Former CIA Officer Blows The Whistle On Government Criminality


Dane Wigington

Do we have a country with a "government"? Or do we have a "government" with a country? The latter is the case, as our government has clearly long since become nothing more than an unimaginably massive criminal cabal. Our government is a tool of enforcement for those who print the money, the central bankers. The CIA is one of the mechanisms of enforcement used by the tyrants behind the curtain who are actually in control. As a former decorated CIA officer, Kevin Shipp has shown incredible courage and honor by speaking out against the expanding and metastasizing tyranny within the halls of government. Those within agencies like the CIA who dare to tell the truth face the decimation of their careers and their lives. In the 10 minute video interview below Kevin tells the story of what he endured for simply attempting to do his job honorably.

How can we support extremely courageous whistleblowers like Kevin Shipp? By each and every one of us doing our part to help sound the alarm. By sharing credible data with family, friends and others. Everything is at stake, make your voice heard.

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  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I certainly agree with Dennie and LS about having our votes withheld, until all threats from the government's and military programs on the environment and to humans including vaccinations are discussed.  More government agency employees need to follow in Kevin Shipp's foot steps!

  2. Dennie says:

    Okay, THAT DOES IT–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm calling these A$$HOLES out on every last sprinkle of nanocrap falling to Earth for WHAT IT IS:  TERRORISM!!!!! 
    I am calling Feinstein's office NOW.  Also Boxer and Huffman.

    • LS says:

      Yay Dennie,  Thanks for joining me in holding our elected reps feet to the fire. I call regularly. How about Boxer doing an autobiography on 25 years of being courageous?. I forget the name. It is pure fiction. Anyone who would like to call congress #202. 224.3121

      Also, here are the numbers for the DNC 202.863.8000.   RNC 202.863.8500.  Join me in telling them that your vote is being withheld pending discussion of of the existential threats facing us. Who is speaking about anything that really matters? No one. It is a close race and mass phoning may help them get a clue what it will take to get us off the bench. I said "no one on any level gets my nonpartisan vote until they start speaking to the reality of what is threatening our existence, Geoengineering and forced vaccinations".

    • Mario says:


      You should ask Diane Frankenstein for one of her prepared letters that she sent to her constituents regarding the HAARP program.  She sent one to me.  It was a big pile of steamy dog sh*t.  And I called her office to let them know. Here is the letter in its entirety:

      Dear  Mario :

        I received your letter and appreciate knowing your concerns regarding the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and sincerely apologize for the delay in my response.

        HAARP is a joint program between the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force that investigates ionospheric physics and radio science.  This program is intended to allow us to improve the quality of both satellite and short-wave communication signals.  Some of the everyday benefits of this research include improving the accuracy of global positioning systems in our personal vehicles as well as better reception for our satellite radio and television services.

        I have asked my staff to look into your concerns, and they have not identified any evidence that HAARP is harmful to the health of individuals or the environment.

        Know that I will keep your thoughts in mind should the Senate discuss this program or debate any relevant legislation.

        Once again, thank you for writing, and I hope that you will continue to keep me informed about issues of importance to you.  Should you have any further comments or questions, please feel free to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841, or visit my website at .  Best regards.

      Sincerely yours,
        Dianne Feinstein
               United States Senator


      As you can imagine, her assistant who answered the phone sounded like a confused college intern.  I figured he wouldn't be much help.  And I think Dane has already spoken to Boxer.  And gotten the same indignation.   
      This is exactly what Hunter Thompson tried to write about and warn us about  . . . The death of the American dream. "The American dream really is f**ked." – HST
      An Unwilling Participant of an Idiocracy

    • felix says:

      Really, don't waste your time with these 2 dem senators, they do nothing

      except collect their checks.   I'd bet $100 they will not see or read anything

      you send.  This just adds to the gov MESS that we are all living with.

      Sorry to be negative, but that's the way it is.

    • Renrah says:

      they don't care – they are part of it all

  3. Elena says:

    I couldn't remember the name of the former CIA asset who had been arrested under the Patriot Act when I was talking to Mr.Shipp about it at the Redding event, but I saw her again on YouTube. It was Susan Lindauer, she wrote a book on her experiences, Extreme Prejudice something, and her story is riveting. She had knowledge of some stuff relating to 9/11, they basically wanted to silence her so they tried to have her detained for 10 years and were going to chemically lobotomize her. The judge threw out the case against her and she has been free ever since ( and is really happy about it, judging by her giddy and overly bubbly affect!) There are lots of videos of her, the one I saw was at

  4. stephan says:

    and you can see this (911, no free speech)

  5. Melanie Moran says:

    Sincere gratitude to these two powerhouses, Dane Wigington and Kevin Shipp. You give us all so much hope and inspiration.  Thank you both, so much, for all that you are doing. Please know you have inspired many others to follow your path, we will make a change. 

    "The truth is like a lion, you don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself"

    -St Augustine

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    First, I want to praise Kevin Shipp for his courageousness in speaking out publicly.  This is what Should come of attacking a person's family.  I am very grateful for Shipp's story and information which greatly reinforces what we are up against.  You would think the CIA would protect their own, especially given what sacrifices are asked of them.  Thank you Dane for this powerful interview!

    I want to say that Dennie is right and at least I am not the only one who cannot sleep at night.  I never had this issue before, it feels very odd.  Day is night and vice versa.  On Monday, it was about 100 degrees here in Berkeley and for a number of days now it has been very very warm.  Which I'd enjoy as we had such a cold summer I was craving heat, but it seems so wrong.  And a bit too hot.  Usually, when that hot, my apt. feels as if it had air conditioning as I am above a garage with a dirt floor.  Then by about 9 PM it gets very very hot in here until nearly midnight.  But not with this recent heat.  It cools off quickly which is weird.  Waking very early this morning, looking out, the sky was a nightmare of stuff I cannot identify.  Monday, I actually crutched around a bit between appointments, short sleeves, no sunscreen, and I did not get burned, or even reddened, but my skin stung later.  The sky appeared blue but looking closer there were faint streaks that looked as if smeared into whiteout to the west.  I asked my eye doc about the tiny white lined circles I see when looking at the sky.  Just tons of them bouncing around.  I have stared into bright lights to see if it will happen but it does not, only when I look up at the sky in day. They don't fall, they just bounce.  I have what is called druzen in my eyes, but he said no.  Also, sometimes the computer screen-which always hurts my eyes-looks rippled, left to right.  Mostly on the left as if a paper had been wet then dried, top to bottom wide-ish vertical ripples.  He said some people see reality more than others!   Uh?  He says I am unusually perceptive.  Uh?

