Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 13, 2016


Dane Wigington

The sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out while the majority of the human race remains locked into the paradigm of power structure programmed denial. From the verifiable vaccination dangers, to the clearly visible climate engineering assault, to the maneuvering toward WWlll, so many have completely abandoned their sense of deductive reasoning in exchange for the official narrative. Will unfolding global cataclysms on every front force the masses to wake from their slumber in time to salvage what is left of Earth's life support systems? The August 13th installment of Global Alert News is below.

The challenges we collectively face are not out on the horizon somewhere, they are already here. All our voices are essential in the fight for the greater good, we are out of time.

171 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 13, 2016

  1. Denise says:

    Silvery skies.  I just watched the Weather Channel, and they had a spot on about all these weird looking trails in the sky.  They said they are CONtrails.  To me, they are lying.  CONtrails do not spread out nor do jets go in circles and make patterns in the sky.  Now they say all the loops you see is because the jets are in a holding pattern.  If you see wavy lines, that's the wind.  There is no conspiracy theory, they are just CONtrails.  I think WE are being conned.  They didn't mention the silvery skies.

  2. daniel k says:

    driving back up to portland after the aug 5 event, i saw lots of dead dying trees.

  3. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Attention look up the cure for cancer and autism is becoming Illigal in places like the uk for example.

  4. Larry Blugrind says:

    Keep up your good work of informing more and more influential politicians and others about the manipulating of our weather by geo engineering.  Remind them that despite an el'nino year, Southern California got less rain (6.88 inches) than the year before in an non el' nino year (8 plus inches) and about the unending Biblical portions of rain in the Eastern U.S. – especially in Louisiana, i.e., more than just a coincidence.   Sincerely yours,   Larry

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    An article in USA Today, states "Global warming may unleash radioactive waste from secret base". Frozen toxic sewage could emerge, one day from Camp Century an abandoned subterranean  U.S. nuclear test site in northern Greenland. The environment could be exposed to radioactive coolant, PCB's, and raw sewage, that the military originally believed would stay entombed for millenia. 

  6. bob says:

    I remember hearing you say that agencies said the trees are dying there from beetles rather than geoengineering.  What are your thoughts on the hemlock forests that are now dying in the east from wooly adelgid pests? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, in regard to the global tree die-off, the pests (including the beetles) are a symptom, not the core cause. FYI

  7. generation 80*s resistancer says:

    hello friends resistancers,hope that the day will never comes,but i cant forget that even all efforts and years spent to awaking poeple around me,im affraid that it will be too late,this idea block me deep in my chest i have huge anger against them,those in power whow decided to suppress my future,kill everythings i live and love with,i dont know i have begening to think thats over already,and see only dark future,so on that if like mister wigington says,when the dominos will start to fall…….get ready to what? fight?vision of horror I SINCERLY HOPE THAT WE WILL WIN BEFORE THAT!!!!then the road is long….many rivers to cross my brothas sistas,many……resist persist exist…………

  8. Jack says:

    Hello Dane, I'm a disabled Vietnam veteran with declining health, some associated with Agent Orange. I absolutely appreciate the awareness you bring to us followers I think you are a brave man. Please don't take this negative by I'm starting to lose hope! My question is and I hope you have the time to respond, is I have a substantial bank account as I am afraid to invest it, but what would you do? I have kids and grandkids and I want them to have this but when the financial crisis happens I want it in a save place. I do have some in gold but I don't know what to do. Thank you Dane and I hope you have the time to respond. Sincerely, Jack


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jack, your question is on the minds of many. I try always to be careful not to give such personal advice, but I will say this,  stocking up on provisions that your family can actually use when the dominos start to fall, the essentials, this would seem to be a most rational consideration. A place away from heavily populated zones, also something to ponder.

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Jack, Please totally familiarize yourself with Chris Martenson's website, Chris does advise, and like Dane's suggestions, is all about resilience! 

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      Jack: First I say thank you for your service.  My Marine is 100% p&t from Vietnam and we depend on the government to honor their commitment to him and all those brave men and women that sacrificed so much in service to our country. I too am anxious about the future and if I have prepared enough in case of government shutdown that cuts off our subsistence. Dane's advice is sound however not everyone, especially vets who are tied to a VA medical center can move.   You can't eat gold and silver but it could come in handy for goods. I don't know.  What I do know is dehydrated and MRE'S are discounted right now so stock up if funds are available.  Then get out of debt if at all possible.  Talk to your doc and see if you can get six months instead of three on meds.  And most importantly don't isolate yourself but reach out in fellowship because we need that support when the shtf.  Our faith and reliance on Christ is the foundation to give hope and eliminate fear.  Not everyone has this belief but I know for me it has done away with overwhelming hopelessness in the face of so much evil coming at us from all sides.  In the end just stand and be the brave hero you are for your loved ones, friends and neighbors because courage and leadership is what we need more than anything these days. Semper Fi (always faithful)

    • Dennie says:

      Making helpful connections with neighbors and others close by in other towns is going to be a big help.  People love helping and if you can do something for someone, another person is likely to help you.  Mostly what we need to do right now is FEEL ALL THE WAY into our worst fears. 

    • kathleen says:

      So sorry for your health problems, Jack. You need to be of sound mind to make good decisions — if you haven't already, read Dane's (and the others') articles in the Health section on this site. You cannot buy health with gold, banks are scams, and there may not be fresh water to drink. You and your children would be well-served by knowing self-sufficiency techniques (e.g., how to recognize edible weeds, how to capture water from the evening dew), and learning which goods that would be valuable in a barter economy, like salt, sugar, coffee, batteries, etc. Plus seeds, worms, and plants that grow in your climate. And the biggest water tank you can afford. If/when the grid goes down, you'll be on your own for anywhere from days to decades.

    • Jack says:

      Dane how kind of you to take the time to respond to my question. I hope you did not take my message as negative, life is just a little tough for me.  I sent a video to the Facebook website it is a Fed Ex plane on a collision course with a tanker. I promise I will stick with the journey to spread the awareness. You just gave me the boost I needed! Best regards, Jack

    • Jack says:

      I am sorry I did not see the other responses from Carrie, Droughtsurvivor, Dennie, and Kathleen. I cannot express the gratitude for your kind words. I also have PTSD and it makes life tough at times, but all of you just gave me a feeling I have not had in a long time. Dane I have a goal to meet you someday, I wanted to come to the VAXXED show but was not able to make it. I grew up in the 60's and it was the best of times, then the war, and now this. I did what the government   wanted of me, and now to see what is happening to my kids and  grandkids is tough! But Dane I can't wait for your Saturday shows, I feed of you courage and perseverance, and have the highest respect for you. I am NOT giving up….Jack, thank you all again!

    • D says:

      Hello Jack,

      I wanted to first underscore pretty much everything everybody else said, including Dane, as it absolutely true that you should make sure have the essentials that you need taken care of first. However, I would not recommend going the route of hoarding or isolating yourself and fooling yourself into thinking that you can jus wait until this all blows over. I personally think that you would do well to keep in mind that identifying people who are of sound mind and are actually putting forth their actions into fighting this war that is being waged against the common people, and contributing to their efforts is a great way not only to further the fight that needs to be won, but also will allow you gain strong allies along the way. Just food for thought.

  9. Bonfire says:

    Skies over Tampa are Opaque most of the time now and any time some blue comes through one can see a high altitude jet racing across the sky spewing out chemicals.  It's like a permanent moisture dome . . .

  10. Patti says:

    Major lung issues across the board. Feeling sick for everyone suffering across the globe, it is hurting all of us and wish that those in power can stop telling us lies. I may not know much, but after investigating outside of the crap we are fed daily, why do they want to burn some out and flood others? Flooding those to accommodate the Zika mosquito to curb the population, what is wrong with their minds? I am on board from my little person mind that understands. These people who do this will find their demise in many ways more than anyone can do on their own. There are so many who are understanding your  and all of our cries for help, but we need direction so we can work together to stop the false lies told to us every day and stop the chemical warfare on law abiding citizens.  Prayers for all those to come forth and help stop this for all of our babies future. How can all of us stop the insanity? Paid liars have to go, and so they shall be, but how do we do it? I am spreading the word everyday. Those who are doing this, need to face a higher court of the people, if we have that anymore. Trees are dying everywhere here, and no one cares, they are trying to see how much we can take, they will get what is coming to them for their horrible deeds.

    • LS says:

      Here's what I say.  Everyone who says they want to make a difference should do this.  Got a facebook page? Change your photo to an obviously geoengineered sky or dead trees in your area or a photo of a syringe.. I am daring you. I am only on FB for 3 months but what a waste of space and time. And the commercials….  Use it… like they use us. 

      Anyone else feeling really upset by the 20,000 mostly black, poor people that have been assaulted in the most recent battle in the weather war? 10,000 are out of their homes. The social pyramid teaches us that when you are struggling for food and shelter you cannot be involved in anything else. This is the ugly face of MIC lead social engineering and it is disgusting.

    • Dennie says:

      LS:  I'm a new Facebook account.  Yes, I love your idea.

  11. Steven says:

    I am sick of hearing about all of this sh*t. I just want to forget about it,  the psychological anguish that all of this causes is deadening. There is no way out…. Where's the line that they say exists where we left the log cabbins and entered appartments? The line is in schooling and doesn't even exist. The Pink Floyd song, "Goodbye Blue Sky" comes to mind. "Look mother, their's an airoplane in the sky". We are so gullable that we let ourselves be doomed. We appointed people, PEOPLE!, to dictate our lives. We gave that to them and continue to do so. We are so blind that a zombie appocolipse somehow seems feesable.  So much information and mayhem that our minds are scrambled. It has become impossible for us to find our focus because we dont know what to focus on. There is no natural Nature left for us to even reboot on. To the one percent of the ten percenters, money is obsolete people. They smile and wipe their asses with it. Here we are hooked on it like a drug. Strung out, and can't live without it. What happens when they shut off the power, phone, internet, water, and Walmart? Pretty easy, and All at the flick of a switch. If you took a million bucks and stacked it up on a table in front of a baby and next to it placed a 5oz natural gold nugget, what do you think the baby would go for? We're blinder than a bunch of babies. This is all a downward spiral that has existed for centuries. Nothing's new. Nowhere to explore. So now they experiment on the ant farm. We can all go up with Dane towards the light of truth or we can just close our eyes. It's always something. Face what's in front of you. Truth in Trinity.

    • MS P says:

      I too have thought of the Pink Floyd song. "Good Bye blue skies, goodbye"

      There is a couple Niel young songs that sing about things. Such as Flying Mother Nature's seed, to a new home in the sun. 

      Very insightful music. From decades ago.

  12. TrudyB says:

    Thanks LS! Ref the N100masks, this is the only size that you can and should use to protect your lungs >>>because the next purchase you can make is the real deal!!!  And much more money!!   The N100 is available in pairs, covers the nose and the mouth firmly and unless you are running and breathing hard will stand up to several wearings. And follow the maker' s instructions!   Take care. >PS  Do you folks detox regularly?  like daily?  Doso….get online and check the sites addressing detoxing heavy metals,aluminum and the rest. At least use Hawaiian  Spirulina every day.  Make miso soup….drink a cup daily before bed.   Say your prayers.!  You know>>> talk to the  'boss' upstairs. Best to all!

    • Karen GAllen says:

      Yes PinkFloyd did have a song goodbye blue skies ,look mummy there's an aeroplane in the sky ,is on 

      Money is another ,new car caviar four star day dream, think I'll buy myself a foot ball team ,money money it's all down to the BANKERS ! They are behind every thing ,they don't care they want 90% of us dead so the 10% left is easier to deal with,! They will continue to be the slaves ,the little workers to grow their food ,live stock etc ,and so it goes on and on and on,that why spreading these words of Truth from Dane and others are so important ,our trees are the lungs of our planet ,wake up all those who are still sleeping they need   educating  quickly !!!!!

