Environmental Collapse And The Unravelling Of Civilization


Even now the vast majority of first world nation populations are completely oblivious to the unfolding environmental cataclysms that are closing in from every side. This unimaginable blindness is, unfortunately, willful in most cases.The majority choose to accept any power structure paid for propaganda, disinformation, and lies of omission, that enforces their comfort zones. A societal epidemic of normalcy bias also fuels the near total lack of wider horizon comprehension. Denial of reality does not alter reality, this fact will soon enough be clear to all those that have so far chosen not to objectively investigate frontline truths. Fully facing unimaginably dire realities is difficult, but true solace and a true sense of purpose cannot be found any other way. The report below is a harsh dose of reality, but, if we are to have any chance of altering the course of certain omnicide which we are currently on, we must look through a clear lens and face reality head-on. As dire as the report below may seem, it would be even worse if the critical issue of climate engineering was also addressed (which it is not).
Dane Wigington

Extinction Is The End Game

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Civilizations are living organisms striving to survive and develop through predictable stages of birth, growth, maturation, decline and death. An often overlooked factor in the success or failure of civilizations are cultural memes—the knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors passed down from generation to generation. Cultural memes are a much more significant driver of human evolution than genetic evolution. Entire civilizations have been weeded out when their belief system proved maladaptive to a changing environment. One such cultural meme holding sway over today’s governments, institutions, and society is our economic system of capitalism. The pillars of capitalism represent a belief system so ingrained in today’s culture that they form a sort of cargo cult amongst its adherents. Cargo cults are any of the various Melanesian religious groups which focused on obtaining material wealth(manufactured Western goods that came on cargo ships) through magical thinking, religious rituals and practices. Today the term “cargo cult” is used to describe a wide variety of phenomena that involve superficial imitation of a process or system in order to fabricate a successful outcome without even the basic understanding of its mechanism.

The tenets of capitalism are ritually followed in the proclaimed belief that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, i.e. so-called improvements in the general economy will benefit all participants in that economy. Centuries of unbridled capitalism have demonstrated beyond any doubt that it does not lift all boats. A new study finds that half of Americans are “shut off from economic growth”. The rules of the game are so stacked against the masses that this week a professor said“only all-out thermonuclear war might fundamentally reset the existing distribution of resources.” Capitalism’s imperative for expansion, growing profit levels, and efficiency has ultimately dehumanized our culture. Not even when our basic life support systems are being torn asunder do the vast majority question the path we are on. We are all a captive audience to the system and those few dissident voices are snuffed out under the wheels of “progress”.


Truth be told, the corporate elite have long written off all those people living hand to mouth. Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary said, unlike workers, machines are “always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall, or an age, sex, or race discrimination case.” Massive global unemployment resulting from the automation revolution has not yet been addressed by governments. Roughly half of all jobs in the U.S. are at risk of automation and two-thirds in the developing countries. This is all coming at a time when humans are fast destroying the ecosystems underpinning the very foundation upon which human civilization has developed over thousands of years. Mass migration of climate refugees will only further destabilize governments, stoke ethnic and cultural tensions, and give rise to fascist political movements. No conspiracy is needed to exterminate the “useless eaters”, just allow mother nature to take its course and climate change will be killing billions by mid century. Those in military planning know this and periodically express their fear of what is coming, but business-as-usual rolls on.

Capitalism’s constant impetus to shift costs, risks, and burdens off industry and onto the environment and society carries on under the guise of “being more competitive”. It’s a way of externalizing costs to maximize profit and if these costs were truly taken into account, none of the world’s top industries would be profitable(Interestingly, the link to this study has been scrubbed from the internet). It’s the height of magical thinking to put so much faith in some mystical “invisible hand of the free market” to solve existential threats such as an ever-widening wealth gap and the wholesale destruction of planetary life-support systems. There is no benevolent “invisible hand” turning individual self-interest into the common good. The primary mandate of capitalism is to protect and grow capital. The “invisible hand” is just a bunch of people scrambling to make as much money as possible, not caring or oblivious to those they hurt in the process. F**k the invisible hand of the market. The invisible hand of mother nature will punish those who squander Earth’s rich but finite resources.

It’s been clear for some time that we have past the point of no return, triggering multiple tipping points in Earth’s living systems. New findings are continually confirming scientists’ worst nightmares. A key glacier in the Antarctic that holds back 10 feet of sea level rise was just described as breaking apart from the inside out. In other grim news, the long feared carbon bomb has now been quantified and is projected to release the emissions equivalent of an industrial country like the U.S. in the next few decades, prompting researchers to say that “climate change may be considerably more rapid than we thought it was.” Biodiversity loss is another critical threshold we have breeched: “New research shows that local extinctions have already occurred in 47% of the 976 plant and animal species studied.” A new study also reveals that the planet’s tallest animal is facing extinction after its numbers have plummeted in recent years, with the ominous warning that “many species are slipping away before we can even describe them.” Forests are being wiped out by armies of invasive insects. Because of a rapidly changing climate and the vast scale of the problem, the idea that reforestation will somehow save us is a pipe dream. Those forests won’t stay healthy enough to serve as carbon sinks and besides, seven times Earth’s land area would need to be in cultivation in order to reduce the planet’s atmospheric CO2 level down to 350ppm.


Note that the Permian Mass extinction is estimated to have happened anywhere over the course of 200,000 years to 15 million years. The current 6th mass extinction is happening orders of magnitude faster due to a multitude of factors including deforestation, habitat fragmentation, chemical pollution, poaching, etc., making this current disaster very unique in Earth’s history:

The team of geologists and biologists say that our current extinction crisis is unique in Earth’s history due to four characteristics: the spread of non-native species around the world; a single species (us) taking over a significant percentage of the world’s primary production; human actions increasingly directing evolution; and the rise of something called the technosphere. – Link

Perhaps the fate of humans was written in stone once we stood upright and developed tools. To a large degree, modern technology has been an expression of the energy-dense hydrocarbon fuels we discovered and are not willingly giving up anytime soon. Once fossil fuels ignited the Industrial Revolution and the Haber–Bosch process unleashed the human population bomb, nothing could stop the deadly carbon consumption feedback loop, not even decades of scientific warnings.

From a throwback to our primate ancestors, modern humans have been hard-wired to ignore threats that are not immediate or local; global ecological overshoot(of which climate is just one aspect) is imperceptible to the real-time cognitive processing of humans and represents the ultimate under-the-radar threat able to undermine our reasoning and response:

Psychological concepts of how we view the world around us, including ‘creeping normalcy’ or ‘landscape amnesia’, block day-to-day comprehension of what accelerating human activities represent—whether it is human population, the number of dammed rivers, forest destruction, or the impact of motor car emissions in a timespan that is geologically brief. Creeping normalcy refers to slow trends concealed in noisy fluctuations that people get used to without comment, while landscape amnesia describes forgetting how different the landscape looked 20–50 years ago (Diamond 2005: 425).

In his study of how societies fail, biogeographer Jared Diamond calls global warming a pre-eminent example of a ‘slow trend concealed by wide up and down fluctuations’ (2005: 425). He likens the denial of climate change impacts by leading politicians, including former US president George W. Bush (and his contemporary John Howard in Australia), in the late 1990s and early 2000s to the elite of ‘the medieval Greenlanders [who] had similar difficulties recognizing that their climate was gradually becoming colder, and the Maya and Anasazi (in Central and North America) [who] had trouble discerning that theirs was becoming drier’ (2005: 425). – link

We evolved to react to imminent dangers, not slow-rolling and seemingly invisible catastrophes as an unintended consequence of our cushy lifestyle. From lofty corporate boardrooms to the filthy streets of skid row, the mass of humanity is following the same biological script of overshoot and collapse seen in every organism from bacteria to reindeer herds. Fossil fuels only enabled the destruction to multiply a million-fold, culminating in one final and spectacular explosion of human activity that will leave the planet nearly barren for eons.

Open-ended growth appears to be inherent in nature, all the way from the DNA to the arthropods to mammals, including humans. Open-ended growth is the psychology of a cancer cell. I am not sure I know of a species which has learnt how to limit its own growth. Unfortunately species which transcend their environmental resources can hardly survive – the final arbiter of the climate impasse will be nature itself. ~ Andrew Glikson, Earth and paleo-climate scientist, Australian National University

The beauty and wonder of this planet is being trashed by a naked ape whose cleverness in tool-building has far outstripped his ability to handle it in any restrained or judicious manner. Nature’s rich book of life is being pancaked into a cheap, crumpled comic book.


Add in the development of mass consumerism, planned obsolescence, and the hypnosis of corporate-sponsored TV and you have a passive, malleable population happily marching towards the slaughterhouse. It’s fitting, then, that the masses would be swindled by a megalomaniac bankruptcy artist who dabbled in Reality TV. Every one of Trump’s cabinet picks is a big middle finger in the faces of those who fell for his pseudo-populist rhetoric: billionaires, Wall Street sharks, Goldman Sachs alumni, and hardcore laissez-faire capitalists chomping at the bit to deregulate, monetize, and privatize every last bit of what remains. The allure of capitalism has always been that you’re just one lucky break away from becoming one of those fat cats, if only someone would give you a chance. A prescient observation by Ugo Bardi from earlier this year:

Trump is a symptom of the ongoing breakdown of the social pact…capitalizing on this breakdown by…playing on the attempt of the white (former) middle class to maintain at least some of its previous prosperity and privileges. Trump is…an unavoidable consequence of resource depletion. – Link

The bottom line is that a swing towards authoritarianism happens when resources become scarce. Climate change is simply a symptom of humans overshooting the planet’s carrying capacity. Free market ideologues are nearly always climate ‘skeptics’ because acknowledging the reality of human-induced climate change would be an admission that industry must be curtailed or controlled. Left-leaning people nearly always accept the science because it goes along with their criticisms of capitalism which externalizes social and environmental costs for the benefit of just a few at the top of the economic hierarchy. Thus we see parasitic Trump surrounding himself with right-wing, climate denying, fossil fuel corporatists and insiders who will be doing everything in their power to dismantle health and environmental regulations including privatizing social services which are barriers to capitalist expansion.

