Clouds, What’s Real? What’s Not?


By Dane Wigington

Many in the anti-geoengineering movement have focused almost exclusively on the horizon-to-horizon trails, but such obvious spraying is only a small fraction of the aerosol operations in our skies. As the public continues to wake up to the criminal climate engineering, the geoengineers appear to be going to considerable lengths in the attempt to make the spraying less obvious.

Skies should look like the picture below.

sky normal

The non-stop global aerosol spraying is so pervasive that it is becoming almost impossible to find photographs of completely untainted skies. Even when searching the internet for “blue sky images”, many of the pictures are of skies laced with sprayed climate engineering aerosol clouds. Again, as the public begins to awaken to the blatant horizon-to-horizon trails, the spraying is becoming much more covert.  Most of the population has no idea how to distinguish the difference between natural clouds and toxic aerosol clouds. Skies like those shown in the photograph below are now increasingly the norm. The meteorological community (now completely subjugated by the power structure) calls skies like this “mostly sunny”, are we really to believe such weather “professionals” don’t have a clue that this type of sky is completely engineered and totally unnatural?


The lies that have been perpetrated to hide the geoengineering elephant in the room are immense and growing. Even NASA and other “official” agencies now routinely name completely artificial aerosol clouds as if they are a natural phenomenon. The clouds in the photo below are catologed as if they are a natural, unfortunately such clouds are the result of aircraft sprayed aerosols.

cirris clouds artificial

One more example below is from the UCLA atmospheric education program. UCLA officially terms this aerosol saturated sky “Cirrostratus”. The constant spraying that occurs in front of approaching storms has been going on for so long that most of the meteorological community literally does not know or will not admit to the artificial composition of the skies in the picture due to atmospheric aerosols (admission of the climate engineering nightmare is a bad career decision).

This definition below is straight from the UCLA atmospheric education program.

Cirrostratus (Cs)
The high, thin clouds that lack definition and give a hazy look to the sky are called cirrostratus clouds. These normally precede an approaching storm, and precipitation can be expected to occur within the next day or so. The thinness of these clouds veil the sun, which creates the appearance of a halo.

Latin Derivatives: cirrus – “curl of hair” and stratus – “layer”.

cirrostratus 1

The climate engineers do not leave anything alone, they taint all that they touch. The next picture was taken in Northern California as convective cumulus clouds were trying to form. The skies above the developing storm cells are saturated with aerosols which in effect blows the storms apart into a massive canopy of toxic aerosol haze that covers a much larger region than the original storm cells. This process greatly reduces the precipitation potential from these storms. In many areas, especially in the US west, such storms are almost never allowed to fully develop but are aerosolized into oblivion early on. If one is in close enough proximity to this type of event, jets can be heard overhead in these systems. Aircraft spraying can also be viewed from a distance actually spraying over the forming cumulus clouds. The process of aerosol spraying just described appears to be for the purpose of using the storm system and its moisture to create a much larger expanse of “cloud cover” for solar radiation management (SRM) purposes. Whatever the reason or reasons, the “blowing apart” of developing storms is business as usual for the geoengineers while they continue to decimate the biosphere.

illuminated cloud

Skies should be blue, natural clouds are white and more or less defined around the edges (with some exceptions). Silvery white hazy skies and whispy cob-web like clouds are the result of the constant climate engineering bombardment. Those that think geoengineering is only occurring when blatant horizon-to-horizon trails can be seen are missing the bigger picture. Massive and constant spraying is being done over the top of existing clouds and ever increasing haze already created by previous spraying. Much shorter trails of sprayed aerosols are now often the norm as mentioned earlier. It would seem the climate engineers know that the blatant spraying is being noticed more and more. The shorter spray trails eventually  dissipate and develop into the silvery white whispy haze-filled skies that have been described.  Earth is trying desperately to survive and to support life. The climate engineers are engaged in nothing less than an all-out assault against our planet and us. Join us in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering, join us in the fight for life. If not now, when?


73 Responses to Clouds, What’s Real? What’s Not?

  1. Dennis Mitchel says:

    We see the planes constantly over Lake Erie and agricultural land.  They are out at all hours. When it is sunny, they are crazy going back and forth, like in a frenzy, trying to dim the sun.  If it wasn't so disturbing watching the planes urgently zipping across the skies, it would be laughable.  Six planes at a time we have seen. 

  2. paul says:

    I have been taking regular photos of the sky above my house since 2016. It is almost always made up of weird 'wispy', or Cirrus type clouds, even if the lower level clouds appear 'normal'. If you want to see some of them please let me know.

    The sky has definitely changed from how I remember it from years ago. Also, there is almost always a 'haze' at ground level, never a truly clear day. I started photographing this too, but, as it was pretty much every day, I stopped.

    Based in Somerset, UK.

  3. Diane Cheer says:


          I live in Allentown, PA and since mid-summer the skies have not been normal.    I have written to politicians and talk to everybody I know about it.   It is incredulous how unaware people are of the sky.   I told my husband about it and now he notices also.  The sky may start out as sort of blue and then, the trails come and they spread into a haze until the sky is like an unnatural tupperware.    Some people notice, but just say, "Yeah, it's weird."

           I am glad to know that other people are noticing.   We must never give up and have courage to speak the truth.   I am not sure what to do about it, but never give in to despair or indifference.

  4. anne kelley says:

    Please people lets not let this continue…there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from this evil undertaking…I sure hope Trump will join us "bigly"!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Anne, yes, we must all stand together and face the gathering storm head on. About Mr. Trump, he is unfortunately heading in the other direction (like all previous administrations), FYI

  5. Pamela Funk says:

    A beautiful blue sky woke me this Easter Monday morning here in southern Manitoba, Canada; light was sparkling on my mirror ball, but then the familiar white skin of geo engineered sprayed laden sky began to cover this like a big plastic bag, what a disappointment!  I have shared all this over and over with family, friends, my government rep, the PM etc etc…its like banging your head on a wall.  They do not want to stop doing it.  God help us all.