  13. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and all my friends I haven't met yet, My gracious has it been an aerial concourse of trails this last 2 days now. I refrained from commenting last night so I could report in a somewhat conclusive manner. "Yesterday", Holy Moly! Just like others here, I have noticed a "decrease" in the "noticeable" aerosols. And then yesterday happened. By the evening, sun down, I was watching lighting. Funny though. It did not have the thunder I once knew. I count after a sighting of lightning. I know approximately how far away the lightening was. From what I saw and being 3 to 5 miles away, it should have had a MUCH louder thunder. I also saw lightening flash horizontally in the same clouds that were reaching the ground. I don't usually see such. I also saw what I call "rain that doesn't meet the ground". Lots of it all around my 360 degree view. Mostly towards the highlands though. Northwest to the southeast of me(180*), my best and longest view. Today was a completely different panorama. There were every bit as many tankers as yesterday yet they were flying even higher than yesterday, which was kind of high in comparison to previous hot summer days. I lost count of how many tankers I saw making passes dispersing aerosols at 50. That was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon each day. Yesterday they stopped spraying about 4 and the sky became lightening and rain not meeting the ground by about 7. The transformation was pretty cool if I may add. It would make for some serious time lapse photography. Anyone willing to donate a decent camera, I'll fill it with "omg" kind of skies. The north Okanogan has been devistated with the geoengineering that has been inflicted on this area. This region like soooo many others are the leading indicators of what is to come. They are vast and they are fragile. Yet oh so very hardy if given a chance. Like Ray wrote, UVC is killing us all, from the bottom up. UVB is it's enforcer. Me, on a way to hot sunny day, I dream of when our skies were 95% good o'l UVA. Remember those days? I do…

    That is why I am an "intelligent warrior". The many are my kingdom. All matter and for them I will stand tall and be heard, noticed!! The rest of the story is out of my hands. But I have faith in the goodness of human kind "un-manipulated". My key has not left the ignition of my truck for over 25 years. Windows down on hot days and so far haven't had any problems. It's worth some thought if you want a coerciveness to the blending of what we will soon be faced with. Can I help it if I know how to blend nature on a common sense level? 150 years ago they could, and they lived well. "Truth", a roof, a warm bed and a full belly. What else could you ask for? (lol!)…

  14. CLOUDS

    by Rev. Lilo Bauer-Freitag, 11 August 2012, published in the Autumn 2013 Universal Brotherhood Movement Newsletter.

    Have you forgotten what clouds looked like

    Before we altered them so?

    Did you know that they housed souls

    Which now have nowhere to go?

    So now you fly your jets, my friend,

    Painting artificial clouds in the sky,

    With poisonous chemicals and color schemes

    Only money can buy.

    Breathing is getting harder now

    For folks and trees on earth.

    But are you aware that the afterlife

    And beyond now has less worth?

    So first you fly your jet,

    But come down you must,

    To see your children suffocate

    And plants turn to chemical dust.

    You frighten me, jet fighter man

    But I fear for your soul, too.

    Down with your plane, down with you plane…

    Someone must rescue YOU!

    So, what did you think our clouds were for,

    Made of nothing but water and air?

    Was there any mistake in that

    And, perhaps, not enough flair?

    Or did it just bother you

    That God controlled it all?

    What devilish plan had He cooked up

    By inventing spring, summer and fall?

    "I make my own tsunami," you scream,

    "Create rain whenever I please.

    We need you less and less down here–

    I micro-waved your atmosphere!"

    Vast sand deserts span the West

    Where grassland used to be.

    The corn is dead, but, what the heck,

    Perhaps that's sparing me.

    For genetically modified it all was anyway,

    Not meant for anyone to eat,

    Not cows, pigs, chickens or man.

    So God still knows no defeat.

    He still knows how to protect His flock,

    Dearest to His heart.

    And He'll fight back–He's fighting back,

    For He is just that msart.

    Still, I'm sad, so very sad

    To see all go like this.

    So save me, please, just one more cloud

    Made of water, air and bliss.

    Let me ride in it to rest my soul

    Before I travel on,

    recuperated from grief and horror

    And ready for a new dawn.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    We all go through the known stages of grief, in the face of devastating news, from denial, to depression, to anger, to bargaining, and finally to acceptance and action.  2012 was my personal depression phase in this process, but I didn't roll over. I am fighting for increased awareness, everywhere I go, shoulder to shoulder with all you courageous, real human beings here!  Thank you all and, most lf all, thank you, Dane!

    • Dennie says:

      CSNY was talking about this with their post-Apocalyptic song titled Wooden Ships, back in the 70s:


      Horror grips us as we watch you die

      All we can do is echo your anguished cries

      Stare, as all human feelings die,

      We are leaving– You don't need us.


      Not sure who's talking to whom here; go listen and figure It All out.

  15. Denise says:

    I asked my friend who is a seasoned commercial pilot for a major carrier if he has any knowledge about the SRM/trails and he told me that what I am seeing are contrails and then explained why they occur.  I sent him this website link and explained that I watch the spraying every day and I'm not mistaking one for the other.  I never received a response.  So, does anyone know if/why these commercial pilots are keeping quiet also?  Could they possibly be oblivious to it?

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Hi Denise,

      Commercial pilots have to be complacent, as well as all airports. I travel a bit and the airports usually provide a great areal view of the skies. I cannot believe what I see over the airports.

      This is blatant and insane. But these robots are not looking out for you and I, aside from getting you to your next destination.

    • Dennie says:

      My L.Ac. in Fairfax, CA told me a story about a guy who's a pilot in the military, someone he knew when he lived in Sand Point, ID.  Someone close to him asked him about the trails and his reply was that that information was classified and he was not authorized to discuss it.  That's a cover-up.  .

  16. Dawn says:

    Hi Dane, i have been a long time geoengineering visitor right from its inception

    Generally, there used to be maybe 5 comments sometimes 10 but now; look at all the comments!!!  as much as im incensed about the despicable things going on i am inspired to see so many people starting to wake up to the reality if geonengineering and its hazardous toxic affects on all life forms, and their willingness to actively do something about it.

    namaste to you all

  17. Elena says:

    I know Putin has been begging the American citizenry to wake up to what our government is doing trying to start WWIII, but I wanted to pass on a warning, haven't been sure how to do it or whether I ought to. Geo engineering is the most important issue of our time, an analysis of the evidence leads to no other conclusion, so I don't want to detract from this in any way, but I know so many depend on this site, and we may be going dark in the Fall so I thought I'd better say something to prepare people, or more accurately so they can prepare for what is ahead. And nothing is set in stone regarding the future; the more prepared people are for a potential negative event the more likely it will not happen. I've personally experienced this; it is some law of the universe, so to prepare thoroughly is the best way to prevent something bad from happening. Probably everybody has heard the chatter, online sources, etc, but just in case, I believe there is a very strong probability of the US being hit by a false flag/terror attack, this Fall, early Fall; the grid or a large portion of it will go down, here in the US. I've heard this from two survival/ prepper groups I receive e-mails from, one of them in particular, the way he worded it, I could tell he somehow had military connections and that his intel was from a good source. And he sounded just frantic, desperate, trying to warn us. Then I tried to warn a neighbor down the street, and he said he already knew, not as to the timing, but the general event from his nephews and nieces in the military, they had told him. I've also been hearing for a while now from online sources that the grid here is very weak, antiquated, never updated decades ago when it should have been due to our Congress falling down on the job as usual, even though Europe has updated theirs, and that this year the military began moving their bases of operations to prepare for doing dark. Other sources have been talking about it, too much going on regarding a 2016 apocalypse. People I"ve told have said they had already had a strong impulse to start to store water, etc, something is in the air. But the kicker for me was when I went to a woman who channels her Guides, when my second cat died, I wanted to be sure they were ok. Mediumship is an accepted part of spirituality for my Temple, though I would never use any of this type of thing talking to people about the climate engineering, strictly credible data, but this is about a warning and people hear warnings differently, so if this could help someone, I'll just tell it, she is good, does not have 100 percent accuracy rate by any means, the future is always in motion and can always be changed, but the group of guides she channels always begins with opening remarks, I had quite forgotten about this, was only there for my cats. What they said shocked me, and they do not see details, only general events. They said that there will be a terror attack on the grid here in the US, in the Fall, early Fall, Fall being defined as beginning Sept 21, and that people need to be prepared with several weeks of supplies, food, water, etc. They said the perpetrators mean it to cripple us, to show us they can get to us, but what Spirit wants to use it for is to build communities, to get people to work together, and to get along, that in order to survive we will need to band together. I would say to print out your favorite articles, download things to ensure you will have them to look at and give you strength, if this does happen, and perhaps it won't. I have to prepare, though, I will not survive unless I do, have a bad spine injury I am still recovering from and unless and until you get that pressure off your spinal cord you are compromised. 

    • Laura says:

      Wow…thanks, your good intentions in writing this are obvious..I for one will take heed.  I like what you said about preparation making something less likely … kind of like a preppers' murphy's law.  What's the best policy about money….remove it from the bank…?  Put it where?  In gold?  In the ground somewhere?  In a Swiss or Singapore Bank?   Any advice is welcome…Thanks


    • BaneB says:

      The cripple:  "Sit there in darkness, and get thee into darkness daughter of the Chaldeans (Babylon), for thou shalt no more be called the lady of kingdoms.". If our grid goes, so do we.  Nothing moves, no gasoline, no ATM, no communications, silence of the lambs and utter bedlam will ensue.  Babylon is very vulnerable.  Was the Delta Airline hack of a few days ago merely a computer glitch?  Or was it another foray into our grid vulnerabilities by unfriendly powers?  Testing one, two, three.  The "glitch" shut Delta down worldwide for many hours.  What about our computer operated nuclear power plants?  Achilles heel?  Knocking out the grid would leave our modern Babylon defenseless.  Congress is still too blind (corrupt) to see and has been forewarned by experts about our national vulnerability.

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  It's my firm belief and even understanding that The System is FULL of Achilles' Heels.  If we only had bold, brave people too young to understand the implications of hacking the computer systems running their sick WMDs I think we'd get somewhere. 

  18. A useful “puppet” – even better than Obama the “reader”…
    Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked! “Dementia, Seizures, Black-outs” By Hal Turner Show /Global Research, 8/14/16
    Hillary Clinton’s medical records have been leaked to the public and they are devastating.  According to her Doctor, Mrs. Clinton suffers from “Dementia, Seizures and Black-outs.”  In fact, the Doctor made note that Clinton’s conditions are “considerably worse” than in 2013. According to the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, “Subcortical Vascular Dementia” is defined as follows: Subcortical Vascular Dementia. Subcortical vascular dementia, also called Binswanger’s disease, is caused by widespread, microscopic areas of damage to the brain resulting from the thickening and narrowing (atherosclerosis) of arteries that supply blood to the subcortical areas of the brain.

    • Leo Derosia says:

      The secret service told alex jones that she also has parkinson's and is not in very good shape

  19. sea says:

    GMO mosquitos…possibly coming to a neighborhood near you soon?Serving up the Zika virus…

    • BaneB says:

      It should not be surprising to learn that Zika will quickly be migrating from Florida westward into Louisiana.  The storm, carrying mosquitos on the wind, parked over that region and leaves behind fertile breeding grounds in need of more jets spraying. The low pressure system has moved into Texas.  This will be interesting to watch where it is directed, or how these weather terrorists will destroy it.

    • MS P says:

      Bat houses are a good idea. . Bats eat mosquitos. I had some bats living in window panes, while living along a river. Never got any mosquito bites.

    • Dennie says:

      God HELP our poor little animals, the bats.  Many are succumbing to a kind of cancer.. O.M.G., WHAT is this planet coming to??? ALL the GOOD people seem totally powerless while ALL the EVIL PEOPLE get to "have it all."  Look where they're going with it..  won't be anything left. 

      I'm beginning to think that it's a problem thinking in terms of "good" VS. "evil," and this is not The Answer somehow.  More like who's denying what.

