Corporate Media Helping To Hide Climate Engineering


The short 4 minute video below is not new, but is completely relevant and most have likely not seen it. The power structure controlled corporate media machine does exactly what it is told to do, no more and no less. Those that work in this arena of lies and coverups have long since sold any honor they may once have had. It’s up to all of us to hold them to account. We must make it clear to them that we (the public they claim to serve) are not OK with their false and incomplete reporting on any issues, let alone issues of immense importances that pose a lethal public threat. Mainstream media has ignored and marginalized the subject of global climate engineering for far too long, there is no excuse for this. At this point, the media’s role in hiding the climate engineering threat should be considered nothing less than criminal. Though the report in the following link may seem objective to some, is it really? Was there a sincere attempt by NBC to find solid answers? Or did they just make theater out of what should have been a real investigation, only to leave their viewers bewildered at the end of the story? NBC stuck to the officially marginalized “chemtrail” term. They allow one “expert” to say that spraying aluminum and barium would be “benign” in the environment (which is patently false). They claim they will continue with their “investigation” but have they? We must all work together in order to sound the alarm until we reach critical mass of awareness with the general population. When this goal is reached, there will be a shockwave around the globe as the public wakes up to the fact that they have all been test subjects in a massive lethal experiment without their knowledge or consent.
Dane Wigington

22 Responses to Corporate Media Helping To Hide Climate Engineering

  1. michael says:

    This is the most serious of issues the Whole World is effected by and its totally wrong no matter what your politics or reason may be. No Government or any other agency should be able to be stuffing around with the planets Natural process. It must be part of the plan of the New World Order to force the whole Planet into a compromised position as its a Global issue, and this is what is happening in all aspects of human life its being manipulated to establish a One World system.All Cultures .Religions. economics, educational systems ,media powers are being controlled to Globalize us into one mind set.The Mark of the Beast.

  2. Dan says:

    Why no spraying today in temevula yesterday and day before lots of exotic clouds in front of the sun lots of evidence furious spraying

  3. JR says:

    Sorry bastards are still destroying our rain or snow clouds and the winds come in these past days. These suckers love evil and deceit don’t they, Southwest N.M.-USA?

  4. Tim says:

    Freedom Ranger – partly why CO comments so much is because they hammer us day after day after day….

  5. Bane says:

    I spend a lot of time viewing pacific satellite image off the Pacific NW. It seems to me the low pressure systems are discombobulated. There is a general disorganization of the fronts. Cohesion is missing. The classic comma counter-clockwise rotations are badly formed, and broken up into pieces that seem to have a separate energy. There have been a number of tropical fronts to approach California. They should produce buckets of rain as I can recall in years past. Instead, we an inch or so, and much of the precip. is in mist form
    form. Of course, as usual, we are sprayed every time a front approaches, which of late had been damned near every day here in Mendocino. And huge rafts of white grunge floats over all the time from their spraying out over the Pacific Ocean.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Well, it’s beginning to come out of the closet, but we don’t want “them” to set the narrative. If this was any sort of credible reporting, there would have been at least a little research. And what can be said for a lying expert?

    Bills coming before Congress? Again, we cannot let them set the narrative. Now’s not the time to be lax in our efforts to tell the truth.

    Wishing all who come here Courage, Perseverance and Love 🙂

  7. Carol says:

    They did a little better with this piece, but when Professor Fleming started using terms like “weaponizing the weather” and began pointing out the poor track record for these programs as well as the inherent dangers of pursuing it, they would quickly interrupt or change the subject on him. I am glad that he was able to make a few good points, but it was probably lost in translation, for those uneducated on the subject.

  8. Kathleen McGuire says:

    Keep spreading the word.

  9. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, the polar vortex is another lie! How many hundreds of thousands of weather reports have we all heard over the course of our lives and this term has NEVER been mentioned until this past year or two??? What a crock! These people are desperately grasping at straws and sound like idiots up there trying to make all these ridiculous temperature swings in weather seem normal. What jerks!

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Prof. Gregory Benford you are a lying sack of &#*#! Working with the DOE and covering up for these crimes. Shame on you- How can you look at yourself in the mirror each day?.. And the same old lie told by the Air Force that these are harmless condensation trails, no such thing as chemtrails! Such a dog and pony show given by these clowns that have no integrity whatsoever. They think we are really STUPID but THEY are the real fools digging graves for all life on this earth. I hope their reward is to burn in a lake of fire for eternity. (Sorry folks, I just had to vent on this one!)

