Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 3, 2016


Dane Wigington

How stable are the world's democracies?  "Warning Lights Are Flashing Red" is a recent headline on the subject to consider. More and more of the Earth's atmosphere is being saturated with toxic particles from the constantly expanding climate engineering global assault. An update from Australia, as many as 8500 people were reportedly hospitalized from "thunderstorm asthma". Does anyone believe that this is the real reason behind the health catastrophe? The Weather Channel continues to lie about the geoengineering insanity. Since the US military is their primary sponsor, The Weather Channel's lying to cover the tracks of climate engineering comes as no surprise. We are told that over 100,000,000 trees have now died in California due to the drought, but there are lies contained in the media reports that say so. First, there are many more than 100,000,000 trees dead, it is not just the drought, and climate engineering is the primary factor related to the tree die off. The biosphere as a whole continues to collapse, more weather warfare is on the way for the Dakota water protectors, and all while a climate disinformation event in Arizona is attempting to deny there is anything even wrong with the climate (or the environment).  Countless biases are held by the masses and these biases are fueled by the power structure. How can such bias be overcome? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Our host, planet Earth, is dying. How many members of the human race are willing to make saving Earth their top priority?

A billboard on a Gem Faire event transport truck touring the Western U.S.


This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


273 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 3, 2016

  1. Alistener says:

    A friend of mine was in Ohio last night and got really sick all of a sudden – he said it happened when the weather suddenly changed from totally clear to a blizzard,  He started to pull over and suddenly had an attack of some kind and almost hit another car.  Do you think this is related to the weather, like the Australian asthma?  If so any suggestions on what to do?

  2. Jsunn says:

    Geo engineered winter has hit Vancouver Island!Went for a hike this morning as walking in the forest while it’s snowing is amazing however when I checked the temperature on my digital thermometer was immediately saddened by the fact that at +4 logic dictates that it shouldn’t be snowing!When most people see snow they automatically assume that it’s zero or less.Of course the weather phone app’s support the lie! “what senses do we lack that we do not hear or see a whole other world all around us”!!! Thank you Dane and others for the tireless work that you do.

  3. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Elena:  Thank you so much for the info on how to write to Trump (and his Thanksgiving message on the site was nice to read).  And also for your info on Julian A….how I hope and pray he is alive and well.  You are amazing in what you share, and I really thank you.  

    I also asked Trump to consider Dane as his special climate advisor….how I wish many would write to urge him to take a second look at what is happening with our climate.

    Blessings to all.  I know they have altered drilling plans at Standing Rock but now they are drilling under the Ohio river and have plans to drill elsewhere near other rivers….it may be a very long battle to save our clean, natural water. 

    Here again is Elena's message about how to write to Trump:

    For the person on the last post here wanting to get to that website to tell Trump about Dane, it is a dot gov website; and can be found at It has a section for ideas or suggestions, and will let you write as long a message as you like. I also wrote in and told the Donald about Dane, that he should be his science advisor. We need to try, even though at the moment he doesn't believe the planet is warming, I feel he could be convinced by credible data 


  4. Bryan S. says:

    Hello Dane, Here in Belgium it's terrible! I noticed this insanity since the bombing attacks on our airport and subway in march. Which was a false flag. Right before the attacks they have put an impressive wall with the (new) logo of Brussels Airport, which you can't miss when driving on the highway around Brussels. Since the attacks that logo shines at night. Illuminati symbol for the bloodletting? I can be totally wrong. The bombing on the subway was at   9:11 AM … 

    Since then, they have been spraying insanely. When that airport was open again, suddenly on a friday, there was an electricity blackout from 6 till 9 AM. They told us in the news that there was also a problem with the emergency generator but they were ''working on it''. I think it was on purpose because no flight was cancelled that day! Also, during the whole night there were lots of planes in the sky. The military airport is right next to Brussels Airport by the way.

    Sunday the 30th of October, the CETA (Europe-Canada) agreement was finally signed in Brussels. That day was the most insane spraying that I've ever experienced. It continued two days after. A young girl of 19 was jogging with a friend two days after. She died, her heart. In the news they only said that she didn't have any medical history. There were also protests in Brussels days after because of CETA.

