Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California (Live Presentation)


The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once "golden state" for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA maps shown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Julie Kozak says:

    DANE; I was very moved by your eye opening intelligence of geoengineering that is maliciously being used by the Deep State. Evil designs by evil  people. It is a terrorizing to know that our own government is involved in this type of warfare against their own people.  I want to be added as a warning voice for this earth and its people.  Will writing our government representatives have any affect?  How many signatures would be needed to truly make an impact?  I WILL WORK TO GAIN THESE SIGNATURES TO SEND TO CONGRESS. I live in California and we have seen the droughts and floods that have been thrust upon us by geoengineering manipulation. Thank you for your informative interview with Dr. Salla.


  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Dane, Im new to this game, about a year, though I did notice old photos my grandmother took of us kids, beautiful blue sky,  No Calif is under aggressive attack. I swear I can smell it in the air. My family says im nuts, I battle this alone. Im so very worried for my kids. I hear the wells are dried up in Orland California, farm land. Social media shuts me down. Why has nothing been done 6 years after this video. FB is surveillance, they target people who speak the truth. Our weather people lie to us about this as well. I do not know how they can live with themselves.  No Integrity. It is so very depressing.  So now what? What do we do??

    • M. says:

      I know about the smell too. The world used to smell delicious, like trees (Oregon, Montana) now the place looks and smells like… dust. Feels dry and certainly more charged. The sun that comes through doesn't feel gentle and loving and warming. FB is terrible with this. I pray people will start coming together elsewhere.

  3. PeterJ says:

    I have just read the beginning of the Agenda 2030 document. It might be most idiotic official document I've ever read. I nearly fell over laughing when I came across their goal that every country in the world will enjoy 'sustainable economic growth'. How could they not notice that economic growth is exactly the source of all our problems and that under no circumstance is it sustainable. 

    I conclude that a very stupid species is about to disappear. 


  4. Traci says:

    Very heavy spraying over Sonoma County, CA for the past several days. The wind is moving the formations in a southeasterly direction so I'm wondering if they are targeting the central valley agricultural area. We lost our home and our neighborhood (over 1,300 homes) in the October 2017 firestorm which put me on a journey of discovery to learn more as to why the fire spread so rapidly along with fierce winds that are not common in this area. I'm terrified and angry with what I've been learning and how geoengineering most likely played a role in the destruction of our community but I'm also energized in becoming a truth seeker and sharing what I learn with others. We must remain vigilant.

  5. sharon says:

    December 2017 heavy spraying over Redding Ca. All rain stopped!! Zero rain for December to date!!!

    • Jeanette says:

      I live in the northern tip of California on the coast. I've been complaining for years that they are stealing our rain. People think I am a dumb nut however I refuse to stop complaining and warning people! I am trying to wake people up so something can be done.

    • Heath says:

      Dad to hear that…while back in Australia east coast flooded month after month. Towns destroyed people desolate and food growing areas defestated. The WEF Globalists must be opposed or we are history.

  6. Alexander Tierney says:

    I have only recently become convinced of the nature of those in positions within extreme transdemocratic power structures. Engaging with friends/family on this subject elicits a number of objections, the objection most resort to when confronted with the increasingly irrefutable, in many cases peer reviewed evidence is one of stunned disbelief or angry ridicule. these reactions are primarily based on modeling these peoples' motivations on themselves and those they know within a generally healthy society . So statements like "no one would do such things, this is too horrible to believe" are typical. I have found that introducing the idea that the motivations of these people are not within the normal range but best understood if viewed through the lens of sociopathology  allows for a better model to understand them. Studies mapping the incidence of sociopaths within society have discovered that they are disproportionately represented within the prison population – to be expected, but also within the upper ranks of for eg. corporate / military structures where their talents seemingly shine. It is not too difficult to imagine how such pathologically self centered individuals rise to positions of power within such structures. It has become increasingly apparent that we are living in a post democratic sociopathocracy. However people react to being introduced to these deeply uncomfortable truths, fear is the primary psychological driver. Instilling fear in ones friends and family does not come easily but the consequences of collective ignorance is far worse.

    • Cindy says:

      HAARP Weapon – look up the documentary on What is HAARP weapon and everything it does.  It is an older documentary but discusses how itwas found to do weather modification and what all it does to our atmosphere, and yes- it IS man controlled- by the Gov and military! That along with Chemtrails- and it is a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands!

    • Alison Pryle says:

      so glad to see Cindy's post. No reply option there. HAARP seems like man up to no good. 

  7. Nancy Rogers says:

    Hello Dane, 

    I left a comment under free energy tech where I said that I was reading about the noises in the sky, the different cloud structures, also when I was little why when the jet flew by why the smoke didn't disappear, now when it rains my horse's hair falls out, it's called rain riot, why is it the birds are falling out of the sky, the fish,whales and dolphins are dead. What can be done.

    • Tonia says:

      This answers all my WTF is happening and I understand now . I appreciate the evidence I see here. They must spray every time a jet passes over California. Real smoke moves as I have seen over the decades. Jet smoke of this type doesn't. Hell you can't really see exaust from airplanes. This DEMOCRATIC bullshit or is it all parties are involved. 

    • Mike Norledge says:

      I agree 100% .. I asked Dane personally this very same question via chat and he replied (not word for word at all) "the best that we can do now is to raise awareness and public consciousness to the extent that all nationalities understand what is happening to our planet and we also need to lobby national governments and local power structures like states in the US and local counties within the UK where I reside and get the message out now before it is too late, and we also need to drive the message home to and contact so-called green charities like the WWW fund, Greenpeace and the RSPB in the UK to inform them about the real cause of climate and animal and bird population collapse" using the data from Dane's website .. we all think that these organisations already know about the spraying from planes and other weather manipulation projects like HAARP/RF/EMF/Microwave frequency emissions, but are too afraid to talk about it at the risk of losing their jobs, careers, pensions, and even their houses and all their finances … the media don't help at all, they are also controlled to propagate misinformation and to with-hold the truth about these matters so it is left up to peeps like you and me and Dane to do that

  8. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I hope you do more speeches about the drought before it ends its ending fast because of global meltdown so soon nature will win.

    • Nancy Rogers says:

      Hello Dane,

      I've been reading about the noises in the atmosphere and reading about how the clouds look now, and I came across your web site, when I was little and sitting in the back seat of my mom and dad's car looking up at the sky wondering why the steam coming from a jet not disappearing. Also why when it rains and my horse loses some of his fur is that the chemicals in the rain? Is this also why the ring of fire is getting active with volcanos that have been asleep for along time now are been awakened? Also one more thing birds that fly are now dead on the road, dolphins, whales, fish is this because of geoengineering?


  9. doru says:

    You may want to know this:
    You can post there to answer.

  10. Hunter says:

    It's happening again here in Texas, they've been spraying like hell for weeks on end and the rains have stopped in central Texas.

