Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?


What’s up with the snow?

Dane Wigington

People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very strange characteristics of the snow falling of late.  The snow does not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible?

The short answer is yes. Though I can not speak directly about the flame experiments since there is no rain in most of California let alone snow, and cannot conduct my own test. I and others have long since been sounding the alarm about the artificially/chemically nucleated snow that has been and is a major component of geoengineering.

What are the known elements showing up in the snow during the last decade?

Lab tests of snow have repeatedly shown extremely high levels of aluminum and barium. Of course there are always the “debunkers” that try to tell us its “normal” to have these heavy metals in our rain and snow. The disinformation trolls have tried particularly hard to convince the public that there is nothing wrong with toxic metal laden precipitation. Any that believe such patently false statements are likely not willing to face the truth no matter how compelling the evidence.

Can snow really be artificially nucleated with chemicals and charged metallic particles? Can snow storms be engineered?

The short answer is again yes. Snow storms can and are being engineered from top to bottom.

What is an “Endothermic Reaction” ?

An endothermic reaction is the opposite of an exothermic reaction. With an exothermic reaction, like an explosion, energy and heat are released. With an endothermic reaction energy and heat are absorbed. In the case of the artificial snow storms, this energy and heat is absorbed from the atmosphere and precipitation. Such a reaction can “cool things down”, at least for a while.

So what elements can cause such a reaction?

Barium and ammonium are two. We know barium is in the snow, numerous lab tests prove this.

How much can an endothermic reaction drop temperatures?

The endothermic process can almost instantly drop temperatures from far above freezing to well below freezing and beyond.


Why is there very little water appearing when chemically nucleated snow is melted?

Partial “sublimation” is perhaps a factor in this equation. Sublimation is the process of conversion from a solid directly to a gas, such as what occurs with dry ice. There is a great deal we still do not know and can not know about the composition of this “snow”, but it would stand to reason that certain chemical constituents in artificially nucleated snow could cause the behavior being observed. Some have reported a more usual melting phenomenon from “older” samples of this “snow”. It is also possible that some of the chemical elements in this snow lose their potency over time. Again, there is much we can not know. What is certain from numerous lab tests already taken is that much, if not most, if not all of the snow now falling is toxic. It is also certain that we are now seeing snow fall regularly at temperatures far above freezing. There is also no denying the fact that engineered snow storms are a reality as the links below this article confirm.

mapTemperature Departures From 30 Year Average

The planet is in meltdown and the climate engineers are doing everything they can to hide this fact. This includes the use of toxic chemicals and metals in the creation of engineered snow storms. While main stream media (and unfortunately even many “independent” media sites) are falsely claiming the planet is cooling, the bigger picture is clear for any that choose to look past climate engineering and media hype. While it was snowing in northern Florida recently, Alaska was experiencing its warmest January on record. While the climate engineers and their Weather Channel cheer leaders were doing their best to keep the focus on the parade of theatrically named engineered “winter” storms, Australian had its warmest year on record. In fact, the bottom line on planet earth is this, it is getting hotter fast. Although the climate engineers and their media friends can fool many with their engineered chemical storms and spun media hype, Earth has just had its 37th consecutive year of above normal temperatures and has had 346 consecutive months of above normal temperatures, period. The geoengineers can create profound short term cooling, but it comes at the cost of a completely contaminated planet and a worsened overall warming. The power structure and main stream media has changed their mission from disclosing the warming to suit their agenda, to one of doing everything they can to hide the warming as they have now invested all on climate engineering. Those that wish to have any chance of a future for themselves and their posterity need to help with the effort to expose and stop climate engineering. This fight will take all of us and the battle must be won or it will soon enough be game over.

67 Responses to Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Big Boys & Big Toys: The other side of the coin scenario.
    What about this scenario?
    Say these Snow Plough Removal Guys were Hip on the Geoengineered Nucleated Snow Program.
    And all the ones that knew what was going on said "Sure" lets jump on this one quick because we can make big money Ploughing all that Artificial Snow. What a great Idea sounds like. All you have to do is sit in the Truck and drive around and push that snow around. Great!!!
    Then the Think Tanks come up with an even better idea. They say how about making a rule saying that these Plough guys, if they can't do their job quick enough or efficient enough we just impose a fine on them. Yeah we can kill two birds with one stone here says the Think Tanks. We rip of the taxpayer for taxing them on Fake Snow Removal and then Fine all those who cannot do their job to our liking. "Yeah" that sounds Great. We just impose a big fine on them. How about to the tune of 47 million dollars. Even if they don't pay their fine we will make another Law that we have the right to confiscate their Snow Removal Equipment if they don't Pay Up the Fine. Now doesn't that sound good?
    Now back to the Big Boys with the Big Toys remarks after their Fine.
    Gee Whiz maybe it wasn't such a great idea to go along with the Nucleated Snow Program in Ontario.
    You got that right. Now I might lose everything I have.
    Now ain't that a Pity!