  20. Dennie says:

    Ray:  If you really are an aerospace engineer with 40 years' experience I wish to Hell you or someone with these credentials had been on board with me just now to hear the conversation I had with a guy who says he was a reporter with KPFK Pacifica Radio, another gatekeeper "progressive" radio station (translated: SOCIAL ENGINEERING PROPAGANDA FACTORY) for 4 or 5 years.  I was talking about solar radiation management and geoengineering and he said "There's NO evidence" for any such kind of programs, especially NOT by our government..." Really?? Never mind the massive U.S. Senate report on Weather Modification, all the universities that have signed on to the "research," the U.S. military, and all the patents that match what's being found in drinking water toxicology tests– "We live in a very polluted world and all of our drinking water is polluted…"  Well, oh-KAAAAAAAY, Sir…  Then I asked if he'd heard mentioned the names Ken Caldeira and David Keith, a geoengineer we have on record actually speaking at a geoengineering conference ("No such things exist…" SHEEEESH!) saying that it's cheap to retrofit jets with spray tankers and we can put 20 megatons of aluminum dioxide into the atmosphere– you can find Keith saying this as video documented at the conference, on YouTube.  He said there's "no such thing as geoengineers" and apparently I'm making it up… Then the guy had the audacity to say that there are a lot of mentally ill people, insinuating that I'm crazy;  well I agreed and I said that's quite true, and one often has no further to find them than by a glance in the mirror, I said, glaring right at him. Then I said "How about the barium poisoning I was hospitalized for in 2010, explain to me where that came from?"  The come back was a very smug "How did this place all start???" Well, okay, which place, where?  San Rafael, CA of course.  I said it's very well-known and very well-documented that San Rafael began as a Coast Miwok Indian village, then became a mission city used primarily for the recovery of the ill from S.F. Mission Dolores.  He said,"NO– it was started for GOLD MINING!"  I pointed out that there are NO gold deposits or mining ops of any kind in Marin County CA, that he is very obviously geographically challenged and it's also extremely well-known by FOURTH GRADERS in the public school system that the gold deposits in the state are found primarily in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, nearly 200 miles east of here.  Duh.  So he said I am obviously WRONG because I was "getting all worked up."  I replied THAT'S BECAUSE YOU AREN'T LISTENING, and maybe we need to turn up the volume but I see it's even worse than that– You do not know where to look for accurate information, especially documented facts and documented reality that most people know enough to agree on. 

    Folks, you can only walk away from sh!t like this; unfortunately I got trapped with this right next to me (sorry to say there are very good reasons the guy is divorced and couldn't find a place to live– who'd wanna live with someone who really is mentally ill mainly because he is ignoring reality and is trying very hard to convince you he's the sane one?).  I'm warning, be especially wary of people parading around looking "progressive," but who in reality aren't.  There are lots of these types.  This one has a pony tail and sells insurance for a living– just another phony-baloney "green washed" Bull-Shitter For The System, working for what else–? a paycheck and a pension (no shortage of these hip "oreo cookies–" hippie on the outside, neocon to the core– reminds me of another one I met who I got tangled up in about twenty years back, a staunch neocon who had a big ol' beard a la ZZ Top, wore his hair down well below his waist and wore tie-dyed T-shirts while yelling "Boo-YAHHH!" admittedly a regular FAN of the U.S. Military and ANYTHING they do (or probably even just want to do; I'll bet he thought massacring all those women and babies at My Lai was perfectly fine to do– KILL THE GOOKS–BOOO YAHHHH!!)

    Warning:  This is a good example of what you get "out there."  We are really in trouble on Earth when you find that this kind of "thinking" is the most prevalent mind-set of nearly every person you'll meet.  You won't change their mind BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ONE. 

  21. Christine says:

    THANK YOU DANE, for waking up everybody's minds with truthful information, which is so difficult to find these days!!! When talking about weather control, we shall not forget to add, weather control means also control over water, and that means control over the entire living biosphere. Adding microwaves to the scenario, is the final most decisive step to be in absolute total control. All metals bind water and influence its heat capacity. Also all metals on their own increase heat and electrical capacity of the medium. Not only 1-5 deg. change is lethal to everything what is expressing genes(!), but equally virus infections can only happen, when there is NO WATER on the interface between viral particle and piece of membrane of cells, where the virus docks using mainly electrostatic forces. As crazy at as it sounds,  it looks almost like the entire power structure does everything they can, in order to kill us, infect us, spread viruses…, in their possible plan to destroy humanity in its current state. Water, trees, every single flower, bush, grass, but in particular toll trees, protect us, due to THEIR WATER CONTENT! Taking everything away, seems literally like the master plan of the LUCIFER. Does anyone needs to wonder, why geneticists called one of their artificial proteins, which generates red light, imbedded into OXITEC GMO mosquito, approved by FDA, a LUCIFERASE?? 

  22. Drew says:

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Yes, it is undeniably the beginning of the end of this age… but we're also closer to the beginning of the next one.  Keep your heads up! In the end, truth cannot be defeated.

    • Excellent words, Drew!  I think the end and new beginning have been overlapping for a while now.  We must do right action and hold the truthful course until our very last breath, regardless of reaction or outcome…And we may just prevail!

  23. Ray says:

    Hello All,

    It's been some time since I posted – and this is also a progress report.

    I want to first thank Dane for his work.  I have never met a man so dedicated and tireless to his convictions (and now mine) in my 62 years on planet Earth.  Dane challenges me to be a better human being, and to bring what intelligence I can to the effort of sharing credible information on Geoengineering.

    At first glance, I thought Dane was crazy, just another man with a mission.  But he made a statement "don't believe what I say, read and investigate for yourself".  No, a crazy man would not say this, I need to follow up and see for myself.

    The Light Of Truth began to shine after I began researching Dane's references – they were solid facts.  So WHY the urgency?  What was going on here?  Why was Dane so emphatic in his writings and radio show?

    Because we don't have much time left folks.

    My estimate is that planet Earth will no longer support life by 2025.

    I am an Aerospace Engineer, over 40 years, and this is no joke.

    The NASA CERES (Cloud and Earth Radiant Energy System) was a follow-on project to ERBE (Earth Radiation Budget Satellite), satellites and instrumentation to study the Earth's energy balance.  In other words, how much energy do we get from the Sun, and how much is radiated back into space.

    I have been studying CERES data for over a year, trying to show the difference between two different 5 year periods, 2000-2005  compared with 2010-2015.  I assumed NASA was completely above board, and that the DATA I received was 'untouched' by human hands.  In particular, the data is called Bi-Directional Scans, or BDS – and within this data are 3 derived Radiance values in the 0.3-5.0 Micrometers, 8.0-12.0 Micrometers, and a total channel 0.3-200 Micrometers.

    Then I saw the disclaimers, like the use of the word "Experiment" – which means no-one is accountable in case something goes wrong, and another caveat for our wonderful government in aerospace:  the data is derived using algorithmns. 

    Most of the math is calculus, and not easy to follow without a working knowledge of the subject – and then someone to explain "just what the hell are they trying to do"?

    In my past, I worked at the NASA Ames/Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB in California – it was a 'High Altitude' project under the ERAST program – and my point here is:  I met these people, I worked with them – and some of them were very dedicated to reaching their goals, but they all failed to understand (as I did until I met Dane) that this research was in place to SUPPORT the Weather Modification Programs in place at the time.  No-one I worked with was aware of this – and this was in 1994.  22 years ago.

    We were all fooled, and some still are, thinking they are part of a program to help our dying planet.

    Even though my 'white paper' is not ready for release, I can say one very important fact:  the Ultraviolet Radiation is killing us all.

    If you have ever considered an Exponential Curve upwards – then you know how vastly greater the number is than just a linear progression – the UV is on that exponential curve.

    The Geoengineering efforts to block Solar Radiation has decimated our Ozone layer – which used to stop UV "C" in the upper atmosphere.  This extremely dangerous radiation is now reaching the surface of the Earth – and even into our oceans – destroying all those little creatures we learned about in biology 101, plankton, amoeba, protozoa, – this is the very foundation of our food chain.  The energy level of the UV radiation is literally cooking them to death.  Them, and US.

    My focus now, is to corraborate with data from CERES, and publish it to my peers.  I have over 1 year invested so far – in something that should have taken less than 2 months – setbacks, computer glitches, email account hacked – I think someone knows I have the ability to succeed – and they are in opposition at every turn.

    Then I call Dane – get a pep talk – and hit the books again!  No time for depression – WE MUST STOP GEOENGINEERING.

    Be well everyone – work HARD, and pass it on!




    • Ray — Thank you so much for this illuminating post. It's crucial for us to hear from someone with an experiential background. I so agree with this: "Dane challenges me to be a better human being" and feel exactly the same. "We were all fooled, and some still are, thinking they are part of a program to help our dying planet."  Again, THANK YOU for your courage and intelligence. I hope you will post more often.   Respectfully, Susan

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Ray for lending your most credible experience, voice, facts and research to our dire circumstances. Like Dane, God Bless you for your work in exposing what is REALLY being done to us all. I pray there is time to end it soon and that somehow our magnificent planet Earth can be able to heal the criminal damage being done to her. 2025 is not far away at all. That basically gives us 8 years. We had all better make what little time we have left count in whatever ways we can.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, about the short time horizon that Ray and I have tried to bring to peoples attention, this horizon could change if the human race wakes up and completely changes course, starting with the single most objective of all, exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. No matter how dim the horizon is, it is not your carved in stone, we must not yield, we must not lose heart. Every day is a day that we can use to the fullest to make a difference toward the greater good. Every single individual who’s field of vision and understanding that our combined efforts helps to expand matters in ways that we cannot yet fully know. Never give up, we are all here for a reason. 

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.  Ray: I tried that tactic on "Tanner the Pony-Tailed" Neocon– "Don't take my word for any of this, look it up yourself," especially with regard to the U.S. Senate Committee report from 1970-something on Weather Modification– well, duh, you'd think; it was the ONLY time that Tanner looked like he might have actually heard anything that I was saying.  Mind you, this guy says he was a "reporter" for KPFK; now I'm absolutely certain after this experience that the media screens all these guys to make sure they will continue to hire only those that willingly lie and shill for Big Money.  No wonder we're in such trouble.

    • Dennie says:

      Ray:  We need your voice here and in the mix more than ever.  I pray you will be joined by more with your credentials, knowledge and experience in your efforts to present the truth and expose what is really going on. 

    • izzy says:

      I realize I keep repeating myself – UV is already way over into the danger zone. My internal sensors have been registering the progression over the last decade or so, but this year it’s indisputably unhealthy to be out there in the middle of the day. Cooking is a good description. It must be devastating for trees and other organisms that can’t get out of it.

    • AR says:


      Thank you so much for the work you are doing, for your incredible courage and commitment to face the truth, no matter what.  You are an inspiration for us all.  

      I know I am not the only one reading your post that struggles very much with the fact that we may not be here for much longer, and that our lives will may be much shorter than we had hoped for.  It makes me so sad.  But you are right, and Dane is right – no time for depression.  The only thing that makes me feel better and gives me hope is to march with all of you.  We have to continue fighting until the end…or as someone I know says…until we get out of this insane asylum!

    • Denise R Stewart says:

      All you need to do is look up when outside and just stand still for a 1/2 hour and watch the sky.  Then take a REALLY good look at tree's around you.  Look at how many branches have no leaves. Look at the black and green fungus and mold.  Look at the fried bark, the red color in the wood.  Then take some of that wood and burn it, and try to put the fire out.  This is why so many wild fires cannot be put out, why they re-ignite.  Look at the missing wildlife.  Then look in the upscale neighborhoods where things look "almost normal".  Very different picture in the mountains, campsites, and where the middle class and lower income people live.  

    • a simple horseman says:

      Ray, I can't express how much I appreciate reading your comment here. I'm excited to read your words and saddened at the same time. I look forward to your "white" copy" of what ever you have to offer. I'm curious what your study in the differences between the two 5 year periods will turn out to be. Though, "we", 'all here' know what the data will show. I have the upmost respect for your publishing data to make available to your peers. "Most" scientist's and engineer's are usually an open minded lot, when presented with credible data. I know this from first hand experience. In a former life I held the position of a technician to engineers such as yourself. By the way, the most open minded and able to use practical application PHD engineer I ever met was an Iranian in political exile. Abbas "is" one of the greatest men I have ever met, bar none. I wish I were able to be in contact with him today, in this age of "do or die". I believe you are correct in your assessment of how much time "WE" have left. I live in a natural world without the gratuities of artificial environment(that was stolen from the natural environment). At the rate my trees and weeds and natural grasses are disappearing, you are right on the money in how much time we have left. I'm sure there are those that would choose to "party" until the end, and then there are those of us that can see a greater, broader horizon and see where we can make a difference and or go down with a real and actual effort against this geoengineering crap that is being inflicted upon us all. One or the other will prevail. I know which scenario I choose. Ray, please keep those fellow engineers ducking and looking. Soon they will be seeking release from the pressure. Lets all make sure where they find that release. Right here, with US, the ones that stand up for truth, liberty and a good life for all living organisms on this planet.