    • Brian England says:

      Hang in there Texas. It's 90+ degrees in October here in Central California. Thank you so much Dane Wigington! I've been called paranoid for simply asking why the sky looks different?
      It's amazing how quickly we have been conditioned to forget what our deep blue sky used to look like? I remember.

    • Sara Wilken says:

      Hi Texas! It has been going on here in Southern California as well for the last couple of weeks, but with more intensity the last three days. The sky looks worse than I have ever seen it before, completely violated all day long. And now they are predicting rain in the next couple of days. I am afraid to go out and get wet from all that toxicity that will be coming down with it. My phone has crashed from taking so many pictures, but for what? People still go about their business without noticing the atrocities that lurk above our heads. I just don't know what to do anymore. It is devastating. Just when you think that they might come to their senses and stop this madness, it just seems to get worse and worse and they get bolder and crazier. I am afraid to look up. It's killing my heart and my soul and definitely affecting my stress levels. I eat super healthy, exercise, meditate, all the right things but I can't control what they are doing and it kills me. I'm going insane. It's horrible. I feel for the Earth and all other living things. What can we do?!?!?!?!?!?

    • lah says:

      They were spraying heavily in December 2014 at Calaveras Big Trees National Park in CA.  My husband said it was just contrails and I asked him why there would be more planes flying over a remote national park than what we witnessed at La Guardia Airport in NYC.  The spraying over the park was insane, and everyone hiking the Park was exposed.  My daughter & I have been battling bizarre illnesses for nearly a year now.  She has seen at least a dozen MDs and not one can pinpoint the problem.  My body started shutting down, too.  It has been a nightmare.  How many others were exposed that day??  Don't these criminals doing the spraying have families?

    • Chris says:

      I live in southern California within 2 miles of March ARB, in Moreno Valley. I watch the KC-10 and C-17 aircraft arriving and departing every day and sometimes this goes on 24 hours a day. They've ramped up aerial spraying here like I've never seen before and I've been watching this since 2004 in the Inland Empire.

      My wife has had a recurrence of breast cancer in less than a year. I have also noticed she has respiratory problems too. She coughs up yellow and green phlegm all the time and she has never smoked a day in her life.

      I have noticed my attention span has decreased and sometimes I forget what I'm going to say or forget in mid-sentence, (Good thing I don't seem to have as much trouble when I type.) I my wife and my parents all live together and again I have noticed that they all are having memory difficulties as well.


    • linda jewell says:

      Last spring 2016, we were ahead of rainfall. It has been a very dry Fall/Winter. I think we are in for the Cali kind of drought. I live Mid-East coast. I wake up to a beautiful blue sky, by 10am, the Chem-trails start, day after day. Then there is nothing but white spider webs.

      Can someone tell me why "they" are doing this? NWO, Agenda 21?



  11. Daniel waters says:

    Hello Dane, I work for a local  public transportation department here locally in the Tri Valley area.. I've been preaching about chemtrails , geoengineering and weather modification for over a year now to thousands of passengers… I'm completely amazed how  people are so naive about   life threatening  things that are happening above us…. I used to spend  many days Sun Tanning in my backyard but no more… I"ve taken and shared many videos that I take of chemtrail clouds vs cumulus clouds and show them to people to  show the mass difference in the texture…. and the more knowledge I acquire about chemtrails and  geoengineering it's much more simple for me to describe and to discuss matters of these deadly toxic clouds … what I find that 90% of these people that I talk to ,are in complete denial of why  the government would do to such torturous things to poor human souls like us…. the government is poisoning our lakes, rivers, streams, ponds . Canals and Aqueducts that deliver our water to the communities of millions of people will likely and eventually kill all of us slow of death………. (TREES)  Here we are standing tall then suddenly man comes along , why should we suffer along and dry the earth is dying why shouldn't we cry….. man has lost the love in his heart it's only a time before we depart

    • Lucille Munro says:

      They are taking Canada's water.  Nestle bought access to water from Hope, B.C. Canada.  They pay 1 cent for 100 thousand gallons of water, bottle it in cheap plastic non-biodegradable bottles.

      Then they sell it for $1.75 or $2.00.  And we people are stupid enough to PAY FOR WATER.

    • Jeanette says:

      I think we need to try. I am on this site because as I was driving through town I saw a bumper sticker and wrote it down and then looked it up. Finally people who do not regard me as some kind of a nut, or a drag! We need to keep talking and we need more bumperstickers for starters. We all need to pray every day to Creator that the money people, the world leaders, and humankind wake up! Pray that when they wake up they have a change of heart and change their ways. It is only through prayer that we can 

  12. Jay says:

    Been public for a long time – nobody (meaning the general public) cares/wants to do anything about it.

  13. Guy Robinson says:

    I live in Shasta County in Northern CA. We have these government clouds almost daily and sometimes the work all night so you wake up to a brownish gray sky. About two years ago I came to the conclusion that this was not cloudseeding but just the opposite. When I talk to other people about it they slowly move away. It's not just here either. Watch your world news and when they show pictures of other countries you will see these manmade clouds of poison. Make your own conclusions but wake up to the fact that this is a worldwide conspiracy. 

    • linda jewell says:

      Hi Guy, At first, I thought it was cloud seeding as well. Here on the East Coast it has gotten worse, with the increased spraying. No one has said the word "drought" yet, but you watch, I know already we will have a drought starting soon 2017.

      I am afraid to talk about this to people. Some are polite, smile and listen, and others, like my husband, think I'm crazy.

      My husband works outdoors every work day, he had half his lung removed last year. I wonder what other poisons are on and around him.


  14. Sara Wilken says:

    Today is by far the worst spraying day that I have witnessed in Ventura County. It seems like the more they do it and nobody notices, the bolder they get. I feel helpless and very depressed.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sara, turn your sadness to anger, and your anger to fuel for the fight to expose the  climate engineering insanity, we are still in this fight.

    • Sara Wilken says:

      Thank you, Dane! This business of being aware can sometimes take a toll on the heart and soul. I try hard to remain strong but some days, like yesterday, it tears me apart. I am better today…ready to fight and to continue waking up as many as I can!!! The thought of meeting all of you next week helps a lot. I can’t wait!!!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      I will look forward to meeting you Sara, we march together in this battle.

    • E. Grogan says:

      Sara: my husband and I went thru heartbreak, depression, anger – all of it when we first saw chemtrails 5 yrs ago. It's horrible when you first find out. But over the years we've learned that doing small acts of rebellion helps greatly. one thing we do alot of is feed the wildlife. Wildlife is dying all over the planet and here in No. CA where I live in the country, the wildlife here all summer have been desperate for food so we've been feeding them. It gives us someonething else to think about and helps in a small way to counteract the engineered drought here. I also stay informed so we can shoot down all the deniers. It's amazing how even highly intelligent, informed people think the chemtrails are kerosene or some such, they never look up at the sky. Most of the trees here in our woods are doing OK, though a few starting to show signs of drought, so we remind ourselves that the trees are fighting for their lives and are doing remarkably well under the assault. These small things added together help us to survive the onslaught. I hope you can find some peace of mind thru all of this and find ways to fight back. There is where you will find strength, I believe. Good luck to you and THANK YOU for caring about our planet!

