Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey


Dane Wigington

Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure. Rapidly accelerating climate and biosphere collapse is not somewhere on the horizon, it is here, now. Climate engineering is further fueling the unraveling of the remaining web of life on our once thriving planet. With undeniable facts and film footage the video below fully exposes the manipulation of Hurricane Harvey.

Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault.  When incorrect or false data is propagated, the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering is harmed. Investigate, become familiar with the most inarguable building block facts, and make your voice heard.

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141 Responses to Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey

  1. md says:

    Men in high places with too much power….

  2. Dianna says:

    Dane, I have grown up and lived on The Gulf of Mexico here in Texas. Because of this, I am used to Hurricanes.  Harvey hit at a CAT 4 yet, only very wet, not windy?  How can you have a CAT 4 with the low wind?  How did Maria, go from a CAT One to a CAT 5 in nine hours. Due to my living through many Hurricanes even I know none of this is normal. I blame everything on the German Scientist after WWII and their leader George Soros. 

  3. Elza says:

    Hi Dane, thanks for all your informative contribution! You mention dead seas,. What is your response the the Pacific Ocean and the effects of the Fukushima toxic radiation poisoning that's been going on for 6 years?    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Elza, in regard to your question about the dying oceans, yes, Fukushima is, of course, a big problem. This being said, there is much more to consider, FYI link attached,

    • Sel Mil says:

      Hi Dane, 

      It's been a while since I've visited your site, but in light of these horrific storms I reach out to you for some comfort – if not comfort, then some reasoning.

      Horrible thought, but it occurs to me that anyone who might have a hotel or two in the Carribean or in Florida and who is wealthy enough and can afford to easily rebuild especially after insurance, might be willing to fund such storms in order to wipe out the competition of those who might not be able to so easily rebuild. Any thoughts on this? Only because it just doesn't seem feasible that the firms you mention in your video have valid reasons for why they would want to orchestrate these horrific storms – for population control as it doesn't seem to do away with enormous enough numbers to warrant their doing so as I'm sure it costs loads of money to produce these kind of storms and the cost of destruction to the states are huge! While I firmly believe they are manmade storms the reasons for them just puzzle me!! Can you please clarify what you believe their reasoning might be? I live in Maine. We've experienced not only some of the worst winters in history in terms of snowfall and freezing temperatures but also we are now experiencing enormous amounts of torrential rain. We hardly get any normal "rain showers' anymore. We get storms. Or we get rain for 24 hour periods. Or thunder storms which last for hours, then stop for a few hours and then return with even greater velocity!! It's not normal in any way!!  Our poor trees! The roots can't deal with it. Therefore, we have 100 year old trees falling on people's homes! It makes me want to scream!!! But as much as I try to enlighten people, so many refuse to accept what is happening. Your response is most welcome. Thanks so much!!

    • Jake says:

      This is in response to Sel Mil's question: What might be the reason behind creating these storms? 

      The reasoning could be that the massive destruction that these storms cause require a lot of finances to repair. This stimulates the economy and actually makes GDP increase, which is good for a government that only cares about money and a growing economy. This is similarly true for a lot of negative impacts on society such as an unhealthy population that requires frequent doctor visits and war.

  4. Carolyn says:

    During the past year we on the Gulf Coast of Florida received letters from FEMA advising us that we should consider flood insurance. I told my son then that this was the deep state letting us know they were planning something. This summer, the thunder storms and rains have been relentless.  When I moved here in 2000, the June storms were very predictable, this year they have continued unpredictably and heavily all summer.  I was not surprised by the capture of the aerosol dispersion over Florida and Texas in the video. I am curious if the Texas Gulf Coast received similar 'warnings' from FEMA.

    • Jared says:

      I did not but I always carry flood insurance even though I am not in a flood plane … I have been through too many of these storms along the Gulf in the past and I know what can happen.

  5. Kathryn Griffin says:

    I just looked up the meaning of the names of the current hurricanes.

    Hurricane means God of storms. Harvey means battle or war. Irma means world.

    • Kathryn Griffin says:

      In case my words were not clear. The names chosen for these current storms are part of the subliminal control and brain washing. Even if you did not know the original meaning of Harvey and Irma, the subconscious registers it. So you millions of people in the US being bombarded with these words several times a day unknowingly helping to create and manifest this dark agenda.  Awareness is consciousness, Use your divine Creative energies to see a different picture than the scenario currently being projected on all of us. Don't be a helpless victim. Do not feed into the fear being generated. BE LIGHT. BE LIGHT.


  6. terry turner says:

    Dear Dane,  I would hope that every one of your readers and supporters accept the fact that your efforts need massive financial assistance.  If we all simply  applied  a few dollars on our credit cards to your  " Donate " section of the website; and or purchased some of your materials to distribute to our un knowing friends and neighbors much more progress would be made in this fight for a saner world.  We all wish you the best…..but know you need some material support as well.

  7. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    For what shall it profit a Man, if he shall gain the Whole World & Lose his Soul? ………When you stand before God you cannot say, But, I was told by Others to do this, or that Virtue was not Convenient at the same time. This will Not Suffice. Your Soul is in Your Keeping Alone!         Silence Implies Consent!

  8. Jintampa says:

    As if Harvey didn't slam Texas hard enough, now Irma, a cat 3 storm is headed WNW and is expected to reach cat 4 strength once it reaches warmer waters. The path bringing it close to the Gulf of Mexico, will Irma wind up in the gulf and make landfall yet again in Texas or Louisiana? I can tell you that right now here in Tampa Bay, the spraying is heavy and there is a very unusual  "front" formation.  This new storm is going to add insult to injury.

  9. marc says:

    The bastardization of philanthropy. Unethical, immoral exploitation of an otherwise heartfelt good intention. Every time we suffer disasters agencies magically appear soliciting donations for the victims. Some good, many not so good, some utterly fictitious and fraudulent. The pleading for donations from various groups for Harvey victims is functionally no different than the Muscular Dystrophy Association exploiting Jerry Lewis for all those years to reel in uncountable hundreds of millions of dollars. And all for what? Have we EVER heard of a single notable and real breakthrough in the so-called search for a cure for MD?? What happens to that money, or to any vast sums collected by these agencies? Who the f**k is benefiting from those hundreds of millions raked up by Jerry Lewis "telethons" all those years? I call complete and total bullshit! Or breast cancer?? Lung cancer? Con artists wear suits and ties, act their part, and make believe they're doing something ethical and of good benefit to society and to their chosen group. Sorry, but I could not be more cynical of these agencies when open accountability is not mandated. Wussie-assed churches who tread a path taking great care not to jeopardize their 501-c3 status while emptying the pockets of people who should be saving that money for unforeseen need. I cannot imagine a more un-spiritual, useless fellow than Joel Osteen. Disgusting and pathetic. My own mother-in-law died from cervical cancer because she was a born-again Christian who made very little money and what little she might have had for health insurance went instead to the tithing plate at her little church in the "hood". Now, it can be argued that this was her choice. But none of us knew she had no health insurance until it was way too late. Seems every goddamn place we look we see nothing but a con-game, a rip-off, a deception, exploitation, usury, take, take, take, give me, give me. How about those motherf**king Republicans in Missouri who voted to take back the minimum wage increase that had already been a done deal. What. The. F**k. Unbelievable. Who thinks like this?? Why the f**k can't we get it together as a species to love and care for one another on a grander scale? Is the vast majority of humankind really intrinsically good, or do we suck as bad as we appear to?? If one believes in our essential goodness, why is rampant corruption everywhere to be seen and the whole f**king planet coming apart at the seams? Are there just simply way too many of us? Are the forces of true blind evil really gaining the upper hand on the mind and heart of mankind for the foreseeable eternity? Or is there some way we can fight this, and retain our truly "free will" and essential goodness in spite of the fact that we all live in a bath of poison and mind-shredding high-tech chaos? Have we all been successfully predictively-programmed to accept our coming doom? The fait-accompli of the powers that be?

    • Rick says:

      Enjoyed reading your comment Marc !

      Right on target !

    • Timothy says:

      Marc, well expressed. About time someone grew some balls and said what they felt, instead of kowtowing to political correctness.  The fact is, we are animals, pure and simple. No innate goodness. Simply survival of the fittest. Some just happen to function at an emotionally higher level that tells them/us to not screw our fellow human being. Others, well, not so much. I catch glimpses of Joel Osteen on the TV when a family membe is watching the rubbish he spews. My comment is always, he will be exposed one day. He can't continue the facade without making the big mistake that opens peoples eye. They all eventually do. Goodness? It's a novel concept, but just that, a concept. When it comes right down to it, we are really not much different than anything else in the animal kingdom, and will do whatever is required to survive.  