  2. Rochelle says:

    Just another white Christmas in southern California, nothing abnormal, says CNN, what a crock!

  3. Rochelle says:

    This article, is excellent. Brings to memory December 31st 2014 in Orange County we had snowfall on Trabuco Canyon the entire ridge covered in snow. Since when does snow fall at above freezing 30 minutes from the beach and an hour from San Diego?

  4. BethanyHome7 says:

    I forgot to mention the Dual Polarity Doppler Radar for steering, etc.

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  6. stephen brewer says:

    last post was in response to want to preach.

  7. stephen brewer says:

    excellent post. i just found this site and am glad someone finally posted some sense.

  8. leihali says:

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  9. george says:

    you must get involved. read Danes site daily…get the app SkyderALERT watch and share the film “Look Up!” you must tell everyone you meet about geoengineering and its danger

  10. Cassandra says:

    I take my dogs running in the woods each day during good weather, which, by the way, is becoming less and less frequent. A sunny day is now a few hours long once a week if we are “lucky” that week. The planes move in and everyone runs for the house before we are
    coated in toxic debris. The woods are dying and I am seeing the same things as Emmett describes. Broken limbs, dried-out trees, falling trees everywhere, fewer leaves, etc. I virtually never see any wildlife anymore. An occasional dead opossum or snake. The woods are creepy silent as Rachel Carson described in Silent Spring. I have brought this to the attention of the group in charge of protecting our local wild areas and even they don’t know what to do. It is so distressing to wake up to another white sky each morning. Never any precipitation, rarely any snow during the winters. The little we get appears to be ice-nucleated. Our backyard pond is loaded with aluminum, barium, lead, mercury and arsenic. I die each time I see the wildlife drinking from it. What they are doing is nothing less than “environmental terrorism” and must be stopped at all costs.

    • Susan says:

      Can't you prove its artificial by looking at the fake snowflakes under a microscope and comparing them to pictures of real snowflakes each of which has a different, perfect geometric design?

  11. teresa says:

    Two days ago,I think we had real snow flakes. this occurred out of not sprayed skies. Only been back in Mich. since fall of 2012, and all the trees are sick looking and snow never had a flake in it until 2 days ago. Local weather channels understate the temp. variation, by at least 10 degrees. Since Fukushima I don`t let my dogs drink rainfall.

  12. Mark Grace says:

    I have a theory on this, merely a guess. The Japan nuclear accident is worse than anyone wants or is willing to admit. The upper level atmosphere is being bombarded with radiation from Japan. The chem trails we are seeing is really a government attempt to protect the Usa from this radiation onslaught. Kind of like putting a blanket over the upper atmosphere. This is an unprecedented event and for now this is all science is able to do to try and protect the environment. It’s scary to think this may be happening. The government will never admit this for fear of panic.

  13. Nancy Allen says:

    Great intelligent observations and comments. Yes, I think the posts on the endothermic reactions are right on. ‘They’ are experimenting with trying to cool the Earth by blocking sunlight and causing endothermic atmospheric chemical reactions? After days of heavy spraying here in L.A. I called the Air Quality Management Board. Person I spoke with knew exactly what I was talking about, but they have No jurisdiction over what is being sprayed from planes. This person gave me the number of the FAA. Front desk FAA transferred me to the individual in charge of this information, Mr.M. I mentioned I was a science teacher, interested in the atmospheric spraying program, etc. Mr.M. said, “Nothing is being sprayed.”

  14. If you go to Clint Richardson The Only Way We Can Stop Geoengineering
    he explains the why and how we can stop it, but the latest is that they are using drones..People have to become aware, so that they become pro active…Clint is a perfectionist, therefore it requires attention to read his material, he gives it his all and has very important information very well researched on his blog…wishing you light and courage…

  15. want to preach says:

    There was no such thing a global warming. We are at the beginning of what will probably be a major ice age. The last one ice was two thousand feet thick north of the Missouri River in MO. Look up John Moore, global warming what the government is not telling you. on youtube. But your snow is radiated snow from the accident in Japan. The whole Pacific ocean is dying. The contaminated water in the Pacific is due into the Northwest next month, and as it sweeps south everything in the water including swimmers will die. You are supposed to wear a radiation hazmat suit when the radiation reaches 1000 rads. The current level on the beaches is 5000 which mans burning is not just coming from the sun. For those who have not been brainwashed by the gov education system look up Revelation chapter 8. By the way the Pacific Ocean is one third of the worlds oceans.