    • Sara Wilken says:

      E. Grogan: Thank you so much for your heartfelt response!        You have reminded me  that no matter how angry, scared and hopeless I feel sometimes, there are other living beings that are being greatly affected by this insanity and yet, Mother Nature does not lose the strength to keep fighting for love and survival! Great lessons from the Universe! I am Vegan and have immense love and respect for animals and nature. Being in close contact with non human life and witnessing so many small miracles  is my reminder every day that I must remain strong and positive. May love,  respect, kindness and compassion prevail and conquer!!!!!!!!!

  15. kirk mannor says:

    All fish in youngstown Ohio millcreek park died this july,they blamed it on sewer, but that's not the truth, it took to long to come up with the first suspect,it had to be From SRM. Their allways spraying here heavy.UN needs to get the hell out of our country now.

  16. Sara Wilken says:

    Thank you Allen and DW!We had two cloudy days and this afternoon the Sun came out! I was able to see, enjoy and photograph REAL clouds!!! Thank God for a break! I do have a vegetable and herb garden and I also ferment and sprout! Grounding with nature through gardening and hiking, meditation and Yoga are my outlets to stay connected with Mother Nature and not go completely insane! Fearless spirit and healthy body to prevail and conquer!!!

    • Sara Wilken says:

      They are at it again! Two days now…non stop spraying all over Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, etc. Took lots of pictures. Neighbors still think they are contrails. People coughing. The air feels heavy :-[ What can we do?!?!?!

    • Eric says:

      Do all these pilots know that they have committed crimes against humanity? How can we stop them ? Can someone tell me how ? 

      Im very scared and my health is deteriorating. Please tell me what can 

      be done . Signed , angry and desperate!!!!!

  17. Sara Wilken says:

    I live in Newbury Park, Ventura County, California near most of the vegetable and fruit farm land in Southern California. I have tracked the spraying in the last couple of months and it is at a devastating high. It starts at 7am and continues well into the evening. They now spray us on a daily basis without shame or consideration. I have tried making calls, sending emails to different authorities to no avail. When I point it out to friend and neighbors, they stare at me as if I am insane despite of the obvious planes, chemtrails and subsequent “clouds” so clear in the sky. They prefer not to notice and go on with their lives as if nothing is happening. We have become unconscious and stupified.I am sad and terrified for our health and the future of our once beautiful Golden State. God help us!

    • Allen says:

      Hey Sara,

      I am over the hill and Camarillo and I am noticing it is getting worse as well. They spray for awhile, then stop, then spray again.  This has to stop.  I am finally getting some others to admit the obvious.


    • DW says:

      Hi Sara, Hi Allen, I'm in LA city, and indeed under nonstop aircraft since January, escalating in more recent months. The bees vanished for 5 weeks, which is scary, but they're back now (!). Sunny today, but small low flying aircraft persist — so low, in fact, I'm inhaling plane exhaust from my front door (AP did article yesterday about FBI surveillance in small low flying planes. Our tax dollars at work!).  My plants are acting strangely, too, but am still able to grow as of now.  I think the most empowering things we can do are plant food, be aware (even if everyone else isn't there yet), and be mindful of intentions. Lots of fear for us all to process these days, but I think Nature as well as her adversaries are stepping things up.  Please keep the faith, and try to get your hands in some dirt (awesome activity for kids to grow their own vegetables!!).  And keep up spreading the word — as of 2 weeks ago, people are not only agreeing with my observations/conclusions, but they're actively asking me for more information… are not alone.


    • Soldierboy says:

      The pilots involved in this reside at Ft.Sill, Ok.  

  18. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to say that we have had a VERY dry spring, the likes of which I've never experienced (I'm in my fifties).  And today I got a robocall about a water restriction.  This is NOT normal in my area (Massachusetts).  Normally our grass is beautiful deep green during warm weather.  Now it is getting brown patches.  I told my husband it is because of the particulates in the air from daily geoengineering causing drought.  (He didn't believe me–he doesn't believe anything I say on the subject though I've pointed them out in the sky ad infinitum.  Nor does anyone else, which is pretty lonely.)  We had ONE day in recent memory that I did not notice any geoengineering lines, clouds, haze, or anything.  NONE.  I also didn't notice a single plane, and I was outside alot, which leads me to believe that all the planes I normally see must be engaged in geoengineering, and that we are not underneath the flight paths of normal air traffic.  That day was blue sky and normal white clouds–delightful.

    I just want to make clear that though much of the emphasis is placed on CA, we have this going on virtually every single day on the other side of the country, at least here in western MA.  And for those that think Senator Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful woman of the people, think again.  I once emailed her about this and she did not answer me.

    • Jenny says:

      BTW just wanted to add that when I got that phone call re water restriction, all I could think about was "control".  Water usage is not normally controlled here, but the gov't wants to control more and more of our lives lately.  Which is why we need to try to protect our Constitution more than ever.

    • Jeanette says:

      Thank you for speaking out about this terrible practice. It started in 1997 in my area of northern california; however I also see chemtrails when I watch tv-I look for them and unfortunately they are there to see. The vegetation is losing ground-where it used to be a green wall as you drove along it is now showing daylight. The trees are falling apart. I talk to people and most of them are completely ignorant on subject and I can only guess they are lacking eyesight among other things. When the twin towers were attacked in New York I was worried that the people running things were not in control; however a few hours after that catastrophe the chemtrails were being laid down-BUSINESS AS USUAL! I realized all was going along according to someone's plan. There was no disruption. Whoever is in power in this world is in control. Alarming and sad. CREATOR IS REAL AND THE ONES DESTROYING HIS CREATION WILL ANSWER FOR THEIR EVIL WAYS.

  19. lorenzo says:

    California has the potential to help feed every nation on the planet. Workers of iniquity’s such as these want to fulfil scripture and prophecies. Like the mark of the beast for getting food. If they kill California they are one step closer to control people. Its in the bible. You just have to look for it in todays problems. But I may be wrong.

    • linda jewell says:

      Iorenzo, I don't think you or Jenny are wrong. If you can control the food and water, you pretty much control people.

      God bless you, we are all in this together.

  20. Dale says:

    Los Angeles has been getting sprayed daily Jan. and Feb 2015 so far. Noone notices and it’s a shame. Too many young people think this is normal and that whatever our government does is for the greater good.

  21. Cindy Schutte says:

    I have only be aware of this since April of 2014…I see it all the time. I live 12 miles from the bottom of Lake Michigan, we are sprayed almost daily..I have never smelled it or been sick from it. I try to make people- friends, aware of this but unsuccessful. It is no where near as bad as you in Shasta county or California. I am wondering if California is their science project?

