Former Prominent CIA Officer Shares Details Of The Government’s All Out War Against Whistleblowers With


Many ask why there are not more whistleblowers coming forward to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity occurring around the globe. Many use the "lack of whistleblowers" excuse to remain in denial about the all too obvious climate engineering atrocities in our skies. Those who use this excuse to avoid facing reality clearly have no clue whatsoever about what the criminal cabal (masquerading as our government) does to anyone that dares to try and expose the truth. Veteran CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, has shown exceptional courage by openly and actively speaking out about the epidemic tyranny in the halls of our government. 

Kevin Shipp, former CIA Officer and Antiterrorism expert, held several high level positions in the CIA. He was assigned as a protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, a counterintelligence investigator, a Counter Terrorism Center officer, and internal security investigator, supervisor of high risk protective operations and polygraph examiner. Mr. Shipp functioned as program manager for the Department of State, Diplomatic Security, Anti Terrorism Assistance global police training program. He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a Medallion for overseas operations. He is the author of From the Company of Shadows – CIA Operations and the War on Terrorism. Mr. Shipp has been a regular guest on The American Heroes Channel as an intelligence and terrorism expert and has been the subject of numerous radio interviews and newspaper articles. His website can be found at

More insight from Kevin is contained within his most recent communication with me, shown below.

Attached is an expose' of the system classified agencies use to silence whistle blowers from revealing unconstitutional or illegal operations.  
As a decorated Agency officer and internal investigator, I witnessed this mechanism being used on good, innocent employees, and their families.  That is when I decided to expose it.
God speed to you in revealing the tyranny that has taken over our Constitutional system.

In his book "From The Company Of Shadows", Kevin gives a highly acclaimed account of what is happening behind the curtain of government secrecy. After some communications with Kevin, he has supplied with the hard hitting statement below which outlines what is done to whistleblowers with shocking clarity. My most sincere thanks to Mr. Shipp for his uncommon and exceptional courage in the fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington


Silencing Whistleblowers

By Kevin Shipp, contributing writer for

Why don’t more “whistle blowers” come out to expose illegal or unconstitutional secret government operations? If these activities are so illegal, why are people not coming forward to report them?  

Over the last fifty years US government intelligence agencies have perfected a complex, sequential system to systematically silence or destroy any employee, including his or her family, who attempts to reveal illegal or unconstitutional activities conducted as part of secret government operations.    

As a condition of employment, military and intelligence employees recruited for secret operations are required to sign a “secrecy agreement,” or “nondisclosure agreement,” before being given access to the position, which offers high pay and status in the organization. This agreement threatens civil and criminal penalties if the employee reveals ANY information regarding the program. Thinking the agreement will only be used for legal purposes and will get them the coveted job, all employees eagerly sign it. 

This secrecy agreement was originally designed to protect legitimate classified information, to protect military personnel during wartime and protect legitimate national defense information and technology.  

However, because of the binding power of the agreement, government agencies began using it as a powerful tool to silence federal employees who question the legality of certain government operations. It was the perfect tool to threaten, silence or jail any whistle blower who dared to challenge the secret operations of government.  

Today, the secrecy agreement is routinely used as an efficient weapon to intimidate or silence employees. Annual refresher briefings are given to remind employees of the penalties for violating the agreement. These penalties include huge fines, termination, financial ruin and even prison – all of which mean the destruction of their lives and their families. Most will not reveal any wrongdoing, no matter how egregious, for fear of calculated, severe retribution.


Aerosol filled skies over New York City

When employees sign the secrecy agreement and are cleared for classified programs, they are not told they are giving up their right to a jury trial, or to sue the agency that hired them. If they try to do so as a whistle blower, they find they have no right to be heard in federal court. Many have found this out when their case was denied; then it was too late. That is part of the system.

If the employee attempts to contact their Congressman or Senator, their representative is blocked from receiving any information about their case, because they do not have the necessary “clearance.”

When the employee attempts to blow the whistle to the Congressional intelligence committees, their response is ignored. It is made clear to committee members that they are not to touch such cases, so they refer them back to their Senator or Congressman, who cannot access information involved in their case. 

If a courageous employee continues to proceed and blow the whistle, a system of personal and career destruction follows. This begins with promotions being denied, being turned down for sensitive or career enhancing assignments, and their files being flagged, ruining their reputation inside their agency. At this point their career is over. If they go quietly, the retribution stops.

When the employee still continues their effort to report the information, their travel records, personnel records, medical records and security records are searched for mistakes or damaging information that can be used to threaten them with termination. Their telephones and computers are monitored searching for incriminating information. If no substantive information can be found, it is fabricated and placed in their file.

Employees who refuse to back down are then subjected to internal “security investigations,” multiple, hostile “interviews,” attempting to get them to recant their information, and multiple polygraph interrogations.

In many cases, the employee is commanded to report to the internal medical office for psychological evaluation. If they comply, the evaluation labels them as paranoid, unstable, or disgruntled. This information is placed in their file and is used later to justify the agency’s action in the event of outside scrutiny.

If the employee contacts a member of the news media, they are immediately cited with violating their secrecy agreement and criminal penalties are filed against them. Several news media outlets are connected to the CIA and NSA and notify them of the employee’s contact.


Finally, the employee is forced to resign after being threatened with termination in kangaroo court meetings where the information fabricated in their files is used against them.  

After termination or forced resignation, interest rates on their internal credit union loans are raised to make the payments unaffordable. The release of the employee’s retirement funds needed provide for their family are blocked (a felony). The agency black lists them from gaining employment with other government agencies or contractors, further ruining them financially.  

Dehumanized, financially ruined and under severe emotional and mental pressure, the employee’s family begins to break apart. If the family’s foundation is not strong, this results in alcoholism, depression and divorce. In some cases, it has resulted in the employee committing suicide, the ultimate goal of the program of destruction. This silences the employee permanently, obscuring the agency’s role in their destruction. It is the perfect crime.

Should the employee still have the resolve to endure this program of career and personal destruction and continues to press for release of the information, or if his family members attempt to sue the agency for the illegal activity, classified agencies will invoke the secretive State Secrets Privilege, which orders the employee and his family not to reveal the information or face prison. If the family’s case reaches federal court, the State Secrets Privilege is invoked and the case is shut down – and sealed.  Federal judges rubber stamp the censoring of the case without reviewing the case facts.  

Now that the employee’s case, and in some cases their family’s case, is shut down and under seal, citing “national security,” the process of silencing the employee is complete. Many are never heard from again, fearing prison if they talk to anyone, including an attorney.

