Another GeoengineeringWatch Billboard Goes Up On A Major Highway


With the continuing help of friends and allies in the battle to expose and stop climate engineering, another billboard has been put up on a major US highway. This latest billboard is in New Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Billboards have a visual impact that helps to breakdown the well programmed denial of our society. The "normalcy bias" of our population is so profound that most have no idea what is going on in the skies above their heads day after day, already for decades. When the subject of climate engineering is brought up to the uninformed, the "conspiracy theorist" term is often the conditioned response without any conscious thought or consideration. Psychological studies prove that those who question are sane, those who blindly accept whatever they are told by "official" sources have psychological deficiencies. The more a particular threat is pointed out or "advertised", the more possibility there is of breaking down the denial. Thus, the anti-geoengineering billboard campaign continues.
Dane Wigington


geoengineeringwatch.orgNew Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Other billboards that have been placed on major highways are shown below I-80 near Elko, Nevada

BillboardInterstate Hwy 15 heading into Provo, Utah

JW-BillboardSOD004 – 105 S 1380 W – Lindon, Utah

GeoengineeringWatch-1.org_3Visible when traveling East on I-80 from California to Reno



10653295_778937342168386_2875601747829999473_nOn a major freeway in Atlanta, Georgia

74 Responses to Another GeoengineeringWatch Billboard Goes Up On A Major Highway

  1. Matt Iibn says:…how long has this been going on? Are our vets in on this?

  2. Lisa T. says:

    Hi All.

    I read the posts here and yes I feel billboards will provide the general public with much needed disclosure. The ones who don't know about chemtrails  will hopefully Google what they are.

    I think if we all started to take pictures of these pilots and post them online maybe the pilots will think twice about participating in this. Believe me their flying missions are kept quiet but it won't be if they are revealed. I read somewhere that many pilots who spray are private pilots. Anyone  have any info on this?

  3. Gail says:

    To Sin in Silence when one should protest,makes Cowards of Men!!! Silence in the face of Evil is Evil itself; God will not hold us Guiltless. Not to Speak, is to Speak. Not to Act is to Act! Where are our Men? Steve Quayle asks. Here they are! I am three years in, trying to wake up Albertan's in Canada. I am Exhausted. Twelve Years Dane! Now that's a Gallant effort," Our Friend" !  Thank's for informing the World again about Northern Canada. The Billboards are Amazing!  

    • L J says:

      Thank you so much for finally doing something ..I just tonight emailed this website to 60 minutes..on CBS. HOPEFULLY THEY WILL EVEN READ MY EMAIL..These billboards need to be in the Los Angeles city and by the 405 0r major freeways downtown ..thx for what your doing …xoxo L J

    • Nicole says:

      I feel your frustration Gail. I'm also in Alberta and I hope to see these billboards here also. It gives me hope to see the numbers climbing on the Geoengineering Watch facebook page though. Slowly but surely the majority will awaken.

  4. Dea Nial says:

    I just noticed a "What's Happening To Our Skies" billboard in Ohio, I believe it was on State Hwy 30 near Mansfield.  I will take a picture of it next time I am out that way.  I was both surprised and pleased to see this campaign going public… and literally putting it right out there.  Thank you to whoever got that one posted!

  5. Rubee Kizak says:

    Dear Dane,
    Please tell me how I can make one of these billboards happen in my area of Seattle, WA. I am willing to do most anything, I just need to know where to start. 
    Rubee Kizak

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rubee, others have helped with the billboards, I would suggest getting enough supporters together and approach a sign company. Inform them of the cause, try to bring then on board. When they know your trying to put a sign up for the greater good, they can be very helpful with the rates. 

    • Cynthia Klahn says:

      I live in rural Western Washington & also would like to know of any effort to do this here. Talk to folks about it all of the time; seeing this on I-5 would wake up droves of sheeple!

