Blatant And Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film


Dane Wigington

The past propensity of populations to deny the ongoing climate engineering atrocities is finally breaking down. Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage captures of jet aircraft aerosol dispersions are rapidly eroding the official false narrative that we are only seeing "condensation trails" in our skies.

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  1. Rick Patterson says:

    So interesting,    while trying to repost this piece on FB 

    my "Google" phone would only flip to other open apps rather than proceed with the repost.   The attempts to suppress the suppress the facts are intensifying.     Only moments earlier I had reposted 2 articles regarding vaccinations from the same part of this site with no problems.

    Rick P.

    • James says:

      Great video. I also had issues sharing this video to FB from youtube where I first saw it and from copying the video url here as well. FB would not post the picture, only the plain text link, never happened to me before. I thought wow what a clever way to reduce uptake as we live in such a visual media society. Try the FB share square away from the video, that's working at the moment.

    • Henry says:

      excellent facts, excellent work Dane. I will spread your professional materials as much as I can. I know already 2 years, that the sky spraying happens. I did many photos and some videos as well. And this is really not normal at all. It is time to wake up around the globe! We don't let them damage our planet and our health! Thank you so much. It is time to stop it, immediately to stop it! Henry

  2. Catharine says:


    Over here in coastal Humboldt County area, geo-engineering roared back up today, 8/3, after a surprisingly clear July. – White lines in the morning and full white haze by early afternoon today.

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    That 1 minute video of Solar Aerosol Injection from that Jet Aircraft, looks like lines of paint on a road way. How could anyone think the appearance of that trail, is a normal Condensation Trail. Yes Marc, I agree with your post regarding the suffering these GeoEngineers and everyone else involved should be feeling themselves!!!!

    • says:

      hi Dane 

      Much love in your endevours we live in a death cult society! My local MP Caroline Lucas receives many emails re geoengineerimg and still she remains in denial and complicit in this domestic terrorism. She is head of the 'Green party' !! You cannot make this stuff up.

      I am happy to share her responses.

      Is it about time to fundraise and hold these morons to account and sling ttheir assss in jail or do I belive in a different society?


  4. marc says:

    I just read an astounding statistic: the FBI reports that in 2016 alone 647,000+ people were reported as missing in the US. Holy Mother of God! Of course this number is broken down into categories, such as teen runaways, family abductions, murders, etc. Nonetheless, this is an impossible number! I have known of the magnitude of this issue for years but I was not prepared psychologically for the sheer NUMBERS of people disappearing. This is placing a burden on law enforcement that they cannot possibly deal with. The numbers are too huge. I draw attention to the fine investigative work of David Paulides, author of 5 or 6 books now in the "Missing 411" series, and who now has a new film released detailing several astounding cases of disappearances in our national park system. Until you know the bizarre details surrounding many of these cases you cannot fully appreciate the significance of what is going on. Paulides has amassed a database of his own that detail, in his books, upwards of 1,500 bizarre cases. He estimates that this number is the tip of an iceberg. The cases he has covered only comprise about a half-percent of the FBI total missing persons stats. There is something unspeakably and tragically weird going on right under our noses and it is important we all get up to speed about the magnitude of this problem. We've all heard and read about the gut-wrenching, soul-destroying practice of human trafficking. There is, without question, a significant percentage of the FBI totals that are directly related to this heinous phenomenon. And yes, to the extent that one is able to stomach the idea that rampant elitist pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice is a reality, I remain convinced that this is part of it, too. I am bankrupt for words to express my outrage and disgust that any of my fellow human beings could even be remotely capable of such filth and depravity beyond comprehension. Yet, to get a feel for our descent, all one must do is glance at the moral, ethical, legal, spiritual, and environmental devolution growing fast, like a malignant tumor, within the White House. While such utter debasement is not entirely new by any stretch, the unapologetic density of it has never been seen before. The whole damn world seems to be in the grip of a disintegrative force beyond our understanding. Yes, there is still genuine GOOD in this world. I know of it. I see it with my own eyes. But I cannot escape the daily feeling that we are perched on the precipice of a complete disassembly of societal order, which will put a swift end to everything we ever held dear.

    • Emily BH says:

      I think you'd be surprised. The so called "law enforcement" you would think is "burdened" is most of the problem. We are 8 times more likely to be killed by "law enforcement" than a terrorist. That is where most of the 600k number of lives  in the article comes from. When you think about it, laws are nothing but threats of force and excuses for government to use violence against civilians.

  5. Melanie Moran says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are 2 inspiring songs for all of you. Best to you all, and stay strong.

    It's Your World – Live Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

    Michael Franti and Spearhead – Yell Fire

  6. marc says:

    Since I can't make it to Redding today for the "Event", I thought I'd check the weather there. Holy mother of God, it's 102 degrees, "clear", no rain or clouds for at least the next solid week or more. But here's the kicker: The temp forecast over the next week runs from where it's at now, up to 114/115 middle of the week and then tapering off, but only a little. Gee, folks, what the hell do you think THAT might portend for the Mt. Shasta area? Are these motherf**kers TRYING TO SET NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ON FIRE??? And the rest of the whole WEST for that matter?? Given what we know about the deep, deep infiltrations into weather control that these jackoffs are so desperately addicted to, I refuse to accept that the Western heat waves are "just happening on their own", so to speak. Anybody here who thinks these pricks aren't INTENTIONALLY doing this is living in a dreamworld. So…..not only are these assholes EVIL INCARNATE, they're also f**king pyromaniacs. I SO wish every single one of the jerks behind this could THEMSELVES experience the maximum pain and human suffering that is a direct result of what they are doing. I wouldn't normally wish that on ANY living being, however, in this case it seems absolutely appropriate.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, we are frying in Northern California and the “forecast” temperatures just got raise yet again, we are headed to 117. More record highs, trees are dying rapidly, as are many other organisms.

  7. horsegirl says:

    Sadly you can put truth, reason and indisputable evidence in front of most people and have them insult you for it to your face – and that's one of the better outcomes. Just had a very ugly experience with a friend from thirty years back to this effect. Wants to bitch about Trump, but absolutely adamantly opposed to understanding the larger context. Ended in rejection and bitter sarcasm. She's on prozac. So many other erstwhile friends likewise become refugees to reason and their emotions. They don't want to think about "it" and slather themselves with mood-altering pharmaceuticals. How great a factor is this? So many other commenters report bitter results sharing truth with family/friends. Are others seeing strict correlation between mood-altering pharmaceutical use and an allergy to truth?

  8. David Smith says:

    Dane, South Florida has been under a rain warfare assault. They scheduled a few part sunny days every other weekend and forecast rain every day. They spray all morning by lunch it rains while they spray above the clouds so you will not see them and as the sun goes down you can still see spraying as it gets dark.  

    The masses think this is normal. Florida weather was never like it is today. I have been on an ongoing metal detox for over two months. I have just made that part of my daily routine. Feel better i kept forgetting things. 

    Thank you for the sacrifices you have made. I'm diligent down here getting the word out and handing out flyers. I also speak of vaccines, fluoride and other issues. Making some head way locally but my attempts to get the Indoor air quality industry to jump in has not been very fruitful but I'm still working on that there are too many blind patriots.

  9. Frank - PHL says:

    Yes, here we go again! A tremendous rain storm for the sacred northeast United States. Could it be another planned cool down like last year's Baton Rouge sacrifice? The northeast is between heat waves, so maybe this is an experiment in cooling down BEFORE a heat wave. Any way you take it, it looks desperate, like they are willing to sacrifice anything to not see 100 degree days in the northeast!

  10. Terri says:

    I have noticed the color of the sun is not yellow any longer but a blinding brilliant white.  Sunglasses required for everything outside, the glare gives me headaches.

    Storms here in Northern AZ are like someone turning on the storm and then hitting the off switch.  I often wonder what lucky person has control over that switch.  They must feel like God, full of hubris and imagined power.  These storms also seem to also have invisible boundaries.  We can be bone dry but 15 miles away flooding reports appear, entire families washed down streams.

      I have lived in AZ for 60 years and the changes are everywhere.  It isn't even a "dry heat" (as the joke goes) any longer in AZ, the humidity is stifling.

     I am angry at pilots, I can't help it.  They (and numerous others) know all about what is going down (or up) and have Chosen to continue in their silence.  They signed their confidentiality contracts and pick up their paychecks.  Sold out humanity, planet, wildlife and their own species.  There must not be a brave soul with character in the entire bunch.