    I did not mention that a few weeks ago now, we had Jade Helm, not in Berkeley of course!  In Danville of all places.  The idea of the idiot Danville cops being militarized is nearly terrifying.  Today? Feinstein said that all the dead trees were not because of drought, not because of bugs.  She did not elaborate.  ?!  And today they are saying that damage to coral reef in Hawaii is due to sun screen, a particular ingredient that is as poisonous to people as to coral.  Hmmm.  I have not ever found a sunscreen that rests easy on my skin.  And, gee, coral?

    On the upside, there are anti geoengineering activists in DC right now, dozens of them hitting congress people hard.  They are asking all of us to call in, to call our congress people over and over again.  These are the same people that recently got EPA measurements of water, including rain water registering 4,700 whatever, to the 50 limit of EPA.  I fear they may be naive, but, I'm giving it a go.  The time line Dane and Kevin discussed is daunting.  Things seem hopeless.  So this seems a bit of fresh air.  They are doing a legal initiative to ban geoenginineering which Rhode Island recently did achieve.  Hope lives.  Do call.  This is for the whole state of California.  Hopefully, others will follow.  They claim 193 nations have banned it.  Is that possible?  Call congress peoples!!

    And an oddity I wonder if anyone else has noticed.  Which is my red rose bush, antique, has three roses on it, the exact same 3 that have been there for more than 3 months!!!!  WTH ?   

    • Dennie says:

      People, when you call in to tell your elected representation to STOP ALL GEOENGINEERING, please be careful to say that the programs are TERRORIST ACTIONS using WMD's AND WE'VE PROVEN THAT.  WE EACH NEED TO "GROW A PAIR" and CALL A SPADE A SPADE!!

  7. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Chronic illness can affect 100% of the population however if we don't have the good spirit living in us we will be doing nothing to combat it but rather instead we desire our chronic illness as part of who we are that's the bad spirit. I am fully aware that this is a sensitive issues but it must be brought to the light we have diabetes acceptance ,autism acceptance ,disability pride to name a few in other words the "Anti-Cure" who view there illness as part of who they are or an alternative way of being.

  8. Useless says:

    Joint US/S Korea mock attack military training exercise dubbed "Red Flag" in Alaska 10/3/16-10/21/16. Saw it dug in the sidelines on but checked back now and it's not even there anymore. Might have to do specific search. Should be interesting. Thoughts anyone? 

  9. Rodster says:

    Well Dane, at least Dahr Jamial's latest blog mentions Geoengineering in his interview with Dr. Peter Wadhams. Hopefully one day he'll admit that it has been going on for decades.

    My reportage on climate disruption presupposes that many of our readers understand it cannot be stopped at this point… that we can, at best, hope to mitigate the impacts somewhat. Do you propose any solutions for what can be done along those lines, both on a personal as well as a governmental level?

    In my book, I acknowledge that nothing we can do to reduce CO2 emissions is enough, because there is already more than enough CO2 in the atmosphere to cause a 2C warming. [2C warming above preindustrial baseline temperatures has been an internationally agreed-upon political goal of the maximum warming that can be allowed. Global governments agreed in Paris in December 2016 that 1.5C should be the maximum warming allowed; however, we are already very near to that limit today, just 10 months after the Paris climate talks.] The only things we can do are to, first, put a sticking plaster on warming by use of geoengineering techniques to reflect more radiation — for example, marine cloud brightening — and second, to solve the problem properly by spending a lot of thought and energy developing a cost-effective method of direct air capture of CO2 from the atmosphere.

  10. Dennie says:

    CIA = Crime, Inc., Associated.  This group of people is domineered by a bunch of chicken-hearted bullies.  Usually one and the same, I've noticed.  Sheesh-WHEN DOES ANYBODY FINALLY GROW UP–???

  11. CJ says:

    I really don't think that the Herd realizes how this situation is unfolding.

    People really need to wake up. How can they though? With all the toxins being dumped in the atmosphere. 

    People are lucky that get up out of bed. 

    The day is coming when most of the Herd won't even be able to do that.

    Blind sided without even knowing it. That is way too bad for the Unaware. Especially bad for those who are Aware.

  12. MS P says:

    Our weather changed on Monday.(Ventura County) We had somewhat cool-clear weather. For a few months. Just the un natural fog rolling over, after midnight.Same time every night. The fog is way too high up, to be normal. The temps. being too hot.
    Then on Monday the wispy white clouds rolled in. The sky turned totally white. Hot  & stuffy;under the white dome. My eyes have been burning. I can taste it too. 
    There were these  very noticeable, strong lines of clouds.NNE to SSE directions. Like a boundary line. I could see them. I also noticed the same on the TV weather Doppler patterns. It rained in the southern part of CA. Moving along these lines. Staying south of these lines. Preventing rain up here.  To the north of the lines. White out, hot, & very muggy. 90 degrees again. Stuffy nights. TV called it a "Weather Event".
    It's hot at night again too. Makes it hard to sleep. Being so hot & stuffy.
    The persimmons here, look awful. They are falling to the ground. Half green/half orange. Brown on the bottoms. Normally ready in December. Figs & pitted fruit,  failed this year too. 
    Bees are low in numbers,. So my tomatoes yield very little food. 
    Monarch Butterflies are less this year too. Perhaps from the strange freeze-snowstorm on Butterfly Mountain (Mexico)? Where they  go for the winter. Many died as a result. Some flew back up to the USA, with very tattered wings. This is the time of year they are flying south. I look to see them. Hopefully just getting a late start, on their south bound journey? 
    Lots of birds flying into this area, not normally seen, in these parts of the USA. Such as a Canadian Warbler. Rare sightings are getting more common, with the bird watchers. 
    -Just my observations. 

  13. Donna-AZ says:

    'Erin Brockovich' Carcinogen in Tap Water of More Than 200 Million Americans 

    Tests found chromium-6 in almost 90 percent of the water systems sampled. Oklahoma, Arizona and California had the highest average statewide levels and the greatest shares of detections above California's public health goal. Among major cities, Phoenix had, by far, the highest average level, at almost 400 times the California health goal, and St. Louis and Houston also had comparatively high levels.