    • Greg HalfDay says:

      You go to the local company, they will say their name on the bottom of it usually like "Lamar" or google billboard companies in seattle, wa, include your zip – Call them, expect to spend 1-2k/month…

  6. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I agree that this is indeed CHEMICAL WARFARE.  I live in northern CA and my serum barium level was 126 back in June of 2010.  THIS IS A POISON and it's NOT ACCEPTABLE to spray the planet with this and other crap.  At all.  PERIOD.  WHEN WILL WE TAKE THESE IDIOTS responsible for this DOWN and OUT OF POWER??

  7. kirk mannor says:

    utube is hacking again so erverytime they do that I will tell 10 people that day. In the end utube will be known as part of the problem.



  8. Chad says:

    All you rich and famous people who love life and don't want to be killed or on FEMA camps better wake up and start getting your armies together and be prepared for when they decide to really step up their Martial law games! At least lets have some fun when all Hell breaks loose! In Jesus Christ's name I say God bless us all!!!

  9. kirk mannor says:

    Youngstown ohio is pounded day and night, all invoved need to go to prison.what a sick world we live in, America fell from Gods favor its free for all on humanity.

    • waverly says:

      So is northern California. My Madrone's are dying, there are no more wild edible mushrooms, gardens are not producing, my blood tests show a barium level of 100.0 (acceptable level 5.5) and I have body aches and bizarre symptoms of unexplained origin… unless of course, one considers the elephant in the room…  chem trails morning, noon and night. Where the hell is all the money coming from to carry out this preposterous satanic plot?

    • Joan says:

      Hey Kirk,  Toledo OH is getting pounded daily too. You are right my friend, God's hand of protection is long gone from this nation. 


    • Ry Brannock says:

      The display over Cleveland skies yesterday morning gave me the opportunity to explain the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail to four others at work.  They saw.  They learned.

  10. kirk mannor says:

    Thank Jesus, please to give us more time , america losing God, is damning this nation,this news of all these bilboards being put up, is the hapiest time of my life, now they need to be charaged, the frakilng, floride,geoenginering, GMOs need to go.

  11. This also might break the normalcy bias.

    In the artificially cooled-down SE, some leaves are changing to fall colors, and it's May!  I don't know if it'll continue in this vein, but that ought to be a shoe drop.  Heads up to TPTB – try explaining that.

  12. Debbie says:

    I am so happy to see this work being done. Please keep up this necessary and long over-due campaign. I have been talking to people about this for years and get the same response as you. They have even said I was crazy.
    I am currently living in Tucson, Arizona and would like to know what I can do to get signs up along I10.
    It is horrible here and we even have that air force base right here.
    Please tell me what I need to do.
    Thank you and may you be blessed in every way

  13. Stephen says:

    I am sure it depends on location but does anyone have a ball bark amount to place a sign up?

  14. john says:

    Keep up the excellent work, Dane. You're a true American hero, and don't anyone think any less of this Patriot.

    This morning I contacted the Rye Civic League, after attempting to contact NH Governor Maggie Hassan, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and the Manchester Union Leader, but none of them would talk to me. They are all part of the cover-up. Hopefully, at a grassroots level, I can make things happen in my Town government.

    I've been telling my neighbors and friends, and I have to tell you, complete strangers are more interested than my life-long friends who are in total denial – they even laugh at me when I tell them!

    People: scatter the truth like seeds and water the hell out of them!

    Sick-em, Dane!!!!


  15. Dennis says:

    It’s a good job.. to let the world see what’s happening above our heads.. the danger for the entire world! Respect for Dane Wigington and his work! I hope to see the bilboards in the Netherlands! ! People wake up!

    • Ineke says:

      Hi Dennis

      I'm one of the ppl behind the bilboards and I'm Dutch.

      Wat weerhoudt je? Doen!

      Maar kijk ook op YT naar Orgonise Africa.


  16. Sparkle B says:

    We've been taking pictures and videos for almost 3 years on the Central Coast of California. The crews must've had a short vacation, because for 3 days (Friday-Sunday) we saw no visible spraying on our trip to San Jose and back, but they're back at it again Monday, and of course today.