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Marc, 
      I'm sorry about your mother.  I hope her giving nature helped someone in need even though she could have used it herself.  

      In response to your observation of the 'take, take' element of society without any regard to coming together as a community.  I believe it is mostly due to our government having so much control of our lives, our money and ultimately the decisions we make that are based on the never ending and always increasing laws and regulations.  Of course there will always be evil people no matter how perfect a world it is, but, government by nature is coercion and force.  There was a time in our history that charitable societies took care of those in need. It was during our Golden Age when government was small, business was unregulated, immigration was exploding and we had the greatest prosperity the world has ever known.  But, over the last 80-90 yrs government has decided to take on every role in our lives in a huge way. They called their policies 'cradle to grave'. There are many things to say about the expansion of our government, but, suffice it to say that most people are resentful that they pay for an ever growing population of people who are not paying any taxes at all.  I would prefer that we ALL pay NO taxes or at least very low taxes. But for that to happen, the government would have to stop spending such a huge portion of our hard earned money.   Not raising the debt ceiling anymore would at least be a start.  

      Since the odds of government eliminating any of their own jobs is not likely to happen, does this mean I wish for the rich to pay their fair share, or that government must make minimum wage higher, or that healthcare is a right?  To the contrary. I believe government is the reason we believe these ideas to be solutions when in fact they are not. As for raising the minimum wage, these strategies never work. (There was a very racist motivation for creating the minimum wage about 100 years ago and it ain't pretty – google it, it went hand in hand with the eugenics movement.)

      From a purely economic view, a large increase in minimum wage creates higher unemployment because businesses will lay people off or replace people with automation if it costs less. History proves this. 'Nothing new under the Sun'. As for our healthcare (health insurance) disaster, there are alternatives available as we speak, Christian Healthcare Ministries that have been around for decades. They operate beautifully and show their annual budgets to prove it. (My premium is $45/month)  Make the rich pay their fair share, how?  The rich have been leaving this country and giving up their citizenships (ex-patriots) in droves over the last 10 years.  They have the money to do so and money goes where it is well treated. This country resents the 1% that pay 53% of this nations taxes. The bottom 90% combined pay 47% (2011). Again, my wish is for everyone to have absolute minimum taxes. But, not possible at this stage.  

      Indeed, government can only make laws.  Laws are force. People who don't agree with the law will feel resentment.  Income tax is the law,  Try not paying it and you could end up with all of your stuff seized, people coming to your door with guns  or possibly go to jail.

      Laws, and therefore government, divide people.  We need less government and then the healing can begin.  Most people are wonderfully caring, giving, creative and even genius when the restraints of government are eliminated and they have the freedom and liberty to pursue their happiness. 


      ps. if government didn't have such a large chunk of our money (40% of GDP every year) maybe they couldn't siphon off and hide the spending on geoenginering projects.

  10. Susan Ferguson says:

    AWESOME!  47, 452 Views on YouTube – at 9pm Pacific time / Aug.31, 2017 and counting! GREAT WORK, DANE!!! You are a light on this failing planet. God Bless you and your beautiful family.  🙂

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #17, 5 more to go. Today was a "slow day" at the market booth. There were lots of folks at the market and many of them stopped to read the banners. That is mission accomplished in my mind. Only had a few passers by that stopped to chat. One in particular stood out. A young boy. Maybe 5 or 6 years old. He stood in front of the booth for the longest time looking at and studying the banner pictures. I ask him what he thought about them. He pointed to the front banner and told me "that is poison". I just about fell over. I asked how he knew that. He said his Dad told him so. Good for Dad. His mom was at the booth next to me and stopped by with older daughter. I told her what her son had just informed me of. She said, yep, we know all about that stuff. I asked if her husband calls them "chemtrails". She said, yes he does. I asked that she tell her husband that those are not chemtrails. They are stratospheric aerosol injection dispersions. Then she received the usual polished explanation of how to use the science terms and that it makes us sound much smarter, more credible 'and' believable. Today's market was slow, but today is the first market since I started this endeavor that I have come home "happy". The creator bestowed several gifts to me this afternoon. All of them revolving around matters of the heart and humanity. My efforts are taking hold and growing roots. I always give away what I have been given and then some.

    "Kathy" posted here a few days ago about needing folks to show up at the Puyallup fair grounds 6 weeks from now to help tend a GW booth. The Gem Faire will be in Puyallup November 10-12. I am traveling 320 miles to be there, open to close, all 3 days. I know that many of you that will read these words are much closer than I am. Here's your chance to step up to the plate my friend I haven't met yet. "To busy" is not an excuse to not help get the word out and participate in the fight for the greater good. Contact Kathy or myself for any assistance you may need.

    Rachel Robson, indeed a friend I haven't met yet. Your words of compliment help keep me in this battle. Thank you.

    Love to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • sue albina says:

      Kudos on week #17 and thank you 'a' simple horseman for your dedication to the fight.  I had an interesting encounter this evening as I got to my car in the grocery store parking lot.  A man approached me saying "I like what it says on your car" and then he added while pointing up, "it pure poison you know."  He went on to tell me how he's been watching different types of planes leaving their trails, some military and some private.  He mentioned regularly seeing a 185 Cessna with a single holding tank that sprayed, and I recall seeing that same plane flying over our valley;  I thought how strange to see a float plane with only one 'pontoon'.  He vented his outrage and disgust with the whole vile business and said he had moved up to Alaska from Arkansas to get away from the damn spraying.  He related that Putin said (weather/chemical warfare) is the greatest danger facing mankind — or something to that effect.  Anyhow, we sat there in the parking lot discussing the curse of weather modification and its attendant evils for the better part of an hour.   I wonder how many other people notice, read, and ponder over the six geoengineering bumper stickers pasted on my car?   And thank you for sharing the book Cadillac Desert which I enjoyed reading — learned a lot!  Sorry to say I had to read it in spells and have had it two months now. How do I get it back to you?


    • Mary Hollowell says:

      – glad to hear this good farmers market report – I had a pretty good reception to climate engineering information at a convention in ATL, today. Go, fandom!

    • Arlene Llewellyn says:

      Where is Puyallup? I would like to come and help- can someone contact me?  I live in Reno and really want to get involved. 

  12. Joseph L says:

    This is an interesting link — about deceptive technology.

    1. Profits supersede welfare concern

    3. There is a hidden depopulation agenda

    GMO’s with their toxic genes, agricultural chemical spraying, geo-engineering, vaccines, wireless technologies, fracking… have the potential to cause infertility, birth defects, DNA mutation, nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer… -With their often long latency period before the adverse effects manifest, no wonder these technologies backed and funded by the ruling elite and associates have been collectively called the slow-death depopulation agenda.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Joseph L.

      Yes, The Fckrs do not need to slay the living, they just need to kill or damage, the Humans which are not born yet, starting in the beginning of pregnancies ( for going forward with the depopulation program ).

      they will FALL.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph, Example #1: The Donald loves him some KFC.  Enough said!

  13. GretchenThomas says:

    I have a feeling that something is amiss with aid to victims of weather warfare Harvey… I donated items to a local charity that delivers aid directly for disaster assistance yesterday, and was told they were told not to accept donations of bottled water for Harvey victims. Anheuser Busch is canning water instead of beer, and will be supplying all the  water to be distributed by the American Red Cross! Something is terribly not right with this scenario, refusing donations of bottled water is beyond my comprehension.

    • sue albina says:


      I have a feeling that your "feeling that something is amiss" is right on target. It would be interesting to know the backstory connections regarding Anheuser Busch.

    • sue albina says:

      God help those poor souls devastated by Harvey's destruction. 


    • Jintampa says:

      Maybe someone can grab a few cans for testing?

    • Dee says:

      i was just telling my husband they must think creating a monster hurricane will spur economic impact. Then I read this. American Red Cross is a corrupt arm of the US govt, paid to do their dirty work and look like the good guys.  But now the Budweiser is going to make their sweet pool of money too.  Lord knows they aren't donating this water and stopping beer production for free!

  14. Watcher says:

    Greetings my fellow watchers,

    Today's report from Santa Rosa CA.

    Temperature at or around 100. Visibility starts hazing up at thousand feet. I've never seen it this bad. It looks like there's a bad fire somewhere but there are no fires to the west of us.  No smell of smoke just the dry, flat chemical tasting air. No wind. No animal sounds. No visible jets. Haven't seen them spraying in months but I know that they're death dumping over the pacific and its drifting in. People here are awake so they're most likely trying to be more covert with the spraying.

