materials.

  3. Barry Hosick says:

    I live in Toronto and since the winter the spraying has been crazy day and night. Our fearless leader Harper has chosen to silence all climate scientists and to ignore any questions. The awakening is coming! Thank you Dane, for all of your hard work on this subject. More and more people are starting to see what is going on. The message is getting out there !

  4. JR says:

    Over Las Cruces, N.M. and Mesilla Valley it has been living hell with super amount of spraying over us mostly east to west, although north to south on occasions. The big thunderhead clouds are wanting to move in from east but they won’t make it if these lowlifes have their way, which over 90 percent of the time they do. This is the city that about 2 months ago was all lit up in green glowing pulses all night until sun came up next morning. During day who knows if it was still pulsing through out day? This happened after days of much spraying leading up to this occurrence.

  5. Rachel Smart says:

    Lithium Zombies….hehehee.good one.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Chem-bows in San Diego on June 1 also. I snapped photos and shared with someone who said they’d seen photos on the local news. The newscaster said they were ‘ice crystals’ in the clouds. Mind you, these were obviously the wispy chem-clouds, and it was in the upper 70’s. Ice crystals??? There was a large visible ring around the sun that also had the metallic ‘chem-bow’ look. It was surreal.
    We here in SD have been spared from the spraying lately, for the most part; but there will be days of spraying interspersed. There is no making sense of any of it. It could be days of clear blue skies, then a day of some visible chem clouds, or short streaks here & there, then a day with heavy spraying. What could they possibly be trying to accomplish? We know for sure they’re doing it, but what the objectives are remains the 64,000 dollar question.

  7. Terrilee says:

    Dyn-O-Mat Promises Clear Skies .. New storm-fighting product dissipates clouds.

    Dyn-O-Mat, a Florida-based environmental products company, says it successfully tested a formulated polymer substance capable of removing clouds from the sky. Dyn-O-Storm works by absorbing water from the storm and turning it into a gel that drops to the ocean.

    On July 16, Dyn-O-Mat CEO Peter Cordani and a team of weather experts loaded 20,000 pounds of the storm-busting product into a C-130 jet at Palm Beach International Airport. During that day’s test, team members removed a building thunderstorm completely from the atmosphere, a first-ever feat documented by Doppler radar, the company said. In the future, Dyn-O-Mat says it hopes to muzzle a hurricane.

    In their latest experiment, large military aircraft scattered the powder through a storm cloud 1600 meters long and over 4000 meters deep. It took about 4000 kilograms of powder to soak up the moisture from the cloud, making it virtually disappear. “I had calls from a weather tower and even from Channel 5 news in Miami, saying that they had seen the cloud literally disappear off the radar screen. They confirmed that there had been a tall build-up and the next moment it was gone,” Cordani says. August 3, 2001

    Hurricane Project – Drought Remedy – FireGel


  8. JR says:

    14 years back on Science Channel, Tuesday 9-26-2000 could be accurate date it was aired where company Dyn-O-Mat out of Florida made rain clouds disappear (owner-Peter Cordani) with his chemicals and his fleet of jets spraying. How many jets he owns I don’t know, and even if he still exists. Supposedly this was for breaking down hurricanes to nothing? What about our rain clouds in Southwest N.M., to nothing? This is what has been going on in my area-for well over ten years! Oh, but your in the desert, it doesn’t rain there people say, yeah! Not no more. In same viewing was a company touting MEMS-(micro mechanical sensors) where these nano-particles are released in upper atmosphere to see where these culprits need to work on supposedly controlling weather! GEMS- are global environmental memory sensors basically I understand (MEMS) sensors. These are released principal investigator says (in cahoots) in this viewing for who was ENSCO, Inc. (John Manobianco) states. They are super small wireless probes released up there we are inhaling. It may be one of many companies out there messing up everything for us. In this same viewing a certain Chris McKay working for NASA-Ames Research Center talks about warming up planet Mars to make it habitable. He goes on to say it should be as easy as warming up Earth which he states we know how to do already??? What he calls (super greenhouse gases)! He also mentioned Mars needs to be shifted 20 degrees centigrade one way to be successful in computer models for their psycho trip to it. He goes on to say we should be good stewards of the universe, HuH? I hope I interpreted this info. as it should be. We are dealing with some psyched out people here folks (lovers of themselves), enough said. God Help Us All….We need HIM more than ever, give it up…

  9. Steve says:

    I will keep trying to kick start the “I see them” campaign. Please download a poster from the internet and place it at the back or sides of your vehicle/s. In fact Dane has made such flyers available for download in this article at the top of the page. This activity on our part will signal to others that we are aware of this geoengineering taking place. It will encourage others to emulate our actions. The effect of this will be to empower each one of us by taking action to create awareness among others of this criminal and deadly activity taking place. As one commenter noted,”nobody looked up or seemed concerned”. By creating awareness in this manner, we will create interest in these unconcerned people to become curious as to why so many flyers are popping up on vehicles, store windows and other places. If possible we should also name people who are directly involved in the production of these chemicals and the activities associated with their dispersal. In so doing we will remove their anonymity.