    One by one our nuclear power plants were shut down and later restarted because of a 'defect in the non-nuclear part'. Shut down to prevent floods I suppose.

    Oh and our weather woman and climate expert just received the price for using very comprehensive language and daring to speak about our warming climate and what we can do about it……..

    • Dennie says:

      There's a type of mental illness in which the sufferer is obsessed with numbers– WHAT THE F*CK IS IT with the "3/11" and the "9/11" and every other damnable "_/11?" You have 4/11, 5/11, 6/11– WHO THOUGHT THIS CRAP UPPPPP??????? WHO IS IT AND WHERE DO THEY LIIIIIIIIIVE???  WHO THE F*CK IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SH!T???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

       What did they do to her? her only; I hope nothing worse!

  5. Donna-AZ says:

    Iv'e been using to track the OMEGA10 (DC-10 tanker) off the pacific coast which spends time in Victorville and SanDiego. On Dec 1st, it flew over to Myrtle Beach and is spending time there and in Jasksonville, FL. This tanker has been doing it's loops, lots of loops, out in the Atlantic Ocean (2 or 3 times a day) off the coast of FL, GA, SC and NC using up massive amounts of fuel and spending many hours (between 3 and 5 hours per trip) out there, at 22,000 feet. What are they dumping in the ocean?

    • Adrian Cook says:

      Please send me more info on this. Thank you.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Adrian Cook, If you go to and type in OMEGA10 at the top, the site will show the activity log (the last 14 flights) of that plane the DC-10 tanker off the Atlantic coast. Click on each one and see what they are up to. I took a screen capture off yesterday while it was off the coast of Myrtle Beach, on the east side of the north/south jet traffic doing loop after loop, spending 6 hrs and 42 minutes, burning thousands of gallons of fuel.

      Hope this helps. Donna

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Thank You Donna A-Z for that information, as I can't sleep as much as I used to… I read all the post here on Dane's Site! I live in Pennsylvania, the Eastern Part just out side Philly. I was outside watching the Stars, their beautiful at night. Although approximately 5:30 am the Planes start flting and the weather changes from clear to overcast in seer moments. It is mostly cloudy now as I write this down, I want folks to know, as a Scientist I can tell everyone here at this site that this Military Industrial Complex that are run by Multi-National Corporations can manipulate the weather changes in mere seconds, that's how much control they have. The way around the treaties made back in the late 60's and early 70's banning air chemical testing, (SIGNED BY ALL NATIONS) is have private contracts with such company's. So they're not in any violations of any international air toxic banned treaties. Sad, But we should start shooting down any airplanes that are not in accord with the treaties established by all civilized nations. No Man nor Multi-National company is above the law of Nations and Man!!! These are Chemicals, and they are banned period. They go against all Human Decency, therefore should be deemed criminal, and be held accountable. These so called elites should be held by International Law. They should be indicted. Then Locked away, Money nor power of money should be above the law. That's why you will NOT be hearing from Hillary Clinton, she staying away, because she aware of the public outcry of her being indicted.

      She has caused the death and destruction of so many, she's a war criminal pure and simple, just read a few published books or even look up a few YouTube video's. It's all documented. These Foundations of death should be investigated and the monies confiscated for the greater good for all of this planet.

  6. Michel B says:

    When enough wake up, which is very soon as more and more are talking about this, there will be marches on city halls and parliaments, marches on the weather radar golf balls which are radio frequency emitters, marches on the air bases where aerosol tankers take off, marches on civilian airports where airliners are filled with aerosols to disperse on their flights, marches on news agencies, marches on the UN, all demanding a stop to this insane program. And we will have to make them stop it. The force of public knowledge and outrage will become action that stops it. Keep spreading the word bravely, logically and unrelentingly.

