Geoengineering Denial, “Our Government Would Not Do This To Us”


If you have been involved in the struggle to expose and halt climate engineering for any duration, you have certainly heard the "our government would not do this to us" programmed response of total denial. Even in groups who seem to be very aware of government criminality and tyranny, facing the realization that their own government has made them a part of a lethal global atmospheric spraying experiment for decades is just too much for most to even consider. The more material distractions a population has to entertain them and occupy their attention, the deeper into denial they descend. America is a glaring example of this kind of societal programming. The US population may be the last potential counterbalancing force that could have a chance at stopping the runaway juggernaut of global power which is responsible for the ongoing climate engineering insanity and so much more. We must all work together in the critical fight to awaken the masses, to shatter the delusion and denial. The article below is an excellent exposé of societal conditioning and programing.
Dane Wigington


The Nature Of American Denial

Source: Waking Times, article by SARTRE

At the core of self delusion is the inability and/or the unwillingness of facing reality. While psychological disorders can often explain abnormal behavior in individuals, the exegesis for deviant social attitudes and accompanying conduct is reserved for society. Or so we are told! But does this make sense to you? As long as you accept that reality does exist and that it can be understood, it follows that we have the right, the ability and the obligation to comprehend it and adjust our actions accordingly.

Most Americans view, of their own personal identity, is inculcated by the political culture. Delmar England, in his provocative work – Mind and Matters, The World in a Mirror – offers this valuable insights into our mutual and shared condition: “In human affairs, as surely as effect is preceded by action, action is preceded by belief, and belief is preceded by thought and conclusions.”

Applying this standard to politics Mr England depicts government is this fashion:

“For all the sidestepping, dance arounds, word games, and confused rhetoric, the term government is easily defined; not by subjective agreement, but by reference to objective reality and the actual entities involved. First, we know that there is no such thing as an infinite entity and that the term, government, necessarily denotes a relationship. The actual entities involved are human individuals. The base options of relationships between individuals are non-initiation of force and non-coercion, or initiation of force and coercion. It makes no difference how many different subjective labels are put upon the situation, the objective fact remains that at the root of it all, these are the only two options. The former is in recognition of the individual as a self-owned entity. The latter is based on the idea of an individual being the property of an “infinite entity”; which is the “justification” for rule by the individuals who hide behind the abstracts and exercise their will to dominate and control all others.”

“The subjective and arbitrary labels arbitrarily associated with government such as democracy, socialism, communism, etc. are purely for the purpose of self-delusion. Although form of implementation may vary and some versions start closer to ultimate self-destruction than other versions, the common and identifying objective content of each and every one is initiation of force and coercion. Millions may volunteer for such an anti-social system and play self-deluding word games for the sake of preferred self-image, but all the pretense in the world and “definitions by agreement” will not erase the truth about government, nor prevent the certain violent consequences of initiation of force and coercion.”

No doubt, this is a correct assessment. Virtually every society and country operates with the implied and universal acceptance that government is natural and ordained. The individual accepts force and coercion as a substitute for avoiding the risk and responsibility of personal Freedom. MindMatters concludes with this point:

“Rather than freedom being the highest value sought by most, it is their deepest and most abiding fear. So much so that they can’t even envision it.”

American denial has caused an epidemic dysfunctional confusion. The delusion that our own self identify is equivalent with the “collective will” of society; which, in turn is synonymous with the government and its policies, is a sociopathic sickness. The antisocial behavior of the STATE demonstrates all the characteristics of a profile of a sociopath. Apply the top five to the demeanor of government: Glibness/Superficial Charm – Manipulative and Conning – Grandiose Sense of Self – Pathological Lying – Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. We are all taught what we should believe about government; but only the fool, the liar or the delusional accepts that our – self-owned entity – benefits from the force and coercion that the State demands upon us.

Robert L. Kocher has compiled a body of works far too numerous, on this topic to cite sufficiently. We urge you to review and absorb the wisdom in his insights. Most of the lessons detail the last administration, but are completely relevant to the current regime. One essay, especially compliments the Delmar England conclusion. Mr Kocher writes in American Mental Health and Politics:

“If some of us are appalled, frightened, and even driven half crazy by the maddeningly and complacently silly or psychotic levels of denial, by the superficiality, by the abysmal immaturity, by the primitive level of personality structure, by the too-easily employed distorted rationalizations, by the lack of contact with basic reality that we deal with in our daily lives, hear in our college faculties, and see on TV and in high political office, we can nevertheless know that the reality of our perceptions is validated by mental health figures as well as those patients being seen in therapist’s offices.”

Currently, the national mood is absorbed in the illusion that Americans are at risk and that they are in danger from terrorists abroad. While reality demonstrates that enemies of America are plentiful, the disconnect that their veridical hatred is focused upon the U.S. Government and its policies, is concealed. Vast numbers of Americans feed their denial that they are the target of madmen; while they seek comfort in the fallacy that support for the WAR Party will make them safe. The force and coercion that the government imposes upon you, under the pretext that it is necessary and protective, diminishes your safety as it destroys your Liberty. The utter fraud of national security policy, seeks only to preserve the government, no matter how much harm it inflictes upon citizens.

So why do so many misguided flag-waving zealots rally to a jingoistic cause? Kocher provides the answer: “We now live in a society where many people no longer want or value freedom. Personal freedom and the responsibility that goes with it are abrasive intrusions or demands upon a crippled self-absorbed internal state.”

“American Denial” prevents the admission that U.S. policies only benefit the government. Their own personal delusional perceptions are interchangeable with a phony litmus test, judged by their support for State illusions. The thought of exercising the Freedom to think, criticize, condemn and resist is far too disconcerting to the sheeple. They view their own self worth as an adjunct of an abstract deception; while, the true motives of the government are to control society and all individuals, using force and coercion. Both England and Kocher have it right. The association between an individual and an infinite entity denotes a relationship; and the reluctance or unwillingness to exercise freedom and responsibility, allows the government to implement force and coercion.