    News flash to the criminals. We know what you're up too. No one is fooled by you spraying over the ocean instead of directly over head.

    News flash number 2. Do you really think you're going to be let into the DUMBS our whatever lame ,hair brain survival plan the parasitic, so called elite have devised?

    Nope. You're going down with the rest of us. Fools



    • Dennie says:

      @Watcher:  There is a big fire, 3500 acres, the Ponderosa fire, near Oroville in Butte County. It was arson: There are something like 80 wildfires burning in California.  There's one near Pyramid Lake in NV.  There have been too many cases of insanely psychopathic crazies who like to set stuff on fire.  I just have to wonder if they aren't part of the MK-Ultra mind-control program we all heard had been abandoned, designed to terrorize Americans as part of the Shadow Government's need to "take control" of the country.  While being completely out of control.

    • Pedro says:


      only now I've seen all the presentation conducted by Mr Kevin Shipp, and yes, we all knew already that the World is being run by thugs, starting from the new babylon and by the european piracy which is working together with these same thugs. But after seeing the whole presentation, it is not difficult to find new and much deeper meanings for the words; thugs and mafia. These MFs are a hole in the Heart of the Earth.

      Thank you once more to you, Mr Dane Wigington and to Mr Kevin Shipp. In your veins run, not only blood, but the Courage that comes from Integrity.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Yup, and there is a fire just south of the Ponderosa one and that Ponderosa one has been going for days, the one just south of it in Nevada county? or?  I'm confused.  It was over 100 here in Berkeley, in my apt. anyway.  And I can't handle it.  Thought I could, lived with extreme heat much of my life.  Guess living in Berkeley so long offed that, plus my age and lack of health.  But Watcher's comment goes to show that one does not always smell fire, even if choking on the smoke! And yes, so many pyromaniacs!  In my semi long life there has always been this issue of pyromaniacs.  I knew a herd of boys once and we were sorta in charge of them in '73 when I was pregnant.  About 1/3 of them were "into" fire.  We took them to the ocean and camped on the beach, letting whoever build whatever fire outta driftwood and light it up!  Hoped it would be therapeutic and save the land from a fire.  Did seem to help. Thing is, a recent fire here in the hills, arson, a guy, used his lighter to light up a tree!!!!!  Always seems to be guys.  With the boys I mentioned, most were good boys, but for a couple of rotters who made life hell for others.  Those others were the most likely to be into fires, not the rotters. So, I think it is a power trip.  What is bigger, scarier, more awesome that a fire, an out of control, F you fire?  Seems as if arson is addictive too. It is a mental health issue.  The smoke is thick today and the rising sun has made a bright, intense orange glow on everything. 

  15. Dawnski says:

    Natalie Grant is doing a Live Facebook fundraiser right now.  I am posting this site. Pray for the Christians who say we are called to give give give but are not going to ever say a peep about the creation of the geoengineered hurricane and other epic weather.

  16. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Port Arthur, Texas, is completely underwater.  It's the home of the largest refinery, Saudi-owned Motiva.  It's the home of Hilton Kelley, who has battled to support communities impacted by the dreadful environmental effects of petro- and chemical industries.  But listen to what he said about the flood water coming into Port Arthur:

    "Even my own home has taken on at least two feet of water inside the home. Outside my home, we have about four feet of water. It’s devastating to witness so many people being impacted by this horrible hurricane, that came in so quietly and stealthily and basically crept up on us while we slept, and flooded our homes."

    "It’s a very sad day here in the city of Port Arthur. And I am basically with very few words when it comes to this happening. I mean, it’s blowing my mind. I just don’t understand how this happened so quietly. We know that the rain came down, but we do suspect that some of the levees had to have been blown or overflowed. And water quietly crept up in these communities, even though it was raining. But I just don’t understand how that much water can come in with—so quickly and so quietly."

    We can't put it past the destroyers to blow up the levees; however, should we ask whether the frequency was able to direct the massive amount of standing water into Port Arthur like an ocean current?  Or upon release of the intense frequency, did the water drain into Port Arthur, like a bathtub drains?  I'm wondering. . . . .

  17. Deborah Davis says:

    This information is way over the heads of most of the people in my sphere of influence.  I do appreciate it so much.  I am sitting here in my home where it was one of about six that were not flooded in my sub-division.  I continue to seek truth, and continue to pray.  I try to share what I am allowed as people are willing to listen.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Deborah Davis,  Good luck to you and to the flooded people around you. Water in a home is devastating, much less That water.  Stay safe, stay sane–I suspect the hardest days are yet to come, and stay with us.

  18. theUncannie1 says:

    If You note the areas that are being 'cooled' are in the Midwest – where most crops are grown. This will affect the amount of food that will be produced, and the number of people that will go hungry is incalculable.  The NWO is pushing ahead with Agenda 21 and there isn't anything We the People can do about it!


    • mac says:

      Hi Uncannie1, All I can do is quote what I have know for years. Margaret Sanger's quote. " We will control you by the food that you eat" Why would she ever say that quote if she did not know what the future might hold? Good luck my friend at least you see the implosion coming. The four year drought in California was very destructive as well. This is the NWO's way of bankrupting farmers to sell there farms to Monsanto and putting these plots into GMO plots. How comforting.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I do something about it every week. And I'm gaining ground fast on the PTB. "Are you?"

  19. Dennie says:

    Just heard this entire presentation.  It's very clear what's being done to "control" the weather and create weather "events" such as Andrew, Katrina, Sandy and now Harvey, just in the U.S. alone, let alone devastating heat across Europe and the Balkans and Middle East, Pakistan and India– all places the disgusting UGLY children of the Luciferian Angels (corporate controllers, "god's" favorite children, apparently…), namely, the military motherfcukers, wanna believe they somehow are in control of, with all their "might," which we KNOW makes RRRRIGHT!!!  To which I just hafta say: Hey, "god," how's that workin' for ya– ????"  No, we do NOT have a benevolent deity in charge here any longer, and we haven't had, for a long, long time.  IT'S UP TO US as co-creators, to CHANGE THAT, starting with how we rear and educate our children, and how we treat their mothers, none of which are ANYONE's "possessions," so GET OVER IT.

  20. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane’s brilliant irrefutable evidence that Hurricane Harvey was intentionally held over the highly vulnerable Texas coastal area must ignite the burning question — who would do this? Please understand that I am not insensitive to the tragic human cost and the personal misery caused by flooding. However, I am looking at the insane incomprehensible destruction of the oil refineries in that area. I grew up in Texas. According to WIKI, there are 25 refineries in the entire state of Texas. A report on Oil states that the Beaumont refinery, Exxon’s Baytown complex (the second largest refinery in the US), and the Royal Dutch Shell Deer Park refinery were all shut down. The news report this morning say that ten oil refineries  in the Houston area and Corpus Christi are shutting down.  “About 22% of the oil produced in the Gulf was shut down as of Sunday, according to the Interior Department's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. That amounts to nearly 379,000 barrels of oil per day. “
    We know that there is a war for power going on in WA DC, but at some point, even the greediest of various factions must find common ground in some slender sense of loyalty to the United States. Or are we witness to the very real possibility that those who are in control of these transmitters intend to bring our country to it’s proverbial knees and destroy what ever threads remain of our constitutional government and the Bill of Rights. Also consider that the military cannot function without oil. Or can it? The rumors of Lockheed Martin’s fusion energy technology may be far more than futuristic.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      US nuke-ready jets drop bombs near North Korea border as Kim Jong-un blasts ‘wild military acts of the enemies’ Four US F-35B fighter jets joined two US B-1B bombers and four South Korean F-15 fighter jets in the joint military operation / Jon Lockett / 31 August 2017
      THE US staged its own terrifying show of strength today by dropping huge bombs near the North Korean border  – days after Kim Jong-un's latest missile outrage. Four US F-35B fighter jets joined two nuclear-ready US B-1B bombers and four South Korean F-15 fighter jets in the joint military operation over the troubled Korean Peninsula.   Incredible photographs! here:

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  We are inculcated to believe the Department of Defense is for our protection from global miscreants and assorted marauders.  They are to protect our glorious Homeland from outside attack.  We do not give much thought to inside marauders, those being the military itself. It seems to me this entity was in full capture by the Globalist from 911 forward.  We, America, the People, we are most definitely under attack from within.  It's a systematic weakening of our national infrastructure, our values, and our imperfect history.  Geoengineering is causing incalculable destruction of our atmosphere, our oxygen, our cities, our soil and water, the forests, the animals and insects, and our physical and mental ability to survive this onslaught of aerosols and powerful microwave transmissions.  A poster above stated how the below normal cool down of the Midwest is causing crop yield problems. The Defense Department is on record stating they plan to control global weather by 2025.  We are witnessing this in plain sight, our observations, the documents, the patents, their very own statements, the reality is that their efforts to turn weather into a  force-enhancement warfare weapon is a nightmare twenty-first century fact.  I say nothing we do not know.  But, it is not generally understood that it's the Defense Department that OWNS not just the weather, but owns the entire 160 NEXRAD Doppler facilities blanketing the nation with weather bending microwave transmitters.  The National Weather Service operates them and is well embedded into the Pentagon Geoengineering operations, and the coverup of what they have wrought.  My point is the US is no longer the "exceptional" nation.  All that was and is achieved is now well disseminated unto all the nation's. BABYLON is no longer indispensable.  It's being looted, conned, and owned by the internationalists, including our military.   We the people are just another cog in the wheel of a homogenized dumbed down collection of nations subjected to their "New World Disorder."