To be blunt, our chance of developing a sustainable culture passed us by a long time ago. People will try to adapt until they cannot, and myths will be created to explain away harsh realities. A dystopic future in all its horrific glory has arrived: baked-in biospheric collapse, the inherent and irreconcilable contradictions of techno-capitalism, a dysfunctional political system unable to come to terms with root causes, and the cognitive dissonance of the masses blind to the bigger picture. Our numbers are not a safeguard from extinction.

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization

112 Responses to Environmental Collapse And The Unravelling Of Civilization

  1. J. Kincaid says:

    Homo sapiens sapiens, the very name is a perversion of the facts. Matters not, our species is an evolutionary experiment that has run its course. "Humanity" as 99.8% of all the extinct flora and fauna of this world is also following suit. No one to blame, no one to repair the damage as that will just make it worse. No, it is simply humanity's time to die off. We went sideways era's ago, perhaps our very nature precluded this upcoming event. But come it will, none the less. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The bottleneck of 39,000 years ago will mirror the next although our species will not recover. There will be nothing left to migrate towards, no resource left large enough for recovery. In the fullness of time, the planet my recover and produce another fascinating creature capable of extraordinary accomplishments. Perhaps. But that, is another tail, for another time.     

    • iateadonut says:

      Easily extractable energy took billions of years to condense into coal and oil, and the conditions that created it no longer exist.  It ends with us.

  2. milt Farrow says:

    We must act -for to do nothing, is to expect nothing to change

    • J. Kincaid says:

      There is nothing left to do, no matter what action we take short of total reversal in our current ways cannot stop the extinction. This world is changing much faster this time than in the fossil record, but change it will and the bottleneck is nearly a given. Time is up, the human experiment failed. The planet will continue unto what end is unpredictable. But it will continue.

  3. milt Farrow says:

    I was totally surprised at the level of clear thinking people. I am in the heart of the Military Industrial Complex 20 miles west of the Cape .  I am going to try at the next meeting of colleagues to organize an organization that will give seminars to our public sector here in Brevard Co Florida The people just do not know any of this information-Thank you all for your thoughts -now action is mandatory

    for to do nothing is to receive no change 

  4. Jeff says:

    Even though it is a dark subject,it is always uplifting to see the good hearts commenting here. 

    This is a very powerful article Dane,thank you a million times over for the battle you chose to wage.

    I have planted seeds of awareness for about 5 years now(since I woke up myself). I am not nearly done yet.As most of the people here would know,it gets old watching people that you care enough to try and inform,make justifications for what is actually taking place as if there is some excuse that will make it not so bad.

    The Truth Does NOT need justified.

    I always hear "what can we do". Myself I have decided to do the work to the only thing I have total control over, MYSELF. 

    I believe it was Gandi that said some thing like "Christianity is a great Idea,I wonder when it will be put into action".

    I discovered a video on youtube that is a perspective some of you may like,called "Society is being programmed by a black box"by Truth Steam Media. For me the theory sounds very legit,considering all the AI tech being pushed now days.

    Thanks Dane,and all here expressing there view. 

  5. CJ says:

    It goes on and on and on and on…. People Complain and they keep on Complaining…. The real issue here is that we are being poisoned… What does everyone propose to Do? Any suggestions. I don't know what to do. I don't have the Answer. We continually keep getting sprayed. Like Bugs. Extermination! BIG TIME!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello CJ, there is not easy answer, no silver bullet, no quick fix. The information shared on comment threads is benificial to all those that are activaly engaged in helping to sound the alarm in the street. We must reach a critical mass of awareness, there is no other way forward. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

  6. CJ says:

    You are so right Wes. Baby maker's. What a real mess. I looked at at Rant on You Tube. The guy was PISSED off. He mentioned about Guy's. Should tie it in a knot in it. Women should have a cage over it. Enough said. All these people that want more babies. What this means, it "says" and means, "More Spray". More Autism More Dementia, More Screwed up people . More hospital. More and more and more. The only sensible people are the ones that are LOOKING UP!!!!!!! and the ones that grow some sort of "NUTS" to figure all of this out. The REST. Coffin. or Coughing.

  7. CJ says:


    Here is an excellent video showing a man handing out flyer's, most likely from Geoengineering Watch or from some other credible source. In this video you will see the amount of Ignorance that is in our society today. I'm only saying that because of the amount people that are disconcerted when the man tries to give them a flyer. Sure he gets a few that take the flyer's, but most just walk on by. There are so many things that the media is not reporting on. This should be the biggest. The rest of the Media news seems to distract people of the Monster Elephant that is very obvious.

  8. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    GeoEngineering is a Cargo Cult. Climate/Weather Modification is reeking havoc on the entire planet, to benefit certain individuals that are in power. Artificially manipulating the climate systems without knowing what the outcome will be. Remember what GeoEngineer David Keith said! "We have not done any serious research on Aluminum, so there could be something terrible that we will find tomorrow, that we have not looked at" The Risk versus the risk, the risk of doing it versus the risk of not doing it and by the way it's not really a moral hazard, it's more like free riding on our grand kids repeated. How could anyone respect a man like him!

    • Tracey - an observer says:

      Just wondering, the intensity of mega fires, could that be a direct correlation to the amount of Aluminum etc that are sprayed on a daily basis?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tracey, in answer to your question, yes, climate engineering is a major causal factor for the radically increasing forest fires (and their intensity) for many reasons. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-fuels-fires-of-global-incineration/

  9. Timing says:

    It is over. They are trying to kill us. The h past 3 days in boulder have been a horror show. Sunny means chemtrails. My wife and I are sick as a dog from the insane spraying. Trump equals Hitler's. read the similarities.

  10. Wes says:

    Massive aerosol attack again in eastern Nebraska. By 11:00am there must have been at least fifty back and forth genocidal trails, you can't count there is so many. Relentless ingrate bastards.

    Then since it's warm and sort of bright, for now. All I have heard all morning is how nice it is. These same people are coughing all over me, sneezing, clearing their throats, and then have the audacity to let me know what a nice day it is. You feel like grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and telling them, look idiot, there is now Santa Claus, grow some gonads, quit acting like a four year old and deal with reality. Your beloved government is murdering you and your family. Ignoring this and thinking happy thoughts will not save you.

    We all know how this system has to have perpetual growth to be able to pay back future debt. The whole system is run on dept. I turned eighteen in roughly 1979. The same wedge issues were on the plate when I hit voting age. The one I'm talking mostly about is the border and illegally entering this country. Here's what I'm trying to get at. They are still talking about the border. Don't you think if "they" really thought of it as a problem "they" would have fixed it? Look how long it took them to pass the Homeland Security crap. Instantly right, within days. So if they actually want to do something it is instantly put in place. They haven't fixed the border issue for a reason. The porous border is in place for a reason. Caucasians in the US have been at a steady state, no increase in population. That can't work with the pay back future debt system we have in place. So……..they have left the border porous so the baby makers they let in can keep the debt system running. Here's my end point. If he really starts building that wall, it's time to bail. That wall will be built, not to keep people out, but………..to keep us in. 


    • Wes says:

      To set the record straight. Baby makers is not good way to say the system needs an always increasing population to make it work. That is why China changed their one child policy and they are always bemoaning Japan for their population not procreating. If my wordage sounded a little racist it was not meant that way.

  11. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Mr Dane W.,

    now I understand why we had, some days ago, very cold nights and warm afternoons. We had an extremely dry Winter in the first weeks and the same for the Autumn in the last weeks. The beginning of Winter, until 16 of January, was very atypical; very dry and with ZERO winds. 15 of January they start to announce that the Polar cold was about to come ( in radio ), and it was true, in the night of 15 the wind began to blow, strong. Temperatures dropped 4 to 6 degrees Celsius in the following 3 or 4 days and nights ( amazing what they can do with the haarp "magical" F antennas ). In the 19 th of January I was outside during the morning and I could notice one thing that is very uncommon these days; in my region 6 planes crossed the sky without spraying, from 8 to 11 h A.M. And for some minutes I fell into the temptation of believing that the "change" of chairs in the US could bring good winds of HOPE about the GE issue. After 11 A.M. they start spraying, and until 25 of January it was possible to see every day 2 or 3 planes passing over my region, here in Europe, without spraying. But more or less 3 dozens passed leaving the F sprays, all days. 24 of January they start announcing that big rains for a weak or more were coming. And it was true; they started spraying like HELL in the 25 of January and in 26 strong rain started to fall at dawn. Since the 25 of the current month we are being sprayed with incredible quantities of the DAMN aerosols. They give rain for 10 days. Incredible what they can do with their "magic" neo-fascist and deadly powders. Before 26 we had days with temperatures of 20 or 21 º C for sure.

    About the could nights, when the MFs do not create the fake clouds with the aerosols, ALL the heat that comes from the Sun rays and that accumulates on the Earth's surface during the day dissipate very fast in the end of the afternoons, because without some nebulosity to trap this heat, this energy is lost very rapidly to the upper Atmosphere. And the eventual emissions of some quantities of ice nucleation chemicals in the end of the day helps this process exponentially.

    About the article above I would like to leave my opinion.

    The link with the GE F PROBLEM would give the final big-picture to people to understand why things are changing so fast.

    Some kinds of Trees grow very fast and have multiple uses.

    Plankton will grow again in very large quantities if Oceanic pollution could stop.

    We are not living the 6th Extinction. We are experiencing the 1st Great killing made by one species ( the MFs ) upon ALL the other Species ( Humans included ), and this is not accidental.

    The cure for the parasitic plutocracy that is capitalism is the creation of a maximum roof for wealth, individual and corporative. But we haven't find yet a cure for GREED.

