Did Geoengineering Just Kill Almost 200,000 Alpacas In Peru?


Dane Wigington

The climate engineers have an endless array of weather scenarios to create havoc, destruction, and death. Completely engineered protracted droughts are one form of climate engineering assault as we currently see in California, Brazil, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Australia, Africa, Russia, and other regions around the globe. Deluge and flooding are also a weapons of the climate engineers. But there is another form of weather warfare that is less recognized and understood (even by many that are aware of the geoengineering issue), chemically ice nucleated winter storms. Though many think engineering snow storms is impossible, it is, in fact, a primary tool of the climate engineers. The Chinese openly announced their engineered snow storms until they did over a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing. On October 4th, 2013, a completely freak "winter storm"  killed nearly 100,000 cattle in South Dakota. This event was truly astounding given the very warm temperatures that surrounded South Dakota at the time. I took screen shots of the temperature maps at the time and penned an article of the event. Take a good look at the maps below, the scenario they show is shocking. Cattle are very cold tolerant animals, how could they possibly freeze to death at temperatures that were present on the October 4th event of 2013? There were far above freezing temperatures in South Dakota at the time, why was it snowing at all? There were temperatures of 85 degrees and rain in Chicago, what really killed the South Dakota cattle?


Spraying chemical and biological ice nucleating elements has allowed the climate engineers to radically (although temporarily) cool down large regions. We saw this throughout the 2014-2015 winter in places like the eastern US and Boston. In doing so, the desired headlines are created which then fuel division and confusion in regard to public opinion on the actual state of the climate. South Dakota is not the only place where engineered winter assaults are occurring. In 2011, some 200,000 alpacas were sickened and/or killed by an unusual cool-down. In 2013, 250,000 alpacas met the same fate. Now again, in 2015, the same scenario is playing out in Peru, nearly 200,000 alpacas have succumbed to extremely unusual conditions. Alpacas are built for cold, why are they dying in such massive numbers in a world that is experiencing record warmth? 


June 2015 was the warmest June ever recorded, following May 2015, also a record warm month. The start to 2015 is the warmest ever recorded even surpassing the start to 2014, the warmest year ever recorded. Why would we imagine so many unprecedented die-off events to be natural given the knowledge that the climate is being completely manipulated around the globe? When we know that artificial snow storms are real and even being reported on by organizations like FOX news? When we also know there are patents for creating artificial snow storms which then generate a completely unnatural "snow" composition? Chemically nucleated snow is sticky, typically heavy, and unusually cold to the touch due to the endothermic reaction from the chemical nucleation process. The climate engineers leave nothing untouched, nothing untainted. There is no natural weather, there is only the results of the highly toxic and  completely out of control climate engineering insanity. Get active, help to sound the alarm on the geoengineering assault.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Environmental Protection Agency does not give a hoot about anything but the scum that run it. All you have to do is dig in the Archives of all the comments on Danes site and see how Ruthless (Useless) they are.
    As for all the dying Alpaca's mentioned here, again dig into to Danes site and read the numerous reports of everything dying including human beings.
    Most don't even worry about all this so called Conspiracy Stuff until they do a bit of research and find out for themselves that this is No Conspiracy. 
    I have been so sick lately and all I have to do is Look Up and see why.
    I know Dane is very particular about what he is trying to Expose to everyone and they should certainly listen to him only because he knows more on the SRM then any one that I have researched.
    That is a real good thing because we are all on this Sinking Ship without a Doubt.
    Only the foolish would think otherwise. I am real sorry to hear that Paul has problems due to the EMF exposure, but he works real hard in his post's to try to Alert people of the problems that we all face.
    Good for Paul.
    Now that everybody here that don't denie the fact that we are bombarded daily, I say thanks to you all for paying attention.
    As for the total majority that think that everything is Okie Doky.
    Good Luck to those Deniers. When something happens to them or a loved one they most likely won 't be able to figure it out.
    I have watched a lot of people succumb to this and I will see most likely see many more.
    We all have to stand tall here and realize that this is no joke.
    Keep up the Superb work Dane.

  2. David Almanza says:

    Their may be people who realize the present condition we are in and do not express it. I watched R.Polanski`s "Chinatown" again and related the situation only on a global scale. I  believe that Earth Mother is suffering from "man`s foolishness of greed" but still it gives only absolute Love in return. I can only try to defend and emulate that  Love from Earthly Mother and Spirit Father to the end of my own existence. Thank You all for Your concern in these critical times.  dna

  3. Guy Marty says:

    I talk a lot about chem trials. now I can tell people to look up your site. I need to do more.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    By the way, the Mercola report I mentioned said the EPA cannot account for 8 Trillion dollars.  The Navy can't account for 8 Trillion dollars.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Two separate figures of 8 Trillion dollars, or one and the same?  Just to wrap your brain around that number, 8 trillion, if my math is right, that would be enough to give each person on this planet a million bucks and change.  Hmmmmm.  That would be Change indeed!

  5. stephan says:

    Hey Jenny – My stewardess sister in laws response to the issue of her fellow stewardesses and pilots getting cancer was sending me a link to a watchdog site that supposedly monitors flight crews health world wide due to "cosmic radiation". Unfortunately she seems to be in quiet denial about the spraying even though she offered the fact that when they flew through the trails it was like "HITTING A BRICK WALL". Meaning much more resistance on the aircraft than normal clouds.I'm going to send her info on this and cross my fingers hoping she starts to realize what those crews are flying through. My concern is even if I convinced her of the spraying she like the majority would be silent and continue on in their cartoon like life.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    What a lot of brilliant, compassionate, passionate comments here!  Gives me hope and comfort.  Love the comment about Dane mixing data with compassion-and I'd add humility and perseverance.

    Marc, in your post near the top, about your "friend" with his head up his ass, sounds exactly like my friend, ex-friend now, as not only can I not stand his refusal to even consider geoengineering as real, he argues everything seemingly just to win-win what, I don't know.  Your comments were exquisite.  I always enjoy your comments, but the exhilaration of fighting the good fight and being true to oneself, fighting Evil is inspiring and so true.  And basically what I said to my shrink as he wondered why I'd be involved, all so depressing, etc.  Could not believe he even asked ME that.  He knows me or thinks he does and I guess I pretend he does.  This guy is so bright, yet so fixated in his own bubble.  In situations like this I console myself that at least I am not married to this or that person.  I can walk away and I do.  I'd quote you to him, but it would make no difference.  

    Someone else commented about character.  And someone about the Dali Lama.  Dali says that first one must have a strong moral and ethical core.  I seem to have been born that way as my parents certainly are not responsible.  Our educational system sucks.  Used to be kids with rotten homes could find some inspirational teacher, or get hooked on reading.  But no.  Our educational system lags so far behind most of the world.  Hard to blame the kids for no moral compass.  I don't think mine or grandchildren quite get it yet, or ever will.  To them, it is whatever works.  Insofar as they can scope out working which is not far, so I'm trying to be an example-NOT WORKING!!!