  21. marc says:

    As captivating and heartwrenching as the Harvey event is, and with mountains of all due respect to the inarguable truth that geoengineering is undoubtedly intertwined with HAARP, Nexrad, Gwen towers, SBX, etc, I am being drawn to the possibility that events like Harvey are actually field tests for the functionality of this "whole machine", done in concert with a couple of other agendas, one of which is designed to generate revenue for the continuance of the whole program and to make all the good ol' boys comfortably rich. If human suffering as a media distraction can be exponentially ramped up, all the better to disguise what these motherf**kers are REALLY trying to accomplish, which is complete and total full spectrum dominance, control, and surveillance all the way down to our DNA, our thoughts, our movements, our emotions, our plans, our souls, the physical earth itself, even well below surface. One of my greatest spiritual fears is the possibility that somehow these Luciferian motherf**kers, with the help of thousands of scientist-prostitutes, have figured out how to build a dimensional fence around earth that inhibits or blocks the ascension of the soul, either through enlightenment (mahasamadhi) or by some other dimensional/spiritual means.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  As usual you have hit another home run!  You nailed it from top to bottom.  The nightmare is self replicating, feeding on our souls,  bloated tics ready to pop and disseminate even more of their dead predatory Internet-of-everything into the consumer police state's watchful maw.

  22. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    A week ago, I noticed Our leaves starting to turn yellow & falling. They have only been in leaf since May. This is less than 4 months! This madness has thrown their normal cycles of growth off by months. Only 4 months a year with leaves??? The new trees flashed out with black crisp leaves, that are still hanging on. The lower growth have turned an awful red with brown spots on them. While some of the large, adult trees have brown & yellow burn looking spots on them, like Acid was sprayed on them. A Rose by another name.      These programs are destroying them!   A Canopy above us again today. And Fog in the AM.  Madness to have in Alberta! They call it Haze! I call it by it's true name, Toxic Fog! They now are blaming this Toxic Sky on the Forest Fires burning in B.C. still,  & now in the Province on the other side of Alberta, Saskatchewan. I guess that will take care of their Trees!   After the Fort Mac fiasco, Alberta paid their toll to the Lunatic's. Or the Society for the Prevention of People!!!      

    • sue albina says:

      I share your angst over the leaves and all the increasingly apparent environmental toll.  Its the same as you describe here in Alaska, where our leaves budded May 10 and began turning brown around the edges in July.  Here its August and my lawn is covered with a layer of fallen birch leaves — not the old golden leaves of September — but ugly brown edged spray-speckled leaves and our ever moist air here stinks!  Walking the dogs tonight, I noticed that the fireweed that grows along the roadside is already blown out – no blossoms and their red leaves are not so red (as they should be turning)  but brown and curled up.  It's very distressing to behold. 

  23. EyepilotX!!! says:

    You don't seem to have many comments from the Chicago area I noticed. The Report from neoLiberal Rahm's fiefdom by the inland sea; yet another cool summer while rest of the world seems to meltdown. Temps once again struggle to reach 80 at the end of August, yet direct sun feels BLAZINGLY HOT! I can't remember a "real" feeling summer since the early 00s. I only complain because I know how obviously fake this is, Rarely see spraying anymore since last spring, but I know they are just doing it more discreetly. Dread winter with its one or two spells of extreme evil painful superCold… Thanks to Dane I know it's artificially nucleated. We had our one brief heatwave in early June. No real storms either. Our thunderstorms used to be epic; not for about 8 years. Now, a peal of thunder and an insanely intense downpour. I wish I had flyers to give people but since I was driven out of teaching I don't have much money. I think DEVICES are truly an evil thing, and despise 5G and the phony propaganda that will come with it… I've researched it! 

    Peace and love all of you enlightened humans! I feel for you all! Dane is the best! And I so appreciate (but dread) his weekly "reality check".

    • BaneB says:

      EyepilotX!!!:  Here in Northern California (central Mendocino County) we are being slowly roasted, turned and done to a crisp.  That is what this non-stop heat wave feels like.  And can the ground dry out any more than it is?  Or the flora?  It's all I can do to keep up with water for the wild animals such is the demand.  From mid-June to now, the weather terrorists turned on their transmitters and placed yet again an impenetrable heavy duty high pressure dome over our region.  Triple digit all summer.  This weeks forecast for my locale:  100 106 108 108 108 104 100.  And I reside in a "temperate" rain forest!  The norms in years past included triple digits on occasion but certainly not for an entire summer.  Thanks for your report from your region.

  24. Mary Hollowell says:

    Could this climate-engineered hurricane be a cover-up/redemption opportunity for TPTB? Maybe it's converting prior Jade Helm/fusion center activity into rescue operations.  (This is how our media in ATL is spinning this disaster.) 

    Paragraph 9 states, "At a long table surrounded by maps and video screens, an Army North team took turns briefing the general on the military response: 400 deep-water trucks moving through Houston's flooded neighborhoods; a fleet of Black Hawk helicopters running night rescues when civilian aircraft often cannot fly; satellite communications teams moving in to crucial locations." …

    We can use some mercy, and truth will prevail.


  25. DAve says:

    Economy down no problem  send in the weather machine

    there will be lots of construction and new vehicles bought,


  26. Frank - PHL says:

    If it matters at this point,… remember Baton Rouge, La, was flooded in a similar way just last August 2016. Probably all the same motives.

  27. barbzi says:

    The 30 strangest weather phenomena in the world ….photos
    No mention of geoengineering…
    Weather is more than just wind and rain…..

  28. Patricia Badish says:

    I ordered a package of items from Dane and it is really getting attention.  I put the bumper sticker on our truck and someone at church asked me about Climate Geoengineering.   He now has the flyer and a video of Dane's great work.   He is just one more person to be awaken as to what is going on.   I plan on handing out many of these flyers….some at our Trump Sign Waving Rally this coming Saturday.  Dane is doing such great work, so support him by purchasing his flyers and DVD.   You won't be sorry.  AWAKEN THE MASSES!  Harvey is just another storm that could have been prevented, in fact Harvey tried to die out several time, but they refueled him.  People have been displaced and lost everything and people died in this storm!

  29. Dennie says:

    This was in my inbox, from yesterday:

    When it comes to Harvey, the links to climate change are clear.


    An excessively hot Gulf of Mexico and higher sea levels caused by climate change played a key role in the scale and ongoing destruction by Hurricane Harvey.

    But the EPA, the federal agency most responsible for climate science, is lashing out at climate scientists trying to educate the public about the connections between Harvey and a hotter planet. Trump's climate denial is becoming climate censorship.

    Denying climate change puts people in harm’s way. Rising sea levels and stronger storms are real — and unless we take steps to keep fossil fuels in the ground and plan for a changing world, more people will lose their homes or their lives.

    Climate scientists are doing their job. Tell Congress to do theirs and condemn Trump's climate denial and draw the links between climate change and Hurricane Harvey.

    Millions of people in South Asia, Yemen, Niger, and beyond are being affected by flooding this week, in addition to Harvey’s overwhelming rains. This is not a coincidence, this is science. July 2017 was the hottest month ever measured on earth, raising the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico, and making Harvey wetter and stronger.

    The media is beginning to pick up on the story too: the editor of the Houston Chronicle called Harvey a turning point in the climate debate, economist Jeff Sachs called on climate deniers in the Texas government to resign, and pressure is building.