  11. Freedom Ranger says:

    I think Colorado has the most enlightened people on the planet. Almost 50% of the comments on this site seem to me are from Coloradans. I think this state will figure prominently in the resistance to the evil which engulfs the world. I think Colorado is where the resistance that will change the world will begin.

  12. Freedom Ranger says:

    This is what happens when you give NAZI scientists safe harbor in your country after they have done the most atrocious things. It seems OUR Nazi simply continued their abhorrent work. We should have prosecuted every NAZI doctor and scientist. Why is it scientist are so easily corruptable? Do they simply live in a world of Data? Is raw data all that matters, not the how or why of it? Lord I am upset today. I just believe we deserve a world where we dont have to work ourselves to death just so we dont go homeless or starve. I get so angry when I see the super rich who dont work but live off of interest. Interest that can only exist because of the sacrifices of American soldiers. I get so angry when they say people are destroying the Earth but they and their children are special and different. This world could be such a paradise if we could isolate the gene for evil and destroy it.

  13. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Great to hear the news talk about chemtrails and Geoengineering. Now is the ripe time to contact your legislators. Just ask their secretaries to pass on your message. Stress that it is very important to the secretary.
    Let’s continue with Dane to Sound the Alarm!

  14. CBS blocked my comment on the polar vortex YouTube video they put up. How shameful.

  15. JR says:

    I used to see crap in morning like purple looking rain clouds in late 80’s early 90’s but no rain after going to work in grind of natural gas construction lines and basically forgot with work. I should of known better after seeing weird looking jet trails in ’77, my old man said they were contrails so I left it at that?! Man oh man we were duped then, yeah. I can only imagine some of these punks spraying us now were wet nosed kids back then and so easily manipulated, but not all of them kids today. Today here in Southwest, New Mexico-USA our snow and or rain clouds were decimated to nothing with SAG all day. It was somewhat cold this morning but warmed up with SAG sprayings and then we get the wind to accompany after our skies are trashed. These acts are no less crimes on us and believe these criminals should stand before the American citizen for punishment. Just like the Nazi with genocide after WWII were hung even after 50 years and some living good lives while others on the run, scumbags. Any and all complacent with these evil acts I believe will one day pay, some worse than others with hell as their new home.

  16. Marc says:

    This pitiful little piece of so-called reportage is nonetheless significant in that it suggests that the general public may be slowly but surely waking up to the fact that SOMETHING is going on in the skies. The piece is rather sophomoric in it’s approach, considering the massive quantities of relevant data that clearly point to a program already in completely full swing and negatively affecting our water, our health, our greenery, our once beautiful skies, our oceans, OUR VISIONS OF OUR FUTURE, OUR DREAMS FOR OUR CHILDREN, OUR POETRY, OUR MUSIC, OUR SENSE OF WHO WE ARE IN TIME AND SPACE ON THIS ONCE ACHINGLY BEAUTIFUL PLANET!!!!
    Indeed, the stupidity of the American people is never more in evidence than when we find that most people don’t have a clue between what a contrail is and what a chemtrail is. Is everyone asleep? Who with any brain would not question why, in the last, say, 10 years, we suddenly are seeing massive and extensive aerial trails going every which way where none existed before?
    The stupidity of the people is breathtaking nowadays. It is no wonder they have been able to get away with this for so long. Perhaps these “human interest” video pieces that are popping up here and there about climate-related issues will ultimately lead us all to a greater collective realization of just how f%$#ed we truly are by this army of misanthropes with their diabolical machinery of death.

  17. gunda says:

    I recently cut our Television viewing in half.
    A direct result of impact between Television and Remote, on the left side. Please don’t judge.

    Ana, I totally agree with you!!!!

  18. carol freiberg says:

    You don’t need a bunch of letters and titles behind your name to be an observant person. Once people start to look up, and around, at their dying trees and plants and the lack of sunlight they soon realize something is very wrong. If these people are allowed the continue this insanity we are all going to suffer the “unintended consequences” that we hear about.