    Chromium-6 occurs naturally, but is manufactured for use in steel making, chrome plating, manufacturing dyes and pigments, preserving leather and wood and, as in the Brockovich case, lowering the temperature of water in the cooling towers of electrical power plants. Chromium-6 is also in the ash from coal-burning power plants, which is typically dumped in unlined pits that a 2011 report by the nonprofit Earthjustice said may threaten hundreds or thousands of water supplies and private wells.[21] And recent research has suggested that some methods of treating water supplies to remove other contaminants may actually increase levels of chromium-6.[22]

  14. BaneB says:

    Anonymous:  For those who are under the impression that Haarp is the center of RF diabolical endeavors, this utube video to which you refer will quickly disabuse anyone of that concept.  The two islands, sitting out in the Atlantic far from the curious, shown via Google Earth, one with no name, and the important facilities obscured by photo shopped fake cloud cover, and the other with the name Georgetown Island, covered over in all manner of gargantuan RF constructs……well, what can one adduce but that the earth is a capture of an evil beyond our ability to easily accept its existence.  While Reverend Michelle Hopkins' speculation is just that as to what's up with these sci-to "machines," clearly her video is a must see for sobering up the more recalcitrant HAARP groupies.  Granted, too, the term HAARP is a catch-all generic term for RF manipulation of the ionosphere and the weather, et al.  But that facility has been around for many years, was initially for experimentation (meddling), and probably is an "antique" compared to the advances in the technologies to control the weather and to create earthquakes and whatever other nefarious activities these Luciferians are curious to do.  Thanks for the heads up.  My horizons have been broadened, and my increased understanding of the worldwide scope of these facilities tells me we the people are hapless in our plight.  "Woe be unto man when the devil comes down to earth."  "Where is the devil?….in the air."  

  15. Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes /By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, September 19, 2016
    These testimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh) confirm what we already know.  The United States of America is not fighting the terrorists in Syria.  The Obama administration, with the support of its allies including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is supporting the Islamic State (ISIS Daesh). Obama’s counterterrorism campaign in Syria and Iraq is bogus. Read carefully. The testimonies confirm the unspoken truth:
    – We [Syrian soldiers] first thought the aircraft are support to us after the first 2 shots, but we quickly found out that they are targeting our forces aggressively, while we were fighting IS terrorists. The aircraft used cluster bombs against us. A day before the airstrikes, the [US] drones were flying and scanning all the area. The US air-strikes destroyed all our equipment and defense points.  IS fighters attacked us immediately after and during the US strikes. Some of them were laughing.  US drones and helicopters opened fire from machine guns on our retreated forces. It for sure wasn’t a mistake, they targeted us intentionally to help IS.  America is ISIS itself.  The US Air strikes were deliberate, they were carefully planned and coordinated with ISIS-Daesh commandos on the ground. The bombings enabled the ISIS-Daesh Islamic State mercenaries to wage an effective counterattack against Syrian government forces. The “incident” was casually dismissed by America’s media: “US airstrikes Missed ISIS, but Damaged US Policy in Syria”.  Fake media reports support a fake “war on terrorism”:  Sorry, collateral damage, we got our targets mixed up…

    • Dave says:


      Thank you for exposing what the government is doing to us. I can't believe we allow it.  This country, let alone others allow what's being done to us.  Not only geoengineering but the control of vaccinations, monetary control and GMOs. I wish people could wake up sooner and do something.   I don't have children but I have nephew's and I'm concerns d about they're future.  And my future and the future of all good people.

      Again thank you Dane

    • Dave says:

      They can't play god long before sooner or later it'll backfire on them.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, Dane and ALL, "Connecting dots"? Here's an article my neighbor sent to me. It was a rough upload(might have been my satellite internet) but it came through and was readable. (Dane, thank you for no added crap on 'your' website. My blockers are working well). If this article is real and factual. Then it is another pivotal point to point out to those we speak with. The article "says" the facts are confirmed. So lets go with that. Does it then add up to what we already know to be true? Do you suppose this article would make mainstream news even if it is for real? (Which I fear it is). Such a "grand stage" (Our planet), and all that is at stake is power and resources. There is soooooo much more to living a good life. Things that have nothing to do with the former and everything to do with what we all "choose", independently, for the good of the many, including our "mother". We are all one. "Pay it forward".

      Think about what Dane has stated in these situations as far as "effectiveness vs "world stage", you get my drift here. "I hope".

  16. America, the Helpless ‘Superpower’: There is no security at the top of the world  /by Justin Raimondo, Sept. 19, 2016
    … our own government has enabled the very enemies who plot our destruction. The US has openly allied with Islamist radicals in order to bring about regime change in Syria: the results of that policy are underscored by the recent incident in which US Special Forces were forced to flee from a village in the northern part of the country when the “moderate” Islamists we’ve been funding and arming threatened to slaughter them on the spot. The same thing happened in Libya, where we “liberated” the country from Ghaddafi and the very rebels we empowered with air strikes and aid murdered our Ambassador and three others at Benghazi. To go farther back in time, our aid to the Afghan mujahideen who were fighting the Soviets in the 1980s led to the consolidation of al-Qaeda and the rise of Osama bin Laden as the leader and symbol of a global terrorist insurgency.  … Washington is openly colluding with our enemies while the nation sleeps.  Trump … is the embodiment of the American zeitgeist at this historical moment: enraged, confused, and liable to lash out in any direction.  Yet Trump’s critique of the political class, and his diagnosis of the US as an empire in decline, is what gives his message resonance – and it’s one reason why the political class hates him with a passion. His success is the measure of their failure.  We are headed for some dark times.  In spite of that, however, there will always be those who will uphold the original spirit of our old republic and fight to defend it against all comers. Out of this will come a renewal – that is, if there is to be one.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, Very Good Article! Very well written. I wish more journalists could write like that, (think like that). "That was a 'news' article".

  17. Mark says:

    Good job Kevin on your choice to come forth in this way. Your conscience have been a part of you for long for you to decide on this through lengthy consideration. That's the easy part. Please take time to come under the wings of God protection personally. You will have to acknowledge your Soul/God-self for this protection to be available to you. (Part of the game in this schoolroom called Earth is to see who will have the clarity to escape duality(where good and evil co-exist) and Unite with GOodness)..This protection is real, and is not originating from the human level, but from beyond the visible spectrum. Know that God of Light takes care of its own, and is not of the weak and timid kind. To seek this within you must be Your own free-will choice. Your physical body/vessel Origins from the Soul…Thanks to all. 

