Snowstorms And Raging Wildfires In The Same Region On The Same Day, Welcome To Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

The Climate engineers are increasingly desperate to hide the accelerating planetary meltdown with short term chemically nucleated cool-downs. Engineered cool-downs have been a major component of the climate engineering assault for many decades. The chemical cool-downs create the headlines the power structure needs to continue the population's confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate. Yellowstone National Park is the latest example of chemically ice nucleated deception. 


The photo above was taken in Yellowstone National Park on Monday, September 12, 2016. Photo credit: Devon Hannan

The Yellowstone event is not unique, a chemically nucleated "snowstorm" in South Dakota that occurred on October 4th of 2013 killed up to 100,000 cattle. This event occured while it was 85 degrees and raining in Chicago and 89 degrees with rain in Kansas City.Other anamolous cool-down chemically nucleated events in South America may have been responsible for the death of up to 200,000 alpacas.​ 

On Monday, September 12th, 2016 (the same day that the snowstorm photo above was taken), the south entrance to Yellowstone park was closed due to an ongoing out of control wildfire (as shown in the photo below).


Again, this wildfire was raging on the same day (and at the same time), that other parts of Yellowstone Park were experiencing a summer snowstorm​.

Liquid precipitation can be chemically converted to frozen precipitation under a variety of conditions when there is enough moisture present and a large enough geoengineering operation deployed. The Chinese openly announced the fact that they were chemically nucleating snowstorms until they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing.


Radar map multi-hour loops can be revealing in regard to chemical ice nucleation process. Migrating bands of precipitation can often be seen "flashing out" to frozen precipitation with no elevation change on the topography below the storm/precipitation.

Do US temperature maps for September 12, 2016, indicate conditions are present that would facilitate such a summer snowstorm? NO.


The map above is for Monday, September 12, 2016, the same day as the snowstorm in Yellowstone. 

 Above normal temperatures are, again, returning to the Yellowstone region and are predicted to peak by Sunday, September 18th, 2016.


The very rapid rebound of high temperatures is a glaring red flag as to the engineered nature of the Yellowstone "summer snowstorm". Weather "whiplash" is becoming the norm.

As previously mentioned, the engineered cool-downs are a means of confusing and dividing the population as to the true state of the global climate. Though climate engineering can create the temporary toxic cool-downs, they come at the cost of an even worse overall warming. How warm is our planet? This is not about Al Gore and carbon credit scams, it is about reality. July 2016 was the 15th consecutive month of all time record high temperature months. August, 2016, just broke the record again. Records are being shattered in spite of wide spread UNDER REPORTING of official high temperatures.

The animation above clearly shows the trend of rapidly rising temperatures on planet Earth. Geoengineering, and its endless list of negative consequences, is making an already dire global climate scenario worse overall, not better.

Does the long term forecast call for "cooler than normal" temperatures for the US (including Alaska)?  Again, the answer is NO.


The rapidly increasing orange and red zones (all reflecting above normal and far above normal temperatures) on US "departure from normal temperature" forecast maps should be extremely alarming to all of us.

Are global land and temperatures cooling? NO


The planet may well be in a runaway greenhouse event already with climate engineering helping to fuel the overall fire.

The biosphere was in a cooling phase until the start of the industrial revolution. The two level periods of temperatures in the historical graph below were due to the climate forcing effect of aerosols loading/saturation of the atmosphere.


The toxic tug of war between increasing greenhouse gases and atmospheric aerosols (with geoengineering adding to the aerosol loading since the mid 1940s) is wreaking havoc on the climate system.

On a longer timescale, the impact of anthropogenic activity (which includes geoengineering) can clearly be seen.


The long term cooling trend on the planet turned to an abrupt climate shift toward extremely rapid heating.

On an even longer scale, the total disruption of Earth's normal and natural cyclical pattern is shockingly visible


On a time scale of this duration, the heating up of our planet appears as a straight up vertical trajectory at the far right of the graph.

Arctic sea ice is one of the most measurable and visible harbingers of our rapidly changing planet. Headlines of Arctic ice expansion are patently false as are headlines of global glacier expansion. Though Arctic sea ice is imploding, the use of chemical ice nucleation is being heavily utilized in the desperate attempt to keep the headline from full public veiw for as long as possible. The Greenland ice sheet is also rapidly melting. To deny the unfoding planetary meltdown is simply to toe the line for big oil and the geoengineers, public ignorance and denial of the front line reality is what they want. The climate engineers have used climate modification as a weapon of war, nothing less. In their attempt to manipulate the planet's life support systems for their own agendas, the overall warming has been accelerated due to the endless list of climate engineering consequences. The 30 second video below illistrates the melt rate of Arctic sea ice.

From ozone layer destruction, to devastating drought, to fueling wildfires, geoengineering/weather warfare programs are wreaking havoc around the globe. Though the US military has just admitted on the record (again) that the disintagrating climate is a massive national security risk, what they won't admit to is that they (and the global geoengineering programs they are a part of) are a huge factor further forcing the disintagration to begin with. Climate engineering is nothing short of a covert weapon to control populations at the expense of the entire web of life. If we are to salvage what is left of the planet's life support systems, the climate engineering insanity must be exposed and halted. Help us in this most critical battle, make your voice heard.

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  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I noticed the Arctic Sea Ice Minimums took a sharp decrease in volume in approximately 2005, with no increase in ice volume since then.  All these land and infrastructure developers seem to want to do is go forward with their plans without being concerned about the negative affects (toxic contamination, etc.) to the environment! There is no such thing as infinite natural resources and sustainabilty.

  2. Pedro says:

    Hello Mr Dane W. Thank you for your Work.

    Is the usual, these socio-psychopaths and its associates tell always 10 % of the Bad numbers for keeping the masses undisturbed and unconcerned while they walk into the abyss. But if the intensity of the UV rays is now 30 times bigger than 30/35 years ago, this is even a greater PROOF.

    The Ozone layer is contained largely in the stratosphere and the spraying occurs in the troposphere, as You know , Sr..

    The sprays are a Very Big multi-level PROBLEM as we know and as we learn Here, but I think the sprays don't create a direct Problem with the Ozone gaz ( I said yes some days ago ). They say ( the MFs ) that they want to heat the ionosphere to play with their toys, the HAARP antennas, for military ( or mass murder ) uses, but I don't think so. I'm not saying that this is impossible, I'm saying that this is probably another distraction. The principal objective for these antennas – HAARP – is the Depletion of the Ozone layer. For having total control, they must put out of the game the one and only thing that can give us everlasting condition for choosing from being servile or free ; the Ozone layer. Without the Ozone in the right place and in the right level of concentration they can have the Life of every Living Being in their hands. And no more Agriculture ( sooner or later they will achieve this too with the aluminum in the sprays ). And this is what they want – total control. And we know these MFs are genocidal.. With the vertical electromagnetic discharges that they make with the evil antennas, they are achieving very fast what they plan.

    The capacity of creating electric storms with the GE scam techniques, will be useful for them, because if occurs an eventual scenario of  post – final solution ( in my opinion something like that will come with the sprays, if happen – only need to change the juice ), it will be need to produce sufficient quantities of Ozone again to enable them to come out of their coward holes they have in the mountains. For this is needed massive electric discharges all over the World, O2 and some time, weeks or several months.

    My regards and consideration.


  3. MS P says:

     Hello Dane. Thank you for a very well written article. Did you catch the story last summer about how over 300 Reindeer were struck by lightning, in Norway? I found this article.


    In the comment section there is something new to me►

    "EISCAT, the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association, is established to conduct research on the lower, middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere


    It's part of the system we call HAARP which is probably more correctly 'the space based weapons system'."

    • MS P says:

      On a good note-due to public outcry. The 44,000 Wild Mustang Horses will not be killed. Still the BLM land grabs  do continue.

      I'd  like to add the info about the 368 corridor plans. Last week I posted about the plans for the desert lands.