    • BaneB says:

      Ray, play your cards closer to your chest.  Computers, for all their wonderment, are spyware.  Perhaps two computers, one for research, and the other for off-net word processing.  Thanks for your information and the insights.

    • Dawnski says:

      Good word Ray! Good word!

      My son and I met a Ray today. He was with the air force for many years. Cocoa Beach. Although I did not feel led to share with him, I did just share with a neighbor who was looking for a dog sitter. His business is In Christ Communications here in Mooresville. My son had just shared how a girl from his school and this dudes church passed away last night after battling brain cancer at the young age of 17. We had gone tubing with her last summer and by Feb. she was in a fight for her life.

      I may be a small fish in the pond but I will certainly speak up on this matter when led by the Lord. I keep hoping and praying men in my community will care enough about the lives and this planet in peril and will use their Christian resources to network in their sphere of influence, the urgency needed to help sound the alarm. Nothing else matters more. I will not leave my post as called and encourage the Spiritual leaders who have shunned me to repent and seek Gods will in this matter.

      Ray, I will be praying for a hedge of protection over you as you move forward in bravery and boldness. God Bless!!!

  24. BaneB says:

    Almost 32 inches of rain fell upon one Louisiana Parrish over a two day period.  Other locals received amounts of 20, 23, 24 inches and greater. Oddly, the low should rotate counter clockwise but rotated clockwise.  This can occur only if there is a high pressure installed above the low.  This creates a downward draft of warmer air.  So, was this man-made terrorist disaster caused deliberately for weather warfare experimental operations?  Or, is the juggling of jet streams, created droughts, enhanced storms, directed hurricanes and tropical storms creating a complexity that causes the jugglers to be overloaded  that they "drop the ball?"  Being unable to keep up with their own perfidious meddling might explain why this storm was not blasted into oblivion.  These psychopaths seem to manage well the destruction of Pacific hurricanes.  Destroying storms is obvious. So why was the Louisiana storm allowed.  It could have been super heated and zapped into oblivion.  Which brings back Katrina memories.  


    • a simple horseman says:

      Bane B, thanks for the rain fall info. Geesh, I did not know it was such a high rate of rain fall. Even in our most soggy years here in the Northwest(west side of the cascades), 32 inches in such a short amount of time is catastrophic. Look up the Oso land slide a few years back. President Obummer actually visited the area, "on his way to meet with china". Things that make ya go hmmm. I watched the satellite imagery over the south this last few days. I believe it was a purposefully engineered "event". Just another damn weapon in the mass distraction arsenal. Follow the money, who will make bank on crop failures in that region? There's a hell of a lot of food growing in that region at this time of year. I'd like to see a few rain tests from there from independents. My guess is that the rain was full of chemically nucleating material or something much worse. Keep in mind here whom we are dealing with ultimately. As for the Juggling act", I think that every time the earth gets a hold on what has been thrown at her, "they", turn the power up another notch to regain control. We are fast approaching the end of that mathematical equation. It's not infinite.

    • Teri says:

      funny how it is always the poor that they steer these storms to. do you ever see the palaces get hit with storms? how about the castles? the elite mansions? no? funny how that works. the poor? absolutely they are washed away by design. more of them and they are easy to strike fear into as well as kill because there are so many more poor in the world. 

        even when it comes to forest fires. dead tree stands don't take place near the elite. there is a rockerfeller mansion in the colorado mountains. the mountains have been on fire burning the huge stands of beetle killed forest( it isn't the beetles sickening or killing the trees but they get the blame for it. ) it is a tinder box in those mountains and yet the huge mansions of the elite are untouched by nature. 

       when it comes to floods, tornados, drought, massive snow storms ect they never touch those 13 families who rule the world. they never touch the powerful and their homes. funny how that works..oh yeah…it is just a coincidence right? ! oh yes. of course. they couldn't move storms away from their many palaces could they? all around the globe? no…that could never happen. 

       hollywood actors and a few millionaires do lose their homes but they are minor people who are expendable. you will see a home of the rich destroyed but they are minor functionaries. meaningless. 

      just coincidence of course. right!? 

      they steer these storms to kill the most people. do the most damage and the poor are easy targets. also easy to rattle them and steer them into a belief system. towards the al gore world of carbon credits ect. more systems of control and enslavement. amazing how that works. 

      have the palaces of the world ever been hit with storms? in the past 70 years or so that is since they started weather control?

  25. Teri says:

    i noticed the sky is becoming more and more red colored. we live out in the country. a long way away from any town or city. it isn't pollution from city congestion. or smoke from fires. it is nasty brown and red. you can see it most at sunset and sunrise. it is red in east at sunset…deep blood red in the west. day after day it is getting worse. more and more blood colored sky and clouds. the clouds are a nasty sulphuric yellow looking. many days it looks like we are on a foreign planet! poison..the apples on our little tree have black spots on them. big black splotches that wash off. much like a tar and it happens most after a rain. so what is in the rain and we wonder why it kills the trees faster after a rain. 

    the trees don't want to drink in the rain. the rain is poison. the tree leaves blacken after a rain as if flash kills. 

    i did notice the trails have changed a bit. i watch a plane put down a short trail and then shut off their sprayer. the plane continues without spraying. i take lots of pictures of them all the time. so i notice the change. though i believe these shortened trails are worse. it is something new. something even more toxic as it makes the very air itself red. plants, animals, trees look red. the glow on skin is red. 

     i believe they are using the planet as a toxic waste dump. corporations do not have to pay to dispose of their toxic waste. they sell it to the government to use to spray us with. all different kinds of waste spread over wide areas through the air. what a perfect way for them to get rid of waste without the corporate having to pay a dime…we are living recycling plants for them. our bodies are the hazard waste disposal units. ours and the rest of the planet. nothing more then living waste disposal units.

    • JJ says:

      I watch the sprays each day..I have noticed that the sprays from the planes at times dissipate quickly.

      What that means to me is they have revised the concoction due to the sheeples' awareness and voicing this.

  26. James Travers says:

    How can we not believe that global powers are working from a hidden depopulation agenda?  

    • Drew says:

      It's not covered by the MSM for obvious reasons.  For most of the US (while other countries are not immune, it seems primarily a US phenomenon), if it's not on main-stream news, it's not real.  It's a perfect little trap created by the elites for the ignorant masses.  

      Waking people up is such a gargantuan task that I try not to focus on the enormity of the problem, but focusing on only what can be done.

    • Dennie says:

      Mike Ruppert was saying back in 2004 that every nation on the planet is "under orders" to reduce their populations, by whatever means they can.  In Japan it's by nuclear disaster and resultant tsunami.  In the U.S. it's currently Death by Junk Food, soon to be death by enforced medication.  We're already there, I think.  First they came for the school kids, next it'll be the adults.  I've heard for some time that the idea is that we will not be allowed to have driver's licenses unless we have proof of required vaccinations– god only knows what these will be, how many, who decides and even if they do what they're supposed to do, or what is actually in them– is that sick or what??

  27. Sallie Robinson says:

    As you probably know, Louisiana is currently devastated with severe flooding. The skies are turning blue and already absolutely filled with geoengineering toxic spraying activity. Those pilots and everyone else involved in this criminality are sick, sick, sick psychopaths! They truly want to murder us! 

  28. penny waters says:

    good to know that there are others out there that feel the distress, as i do, at the idiot ways some of us humans behave

    it always shocks me that other humans have such a superiority complex as to harm others in their stupidity

    or maybe it is our predictable role in the unavoidable destruction of the planet

  29. BK says:

    The Puget Sound (Salish Sea) sky over yesterday's farmer's market was full of various phony clouds.  Was I the only one occasionally looking up and noticing?  This morning's sky exhibits the usual lining of white haze with some wispy formations beneath rippled sheets merging together at sharp angles with some areas of curvature in this fried sky.  I noticed jets spraying to the west and east last evening.  

    I travel out 101 to Port Angles several times a month and am usually "treated" to a magnificent display of very unusual man made clouds in the evening on my way to the hood canal bridge.  I think that the people who make the clouds may live around here.

  30. frank says:

    Don't you think when these jerks were setting up this system years ago that one guy at the meeting said, "this'll never work. When the people see those crazy lines in the sky, they'll track the planes right back to the bases and put an end to them. Less than a week, I'd say."

    And good for them that they didn't listen to that guy.

    • a simple horseman says:

      frank. Damn good comment to reply to. I love a tongue in cheek remark.

      Where did that guy go? How do we find him? What has he/she got to say for themselves "now"? Folks, I've written it before and I'll be proud to write it until it happens, "we", the infamous "we", need to perform our own operation paper clip. It will take us all and we will need to be worth trusting. We are few, yet we have 'truth'. "We" will stand for the truth and a better life for the good of our planet first and ourselves second. One begets the other.

      "Win, Win"……..

  31. Ed Hackett says:

    there was a several week hiatus in spraying recently.  i believe the major carriers are monitoring the class action lawsuits very carefully, and find themselves in front, holding the liability bag.

    …then delta was hacked.  spraying resumed.   coincidence?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, spraying has still continued at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant  with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and geoengineer objectives will again reveal the more blatant sparying patterns.

  32. Mirjana says:

    It's hard not to fall into total hopelessness- it's all horribly bad!

    I am like all of you trying to get the masses to wake the hell up!

    I cannot believe how many people are just not willing to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room. Most will not even give it the time to look into the issue, because it is just plain too inconvenient and they can not believe the Power Structure could possibly want them harm.

    I see pregnant women and i feel terrible because the future- if there is one at all- is uncertain to non existing.

    Thank you all for your never tiring efforts- stay strong- Always!!



  33. Mark bayne says:

    Most people who come to this website are looking for hope and a way to make a difference which is natural .Dane is doing his best to do what he has in his power to do . Keep up the fight Dane , let us all do what we can , I can only imagine what Dane has learnt about humans both good and bad in this endeavour !!

    People who choose to face the current reality soon realise the deviation from normal in every single aspect of life.

    NOTHING is normal except people who want to change this unatural human paradigm and we need to remember that .That being said the majority of humans do not see this and for those that do the blindness of the rest can be one of the most mentally anguishing situations one will encounter , very hard to grapple from my perspective.

    The reason there is so much division  in the majority of the population is that the powers that be know how to " divide and conquer " . From birth we are conditioned to be alienated from our fellow man , how many times was I told as a child , "not to talk to strangers" .How much bickering amongst ourselves have we all experienced  and witnessed ?? This paradigm does not empower us , and therefore it is not normal .

    people normally should be strongly connected to each other and the natural world but such people would be difficult to control in the current paradigm so our world is deliberately crafted to have the majority of the population disconnected from one another and the natural world on countless levels , that is why activists get hammered !!! We are programmed to fight amongst ourselves and particularly against those that can unite people against this paradigm .

    As people naturally keep bending towards being normal the assault on keeping the unatural paradigm in place has to be enormous , pretty much how the geoengineering is carried out . The earth and humans are always trying to find the natural order of things that is why the scale of the assault is so huge because it's trying to fight what is normal and natural to create the opposite !!! It's not normal or natural for 1% of people to control the rest despite the mantra that it's always been this way .

    Our world is suffering because it's deviated from what is normal . All we want is to live in a healthy world where humans empower each other to thrive and unite to look after and connect with nature . I can't stand being told to fit in to a paradigm that is neither natural or normal .

    unification is difficult as we are taught to be divided this can be tiring !!! 

    I can see the weight Dane is carrying and hope we can turn things around . Time will tell if the natural of order things can prevail and return some normality for us all !!