    • Liz Kim says:

      We are here in Northern California and know that the chemtrail spraying is done off coast.  This has caused what we call "weird weather" such as crazy snowstroms in the east coast while our climate is getting warmer.  We never hit the normal colds.  We have wild swings in temperature here and has caused many crops to fail.  This seems to be causing water shortages here which we are sure most know.  This is not natural but smells of man made interference.  The bee population has dropped and nevermind what impact it will have on  our food production sand water.

  22. beki adam says:

    It might be an odd thing to say Gopal, but sometimes, if there is nothing practical we feel we can do, praying is good. As is applying various spiritual contemplations and philosophy. You are in a good geographic place for that at least. There aren’t many great spiritual teachers on the planet, but India has a bunch of them. I’ve met them there myself. So, albeit a big place, you are in some quite good company.

    • Angela says:

      I agree, prayer is very powerful and I pray everyday that this people behind this madness become enlightened to the fact that they are destroying this planet and everything on it as well as the ones behind it for self gain be exposed for the criminals that they are. Great suggestion 🙂

  23. Anthony says:

    i always knew there where doing something up there. my question is, how can we stop this? these are sick people that all they want it’s power and would do anything to get it.

    • Angela says:

      I think bringing awareness is the most important thing that we can do right now. Referred to the section on the left-hand side of this site called Activist Awareness for suggestions on how to do this.

  24. Paulo Valentim says:

    In Brazil we do have the same in our richest State (Sao Paulo where there are some 2o million people leaving in the main Sao Paulo City. The trick here is to kill the miserables and apply duties over the water spent by users. Last week they start to manover in that way by assembly a “SEMINAR” where a lot of “experts” went there to give their opinions which 1’00¨were just to start to penalize the people who are able to pau more for the water they need,

  25. Jeane Green says:

    Thank you for saying this. I have noticed similar events here in Colorado. November 11, 2014, we were driving west from visiting Denver and I pointed the sky to my husband. I have never seen sky like that…it was beautiful, yet also very strange. The sun set colored clouds were all SQUARES – like a tiny grid only seen after HAARP activity. Wow, I thought, I wonder if this sudden huge snow storm that hit across the northern/mid band of USA – was that man made ?- It would have explained by Michio Kaku, the physicist we saw a lot during Fukushima TV programs, why would he be so excited that “this stream has us pinned, and it will be horrible weather”. Yes, something is definitely strange. And considering over 11 agencies are making weather now for decades, no wonder it is messed up. How do we know this ? At least one of them even published HOW they are messing with weather, and it is public knowledge others do it too. – And that includes just USA ! Is any other country playing God with HAARP toys ?

  26. gopal says:

    i live in india and even here chemtrails etc r happening…we r so screwed.i dont know what to do.

  27. Kenneth Malmuth says:

    Dane, I attended your conference in Los Angeles and I applaud your work. The future appears bleak and dismal. The powers that be are controlling the weather. I have a daughter who will be born next year and I do not know what kind of future there will be. The government agencies I have contacted about this only deny and lie about this. What can we do to stop this ? Our efforts do not appear to be enough.

  28. marta says:

    Thanks Dane. I did a blog about this and am posting on social networks. People please get the word out every day in every way.

  29. bill agreat says:

    How to get testers for air and water?

  30. Joe Imbriano says:

    aluminum reacting with wireless emissions-

  31. Riverwatch says:

    Thank you for this very educational presentation. I am 70 years old and have always been a sky watcher. I KNOW things have changed in the sky. First, the chem-trails. Then the horizon sheen of a morning and evening when I was out walking. Then a shadow appeared on the ground while the sky above was blue except one area where the blue was “a shade darker and had a ragged edge. That laste for about a half hour.
    And then the absolutely unique and strangely beautiful odd snowstorm in St. George, Utah in Dec 2013. The sky was an a schroll….like a curtain was pulled back. It was after dark in the evening, yet strangely yellowish and when I took flash pictures throught the snow of my grandchildren, the camera flash reacted like fireworks. The most beautiful storm I have ever seen yet eerie since it was a phenomenon. I walked in the snow and it was NOT COLD. My teenage grandson took a mouthfull of snow and spit it out and said, “Don’t even taste it, Grandma. Something is wrong with that snow.” And now the sky looks misshapen at times, like a dome that is pitched. And this summer I began to react to the sun as though it is scorching when the temperature is not that hot! And the sun is blinding me. I am old, but have been assured I do not have cataracts….but something is wrong. Sunshine has changed. In addition, I live in the desert and am out a lot and yet have very insufficient Vitamin D blood levels, so I am on 5000 units of Vitamin D daily…yes, five thousand units and I feel so much better on it. Keep up the battle.

  32. sdenne says:

    Funded by Big Oil to keep us in gasoline vehicles. “There’s no climate change,” says them.

  33. Mike says:

    Antone contacted the ACLU to do a Class-Action Lawsuit. How about attorney Gloria Allred. This is right up their alley!

  34. Mark says:

    Here is a suggestion on how to stop this (spraying) from continuing. The idea is to make a video showing the spraying from the air and ground, which is obvious and undeniable. Places like the Mt. Shasta community and area have taken soil samples for several years documenting the buildup of aluminum in the area soil. Whenever vehicles pass or the wind blows this aluminum is again back into the air with the dust we are breathing, along with other chemicals in the spraying. When it rains the aluminum gets into the water, causing more pollution, and problems. Aluminum has been found in high concentrations in Alzheimer patients, and is suspected to be involved in the condition. In any event high aluminum levels are not good for humans or the environment. Present or show, that what good are nature preserves, National Forests, etc that have been sprayed into dying shells. Make a video about all of this. I would suggest contacting KQED in San Francisco or KTEH in San Jose, Ca. for help making, editing and broadcasting these videos, because they like to do such work. Have the facts to show them, and they will be willing to do this, but they will want the facts, not just speculation.
    Use the aluminum angle as a hook to get the audience involved, because people want to stay healthy, and if they know they are being sprayed with something unhealthy it will get their attention. That is the important thing to get their attention and support.
    Perhaps cooperate with the Chemical Skyfall people who also have a excellent website, and information.
    Get some doctors and experts to state the dangers of the spraying. Show videos of government officials taking about the spraying.
    The public is not paying attention to this spraying and if it is presented in a way to make them aware of the danger, especially on PBS they will pay attention, and change can happen.
    I know this idea will take 6 months, or even a year, but it is the only idea I have to get the public’s attention, so they will support change.
    Advocating laws to limit chemicals in the sky, ground, soil water etc. is perhaps a possible solution, because they want a solution to the problem, also.
    Please consider this idea, as some action should be proposed and undertaken to bring this to a end. I believe that if people were to understand the real danger to themselves and future generations there would be some action taken to stop the spraying.
    This is only one way to get that information to the people. If it were on PBS, soon the whole country’s PBS stations would broadcasting it. There may be other methods also, but this is the best I can do at this time.