  6. Effie says:

    I am from the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), and I recently became aware of this problem, since then I can't stop staring at the sky. There aren't many real clouds anymore. Sometimes I just stare at the lines in the sky until they become "clouds". I've tried to educate my friends and family about the issue but most People just look at me like I'm crazy. I've also noticed that my allergies seem worse the days the sky is like this.

    • Effie says:

      I Wonder where they get the funding though. We aren't a rich country.

    • Rae says:

      They get the funding from the owners of this human factory farm (tax farm); the global banking cartel, such as Rockefeller whom owns the Federal Reserve, and Rothschild who owns most others, and JP Morgan whom has had everything to do with the success of the Federal Reserve as he funded both the building and the sinking of the Titanic to make sure the richest man on the ship died because he opposed the Federal Reserve being put in place (and JP Morgan also is responsible for the demise of Nikola Tesla, and owned the monopoly on coal when the Titanic was to take off with it's lack in survival supplies like binoculars while other ships lacked coal). They are the richest families in the world and their ancesters literally invented the banks. They also funded Nazi Germany and stole land of Palestine where they still commit genocide to this day for more land just as they did to our horrible fake country that is literally filed as a corporation (America, Inc).

    • Mary says:

      Arizona today–it happened again. Let me start from the beginning. I have lived here nearly all of my life and love looking up at the sky. But this year, after March, something weird began to happen. We did not have a monsoon, which we have every year. But it wasn't just a dry year. I mean, we had no rain at all, like Mother Nature decided to skip a season or something. The lack of rain has created a severe crisis–fires everywhere, the forests are dying or will die soon if we don't get some rain.. (Maybe we had 1 day of rain? Not nearly enough).

      And the sky 99% of the time looks so strange. It has no clouds. Not very few clouds, but –zilch, none, nada. Sometimes the sky is hazy from the fires. But mostly it is just uninterrupted blue like a blank screen.

      And every time we have any clouds or it begins to get overcast,  this happens:

       These jets maybe? fly through the sky at high altitudes in all directions, leaving entrails of smoke.  And wherever they fly, the clouds begin to break up into symmetrical blocks, like lego chicken pox. ☺ There are the waves of clouds too, swishes like you've shown here even though there is no wind. Shortly afterwards, the sky is blank, clear and cloudless all over again.

      I do not see jets fly like that except when the above scenario happens. There are a few planes, but not jets going in all different directions leaving entrails of smoke. I think I could could have seen them if they were there because the sky is always so perfectly blank.

      I don't know what is going on, but this is not in any way shape or form normal. And Arizona will becomea ghost town if this goes on much longer for lack of water. Somebody has to know something about this. Can you shed any light on it? It happened again today, Oct. 30, 2020. Thanks..

  7. steven says:

    I've been traveling California to Oregon coastline since April. Non stop trails. I'm reacting to the lithium. Memory loss and frequent urination.

    I just saw a pic of Detroit sunset. The comments were all about how pretty the colors were, missing the obvious.  I now am resettling near LA and you have an activist you can mobilize anytime. 1

    Thanks for being sane and tireless. Thinking about your work quite often

    • Cassandra says:

      I also have the horrible allergens . And the frequent urination and I'm not sure if this is what it's due to,  but a lot of what your saying in your reply is what I am experiencing here in Colorado. Best of luck to all of us. And love and light. The real light 

  8. Avaient says:

    I live In Wales (UK) and the chem trails are getting really bad recently… As soon as the skies clear the planes are out in force! Recently went out in the mist (as I like to call it because there is literally no visible blue sky!!!) and I am convinced it caused me to severely burn and blister over every part of visible skin. Not only this but when ever the sky is completely white a few people I know with Asthma suffer chest pain. I'm no doctor at all but with the research I've done and continuous sprays that I see being released in the mornings when the skies finally recover is only provoking my speculations 

  9. blumenthalborneo says:

    It's also happen here in Palangka Raya, Central Borneo, Indonesia. Almost nobody notice the strange shaped clouds in the sky, through June to early August i saw halos around the sun three times, and rainbow colored clouds three times, in the same days when jets fly around leaving trails that become white thin clouds. There's cirrocumulus covering the sky almost everyday. I notice there's increase of people who get ill with severe diseases like cancer, heart disorder at young age, beetwen their 20's to 30's.

  10. Piper Gargul says:

    Thank You Dane for posting this.  I had sent an email last week wondering why I had not seen any planes, but still see Chemtrails and total global dimming.  You have answered my questions.  Awesome

    thank you for all your hard work.

  11. Cathy says:

    Northern Virginia is hit daily at least morning, afternoon and some late nights. I corollate people getting this mysterious flu like symptoms with these spraying. I pray to the Father of Heaven and Earth for mercy. It pure wickedness.

    • EarthLover says:

      Ok, so I'm not crazy. I live in the Sandhills region of NC(only 45 min from Fort Bragg and PAFB)and have noticed some realllly odd cloud/weather changes this summer. I had never heard anything about chemtrails or geoengineering. This summer, I just started noticing odd, low, fast moving clouds. Hazy clouds. Wispy clouds seemingly above/behind the fluffy cumulus clouds. Over a week straight of "heat lightning"-same area, every night-pinkish/white flashes. Yet, very low humidity and no storms. Doesn't heat lightning generally require, well, heat? Anyone notice anything with during nighttime skies? Also, my entire family has been sick almost CONSTANTLY with some sort of flu or cold, at LEAST once a month for the past few years. We live a healthy and active lifestyle. Finally Started taking high quality magnesium,( at least 600 mg a day!) and Turmeric everyday and have finally had some breaks in the flus/allergies/whatever. Just a (hopefully) helpful hint to anyone reading this, if you're getting sick all the time-MAGNESIUM! Much love and blessings to all. The power of universal consciousness IS possible and imperative. 