    Thank you for the billboard campaign! I'm thinking of checking into one on the 101 corridor here in farm country.

    I have a lot of questions and would love to engage with others, but has anyone else noticed that there is NO VISIBLE condensation (dew) on the ground, trees or even on the cars that are sitting out overnight for the last few months – except on days where we had smizzle (smaze + drizzle)?  Is there any data on this? What about any new collection of samples — perhaps a new chemical cocktail is being used? Perhaps this is a result of cumulative effect of all the spraying?

    It makes me so angry, I'm dumbfounded by the apathy of others and I'm heartbroken to see what is going on! Thank you for your work, and for the venue!

    • waverly says:

      Research aluminum and barium, the two principle ingredients. They are known desiccant's, substances that absorb hundreds of times their weight in moisture. The plan is to suck up all the moisture from the west coast and send it to the east coast. if you are a tree, they are dehydrating and poisoning you simultaneously. If you're a human, they are degenerating your nerve endings and myelin sheaths, causing amyloid plaques in the brain as a prequel to Alzheimer's, dehydrating your entire body and skin, and poisoning your blood. The moisture on your car is the least of our worries.

      Get you blood tested for barium, mercury, aluminum and arsenic. At the very least, get it tested for the first two metals.

    • Kristina says:

      I feel the same way you do.  I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone!  I am so upset about it all I fantasize about spraypainting the words Look Up! Geoengineering! on so many public surfaces that they won't be able to ignore it!  I fantasize about putting it all over glass buildings, freeways sides, on and on.  It would take them months to clean up all I want to do!  If I only had an invisible cape and lots of money to buy paint!!  Hee hee  Thanks for listening to me rant.  I'm just so fed up and don't know what to do.  I want to do something really, really big.  It just hasn't come to me yet how or what to do exactly. 

    • Alissiaj says:

      That's because we've been getting sprayed. We have been having crappy weather. It was awesome last week. Noticed on last Friday we got sprayed pretty bad, day and night. Wednesday we got hit pretty hard after three days of rain, yesterday was nice. Today started off beautiful until they sprayed this morning.  Its June  and it's been chilly here in Massachusetts 

    • aye ehl says:

      Hey Sparkle, l am pleased to see your post. l live on the peninsula also, and have wanted to place a billboard on prominent roadsides declaring this specific "inside job" for a while now. l am not aware at this time as to how we could get in contact to discuss the possibilities but l would love to do so. Some folks see these lines in the sky as aesthetically appealing, believe it or not, and completely disregard the silence and secrecy of this crime against humanity and the millions of other earth inhabiting species that has been and continues to  occur in our skies. If youhave any suggestions on how we could pursue our first "Bay Area" billboard, please post it and/or let me know how we could try and create a movement for this. Thanks. 

  17. JR says:

    Hey Dane; I'll see what I can do with Bridgett and that office. Man we must of had a good 100 flights + today of SAG spraying (ugly), filthy lowlife sick bastards. I meant to write conspiracy (typo) oops, one under the radar. In the light of all this evil and bullsh.. we just need to press on, there is no compromise and dealing with the Devil and its workers!!! 5/26/15 at 8:53 p.m. and still spraying……..down Southern, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas area

  18. Ellen says:

    Great job Dane. 

    More billboards are needed! Get on board folks!

  19. Paul says:

    Hmm, we'll it may get the attention of a few folks but, that already chemically poisoned majority out there simply won't understand the grave dangers involved here until it hits home hard.

    Cancer, is a great persuader is it not. This specially if that "C" word doesn't run in your family genes. So when family members and close friends begin to contract various forms of this hellish disease, only then you get the full message that something has gone horribly awry in that not so eagle friendly Geo environment…..

