“Conspiracy Theorists” Label Still Used In Spite Of Obvious And Verifiable Geoengineering Realities


Populations have been very effectively programmed to respond in specific ways when they hear key terms. The term "conspiracy theorist" has so far been very successfully used to trigger a mental shutdown in most people. When an individual is labeled with this term by the media, anything they say (no matter how verifiably factual) is immediately marginalized. But what do psychological studies say about the sanity of "conspiracy theorists" as compared to those that blindly accept the "official narratives" without questioning? Those who question are sane, those who do not, are found to be psychologically lacking, this should not be a surprise. The article below and the 3 short videos contained in it are important to review. It is not conspiracy, but fact.
Dane Wigington

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-Manipulation Tool

Source: Activist Post, article by Catherine J. Frompovich
The most damning aspersion that can be lobbed against any person, or the exposure of “secret government activity,” overwhelmingly is "Conspiracy Theorist"That pejorative ‘handle’ is equated with imbecile mind-activity with aspersions often suggested as ‘tin hat wearers’. Well, step aside all you doubters and listen up carefully to what took place in the halls of Congress on May 14, 2014 regarding the weather modification system known as HAARP. 

In the YouTube below Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) asks some pointed questions about HAARP. However, readers may not be surprised at the answers, but the mainstream media ought to be wiping oodles of egg yolk from its collective face.

In the report "Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech", David Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology and Engineering, very-matter-of-factly states that they took over from the Navy and will be moving on to managing the ionosphere, what the HAARP was really designed to do, to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it… [CJF emphasis added]

Furthermore, the U.S. Air Force intends to dismantle the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska, by or during the summer of 2014! [1] 

Built at a cost of more than $290 million, the site has 180 antennas on 30 acres that are used to direct energy into the ionosphere, which is 55 miles to 370 miles above the Earth, and monitor changes in the flow of charged particles. Stevens was the godfather of HAARP, which he helped start two decades ago with annual earmarks slipped into the defense budget. [1] 

It seems that no research facility can be found to take over the HAARP Alaska facility. Could that be an indication that the weather modification system is regarded unfavorably? I find that as a possibility and extremely interesting, especially in view of all the technology that was invested and built into it. If no one wants to continue operating HAARP, will the State of Alaska be interested in it for education research purposes? But then, maybe HAARP-at-sea-ships, i.e., the Tesla Weapon Platform SBX-1, probably will be the most effective ‘on-site’ HAARP facility rather than one remotely stationary on land.

However, there are numerous HAARP facilities in other countries around the globe that the Tesla Weapon Platform SBX-1 possibly could interact with. But then, we have to wonder what Assistant Secretary Walker was referring to when he stated that they got out of HAARP Alaska what they wanted and were moving on…moving on to what? 

May 2nd, 2014, I published "What's With the Weather and Chemtrails?". Readers may want to review in light of the latest “bombshell” acknowledgement by Walker at a Congressional hearing. 

Conspiracy Theories And Theorists Truly Have Been Vindicated About HAARP

Knowing the dogged research we, who are proclaimed ‘tin hat theorists’, perform and circulate, this writer feels extremely confident that other information regarded as ‘conspiracy theories’ about vaccines and other ‘sacred cow’ secrets also will be vindicated at some forthcoming date—just when, who knows—since it all depends upon who has the integrity to stand up and tell the facts of what’s been going on that the U.S. media, press, TV, and controllers won’t permit be made public until it’s too late to get objection going to stop the destruction of the planet and humankind.

For those still inclined to deny the facts, here are TV weather persons talking about, showing and admitting to weather geoengineering, plus dramatic statements.

It’s graduation time, theorists. Throw your tin hats into the air and let them fall wherever they may land. Hopefully, they will land on some mainstream media journalists’ heads so they can wear them and become empowered to tell the facts of what’s really going on. 