      Now this. Enjoy the  CA deserts, before they are gone. I plan to do so. Take lots of photos.

      Take a look at the maps, in this story. Southern CA, will never be the same.

      Now here is the 11 western state plan for energy corridors►

      With all the energy plans for the desert. Comes” Energy Corridors” This covers 11 western states.(Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) for oil, gas, and hydrogen pipelines and electricity transmission and distribution facilities (energy corridors).

      ► Now open for public comment. ♦Time to visit the desert lands, enjoy while you can.
      Much of these plans cover areas of wildlife habitat, bird migration, & many places I have never seen.

  4. Dennie says:

    Here's a brilliant example of the "leadership" of the future, Agenda 21-style:  Watch the poor guy try to define the term "sustainable.."  he hasn't got a clue!!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, You got that right. That person has no clue nor is he a good BS'er. Deception in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. I found it interesting that when a man in the audience would not stop his sentence(seems it was a very touchy question) when many tried to talk over the top of him, all the sudden 2 big dudes stood up and moved forward in an intimidating manner. Tough questions for tough guys and look how they reacted. I noticed the flag in the corner had the gold fringe around it. It represents "Admiralty Law"(corporate law), not constitutional law.

  5. Marc says:

    Today I sat on my back screened porch watching and listening as torrential rains fell so hard I thought either the force of gravity had been turned up or water somehow just got alot heavier. Rains so heavy, it reminded me of films of incredible monsoons in southeast Asia. These raindrops are so fat that they can do nothing except fall STRAIGHT down to the ground, because they're so heavy. Then, as if someone turned the spiggot off, the rain would stop or perhaps diminish to a light drizzle. This on-off-on-off pattern has been going on for two days now. Really?? You mean to tell me that the worthless buffoons who have perpetrated this rain event here in St. Louis, Mo. are "just following orders??" Just WHO exactly are the losers who refill the tanks on board these jets? Who are the technicians who maintain the piping and the computer software and the hardware to make all this happen? You mean to tell me the airline mechanics who work on and maintain these hundreds of jets just merrily perform their various jobs completely and utterly unconcerned that these "Black Pearls" are poisoning their kids and parents and girlfriends and best buddies EVERY F**KING DAY??? Can anyone imagine a greater form of cowardice and stupidity than this? Who in their right f**king mind wakes up on a Monday morning and goes to work loading thousands and thousands of gallons of deadly liquids into an array of tanks on board a retro-fitted passenger jet (yep, gotta keep the dumb-asses on the ground duped into thinking these are just regular passenger jets) KNOWING FULL WELL THAT THESE MURDEROUS SUBSTANCES ARE SCHEDULED TO ACTUALLY BE SPRAYED OUT ACROSS THE WORLD???? And you know why I call them losers? Because their actions prove they have apparently lost something so profoundly precious and so profoundly human, that I wonder just what these creatures actually are. Do they work their shift and then go home to watch football or play frisbee with the kids in the yard?? What. The. F**k. Just following orders? To all the many thousands who are actively participating in this repulsive and cowardly agenda, (defense contractors, you know who you are) I say to each and every one of you, for the love of God, please, please wake up. Please find the courage to resign from what you know deep in your hearts to be poisoning all that lives. You cannot just follow orders, if those orders are causing OMNICIDE. Is this what you want? You mean you actually WANT to assist in global devastation? Really?  You actually WANT to actively participate in an effort to murder the biosphere? What you are involved with falls nothing short of CRIMES AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY AND AGAINST GOD HERSELF. Find your hearts, all of you, before the grim reaper does.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautifully stated again Marc, as only you can do it.                         Call these bas#@r&s OUT!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Sooner or later ya'd think at least one of the "losers," the New Untouchables who load the death-sprays onto the remote-controlled jets, would actually TALK.  Idiots.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Your rain is California's drought.  The moisture these sociopaths steal from this west coast region, prevented from being allowed into this State, you and points east of here are being flooded out by the excess water shunted into your region.  The right hand and left hand, in the form of jet-sprayed nano-particulates, and the microwave maniacs whose incredibly powerful phased array radio transmitters erect electronic fences of high pressure and steering and stalling, around this region…the two work hand in glove.  Their coordinated terrorism is the white of snowstorms in July and Miami weather in Chicago during the winter. They stall their deluges over one region, wash away lives and property, and smash entire communities with hail the size of baseballs.  The Pentagon, their university-science nexus, and assorted federal agencies, are complicit.  We are their victims for experimentation, control, and destruction.  Last winter I noted what you describe, very heavy downpours, followed by instantaneous immediate cessation that turned into a mist.  Then again a heavy burst of tropical type deluge, the tap turned on and off.  This went on for several hours, and occurred many times over the course of last winter here in my region of Northern California.  My roof is steel and the bizarre off and on noise had me a bit anxious about "what next."  Another oddity is how the cloud cover just sits on my ridge misting a soupy wet slop.  The cloud should be off the ground and up in the atmosphere producing raindrops.  The change is very obvious.  My best guess is the sprayed aerosols are preventing the cloud from rising.  Thus the increase in more "foggy" mist.  Regarding Southern California, I can well imagine a future mass migration out of that region if these weather control freaks are not stopped.  

    • LS says:

      "Their actions prove that they have lost something..profoundly human". This is so true. They have lost function of their mirror neurons. Mirror neurons comprise one third of our brain and exist solely for the purpose of empathic reasoning. FMRI would prove this on the order follower type. So when we are choking from the air assault, they fail to register this in their brains. It is both the proof of our oneness as an organism and proof of psychopathy. Those of us here would  show that we have mirror neurons firing on behalf of the Mother Earth and the animal kingdom as well as other humans. We are truly one with it all.

      Thanks Marc for writing how I feel. You are obviously meant to put words to the group mindset that we here are. Keep it up.  I love you and appreciate you. L.S.

  6. Dave says:

    To Eric in East Lansing, I called the number that you gave for the Mich governors office and got the same run around that you got. I didn't  take his advise and call up other agencies and representatives, but gave him some, on your way home take a look at all the dead and dying trees, log onto this site for reason why and spread the word. Last words I said were more people are aware of geoengineering and to stop the programs.                                                                                Dane, always look forward to the maps that so graphically show how manipulated the weather really is.

    • MS P says:

      Start doing "Fax-um-Fridays" If everyone does it. They will notice. A non stop fax machine.  Might just be the way to go. These people are voted for by the public. So they do pay attention, when many people have an issue.

      It's been done before, to help change some bad  CA legislation. By faxing state senate, assembly, & the state GOV.

  7. Dennie says:

    Only a moron wouldn't get these numbers.  They are glaringly obvious at "even" a glance-!!!!

  8. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska update:

    Another bizarre "rain event". Yesterday we had 7 inches of rain! Like somebody else reported. The rain doesn't come from rain clouds. It comes out of these non descript grayed out B.S. synthetic clouds. 

    Man did it come down. A couple of hours of unreal water falling from the sky. It's like it's being poured out of a watering can with a super fine rose, coming down in sheets. This is not rain of our yesteryears.

    First it started out as a warm type tropical rain coming out of the south, then a crack of thunder, then the rain started coming out of the north, then it was coming out of the north east.

    People need to wake up, but they won't. Talking to people it seems like they have the mentality of an 8yr. old. Although 8yr. olds are curious about life, these adult zombies are not.

    • Erik says:

      It surprises me that none of these lawsuits that these children are participating in involve geoengineering? Maybe they don't know about climate change and global warming. But in their case its freaking awesome what they are doing. At least these kids are doing something about our planet. Get the freaking government to do something about it.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Erik, I hope they get the government to STOP DOING IT.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I have a great appreciation for articles like this one. Simply for the charts and graphs. They're about as real as you can get at a business meeting table. They better look good. It's tragic how these charts and graphs connoisseurs have lost touch with reality. Tragic again as to how most have not taken the time to learn how to read them. And sadly that only requires taking the time to examine them. I think it was Dennie that stated "a one second attention getter and a two second thought process", (Or something like that). I am forever amazed at how few can cipher what is presented with these charts and graphs. I send them to most everyone I know. On the bright side though, I still get replies from most. "One step at a time".

