Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?

The constant reappearances of the “Polar Vortex” and the unprecedented swings in temperatures that come with this type of climate engineering insanity is finally raising some eyebrows. We have known for a long time that snow storms can and are being engineered.

Geoengineered Snow Storms Are Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth To Winter, (part 1)

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth To Winter (part 2)

Many lab tests have been performed on the snow produced in these artificially nucleated storms, and the expected highly toxic heavy metals associated with climate engineering have indeed showed up.

Geoengineers Pull Off Toxic Cooldown.

Does the artificial nucleation of precipitation contribute to the ever increasing highly destructive ice storms? Yes, there is now almost always a “transition zone” of frozen precipitation in the areas between the flow of moisture and the core of the engineered “winter” storms. These ice storms are highly destructive and are wreaking havoc on the environment and human infrastructure. As the inflows of moisture are fed into an engineered “winter” storm (in the case of the Eastern US this moisture was often straight out of the Gulf of Mexico), the precipitation can hit the ground before the sprayed chemical nucleation materials cause it to “set up” into ice. Paid mainstream media like the Weather Channel will give many other explanations for the radical increase in ice storms, but will the Weather Channel explain why there are artificially nucleating materials in this precipitation? Certainly not. The Weather Channel’s job is to explain away the completely unnatural as totally normal, that’s what they are paid to do.




The climate engineers are now routinely creating snow storms and cool downs by artificially nucleating precipitation. What are the various potential methods of “artificial nucleation”?

Can and “instant freeze” be created by a chemically induced endothermic reaction?


Can bacteria be used for artificial ice nucleation?


Are there patents for the creating artificially nucleated snow?

Can E coli bacteria act as an ice nucleator?

Are there other documents outlining the ice nucleating characteristics of certain types of bacteria?

What kind of bacteria might the climate engineers use for artificially nucleating storms? Is any of this bacteria showing up in our skies? It seems Popular Science has document E coli at 33,000 feet, and they are not sure why.

So What Is The Bottom Line? What Can We Say For Certain?

We can say this, climate engineering is a very real and very lethal reality, and so is artificially nucleated snow. Known nucleating elements have already shown up in numerous lab tests of snow, aluminum, barium, chloride, and copper. Additional tests for bacteria are now pending. It should be absolutely clear to all that those in power do not give a damn about the lethal effects of the weather warfare they are using to directly assault populations around the globe. All need to awaken to the gravity of the issues we face. Of all the challenges, global climate engineering warrants a top priority position. The dire ramifications of these catastrophic programs can not be overstated. The responsibility of sounding the alarm rests on each and every one of us. If we work together, we can bring the crimes of climate engineering to light and to a halt.


Geoengineered Snow Storms Are Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth To Winter (part 1)

The Snowmen, (part 2)

Knollenburg patent

Cloning of E coli

Bacterial ice nucleation demonstration

Popular Science, E coli found at 33,000 feet

Bacteria and ice nucleation

49 Responses to Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?

  1. Elle seamster says:

    I'm trying to get a protest in DC going I have five bands that will play for free anyone on board the time is now  sick from the chemicals


  2. sharon s. says:

    It finally snowed here in N. Nevada. Been hearing of snow all over the world that does not melt when you put a lighter to it. So I tried a handful. Damned if it didn't go solid as glass and burn BLACK! Not one drop melted onto the lighter to put it out. Jesus, what have they done to us??? 

  3. simone says:



  4. Papirin says:

    Thanks for all your efforts!!

    Dane and friends!!

  5. Ruthanne Raia says:

    I’ve been following for a long time, and use our app as well for alerts and getting info quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, though.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do to spread the word. I share your site on FB and Twitter, that’s one way, but I feel like I should do more. And many people say they don’t have time to look at this stuff, (although they all seem to have time to follow idiots in entertainment, and the political circus, or spend all day sharing memes on FB). Every time I talk to people in person about this though, sometimes even using things plainly visible and obvious as they are occurring in order to start the conversation, people think I’m nuts, a conspiracy theorist. They try to explain things away and seem to believe whatever stories they’ve heard from mainstream media/weather stations explaining away things as well, including the chemtrails only being caused by the natural crystallization of water in the air or whatever their story is, and they don’t want to hear anything to the contrary.