    So what atmospheric conditions happened, that for weeks, not even a sound of the constant airplanes somewhere above me?  Also, no visible chemtrails, just blue sky, white puffy clouds and intense, heavy down pours that turn on and off in an instant.  What conditions, exactly changed, in the last 2 days?  Sneaky Stinkers, I know they never stop.

    Many people out there are aware things are certainly not as they seem.  Numerous people fighting for us & planet had the answers to save us and perished unexpectedly, in unique ways. I believe, it doesn't matter what wakes you up as long as you do wake up, begin to research and learn what confronts us all.  It matters.

    I wonder if the spraying is hiding an incoming planet that TPTB know all about,  They won't be safe in their DUMBS once the planet figures out what they have all done. 

    Some working on our water, some working the legal avenues.  Many are trying to save this planet as Dane is.  Thank Heaven for them everyday, I ask for them to have the fortitude to continue the fight to bring all out into the light.

    Nothing works better than word of mouth.  Keep planting those seeds, I have actually seen a seed or two sprout, that is very rewarding and I feel like I made a difference.  Like in Animal Rescue, you can't save them all, but you can possibly save the one in front of you.

    I LOVE  "Would you live your life differently or do things differently if you knew the world would end in 10 years.  Thank you for that because I am going to try that approach, I like that.  Plant the seeds!

    Thanks Dane….God bless you.

    • Nazda Pokmov says:

      I lived in Prescott and Prescott Valley back in 1984.  The Dry heat was oppressive and the storms were really bad.  I can't imagine AZ to be muggy!!!  I loved the mountains and the dry fresh air at night,  The curbs on Whisky Row in Prescott were at least 20" or more high due to the flash flooding there.  I remember it well.

      Take a look at a video I made a few years ago on the HAARP rings here in Ohio.  When we had those rings the days would be of heavy spraying and huge storms to the west of us to be brought over by the HAARPs.  There are HAARP transmiters all over the USA…not just in Alaska and some are even offshore in the Pacific that caused the huge drought conditions out there.  Here is the link

      I did that video 5 years ago!!!! when I had a cable tv channel that featured a weird kind of radar that I never found again no matter how hard I searched.  At times they would pan out and I could see the HAARP stations in the midwest in Kansas, Nebraska, etc. and some down south in the Georgia and Misss and Alabama areas.

    • marc says:

      Nathan, your link is excellent and indeed, there is bullshit afoot with this storm. The WAPO seems to have gone to unusual lengths to answer the "WTF?" about this strange forecast. Meteorological terms heretofore not in general widespread use by weathercasters were inserted into this article. Will be interesting to see just how "accurate" their predictions turn out to be.

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder what Jeff Bezos knows, and whether he owns stock in weather modification companies or trades weather futures?  Steve Wozniak moved to Australia.  While his son is married to an Australian and lives there, he reportedly got so freaked and frightened at the prospect of global warming that he's also moved to Australia.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Dennie, I don't know if moving to Australia will help Steve Wozniak. We have our weather interfered with daily. I live in Brisbane, south east Queensland and it is easy to observe the weather they make to cater for our 'enjoyment'. Most mornings there is SRM in front of the sun as it rises and continues its arc. The SRM is entirely strategic for cooling us down artificially. If someone took a photo each morning and put it on a wall calendar, well, the pattern would be undeniable. But you have to look to see. As for Queensland, google map it to see what a large area it is. Apparently 90% of Queensland is in severe drought: a dry country made drier. As for global warming, we all know about the chunk of Larsen C ice shelf that broke off recently….

  11. Kaza dum says:

    That pilot is trying to tell people that he is spraying.

    • CAROL says:

      That Pilot is indeed MOCKING US. He's making his street lines,  or maybe hinting that we connect his Form of DOTS. He's aying THIS is HIS street,road or pathway. Dear Lord bring him to his knees in repentance quick. And everyone say AMEN!

    • wyatt earp says:

      I do not believe there are pilots in the planes, that are dedicated to spraying. Why would there be, when they can control everything remotely? It looks to me, like they want a specific cloud formation, instead of featureless coverage.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wyatt, though some of the aerosol spraying jet aircraft may be drones, countless film clips exist of commercia aircraft spraying. Though available data indecates that commercial carrier personnel are not directly involved with the climate engineering operations, some of their aircraft are absolutely being utilized for geoengineering / solar radiation management.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Kaza dum,


      "…Dont forget that EMF also causes sterilization in women by hardening all the eggs in the ovaries. It causes the cortical reaction which hardens the Zona Pellucida, EMF causes all the young girls ovaries to undergo acrosome reaction which basically makes it impossible for sperm to fertilize the eggs. This is why they want schools to have these transmitters. …"

      I have one question; after the damage has occurred, is there any way to reverse the process, or is the damage permanent?

      Thank you.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kaza dum, Interesting thought you present there. Hm, If I were trapped in a cage, I would try to send a signal to get help. Maybe if any of us see this happen again, we look on flight tracker and try to get the pilots name and contact them in private. There might be a story there to be told. Leave no possible inquiries unpursued. Why should we not be our own 'private', private investigator?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Kaza Dum.

      My question was more or less rhetoric, I understood that reversing the damage caused by EMF in the eggs of Women is NOT possible. Reversing sterilization is possible maybe only by miracle. I wish to be WRONG. But I bring again your extraordinary comment only to say that the "guys" that are playing for the extinction of ALL Humanity, do not need to bother about the destruction of the Ozone layer, or with the systematic TOXIC spraying which is happening on daily basis.. Because only with the ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES of the EM TOWERS these Fkrs can END Humanity in 2 or 3 generations!!

      Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, yes, the RF / microwave signals are doing immense and unquantifiable damage. In regard to time frames, we should remember and consider that if we remain on the current course there will be no more generations. And there is this, if the elements used in the existing atmospheric aerosol spraying operatioins are altered to something more lethal, the power structure could level the playing field overnight, literally.

    • Pedro says:

      Yes Dane.

      It's all set for annihilation. I understand that. Only a change on the "juice" it will be enough.

      They will Fall.

    • Kaza Dum says:

      Pedro, its permanent, the egg can be fertilized by nano tech, the injections of sperm into the egg is the only way I can think it would be possible…. perhaps yet another way to make money. Having kids only if you can afford the injection.

  12. Ron Marr says:

    My fan sits idle…the doors and windows are closed…I am fully clothed…they have made it cool in Rhode Island. They are more covert, but you can see them at work through the clouds and haze. One can look up at the hazy blue sky and say to me, Where's the spraying?…beautiful summer ain't it?….When they made it cold, people get puzzled and say, what happened?…I say it's what they sprayed…AHA!…is the reply. One of the slogans I heard when first arriving in Rhode Island, "You don't like the weather, wait five minutes it will change.", many people are pacified by this slogan. A couple drove by me… smiled and waved at the me…I didn't wave back…had forgotten about the geoengineering signs on my car…that was a first positive response…people are waking up. While riding on the bike path the other day…children lined both sides of the path for a brief distance…waving American flag and chanting USA, USA, USA!!…they slapped me five as I passed….The thing that bothered me was the two older children at the end of each line holding larger flags…they had a very stoic expression…didn't look at me…I am sorry, it reminded me of the Nazi youth….It made me think of our sec. of defense, Mr Mattis…General Mattis…leader of the Pentagon…who says things like,"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." or " You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it's going to be bad.", how about, "It's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot people." ….this man is ill….Do we really want our watch dog howling like a wolf? This man should be arrested for all the murdering he is doing in the middle east…Anyway, today was a nice day, but cool.

    • Dennie says:

      "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." — General James "Mad Dog" Mattis



    • Kaza Dum says:

      I dont know, I think you want your generals to think like that. The world is not a cumbayah place, even if there were no bankers people would still be killing each other. Its what humans have done since the dawn of time.

  13. Carol says:

    Dane Hello . EcoWatch website latest newsletter ?? Utter bullshit they hav put out to the public on Geoengineering about the weather fooling public Gezzzzzzzz …….. I was fuming to read it lies lies …..

  14. Pia says:

    How is the lawsuit going, Dane? So frustrating not seeing anything change… today's spraying over Salto, Uruguay (followed later by UY militry jets flying around, looking) –

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pia, we are doing our absolute best to push forward with the legal effort, but it must be considered that the entire system has been set up for decades to make such action extremely difficult. In the meantime, all of us are needed to carry the ball forward in the battle by using every peaceful method at our disposal to credibly raise awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. Ultimately, that is what the legal action is about also, raising and reaching a critical mass of awareness. We must all make our voices heard.