Using attractive awards of multi-million dollar contracts, the US government military industrial complex convinces private corporations that their employees must be cleared and sign secrecy agreements. This includes employees at all levels, from secretaries to CEOs. Once they have signed the secrecy agreement, they are bound to keep all information, including potentially illegal information, quiet, being threatened with the same penalties.  

To date, over five million Americans have been required to sign this secrecy agreement and now fall under the shadow of the State Secrets Privilege.  

Only a few federal employees have made it through this systematic process of destruction to reveal what they know about the illegal operation they observed.  Sadly, some whistle blowers have died “mysterious” deaths or committed “suicide.”

Employees in intelligence agencies are aware of penalties contained in the secrecy agreement and the huge risk in violating it, even to expose corruption. Most look the other way to protect their careers, retirements and families. Many have observed the outward signs of the system of personal and career destruction used on others and a culture of fear exists.  But, they are not fully aware of all that is being done. The full scope of the system is only known at the higher levels of the organization and is hidden from employees, until its use is necessary.  

This is why we do not see whistle blowers coming out and reporting what they have seen. This system has been used and perfected for over fifty years. It is being used because it works.  

It works, unless the system is exposed, the whistle blower knows what is coming and prepares for it, and they are supported by private organizations and individuals dedicated to truth in government.  

This support is essential, not only to protect the whistle blower and their family, but also to defend our Constitutional form of government from tyranny.

Kevin M. Shipp

Author, From the Company of Shadows

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  1. On the wall of the CIA lobby above, there's a Bible quote carving.  See a close up.

  2. S. Amato says:

    There's a word for it – FASCISM

    • tusense96761 says:

      This is outrageous, we need to do away with the C>I>A.  It is unbelievable that 50 thousand have this silencing agreement forced on them even when they see our government involved in illegal corruption and general harm to the American people.  For one thing is is never a good thing to break the person's spirit who is acting in a moral way to protect the American people.  To say or threaten if they expose anything thing their life , reputation family, housing food is in jeopardy.  I am so ashamed to be an American these days if this is the way we operate. If the C.I.A. is responsible for Chemtrails, and HAARP operations, Murder Spreading of Diseases, False Flag operations like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, 9-11 of whiselblowers of truth it is time we do away with the C>I>A.

  3. Michael M Gallant says:

    This situation is a big part of the problem with our government. We the people should have —a voice in how the US works in real time. Unfortunately —  Our government does some very illegal shit day to day, so they need to keep the  [ CRIMES ] secret. This happens even at the local level. I know–i am a victim. I would like to think that America is an ethical country—–but we are not——as history shows. For now —government crimes will continue—-until we remove –with force if necessary—–the bad public servants who are GUILTY—–THE MAIN PROBLEM WITH THIS IS —the group of people who really run our government—–have been using a solid plan that enslaves us all.—–written  several years ago.—–Their motto—–enslave–control–destroy.

  4. Greg Price says:

    I don't know if this angle will help, but Dr Steven Greer has numerous whistleblowers come forward all at once and: because the operations that they were doing were illegal they cannot utilize the State Secrets Act as protection. They cannot use the law to protect them again ILLEGAL Activities and because the agency has no direct oversight from a government agency, congressional oversight or other official oversight, the whistle blower has no obligation to keep the secret.  See Disclosure Project Dr Steven Greer

  5. Criminal cabal masquerading as our government hits the nail on the head; it is exactly what I believe. Thank you Kevin and Dane

  6. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …what are they expecting given time…mass suicides due to the poisoning….is that what all the coffins are for ?……or are they waiting for an uprising ?  real life zombie apocalypse …..what's to stop them from mowing us down with bullets right now if they can get away with this in public right now….the corporate entity government needs to be shut down now…no questions asked….this is not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…….THERE IS AN IMPOSTER IN POWER…….GET RID OF THEM…..

  7. Michel B says:

    I do not wish to call them "elites", "government", "leaders" or any of the former terms of recognition by which they were supposed to be known. Even though we know what they really are, our language should reflect the ugly reality.

    I think it is important to refer to them in terms that very precisely describe what they do. As it is, Dante Alighieri's 'Purgatorio' very well classifies the 'sins' which surround us today. Given that the essential nature of power and politics is still the same today, but is worse today in degree, as when Dante lived, his schematic of Hell is very suitable in assigning the aberrant activities to personages and now whole departments in government and industry.

    The list of sins in Purgatory increase in magnitude and importance the further one descends in Hell. The bottom of Hell, the Ninth Circle, is a frozen lake in which Lucifer is half buried up to his waste.

    The Seventh Circle is occupied by the Violent: violent to others, themselves and to God.

    The Eighth Circle is where things start getting interesting. Here we find Panders and Seducers, Flatterers, Simoniacs, Barrators, Hypocrites, Thieves, Counsellors of Fraud, Sowers of Discord and Falsifiers.

    The Ninth Circle is the Circle of Traitors, Traitors to Fellow Man, Traitors to Country and Traitors to God.

    Thus Treachery is seen as the worst sin by Dante. Though, in a literal sense, all sins derive from stealing. When you take someone's wife you steal his mate, when you overtax or take someone's money you steal their time, when you lie you steal the truth.

    So, those whom we battle are thieves, liars and traitors. All other similes will equally do. In this so called 'modern age', 'sociopath' and 'psychopath' are extremely well suited too. These terms are more apt and better serving in keeping us in an understanding of the mindset of those whom we wish too expose.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Last I heard, the Vatican got rid of Purgatory. As my Roman Catholic attorney friend said, "Where the Hell'd all them people go??"

      Lucifer, I'm sure, is at least waist-deep in his very own WASTEland.

      "Stolen" mates are actually pretty fully complicit in the deception, it is a matter of willful choice, therefore they are more aptly categorized as traitorous. 

      When you lie it is TRUST that you're stealing; reality is the ACTUAL TRUTH about anything can never be stolen but rather merely hidden from sight, from those who either cannot or will not see in the first place.

      Lastly, we have this bit of research, reported here by the, that lying children make better thinkers:

      As one commenter put it, "The attempt to normalise sociopaths continues…"

    • Michel B: It is extremely gratifying to read your comments. The only thing new since Dante's great work is the clear and VERY public enactment of treachery by our "selected" officials. Why was the Declaration of Independence written??? The Declaration of Independence was primarily an "economic declaration". It specified a free and civil society, unfettered from taxation and bondage to various Crowns of Europe… No one seems to bother comprehending the document…

      This paragraph is germane to our current citizen agenda: "The Eighth Circle is where things start getting interesting. Here we find Panders and Seducers, Flatterers, Simoniacs, Barrators, Hypocrites, Thieves, Counsellors of Fraud, Sowers of Discord and Falsifiers."