[1] http://www.adn.com/article/20140514/air-force-prepares-dismantle-haarp-ahead-summer-shutdown?sp=/99/100/&ihp=1

Source: Activist Post, article by Catherine J. Frompovich

32 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists” Label Still Used In Spite Of Obvious And Verifiable Geoengineering Realities

  1. More reality for reality specialists: 

    Excerpted from: "The Body Electric" © 1985 – Reproduced for research purposes only.

    Chapter 15


    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

    by Dr. Robert Becker


    ["Satellite measurements have proven that artificial energies from power lines are similarly amplified high above the earth, a phenomenon known as power-line harmonic resonance (PLHR). Radio and microwave energy also resonates in the magnetosphere. This amplified energy interacts with the particles in the Van Allen belts, producing heat, light, X-rays, and, most important, a "fallout" of charged particles that serve as nuclei for raindrops.


    Recent work with sounding rockets has matched specific areas of such ion precipitation with the energy from specific radio stations, and established that the sifting down of charged particles generally occurs east of the EMR source, following the general eastward drift of weather patterns. In 1983, measurements from the Ariel 3 and 4 weather satellites showed that the enormous amount of PLHR over North America had created a permanent duct from the magnetosphere down into the upper air, resulting in a continuous release of ions and energy over the whole continent. In presenting this data at the March 1983 Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Zurich, K. Bullough reminded the audience that thunderstorms have been 25 percent more frequent over North America between 1930 and 1975 than they were from 1900 to 1930, and suggested that the increased energy levels in the upper atmosphere were responsible.


    Since the mid-1970s there has been a dramatic increase in flooding, drought, and attendant hardships due to inconsistent, anomalous weather patterns. It appears likely that these have been caused in part by electropollution and perhaps enhanced, whether deliberately or not, by the Soviet woodpecker signal. It now seems feasible to induce catastrophic climate change over a target country, and even without such weather warfare, continued expansion of the electrical power system threatens the viability of all life on earth."]


    Complete text:




    Note the date of pubication…

  2. ferkemall says:

    Late 60s american government put deep sea buoy,s into all of the worlds oceans to measure temperiture and current flow at varying depths under the save the planet banner, this gave them the real time weather feedback, 1970s american airforceplanes were towing ironisers behind the aircraft to ironise clouds ,reason given to stop drouts , now they have the arrays to ironise the ionosphere ,doughnut type pattens could be seen making their way up into the skies, geowarfare works out cheaper and more effective than conventional warfare !

    • ferkemall says:

      Spooks in here CANT READ CAPTURE ! Blocked from posting ,get rid of the I'd capture and just sign in !

      Stopped posting by capture to many times !

      Gave up

  3. SortingHat says:

    Why am I getting a captcha thing on here?   I hope my comment doesn't get pulled for saying this but the problem with conspiracy theorists is that while they are in the right track to question what they are told they often fight among themselves.

    As the old saying goes a house divided against itself falls and due to not wanting to live by the truth and be a Martyer for Christ we are all getting what we deserve.


    Garbage in Garbage out.  

    For the record: I don't mean forcing the religion of Christian on people either.  That is a problem of the church and very little to do with actual bible teaching.

    What  I mean is living by the values by Christ did not what the church tells you what you can/cannot do.   If a church starts focusing on all the cant's there is obviously a leadership problem.

  4. BaneB says:

    Jeff, I too have been noticing the shorter in length chemtrail. This not the traditional short-lived contrail, but much longer and with a dissolving tail end. My thought is as yours, that a new tactic for dispersal of the aerosols is underway. Perhaps a slower visual “return” whereby the crud forms those weird corn row cirrus cloud that have been hanging around my area for days. A delayed reaction morph. We just have to keep on observing and our common sense be our guide, along with a decent binocular.

