EPA Rep Has Loose Lips About Geoengineering


There is a rapidly increasing general awareness of the insanity taking place in our skies. As we grow closer and closer to a “critical mass” of people who have been awakened to the climate engineering crimes, more open disclosures will begin to occur, intended and accidental. The phone call made in this video, and the recording of the call, is now a very helpful tool. This type of practice should serve as a model for what we can all do, engage the agencies that are tasked with protecting the public and cornering them as to why they are not doing their jobs. We can also contact and engage the agencies that are directly participating in the illegal geoengineering, more “accidental disclosures” are likely to occur. As the scale and gravity of the climate engineering assault on all life is realized by the masses, our paradigm will be overturned. Those in power will likely become even more dangerous as they are exposed. No matter what other challenges we face, exposing and stoping the lethal climate engineering programs must be a priority. So long as the spraying continues, every breath we take is toxic.

Dane Wigington

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  1. chance says:

    we are doomed. god help us.

  2. Hawkeye says:

    Fabulous video and God Bless both of these women for having the guts to SAY it, record it and post it. I am in SWFL and we are under daily spraying assault now for months. It is getting so bad here that I lost two buyers who “wanted” to purchase property in paradise until they were horribly woken up to the skies in paradise being more of an H.G. Wells movie instead. Now it is personal to the ut most degree. I can’t sell chem skies in paradise – doesn’t work folks. I have thousands of photo’s of our skies since Oct. 2013 and I have even reported our sky trails and evil fake cloud formations to my county officials with 101 photo’s of proof. County had NO knowledge of any spraying programs in our area nor did they have any knowledge of geo-engineering going on in general. I was told it was “submitted” for report and they would get back to me. Three weeks now and no call back. FL is not the “sunshine” state any more – “sunshade” state is more like it. What I find so amazing is so many people do not even notice any of these un-natural skies. In my real estate MLS site the property listing pictures are littered with trails and fake clouds and these idiot realtors write “amazing sunsets”or “beautiful views” and so I think to myself OMG what is wrong with them? Well nothing is selling for many months now, just a few dum dums who don’t see and think chem skies are nice. LOL… we’re in deep this time. I pray all day long now. Only God can remedy this I think. Best to all and especially Dane for his excellent actions against this subject matter. You are a hero Dane with more guts then any leader world wide. Thank you!!

  3. Walter says:

    These high flying spray planes must file a flight plan with the FAA. Departure location, destination location, identification information and are all being tracked by radar and emitting IFF codes. Now tell me the government doesn’t know about them, why they could be Russian bombers invading the country.
    Lets stop the GOV. B. S. and get this out in the open.

  4. Kuldar says:

    This madness MUST STOP. Citizens of earth RISE UP and let’s do something about it. Let us allow our planet to recover at least from the damage WE HUMANS have caused it For IF WE DON’T who will? NOBODY, Our planet WILL DIE and with it so do we. Let us stop this before it is too late.

    Kuldar, out.

  5. BOB BANNER says:

    for some reason my brackets allowed for this system to delete the passage.. here it is again with NO brackets (from the Yale report):

    In concrete terms, this leaves us unable to know whom to blame when the OMB delays the EPA’s list of “chemicals of concern” for almost three years, 3 holds the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rule on crystalline silica for over two years, 4 does not accept delivery of a notice of new data on EPA’s proposal to regulate coal ash impoundments, 5 or insists on extensive, substantive changes to the Food and Drug Administration’s new rules on food safety. 6 Perhaps it is the OMB itself, or another office in the White House, or the White House Chief of Staff, or the head of the Department of Agriculture, or a GS-12 at the Small Business Administration. 7 We just don’t know.

  6. BOB BANNER says:

    Also, one thing to remember is that the EPA is bankrupt and has tons of work to do, with 1200 superfund sites. as Erin Brockovich has said in LAST CALL AT THE OASIS (film), “What? a new EPA? really, a new EPA?” She went on to say that the few individuals in the EPA are wonderful people but they are bankrupt and have so much to do.. and even if the EPA might say some good words about what they want to do in so many cases they are bound by the OMB. For details of this, click here: http://jreg.commons.yale.edu/who-will-run-the-epa/.. so it was refreshing to hear a voice at the EPA speak truth about “chemtrails” but their hands are toied more than we can imagine with OMB. From the above article: <> and this report comes from Yale! the numbers in this excerpt refer to footnotes that are live in the original doc. good luck!

  7. Danette says:

    I live in a remote part of northwestern Montana, I can’t believe they’re doing this here. I feel like we are being particularly experimented on because we are surrounded by mountains but it sounds like this is going on everywhere, the masses are sedated and maybe soon to be euthanized!!! God help up is right!!!

  8. Colleen says:

    I called the Department of Environmental Air Quality (DEQ) in Montana about 1 year ago. I asked them the same questions. Their answer… There is no such thing as a Chemtrail, and what I was seeing was a contrails. The reason that some of the of the trails didn’t dissipate (like a normal contrail) was because of high HUMIDITY levels at the elevation the planes were flying. It’s frightfully sad that some people would accept that ridiculous explanation—but many still don’t have a clue to what is really happening! If everyone would just take the time to notice the sky…Just Look UP! This morning, in just 30 min. I observed 10 or more Chemtrail planes forming grids in a clear blue sky. By late afternoon, we had a silver milky sky. It’s changing the soil PH more rapidly now and the ill-effects on humans, animals and plants is increasing everyday. I agree–God help us all.