    • penny says:

      Michel, and Dane, I agree that the greatest sin is treachery (also known as willful deception, or simply lying).  A Telegraph article linked in no way proves that lying children "make better thinkers", as their title proclaims.  Instead, "Psychologists at the University of Sheffield who tested 135 children found that those who lied did far better on a trivia test than their honest peers."
      Performing better on a trivia test would seem to indicate that these children are less inclined to reasoning, and more to rote memorization, than on average.  The pursuit of trivia in lieu of knowledge, and other trivial pursuits, have allowed the power structure to dominate the masses in modern times. 

    • penny says:

      Oops!  Forgot to mention that the study failed even to prove that lying children had better memory skills, though of course it isn't described clearly enough to demonstrate why that is.  Either the liars were the ones who had a chance to reinforce their trivial knowledge, or they were the ones least stressed about having cheated, or both.  Sad that so many people will buy into this misrepresentation.  The same people who continue to deny that they are being sprayed…

  8. Melody Meachum says:

    Very grateful for Mr. Shipp's courage to speak out & willingness to join the fight against Geoengineering!
    Encouraging update regarding what we all hope will be the soon demise of Monsanto!! It appears that all the myriad law suits are draining them, so could it be that a legal battle against the private company owners involved in the weather modification industry could be sued as well? We all know the reality that government is exempt from legal action.
    "Monsanto Co. said it will eliminate 2,600 jobs as part of a cost-savings plan, joining a growing list of major corporations struggling to contain the damage from the decline in world commodities prices."
    Also:  "An increasing number of countries are banning either GMOs or certain pesticides, or both. At least 15 European Union members move to ban GMO crops. Meanwhile some small nations like Bermuda and Colombia have banned glyphosate."
    Real reasons Monsanto is tanking:
    1. Consumer activism:  The market doesn’t want herbicide-soaked genetically modified food anymore. As people are becoming more health conscious, they prefer to eat organic food. It’s really that simple.
    2. Lawsuits with farmers:  Monsanto spends untold resources suing family farms for copyright infringement. Farmers are forbidden from saving patented seeds year to year. Additionally when Monsanto’s GMO crops pollute neighboring farms, Monsanto sues those farms too. Not a great business model when your primary customers are farmers. An organic farmer in Australia is hoping to reverse this revolting practice
    3. Funding anti-labeling campaigns in multiple states is draining Monsanto of millions of dollars:  This seems to be the majority of their “marketing” budget. They spent at least $8M in 2012, over $9M in 2013 in Washington State alone, and combined for $8M to defeat just a county initiative in Maui County Hawaii this past year.
    4. National bans:  An increasing number of countries are banning either GMOs or certain pesticides, or both. At least 15 European Union members move to ban GMO crops. Meanwhile some small nations like Bermuda and Colombia have banned glyphosate.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      When I mentioned the chem trails and how they are affecting all living things to my family, I was told that it is just a conspiracy theory and that I was stupid. When I twitted Nat. Geographic, Toronto Star, Global News about it I was ignored or deleted.  Please make sure the upcoming litigation will be heard. The Star published a 3 page article about "scientist" David Keith's wonderful take on the glories of geo-engineering.  It will take a bigger deity than GOD (aka. people) to make a difference.

    • Joyce Hale says:

      The push for more trade policies like those already in effect in NAFTA and WTO will include corporate tribunals with powers to fine or threaten fines against governments at all levels that attempt to limit profitability.  These tribunals operate outside of a county's judicial systems and can provide the same deterrent threat experienced by whistle-blowers.  Laws regulating or limiting corporate activity are at risk if they mean a reduction in corporate $$$. So few are aware of the non-trade portions of the current trade bills to be passed with Fast Track Authority.  In the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated in total secret, only 5 of the 29 chapters are actually related to trade. All these issues ultimately fuse together.

  9. Frank says:

    Many people fought and died for the purpose of freedom of speech. I am sick and tired of having to accept someone else's values in place of my own. The words political correct or offensive are words the criminal power structure have forced on us all. I have to accept new laws forced on me that are of moral value only. Our first amendment rights have been taken away from most law abiding citizens. The power structure uses their forced upon us moral laws to divide and cause friction of the masses. Their desires are to start problems where none existed before to keep us fighting and divided among us all.  

    I find it offensive and criminal when I see chemicals being sprayed in our skies. This is our last fight to stop climate warfare upon us. Today the insanity is hard for me to handle. The ones in power know what buttons to push and it is getting harder for me and many others to keep our sanity. Many people I know have either sold there souls for the money or are too scared to come forward. My body is poisoned with chemicals. These chemicals are in all our bodies as we try to remember what feeling good felt like. The heating of our planet is out of control as many will suffer catastrophically. 

    The haarp and the total coverage of WiFi and Gwen towers, (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters are frying our bodies. If you have digital TV you are programmed daily as long as the TV is plugged in to a electrical outlet,  to say the least. The chemicals in our bodies combined with smart dust technology and microwaves are pushing everyone's limits. 

    We all are living in a state of cognitive behavior that is like "The Sounds of Silence". No sounds in our natural environment, no sounds from people other than smart phones and no sounds from sanity. Most sounds we hear are invisible to most even the jets roaring and spraying daily in our skies. 

    I thank Dane and everyone who keeps ringing the bells of freedom. Without our voices about the tyranny that affects everyone of us, we will die trying to expose the lies because there is no other option.

    • Marc says:

      Fantastic post, Frank, thank you so much, well said!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It is actually ILLEGAL in the state of California to spray anything into the air, at least not without notifying the Governor, who in turn needs to notify the people when that will take place.  "They're" doing it every day, night and day for a long, long time now, and no one's put us on notice formally.

    • Steve pirello says:

      Thanks for your comments, Frank. I feel just like you do. I've been taking pictures of the skies and barking to my friends, family, and coworkers for over two years now. My body is poisoned, towers, jets, drones, chemtrails everywhere everyday.  I have a constant hissing/ringing in my ears, and a constant fear of impending doom, as the earth becomes more violent. Help me, Frank.