    I realize it’s because most people just don’t want to know. The world has gone crazy in so many ways, it’s one more thing they just want to avoid facing, but I don’t get how they can ignore it. It’s scary! I don’t want to be outside or have my dogs or my grandkids outside because I don’t what’s falling on us or what we’re breathing. I’ve tried to point out so many different things, but sometimes even my kids look at me like, “we kind of believe something is going on, but THAT seems explainable and fits their story, are you sure THAT’s related to what they’re doing?” It is so frustrating! What else can I do to get this info out and convince people of the reality and urgency of the situation?

    One question I get asked, and I actually haven’t seen an answer myself, but I’m sure you guys have all discussed it and I just missed it is, how are the people responsible, and the people involved in the actual work of preparing and spraying the chemicals etc…, keeping themselves and their families safe from all the crap that’s falling on us, that we’re breathing in, and that’s getting into our soil and water? Are they not concerned about themselves and their loved ones, or are they somehow protected? It can’t be that they don’t know how dangerous this stuff is to us, so I just don’t get why they would do it when they have to live with it too.

    I almost feel like it’s a moot point because they ARE doing it, it IS bad, and we need to stop it, regardless of why they do it or why they would risk their own well-being, but if there is an answer to this, I’d love to know what it is, as well as to be able to respond when the few people who do listen a little ask me why these people would poison themselves, in essence. Anyone have an answer/suggestion for either of my queries?

    And thanks to Dane as well as all the regular commenters, you have all shared so much great information!

    • b says:

      I care as much as you do. I don't even know one person i can talk to about anything, let alone this!! and this is about as far out as it gets. I do have interested people on facebook who were with the Bernie campaign and or Jill Stein one. We are now the people in north dakota or involved in helping to fight the pipeline that obama just said he helped but he didn't really. 

      I don't know where you were politically but i feel it's a huge part of this whole problem. I mite as well say what I feel. I think the 2 parties are the same party…both very very awful and are both aware of this weather technology and all of it.  The elitist group that controls both parties originates in the banking world(so world wide), wallstreet and the military industrial complex. I believe nothing is too evil for them to undertake. Relativelly many other people feel this way now, well educated people to homeless people, we read wikileaks because they are truth, they have this info in them also.  

      Anyway, i think these people are so sick as in psychotic, that they don't care what happens to anyone, even themselves. They have been into all the wars, cheating, stealing, greed takes you all over the map of their lives. I won't go into all we learned in wikileaks, but they are really nasty rotten people. Most people believe there are 2 political parties here and to convince them otherwise is really necessary. Until they see that it is only 550 people in the entire government we vote for who decide everything, if we didn't have 2 parties pretending to be different so they could create all kinds of reasons for us to hate each other, then we'd just vote them all out. but because we all do hate each other, (well i don't and the people i know now don't) but most at least believe in 2 sides opposing in most ways. So a lot has to happen. we think North Dakota is really important because we have united all different walks of life, plus are all defending a minority, Native Americans, and can see how they are screwed. I have a feeling I already said too much. Anyway, I do care about this so much.




  6. Bob says:

    Spraying daily in Central Oregon. They forgot to spray 3 days ago and the sky was beautiful.

  7. Susie Jackson says:

    Spraying daily over the mountains in NE GA .. I have noticed the small white planes and at night it is a triangle shaped drone ( moves very silently)  The biggest thing I have noticed is that when they spray at night the temperature drops dramatically and in minutes.  ( it's July and I will have to go in a put on a jacket and sweatpants) I have taken some pictures when the col spray hits and I've noticed when I use my flash that I'm literally engulfed in crystals and orbs .. As soon as it settles (yes you can see the covering on the ground in pics) the crystals are gone and nothing shoes in flash.  So I'm wondering just what the hell they are hitting me with that does this?  I can share Picts if anyone is interested. 