  12. Jemelle says:

    It is happening world wide. I'm from outter Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Our skies are riddled day and night with the filth. I took a video one afternoon of fizzling "clouds," they looked like chemical bombs fizzling into thick white toxic mist which then dispersed then started fizzling all over again out of the same point! 

    Anyway. Jehovah our God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth – (Revelation 11:18)… and soon!

    • Denise Ransome says:

      Yes sis love from Tobago we have been observing  them to even in a small island  like ours.


    • Shan says:

      I'm in Melbourne too (north eastern suburbs) and yes, i agree. One second the sky is clear and the sun is beaming, next second rippled and artificial clouds cover the sky… and i know Melbourne's weather is bipolar af, but these clouds look so fake its not even funny. And often i look up in the sky and everywhere is blue clear sky except directly in front of our sun, which is covered by 'normal looking' clouds. Coincidence? i think not. So bs

  13. T. Becker says:

    I first noticed a big problem with the weather in the desert where we have lived for the last sixteen years when the normally scorching summer heat was abnormally humid, as well.  It was 114 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity was up around 50% in late June of 2015,  Normally, when it gets humid near the Colorado River, the temperature would go from the usual 118 degrees down to about 104 degrees.  Then it was a tossup as to which was less comfortable, very hot and dry or not nearly so hot and humid.  But this past year if was both hot and humid and I had to be admitted to the hospital.  I spend time working outdoors and my blood pressure was "over 200" they said because I would inflate my lungs to maximum and not feel as if I were getting a full load of oxygen.  There were other things going on with my health but I am still convinced the weather was the primary culprit.  They put me on anti-hypertensive meds but I continue to be very concerned about the ambient weather conditions.  I noted that the heat didn't significantly diminish by mid-October this year.  In fact, there was the sort of air people here are complaining about until after the first week of November, when the true fall weather conditions took over for a few weeks.  Now, in January of 2016, we're getting all this overcast stuff day after day, at times like you are IN the clouds rather than them being well above you, but generally they are high clouds, lots of cirrus, and quite noticeably, a lack of definition at the edges of the clouds and a lot of crap in the air between the clouds.  At times it is somewhat brownish, like good old fashioned smog.  I think it's because of the huge influx of tourists we've been getting, more and more and more of them every year, such that this location is getting too much pollution from fumes and dust from all their activities.  There is an inversion layer here, much like the touted inversion layer that made LA famous for its smog, and on many days, you often see absolutely no movement in the air.  It's utterly still, so guess why the dirty air just hangs around?  Up until recently, nobody else dared to complain about it and everyone thought I was crazy for daring to bring it up.  I've said nothing about "chem trails" because this is a high traffic area for commercial aviation and the Air Force and contrails are common.  Some days they spread out and linger and I've thought nothing of it.  That's NOT what I'm talking about here.  People who spend all their time in artificially manipulated environments, like an air-conditioned office or home, or car, seem oblivious to the obvious detrimental effects  I really think all this air-conditioning people are turning to where they never used to have much of it (like in LA) are causing part of the problem somehow.  But whatever, an interesting topic.  I note people all over the world complaining here about the shitty looking skies.  That is of real concern.

  14. JAson says:

    I could have taken an exact replica photo this morning on my way to work in the Vancouver, BC CAN area. Complete with totally whacked rainbow formation and all. I have numerous personal photo's of various kinds of persistent jet contrails. Rainbow rings around the sun, tear-drop trails, black trails, even photos of these things being affected by the powerful e-fields above of a Nexrad radar station (Aldergrove, BC near the border). These NAZI type clowns always use the "we're trying to save you argument" when brainwashing those who get involved with these dark schemes. But they HAVE screwed up big time this time. Everyone in the world has the opportunity to stare up at the sky and even the most rationalizing person cannot deny that 'something' is going on. And that's where these NAZI's come in with their man-made-climate-change agenda and they need to do something to save us all. Alex Jones has reported on many different quote unquote climate conferences where top scientists have met to discuss ways to save the earth (from us, they always say in private). We recently had two solid days of utterly pure blue sky ie; normal skies, it was unbelievable how good it felt to see blue sky. And then back to endless waves of ever expanding faux cloud cover. Even Chinese news is reporting that the government 'seeded clouds' over Tianjin two days after those big explosions to bring the toxic elements back to earth and rain enough to wash away.

    The thing is, aerosolized spraying is 60 year old technology, why are they going for broke now? 10 years ago when I was far too nervous to bring up this issue to anyone I never really considered this question. Today I fear that TPTB are themselves fearing or even as probable; preparing for a global event of some kind.

  15. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    No one had to tell me that what is in the skies is toxic chemicals. Used to as a kid lay in the grass and watch thunderheads blow up. It was amazing. Weather was a big part of my life as growing up in farming. Now I hardly ever see a thunderhead, but it's those "cirrus" aresoles unfolding in front of my eyes. Knew they where not God made! And pissed me off, because a good storm, not a violent, is good for the body. Lightning, look it up.

  16. Blair Brown says:

    Just to let you know, here in S'West Nova Scotia today Oct. 09/15:

    Videos on this site are blocked. Spraying continues unabated .

  17. Build a burger says:

    There are no more nice weekend days.  You need to take a day off from work to get a nice day.  Spring 2012, 6 weeks in a row that had cloudy weekends.  It would be nice every Monday through Thursday (until 4:30), then cloud up Friday and on the weekends.  It isn't weather control, it's that they hate us.  Every time the weather (CIA) forecaster says "partly cloudy", you know it will be overcast.  We are now getting overcast cumulous days.  That never happened before.  We had a cold front with windy two days following.  Those days are ALWAYS partly cloudy, with sharp white clouds contrasting highly against blue skies.  Even these days are overcast.  Then they try to blame the Canadian forest fires even though it is southerly winds and a low pressure center 350 miles to the west!  Google Vatican chemtrail coin.