  16. want to preach says:

    I lived in South Central Oregon when the Japan Nuclear accident happened. What you have there is radiated snow. It does not melt because of the radiation at its core. The burning is the radiation reaction on your skin.

  17. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It’s great to see how people are doing their own snow tests and reporting the just plain bizarre nature of all we’re experiencing. Just a word of caution. There is not much water in normal snow. An inch of rain become a foot of snow. That said, we do know for sure that it should melt to water, should not scorch and blacken, and definitely not have a chemical smell.

    On one experiment with a blow torch, the moisture might have evaporated upon exposure. But it still looked very strange, there being no moisture dripping.
    Please keep talking, tell anyone will listen. Who wouldn’t wake up when they hear the snow won’t melt and smells awful?
    Peace and Perseverance. The tide is rising.

  18. Emmett Grogan says:

    We live on 10 acres here in Tennessee up in the Appalachians at 2500 feet. People here love to have lawns; not us. We’ve lived here 9 yrs and long ago quit the lawn. We discovered that when we didn’t mow, the wild herbs would grow instead. Now we have lots of herbs which cure and help with many illnesses. One “weed” we have is sheep sorrel, an ingredient of Essiac. Scientific research has shown that sheep sorrel actually melts tumors. There is more, much, much more. I gather the herbs every spring and summer and make tea with them and use them for various ailments – they always help. Lawns are expensive, dry up in drought and useless. However, most of our land is woods and each year they get thinner and thinner due to less leaves on the trees. We’ve also lost tons of trees, including one huge old oak, which had rotted at its core. We see lots of broken limbs, too, from the heavy snowfall. I’ve read that COPD has now become an epidemic; I had to put my beloved horse down due to COPD, I believe from chemtrails. He was the light of my life. Now my cat has asthma, never did before and my husband wakes up with LOTS of goop in his eyes and complains of chemical smells outside and when we leave the window open at night. We are heartsick, this place was paradise when we moved here and the light was golden. It was a beautiful place, now every single plant and tree is sick and lots less wildlife. Just in 9 years, we’ve lost a number of bird species. Hell is too good for these psychopaths, there has to be something worse for them in the hereafter.

  19. Windi says:

    I live in Oregon and the previous storm we had, the snow did not melt for over 10 days even though the temperatures were in the 40’s and 50’s. This last storm we got a foot of snow that actually burned my hands if I didn’t rinse them after walking my dog. I have been having vertigo but figured it was due to sinus. I also have developed an itchy rash on my shins since this last snow. This time the snow melted in about 4 hours due to rain. I could not believe how fast it melted when we had already tried to burn it and like the other videos, it turned black and smelled like plastic or styrofoam burning. Just saying. It is all over. I lived in Alaska for years and never saw snow like this stuff.

  20. Wanda says:

    Wow, James what a great experiment. I noticed too upon burning the smell is just overwhelming. I will do the snowball thing. I did notice that being in a 71 degree house, the snow was not melting into water as fast as I can remember happening as a kid. Thanks

  21. Frankie says:

    Yes, I saw Rachel Maddow’s comments on the snow and was disappointed that such an intelligent person would go on the air and call us sheeple. She is bought or threatened like all the rest of the media.

  22. Vanessa says:

    Nan B, I get dizzy on heavy spray days too! Along with feeling completely out of sorts- contact lenses feel scratchy and throat does too. But the dizzyness and disoriented feeling is what I dislike most. Today we actually have a scant amount of rain here in socal. No trails the last 2 days, but the past week or so they were spraying quite a bit. It’s horrible.

  23. Vanessa says:

    I wonder if anyone saw Rachel Maddow’s horrendous commentary on the non-melting snow. It was pathetic, but sadly predictable. I tried to post dissenting comment but the link didn’t seem to work.

    At first I was elated that the subject was even mentioned, albeit mockingly. It can only be a good thing to get the discussion started regardless of context right? It’s my hope that many people do their own snow test! The debunkers are telling us the snow is normal and there’s a perfectly scientific reason why it doesn’t melt. But I’m guessing you folks who have a long history with snow would know better.

