Arctic Ice Imploding, Methane Releasing


The geoengineers threw everything they had at the Arctic in late July. The ridiculous cooling anomaly they created (which all the media hyped up) has now totally imploded. The damage done from decades of playing God with the weather can not be undone and will only be made exponentially worse the more they try to hide it with ever increasing geoengineering assaults. All their manipulation and spraying can create a short term cooling, at the cost of a much worsened situation overall. Now we see the results, the Arctic ice implosion is in uncharted territory. The melt rate is virtually in “free fall”. It is very likely we will have an “ice free” Arctic this year or next. This will be the first time in at least 3,000,000 years and perhaps as much as 13,000,000 years. Media is completely ignoring this issue in spite of the extremely dire ramifications for all life on earth. Global geoengineering programs have been ripping the climate system apart for over 60 years, with an all out ramp up of the programs in the last decade and a half.

As the ice goes, the methane hydrate deposits are completely letting loose. Methane is now acidifying the oceans and saturating the atmosphere. The ozone layer is being decimated, and the toxic fallout from the spraying continues to poison all life on earth day in and day out.

The biosphere is unraveling and the geoengineers are fueling the fire. Though there are countless sources of damage to the climate system, global geoengineering should be considered the single greatest destructive factor of all.

Its up to all of us to help bring this critical issue to light. Get up to speed on the facts, arm yourself with credible data, and help us get the word out.

Dane Wigington

Arctic Sea Ice in Free Fall

Arctic Sea Ice has declined dramatically recently. The recent image below, by the Danish Meteorological Institute, shows the decline in extent over the past few days, with extent calculated by including all areas with ice concentration higher than 30%.


As the above image shows, sea ice extent (30%+ concentration) is now lower than any other year, except 2007 and 2012. Moreover, the sharp decline looks set to continue.

Ice volume and concentration have dropped dramatically, partly as a result of the cyclone that hit the Arctic Ocean a few days ago. The eye of the cyclone is still visible almost exactly above the North Pole on the Naval Research Laboratory image below on the right, where sea ice concentration appears to form a circle.


The sea ice looks set for an all-time record low; all this thin ice looks set to disappear over the next few weeks.

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Dramatic rise in methane levels since end July 2013

There has been a dramatic rise in methane levels since end July 2013. The image below pictures methane levels above 1950 ppb on the Northern Hemisphere from 12 p.m. August 9, 2013, to 12 a.m. August 10, 2013.


Quite suddenly, readings above 1950 ppb have become commonplace since July 31, 2013.
The chart below illustrates the dramatic jump in methane levels that occurred since July 31, 2013. The chart shows the area (square km) with methane readings over 1950 ppb for selected layers, over the period from July 24, 2013, to August 9, 2013. The chart further below shows that peak methane levels have increased dramatically.



Particularly worrying are high levels of methane over the Arctic Ocean, such as on the image below showing methane levels over 1950 ppb in yellow for selected layers on August 5, 2013 (a.m.).


[ click on image to enlarge ]

Methane levels are also very high on the Southern Hemisphere, as illustrated by the image below on the right. High readings have featured over the heights of Antarctica for quite some time, but the high levels of methane over the oceans on the Southern Hemisphere have only shown up recently. They could be caused by one or more methane hydrates getting destabilized in the ocean between Antarctica and South America.


[ click on image to enlarge ]

Peter Carter sent the image below, edited from NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, showing high (and rising) methane levels in Pallas Sammaltunturi (north Scandinavia), measured with surface flasks.



Peter also added the image below, pointing at high methane levels in Lac La Biche, Northern Alberta, Canada. What to make of it?, Peter adds, It is not far from the Tar Sands – that does have a methane problem, but it is basically wetland peat region vicinity which is why I checked it.



9 Responses to Arctic Ice Imploding, Methane Releasing

  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The geoengineers in Alaska went full tilt this summer. The tankers and other jets (including old propjets) took off and landed over my house to my count of up to 60 a day at times! I ended up environmentally ill probably from the jet exhaust, from which I’m still recovering. Do I dare say this activity has slowed some since then? Every clear blue sky is immediately sprayed over Anchorage however.