    Crazy that we are all fighting for the "long run" and we have so little time left to salvage anything worth saving before "it" kills us. "Like, How long does it take to power down a nuclear plant". I think we needed to start the process "yesterday". Personally, I find the charts and graphs on this article alone, to be enough to wake the dead. Metaphorically speaking of coarse(grin). I live where both scenarios of the occurrence in yellow stone happen here. There is a day coming when the Great White Buffalo will make it's final stand. I read a book once, "conversations with god", in it it said that the native american indians were the most advanced of all human life that has existed on our planet. Frankly, I'm good with that hypothesis. What really is the meaning of life, "and", why are we here? I think the indigenous people had all that figured out. "What do 'you' want to be when you grow up little Joey?"… "Well first I need to find out who I already am. And then we'll go from there". Can you imagine such a response from todays kids? Though it is hard to accomplish, I try to install their (Indigenous) concepts in my day to day existence. Mostly how I treat others, my planet and my home(cabin). And for those in the city, I find it easy for the indigenous ways to be tangible in many ways. But you have to look people in the eye and be 100% honest!!, Kindly. "That's" where things start to break down. And then there's all the crap from corporate stores that gets sold each and every day,

    There was a time not so long ago that our own country depicted the available resources "locally". Sadly those that remain are tourist traps…. What have we done?…….

    • Dennie says:

      "A one-second attention getter and a two-second thought process" sounds like something I'd say but I can't take credit for it, however.

      America lost out on the opportunity for lasting greatness when they corrupted the Five Nations' model of governance by purposely excluding women's voices– yes, there was an elected representation of men in the Indian governance model, but the ones who did the electing of the men were the women.  The whites came along and took the model but decided that because women were "things," "chattels" to be possessed, they didn't count as humans with real ideas, needs, etc., therefore, who needs THEM, anyway.. is that sick, or what?  If we let the Indians run the country, it would turn around, straighten up and fly right again, I firmly believe.

      In the meantime, my housemate, who watches the northern Marin County, CA skies most of the day (retired), saved me a clipping of this article about how the redwood trees apparently rid themselves of toxic metals:  The article mentions nickel, cadmium and copper– wonder if anyone's found aluminum in the mix, and is just not mentioning it?  A real smoking gun if it's there.  Dane, can your guys, someone like Francis, do independent metals testing on albino redwood samples to verify this, or make further findings? 

  10. Mario says:

    As an educator I can tell you that the state of our education is in shambles.  It is being intentionally manipulated to keep your children as uneducated as possible.  At the elementary level, science is all but gone.  All the focus is on cartoon math a reading games on a google chromebook.  The dumbing down of our children is no accident. It is all part of the scheme to hide the truth.  The problem is that, when it comes to climate modification, almost every teacher I have broached the subject with is as ignorant as an uneducated child.  Here is a link to some more of NASA's brilliant educational opportunities for brainwashing your child or student.  With a recent change in dispersal methods, the contrail argument goes right out the window.  But if you still want to drink the Kool-Aid heres the link:



    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Yes, the dispersal method has morphed.  The huge chemtrails have all but disappeared from my region.  There are not as many jet aircraft seen or heard.  Yet, the atmosphere is becoming more of a fluorescent white.  Currently, the change is most noticeable at sunrise and sunset with several hours of whiteout following and preceeding.  As is to be expected, with the sun at its highest midday hours, the blue is more natural in appearance.  But really, the atmosphere is ubiquitously saturated.  The freak clouds, too, are not around. I think most of the difference is due to the weather terrorist maintaining their artificial high pressure system over the eastern Pacific and the California land mass. As long as these psychopaths can keep us high and dry they won't need to bring back the huge visible aerosol trails.  Everywhere outside of this State there is low pressure and rain.  If one observes the 1PacificRedwood meteorological daily analyses, the ability of the Controllers to maintain our drought is sci-fi reality.  A couple of years ago they kept out any rain here in Northern California until December!  Our average normal season begins in late Seotember-October.  Old timers here said it was "spooky."  Little do they know the spook is real.  

    • SortingHat says:

      The chemtrails ahve not been as bad this summer mostly dispersing compared to covering up the sky and sun and as a result we are getting colder nights again.

      Last feww summmers have seen a lot of 60_ morning lows often reaching 65F not going any lower in the early AM hours meaning very warm humid nights here in Western Oregon.

      This summer had a good stretch of cool weather in July with finally some negative departures in temps for places that don't usually get it anymore.

      Now wwe are having lows in the low 40s upper 30s pattern with low 80s ni the afternoon hours. 

    • sea says:

      Hello Bane B- I am not sure where in Ca you are located but you have scripted a perfect visual of what I experience here in the Santa Cruz area.In a sneaky way it appears all the sky criminals have stopped but the sun tells a glaring story with all the white it is surrounded by, we see more white "around" the edges as a daily "look". Thanks for a well-done description

    • Dennie says:

      NASA has some kind of "science for kids" cloud-counting bullsh!t program where kids are supposed to look up and count the "pretty" "contrails–" sick, or whaaat?  Well, since "they're" now blowing the short, invisible trails, what's to count, or even believe we're still being sprayed?  BUT HOW COME I CAN STILL SMELL, TASTE, SEE and REACT TO the UBIQUITOUS WHITE HAZE? 

  11. littleoaktree says:

    dearest friends,

    i am always grateful to hear reports from europe. it is remarkable, yet not surprising, to hear severe weather reports from england while we here, so close, remain oblivious to their chaos. i am an alabamian refugee living on the west coast of ireland. i have been observant to geoengineering for over 20 years. i am not yet forty. this is, by the by, the most personal details i've ever revealed about myself online because i knew who funded the internet and imagined their purpose.

    i see everyday what is intended to affect the continent. i am baffled as to why they would affect england but, as we know, they are merely throwing darts. vicious, toxic darts. tonight, there is a disgusting, brindled moonlight. everyday, they will shove us beyond salvation. we who have seen with clarity of reason and true sense all along have led perhaps, lonely lives.

    i visit this website in order to feel connection with other humans who are being!

    (this is an insertion upon revision- i was on a greyhound bus, moving to colorado when i was 22 to leave the south for the first time. i said farewell to cars, electricity, shopping malls, voters, bad vibes – haha! i was to live with the people at the halfway hikers' cabin on pikes peak. i was to greet the hikers and mind the place. what an awesome experience! how blessed was i? i sold/threw away every stupid material thing i 'possessed'. on the bus on sept 11 2001 – a week before, i'd written about burning buildings/ broken glass/charred paper/ash rain and other channeled happenings. needless to say, the guy i was to replace decided not to come down from the mountain! i honestly do not seek to hijack readers eyes with my ego and suchness as – where were you when whatever horrible, preconceived and contrived false flag operation occurred?)

    i have dug my hands into the earth in many places during all of my strange travels and known, despite my good mood, she is very sick. i've put my hands happily into many great rivers, including the ganges and, quickly withdrawn, feeling only poison.

    in nightmares lately, the old lift the children high above to see the true sky; sometimes, the idea of children is beyond us all. i am afraid that the internet will be taken away from us soon. how i wish, as we all must who hear this, we were closer in the flesh than only this seemingly intangible connection 'allowed' to us and stammered through desperate pressing of buttons – how our eyes scroll across the pages and our collective ears hear Dane's and others' call for reason and compassion and sanity!

    i've never been a religious person. however, i try my best through depression, dreams, and nightmares to stay true to my good heart. whatever that means! haha- it might be all we've left. i have loved this planet with every atomic vibration of my being. i would so love to imagine us meek will inherit her: i've studied extensively paul staments proposal of mycoremediation – and encourage others to also as a lift to our optimism.

    i will not leave this message with sadness. i speak to you all as i now try to speak to those in my flesh'd life – every moment on this earth is our last. yet, they will not defeat us in the end – we are every one of us blessed!!!