  18. Yamakawa says:

    This person in Wyoming is diligently, constantly uploading time lapse video of the sprayings. It is difficult to assume that he is diligently, constantly, editing, making up the video with special effects. It is very difficult to believe that they are mere contrails seeing many of his recordings.

    Weather Modification Diary 8/31/16 Time lapse

    • Talla Paula says:

      If our gov would authorize agent orange to  rain down on US military boots on the ground knowing full well the outcome. They would do it anywhere and anytime they want. Agent orange killed my brother after he proudly served his country for 8 years. Yes they are trying to kill us all over the world! I take photos and videos daily for real evidence of chemtrails and cloud seeding.These are war crimes against humanity  being carried out and Noone looks up to see the toxic heavy metals being spewed out. Noone sees that the sun doesn't shine, but it Illuminates white haze. Sky's aren't clear anymore and they make grid patterns in the heavens  for the glory of the god kings /\queens of this world. They want us dead to make room for elite powers bloodline. They plan to make slaves of mindless children that will joyfully work an 8 hour day for less than peanuts. They want to be worshipped and what a way to make it happen! If you don't believe children are being dumbed down and folks are dieing younger every generation. Your mind is warped! If you have children you should be very concerned! Seek true knowledge and look up for a change. They want everyone looking down at smartphones so we can be profiled at our expense! Complete and total mind control and not long from now Mockingjay movie will be more than a flick. They plan to carry out this plot to depopulate the world while they play their game of thrones in reality somewhere there is clean air for elite powers and non GMO foods and fresh clean water. They are probably up there in the new world that our tax dollars paid for waiting for all hell to break loose. 

      Anyone ever wonder why #rothchild #rockerfeller #queen lizzie and her nazi hubby philip live so long? They have young children's hearts,lungs,kidneys,livers and more transplants. Hell they may never die and we drop like flies and pay these hi dollar whores first by draining your purse and kill you when you are broke. Then all that social security we paid in goes back in their pockets to launder.

      Anyone trusting their gov is brainwashed by media whores that fabricate the truth and feed us propaganda bullshit! I feel sorry for all who are wearing blinders, but it's in plain sight. #lookup!







    • BaneB says:

      Yamakawa:  Thanks for the quintessential primer in video presentation.  Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see the clouds are man made.  And the ring around the sun is the billboard signature of the Pentagram's on-going weather terrorism program.  Mendocino County, California has been heavily sprayed over the past few days, and additional grunge clouds float in from the north and from Oregon.  Looking up at the dark early morning sky, a hazy cloud cover moved in over night.  It's not natural looking in appearance but is analagous to a former clear clean glass of water into which an eye dropper of milk was squirted.

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Talla! I proposed the above video link because I thought it was a good example, explicitly showing the process of the sprays dissipating. I saw some persons commenting about recent sprayings becoming more covert, difficult to realize (for beginners), so I thought the video could help persons to get a knack on distinguishing the traces of chemtrails in the air. A good reference to introduce to still skeptical friends.

      Here in Tokyo, we have sprayings too. Housewives hang out the laundry outside, so it is rather critical here too. Personally, I have probably similar views like Mark on the above comment, so I am not that anxious, despite being aware of some human and non-human agendas. 

      And HAARP, chemtrails, GMO and the likes, acknowledging that those are happening is important, but I think after that is much more crucial. After that relies onto each person’s perspective, and the destiny differs per each person. Weakening personal empowerment can’t be blamed to the evil occurring, how actively grand it seems to be happening. I’ve been posting HAARP sites here recently, but how a person sees it differs. A person can get overwhelmed by the numbers of the facilities located throughout the globe and goes gloom. Another person gets surprised by the delicacies and fragileness that it could be broken in just a small quake.

      We can’t persuade a person to acknowledge geoengineering, if he/she chooses to stay in denial. That is probably his/her comfort zone, whether it is fact or not does not matter. Even if it is not slow-effect life/death matter. But a person can focus to empower oneself and become more convincingly persuasive (beyond words).

  19. paul fowler says:

           Bill Clinton ( USA), Carlos Slim (MEXICO) and Frank Guistra (CANADA) .

              This tyrannic trio needs to be triaged for a financial colonoscopy . Everybody knows some of the dirty dealings of the Clintons and THEIR foundation, but we rarely hear the vast majority of their dastardly deeds . These three guys get together on many different philanthropic fronts . The Hatti Earth quake is one of many examples . Carlos Slim is the second richest man in the world , and I hope someone  from the south can shed a little more light on his yellow brick road .

               Now Frank Guistra , this guy is a fellow Canuck and a major smuck . The Guistra family made it's first fortune in nickel mining in Sudbury Ontario. Sudbury is a small northern Ontario mining town that produced two multi billionaire families at the same time .  Guistra is from a working class Italian family that made a fortune in a very short time . Frank has taken the family to new heights and lows . Frank is in very tight with Slippery Willy Clinton and wicked witch wife Hillary . Bill has borrowed Frank's jet on several occasions , Ukraine on a uranium run , for one  . Frank is into many things from movies to mining . He mines  uranium , nickel , copper , gold ALUMINUM and is now making a really big move on the LITHIUM market . The lithium issue is the scariest of all. I expect this to be raining down on us soon . 

       We all need to step up our efforts , because they sure are . 

    • MS P says:

      Did you catch the CA deal Tesla got. to make LITHIUM Batteries for CA.'s power supplies. Maybe another ENRON plot? Maybe worse. With 10 million BLM acres going to green energy,(Electricity) Wind farms & Solar plants. Then the deal with all the BLM plans for "Energy Corridors" of 11 western states. 
      Almost looks like the perfect storm for Tesla Electric cars on the roads. No more gas power. Driverless cars too. Most 20 somethings do not know how to drive a Manual transmission vehicle. 
      Survival skills are also being lost. 

    • Dennie says:

      Sorry, they really can't help it.  They're pathological kleptocrats and we're all of us dealing with an Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm– Now, tell me, what happens to Wile E. Coyote when he runs out of road– ???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      paul fowler, Hello and boy your first sentence here knocks it out of the ball park!  What a statement!  Could not be more perfect.  Is this Canadian smuck an owner of Reunion?  The Canadian/Australian co. that intends to mine Arizona for copper?  Ostensibly?  Love that you mentioned Bill using his plane to Ukraine on a uranium run.  Would that be Bill's flight to Russia for a speaking engagement netting 500,000$ for Hillary's campaign, owing to Hillary facilitating the sale of part of eastern Oregon for Uranium One?  Netting her 2.5 million approximately, also funneled into her campaign after Russia's mining company changed hands several time with name changes from Russia's Rosatom to Uranium One?, to "cover" the trail?  To my knowledge, Hillary never came clean about this.  As if clean was possible for her and Bill.  Seems like one hell of a poker game to me, pardon the expression. 