    Anyway, the result of all this is the so-called increase in surface ice, which was much heralded as proving warming is not happening or whatever. Dane is correct in pointing out warming is occurring and shows the picture of slushy lily pad ice in the article “Thin Ice”. You cannot fool the 10,000 walrus who came ashore from the Chukchi Sea. (This is where Shell wants to drill.) There was no ice in the shallows, and walrus need to dive for food for their pups. A plane flying over or other disruption can cause a stampede killing pups. I’m afraid we will see more of this compromised animal behavior, which makes me very sad.

    The ice and permafrost are melting and methane bombs are being released. If one understands feedback loops even a little, this is extremely alarming.

  2. Debra says:

    Hi, Dave,

    I just discovered your site, although, I’ve been trying to make the general population aware of the dangers of chemtrails for years now.

    Just the other day, Britain’s Mail Online reported that the Artic ice sheet increased by 60% from 2012.

    Was that report just to make everyone feel better?

    Would appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Planet8788 says:

    This free fall doesn’t show up in the current data…. In fact, this is one of the highest sea ice extent in recent history…

    Did you grab some bad data from the satellite? It looks like it’s been corrected.

    Get ready for a cold winter.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dave,
      It can be confusing when has to consider main stream media lies and the geoengineering of the poles (North and South) in the mix. Even then, though the geoengineers were able to orchestrate surprising surface re-freeze this year, it is still one of the lowest years on record for surface area and the over all mass of the Arctic ice is about 20% of the 30 year average. I would call that pretty bad. Also, at two points this summer, Arctic ice surface area was being lost at some 135,000 sq km per day. I would call that free fall. Only when the weather makers kept cloud cover 24/7 over the arctic, and added a lot of moisture that should have fallen in the elsewhere, where they able to add a very thin layer of surface area with little mass. Check out all I am saying and you will understand my point. In regard to a cold winter, whatever happens there is no natural weather at this point. ALL is tainted from the massive global geoengineering/artificial ice nucleation, jet stream manipulation,etc.
      Link below, attachment above,

  4. Hsaive says:

    Believe it or not – Warming the arctic and melting poplar ice sheets was the publicly anticipated goal of American and Russian geoegineers from the 1880’s to the 1960’s. How and WHY did post-WWII propaganda completely mind-wash the American people into believing that arctic warming was SUDDENLY a bad idea only because CO2 was doing it for free?

    Why was all the work of now deceased, meteorologist and geoengineer, Harry Wexler completely ignored and dropped from fair and balanced media coverage in the popular and scientific press?

    Take time to read the answer:

  5. Hsaive says:

    METHANE = NATURAL GAS — It’s really, really important to educate the public that METHANE and NATURAL GAS are essentially the same thing. (CH4). Turn on your gas stove and you burn “methane”.

    • Roger F says:

      It would be great if we could burn the methane instead of other fuels.

      But collecting the widespread gas releases would be nearly impossible. We would need gigantic “fume hoods” to cover the ocean areas that are releasing the methane, and then elaborate refinery plants to carry the gas to drying and compression facilities.

      The Japanese have plans to “harvest” methane hydrate which would be far easier than scooping up vast areas of our atmosphere and separating out the relatively sparse ratio of methane from the other atmospheric gases and processing it into dry, clean fuel.
      This sparse ratio is enough to wreak havoc with our environment, but small enough to make atmospheric pt oceanic capture difficult at best.

      The Japanese proposal is pretty far from reality as well, so we won’t be seeing it come into commercial use for some time.

      I seriously doubt that “big oil” would let any of this happen anyway…

      And then there is the time issue. Methane hydrate is destabilizing all over the globe, even here in the USA.

      Reports of methane plumes on the west coast near southern California have been made recently, and the east coast has already been found to be destabilized due to disruptions in the ocean currents, actually a complete breakdown of the Gulf stream current.

      This was released by NBC in October 2012.

  6. James says:

    Nafeez Ahmed posts this article in theGardian dot com. Its a very comprehensive ‘pro/con’ look at the subject comparing various scientific view points.

    “Seven facts you need to know about the Arctic methane timebomb”

    Dismissals of catastrophic methane danger ignore robust science in favour of outdated mythology of climate safety

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