  10. carol freiberg says:

    Is this a surprise to anyone? Our so called government is rotten to the core and has been for a good long time. This does answer many questions I've had about the rule of law that does not exist for our alphabet agencies.

  11. It is pointless to complain about the dire results of geoengineering, when public CONSENT is the actual problem. If you wish to reclaim your God given Rights under the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, it must be accomplished through civil courts. Here's a "whistle blower" that knew his material well, and attempted to bring the criminal bastards to justice. 
    Paul Andrew Mitchell is a force that needs to be resurrected from the dusts of the criminal system that has ruined his life. The bastardization of the rule of Law in America must cease.

  12. wes says:

    I am 3rd generation farmer/rancher in central Texas and I have been awake since 2003 and have noticed the decrease in crop production so bad that I had to sell my farm land as it would not even furnish enough to justify farming . I tried leasing it for farming and grazing but it eventually got so bad that the guy that had it quit, it took 2 years for the grass to come back before I could sell it to pay off the note at the bank for farming expense that accumulated. Every time I look up, they are spraying something on us and our land and people everywhere are feeling the effects, I could go on and tell how bitterly angry I have become but I can see that everyone feels the same.Judges and the lawyers sit around and they side with the criminals for a few dollars to fill their pockets and the leaders of the states learn to do the same, even the lawmen are hell bent on attacking the people and can only follow the orders given to them. WE need lists of all of those who are involved and then we need to start the roundup and no one walks away without being held legally accountable for the crimes they have committed against humanity. I use to love smelling the freshly turned earth and now it smells like a stale swamp.

  13. B000000000000000000 says:

    I was a federal employee for ten years. I witnessed many violations of law. I blew the whistle. It took them a year to make up, fabricate, half truths to manipulate the truth to justify my removal. The federal gobberment is little more than an organized crime syndicate that is out of control. The biggest enemy of he state is the federal gobberment. Period case closed!

    • PachaMamma says:

      This ^. Everyone, everyone – in the upper echelons of power is in it together. The more I learn, the more it is confirmed. Be it so – called captains of industry, local government members, heads of churches to the Pope and royal families of Europe. All tied together with the same sordid goals to achieve. Depopulation (down to 500 million) and mind control of those who remain. Orwell's 1984 may be long gone but the reality of it is very much in the future. 

  14. Yesterday was bad in the south of the UK for chemtrails. I imagine that weather controllers are having kittens over Rad fallouts. All year weather has conveniently pushed our usual Atlantic weather south and North. nearly all Easterlies or southerly winds all year. Most unusual.

    Things seem to be coming to a head all over the place. Can’t help but feel powerless in the face of it. We should be taking our representatives by the hand and showing them. Forget the big political players, they have such inflated opinions of their own worth they are next to useless in the sense of helping the general good.

    Rosalind Peterson at the UN agricultural comitee said it clearly last year, but as the main authority implicated in chemtrailing and they ignored her.

    The projects are numerous and beurocrat driven, paid for from UN funding from what I have heard. How is the UN answerable to the people.

    Answer. It’s not.

    • John Aspray says:

      Great to see someone else in the UK is 'on message'. I've been on to my MP for some time about the uvB issue. Not a dickie bird out of him in response. What he doesn't know is that his constituency chairman is my next door neighbour, and I primed him about this prior to the elections. I think it is time to kick some ass. I also know where my MP lives, because he brought the house off a good mate of mine.

    • Chris Dalli says:

      Most western industrialized  countries (163 of them) all now answer the UN and Agenda 21. The United Nations is a 'Registered Corporation' as are all 163 countries including Australia which where I come from. 'The Commonwealth of Australia' is registered with the American Securities exchange. ALL governments are now corporations being totally controlled by IMF and Federal Reserves! Our freedoms are being taken from us as we are operating under Admiral Law or laws of the sea which is used purely for commercial (corporate) trading. Our Common Laws (law of the land) is being overrun by this and all our courts are now 'Corporate Courts' they too are Registered CORPORATIONS! Now you can see the true MESS we are in and the rapid/powerful rise of Corporations which now well and truly RULE our world. The only way we will stop this is to literally ALL stop what we're doing and walk out into the streets and refuse the WORK for these greedy, psychopathic tyrants!  As long as we continue to act as the SLAVES that they want then we are consenting to their world. This has to be nothing short of their fall and a complete a paradigm shift back to the fundamental laws of HUMANITY.

    • Michelle McLeod says:

      Thanks for your website. Been sharing about chemical trails being real and harmful for years. I agree with Kevin Shipp. The government abuses people. Military family here for over 2 decades. Seen the abuse in real life. Our family has been abused by the government. Glad more people are speaking out about the abuses of our government. 

  15. Tim C says:

    What a joy filled World we live in.

  16. Robo Sapien says:

    It is time to dissolve the United States and form a new government which is governed by the people and protects the rights of the people,we did not agree to be ruled by shadow governments.. It seems like these organizations draw nothing but sociopaths. There is no excuse for betraying the people of this country whom you serve. Leaving behind your family or your life should be of little import in your duty to the truth and the oath you made- it only shows the weak character of those employed with these nefarious agencies that they struggle to do right under such threats. We gave them too much power after WW2 and they though it was theirs, unlimited because the American citizen was nearly unlimited in his energy and powers, they became corrupted by our collective might at their disposal. It is time to dissolve all federal agencies and courts in order to find out what rats have been hiding in the dark recesses feeding on our industry. It is time to let all the serpents hatch out into the mud. We are at a point where the shadow government refuses to acknowledge its obedience to the people and instead believes its power to be imperial. They must be divested of this notion for they aim to place an iron rod on our necks and truly become imperial in scope. They ruled the world in our good name and destroyed it. These cowards, it is time to dissolve all the organs of government, their putrescence rises to the heaven and the smoke of our torment blinds us . The corruption is too deep and the world reels in agony from our corruption.

    "THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." -paine

    • Tammy says:

      I concur with you!! 

    • Dave says:

      This mentality starts at the college campus level where it is encouraged by campus administrative officials and continue's throughout the lives of such personality types. The so called back stabbing behavior.

    • No. Why would you want to make new government? Governments brought us to todays situation. Government by the people means no government, people are responsible for their own actions. Nobody needs a government to tell them it is wrong to lie, steal and do violence. It seems to me that most of the lying, stealing and violence comes from government. No, I think not. If we survive this bout of governmentosis, then it would be foolish to make another.