  15. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    This Video is Shocking & So Very Clear to what is being done by this Jet.      What great footage.      Others here state they have seen days, weeks, of Blue Sky. Wow!  We finally woke to a clear sky to the west, the rising Sun had a coating around it in the east for miles, but no clouds or trails as usual. That lifted & the Sky was the Bluest I have seen in a very long time. We had Stars last night, which is too Rare.  It lasted until 2 pm!  Then they realized they were behind & the Sky was they started flying in tandum leaving full fledged trails. They soon took care of this :Rare" sight & within an hour, it was gone!  A day of Blue Sky in Alberta?   Pull the other Leg.    A canopy again this morning. Heat waves throughout the Province with a Sun Cloud mix & a Chance of Showers once again.       I never hear the term Sunny Day any longer. Once again a Summer of Rain & Clouds is Norm in a Province that use to grow an abundance of Food Crops for the World.   That must not happen in this Mad, Mad, World!  We Must Not Have Food to Feed our Families. As Bad As The Food Is.  What Madness. I Am Sick Of Clouds & Hearing Them Being Manufactured Above My Head!     I Pray an End will come Soon.

  16. Jeff Naish says:

    Some stupid people still wont believe

    • CAROL says:

      THE FROGS HAVE ALREADY BEEN BOILED STUPID IN THE WATER, And wouldn't REMEMBER what Warnings you gave them regarding these matters even a second later!  Yes our brains are being Fried Stupid, while our bodies are being weakened to a paralysis state: due to the damages to our DNA blood cells and so much constant pain from the damages to our muscles, tendons, joints…and the sinister list to harm all life goes on!

      Did you know that in South Carolina they use plane tankers (that normally gather up water from lakes to put out Fires) to SUCK UP  the PIG FARM's foot ball stadium sized ponds of (PetoBizmalt colored and textured PIG WASTE!!) then turn what sick filth they sucked up into a NANO DUST and SPRAYED IT over the poor towns in that state! The poor people there could not keep this NANO DUST out of their humble homes even after placing wet towels and blankets around every window and door! These people instantly get real sick and many died! 

      I never heard back from the TESLA whistleblower about what more has happened to these poor unfortunate people.    This can only be found now on the DARK WEB, that is IF it's still allowed to be on there.   No Way can I keep such evil SICK acts a secret!                                                                                                      All I could do (and we all should do) is Pray none stop for these people being targeted by such evil ones to be delivered and protected by our Heavenly Father. But YES, we all Must be the WATCHMAN and Warn everyone "that they DO target people and certain areas moreso than other places."

      When they have their sights on rural or farming lands they want to steal from the hard working people who deserve to live out their lives in retirement breathing clean air and in normal temperatures that they have EARNED their right to own…then they will try ways to drive these elderly ones out of town or slowly KILL THEM OFF by stooping to using "FLUORIDE NANO DUST" sprayed over them day and "Carbon Nano dust" every night.    Committing such CRIMES causes intense all over bodily PAIN, same as it does to people effected by FLOUROQUINOLONES are being deliberately Crippled up in constant PAIN by Big Pharma!!   Such bad drugs truamatizes all cells and tissues/muscles and because your heart is a MUSCLE, these drugs indeed reek havoc upon even a young heart. And remember,  these criminal Sprays works together with their sinister "SMART METERS"!                                                 They KNOW exactly what they are doing by delivering such painful torment Nano Dust upon these elderly people who must already have some form of Arthritis or joint wear down aches and pains:  because the FLUORODE NANO DUST will cause and instant FLAIRE to their natural expected pains… multiplied over 100 times more intense!

       It's a known Fact now that many people effected like this by the use of the CRIMINAL ANTI-BIOTIC called "CIPRO",  "Levaquin" and all the rest of their sneaky "other names" for these FLUORIDE DRUGS called "Fluoroquinolones" causes crippling pain, and you can find on youtube that people are hurting intensely and none stop by such Fluoride drugs that many have committed SUICIDE!

      Yes these BoiWEAPONS have cocktail sprays that can cause a rise in criminal activities/altering the minds of the  people whom they spray it over!         The singer PRINCE once explained over a airing Show how such mind altering SPRAYING worked in a area he lived in…and see how they got rid of him,  just like former FBI Cheif Ted Gunderson was taken out for being a Whisteblower!!

      As David Crowley says in his (banned) "GREY STATE" movie (see on Youtube): "STAND NOW….or KNEEL FOREVER"                                                    to the coming New World Order!

      Let us all STAND against this…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      If People knew that the planes with the aerosol lines which are sprayed, are responsible for the anomalous weather ( ice, floods, or scorching hot and dry days and PROLONGED DROUGHT – depending of the mix of the "juice" ) and that the uncontrollable FOREST FIRES are connected with the nano particles of the aerosols which are causing a DESICCANT effect on the TREES, making the Forest to be totally dehydrated, and more, if People knew that these same particles are FLAMMABLE and increase the IGNITION POSSIBILITY and EXPLOSIVE ENERGY of the Forest FIRES ( "eruptive" fires, as they are calling it ), Everybody would open the EYES of the Consciousness and things would shift very FAST.

      This will happen, sooner or later.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, yes, climate engineering is radicaly disrupting global climate patterns. This being said, ALL formes of human activity that alter the energy balance of the planet are a part of the problem. It is essential to remember and consider this fact. The damage to Earth’s climate system is real and from countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the biosphere.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you CAROL for the info on the flouride nano dust and the link to body and joint pain. I do not take any of big pharma's poison but am continuously in chronic pain now. I figured it had to do with the toxins in the spray but didn't know of the connection for sure. I am in late 50's and have been very active outdoors for most of my life. I KNOW I shouldn't be hurting like this even though I've got some age on me now. Is flouride a metal? Anyone know how to strip this sh*t out of the body? Should I use a product like zeolite or maybe the healing clay to help remove it? I've been to chiropractors, massage therapists, even acupuncture and nothing is helping- it just keeps coming back. Feeling a bit desperate to get out of pain, even my eyes feel like they've gotten fogged over with the crap; I don't see nearly as well as I used to but maybe damage resulting from the harsh glare of the sun & ozone loss. What a drag.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane, thank you for the reply.

      Yes, of course, is the paradigm of the oil centered economy, the plutocracy of the financial ( bankster ) system, with the Climate destruction on the top.

      99.9% of this reality that was created by the ""guys"" of the money, oil, pseudo science, and war ( the masonic F family and its associates ), is perfectly useless and malignant to Mankind and to ALL the Biosphere.

      Thank you


    • AL says:


      Lets not forget about all the radiation and various frequencies we are being hit with on a daily basis. There is nuclear waste and depleted uranium all over the planet. Just the bomb testing that has been done and is still being done is adding to the equation. With everything we are being hit with on a daily basis it is amazing that there are still people who can think critically as well as artistically.

      frequencies can be turned on and directed at us by the flick of a switch or touch of a cell phone. High tech antennae arrays are everywhere.  A

    • Kaza Dum says:

      Earth Angel, diet and yoga is the only way. No animal products except perhaps fish or chicken when the need arises, no refined sugar. If you can stick to it you will feel better.  When I stick to it for just one month and I mean really stick to it, I feel amazing after about a week, after a month I lost 35 lbs.

  17. penny waters says:

    dear seeing clearly

    saw a great tv show about illegal drugs and portugal – on it was an ex policeman who had an awaken moment and is writing books about the police and drugs

    he realised that because he was so good at his job – he would go underground into the drugs world – he was driving the violence in that world to get worse by making the drug suppliers more frightened that they would get caught!!

    i have for a long time realised that people who take drugs are self medicating because their lives are dreadful

    programme was also about portugal where the prime minister and the opposition got together and decided rather than hound people they would allow drugs but also anyone who was found with them they would help them get a job and support them 

    and all the money that was plowed into restriction was to be used in a new system of helping people get a life and feel respect for themselves

    clever humans – we can be so clever sometimes – but how do we get people to open up the constructive part of themselves!!

    i think we do it by giving them space – if attacked people feel cornered – so easy to sit in judgement on others

    wish i knew the answers

    love to you all out there in chaos

    • Alaurel Jordan says:

      Absolutely CORRECT !!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Hello Penny Waters & All:

      I agree in many ways with what you stated, there are many effective ways to reduce drug use in individuals and it is not always physical attacks through legal restrictions and parental or government discipline some people quit when put in a self reasoning situation where someone or a group of people educate them on what drugs really are and what it means to use or abuse them and how it can cause destruction to your life and many drug users have children by the way and sometimes they don't want to stop and think about the harm they are doing to their children so its our job as a community to get them to stop and think it doesn't have to be in a rude way ultimately what we want is to be effective for the sake of the well being of the person we don't want to do it to put on a show or battling each other with hatred and evil deeds we should be having good deeds in our intentions of trying to get people off being addicted to drugs aka poison.