  8. Nicky says:

    I personally watch these planes spray HUNDREDS of ChemTrails daily from my home in north NJ.   From before sunrise till sunset, theses planes spray everywhere the suns path travels.  EAST>>>>>>>WEST
    I've even noticed a new trend in the past year or so, these planes now fly almost straight UP into the air (on the slightest ever angle) resembling spacecraft and they also spay arc shaped path's now, shaped like a rainbow.  
    For so long, I have tried to figure out "WHY" they do it & I've come up with so many reasons.  WHAT'S IT'S PURPOSE???  And what's the big secret?  The worst part is that our society is BLIND and either doesn't see it, or even worse doesn't care….  My advice is for everyone to watch "Tesla: Master of Lightning" on Netflix.  
    IT SHOULD OPEN YOUR EYES!!!  For 6 years which I've lived in my current home, I have been been plagued by this.  I live up very high on a mountain with 360 views & I SEE EVERYTHING!!
    NOTE: I also live within 5 miles of the biggest weapon & ammunition arsenal, closest to NYC.
    Take my advice, watch the movie & check out the links.  And keep in mind, Nikola Tesla's been dead for 70+ years.  I BEG YOU, JUST THINK ABOUT IT…
    It's a tragic shame that more people won't listen or know/learn how to think on their own…

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I shared on my facebook pages.

    Thanks for confirming the truth.


  10. Mark Davis says:

    The real problem with this spraying is it is being controlled by the shadow or secret government. This secret government is well corroborated by whistle blowers who have come forward with information. Unfortunately there is little of a complete picture as the whistle blowers have had information only on their area of expertise, as far as I know. There is a variation of this secret government, which exists in most large countries. They are responsible for the charges against the government of: drug smuggling, money laundering, black ops, murders, secret operations in other countries, etc. These exist along with the CIA and other government organizations. They are not hampered by laws, morals, ethics, or consequences. There is no visible oversight of it, and it seems if you displease them, you simply disappear,or are murdered, or get cancer and die a short, quick death. Even the President of the USA is not advised of this secret government, as he does not have a high enough security clearance.
    Spraying is one of their projects, which are designed to achieve, ultimately, a NWO, through various methods, which are being implemented now.The UN is involved with organizing the NWO.
    Here are some links on the secret gov.:

    These sites have their own viewpoint, but the point is they know about the secret government. There are many other resources on google about the secret government. Chemical spraying is, unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg.
    This information is available to anyone willing to investigate and research it. It is not a pretty picture, and gets more and more complicated and fantastic as the research progresses. The research will take you to many ideas and facts not easily accepted and unprepared for. The (secret) government is basically out of control.
    We are in for some very major changes in the foreseeable future, as far as the situation appears now.
    This earth may be totally unrecognizable, in 25 years, politically, economically, environmentally, socially, unrecognizable, at least to us, living in 2014.

  11. Mark Davis says:

    Thanks Dane, I was wondering how the chemical spraying was freezing animals, and you explained that when you told about how the rain did not freeze until almost at ground level, obviously freezing some wild animals caught unawares. Frozen wild animals are unusual, as they are adapted to the environment.
    And the comment about the tankers being used for spraying instead of refueling, probably exactly right.
    One by one, we can get people to realize about this spraying. Mostly, they think I’m weird and ignore me, but once in a while someone gets their eyes opened and they are really surprised, probably didn’t even think about those “contrails”, that are not contrails. If you just get them to think about it, they realize its spraying, but they don’t want to think!! Frustrating.

  12. Cynthia Lauren says:

    Thank you so very much for your vigilance, Dane. I’m almost crying after reading some of the articles you linked for me. I mean, just thinking of ‘who’ these megalomaniacs are and the ‘chaos’ they enjoy giving to all of us on a daily basis, whether it be politically, spiritually, or for the past 60 years… in our weather…

    And ~ then juxtaposing those thoughts with what you are doing… Never mind. I AM going outside on this COLD South Australian morning, have my cigarette, (yes. it’s my little rebellion, ’cause I’m NOT perfect either) and just cry.

    God BLESS you and yours. I will hug you in Heaven some day and I consider you my hero next to Jesus Who saved my life. May He guard and bless your every step, Sir. (I AM crying right now)


  13. Bosse says:

    I’ve been watching the chem trial pour out over Gothenburg, Sweden basically every day this year. Since I got aware it’s so easy to see it. Just one look on heaven and you know it’s still there.
    I talked to local politicals, news media and all persons I meet, about it.
    No one care the least &/(&/(%&#¤”#%
    The technical “competent” green politician sent me a stupid e-mail trying to explain to me this is just normal exhaust gas.
    It’s sad and shocking how well indoctrinated most people are.
    Also how bold these people are now, just confident they can do this in plain daylight for everyone to see themselves. Without almost no one get it or want to see.
    How long can these crimes go on without the criminals beeing hold responsible ???