    Example of above is Pacific fish.  My kids all love fish, do fish, ocean too.  My daughter more or less forced me to eat some salmon the other day.  I gave all the reasons why not, but had to admit it looked good, claimed to be wild, and wow did it taste good and my body felt good afterwards.  Some of her Native relatives fish as a way of life.  And just below where Hanford nuclear waste storage empties into the Columbia.  People seem to forget that even prior to blatant geoengineering, the fish, big ones had tons of mercury-long time now.  Then there are the likes of PBCs and a tons of other crap.  And people seem not so aware of what the Navy been doing to our ocean since 2013 with their war practice games right against the coast.  Not even counting all the human waste dumped from rivers to boats to ships and even cruises and fuel too.  And not counting all the nukes blown in and above the Pacific.  Geoengineering is like the icing on that dead cake.

    Paul, After my EPA comments, well, you have lots of comments and suggestions and references to what others have done, so I'm wondering what you have done or tried?  Even wondering what you do, what your work or line of interest is or was before this?  So many insights, so on target, so angry, but you do confuse me sometimes.  My comments about the EPA and your mentioning, along with me, how rotten that system, quicksand and all that-but my point was how very many people actually believe in them.  My thinking was to pull the rug out from that. Break that illusion wide open, let the guts of it spill out.  If we wait for the government to change, or for a lawsuit, it would be one long wait.  Can't wait.  Must save Earth and ourselves.  Even my daughter won't believe me about fish, though there is one very good reason she should, but if this was all over the news-which won't happen other than blank curiosity with no follow through-what?!!  If the EPA said something, docs said something, then she "might" listen.

    People think this is all just doom and gloom.  But it is!  People seem to think I seek it out.  No, I am awake and aware and I care!  As any right minded person should!  Would that the exhilaration would last longer than the depressing bits which just keep adding up, all the way up to the top of Peru! 

    • Hi Rachel, I've worn out allot of hats in my life, from painter and auto mechanic, to residential construction, to a curator at a private museum, to real estate agent, and on and on. My primary interest was always in music or the reproduction of music. I'm also a self-taught electronics engineer and poet… Heh, try that combination on…

      Electromagnetic poisoning pretty much knocked the wheels off the bus for me. I am now quite disabled from involuntary radio frequency exposures. Seems our loving military and communications ghouls are using massive electromagnetic emissions to exterminate the planet, and of course that means us…

      I always come back to the EPA, because the EPA is a large slow moving target that needs to be shot down in flames. Read the bullshit page >

      Air Pollutants | Air and Radiation | US EPA



      I guess depleted uranium, toxic metals, and all the rest of the EPA approved (yet man-made) sky-crap should be given a round of applause. Amurika the beautiful. Clap, clap, choke, choke, thud… 

    • J says:

      I wanted to say, it sounds like we have the same families and friends! I used to try to give a crap about them all, until they shunned the truth in favor of something more comfortable. I simply walked away. One has to take control of their own destiny, and not let others drag them down. If they cannot "get with the program" of logic, reason, compassion, understanding and love, they will suffer for it in the end. Personally, I'd rather cut ties early on without getting to know someone so well before watching them bury their heads in the sand, whistling Dixie while they march lockstep to their destruction.  

  7. Marc says:

    Don't know about you guys but if I were you, I'd divest from any involvement with the stock markets, regardless. The signs of collapse are everywhere around us…..mass die-offs around the world, the Pacific die-offs leaving all but we awakened ones scratching their heads wondering why? Uh, Hello? Can you say Fukushima and …….geoengineering? I mean c'mon people, can any thinking, observant person who's even marginally clued in to their environment and alt-news around the web on the rapidly unfolding undoing of earth's ecologies, not fail to be screaming out loud alarmed and pissed off? But here again, as Dane always reminds us, it is only a matter of time before these atrocities move front and center, I mean, like, right IN OUR FACES!!! What is it going to take for the multitudinous morons to fricking wake up? And then what? So what…..if they wake up? Will it be too little too late, as the saying goes??? 

       I suspect strongly that there exist so many clueless folks who are so utterly divorced from connection to planet/nature/biosphere (other than their own toxic bodies) that even when complete total meltdown and crash occurs they will still cling tightly to their cluelessness and lack of understanding about what brought us all to this point. Perhaps if I'm wrong about this, then maybe that would suggest we are closer to critical mass of awareness than I give humanity credit for. In any case, I pray every day (to what I'm not sure) for cosmic assistance in decapitating the "brains and command center" of these unfolding atrocities, while doing what little I can to spread awareness.

  8. Bob Armstrong says:

    I live in northern Ontario near Sudbury and have been monitoring the skies daily here for the last several years. We don't live anywhere near a major airport, but have seen as many as 24 jets in one day spraying. I have seen 4 of them, 1 behind the other,  about 2 minutes apart, flying the same direction. I know for a fact they are spraying and that a "Spray Day" will always bring rain or snow the following day or days in some cases. This summer and the preceding two, we did not break 30 celcius and we normally will hit the low 30's for a few weeks in July and August. Our last 2 winters were brutally cold and long with snow events at minus 30 which does not happen normally.

    I have seen almost no bats, hummingbirds, frogs, toads, snakes, trilliums, when normally we have plenty. The blueberry crop is a failure this year.

    I try to enlighten smart people I know, and they look at me like I am on crack and can't believe someone as smart as me just said something like that. Most people though are not in tune with the environment and don't monitor what is above or below them because they are distracted by cell phones and there busy lives. Most trust government will do the right thing and don't worry about it and that is what tptb want. So, it is a hard job to enlighten when there are so many naive people in the world who behave just as sheep do.

    I have contacted Environment Canada about how it must be difficult to predict the weather when chemtrails are being sprayed almost daily and they sent back a politician written form letter similar to one of your other commenters that said blah, blah, blah, and assumed I was still asleep.

    Dane, maybe legal action is the best route to take in flushing out the people who are responsible, because how else will they be held accountable, except if they stand in front of a judge. Good work!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, legal wheels are turning, I am directly involved with the attorneys (some from Canada). We hope to be able to make announcments soon as to their course of action.

    • laura hall says:

      Who will the judge be and who gets to prioritize the long list of murders and thieves

    • Rosalie says:

      Imagine if unionized Parks workers and any other government employees working outside in the metallic skies, started to call in sick regularly. Explanation: toxic air leading to their declining health. Back it up with a plethora of medical tests, on the taxpayers' dime.  Once it starts hitting people in the pocketbock (taxpayers) and affecting politicians in their chances for re-election, I think this could be an effective way to force change and open peoples' eyes. These are the people around the world that must be enlightened because they have unions supporting them and it puts the focus on government.  

    • Kira Nelson says:

      Good facts, thanks for sharing. One thing we can all do….now that we have this information, thanks to Dane and the others involved in this documentation:  TELL THE UNIVERSE THAT WE DON'T AGREE WITH  THIS. Announce intent for these gubmint entities to leave this planet, which they hate anyway. I have found this really helps me to not feel like a victim of their evil. If you don't believe in God, pick any Higher Power and make a declaration. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, it had to happen given the conditions we now have. Extremely warm slow flowing streams that are filled with the fallout of heavy metals (and whatever else they may be spraying) from climate engineering. This is just the beginning.