  24. Lynda says:

    Nana B, I keep wondering why so many people have Vertigo these days. Maybe it is what you were talking about.
    Also, I performed the snow test and also think it has chemicals. I am so sensitive to chemicals so when I burned my snow (indoors, not good) I could taste the chemicals in my chest.

  25. RobHann says:

    In reply to W.W.’s post, (it’s a rather important one and thus worthy of it’s all CAP.wording !).

    I-myself live near Lake Michigan, and I recall the first time I had happened to actually notice numerous chem/vapor-trails spread all across the sky and became somewhat concerned…
    I had stepped outdoors for only a little over an hour’s time one day,, and when I first went outside and looked up to see how cloudy the day was, I then hadn’t taken any notice of the entire sky being unusual in any way, (either because their were no vapor-trails, or just one or two as normally seen), but before I went back inside, I then looked for the position of the setting sun and noticed no less than seven (nearly parallel & equally spaced) East/West oriented vapor-trails spreading-out across the overhead sky,, of which, had already become spread-out most widely at the most northern sky locations and with the most freshly created & less expanded examples located more-so towards the southern sky. And then I immediately wondered to myself how-the-heck so many vapor-trails could possibly get placed across the entire sky without me noticing any of them while they were being made
    But like most any average-person going about their day, I didn’t pay much of any real concern about it.
    Has anyone ever seen any of the suspect aircraft which are responsible for laying-out such multiple, and perhaps also taken telephoto/zoomed pictures of those craft, to try & identify the exact type of aircraft spreading their sky-seeding ?
    It likely could rather be done by unmarked standard-type aircraft which are actually under the control of ROUGE-gov.sources (instead of the standard-channels of the actual ‘Air Force’),, or, the sky-seeding effort could possibly be done, (if I dare say so), rather by steathy unidentifiable aircraft ?

    In addition… there have certainly been other times when too many innocent human-beings later suffered from past examples of mass aerial-spraying efforts ! – Ever heard of Agent-Orange for example ?
    But rather than merely put the northern half of a small country into the horrible stress of dealing with the consequences of unexpected side-effects,, THIS TIME, could put the whole northern-hemisphere into similar such dire-straights !
    Maybe there’s some kind of other living being which can now (or in the not too distant future), be able to withstand (or even thrive on) any other additional effects which the suspect sky-spraying may likely also perform against the present world environment ?
    Could it possibly be that we common human-being/folks are already too late & powerless to be able to do anything about actually stopping the ball from rolling ?
    If we really care at all about our children’s future livelihood, then we best not let this snowball keep rolling without even trying to find-out what’s really going-on !




  27. RobHann says:

    It seems we may need to be aware that all this is actually (at least) a ‘One/Two-Punch’…
    First-punch is the obviously direct effect of the fake-snow & cold-weather, (leading to us all needing to burn more natural-gas & other fuels which ADDS to the effect of global-warming, thus-then tending to cancel-out the intended-effect of the fake snow),, then next the likely intended ‘second-punch’ is when our population-numbers are reduced due to decreased life-expectancy (due to the poisonous by-product effects so widely spread amongst us), thus leading to less people needing to be kept warm by future fuel-burning, and apparently THEN further assisting with the intended goal of MERELY-helping to cool-down the earth. (?)
    Likely the involved-powers even have a third-punch install for us all as well (so as to make this seemingly over-hasty plan all so worth it’s ware).

  28. colt says:

    Now they are debunking plastic snow?

  29. "R" Addison says:

    The area near my cabin’s property has had sm0 (needs no other word adage) since mid-October,later than normal. However the snow banks are frozen sm0, but “not melting” & leaving pools of water, nor re-freezing at nite. The undercover of half-inch sm0’s the past three weeks just allows a pileup that sinks from bottom.

    NOT NOrMAL at all! The spraying overhead has been degenerate as much as 20-overflights all d-Day long; and, today from the west a scat-Smathering fRom tRailing plus two overhead at 5:15 pm.

    My images of these diabolical disassociations shall be posted on website, when I conquer a mentoring-Helpor’s know-how!