      Now I will say I myself have never done drugs however I was heading down that path and it scares me to think about that, what caused me to turn around from heading that direction was reading the bible that is what stopped me. I will clarify, I have never tasted a drug, nonetheless, I did at one point not have a problem with people who do do drugs, now I repented from accepting drugs now I am completely against drugs instead of normalizing them.

      Drugs are evil don't any of you who claim to fight the poisoning of the world being done without our consent self poison yourself in a fantasy of pleasure.

      I am a big advocate for freedom, however I ask you all this, is there anything good drugs have ever done to an individual besides disconnect you from reality, so you can hide from the hardships of life while destroying your health along the process?

      Where is the critical thinking and the logic in this?

      We have too much hiding from problems and denying of reality as we know it already don't we?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Must pile on.  Have you guys heard of huffing?  Been around a very long time and is prevalent on some reservations.  It seems Very addictive, and many things, really nasty stuff, can be use.  A favorite seems to be spray cans of paint.  Spray into a bag, place face in bag and inhale.  Boy do people get messed up.  One horrible high I could never understand until I saw some documentary on lost boys, little boys with no one but their mates, no family and thousands of them-in Brazil I think it was and they were huffing at night.  When asked why, a little one said it made him not feel how hungry he was so he could go to sleep.  It was night time, so many of these kids starving, homeless, beggars and thieves and clumped together like puppies.  Huge insight then to the why of it. Very, very dangerous though, can't emphasize that enough!

  18. christine says:

    hello everyone, something is moving forward. This afternoon an emial from Jonatham Latham, pointed to an incredible clear up:The Poison Papers Expose Decades of Collusion between Industry and Regulators over Hazardous Pesticides and Other Chemicals.

    Watchdog Groups Digitize and Release 20,000 Documents

    for Public Review

    The Bioscience Resource Project and the Center for Media and Democracy today are releasing a trove of rediscovered and newly digitized chemical industry and regulatory agency documents stretching back to the 1920s.  The documents are available at

    • Una says:

      Massive deluges in Ireland during our (so-called summer) with flooding and just yesterday afternoon we were treated to the most horrendous lightening.  So bad was it that we completely lost power in the house.  All this in peak-summer???  It's quite cold here today too, absolutely insanity which seems to be definitely getting worse by the day!! 

    • Concerned says:

      Christine – thank you for sharing.

    • renate says:

      Thank you, Christine. What a treasure. I assure you these chemicals are being sprayed on us.

      Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

      Dennis M. Bushnell Chief Scientist NASA Langley Research Center.

      If the top link doesn't work try this:

      P.43 Micro Dust Weaponry.  distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various "Pathological Missions."

      A Wholly "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.

      P. 50. & P. 93. Effects Of Low Power Microwaves (US. Army, SRI, Walter Reed)  (microwatts per sq. cm./.4 to 3 GHz) MW and brain function.

      P.51 & 52 Often "Fingerprintless" Bio Archipelago

      P.55 What is Apparently "Legal"

      P.92 Degrade U.S. Info Dominance

      P.98 Terror Bio (e.g. Aflatoxin) fungus on all foods stuff.

      Of course there is more, if you study the pages you'll find chemicals on our vitamins, clothes, on everything.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Renate.

      The good news is that salt and sodium-bicarbonate are great enemies of bacteria and fungi. The bad "news" is that in some countries the Fkrs add the fluoride into salt.

      And between aflatoxin poison and vaxxines, there is some connection?

      "…Adult humans have a high tolerance for aflatoxin exposure and rarely succumb to acute aflatoxicosis,[14] but children are particularly affected, and their exposure can lead to stunted growth and delayed development, in addition to all the symptoms mentioned below.[3]

      High-level aflatoxin exposure produces an acute hepatic necrosis, resulting later in cirrhosis or carcinoma of the liver. Acute liver failure is made manifest by bleeding, edema, alteration in digestion, changes to the absorption and/or metabolism of nutrients, and mental changes and/or…"

      We live in a relatively "clean" World, if we talk about the hygiene levels of present times in our lives when comparing with the past. But despite this we have much more liver cancer cases today than we had in the past ( much higher percentage ), and in current times, much more cases in the so called "1st world countries" than in the rest of the World.

      One can say, is because of the bad food, etc.., but if we read the text from wikipedia I stay with "some" doubts that the "ingestion" of this fungi that produces the toxin ( or the ingestion of the toxin ) is happening "only" by the oral way, with Food.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Christine, Many, many thanks!  This is incredible!  What a find!!  I mean this is tremendous!  Proof of EPA cover ups.  Some time ago, months now? Rachel Maddow had Gina on, ex-EPA and I so dislike her and know lots about EPA abuses prior, Gina is implicated, and prior to on show, Maddow had asked anyone who knew anything to contact her.  I did but nothing came of it since she has been entirely focused on Trump and Russia and all that, and she's done a great job.  If and when any of that dies down, I want her reading this.  I want the EPA to be revealed for the sham it has been and the harm done because of it and CDC.  I am riveted by these papers and very glad you shared.  

  19. Gary Gnu says:

    Encouraging to see continued dialog here.

  20. Barbara says:

      I live in little Edna, Texas, between Victoria and Houston. I see chemtrails often. I once emailed the FAA in Houston about it. Aren't they supposed to know what's going on up there? After several responses from different people, one finally told me I would have to call or email NASA. They denied knowing anything about chemtrails over our area. I think concern about losing their job is a big issue with anyone who knows anything. Cowards! I think most people deny these are chemtrails, because they don't want any problems_happy living their comfortable little lives. Like someone above mentioned, vegetation and wildlife are changing and not in a good way. If I put up a mini-poster, it's gone before dark. We are all heir to our actions and sometimes it's collective suffering. Pharmaceutical and other companies are going to make a fortune "trying" to treat symptoms caused by the fall-out. Take care, everyone.

    • Zachary Isaac says:

      I'm from El Campo, Ma'am I feel you, they just laugh and pretend you are crazy when you call.

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, I think it's a good thing when people make, and keep on making, these kinds of calls, never mind the silly peek-a-boo three-year-old game playing!  Every time you make that call, it's essentially putting "them" on notice that we are not stupid, THEY are, for pretending that reality is something other than what everyone who has eyes to see, can and does actually see.  This is a silly, stoopid, twisted 21st Century version of The Emperor's New Clothes.  "They" will be the last ones to figure out that everyone can indeed see their charade AND THE JIG IS UP.

    • Matt Sarlo says:

      To Barbara from Edna, Texas. I agree, I mailed a letter Monday to the FAA  pointing out that the modern turbo fan jet engines are incapable of producing the non disappearing trails that are actually part of the misguided solar radiation management programs. I wrote the agency saying that what they are telling the public is a lie and that their public relations agents are either ignorant of facts they should know or these people are cowards and traitors too all of humanity and the planet.

    • Dennie says:

      Should we really be so discouraged by "Their" minions' bullshit charade??  REEEALLY???? Do we give up that easily? 


  21. ron hall says:

    Dane and friends:  Today I witnessed something so awesomely huge and for us who watch, terrifying. It took a bit to sink in and then the shock hit me. I was driving East on the edge of Davis, Ca.,  looking at the great Sierra Range.  Above the range was the longest stretch of cumulonimbus("thunder heads") i can ever remember seeing. I would estimate their sheer horizontal distance to be close to 150-200 miles towering over the mountains range.  I parked my car and studied them, because something was dreadfully wrong. Then I saw it! An immensely long band of grayish vaporization was stretching horizontally as well for some 150 or so miles about 5-8000 feet  below the top of the entire cumulonimbus top line. This band of grey appeared to be about  about a mile thick. Below the line the lower level clouds could be seen. I realized this entire cloud range was being heated by ionospheric heaters ala HAARP, etc.  No aerosol spraying–just colossal,steady heating breaking up the needed rain for water starved trees. I had seen this before.  It is virtually rarely noticed unless you stare at the clouds  for a while – the slow action is because of our distant viewing point.. This is when I have my "these fuckers think they are gods" moment. 
    Great presentation,Dane

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, excellent observation you have shared, I am very familer with this phenomenon. If close enough to the rising convective cumulous clouds, jet aircraft in fact can often be observed dispersing aerosols directly over the rising storms. This then begins to break them up into what more resembles a massive smoke bank. The weather makers leave nothing untouched, nothing untainted, they must be stopped.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, I saw bunches of those thunder clouds moving out east, visible over the tops of San Pablo Ridge/the Berkeley hills while heading over to my studio this afternoon around 3:15.  Everything in the distant sky was pink– pink horizon, pink thunderclouds.  There was barium and god-knows-what-else in the air because I was beginning to feel woozy, nauseated, stiff-necked and had a racing heart.  "They" were definitely up to their lithium-laced tricks today.