“Eternal Vigilance” is no longer enough to preserve Liberty. Sound mental health, appreciation for your own self worth, trust in the integrity of reality and the courage to do battle with the forces that seek to delude your own dignity are all necessary to win this struggle. America is NOT the Government. When policies are dishonest they must be opposed. When officials are depraved they need to be removed. And when your neighbor demands your allegiance to a corrupt government, it is your duty to confront his delusion.

We can no longer afford to be silent in the face of “American Denial”.

About the Author: SARTRE is the mind behind BATR. org (Breaking All The Rules), which documents the steady decline of American exceptionalism.

Source: Waking Times, article by SARTRE

10 Responses to Geoengineering Denial, “Our Government Would Not Do This To Us”

  1. mel brooks says:

    We're in California… Los Angeles county recently admitted to using Silver iodide bombs on high hills to manipulate rain patterns… Upon interviewing some people – these idiots say "cool, I can't believe they can do that!" WTF? Idiots. complete morons.

    My husband and I have had an outdoor wood table (unvarnished mind you) for about 2 years and never had a problem leaving it in the elements… Until February! we noticed the previous month we were slammed Jan 23rd all of a sudden – from drought to flood! you can look up the article in the L.A. Times.  Our wood table was visibly deteriorating – like it was exposed to vinegar (an aging process for wood)…its now May and we have to throw it away after this last rain when the county used silver iodide… Consider this:  California grows the majority of U.S. Fruits/vegetables/nuts! and this crap chemical is falling on them! Organic stuff is still grown "outside" people… Did you know that Cornel University has come up with gmo Broccoli (note: Cali grows 90% of Broccoli in the U.S) that can withstand hot weather in the event California can't grow it anymore – therefore grow elsewhere.  Look it up. 

    California grows: 99% of artichokes/99% walnuts/97%kiwis,plums/95%celery,garlic/89% califlower/71% spinach/69%carrots/ 50%lemons/….etc…too many  to list.

    If California goes – we all go.   But, well – 'this is cool right?" that we can produce rain…LOL – not funny in the least.

  2. Jim Dalton says:

    For those that would like to immerse themselves in the complete text by Delmar England, Mind and Matters: The World in a Mirror, the link is:


  3. kirk Mannor says:

    10/10/2015 hitting us hard again here in north east Ohio, I have the systems of geoengineering poisoning , ringing in my ears, rapid hart beat, aching joints,and more. Al who had a hand in this should go to jail and be fine the pilots to who took a your state officials and complain.

  4. Sindy says:

    Unfortunately the lack of knowledge and concern for our government and so many wrongdoings is a trait of the American culture that is well known around the world.  Be it fear of reprisal, laziness, detachment, denial, distraction, ego, or whatever, it is what it is.  Unless it directly impacts someone there is no outrage or anger that will push someone to action.  Maybe it's all the chemicals we receive that makes us tired and willing to accept what is happening to us.  We accept cancer and don't sue or incarcerate anyone for the mass poisoning and deaths why should this be any different.  Very gloomy like out skies. 

  5. Irene Parousis says:

    The Eighth Wonder of the World, Humanity's denial of Geoengineering.

    • jerry says:…/illuminati/svali1_15.htm Denial Programming:
      Denial programming begins with the first experiences the infant goes through in life. The child has been horrendously wounded and traumatized, yet the next morning, the adults around him are acting normally, as if nothing had happened. They are modeling a lifestyle of denial for the infant and young child. This is reinforced later by the child being told:
      ''It was just a bad dream'' (oh, how the child wants to believe this lie. It makes the pain less to think it didn’t really happen)

      ''It’s just your imagination; it isn’t really happening'' (which is again embraced as an escape from the horror). Denial will also be fed by the adults around the child telling them that they will never be believed if they disclose. There will be set ups to teach the child what they see and hear, and to teach the child to trust outside adults to tell them their reality.
      A typical set up will go like this:
      The adult will hold an object such as an orange in their hand, and ask the young child, about age two or three, ''what is this?''. The child will quickly respond, ''oh, an orange!'' The child will be shocked, and told, ''no, it’s an apple.'' The child will be confused, because what they are looking at is obviously an orange. It is the color orange, smells like an orange, looks like an orange. The question will be repeated. The child may answer again,'' an orange,'' and will be shocked again. Finally, the child, unsure and not wanting to be punished, will say, ''an apple,'' and be praised.

      The purpose of this exercise is to teach the child to not trust their own reality, and look to outside adults or leaders to tell them what reality really is.
      That is the basis of denial: the person learns to not trust their own reality, because of punishment and fear when they have spoken the truth.

  6. Keith Whittington says:

    Here l lies the crux of the war biscuit; government. Get out a dictionary, any dictionary, and check the definition. Power and control…… Now, check the word freedom. Liberty and self-determination ……. Do the two words compliment each other, or are they antithetical? ***** History Question: Did g washington and the founding mothers fight for freedom or control? It is funny, but in grade school we were never told that upon the signing of the fabled contract, a mere 5% were eligible to vote. It appears that 95% lost their freedom in the bargain. ****** Today: the new world order of power and control flies jets around the globe dropping bombs and spraying poison. Hmmmmm.

  7. kirk Mannor says:

    when will this all stop?

  8. Tom Keith says:

    Great article, now I understand why it's so hard to convince people they are being lied to by their"wonderful" government

  9. alan says:

    Sodium flouride and aluminum will do that to you brains. Add a side of MSM brainwash, voila!

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