    • JAK says:

      There is no excuse to not being able to organize millions of Americans to go to DC and rally against this engineering of the jetstream. There needs to also be rally's outside of GMA weather broadcasts in New York studios and drown out the voice of the braodcasters and have everyone in the crowds with signs about the  jetstream manipulation! This spring and summer its expected to be the worst fire season in the histories of Bernalillo county and Sandoval county. The homes around the foothills and in the bosque are at extreme risk of wildfire even now in feburary with the heat and winds we are experiancing! Since between last Octiber and now the total moisture has been less than 1.5 inches and the pinions and junipers are dying off rapidly. Mt Taylor ranger district is even dryer forests! Its going to be a far worse year for NM fires than it was the last 7 years, which is saying much because these last 7 years have been really really bad.

      I don't believe the engineers are wanting to hide this engineered drougt because in the face of a decent El Nino for this year, the 2015 winter has been drier than the last 2 previous years of ENSO neutral, and winter of 2011 was in the midst of La Nina, but was actually a wetter winter than the last 5 total winters here in New Mexico! There's signs pointing towards purposely depleting the monsoon in New Mexico as well. It may be that its hard to stop the Monsoon from flowing into Arizona and Texas, but there seems to be ways to stop the plume from covering New Mexico. True there have been good monsoons the last two summers but there are long heat wave pauses that occur in the midst of the monsoons whereby the rest of the feature is delayed into late September. There have been summers where the weather man termed in "nonsoon" because when it was expected to be normal it wouldn't arive in strength. This year people watching the engineering that is going on with the weather are predicting that west and central New Mexico will get a far below normal monsoon activity for summer 2015, and this on top of one of the driest statewide winters in the last 50 years spells disaster with a fire season extending into the fall!

    • SortingHat says:

      Here in Oregon we just experienced that and could not believe our eyes.

      When we had clear skies for 5 days in a row only one day had no chemtrails at all while the other days me and my parents noticed 3 chemtrails real close to each other which still showed hours later.

      We also saw some flying a weird pattern one direction then looked like they did a half circle and something else I don't remember. 

      Another day we saw a couple chemtrails in a direction there is no air traffic at all since there is nothing out there!


      I have seen a lot of airplanes that don't produce any chemtrails and that's how it should be!

  5. For all you reality specialists:



    OCTOBER 2010


    Or: Geoengineering Cost Analysis – Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation – October 30, 2010 – Final Report


    Or: US Patent history of aerosols – July 30, 2003


    Or: National Security Decision Memorandum 165

    May 2, 1972


    Or: Published on Dec 17, 2013

    The Weather Is Changing (Full HAARP Chemtrail Documentary 2013 HD)


    And yes. The cellular phone tower systems and wi-fi MESH networks are frying every living being on the planet. The aerosols augment RF densities, and the ionosphere is no longer eventing in normalized height nor density.

    Thank the airline employees for all their efforts toward your coming extinction. It’s a planet wide snuff job folks, and your investment portfolios are supplying the operating capital.

  6. Jeff says:

    Today i am once again heading out to the desert of lower Idaho,hiking with a good friend. We always enjoy the wide open,but any more try and ignore the grid that is placed in the sky above us threw out the day (because it pisses us off) We are both very open,and offer our awareness to any one that will listen,about Geoengineering.
    Lately we have been noticing trails that don’t linger as long as the cloud developing type. I am wondering if this could be another chemical additive,like mixing some kind of nasty chemical potion? If any one can shed some light on this I would love the info. Knowledge is a weapon in this fight,and I don’t like to be lacking it.

    • Jenny says:

      I am noticing a different type as well.  It doesn't look as much like a comb, with the lines all coming out perpendicular to the original line made by the plane.  It looks like chunks or puffs.  Also I hate when they stop and start it and try to make natural-looking clouds.  That shows how evil they are (trying to hide what they are doing) and also makes it more difficult for people to realize what is going on.  And like Jeff said, sometimes it doesn't linger as long as a typical chemtrail that I was used to, at least sections don't, but it lingers longer than a contrail.  So I was not sure at first what I was seeing.  But then I kept watching and realized it was indeed still chemtrails.  I even pointed out to my husband, one plane was squirting little blobs like Reddi-Wip adding them onto the fibrous ends of a chemtrail cloud, but not depositing any where the cloud wasn't (since it was in the shape of protrusions).  Sorry for not describing stuff well but I'm tired right now.

