G on Planet X with Guest Dane Wigington


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  1. Gene Maynard says:

    Dave, you are right on. I have realized for a while now, all of the calamities, the earthquakes and men being scorched by great heat are man made events. We have turned our back on God for so long and lived for the world, we are now reaping what we have sown. We as a nation were given over to mans excesses; now we are reaping the returns of mans excesses. If we will turn to God He will save us and fight this battle for us.

  2. I have been following weather manipulation since Storm Sandy when I discovered real traces of plant leaf deterioration, Tree destruction and an increase of plant ” Yellowing ” more in just this year. But I disagree with the Planet X Radio show guy who doesn’t believe in the Bible. My faith is in Christ and the Bible is the word of God, the Holy Spirit. God talks about the last days. The moon turning red and the Sun not giving its light with an increase of earthquakes in various places makes sense now. This is geoengineering. God is allowing it to happen but he isn’t going to allow us to genocide ourselves with his return. MARK chapter 12 NKJV Bible. When I see this Yellowing in my plants, chemtrails, weather modification, EMF, electromagnetic fields (cell phone,wifi) I know Christ is closer to returning. We cannot keep on going on like this. My 1997 heavy cellphone usage gave me an operation removal tumor in 2010 and continues to make me electromagnetic sensitive. Everything is just too overwhelming right now. Christ is in control of everything and my faith is in him. This is my NEW HOPE to redemption in these creeps that continue to play God.

    Thank you

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