  9. Marc says:

    Try this one on for size, folks. I have a very close friend, a great musician and an irreparable narcissist. His arrogance and self-importance I find puzzling and quite counterproductive to arriving at what should be simple mutual understanding, no matter what the issue. Enter GEOENGINEERING! Yep, this is the same guy who thought that when I shut my pie-hole several months ago because of his caustic arrogance and condescension when I brought up geoengineering, that HE won the "argument" with me about geoengineering. Remember folks, when you argue with a fool, it's hard to tell the difference. ( an idea he can't comprehend)

    So check this out. This same friend has been into an Indian guru for many decades. He subscribes to the Hindu cosmological concept of "YUGAS" or "epochs" or "ages", if you will. In contemporary western Hinduism/ spiritualism many folks are into the idea that each yuga carries it's own inherent structure regarding the destiny or unfoldment of mankind's activities and the spiritual implications contained therein. When I bring up geoengineering and the incomprehensible evil behind it, my friend just cavalierly writes it off as an expression of whatever Yuga we are currently in (and even this is in dispute) and says there is nothing you can do about it so why bother worrying about it…it's pointless……what needs to happen is gonna happen regardless of whatever "I" may think or do.

    All I can say is…………….Thank GOD there are millions of us who don't subscribe to such utter pseudo-spiritual bullshit. Even if we fail in our concerted efforts to halt geoengineering, in the eyes of God and our own souls we will know at the deepest possible spiritual level of  "who we are" that whatever we did to help preserve our home and lessen the suffering of an infinitude of living beings was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT AND WAS THE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT THING TO DO…..as in the Buddhist tenet of "right action". 

    Yes, I know many of us do despair from time to time about all this. But somehow I feel indescribable exhilaration knowing that even if we fail, and the whole planet goes "Venus", that goddammit, we did what we could in what can only be described as a sacred war against the forces of EVIL in this world. And make no mistake about it. What the millions who come here, and who around the world are joining in on this fight, are really engaged in is a WAR AGAINST EVIL. I don't give a shit what religion anyone is, or how anyone frames what we are trying to accomplish. WE ARE FIGHTING THE FORCES OF EVIL IN THIS WORLD. FORCES THAT WOULD EXULT IN OUR DEATHS, OR PERHAPS SETTLE FOR OUR PROTRACTED SUFFERING AS A BY-PRODUCT OF THEIR QUEST TO ESTABLISH SOME IMAGINARY FUTURE UTOPIA.


    • Hey Marc, you stated: "Yes, I know many of us do despair from time to time about all this. But somehow I feel indescribable exhilaration knowing that even if we fail, and the whole planet goes "Venus", that goddammit, we did what we could in what can only be described as a sacred war against the forces of EVIL in this world."

      That exhilaration is the knowing of the true self. It is the most precious element of life, Never give it up or yield to that which is not within… Peace brother…

    • Michel B says:

      You don't have to be a psychopath or narcissist (a lesser psychopath) in order to express a capacity for utterly illogical rationale. Ignorance and miseducation achieve it as well. Our ability to be absurd might be equal to our ability for its opposite, but I reason that it is not, hence we have a chance at us 'good guys' overcoming these obstacles.

      Whatever labels we put on the bad guys, one thing is for sure: they just don't care about anything except for gaining power. They are like the Terminator in that they cannot be reasoned with and they will not stop unless made to do so.

      I have narcissists in my life too and a few psychopaths here and there. After about 15 years of exposure to them with subsequent damage and a big lesson in life, I know how to corner and expose them. I cannot change them, though, for no appeal can work.

      Dane makes the clearest and best approach to his work in exposing these programs: he utilises data and compassion. The scientist and the spiritualist combined. We are immediately against these programs because we feel in the depths of our souls and very being that they are wrong. What compassionate person could agree with them? The Dalai Lama once said, "My religion is kindness." I don't think you can get less orthodox or more succinct than that.

    • George says:

      Hey Michael B,

      You penned a reply just below so succinct and correct that All Honest Folks ought to take notice of it. Wow!

      You have some serious explaining skills. Honest Folks need guys like you if we are to tip scales and maybe win the war for a time.

      Comment at JesusChrist.com

    • Larry says:

      AMEN Brother…..

    • Kira Nelson says:

      See my above post—-it really helps me to announce : I do not agree with environmental torture and destruction of the Earth. 
      I do this daily & how to act is shown to me. I rescued my house from an illegal foreclosure this way, despite not qualifying for a loan or having an attorney. Declarations of intent work.
      I don't agree with these entities being here; the power is ours, along with help from God to get rid of them. There is no half way, one is either for life on the planet or against it. They are against it. 

  10. I URGE ALL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD TO NOT GO AND VOTE AT YOUR NEXT ELECTIONS! INSTEAD' INVADE THE STREETS AND ASK FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO TELL ALL THE HIDDEN TRUTHS! I know, I'm dreaming but, it would be so much more useful and it would send a powerful message to the elites that we will no longer tolerate tyranny!

  11. JW in Victoria says:

    I would only add three letters to Isis chr.
    spells crisis. This is what the scumbag elite are spelling out! Time to rise. We will honor this mother earth, and the scumbags will get their due!
    Keep up the good fight people. We will prevail.

  12. Oh My Heavens!
    This is just horrible! The insanity of what our governing officials are doing not only to plant life, NOW this dreadful story about the Alpacas in Peru.  Talk about break your heart….
    Thank you so much, Dane. You truly are fighting a horrific battle. But we are behind you and our God goes before you. PRESS ON! I am so saddened by this with the killing of these helpless Alpacas! Oh, God have mercy!  Thank you, Dane for keeping us informed. Yes, we KNOW YOU ARE FIGHTING IN THE FRONT LINES.  BLESSINGS UPON YOU!
    I'm taking this to Russ Tanner's site, OrbisVitae (dotcom).

  13. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul Vonhamish, Good to hear I am finally up to par for you!  And that Dane is working with lawyers.  And of course there is push back, duh.  I do not think we all have enough time, nor patience nor health for a lengthy lawsuit, nor do I believe such is necessary.  This Beale person drew his full pay as if working AFTER his retirement party for a full year before anyone caught it and that by chance.  And, his salary was higher than his administrator's, i.e. Gina McCarthy.  Since when does anything like this EVER happen in business?  WTF indeed!  Even if we "forgot" about poisoned skies for a minute, this would still be HUGE.  Many people actually believe we have a functioning EPA.  Like my neighbor, who has a degree-she says-in Environmentalism-whatever the hell that means, travels the world and all over the states on a regular basis, found when she researched, 3 weather modification sites in US and actually saw one in action in Texas last year-still won't believe because the Sierra Club doesn't, and this and that "reputable" organizations don't, AND because the EPA doesn't-and she's made friends with someone in the EPA who came to visit, and so she spent a ton of time cleaning her already clean home, very nervous and excited to have this EPA person visit.  So, the thing I mentioned that I found via Mercola.com, I made a bunch of copies and I gave one to her yesterday.  She said she'd read it, then discus with her EPA friend.  I swear, I WILL spontaneously combust!  To trick a populace with the fairy tale of an Environmental Protection Agency-which allows more than 85,000-yes they upped it and may up it more-chemicals-most not studied or reviewed, Monsanto and their ilk, "revolving door for lobbyists"-this jumps the lawsuit shark and should go straight away to high treason, with urgency.

