Are The Climate Engineers Attempting To Shut Down The Gulf Stream?


Dane Wigington

Remember the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"? The 5 minute video below is a prelude for the article which follows.

Is it possible that the global power structure is desperate enough and insane enough to attempt  to slow or shutdown the thermohaline circulation? Could this be an effort to slow the rapid warming of our planet by attempting to reduce the catastrophic thawing of methane on the seabed of the Arctic (which is a risk to all life on Earth) by cutting off the flow of warm ocean currents to that region? It is impossible to know the answer to this question, but if a shutdown of the thermohaline occurs (whatever the cause or causes), it will come with yet more dire consequences to the climate. If the thermohaline does drastically slow or collapse, it will only make an already bad climate scenario far worse still. 


The thermohaline circulation is a primary temperature regulator for planet Earth.

Geoengineering has drastically altered upper level wind patterns. This in turn has altered ocean currents, some of which have been pushing even more warm water into the Arctic, thus worsening the scenario of seabed methane release. Are the weather makers now going to "double down" on climate engineering by attempting to slow or shut down the thermohaline circulation? The latest data confirms the thermohaline circulation has slowed significantly. The ongoing global geoengineering programs have done and continue to do immense and unquantifiable damage to the planet and its life support systems. The more manifest the destruction has become, the more radically the climate engineers have attempted to mitigate and/or hide the damage done by further ramping up the scope and scale of the climate engineering insanity.The climate science community continues to attribute all the unprecedented and rapidly unfolding climate changes and disruptions to every form of human activity, but climate engineering is of course still never acknowledged. This blatant lie of total omission MUST BE EXPOSED. An unimaginably massive and continuous climate engineering assault has been the primary driving factor behind the extremely anomalous cold zone across the Eastern US which extends into the critical North Atlantic region where thermohaline circulation is fueled. 


The completely engineered cooling is occurring in exactly the region where it will have the most profound effect on the thermohaline circulation.

The incredibly anomalous cold zone in the Eastern US which extends into the North Atlantic is completely engineered and thus completely unnatural. In recent years precipitation has been consistently robbed from the Western US and pumped in to the Eastern US to help fuel the engineered cool-downs there. This constant flow of precipitation along with the unprecedented flow of meltwater from Greenland is reducing the salinity and thus the density of the surface waters in this critical area of the North Atlantic which are normally very saline and dense in this region. The climate engineers also continuously directed precipitation precipitation in to this region.


If the thermohaline circulation slows significantly, or shuts down completely, the ramifications for the climate system and our oceans would likely be catastrophic. In addition, if a thermohaline shutdown does occur, the lack of ocean circulation would further push our seas toward a stratified lifeless oxygen deprived state known as "Canfield Ocean". There is immense momentum behind the planetary warming now occurring, every day the climate engineers interfere with Earth's natural processes will only worsen the scenario that is unfolding. 
This map was produced by professor German oceanographer and climatologist. Stefan Rahmstorf. It reflects overall temperature deviations from normal for the 113 year period from 1900 through 2013. The anomalously cool zone directly over the North Atlantic region where the thermohaline conveyer is most vulnerable and most effected is certainly of particular interest since we know that Earth's climate system has been manipulated for the last 65 years.
The entire climate science community is in criminal denial in regard to the climate engineering factor in the ever more dire climate disintegration occurring on our planet at blinding speed. Though there are countless forms of damage to the planet and Earth's climate system, (all forms of anthropogenic activity must be considered a form of geoengineering), the ongoing deliberate, intentional, and catastrophic geoengineering programs are the greatest source of climate disruption and disintegration of all. There is no way to know the full agenda of the climate engineers with any overall certainty, but if the thermohaline circulation does shut down (whatever the cause), there will be immense consequences. It will make an already catastrophic climate situation far worse still. No matter what the climate engineers are or aren't trying to do in regard to the thermohaline current, and no matter what the happens in regard to the flow of the current, the rapid warming of our planet is locked in at this point, the inertia is unstoppable (short of some factor that is as of yet completely unknown to science). Geoengineering programs are completely disrupting and decimating the climate and life support systems of the entire planet.  In addition, the toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from climate engineering has completely contaminated the biosphere, this contamination grows worse by the day. Each and every one of us are needed in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, make your voice heard.