    The course we are seeing is not the course of Mother Nature.

    Nature has Her hands cut off.

    The insects are wipping out SICK Forests. And why the Forests are SICK and WEAK??

    Without the Ozone and Atmosphere destruction by the climate engineers it would be IMPOSSIBLE to threaten Humanity, and REAL Family planning with money incentives for low number Families would possibly keep down population numbers Worldwide.

    What the apocalypse builders don't want is losing the paradigm of the golden egg FAT chicken of the oil centered economy to the renewable energy sectors. Is as simple as this.

    The money pushers and all the masonic/satanic clan prefer the plan of Extinction delivered by force upon Humanity and to the Biosphere, than losing the game to others fair and square. It's because of this they are F socio-psychopaths!!!

    And there are still several "sustainable" Cultures in our World. But these Cultures are ignored and have being destroyed since the beginning of globalization ( 500 years ago ).

    The problem is the process of cultural contamination that the West "culture" has deployed upon ALL the other real Cultures of the World, almost every time by force.

    And while some large populations kill Jungle Animals for surviving, in developed countries millions of pigs, chickens and other farm Animals are killed because the virus the MFs spray over the fields, that are used for pushing more "flu" vaxxines for the most populated areas and countries of the World.

    The Fate of All Animals is not written in stone. The Multituberculates were the most successful of All Mammals orders. They were in business for almost 200 million years.

    It is our actions that will write our fate in the book of Time.

    The "open-ended growth" is delivered by force to the entire World by a few MFs that have the false but concrete power of money in their hands.

    One more thing; Dane I think they are spraying also micro plastics everywhere. I'm not talking in tiny pieces of plastic that are degrading in the Oceans. I'm talking in plastics that can enter our blood stream and which can be found everywhere in ALL Oceans. Microplastics are used in daily products as cosmetics ( as you know ), but I'm convinced that the mix in the sprays contain a LOT of this shit. More one nail on the coffin of Biodiversity.

    Thank you for your Work Mr Dane W.


  12. Constant Walker says:

    Whatever it might be when it's 'at home,' wherever that might be (if anywhere), "civilization" presents here in Earth's actual Living Arrangement as nothing but a wasting disease. It is not a "thing" at-all, let alone a "living" one, but a process for degrading the Natural Vitality of Living Arrangements into the various sorts of degenerate "energy" upon which the retro-viral tormenting entities whose process it is depend for their quasi-existence.

    The immune-suppression regime of this wasting disease process has infected much of the Human component of Earth's immune system with the organically crippling "self" syndrome. This "individual"-izing sickness renders its captives bereft of sufficient Organic Integrity to fulfill the Function of our Kind within Her Living Arrangement. The disease process is presently deep into its own terminal stage, as evidenced by (among many other symptomatic effects) the insanity rampant among domesticated Humans so often noted and decried here by Mr. Wigington and others.

    There is no institutional or conceptual response to these conditions with any chance whatsoever of arresting the "progress" of the wasting disease anywhere short of its immanent DEAD END. Only the actual recovery by Humanity as-such of enough Organic Integrity to begin fulfilling our given Function has even the now-very-remote possibility of doing that.

    To recover the Organic Form essential to our Function (call it for lack of any better term in English "Community"), the muddled masses of artificially "individual"-ized domesticated people will first have to get over the deadly sickness that is their own too-often too-precious "self." Their is nothing 'moral' or 'philosophical' about this. It is simply basic biology….a Natural Fact.




  13. Nigel says:

    Meet the A Team that is actively involved in blocking your sunlight. Complete with email address and phone numbers   https://science.larc.nasa.gov/large/team.html

  14. frank says:

    Funerals like the one we are in are not usually the place for compliments, but your references, your ability to connect present thought and action to long-term belief make it easy to see why we are here. But telling the whole story leaves me with a sense of the enormity of the problem and our small part in its conclusion.

  15. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, with immense appreciation for your incredible ability to lay bare the painful truth of our times — truths that are so sobering, so excruciating and difficult to sustain in our consciousness — yet you have the courage to expose and confront no matter what.  A great scientist, seer, philosopher, teacher that  I greatly esteem said, "Imbue thyself with the power of imagination, have courage for the truth, sharpen thy feeling for responsibility of soul." — Rudolf Steiner

    You embody this wisdom Dane, and daily, I strive to. 

    I would like to quote David C. Korten from his book The Great Turning:

    "In keeping with the win-lose dynamic of Empire, the struggle for power between the two competing establishments has [TRUMPED] the search for truth. This leaves the rest of us to choose between two partial stories or live in divided allegiance between them. To guide our steps on the pathway back to life, we need a shared creation story for our time that honors the whole of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the species.

    Fortunately, there are individuals of significant standing within each of these establishments who are able to look beyond the dogma in search of a deeper convergence. Reaching out across institutional lines, they are joining forces to challenge the partial stories of their respective traditions and to construct and communicate a more complete and factually grounded contemporary story that draws on the accumulated knowledge and experience of the species. " 

    Blessings to you all in this monumental shared effort, — Sue

  16. CJ says:

    All this stuff boggles my mind. The only truth I see are all the jets spraying and blocking the sun. Also a huge amount of people that are sick. Trees and foliage dying and animal and sea life dying. That is what I see. The rest is lies.

  17. Mario says:

    Here is a link I found on Google:
    It takes you to a list of weather modification programs.
    For those in California, you can click on the snowflake that is east of Sacramento and see that the weather modification program currently being run is called The Upper American River Snow Augmentation project and is being run by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).  Operational period: Nov. 15th – May 15th.  Target Area: 190 square miles.  Type of program: Snowpack Augmentation.  Hmm, SMUD makes snow? . . . Never heard that on the evening news.

  18. Mario says:

    Looks like the transmitter I keep referring to as being "near" Ferndale is in fact just south of there on Rainbow Peak.  In between Petrolia and Scotia on the Northern California coast.  There was a 3.3 earthquake on January 10th (during our flooding event) centered at Rio Dell, which is right in the same neighborhood as the transmitter on Rainbow Peak.  I'm not an expert, just playing a demented version of Where's Waldo using radar and google earth . . . so if anyone else has any guesses, I'm all ears.  They're already ringing, I mean what the hell.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Actually, there is a transmitter south of Ferndale, California in the mountains.  And there is another transmitter farther south of Ferndale located between Petrolia and Scotia about half way.  It too is remote in rugged mountains.  Both transmitters have been "triangulated."  They give themselves away on weather IR satellite images.

    • Mario says:

      Ya, the one in between Petrolia and Scotia is on Rainbow Peak, off of Upper Peaked Rd.  

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Marc. I swear, it's good to read your words. Mr Speaker of the house, thank you.

    There are those that speak quite well and then there are those that write even better. Coarse now, I am accustomed to reading, so yes I am bias in that respect. I know you dug deep to conjure up what you wrote, good god man, we all see that. Look at how many replies you received! Please, I am not taking away from ANY of those that comment here. WE are all needed, we all need to be heard. And for that much, How about being members a a strong herd? Well? How do you think Mustangs became as great as they are. They're smart, they ask good questions and they make good decisions on the behalf of the "good of the many". "I've seen it"…

    Marc, your words will reverberate beyond their intentions. Especially if I have anything to do with it. May the comfort of our souls reach yours.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      These MFs are always the same, since the creation of the vaxxines and WW2 the modus operandi is always the F same;

      They create the F PROBLEMS, and after they come as the great saviors that want to "resolve" the problems that they have created, with the creation of even BIGGER PROBLEMS!!!

      business eternal. amorality forever.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  20. MS P says:

    The "dangerous  winds' are creating lots of falling trees, in So CA. Trees  are dropping on houses & roads.  It's pretty bad. They sprayed & now the winds blow.

  21. Bryan says:

    Good thing Trump has declared the military a top priority…I was so worried! We shall beef up expenditures and give torture it's strategic place again in our global war on…life. As Dane has said, the hypocrisy is mind-boggling. As somebody who loves to travel abroad, I'm ashamed at this path we've collectively chosen. America uber allies, even if it means omnicide to the entire planet. Well, except to the billionaires because they are the creators. No need for God when you have rich men (mostly men, alas) who rule the planet.

    iI see the Doomsday clock has been advanced 30 seconds. 2 1/2 minutes seems awfully generous to me, like when Noam Chomsky talks about global warming affecting our grandchildren. As if we had that much time!

    Few can overcome the cognitive dissonance that life as we knew it is changing before our very eyes. My own family won't hear of it, even when we are bombarded with spray.

    I feel like a passenger aboard the Titanic. I heard us hit the 'berg but everyone insists on dancing. The ship is unsinkable, they say. 

    What do I know? The lifeboats are taken by the first-class while we are entertained by bread and circuses down in steerage. I've lost friends and family who laugh at my dour outlook, tell me to buck up and enjoy the nice boat trip while it lasts.

    That's my own battle with cognitive dissonance. I get to keep those I love so long as I chatter about the Super Bowl and Star Wars, even as the entire ship starts to go down.

    Do I yell mayday and die alone? Or do I pretend I don't see what I see, know what I know for as long as possible? How long can I hold my breath?

    When I'm with you, I have the strength to fight. I know I'm not alone. But it's hard feeling lonely with those you share every day with. Guy McPhearson may deny geoengineering, but he has taught me I must live with virtue and excellence until the very end.

    When e animals die, and the trees die, and the oceans die, I too will die. The uber wealthy and connected may think they'll personally survive, but that's a kind of guilt I could never fathom. Destroy everything, kill the herd and keep your toys without sacrificing anything.

    No thanks!

    I would rather feed the last eagle and cradle the last polar bear that loses the last vestige of its habitat. We are all one. Chief Seattle told us this but we had cities to build and carbon to burn back then. Oh, the irony!