  14. I haz a name says:

    Interestingly it’s +4C and no snow in Sweden which is could be perfectly normal but this was not the case this time of year 10+ years ago. November used to be cold and the land used to be covered in snow in Scandinavia this time of year.

    The sky has continuously been one big gray/white pile of crap the last few weeks, you can’t see the constant chemtrail dumping that causes it but we can hear the now pretty regular jet flybys.

    I have no idea if this is of any interest to any of you but I thought I’d share since I have a distinct impression that the Chemtrail Cloud Corporation is a NATO corporation subsidiary operating in the whole US/EU area (The spraying begun in both Slovakia and Latvia the day these countries were bought by the NATO corporation in 2004)

  15. Thokhan says:

    Just outside of Buffalo, about a half an hour, on the canadian side of lake Erie they were spraying night time chemtrails…. Full moon lit them up for any aware person to notice. Than the polar vortex got multiplied, I guess, and Buffalo got blasted by lake effect snow.
    Could someone, say a farmer who lost his crops, gather all documents relating to geo engineering and at least sue a province or state for allowing Chem trail planes to fly over releasing their wares on unsuspecting people?

    • LAM says:

      I live in Buffalo NY as well and take tons of photos of the constant chemtrail spraying. I really want to get some people together for an awareness group or something so that we can get a little more organized around here. I have a good 12 friends our so that are “aware”. Let me know if you would ever want to talk further about that. Power in numbers. Time is of the essence, unfortunately…

  16. dan says:

    Big time chem trails over the Treasure Coast of Florida this morning.

  17. Patricia P Tursi says:

    Oh My. Bleach would kill the soil food web and that is what the toxins do. Don’t ever put poisons on your soil. The Micro and Macro organisms are what feed your plant and keep your soil & plants healthy. Where on earth did you get the idea that pouring bleach on soil is good? There are other ways to acidify, but test your soil first and determine how much you want to acidify. Most veggies do well between 6.5 and 7.5, and acidifying is not needed unless your soil is above 7.5, or your plants require adjustment, since various plants do best in pH specific to them. Garden sulfur, as opposed to aluminum sulfur, can be used. Also using plant based residue is good, such as pine needles, but it takes nitrogen to break them down.

  18. Freedom Ranger says:

    It saddens me to no end, to realize our government has simply become a haven for criminals and sociopaths, it has become naked in its tyranny and perversion. This is self evident as they pass law after law penalizing and destroying the lives of whistle blowers, the people who reveal their treachery to the world. This government is an evil monster, it seeks to bankrupt each and everyone of us and then have us eek out a meagre existence on government assistance while the politicians, and oligarchs will wallow in unfettered gluttony, a true Soviet style communist takeover is happening, there is only the pretense of 2 parties there is only one. A political caste that has been thouroughly corrupted through the need for money to be elected. Once the middle class is destroyed there will be no one in their way. No one to raise objection for fear of losing their EBT or section 8 vouchers,. No one left to protect what should be protected. If you think you have paid your home off, think again, they only increase land taxes until you no longer possess your home. We live in a state of utter tyranny. Our forefathers told us it would come here born from within and they were right. Who are we trying to save the world for? I often ask myself that question. There is something inherently wrong with humans. By design we gravitate to mediocrity and destructive self indulgence. I see no end to our suffering. Why do governments always become evil, indifferent, wasteful and destructive, why do they always destroy what should be protected? Enlightened self interest? We must make a system that does not allow sociopaths to participate, better yet, we must find the genes that make men and women sociopaths and change that sequence forever through some type of gene therapy. As it stands to date ALL governments made by humanity have been infested, corrupted and destroyed by sociopaths since the dawn of time. ALL of them, all of our systems are made to be corrupted by sociopaths they ALL have since the dawn of time. There is only one solution to find what makes us sociopaths and to forever change it or this scenario will be played out through humanities lifespan which at the present doesn’t seem to long.

  19. Freedom Ranger says:

    Marc, reading your comment I can help but think these sociopaths need us to be aware at some level so they have someone to lord their dominion over. I mean if every one was asleep and controlled they could not gloat. These are some seriously ffed up souls and I think they need a certain section of the population to be aware of their own helplessness. I think they “get off” on it. They are true sociopaths.