    • bija says:

      Yes, Keith, I agree with you.
      It's time to step into our amazing potential as true humans and care for our world. Kick these parasitic peddlers of destruction and doom to the curb! Governments are the problem!

    • Chris Dalli says:

      Not a truer word has ever been spoken Robo. I think the tide is turning and people like many of us are beginning to awake but mere few people cannot and will it change this. We will need literally MILLIONS of people occupying the streets standing side by side and PHYSICALLY tearing down the pillars of our corporate government run buildings and taking back control. Unfortunate we are still very far from that as the vast majority of the main stream world are walking zombies plugged into the machine more concerned about the scores from the NFL/NBA/AFL and the like. I do believe the day will come as history has shown this time and time again but things will need to get much worse before the masses of people start to awake! If we're luck maybe in our lifetime, that's why it's critically important to continue the conversation with everybody and anybody as more and more people are starting to realise this. I truly believe the paradigm shift is coming and the drum is beating louder. They (the government criminals) know this and are running scared which is why the attempted control over manking is happening at such an alarming rate. Peace to you my brothers we will succeed! 

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Dave,
      As a current 43 year old senior at the top public University in the nation I concur. It is unbelievable the pushback I get from kids. Sadly, they are the first ones to say, "you can't believe the gvt on anything", but they wouldn't do that.
      Sad, really and truly, I have tried my best for three + years to tell these kids, the fight is yours, not mine. I am telling you because I love you, not because it is an easy thing to do.

  17. ABR says:

    What I take from today's post is this: 

    Dane, you have been the most significant whistleblower thus far about geoengineering. You have literally given your life and put your reputation and your relationships at risk to keep fighting against what is truly the biggest crime against humanity of all time. 

    You have nearly 19 million hits on your site and that number grows exponentially every day. We will never let anything happen to you. They could never get away with it and we will fight like hell for you if they ever try. I hope that whistleblowers around the globe will continue to find sanctity in coming forward through your organization-that it is a safe place where there is so much support. 

    Thank you for your work. We love you and pray for you all the time. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello ABR, thank you so much for your support. Every single one of us matter in this battle, I am grateful beyond words to all that are marching together in this fight.

    • Marc says:

      Palms together for you ABR, I second every word you wrote. Thank you, my friend.

  18. Sharon says:

    Thank you Kevin and Dane,

    Now, I understand how the "Government" works and that this article on whistleblowers is really a thumbnail sketch about why nothing is done anywhere in our government. How sad for all of us because it looks like the Constitution is null and we cannot change things without a lot of hard work. Let's fix geoengineering first and then other things later. Bless You, Kevin & Dane.

    • Hello Sharon: The "original" Constitutional profile of the United States is exclusively contained in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. These were framed and invoked within the order of Natural Law. Natural Law IS the Law of our land, and can only be displaced by our apathy and CONSENT. Do not buckle under to political hacks and ghouls, nor give credence to media propaganda.

      PLEASE review the efforts of organizations such as, National Liberty Alliance, and Constitutional, at

      It is pointless to believe we can remedy geoengineering programs without first overthrowing our current criminal paradigm…

  19. Gary Pennington says:

    So many people I talk to about geo-engineering say… why don't I read about this or hear it on the news? Scientists involved would come out and disclose it, wouldn't they? I reply, do you really think that they want to be forced to live in Russia? Or crash their car into a tree at 100 miles per hour? Or kill themselves with TWO gunshot wounds to the head? Or end up like like JH Hatfield, who wrote 'Fortunate Son', the book about GW Bush and his crime family and was suicided in his hotel room, leaving behind his wife and young children? These "people" play hardball, and they make the rules. We need to expose them and beat them at their own game. Thank you Mr. Shipp and Dane!!! Game on!!!

  20. When I first heard about the spray trails I had not yet seen them. So I took it with a grain of salt. Then in Nov. 2004, after moving to Las Vegas, I witnessed a high altitude application of these chemical toxin. I set about trying to inform the local agencies. This did not go well. I was passed from one agency to another. When I reached the head of air quality in the Las Vegas Valley he knew exactly what I was talking about. When I asked why nothing was being done about this problem, he replied that it was being done at over 30,000 ft and his agency had no authority to do anything about it. When I tried to to contact the weather segment of KLAS chl 8, because of the constant misreporting of "high clouds," After several heated calls I was told that these were contrails by the program manager and no evidence to contrary would change his mind. I vowed to meet with the weather forecaster, named Sheri Swensk. Irn into her a couple of ears later at a popular place that served lunch and dinner. When I confronted her with her BS reporting on "high clouds" and told her they were Chemtrails, she said " yeah I heard that from some of my friends.." She knew exactly what I talking about. She has never done anything to prove or disprove the story. The news agencies are complicit in the deception. It didn't stop there. When I took some people outside of postal service and copying business and showed them the tic tow of the spray trails, one lady was married to an F15 pilot and said she was going to ask her husband about these spray trails. When I spoke with her several days later, she told me that her husband said that the pilots were told that if they talked about what they saw their career was over. I have since then taken strangers if they were aware of what was transpiring in the skies over their. Some knew some didn't.

    • Mike says:

      I have experienced the same as you…media forced to remain silent, politicians playing dumb. I made a presentation to Congressman Tom McClintock at a "Town Hall Meeting" in the Sacramento area. About 200 were present, several of whom agreed with me and complained, requesting him to take action. I handed Tom flyers, magazine articles and a DVD (supplied by Dane). After all was presented, his response was "many constituents from my district have complained about the spraying and asked me to investigate take action, however, I AM STILL SKEPTICAL AND DON'T BELIEVE IT IS HAPPENING!

    • James says:

      Mike ,
      In early 2009, I gave Tom McClintock a ton of  written proof relating to  Operation Clover Leaf , at a Town Hall Meeting here in Jackson, California  . We spoke briefly and he said he would look at the documentation  I provided . I have spoke with a number of constituents from Tom"s district  since 09 and  all have reported the same thing . Deaf Ears and Brain Dead .
      Tom McClintock is a     Moron .        He needs to be replaced  .
      Time to Go Tom .  You Lost your way a long time ago .

  21. Johanna Swanson says:

    Have you ever had any contact with John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman".  You two should go out to dinner! 

  22. PatinSF says:

    David excellent list thank you! I have a lot of reading to do. A big Thank You to Dane as well! I think by next Spring after another Dry no rain winter here in California people will wake up. I'm working hard on the younger millennial generation here in San Fran they are actually very open minded and approachable and sense something is wrong but actually need guidance, Until then we still have much work today. 