    The great race to progress has only hastened the end. And still we refuse to change our ways and alter our lifestyles. This beautiful planet, this marvelous, abundant Earth that births and sustains the vast array of creatures that have been blessed to call her home for so long.  One species doesn't have the right to jeopardize the whole for the benefit of just the few. As Thoreau said, we must become the brake that slows that corrupt system down.

    Thank you, Dane, and all who strive to carry the torch forward even against tremendous odds. All the species that share our home deserve nothing less, even as the blind majority watch and do nothing as it swiftly burns to the ground.

  22. Wes says:

    I'm not sure if any of you remember or have read Joe Baegent. I sure do miss his essays and writing. He was definitely one of us. In the third paragraph of this essay he mentions our newly elected. 


    Here's some more words of his wisdom talking to college students.


    Eastern Nebraska had a heavy spray day. All day of relentless mass murder. You people in the midwest, remember when January and February use to be beautiful blue skies and billions of stars at night? Yes it was cold but it was the purest cleanest days of the year. Now we get six days of gray a few hours of filtered milky sunshine then more endless days of gray. Bastards.

    How does everyone keep their spirits up? I'm having a hard time. I use to live for the next growing season. My whole life revolved around soil and plants. It's not the same outside anymore. The magic seems to have left.

    The only thing I've been able to do to try to wake people up, is plant seeds, I guess. They sure don't seem to be planted very deep. It's like the guy said on the radar anomalies video.  You can tell someone and it seems like they get it. Then the very next day it's as though they forgot everything you told them.


  23. adam coleman says:

    I suppose when you put it THAT WAY, maybe Thee Evil One, Broom Rider Clinton would have been better. At least she would have put us all out of our misery by getting US ALL nuked after starting WW3 with Putin who has bunkers for HIS "comrades." Unless you're fabulously wealthy beyond measure and your ability to spend it all, you will be among the few who survive in caves after the fallout. Then what?

    Sad to see such ignorance in abundance and I even had a polite disagreement with someone who has a YT handle like kill your TV or sumchit like that who says that geoengiuneering is HELPING the planet and it's all BS. I said to tell that to the soil samples in N. Calif and all the dead and dying trees. It really is a travesty that sheeple are so naive to believe all the BS about the changes in the weather WE CAN ALL SEE.

    II welled up last week when I heard you speak of the Eagle and his proximity to you when you were fishing. I literally know exactly hpw that must have felt for I too have an interaction with some of Mother Nature's fellow brothers and sisters in the form of some squirrels in one of my gardens this summer who I threw a rock at and almost knocked him/her off the fence it was running across. The next day, at the entrance to my garden was a cut in half cucumber and I was livid and got one of my BB guns and kept it at the ready and the first squirrel I saw I plinged him or her. I didn't kiill it nor was I trying but I know it had to hurt like hell and the day after that, in my front yard on a tree with his head down and tail up he was cussing me out and looking right at me. Not sure the exact words but as I was going back in to get my BB gun I stopped and looked at him and the message was as loud and clear as if it were English (See YT video about Diablo becomes Spirit the Leopard and you'll get goosebumps) and what he was saying is that we don't have enough food and the trees are dying and something about the spraying and all the shit in the soil making…..that's where I lost my connection but what I did next is probably one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had and I went inside and got some peanuts and spread them in different places around my house and now some of them will walk right up to me even in Ohio winter when they are normally dormant but active as hell with this weather. It feels good and I try every day to give them something as they will eat almost anything and are omnivores as far as cookie and cracker/bread eaters. They walk right up to me but not eating out of my hand yet as they are after all, being squirrels, squirrelly for now but they will if tthey survive this mild winter and the fruitless spring coming. I'm eating brussel sproiuts from my garden in January AGAIN this year as last. 

    • virginia says:

      Wow.  I had to get my Kleenex box out while reading your post, as in Dane's retelling of the eagle and fox incidents.  Thanks for feeding the little guy; you will get many rewards in many ways.  And Squirrley will be one happy camper in his tree house, thanks to you.

    • MS P says:

      AWE so glad that you connected with the squirrels. Our macadamia nut tree had produced nothing this year. Poor little critters here  are so  very hungry; that they go out searching for a meal, & sadly  become road kill. .I see less & less squirrels. I am putting out Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (BOSS) for the critters. It's fun to watch them come to eat. They look for me, through my windows when hungry.

  24. MS P says:

    From Center For Food Safety►

    "President Trump has called for a hiring freeze on federal workers — which, according toPolitico, “could hit the FDA hard, particularly as the agency tries to ramp up to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act."1 The crucial law, signed into effect after a successful lawsuit filed by CFS, is the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in over 70 years and will have a major impact on fighting contamination of our food supply. But not only is the hiring freeze putting implementation in jeopardy, the potential new head of the agency overseeing the FDA, Tom Price, voted against the Food Safety Modernization Act while in Congress."

  25. MS P says:

    They were flying yesterday. After 2 full days of sunshine & blue skies.

    I could see the thick layer being pour upon Los Angeles county. Also to my west. I looked up & we had yet to be assaulted. Surely this will drift. Surely we will get winds. It's blowing today. I took some pictures of the weather as I saw the freshly made cloud lines. Happy Windy Friday!

  26. penny waters says:

    dear dane

    the piece at the top of the page knocked my socks off!!

    i couldn't read it quick enough to get the pain and passion behind the words

    tis that, that i admire – a love of life!

    a first love was the co-op movement – that allowed me to believe that people can live as a group/community/family connected by the land they lived upon

    having been an angry teenager – 60's and 70's – i have attempted all my life to fathom what i am doing here – and i still don't know!

    i know that humans don't seem very good at working out themselves – takes a lifetime – or work with each other

    it gives me pain to see how clumsy we are

    will these extremes wake people up? can we be ready to connect with people cos it gets pretty scary out there for me amongst people who aren't awake cos  it's not just about the sky but about how they don't see me

    and don't react to me in a humane way – not that i am too weird but i am not concerned about the same things so cannot make a connection – if you get my drift

    it is very dry here in essex u.k. and has been for a while – and very, very cold without the usual cold with snow

    last summer the routine was early hours sunshine then, as the day went on, along come the lines and then cover

    now it is nighttime lines and wake to 'cloudy' sky which will break late afternoon

    cannot believe that people think they can regulate the sky for their benefit? just plain daft!

    thank you for somewhere to touch down in this crazy human society

    much love to you all

    • nobodiesfool says:

      yes, penny, many of us are very marginalized, rejected, and isolated due to the denials, which end up being denials of ourselves, as the denials of the truth we speak don't hold water. Perhaps we are blessed here, to know that we have one another for support and sustenance.  I've been quite unwelcome in so many situations once I open my mouth, but I cannot live with myself ignoring, becoming ignorant, and I have always, since a child in school, had a strong motivation to disseminate information. I think, tho not sure I can accomplish, that one of the most important values we can hold to now is no fear. Any of us could die at any moment, with or without these abuses. So, let's have a sense of humour, as we can be so much more effective when not weighed down by fear. Is it stupid to expect, demand miracles? Can we somehow rise above this and treat it as a bad mess made by aggressively inane children? I sincerely hold to the deconstructive power of making fools of these gross-outs. The nazis thought they had it made too. Right? So, my self imposed work tonight will be to create my first good joke about this. I have a model from many years ago, when I looked up, when do I look down?, and just couldn't take it anymore, my lid was blowing, as it ought to. And what did I hear in my open head? "Naughty children crayoning the sky." Now, it certainly gave me a different perspective, like, Mother Earth wisdom. We must find a way to undo the power this has over us. Years ago after watching The Atomic Cafe, I lay in bed with my toddler, my other two children asleep in the other bedroom, and was tortured by this reality, that we could all be killed so senselessly, so quickly. "So, what if you die?" I was asked. I said, okay, what if, and my consciousness quickly was in a place, with my children, where I was observing to myself, "Well, that's another way to die." Don't worry about dying, this is all a dream, as real as any dream when we are in it. Just be concerned with what knowledge you will bring with you. We will all be back together again, and if we spend every minute we can openly learning, while somehow holding strong to empathy and compassion, we'll be fine. Perhaps so again. The more we learn, at every level, the less fear. The people in Bolivia won their water back pretty quickly and with few lost lives once they all went out there together. Just remember, if you have walked in the light for many years, you cannot imagine the darkness these masses live in. Only true compassion and concern for their suffering will change things. This is the greatest kind of test. Can we love our neighbors as ourselves? Can we live the golden rule? Pity them they are in denial because their fear is monumental, and their pain unacknowledged. They are lost in so much darkness, and they hurt so much. We must somehow lend them our courage, as one would lend a.human a torch/flashlight in the dark. Please people, please, quit hating and creating more hurt, this will solve nothing. If we could just love everyone no matter what, all might change in the twinkling….I'm (dead) serious here, let's be the example, let's rise above. And yes, windy wednesdays, that had me laughing good, as these elite freaks are so friggin' ritualistic, stuck on that crazy, and of course, wednesday is mercury's day, air planet. It's only the stupid gross technology that makes them seem powerful, they are åctually hella dumb,,that's why they read all this, hoping to catch up. Come on, anyone that has to wear shiny pointed hats and capes and offer human sacrifices to "gods" for power is so pathetic, no? We are magical beings, théy are not. Who wants to get together and be magical? I'm up for it, as long as it starts with everyone telling a really good joke. Over and out, sorry, you are almost the only folks I have left to talk to! Somehow, even that is funny, in a black comedy sort of way.