  18. The clouds in the above pictures representative of the vast majority of the clouds we see in Fort Smith and by Fort Chafee for at least a decade, increasingly more so every day. The scope of this is incredible, from all over THE WORLD people say the same thing, show the same pictures… I tell people, MANY see it too. Awesome article, thanks so much.

  19. Catherine says:

    Here in Germany they call that flat glassy gray sky “fog”. What a joke. If only it were funny.

  20. Dawn says:

    Having lived in Jackson Hole in the ’70s we were blessed with a wide open sky and very little ambient light. One of my fondest memories from then was driving up above town on some old mountain backroad with my high school friends and enjoying the bright expanse of the Milky Way against a jet black sky. The air was so pure and we would lie on the back of a tailgate for a perfect view of its immenseness. When I went back in the late’80s there were still gorgeous sunsets behind the Tetons but more lights and wood-burning stoves so the stars looked fewer and dimmer and rarely could you see the “milky” part. By 1998, I was living in Nevada and enjoyed the spectacular weather formations that blew in over the Sierras. It was there I first saw contrails– LOTS of them–criss-crossing the sky and wondered what was going on. I figured it was due to a lot of military bases in the region. In the early to mid-2000s, I was living in Silicon Valley. I started seeing what looked like a faint sundog–but like an opalescent oil slick smear–in the sky and around the sun and moon sometimes but didn’t know what it was. There were still awesome blue sky days but very few stars. There was a very hazy time when the Fukishima fallout reached CA and I remember not feeling refreshed or enlivened after a walk in my favorite neighborhood. I only learned later, and not from conventional news sources, what the yellowish haze was all about. It’s more than sad to think that there’s a whole generation growing up today that will never experience a pristine Earth and may probably never live with basic freedoms. The metal oxides in the contrails are breathed in and ingested by all life on Earth.

  21. Jeff says:

    I live in SE Wisconsin and same things happening here that others have discussed in all the posts. We have been trying to get a face to face with a popular very well educated and decorated meteorologist in Milwaukee. His name is John Malan at WTMJ. At first he was receptive to a meeting but when I got specific in email about what we wanted to discuss, communications ceased. I WILL contact him again as he obviously fears retribution if he brings any attention to this huge problem he has to know about.

  22. Jane says:

    Look up Masonic Beliefs. Most that are involved are in your own community.

  23. Ned says:

    Dan,it’s probably HAARP. I live in Sydney Australia & See this type of thing a lot. ALSO,strange black beams of ‘cloud’ have been caught on camera by accident,I only noticed these ‘beams’ after shooting photos in sequence. Out of 3 pics, only the middle picture shows this black beam phenomena. Has anyone else seen these? Coogee Beach was where I caught this one while photoing wedding cake island from Alison Rd.

  24. Vanessa says:

    Leave to G-d what is G-d’s business and to man what is man’s business.
    It does not seem the weather is man’s business
    Man did not create this planet nor does he understand its workings so how can you possibly control what you do not comprehend?
    This is the problem with men and power…. ahh but it must be Heaven to control everything.
    But alas this is not true even our Creator in his infinite wisdom does not seek to control hence FREE WILL It is men who enslave and seek to control each other. TRUTH
    Did we not end up thown out of Eden do to Eve wanting G-d’s knowledge to be able to control?
    You do not end up where you think you will be by trying to control everything.
    We are not protecting our children.

  25. Jane says:

    Go to your local Airport people and watch the Contractor send the planes up one after another. Airport expansions and geoengineering contractor expansions. Don’t let them fool you that they are remodeling interiors of the plane. Because they are retrofitting them with aerosol spray equipment. I watched the Shasta Chemtrail Hearing Aug 2014. Good for everyone that spoke there. Amazing Job. It is the same here in Ontario. A real mess up in the sky. I can’t believe that anyone participates in this Program. I heard that 2 men in their 20’s crashed from Buttonville Airport in Algoquin Park. It makes me wonder if that was a Contractor. The same planes fly over here non stop blocking the sun. Then the big Jets do too spraying that Sht all over. Then you see the Hospital Chopper (Orang) constantly taking off. Unbelievable most think they are just transferring patients. Maybe a few. But they are spraying also. If you don’t think that they are then think again. Use your common sense. Still surprised how many are blatantly ignorant to this. There should be a lot more posts here. The reason why there isn’t most likely because most don’t give a Sht or are too darn Lazy to Look up because they have their head stuck between their legs. All I have to say is Good for Dane and everyone else that is trying to do something about this. We are all screwed. It is just a matter of time. Big Land Grab and money Grab. Makes me irritated and sick.

  26. dan profalo says:

    Here is David Keiths Email Send him your feelings…. Screw this guy.. He is more diabolical then co founder of Lawrence Liver more labs Edward Teller. I hope before I die I see this man or excuse for a man tried for crimes against humanity.

  27. dan profalo says:

    I will help in California protest ,lets protest in front of places we know are producing the chemicals,or involved in programs. We need to organize large protests. I am really worried for my son. Today was so bad in SF California. 10/22/14 These Pigs must be confronted.

  28. Amy says:

    It’s a nice rainy fall out day today. That is if you like Toxic Waste being dumped on you. Oh look the Kiddie’s are out of school and playing in that rain. How Sweet! Lose anybody lately to Cancer? Any of your family members like your mother or father have Parkinson’s or Alzeimer’s yet? What about your kid’s. Any Autism, or learning disorders?