  23. Marc says:

    One has to wonder how on Earth Mr. Shipp has escaped prosecution, imprisonment, or worse. This is a stupendous "insider" report on the filthy, vindictive mindset within the halls of the 3-letter agencies. And all this tight security, NOT IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY, but to cover the asses of the swineherd in charge over there. Malevolent, sick, self-important mobsters who are intoxicated with the deadly importance of what they are keeping secret from the American people. And once again, all in the interest of National Security? Our government is now a hoax, a bloated confabulation of what many of us once thought was a legitimate, fully functioning democracy. I personally am ashamed of our government, our military, what the US has become. I will never again stand up for the national anthem, I will never pledge allegiance to our phony flag, and I will never EVER vote in a presidential or congressional election again. The fraud, the systemic corruption goes so far beyond what we used to associate only with "third world" dictatorships or the like, that there is no meaningful comparison here. It's game over for this democracy, folks. Our country is now something I don't even recognize anymore. It actually doesn't even require that much research to come to this kind of conclusion. We all see it everyday when we look up and see jets spraying poisons far and wide over our land. We see it when we read the links provided by our state representatives, (after contacting them about geoengineering), directing us to sites like NASA, NOAA, and others wherein long, convoluted, very "scientific sounding" public info-sheets are offered to convince us that "chemtrails" are just contrails, and then thanking us for our concern. Go straight to hell!!!!

      We see it when we read at "Information Clearing House" (world news daily) that in 3 or 4 days Russia did to ISIS what the US couldn't accomplish in a year in Syria. ISIS was utterly mangled to shreds by Russia's air assault and apparently many, many hundreds are defecting or escaping to Europe or elsewhere. As I said in a previous post, are we really to believe that the US, with a multi-trillion dollar defense budget and the most formidable weaponry on the planet, cannot completely wipe Syria clean and spotless of all ISIS combatants in a matter of days? A rag-tag band of thugs and vagabonds with assault rifles, Toyotas and laptops? Are you f**king kidding me? What a hoax!!!!! What a joke perpetrated upon the American people and the world!!! I'm f**king sick of this fraud rammed down our throats every day. Phony enemies, phony conflicts, phony politicians, phony presidents and prime ministers and disingenuous geopolitical strategies to accomplish objectives that very few Americans even give a rat's ass about. Man, if I was in charge (as the saying goes) I'd overturn the goddamn chessboard and put an immediate end to the game.

    • stephan says:

       AMEN Marc

    • Steve Rivera says:

      Well said. What do you suggest somebody like me should do, who is new to learning about all this corruption unfolding right before my very eyes, as a first step in owning my part as a concerned citizen who wants to see things eventually turn around. Is there anything that can be done? Your advice is well appreciated. 
      Steve Rivera 

    • SD says:

      I reached the same conclusions as Marc about six years ago.  The anxiety and anger culminated in a major heart attack.  I survived  for a reason.  HE needs me and everyone else who is informed and aware and in touch with reality.

      We need individuals who are truly Untouchables – not able to be bought or corrupted to just SPEAK THE TRUTH.

    • This is why I refuse to pay federal income tax to the creeps. I made millions in the building trade and land development. After the 08 crash I went down the rabbit hole and saw the ugly America we are supporting. Since about 2002 I wanted  to unplug from the greedy materialistic consumer society . Now I live in a remodeled home on 10 acres in timber status = Low taxes. I stay home and garden and just survive. It is a liberating way of life but the spray days are torture to a freedom lover who loves the beautiful outdoors in north Idaho lake country.

    • Elena says:

      Right on, Marc. It was actually funny in a sick way when the US was angry at Russia for taking care of business with ISIS, I mean, without ISIS or some other new scary terrorist organization how would the US govt keep its citizens frightened enough to continue giving away their rights? My bf from school days a few months ago made me laugh when he "outrageously" proclaimed that WE WERE ISIS, THEN HE STARTED TO PROVE IT UP! and I was like OMG, WE ARE ISIS. He knew about climate engineering also from a neighbor who constantly talked about it; it was weird how we were still thinking the exact same thoughts even though we hadn't really seen each other in years.  I am new to all this too, only known about all of this for a few months and still learning; and every time I think about it I realize the rabbit hole is so much deeper than I had realized. Lately I've been thinking that we need some one powerful, in a position of power to help us, because of all these immunities talked about here, because of the laws on the books that protect the criminals. I felt so betrayed by Obama that I was not sure I wanted to vote again either; in fact when I first learned about the climate engineering I was going to put Dane as a write in candidate on all my ballots! But I've been wondering lately if it would be possible to have a president that had integrity, we had it in Kennedy, in a way, although he made the mistake of listening to his "science" advisors and allowing all that nuclear testing, which was really what got him killed, according to my sources, which are not provable or "scientific" so I won't explain. But for people to feel that it is not worth trying or that it is useless to fight the PTSB or that they are too powerful is a mistake too. And what if we could get someone with integrity in power who would do the right thing, sometimes I feel hope lately that it is possible, but I don't know for sure. I'm beginning to feel the Bern, maybe I"m wrong but I already wrote to him to tell him he should let Dane be his science advisor, let's see if he listens to me. Things would be so much better if people just listened to me!    

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Marc, I like your style, always appreciate your outrage : )

      Here's why we can't wipe out ISIS.  If you ever suspected we're living a lie, here's proof.  The strange case of John McCain and the Arab with 4 names.

    • Marc says:

      Steve Rivera, a few simple suggestions as to how you can help. Firstly, use the "Flaming Arrow " package and send some around to friends and aquaintences. TALK to people about geoengineering, but before you do that, educate yourself about this topic!! Read, read, read, and read some more. Join Dane's FB page and if you're also on FB share the links constantly to articles and info here. Write your representatives asking them what they plan to do about geoengineering contamination. Pass around flyers and videos which you can download or obtain from Dane. Share cellphone pics of spray trails and suspicious aerial cloud activity. Write letters to editors of local newspapers. Read every single article and post on this whole website!!!!!!

    • Chris Dalli says:

      Amen dido Marc! Amazing words am indulged into your true passion. Stay strong and keep fighting we WILL succeed!

  24. Robert says:

    There were many chemtrail flights over Central Oregon this morning. I used Plane Finder to determine the tail numbers of seven different companies that were non-military flights. They have been flying  right over my house daily all summer….sometimes at night. We are in a world of trouble and I sure will be happy when the attorneys file the lawsuit. Thanks for your hard work, Dane.