    I'm gonna see if I can start a petition as promised I can, via a credible petition site, asking for Gina's head on a platter, the 8 trillion dollars back, the whole agency sacked and start over with no restrictions by government other than the truth.  I mean its efing job is to rein in governmental "mishaps", biases, lobbyists, etc., in the name of truth, science, proof.  This is, obviously, worse than Wall Street.  Money is not the real issue as much as life, sickness and death owing to NO government oversight, NO Federal standards and NO follow through–this a crime of the most horrific sort, deceiving and depriving citizens of knowledge of what hideous chemicals they are living in.  Forget dead cattle, dead Alpacas no matter how sad.  Dead PEOPLE, dead PLANET, dead OCEANS.  Heads must roll and fast.  If more people knew and understood the ramifications of no EPA in this day and age, a serious flaming arrow of awareness would light such a fire we'd no longer have to fight to get people to understand geo-engineering.  It would be revealed, along with all the rest.  Including the push back and from whom.  And why.

    Paul, I cannot believe you thought some lawyers would see your postings and DO something.  So many of the visits to this site are like you and me, repeats, checking up on things, doing a long time pressure cooker hard boil–I mean the petitions here gathered so very very few it could not fly.

    Many environmentalists would wake up if they realized the EPA is bought and sold.  People would quit saying things like why would the government spray us.  BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!!!!!!  Stupid is as stupid does, and these jerk offs are stupid, and counting on an uninformed public.  Because, you know, politics is so boring…… 

    • Hello Rachel Robson: Heh… EPA = Executive Protection Association…

      There's plenty of government oversight looking at this site. Many of those hits are agency coverage. But government oversight is about looking at reality in a circus hall of mirrors. These persons are actors and actresses on a very expensive stage that tyranny bought them. The stage is built on quicksand, and the water is rising fast.

  14. Melody Meachum says:

    @ Ken…I'm in SW MI…so same weather/activity. Weeks ago they were laying down low east to west parallel trails stretching some 20 miles long. It was unbelieveable – very sci-fi like. Do you think there was as much as a squeak out of anyone? Naw! Dumbed-down, pre-occupied (gadgetry) hurried people throughout the western world. Never stopping to question what they see. Again, "none so blind as those who refuse to see."

    As of late, the trails have basically stopped, but we now have the high altitude sprays. You won't see the tankers (as Dane has told us), but you can hear them going back & forth. In less than an hour, the whiteout begins. What is this newest substance that's so effective? Is it now just more dense particulate or have they patened a new line of aerosols? How much more is this metal cocktail complicated by the cloud brightening (bleaching) which rains down on us daily. The copious amounts of rain many parts of the country receive may SEEM to clear the air, but only helps to deeply saturate everything else ten fold!

    I need to end with a little bright news…I do observe a few more people catching on. It's just whether they're going to do something..ANYTHING about it!  Most have no idea how dire things really are!!!

  15. Laura Hefner says:

    Hi Dane , I'm wondering if you would know wether the spraying / chemtrails are going on during night times ? Some days I see no planes chemtrailing & yet each day the air is thicker , visibly full of particles !!  I'm logging the 'clear' days here in spooky (southern) California & they are extremely far & few between . I grew up here , it's been a slow , building nightmare that in that last couple of years has increased  dramatically !!!  Would appreciate your view / info on so. Cal night spraying . Like 99% of the people on this site I Thankyou , pray & honor you . Doing all I can to wake those around me up & be in The Solution ,

    Again & again , Thankyou ,   Namaste

  16. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Be Brave and carry on.  What matters is Justice and Life.


  17. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I'm absolutely crying as I write this.  These alpaca deaths come courtesy of "free trade" agreements signed with Peru beginning in February, 2009.  How distressing it was to read there is a HAARP there along with obligations to NATO despite not being a member?

    Having lived in northern Peru on the Pacific in the Sechura from 2006 to 2009, I am witness to the clearest atmosphere and the most diverse ecosystems on Earth in a country the size of California.  

    Peru has 84 of the 103 existing ecosystems and 28 of the 32 climates on the planet, making the country the most ecologically diverse in the world. Peru also hosts the most diversity of birds, mammals, butterflies, and the Tambopata and Manu regions possess two of the most diverse flora and fauna forests in the world.

    Now aerosol trails over Machu Picchu? Abominable, but real indeed.  The photos of my Peruvian village on Google show the sickening trails that never were there before.  I'm almost happy not to witness this in person in Peru, but it was bad enough to return to our beloved Alaska to see the corrupted skies here, which also never existed before we left in 2006.

    We must stop this.  We cannot give up.  I implore help from benevolent beings on Earth and in the wider Universe.

    Love and Perseverance To All

    • Kira Nelson says:

      Peru will be destoryed for its coca production to produce drugs for cash for the ESF and other black op entities. It's almost over for Peru. Lots of Fulbright students there, studying though. Very sad. Signing any trade agreement with the US is death for that country's sovereignity.

  18. Ken says:

    West Michigan has been a hot spot for chemtrails for a long time. However, I've only seen two since Wednesday the 1st. I saw those two Wednesday (15th) evening before sunset.

    There's a big war going on right at the top of the power structure of the entire planet. You'll know we won that war when the chemtrails stop. Keep an eye on Greece and Jade Helm.  Doc.   

  19. Jan says:

    WOW!  Unbelievable!  I am crying as I write this.  There has to be just a few simple words to stop this!  Please help!   What are those WORDS!  WE MUST DO SOMETHING…..even if it is wrong.  Why can't we stop this ??  Lets all get together and do something to bring this to a CRISIS …..just think about how much we love our pets….what happens to all these wonderful companions?  God – please direct us ….. pray and beg!

    • Kira Nelson says:

      Anounce to your God and Universe that you don't accept or agree with chem trails & geo-engineering. Do it often with feeling. Things can change if we express desire for change.
      Don't forget, we got here by being unconscious and asleep to the evil.

  20. Rosalie says:

    So urgent right now.  We need to reach as many people as we can. They've really stepped it up here in Canada with the weather modifications.  Cars parked slanted in parking lots is what I see too often. And you wonder, why the push for self-driving vehicles?  So many signs all around that we're being dumbed down. It is our duty to get the word out for those who are too blind to see. Otherwise, we're guilty parties to these insane crimes being committed around the world. Thank you so much Dane for your drive and passion and fantastic insight.  