  20. Marc says:

    I have to ask myself, folks, knowing what we know about chemical and germ warfare in the military arena over the last 100 years or so, if the geoengineer-asswipes really wanted to kill us all would they not resort to some ultra-high-tech killing agent that could be easily dispersed from their jets? Or is this already underway….infecting all of us with nano-bots that kill upon command by a signal from say, a cellphone tower for example?
    Yes, I know this sounds too fantastic to take seriously but I cannot escape my sixth sense that this agenda cannot possibly be only about altering and moving weather systems at will. If they can succeed in doing that, then “the world is their oyster”. They can literally do virtually anything to feed their psychopathic lust for dominance.
    Here in St. Louis in the weeks leading up to this so-called polar vortex (what an absurdity, they really do take us for morons don’t they?) there was non-stop spraying of trails morn, noon, and night. And now, suddenly, now that the freeze is upon us, not one single chemtrail can be found anywhere.
    The ignorance of the people is deeper than we can ever imagine….the sleep, near total.

  21. Lydia Plaster says:

    I have seen the sky spraying. More important though is I have felt it. In our northern California area I like to go fishing. I have seen the spray going on and sometimes in less than an hour, on a warm summer afternoon, the temperature will drop as much as 25 degrees. This happened more than once last summer off highway 32 while fishing and looks very similar to the barium/ammonia experiment in the first video.

  22. Tim says:

    Anyone know what happened to site?

  23. dawn says:

    I’ve read above comments and what I say we can “do” is to keep educating ourselves; keep talking about it; keep SPREADING THE WORD, and help to open eyes. Lets not worry about if others disbelieve us.. WE MUST keep the dialogue open. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD; everywhere, on FB and to strangers and people we know, don’t let complacency and fear keep us quiet; thats what got us here in the first place.. I believe, then we must ACT. Gather in marches and small batches and educate others and hand out flyers… But ACTION is required……And gathering TOGETHER. Then we have a chance to speedily shift things enough to where we may be able to climb out of these chains… TOGETHER>>>> Pass along this website…

  24. bija says:

    Look — we can’t keep looking to the dumb dumbs to finally wake up. We who know what is going on need to walk our talk and actually do something that will stop them in their tracks. Are you willing to stay home from work, stop being connsumate consumers, boycott airlines, speak truth to power?? Until we are, they will forge ahead with their deadly agenda and we won’t matter a single bit! We are a growing number and must find a way to stop this now. Will you keep your kids home from school? They play outdoors at recess as if nothing is going on. So many are lethargic and sick. Will you cancel your vacations and refuse to fly? Will you stay home on black Friday. Will you stop spraying your weeds and using Round Up? Will you speak at public functions and organize information or movie events. Adjusting the acidity of your personal garden is only the smallest of Band-Aids. Where do we draw the line at what we are willing to do to save our families, future generation…our planet??? I ask these questions of myself as well and it is time to step up the game and be what human beings are meant to be. We don’t need any more pictures or proof or documents. Its all right there in our faces. We need action and it has to be now!

  25. michael Hendershot says:

    Heavy trails this morning over Southwestern California at 06:30 more so than any morning I have seen in weeks… the blue sky is obsured now and hazy… they are up to something this morning here on the West coast… ?

  26. Incredible goings ons all around the globe. This isnt snow, but very close to it. This was a hail storm that hit my hometown last week (Oct 2014) and as i say at the end of the video… UNUSUAL.

  27. Tracy Stevens says:

    Most of us know whats going on so why cant we stop this? All the theories about why doesn’t matter-it needs to be stopped Power to Us People

  28. Gene Maynard says:

    Someone tell me if I’m misinterpreting the facts. This morning around 11am it seemed really cold. Everyone was talking about how cold it was. The wind chill had to be below freezing. It hurt to stand in the wind very long.I had placed a thermometer outside that was in direct sunlight. I noticed it read 88 degrees. The effect of wind chill is only noticed on humans and animals and not on inanimate objects. Does this not prove the cold is simply super cold air brought in from the arctic region to mask the true heat from the suns UVB rays?

  29. Danny says:

    Hi everyone. This whole thing is about depopulation and making the certain few that are involved very rich and control also. Look up Doomsday seed vaults. Lots of information there on who has a huge hand in this if you don’t know already. Also check out Alan Watts geoengineering You Tube. Google this also…. How to Kill Chemtrails You Tube.