    • Johnny Canuck says:

      Well said! Everyone here is so intelligent and caring. There are Monsters amongst us and we have allowed these Criminals to gain control. The first step in Rebellion is to turf the TeeVee. The next is to start trying to eliminate crap from your diet as much as possible.
      Next is to start paying attention to what is happening in our once Blue skies. Notice the changes after these trails mix with actual clouds and how, at the end of the day, the whole sky is one white sheen. This is not normal!
      Educate yourselves and continue to educate others. It may be too late. I'm in the Roofing Industry and there is no doubt the UV Radiation has become more and more intense over the years.
      It's just sickening, literally. All those Nuclear "Tests" have probably done irreparable damage to the upper atmosphere and Chemical Spraying is doing nothing to "help" this situation.
      These creatures are not being honest, blaming this on CO2 and then trying to tax us on Carbon. I guess they don't care. They've got their underground bunkers where they can inbreed more scum like themselves.
      I still can't help but get pissed off when I see these planes spraying Death from above us. That's almost every day. Curse these most foul vermin, Criminals against Humanity, Nature and all Life on this jewel we were given to nurture, love and learn from.

    • Yes Mark, humankind has stopped being a TRIBE, long ago, man against man, woman against woman AND against man… But we are becoming a tribe again, right here and now, through our common cause.  We are a compassionate tribe who cares about truth and about life and mostly, each other and all the children's future, whom I don't even know or haven't even been born yet.  We are about the revival of sanity (normalcy?), about healing (the planet and all life) and about actually caring.

  34. Barbzi says:

    Hello Dane,
    I just want to say I heard about Geoengineering Watch on Southwest Radio Church Ministries a couple of years ago. So some do as Ephesians 5:11-13 NLT says…. 11 Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them. But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them,
    May God's favor, peace, love and Devine strength be with you day and night and night and day, Dane.

  35. Michel B says:

    "Oil spills create further economic activity." That is the same rationale that looks favourably on war and post war recovery. Therefore, according to that logic, peace and environmental integrity are the worst things for 'economic' activity. NB 'Economic' means 'beneficial for the elite'.

    Well, we can see that is the rationale and the practice throughout history whereby the ravenous elite procure vast profits by fomenting war and plundering nature all the while exploiting their fellow men and women, at the cost of their lives as well.

    Most of us are humble enough to agree that a modest life built on peace and sustaining the environment is the best way. But there are those who do not care for their fellow men and women or the environment. They have appointed themselves lords of all that they survey.

    And it is not enough for them that they control all. After a long enough time (by now), they develop a disdain for those they exploit and when they figure they no longer need us, they no longer see a reason for us to live. They can make these psychopathic leaps of assumption without explanation or reason.

    When it is reported Obama says he will enact a plan to combat climate change, that is all theater including the reporting of it. Obama is a marionette, a puppet who came from nowhere to be 'elected' (chosen by the elite) as President. His is the reassuring face of complicity. Geoengineering was established in practice and science before he was born. But he has inherited a seat of power that is a facade to give sanction to the continuance of military dominance.

    • LS says:

      Wouldn't it be great if people in media could speak as eloquently as Michel B.  Speaking of disdain, is that the force behind 24 inches of rain falling in LA (Louisiana) in a day? Weather war. Ordering weather and getting it is happening everyday. Does anyone believe that it was 100+ degrees and humid in Philly for the convention by coincidence? That was to keep people in their houses and apts and not expressing themselves in the streets. Right after that, perfect skies were delivered to the few for a celebrity golf tournament. The prez will be in Tahoe at the end of the month with ordered weather and clear skies, no doubt. Not surprisingly, he'll be speaking to the deniers, clothed in environmentalist garb, about climate change at the Tahoe Summit. Senator Reed and Senator Fienstein are always at these summits and lots of self congratulating and patting on the backs going on, for sure. Wouldn't it be great if people showed up at Harvey's to let their 2 cents be known while the press is there? 

  36. Debbie P. says:

    We moved to western Panama, which is the breadbasket for the country, in 2013. They modified last year’s and this current year’s rainy season. Previously we heard planes fly over every night at 9:30 and sometimes during the night, with no flight paths or airport in this area. We also saw chemtrail streaks in the sky many days, but not to the extent of home. Last rainy season they stopped the rain completely for weeks at a time, and it returned to summer-like weather, very bizarre. They finally turned the tap back on after drought and crop losses. This year, after an initial month of normal heavy rain, it rains every third day, at about a third the normal daily amount. Normal is rain nearly every day, several hours a day. They have also taken away the sun, with days at a time the sky covered in white, here in the sunny tropics. So they must be creating and moving in systems from the Pacific or Caribbean. We have not been able to get hardly anything to grow, and they are having the first shortages in produce we have seen of tomatoes, onions, and now bananas. Two weeks ago on another white cloud covered day I prepared a salad from some greens we’d grown, and within an hour of eating it I had persistent stomach cramping and we both came down with flu-like symptoms that lasted three days. Over the next days we saw spotty dead grass throughout our property, tree leaves dying and falling off, and loss of pumpkins, beans and other vegetables we were still trying to start that had been hanging on. Much looks burnt or dried up- just like it was sprayed with herbicide. Gassed from the sky with Round-up/glyphosate/Agent Orange?? Finally, Panama a couple months ago had a “swine flu” scare. It didn’t amount to much. But the President did succeed in getting an announced two-thirds of the population vaccinated. The vaccine was offered free and encouraged in the hype of pending epidemic, and the people lined up in droves like sheep. Time to get our house in order.

    • brian girard says:

      everyone needs to get out there and get a video camera and record the spraying and record what its doing to all your crops and trees and all that , put it on youtube. start petitioning these goverment agencies from top to bottom , send emails to them and make sure everyone you can reach knows about whats going on. if enough people do this and have video and proof its going on in there area more people will start to fight and that will raise a flag. its better than doing nothing.

    • BaneB says:

      Debbie P:  Thank you for that report from Panama.  I have been wanting a report from your Central America region for the past six weeks or so.  The reason is the obvious destruction of your weather by very powerful microwave transmitters.  The weather terrorists operating their drought machine in conjunction with the jet aircraft spraying are very busy in your skies. Good luck with the growing of your own food.  We all need to shout out about what these psychopaths are doing to our living planet. 

    • Cindy Spencer says:

      This could be my village of Merweville Western Cape South Africa all you discribe is what I have been through word for word ….. This confirms the tragic situation the world is in . The poor people doing geoengieering don't know the full picture and it's them who must start to strike demanding the truth !!!

  37. It's starting to affect even me! Harder to concentrate, breathe, nose and sinuses stuffing up, then sometimes watering, weird smells like sewer, sometimes sulfur or can't even explain it! They've been spraying like crazy! I'm in Idaho now Dane Wiginton , and at a Native American Pow Wow tonight, and just before dark, x marks the spots all over! Chemical Nanoparticles day and night! Different spray than the lingering kind! Actually it's both, lower spray disperses out wide then, they overspray on top up higher they mix together then they hit it with their electromagnetic energy causing a toxic synergistic affect that's exponentially deadlier than most could fathom even if they understood the chemistry, biology, and science facts that are being forced upon us! These Anti patriot evil, Terrorists must be stopped! Someone needs to hack into the controlled media sources and let the idiotic people learn that way via other media! Put it in the Olympics or something! I don't know how or I would! God bless all good people! Amen Jesus!


    • It's ok Jean, they think the same think as me even though I can and have presented enough pics, videos, documentation, etc that even my smart dog understands more than 99 percent of populations! I'm fighting fungal scabby sores on him! We are both laboring harder to breathe! The Conspiritors are so brainwashed by the media, tv, news, radio, schools, computers and smart phones etc that I PITY THEM ALL WITH ALL MY HEART! They are actually the paranoid schizophrenics who are brainwashed, have ADHD , OCD ,autism, dementia in the making etc!!! Please look up MK Ultra mind control, Stockholm syndrome, owning the weather by 2025, Walt Disney 1959 Science Factual weather modification predictictive chemtrail weather, popular science 1958 weather as a weapon, many , many MORE! Everywhere I go the trees are dying from lichens, algae, fungus, radiation, uv radiation, aluminum, barium, strontium, etc, etc, etc!  Look up 923 Executive Orders by Obama ! It's all there! I've laid enough! Please investigate!!! They are even making BS laws to call us mental to protect them when all hell breaks loose! I'm God's Elect, bring it on! Amen Jesus!


  38. AR says:

    I am passing this on to all of you:

    Free viewing announcement: Watch Take Back Your Power and share awareness of the 'smart' meter agenda — free until Tuesday midnight PT!!!

    Stream TBYP for free now:

    We're doing this "flash" free viewing period to support the Seattle awareness campaign, which is gaining momentum. After 2 years of delay, Seattle City Light has apparently decided to proceed with 'smart' meter deployments in 2017. I was briefly on KOMO TV last night discussing this:

    See the KOMO TV clip and immediate steps to write Seattle City Light

    Fulfilling the bare minimum, SCL has opened up a "public comment request" until Monday night, August 15. They're requesting feedback about their "opt-out" program: charging $124.43 initally, then another $15.87 every month — for a radio-off 'smart' meter… which could easily be remotely "upgraded" in the future.

    This is extortion by definition: paying to not be harmed. And it also sets the stage to harm everyone else who does not yet know the truth about 'smart' meters. Extortive "opt-outs" must be refused in all regions!


    • KB says:

      Thank-you for that information. I will pass it on to several to view.We are in South end of Federal way area, it will be here soon as well I am sure.

      We have a place in the forest that we are working toward living full time. The trees that are still surviving provide enough extra oxygen that after coming and going from country to city it is unreal the difference in air quality? if I can even apply that term. Super heavy SRM these past couple days across the entire state of Washington. Milky air everywhere. Mt Rainier had the lower half of the Mt covered with a pinkish brown haze late last night, while the upper portion was clearer. So obvious to see the "matter" settle in the evenings!

    • a simple horseman says:

      AR, thank you for bringing this to our attention. "Smart" meters scare the heck out of me. It will be a sad day when they are installed. I saw this article in the Seattle Times, your area. Seemed appropriate to post it here.


    • MS P says:

      They did the same thing here in CA. The sub contractors are sneaky too. They just come & change out the meters. With no warning. 

  39. jean ballard says:

    Dane, thank you for all the work you do. i shared this with 5 public sites .. the aerosol spraying is none stop in oklahoma. but they have changed there tactics and the formula of the chemicals in the aerosol sprays.. i live 15 miles from tinker air force base.  the majority of spraying is done predawn now for higher altitudes then lower spraying is after sunrise but with fewer aircraft so it is less noticed. heat index has been up to 115 in last week. uv level as stated by weather  media has been 13 but, i,m sure it.s higher. . i share your site daily with as many as i can. i am home bound for the most part due to health issues with my lungs on oxygen most of time.. i wish i could do more. i  post to state reps,governor, medical contacts,( because i am a retired nurse ) and local media almost daily. but of course i never get a response as you well know . i am now considered a paranoid,  mental, unstable old lady by all my family and most of my friends. but i will not be silent on vaccines or geoengineering  until i draw my last breath. i know in my heart we speak the truth,and truth will prevail. in one way or another.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jean, in fact, you are a pillar if reason and sanity. Your steadfast courage is exactly what we need in this fight. 

  40. Mark bayne says:

    It's winter here in Australia and we had a 2 day period where it was 30 degrees ( Celsius )  , that's 50 degrees Fahrenheit above normal in the coldest month in the country . They had a v8 supercar race on those days and  had set up their cars for cold weather driving which caused issues . The  weather channel cast of clowns said to enjoy the warm weather as if it was normal !!!!!

    ive never experienced such heat here at this time of year and people found it shocking . But a couple of months later it's forgotten . Certainly a  harbinger for what's to come .

    This is contributing to the Great Barrier Reef implosion , as the heat in that region has been above normal and unrelenting particularly during 2016 , keeping the ocean temperatures high enough for long enough to impact on health . A recent trip up north I saw heavy geoengineering  in a region dominated by the military .

    We are experiencing prolonged drought and when it rains  , it's heavy with little followup rain . I've been following your website for a while and as far as SRM is concerned , my observations are that when rain is moving in they spray in front of the cell to migrate the rain into cloud cover and therefore we get little rain if any but plenty of artificial cloud cover . Haarp signatures help spread this cover to maximise surface area . The spraying programs for SRM are related to the constantly unfolding weather systems , man made or otherwise . It's obvious they've been doing it for decades as it takes a lot of manpower , money cooperation and calculation to operate on this scale. 