    Note: we have seen tons of these damn trails over the years, and our small town a.k.a target zero has the highest percentage of new cancer cases around via 3 people every month diagnosed with the big "C" Hospital staff that helped me recover from my painful kidney cancer surgery last year, told me that cancer is now exploding at an alarming rate? Hmmmmmm

    • health crusader says:

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry to hear about the ordeals.

      Advise: do a heavy metal detox, 1 week a month, every month when you are still "healthy".

      There is tons of information online. Dr. Berg is a good source, but there are many more.

  20. Chad says:

    Hi Dane and all good people! They are spraying at night now on West Coast still no rain! There is white particles here too! And trees are foaming up with little fluorescent green fly bugs with six legs! Look alien never seen before! In the mountains , millions of hard shelled caterpillar worms that are eating the trees and like water on the shady side of mountain! Hot too! Direct sun very hot! Together we stand , divided we fall! Let's make them come down with us! We go down, they go down too! Ayeee! God bless us all.

  21. James says:

    Is anyone mentioning that the weather in southern California is awful, dark dreary skies and wearing jackets at the end of May and nobody notices, I feel like I'n in the twilight zone. We need some billboards out here.   And yes if anyone is asking although no one is mentioning it here, the trees and bushes here look unwell, many have very few leaves and split bark trunks and importantly I usually see tons of birds, but not this year. Very scary, very as even the big loud crows are nowhere to be seen.

  22. Daniel says:

    Big applause over and over again!!! They have new ways to spray,it's already in the air by morning and throughout the day. They never stop anymore.In California, Inland Empire. I want to be the first to put whoever is doing this, in a bubble with full spray going to see what happens.

  23. talawanda78 says:

    Total Congratulations!!  These are absolutely magnificent. I could only wish for the $$$ to pay for one myself…and I know right where to put them. I 75, I 696…right near al those deadly Cell Towers.  Kudos! 

    • John Garrison says:

      You can always get your comunity involved and fund one in your town. Ask sign company to help, people wanting to get involved. It will help Dane in his fight to save our world. 

      Thank You

    • ellen beebe says:

      wOw…!!! These are very impressive and absolutely fantastic. Being in reality or sane, has it's up and downs. I go crazy when people act like they don't notice the sky. Then to have the news stations get snarky about it (before signs) really ups the frustration level. Although, it can't be compared to what you, Dane, must experience day in and out. Just want to Thank !!! YOU!!! for all the hard work you do for all of us. If awards were given for caring, you would be Number 1 on my list. Please be well and know, there is NO one who could fill your shoes.

      Gratefully in debt… e, reno nv 

  24. Georgianna Giampietro says:

    Please post signs on I40 throughout Tennessee. We are being sprayed 5 days out of 7. I usually find a white substance on my car after they spray….it’s not yellow like pollen….and when I touch it in my hands and smear it, it begins to glisten.

  25. Marie says:

    These billboards are fantastic! Thank you to all who have funded these beacons in the sky! We need many, many more. It's surprising to me that with the way they are constantly spraying all of us in California, that we don't more along our freeways/highways. 

  26. (((((((((((APPLAUSE)))))))))))

  27. Gary says:

    Sending out a big thank-you to all those involved in getting these signs in the faces of our fellow "citizens".  After watching the insanity of this spraying for years and years, I still just shake my head in disbelief as Northern MN/Duluth gets doused again and again.  As Bill Deagle and Tim Alexander always remind us: "get right with God".  

    • Mary Jane says:

      To Gary N.Mn Duluth…….are you saying Duluth gets sprayed a lot? I have family there who never know/understand what I am talking about. MAYBE they will wake up one day.

  28. Simon says:

    These look really good Dane!

    Wish we could have few of them in Europe (please read: Brussels) too!.

  29. Nigel says:

    Thank you Dane. I saw this the other day on my way to Albuquerque. Made my day! This morning May 26th they started their spraying again after a few days off. 3 jets at least .  It's truly depressing to see the intentional destruction of the environment by those we elected to safeguard it. Cant help but feel totally betrayed. 