20 Responses to Are The Climate Engineers Attempting To Shut Down The Gulf Stream?

  1. It will be sad but the earth is the most important thing now not us!!

  2. CM says:

    Just the other night on the local news weather report they were discussing the lack of precipitation in CA and showed the weather map with the gulf stream completely bypassing CA, going up just to the north of it and down just to the south of it! It was so odd to see how it perfectly bypassed the entire state, and nothing more! Maybe it is just chance, but when I saw it, it struck me as very odd and made a disturbing picture! Now reading this article I can't help but think maybe there is some manipulation being purposely done to cause CA drought! 

  3. Larry says:

    It is close ti being "OVER" for us and the planet . It is the military that caused the problem in the first place way back in the late eighties with their then newest toy .. HAARP! Remember the hole in the ozone that was all over the news with dire consequence if we did not switch from R12 freon to the new patented DePont R134. This was just a profitable diversion /smokescreen away from the fact that the polar Ice caps were melting due to a 500 mile tear in the earths protective ozone layer by HAARP. The Air Force has continued to blow gigantic holes in the Ozone as well have as the Russians and all the other lunatic countries that are trying to play God with the weather "for profit and War" …

    The fools have opened pandora's box and let the genie out of the bottle and created a vicious cycle of global meltdown by continually ripping the ozone layer wide open. We are being bombarded by solar radiation that is off the scale and this is why the world is frying. Have you not felt the unusual searing feeling of the sun even on cold days  in the last 15 years ? I have actually noticed a change way back in the seventies. And yes the Russians were the first to experiment with high altitude auroral research experiments in the Seventies to melt the Ice and "attempt" to create a warm water shipping port and I believe these experiments started the destruction of the ozone layer. Remember No Ozone No Life!


     Stop the Worlds HAARP operations and stop the ridiculous highly toxic aerosol chem crap band aid fix and let the earth heal itself. Now how are we to do this ? Since it is the military operating in covert fashion along with BIG money it is pretty much hopeless Unless we get some Senators on board as well as some high profile voices to publicly speak out. Also a class action lawsuit will bring the news media on board and I urge everyone to flood the Institue of Justice  with FACTS and documents thru conventional and "Official looking" letter/ info packets NO hand Written as it may appear as lunatic fringe. 

    The Institute of Justice is a fantastic group of non profit attorneys and law students that have helped the people with injustice for free with the hope of donations if possible . I urge all to start sending correspondence as this truly dwarfs any Supreme Court case they have ever won.. They simply don't have a clue as do most people what is REALLY going on. I truly believe this is one of our only hope that may very well effect a change . We might start thinking how to get a letter thyyroid to some UN officials since this is worldwide. I believe  our senate and the world leaders have been lied to about the cause of the warming trend and have authorized a response of SRM – chem aerosols to slow the heating of the planet guided by lunatic science and fear. The bottom line is one simple fact The OZONE LAYER MUST be restored and All HAARP experiments must stop or it is "OVER" soon for the earth and it's species.

  4. Tim says:

    I will be shocked if humans are around in 2030. The methane release is exploding and going to get way worse triggering a massive temperature rise which crushes habitat. Explain how this will not happen….nobody can.

  5. md444444444 says:

    Dane, My guess would be that the dumb geoterrorists are trying to prevent the thermohaline shutdown by cooling the Eastern U.S.  Their  spraying and ionospheric heating with rf frequencies and such has heated the glaciers, causing ever increasing amounts of fresh water to enter the stream.  If there is too much fresh water, the current shuts down.  So they're probably trying to prevent the shutdown by cooling with massive spraying of hugely toxic chemicals, toxic to all sea and land life, including our lives.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello md4, yes, I understand your thinking and certainly considered the same, but when the climate engineers constantly shade and ice nucleate over the region in question the then block evaporation from occuring (with the constant spraying for SRM) which would be a compensating factor to the freshwater buildup. Also, a great deal of moisture is being continueously migrated to this area of the North Atlantic from the west and the Gulf of Mexico. Its a complicated equation, perhaps they are making some sort of attempt to alter the current in order to limit the flow of warm water north into the Arctic. As I stated in the article, we can not know all the motives from behind the geoengineering curtain, but harm comes from everything they do.