    In the North of Australia we have what is called a wet season and a dry season . Summer it's wet and winter it's dry . Well we've had a wet winter and it's never wet!!!!! 

    People here are very apathetic and believe what their told , whenever I've spoken about the state of affairs most believe it's a natural cycle with a little human intervention that will impact seriously in a 100 years , completely oblivious to the nature how our world is collapsing . They simply parrot the official narrative . I've become ashamed to be a human being and it appears that Easter island is our future . I've found very few literal people to connect with instead I plug in . Happy to get a one way ticket to help you Dane nothing else matters !!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, thank you so much for the report from down under. I am very grateful to you (and all individuals that are truly dedicated to the greater good) for marching with us in this battle.

    • Raymond Gilmour says:

      We are also in Australia…Mid North Coast NSW..This has been the  warmest winter for us here also. And we get heavy rainfalls (not normal for winter) with no follow up…so gets very dry again.  Our sky is not normal any more..Not many chem-trails  of late but have noticed what we call chem-dumps which produce a weird assortment of clouds,Haarp like…too dark and dirty  etc..Have printed out our own brouchers and distributing locally….not much response….

  41. littleoaktree says:

    ive come to this site for many years. ive been afraid to speak up because i was afraid to be tagged, to be filed away. to hear these voices here; to know im not alone…to return and find new breath and stoic souls – everyone here gives me strength to add upon that courage i find digging ever deeper upon awaking into our shared nightmare filled with utter despair and yet, the grace of most precious, precarious life. yes, dear dane, critical reasoning! i pray t we who value life, honesty, creativity, etc.

    • Ed Bee says:

      I too find comfort in sharing with my brothers and sisters who care about our precious gift of life on this formerly beautiful planet, the only home we know until we move on to be with our Lord. I will fight alongside Dane, Chuck Norris and all of you as long as I have breath. My prayers continue.

  42. Richey says:

    The Currency should be created out of thin air as debt to a publicly owned bank owned by We The People so that We The People would benefit from the creation of the Currency. This National bank would create it and lend it, and when it’s paid back, the interest would be spent back into the economy on things that are really needed by We The People, like schools. Further, it would be backed by silver.


    Presently, the privately owned banks, such the Federal Reserve Bank, create the Currency out of thin air as debt to THEMSELVES. The GeoEngineering attacks are meant to weaken We The People, and result from the Central Bankers MOTIVE to retain the Power to Create the Currency. They DO NOT want We The People to be powerful enough to take this Power away from them, because it gives them almost COMPLETE power and control over the Government. No motive, no GeoEngineering. If We The People are to survive, the Power To Create the Currency MUST be taken away from the privately owned banks, and this is the ONLY thing that will EVER stop GeoEngineering and spiked vaccinations.

    •  hello richey, you nailed it exactly. that is our real enemy and right now they have all the power and all the money to to to us what every they want. thanks for spelling it out so well. keith

  43. To me, it's amazing how overhead spraying goes on daily and people never look up and take notice? Today some guy said how's it going? I said I wish they would stop spraying us with poison. He said Whu? I pointed up at the plane right over us and said they're spraying poison to block the sun. Its called Geoengineering. He had a dumbfounded smile.

    Seriously, why are people so ignorant and observent? I think since its nothing new. And if there's been any news about lines in the sky from jets, it's to tell the people nothing to see here. Go back to looking at the ground.

  44. ron hall says:

    Dane:  Thank you so much, my friend, for your relentless integrity.

    So many powerful points, as usual, one hardly knows where to begin–it is all so inter-connected now, complex, critical thresholds poised to morph into emergent systems-both of high and low order. Black swans lurk!

    Two things you said did resonate with me:

    Going on 76 soon, I've have long ago concluded that religious systems of whatever stripe have their own inherent conflicts–endogenous struggles–which can explode into exogenous struggles at any time.  In my lifetime, I gaze into my timeline and shudder to guess at how many innocents have been slaughtered because of transcendental belief structures. And if I really want to get depressed; I turn to the history of the early beginnings of "civilizations" And imagine enough flesh and blood splashed to fill the great lakes–all based on the clash for power and religious belief. One of the greatest genocides this planet has ever seen began in 1492 when Spanish steel and armored men slashed millions of innocents.  Gold, god, and power! Then came more European steel and more blood.

    It is therefore no surprise to me that any organized belief system is of little help now–in the most extreme conditions the planet has ever faced.  Some religious INDIVIDUALS, yes—but the organizations, no!

    The other point was your keen and necessary observation that Crimea voted on behalf of itself to join the Russian Federation, because they saw the horror of the CIA/neo-con savagery in Kiev.  Our mass media ALWAYS states  Crimea was annexed, seized– even invaded by Putin/Russia–pure lies fed to the masses and, sadly, the lies do work if endlessly repeated as per Goebels–the Nazi propagandist. 

    Take care, my brother and those of you who comment with such sorrow and anger, take care.

  45. gabriel parejo says:

    Near south Córdoba, Argentina: 

    The blue sky is gray, the sun is gray, the air is gray, the oxygen is down, the breath is more hard.

    The geoengineering is the science of the presence of evil.

  46. Lookin' at the sky says:

    Thank you for your site, Dane. A little report from upstate NY. I was outdoors in between rain and clouds and low and behold, chemtrails above my home and now the planes fly directly over us as well. I have come out online against this and they play their games. You know you were on to something when this happens. FYI – Lockheed Martin just so happens to be down the street. Interesting, huh ?  

  47. Marc says:

    Spectacular show today, Dane, as grim as it was fortifying. The only explanation I can arrive at for why these meatsocks continue with their programs is that they are essentially junkies. They can think of virtually nothing except when and where they will get their next fix. And like the textbook "junkie", they apparently will continue to administer their fixes, even risking the health and even the life of the host.

  48. Blake Warrington says:

    It's been very interesting here in Boise, Idaho. I have been following chemtrails since 2011. Without fail a week does not go by without several days of spraying. Then 6 weeks ago it literally stopped 100%. We have had bright blue sky's short of the smoke from some local fires on occasion. 

    That 6 week streak of no spraying ended today. Today they completely obliterated our skies – just like old times ;-(

    Not sure what the 6 week stop period was all about as that was the longest they have ever gone without spraying us to death. Unfortunately it appears to be back.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blake, many regions have had a lighter version of the aerosol dispersions recently, but spraying has still continued. The aerosol impact is easier to view from locations that have an unobstructed sightline to the horizons at sunrise and sunset.

  49. Joseph L. says:

    Dane another great power point presentation.  I hope more people are waking up . The thing in the presentation about 10 years left     if we stay on the current course is quite scary.  Did I hear that correctly?

      The U.S. govt, just approved another enormous pipeline— Keystone XL was prevented from being built after huge protests– but now Dakota Access Pipeline Project has begun construction— more here


    We could use George Carlin now–In this video he talks war and American Politics  — great video

    • LS says:

      Humans and all Life forms cannot make it 10 years on this trajectory. It is so dry in the mountains that it is almost at the point of spontaneous combustion. Parched, was the only word that describes how I was yesterday and I have never used that word to describe my condition before. Sadly, my garden is not well either. And imagine that the maps of mass exodus caused by heat and drought, which is already ongoing, has the mountains in the bullseye of where people will go. Forget it. This ecosystem cannot support life.

  50. Rob says:

    Hello Dane,

    Thank you for your work on this issue my friend!

    In regards to your question as to why those who profess a reliance on the Word of God and follow Jesus the Christ won't address this issue it is rather simple. They are as much a part of the Luciferian power structure as the military industrial complex or the medical industrial complex.

    The "churches" you speak of are a "for profit" enterprise and nothing more, regardless of their "non-profit corporation" status. The early church was clearly diametrically opposed to what is now accepted as a "church", which is nothing more than a money and property collecting apparatus. They are disseminators of propaganda in most instances and the VAST majority are disciples of Christ in name only.

    "Churches" are able to collect more in tithes if their membership is content and asleep. So I wouldn't expect much help from the so-called "church" in America. One point, which is from my reliance of scripture, the world will never wake up, it is under a delusion from God. That is why so many seem to accept their fate and the fate of the earth with such ambivalence, and why I await the return of my Lord and God. I understand that most will see this as religious fervor and maybe even fatalism, but scripture clearly states that if He didn't return no life on earth would be saved.

    It appears we are at that point right now.

    Having said that, I appreciate that you gave them a chance to respond, keep up the great, albeit thankless, job you have undertaken!



  51. Yar Swerc says:


    While geoengineering may be the longest prong on Satan's pitchfork, I truly appreciate your broad spectrum recognition of the evils that confront us. I absolutely agree. From financial to medical to political to environmental and beyond, we are facing an incredible array of destructive forces. Our greatest enemy behind and enabling those, are the legions of ignorant and apathetic. Orwell called them "proles", the great, sleepy mass who simply cannot perceive danger until they are in it's grasp. God help us all. 

  52. Michel Pelletier says:

    Hi Dane,

          The power elite are obsessed with symbols and numerology in how they communicate with their followers.This knowlledge is hiidden from us.We have our decoders and some say that august 14 2016 will have a scaler event..Please visit annie logical on youtube.They study us why we cannot do the same.
    with respect,
    Michel pelletier

  53. michel pelletier says:

    Hi Dane,

          The power elite are obsessed with symbols and numerology in how they communicate with their followers.This knowlledge is hiidden from us.We have our decoders and some say that august 14 2016 will have a scaler event..Please visit annie logical on youtube.They study us why we cannot do the same.

                                                    The tin foil hat,

                                                          Michel Pelletier

  54. Jake says:

    So I was able to watch Vaxxed and I have to say, it was one of the most moving films I've seen. (Something that was missing in What in the world are they spraying) 

    And as of today, I used to think World War III was on the horizon. That is not true at all because World War III is already here! and it is a lot more dangerous than any war imaginable because it is subtle and cryptic and hopefully this nightmare will end when the public wakes up. Thank you Dane Wigington for everything that you do!

  55. drew says:

    After almost a month of no spraying, they are back in full force today. HEAVY spraying in Portland Oregon, to the point that there is a complete white-out of the sky with a toxic rainbow around the sun. It was so nice for the past month, the longest break by far that i have seen in 5 yrs. As soon as i walked outside this morning, I was shocked too see the MASSIVE spray trails in the sky! What is wrong with people?!!? how can they not notice! Just staring at those damn phones.

  56. marvin sannes says:

    Yesterday, Aug. 12, the sky over the Willamette Valley was completely clear of Jet Clouds.  Today, the 13th the spraying is as dense as I've ever seen it.  No birds singing at dawn, "blind growth" on trees, bent grass stolons in my lawn did not grow this year, sugar ants are gone, my 2nd bee hive is dying, and I think the nano particles can be seen in the windshield gasket of cars.

    • C. Jones says:

      You're correct.  I'm your neighbor and am getting ready to give up gardening.  It's a waste of time, water and it's totally polluted.

    • pharmerdavid says:

      There had been no spraying over Portland, Oregon for almost a month, until yesterday afternoon.  I was riding my bike and saw what appeared to be coal fly ash clouds moving in from the west, and shortly thereafter saw the first spew-planes spraying since about July 12.  I wonder if it was a fleetwide maintenance and repair month, or if they were being used elsewhere..?  Chemtrails are mostly coal fly ash, so the power plants its sourced from need to be targeted, along with the secret bases the spew-planes are flying from, although they often land at the USAF National Guard base at PDX airport.  USAF should change their motto to "go grey"…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marvin, whoa, sounds so sad, so depressing.  Things seem to be like that all over except in Switzerland!  My friend and neighbor's family is there as a relative is wedding.  She's sent me pics that make me drool.  The sky such a beautiful blue like I can't even remember.  So many vibrant shades of green you'd think it was Disney.  Meanwhile "my" redwood is dying hand over fist.  It has always shed like an old dog, but this is ridiculous, it will be naked soon.  The tree to the north of the one two houses away of which half fell down last week, I thought, gee, it has its Fall colors too as so many do.  But then I realized that was not Fall coloring, that is the rusty brown of a tree flashed out and a gonner.  Of course, no one seems to notice.