    Oh did you donate or participate in any Runs for a Cure. Good luck because you are wasting your time and money and feeding the Money Grabbers people. Or are you just plain Duh Duh Duh on what’s happening out there. If you are still able to hear or see I invite you to look up and listen. Or are you too busy yacking to your girlfriends or mothers or sisters or husbands about your petty little things that really don’t matter?

    Well if you are fortunate enough to read this and are away from the Boob Tube or Telephone then you have just taken your first step into a very important issue at hand.

    Do some research and be open minded about this. Pay very close attention not to be sucked in by DeBunking Site’s which will try to convince you this is not happening.

    Foremost ask yourself this

    Where did the Sun Go?
    Why are there so many floods and Disaster?
    Why is it every time you turn around Grocerys are on the rise along with all your Utilities and water meter bills?
    Why are you sick or your friends or acquaintances seem to be?
    How come everyone is getting Cancer?

    When you research deep, you might just be able to answer some if these questions I presented to you.

    Maybe and Maybe not.

    Depends on your intelligence possibly unless you have some disability of sort which is understandable because of the ongoing Chem Skies or Geoengineeing as some call it.

    You are being poisoned whether you believe it or not.

    Slowly but Surely

    Now go do your Reaearch and protect yourself.

    Don’t Believe me?

    What a Shame

    Stupidity then is surely on your side.


  29. Jacky says:

    I live in the city. It is quite obvious that the geoengineering is being done. Just when it starts getting a bit clear you can hear the little planes flying back and forth above the clouds they have already engineered. It blocks the sun and holds all the bad pollution under the clouds so you can breath it in. Of course it is being done. Your energy bills go up because of the cold clouds that are made up of barium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate. (Thanks Andrew for pointing that out) Also the amount of Aluminum and other Toxic ingredients certainly are not good for your Heath. They do work especially well for the Pharicutical Industry though. Works well for Patient Tranfer and ambulance and Fire Department. Keeps them Busy quite regularly because this aerosol spray is making people sick. Your local airport most likely have a Geoengineering Contractor there. Along with the aerosol equipped Air Ambulance. Don’t be fooled when you see them go out from the Hospital Pad 12 times in 3 hours and think they are transferring people, because most of them trips are to spray or seed the clouds as they say.

    Also when it rains and you and your children are standing in this crap getting drenched don’t be surprised that you get sick because there is more things they add to their toxic mix to make you that way.

    I have been studying the same planes and the Jet Aircraft for sometime and see the same ones flying around. Even on Sundays. They will tell you that they are just in training. Could be alright. In training to spray you down and the fall out from these artificial clouds do their work on your body and health.

    I look on another site called WeatherWars101.
    It seems to me that this person who runs this is out for donations. Also he seems to try to discredit Dane’s fabulous work and findings. So I say that he is a unreliable source. Now that is just my opinion. There are many of them out there like that. Dr. Suzuki seems to be in that catagory also.

    These people who try to convince anyone that this is not happening must be part of the ongoing scheme that is being performed daily against the planet and humanity.

    All for Greed is the Final Answer

    The final decision is yours to start looking above your head and stop twiddling your thumbs and hoping everything is going to be OK

    Because it AIN’T going to unless everyone Awakin’s to the reality that is going on. I do believe that a major reason is to bring down the mass. It is much easier to control that way. Not good for you or I, but good for them.

    It’s us agains’t them. Make a stand and do anything you can. Anything makes a difference if you do.

    Awareness is a real good thing.

    They seem to make everyone aware of Cancer and other diseases that are most likely inherent from the Agenda that is being perpetrated upon us.

    Listen to Dane

    Smart man

  30. jeanie says:

    september 29 in oklahoma usa. this is day 2 of natural clouds in our skies. some of them actually have grey bottoms so i know they have rain in them. we are suppose to have rain wed and thursday here . last time we were setting up for a good rain here was sept 18th and 19th. on sept 17 they sprayed heavily. then haarp sent microwave down burst early morning on sept 18th . all the clouds ladden with eain broke up and just went away. i watched this with my own eyes. weather forcasters who had predicted 100% rain the day befor . just said the jetstream shifted and clouds didn,t form for rain ? really ?? how is that .?? the system was for rain was already in place. and just dissapeared. ? anyway i,m waiting to see if this time we get rain or sprayed ? i,ll update on here thursday .

  31. Dan O'Rourke says:

    I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and today (Sept 29) I have seen a lot of aircraft spraying at high altitude- There must have been 15 aircraft spraying between 9am and 11am. The spray stopping and starting again and watched the trails dissipating and forming a haze in the sky. There are also cloud formations that look like ‘pulses’ have been sent through them, which look like a ploughed field. Does anyone know what these are? HAARP?

  32. Bobbie Holbrook says:

    I live in Dublin, Ireland. Since October 2013, I couldn’t help but notice that 4 out 5 days would have this flat, glassy grey, overcast sky. Sometimes when there was a clear sky and sunny morning, it would usually always be clouded over again by about 5pm.

    Ireland’s weather sucks, but never remember constantly having this flat veils of grey, day in day out. I’ve noticed being severely more depressed this year. If this is geo-engineering I hope there’s a way we can stop it.

  33. MikeB says:

    Weather service was calling for heavy rain tonight. Skies were being sprayed again today and started late afternoon yesterday. As I write this, the first wave of rain is being split or torn apart in the location where it usually happens. A fluke? In the same general area where it happens repeatedly? It’s hard to let myself something is going on. Even though it’s been going on for years.

  34. Sharon says:

    A few weeks back, I noticed chemtrails in the skies over New Bedford, Ma were black, like smoke instead of white or grey. What the hell are in those?

  35. no blue says:

    It was a beautiful sunny morning here in south central Colorado. By noon No Blue. SOS. SOS. Save Our Souls. I love this Planet. It has been my home a long time. It is sad to see it go away due to complacency. SOS. SOS.