    Our leaders need to speak out for the truth — not punish others for telling it. With the Executive Branch controlled by climate deniers, it's more important than ever that Congress speak up. Send a message to your Members of Congress telling them to connect the dots and condemn Trump's climate denial.

    The flood waters are still rising. This will be a long recovery. But protecting communities requires telling the truth about the threat.

    Thanks for doing your part.



    "Harvey should be the turning point in fighting climate change" Washington Post, August 30th. 

    "Sachs: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, you need to resign" CNN, August 29th.

    "EPA says climate scientists trying to 'politicize' Texas storm," Reuters – August 30th.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennie, thank you for posting the message from, one of the countless environmental sources that is doing their part to completely cover up the greatest and most immediate environmental threat of all, global climate engineering. (and every other “environmental” group that is helping to cover up the climate engineering crimes by their total ommision of the subject) should be bombarded with emails that contain solid data on the geoengineering issue. They should be held accountable for their part in the climate engineering cover up. All of us are needed to take this torch and run forward in the fight with it. FYI

    • Earth Angel says:

      I clicked on the link and gave 'em an earful in a constructive way using facts & info I've learned from this wonderful site. I hope it strikes a nerve with somebody in congress to light a fire under their asses. Thanks for posting it for us.

    • Joseph L says:

      Dane great work by you.  I agree about all the environmental groups. Anyway, people can us this disaster to hand out alot of your flyers. I personally handed out a bunch today using Harvey. I have been handing out flyers for several years . I am a natural at that .  Most people will take the flyer  and might go to this site but they will not be activists unfortunately.  This is  a great cause since alot know about global warming and climate change but not this.   Anyway, I post on here alot just like some other people..

      Dennie nice post by you.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, exactly– not a single word on weather warfare and the role of the spraying in creating this gigantic mess.  They ask you to e-mail your Congressperson and tell them they need to condemn Trump's denials, but you can also tell them that we know about geoengineering spraying of the planet, what these programs are doing to hurt our planet, also, the cat's outta the bag and the genie just ain't goin' back in the bottle!

    • Robert says:

      Unfortunately, our "leaders" are unavailable and have their own agenda.  They do not and will not listen to us.  Generic form letters from reps/congress are all we get.

      At some point, people need to realize that no amount of complaining will change anything with these satanic creatures in govnerment.  Nothing.  It's over.


  30. Jay says:

    One of the best pieces of content you've put out, Dane.. thank you.

  31. Larry S. says:

    Nice weather here in the mid west means a bumper crop of GMO corn & soybeans .

    • marc says:

      I was just in the rural regions west of St. Louis and all I saw anywhere were fields of soybeans and corn, of course, GMO. Absurd, what it has come to. 

  32. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Mr. Wigington!    Please! With all of the credible information you have armed us with, how can we use it to stop this madness?!                 How many more "historic," "Biblical," "cataclysmic," "catastrophic," "apocalyptic," "inexplicable" weather events are we going to have to witness before the majority wakes?!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rhonda, in regard to your question of what we can do, check the attached link for a start. Thanks for marching with us in this battle.

  33. Frank - PHL says:

    I just want to kick this back in my own words to make sure I get it because it is so important:

    They've got this huge swirling mass of moisture called Harvey. Now in the lower atmosphere, where it rains, they boxed it in with microwave transmissions to make it rain for longer than nature would ever allow.  And in the upper atmosphere, they let the moisture spread out into the waiting grasp of the aerosol particulates they already sprayed there, where they can move it wherever they want by other microwave transmissions. And they will probably move it right up through the US where it will be allowed to rain down, with Chemical Ice Nucleation to deliver the cooling they have already promised us on the NOAA chart. Is that it?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sounds about right to me, Frank. 30 plus inches of rain! Wow!!  That sounds like an annual total.

  34. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dane, thank you as always, for these specific explanations and especially for the visuals showing frequency evidence.  The update on the Gulf is beyond chilling.  This will be widely shared.

    Beyond weather warfare and this now "1,000 year flood", the good people in Texas are being exposed to chemical and environmental contamination that is unprecedented, making this event ground-based chemical and biological warfare, beyond disaster capitalism.  The 4 most concentrated areas of "petro-metro" have turned off their monitoring systems as facilities are spilling, spewing, sinking, threatening to collapse or blow up.  The massive attempt to cover up every terrible thing the power structure has done goes well beyond the geoengineering coverup. Even though ordinary citizens may not be able to connect Big Oil to geoengineering, especially as poor Big Oil seems to be taking a major hit, they are just two arms of the Cabal. 

    While this professor had to evacuate his home in Texas, he may be someone to eventually contact and inform.  He was given very little air time on your not favorite DemocracyNow, but he seems sincere in his life-long pursuit of environmental justice.

    "We go now to Houston to speak with Robert Bullard, known as the father of environmental justice, currently a Distinguished Professor at Texas Southern University. He’s the former director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University."

    While Dr. Bullard may not respond, he'd have a lot of people at his back after this catastrophe if he did.  After all, we're really fighting for environmental justice here, and we even fight for those who somehow think the environment will take care of itself.  When people know better, however, they have the opportunity to do better.  The extreme nature of Harvey ought to make even the most blase person ask questions.

    • sue albina says:

      Amen Bella.  Your idea to try and contact the professor is a good one. 

      Certainly couldn't hurt. Stay well my Alaskan friend I haven't met yet.

  35. RICK NICHOLS says:

    Good job buddy.

  36. LoriBridgeford says:

    Thanks Dane for the helpful details when looking at  such graphs & maps as we/myself  are not generally "experts" on what actually seeing. Whiter is more proof of harmful toxins.  Then, FUKUSHIMA in Texas ? two nuke reactors in Bay City-with NO media coverage on this Cat. 4 flood & rain water issue. Go to site for 1 hr. audio  3 person interview on very  dangerous hazard ;another cover-up for profits and public standing . No transparency here.

    The black mold (humidity) may not get to ever  dry out Houston / Corpus C proper, Far worse than Katrina; globally all affected as 20% of oil rigs  now offline, fuel price  skyrocket & spreads to trucking/food prices will crush masses.  Other nations watching what happens.-even Russia tracking oil price.  Dane covered the ongoing BP Gulf oil diaster  with toxic Corexit  and subsequent death by truth teller on this outright lie.  May we uplift all who can speak up & fully disclose on this planned Harvey mega  horror. I doubt CA will get many climate refugees as the fires , drought not ending . So obvious that  the weaponized weather has been fully  unleashed all the way. Confront media, and  corp. medicine with their germ disease "help" who will be on board (Red Cross types)  to offer  some  new ?  vaccine aides for the mosquitos expected, or worse.  Caution ! Media is exploiting  all emotions , and not addressing the severe  method this never before storm hit coast, nor WHY . Silenced.  Get away from oceans while can.

  37. Brenda Rapoport says:

    Thank you so much for your emails and programs.   If only the whole world would listen, care and do something about this matter……

  38. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Thank you.  Sunday's broadcast was meaningful to me in many ways.  Informative too.  It was great, really great to hear of what progress in Legal.  That helps buoy one's spirits.  The Guam story was moving, I read it before, but somehow hearing you talk about it brought it home.  And really, there are so many US outposts, the people there suffering from them.  Okinawa comes to mind, and so many islands and all over the world really.  How easily, carelessly, this country has wrecked other's cultures.  I am constantly impressed by Gem Faire.  And gee, 'a simple horseman', Mike, his booth is beautiful!  Stellar!  If wishes were horses we'd all ride!  I'm still trying to process "bonus time".  I was born on bonus time, apparently, and have lurched from bonus time to bonus time my entire life!  Whole life, bonus!  Don't know about you, but for me, gaining these bonuses came with a price in terms of pain and disability.  Still, I always say I'm the luckiest unlucky person there is!  But for knowing there Are others!  Please take care out there!

    I realized yesterday how damaged our oil refineries are now, near Houston, a lot of stuff near Houston, including chemical plants.  Why why do they always put dangerous stuff by the oceans?!  So along with Corexit, and oil and chemicals, there are also gators and water moccasins and all kinds of weird stuff in all that water.  And recently I read of troubles in Saudi Arabia as not enough need for oil, as in money, so suddenly our 'good friends', the Saudis have an answer to their prayers.  That's how this rolls I bet.  And all remark on Trump's lack of empathy.  Well, sociopaths/psychopaths have no empathy!  That IS the problem!