  7. Ken says:

    If the power elite control the narrative, through the media and internet, the majority of people will choose to believe what they are told. Just like water finds the path of least resistance, most people will believe what they are told and will not go out of their way to seek the truth.

    This disinformation campaign is quite effective. You look up contrails on the internet and almost all sites claim that normal jet contrails produce what you see in the sky. I watched a western from the late 60’s and if you look up in the sky they had the same geoengineered clouds in the sky. All the mainstream media either ignore whats going on or when mentioning it attach conspiracy theorists to what they say.

    The power elite are cloaked in immense power and quite frankly it has already gone too far but their power is a drop in the bucket compared to the creator. God will not allow this planet to be destroyed and will not let evil rule the world for too much longer. We are living in momentous times.

    • SortingHat says:

      By the time *God* gets back there isn't going to be a world to come back too.  He might find the pieces of the planet after WW3 happens and maybe the archives of this website among others assuming the big computer in Colorado is still functioning. 


      At least that's one good reason for a massive spy system.  When most of us get destroyed the remaining few survives who live out in rural areas or away from major military targets will be able to get archives of websites and learn how to build stuff again. 

      I truly do hope that's the case since WW3 is inevitable.  It's just being delayed and the blame will be passed on down but the effects will be longer lasting.

  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    For close to 10 months this site has remembered me and I was able to post freely and easily without any Glitches. Lately the site forgets who I am and sends my posts to never-never land with no chance of retrieval. It’s Frustrating! I think THEY are targeting me just to piss me off.

  9. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Just typed about six paragraphs of some really meaningful heartfelt thoughts, clicked the Post Comment button and poof its gone. That’s the second time this week. It’s actually starting to deter me from even trying to post. Oh well, all that matters is that I am continuing to inform as many people as possible everyday.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, you must “copy and save” everything when trying to post as the whole system is being hampered now. Just over a week ago FB cut down the “people reached” on my pages by about 90%. Those in power are pushing back as they know we are gaining ground. Lets move forward no matter how they try to slow us down.

  10. Ed Bee says:

    Steve Chamberlain in Nikiski Alaska noted that there it was 41 degrees while in southern Wisconsin the wind chill is 30 below. Even though this is not naturally possible, I am labeled a Conspiracy Theorist and my concerns are ignored. The geoengineers now have blood on their hands from all those who have died due to this catastrophic weather. I pray God will deal with them sooner not later. On the slightly bright side, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Monday ran an article titled “Scientists call for tests on cooling planet”. In it they state that geoengineering studies so far only involve computer modeling, and that it is time to do real-world testing. I would suggest they leave their computers for a few minutes, walk outside and look up. At least they acknowledged geoengineering exists. I still cannot believe how so many can be so gullible and completely unquestioning. If it were not for this information site, I would think I was slowly going insane. Thank God for you other like-minded concerned people out there.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    By the way, I wish this meteorologist was named, placed and dated. I think I’ve seen this before, as well as a couple of others. So many say off with their heads! about those who are too afraid or hampered in expressing the truth, that I think we should acknowledge those who do convey the truth. Shouldn’t we know this guy’s name and thank him? And the station which allowed him to explain? A lot of positive feedback to him and them, might well encourage others to speak the truth.

  12. Wyatt Berry says:

    I suppose this makes me just another conspiracy nutter.