    • Alison says:

      Aluminum isn’t an argument that they are willing to give merit to unfortunately. We who are debating vaccine poison are using the exact same basis with the heavy amounts of aluminum and mercury that are refferes to as “trace” So, they aren’t listening to the studies on that 🙁

  35. Robert says:

    their plans will fail along with their leaders. they have set in motion changes that will result in their permanent failure. they will have no one to blame but themselves and… they will be able to play in their minds their stupidity endlessly. i’d feel sorry for them except they are simply foolish. they’re only doing what they know best – lying, deceiving, manipulating, and acting like they know best about a planet they hardly know much about and a universe even less. they will reap what they sow and frankly, I wouldn’t want to be in any of their shoes.

  36. there are no words to describe except hell on earth and those responsible as pure evil. we know they are Satanists responsible for child rape. torture, and murder. I would like to tell everone here about the international common law court of justice and Kevin Annett. also, please check out Veterans Today .com it is the one for Truthers. thank you all for knowing and caring!

  37. Nicole says:

    We’re being exterminated. There is absolutely no way in hell something like this would happen right in our face unless it was evil and intentional. Humans – its not just a matter of believing it or not. It’s a matter of saying goodbye to the world. Try to wrap your mind around that fact.

  38. LATEACHEr1X says:

    Yes! This is their plan in tandem with overpriced real estate and gentrification of all places in California. Perhaps they plan to use geoengineering to separate it from the continent and turn it into their own private island? Let’s hope mother nature beats them at their own game.

  39. NP says:

    I agree, It’s intentionally caused . There has to be some big money to be made from this, or what else could be the motivation?

    • ErikV says:

      I just read this article from Jay Weidner on Zen's site and thought I'd pass it along. It's a truly frightening possible answer to the "why?" question.

      I just read this article from Jay Weidner on Zen's site and thought I'd pass it along. It's a truly frightening possible answer to the "why?" question.

    • Jeanette says:

      You are not wrong unfortunately. I pray the ones the money people and world leaders wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and change their evil ways.

  40. NP says:

    Yep, everybody I know who goes to the doctor has something wrong with them. They were doing heavy chemtrailing in the Antelope Valley yesterday, non today, always the same patterns, and configurations. It’s very depressing to watch them destroy the earth and these pilots are too dumb to even know what they are doing.

    The government is intentionally causing this drought, poisoning the soils so the trees die and cause massive wildfires. Now some crack pot scientists are getting mainstream press by saying that somehow trees are the cause?? WTF??

  41. Padraigin Eagle says:

    “What about getting some Hollywood type-a famous actor or actress to put on a mask just before they go onstage on something like Oprah or Letterman? Or Ellen?” Because they are in on the scam, bought and sold by the usual chosenite suspects. So with that in mind, take note that “we”, the awakened ones, are the “massive public awareness”.

  42. Uncle herb says:

    I drink pure water, eat mostly organic produce, refuse vaccinations, visit my dentist & chiropractor as needed. I’m 67 and in good health. Friends and family who go to Dr’s on a regular basis … Get sicker almost daily. I do take some supplements and use colloidal silver. I believe the medical establishment is MAKING people sick!
    As for chemtrails, there is NO fair, even handed or political resolution to the problem.
    The perpetrators are so entrenched in their organized activities that only the eradication of all involved individuals will make it stop. This is NOT A CALL TO ACTION … But a call for clear perception of the problem.

  43. elizabeth says:

    Iv’e been taking probably the same pics, right below you in Skagit Co.

  44. Alison Heath says:

    You’re right, this has been going on for a while. I’m learning about another HUGE health crisis along these lines at

  45. Lynn says:

    I’ve been taking pics of the chemtrails here over Whatcom County Washington state. There are a ton of them too! Folks don’t look up, care or believe such things could be happening. What to do with my pictures?

  46. Michael says:

    It’s a military operation, funded by Congress under the rubric of “combating global warming”

  47. jan orourke says:

    Everyone keeps saying they,who are they and who is giving “them”permission to poison our skies.It seems like if we knew who was authorizing these crimes we could make more of an impact than just saying they.I would do anything I could to help in anyway I can.

  48. Marianne Sandy says:

    So what do we do about it? How do we stop it when we don’t even know who is doing this? Are we certain it is NASA, the military, the UN? No……..we need to find out who and what is doing this.

  49. Jim Thomas says:

    For those who have difficulty proving to people that this is real just give them the Spice project website

  50. rick says:

    same over here in uk guys, no blue skies just white lines and i dont mean coke. people just as stupid and ignorant of what is happening. im called an idiot when i try to say anything so i guess there is no way out if 95+% dont want to know. sorry to hear about the droughts you are having on purpose. love to all

  51. Gail Jones says:


  52. Natasha Gubert says:

    has anyone started a petition drive yet?

    I heard Montsanto has developed aluminum resistant seed. It also snapped
    up a bunch of ag land in Australia when a prolonged drought put individual
    farmers out of business. Could this be the play in California? They plan to let
    the rain fall when they have captured the land.

  53. Maggie says:

    I’m with you man. Whatever you want to do I’m behind you.

  54. Maggie says:

    I immediately resonate with this presentation. I too have tested the rain water and found that it was toxic. 🙁

  55. American Patriot says:

    this is a good idea…. take it to the top
    sue not only the US government but David Rockefeller, Gates, Soros, Rothschild, sue them all !!!

  56. Motherofseven says:

    I am sitting here tonight after watching my fourteen year old daughter work through another (second)onset of acute psychosis, I believe in my heart that this is from the chemicals that we are breathing. I have listened to my children complain of dizziness, nausea and now my fourth daughter who was so happy about starting her high school years as a freshman sits in another room not able to stay awake, not able to eat, not able to talk to us. Her doctor doesn’t know what to do he says we need not hospitalize her again, she will come out of this…you know. I don’t know?

    I know I am widow from a long seven year battle my husband had with two different lung cancers and the last one metastasized. A year later I was diagnosed with lung cancer and in that year my neighbor who passed three months later. My oldest daughter’s mother in law had cancer and her step-mother in law has MS. I lost two friends from lung cancer this year all of these people are in their forties and when my husband was first seen the doctors said we don’t see this in people your age this was ten years ago, now it is the norm to be diagnosed with cancer? My ten year old this evening told me of a female classmate who had lung surgery.

    This is unprecedented! I don’t know about you but I have seen in St. Louis MO. new hospitals popping up right in the middle of communities and the hospitals that have been here since my childhood have all expanded three times their size adding cancer wings larger then the original hospital.

    I hope that more doctors will come on board to expose the atmospheric chemicals that are causing so much suffering. I plan to get metal test from my doctors and bring them information on geoengineering. I hope you as well will try. God bless us all!

  57. CLAUDY ASSALIT says:


    • Jeanette says:

      Please keep speaking out about this all too real problem that will soon be impossible to ignore-only by then it will be too late! Don't stop talking to people and please pray to Creator every day people wake up and when they wake up that they have a change of heart and change their ways and stop destroying earth for monetary and materialistic purposes.