  19. Freedom Ranger says:

    As soon as a government lies to the people it ceases to be a government and becomes a going concern that cares only for self preservation and thus is an instrument of oppression. This is why we are having so many problems. The government seeks to employ sociopaths that buy into the philosophy that government is more important than the people that formed it. This is who occupies government now, people who despise the limits the constitution imposes, people who want imperial power. I doubt voting changes anything since both sides have this view. This is why neither side Republicans or Democrats wanted to investigate 9/11 because if the truth came out people would lose all faith government and impose severe restrictions on any remaining governance. Since 9/11 I look at all government employees as traitors because they are. They produce nothing and their only mission is to extort illegal fines and tax revenue, they distort all truths and provoke fear and division in order to RULE not govern. I am so angry that people before I was born thought it was OK to deprive me of my god given rights i.e. Federal Reserve. Woodrow Wilson, the congress had no right to deprive future generations of the god given right to interest free money. This whole government needs an enema. It is has become a monster. It has abused us for far too long and the cowards who say they govern us do so against our collective will, we do not consent. We do not consent to extortion, lies and fraud to commit rape, murder and war… We do not consent.

  20. Michel B says:

    In the vast ocean of silence around this issue, this article seems groundbreaking. Public dialogue raised for public airing. Of course it doesn’t go far enough and many of the issues are dealt with in that placatory manner, which includes lies on the part of the “expert”.

    On a side: the word ‘expert’ is used as a term that is meant to demean the views of the public. When someone in the public has observed something worth questioning, an “expert” is brought in to pat the little errant …… on the head and condescendingly explain why he is oh so wrong.

    Given the scope of lies, i.e. planet-wide, I believe no expert can be believed just because the media refers to them as “experts”. The lies are buying the powers-that-be enough time to carry out their programs.

    The ocean of data that this website has offered has to be delivered into the consciousness of the public as soon as possible. Informing the public is paramount, lest they learn when it is all too late.

  21. nomad says:

    The Prof, works in weather research, yet he apparently has never seen a chemtrail before. “That’s very odd,” he says. “They could be very large contrails.” Shouldn’t a weather expert be able to identify a contrail? Especially, shouldn’t he have noticed at some point in his research that lingering “contrails” from planes were merging into translucent clouds? The fact that he hasn’t is what’s very, very odd.

  22. Ana says:

    I guess we are in the “near future” already or even since the 50´s once that these programes of weather control started almost automaticly afther the second world war and were specially developed during cold war(and perhaphs getting even more sofisticated weather programes year afther year) and here we are getting the results (or consequences) of such long extended in Time experimentations.So ,they wanted to be “owning the weather till 2025” so i guess they got it but they just own now a “synthetic”(unatural)and unsustainable dieing world .I don´t know why they continue to deny all the evidence we are seeing everyday in our skies!…maybe they are still keeping the lie “alive” for the disbelievers about the existence of such weather modification programes taking place but at the same time maybe they (the Media) want to look impartial or to look unaware /naive/ignorant about this subject (wich i truely doubt).To be honest i don´t believe that the Media have no knowledge of this if we all here know already and we are not the MEDIA that have more easily access to classified information and then they “give a look” on the subject to seem more credible that nothing is truely going on(except in our heads) -“NOT YET” at least ,maybe in a “NEAR FUTURE” -so i guess we all that are seeing these permanent trails in the skies are just visionaries (and we didn´t even knew about these “paranormal” abilities we have…incredible!)
    One thing i can´t understand :If this is all so normal or so good to us why so much secrecy or such a orquestrated silence in the Media for all these years ?Makes no sense to me ! something must be very wrong for all these people like: geoengineers,governments,corporations,big ecological groups,Vatican etc.-to be so dubious ,toignore it ,to be afraid to talk about it or to make of this a taboo issue…What´s going on?Aren´t we suposed to live in a democracy and with all that implies? so why all this secrecy and deceive about this subject? …I´m afraid it could be so much worst already that maybe it could bring many powerful people down with it if many people in the world would get aware about it!
    The way the journalist on this vídeo does the interviews seems like he is making questions that he already knows the answers very well and probably knows even more than all those people he is interviewing…yes,seems like theater to me! and worst:seems to me that the Media is treating all of us as children or retarted…

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