    Acid for your gardens will help them. Not too much though. Either dilute a bit of bleach with a lot of water and pour it on the ground and not directly on the plant.

    You can use Vinegar also. Not too much. Dilute it well. Experiment with it. The PH has to be right for something to survive.

    This stuff they are spraying is making everything way too alkaline.

    Good luck

    Google them Vids

  30. Steve B. says:

    If you had a trillion dollars and the best technology and a sinister mind yes you could.

  31. Steve B. says:

    We are supposed to contact the politicians and they are supposed to give us answers. If they don’t they are removed from office. You people I can see in six months. They sprayed some shit in the town about 40 miles from here about 12,000 people and they all froze. I don’t know what the hell is going on. “Kids you want pizza” I would wish that everyone “EVERYONE” stop going to work and stop everything until we get some answers, because we aren’t getting any answers at all. You people realize if Japan gets another earthquake the USA is done. We’ll be hit with a huge radiation plume and understand it doesn’t make one bit of difference. The difference is weather you get precipitation that brings that shit down on you.

  32. Whozy Whatsit says:

    I’ve been watching chemtrail spraying since I noticed it over Wright-Pat AFB in the late ’80’s. I know the official time anyone noticed chemtrails was the early ’90’s, but this is Wright-Pat, so they were probably experimenting in the ’80’s on us! Anyway, I noticed weather changes then, but like pointing out the chemtrails to my friends and family, everyone told me I was just crazy. Other than my father and daughter, I wonder if they all still think I’m crazy. I told them all then, this was what to expect, but…..Now what do you all think? CRAZY IN DAYTON, OH!

  33. Noel says:

    You are right. I live in the Dallas area and it gets sprayed so bad. The weather has been off the chain this year (although I have only lived here 3 years). I live in the country north of the city and suburbs and you can see that they are spraying directly over the urban/suburban areas. You can literally see the spray zone. crazy!

  34. […] Engineered Snow Storms And E coli Bacteria What Do They Have In Common? […]

  35. escapefromobamastan says:

    Dallas, Texas gets continually chemtrailed badly year after year on an almost daily basis and no one ever looks up. If you mention the word “chemtrai” and point to the sky at what is obviously there, people look at you like you’re crazy. The first time it snowed this year, it was strange. It was raining and all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, the rain turned to snow, all of the raindrops at one time. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen and like a snow switch had been turned on.

  36. Robert says:

    I just moved to OR but was in Seattle for 26 years watching the increase of spraying over the last 15 years. With such frequency as to have no blue skies for weeks or more. The aluminum in the aerosols has had a terrible effect on the evergreen trees. Going across Blewett Pass 2 times in the spring of 2013 I saw more dead trees than live ones. Huge mature cedars and firs just DEAD…all silver, no green. Looked like a haunted forest. And I know for a FACT that the CHEMTRAILS did this. This continued assault on humans and nature is PURE EVIL!!! Even if it were to stop completely tomorrow…I fear the damage is already done. A very sad state of affairs knowing our own Govt knows about this and does nothing. One more disturbing fact…the TANKERS that Boeing is building for the military will be used for SPRAYING not refueling!!! Think about this next time you see and AD about the “good” things Boeing does.

  37. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    Dear Renee,
    I’m also in upstate New York. Until Ms. Meghan, Mr. Wigington or other leaders are able to visit we can always start organizing locally. I proposed in another comment starting regular protests at local TV stations, since most people get their weather reports there. Or we could hold informational forums for free at libraries, etc. Are you interested in cooperating on such efforts? I’m near lovely Saratoga Springs.

  38. Rediron1 says:

    Now the test comes this spring on how will our gardens grow?

  39. […] Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying? […]

  40. Jeffrey Carmon says:

    I’ve been watching the sky’s over southern California for a while now. I have a little footage of Chem trail spraying going on in southern and northern California and some over oregon. Man made clouds. Huge Chem trail X’s in the sky’s as if to signal X marks the spot. Some days there are so many man made clouds that you can’t see the sun! What can I do to help your cause here in Los Angeles Ca. ?

  41. Renee says:

    How do I get you and Kristen Meghan and Skyder Alert to come to Upstate NY? Thank you, Renee

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