  58. Ann-Katrin Matar says:

    Even in Sweden in Stockholm they are spraying. I see the strange clouds many days a week. There are many dead or dying trees, brown and black leaves on the trees, falling bark and branches. Almost no autumn colours. My friend and I have got strange pimples coming and going on our skin. A high pressure with dry air and unnaturally much sunshine has been lingering over us for weeks now, when there should be slowly sinking temperature and moisture. Here in Sweden we don’t discuss these things. Most people consider it a silly thing to discuss.

    • Jeanette says:

      Just broach the subject regularly! To anyone-the person standing in line in front of you at the grocery store-wherever-speak out and pray every day the money people, world leaders, and humankind wake up and change their ways.

  59. Greg Mack says:

    oh dear god, i feel your pain i too have suffered extreme health problems thanks to these psychopaths and hang tight were all in this boat together, stay strong, i have found some really great supplements from like minded individuals, if you can take colloidal silver, it does help i make my own because it is expensive at health food stores, also i would recommend visiting alex jones has some of the greatest supplements known, get the survival shield flouride shield and lung cleanse, stay vigilent and hopefully you can get a hold of some supplements to help make this life more tolerable, the civil war is coming only then will this crap end

  60. Bluto says:

    2 words

    Georgia Guidstones

    • William fawkes says:


      I visited them. They are the New World Order commands. We are presently being depopulated in accord with the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century. The document is available from the United Nations website. This is not and has not been a secret.

    • Povish says:

      America (through a president) signed up to "participate in Agenda 21 in the 90's. The 13 bloodlines that run the world and are the "king makers" (don't kid yourself into believing that a president runs a country. The country is run by those in the shadows. ON ELECTION DAY the UN met and passed a new one on us. You see that's when things get put through. Christmas day, 4th of July, Super bowl Sunday's etc. Days that everyone is looking elsewhere. Agenda 21 which was probably 40,000 pages of crap covered in frosting was part of the finalization of the plan to depopulate the earth and yes the Georgia Guidestones are aligned with it. It has been a plan that has been in the works for about a 60 years, a plan with not actual deadline…………UNTIL Election day… UN passed a resolution to accelerate the UN Agenda 2030. In other words they renamed agenda 21 to agenda 2030 an set deadlines for certain things to be attained.   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Povish, yes, the global elite have many agendas. But, for the record, on the current course (if the human race does not wake up and change direction), none of us will be here by 2030, including the power structure.

  61. M says:

    Not even New York itself has even a fraction of the Left-Wing bias of California. It’s no wonder they focus on the West coast. Not only is the West coast infinitely more prolific agriculturally, the people here are ANTI-New World Order. It makes perfect sense that the money-whores would target the West coast. California has the answer to our problems. But these psychopaths DO NOT WANT ANSWERS. THEY WANT DEATH. PERIOD. YOU UNDERSTAND THIS POINT?

  62. shayala says:

    Americans are shamefully ignorant/stupid as well. Most people who I bring up the topic with, are clueless. I will admit, that at one point I thought the trails were beautiful Cirrus clouds.

    • blue skies says:

      When they caused the drought in Texas and Colorado it forced many farmers and ranchers to sell-off their wasted land to big investors such as George Soros and others for pennies on the dollar. Maybe that is what they want to do in California. Farmers are losing crops and money with major water restrictions. Thy always say to follow the money.

  63. Laura Sutton says:

    Excellent Ideas…….Unfortunately about wearing a mask in public….people will probably just think that you are sick and keep their distance…..but getting key people (i.e. celebs, etc.) to help spread the word is a VERY good idea….It’s weird where power is these days, but we might as well take it where we can find it.

  64. Laura Sutton says:

    I am glad that you are oriented toward taking action. The adrenaline/anger/and other impotant emotions are increasingly unhealthy. I don’t have any genius solutions….but I encourage you and the rest of us to DO something….

  65. Caesar Lion Cachet says:


    Also in the Netherlands the land of Orange & Bilderberg chemtrailing is visible for the people who want to know… But I am full of shame to realise that the majority of the Dutch are ignorant and stupid. Thanks to our government: The Puppets of Rothschild & Illuminati

  66. Sick as Hell says:

    I can’t go outside anymore because of this. It is killing me. I haven’t been able to go outside without a gas mask FOR YEARS. If I try I suffer with severe asthma for days–asthma so bad I can’t sleep or lay down, can’t get the nebulizer machine to work well enough to make the pain and breathing problems stop. Life is hell for me. I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. Air cleaners are expensive, filters are expensive. I can’t work because I can’t go outside. The doctors are all retards and won’t help me or take this seriously. I’m pissed. My life is ruined. Earth is ruined. There is nothing left but pain, misery and suffering. Earth is now hell.

    • DW says:

      HI Sick as H, hope this note finds you better. Do you have plants? I have 3x as many plants indoors in a place that's 1/2 the size of former abodes…they need more of each other to clean the air these days, but they are able to do this. (There's also some natural charcoal bamboo air purifier pouches that are not only organic rather than electronic – you put them in the yard after 2 years – but affordable. I am not affiliated, they are Moso bags.) If your budget is zero, you can grow most plant varieties from clippings – just ask a greenthumb you know or maybe a neighbor you can meet? Or check online postings. I'm always happy to give out clippings!

      Nature is smarter and more powerful than her adversaries. I urge you to trust her (and start with getting your hands in some soil if you can, indoors is fine). Things are completely insane right now, but intention is a very powerful thing. I have hope not just for you, but for the sky, and for all of Earth. And this is from CA, where indeed since January 2015, we're getting pummeled with weather manipulation. The nonstop aircraft, too. Keep the faith, good people. And grow some greens!

    • Jeanette says:

      So sad for you. I got super sick and in order to recover I used natural healing methods as western medicine was not working; I went to doctor complaining I had been on antibiotics back to back for 4 months and they are not working. The doctor said no you have been on antibiotics for 6 months. I waited 2 weeks and then I used Oregano Oil per pkg directions and White Plains Clay per pkg directionsnand I cooked lean soups with medicinal mushrooms like Shitake-a health food store has them. I also used Kombucha that I made at home/you can buy it but its not the same. I also stayed inside for 3 days after I saw chemtrails being laid down. I avoided strange fog occurring while you can see sun and blue sky above it. Took me nearly 6 years to get well. Do some research and try natural ways. 

  67. Stefan says:

    By changing the terminology, the p.t.b got around the Geneva Convention w regard to [mis]treatment of pow’s[i.e “disarmed enemy troops”, “enemy combatants”, etc].
    Likewise, by referring to the eco- and democidal practice of what’s called ‘geoengineering’ as “conducting research”, these crimes are permitted to take place, regardless of existing environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the E.P.A, etc.
    The fact remains, that these are crimes, i.e. acts of state-sponsored Terrorism, regardless under what pretenses and euphemisms they are being carried out! Therefore, those in charge of these diabolical experiments, conducting the programs ARE criminals, as are they who knowingly collaborate and assist in their coverup. It seems a handful of criminally insane sociopathic psychopaths, have been allowed to play god w the fate of humanity and the Earth we must all share. Therefore, it is our moral imperative to STOP them, as they have been proven to stop at Nothing!