    • Georgianna Giampietro says:

      Can you all post these in Tennessee. They spray us almost every day. I see white particles (not yellow for pollen) on my car. Please help us!!!!

  30. Ken says:

    Wonder if the flooding in Texas is softening them up for the Jade Helm operation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, one thing that can be said for certain in regard to the Texas Flooding, if the climate engineers did not want rain to fall there, it would still be as dry as California where they are suppressing almost all precipitation.

    • Wayne Jett says:

      At least two ways to destroy food crops come to mind. One way is drought. The second is flooding. We have food shortages and rising food prices in our future (and our present).

  31. donna ford says:

    THANK YOU so very much for the billboard on I25 South of Santa Fe on the way to ABQ!!! I had a friend call me and tell me that she saw it just last night.I have been trying to educate her about SRM for over a year and she is now awake. This is a very effective way to get people to wake up and we need many more billboards all over the country.

    Again, I can not thank the people that put this together enough.

    • John Garrison says:

      Thank You. If everyone tells 10 people and they tell 10 and on and on….. We will the People, stop this overnight.

      John Garrison & Dane Wigington

  32. JR says:

    Real quick, I just got off the phone to Wash., D.C. and called all my reps. for New Mexico this morn. 5-26-15. One of the secretary's (gate-keeper) Bridgett for Congressman Steve Pearce gave me her input saying she did not believe our countrymen were spraying us or ever have! She went on to say that what I was saying was a conspiracty theory and she stuck to her guns. I asked her what she based her telling me this, and so I just had to tell her that with this kind of representation and opinions this country and its people were sunk. This was a slap in the face by what I believe was a wet nosed kid on the other end of this phone call. What an idiot and naive people we are contending with down here. She went on to say that our countrymen never messed with our weather or climate since World War II to date!!! I called also because we are being sprayed on big time again today….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JR, send “Bridgett” the attached link with an email and record her response so we can post it publicly.

  33. JOHNNY SMITH says:


    My slogan for a BILLBOARD.


  34. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The next billboard should say "Geoengineering– A KNOWN cause of  drought– Demand an END to the spraying, NOW!!," or something to the effect that educates the masses to the fact that the spraying is in fact a known cause of droughts and it's been going on all over the planet, people at the U.N. have spoken out and demanded a stop because their countries are being droughted and spraying's going on there.  When enough angry people who haven't had the water that is their God-given right as a human being living on Earth, and those who got flooded with the water we should have had, confront the fothermuckers who mastermind and those who run the spray programs, maybe that will be the beginning of the end of them. 

  35. truthchase says:


  36. JR says:

    Hey Marc; You may want to ride with a mask for particulates. Right at the doorstep of the capital of my State, that's cool. I've never seen any jackrabbits up north when i've visited up there though. What jacks where here down South are near nil. Drought has much to do with near non-existence I'm sure. Let's see what the Politicos say and do if anything, as the ones in Wash., D.C. (our-state reps.). Oh they are just Contrails, they'll say, not to worry! It would be nice to see a billboard down South, Las Cruces area. We are approx. 250 miles from billboard up North. I'll try to spread news down here of latest post. We had rain clouds earlier in Las Cruces, but the Gremlins obliterated them flying into and over them. Much Thanks to whomever made this happen in Billboard………. God Bless All……….. 

  37. Marc says:

    Weird skies over St. Louis today, thanks to horizon to horizon spraying. Skies were sort of bluish in the morning but by 3 p.m. were a whiteout. Then, strangely, bluish skies slowly returned around dinner time. 

    Saw all of this while out on a long bike ride with good, sweeping views of the sky. Can only wonder how many trillions of nanoparticles I have added to my bloodstream through heavy respiration. And, as usual, I vent some of my anger during my ride by cursing loudly at the chem-jets in language too colorful to print.

    Have two new bumper stickers on rear of my car….."Spraying skies, telling lies", with a "no" symbol over a spraying jet. I actually called a large local billboard company and priced some locations here in St. Louis. Pretty costly, I must say. But I am inheriting some money soon and am strongly considering going for it.