  39. renate (BC) says:

    Interesting. a State right to Bear Arms in Texas  (Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms)  Do a search. A lot of agendas going on here. This is cattle country and a lot of advocates live in Texas. Don't think they'll be giving up their fire-arms in a shy way.  

    • BaneB says:

      renate (BC):  Apparently the Federal Government cannot seem to respect the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Not to mention the Texas State Constitution.  Recall Vernon Howell and the Branch Davidian.  Mass murder by fire and CS gas.  90 dead of which 20 or more were children under 12.  The ATF and FBI!  Not to mention military equipment in the form of helicopters and at least one gas outfitted body mashing tank.  All manner of manufactured lies.  To quell public outrage and shut down the investigation,  the usual "child molester" smear was employed, a charge refuted by Texas authorities.  Details are found at Waco Electronic Holocaust Museum.  

    • Anna Van Z says:

      Nope. No one is "coming for your guns." Especially not in Texas. This is typical of NRA-generated hysteria. You all were so sure Obama was going to take your guns, and of course that never happened. It's just part of the continuing fear-mongering and divisive politics the elites use to keep us distracted and missing their real agenda.

      As a gun owner myself, I urge you to start paying attention to more than the "second amendment." Pretty much all of the bill of rights has been gutted, while you folks focus almost solely on non-existent threats to the second amendment. Wake up! Have you read the Patriot Act? It's horrific!

      Do you think the global bankster elites who actually run things give a shit if you have guns or not? It does not matter! This isn't 1776, and our distracted, entertained-to-death, security-obsessed, comfort-addicted population in no way resembles our revolutionary ancestors.

      They control every facet of our lives, and now, as Dane has shown, even the weather. They don't care about our guns because whether we have them or not is irrelevant to them. They are so beyond firearms in their ability to exert mass control. But they CAN keep a significant part of the population in an uproar over this spurious threat, and they do – the exact same way they keep people riled up and distracted by non-issues like gay marriage, etc.

      Let's keep our eyes on what's really happening as much as we can. Getting and staying riled up on cue in response to the programming doesn't help any of us. I will always support our (and my!) right to bear arms. But that's not what's at stake here. Their agenda is so far beyond that, and I believe that agenda is probably more disturbing than any of us can now understand.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Anna Van Z.

      These MFs are obsessed with fire.

      The agenda is to burn ALL Living Things and offer the World, in a global sacrificial ceremony to the dark entity they worship ( we can't forget about the masonic cult ).

      The weather manipulation is a multi level strategy for WEAKENING the Nations ( through climatic and chemical warfare ), but also a distraction.

      We must not forget that with the aerosols these guys are saturating everything with FLAMMABLE particles. And about the EM towers that are everywhere, by the thousands, inclusively on the side of all the highways?

      The scenario is for total annihilation.

      they will FALL.


    • BaneB says:

      Anna Van Z:  Great post!  You nailed it!  And, the Second Amendment has the least number of liens upon it via Congressional "legal" usurpations.  The "Patriot" act is one of the greatest misnomers in legislative history.

  40. Old Sal says:

    Ever watch how the Atlantic storms get pushed out to sea by the continuous lines of storms from Mississippi to Illinois? Can't do that when the storm is in the Gulf! Might be the reason why Harvey went back out in the Gulf and then did its normal route on land again. This might mess up the storm lines and if one Atlantic Hurricane comes about then it will go up the East Coast without a problem. If you are going to do it then look a little into the future and see the projected possibilities. 

  41. Barb Eaton says:

    Thanks to your video's and explanations we immediately connected the dots as we watched the predictions for where Harvey would go and when we saw how it "hit a wall" and turned back on itself there was no doubt it was being manipulated by the microwaves.  The weather makers must be patting each other on the back for a job well done. A week of hell for those people of Texas. It still boggles my mind that they can cause so much destruction and horrible drowning deaths of our own people, pets and wildlife. Everyone jumps to action to help, but not enough wake up to connect the dots. Now the "big" ones will profit greatly – big insurance, big pharma (all the disease in that water people are walking in, mold, sewage, chemicals etc) big oil (raising prices even tho there is a glut of oil) etc etc….. Sickening.  Who will they hit next?

  42. C Langley says:

    Come Lord Jesus come.

  43. Many Thanks to you Dane for leading our cause with fearless TRUTH. So many feed back systems have been triggered in and on our Biosphere that we now have to live with their compounding synergistic effects. Yes we are all in for a scary ride on our dying planet, but now is not the time to be apathetic or ignorant. Now is the time to grab our courage and be active like Dane and so many others of our brothers and sisters who seek the truth and speak the truth.

    Our evil, greedy, sociopathic, puppet politicians and business oppressors want us to feel hopeless, but we are not. Why? Because we are participating in a battle for the greater good on Mother Earth's side and God's side to protect our planet and all life on it! There is no greater work to be involved in at this point in time and space. I stopped printing Geoengineering flyers at home and recently purchased a bunch from Geoengineering for a professional, more impactful message to be dispersed throughout my community and region. In Seattle last Friday around a hundred of us activist from GreenPeace and gathered to protest JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo funding all of the tar sands pipelines. We managed to shut down 3 banks for 2-3 hrs. This may seem as trivial as it was, but it was a publicly visible act of nonviolent resistance and disapproval. At the end of the day I gave one of my two home made signs away to another activist and took my other sign home and planted it in my front yard for all see "NO PIPELINES, NO GENOCIDE, NO BANKERS, NO WAR" and "FAKE WEATHER, FAKE SCIENCE, FAKE LEADERS, FAKE FOOD, FAKE NEWS" 

    Thank You All for caring and trying.

  44. Abigail says:

    Thank you Dane for all your posts. This is going over to Russ Tanner at Orbis Vitae now. He also handles GlobalSkywatch.

    Friends, this is no time to be critical. People are dying for lack of help, food, clothing, clean water, and a place to sleep. The phone number to call for BGEA / 1-877-247-2426 AND Samaritan's Purse/ * 1-828-262-1980.

    Thank you and please remember to PRAY for these people. IT IS WORSE than expected. Thank you, Abigail ~ 


  45. THT says:

    The Butterfly effect is in play. Where this will end is anybody's guess, but we can be sure that it won't be in a good place. Very unfortunately, the Sheeple, which includes about 99% of the population, see and hear only what they wish to see and hear. Getting people to know is much easier than getting people to care. I still have no idea how we might be able to get the Sheeple to care. Until people feel threatened in a personal and imminent way they are very unlikely to give much of a damn and when the threat seems resolved they almost always revert to their previous uncaring position. Since most people's conceptions of reality are formed for the most part by the MSM and the MSM is owned and controlled by the same individuals who are bringing us climate change and geoengineering, it is very unlikely that our position will ever be honestly aired on the MSM, thus most people will never be given a clear picture of reality and will remain mislead. Psychopaths and extreme sociopaths, by nature of their pathology, rise to positions of power in organized systems such as governments, armies, universities, corporations, and religions. "Good guys finish last." The majority of humans are by nature herd animals. They let others think for them. This seems to be human nature, and probably can't be effected to any great extent. My work in the "9/11 Truth " movement proved these things to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. I applaud Dane for his dedication and his depth of knowledge and hope that I am wrong concerning the apathy of the masses. It seems that the rich can't be swayed and the poor don't wish to be. Both groups live within the "Matrix" and are addicted to material wealth and personal gain; their animal nature far exceeds their humanity. Perhaps LSD in the drinking water is the only solution. Ethnocentricity seems almost to be a part of our common DNA. We seem to be born with an us vs. them attitude. Our rulers use this to divide and conquer and to distract the masses from the grim reality that should be so obvious to us all. How these rulers plan to avoid the fate of the planet is mystery to me. Perhaps they are ETs or other non-humans of some sort. Perhaps I am just lost in some strange dream where logic has no sway. Whatever, I plan to continue spreading the Truth as I see it for as long as I can and encourage all of you to do the same. There just might be hope for our frail species. Mother Nature will move on with us or without us. As George Carlin said "Perhaps our only purpose was to create everlasting plastic and now our work is done." Dane, thanks again. THT

    • Anna Van Z says:

      You've shared some spot-on insights here! My own frustration over the corporate media-controlled sheeple has almost become much to stand, but it helps when others like you speak up and I realize I'm not alone.

      My rural area has many essentially good people, but they are also people who will not look at these issues, or question anything they are told by political and religious "authorities" – or the tv. 

    • sue albina says:

      Great post THT.  I like your thinking.