  27. marc says:

    I have seen this before. And I can assure everyone (and myself) that there is zero danger of this guy (me) being suckered into some false sense of hope. Hope that something has truly changed with regard to geoengineering. And to Donna In AZ who posts here, who lives in Sun City (Phoenix area) , I, too, am monitoring the skies over the Tucson area and can report that in the span of about two solid weeks I have noted only two trails that I would submit as obvious evidence of intentional spraying. Two trails, and they occurred on the same day. The last three days the skies here have been absolutely cloud free, absolutely trail-free. Now, I concede that covert dispersions are likely occurring that escape visual detection by the average moron on the street, (me) and while these skies are not the cobalt-blue skies I remember from the seventies when I lived here, they are comparatively wonderful, given the white trash we so often see spewed out by the white trash pilots and worker-bees who think that what they are doing is somehow ok and maybe even for the good of humanity, or who the f**k knows what these losers are even thinking. So……two weeks with virtually NO obvious spraying. What does this mean? Indeed, what does this mean in light of the fact that prior weeks have demonstrated apocalyptic spraying over our region? What kind of thoughts go through the squeezed brains of the average Joe when they gaze skyward on Tuesday, see a tangle of tic-tac-toe trails and parallel mandolin string trails and incoherent lines of disgrace running in all different directions to the horizon, while on Wednesday, the same dumb-ass gazes up and sees NOTHING? That so many remain ignore-ant and do not even think to question what they see will forever remain astounding to me. And I'd like to say once again to a handful of those who I used to call my friends: shame on all of you. Pull your heads out of your asses, you big f**king babies and acknowledge once and for all that geoengineering and HAARP and climate engineering are ripping your world to shreds, even as you carry on with your lives in smug certitude that Marc has lost it. Newsflash! Every last one of you ALSO have Morgellons, just like me, the direct result of biowarfare under the disguise of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. 

    • stephan says:

      Marc- I had fibres come out of my right wrist last summer that totally freaked me out. Needed a magnifying glass to see them. Had them break out of my right thumb 2 monhs ago. Both times the skin gradually healed, but friggen freaky. Be well my friend.

    • Chad says:



    • Michel B says:

      Marc, I never even noticed the skies changing until by chance I came across Youtube clips on Geoengineering. Then I looked up and went, "Ah ha. Yes, I see it." Then I checked it out to keep confirming and it became more concrete that there was definitely something on a massive scale going on. Anyone can see it in their own little section of visible sky, but who would imagine such a thing without knowing it from an information source? No one is looking up to see the obvious, but normally we don't have to look up. I'm not saying everyone, but most of us are looking down, unfortunately.

  28. Carrob says:

    Today there was heavy spraying in Malta, south of Sicily all day.

  29. kathleen says:

    Another excellent and hard-hitting article, thank you Dane. To elaborate and expand a bit:

    1. Capitalism requires continual growth (and profit). Hello, we live on a finite planet, hence, that system is unsustainable. Further, unregulated growth is the definition of cancer. Cancer doesn't thrive in a healthy body, be it yours or the earth's.

    2. Unlimited growth will have at least one ultimate consequence: death of all creatures who require oxygen to survive. Geoengineering tricks may be what ends our oxygen supply, as well as our water and food sources if we don't take action immediately.

    3. Denying pregnancy control and education to women results in more children being born into poverty, and causes many youth to find solace in gangs, in turn fueling our prisons-for-profit bassakward system. Former prisoners are almost always at odds with the world they're re-thrust into upon release because our sick society believes in punishment, not rehabilitation. For shame.

    4. Subsidizing factory farms that specialize in inhumane treatment of animals and drug-laden practices on them is criminal corporatocracy designed to enrich the "farmer," torture the animal, indoctrinate the slaves who slaughter the animals, and ultimately, poison the person who eats those animals. It's a slow poison most often, and one that ends up requiring increasing doses of prescription drugs but no appreciable increase of health but guaranteed increase in profits for bigPharma.

    5. Fiat currency (https://dailyreckoning.com/fiat-currency/) will be worthless when you need fresh water or food and the grid is down or you have nothing of value to trade for it — should there even be any clean water or uncontaminated food left after the nanoparticulates have fallen everywhere. 

    6. When a person of power validates assault of women and girls, persons of color, anyone who doesn't subscribe to a particular religious belief, and those who tell ACTUAL FACTS about geoengineering, it follows that said victims are disallowed a voice. Hence the gag orders on NOAH and the NWS to name just one result.

    7. When people are dumbed down from pre-birth to adulthood and beyond, it's not surprising to see a mass of cretins loving a despot's message that gives guilt-free permission to hatred and violence. But a change of diet could result in an opening of the mind and healing of the body. Eating whole, clean, organic, colorful, seasonal foods, grown locally or in your yard or pots on a porch or windowsill will also rejuvinate your sense of peace and belonging to a larger collective of souls in a space we occupy, however temporarily. Time, however, does appear to be an illusion as we're told it's 2017, but it seems like Orwell's 1984 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/25/books/1984-george-orwell-donald-trump.html?_r=0

    It's never too late to start doing the right thing, and it's crucial we take whatever steps we can starting this very moment — being kind to ourselves and others, calling out the liars and holding them accountable, and supporting brave people like Dane, his legal team and supporters, in whatever ways we can. PLEASE, just try it.

  30. Jeffrey E Fish says:

    I no longer believe we have a chance of surviving this. The reaper is in my room. I hope I die quick and wish this for all. To think, when Tesla brought forth the proof of an alternative direction, It was crushed by greedy men whose self centered desires for profit started the ball to roll us downward to oblivion. My god, this reality seems like a nightmare, yet here it is. I have so many struggles right now. Family sickness and the imminent death of a loved one, money, my daughter who needs help, and so much more. I don't know what to say.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeffrey, no matter how dark the horizon is, it is not yet black. Refusing to yield to the gathering storm is itself a victory. To never give up, this is in our power and cannot be taken from us. If we all stand together we my yet accomplish profound good, even at this late hour. Stay strong for your daughter Jeffrey, you are not alone in this battle…..

    • virginia says:

      Dearest Jeffrey, you are not alone in your struggles as we have all been in your situation at one time or another.  You are now going through a heart-wrenching and worrisome stage and it hurts.  Please know that you have my warm and sincere thoughts  that you will be able to meet with strength whatever lies ahead.  We are all in this world together and we all feel each other's pain, as I do yours.



    • nobodiesfool says:

      This will probably sound really lame to you, Jeffrey, as it did to me once. I was suffering deeply and couldn't take more. As I headed across the field one day, something said to me " Give it to god" and I laughed. Next, I was asked if I could simply suspend my disbelief (I'm not a "believer", I am for knowing), so I said, okay, why not? "take it, god", Great Spirit, whatever, I said. It was gone, just gone, that quick, like an invisible weight lifted off my shoulders. Never to return. That's just what happened. Sending you love and connection.

  31. Chris M Hallman says:

    God help us all. These psychotic bastard billioneirs must be stopped. Our once amazing planet looks like shit folks …..has anyone else noticed we no longer have to clean the bugs off the front of our cars? Or when was the last time you saw a flock of birds that cast a shadow like the old days. Don't see them anymore do ya. 10 birds is a flock now days and not many of them either. Dead oceans. Dead sky's . just horrible.

  32. nobodiesfool says:

    Having spent much of the past 35 years studying the continuous pronouncements of "mathematical certainty" of patriarchal scientific ideologs over the past centuries, I can say with assurance, based on their paltry success rate, that we ain't seen nothing yet and basically, it's all up for grabs. I have finally discovered why it is so many are addicted to the " a hero will arise and save us" absurdity, the heroic myth established so long ago by you-know-who (the usual suspects):This is precisely what mass "'schooling", training imparts as the masses sit helplessly and hopelessly receiving the downloads which render them forever children, forever looking to some "adult", "expert", etc., to inform and command them. Anyone whose voice is not credited by the local and current…whichever platform we are dealing with….patriarchal elite structure of accreditation is simply not heard. How is it that so many of us have known and lived accordingly, that it's all "power" speaking pure bs? Maybe because we have no illusions regarding our selves and this fatuous notion of "power."  We have been speaking all along, in every decade and century, but the greater numbers of our populations only hear what they have been enculturated to hear and credit. The reasons that people do not accept what is before our eyes is because their sense of "power" comes from prejudice and bigotry. Dane is being heard, a good thing, because he speaks through the acceptable scientific paradigm of the time. The reason it all may seem way too late is that people's inbred bigotries make them deaf to so many who have been shouting this all out for so so long. I can only quote Greg Brown:" The big picture is insane, the whole country's on cocaine ( the drug of "power"), and the idiots still ask Why? it's come to this. Time to face your own conscience everyone, if it is still operative. How many kinds of your co-residents on this planet have you denigrated? Wanna start a real (and truly unbelievable) shot storm which exemplifies? Post this simple question: Ask people to say what their definition of a "hippie" is. I dare you. You'll find your answers easily, as to Why? it's come to this. Many many many of us noticed what was happening long before it impinged on our profit structure, mostly because we were already extremely marginalized, had no profit schemes or structures, and we were hanging on by hairs living in the forests with our kids cause all the buildings are poison, poisons are sprayed continuously by private citizens and the governments, and how you needed to insist that we were "crazy" in order to continue to imagine your own individual safety and security. I've been through it all, and I'll tell you what, having no security whatsoever to cling to has consistently made it possible to be blessed by being led to better, safer, healthier places to live, to "survive", which means "super living". I returned years ago to Mt. Shasta after some months on Maui. The life force I felt when I sat on the ground brought me quickly to desperate tears, dropping my head to the earth, for the deadness of the soil I experienced on Maui. The mother of us all, this incredibly variable planet, shoved my head back up, told me emphatically she didn't want my tears, and immediately promised me that she would always lead me to where her life force flows. That makes me a super unscientific delusional "New Age" hippie, right? Well. I was on the mainland all spring and summer, from Alaska, to B.C., to Oregon. It's a fucking nightmare what is being done to you. As I have nothing to cling to, no land, not enough money to live there in any kind of decency, and no desire to be amongst the herds in denial, I am elsewhere, and it is so much less here. There are loads of birds, all is green, and the people are for the most part truly humble. I don't need any patriarchal mathematical certainties, I have the mother's word, which is good enough for me. You are your own worst enemies, this the elites understand and act from. Search your consciences, cause I know how much of my life I've been ridiculed, hated, impoverished and marginalized for speaking the truth. Yes, yes, I know, I simply do not Say it correctly. Kids are great at this excuse! "Ask me nicely and I'll do it". Uh huh. Sure. Not having the "proper language or terminology" is an old old tactic of silencing, akin to the "talk english or else" system of power and control. A lot of talk here about heaven and all, so remember, your heart must weigh no more than a feather. Or as Jesus reportedly advised, you've got to be as loving and kind and unbigotted as little children. Perhaps the child who exclaimed "The Emperor is wearing no clothes" did not use the proper or accepted local and current hegemonic word for "naked", but his meaning was unarguable to those who were WILLING to see. When will the endless divide and rule end? When will each one of us be willing to cease, just cease putting others down? This is the key, the old golden rule, that so many do not seem to feel comfortable with. It is exactly where all the murder and mayhem begins, in the crystallized ego. Give it up.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dang, you certainly tell it like it is "Nobodies Fool."  I wish you lived in my town, cuz I'd ask you out or over for a cup of tea (I recently quit coffee-it's been 32 days now).  I miss having meaningful conversation with like-minded friends, and lately it seems I find myself coming to this site regularly for a daily dose of sanity, common sense, compassion, and concern for what really matters.  I am in accord with your nudgings to be non-judgemental and refrain from condemning others, but lordy, it sure is hard when there are so many pompous blind fools, pathetic deniers, and greedy imbiciles everywhere you look.  (See, I still have a long way to go . . .)   Like Dane and so many of us here, I know we are living in very dark, demanding, and dangerous times. That said, I rejoice in the light that I see each day in the children and the many good-hearted people all around me.