  20. Erik says:

    FYI everyone VAXXED is now on netflix.  Rented it last week. Please tell everyone of your colleagues and friends and family. Peace.

  21. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Kevin and Dane. What a great interview. Thank goodness a few courageous persons are beginning to speak out these truths- as unpleasant as they are. We need more people like you both. God Bless you. There is nothing left to lose, only possible good to gain for all of planet earth by doing so. As Dane has often said, "NO FEAR!" All we have is our own personal honor, courage, integrity, and will. Use it now!

  22. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Perhaps this has been posted before now.  I may be late, but this is such good news in a round about way!  Spread this article and video like dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.

    Speaking the Truth about Building 7 has become a Revolutionary Act:

  23. Anthony says:

    Thank you Dane for all your work and recent YouTube adverts informing millions about Chemtrails through Gaia website…amazing courage & commitment… I can tell you that more people are waking up & realizing we are being dominated by evil forces that do NOT have good intentions for our nation & people. Our nation is in dire straits and seems to be in serious decline socially, politically, and economically.  Things don't get better by themselves they only get worse as incompetent & maligned politicians seeking more power & profit confined to direct our nation down a dark and destructive path.  We cannot be in denial of all that we are witnessing.  America has potential to be so much better & a true leader in the world; however our example lately has become comical & dangerous as others in the world see our demise. They once thought America to be a leader of enlightened principals & steward of democracy not hypocrisy.  The elements and DNA of goodness & strength are still with us but a disease has taken over from monumental forces outside our boarders & from within our corrupted government.  What will prevail in the end ? Will the America people find their voice, strength, and fearlessness or drown in the degradation that has inundated our society at the local, state, & federal levels ?  Chemtrails program is just another example of how corrupted our government has become.  We simply don't know what the intentions are not the consequences of this long term aerosol spraying.  The entities & people behind the program will not desist until we rise up & demand they desist from this secretive operation perpetrated against the environment & humanity here & globally.  We have enters into an Orwellian state of affairs that knows no bounds.  Let us put aside our political & cultural differences to fight the scourge perpetrate by elite sociopathic criminality.  Let us stand on the backs of the our past leaders who put fear & selfishness to fight a good fight against the forces of tyranny.  The forces that are always with us in EVERY GENERATION ! They never go away…neither do WE The PEOPLE !   

  24. Todd says:

    Our 'government and the constitution was compromised in the latter half of the 19th century.  Most all current governments on every level are corporations. 
    If you do your due diligence regarding this topic alone, you'll begin to see the bigger picture as to why these psychopaths are doing this to the masses.  Depopulation is also part of this agenda.  Vaccines, fluoride, aspartame, GMO's, microchips and nano fibers and dozens of other toxins and chemicals all lead to this. They want us with no ability to think critically.  A docile society is much easier to control.

  25. This CIA agents statement that there is a 'mechanism' revealing  the identity of covert agents protected by the Dept. of State demonstrates again that the NWO has completely infiltrated our government.

    • Dennie says:

      Does everyone remember Valerie Plame?  Reading the article, it looks to me like we see multiple fingers pointing in multiple directions, leaving us to guess what's really going on:  Plames' husband, Joseph Wilson, wrote in a July 6, 2003 New York Times Op Ed that it appeared the Iraqi threat had been exaggerated: "I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat."  Then we watched the inevitable Fall Out.  Welcome to the upside-down-and-backwards world of the Intel Community, where "stop" means "go," "black" means "white" and "evil" means "good."

  26. LS says:

    Thanks Dane for this great interview with another hero, Kevin Shipp. These 2 men , the VAXXED team and Dr Sherri Tenppeny are among those who are truly ready to step into positions of leadership in this world as the paradigm shift continues to unfold. When you meet and are around people who serve purposes greater than themselves and possibly continuing beyond their own lifetimes the energy is palpable. We here can literally lift them up in heartfelt gratitude which provides that beautiful human energetic connection beyond space, time and words. Also, see these warriors for Life and Liberty,  as well as yourself, as surrounded by the  light and energy of protection. It is so. Thank you all.

  27. Monsters running the world.

  28. CJ says:

    WHAT'S Up Doc?


    Keep the fight going…. We need more people like you.

    Susan thanks for the heads up…

    Marc: You speak the truth.

    These A-Holes

    Will find their Final Destination…

    Anonymous keep up your good work.


  29. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane, following your site for long now, as a poet, songwriter, academician, fierce radical mother of six, having lived 20 yrs. in Mount Shasta, I Find no words to define what you are doing, you are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Nobodiesfool”, thank you more than I can say for your support. Know that I feel the same gratitude toward each and every individual that is truly commited to the fight for the greater good and doing their best to sound the alarm however they are able. You are fortunate to live at the base of such a profoundly stunning mountain, I was just at the summit 2 weeks ago, I soloed up the avalanche route to the top for a snow sample to be tested. I would have stayed on top forever if I could. Had to return back to the battle, we are gaining ground now, every day counts. It is all of us working together that can yet make the difference, thank you for making your voice heard.

  30. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Kevin Shipp and Dane, thank you both for your outstanding integrity and for shining Light against all odds. 

    Our Noooz doesn't report the tremendous push back from regular people that's going on all over the world.  There have been massive (millions) of work stoppages in India and by prisoners here.  It appears that anyone fighting any injustice will ultimately help us, if will talk to each other.  Admittedly, It's just a feeling.  But if all points connect in the Universe, something might be happening.  Certainly those that appear all powerful now seem to be having a really hard time keeping it together.  This is our time to tell them they've had a good run, but it is over for them.

  31. ThunderHead says:

    Dane, just a great interview! Mr. Shipp is a true hero. It is an honor to be in the same company, trying our best to spread the word with you and the rest of the posters on this site.