    • stephan says:

      hey littleoaktree did you feel that hug ? awesome !!!

    • JR says:

      Here this morning at 4:30 a.m. to the west of Mesilla Valley the remaining rain clouds were being sprayed line after line North to South. You can see the long slicing in the clouds layer by layer. The moon was full and bright as she could be. Of course they are after the remaining clouds coming in from East over El Paso, Texas while most people oblivious and many just plain not caring. Many people are just to into themselves with self righteousness it seems more and more. The old saying I mind you don't matter B.S. trickle down affect and a bunch of dummy followers. In this SAG/SRM spraying , all for a pay check and boasting all the way to wherever is no less sin & Evil-Big. There are still some live ones out there though, no? I hope so, trying to salvage what is left for their kids if that should happen and come to fruition in this generation. The word says we will hear of wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, pestilence, and the end is not yet. To the East the sun is hampered with a sick dull yellow and very little orange in it, also a sick white opaque color above this. There is a lot of trash being sprayed on us daily up there in OUR God given Earth-World-Planet. Take hold of Her and let us do something right by being good stewards until the final Day comes. No Fear…..God Bless

    • BaneB says:

      littleoaktree:  Thanks for your sharing your ethos.  Your cosmology and mine are much in synch, though I do have too much stuff.  But at this juncture, and no chance of a second run, someone else will do with it all as they care to.  But, another life added onto this and more chapters could be written beyond the midnight were double indemnity possible. I will share with you that at approximately 5 a.m. California west coast time on September 11, 2001 I woke up from a dream.  The clarity of this dream was astounding.  It was simple and in technicolor.  My roommate was in the kitchen so I got up.  I immediate told the dream:  "I am in a tall skyscraper. There is a large window and I am standing there looking out at the sky and water.  The color blue predominated.  Suddenly the building begins to collapse. I raised up both my hands in a defensive movement up towards the floor above."  End of dream.  I told the dream in its detail to my roommate and thought no more of it.  But not long after he came into the kitchen from his bedroom and stated that a "small plane" had struck the WTC.  But of course we were to learn the full story rather quickly.  He then reminded me of my dream which I had filed away in my mind.  I took off from work for that day because I knew the world would never be the same.  It seemed right to contemplate a watershed event.

  12. Record High Temperatures: Toxic Slime Spreads Across Oceans as Climate Disruption Continues / By Dahr Jamail / Global Research, September 14, 2016 /Truthout
    "… A recent study published in Scientific Reports showed that ACD anthropogenic climate disruption is going to cause beaches to become saltier, which will likely lead to significant changes for birds, crabs and other creatures living on coasts.  Shocking news recently emerged from India, where over a quarter of that country’s land is turning into desert thanks largely to ACD, according to a recently published study. … In Scotland, a conservation group recently announced that rare mountain plants in the Scottish highlands are disappearing at an “alarming rate” and facing possible extinction due to ACD.  Back in Alaska, the city of Shishmaref — which is located on an island that is being rapidly eroded by rising seas, melting permafrost and intensified storms — has voted to relocate due to ACD. There are at least 31 other Alaskan Native villages threatened by ACD, which will eventually have to relocate as well.  [the list goes on…full report here]:

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Mr Dane W.

      The ACD is deliberated by the intentional actions of the – Climate and Atmosphere destroyers – I think that in a small lab should be easy to prove that an electromagnetic beam can deplete Trioxygen ( Ozone – O3 ) which is a diamagnetic molecule. Maybe Mr. Yamakawa San can help in proving that. This could be Very Important to establish a direct relation between the use of the HAARP antennas and the depletion of the Ozone in the Ozone layer. It is known that the intensity of the UV rays is 3 times higher today than 30 years ago. This means that the depletion of the Ozone layer is REAL. With all the Very Bad implications that this FACT represent to Us.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, the UVB is actually metering at 10 times more than we are being told. FYI

  13. Free Energy Technologies says:

    A Follow up on what is happening with doctors who dare to go against the system ( By the way we have had doctors who cured autism be assassinated as well.

  14. Eric says:

    So let's take the proof to them.  In very big numbers.  

  15. Eric says:

    Sounds to me to get any attention from are politicians and media we gather make a date I and a few more will be there    Protest right at the Capitol lets get this ball rolling.  Peaceful in person. Doesn't get any better than that How about it everyone. I m. tired of talk on internet   Dane is there something like that coming up that I don't know about? We need to come together as one. Truth always wins.  So let's organize this. Talk to me people. I get headaches, bloody nose, and stuffed up .. I'm not mad but tired of lies.  How can we all get together and protest.Eric in Lansing mi. God bless. 

  16. Eric says:

    Reply from the Govenor of Michigan in regards to my blog. 


    Eric Bullion:
       Thank you for your email regarding your concern about toxic chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere. The Governor has asked me to respond on his behalf. He believes it is important that citizens take an active role in our government process and I appreciate you taking the time to provide your valuable comments.
       The entity which would oversee chemicals being sprayed in the atmosphere in the United States is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The number to contact the FAA is 866-835-5322. The FAA is a federal agency and the operations are beyond the authority of the State of Michigan to change. If you are looking to contact elected officials, I would suggest contacting the congressional representative for your district or either of the senators representing our state in Washington, D.C. to share your concerns. The senator numbers are as follows: 
    Member Name                                               Phone 
    Senator Gary Peters (D- MI)                          202-224-6221 
    Senator Debbie Stabenow (D- MI)                 202-224-4822 
       Again, thank you for your email. Please do not hesitate to contact our office in the future regarding other state-related issues of interest.

    John D. Byrd II
    Constituent Relations Specialist

    Dane my ? Is I thought there was a law where a Gov can step in provided proof of toxic chemicals being sprayed.  Looking forward to your reply    Thanks Eric in Lansing Mich.    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eric, I would not count on any “elected” official to provide any proof of anything in regard to climate enginereing, it’s up to us.

    • Dennie says:

      "Pass the Buck" is the Order of The Day now.  Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen would make a great theme song as the sound track to our times.  They're all just pointing fingers at one another.  Obfuscation and shenanigans are the parlor games of our times.

    • Mario says:

      I called Gov. Gerry Brown's office in Sacramento.  They too passed the buck to the federal government.  At first his aide acted dumb, so I pressed him using scientific terms.  I was then placed on hold and subsequently given the number to the Federal EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Program in Washington D.C.  A recorded message informed me the number had been disconnected. 

      On the local news last night, Gerry was giving a rousing speech about climate change.  His quote: "The air is dirty.  We're putting this stuff up in the atmosphere, and we can take it out."  Then he went on to rail about the newest carbon scam tax legislation we have going here in the Golden Brown State.  Slimy, sleazy liars.  That's who's representing us.  To hell with the truth.  Enjoy your Thursday night football game, America!!!   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Eric, I'm with Dane here. Kudos that you actually got a reply and thank you for posting it. I smell the act of "passing the buck" with what was written to you. Don't be discouraged by my words. Keep pounding on those desks. Seeds are planted in many ways.

      "John D Byrd II". How political. Geesh, shouldn't that be Jr? Just sayin.

      "Critical eye, critical ear, critical judgment, 'use them', but do not be "critical".

  17. JahChildrenWakeup says:

    Hi Dane , Here in the Netherlands the airplanes they also have stopped spraying for the 3rd day consecutive now , and within the last couple months I could count there was only 2 days without planes ..( ONE time in the gaypride and one time in between the gaypride and now. ) (to be noticed this is huge event in Netherlands.) … Well they are spraying here and there but nothing major as 4 days ago . But any ideia of what is currently going on? Are authorities gathered here and they dont want to be sprayed ? Are they afraid people waking up ? Also noticed 2 times military flying drone over Amsterdam over the recent weeks .. strange activities ….