  33. Mirjana says:

    I can only agree with above!

    I feel sick now, because the truth is hard to swallow. That will not make me close my eyes and certainly not shut my mouth.

    I've been layed off now for 6 months from one of the biggest banks in the world due to outsourcing…..even though more than qualified for every job i apply for- either no response or a not interested email….i can not find a decent job…i guess i have been blacklisted for spreading the word? They want me to go flip burgers??

    My fight for survival starts next week when my unemployment runs out.

    Wow…we all have a hell of a battle ahead of us…but i am 100% in….no matter what.

    As always thank you Dane and All of YOU Supporters of the only thing that matters anymore.

    • Michiel Kok says:

      Extremely well said Mirjana, As people who want to fight for the unwritten way of righteousness ,. I am also preparing for societal breakdown and the whole Shitstorm that is about to hit everyone on this planet, Nomatter where you are,  and as you said,    For most people , The only reality is money/employement / and staying in good ties with their peers .    I am proud of each and everyone that is actively doing research or spreading information here, and from here .

      Becouse time will come soon ernough where the only thing on your mind will be, Where can i get my next bite of food…..

      Greetings to all you people on the awake side of the fence !!

    • Gretchen says:

      To paraphrase Ugo Bardi from above-mentioned article, Donald Trump's campaign motto could have been "We Shall Overcomb." (giggle) A little levity amidst the gravity surely is warranted.

      The Donald's part in this mother-of-all reality shows becomes ever more apparent. The "Doomsday Clock" just ticked 1/2 second closer to midnight. http://breakingdefense.com/2017/01/doomsday-clock-sweeps-forward-at-end-of-trumps-first-week/ 

      Talk about a reality check. Global catastrophic risk is not a hypothetical or future event. It is here and now. 

    • MS P says:

      I agree, this is all so very compelling. The  BIG TRUTH! 

      Thank you Dane big time. Excellent article & information. Hard to digest, but very real.

      Mirjana good luck to you in your job search.  I too am a product of being trained into future technology & what was once a steady career.. Electronics. My job skills have become obsolete. It's all cheaply made in china now. (The landfills are piling up, with obsolete electronics. I remember the first time I saw an older model  computer in a thrift store. Now they are just garbage.)

       I refuse to work for the military industrial complex.

      Found a new path in life. I also am working  my old  job skills, to earn extra  income. The ones I had acquired , from earning my way through college. These are the skills that  I am falling back upon now.  I own a clothing business. After working my biz. I go to a low paying job. Which was hard to get. Due to the fact I have been self employed for many years. Not needing to be on a corporate  payroll system.  I do not wish to drain my savings, due to bad economy. Which is what many people are doing. ►Living beyond all means. The money that  they will need when old.  That is how bad it is. I am not the only one. The elder woman who bags up my food to go, at my favorite seafood shack, is a RN. She too is doing the same exact  thing. 

      May I strongly suggest going to trade shows?  The sign industry is hopping  big time, when the economy is down. "For Sale " signs need to be made. Everyone in that industry, is working overtime.

  34. Joseph L. says:

    Vaccines this just reported on evening news 300 cases of mumps in washington state— I think all of these people were previously vaccinated.


    • Joseph L. says:

      Dane you do great work  . I just listened to Gary Null on prn — he had Guy Mcpherson— I believe he won't touch geoegineering but covered alot of   scary stuff.   I hope Gary has you on again soon.  

    • MS P says:

      One thing I'd be curious about is my old shot record, from when I was a child? Surely by now my pediatrician is retired, or maybe even dead? 

      Just how many 1/2 killed viruses, were injected into my body? In the name of good health. I was injected with 1/2 killed viruses. How sick is that?  Much  less than what they do to the children of today. But still I wonder? 

      Also people take  great offense if you do not wish to share a beverage glass, or eat from the same plate. I've come up with some clever answers. On why not to swap spit.

  35. ron hall says:

    Dane:  I could not agree more!  Very well put, my friend.  As we know truth can be brutal.                                                                         Freud  believed that humans have two basic "wishes" or "drives". A Life Wish(eros) which can relate to pleasure-but mostly the drive to survive, no matter what. The other human "wish" or drive is the Death Wish(thanatos)-the "drive" to death-to die. These 2 are in constant struggle and it seems that "Thanatos"(Greek) is now having its way. 

    Consider the following recent well written article below.


    • nobodiesfool says:

      Yes on the insane death wish, who can blame ole freud for comin' up with that, what a nutter! Anyway, see Counter Intelligence part 4, entitled….Necrophilous. Everything from Metanoia Films is excellent historical documentary.

  36. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America
    January 22, 2017 /   "We fight for the sacred."      [excerpt]
    We are entering the twilight phase of capitalism. Wealth is no longer created by producing or manufacturing. It is created by manipulating the prices of stocks and commodities and imposing a crippling debt peonage on the public. Our casino capitalism has merged with the gambling industry. The entire system is parasitic. It is designed to prey on the desperate—young men and women burdened by student loans, underpaid workers burdened by credit card debt and mortgages, towns and cities forced to borrow to maintain municipal services.
    Full article below

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Yes, they bleed us dry, and only a general strike ever has any effect. But, most are more terrified of no job no money than no life. Go figure, slavery of body soul and mind, so sad.

  37. Randall says:

    Yup, I'm 60 and remember what real deep blue sky looks like. I remember also full rich healthy forests with large leaves. Seemed each big old tree had family of birds or creature like squirrel, coon. Now les and less. We noticed a few years ago, creosote residue on everything. Leaves , lawn furniture, our trucks and car. It was fallout from the massive fires in the west. I have white tail deer pets that get corn and alfalfa in winter. Spring they have so much fresh greens that they just come in to feeder of habit and nibble a little. However that mid summer right in critical fawn weaning they were in my yard begging for corn. They ate like pigs for days till it rained and rinsed off the plants and maple leaves. It was a cycle all summer, the build up and rinsing of the vegetation. All wild berries through the summer and fall were really effected. The trees had black streaks after a few rains. 

    So yes older people who have seen a clearer, cleaner and full of life planet, will loose more and feel sadder then the young. but we have a better vision of what to work back to, that the young haven't seen. -Rj



    • matt sarlo says:

      At least you remember Randall. My parents are in their eighties and think I am nuts when I say things have gone from bad to dire. My dad almost listened, but choose not to accept the trurh, even though he taught me so much about the natural world here in northern Colorado when I was young in the sixties and seventies. The human race sucks, and we are screwed, but the planet and its life do not deserve what we have done with our willful ignorance.

    • Sue says:

      I also remember what a Blue Sky looked like and what  Real Clouds looked like. The white haze that people seem so unaware of, and sometimes they are aware but for some unknown reason they refuse to see the very thing that is right in front of their faces.I guess I get angry sometimes at those people who deny what is going on in our skies. It seems it is our time to see why the rest of the world has been in a state of emergency. People starving, floods, hurricanes, disease, and war. What on Earth will the Wealthy people do when there is nothing left to exploit? Excuse my language but what a F–ed up World it will be.  Who will take care of all their shit and when they finally have All the Power, who will they rule over?  What will the goal be when all the beauty and diversity of this Earth is gone?  What will they do then ?  Most likely turn on their Own.  

    • david says:

      randall – I'm almost 60 also – and i remember the blue skies and the clean water and the animals everywhere – not any more!  They are all gone or almost – This article is exactly on point and i am certain that there is almost no chance of the human race or the earth will survive. I am also in agreement with geoengineeringwatch.org we are on the path of extinction – I have tried to tell my friends about the chem jets spraying us with chemicals – and they act like i'm stupid – I get so mad – and then depressed and can't sleep.  Knowing there is nothing i can do to stop it —  The big money people are making sure that they get every last nickel and are going to kill all of us .  Even the governments are involved in the own everything and control everything game – spewing chemicals and building – building – then wars !  I am sad for the young people that never knew the old days – because i don't think they have a future ! 


  38. Anne Denise says:

    Excellent, excellent article – it really says it all. This is one of the best and most needed sites out there. Thank you.

  39. C. Sativa says:

    Neenah Payne
    Activist Post

    Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Miracle of Water, proposes the use of hemp to clean up the radiation. The US Must Legalize Hemp!page of the site links to the video Dr. Masaru Emoto talks about Industrial Hemp as a solution to Fukushima.