  10. David Price says:

    What companies making various aluminum products are capable of making nano-particles. Some detective work needs to be done. Trucks loaded with said particles must be departing regularly. We need proof who is making these bioweapons!

  11. David Price says:

    Yes, June 2 was again extensively sprayed. The contrast to the prior chemtrail-free days was stark. The naive deniers need to start looking up and wonder why white streaks eventually widen and obliterate what began as a blue-sky day!

  12. Rebel Siren says:

    Thank you, Dane. I shared your article link in my blog entitled, “Reevaluating Stewardship Of Planet Earth”. It’s vital that awareness continues to increase for any hope of reversing the damage being done to our planet at the hands of arrogant scientists, greedy corporations, and societal over-consumption & cognitive dissonance.

  13. Enormous chembows at 2:30 this afternoon in Estes Park. I stood outside the post office and watched to see if anyone was paying attention. Nobody looked up. I got a couple of people to look, but they were pretty unconcerned. Is everyone turning into lithium zombies?

  14. Steve says:

    Bigtime smear job skies recently in Quebec, Canada
    Music video with footage from this area…

  15. Philip Dec says:

    Had just posted the link below to my FB page when Dane’s article appeared on my newsfeed. So I posted it as well right after. Insanity is widespread in this nation.

  16. […] “Another Day In The Asylum” by Dane Wigington […]

  17. Debra says:

    Jay, Go to Dane’s face book left..maybe you can post there. Many people do. I think it’s open to the public..check it out.

  18. Randy says:

    Long gone is the azure blue skies of my youth

  19. Becky says:

    there was no spraying in the sky this weekend here in Colorado, but today is another story and there are flood advisory and a catastrophic mudslide.

  20. Kathleen Gabel says:

    And let us honor the remembrance of 200 more species each day being lost tin the 6th Mass Extinction…ONE MILLION TIMES NORMAL 🙁

  21. Pamela says:

    Yes, we need to continually spread the word.

  22. Infelizmente, quase ninguém percebe. Observo que aquelas pessoas que vivem nos sítios, gente simples rural, são os que observam que há mudanças graves acontecendo no céu…

    Estas pessoas são obervadoras, já viram a diferença entre nuvens naturias e nuvens fabricadas. Sentem que o ar está muito sujo, pesado.

    Já obervaram que nos dias de muita pulverização, as alergias são quase gerais em todas as pessoas. Os que já estavam com algum sintoma, pioram.

    Doenças novas aparecem nestes dias de muitas atividades no céu…

    Na cidade, as pessoas não vêem, não querem ver. Parece até que têm medo de ver e precisar fazer alguma coisa. Sair da zona de conforto, sair da rotina da escravidão…

  23. Olá Dane,

    Sou brasileir, mineira. Uma ativista que o tempo todo luta por conscientizar pelo menos o meu lugar. Aqui em Minas Gerais, temos muitos mananciais de água de rios, nascentes e lagos, no bioma Cerrado.

    Percebo uma forte tentativa de acabar, ou manipular, nossos bens naturais. A pulverização química é descarada e diária. Dois aviões estão sempre a serviço não sei de quem?! Ninguém esclarece. Jã mobilizei órgão governamentais por e-mail. Já telefonei a polícia ambiental local, e nada. Ninguém faz nada, e ainda ‘são orientados’ para rir de nós?

    É uma lástima quando estamos bem informados, passarmos por idiotas. É isso que acontece… Somos vistos com idiotas ou loucos.

    Tenho um vídeo famoso da Eco92, que aconteceu no Rio de Janeiro – Brasil. Este vídeo é um dos melhores documentos que já vi sobre a manipulação do clima. O que agendaram para o planeta com relação ao terrorismo que batizaram de ‘sustentabilidade’.

    Os sentimentos que temos, diante da apatia de todos é de uma impotência imensa, mas mesmo assim seguimos com nossos ativismos. A esperança e a positividade não deixarei que acabem jamais.

    Um abraço solidário nesta luta quase inglória.

    Elizabeth de Andrade
    Editora Colaborativa e HJornalista Ativista

    Passos – MG – Brasil

  24. Dark cloud says:

    Doesn’t anybody notice that it is Cloudy almost every day and even when they say it will be sunny there is always strange aerosol hazes left over from the spraying and hello this sky is light blue at best

  25. Jay Florence says:

    Hi , is there any way to upload pictures to the site we’ve been sprayed heavily June 1 yesterday and I already see heavy activity in Boston Massachusetts today I have noticed different patterns that seem to generate different cloud formations seems to be a pattern for small puffy white clouds with silvery bottoms larger puffy white clouds with silver bottoms and a giant blanket gray clouds that hardly produce any rain I know about SkyderALERT But I do not have a twitter account

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