  30. The films significant and the mucus snotty substance may be mycoplasma infected see the Shyh Ching Lo Patents showing this

    5215914 Adherent and invasive mycoplasma 6/1/1993
    … mycoplasma and vaccines against the mycoplasma infection. Inventors: Lo; Shyh-Ching (Potomac, MD); Wang; Richard Y. (Bethesda, MD); Hayes; Michael … virus-like infectious agent is M. fermentans (incognitus strain). See, Lo, S-C., et al., Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 40 …
    5242820 Pathogenic mycoplasma 09/07/1993
    … mycoplasma infection in humans and/or animals. Inventors: Lo; Shyh-Ching (Potomac, MD) Assignee: American Registry of Pathology (Washington … al (1985) Mycoplasma-Like Structures . . . Eur J Clin Microbiol 4(1):73-74. Lo et al (1989) A Novel Virus-like Infectious Agent . . . Am …
    5532134 Mycoplasma diagnostic assay 7/2/1996
    … virtually no cross-reactivity between different mycoplasma species. Inventors: Lo; Shyh-Ching (Potomac, MD); Shih; James W. K. (Bethesda, MD); Wang; Richard … laidlawii”, J. Clin. Microbiol., 25(11):2136-2139 (Nov. 1987). Lo et al (1989)–Abstract Only–“Identification of Mycoplasma …
    5919460 Composition for administration to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and acquired immune deficiency syndrome 07/06/1999
    … symptoms in patients who are HIV negative. Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology has … there is also an infection with mycoplasma. Dr. Lo isolated M. fermentans (then identified as Virus-Like Infectious Agents … pathogens that could have caused the monkeys’ deaths. Shyh-Ching Lo, et al., Fatal Infection of Silvered Leaf Monkeys …
    5534413 Adherent and invasive mycoplasma 07/09/1996
    … is distinct from all other known mycoplasmas. Inventors: Lo; Shyh-Ching (Potomac, MD); Wang; Richard Y. (Bethesda, MD); Hayes; Michael … virus-like infectious agent is M. fermentans (incognitus strain). See, Lo, S-C., et al., Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 40 …

  31. James says:

    My snow melting experiments. This outcome below is repeatable with the same result. Done at room temperature. Outside -7C (Central Ontario)

    After thirty minutes, one (full) pint jar of ‘light weight’ (not dense) snow mass shrunk to 40% by volume, but so far, not a drop of water. Texture of snow, not changing much, still same consistency/density to the touch, except the bottom 10% appears bluish, being super-saturated with water settling at the bottom of the mass but trapped or clinging to the vertical snow column structure, rather than forming freely at the bottom of the jar, which is by now 50% visible, open to the air and dry. This snow is not melting, its sublimating. Remember eating a Popsicle as a kid? You had to eat it fast before it melted on your hand. This snow is not melting folks.

    At 40 min, original mass at 25% – still no free water in the bottom of the jar. Water-saturated snow at bottom of remaining snow has climbed to almost half way up the shrinking column. The snow ‘seems’ to be sublimating. Its containing its water as it shrinks, water traveling up the snow column.
    At 50 min, original mass at 20% , supersaturated moisture height at 50% , half way up the shrinking vertical snow column – begin to see the start of water forming at bottom of snow column, clinging to it – still no free water in jar’s bottom. Sublimation?
    At 55 min, snow mass at 15% and free water formed could be slightly more than one teaspoon, but no more than a tablespoon of water (wierd). Blue colored super saturation of remaining snow column at 90%. I’m pretty sure by now this ‘snow’ has been shrinking due to sublimation.
    At 70 min i have four to five tablespoons of water (25 ml) , and 5% to 7% of the original mass now slush.
    At 80 min, a small knob of slush, say 4% of original jar mass 1/2 submerged in about 50 ml of water
    At 90 min, knob of slush is 80% submerged, slight increase to water volume. Water displacement is about 12% (1/8th) of original jar volume full of snow.
    At 105 min, I have only water in the jar.
    Additional notes. The slush knob, observed up close, contained a lot of trapped gas molecules, like an ice cube, which could be seen underwater to expel in spheres, like carbonation. I’m guessing the snow melting in the jar produces some kind of endothermic process.

    Having been around snow for a good part of life, experienced snow in every way imaginable, this snow is different. I can remember melting snow in a 48 oz tin can many times while ice fishing, on the coal stove to make coffee and such. Snow melts into water, not into a gas.
    Although there was a respectable amount of water left in the pint jar, at the end, I’ve never seen snow sublimate, and some part of the mass must have done exactly that. Some reaction was holding the water in that structure, vertically suspended for an hour.