      One question.  I am under the impression that nano means cannot be seen by the naked eye and that owing to being so very small, is easily taken deep into our lungs and brains as well as rest of body.  So how is it that people keep reporting seeing them?  Maybe I'm just dense today but I don't get it.  Does it, as in your window shield gasket, accumulate to visible?  Like, deep?  Or?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, the sprayed particles can and do coagulate eventually to form some larger particles.

    • Dean A Berg says:

      We are all breathing in what can't be removed from the car glass. Where is Congress? We all know the answer to that deliberate question.

    • TOMBOLA says:


      Do not be fooled – I have recently returned to Perth, Australia from Geneve, Switzerland and dispersals were taking place at the airport whist i was waiting to take-off right above the runways. The dispersals were even being sprayed in curves and arcs. It was unbelievable and we flew straight through the crap. No one is excluded.

      France and Spain which i briefly visited, had visible dispersals everywhere you looked and i also was at 2 Euro football matches live in the stadium and i was shocked to look up as i do during the game to find short and long and different coloured dispersals over the actual stadium. 

      This actually made me angry – but my mate sitting next to me who i am trying to make aware said "oh well, don't worry, get on with our lives". 

      I found his comments very difficult to accept however i regrettably bit my tongue and changed subject.

      Keep working together everybody.

    • Dennie says:

      Rachel:  The nano particulates create a WHITE HAZE easily seen with the naked eye.  Just go to the top of University Avenue or up Spruce and look west across to Marin/the Golden Gate.  Or down towards Hayward– that white haze is all the nanoparticulates floating down through the air. 

      If you shine a flashlight up at night you can see them floating because they coagulate and they glint off the beams of light.  If you leave a window open and don't dust something for a little while, maybe a week or two or three, you'll find the grayish-white haze all over the surfaces where it settled.  Same color, same stuff. 

  57. E Cohen says:

    In Buenos Aires on vacation. Supposed to be winter. Was 72 today have seen visible spraying. Nobody pays any attention. Even on the plane ride down here I saw a plane wizz by spraying on top of cloud formation. No place to run no place to hide.


  58. Duff Thompson says:

    I look forward to listening to your podcast every Saturday. Thank you for all the work you do to try to alert people to this catastrophe called climate engineering. 
    Have you heard of Stefan Molyneux? I've been leaving posts on his videos suggesting he have you on his show to discuss GeoEngineering. Maybe you should get in touch with him.

  59. Carol says:

    Hi . Dane  ,, I  have been educating people about Vaccines for 25 years !! Look up the history Leicester  on the smallpox vaccine we were not save by the vaccine but sanitation better living condition  jj Briggs wrote  book about it ! ! people went to prison and payed fines  because  they refused  the vaccines  more people where damaged as well and died from the vaccine ..  Leicester is where I live it famous for getting rid of smallpox through sanitation  I tell  you when research  for as long as I have  it's biggest medical scandals of all time likes .

  60. An informative link from the US Naval Research Laboratory:
    The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
    E.J. Kennedy, P. Rodriguez, and C.A. Selcher /Information Technology Division / Introduction: Electromagnetic waves in certain frequency ranges are absorbed or refracted by the ionosphere, an electrically conductive region of the upper atmosphere beginning at an altitude of approximately 80 km. Radio waves of sufficient energy density are capable of temporarily modifying its electrical and physical properties within a small volume, enabling a new type of interactive research having application to a variety of Navy and DOD missions. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, jointly sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and DARPA, is constructing a new interactive ionospheric research facility in Gakona, Alaska, to conduct both basic and applied research in this scientific discipline. We present a description of the major components of the HAARP Gakona Facility … results from three research areas: extremely low and very low frequencies (ELF/VLF) generation, artificial optical emissions, and space research.
    Generation of ELF/VLF Waves: Much of the research at the facility is focused on the generation of ELF/VLF because of the value of these frequencies to the Navy for undersea applications. Propagating radio waves in the ELF/VLF frequency range are generated at the lower edge of the ionosphere when high-power HF radio waves modulate the conductivity of the ionospheric D and E layers in the presence of a background or "electrojet" current. …
    Optical Emissions: The interaction of high-power radio waves with the ionospheric can produce faint optical emissions at specific wavelengths. …
    Lunar Radar Experiment: In another experiment, measurements were made of lunar radar cross-section by transmitting high-power radar pulses directly at the Moon from the HAARP facility and receiving the echo pulses with the WAVES radio receiver onboard the NASA/WIND spacecraft.

  61. Beverly Foster says:

    Oh, TG, I'm so glad to hear that the Dane/Shipp video isn't up yet.  I admit to being e-challenged, but I thought it was me because I couldn't find it.  Really looking forward to it.

    I know NO ONE who wants to know the truth.  It's a species problem.  Just horrific, bizarre, grotesque.

  62. Carol says:

    Hi Dane I went on green peace website !!  put your website on there looking at what they say about u  ??? it's not good can  you make comment  .. they  say what u say its not true ??? But I put on there website  !!! explain what it is these stripes  are in the skies and blanket  of grey on blocking sun  but no answer ?? Anyway u r my hero for what are doing I'm trying do my bit in England to educate people . 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, the attached link will shed more light about Greenpeace and many organizations like them. FYI

  63. Dennie says:

    Loads of very fine white haze particulates the past few days in the S.F. Bay Area.  I have to drink and drink and drink water or I get hot urine, etc.  My eyes burn, my guts whine, my mouth feels like it's getting powder sprayed in it (because it is getting sprayed with powder), that feels like fine-grade sandpaper.  I wake up with a racing heart feeling totally thirsty often several times a night now since the A$$HOLES-In-Charge decided "they" need to ramp up the (losing) effort.  I wake up with crusty eyes because the shit's settled all over me (YOU TOO, NO DENYING THAT!!!!) and glues my eyes shut.  So what do YOU think this crap's doing to Y-O-U, or are we all somehow "immune…???"

    It makes total sense to me now why it's hotter after spraying– those particulates that bounce around to the tune of the Frequency Masters' callings would, of course, heat up the air via friction, among other insane things that I never would have dreamed I'd have to think of. 

  64. G. Day says:

    The lawsuit is fantastic news and it's critical closeness will hopefully make my Parliamentary Representative here in the UK sit up and take notice and come up with an intelligent reply next time I mail him. 

    I m in awe at DW's tenacity in pushing this whole issue relentlessly forward. The whole world will surely recognise this in due course.

  65. How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen: Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try to manage. / Peggy Noonan / Aug. 11, 2016
    This is about distance, and detachment, and a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West … [In Germany] Merkel, her cabinet and government, the media and cultural apparatus that lauded her decision [on immigration] were not in the least affected by it and likely never would be. Nothing in their lives will get worse. The challenge of integrating different cultures, negotiating daily tensions, dealing with crime and extremism and fearfulness on the street—that was put on those with comparatively little, whom I’ve called the unprotected. … ongoing crisis that shows no signs of ending—because nobody cares about them enough to stop it. The powerful show no particular sign of worrying about any of this.
    “… the shadow side, of all the positive effects of globalization.” …is something we are seeing all over, the top detaching itself from the bottom, feeling little loyalty to it or affiliation with it. …not only a detachment from, but a lack of interest in, the lives of your countrymen, of those who are not at the table, and who understand that they’ve been abandoned by their leaders’ selfishness … On Wall Street, where they used to make statesmen, they now barely make citizens. CEOs are consumed with short-term thinking, stock prices, quarterly profits. They don’t really believe that they have to be involved with “America” now; they see their job as thinking globally and meeting shareholder expectations. In Silicon Valley the idea of “the national interest” is not much discussed. They adhere to higher, more abstract, more global values. They’re not about America… In Hollywood the wealthy protect their own children from cultural decay, from the sick images they create for all the screens, but they don’t mind if poor, unparented children from broken-up families get those messages and, in the way of things, act on them down the road. From what I’ve seen of those in power throughout business and politics now, the people of your country are not your countrymen, they’re aliens whose bizarre emotions you must attempt occasionally to anticipate and manage. In Manhattan…the children of the global business elite marry each other and settle in London or New York or Mumbai. They send their children to the same schools and are alert to all class markers …. our elites have abandoned or are abandoning the idea that they belong to a country, that they have ties that bring responsibilities, that they should feel loyalty to their people or, at the very least, a grounded respect. … Some of the detachment isn’t unconscious. Some of it is sheer and clever self-protection. At least on some level, they can take care of their own.

    • Dennie says:

      and it ain't "just" the global "elites" that view any kind of authentic expression of TRUE FEELINGS as "bizarre;" Just take a look around you, or start crying in line waiting somewhere, even walking down the sidewalk, anywhere in public– THEN WATCH THE REACTIONS– MOSTLY DENIAL. 

      "EMOTIONS ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!" I hear these assholes cry.

      Plenty of people EVERYWHERE have bought and drunk that SICK-O Kool-Aid programming. 

    • Dennie says:

      "They" can "take care of their own…" until they've finished painting themselves into a tiny little corner and are then very, very very vulnerable to ATTACK. 

  66. California’s 70 Million Dead Trees: A ‘Botanical Emergency Room’ / Friday, 12 August 2016 / California's dying forest: Of course, it’s not JUST drought, it’s multi-cause. Dare I mention OZONE?
    … across the state, once-towering pines have collapsed, their desiccated limbs sprawled across forest floors. Toppled oak and tanoak trees, their trunks bleeding, decomposing from the inside out, litter the ground. Choked with the detritus of at least 70 million dead trees, vast tracts of the landscape have become a botanical emergency room, parched by drought, invaded by damaging insects and infected with a deadly organism that may have piggybacked its way to the state on rhododendron leaves. … In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, “80 percent of trees are dead,” said Ken Pimlott, the state’s top forester as director of Cal Fire, the state forestry and fire-protection agency. “There will be no conifers [there] when this is done.” The catastrophic tree loss has taken out 66 million pines and other conifers and more than 5 million oak trees and tanoaks, which are relatives in the beech family. Nearly 60 million more water-starved trees are teetering. …large concentrations of trees — hundreds of acres of forest — are being wiped out. And experts expect the situation to worsen.

    • G. Day says:

      Here in the UK the effect on trees is not so acute though the impact on insect life is devastating. I have maintained my  gardens as totally organic for many years but the amount of invertebrates, arthropods, beetles and lepidopteran has declined dramatically over the past 15 years – obvious reason why migrating birds have declined as rapidly.

      Keep fighting.

    • Cesar says:

      Hi Susan,

      I have been reading your informative articles and find them very informative. But I see that you recently had another article on the dying trees in California. That article mentioned that there are 60 million trees that are dead or dying. Now you mention in your article above that it is 70 million. So what's the official count is it 60 or 70 millions that are dead??

    • sea says:

      Unfortunately it is not just the Sierra Nevada- that is very inaccurate but that is what mainstream media is circulating of course.

      I am re-posting part of what I posted after returning from the Redding Cascade Theater event last week, in my 6 hour drive back to Santa Cruz county it was astounding to see all the dead trees.

      This is what I had posted:

      "MANY more trees are DEAD or dying than I noticed even on the way up to Redding Thursday .The highways I traveled were, 17, 280, 680, 80, 50, 5 and there is blatant evidence everywhere- quite frankly I don't know how the state will be able to keep up with the removal of dead trees.If of course that is before wildfires start amidst this dry growth."

      Along every highway and into the hillsides or residential areas- California right now is like a tinderbox.

      I live and walk in Nisene Marks State Park every few days, it was a beautiful forest , but no longer.In just a few months I have watched green on the branches of the redwoods and oaks turn to red, orange , brown and dead.I would estimate in just the walking path area 50% are almost completely dead.This was originally an old growth forest that had clear cutting during the 30s which wiped it out.In the 70s it was land owned by  a woman Nisene Marks that donated 10,000 acres to remain untouched, I am sure she is rolling over in her grave and weeping at the same time.

    • Jody Krupa says:

      Susan thank you for all your astounding information, we hear nothing of this in New England , so horrible!! It breaks my heart shame on all of us!