  21. Paul says:

    More insanely from these whom and temporarily in power over us..

  22. GB says:

    Regarding respiratory problems, I must mention what is working for my wife and I.  Silver100 is ionized as opposed to the traditional colloidal form/it has knocked out at least 6 colds for us so far and it knocked out a sinus infection.  Nutriodine has knocked out the asthma I've been trying to get rid of for 30 years.  I'm not connected to these companies.  I just read Dane's site every day for my own sanity.

  23. Mary P says:

    I moved from the Sacramento area to Colombia and found the spraying was even worse in a little town high in the Andes. I am now in the gringo "haven" of Cotacachi, where while better than Colombia, we are still sprayed regularly, including today. I will continue to speak out and try to open people's eyes to this ongoing attack on all life-forms.

    Thanks, Dane for all you do!

  24. Hello again folks, I don't know if Climate Destroying killed the Alpacas but, I wouldn't be surprised since today it seems they set their sight on killing me! (saying this ironicaly) Since 8:30am today until now, 1:29pm I took no less than 29 pictures of different planes over my house!!! not 2, not 9, 29!!!! It's the most I've seen so far in a long, long, long while! As I looked with my application FlightRadar24 Pro, some of the planes where on the radar and some where not. I saw even up to 4 at the same time flying in a parallel path. Yes you heard me, 4!! If I ever had a climate engineer today in front of me, I'd make him drink a barrel of what he is dumping on my head daily. I'm so pissed off right now it's unbelievable! SkyderAlert must be tired of sending out my petitioned photographs as I haven't stop sending them in as of now. I took a break to eat lunch, and now I want to relax a bit, I'm so upset! Imagine, 29 is the amount I saw, there might have been more that didn't catch my eye. I was working outside this morning that's why I saw all this spraying activity. One thing I wonder, if there are still some pilots out there denying these practices, well I saw at some time, 2 planes, one behind another and according to FlightRadar24 Pro, they we're both at 34,500 feet high! That means one was directly or close to the trail in front of it! There is no denying at that precise time. Knowing they cranked up the sprayings in 2014-2015, in hopes of owning the weather for 2025 (although I believe they already control it) I,m wondering if we will be able to awaken the sheeple living their Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat way of life. Plus, on the 12th, 13th and the 14th of July, it was painfully hot, around the 35 Celcius and the 15th and today, it suddenly dropped to 10-15 Celcius. Also, today it seems as though HAARP was fully cranked up to maximum power because the clouds are so wavy its unthinkable that people don't find it strange and unnatural. With all that being spit out to you folks, I just can't help to think that it's already too late to do something. Now it's time to simply save what's left of this carnage… Links to Jade Helm being linked to bringing safely the Elites to the bunkers while martial law is installed to make sure total chaos due to the climate cataclysm is touching ground. And people still think that govs work for the people. Yeah right! Anyways, enough said, Have a great spray day people!

    • UNBELIEVABLE! This minister should be arrested! I went to my email account and received this letter, I will copy/paste it here and you make what you will of it! Dane, maybe you could make another article with it. I downloaded the .zip file of this letter if anyone wants me to send it to them. I used my mother's name at the time of that communication. My whole name is Jonathan Bergeron Létourneau, so don't worry, it is me! Here is the letter. Sorry for the weird format, it was in Adobe PDF format, so I simply copy/pasted it here, it does these weird layouts. I hope it's readable.
      Minister of the Environment Ministre de l'Environnement
      Ottawa, Canada K1 A OH3
      JUL 1 6 2015
      Mr. Jonathan Bergeron
      Dear Mr. Bergeron
      Your Member of Parliament, the Honourable Christian Paradis, has forwarded
      to me your email message of May 5, 2015, concerning contrails and weather
      modification activities. I regret the delay in responding.
      Contrails and weather modification activities are two separate issues. ln recent
      years, some individuals have expressed concerns that airplanes emit chemically
      laden emission trails, popularly called "chemtrails." However, the long white trails
      often visible behind jets flying at high altitudes are known as contrails. They are
      produced by the exhaust of aircraft engines, typically at aircraft cruise altitudes
      several (8 to 12) kilometres above the Earth's surface. The combination of water
      vapour from the aircraft engine exhaust and law ambient temperatures that exist
      at these high altitudes allows the formation of contrails. The water vapour in the
      exhaust freezes into ice crystals, which form the clouds that are visible from the
      surface. The relative humidity in the atmosphere in the vicinity of a contrail is the
      primary variable that impacts how long a contrail lives. When the relative
      humidity is fairly high (i.e. near saturation), the contrails can provide sufficient
      moisture to initiate a long-lived cloud. Strong winds will also affect the lifespan of
      a contrail by changing their appearance and opacity as they move. ln some
      cases, contrails have lasted more than 24 hours. When the relative humidity is
      low and wind speed is high, the contrail clouds of ice crystals quickly sublimate
      and disappear.
      Contrails frequently spread out. This happens when the relative humidity of
      the atmosphere is fairly high, so that the contrail serves like a cloud initiation
      mechanism. The ice crystals grow by vapor deposition (the process whereby
      water vapour molecules deposit onto the surface of the ice crystals) and can aIso
      form new ice crystals from the nearby water vapour. These new ice crystals, in
      turn, can grow and form more ice crystals until the environment is no longer
      There are no materials being dispersed within any contrails other than water
      vapour and the regular by-products of jet fuel combustion. The increase in air
      traffic over the last two decades has inevitably caused an increase in the number
      of visible contrails in the sky, especially in the vicinity of major international
      airports. However, persistent line-shaped contrails are estimated to cover, on
      average, about 0.1 percent of the Earth's surface. This is not expected to have
      a significant effect on weather.
      – 2 –
      Regarding weather modification, there is currently only one hail suppression
      program operating in Canada. The activities are conducted in Alberta by
      Weather Modification lnc. lt uses silver iodide as a seeding agent. Weather
      Modification lnc. has been the only company undertaking weather modification
      activities in Canada during the past 15 years. The emissions produced by
      silver iodide are considered to have negligible environmental or health impacts.
      Material safety data sheets for silver iodide are readily available online.
      Measurements of silver iodide concentrations in regions where silver
      iodide-based weather modification activities have occurred have not found
      concentrations that were above the natural background concentrations. For
      long-term, larger scale weather modification operations, Environment Canada
      endorses the position of the World Meteorological Organization
      that the implications on ecosystems need to be assessed.
      At ground level, aerial spraying is regulated in Canada by several different
      federal and provincial authorities. ln order to operate aircraft for the purpose of
      aerial application in this country, an air operator certificats permitting operations
      under the Canadian Aviation Regulations, subpart 702.01, is required. The
      aircraft used for aerial spraying are designed or modified for that purpose. The
      large transport category jet aircraft that you are likely observing at high altitudes
      are not used for this purpose.
      The emissions produced from aircraft engines are a function of the fuels used.
      The specification for jet fuels is very tightly controlled. ln Canada, the
      specification for jet fuel is controlled by the Canadian General Standards Board
      committee that includes fuel suppliers, fuel users and other stakeholders. The
      specification sets all fuel parameters and prescribes test methods for ensuring
      consistent fuel quality. For further information, please visit http://www.tpsgcpwgsc.gc.
      ca/ongc-cgsb/cn-cu-eng.html or cali toll-free 1-800-665-2472.
      I trust that this information is helpful. Please accept my best wishes.