    Try it yourself. See how your snow melts at room temperature and if you think if that’s how snow should melt. No two snowfalls are the same, just as no two snowflakes are the same but their changes-of-state physical properties should obey natural laws.


  32. Juniper says:

    I personally will not create an account on a white house site.
    Please consider creating a petition using a different site- one that you do not have to have an account with like
    I totally support a petition for this issue and believe that they can make a difference!

  33. kat says:

    That’s right Greg. I just ask people to notice that the chemtrails are in grid patterns or parallel most of the time. For commercial airliners to do that, would waste incredible amounts of fuel. Here in Atlanta, its easy to figure out,because the planes all come in from the east of the airport, and leave out the west side. So its easy to understand that if planes are doing anything else, then they are not commercial jetliners. Of course, people cannot figure this out if they don’t look up and criticize it.

  34. d p says:

    Nicely said… Nicely said…

  35. Donna says:

    I am in Connecticut and we have had a three inch snow cover on the ground for awhile due to below freezing temps. The temps reached forty degrees yesterday and today, and unlike the melt run off from melting snow, it just seemed to slowly evaporate. The roads are dry, even under the edges of the snow. I also brought some in and did the “original” burn tests and my snow stunk like burnt plastic. When leaving a snowball on my counter it took over 9 hours to start to leave water under it. I emailed the Ct. Dept of Environmental Protection and received an answer stating in amazement that they had no reports of anything but would let me know if they did. (yeah, right) Please contact your State and demand answers. If anyone has access to a lab where this snow can be tested, it would be helpful to have it done and documented.

  36. BT says:

    @tom Maybe you should. One where they teach you some manners.

  37. Mark Cohen says:

    What is spewing from Fukushima that is hazardous is primarly Strontium and Caesium-137 radioactive isotopes, not plutonium or uranium. These are very dangerous but only have a half-life of about 30 years.

  38. Carol says:

    Hi Adam. I’m 56 and live in the south too, your neighbor in Louisiana. I’ve been following this geoengineering thing for a while now myself. I knew this whole “polar vortex” thing was just a load of crap. As you said, this is not ordinary snow. I’ve been around snow when I was younger and this is not real snow. Yes, lots of government cover up and planning for something really big. When you’re older, you’ve seen this stuff so much, nothing really surprises you anymore. We have age and experience on our side. I like you, don’t think the average Joe will wake up until it’s too late. It’s probably already too late anyway. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  39. tom says:

    F.O.S.! All ya, snowed here,snsnow, ya know? white, cold, wet. Get a effing job …

  40. William says:

    I’ve seen the “little styrofoam balls” type of snow all my life, and I’m almost 66. It is indeed a well-known type of snow.

    This, however, appears to be something quite different, and more than a little disturbing.

  41. steve sewell says:

    I can hear the new Christmas Carol now…Walking in a Toxic Wonderland.

  42. REDz says:

    You know its funny i came across these fake snow articles because the other day i was cleaning off my car & my son (he’s 1) was playing n the snow he had it all over him especially his gloves so i took his gloves off and held them n mines cuz i had on work gloves, well the snow just wudnt come off the gloves,i tried brushing it off of him it wouldn’t come off, even when we stumped our shoes it didnt come off….now it all makes since im 30 and i don’t like snow so i know how to get it off quickly & something didnt add up that day…. now i c y…

  43. Jackie says:

    I put a snow ball from the 1/30/14 snowfall, about golf ball size, in fireplace that had been burning for an hour + and it took over 2 minutes to melt AND when I pulled what was left of it out, it sort of crumpled… Weirdest thing ever…and my lower level of my split level wreaked of chemical smell…sort of like burning styrofoam…. This is NOT snow, it just looks like it. Btw, I’m in Chicago burbs.

  44. darrell allen says:

    Indianapolis is covered w/ nucleated snow and a quart if it takes five hours to melt indoors…@75 degrees…tanker jets spray the chemicals into a rain storm…Waaalaaaa…snow 18 inches thick…life threatening…causes drought and evaporates…burning if causes chemical. Stink

  45. greg says:

    I live in Kentucky and have noticed on several occasions that the snow looked like that dippin dots ice cream. It would melt but was shaped like and looked like little styrofoam balls. For those of you having trouble convincing people about chemtrails just give up, you’ll never convince them otherwise.

    I live close to greater Lexington, KY airport. Had shown coworkers chemtrails constantly, they always say it’s just normal plain trails. So, there happened to be a day, where there was blue clear skies and I said, “huh, the airport must be closed, cause there are no trails in the sky today.” Believe it or not, one lady proceeded to call and verify if the airport was closed for the day. She didn’t say another word about them and of course, the airport was open.