  67. rick dubov says:

    Hi Dane….the epidemic denial on all fronts is maddening. Let me add a few things about vaccines. In addition to the toxic onslaught of them, there has never been ANY hard proof that vaccines have ever prevented any illness. And to add insult insult to injury Many of the viruses that they allegedly neutralize have never been truly isolated according to the most rigorous criteria  which is required for proof .The fraud runs deep on multiple fronts in the arena of infectious disease. Keep up the marvellous connecting of the big and small dots.


  68. Theglide says:

    Gotta find a way to stop this shit and the assholes responsible, before the planet filds.

    Thx, for your work Dane.


    • Dennie says:

      A-MEN!  How about writing those e-mails to people like David Keith and Ken Caldeira??  You know they could do a whole lot of good if they actually got off their stupid ego position and stood up for the facts of reality.  That would go a long way towards stopping this– who's gonna argue with them?  They wrote the book.. everything they do is followed to the letter by the Order Barkers and their Followers.

  69. David Smith says:

    Thank you for helping to wake up this country.

    I live in south Florida and we are under attack on a daily basis. The geoengineering goes on 24/7 depending on the time of year. The impact on the environment here in south Florida is devastating. Every type of climate is having issues in different ways throughout the world. I am a waterman and have surfed and fished in Florida for 58 years. The last few years we have been under assault from domestic terrorist call the USA government through geoengineering.  The effects of this are obvious to me and most here are blind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and propaganda from their TV news stations.

    I film and photo geoengineering every day here in Florida.  My occupation is an Indoor Environmental Hygienist and I tell my client every day about the hazards of going outside verses managing there indoor environment. I direct them to geoengineering and have in mild discussion to get them thinking and want to link. There is a tremendous amount of resistance because people do not want to think this whole thing is going to go way because we have a government that loves us. Well they will all have to grow up once there pacifier is removed and I hope it is not too late.

    I fish every week end in the Everglades National Park. The park is dying rapidly since I can remember the mosquito attacks in the winter were bad and in the summer you had to wear specialized clothing, sprays and burning sticks of scents to even consider going out there and survive. This summer I have not been attacked by mosquitos at all. The park ranger was wearing shorts and a tee shirt and standing in the shade. I asked him don’t you think this is unusual and he replied he could not talk about it. The denial force is strong the only reason he said that is because I have known him for years.

    Recently I posted google satellite images of Biscayne Bay in Miami showing the differences between 2014 and 2016 North Bay area. This area was a great fishery and now there is only half the grass flat as in 2014. The grass is where a large portion of the shrimp grow that people eat and the same shrimp feed the reef and surrounding waters. Once the inshore fisheries die off so will the reef fish. After I posted the photos I wanted to research the Everglades where I fish most and found for some reason I could no longer find any images from the google satellite from 2016 anywhere. Is this just a coincidence?

    The backcountry where I fish does not allow motors and I can go there for two or three days without ever seeing another person. My kayak would scrape across the underwater grass and I would follow the crocodile trails to reduce drag to move from pond to pond. The grass was full of mullet, shrimp, crab and other fish and creatures. The creatures in these shallows would feed the tremendous amount of birds that migrate here every year. I have filmed these birds in the millions. The population of migratory birds this year was less than half of last year’s migration.  Today I travel the same waters and only see sandy bottoms and nothing else. The shrimp, crabs, mullet, tarpon and other fish that feed all the wild life has gone or are died. This is so sad my grandchildren will never have the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and beauty that was once the Everglades.

    Please watch the documentary Clinton Cash to see who will be the toughest opponent to get any change in geoengineering or climate change if elected. Money talks and the rest of the world can die, they don’t cares.

    • LS says:

      Thank you David Smith for your frontline report from Florida. Only here can we find out about these atrocities like the one you tell of and the one Dane relays from South Africa. Reports like that can go a long way in opening people's eyes to what they choose not to see.

    • Tamara says:

      @David Smith

      Wow, such a sad picture. I am from South Florida. Lived in Key West and Pine Island. Always marveled at the Glades and her abundance of life. Your description of recently kayaking in the back country broke my heart.  

      I left Florida (Pine Island) because of the Red tides and the malathion spraying on the Gulf Coast. I am asthmatic and the Red tides really did me in. 

      I live in Northern California and spend a lot of time crossing the Sierras to a family property in the high desert on West Nevada. It is here that I first watched them crisscrossing the skies and  spreading toxins for over the last decade. I have driven 350 miles from Nevada to the Cali Coast covered in a blatant aerial assault. The trails shut my lungs down. Many of my friends who know the truth hear my signature trail cough and look up at the sky and say "yup, they're doing it again".

      Many times I have thought that the fish kills and malathion were not so bad compared to this.

      This site has a global following but your story just hit home for me and has fueled this weakening fire to keep up the fight.

      To shrimps, mullets and alligator trails,



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes, thank you David!  What a diverse and interesting life in the Everglades you HAD.  So sorry to have to put it past tense, for the kids and grandkids to and people like me who always wanted to experience it but never got to.  Fascinating.  I've seen films of such and can just imagine you in your kayak for days by yourself in this amazing and challenging environment.  How ironic to be an indoor environmentalist!  Talk about bookends!  No mosquitoes in the Everglades says it all!

    • TNGeowatch says:

      That is amazing insight! Reports like this bring home our time is short if we don't wake up!

  70. Robert West says:

    Central Oregon: Today they are spraying the heaviest that I have ever seen! The sky is totally covered with the toxic death and they are still adding  more spray lines north to south and it is only noon. I would like to see a photo of today's death lines – maybe that would help wake up the flocking sheep!

  71. GB Van Zyl says:

    We need to know more about global issues. WWIII ETC. 

    • Dennie says:

      GB Van Zyl: 

      Go to  Great place to get informed. 

      Check out Rice Farmer's blog for a compilation of world news.

      To Newbies and "others:" No one opens your head and pours in the knowledge, and certainly not the "smarts" that it takes to know the sheep from the goats.  No, YOU have do to that all by yourself– effort required to grow those brain cells– the onus is on each of us to get to the proverbial gym and perform the work that keeps us fit, so to speak. Laziness won't cut it any more, no sitting on the couch and watching a teevee show about how to do this, and you'll need to figure out what it means to develop a good nose for what's ice cream and what's simply just bullshit propaganda.  Your well-being and even your life itself is going to depend on how good you are at doing this and you must do this on a regular basis.

    • Susan says:

      Rent or go online and view Ty Bollinger's, The Truth About Cancer—it will do a lot of explaining for you.

    • Frances says:

      WWIII : See the latest news of US-lead Ukraine govt. amassing troops, hinting at war with Russia over Crimea.  This could create the need to delay the US election and Obama stay on longer.

  72. Hi Dane,

    As always – our sincere Thanks for your continued diligence; patience & undying leadership in the "Battle for Our Planet" & equally for the benefit all of us who often feel frustrated by the "Apparent Failure" of "COMMON SENSE" exhibited by our Family members, Friends & Neighbors.

    It has become "Painfully Obvious" that, "Common Sense is NOT that Common Anymore"

    August 13, 2016 PIX were sent to your "Gallery Address"

    These photos are from Abbotsford, British Columbia on the date of August 13, 2016.

    To briefly explain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Since the announcement of the 2 lawsuits, (especially the recent US 60-day notice) our area has noticed a somewhat reduced amount of aerial spraying.                                         In the last week or so we have appreciably noted, mostly blue skies {much higher daily & evening temperatures} – with the "Lighter" cover in the morning & later afternoon skies.

    Friday, August 12, 2016 was the first day of the annual "Abbotsford Air Show" and the Friday Air Show started at 6 PM PST.                                                                                        Prior to 6 PM, the GeoEngineers began layering a significantly increased amount of dense, highly-visible trails throughout the region over Abbotsford. (Fraser Valley of BC)             By 6 PM, our skies were pretty much covered in a horizon-2-horizon blanket of Thick, Dense trails, lasting into the darkness of early evening.

    Saturday, August 13, 2016: There are even more trails that were created overnight and the ONLY "Logical Conclusion" a person might draw is that ANY EXCUSE IS BEING USED TO INCREASE THE VOLUME OF AEROSOL SPRAYING, while the Abbotsford Air Show can be blamed for increased exhaust emissions.

    {sadly, I missed the opportunity to capture the Friday "Deluge" of significantly increased aerosol spray, but this Saturday volume is greater than Friday's} 


    • Ed Hackett says:

      it's all the major carriers that are spraying. presumably at the direction of the state department. they are not only forced to add the toxic shit to their fuel,  but have to divert their flights in a carefully orchestrated grid pattern.  thats

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, though fuel additives to appear to ba a part of the spraying operations, mathematically speaking, payload dispersions are the majority source of the toxic material entering the atmosphere. The nozzle photographs and film footage of jets turning on and off also confirm that payload dispersions are a core element of the SRM programs. FYI

  73. Bluv says:

    Hello Dane

    Glad to hear from you again, I hope you find time away from your busy schedule to enjoy life's little pleasures. I have a question for you, where do you go in your mind to find peace and balance in the madness we are living with and where do you find the strength to carry on with your valiant effort to expose the truth to a seemingly indifferent populace. I truly admire you and extend my sincere gratitude for all you do to bring everything to light. Peace and harmony to you Dane.


    Heavy spraying has resumed today in Portland, Oregon after a few weeks of non- visual operation. So sad!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluv, thanks you for your message, and for your support in this battle. The only solace I know is to remain in the front line of the fight. For all of us, this is truly the only way to retain our sanity in a world gone mad. We are not helpless, and those we are strive to expose are not Gods, they are demented men and women, nothing more. We must never yield, we must never give up, forward into the storm.

  74. LS says:

    Thank you for another program full of "Oh, my God!", news. I have been waiting to report from the frontline at 6500ft. The new applications here are coming from planes that are long gone by the time you hear their roar. They are most likely drones out of Fallon. They are spraying a quickly dispersing trail from different areas of the wings. Soon after,  a fake cloud appears. At the edge of The Great Basin which extends from Carson Pass to the Wasatch in Utah, you can view this happening as we did this week. And when I am outside without a mask, I can taste the metals in my mouth. Everyone smells something WRONG. 

    Thanks for bringing Kevin Shipp to the event. He did connect the dots between the issues of geoengineerinig and the vaccination catastrophe in the most earth shaking way. My husband and I felt like we were getting "full body blows" of Truth.  Time to press on toward mass awareness.

    • TrudyB says:

      LS –  Glad to  know you are wearing a mask when you are outside..just as long you do not breathe !!! The N100 respirator mask is the only one that will prevent the 'toxic death spray'  direct access to your lungs and thereby pass directly to your bloodstream…take care – the N100 is reuseable!

    • LS says:

      TrudyB…. so funny, I was sorry I hadn't said thanks to you for encouraging me to wear a mask…after I made the post. Thank you!  And no,  I haven't found the N100 mask yet. I'll probably have to order them. I am fighting as hard as I can to remain standing in this battle.

    • N100 Mask is available from esafety supply, a .com company.   Larry

    • Dennie says:

      I am not aware of any kind of filtration or respirator mask that can filter out the nano-particulates because they're so small they'll just go right through anything that's out there at this point.  If I had one of those masks I could tell you in one instant whether they're doing their job or not because I can feel and taste the nanoshit– great gift, huh??

  75. Michael says:

    I can definitely feel the loss of mental clarity as a function of time spent outside. 

    • Dennie says:

      I spend a lot of time outside gardening and walking every day.  I have to come in after a while to rinse my face, neck, arms and mouth out.  The metal crap settles on you and coats everything.  Sometimes I get a headache from it and it certainly dehydrates.

      The mental clarity issue is probably more likely related to the disturbed sleep caused by having to breathe metal nanoparticulates all night long and how that dries out your nose and mouth, making it just plain hard to breathe.  Loss of sleep = loss of mental clarity.  Most probably do not even notice their disturbed sleep as caused by the rough, crunchy air they are in fact breathing.  And just because you lack the capacity to feel the nano-particulates like I do does not mean you are not being affected in any way, which is what I see too many mistakenly believe.

  76. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Just to remind everyone we have these acceptance and normalization groups of disabilities just like the California drought is being normalized we have these acceptance groups for all issues we face autism , CA Drought and on and on just accept don't cure or fix how can we be moving forward with our lives if we just accept that is ridiculous no autism acceptance no California drought acceptance no more of this stupid shit.

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