      The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, P.C., M.P.
      Minister of the Environment

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, you recieved a standard form of lies from “elected officials” that are tasked with denying the ongoing crimes in our skies. This is to be expected.

    • Hello Jonathan Letourneau: As Dane suggests, these non-responses and canned form letters are standard practice. I have several contacts in other States who have attempted to inform public officials as well. The reply letters are all coached using the same technical denials, regardless of the office or States from which the replies were sent. This phenomena points to a centralized method of control over exchanges between "government" and civilian authority. Some would suggest a massive conspiracy…


      The refusal of "officials" to comply with their proclaimed oath of office needs to be challenged and prosecuted in the courts. These "officials" are cutting their own throats, and they should be made aware of it… If you fail to follow up with a letter of intent to prosecute for treason, that failure suggests you CONSENT to be controlled by an obviously fraudulent process.


      One needs to understand that all revolutions (along with the blood-letting and destruction of property) are a direct result of absence of prosecutable Law. Contrary to what the United Nations (trade cartel) suggests, civil Law needs to be applied within a civil framework otherwise it is not a recognizable public policy…


      "Officials" all over the planet are now in Breach of Contract with the civilian populations who originally employed them to represent the public interest. Read your Constitutions. Anything suggesting that you have no civilian Rights? Have no legal recourse? Are not even human? (There are places like China, but screw China…)

      Civilians must inform (in writing) that they do not agree to this public Breach of Trust. Ineffective "officials" need to be sent to prison for fraud and treason, or hung on a public gallows…


  25. stephan says:

    I recently visited family out in western Canada. I hadn't seen my sister in law in many years. She has been a stewardess for 40 years with the largest carrier in Canada. I wore a geoengineering t-shirt hoping to get a response from her. After I gave her a geoengineering watch flyer she started telling me of many stewardesses and mostly pilots who were getting Cancer. She blamed this on the flights going over the Arctic (depleted ozone layer) and said the cause was "solar radiation". I explained to her this would only get worse with the spraying. She also told me when they fly "through" the trails "it's like hitting a brick wall". I can only hope she gets it and talks to her fellow stewardesses and pilots. Here's hoping..

    • Karen W says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this.  It would be nice to have more of your families associates to come on board and share.  This NEEDS to be in the face of every human being.
      This crime has to STOP!

    • Jenny says:

      Stephan, are the flight staff all aware of the trails and what they are;  they talk freely about them amongst themselves?  Anybody who has any kind of specialized knowledge or experience which would make them more likely to be believed by the average person about geoengineering, should tweet and make Youtube videos about it.  This can be done anonymously too if they want to.

      Did you ask what she meant by "like hitting a brick wall"?  

  26. Marc says:

    The photo that heads up this article says it all. Can it get any more obscene than to see massive spray trails hanging over Machu Pichu?

    Furthermore, only a half-blind dumb-ass would become outraged at the orchestrated cultural and genocidal atrocities committed by ISIS, while keeping a blind spot to essentially the same exact horrors being systematically carried out by the U.S. military and the spy agencies who are all in the pockets of the world bankers.

  27. Michel B says:

    Alpacas, cattle, us, all life forms, the entire biosphere, 4.5 billion years of precarious cosmic evolution, the consciousness of an entire planet and any possible wonderful type of future for all and sundry = collateral damage.

    Why are they getting away with it? Because not enough people, for a variety of reasons, do not know anything about how the world has been twisted by the games that these psychopaths play.

    They do it because in their minds there is nothing else worth doing. Everything else is not stimulating enough. They get bored easily. The ultimate control is that of controlling a whole global population. Of course there is no aim after that. Just control. That's all, just little ol' control. Of course they will get bored with that as well. There will have to be some other game invented after that. Isn't it wonderful?

    This planet showcases the most exquisite beauty we know of in the universe, but no, that's not enough. Some emotionally dwarved psychopaths, who cannot and do not care for anything outside their narrow bandwidths of emotional experiences, have got to ruin this place just to allay their boredom.

    It is a truly major genetic drawback within the human genome that this mutational anomaly arose. I have personally seen how psychopaths ruin others' lives in personal and professional spheres. Imagine having a bunch of them at the helm of a whole planet! Actually, don't imagine it, just go outside and look around.

    • Marc says:

      Fantastic comments!!!! I could not possibly have said it any better myself.

    • David says:

      I think you made a great point and to look at the converse side I'm sure the elite families etc..and their agents think the rest of humanity are the defects and therefore they are justified in doing whatever they want.  We need another Renaissance badly.  People with hope, people who seek knowledge, people with passion will not stand for this dynamic.  All I get from people is ignorance or apathy.  I also think too many people are vested in this dynamic they believe there can be no other "reality".  As an example I've gotten into philosophy as a layperson and found a blogger who studied philosophy in college and they note many times how academia pushes Aristotelian ideas and the similar adherents in the likes of Bentham, Locke and Hobbes etc.. where Platonic and Augustinian ideas are drowned out.  They note their education in philosophy was heavily slanted to the Aristotelian viewpoints over the likes of thinkers like Leibniz.  Anyway those former thinkers are very anti-human, very pro-oligarch/elite and so I see this more and more as a battle over our minds, what will be the predominant belief system/ world view.  That more and more is what I see as the battle of good and evil, that being a battle of mindset and thought and intent.  I generally think until more people open their minds and then study Florence and the Renaissance vs. the monarchs and oligarchs who want(ed) to suppress human knowledge, creativity and freedom this will always be an uphill and losing battle.

    • Janice K says:

      Just a note — the narcissists & psychopaths we are surrounded with at this point in history are mainly products of this society, DELIBERATE CREATIONS by GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED EDUCATION & the breakdown of the family.  It's about Character, not Genes.  It's not mineral deficiency or chemical unbalance in the brain.  Just BAD CHARACTER, built choice by choice, belief by belief, from childhood.  That's what we have allowed our Public Schools, controlled from the top by Government Social-Engineers (Social Scientists), to do to our children, and they are taking it all the way.  A different flavor from China's Communist Brainwashing, same effect:  destruction of an entire society for purposes of control AND profit (side effect of the dumbed-down passive amusement-driven, fear-driven populace).  Common to both:  BLOOM'S TAXONOMIES and ANTI-CHRIST.

      There are unexplained Psychopaths (nothing in the childhood home can explain them), and they are truly evil.  Hallmark of Narcissism/Psychopathy ::: NO EMPATHY for other humans.  They are their own god, their own law, and people are 'there' to supply them their wants, whatever it is.  IF they are moral people, it is still true they have created their own internal moral structure, not because 'it is right' for all.  A different kind of human and VERY DANGEROUS.