    Keep up the fight my brother we are all with you . 



    • expat in Belgium says:

      During this unseasonably hot weather here near Gent, Belgium, they have been spraying nonstop.   Today there is a souply haze covering the whole sky.   Even though we have had some relatively clear skies the last couple of days, you can see the planes, 4 and 5 at a time spraying very high up, with shorter trails.   There also have been some strange very large tankers flying very low here recently leaving behind a heavy black smoke.   I've never seen tankers fly so low over populated areas.    So, no, they haven't stopped spraying at all.

  18. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    Great work Dane and all other concerned people!

    SE Australia really getting hammered by rain and floods causing big trouble.

    Here's helpful link to a temperature timeline since the last ice age ~ 20,000 years ago. You'll observe that things don't move a whole lot for many years but the big change (increase) happens pretty much now as the fossil fuel burning is cumulative (the last straw breaking the camel's back etc).

    Most are under the spell of the large corporatists (energy, fossil fuels,commodities, banking) who also manipulate the media alongside the weather to confuse, flummox and control the  people who MUST remain their customers.

    Until the majority are aware of how they are being so deceived to drive a profit margin which secures those on the control panel, they won't appreciate how insidious the whole program has become.

    This 'link' may help in their understanding as knowledge is cumulative too.Eventually, and hopefully soon, those 'asleep' will awaken and the critical momentum to defeat the idiocy will be reached. When that time comes, we'll likely only get one chance to make it.

    Be prepared. be noble. Be encouraging when fear or hopelessness visits. Trust begets trust and great things can be accomplished when 'we' are aligned. Focus on what can be changed and ignore what cannot.

    These are some of the characteristics that define 'being' human and no matter if we win or lose, it is our responsibility to those of our species just born and those coming in the future to make this stand now. Others, have done similar before us.

    "We are the ones we are waiting for" (Hopi Elders Prophecy)

    Link to timeline of Earth temperatures.

  19. ron hall says:

    It appears the Russians and the Chinese may repay the US HAARP type  large scale weather weaponization back to the US coastal areas in a big, nasty way. And so the human self-destruction grinds along in its inexorable fashion. One experiences self-fatigue from such f***ing relentless madness.

  20. Greg O. says:

    Thanks Dane for the report.  Another chemical ice nucleation cycle here in Southwest Colorado.  Snow in the high peaks, wind, rain and covert spraying with their new delivery techniques.  38 degrees tonight, 33 degrees tomorrow night.  When the sun comes out, it is piercing heat.  I can taste the salty/chemical cocktail.  My eyes burn and I have an annoying cough.  Twisted business as usual on planet Earth.  Your tenacity in the eye of this storm is remarkable!  You inspire us all.  Be well; be safe and know we are all here with you in this most critical time.  Greg O.

  21. Barb E says:

    How about that monster storm today that hit China…intensifying from a tropical storm to a Cat 3 or 4 in 24 hours!  Anyone think that's a "real" storm?   Now on the East Coast we have another storm supposed to barrel up the coast as two weeks ago.  We watched as they held a pressure system over NH and Maine and so pushed the post tropical storm out to sea instead of over us.  Another new word for them "post tropical" storm.  Never heard that one here before.  They are droughting us out this summer, all our organic farmers are suffering.  Monsanto doesn't want any organics which is why I think they are not letting any rain come here. The skies have been sprayed VERY heavily since last weekend and the HAARP evidence is clear with all the wisps and right angles in the fake clouds.  All week I've said to my other half "the sky looks like a science fiction movie".  Monsanto-Bayer merger will be the final nail in our coffins. The TPP if voted in will surely be the end of civilization as we know it. We are assaulted on all fronts – with no where to go. Soon the CDC will get their new agenda passed and we will ALL be forced to take their Vax crap or be detained and forced to take it.  I have already in my med files NO VACCINES, NO MEDS, NO CHEMICALS.  I'll surely be at the top of their list since they can track us through our electronic medical records.  We must make our voices heard as Dane says. We must object to all these things that interfere with our personal choices because soon every aspect of our lives will be dictated – there isn't much left that isn't – and I know that I don't need some "government" telling me how to do anything.  I do NOT consent to ANY of it!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, another way to look at It is to see the consolidation of the corporate monsters as a way to get 'em all in one place, then push 'em off a cliff, but it will be more like the people who understand that there are other, more effective ways to achieve health who do not go to Bayer to achieve that.  Let everyone else go along with the poisoning to, what? "Get along– ?" How so?WHY???

      My little trip to the E.R. early on Saturday morning last week was a particularly good example of how Western Crisis "medicine" works.  First, all the kids get INDOCTRINATED by Big Pharma.  They also are not taught that INDIVIDUALS have different responses and reactions to the same damned one-size-fits-all Sure-Fire treatment.  At 5 a.m. when I've been writhing around in the street while waiting ten minutes for the damned ambulance to arrive, my veins are NOT going to be bulging out the way they would at 5 p.m. when it's 80 degrees out there.  So, like, dude keeps tightening that damned tourniquet around my right arm until I feel the nerves tingle– still, no vein action– all of this after he stuck the damned needle in my right wrist something like THREE TIMES, right where I have the De Quervain's tenosynovitis, caused by.. you guessed it:  Big Pharma!!  Well, Big Surprise– I'd already told him not to go mining for my blood there because he wouldn't hit pay dirt and it would hurt like Hell.  Thanks to Crisis Medicine, these "people" have All The Answers!

      Then the Asian nurse who I first was assigned to had it almost half-right:  YIN and YANG are out of balance!  Well, yeaaahhh- and you can Sure as Sh!t Sherlock bet the proverbial Farm on that one!  But because Western CRISIS "medicine" "works faster," I got handed the Lidocaine-laced Mylanta cocktail because it would make me "better.." BY NUMBING ME UP.  So that I could no longer feel anything, problem out of sight, out of mind.  Oh, and that's going to help me heal… (!!?). 


      Numbing Up is the Western Crisis "Medicine" equivalent of the Western Public "Educational" system's Dumbing Down.

      Here's the National Motto for the United States of Amnesia: 

      Numb Up, Dummy Down!!!

    • Mark says:

      Yes China is being hit with the weather weapon called HAARP, the Zionist are trying to provoke China to attack the U.S. I think. Multiple earthquakes happened in the pacific where the storm was built and steered to its destination China. I'm am sure that the Phillipines will be targeted soon because of the new Presidents comments about Obama.


  22. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Three dots on the map of snow is all that fell.

  23. Joseph L. says:

    Dane great work on everything you do. If you know the answer to this either yes or no is the water safe to drink off of Mt Shasta wiithout treating it.  Thank you for answering that.

    • Joseph L. says:

      At 10000 feet– In 70s and  early   80s I camped up their  on a ridge that looked out on Mt Lassen and water was great.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, in answer to your earlier question, spring water from Mt. Lassen is as good as one can get at this point.

  24. Enlightened Patriot says:

    We had the worst thunder/lighting storm here in NW UK that my wife and I can recall seeing the likes of in our nearly 70 years. All power was off over parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire as it raged overhead in Biblical proportions. Areas flooding again as last year. No lighting/tv/radio/internet/mobile(cell) phone/mains power, etc. and makes you think how reliant and vulnerable we have become- although I am a prepper with food/water/meds/other essential plur fuel/generator/solar panel.

    I just read of more extreme weather on the way here – another opportunity to try and wake a few more people up to what is going on.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘We had the worst thunder/lighting storm here in NW UK that my wife and I can recall seeing the likes of in our nearly 70 years.’

      It’s kind of been the opposite here in Eastern Iowa, US. The lightening storms have been so subdued for quite a few years now, it’s strange.