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  32. Dave says:

    Just viewed a documentery called chemtrails, the secret war. It has English subtitles translated from Italian but well worth watching. It was produced in 2014, and gives a European perspective, I learned a few things I wasn't aware of before.                                                            Kevin,much thanks for coming forward, please know that prayers for your safety, restored health for your family, wisdom going forward, and for others to follow you and step into light of truth, and stop this evil, are being offered. Thank You   

  33. Thank you, Kevin Shipp! I will certainly share this.

  34. Larry S. says:

    Kevin Shipp is a true patriot and so is Edward Snowden . Good will triumph over evil and humanity will know real peace !

  35. For the most part government workers cannot be trusted. They are owned and feel entitled.

  36. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Be strong and be committed to the truth, be careful with deception along the way and resist the herd peer pressure and success shaming, don't ever let them paralyze you, keep being the light.

  37. sea says:

    Thank you Kevin Shipp for your bravery and courage, I am so glad I was able to hear your presentation in person at the Redding event.It was a jaw dropping presentation!

    You are truly a hero- God bless you and your family, and keep you safe. There will be a day very soon that  the liars can no longer hide! 

  38. holly says:

    Just drove back to Bay area from Tahoe region, hot up there but as I headed down the  mountain and looked out over the Sacrametno valley nothing but white toxic mass in the skies.   The closer I got to home the microwave lines were evident and the heat In Lafayette was searing,  cooking everything.. By the way virtually no bugs on windshield,  unheard of back in the day, driving through  an ag area, also in the mountains no insects except for yellow jackets aka meat bees that I saw and no birds singing in the moring or otherwise.. And yet the masses slumber.

    • Dennie says:

      Massive amounts of toxic fine white powder hit the Bay Area between Friday-Sat-Sunday and even yesterday.  I'm back to having GI and sleep issues.  You could see the white metallic gray/white shit over S.F. Bay out over S.F. International mixed with dirty brown smoke from yet another wild fire Somewhere, and it was slinking over the Santa Cruz mountains west of Highway 92 and Half Moon Bay like a metallic fog, up behind Filoli/San Carlos near the Edgewood Road exit off 280– hotter'n Hell up on 280 yesterday.  It was about 92 in San Carlos.  Didn't cool off until the Golden Gate and it was 20 degrees cooler by the time I got back into San Rafael.  High "fish flake" clouds today, and 20 degrees or so cooler.  Weather Whiplash is indeed The New "Normal."  Most stooopid Uhmeruhkunz will NEVER figure this out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Holly, hello, and my rather vast experience with meat bees is that they are not yellow jackets.  Two entirely different critters.  Yellow jackets sting, often on masse, meat bees actually bite and take a bit of flesh!  One bite can feel like a snake bite.

  39. United States Patent "cc 3,127,107 GENERATION 0F ICE-NUCLEATENG CRYSTALS / John Patrick Merryweather, New Castle, Pa., assign'or to Canadian Safety Fuse Company Limited, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a corporation of Canada No Drawing. Filed May 29, 1961, Ser. No. 113,063 4 Claims. (Cl. 239-2) This invention pertains to the art of cloud seeding. It relates to a new process and a new device for generating crystals of ice-nucleating materials for introduction of the same into supercooled atmospheric clouds.  The seeding of clouds, i.e. the introduction into supercooled atmospheric clouds of materials which cause the formation of ice crystals in the clouds, has been practised for a number of years for the purpose of controlling or modifying weather conditions. One method of cloud seeding is described in United States Patent No. 2,570,867 issued on October 9, 1951, to V. J. Schaefer, and consists of introducing into the clouds particles of solid carbon dioxide, the latter producing within the clouds zones of low temperature at which ice crystals form spontaneously. A preferred method, however, is that disclosed in United States Patent No. 2,527,231 issued on October 24', 1950, to V. J. Schaefer and B. Vonnegut, and consists of introducing into the clouds crystals of materials foreign with respect to the clouds and having a space group and unit cell dimensions closely approximating those of ice crystals, the said foreign crystals acting as nuclei for the formation of ice crystals the clouds. Such foreign crystalline materials are known in the art as ice-nucleateing materials and include chemical substances such as silver iodide, lead iodide, cupric sulphide, etc., as well as natural minerals such as zincite, nephelite and apatite, A list of ice-nucleating materials… Ice-nucleating crystals, in particular silver iodide crystals, have heretofore been generated for introduction into clouds by means of special generators located on the ground or attached to aircraft.  In these generators, the ice-nucleating materials are placed in a zone maintained at a temperature at which they have an appreciable vapour pressure, which in the case of silver iodide is at least 1500 C., and are thus vapourized into the atmosphere where they recrystallize upon contact with the cool or in the case of generators located on the ground, the crystals are carried aloft by ascending air currents, whereas aircraft generators produce the crystals within or in the near vicinity of the clouds.  Typical generators are devices where a solution of silver iodide in acetone is injected or sprayed into a propane, oxyapropane or hydrogen flame… Patented Mar. 31, 1964

    • Dane Wigington: Snowstorms And Raging Wildfires In The Same Region On The Same Day, Welcome To Geoengineering / September 14, 2016  
      "The Climate engineers are increasingly desperate to hide the accelerating planetary meltdown with short term chemically nucleated cool-downs.  Engineered cool-downs have been a major component of the climate engineering assault for many decades. The chemical cool-downs create the headlines the power structure needs to continue the population's confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate. …"

    • Dennie says:

      If four or five pieces of good evidence won't sway a jury, neither will 400 or 500 pieces.  So said Michael C. Ruppert in Crossing the Rubicon.  With the patent you've posted above, I don't understand why anyone in their right mind could not see the hand in front of their own face with their own lyin' eyes.  Can you dig up the one using the pseudomonas bacterium?  Here's a demonstration of how it works in a lab experiment:  It's chilling (no pun intended) how the students enjoyed doing this, completely not understanding how it was going to be used against us all..

  40. Marc says:

    A most disturbing interview with Mr. Kevin Shipp. His courage is incomprehensible to me when you consider that these thugs could easily find him, no matter where he may be in the whole world. Cannot imagine what he has been through and what he faces every single day, being who he is. "Criminal Cabal" almost sounds too kind in describing what our government  has become. Very, very dark days ahead for all of us. 