  36. tj says:

    We get POUNDED with storms in MI now. More than we used to that’s for sure.

  37. Mike B says:

    Just a couple hours ago another good storm started to tear apart at the usual place (I39) and dissipated. Just before reaching the Chicago west and southwestern collar counties.

  38. aussie withmyeyesopen says:

    I live in perth western australia and 8n summer now it seems to be milky haze a lot. I remember as a kid I used to watch clouds a lil bit n I remember calling them simpsons clouds cos it reminded me of the clouds in the start of a simpsons episode. They had definition. Now stringy wisps often occur and ive looked them up on the net and the same thing, stratocirrus clouds (dont quote me) or whatever they are called are supposed to be before rain or storms… so why are they around in a perth summer? Its around 30degrees celcius or above up to the 40s. We are dry as hell here in summer why are these “clouds” around? Looks like fuzzy spiderwebs that float in on our seabreeze in afternoons. I dont see contrails really here. Although I have seen some horizon to horizon ones that last for a few hours then spread. Not sure of atmospheric details but they arent in normal flight patterns for our airport and other planes I do see dont have them. Nothing suss…. one time a lingering trail got some mainstream media coverage apparently cos people were wondering wat the hell was goin on. Nothin to see here people move along… im no expert n apparently im a conspiracy theorist to talk about it but if I see the grid patterns like I see from overseas im bailing the city. Fk that im not letting my son breathe that stuff. How is this a conspiracy???? Arghhhhh wake up people! Patents prove the technology exists so why do people still beleive that these sickos have our best interests at heart? Fukn naive children gulpin down that fluoride n eatin gmo. Love ya DW keep it up. My crackhead friend told me bout chemtrails 2 years ago n ever since I have spent so much time lookin into things about how the world really works. Really woke me up. We live in a total illusion but we the people have the power and I thank anyone involved for putting in effort to show the world for what it is. Cheers mate ya ever come down under the beers on me

  39. yeahsure says:

    chemtrails are definitely a reality. I recall when I first began noticing them. I was in Montana. The year was 1996. I was like, what is this garbage in the skies? Amazingly, I may have been the only one to notice, but the truth is the truth. And there are definitely chemtrails. I am old enough to have witnessed the skies for many a year consisting of both jets and normal clouds. Indeed, normal jet contrails have a pleasant white hue. You can still see normal contrails; after all, not all commercial class jets are spraying, which in itself is a point. The only aircraft that are spraying are larger craft. There are no private-sized jets that release these chemical trails.

    Two takeaways from the perspective that chemtrails are definitely a reality, is that people defifinitely lack either concern or preceptive capacity or both. The other is that there is clearly a widespead conspiracy among operatives at at various levels that clearly lack a conscience and maintain an inconceivable capacity to deceive.

    I would maintain our struggle for justice or rightness in the arena or or skies, air, environment, and atmosphere has its parallells in other arenas actuated by the same culprits. After all, whomever has the power to change the global skies, is probably not only operating in that arena.

    Let’s put it this way, the approval of congress is 5%. At that number, it is virtually impossible that the public owns congress, as it is intended to be. The skies are intended to be vibrant blues, whites, reds, yellows, oranges, greys and oranges, and they are not. I propose there is a connection. After all, it is not car mechanics and bread delivery men that are doing this. It is people with tremendous financial power, like the variety that can buy a congress. Want to stop chemtrails? Look to the only personages capable of causing them, the very, very, very wealthy…

  40. howard says:

    one tiny good deed in the name of mankind. Is one drop of hope.Many drops can fill a OCEAN.

  41. mmmm says:

    By breaking up the storms, they are literally diverting it elsewhere, i.e STEALING IT

    California is drying up….connected?

    And no, the meteorologists and climatologists only know what they are taught, though you’d think they of all people would eventually stumble upon it.

    “Truthers” like Michael Rivero of make accusations of those who speak of these “efforts” such as being “government agents”

    Sites he links to dare not whisper about the skies or they know they will be blacklisted. Most of us just accept this blasphemous abuse of the Earth, like the inundation of the world with satanic abuse across all spectrums, politically the throne of england with their masons, moneychangers and false priests thinking they can come back and repair these problems later, after whatever hell they have been striving to unleash is revealed

  42. Istvan mezei says:

    pretty sad what’s going on with this spraying. Here in Hamilton Ontario Canada we get this crap every day. You can’t see a beautiful day anymore other than cloudy or hazy gloomy days. Stuffed up nose, eye’s running and ear’s are plugged up. Why in God’s name are humans not standing up to get rid of this crap in the air. The weather we have lately is not what it use to be that’s for sure and it’s interesting all the tv commercials that suggest taking allergy pills etc. They know what’s going on 100 %. What is interesting is that if we all suffer from this spraying those in charge must have some ‘ Special Shot” of something so they are not affected ? Very Sad world we live in.. God Save us all .

  43. Rose Reburn says:

    that’s also when i noticed it bigtime. about 1998, i was always a cloud watcher. some never bothered then or now to look up

  44. Lil says:

    You can even see the aerosol trails in movies about the time of Christ and the middle ages. I laugh when I see those. Then it makes me sad.

  45. Marc says:

    I honor you, Mr. Dane Wigington. I would not personally have the courage or tenacity to sustain the kind of fight you are fighting. Though I am seething with almost unbearable anger towards those behind this extermination, I confess I lapse into hopelessness and distraction in the face of such a gargantuan effort to scramble “all that is good in the world”. It remains utterly inconceivable to me that the diabolical morons executing this agenda cannot or will not understand the apocalypse they are so gleefully orchestrating. THEY LIVE HERE TOO!!! WTF!!! Every day I wake to find another hazy, shredded sky full of cloud formations I NEVER saw when I was a kid, or even just 5, 10 or 20 years ago.
    I don’t consider myself all that smart, compared to many. But somehow I have been able to connect the dots, only to discover that we are being “played like a fiddle”. The master architects of this rotten science and filthy, low-brow plan to save the planet are perhaps the most exquisitely diabolical human beings to ever incarnate here. Meanwhile we are effectively distracted by Ferguson, by ISIS, by “climate change”, by Hollywood and all the rest. My sense of helplessness wraps it’s arms around me when I gaze into the sky and sigh out a long breath.