  46. Adam Evenson says:

    There’s no doubt something is seriously wrong. I live in South Alabama about 20 miles north of the Northern Florida line. I’ve also known what snow is supposed to look like and behave for most of my 74 years. What fell here was so radically different from anything I know anything about that I am 100% certain it was engineered. “Arctic blast” was a bullshit story to cover the anomalous nature of the storm. It was ten or twelve degrees below freezing when I took my two dogs out for a walk at my country home, just before bedtime for the night, around 9 PM. A sheet of snow-appearing ice covered the ground. It was hard and slick. What was falling from the sky was wet and slushy and I had to use an umbrella. When it hit the house roof it behaved as water and trickled into icicles at the edge of the roof, but when it hit the other substance on the ground, it froze instantly and added to what was already there. Ordinary water in 20 degrees air does not turn into slush while it’s coming down then freeze instantly on the ground. Not in Southern Alabama. Either it is ice or snow accompanying ice or snow, but not slushy water. Further, it has been quite warm in these two days since the ground turned all white, but all the whiteness is not gone yet, as long should be the case. Anything in the shade refuses to melt. So yes, this is government hanky-panky to the max. The deniers will be happily smiling dumb smiles at Officer Friendly’s “benign” antics until the bullet crashes into the backs of heads. How many millions of times has it happened in the history of a sick, evil humankind now? Ah, but it can’t happen again, right? Ha, ha, ha.

  47. Wale Vas says:

    I am having the same problem here in Harbor Beach, Michigan. I performed a similar experiment and found that the snow is not melting. I noticed that prior to the snowfall, there were massive chemtrails in the sky along with loud booms. The loud booms sounded at regular intervals throughout the day and were strong enough to create a rumble throughout the house.

  48. mike cooper says:

    Brings a new meaning to hell freezing over

  49. David Brace says:

    I have 1 answer to all of this.
    FUKUSHIMA!! everytime it rains or snows,,, down comes the radiation. get used to it folks as plutonium and uranium have half-life’s of 4 billion years. the gift that keeps giving.

  50. Arnold Gregory says:

    Apparently a snowball’s chances in hell has improved dramatically.

  51. Ann J. Reier says:

    As noted in the article, WE MUST DO SOMETHING,and I am trying, but need your help!! PLEASE, PLEASE, go to the following link, log in, and sign the Petition to the President that I have created. SHARE IT, SPREAD IT AROUND!! We only have until February 22,2014 to get 100,000 signatures. I need your help!
    Thank you!

  52. patriot girl says:

    by the way, I believe that the heat alone from your own hand should have melted the snow way before the first drop… I was just wondering how you dont burn your hands up.. You are right about bringing everyone together to … all races, religions … it’s our lives and we all need to take action. Thank you for everything that you do

  53. On a spiritual/religious standpoint – so many people are feeling the pull to go green so to speak. Many are feeling the urge to do away with their lawns and grow their own produce. It’s not just a fad, this is coming from people who have never grown anything before and it’s not from reading it somewhere online. They feel the pull – from a spiritual/religious standpoint God/Creator/Nature is asking US for help. Big business and governments will not do anything to change this because it’s all about MONEY and CONTROL for them – if we all extend our planter beds, removing more grass and growing plants, veggies, flowers, etc.. we can help clean up the air. 1 sq ft of grass that is 2 inches tall really does nothing to clear the air – yet 1 sq ft of any plant that grows tall will cover more square inches of air to clean. I know it seems like an endless battle with all the governments are doing to help pollute the environment and world, but doing this on a global scale with billions of people going green can change what the governments are doing to the planet.

  54. Thank you Donna I will make sure Dane has a look at you invitation, and thank you for doing your own research.The more people we can get to do their own test asap the better.After this story goes main stream you have to know the geoengineers and spin doctors are going to be all over this trying to cover their tracks.We have received similar reports confirming this fake snow not melting from from coast to coast in the USA, Coast to Coast in Canada, Denmark and other global locations.This clearly not an isolated incident of A few geoengineering testing areas.

    Troy Lessard
    “.. For More Than A Decade, First The United States And Then Canada’s Citizens Have Been Subjected To A 24/7/365 Day Aerosol Assault Over 0ur Heads Made Of A Toxic Brew Of Poisonous Heavy Metals, Chemicals, And Other Dangerous Ingredients.” – Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri.”