    • BaneB says:

      THT:  Excellent insight!  Your commentary much appreciated.  I did have a immediate chuckle about what George Carlin said about our role in creating plastic.  We could use his wit evermore in these increasingly bizarre times.  Sorely missed.

  46. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: A brilliant animation on the “deluded”…
    Are You Lost In The World Like Me … by # Steve Cutts

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      Great Steve Cutts! When I was allowed to teach public school (until a couple years ago) I showed Steve Cutts' videos (when the district finally unblocked YouTube) and of course I got in mega trouble for it.  He is so true about the omnipresent devices… I think they are more evil than even TeeVee. 

    • Ron Marr says:

      WOW, That's it, Susan Ferguson, thank you and Mr. Cutts…the fake reality traded us mirrors for our illusion of life. We then put lipstick, scarfs, hats and bow ties on the image in the mirror and take it out for a career, job, fame and fortune. Drive it around in a pretty car and home to a nice house or mansion for a good night sleep. We feed it and reproduce it…giving it a name, race, religion, language, education and a continent to live on…. And like everything else, the image in the mirror is backwards, too. Education destroys our genius, religion destroys our faith in consciousness, doctors destroy health and lawyers working for the fake reality destroy justice. The masters of technology and illusion added their DNA of death, destruction, fear and chaos to lead us by power, control and money into the abhorrent trap of technology…where they can turn us on and off with a switch, button or computer…murdering even death and all traces of us. But…this is not bad news. Their fake reality cannot hold a candle to our illusion of life… stop participating.

    • sue albina says:

      Susan, thank you for introducing me to the brilliant work of Steve Cutts. His: The Brutal Truth in today's world was also spot on. 

  47. izzy says:

    Well, that’s a report that clearly lays it out for anyone willing to listen.

    In my experience there are two levels to the pervasive denial. First and most obvious are those that say climate change is not even happening. A much larger group includes those who cannot get their minds around how serious it is, and think we have until 2100 to get our electric cars deployed, which will solve all problems. The propaganda is very effective, and seems to be working on most of the people I actually come into contact with. Trying to discuss it all is like trying to talk about the 9/11 coverup. Still very frustrating.

    Thanks to Dane for the tireless research and presentations.

  48. Joy says:

    Here is copy of an order and actions of cloud seeding ahead of Harvey on August 24!!!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joy, yes, small scale weather modification programs are ongoing in the US and around the world, but it is important to remember that such programs are not geoengineering. In fact, the small scale weather modification programs are in general used to distract the population from the exponentially more massive and destructive climate engineering assautl. FYI article here,

    • Terry Moore says:

      When 12 year old boys are getting dementia, toddlers getting diabetes, we must find out who gives these orders to destroy humanity..!

    • SBX says:

      Thanks Joy. Even though it is a small scale weather modification order, it's still a very useful piece of evidence to help wake others up. Nice job. 


    • renate (BC) says:

      Thanks Joy. Read the comments on the side: Texas started banking via gold standard,

      There you have it.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Terry Moore.

      vaxxines, gmos, and EM / RF radiation explains a lot, but about the " toddlers getting diabetes ", a Portuguese investigator prove some years ago that giving folic acid supplements to pregnant women is the cause which makes kids and toddlers to have diabetes, there is a DIRECT connection. I do not remember the name of this guy, I think is not very hard to find. At the time he warned about the very high level dose of folic acid that was being advised by "doctors" to the future Mothers, in Portugal. At the time he told also that the dose that was being advised was 5 times the dose that it was being advised in other countries, he gave the example of the US, and some European countries.

      The PROBLEM is BIG, and profitable to the pharma industry of disease and death.


  49. Alan says:

    I thought this was interesting – the article talks about the first ship to successfully navigate the Arctic without an ice-breaker escort.  The basic tone of the article is economic, (i.e., wonderful – less costly – saves time, etc.) but the most important part is near the end of the audio clip when the professor being interviewed basically says, "yeah, but this also probably means it's game over."

  50. Susan Ferguson says:

    NY TIMES: More Than 1,000 Died in South Asia Floods This Summer / By Jeffrey Gettleman / Aug.29, 2017
    MUMBAI, India — More than 1,000 people have died in floods across South Asia this summer, and as sheets of incessant rain pummeled the vast region … According to the United Nations, at least 41 million people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have been directly affected by flooding and landslides resulting from the monsoon rains, which usually begin in June and last until September. And while flooding in the Houston area has grabbed more attention, aid officials say a catastrophe is unfolding in South Asia.
    In Nepal, thousands of homes have been destroyed and dozens of people swept away. Elephants were pressed into service, wading through swirling waters to rescue people, and aid workers have built rafts from bamboo and banana leaves. … India has also suffered immensely. Floods have swept across the states of Assam, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and other areas. … the devastation in Bihar, where more than 400 people are believed to have died in floods in recent weeks. … to help farmers cope with their losses. And the rain keeps coming. … Mumbai, the sprawling financial capital, was soaked to the bone.  … The sky seemed to fall lower and lower, pressing down on the building tops, cutting visibility to a few blocks, then a few yards. By midafternoon, it was so dark it felt like nightfall.

  51. GretchenThomas says:

    I caught the tail end of Donald Trump joint news conference with Finnish president Sauli Niinistö Q&A when President Niinistö was answering a question about the state of the climate; I don't remember the exact question, but I will never forget the final sentence of his answer, "If we lose the Poles, we lose the Globe."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh!  Forgot to add that in the same paper, a brief bit on scientists just now discovering a vast array of microbes in the human body, previously unknown.  I'd read this prior in Science, but as with what I posted above and Antarctica, they found this 'microbes' thing out by way of trying to figure out problems with transplants!!  I mean they are 'geoengineering' bodies too and of course prior to major discoveries!  When science gets so compartmentalized, hired and paid by corporations, sworn to secrecy and co-opted by the military, well…..thank God for Dane! 

    • S. Jenika says:

      That quote sent hills down my spine.

      What I don't understand is why the "elites" promote geo engineering which will eventually negatively impact them and their families.

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Pardon my cynicism:-). But this reminds me of the "discovery" of all the "new clouds" last year.  And so much "fun" giving each one a name, too. These microbes could have just as easily been created at a CDC Frankenstein laboratory.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thank you Gretchen. For those that don't have a lot of free time, start at the 18:00 minute mark. Very scary comment from Finnish Pres. I wonder what Trump is going to do about it.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @BaneB, Oh good grief!  Your cynicism is in a class by itself!  These microbes are not fake clouds.  Microbe peoples, scientists, are on the outside of everything, their work largely overlooked.  When studying microbe sciences a while back, and one particular bright guy's insights, it gave me hope for life after humans.  Unless we blow this rock to smithereens, microbes will survive, and maybe even if we do blow all to bits hurling through space!  There are universes of them all around us.  And in us, and to me it is just like medicine in general-what they miss can mean Everything!  Heck, there are microbes that actually eat radio active materials!  Poor little microbes, so vital to life, to our very origins, so ignored when they have so very much to offer!  I love microbes!  They hold the keys to the kingdom! 

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Thanks for your comment.  And you are of course correct about the "good guy" microbes. When the AIDS epidemic began in 1979 I was living in Alaska.  But upon seeing a newspaper headline titled "Mystery Disease in San Francisco," my curiosity was piqued.  That began a several years investigation.  What I learned was genetic engineering was in the hands of the CDC, universities, and the Pentagon biologist who were and still are hell-bent on creating Frankenstein hybrids.  Further, upon investing the background of many of these esteemed biologists, it was stunning to me how many of them were employed with, or had been, with government Army biological warfare endeavors. Many of them are employed at CDC.  My final take on the romp through Frankenstein's secrets was that AIDS was man made, likely at Ft. Detrick, Md.  That is the same dissemination locale for the headline grabbing anthrax attacks right after 911.  

  52. Van Nadler says:

    I have noticed most of the sky dusting occurs before dawn… remnants can be seen of the engineered polluters!!About a week ago, in Westford, Massachusetts – I cringed when at 6:00am I saw two massive engineered trails- horizon to horizon.. To my utter dismay and shock – An hour later, I saw about 12 horizon to horizon trails !!-  slowly merging into an enormous slosh of chemicalled white- encompassing -"the entire Eastern quadrant of skies !!!!"–as far as eye could see!!I stayed mostly indoors and felt much better staying inside!  Followed by no trails for 4 days!! When mixed with the tons upon tons of the aluminum, strontium and barium dumped in our atmosphere everyday world wide, -the micro waved energies they transmit thru populated regions, increases the toxicity of their blankets of doom!!The ever increasing numbers of We.. the informed world citizens will overwhelm the shallow greed mongers schemes, as the new paradigm of Positive Power grows..crippling our adversaries intent. They will disband as our Unified Front of Freedom Fighters continue to expand and fulfill our manifest Divine destiny!! Crush every last weather manipulator!!!