    • Nicole says:

      Hello everyone, a new petition at the White House website has been started. Please sign, we have to get 100,000 signatures by April 25th or the Petition will be prematurely closed. Please forward this link to everyone you know. Thank you. Nicole in Vermont Link:

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    If geoengineering was to cool the Arctic, as AMEG wants done, why are the planet hackers cooling the eastern half of North America, while also allowing the Eastern Siberian Shelf, Greenland, Alaska and the Mackenzie Delta to burn up?

    If they've decided to stall the jet stream in the Atlantic, it would be just another mad science experiment, and how can it possibly help the dire conditions already created?

    Here in Anchorage today it was cool 42 F.  Most of the day we actually saw what came close to being our deep blue clear sky, so typical of this time of year before geoengineering (except it's too warm).  The jets were spraying, but the trails weren't too long.  Nevertheless, on my way home at 7 pm it was obvious the sky had been chem bombed again.  The last time they did this I was sick for two weeks with what seemed to be very extreme allergies.

    Did I read something about how the formula was about to change to something transparent, therefore invisible?  Does anyone know?  Would this still involve creating cloud cover or be about nucleating cold temperatures only?

    In my opinion from observation, is that creating cloud cover to keep the Sun out does more to keep the heat in.  In Alaska historically, the clear cold nights released any heat on the ground into the atmosphere.  When it was cloudy and snowing (for example) it's always warmer.

    Lately and cynically, I feel like they are just trying to kill everything, just because they can, and because it's "fun" to these power crazy psychopaths.

    • donna ford says:

      Bella, I agree with what you have noticed as far as a new mix or type of chemtrail. It leaves a less obvious trail/or a short one, and kind of whites out the sun, allowing one to look directly at the sun. The sky is less blue and not the typical white out.

    • Mick says:

       In Michigan I've noticed a change where the poisons ejected from the chem-bombing jets seem to dissipate quicker, leaving shorter and less obvious toxic trails, before mixing in the sickening haze we're all so familiar with.   

  7. ️NanceD says:

    I'm wondering why we have this residual "snow scum"left on the grass this year in Michigan. It was not there last year after the snow melted.I wish I could test it.The consistency is of elmers glue that has dried.We always have a lot of spraying over us in West Michigan and the snow was weird as well, like concrete at times.I talk to everyone I can get to look up!

    • Cheryl says:

      Metro Detroit as well. Constant bombardment. Weird snow & it doesn't melt. It evaporates 

    • Mariel says:

      I live in west Michigan, and the local news has enlisted area garden experts to tell us that the "scum" is nothing more than "snow mold" that developed because of the early snowfall this season. They say it's harmless and to get out there and rake it off the lawn. The story obviously worked, because I've had the details carefully repeated to me by a couple people. No one asks why this hasn't happened in the past. 

  8. DebW says:

    I just want people to do a search for weather modification contractors because they work for the ones controlling our climate.

  9. marco says:

    The pieces begin to fit together, little by little.  The chemical spraying,  which is very apparent yet denied, is because there is no one in the Government responsible for this program, because it is a secret program, carried out by the shadow or secret government.  The shadow  government is made up of and controlled by the Elite Bankers Cabal, of which little is known.    What is known is that the Rockefellers, and other old money families are part of it, especially the Rothschild. They are after power and money, and have controlled the Fed Reserve Bank since its creation.  They make massive money by controlling society, through owning vast companies, like the media outlets, multinational corporations, weapon manufacturers, land, farms, markets etc.  

      By creating conflict, they can always sell their wares, at high prices, making huge profits, and money is power, they have millions of people on their payroll and answer to no one. First it was the cold war, and communism became the enemy.  Now it is terrorism as the enemy.  But these enemies have been created to allow them to make more and get more control.  They have questionable morals.

      These are the ones pushing the West to a war with the east, like Russia, or China, or some other nation.  Perpetual war is part of their plan.

      When Bill Clinton was in office, Sara McLennan(?) asked him why there was not government disclosure concerning ETs (such as the Roswell incident). she said he replied, Sara, there is a government inside the government, (meaning the shadow government) and I don't control it.  Because of this the government is in possession of much advanced technology, which the public is not aware of.

      Among these are DUMBs(Deep Underground Military Bases) which were documented by Philip Schneider, and others before he was murdered.  There are also underwater bases operated by the US Navy.  Little is known about these, but there is some information available.

      Because of these advancements, the shadow government feels secure in their manipulation of the world, including the weather. 