  46. Mike B says:

    I’ve noticed what seems like unusual weather activity and a lack of beautiful blue skies. Most days the sky is opaque. And plenty of chemstrails in the northeast quadrant of Illinois. Regarding the storms we don’t seem to get them like we used to. For the past quit a few years. Most, not all storms seem to dissipate or split and go around northeast Illinois. It’s predictable.

  47. Derek Redgate says:

    Hey Steven,
    Yes the air is indeed full of shit crap, all the time….Its just alot easier to show just how much is falling when its dark out, or if you can even get a room dark enough during the day you will still see them even when you think the room to be pretty closed off from the outside sadly…I honestly still tend to leave my fans in the window most nights, it isn’t going to matter in the short term i fear. I do hope its too late though that flame burns dimmer every day. Ignorance is power today its disgusting…
    Also like you, I still check often and look at all the particles floating through the air…Not sure why, I cannot stop it from being there, and I have to breathe….I guess I just hope to see none one of these days…However they only seem to growing in number over time.

  48. Leslie Parsons says:

    I noticed this, too. The spraying was blatantly obvious up until a few months ago when it seemed to stop. But, soon I noticed nighttime spraying and layered spraying, which is hard for new wake-ups to discern. The results are still there: I see the haze and almost every storm fizzles. I am living in a desert. The subsoil in Central Texas is like dry sand, held together by rocks. Ancient trees are dying. We are living off the aquifer and sheeple don’t seem to notice.

  49. Jill says:

    I talked to a meteorologist one day about the fact the blue skies are gone. I told him I remember the blue skies and how clear the air was and the fact you could sharply see the distant mountains. Now we never see the mountains. He told me I couldn’t possibly remember that from my childhood. Really? Idiot.

    • Laurinda Perry says:

      Hi Jill,

      I'm not sure how these replies work, as it's my first to speak up but I'm really hoping you see this- it's 2 years after your post. I have had the same thing happen to me a lot.. when I say I remember the clouds being ALOT different from when I was a kid, nobody listens. Or worse they say it's global warming (to cover up the effects of geoengineering). Alberta used to have big beautiful blue skiies.. not anymore. Now they're white 5/7 days and we have ten times more  cloud cover than we used to, in all seasons. We're also told we have a 'rainy season', even though farmers have spent huge money on pivots (irrigation systems) forever now. My dad's a farmer and I grew up on a farm and still live on one. Our kitchen windows face the wide open country and I've spend my life mostly outdoors. I too would lay on the grass and watch clouds in my childhood and into 20's, then later my children & I would do the same. Our clouds are incredibly different from the 70's & 80's, even the 90's – for instance the shelf clouds that unrolls in front of your eyes and the supposed clouds that are miles up that blanket the world from the sun.(Oh how I miss the sun!)

      I imagine that in kindergarten these days, that little Johnny gets reprimanded for colouring his sky blue- when all you have to do is look up and see that he is wrong – it is WHITE! Most people respond to me by saying, "how can you remember that long ago?" saying we've always had clouds/weather (& even chemtrails) like this and insinuate that I'm either half baked or that I'm lying. However I know how I can remember 20 – 30 years ago and it's because I quit drinking fluoride in my water 3 years ago and I've never had a flu shot. They're really pushing those shots now, even to the pregnant women. Now they tell our children that THEY need annual flu shots – what for? What's wrong with having the flu now and then, especially for the normal adult and kids? It helps build immune system. Since when should we be afraid of the flu? Or measles or chicken pox? Since the sheeples are easily swayed by media and jump to join the bandwagon! (so big Pharma can make a killing). Then people like me, who want nothing to do with shots (or fluoride) & choose to go the old school way, the natural road, are considered conspiracy theorists. Between the endless vaccinations and the fluoridated water, it's stealing peoples' memories. In the 80's there were a dozen or so childhood vaccinations, now there are 36! All before the age of 6. How pathetic is that? 

      For those of us who CAN and DO remember the world of big blue skiies with normal puffy clouds, we know the truth. All you have to do is look up. We've known for a long time that something is going on, even if the sheeple are blind. I hope I live long enough for all the sheeple in my life to realize that they shoved their foot in their mouth long ago and that I've been right all along. I've told many of them that I wish I WAS wrong and that I also wish I could just go back to being blind & ignorant, wrapped up in my own little bubble so tight that I don't clue into any of this! Our skiies aren't supposed to be dark grey'ish yuk at sunset! Whatever happened to our beautiful, colourful sunsets with yellow, oranges & reds.. when was the last time you saw the sun actually set? Not just go under a grey cloud or behind the disgusting greyish haze that is supposedly normal? When have you last seen the sunrise without clouds? Watch sometime – the horizon will be clear before sunrise, then as the sun is coming close to rising – bam! the clouds march in with the sun. The clouds follow the sun. It's a massive cover up, whether for geoengineering ('global dimming') or to cover the skiies so amateur astronomers can't view the skiies. For decades now astronomers have died mysteriously and from rare cancers. Look it up, it's very interesting to say the least. The most interesting was an article on the front page of the Washington Post December 31, 1983 called 'Mysterious Heavenly Body Discovered'. Yet just this January 2016, they 'discovered' it again? They're definitely covering uor skiies for a reason but not elsewhere like Russia or China. How ironic, considering we live in a 'free country'. What a joke – we are not half as free as the sheeples believe.  God bless us all.