  68. Zeolite could be used against radiation and heavy metals. It can be used for cleaning water and neutralise radiation. Food grade zeolite can cleanse the body from heavy metals, radiation, and gmo food.

  69. chris hartz says:

    Here’s the real pisser – it’s our tax dollars that fund most of this activity! My breathing is labored and my sinuses are bad all of the time, now. Can’t we do a class action lawsuit somehow? I think most of us “victims” would sign on for that. They are “vandalizing” our living space. At least it might generate some exposure. What do you all think?

  70. fluxxx9998 says:

    I lived in phoenix for 9 years and the geoengineering they do there is super heavy. i moved to san diego may 2013 and was shocked to see no spraying. until about december/january i started seeing the evidence here as well. watching this though, now i see why it doesn’t seem as though they’re spraying as heavy in socal, is because they’re doing it out off the coast :/

    • Sue says:

      I live in the Phoenix area. Contracted Sarcoidosis after I moved here in 1992. Have since developed MS and pulmonary hypertension. Am now on oxygen 24/7. It’s so bad I’ve almost become a recluse.

  71. Linda Evans says:

    8-3-14 They have been hiding the chemtrails pretty well here in La Jolla recently, behind cloud cover. We had astonishing 3 light showers of rain this weekend…first in about 9 months. Made the mistake of rejoicing and walking in the rain, and then became very sick. Somehow the rain carried the chemtrail poisons into my body….have been holding my own w/ health till lately, but was devastated to realize that even the pleasure of walking in the rain is poisoned and twisted by all the geoengineering. Word is getting out…thanks to all you warriors and I do hope it causes changes soon enough…before we are more weakened and made sick. I too circulate info whenever possible and people are quite receptive. Everyone I know is praying for an end to chemtrails…maybe we need some sharknado bombs

  72. Patricia Malvica says:

    I first heard about this subject on Coast To Coast…this is unthinkable and I am spreading the news by sharing this website…so we can all continue to be educated and help do something about this problem.

  73. Mimi says:

    How does the radiation from Fukushima fit in with the GE problem? I heard the radiation is affecting California via ocean and air. Any info?

  74. Greetings from Finland says:

    They are doing that every day in Finland too

  75. Philip Dec says:

    Look forward to watching this presentation after work.
    Thank you again Dane for exposing this criminal activity for what it is. Here is a link that may help some folks

  76. Emmett Grogan says:

    Ronfoster: thanks for bringing up lemon water. I’ve used it for years, drink 8 glasses/day of water with lemon. It also helps to clear the mucous out of your head and lungs, caused by GE. Also, I’ve read that chlorophyll is a big help, since it attracts the aluminum, etc. to itself and thus is expelled from the body. I have some powdered in capsules and will be starting on it asap.

  77. Patricia says:

    I always said that they(the government) was putting something in the water, too many incidents of major shootings, major crazy crimes, and weird weather patterns. I do not understand why, aren’t we all together on this planet, why try to ruin this world it is all we have.

  78. ronfoster says:

    Why don’t all of us who are really concerned – why don’t we wear protective masks? They won’t stop the nano particles but they will make a statement. What about getting some Hollywood type-a famous actor or actress to put on a mask just before they go onstage on something like Oprah or Letterman? Or Ellen? Just put the mask on as you take the stage. They will have to ask you why you are wearing a protective mask which will open the dialogue and get the message out. All we need is massive public awareness. 🙂

  79. ronfoster says:

    I use lemon. Drink a big glass of pure water with lemon first thing in the morning. Also, eat as much of the lemon as you can – about 1 a day will work. Also, if you can, try eating some of the lemon peal. It’s not bad and lemon is known to help detox the body. Might not be exactly what you’re looking for but, since I’ve been on this protocol, I feel much much better – clear headed – stronger. Good luck.

  80. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:


    • Jenny says:

      Did you receive any replies, Sister?  From what I understand, the military is responsible for all or most of it.

  81. Ping Ride says:

    “we” don’t need to fund anymore common core propaganda big government bullshit

  82. arcadia11 says:

    totally agree, aroha. that is why geoengineering is integral to agenda 21. way too much trouble to totally control 7 billion humans.

  83. Angie Home says:


    Applause from me for an impressive Presentation. Its getting ever more harder for people to turn away from what is happening. We here in the UK are being treated to photos by our meteorologists on the television. They have shown on the backdrop behind them the trails on the weather reports.

    However an update on the propaganda machine here in the UK.

    I have just watched recording of a programme on BBC Four “Our Planet from the Air “on iPlayer shown on 23rd July 2014. I am not sure how they filmed this but I do wonder if it was with Drones/Google. If anyone can catch it where they live its worth watching. I didn’t see any shadows of whatever they used. In this film it describes the “water cycle” i.e. waterfalls, water vapor, clouds, rain, springs, rivers, seas, oceans, glaciers.
    It describes how “global warming”/”climate change” (they want both of these labels for themselves obviously) is affecting the cycle of air production on plant Earth. It’s full of all the usual stuff about plundering the Earth resources etc, etc. The fact that trees, the pinnacle of plant life, are being destroyed faster than ever. Oh! At last, they realise that trees are important! At long last. It is all plants that give us air.
    Underground aquifers are drying out – features Los Vegas, Palm Springs as “mirages” in the desert. The Colorado River water levels in the catchment areas are plummeting. Water shortages will affect 2 billion people by 2025.

    “All living matter is linked: Water. Air. Soil. Trees. The Worlds magic is right in front of our eyes. Trees breathe ground water as light mist. They form a canopy that alleviates the impact of heavy rains. The forest provides the humidity that is necessary for life. They store carbon, containing more that all the Earth’s atmosphere. They are the corner stone of the climatic balance on which we ALL depend. The trees as the primary force provide a habitat for 3/4 of the -planets bio-diversity. That is to say – of ALL life on Earth. These forests provide the remedies that cure us. The substances secreted by these plants can be recognised by our bodies – our cells talk the same language. We are of the same family”.
    Deforestation is highlighted replacing forest with Soya Bean, Oil Palm and Eucalyptus.

    Haiti – only 2% of the forests remaining. Hills surrounding are bare – soil is eroding. Does no longer sustain farming.
    You get the idea though – Easter Island is mentioned. The Rapa Nui felled all the trees. No trees – No Life.

    Possible loss of Arctic ice by 2015!

    Greenland warming. Holds 20% of all fresh water of the whole planet. If it melts sea levels will rise by 7 metres. Lakes are appearing on the ice cap
    Note: Nothing yet though about engineering the weather.

    BUT interestingly near the end of the film the Methane beds are mentioned that you refer to and about the fact that if the permafrost melts we are…..well, you know. It was referred to as a “Climatic Time Bomb”. The narrative is we have to do something within the next 10 years or we enter territory unknown. They cannot predict what will happen.