    [Yet another letter to my so-called representatives of the grand state of Maine]

    Congresswoman Pingree,
    Congressman Poliquin,
    Senator Collins,
    Senator King,
    Governor LePage,

    I demand that you immediately acknowledge what I have to say regarding the incessant and intensifying geoengineering assault being carried out by our military against American citizens.
    Quite frankly, I have ******* had it with your collective nonresponses. (The only exceptions being a return voicemail from Collins’ office and a vague email acknowledgement from Pingree.)
    As my representative on the national stage, I absolutely expect you to confront this issue that pertains to each and every individual who resides in the country.
    What I do not expect is to be ignored while I watch my family and neighbors slowly absorb the nano-particulate fallout from the aerosol operations and gradually lose grip with reality.
    There is a concerted effort to marginalize this issue. It has been imposed from top to bottom. You cannot fool me, you are all complicit; I know these programs are real and I demand that they cease.
    I will provide no references or sources as I am more convinced than ever that these operations are occurring and you undoubtedly know about it. I have already provided adequate documentation.
    The time for debate has passed. It is now time to do your damn job. You may have permitted the initiation of a massive disinformation campaign to stop this movement, but it has failed.
    In my previous correspondences with each of you I have highlighted the major flaws present within the official refutations regarding the actuality of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.
    They are not just contrails and you damn well know it. How do you all detox? Do you care?

    I give you this ultimatum today – recognize publicly the abundant mountain of evidence that points directly to the existence of a covert climate modification program, or, suffer the consequences.

    These snowstorms are being artificially nucleated using toxic heavy metals. You have more than enough resources and publicity to expose this. You choose not to because you are all weak ****s.

    Collins, King, LePage, Pingree, Poliquin,

    If you continue to take us for animals, quite soon we will show you who the real animals are.

    Your most humble and obedient servant,
    Wyatt Berry

  13. Ken says:

    Hi Dane,

    I truly believe that the power elite are behind Geoengineering and other programs that are not only damaging the biosphere but harming humans as well. My question to you is why do you think they are committing these crimes against humanity and is it possible they believe it is altruistic in some way?

    Also, with regard to the methane release in the polar region, how many years are we talking about until we reach the point of no return?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, in regard to the spraying, there is no benevolence in these programs, none, and the data backs this up. About the Ch4 release, we are past the point of any return to the planet we have all known.

  14. BaneB says:

    Just finished writing another letter to my Congressional Representative Jared Huffman. I have written him in the past and received the “it is only water condensation” response. This time I gave my strong opinion about my personal observations, AND sent 20 good examples of images showing various Frankenstein clouds that the jet spew induces into our atmosphere. Further, I removed color and UV glare. This allows the “cloud” structure to be seen. I highly recommend this method of study. I hope these pics will create some waves. He sits on the House Natural Resources Committee. Our forest up here in Northern California are dying off. Perhaps he will finally make the connection of the proverbial dots about how jet spew, nano-metallic aerosols, poisoning our soil and dimming the sunlight, will leave him and his committee with a Northern California desert if immediate remedial action to stop this assault upon our living earth is not initiated pronto.

  15. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee, I’d know just who to send this too–if we were still communicating. When he looked at this site Finally! two years ago, he called it mass delusion. I’ve been called paranoid, crazy, psychotic, delusional and more, so conspiracy theorist is a step up! As I said to him, there is a difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. He thought that made no sense at all. He has degrees from Princeton, Oxford and UC Berkeley. I often say it takes a PhD to be that stoopid! The thing that is so offensive about “conspiracy theory” is that there is an assumption that it masks another agenda. Shrinks call this projection. Because “they” have a secret agenda, it becomes a form of shadow games/blames. The evil ones destroying Earth for personal gain, project their secret agenda games onto us, hoping others will view us as being as dishonest and covert as they are. The real thinkers, the ones who see beyond the narrow path, are always laughed at, both feared and mocked by society–until their vision is realized, the effort to hide it is the conspiracy, and suddenly the blind can see. It has always been like this. What precious footage this video is. And placed and dated. Thank you Dane!