  41. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    I am in good company along with Mr. Shipp, Dr. Wakefield and others who have blown the whistle against government corruption based upon multinational corporate hijacking of regulatory agencies.  I am with the Water Division in Region 5 of the USEPA where I have brought up to my superiors about the adverse human health effects of atmospheric geoengineering, fluoride (i.e., hydrofluorosilicic acid) being deposited in the nations drinking water systems, hazardous waste ending up in the groundwater, biosolids and effluent discharge from wastewater treatment plants.  They are trying their best to terminate from the USEPA but I am using all the tools at my disposal to fight this action.  Thus far, the USEPA has failed in all of their attempts to terminate me.  More to come in the weeks and months to come.  

    I care about humanity and our biosphere, and I will continue to do my best to expose this evil.  Best regards to all.


    Michael "DOC" E. Davis 

    • sea says:

      "Doc" Thank you for your outstanding courage and integrity in pursuing "the truth be told". You join the ranks of Dane and those he has featured.  In my eyes,  you  are the heroes of the current world!

      Prayers for your safety are in.

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Good luck with your efforts Doc. All due respect to you for what you are doing. Naively, I had written to DEFRA (Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) in the UK this year asking about the effects of the daily geoengineering/ aerosol spraying on our soil, air and drinking water (for which they are responsible) and any reports of related testing for metals showing any significant increases in levels they might be able to provide for me. 

      All they did was pass my enquiry onto the Dept of Transport (to cover my aerial spraying concerns) with no answers. The DoT came back with a complete denial that this illegal and immoral act was being carried out. It is a big cover-up. Perhaps I can check my own samples but I am no chemist/scientist. Take care.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, Michael (DOC) Davis.  Clearly your situation must be very stressful.  Please hold steady.  I've always known some people in the EPA had integrity and just wanted to do their important work.  We are pleased you've found your way here.  Fighting for the integrity of Earth's biosphere can never be wrong.

      Something tells me Truth and Light are becoming contagious. 

      You have our best wishes.  Please stay connected here if you are able.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Doc, We are honored and pleased to know you are on board.  Larry

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Blessed Be, may fhe angels  surround and protect you and yours. It is a hard rain a falling.


  42. Thanks for all you're doing Dane.  Kevin Shipp – brave guy for speaking out, but if more CIA staff did the same, more lives could be saved.  It's a massive battle – often beating our heads against a brick wall! True, the system is designed to conceal the facts and sure many people in governments are aware of what's going on, but too scared to whistle!!  Every man for himself isn't going to work either.  When the roof comes down it will be too late. But many Brits have no idea what's going on. Still believe we're crazy to be talking about Chemtrails.  However, most know that pollution is destroying natural life, but feel handicapped to do anything about it because of Corporate control.   However, scientists is waking up to pollution being a strong cause for Altzheimers and brain cell damage, but no mention of Aluminum?  Despite extraneous efforts to get the point across, it seems everything is being done to ensure denial!!!  

    Spraying goes on in Oxfordshire, mostly it seems at night..  Weird and extreme weather patterns.  Storms and flooding again recently. Rain coming down in buckets and lightening unusually explosive  Excessive rain also puts us all at risk of cracks in roads, landslides and sink holes.   I don't think our Government can cope with the effects or the cost of repeated repairs.  We are not killing ourselves, the Global Elite are killing us!  

    Whatever explanation we want to give for global warming, weather modification is dangerous and no doubt, from what you say Dane, is seriously and quite rapidly affecting our natural environment  and human health, even lives, in a way never known before.


    Margaret Vaughan (Oxfordshire, UK)  

    • penny waters says:

      dear margaret vaughan

      some of us on this island know, but like most awakenings, one does it alone.

      have lost most of my friends because i know too much and they think i am crazy

      have always been aware that governments, corporations and individuals lie (or are they really that stupid) through their teeth – even as a small child – could always pick it up – energetics?

      think i will start questioning this government, including the lords, cos everyone in high places is still reeling from the shock that the ordinary people on the streets (mostly the elders) have voted to stop too close involvement with europe

      and now everyone is in disarray  just because we voted 'leave'

      people who think they run the show seemed to be shocked that we can think for ourselves – think that is the problem with filling up the skies with human leavings – they must think that we are so stupid

      but we all breathe  and if some think they can sit it out underground – that's just silliness  – show's how much they really understand the ways of the world

      go and sit on saturn and we can't even be seen 

      and the powers-that-be think they can control stuff – oh dear – tis beginning to make me smile with their stupidity

      the only thing i am really grateful for is that i have no children – have sisters but they have always thought i was mad – so don't see them

      no wonder people go and hide in nature, like thoreau, but where can we find nature that it is possible to hide in  tis hard here now, where i live, cos i am close to chelmsford  although my garden is a tangle – keeps out most people

      everything each year is finding it harder and harder to survive

      many birds this year with growths and physical damage – very few insects of all kinds

      no butterflies, dragon flies, frogs, newts, and the myriad of small flies that the birds usually live on

      will be interesting to see what happens – cannot get angry anymore – makes me too tired

      but as i have said before, maybe this is the way it (us and the earth)was meant to go 

      we are inexplicably linked with the earth from whence we came

      and many of the highper rich are trying to find another planet – oh dear what fools these mortals be!




    • Dennie says:

      No, I don't believe for a second that this total destruction, desecration and the dummying down that precedes is at all how it was "meant" to be on Earth, which should be a magical Paradise– don't believe the lies for one second!  The real problem is the denial of the emotional energy surrounding how we feel about what we've let happen to it, including our own denied power and responsibility to step up to the plate and reprogram ourselves, take back our power, then roll up our sleeves and accept our other responsibilities.

  43. Joseph D says:

    Kevin Shipp, absolutely well done you, I salute you, sir! As more and more important people like you start to realize what is happening with this systematic destruction of the web of life to satisfy the evil elite few, this ever crucial fight against geoengineering of all kinds becomes stronger bit by bit as Dane and his team wake up more of the masses as the days go by. But, of course, with your defection to the forces for good, the truth becomes increasingly impossible to hide, and that elite bunch will eventually face loads of pressure from everyone for what they have done to our first and only home in the Solar System, namely, mother Earth. But of course, then folks, let's focus, for the time being, on this important switch of sides, as is it always enlightening to see that increasing list of new stars who are waking up themselves. And on that basis too, then folks, may God bless you and keep you safe for as long as possible, Sir Kevin Shipp, if only we had the likes of you as president instead of the true axis of evils in Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Obama and Trump, but I know that someday, somehow, we will beat this whole catastrophe altogether, even if it's against the odds, and Kevin and all the other brave and noble old whistleblowers listed here shall lead us in the restoration of the Earth to her former glory over times too, then men. Thanks Dane, for publishing this, and a cheers too, then men. Amen.