  9. L. Young says:

    Our government pays the Air Force to spray which they say is for weather control. Well, you can see how well thats been working, look at all of the horrible storms they’ve been having back east for the past 6 mos. You can go to http://www.SkyderALERT.com and find out lots of facts about chemtrails. The chemicles they spray are aluminum, barrium and strontium. They have tested the snow on Mt Shasta and the amount of metal in everything is staggering. Perticulates are 61 parts per million of aluminum in the snow. There’s also a high rate of people and animals being sick, and it’s killing the forest the bee’s, birds and plants. Not to mention it’s shredding our ozone. You can also check our GeoengineeringWatch.org Don’t mean to scare you, but it’s not going to get any better if the people don’t start waking up. Good luck.

  10. Barry Verespey says:

    Obviously Scott never went outside yesterday to see the normally cloudless high pressure skys being destroyed by his “de bunked” “contrails”

  11. francis m reps says:

    Jim Willie made the comment that the bulk of American citizens are like ” Two Legged Farm Animals”……The farm animals are actually better because they provide for us. Let us hope that God sets things right……Our so called political elites are truly psychopaths who serve no one but themselves…..and are doing that badly too.

  12. horsegirl says:

    Once I called the EPA about a situation in southern AZ. I spent nearly an hour listening to the EPA officer tell me his woes, about how the agency had effectually been emasculated, silenced. He laid out quite a series of legal maneuvers taken to gag his authority. Said he no longer knew why he even worked there, as lobbyists had checkmated every step he could take. Nice guy, totally frustrated.

  13. lynn Bechtold says:

    Well there you have it… conspiracy theory no more. Fact! Nicely done. Now let us all call the EPA in our districts and ask the same questions on video and post them!

  14. Krystina Schindler says:

    I think that’s great! Good job Sista!!

  15. Steve says:

    EPA Enviormental Protection Agency let’s protect thee Enviormental people!!!

  16. Annette Dunson says:

    I, too, have contacted the EPA and was told that it was not their concern and to try FAA. I wrote them…no answer. I wrote my Governor, no answer. I wrote Rush Limbaugh and a local radio personality…no answer. I wrote to the local weather guy…no answer. However, this forum gives us VOICE! I too, have noticed the change in the chemical being released. From time-to-time it does appear to disappear to only appear a little while later. I also have noticed how the spray seems to follow the sun regardless of where it is sprayed. I have some very scary videos I took over my house.

  17. carol freiberg says:

    Just got off the phone with the epa office in seattle talked with Scott Downey ph.#206 553 0682.In conclusion,Scott, who didn’t want to “argue” with me said this is a non issue and has been “de bunked” by a scientific paper written in 2000 which states these “contrails” are caused by airplane engine exhaust and that’s it. So I guess we have nothing more to be concerned with. I mean if the epa isn’t worried about our air quality, and the other harmful effects from this covert spraying why should we be concerned.I’m wondering if this is the same response Dane gets when he asks TPTB in his area…total ignorance.
    Thanks to the lady who recorded the call to the epa in her region. Next step,call my congressman???
    God Bless all who are helping expose this elephant in the room.

  18. Douglas says:

    thank you for making this phone call. it raises some alarming issues. who are these scientists/climate people that are doing it?! it’s a HUGE, expensive project. Who’s paying for it? Who’s overseeing it? And what the heck are we supposed to do about it?! Except raise awareness?!

  19. Patti says:

    Yes, God help us!!!

  20. Theresa says:

    God help us, for real. This party won’t be over till satan is thrown down. We are deep in the process now. There really is only one way out, its coming up on the time that the wheat will be separated from the chaff.

    “Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Matthew 3:12 God bless us all, in Jesus name.

  21. Doris Corea says:

    Try googling chemtrails and Bill Gates!!!

  22. Linda Lee Evans says:

    Sounds like another whitewash from the EPA…why don’t they know, if they are to protect the environment? The secret faction of the govt that is doing this must have a lot more control than we know. Essential to keep confronting and asking….it has to come out, hopefully sooner rather than later. How to find out what/who these secret agencies are? Thank you all concerned. You are the true protectors of life.

  23. diane says:

    I’m at a loss of words, the phone interview was a real insight as to how our government operates, lies and deceit. She knew that it was the geoengineers and researchers doing it, it’s really frightening!

  24. sharla says:

    I appreciate this lady for taking the time to do this..
    Also, have to let everyone know, that they now have the ability to spray chemtrails that do not leave the big white looking clouds. they have it where is looks like a con trail, but come sunset, you can see all the trails across the sky… I have no clue as to what is being sprayed, my guess is something to keep rain out of the Arizona area, so next time you see “the planes” but they appear to be leaving a con trail.. look again around sunset and you just might be surprised.

  25. diane says:


  26. Karen says:

    That video is AWESOME—the lady at the EPA is so sweet—bless her for being so honest…like Dane said, “the veil is being lifted”…

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