    • marc says:

      After almost ten consecutive days of monsoon storms rampaging across southern AZ, I noticed two or three days ago the clear signature of HAARP or frequency manipulation right over Tucson. I wondered if we'd see any change in the pattern. Sure enough, all storms have suddenly disappeared, though humidity and clouds are still present. Weather mannequins say that a huge "hi-pressure cell" over the midwest is rotating Mexican moisture away from southern AZ. Furthermore, one mannequin said that this "hi-pressure cell" will be "SHUNTED" to the WEST?????? On this guy's weather map his graphics show this cell suddenly traveling from over Kansas directly due west to plant itself over Colorado/Utah/Arizona, etc. Are you f**king kidding me?? Since when do such large cells migrate that far totally AGAINST the overarching traditional flow of weather systems, which for countless millennia have predominated generally west to east or an obliquity of same??? This guy's explanation has all the earmarks of bullshit to it. In any case, when this cell arrives back to the west it will allegedly bring more monsoon rains to the southwest. We will see. 

        On a different front, I regret to say I will not be able to attend the Red Lion event in Redding. To Dane, and simple horseman, and so many others, I will miss all of you. However, do not be freaked if you see my astral body hovering somewhere up over the crowd. How will you know it's me? Don't worry, you just will. 🙂

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I have seen this too.  As well as the short spaced lines in this video.

      @Dennie, where exactly Is your studio?  Hope that barium feeling, ick, goes away fast!  By the by, detoxing from wifi is helping me already.  I've had such computer troubles for a full year now, and the guy who put in a new modem told me to leave it on, as they make changes in the night.  Like an idiot, I did.  Feeling better already!

      Saw footage of Greenland's tsunami.  OMG.  And the skies in the background in every photo were mega sprayed.  Having a wee bit of a nervous breakdown and so stopped by here.  So grateful for Here!

    • SueG says:

      It sounds like the 'shelf cloud' they are trying to explain away in CO..please see video:


    • Dennie says:

      @ Rachel Robson:  The studio's across the street from the north Berkeley Fat Apples restaurant.  You can see my sign hanging in the south display window.  Somewhere "they've" been spraying a real lot the past few days because the air feels gritty and tastes metallic. The stuff's nearly invisible when you look at things close-range though the white haze is always hanging around. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Thanks!  Hope to see you sometime.  Don't know about you, but in the last week plus? I've seen stuff falling.  Very fine, zero moisture. Weather guy said some faint drizzle, but drizzle my ass-zero moisture to it.  I notice it in the early morning.  I can see it, feel it, yet 'nothing' there!

  22. Cms says:

    These people have been playing us for centuries . These people worship Lucifer ,Babylon never died it grew stronger . They created religion to control the masses we fell for it they pretend to hate each other in thier debates. They were able to turn people against each other and still do it. the fraternities run the world .I say to you not everything is what it appears to be 


    • Tanya says:

      I do my best to maintain a positive outlook and to live my life respectfully with integrity and dignity. They hate that.

      This is a new approach that I'm trying. I say to people would you live your life differently or would you do things differently if you knew the world would end in less than 10 years? This has sparked interest.

  23. Frank - PHL says:

    And another thing…. If you can't see that something is crazy in Washington, then you must have a screw loose. I can't believe it. Every time I turn on the news it's a nut house, and not just the content of the news, but the way rampant, psychotic obsession rules the tube. How can I turn on the news any time in the last 3 weeks and find 1-4 heads talking about the same thing – with the same words – for days. First it was Russia, Russia, Russia (Marcia, Mar….); then it was The President is causing the trouble, not us; then it's how can he say that about Sessions….And if it wasn't all enough, they threw in the transexuals today! Every home in America must be a worn-out fight between common sense and political correctness. If I did not have Dane to tell me this is all just theater to distract me from the real story – the collapse of the biosphere, I would think I was nuts. Yes, the distraction is turned up to 11, as Spinal Tap would say. Something awful must need some serious blocking for this insanity to go on like this.

    And did you notice the climax that is building up (like any good soap opera)? They have pounded you with "Trump is in with the Russians for weeks," and now it's time to give those Rusky bastards some more sanctions. So what is Trump going to do? If he vetoes the sanctions, he is a commie and should be impeached,  but if he agrees with them, we are a step closer to WWIII. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

    • BaneB says:

      Frank -PHL:  Economic sanctions placed by one nation upon another IS an act of war in its own right.  Congress is literally playing with the lives of 300,000,000 of us.  They are certifiably mad. The Middle East is the epicenter of the entire foreign policy blunder.  The 911 con upon this nation is an unspeakable act of treason.  The entire matrix stands or falls on that, and our rulers know their desperation is obviously palatable to the growning numbers finally becoming conscious about how we have been betrayed.  The converging collapse of the supporting components of our civilization makes for dangerous risky decisions by our controllers and they will gamble with our lives.  Confusion is rife within governance, and one can easily guess there are all manner of false stories, false leads, false accusations and various Intels in the savaging of our national stability in the name of Machiavelli.  It's a field day for traitors.  I went through the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1961.  It was a dangerous situation.  The difference is in the caliber of leadership, there was diplomacy by genuine diplomats, statesmen, and neither side wanted a nuclear exchange.  So a deal was worked out.  Today there are no US statesmen, the State Department is a looted ghost of it's former self.  Policy is mandated out of Israeli-first think tanks.  And the Middle East quagmire continues to be the vortex, a churning maelstrom of Biblical proportions.  Frankly, I consider each new day a a gift upon borrowed time.  Paul Craig Roberts, former Washington insider, just posted his latest short blog.  Title:  Two and One Half Minutes to Armageddon.  

    • Anna says:

      Turn off the 'news'… it is all theatre.

    • penny waters says:

      dear all 

      have to say this out loud

      when i worked for a bank in the late sixties i was breaking sanctions

      i didn't know what i was doing – i worked in an 'inward bill department'

      and i did it in two banks – doesn't matter who they are – they are all at it i should think.

      this is how it works – the system is in place world wide

      goods are put on a boat in one country, all the shipping documents are then sent to a bank, the front documents are taken off and replaced with the banks documents and a small charge is made

      so the goods go from one country that does not deal with the second country because of sanctions, where they arrive – even though the ship may go directly from the first to the second country it is still not seen as direct trading!!!!

      i was told by a young man sitting opposite me where i worked. 

      that was when i started to change my life and became a gardener – it felt like the last straw

      lungs suffering today – so many days covered in god knows what after that storm – trying to create another – keep saying we'll get rain – few spots – who do they think they are kidding!!!

      don't know if i said before – marshmallow, althea officinalis, is a lubricant of mucous membranes – useful for lungs and intestines and a dry body – which is how i feel with all the particulates in the air

      love to you all in this craziness

    • Kim says:

      I totally agree with your observation of the media.  I canceled my cable and only have internet so I can do research and stay abreast of the real issues here on Geoengineeringwatch among other sites and areas of concern to me to me such as natural health etc.

      Spraying is heavy here in San Antonio, TX and at times I swear I can taste it and my dog has her nose way up smelling it.  My trees were dying and looked just like what Dane posted in his video on this site so thanks to him I knew what was happening to them and have taken steps to try to save them.   Love this site and appreciate all the hard work from all involved.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And hello nervous breakdown.  I have to admit I'm becoming addicted to the drama and I don't believe it is a distraction unless you want it to be.  I can juggle.  Thing is, if they do what they want, I will die, so it Does get my attention!  And I am active in the resistance.  So, via an email from Jeff Merkley, Sen. from Oregon–I've followed him a long time and I wrote to him asking him if he would do the stand up thing and speak up about geoengineering.  Have not heard back yet.  I am active as a progressive.  I am in the resistance and I've studied up.  Our democracy does not stand a chance of being one for real until we, the people take it seriously.  We've let the whole world slip through our hands.  Sure, most politicians are like most lawyers, scum.  But, a few brave souls are not.  I care what is happening here and abroad and I believe this can be approached from many angles and in fact requires that.  I mentioned the ex-premier of British Columbia and what he did, a most reasonable man.  Other sources say the whole world may well be trying to come here.  Don't blame them for wanting what they assume will be a better life, safe and even potable water, even if that is not true.  It may be too late, but I give hell to Al Gore.  I mention geoengineering all the time.  I try, because sitting it out, waiting for the hangman is too nervous making.  And I had an insight.  I think the Rebloodicans want to off health care because they know what has been done and what is to come in the way of so many sick and messed up people.  And they don't wanna pay for their corporations' mistakes.  Well, I want to make them pay.  I want to take this country back from both parties and start over!  Maybe California can pull a Brexit and leave the states!  It has been floated!  Who knows but that otherwise we are be set up for a military takeover.  I think.  Not sure I would like that, but I don't like this. 