    By the way, the effects of geoengineering do vary, apparently. For instance, all our trees that lose leaves did. Our gardens were spectacular last year. However, when I accidentally left the big water dish for my chickens out in the yard and it rained, the chickens would not drink from it. They do have a nipple waterer in coop, but much prefer to gulp the water. Only one tried and I swear made a pinched face, taking just two tinny sips and walking away. After harvesting my plums, AFTER, some branches sported new blossoms! In 34 years I’ve never seen this before. A neighbor commented how some of her summer blooming plants were blooming in the winter. True. Few I know watch TV, much less American Idol but even if they did, I would not begrudge them their pleasures. Most people I know are over worked, stressed, burdened. They don’t only not notice the sky, they notice very little at all but for what they are looking for. A friend recently went back to visit her childhood home and into woods where I’ve never been-in the north east, before the snow. I asked her to be my eyes, to see what she saw and I mentioned trees and plants and so much more. She said ok, she’d look at Everything. She noticed plants coming up just at winter that normally do not come up until summer. That made her curious. There are different approaches to wake people up, rather, train them to see again-the way we all once saw things as a child, when everything was a mystery and a wonder and as yet unknown.

    Identifying with the Native part of my mixed blood, how I wish the Invaders had listened to our great orators who said things like: Why would we rip and tear at our mother’s breasts? This in regard to mining and such. Must have seemed poetic to the Invaders who could not imagine how literal. Many like to say that Natives here did not accomplish anything-no monuments to the wonderfulness of themselves, etc. But! What an accomplishment to live here for tens of thousands of years, never polluting the waters or land, never over populating, leaving barely a trace upon this land. That indeed is quite the accomplishment!

    • Hello again Rachel Robson:

      You are right. It does take a PHD to become as stooopid as many of these "scientists" have proven out.

      About that "conspiracy theorist" situation, and the process of manipulating public perceptions. > Here's how it's done:

      A Prophetic Clip From a 1981 Sitcom Explains the Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission and the NWO Agenda (video)


  16. Marc says:

    The success of the HAARP and geoengineering weather modification agendas lies in the curious fact that the average moron, whether he or she wears a suit or wears overalls, doesn’t matter, cannot comprehend that such technologies even exist, much less that they are actively deployed every day. These videos are fantastic because they can be added to our arsenal of FACTS!!!
    The footage of the meteorologist with the map of southern Florida is particularly incredible. Bottom line, it’s a miracle any of us are allowed to have a clue as to what the hell is really influencing our weather. The layers of subterfuge are so thick and impenetrable that it’s no wonder the American people are confused. And yet, the cat appears to be out of the bag. Awareness is spreading that, at the very least, something strange is going on.
    We xenophobes would do well to investigate some of the excellent video compilations on You Tube, (one of which Dane posted inside an article like maybe 2 days ago), that give a graphic overview of weather anomalies and disasters around the world.

  17. zav says:

    Maybe rt is finally have a change of heart about covering geoengineering

  18. Karen W says:

    SBX-1 where are you now?

  19. Have you seen that crazy article?


    What they are doing themselves all the time they blame on Russia! Of course, they are probably also a part of weather manipulation.

  20. james says:

    interesting – did not know that Dept. of Commerce runs NOAA

  21. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…wondering if there is speculation or any predictive info about what the geoengineers would do should N America/Europe reach the point of “awareness saturation” and really push back on this issue?

    Would the information floodgates bust open to stop this or would there be a higher level of lying and misdirection or even higher level of assault on the earth?

    Also, productive lunch opportunity yesterday to reach out to 2 friends when weather topic came up. As Dane states, I told them, “smoke & mirrors show with snow/cold in eastern half of US, while west and rest of world baking”. One friend perked up and said her brother lives in CA and has been talking about this to her.

    Sent both to Danes site and the brother as well.

  22. Frank says:

    What if thousands of cell towers with over 50,000 watts each were used rather than a pair of big Haarp arrays? Multiple signal source locations would allow the drawing of patterns, patterns which many people have noticed in weather radar.


    • David says:

      Frank I have had the same thoughts for years now,What if they are using Cell towers and the Gwen Towers to do weather control on a local base's.


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