  28. Lori Bridgeford says:

    This makes me wonder if St. Francis will now have PTSD …this nucleation is evil. Wonder how the veterinary field assesses this horror -and feel for the ones facing this mass burial scenario. Both oceans and forests have been surrendering to this chemical warfare, species we do not normally  see. These alpaca are innocent beings as an immediate warning of the highest degree. All media needs to cover this to make up for lame stream.  Though very painful to witness, without this proof on Dane's site, we would not stop and feel this effing  kick !  I trust we got some  intense :wake-ups: today.  Will they take ANY  action- or become an activists in ANY manner  is the deeper question. If this crime  doesn't expose humans can only be next  -what would ? The cover-ups cannot keep up with the damage.  I still  keep turning to SPIRITUAL engagements : It is when we are confronted with…poignant reminders of mortality that we become most aware of the strangeness and wonder of our brief life on Earth. -from Word for the Day.  Thank you all who have made changes in their daily life-new priorities to support awareness.  

  29. penny says:

    Another incidence of people's livelihoods and food supplies around the world are being wiped out, at the expense of innocent alpacas this time.  Utterly repugnant.  I fully agree that these criminals must be tried and convicted.  In the court of public opinion as well, they should be made to face the charges against them every single day, until enough people see them for what they are, that they will be welcome nowhere except within their little losers' clique.

    That may sound silly, but it has two serious ramifications.  First, maybe people will stop supporting these bastards by buying or utilizing their products (for instance, get their money out of the big banks and their subsidiaries, stop using social media socially (use it only as a means of information-spreading), buy only what they really need and buy as locally as possible).

    Secondly, people are unbelievably affected by others' opinions.  When a major magazine published the salaries (previously secret) of the top CEO's a couple of decades ago, thinking they would be shamed by the exposure, it acted instead to spur them to compete among themselves for even higher figures – because people worship money!  The reaction to the article from the general public wasn't scorn, but envy and even admiration! 

    Here the advice "Be the change you wish to see" is germane.  If we could get people to collectively renounce their taste for all the hideously ugly crap that passes for status symbols, stop adulating people who are successful for all the wrong reasons… but a little voice in my head (which sounds suspiciously like Dane's :)) reminds me that it's a bit late in the game for that kind of approach.  However, for those who might actually survive beyond the current death throes of the planet, the realization that our priorities have been sickeningly twisted for centuries will be essential. 

    At the very least, as we make people aware of the crimes being perpetrated against them, it should convince them that the "elite" are nothing but terrorists and scumbags.  That may cool people's enthusiasm for doing their dirty work for them, no matter how big the paycheck.

    Every time I post here I think, "I'm preaching to the choir."  So I try to find other websites where I can post similar rants.  Sometimes people say they know of this website and love it, others seem to think that the local judicial reform issue to which they are going to devote their next 10-15 years (ha! as if they had that long) is more important.  I keep going until just before losing my temper and telling them I think they are all ignorami.  Still not sure how much fruit that has born, but hey, the seeds have been strewn.  It is paradoxically empowering and deflating at the same time.  Does anyone else feel that way?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, it is both empowering and deflating in these times, in this fight, for me also, Penny.  Knowing what we know, we cannot do nothing.  There must some sort of justice in fighting for all Life on the Earth.  No victory is guaranteed.

      No other humans were aware of being close to the absolute end.  They knew they would die, but expected everything else to continue.  We must face our lives and situation with all the courage we can gather.  We're in uncharted territory, but we know too much and cannot unknow it.

      Life is about the journey rather than the destination.

      Thank you, with Love, Penny, Dane and Everyone here and around the world who cannot ignore reality.


  30. Irene Parousis says:

    What I have noticed lately is I don't know how to dress when I go out.  In my apartment it feels cool, but when I go out it feels very hot.  I have noticed others in the same predicament as me, carrying their jackets outdoors, in the middle of  summer.   Also, I see many people with umbrellas even at 5:30 pm protecting themselves from the sun.  This I have never experienced in the forty one years here in Toronto Canada.  Yesterday we went from a very hot, humid morning to suddenly a cold afternoon, if I didn't know any better I would think the weather is schizophrenic.  The trees along the highway are all burnt and falling over, they started uprooting a lot of them.  My heart bleeds looking at all the farm animals, who are helpless outdoors all day in extreme UV rays, as the their owners are oblivious.  When will this insanity end.  

  31. earthgeek says:

    We need to look at these MALTHUSIAN Actors – throw out the 5-Eyes control over the World Bank!!


  32. There needs to be a defendant in any effective or corrective legal process. People need to quit tilting at windmills and realize what Federal and National agencies are at fault of collusion, and who the offending persons of fact actually were and are.
    Take a look around. Is this the sort of world that you wish to live in?
    The EPA is THE target. Get your facts totally straight, and put these lying bastards behind bars for the rest of eternity.
    Air Pollutants | Air and Radiation | US EPA
    EPA = Fraud, collusion, industrial espionage, treason, genocide, crimes against humanity…
    If you want to stop the poisoning of your planet, you need to physically arrest those who sanction it…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, I tried before to say to you-do it!  Because I can't.  Besides my other illnesses, and being crippled, I took a fall from hell in early 2014 resulting in a concussion from hell and don't remember much of that year and so got time frame wrong-maybe.  You are so often on target and seem to know where to hit.  I agree that Gina McCarthy has to go and in in normal business would have been held responsible.  The EPA guy pretending to work for CIA was/is John C. Beale, office of Air and Radiation, and he is doing time with a fine-32 months prison, 1.4 million dollar fine-which really does not cut it.  But yes, the entire EPA is a joke, not funny!

      I found a source online: "Senior EPA Official Steals Millions from Taxpayers" @Mercola.com—-this was a 20 year long con this guy pulled but he's not the only one, and the EPA is a revolving door for lobbyists and Monsanto of course.  Since Gina was this guy's and others' boss, she should be front and center for punishment and worse.  The entire system rotten and the baby teeth the EPA seems to be growing probably just throwing bones to save face.  Does NOT cut it!  How does one sue the EPA?  Looks as if Obama shelters them, given Gina.  This report I found names names and gives background and time frames.  I knew it but did not have all info in one place until this which will no longer allow emailing of.  These guys owe us big time.  Sheltered like Wall Street was/is.  Not only owing us a ton of taxpayer monies, like 8 trillion, but our lives, our health.  High treason indeed.  Given being sheltered, how the heck do we hold them accountable?  This gives all the names.  Perhaps demonstrations outside their homes?  What do you suggest-I'd like them to walk the plank into our poisoned oceans-but, realistically, what? 