  24. Susan Ferguson says:

    Great video, Dane! Thank you.

    Could spraying particles into marine clouds help cool the planet? / Hannah Hickey July 25, 2017 / University of Washington
    "We're talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues," Ackerman said. "But for climate, we're no longer in an era of 'do no harm.' We are altering the climate already. It's now a case of 'the lesser of two evils.’"
    SF:  These liars in academia are paid to cover up the secret massive geoengineering operations going on around the world, and hide the life threatening harm they have done to us and the biosphere of our once beautiful planet. Their mendacity is nothing short of demonic. They are trying to obfuscate what is in fact happening, the ensuing sea level rise, the consequent disruption of all life and mass migrations, starvation, riots, gang warfare, Mad Max. They are terrified. This is why the rich all have underground bunkers. They are afraid of us, the people waking up!
    They have been geoengineering the climate for over fifty years now and have made things MUCH WORSE, including damaging, perhaps beyond all repair, the protective layer of Ozone! They know that when people find this out, we will go crazy. So "deluded" they lie and lie, cheat us and steal from the taxpayer to fund their Orwellian insanity, becoming more corrupt as they, the elite, move to get their share of money and power as the collapse of the empire continues.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      You Nailed it Susan, Great observation's.    Mad Max & as Dane speaks of, The Road Home.    Very Ugly Scenario.    And now Pre Crime piloted in Vancouver. Have you heard?   Will their Caves keep them Safe?   I guess that's why, God's going to move the Mountain's!    You can run, but you can't hide.

  25. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane Wigington. You have truly gone beyond the call of duty. That's because you truly care. You are helping millions of people around this planet of the awareness of this HACKING OUR PLANET! WEATHER WARFARE!        Sharing this with Russ Tanner, OrbisVitae, also known as GlobalSkywatch. Thank you, thank you, and may abundant blessings be on you and your family.  Sincerely prayers, Abigail ~

  26. Mark McCandlish says:

    Yes, Dane I've seen this too, although it was even more flagrant.  A four engine commercial airliner in February, 2014 was flying north over Redding, CA while spraying heavily.  It ended abruptly, then each of the four engines in sequence let out a short (one or two second) burst of aerosol, then shut off again, clearly suggesting a system purge.  Then all four engines resumed heavy spraying together, as it continued its northward trajectory.  This was not the result of local humidity factors at altitude.

    • BaneB says:

      Mark McCandlish:  I was sitting outside in front of the barn day before yesterday.  I noticed a few fluffy clouds appear out of the grunged blue ether, grow, swirl, and dissolve.  Next I observed a flat square kind of slush, like ice breaking up, appear from somewhere to west and in front of my view. Then I hear the roar of a jet engine coming over from the backside of the barn. It was way up there, barely visible.  The jet turned on its aerosol spew after going out away in front of my view.  It flew directly into or over that square "cloud" formation and off into the distance.  The trail slowly dissolved.  But did not morph into the gargantuan form that hangs around for a long time getting bigger by the minute.  I did take pics.  As I stated that was day before yesterday, and yesterday had greater cumulus clouds coming over from the southeast.  They never got past a certain point before dissolving.  What I did notice that some of these seemed to turn into a steamy looking veiling, completely dissolving into a hazy stringy disappearing moisture.  My thought was the weather terrorists are hitting them with powerful high energy microwave.

  27. marc says:

    There appears to be an inordinate number of heat wave and deluge events going on worldwide. Actually there seems to have been an uptick in these events roughly two months ago, give or take, right up to the present day. Concurrent with this 'wave' we have noticed in many locations around the country (U.S. at least) an apparent slacking off of overt SRM. Many have commented here about the mysterious downturn in visible trails, X's and grid patterns, etc. myself included. Though not universally true, even Dane has commented on his knowledge of those observing this apparent "change". I know this is a wild speculation here but could it be possible that the filth who sit at the helm of these programs are experimenting with stopping SRM in select regions to monitor the weather whiplash effects that would attend to the reduction of condensation nuclei and so forth? Horrific deluges are occurring in Asia in many, many locations. Yes, it is monsoon season there but these deluges are in many cases unprecedented. Conversely, record heat is still being observed in many locations all around the world in concert with severe drought. Or…..are some SRM fleets being re-routed to the Arctic to tackle that hopeless situation?? Southern AZ continues to experience a comparatively low (to none) indication of SRM. I see only a very occasional line in the sky, many, many days none at all. Compare this to my observations back 3-9 months ago: regular spraying day to day, with some days bordering on f**king absurd (not to mention sickening) given the numbers of trails being laid out. It is currently monsoon season, too, in southern AZ. We have had an unusual series of intense rainstorms, with spectacular things happening in the washes, not to mention several terrible tragedies and deaths. Again, I know this is a wild guess at best, but is there a correlation between the downturn in SRM in the region and the two weeks of rain we've been getting? Fewer nanoparticles = fewer condensation nuclei = more favorable conditions for rain to form. I reckon it's useless to speculate about this because there are too many variables, including microwave frequency effects.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, yes, the blatant spraying has become more covert in some regions, but the aerosol dispersions are being radically ramped up in the polar regions and over the oceans. Even in the zones where fewer trails are being seen, the silvery white skies (especially toward the horizons at dawn and dusk) are a tell tale sine of ongoing atmospheric aerosol saturation.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  What you state is precisely the observation here in my sky in Central Mendocino County, California.  Going back to the beginning of June, maybe the second week in, before official summer, the temps hit triple digits for at least 10 days.  The thought occurred to me too that without the aerosol dimming, the temperatures increased.  This was said to be noticed on 911 when "all" jets were grounded in the US.  The temperatures increased.  If anyone cares to understand just how many aircraft are in the skies every minute of every hour of everyday, just look up FlightAware or Flight Tracker.  It's incredible!  "Land of the buzzing wings."  It does seem the aerosol jet fleet has been reassigned from this region.  I can't say I am not pleased to see the huge blue sky ruining bastards out of here.  But, the new phenomena for me is how difficult it is on my eyes from this very intense silvery fluorescent whiteout in the atmosphere, and especially so in the afternoon.  I cannot go outside without my UV sunshades.  The glare is very uncomfortable.  This is new for me.  So, there is a change to a ubiquitous saturation.  However, there is the high pressure dome over this region and thus no incoming moisture fields.  But, when the season changes I strongly suspect the bastards will be back here again in full force to play God.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, about the engineered clockwie spinning high pressure heat dome over the US west, we have seen the scenario countless times over the last decade, but the weather makers are more desperate than ever. FYI

    • herb says:

      Same here Marc, central Az,hardly any spraying for weeks and monsoons seemed( dare I say normal). And then yesterday they came ,spraying for better than an hour flight after flight. A while later the thunderheads started to grow ,but alast were simply falling into this out of focus bull… sky. Did they just turn off the monsoon season?

    • Patrick says:

      Marc, I am in agreement with you completely about the spraying becoming more covert.  I live in Ireland and over the last 4/5 months it's noticeable that there aren't as many visible jet trails in the sky yet, we have massive low rolling grey clouds which leave dark, cold lifeless days for the populations below.  When we look at the NASA satellite maps however, there are massive aerosols in the Atlantic ocean combined with huge radio frequency bands) and Ireland in particular seems to be constantly covered in these plumes.  I note what Dane has said and I'm wondering now, is this the new policy (as in, to heavily spray the oceans and move this into land based areas?)  It certainly seems to be so here anyway. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      marc, yesterday, south of Sun City, to I-10 there was a big cloud that attracted trails like a magnet. The jets would turn the spray on right before heading into the cloud, and off as they exited. 10 trails I counted. There was also a big X left just east of my house. I did get a picture of a jet spraying (Volaris, flight VOI998) as it was going through the center of the X heading north to Reno, from Guadalajara. But prior to yesterday, the last big X I saw was on June 10th.