  50. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Hey Derek, I do the high power light thing too. I think the air is full of this crap all the time, even during the day. Showing people the particulate falling through a beam of light is pretty convincing. I estimate about a thousand particles per cubic inch at times. Sometimes when I’m looking at it I realize that I am holding my breath. Then when I finally take a breath I realize what I just inhaled. I don’t know why I continue to do it. I have no fear, only anger.

  51. John Anderson says:

    I went down to LA the other day and was in Tejon ranch and noticed large cumulus clouds, but these looked different than usual, they looked like they were broken, almost exploded like or splitting apart. Never seen anything like that before. I heard they were expecting rain but it never came.

  52. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Thanks Dane for all you are doing to help us be informed. I have written to Continental Airlines, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Air Tran and American tomorrow to tell them to stop spraying these toxic chemicals known to the airlines as Project Cloverleaf.I have also written to Pres. Obama and my two senators of Massachusetts to ask them to be concerned about our health and to tell the airlines to stop spraying.

    • Jenny says:

      I too live in MA and have written to our senators.  One never even replied and the other sent a form-type letter that never even mentioned what I was concerned about (geoengineering).  I am curious as to whether you got any decent replies.  Thinking maybe they would be more polite to you if you signed it "Sister".  

  53. Gloria says:

    I have been confronting Matt Zaffino, KGW News Meteorologist, Portland, OR like flies on a crap pile, and he still bristles me when he tells the public they are CON trails. Grrr-rrrrrrr. I posted 100% proof on his FB page and told him that he is only interested in telling us what he is told so dutifully to tell us. His reply was “Yes Sasquatch tells him what to say, and Elvis tells him what not to say” What a smartass

  54. Derek Redgate says:

    Dane my good man, keep up the good work brother. My brother still refuses to see the plainly obvious cloud masses as anything but normal. Drives me crazy. Other people that don’t listen eh move on. Im going to do the powerful flashlight show for him next chance I get. Its worked on most others. Once you can see the particles raining down in insane amounts on (apparently) clear nights, Its hard to deny that its not normal. Looking forward to being able to leave my fans in the window again and not have the overbearing taste of metal in my mouth, and shortness of breath for half the day. Most of the heavy spraying in my area appears to be later in the day and at night. Of course the sky is always that silvery white color everyday, I do still remember what a natural sky looks like. Though its harder to visualize everyday… Horizon to Horizon Trails are not common here where I live, but its clear the atmosphere is saturated with particulates, regular halos around the sun, always a silvery white sky….Its disgusting….This needs to stop!

  55. doc noss says:

    I haven’t watched a movie in about 30 years, but I can’t imagine they’ve made anything more nightmareish than the reality were living right now!

  56. RasDreads says:

    This spring near the coast in CA there was HEAVY aerosol injection taking place. East to West, West to East, S.East to N.West, you name it.
    At one point, there was an aerosol injection taking place and the constituents displayed a blue and red hue. As implied earlier, there was trails on its path, crossing and next to it, but only that one displayed those hues.

    Another incident, involves military aircraft.
    Helicopter was first heard, then seemed to be patrolling the area. Soon after, an airplane was heard. It was a military aircraft also, and it flew over so low, that one could effortlessly throw a rock and hit it. The helicopter was around for ~30min. and the airplane flew over ~3 times.

    There was no aerosol injection going on that day.
    But the next two days there was A LOT of activity, to only bring forth a light sprinkle for about ~20min.
    Each year it has been raining less and less.

  57. patty battaglio says:

    Thank you as always for your fight and your easy to understand information!!

  58. Sharon LePere says:

    Molly, I could have posted these exact words myself . I noticed what was going on about 15yrs ago and tried to bring everyone else’s attention to it. Except for my own family, everyone else looked at me like I had 2 heads. Some were argumentative and isiates they were just regular planes. Nothing has changed in that regard for all these years. I don’t get why people are not seeing it!

  59. Observation: As the spraying has been initially observed and the ramping up of the Geo-engineering by David Keith and partners, the earth has / is being wrapped in a blanket of metals. The result, overheating and less ocean radiation of heat back into space during the night and day. Result !
    Methane release,feedback loops and environmental disaster / collapse!

  60. Klaas Frisian says:

    Allright, today like allmost everdyday they put up a massive grid pattern again in friesland(Holland). what struck me that there were two planes that made a tight u turn while spraying their cocktail, no commercial flights off course. After a mile or so the tank were probably empty beacause the trail stopped suddenly. several planes made strange 180 degree turns where as most of the time just fly in grid or straight lines.
    Now why would they do that. by the way these planes had a tremedous speed atleast two or three times that normal civil aviation.

    Why the U turns, and what kind a planes are they using?

  61. KAY says:

    wake up people .

  62. molly brooks says:

    I thank you Dane for confirming to the world what I have been noticing and connecting the dots on my own for about the past fifteen years. I would talk to my “progressivel” friends and their eyes would glaze over and walk away. It is a known psychological fact that people will believe the first thing they hear on the media or read in print. I always believed that was Al Gore’s intent, to stear us away from the truth. It is very difficult now to fight the battle on two fronts: Getting a large populace to believe that “global warming” or global climate change is caused by geoengineering, not just by emmisions, etc. and also to get them to stop. Thank you for helping people wake up!! I have studied the skies for a long time now and told people what I saw and extremely few were willing to listen. Thank you for making this more mainstream. The planet and I are ever so grateful for your willingness to do battle.

  63. Francis Reps says:

    We are not mosquito larvae or medflies. We are two legged farm animals and Farmer Brown is simply giving us a flea bath. How else to explain the complete passivity and acceptance by people and their representative s to these activities.God save us all.

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