  53. Gail Kuntz says:

    Have been following you for sometime & was glad for someone to connect the dots for me. Western ND has been deliberately dried up, ruining winter & spring wheat crops along with most things grown here. I have been spreading your website to those who are awake & trying on others who think in terms of conspiracy theories. Keep up the good work.

    • greg wilks says:

      i live in the central part of the state.we have been devistated w/chem trails for better than 3 years-plus.i cant talk to the bigshot local d.j about them,i get cut off.kevin cr5amer swears he knows nothing about them{liar}.he admits it on the radio.said dj throws out misleading hogwash bout "cloud" seeding.these ppl out here work the mother earth 4 a living.yet they dont take time to ever look up,an wonder WTF is goin on..

  54. marc says:

    Superb, succinct video! I immediately shared it on FB to everyone out there in this beleaguered world. Many of us are kind of like surfers riding the perfect wave, cruising along just ahead of the curl, focused completely on our lives, on our fun, on our romantic relationships, on our food, our health, our kids, etc, apparently unaware or unconcerned that we are about to wipe out badly.

       Once again, I draw attention to the greatest game-changer of all: when human habitat (arable land) gives out and grocery stores (in the US) empty out, the full meaning of "game over" will finally be understood. Even at that apocalyptic hour the PTB will spin it and conceal from the masses the true primary causes behind the collapse. If frequency weapons are deployed to put us out of our misery, billions will go to their doom never knowing who or what killed them. As trite as it sounds, I have to say that all of this is growing a sadness deep inside my soul that I cannot ignore and am having difficulty dealing with. I know there are many who visit here who feel this, too. It is a part of who we are as a thinking, feeling species undergoing an impossible environmental transformation.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Hear Here. Did the same. Try to share this message with young folks. I usually start out with three questions. " do you believe the government lies to you? (Yes) do you believe they lie to you about the weather?(yes). Do you believe the government can control the weather? ( No,  never, you tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, moran , and others.) Got to keep trying though.

    • Richard Lowe says:

      The deep soul feeling you were describing; I have been experiencing the same thing especially over the past week, but really for years.

  55. Scott Miller says:

    It's a sad state affairs.  I live in Southern New England Connecticut and watched the chemtrails spayed at 7:00am the morning of the eclipse .   Must not have communicated with our weather people as they forecasted a clear day of which it was not.  Long Island Sound is Dead .   More days of no swimming than I ever remember due to stagnent water with bacteria .   I've been here for 45 years.   Started seeing the changes the last 10 years.  Brutal changes .  Unprecidented snow storms, drought and rain.  The sun is stronger than it's ever been.  Thanks for all the Info.  I know the truth and constantly tell others 

  56. Anita says:

    God Bless Dane and staff for revealing truth!  Please post to all friends and inform everyone you know – knowledge is power and the secrecy of this murder must be revealed!

  57. Mk says:

    Have you been on any national radio programs like Glenn Beck ?  He seems ready to help get the word out, lives in Texas.   It needs a mega media audience to push it forward.  The masses don't go to these websites .

    What's happening with the lawsuit?    God bless your efforts. Stay safe .

  58. Chris says:

    I'm an avid outdoor person and I see everywhere the destruction of our planet. Trees are dying but the millions. Folks can't grow healthy gardens anymore. Everything they plant dies but they still assume it's a normal process. 

    I appreciate all you do but I just don't see how we can stop the destruction. It's just so heartbreaking. 

    • EndtheFed says:

      Every single time the masses raise their voice in unison, the power structure backs down.  They have no choice.  Multiple examples abound throughout history.  So in essence, the way to stop the destruction involves the first step of raising consciousness. has outlined a 5-step process, detailing the four subsequent steps.  In the end, we don't know exactly how things will play out.  But we have to try, there's just nothing else to do.  

  59. Dawnski says:

    Come Lord Jesus !! Revelation 1:7, 11:18

    • John P Sangregorio says:

      Yes come LORD JESUS come.  Punish those who are destroying the earth that YOU Made.

    • jonatha says:

      It would help if your pastor spoke out. Maybe divine intervention is already in us and it's WE who have to act instead of looking to the heavens for help.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Jonathan.   Right on!!!

    • Dawnski says:

      I sound the alarm on a regular basis much to the disdain of many a 501.c.3 leadership. . .

      They cowardly keep silent. And Beth Moore, Joel Osteen, and many a Houston and TX 501.c.3 is seeing how much they are suffering for remaining silent.

      LKN NC was bombarded with big fat X's today as our "forecast" for heavy rain was mentioned for Thurs/Fri. .. ..

    • Dawnski says:

      II Corinthians 2:17

      Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.

  60. Steve says:

    Thanks for the incredible info…  If we know that this is really happening when and where, why can't we stop it, or even show where these microwave site are broadcasting.  thanks again..

    • BaneB says:

      Steve:  In a word, NEXRAD.  Search it out.  The technology was developed by the Department of Defense, known as Doppler Radar.  It is being upgraded via the  latest techno applications by a department at the University of Oklahoma, earthquake central at Norman. The federal government owns the 160 sites that blanket this nation.  The National Weather Service operates them.  Incestuous.  There are other sites, too, not listed as NEXRAD.  Those are more difficult to out.  And the mother of them all is SBX1.

  61. JOHN says:


  62. End time servant says:

    Dear Dane , great clip but is any one actually caring or putting the truth together I fear only the few the politicians are hiding the other suppossed  truther. Will not touch this any more and I suspect there. Worried about there fiat money will disappear if they persist helping you in this serious crisis , I have told people time and again look up passed out the free flyers made them in Color some I said here pass thses out but never got a response back that they did , my final note we will keep getting what we deserve because Washington is in the hands of the enemy since Kennedy people follow illusions reality is to much to handle !

  63. Kathy says:

    Thank-you Dane for this dire update!

    I am putting out a call to all those who read this site. Let me start by saying I am the first to admit guilt in not pursuing fast and furious efforts of awareness, although everyday I do what I can to reach those in my path it is NOT enough. I along with my husband are currently working on getting Billboards up in the state Of Washington. Thank-you to those who have done this already in other states. I now realize how expensive this is. I am also checking into city bus advertising, We have someone from out of state coming to Wa state for a fair in Nov for a weekend setting up a booth of awareness for geoengineering. He needs HELP. Someone here on the site suggested going to theaters when the movie "geostorm" comes out in Oct and professionally make ourselves available to those coming out … to correct the disinformation dumped on movie attendees. There is so much we can all do to relieve Dane of this enormous task he and his family have taken on for all of us. I am simply asking that anyone available in this state of Washington and all over the world for that matter, to step up to the front lines. TOGETHER is the only way to achieve the level of awareness needed yesterday! Lets set aside whatever views we have because no matter how we view this, one thing is undeniable, this is a fight for GOOD vs. EVIL…we are all commanded to not only share the truth but to fight for TRUTH and that which is right. To those available and willing to help financially and give of their time please reach out before its too late. FYI as Dane has said about himself  he did not ask for this position but could NOT sit back and do nothing. WE are no exception.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andy, Hello.  I fear this is just the beginning as like Fukushima, so many plants are by massive water, chemical plants too, but nuclear.  Gee, just waiting to happen.  Not a pleasant thought at all.  Fearsome, life ending. And all over the world.  Action Should have been taken after Japan's crisis.  Ongoing too.  Of course, as all will be and that's a dark picture. 

  64. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    Great video and great info.

    If people could see the videos that are in the net ( which are new-age propaganda ), like this one; Summer special super mix 2017 – best of deep house sessions, Music 2017 chill out mix by drop G. And if the videos are seen in a careful way, without looking to the dumb youngsters which are dancing around, one thing is obvious; these videos which are filmed in paradisiac places, should show thousands of Birds, and all the footage in shallow water, should show hundreds and hundreds of Fishes. Instead, what we see, is places with almost ZERO Wild Life. Miles of shores without Birds ( in islands and continental places ), but in contrast, with plenty of false clouds, big lines of aerosol and strange skies colored with chemicals everywhere.

    Thank you for your Work.


  65. Robert Clark says:

    Great work Dane 

  66. Jeff Naish says:

    I agree 100%

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