      That said, a few weeks ago (around the time of the 5.3 quake in Oklahoma) I heard some of the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my 40+ years of living. Not much lightning though, and the rain, it comes down like you’re under a shower in a bathroom with strong water pressure, like a tropical storm (ON and then Off, just like that, snap!) so unlike any thing I recall for this location. For a time, day after day, it was like that. Surreal.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks Enlightened Patriot, for the link to the weathercast for Storm Ian. Now…hold the presses!! Did anyone catch what this woman weathercaster said about halfway through? She actually said: "THE FORECAST IS TO TURN IT WELL AWAY FROM ANY TYPE OF LAND BUT"……and then she continued on about a weather system near Florida. Is it just me or does anyone think this is an odd choice of words for a weathercaster to use to describe the movement of a tropical storm?? Taken at face value it strongly suggests that someone or something has the capability to direct the storm anywhere at will. Hello?? WTF??? Did she really say that?? Am I reading too much into her choice of language?

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Thanks for that helot and Marc

    • Mark says:

      It's not nice to tick off the Rothchilds, they control and fund the weather weapons these days and use them on a daily basis. Storms built over the U.S. and steered toward Europe and Russia.

    • Dennie says:

      Rothschild money funded the Confederate side of the U.S. Civil War.   Lincoln had to go to Tsar Nicholas of Russia who did not hesitate to send him financial and military aid.  Nicholas understood the Rothschild Scourge would be working against Russia and it would benefit Russia to have a Northern-controlled U.S.  There was Russian Intel going ahead to spy, then inform the Northern military.  There were five Russian warships in San Francisco harbor in 1862.  You can listen to this story if you look up "Webster Tarpley."  

  25. Sezer says:

    Hello Dane,would it make sense that as atmospheric humidity increases (and out ratios the particulate/condensation nuclei content)as the planet warms overall global heavy rainfall will become an inevitability?Also here in Australia we have experienced some rather cold winters and we suspect there is deliberate manipulation of the southern polar jetstream.I would imagine the interference of the planets delicate systems would surely alter the jet stream however do you have any links that may confirm our suspicions in regards to the manipulation of the southern polar jet stream?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sezer, northern and southern upper air currents are being manipulated. About atmospheric relitive humidity, it has gone down overall since the mid to late 1940s, not up. This is impossible on a warming planet if not for the atmospheric saturation of the geoengineering light scattering (which hampers evaporation) moisture absorbing particulates. There are of course increasing deluges occuring along with the record droughts, this is inevitable and is likely orchestrated in many instances. 

    • Rodster says:

      Dane is the use of aluminum the same reason it’s used in anti antiperspirant, to dry and absorb humidity?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, the stated objective for aluminum use in the geoengineering programs is this, high albedo of the particles, and a low coagulation rate. This being said, the fact that the particles are also dessicants serves the agenda of the weather makers as they are trying to reduce atmospheric relative humidity. This is because wator vapor is a greenhouse gas, but their attempt to reduce atmospheric relative humidity is complertely destructive to the planets overall life support systems. 

    • Peter says:

      The current deluges being experienced in the eastern half of Australia are case in point. Interesting that they are occurring over our major grain growing areas at a time when those crops are starting to ripen. All designed to wipe out one of our major exports to feed the world's starving populations! 

    • Michel B says:

      Peter, I too have wondered about this issue of Australia's role as a food supplier to overseas markets. We supply a lot of grain to Asia and the words of Henry Kissinger ring in my ears: "The depopulation of Asia must be a priority." Cutting off their food supply is natural presumption, so diminishing crop production in Australia could be a contributing factor. 85% of Queensland is in extreme drought. There has been some rain recently allowed, but what coverage this has had over the agricultural and pastoral areas I am not sure.

  26. Marc says:

    I am 63 years old. EVERYTHING is different about the weather than when I was a lad in my 20's. For anyone around my age who remembers, storms came on differently, the clouds were often magnificent, the air felt different, in fact, EVERYTHING was different. Since then there are now about 4 billion more people on the planet. But back then there were NO CELL TOWERS, NO GWEN TOWERS, NO CELLPHONES. EMF radiation was nowhere near what we are bathed in every second of every day now. Yes, it is true, nuclear fallout radiation was everywhere but somehow, I don't know how, many of us old enough to have been kids when nuclear "testing" was still going on have managed to survive. Now we are all living in a matrix of Fukushima radiation which we will not survive. THIS FACT IS BEING SUPPRESSED AT ALL COSTS. Gee, do you think the American people would panic if they knew the truth about this? I know the truth. But while I'm not "panicking", I have realized I must try to live "as if there is a future", while deep in my heart I weep uncontrollably. Not for myself, but for the children, for MY children. For "if" there is any future for humankind, our children are it. 

       I often drive past a nearby school on my errands. This three-story old schoolhouse was vacant for about 10 years until a Charter school moved in. While the building was vacant I could not help but notice one day a monstrous structure appear as if emerging from it's roof. A most sinister looking and gnarly convolution of beams and panels and cables. I've come to find out it's a cell phone tower AND a GWEN installation, one of God knows how many all across the country now. Just a few days ago I was waiting at a light in my car across the street from this school and it was obviously "recess" time for the gobs of young children. They were going bat-guano crazy all over the playground and on the "jungle-gyms". I had a moment of intense despair as I gazed upon them in their relative innocence. For not a one of them was aware of the despicable structure looming over the top of the school in close juxtaposition to their gleeful games. No, I'm not against cellphones. I have one myself. But once again, we find a sinister element piggy-backing itself on top of existing technology so as to camouflage itself. There appears to be no stopping the psychopaths behind all this. To think that all it would take is the flip of a switch and we'd all become goo right where we sit, is a most depressing realization. But really, think about it, how many different ways do these MF's need to come up with to screw us? And it is precisely because of things like this that I will never stand for the so-called national anthem ever again.

    • russ says:

      Marc—–Im 62 yo and feel the same. Thank you for some great sentiment about "our" kids and the future. Take care my friend.

    • Wes says:

      I'm mid fifties and I've always wondered just what you said. How could someone my age and older as you are. Older meaning you have experienced more of this earth than I have before this manipulation has been going on. How can all people our age not know nothing is  right, nothing! The temperature, humidity, wind, rain, it's all different. None of those things coincide with one another as we remember them embedded in our cells. It's not even close.

    • alison faux says:

      Couldn't have put it better myself. I weep for the young ones and still so many blind to what's happening

      Take care

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Mark,

      I am 60, and like you and others our age, have seen the sad and disturbing changes in our once natural environment.  Where I live in Alaska, the trees are showing devastating stress from the aerosal fallout: for the past several years, the birch leaves turned brown in August and so can't turn gold in September as they used to; the leaves of cottonwood, willow, poplar, and the foliage of currants and wild roses are all brown speckled like they have "burn" spots. Every time we have clear blue skies, the spraying commences and continues until the white haze spreads and brings a dreary drizzle.  We are robbed of our sunshine regularly, and the rains when they come, never leave things smelling clean and fresh like they once did, but instead all is permeated with a dank and metallic odor.  Many trees, especially birch, are just dropping over from the roots.  Their tops are all burnt, toasted, with branches broken and narly looking. It is so pitiful to see the decline!  I really have a big problem with our pathetic local TV weather "meteorologists" who lie through their teeth about "developing systems" and their phony forecasts.  Sunsets don't have the same colors they used to.  Clouds, once fleecy and white, are now a murky brownish-grey, and have geometric lines and square corners!  I teach 5th grade at a charter school that embraces nature, the arts and music, and minimal use of technology, but still, among my colleagues their is a prevailing lack of awareness or receptivity to the truth of what is right before our very eyes.  Distraction is a powerful tool. 

    • Tag says:

      62 and feel the same.  We didn't have air-conditioning till I was a young adult and NO BIGGIE!  Today?  Would survive I guess but would be miserable.  Partly sunny meant a blue sky with some white fluffy clouds, not the incredible white haze we live under most days.  We seldom see a summer shower, just a deluge with hurricane force winds resulting in flash flooding.  I also remember what a con-trail looked like then.  It disappeared quickly and didn't grow for hours until it blocked out the sun.  Persistent con-trails = Persistent LIES!