  44. michael says:

    top tier interview dane!….

  45. Greg O. says:

    Thanks Dane And Kevin for the interview!  Your bravery, integrity, and ethical character is profound and so much appreciated by all of us that are awake to the travesties that are "business as usual" in the power structure.  May many more awaken in this most critical and crucial time. Rallying around our Constitution gives me great hope in these most dire times.  Thank -you fine Sirs!!  Greg O. 

  46. Enlightened Patriot says:

    What a wonderful, uplifting interview that starts to give me some hope that this insanity might be brought to end before too long. I salute both of you for your bravery and dedication. I greatly look forward to further developments in our fight against the criminal elite whose tentacles presently stretch all around the world. My heartfelt thanks from the UK. Stay safe.

    P.S. They are spraying like crazy here in the NW lately, starting very early in the morning. I wake up to clear blue sky but multiple planes (large ones) soon appear to lay their expanding trails, before full `cloud' soon arrive from horizon to horizon. It must be costing $billions. I dashed out to video the scene, with some zoomed up footage of the dispersal aerosols in full action.Today I spotted new trails through gaps, high above, the existing cloud level. I just have to figure out who next to target with the images in an effort to get someone onside, hopefully in a prominent position, after complete denials from government agencies and local representative. It all makes me so angry.

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      For the first time, I have just viewed "Introducing Geoengineering / Climate Engineering to the Uninformed", which I should have read much earlier and which I will now try to implement instead of ranting! 🙂

      To be fair to myself though, there is a LOT of information to get to grips with – almost overpowering.

    • Erik says:

      Hello Enlighten Patriot, have you ever tried using high powered binoculars to get a close up these aircraft and see what kind of aircraft they are? Would be curious to know up close what kind of aircraft they are? Just a suggestion. Peace.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Erik, there are many types of aircraft being utilized in the ongoing aerosol operations, military and commercial. The attached link will fill in some blanks, though there are many more. FYI

    • MS P says:

      I have observed 8 aircrafts. They seem to fly the same altitude, Long'/Lat. Like clockwork. One has a red fuselage. The others white.

  47. russ says:

    Mr. Shipp……you are a true Patriot and I cant thank you enough. You are a breath of fresh air. Stay safe

  48. Dane — Thank you! This is a heart wrenching interview. Kevin Shipp is truly a man of great courage. What a sad sick world with live in, run by psychopaths. Have years of chemicals in our bodies caused our brain synapses to malfunction and rendered our leaders insane? Are most already deformed and incapable of reason and integrity. The Machiavellian dream has become our Orwellian nightmare.

  49. Imprisoned CIA Whistle-Blower: “Everyone Is Corrupt, I’ve Come to Learn”  / By Thomas Hedges / Salon  / July 11, 2013
    John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer who blew the whistle on Bush’s torture program and is now in prison … Kiriakou is the first CIA veteran to be imprisoned.  … after he blew the whistle on Bush’s torture program that the CIA, FBI and Justice Department came down on him, at first charging him with aiding the enemy and later convicting him of disclosing the identities of undercover colleagues at the CIA. … “Everyone is corrupt I’ve come to learn.” … “[The approval of torture] had the signature of the president on it,” he said. “And not just the president but Condi Rice as national security advisor, John Ashcroft as the attorney general, George Tenet as director of the CIA and about a dozen lawyers from the National Security Council. … every single time they wanted to torture someone, they had to get the [Director of Central Intelligence] signature.” …  “…every time I gave a speech, every time I went on a TV show, every time I wrote an Op-Ed” – including one that appeared in the L.A. Times in 2008, for which his wife was called in and interrogated … the agency “would file another crimes report against me, even though I was getting this stuff cleared.” … [The CIA] was encouraging him to keep talking until, during one interview or Op-Ed, he slipped up and said something they could use against him. They weren’t targeting classified information. They were targeting him. … “I thought for the whole duration” of the trial, Kiriakou said, “that I was gonna win this thing and then I didn’t.” … "There’s almost nobody left at the agency who was in a leadership position when I was there…"  … “The agency hates two things,” he finally told me. One “is if you resign.” And “the other if you talk to the press.

  50. James Emery says:

    Thank you, Kevin Shipp. You are a hero, in the same category as others who have the heart, guts and integrity to expose criminal acts taking place within our government. These people do not have the right to break the law and get away with it, saying that it's national security…. These people are breaking the law of the land, the law of our Constitution. Telling us that they are protecting us. We know what protection gets us… There is a cost for real freedom. We did not get a choice to choose whether we wanted protection without freedom or a lesser protection with more freedoms. These so-called protections, control mechanisms that our Government in act upon us without our permission or not welcome. Ask any American Who knows what's going on and they will tell you the same. Thank you again Kevin. If our government would stop committing so many crimes are on the world, we wouldn't need so many protections that they want to implement. This is just greed and power. Plain and simple.

    • Another James Emery says:

      This comment was made by another James Emery or an imposter posting under the name, not the JE who worked in Afghanistan and other counties.

  51. Yamakawa says:

    Visiting HAARP sites part 12 China Lake revisited

    In the previous post, it might have been not that convincing, looking like the remains of a circle irrigation! I have found more better examples. Persons can track along the main roads via Google map and see more antenna sites.

    Tower Rd  

    hexagram array  35.817135, -117.741525°49'01.7"N+117°44'29.5"W/@35.8168359,-117.7418458,498m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.817135!4d-117.741525✓&search_text=&searchLat=&searchLng=&lat=35.817135&lng=-117.741525&bbox=&center=

    circle antenna   35.699995, -117.643719°41'60.0"N+117°38'37.4"W/@35.699995,-117.6443189,279m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.699995!4d-117.643719

    G2 Tower RD  

    square array  35.778020, -117.602728°46'40.9"N+117°36'09.8"W/@35.77802,-117.6032752,254m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.77802!4d-117.602728✓&search_text=&searchLat=&searchLng=&lat=35.778020&lng=-117.602728&bbox=&center=

    Darwin Rd
    36.049038, -117.506973°02'56.5"N+117°30'25.1"W/@36.0388333,-117.5011263,3218m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d36.049038!4d-117.506974

    36.151444, -117.532229°09'05.2"N+117°31'56.0"W/@36.1533487,-117.5368124,1083m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d36.151444!4d-117.532229

    noname rd circle
    35.722019, -117.488494


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