    • Tammy says:

      I think we need to set a task force in each city to observe them loading these planes and where they're landing I know here in Boise they do not head back to the airport or mountain home where are the military base is. 

  25. Anne says:

    To Kevin and Dane:
    Thankyou for having the courage to speak out and expose the corruption going on in the halls of power. This corruption is certainly not confined to the USA, and I have a very strong suspicion that similar or related pressure is brought to bear on individuals on a global scale….hence the small number who dare to speak out; and that small number has indeed forced many honest and good folks to question the validity of the geo-engineering message one tries to share. People kind of look at you a bit sideways with the quizzical raising of an eyebrow and discreetly suffer your conversation or excuse themselves as they suddenly remember they have to sweep the floor!  Ignoring the facts doesn't alter the case, and I learned many decades ago that it was my responsibility to speak the truth, even if I stood alone. All we can do is give it our best shot and ignore the fact that our friends are all very suddenly "busy." Sadly, they will learn, but it may well be too late. Only God can cut this destruction down to size and protect us in the interim. May He continue to bless you and keep you safe in all your endeavours is my prayer. (…and the spelling is correct for us in Oz!!)

  26. Mark Hedges says:

    “If someone can enjoy marching to music in rank and file, I can feel only contempt for him; he has received his large brain by mistake, a spinal cord would have been enough.” 
    ― Albert Einstein

  27. Marv Sannes says:

    3% are psychopaths, 3% have moral courage. 90 % appear to be irrelevant until led by one or the other.  For the last 25 yrs. we've been led by the psychos and its culmination is now an alliance of America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia embarking on the impossible invasion of Asia.  An Axis so improbable it could not succeed as fiction:  Israel practice Apartheid and Genocide, Saudi Arabia is a police state that be-heads 20 a month and America is fat, wealthy, stupid and outspends the rest of the world combined on its defense and is hated, now, throughout the world and is probably less secure than at any time in its history – many of its own citizen hope for its collapse, cheer for Russia's aiding Syria, and the country lacks consensus on everything.  The budget of strife, tension, violence, war, are down to their last card – violence. 

  28. Steve Parsons says:

    Thank you Mr. Shipp, … rest assured that your message has been distributed … TO … EVERYONE WE KNOW .

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }
    We will not accept these PSYCHOPATHIC….ELITES …NEVER ! !

  29. N says:

    i was camping at the Grand Canyoin over the weekend. They were spraying all weekend long!   The Grand Canyon!!  I saw a plane spraying, leaving a long trail and then it just stopped spraying. I recorded it so people don't think I'm crazy. There is no escape. 

    • Melanie says:

      There is an escape. You must join the rest of us and take action. Wake up as many people as you possibly can. Awareness is spreading like wildfire and you can be a major force of goodness and truth. We are all here, with you. With all of our collective energy, we can change this. Love and blessings to you, stay strong and keep up the good fight!

  30. concerned citizen says:

    When I studied the history of the beginning of the US, I was amazed at her two foundations: Replubicanism and Protestanism. The freedom of state and the freedom of religion. We can elect our own leader and we can all choose to believe in God, gods, idols, or none at all. FREE WILL. 
    But it didn't last long in the US. Described as a lamb-like nation, the US is now "speaking like a dragon."

  31. debra says:

    Thank you Mr. Shipp and Dane for exposing the why. Hopefully as they retire they will come out, as you have. Look forward to reading your book. Again Thank You

  32. Al C says:

    President Eisenhower warned us and now it has become a hybrid of governmental/corporate corruption lacking any heart or compassion.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is always the bottom line.

    • Joe Sullivan says:

      President Eisenhower understood very well
      and it is a matter of history in his warnings 
      that still ring true today.

    • David says:

      Dane and everyone else that visits this site, I want to give you a list of information that I have written down after watching televised programs on C-Span, PBS as well as what friends and family have told me. Kleptocracy- power rule, rule by thieves, a form of political and governmental corruption, the government exists to increase personal wealth and power, at the expense of the population, of their citizens. You can also research on Wikipedia 'List of Whistleblowers' a list of individuals is shown, with complete details of the corruption and crimes, the agencies were and are currently conducting. The following is a list of books published about War, Corruption, The Stock Market and past presidents. 1. STATE OF WAR "The Secert History of the CIA and Bush Administration" by James Risen.    2. THE SHOCK DOCTRINE "The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein. 3.  935 LIES "The Future of Truth and the Decline of Americas Moral Integrity" by Charles Lewis 4.  THIEVES IN HIGH PLACES by Jim Hightower. 5.  UNSTOPPABLE "The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State" by Ralph Nader. 6 FLASH BOYS "A Wall Street Revolt"   "The Big Short and Moneyball"  by Michael Lewis. 7 HACKING H(APP)INESS. "Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking It Can Change The World"  by John C. Havens.  8. THE FIRST FAMILY DETAIL "Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents" by Ronald Kessler.  9.  AN INQUIRY into the NATURE and CAUSES of the WEALTH of STATES "How Taxes Energy and Worker Freedom Change Everything" by Wiley 10. BREAKING FREE "The Shale Rock Revolution".  this is a documentary by Mr. Faulkner.  11 THE FRACKING TRUTH (Platform Press 2014 by Mr. Faulkner CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation.         12. FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. "Totalitarian Democracy In The New World Order" by F. William Engdahl.  13. FIELD NOTES FROM A CATASTROPHE " Man Nature and Climate Change"  by Elizabeth Kolbert. 14. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION " An Unnatural History" by Elizabeth Kolbert.  15. SEEDS of DECEPTION "Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Food Your Eating" by Jeffrey Smith 16. GENETIC ROULETTE "The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Food" by Jeffrey Smith.  You can research the Environmental Working Group EWG dirty dozens fruits and vegetables and the clean fifteen at   The State and Government Seals say "In God We Trust" but those agencies, are constantly and continually full of lies, corruption and crime. 




    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Eisenhower actually was a portal for the start of the insanity.  The Devil's Chessboard is a recent book by San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. author David Talbot about Allen Dulles that details, among other things, how he got his power during the Eisenhower administration.  Here is the link to the recent and very good interview of Talbot with host Michael Krasny at KQED:  Dulles, as well as Bill Donovan and other subsequent directors of the CIA had very close and deep ties to Wall Street.  When Dulles & Co. whacked JFK, that was the last American president who had any kind of scruples or real ideals to change the way that Business As Usual gets done.