  38. Rich says:

    I would like to see some of these coward scientists stand with Dane on this issue.  They are so worried about their salaries and pensions, what about the end of the planet ?  That should be their concern.  If a number would stand together with Dane, their supervisors would not dare fire them.

    • Ralph Ely says:

      Rich, your disdain for the assault on Humanity and Our Planet is clear and direct.  We all, I am sure, share that with you.

      The "hard reality" is while some Scientists hold back on disclosure for financial gain, there are others that would like to come forward but are tempered not do so in light of what has happened to their fellow alumni or known list of  whistleblowers.  

      That list is long: They disappear, family members disappear, they unexplainably become ill with a fatal disease, they reportedly commit suicide (without any supporting evidence) or are found floating face down in a swimming pool.

      There are more and more Professionals from the ranks of government, the military and the private sector that are talking notice of what is going on, as it is beginning to affect their personal life/health as well as that of their family and friends.

      As these professionals join with us it is causing a huge increase in the "critical mass" (as often cited by Dane) needed to stop the Genocide of GeoEngineering.

    • lah says:

      Scientists fear retaliation if they speak out?  What is stopping them from quitting?  If they know it is wrong, and continue to remain silent in order to collect a paycheck,  they are just as guilty of genocide as those flying the planes. 

  39. I implore the people who are doing this to us to consider the effects that continuing exposures to aluminum and barium are having upon us. Human behavior will erode. Educability will decline. Impulse control will be most difficult. They are taking this Earth into a brutal future where consciousness itself will become bestial, at best. And they will not escape those consequences. Those people who are putting up trails of chemical poisons will not escape the consequences. They and their children will be back to experience the brutality they are creating on this planet.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      The thing is, Michael, if you take a look around, all of those effects are present.  In a way it is a positive feedback loop, the more aerosol that is sprayed directly increases the apathy of the masses.  Our hope now is that we can destroy this process and reverse its direction before all is lost.

  40. Bija says:

    Thank you to all those making this happen in NM and other states!!

    I think the billboard approach is becoming one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get the geoengineering message to the greatest number of people!  Imagine how many travelers a day see these signs and register what is happening above their heads, maybe for the very first time. If we can't get them to look up, then we can at least get them to look out at a shocking graphic and finally get informed. 

    If anyone is interested in joining me in Arizona to get something up on the 10, I think it could have a major impact in this huge travel corridor. I will find a way to get you contact information.

  41. Dog aka db says:

    Great to see! Trip to S. WY and N.W. CO keeps impressing on me that there is a lot of beetle kill!? Amazing amount of clear cut, piling and spraying for beetles! Miles and miles! Heavy equipment mowing the forest! Miles and miles of beetle kill all over CO! Soon the beetles won't have anything to feed on! 1 spot in CO ( Lake City to Creede on Hwy 149!) undeniable! As far as the eyes can see! How long does it take for a tree to die? I see a lot of fear in people's eyes when I try to explain that there is more to the death of trees than the beetles! I will leave out my opinion of the bodies of water I saw or the pretty fracke pads painted a nice blended green! Won't mention the cell towers that are camo green to match the trees from years ago! They stand out! The cover above that is supposed to be natural clouds?! Can not see the whatever is flying above! Hear them! In breaks in the stuff above I did see 5-8 new trails! I could go on and on! No one that I have talked to knows anything about jade helm 15! As close members of my family keep telling me, quit being so negative! I has taken me a long time to accept what I see happening! I fear for those that don't! On to the next ones!

  42. Ralph says:

    Go New Mexico!  A perfect place to spread the word.  There is not a lot happening along that stretch of Freeway… (you can only count so many jack rabbits-lol) …so It should provide good "thinking time."  Thank you and all of the other communities for rolling up your sleeves and helping Dane and all of the rest of us to get people to Wake Up and Look Up.   

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