    So They Know, “They” know about the methane. Is this what’s driving the geoengineering.
    And if They know then what is the point of amassing all this land, all this money and all these assets.
    Actually it is an insight into how destructive human beings can be.
    At the end it refers to solar and wind power – we must change.
    “All we have to do is stop drilling the Earth and start looking to the sky. All we have to do is to learn to cultivate the Sun”.

    How can we do this to “save the climate” if they use aerosols because they have damaged the ozone layer and its letting through the UV rays.

    What is really going on?

  84. Nick says:

    Oops, this comment was meant for Lisa’s earlier post. Sorry Dane, I am not trying to intentionally promote other products on your website. Thank you for all you do. Proud supporter of your work.

  85. Nick says:

    Spirulina and chlorella may help remove heavy metals during digestion. I am not a professional, just trying to help. From what I could gather from these supplements, I’m not certain if they help eliminate heavy metals via inhalation, but I believe they do help remove heavy metals during the digestion process. Nascent iodine may also help you detox. It has helped me in terms of clarity. Good luck!

  86. steven martin says:

    the mineral Zeolite works well. I have been using the powder form.

  87. marc rennard says:

    Watched spraying all this past week over St. Louis. What the heck are these bastards doing? Keep up your work, Dane, you’re a saint in my book.

  88. Tom R Wigington says:

    Why can’t the gov.of California do something. He has probably already gotten the call to play along with the rest of the elite team, or wear cement gouloushes! Although soon, there won’t be enough water there to drown in.

  89. Eric says:

    Thanks for posting Dane! Shared.

  90. JT says:

    Ive seen no less that 3 news (mainstream) storys in the last week stating that Ca is fast running out of water and how az and most of the southwest will soon be uninhabitable due to high temps and lack of water. Incredible! Ag 21

  91. Lisa says:

    I would like to know if there are any ways to remove the toxic metals from our bodies.

  92. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, N.M. Same old agenda here, busting up our rain clouds people, mucho clouds but mucho chemtrailers as well. One with a good eye can tell the trashed out skies, smoked out black, brown, yellowish like a big polluted city from smog. We are out here in desert not surrounded by big refineries, and traffic bumper to bumper! As I read in an article here on this site, they are stepping up this so-called program that they say aren’t doing but thinking about it in the future! Really? They are sons and daughters of evil, no doubt selling out their own souls and us. They always want us looking at other issues or problems created (happening) and carrying on as nothing wrong it does. In the long run let us remember that we are in this world but we are not of this world. Comfort one another. 7-24-14 9:20 p.m. God Bless His people, Amen………

  93. magmore says:

    We really need to fund education more thoroughly.

  94. Thank you so much for all the work and hard long hours you have put into this. You are so right, Dane, GeoEngineering is playing God with the weather.

    Please do not stop helping us. We know people who are really sick because of mercury poisoning, aluminum affecting memory and mind. And some have autistic children. Blessings on you and your indepth wisdom. Sharing this. Keep up the most needed work and information.

  95. Annie says:

    I think that as many autistic children as possible be tested for levels of these chemicals in their bodies and then all the parents & families group together and file a class action lawsuit against the government or whoever is ultimately responsible for the spraying. Families of Alzheimer’s patients could jump on the bandwagon as well. This needs to be brought to public attention; people need to understand that our government is allowing these atrocities to happen.

  96. Debbie says:

    Gary, you are so right… so sad, but you really can’t deny what they are putting right in your face.

  97. Aroha says:

    may I add also that the hidden agenda of the elite is to depopulate the earth…it makes sense when you consider the possibility that they both go hand in hand.

  98. Richard says:

    Dane thanks for your detailed and science based explanation that the average person can understand. I love your passion and your conviction, you understand the seriousness of what is taking place. I was in Vietnam as a photographer and experienced the madness of using agent orange on the environment, a disaster for the troops exposed to the toxin, but the wildlife and the people of Vietnam experienced incredible damage.

  99. Julie Loewy says:

    thanks for all your hard work Dane.
    I have been passing out flyers in Health Foods stores across Toronto Ontario, Canada to prepare for the March against Geoengineering in September.
    I am posting your videos on my Facebook page also.
    So glad to hear that Oliver Stone’s son is going to make a film about this. Former Premier Bill Van der Zalm has written to the Municipal and provincial government and federal asking them to disclose why they are spraying and he got no response.
    This is going to be the challenge of a lifetime.
    You are right in that we all need to come together to halt this insanity.
    Many blessings for your courage and tenacity.

  100. gary stuart says:

    Have you thought about AGENDA 21 to depopulate the united states? between fracking our water supplies and gmo’s. it’s clear it’s hard kill not soft kill… genocide of a nation….

  101. Nicole says:

    Amazing presentation keep them coming Dane! Thank God for your website and for similar FB sites, people who are informed don’t have to feel alone and information can be shared without rhetoric PROGRESS IS HAPPENING!!

  102. sharla shore says:

    I want to know what we can do to stop this??
    why are we marching on DC?? where are the balls on our politicians?
    re elect no one.

  103. Peter Lawlor says:

    How Dare they Interfere with ‘Mother Nature’. Can it be stopped?

  104. Why? follow the money trail… by creating this polar vortex over so much of the US big oil is making bank on the artificially inflated gas and oil prices… no one wants to freeze and solar power won’t help if the chemtrails block the sun. The chemtrails are needed to complete the HAARP agenda and when sheeple breathe this crap they get sick (as well as docile). This is big profits for chemical and big phama… The 11 largest pharmaceutical companies combined to rake in approximately $85,000,000,000 in profits in 2012. It’s always about the money and the big corporations are getting the military (that is paid off, owned and run by large corporations) to implement this wicked plan. I don’t believe most of the US politicians are in this loop of carnage. If they know they are looking the other way. Best thing to do is email or call local, state and federal elected sheeples and complain. I do it regularly… Chemtrails are MARKET SCHEMES… Agriculture and trees don’t grow in polluted soil from these sprayed chemicals but Monsanto has seeds that they have developed that are impervious to these chemicals. When they control the weather they create droughts in areas that lower the price of real estate, buy it up and make profit when they return the rains. (HAARP can and is doing this) WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • Jimmy P says:

      I agree with you. I am totally convinced that Monsanto is behind the climate engineering with our govt assisting them with whatever needed. What a coincidence they specialize in drought proof crops and then we have a historic period of drought! Add in the fact our govt snuck past a bill that will allow for the growing of any and all gmo’s, even those previously found to be harmful to our health and the enviroment. It makes me sick to even think about u.s politicians which are selling out even their own children and grandchildren’s well being so they can vacation on Monsanto’s private jets! If all of America doesn’t wake up to the truth and rebel our current system it will sadly be too late.

  105. stephen mallen says:

    Great work I say again Dane! Bring it on, this attack must be stopped.

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