    Emoto says:

    It is the suggestion to plant a lot of hemp in the land of Fukushima. Hemp is prohibited in almost all places in the world, but I am supporting the movement for hemp to revive….I think it has the…potentiality to purify the environment…I believe hemp fields will bring the eradication effect….So, I would like to cooperate with people around the world…so we can advocate.…hemp revival globally.

    • virginia says:

      C. Sativa, Hi.  I like the moniker you use.

      Don't mean to monopolize this great forum, but I have to respond to your post with many, many thanks.  One of the items on my list, when younger, was to fight the likes of Du Pont who smeared and killed the use of Hemp…a most wonderful gift of nature – in everything in use today.  It was replaced by the Du Pont's new nylon, and everything went south after that.  The miracles and uses and advantages of hemp are too numerous to go into on this forum, but, hopefully, its use is returning slowly.  May it is the hemp that will save the planet…..who knows?  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.  Good luck to you.

    • MS P says:

      Too bad  that the fossil fuel industry, Monsanto & the Duponts had made the  hemp industry, what it is today.(Big Tabu)  It was these big wig cabals, that made the laws prohibiting a product, easily converted into many products. They make homes in Africa out of  very durable hemp materials. I'm not talking huts either. Nice mansions. The ones we never see on TV.

       Henry Ford in 1941 created a hemp car. Also fuel could be made, from hemp & jojoba beans.

      What ever happened to using natural gas. I used to work for a city, (water company) in the 1970's. All the trucks ran on propane. After conflict with M E & fuel shortages. Remember the gas lines? Odd/Even days, (licence plate #'s)  when you could buy gas?.  We drove propane fueled trucks. It was the way to go.

      Fords 1941 Hemp car.


      & hemp  fuel


      & the  1942 USDA film (created by Disney) "
      This film was required viewing for all US farmers during WWII by Federal mandate."


    • nobodiesfool says:

      Thailand has recently legalized the growing of hemp. I believe…there I go, I think…that they intend to try to keep some places viable.

  40. Michiel Kok says:

    Hi Dane .

    i have a question wich is not strictly related to this post but it is urgent nontheless,
    I am working with a group of activists and also people in academeia and we are trying to put together a geoengineering awareness event in a local auditorium in the netherlands , my question to you dane is. Can we use geoengineeringwatch.org as a reference and database from wich we can present the data in a presentation,(offcourse we will be handing out geoengineeringwatch.org flyers and such. ( And offcourse all credits and links are with geoengineeringwatch. and one more thing i myself would like to know, is it allowed to organise a screening of one of youre presentations ? , it would give us a solid ground to stand on in regards to the information and the way you deliver it.

    I hope you can give me an awnser , I know you are the busiest man alive .


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michiel, thank you so much for what you are doing to help sound the alarm. About your questions on using geoengineeringwatch materials and presentations to help raise awareness, absolutely yes, that is exactly what our site is for. Use any informational material/presentations that will assist you with your efforts. Our situation is already beyond critical, we must get the climate engineering issue to the light of day. I examine front line data from many sources constantly, the gravity of our collective situation is dire. If you choose to use any of the presentations on the site for a viewing, and would like any help with a Q and A session, I would try my best to make myself available to Skype in to the event. Again, Michiel, thank you so much for your help in this most critical battle.

    • Michiel Kok says:

      Dane ! . I can’t thank you enough for the strength you give us, Thru Your Honour. Thru Your astronimical ammounts of cohones to keep lashing out at disinformation cowards and foremost . Your drive, your anger has helped construct a database full of undeniable hardhitting evidence, 

      When You speak, There is fire in your eyes ! , .in that regard I and the team behind the event. Would be absolutely honoured if we could establish a Q&A mp;a Skype session afterwards .Dane wigington must be a well knowm name in Europe A.S.A.P .   

      Anyway Dane. I really appreciate that you let me put an event together where we can present about 600 people , Hard hitting,

      Directly researchable dowright facts.I will try to gather enough funds to have dvd's to send out as well  .

      I will contact again whem I know more about the progression we should have been making towards realizing a date for the event to be allowed in that auditorium , 

      In Any way dane,  Thanks for existing. . and  I Will forever be gratefull that it has beem so easy to get well read on this issue. 

      3 Years on this Website ,, Made me completly capable to convei the message, Becouse i have sobering awnsers for a lot of people

      . I will keep in touch Dane…And thanks for finding the time to reply to  us all. i really respect that .     

      Have a good day sir 

      aye !

    • Michiel Kok says:

      I think giving the little fact note there will be a skype Q&a afterwards with Dane Wigington directly  .it Will, I hope entice a lot people that are yet still not awakened fully to ask their question, and getting a"Slap in the Face Fact " In return,   The data is unquestionable ! 

      When our collective rage turns constructive ,The tiny bueraucrats will be fleeing from every corner…….

      Those in power are so incredibly arrogant and naive, .

      step 1 :  Chuck your tv off a cliff.

      ste[ 2 : remember what you are. and what iYour obligational purpose is . Planet gives you life, Planet Dies,You do also, all you can to make sure that the global omnicide will be halted !!

  41. virginia says:

    Dane: Your printed words exhibit the ardent passion you possess, not only for your work, but for your desire to teach us, to ready us for the future that is unescapably grim…….if something is not done about it and quickly.  Thank you for your truthfulness and courage to speak that truth, for if we cannot identify the problem or problems, how can we proceed to correct them.  In addition, your piece is timely and it was needed; so sincere thanks – in abundance.

    The question is:  Where do we go from here?  We still do not know, nor can we accurately predict where Trump and his coterie will lead us. It will not be a positive road for us in our homeland, for the international community, nor for our future generations.  We are up against the proverbial stone wall and it worries me greatly that absent men of your caliber interceding, we are hogtied.  Perhaps there is a miracle somewhere in those once-beautiful-white clouds we once saw.  I think there may be, thanks to you and those who care for all living things…wherever, whatever they are.

    God speed, Dane Wigington.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, thank you so much for your support in this battle, I do not take it for granted. About your question, we must cross one bridge at a time. There will be many potential variables as the dominos begin to fall. We may have (or gain) allies that we are as of yet completely unaware of. As the ancient proverb states, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, we are on the correct path. Very grateful to march with you (and all dedicated activists and individuals) in this battle, Virginia. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bryan, thank you for posting this film trailer. Yes, “life out of balance”,  this is the era of the anthropocene.

    • Constant Walker says:

      The Lakotah People also have a word for this Condition….Heyoka. It means trying to live upside-down, inside-out, and backwards….which is to say contrary to Nature….which is of-course no Way to live, but only a road mined with all the fates worse than death….and finally the 'relief' of oblivion and extinction at its inevitable DEAD END.

      This "civilization" disease has turned the world of the domesticated people (who mostly prefer to be called "civilized") into a heyoka world….and them into heyoka people. No wonder the insanity Mr. Wigington and others here decry is so rampant among them.

      Here in Indian Country we long ago figured out the only Way for us Free Wild Human Beings to get through the ravages of the "civilization" wasting disease was to be heyoka Heyokas. This has given us some protection from the crippling effects of the "self" sickness that is the active mechanism of the wasting disease's immune-suppression regime.

      Our artificially "individual"-ized tame Sisters and Brothers, though, seem just about to succumb to its effects on them, as the wasting disease gets  rapidly deeper into its own terminal stage. Too bad they are so strongly programmed to look anywhere for a remedy to their soon-to-prove-fatal "self" sickness, except in the one 'place' it might still be found….here among us surviving Free Wild Natural Peoples, where we still maintain the Integrity of our Organic Function as a component of Earth's immune system….and the Natural Organic Form, called in Lakotah Tiyospaye, essential to fulfillment of our given Function.

  42. Seeing Clearly says:

    Balance has been lost in the climate.

  43. Bryan says:

    Koyaanisqatsi called it in the 80s. I wondered then what it all meant, how life could persist when systems were so out of whack with common sense. 

    As it turns out, the implications of that trilogy are far worse than I'd ever imagined. 

    And the saddest fate is that we're taking the whole planet with us in our short-sided stupidity and willful blindness to the wider reality, like Pokemon-playing lemmings headed straight over a cliff.

    • Anne Denise says:

      beautifully said.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Bryan, thank you for posting the link to this excellent very powerful video. It has been a long time since I first saw it.  Such an apt description of our predicament on earth: Koyannisqatsi — 1) crazy life; 2) life in turmoil; 3) life out of balance; 4) life disintegrating; 5) a state of life that calls for another way of living.  

      Hopi prophesies sung in the film: 

      "If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster."

      "Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky."

      "A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans."                

  44. Toby Dent says:

    That Trump, a dysfunctional paranoid narcissist intent on stealing what's left of the commons from the people he claims to be working for… is now showing his true colour/white uber alles as well as his paranoia, greed and megalomania, is a good thing. The sooner his craziness is apparent to his base…the sooner he'll be impeached. Why on earth he expects Mexico to pay for building 'his wall' is truly off the chart. While ignoring him is the worst thing you can do to a narcissist , boycotting him is also an option. 

    • sea says:

      Toby- I have to your respond to your post with this youtube of The Donald and his "wall".


      Someone sent this to me and it truly is worth watching.I cannot imagine anyone that lives in the US that can actually feel compelled to "build a wall" to make a decision to keep any human being out- are we an elite club perhaps, most definitely …who do we think we are???? Oh oops I guess Americans, the elite club of America , where once immigrants including my grandparents thrived and shared their heritage with other cultures on the same street…no more.

  45. WILLIAM says:


  46. Joseph L. says:

    Nicely written — capitalism only cares about making money .. This is lesser of 2  evils of the major parties was always a crock of b.s.  I must say President Trump is moving very fast compared to the democratic party.