      The coming economic collapse is being created by the Cabal, and will not occur until all the elements of their next step in the plan are prepared: The New World Order, lead by their chosen puppet.

      I have actually only presented the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, there is much more to this.

     Paul Hellyer the former Minister of National Defense for Canada is on the right track in his message(warning), made this march, 2015    

    • James says:

      It is now apparent to me, even if everyone was aware of the geoengineering and stood in their front screaming at the top of their luings, NOTHING would change. Those involved don't give a damn about us because they know we don't have the power or ability to stop them. We are defenseless against them and the military!

  10. Zartan says:

    Along with constant aerosol spraying and crazy polar vortexes this winter there have been weird earth rumblings as well as fish and marine mammal die-offs recently here on the Outer Banks (Far East coast) of NC.   The rumblings and die-offs remain unexplained although we are told by the "authorities" it's all "normal", has "happened before", and not to worry.  This article just adds to the weirdness.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Hi guys, Yesterday, as I returned a movie to our only video store, the owner, who has become a friend owing in part to both of us having autoimmune problems as well as being crippled, and my constant patronage, I took the opportunity to try to bring up geoengineering with him again.  He is college educated as are his children, his wife a nurse, and he is quite smart and pleasant.  He, early on said he believed all that is happening-weather wise-is just part of Earth's natural cycles.  So I asked if he still believed that.  He said that actually, he believes we are going into another ice age!!!!!!!  I just burst out laughing, like a good belly laugh as it struck me as so funny and he began to laugh too, saying: no, really, then starting to explain-I interrupted and said: you do know that Antarctica is beginning to fall apart, don't you?  He said, well then why did it have so much ice cover this past year?–just as I was about to pounce, his phone rang and it was his mom-and so another time.  I left laughing, I mean….

    But seriously, why no talk about Antarctica?  Did no one watch the Vice episode?  The seas warming There?!  The exponential result given the Arctic?!!!!  Surely this thermohaline thing has Something to do with it.  I wanted to say the ice appeared greater owing to artificial nucleation, but I wasn't so sure of myself.  We spend a lot of time here discussing the Arctic, never a word about Antarctica.  Shocking that.  Two Big western chunks off and gone–fishing?

    By the way, the Pacific is not dead yet.  Much sea life to the south, way south-humpback whales and much more.  My friend in Louisiana says the fish there have rebounded and I saw stuff about that, and now masses of sharks too.  Vice just did an episode on sharks.  Apparently they represent a tipping point for the ocean and massively overfished primarily for fins for Asia.  The dead bodies just dumped back into the ocean by the thousands.  So much of our species extinction has to do with over kill.  One way and another.  Vice is an excellent program and produced by Bill Maher.  Again, want Dane to be on his show!! 

    • Katherine Gale says:

      Hi Rachel I just read your post and thought you might find this lecture by Peter Ward interesting (below link).

      Currents (ocean and jet stream) are a result of the differences in temperature between the poles and equator. There are additional factors such as deep see terrain which form river type flows and a churning effect differential between the warmer surface and colder deep sea temps. As the differential between temps in the poles and equator become more equitable the currents slow down. There have been past incidents of Ocean stagnation discovered in sediment core samples from previous warming periods.

      While I don’t doubt this is being acerbated by Geoengineering it is a troubling and unfortunate side effect of climate change.

      If you feel comfortable relaying this information, I would point out to your friend that mass and mini-extinction events are also a well studied cyclical patterns. Mankind has largely made it impossible for us to naturally enter into another ice age due to the current C02 level which has reached 400ppm. We know from ice core samples that go back up to 800K years the average atmospheric C02 readings averaged 250 to 270ppm. Slight deviations in other environmental conditions allowed the planet to slip in and out of ice ages.

      We are currently in the midst of the sixth extinction event. If your friend is inquisitive, it is very easy for him to find verifiable data from multiple reliable sources online and in respectable books. The current mass extinction event is anthropological (man made). A primary factor impacting mammals and amphibians is fungal infections which is impacting forests throughout the world, in the States Brown Bats and amphibians in rain forests. Just to name a few examples unfortunately there are many more. Fungi love the extended warmer weather we are experiencing due to climate change.

      There are of course multiple factors contributing to the ongoing nightmare. I do believe geoengineering is adding fuel to the fire.

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