    • horsegirl says:

      For the past year over the Douglas, Arizona walk-in cesspool zone of southern Arizona, long trails like cigars or ribbons have appeared which first wind along and then disperse elsewhere.  I am convinced that these anti-personnel artillery the naive call clouds are being driven and placed by some kind of power source – towers, satellite, whatever.  I've sent Dane just a few samples but have quite a photographic collection of these airborne weapons.  From these observations imagination dictates that forces besides planes are capable of moving/dispersing nanoparticulate masses.  I don't think there is less activity, but rather the composition of the material has changed.  You will recall my visual focal strength is still weak.  Under certain kinds of "blue" skies – really a light gray with a faint turquoise tinge – I experience great difficulty focusing in the distance.  The atmosphere seems to have a gelatinous quality, but especially shortly prior to rain.  I really had better luck with vision with the older nanoparticulate dispersions.  It is really deceptive.  Also even in the 1996 Air Force manifesto "Owning the Weather by 2025" they discuss making aircraft invisible through such technologies.  If I had to judge by our fading health over the last year I'd guess there is more activity than ever.  Thank God we finally were able to move from that filthy area.  A few hundred miles north at least you can see genuine blue between the other outrages commonly mistaken for cloud cover.

  28. ROBERT HORNEY says:

    I just watched the short informative  videos that for me really brings home the severity of global warming watching in awe massive chunks of ice break away and fall into the sea. The videos are informative in another way however. In my  humble opinion and with no disrespect intended towards the crowd of people watching i think a certain level of ignorance is given bye the cheering and applauds as the ice caps slowly fall into the ocean from man made reasons and there are many.   Again no disrespect intended Its hard to say how i would react to seeing up close such a sight. I like to think i would of stood there in silent awe and reflect a little about what i have done over the past decades to help bring this about.or at least hope i would react in this fashion. Something to think about anyway. 

    • penny waters says:

      dear robert horney

      i think i would have cried 

      i despair of the ignorance exhibited by humans for this wonderful natural world that we within

      penny waters

    • Kim says:


      I thought maybe I was crazy or something was wrong with eyes because I too have days where looking up at the sky hurts my eyes making me literally have to close them and look away.  They tear up as well.  

    • BaneB says:

      Kim:  A 100% UV pair of sunglasses will do wonders for blocking the glare.  The other wonder is that by blocking the glare one can better observe the overall particulate saturation of the atmosphere.  And the greater detail of the jet trail and fake cloud construct.  Granted, good shades are way over priced but given the health issue these are essential.  Mine color what passes for reality a sepia color.  After trying a number of types, for me sepia highlights the visuals and are eye-friendly.

    • Kim says:

      BaneB:  Thanks for the info on the glasses I will defiantly check it out.  

  29. Luis Martínez says:

    Hey Dane! 

    Thanks a lot for your work! Although I am far from being a scientist I can feel the truth in your words and the work you all do. That is why I keep talking about this issue, despite the fact Belgians get bored and most of my contacts on FB ignore the postings of your research and other related info. By the way, last week I posted on two of the Belgian FB weather profiles a link where a meteorologist exposes and clearly explains the issue in 2012. I just got a "like", and on one of them, the administrator managed to set up the post as a private communication in between us. I asked them both to watch and in other words to stop lying and tell the truth to this population that is fully blind, I tell you guys. No one I know can handle to talk about this MAJOR PROBLEM for 5 min. 

    Thanks again for your work! All my respect and admiration to you Dane, your colleagues and you all fellows! 



  30. Frank - PHL says:

    Now it's getting easier to be "one who knows," especially if you come here often. But there was a time it was your own, individual testicular appendages that told you the sky was trash.

    And when you got it, you had to get mad – because you knew they were taking you and your whole species for fools – to do what they do – which to them must be like running an invisible war.

    You gotta have somethin' to clear off this planet, they figure,and few really want real war. So for the ones who can afford the gas and afford to wait in traffic jams a mile long every day, and sit and feel the heat rise around them, only to be quenched by the chemical ice bath from above, we have chemical Earth, an experiment in man-made nature.

    We live in a CGI reality, created and run, piece by unknowing piece, by the best minds to serve the top, who probably think they are Gods, molding and shaping our every breath to give to the best – the best – till the very last.

    • penny waters says:

      dear frank

      mate, the 'establishment' have always taken us for fools

      that's why i have spent most of my life trying to live under the radar

      we are the ignorant slaves – with a love for the world that they will never feel 

      i am so lucky

      love to all

  31. russ says:

    Dane—–still trying my friend. I have reached a handful, but many still mock me…..but thats on them. One day maybe they will realize whats been going on right in front of them.Thanks for keeping me going my friend. Fight the good fight.

  32. Roy says:

    The night sounds in the woods around my home in WNY are gone this now. No crickets. No frogs. No owls. only a few mosquitos. I have seen a few fire flies. It is total silence all night until some birds begin to sing as sunrise approaches. Those say to me it's too wet … too cool ….  too early in the season. I know the difference, they are vanishing.

    I first noticed this 2 years ago when visiting friends in Humbolt County while the forest fires were raging in California in August.  The night sounds there were absent and it saddened me. My good friend there, a talented man & a veteran, denies any geoengineering activities so obvious.

    • penny waters says:

      dear roy

      i feel the loss too my friend – a silent world

      good book that points it out 'the great animal orchestra'  author sorry can't remember

      has spent years (musician) measuring sound in the wild – wild places are filled with sound – beyond our range too – he has great equipment that measures off our scale and produces graphs

      nature is truly wonderful………and dreadful – has produced humans!!



    • barbzi says:

      To Roy and all…….
      Recording the Sounds of Extinction
      Musician and naturalist Bernie Krause is one of the world's leading experts in natural sound. Krause has been recording "soundscapes" – the wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the songs of humpback whales – for over forty years and has amassed the largest archive in the world. In doing so, Krause can chart how wildlife sounds have changed over the course of climate change. Listen for yourself: the silence speaks volumes.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Barbzi.

      Incredibly sad video.

      In my "country", we have been aware of this fact for a long time. First, it was because the Pine Tree Forest was replaced in vast regions by the culture of the eucalyptus, and the majority of animals cannot adapt easily to the eucalyptus "forest", even the little ones. Second, for many years we are noticing a decrease in all Animal numbers ( even "game" species are being bred in captivity since many years ago until now, and after, the Animals are released from the fences when "hunting" season starts. Without this breeding and feeding programs, "hunters" would not have nothing to kill in the landscape. The only exception is the wild boar, these very smart Animals find always a way to survive ). Now I know why Animals are disappearing. Some times, after heavy spraying campaigns, it is possible to notice a heavy decrease in all birds ( even blackbirds ), Insects, the impact on nocturnal Insects and Bats it is being devastating. All the Bees are in danger of disappearing also. Forests are in fact getting more silent every year. And as you know very well, this is not "only" connected with the decrease of the rain levels, the TOXIC nano particles causes great damage in the base of the Food chain, after that, it is a matter of time for the Natural system to collapse.

      Thank you. 

  33. Rambo says:

    We've had six weeks of beautiful skies, no chemtrailing.  Then today, massive geo-engineering going on in Northern Idaho.  Are we to believe that there was something different in the atmosphere today that wasn't in the past weeks?  Are we to believe that planes were grounded for this time?  No.  There is only one thing that it could possibly be:  Massive Geo-Engineering spraying.  End of discussion.

    • Irish12 says:

      Yes, Rambo, I'm up here seeing the same renewed activity in the Northern Idaho skies… 

    • Nolo says:

      We had a month of completely beautiful skies and it picked up two days ago again! Seems hopeless sometimes. Colorado

    • barbzi says:

      I could not believe my eyes this morning there were trails all over the sky spraying chemicals after also about 6 weeks of rather quiet blue skies amongst our normal monsoon days. There were long trails and short trails and some fake clouds with microwave lines. A new site for me was a huge splash of what looked like white powder from ground up and widely spanning up and over the southern horizon. Almost as if it was a blast from the ground up. How did it get there so fast without a trail?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barbzi, the atmospheric aerosols from spray dispersions can and are migrating considerable distances, also, some spray dispersions become more visible as they settle to lower levels of the troposphere.

    • Tom G. says:

      I also live in north Idaho and had thought that maybe, mercifully, we were having a cessation of this useless psuedo-scientific spraying nonsense being done to save a planet that does not need saving if they would just leave it alone. But no, here come the chem trails again. Not only that, but numerous times during the last couple years when we have had a rainfall, after it is over I have seen strange gooey deposits on some plastic I had laying around. It is a barnyard red color and I have never seen it before.