  33. Sammy Wilson says:

    We find ourselves having to beg the powers that be to cease committing crimes against our health, environment. Agriculture  and economy. They will never respond to the best interests of our country. By they're doing this in such a covert way suggest they are committing an act of war against our people.
    Fact is this is an enormous operation involving engineering, manufacture, coordinating, transportation of materials, building all the specialty equipment, outfitting and maintaining aircraft and of course the treasonous scum that fly these planes. 
    Things to do:
    Find where the raw materials originate
    find method of material transport 
    Find the facility that creates the final product and how it trravels to the airport for loading.
    identify the people involved. ID the project leaders, engineers, pilots and crew. Perhaps a hacker could assist in this to a degree such as providing drivers license info. They live among us. Knowing who they are and what role they play may enable concerned  citizens an opportunity to discuss their career choice. Their big paychecks won't look so good when they're confronted by angry citizens.

    • Joe Sullivan says:

      good battle plan 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, MORE exposure, including Those Complicit in The Big Lie. 

      Geoengineering, I'm sure, is Big Business, making Big Money for those desperate enough to kill their home planet in exchange for the great privilege of receiving Lucifer's lying, filthy lucre. 

      How about a list of names and companies you can read when you search a link, posted on the billboards, a "Who's Who" in the Rogue's Gallery of Aerosol Crimes?

    • H. says:

      Sammy, can you take the lead in finding out what facility is manufacturing the chemicals being sprayed?  We can assume that the finished product is delivered by pipeline, or by tank trucks, or rail tank cars.  All the shipping manifests should have manufacturer information on them.  Can anyone access and report this to Dane's website?


  34. kathleen gabel says:

    Well, that sure does explain it.  A system designed to silence those who see wrongdoing, no matter how grave, within the walls of our federal government.  Rampant Crime Can and Certainly Does Happen at the Highest Levels of Military and Federal Government.  I am deeply grateful to Kevin Shipp for revealing this most sickening information,  and through this information, we can all see that Complete Corruption is UnPunishable within the Confines of the Government Military Industrial Complex.  This is NOT A DEMOCRACY. This is NOT A REPUBLIC.  These SECRECY Caveats Seal our Fate DAILY on so many levels, it is impossible to count.   

  35. grinling gibbons says:

    dear dane. I admire your program & attention to detail in trying to expose these scum who want us all dead & our lovely planet ruined beyond repair. & of course it doesent stop there the animals the fish the dolphins & pollution to the sea rivers streams flora fauna trees all dying by the trillons.

  36. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Thank you Mr. Shipp for the info. I'm 65 yrs. old and was glad to have lived in this nation until I looked up one day, and it went downhill from then on. I always loved clouds and that's how I found out about this as the weather was not right! And getting worse. Kept researching, found Danes sight, and what I thought was really happening. 
    Its been a week of no spraying her in key, until last night they where very busy, the skies made me literally sick. Also I have convinced some of my family that this is going on, the others just roll their eyes. This will end one, as I am a Christian and this is all biblical. Just didn't know man was going to be the factor in destruction. I will say, these elite thugs will be destroyed themselves and will go to a very hot prison, eternal!
    May God Bless and protect all involved to uncover these thugs  in this massive destructive plan that they have. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord!

    • Holly says:

      I agree with you, Marsha!! This is all sickening to me, but I also see God's plan being accomplished even through this evil.I also never imagined it would be through human hands. 

      Stay strong and be of good courage. It's not over until GOD says so. Vengeance is definitely HIS. 

  37. Steven Rosner says:

    Courageous work Kevin and Dane!
    It was in the low 30s Sunday night here in Connecticut. After a crazy-heavy spray day yesterday, it is in the 70s here today. Nothing to see here, perfectly normal.
    Thanks and keep up the hard fight!

  38. Victoria Bower says:

    Yes. This is a lot of what my family experienced this last 14 years since my husband in the course of doing his oversight job with DSS discovered illegal and criminal activities at a defense contractor in Seattle regarding some defense contracts. After turning in his report with all the evidence, he was ordered to change, ie. falsify his report. He refused to commit fraud. The demands got heavier and they continued to push repeatedly to get him to commit the fraud and change the report in order to protect the defense contractor, and the people in his Agency, who were not trying to cover up the unethical and criminal activities. It appeared there were not only revolving door activities going on between this Agency and the defense contractor, but also some relationships between people high up in his Agency, and others, including the Pentagon that were inappropriate in were a conflict of interest.

    Have you encountered a case where all of someone’s positive things, awards, commendations, kudos, were removed from their personnel file, in order to try to show the employee was a lackluster employee while investigations were going on regarding the Title 18 crimes found, and the Title 5 retribution and harassment of the employee? How do they get away with purging a person’s file of all the many years of successes over a career? Fortunately, my husband, his attorney and some other investigative agencies had copies of his complete personnel file paperwork that went missing at the hands of DSS management. Why are they not held accountable?

  39. Abigail says:

    Dearest Mr. Kevin Shipp and Dane Wigington,

    My most sincere gratitude for this information. It certainly makes it more clear as to 'why' there are not more whistle blowers coming forward, regarding these horrendous Criminal Crimes being committed by our governing officials. 'To date over 5 million American have been required to sign this secrecy….' I have not walked in their shoes. Perhaps they needed a job to feed their families, live, take care of so many other essential life expenditures, and possibly were coerced by the government itself. I don't even trust our own government. Praying they will become convicted and stop this atrocity.  Sharing with Orbis Vitae, Russ Tanner.  God bless you and keep you safe!

    There is so much we don't even know about our own governing officials that it is frightening.  I truly feel empathy (?) for these people.  Thank you for stepping forward to help defend our Constitutional form of government from tyranny. May God forgive America.

    My most sincere appreciation and gratitude to both of you. A~

  40. Tina says:

    The spraying is bad over northern ca  this morning-gummy eyes,running nose,sneezing,bad muscle pain and no stamina-please this has to stop. Last year people started shooting at these planes-stopped them for a short while-then they changed course -this is one of many acts of war on the American people-by the corrupt military and corporation in school-Jerry brown knows all and is complicit!!!!

    • It's true, Tina, Jerry Brown knows but will not tell. Over two years ago I sent him a detailed letter begging for help from Sacramento in exposing geoengineering in California. The letter was accompanied by a short note from a very old San Francisco friend of his who is and has been a force in local Democratic politics for decades, asking that he look into the matter but no acknowledgement was ever received of our concerns from the Governor or his office, not a single word in reply.

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