      I also feel sorry for todays youth.  They have no idea because they have nothing for comparison.  A sky full of lines is perfectly normal.

    • helot says:

      I’m in my 40’s and I too remember that when I was much younger, “storms came on differently, the clouds were often magnificent, the air felt different, in fact, EVERYTHING was different.”

      IMHO, something really changed after the 1970’s, early 80’s. The words, ‘Hot and Dry’ come to mind.

      The atmosphere (in every respect) has changed. Not for the better.

    • ron hall says:

      Marc: You have become an articulate voice for many of us.  You put words and phrases together that are poetic, brutal and, most importantly, real. Please, for so many of us, keep your thoughts coming. A strong basketball phrase while driving hard: " Push it Marc!!" I'm going on 76 and experienced martial law while living in Berkeley in the 60s. That struggle seemed exciting compared to the sense of impending doom we who know have. Again, keep it comin', Marc!

    • Ed Bee says:

      Marc, my gifted friend, I'm 61 and nothing seems the same to me, either. Not the color of the sky, the clouds, the smell of the air, the precipitation, the jet stream, the flora and fauna…nothing. I have several friends who range from the 40's to the early 70's, among them a professional artist and a published photographer. My brother is outside driving a truck every day. And not one of them will admit to sensing or seeing anything different. They insist everything is just as it's always been. That's why I think I'm going nuts at times, at least until I come to this site where I can compare my observations with all of you here. This website is my only link to sanity and why I so appreciate it. I can understand people in their 20's and 30's not really seeing what they grew up with. But for my contemporaries to not observe or question the decline and destruction so apparent to some of us really stymies me.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Marc.

      You are a young Man with Fire in your Heart ( like Lions ).

      These masonic neo fascists MFs have lost before and they will lose again. Have Faith Friend.

      Earth is amazing and we have of Brothers and Sisters. Unfortunately we have around 100 MFs that are transforming this World in a very small place.

      We must do our job.

      We stay strong.

  27. kathleen says:

    This is beyond infuriating! And it just keeps getting worse. The general populace has no clue, and even less a chance of getting one since their education has been dismal at best, and packed with lies at every turn from the corporate media. They are dumbed down and drugged up, poisoned from the air, water, and food, and never taught critical thinking skills. Truly DUH-mericans. Present company excepted, of course {{hugs}}.

    Keep spreading the word that Dane so tirelessly shares with us. Search out ways to maintain and improve your health — like adding more veggies and whole fresh foods and decreasing, or preferably eliminating, the processed and packaged junk. Learn self-sufficiency techniques that were commonplace 100 years ago — like having a little garden of herbs or a favorite fruit tree (many of which can be grown in a barrel), or how to darn a sock.

    I suggest books as a good learning tool, just in case (ha!) the grid goes down and we have no online access, so haunt your local used book stores for topics of interest or ask the proprietor, and check thrift stores, too, where you also might find an out of print book plus a like-new flannel shirt, silk blouse, jeans, hand-knit scarf, wooden utensils, mason jars, and other utilitarian objects at 50-90% off retail.

    If baby steps are all we can take, then take them with pride, knowing we are doing some little bit. I think the earth and her "memories" know this. Likewise, if you have discretionary funds, please contribute to Dane and the attorneys helping to fight this travesty of what will certainly end up to be global extinction if we don't act NOW!

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Please add DUH-Britons to your DUH-mericans! They/we suffer the same attributes. A little higher up, I placed a comment on how our grid went down for some 2 hours last evening here in NW UK after a colossal thunder/lightning storm like we have never witnessed before, with flash flooding taking place, such was the deluge. I mention another warning of worse to come next weekend along with link. I commented on the piece.

      As a prepper (and PM stacker), as of last year I now grow most of my own vegetables, adding tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob and peppers this year, which are doing great. You can't beat fresh, organic home-grown. I baked bread today with flour 1 year out of date (to rotate perishable supplies) which was fine. A US prepper told me to freeze it for 48 hrs (in a sealed plastic bag) to kill off any likelihood of weevils and then dry store in sealed containers. The tip worked for me. An untreated one had `livestock' in it – no good for a Veggie like me 🙂

      Dane does a great job and we owe him a great debt that can never be repaid. People ARE slowly waking up but when you meet with government agencies' lies and deception (and the controlled media) on every front, it is a tough task. Still, it has been the same with 9/11 for 15 years and yesterday, for the first time, a major TV channel (ITV) did a good, honest program about all the contrary evidence put out be the `Conspiracy Theorists', who aren't, to debunk the official version.

      The truth comes out in time!

      Cheers from the UK.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘DUH-mericans’.

      I recently saw the film, Idiocracy. It was really bad, but whoa! did it ever have some parallels to today.

      In spite of how bad the film was, it really gave me some hope that stupidity and ignorance can be cured, somewhat. Maybe. After hitting Rock-Bottom, that is.

  28. Dane — This is a brilliant exposition as usual. No one does this kind of analysis on the 'chemically nucleated cool-downs' better than you. Anyone who took the time to read the many articles describing 'weather map' anomalies you have posted here on GW over the years, would have no doubt left that all this is being engineered manipulated.

    They did not spray here on the Olympic Peninsula WA for two days. You could almost smell the Cedars again. But today they have again hit us with the wispy feathers of slow-death metal nano particles that make my eyes burn.   "What fools these mortals be…"

  29. Edward Palys says:

    Dane – do we have documented data on how many aircraft are actively spraying our atmosphere every day? I would guess it must be in the thousands just for North America and the spraying is going on world-wide. 

  30. bob says:

    I was able to achieve posting some comments to raise awareness about Climate Engineering even on Disqus, and other should follow this technique to post similar comments all over the Internet.

    • Dennie says:

      It was sooo bad here last night, my housemate and I were up, she with reflux from the air crap and I just couldn't breathe, the metals were so sharp and painful.  JEEZUS, this had better not be the "new normal!"  We're reeally in trouble if it is.  The sooner more people wake up the better chance we have.  God help us, please pray for me!

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Dennie , you and your housemate are in my world covering  prayers ,as well as for all of you truly wonderful  people who stand for life, love and liberty! Up here in Saskatchewan Canada  I too feel the searing toxics in my lungs more frequently and see the haarp sky washes so many deny but more are  waking up to realize. Mask on here  when trail walking these days…and air purification on as I teach the next generations what beauty we still can find on this planet….my humble  determined effort at keeping  us healthy till our  last  God ordained moment. No room here in my daily spiritual battle  for  those working their evil intents  except I pray for God's illuminating revealing Light to reach their souls finally before its too late. Truth prevails in the end. In Jesus Name~~~ I know no One else Who will finally turn this planet into its sparkling freshness the way it was Designed  to be before we came to the conclusion we knew better. God bless you ALL with the miracles we truly need to be part of that Divine Intervention which I do believe is going to occur whether we choose to believe or not. Look UP. Past the crap.  Focus on the Unseen. You are amazing people~~~

  31. SF:  The comparison of EOSDIS Worldview images and the article link may explain the weird spirals between Guadalupe Island and Baja CA that are being generated by rf/microwave transmitters. Certainly the spiral ‘patterns’ are almost identical! My guess is that this technology is already advanced way beyond what the report suggests.
    Research on space plasma hurricanes could lead to new sources of energy September 6, 2016 by James Roddey
    A new study by researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, funded by the National Science Foundation, has identified for the first time a process by which the solar wind is heated along extended regions of the Earth’s magnetic shield as it penetrates through this barrier. The process may have parallels to the unsolved problem in astrophysics of how the solar corona is heated. It may also be helpful for understanding the cross-scale transport of energy in man-made plasma devices that may lead to the creation of practical fusion power.  …

  32. Monsanto agrees to Bayer buyout, which would create a global chemical and agricultural giant / Sept. 14, 2016
    U .S. seedmaker Monsanto Co. has agreed to a $57-billion buyout offer from Germany's Bayer in a deal that would create a global agricultural and chemical giant. … Including debt, the deal is valued at $66 billion. If approved, Monsanto will continue to be based in St. Louis. … Signaling its confidence that it would be able to push the deal through, Bayer as part of negotiations told Monsanto that it would pay a $2-billion breakup fee if it falls apart.  … Bayer makes a wide range of crop-protection chemicals that kill weeds, bugs and fungus, while Monsanto is known for its seeds business and the weed killer Glyphosate.