    • Martha says:

      Rambo & Irish12 – I don't know where you are in N. Idaho but I'm in Cd'A and have recently observed that aerosol dispersions here seem to be more covert at times, more obvious at others. However, they appear to be in play most if not all of the time as evidenced by the ongoing silvery white and/or pale blue skies and absolute absence of clear, deep-blue skies. I haven't seen a clear, deep-blue sky for many years, have you?

      I suspect there may be massive "dumps" at night rather than the well-known dispersions that appear as "trails." Today, I observed what was clearly a dispersion trailing in an already particulate-laden sky. Within a few minutes it had not dissipated but blended into the silvery-blue mess over Cd'A. Then a weird cork-screw shaped dispersion appeared but I missed the aircraft. Somehow the method has changed but it's still ongoing – don't be fooled. I've been closely watching this situation for 19 years and since 2000 in Cd'A. Leaves on my maple tree became sun-scorched earlier than usual this year. It's definitely an ongoing operation over Cd'A. I also suspect that spraying may be occurring above the particulate mass that we're unable to see. 

      I recently got the discouraging news that flyers I had received permission to leave at a health-food store had evidently been taken down and disposed of by store higher-ups. On a brighter note, I continue to find people who are interested in learning more about this. That keeps me going. Today, a chiropractor asked me a lot of questions. He was wondering if this might be related to the large number of people who have recently presented with vertigo. I imagine it probably is.  

    • BaneB says:

      Rambo:  Same here in my region of Mendocino County.  No visible trails and no jet noise or heavy blitzkreigs.  However, the sky is a pale bluish silvery white glare, so hard on my eyes.  I am relegated to using UV shades to work outdoors.  A bonus to using the UV glasses is without the glare the general haze and grunge is easier to see.  And any vegetation that is sick as in trees is easier to spot because there is a different cast in the color.  It's interesting to note the comparison between the past seven/eight weeks of peace and quiet to past experiences of lines, jets, and roaring engines day upon day week after week!  Where did they go?  Reassigned to screw over other people's and places?  I know the psychopaths will return.  We just need a moisture field to "threaten" this region and the terrorists will be back in full force.

  34. ROBERT HORNEY says:

    Dane is without question right about everything on his web site our planet is in deep trouble. Dane I want to personally thank you for the great work you do and I understand the work you do is not without great personal  risk to you. thank you Dane Wigington  

    • FreedomFighter says:

      While I'm thankful for his efforts as well, I don't see it as a risk.

      Given that we're all completely done for if this doesn't stop, what's the real risk?  Ridicule or early death?  I'd take that over Alzheimer's any day.  All of us will either die from Alzheimer's, or starvation//dehydration//heat exhaustion if we can't awaken the masses. Assuming we survive the massive false flags coming down the line, that is.  

  35. marc says:

    Might I draw an analogy between Trump supporters and solar radiation management? How much more blatant does it need to get that Trump and his gang of elites and ideological phonies don't give a goddamn rat's ass about you?? How many Trumpsters, by virtue of their loyalty to this cult of personality, remain in willful, gleeful denial of the extent to which they are being hosed by Trump's (and the deep-corporate-state's) chicanery??? It could not possibly be more clear than it is right now. We were ALL being played like banjos at a bluegrass festival by the concocted incongruity of Trump's retarded stand-up dark-comedy routine at the boy scout rally a few days ago. The whole point was clearly to irritate the so-called center/left and to ignite a firestorm in the media. And with all that attention, why not goose the media with the same stupid talking points he's been using for months, along with a few updates?? But to return to my original analogy, any butthead who gazes upon a video such as Dane has put up here, and STILL chooses to either deny the obvious, or write it off as not worth their concern, shall soon discover otherwise. It WILL be their concern in due time. Likewise, many Trumpsters deny what is in plain sight, and in fact, were reeled in hook, line and sinker by his phony-ass facade, his spicey rhetoric, his intentionally dumbed-down manner of talking. It's all a game, a reality show. But with a sinister and elitist underbelly. Just exactly like solar radiation management a.k.a. geoengineering.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Hello Mark, in regards to the Trump part of your comment, here are some posts I made:

      • July 26, 2017 at 11:07 am

      • July 26, 2017 at 11:31 am

      ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴀ ғᴇᴡ sᴇᴄᴏɴᴅs ғᴏʀ ᴘᴇʀᴍᴀʟɪɴᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ

    • Kim says:

      Marc:  Sadly, I have to agree with you re DJT.  I was hopeful but there was was something that never sat quite right with me about him during campaign and my gut feeling was right as it turns out.  It amazes me the blind loyalty and trust by people who should clearly know better.  

    • Marcus W says:

      And with this presentation I presume you mean all politicians. We can even include the green party with J Stein and actually most politicians in the world. I know of one in Sweden. But she was asked to resign. Felt the heat and left. So to be an active politician that bring this up as an issue Wow I tell you that wont be easy. Laughed and scorned at would be the least you could expect.

    • @ Marcus W

      While it is true that the vast majority of the politicians are corrupt even more apparent in the higher levels of government we also have to take into account that most or at least many of the people from politicians to celebrities to the average citizen of a country are neck deep in insane behaviors or lack of sane behavior for example fighting the good fight like geoengineering is an issue we all collectively face.

      Sadly, Americas politicians overall ARE representatives of the average citizen the votes the lack of protests and opposition voices as well as the complacent prove that.

      This is not to say there aren't a few who are sober enough to not put up with all the crap that's going on.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc!  did you see the stuff about "the mooch" and His mouth!  Despite his education, his background flew out of his mouth, like Trump times ten!  The little bulldog jumped the chain!  They are all bullies, Trump only wants bullies and on his side, which is to say, willing to hide his crimes. And they must be ugly looking to boot!  Trump's goal is to totally destroy this country.  And to make a real fortune while doing it as his money is so iffy and on borrowed time.  It follows that he would not give a care to geoengineering, unless he did not get a cut of that money which must be Huge!  To have so many planes flying all over creation spewing this stuff, whatever stuff, plus all that fuel.  How the heck is that supposed to help our skies?!!  Or our economy or our nation? Obviously, it does not help one bit!  I am beginning to fear he'd think a nuclear winter would be cheaper!  All those nukes, going nowhere, what a waste!

  36. Frances says:

    Dane, Do You Ever Feel As If You Are Hitting Your Head Against a Wall? With Getting the Word Out About Many Things. I Have Been Trying Since 2000. And Really really  Trying In 2008 To Help and Warn People. Alot of People Don't Even Prepare For Hurricane Season Like they Use Too. I SEE A HUGE BRAIN FOG SOCIETY THESE LAST FEW YEARS! .

    • FreedomFighter says:

      I feel like that often, Frances.  I find I must focus some, or most of my efforts beyond just talking to those who choose not to hear and see the obvious.  Bumber stickers can be made at your local print shop for a few dollars a piece, on average ( sticker file on here).  Put bumper stickers on the side of electrical boxes or the back of street signs where stopped cars will see.  Flyers can be printed for much less (also here).  Go to for a list of many other things you can do.  Sign online petitions anti-geoengineering, donate (if you can) to gofundme billboard campaigns.  Share videos like the one above on social media.  Follow Dane on twitter @RealGeoEngWatch, and share his posts.  

      Funny, I came across a piece of sidewalk chalk on the ground earlier today.  A minute later I thought, "hey wait a minute, I could have written on the sidewalk with that".  What a cheap and easy way to spread the word!  Buy a piece of chalk, write on sidewalks and brick walls all over town.  It's brilliant because it's not vandalism either since it can be washed off.  And it will grab attention well.  Anyone can do this.  It it wakes even one person up it's worth it.    

  37. Charles long says:

    People I try to warn about this crime against all of us just deny,deny,deny. It's like there is a collective death wish.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      In regards to the "collective death wish" I see the prevalence of that in the world at an alarming amount.

      I see it from people who do drugs aka self poison themselves to people who commit suicide for stupid reasons you or I wouldn't commit suicide for and so many other insane behaviors.

      People who self poison are not people I would see fighting against the poisoning of the planet. ( would it may any sense if they did?)

      This is a big issue we must fight from the root causes to the outside edges.


    • Kaza Dum says:

      Seeing Clearly, people are not committing suicide for stupid reasons, there is no collective death wish, there is so much sadness and desperation caused by the penultimate evil, bankers.  Men no longer lead lives of quiet desperation, it is a loud and violent desperation. They made the world, this place which we are born into by the grace of God, they a made it so we have to pay to live here on the planet God made for us and which we are born into. They have stolen all things and to new souls coming down the pipe they have put shackles on as their feet leave the womb. You have no further to look than the federal reserve and the tribe who started it to know the reason for all that is wrong under the sun. Evil has a name.

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