    3rd Parties are not allowed to debate the  2 major parties because they would expose them for what they really are.  We have a dumb down population by design.  Very well thought out article and has you know I appreciate everything you bring to the  table.  I personally hand out lots of your flyers all the time to hopefully wake people up.


    Check this out John Perkins Update of Confessions of an Economic Hitman



  47. Ann says:

    Dane, You can post a petition on the whitehouse.gov website to stop the  geoengineering atrocity. Please post so we can all sign it and send a message to President Trump to end the weather warfare on the people and planet. They are still spraying us like bugs in Charlotte NC.

  48. Yar Swerc says:

    Having entered this battle over 45 years ago, being ridiculed, ignored and scorned, been beaten, tear gassed, and arrested, suffering financial loss, been spat upon and having my very sanity attacked, I am old and broken.

     It rests upon you, my young friends, to carry this fight to the bitter end. May your success greatly surpass my own, that you may awaken the masses, that the Master Designer of all that is beautiful and balanced on our inflicted planet aid and support your efforts.

    Peace. May tranquility be restored and be yours.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Yar, I solute your many years of fighting for the greater good, your efforts were not in vain. We stand with you now, and the seeds of awakening you have sown in years now gone by, matter, in ways that we may not yet fully comprehend. The horizon is dark indeed, but there is still light, never give up. Thank you again for your many years of contributions, Yar.

    • virginia says:

      Hello Ray Crews (Yar Swerc backwards?)…

      Your post hit me hard because you and I joined the fight around the same era, although I have 15 years seniority on that, and it hurts that you, after all the courage and efforts you have shown in the past are now passing the torch, so to speak.  But, please, do not feel that you are not a part of the present…..you and I have a lot of vim and vigor left to teach those younger than we, to set an example of defiance in the face of injustice and to encourage all to lift their voices and not be afraid to speak the truth.  We shall not be cowed into subservience by the powers that be.  You, my friend have given much and still have much to give….so, how about it?  Lift those spirits (bottle or otherwise), be positive and know how much we will benefit from your wise counsel. Additionally, we cannot let Dane down…he deserves all the support we can give him in his fight to save us from ourselves.

      May good health and happiness be yours and to those you love and care for. 

      With respect and gratitude,


  49. Bluesky says:

    Hi Dane,

    I was able to make it to the WeatherFest in Seattle on Sunday, and handed out almost 40 cards with Geoengineering Watch website listed. Very good response and many young people interested in the information!


  50. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Thank you. Great article. “A dystopic future in all its horrific glory has arrived: baked-in biospheric collapse, the inherent and irreconcilable contradictions of techno-capitalism…” The story below is the Mad-hatter techno-capitalist response to collapse as the elite only care to save themselves.
    Tech billionaires reportedly stock up on ‘apocalypse insurance’
    Jan. 26, 2017
    Tech billionaires and other super-rich Americans are reportedly investing in "apocalypse insurance" in the highly unlikely event of a crack up of  civilization, whether it be from a major natural disaster or governmental collapse. The New Yorker interviewed several of these influential tech leaders who've stocked up on guns and ammuntion, purchased property in isolated locations and have even gone so far a

  51. marc says:

    As grim as this article is, I truly believe the Good exponentially outweighs the Bad on this gasping, coughing planet. Moronic, pie-in-the-sky Trump idolaters notwithstanding, there are infinitely more of us Awakened Ones than all the satanic, pedophiliac, earth-murdering, child-raping, wealth-sequestering, self-serving motherf**kers all lumped into one pathetic, reeking heap. And that includes the thousands upon thousands of brown-nosing slobs doing the bidding of the geniuses behind all of this omnicidal activity. I could not have been more exhilarated to see the worldwide women's marches because they embody the tip of an iceberg of PUSHBACK which is only going to strengthen on every front as compassionate human beings fully deploy to counter the rabidity of the diseased minds now running roughshod over the constitution and over all remaining life-forms and indeed, over the entire biosphere upon which THEIR sorry asses are also dependent. 

      One of my favorite lines in the above article: "Every one of Trump's cabinet picks is a big middle finger in the faces of those who fell for his pseudo-populist rhetoric: billionaires, Wall Street sharks, Goldman Sachs alumni, laissez-fare capitalists chomping at the bit to deregulate, monetize, and privatize every last bit of what remains." 

      Indeed. But you know what? Though it has been so gratifying to see the magnitude of the pushback against this coagulating administration, I am disheartened by the realization that I cannot escape a sneaking suspicion that the whole motherf**king thing has been masterfully deployed to do exactly what the appointment of Barrack Obama did to the cultural milieu: create division, distraction, preoccupation with mental content that is designed to hijack public awareness and steer it well away from the now obvious fact that we are being poisoned and reconfigured, ultimately to death, by an entity that, because it know's that what it's doing is ethically, morally and spiritually wrong, has sought to conduct it's murderous activities enshrouded inside the utmost secrecy. This has been verifiably demonstrated in ten thousand different ways. I guess their secrets are not so fail-safe after all. But maybe that is part of their strategy, for it engenders opposing camps of thought which circulate endlessly about one another as in the yin-yang symbol. 

      Thanks again to Dane and to the Legal Team and to all Awakened Ones worldwide who understand the gravity and the magnitude of what is being done to us. I love every one of you from the bottom of my heart, I truly do.


    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Marc, while I also agree this article was exceptional and one that needs to be heard, I wish to offer you something to consider relative to your comment about the Women's March (a deeper perspective, and not so complimentary of what actually happened). I hope you'll fidn the value in it that I did. 

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrnACRaiuOU&feature=youtu.be Debbie Lusignan (Sane Progressive)

    • Vicki says:

      Well said, Marc.  People of the world are slowly waking up.  Lets hope we outpace its destruction by the greedy, power hungry moneylenders and warmongers before it is too late.  Thanks to Dane as well.  Your work is brilliantly researched and thorough.  I have been using your articles, weekly radio shows and videos to wake others.  They are great tools that have been very successful in my endeavor to wake people the fuck up!!  Much love and respect to all that are in this fight to help save something decent for the next generations….  :,(


    • BaneB says:

      The technosphere's techno elites, those who convinced us to purchase their virtual reality matrix, plan to bug out, leaving us holding their ruin.  And ours!  We ought to be grateful to the New Yorker rag for the peek behind the mind-set of these billionaire con artists and what they suspect is the factual reality of the looming collapse.  They have their bug out copters, jets, security guys, guns, landing strips on remote island, the great escape.  When the SHTF, just turn on one's television and see their departures live.  Applaud!

    • virginia says:

      Marc, thank you.  Well said.  Well done. Good Luck and well-being to you and yours.  With people such as yourself and Dane, we will be alright.  We must be aware and alert and continue to speak out to those who do not yet see and understand what is happening, just as you and Dane have done and I know will continue to do.  Thank you, again.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Marc, you better read up a bit more on truth sourced from various media while it's all available.That womens' march on January 21 was the work of the NWO itself, if you know what that means. That march has been organized months before and was to celebrate Clinton's presidency, but had to be adjusted as a march against Trump because of you know what happened. Most of the "leaders and organizers" of that march are paid for by a guy named George Soros the mastermind behind geoengineering itself. The mastermind behind the NWO. The mastermind of reducing world population to a half a billion people. Yes these super rich people have enough money to buy anything they desire but won't be satisfied until they control the world. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, My heart skipped a beat today when I heard Trump is considering former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich's WIFE Calista (sp?) for, of ALL THINGS, wait for it, Ambassador to the Vatican.. OMG !!  : o

    • marc says:

      While I concede it may be true I have not done enough "homework" on the story before the story re: the women's march in D.C., I had personal friends who marched in San Jose, Boston, St. Louis, D.C and elsewhere. They are all good, solid people, with gobs of integrity. Might there have been a dark underbelly to the DC march? Was it a reconfigured Hillary-fest? Are we all being played like fiddles everywhere we fucking turn? Must we second-guess every single event that unfolds on the stage? Maybe. Are we actually living in a Truman Show? At the end of the day, my primary disappointment has mostly to do with the fact that we saw such vast numbers of good and well-intentioned people show up in the streets to protest what might arguably be called a "red herring."  As reprehensible as this incoming administration is, not to mention the outgoing one, it would have been quite glorious to instead see marches around the world protesting geoengineering and the tripe responsible for it. Jesus Christ, will this ever be the kind of issue that causes people to march in the streets? While my cynicism is an 8 on a scale of 10, I continue to feel the women's marches, or at least the majority of them, were important events that further galvanized a whole hell of alot of people to continue to "resist" the disease metastasizing it's way right through our government and our society. At this late stage of the game, what else have we got? What about "game over" do any of us not understand?

    • BaneB says:

      Edward Palys:  The major speakers certainly were strident.  I tuned into a number of events and listened to various exorcized participants.  Look up Donna Hylton. She spoke about prison reform.  She should know.  She was incarcerated for 27 years.  The details of her participation in a gruesome torture murder ought to have disqualified her from speaking about 'justice.'  The Industrial Age created the conditions for the invention of the terminology that led to the dialogue of the present conundrum. But they speak not of the house built on sand.  Everyone wants "justice."  And "equality."  I do not know what Madonna's definitions contain.  She is worth $800,000,000.  While fists are raised and branded slogans unified in the roar of the disenchanted, I bet not one of these disaffected pied pipers looked skyward and said to the crowd…."Look up.  Soon enough all of our angered entreaties for one political cause or another will be seen as a misdirection for the environmentally blind.  The sky is falling and we rant Inconsequentially."

    • MS P says:

      Edward you are spot on with the George Soros mention.

      I just saw that Bill Gates will soon become the world's first Trillionaire. He used to fly to Paris to party with ( CA GOV)  Jerry Brown & Lore Harp. (My old boss. When she made bank from being a bored housewife, with her computer boards, then computers. This was back in the days, when Apple was considered a toy..)

      We used to talk about the  someday, when everyone will have a computer in their home. 


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