    • Hello Rachel Robson: Your comments prove a good grasp of the issues, so many thanks for that. I think well reasoned comments are helpful to other readers, and helps build a broader information base. If I had the CASH money for legal assistance, I wouldn't even bother with lawsuits against these various agencies. My goal would be criminal prosecution and incarceration of specific individuals for the rest of their lives. Here's just one avenue of legal redress: Excerpted from: Strict liability – Wikipedia ["In law, strict liability is a standard for liability which may exist in either a criminal or civil context. A rule specifying strict liability makes a person legally responsible for the damage and loss caused by his/her acts and omissions regardless of culpability (including fault in criminal law terms, typically the presence of mens rea). Under strict liability, there is no requirement to prove fault, negligence or intention. Strict liability is prominent in tort law (especially product liability), corporations law, and criminal law. For analysis of the pros and cons of strict liability as applied to product liability, the most important strict liability regime, see product liability."] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strictly_liable And another strand in the legal noose: Excerpted from: Command responsibility – Wikipedia ["Command responsibility, sometimes referred to as the Yamashita standard or the Medina standard, and also known as superior responsibility, is the doctrine of hierarchical accountability in cases of war crimes committed during wartime.[1][2][3][4] The term may also be used more broadly to refer to the duty to supervise subordinates, and liability for the failure to do so, both in government, military law, and with regard to corporations and trusts. The doctrine of "command responsibility" was established by the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 and was applied for the first time by the German Supreme Court at the Leipzig War Crimes Trials after World War I, in the 1921 trial of Emil Müller.[5][6][7] "] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_responsibility I have a number of other interesting suggestions. I often post these in the hope that some law firm will actually have the balls to pay attention to details. As of todays date, over 16 million hits have been recorded on the web site ticker. You'd think some individual out of those 16 million would know an attorney… WTF??? Jus' sayin'…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, there are attorneys working on the issue, I know, I am working directly with them. This being said, it is not so simple as they are getting “push back” with pressure from up the chain. This being said, we are still moving forward.

  33. Patti Adye says:


    I normally keep silent, but I felt compelled to express my sincere gratitude for all the work you do so seemingly tirelessly and with so much grace and diplomacy. You represent true leadership in a leaderless world. I admire your courage and commitment to this cause as I agree geoengineering programs are killing our ecosysystems, all of the beautiful expressions of divine creation on Mother Earth, including human beings and robbing my daughter and grandchildren of their health and their future. 

    I first learned of this issue when I relocated to care for my Mother who was struggling with dementia. When I noticed the skies I became alarmed and called the newspaper, the local television news stations and all of the environmental numbers to report concerns. No one cared and no one noticed the planes or the lines in the sky and I first learned about conspiracy. I did not understand because I was reporting as a concerned citizen.  

    Now I understand the links between dementia and autism and geoengineering and I feel even more confused and depressed. No person connected to their heart would conceive of mutilating the consciousness of innocent children or vulnerable seniors. Given the horrifying reality in our sky I do understand the silence because if true then our entire reality is based upon insanity.

    I pray for peace on earth and send my blessings to you Dane and to your family . . . You are a hero to me and to many 


  34. Christina says:

    When will it stop?

  35. Trevor says:

    I have an odd chest feeling atm due to heavy spraying again. I understand why they use it off the coast of cali (to change force the streams south here so it seems cool) but why such heavy blatant spray here? among the people that read through the status was a gal who has a mother in city council (im curious as to where they stand/what they do/donthave the power to do) and is going to show her the site and its entirety asap. So we will see.. as for the mosquito toopic, someone that read the post was approached the same day by a local officer and asked her if they were worse this year This made things click for her to say the least.(weather local dept is referring to the mosquito spraying and know about it cant be said for sure, but the timing of her seein the post, and being questioned the same day must have been impcecable.. just a little update from il) We must reach critical mass asap but its difficult for people to notice them here (due to clouds mixed with blankets of the stuff) but zack and i will continue to use these blatant days to our advantage.God speed, i will be looking forward to Danes presentation and so will others that ive informed.

  36. Dorothy says:

    We lost cattle in the blizzard of October, 2013.  Unfortunately, it rained, then turned to 2" of ice, followed by 24 INCHES of snow with tremendous rain.  It was determined that the cattle "drowned" due to all the weight of the ice and combined high winds which helped to push their noses down into the snow.
    Since the cattle "drowned" , the livestock insurer refused to cover the loss as drowning was not a covered "disaster".  Go figure.
    We are currently being inundated by rain….32 inches SINCE April 19, 2015 whereas our normal yearly rainfall amount is around 15 inches.  The geoengineering trails are almost daily!  Geotrails sprayed and within 2 days, RAIN.
    The geoengineered weather here is so abnormal, we don't even know we live in NW Nebraska anymore!

    • Earth Angel says:

      So sorry for your losses Dorothy. I too have livestock and would be devasated to lose any of them in such a way as you folks did. 🙁 Deplorable that the lousy cowards at the insurance bureau walked out on their responsibility to replace your losses, but sadly not surprising. They should hang too for these crimes.

    • Karen W says:

      It's so wonderful to read comments as yours.  We NOW know that the truth is facing us straight on!  More people who live in areas that have been hit need to come forward and share the burden of Danes.

      My daughter and family just moved to Michigan and can't "spray" enough (only organic and that as you know doesn't affect the bugs as GMO Monsanto products) because of the mosquitoes.  Also the rain is so bad there too that the farmers are not able to bale the hay for the livestock.  Another picture of the crime against us!

  37. carol freiberg says:

    The first frost last winter was also full of the ice nucleating crap. I was amazed most native plants actually grew this year. Many other casualties like the fir trees here that are used to cold winters died or are in the process right now. Dead trees everywhere and the local "scientists blame it on a beetle, end of story. Not sure why folks are so unperceptive when it comes to these weather anomalies. God has nothing to do with it folks. You can pray until your knees are numb but until you really open your mind and study what these madmen are doing it will continue.

    • Earth Angel says:

      So well said Carol..the ba*#ar&s MUST BE STOPPED NOW. We are the ones we have been waiting for to make things happen! The wanton loss of life is heartwrenching and sickening to everyone of decency. Heads need to ROLL over this ASAP.

  38. jilly says:

    Thanks again, Dane, for all the research you do, that then gives us another thread to tell of… I still reel in disbelief that there are those engineering this insanity, because, that is what it is…. it just makes no sense to any thought of decency on any level…and if only half of any conspiracy theories concerning "those in power" and their idea to bunker it out is true, then they are sad indeed… it doesnt help the issue right now though, and it is people like you doing all this work, sane, factual evidential research of facts,that give us the information needed to show those who dont yet know… thank you.

  39. Maggie Carter says:

    I've been experiencing brain fog as well as many lung infections and believe it's due to the chemtrails.  I live in the Tampa Bay area.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Maggie. Following some advice from a contributor on this site, I have started taking one teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water each day. I also supplement heavily with detoxing vitamins and minerals.  For your lungs, consider taking lots of vit C, garlic, Vits A and D. I am also taking one teaspoon of dried ginger powder in a cup of tea, with cinnamon and cocao powder. I also take a tablespoon of coconut oil each day. Hopefully this helps you.

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