Former US Marine Hammers The Global Elite Agenda On Mainstream TV


US Military veteran Ken O’Keefe tells it exactly as it is. In the fast moving 8 minute video below O’Keefe is as direct as he could be with laying out the unfolding push toward WWlll by the global power structure. Populations around the globe need to wake up as the walls are closing rapidly in on us all. A few insane elite at the top are pushing the entire planet and every living thing on it past the point of any return. Those that truly care for the common good and their own future will take an example from Ken O’Keefe on speaking out. We do not have time to spare, those in power are pulling the noose around our collective necks by the day from too many directions to mention in this commentary. Make your voice heard now, you may not have the chance for long.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Patricia P Tursi says:

    Wow…He can speak for me anytime. What a clarity of sight. Why can’t others see what’s going on? It is really depressing. Obama rattles the sabres against Assad, Putin, and anyone who will get him what he wants. He is arming the Syrian rebels and it isn’t news that the arms and military vehicles, etc., are going to ISIS. We created Al Qaeda now we use ISIS. It makes me believe in evil extant.

  2. James says:

    Hi Gary MacDonald, enjoyed your post. For the non-Canuck reader, ‘Prime Minister’ Jean Chretien. Don’t forget polls showed 92% of Canadians were against the idea of invading Iraq in 2003; and rightly, Canada’s PM Chretien refused to participate; i think we were the only member of the ‘league of nations’ (gang) who did refuse. Was there another country in the gang who firmly refused the strong arm pressure of the neo-cons to invade Iraq?

    The reason our population did not succumb to the WMD illusion is because we are close enough to US culture, seeing it clearly and understanding it fully, yet observe it from without; as in watching a fish bowl. Our eyes do not glaze over at symbols dressed in red white and blue. We still remember burning down the WH.

    Chretien had the balls to say ‘NO’ to the war monger gang. But that was then. Years later we have succumbed, bombed Libya, have a ‘War Ship’ (1/3 of our Navy?) in the Black Sea, cruised by Russian fighters flying within 1000 meters, weapons target-light up range. As a parallel can you imagine a Russian sub surfacing in Hudson’s Bay together with a Chinese vessel on defensive training maneuvers?

    The press in Canada today are barely questioning this war in progress, WWIII. We Canadians are being completely sold on the ‘terror threat’, and we are seemingly going along with the empire’s courting of war with Russia, the same way all NATO citizenry are being sold a bill of goods. The hawks want war and they have found a clever way to bomb Syria and so far, get away with it.

    Webster Tarpley’s Oct 1st interview with Jeff Rense does a nice job breaking down the inner-workings of American politics and the secret government pulling the war machinery strings, something you won’t hear on CNN its worth listing to as a background to the Ken O’keefe rant if nothing else. Tarpley’s endless stream of historical data holds Rense quietly at bay (bonus). Download at


  3. Gary MacDonald says:

    The the largest arms manufacturer on the planet.

    On the recent fiasco in Syria and iraq, Jean Chretien of Canada in 2003 was very wise and did not give in to the U.S. lies about WMD. The U.S. and Brits invaded Iraq to get control of its oil. The lies about WMD were exposed, but the U.S. and British stayed quickly changing the propaganda feed to its citizens to “creating peace and democracy for the people of Iraq.” Some 400,000 of these happy people were killed and another two million displaced during the occupation.

    Now, the U.S., having ignored the devastation in Iraq and Syria for three years, wants to protect not the people, about whom it does not give a damn, but its largest and most expensive embassy, the $500 million, Green Zone edifice that covers 18 football fields and employs 5,000 people. I cannot imagine all are issuing tourist visas.

    The embassy is the triplet to the massive Bagram base in Afghanistan and the recently completed $1.5 billion base in Djibouti. Can anyone spell drone operations and electronic surveillance centre?

    The U.S. will bomb Iraq and Syria. The French and British will only bomb Iraq. Canada would profit more and make a better contribution to the world if the tar sands were bombed.

    U.S. propaganda was a lie in 2003. I thought Obama would be a better liar than George W. Bush but he is not.

  4. angela says:

    I used to feel like I was a horrible person because I swore I would never encourage my son to fight in these stupid wars, that I would never want him to either. I am glad now that more and more people are waking up to the truth, these are simply blood sacrifices for the wealthy. At least with Viet Nam, there was a draft…..we need a draft, that stops war. Stop and think about it, why no draft anymore?

  5. JWoods says:

    One of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and, ironically, he’s the real patriot. He has my proxy!

  6. Azaima says:

    As he eloquently urges those in military service to refuse orders, I offer this link to my favorite anti war song, “Don’t Obey” by Scott Ainslie. Free download, lyrics and study guide.

  7. Allan says:

    The terror factory. Manufactured wars.

    Who’s the real terrorist?

    This documentary series reveals the truth for all to see.

  8. Michelle says:


  9. zav says:

    Ken O’keefe, Max Igan, Rick Simpson, Dane Wigington and im sure theres more people but these men have dedicated themselves for the greater good and i have nothing but respect for them.

  10. ronfoster says:

    BRILLIANT! ON MY FB PAGE. It’s time.

  11. Ken says:

    Ken is the Man.
    All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

  12. bobby says:

    Heroic balls of steel.Respect.Thank you Dane.

  13. Cori Gunnells says:

    Ken O’Keefe told the truth with such clarity and passion the other guest was speechless, and I hope shamed and humbled. That would have never aired on CNN or FOX – not to that extent, if at all.
    If you’ve never watched “All Wars are Banker’s Wars” (this is a 15 min. excerpt) please do –

    *A friend of mine in Damascus just sent me a video that was recorded in Homs, Syria today (pop. over 1 million). Bombs exploding amongst civilian populations is ongoing. The MSM only shows you desert shots, and the DoD has decided to ‘live stream’ some of their hits. It’s all for show, propaganda and evil.

  14. GM says:

    Do we know for sure there is an Ebola patient in Texas? If there is the Nation should demand it be stopped there. Because it can be; if it’s not then all of this sounds very phony.

  15. jörn clauss says:

    This appears to be so true and it is a very brave thing to speak out. Authorities have been known to lie to their citizens and they do it all the time!And all in the name of money! Fantastic, Ken O´Keefe!

  16. Elle says:

    Thanks for this Dane! I believe that most of America knows this war is a sham. Whether they want to admit it or not.

  17. Larry says:

    Excellent. Hats off to this guy.

  18. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    Thank you Ken O’Keefe Love you . you are brave thank you

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