    • Dennie says:

      The story, in brief, is on NPR news today… UGH!

    • Earth Angel says:

      UGHHH..This sounds bad for us all. Hope the deal falls through. The monster doesn't need to be strengthened- it should be destroyed. Hope the deal falls through. Whatever happened to the laws against corporate monopolies? They broke up ATT & went after Microsoft and others. Doesn't it matter in this case? No, I guess not when you're cornering the market on poisoning the world.

  33. Rodster says:

    For those that are in denial of Geoengineering and climate modification, shouldn’t all of these anomalies raise questions to the scientific communities?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Depends what scientific communities you mean. Just remember all scientists, just like anybody who works for a living, work for an employer. Whoever that employer is, their employees do as they're told. Any scientific community is paid by the government and that is why we have what we see. All those government agencies such as FDA, CDC etc etc, are spewing lies upon lies even if they fully well that what they are saying and doing is EVIL. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      My Dear Friend, the masonic MFs are infiltrated everywhere. In all governmental and non governmental institutions of the West. Only a few institutions remain safe from the influence. In media as we know is the same. We must open our eyes and see who really runs the World from the shadows. The modern societies are a Fake. They want Us as fuel for their big corporations and big dis- order plans.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  34. Free and infinite being says:

    These criminal scum have been rotting away our planet like cancer for the longest time. The way to really get them back is to buy (or download a PDF for free) a copy of Black's law dictionary. Study it like your bible and you will start to see very strange things about what they say a "person" is, or what "rights" (really legally defined as privileges) a us "citizen" has. There are many free Ebooks on the Internet. A few good ones are "A new beginning: a practical course in miracles", "the errant sovereigns handbook", "purging America of the matrix", and "plain talk- a lesson in judicial ju-jit-tzu" just to name a few. These are all free online just search them. Discover that you have infinite power and have been scammed through tacit means and your silence into a contract that the banks use to literally own you. All "governments" are merely municipal corporations that are ultimately owned by the corporation called the United States, and that is owned by the crown. 


    People, wallowing in negativity will only cripple you. Learn about the affidavit process and how to unsheath your sword. You can hit these tort tort-feasor criminal sons of bitches with writs and affidavits and really hurt their efforts. The more people who wake up to the scam that the founding lawyers scheistered upon the unwitting masses, the better off we all will be. Peace to all, and remember, we are all infinite beings and control our own destiny! 



    • “Don’t get mad, get even.”   – Robert Kennedy

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Free and infinite being.

      Yes, We are very Lucky to exist.

      We are the Living Testimony of the infinite biological success that is the evolutionary lineage that made us as Humans. This lineage ( for everyone of Us and for every living creature ) is the Timeline that lasts since forever, since the beginning of macroscopic Life.. Yes, 650.000.000 years of eternal and uninterrupted successes for Us to be HERE today. Yes, a LOT of Luck. And the MFs want to stop this Magical process, for Us and for everything that's Alive. Yes, this pisses me off.

      We stay strong.

  35. russ says:

    Dane—–I live in Upstate NY and I dont know what to think ….the past few days the planes have almost stopped… there are still a few but nowhere near the numbers that are usually flying….whats up…another way of dumping it?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Russ, yes, the spraying has been much more covert in some regions, but it has still continued at some level in almost all locations. In many cases it can be much less visible depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelihood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white when looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and the geoengineering objectives will again reveal the more blatant spraying patterns.

    • Befuddle says:

      Where in Upstate, New York?

    • Befuddle says:

      I live in Upstate, New York also.  The day before yesterday we had clear blue skies the entire day.  I did not see one plane spraying.  Yesterday I saw 5 between 3-4 pm.  Rain was predicted for today.  Our sky is completely white today.  I don't believe people notice but now the majority of the time it rains is when the sky is completely white….. no one questions the absence of the thunderclouds/thunder/lightning….. it just all of a sudden it rains.  People are so brain dead.  They question nothing…. Oh, those are just normal contrails.  Jet planes have been doing that for years.  REALLY?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!! 

    • jim says:

      The normal pattern is that they spray the atmosphere to make it very, very hazy and when this happens the temperature is very hot and muggy. Then it rains, and all the spray falls out of the sky. Right after this, the weather gets very cool and especially so at night, also the sky is totally clear blue but only for a few hours or a day and the sunlight is intense and bright, and the temperature is certainly cool. Then they start spraying, first with the short bright trails, and then after that they start using the thick smoky trails, while this is happening, the temperature and humidity keeps rising and rising. Those who are aware can see that Geo Engineering is raising the heat and humidity level and is changing the weather and temperature.

    • helot says:

      RE: September 14, 2016 at 8:16 am

      “Dane—–I live in Upstate NY and I dont know what to think ….the past few days the planes have almost stopped…”

      I live in Iowa and on the 14th they kicked it into high gear, the sky is covered in horizon to horizon trails alongside countless parallel spurts.

      We had a lot of ‘clear’ (and trail-less) blue sky days prior to that though, that was kind of nice.

  36. françoise says:

    il serait grand temps que les peuples arrêtent de voter et de financer au travers des impôts ce génocide

    • MacGeo says:

      I'm going to try a translation from French, from Francoise's post. 

      Please don't bust me if I'm wrong! I tried and it was worth it.

      " It would be a great day if our society finally refuses both to vote politically and to supply our taxes to finance this global genocide".

    • From Francoiss:  Something like :   "It is high time that people stopped voting and financing through taxes genocide". 

  37. Juan Sequoia says:

    Here in Baja California Mexico,most of the people are clueless of what is going on with the climate manipulation and is done by the climate nazi terrorists from the American government. Northern Baja California is also being droughted. out along with California USA.

    It seems like the planes that spray chem trails over the skies here are from the USA. The USA is invading Mexican air space to drought out California and in the Mexican press las prenstitutas or the presstitutes as Gerald Celente calls them) never report this.

    There are many agendas being played out about droughting out California and also Baja California.The rain here has also been shut off.

    The people here in Mexico need to be educated about this so they can help out too, to stop these weather war crimes and put fire to the feet of their government to have this stopped on this side of the border also. Yes we know about the corruption in the Mexican government,but the American government is more corrupt and criminal and hides the corruption better

    • helot says:

      Dear Juan Sequoia,

      Your comment, it reminded of the time I read an article online from a Chile newspaper a few years back. They talked about how they wanted a Geo-Engineering program of their own as they weren’t getting enough rain. They talked openly about it. I was actually kind of impressed at seeing it. A few weeks later and it was erased. Perhaps it was an editorial oversight? I don’t know.

  38. paul fowler says:

      Yahoo is promoting Monsanto .

    On "trending now" there they are at #1 . Feeding the general public some heavy propaganda  . I don't think their news team has the ability to read or comprehend . They also seem to be promoting racism , with the comments they allow and disallow . What they won't post , tells me a lot about them . I think it is high time we give Monsanto and Yahoo a full serving of terminator seeds to chew on .

    • Richard Bertrand says:

      Monsanto just bought by Bayer, scum changing skin.

    • Edward Palys says:

      As I understand, some countries are banning GMO foods altogether. I thought Germany was one looking into this. Could this be the end of Monsanto GMO monopoly? I sure hope so.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, about the Monsanto Bayer merger, unfortunately all available evidence indecates that this merger is will only increase the strength of the existing corporate control in the industry. FYI

    • Dennie says:

      "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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