  55. Susan Liebermann says:

    We live in northeast Washington and have been subject to the same drought conditions that California is experiencing. At last, it snowed yesterday. Today we watched the clip “Shouldn’t Snowballs Melt?” and decided to try it ourselves. We got snow that just fell last night off our deck, made a ball, and held it over a 300 degree wood stove. It took 7 minutes to get a water drop! Ghastly stuff! And I see the kids outside eating it, like we used to do when we were kids. But nobody I know wants to hear it.
    If I had the money, I would rent a billboard and try to get people’s attention that way. I would take out whole page ads in the local newspaper. If someone wanted to hire me, I would work full time to put a stop to this insanity.

  56. Gene Maynard says:

    I’m wondering, if the endothermic action of the chemicals or the absorption of heat causes the extreme cold; all of theses chemicals are in the soil and water. When the absorption of these chemicals reach critical mass so to speak is that when the atmosphere will enter runaway heating? Just as the chemicals in the snowball absorbed the heat from the stove until critical mass, and only then began to melt?

  57. what can the adverage person do to help? and stop this says:

    can a class action law suit be filed against ones doing this? for dumping toxins? or littering of some kind?
    who is dumping this? public needs to know who is behind this? so we know who to vote out of which office?

  58. what can the adverage person do to help? and stop this says:

    the key to this is to defund fossel fuels and anything harmful to our planet. if the moneys not there they wouldnt do it. we are suffering because some body doesnt want to give up the money being made

  59. Freeme says:

    AWESOME INFO! THANKS! After observing, recording my own weather and researching, these tests and reports in the article come the closest to the truth. So the question remains, why is the planet ‘warming’ if it is?…and WHERE, other than those you already mentioned? Droughts in CA are intentionally created via ‘aerosol spraying’ or lack thereof and the manipulation of the Jetstream by-passing CA whereas
    the East coast and Midwest experience FLOODS.
    And what is the latest push on ‘solar flares’? Real or imagined or just plain hype? And how do volcanoes, methane gas factor into these scheme?

  60. Bella_Fantasia says:

    There is no doubting the warmth in Alaska. It has never been this warm in January, and I’ve been here over thirty years. In the short term I’m worried about our beloved dog sled races due to start shortly. In the long term, knowing what we all know from this site, I’m worried about everything. When I first came, I felt good being off the beaten track. Who could have foreseen Alaska both playing such a terrible role in this crime (with HAARP) and also being so profoundly affected by the manipulation?

    I’m not at all minimizing the global effects being reported. It seems like California is being murdered, set up for Monsanto to take over. The new farm bill has extra money for crop insurance. Yeah, right. If this goes on too long, nothing will grow there ever again, I’m afraid. So we cannot let that happen.

    My thanks to Dane, Yvonne, Troy and everyone here who works so hard on this desperate cause. We are in solidarity and grateful for your tireless efforts to help us know.
    Peace, Perseverance and Love to all

  61. Desiree Fielder says:

    To me Dane after how they have been stepping all of the Geo up , they are now INCITING people.. to act.. so yes it makes you wonder if this is also part of the AGENDA 21 … Thank you Dane for all your work very muchly so! God Bless you.

  62. Rebel Siren says:

    Thank you for bringing this information to light and increasing awareness about the harmful effects of geoengineering! Have you heard of the ETC Group in Ontario, Canada? This is a pdf link to their 56 page report entitled, “Geopiracy – A Case Against Climate Engineering” from 2010.

  63. Nana Baakan says:

    Okay, so at first, when I saw the report on it snowing above freezing, I was a bit skeptical. I wondered if I would ever witness that. Well, we have had several snow days, this year so far.. more snow than I have seen in years and I been around a long time. We have had freezing temperatures at an unusual rate as far as I can estimate. My son was just trapped in the snow storm that hit Atlanta, trapped in his car for over 12 hours. But one day a few days ago, it snowed and it was 43 degrees. The temperature quickly dropped, but I saw that, and then I said, wow, it’s happening here. I live in NJ.
    The weather is beyond bizarre, the sky is crazy covered in trails, and I get dizzy when I go outside. Unfortunately, there are more deniers than there are folks who are paying attention and taking notes. All you really have to do is “look up”.
    Dane, thanks for all your hard work on this issue. The videos are going around about “fake snow” and the debunkers are running after them. This article helps to clarify the science. Thanks again, you are much appreciated.

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