  7. MS P says:

    7.8 Quake Solomon Islands Dec. 8." A Reverse faulting event. "


    • MS P says:

      "Tectonic Summary

      The December 8, 2016, M 7.8 Solomon Islands earthquake occurred as the result of shallow, slightly oblique reverse faulting on or near the plate boundary between the Australia and Pacific plates. Focal mechanism solutions indicate that rupture occurred on either a northwest or north-south-striking, moderately dipping reverse fault. At the location of the earthquake, the Australia plate subducts beneath the Pacific plate towards the east-northeast at a velocity of about 96 mm/yr. The location, depth, and focal mechanism solutions of the December 8th earthquake are consistent with its relation to under-thrusting of the Australia plate beneath the Pacific plate (the northwest-striking plane of the focal mechanism solution).

      While commonly plotted as points on maps, earthquakes of this size are more appropriately described as slip over a larger fault area. Reverse faulting events of the size of the December 8, 2016 earthquake are typically about 120×55 km (length x width).

      The December 8th earthquake occurred about 100 km northwest of where the Australia:Pacific plate boundary transitions from thrust to transform tectonics between the New Britain Trench to the northwest and the New Hebrides Trench farther east. A pair of large earthquakes (M 7.6 and M 7.4) occurred in that plate boundary transition region in April 2014. More broadly, the Solomon Islands Arc is very seismically active, with 53 earthquakes of M 6.5+ occurring within 250 km of the December 8th event over the preceding century. The largest of these was a M 7.9 earthquake about 50 km to the southwest in October 1931, near the New Britain Trench. In 1979, a M 7.1 earthquake occurred in an almost identical location (8 km northwest) to the December 8, 2016 event. None of these historic earthquakes are known to have caused shaking-related fatalities, likely because of their remote location far from population centers that might be vulnerable to earthquake shaking."

  8. This week it has been very cold near 0 at nights and then today we got hammered by a snowstorm from the east with eastwinds around 20 mph. Our storms mainly used to come from the west but now they hit from all directions. And now tonight it is supposed to warm up and start raining after midnight, 42 degrees by 4a.m. and this is our forecast for the next few days. Rain at night snow during the day. What the hell? And people think this is normal, are you f@#%$0ing kidding me

  9. Joe Ceonnia says:

    DANE, Thank you for allowing me to put these important comments & thoughts out there;  Last Night Wednesday, really going into Thursday Dec. 8th about 3:30 am, morning couldn't sleep again. I was thinking of my youth, an a Album By a GREAT artist His Name: Elvis Costello, The Album "Taking Liberty's" so I went on-line and looked up Taking Liberties and my gosh – what information came up… Brits were outraged regarding their "Liberty"  Freedom of speech same as here in America, I believe that's why there was Brexit and why Donald Trump!! It started with Brexit and ended when Donald Trump called out JEB regarding the true history regarding the information about 911, that was the defining moment for a LOT of Americans, He called the Bush and The Clinton Crime families out on what the New World Order had put in power. Every Western Cavitation is already aware of the American Military industrial Complex, and the EU, and The False United Nations, But no ONE PERSON ON NATIONAL STAGE CALLED THEM OUT! and it goes much deeper then that, the Movie Industry is in on it too..To prove a point my friend asked me if I still had my VHS machine, I said "YES" why? He said I know you still have the ROCKY movie on vhs, I agreed again, he said put the tape and fast forward to the part where Rocky is running down FRONT STREET near the EL,  anyone who lives on the east coast knows that the El is an Elevated Train, so I put my old 1979 VHS tape in & FF and sure enough there was nothing but "BLUE SKY" he said they're playing Rocky on TNT right now and again later, a Ted Turner Network, AND THERE IT WAS,"WHITE STRIPPED SKY!!!!!! A photo Shopped Sky!! He pointed out some other movies to me that he knew I had tapped for him, he said start looking at old movies you had taped back in the day, and wait for them to be on TV Networks, TCM TNT and a Bunch of others… and sure enough he was RIGHT! These sky's have been photo shopped to look like today's sky's 

    I'm not sure if this has been noticed to the degree in which these particular sky changes (photo shopped), but today I was watching an old movie "Here to Eternity" with a lot of stars it that one…Which I also had on VHS and low and behold: there it was again! This is a B/W Movie and there it was… Isn't those the networks that TED TURNER owns my friend asked me ; isn't it the same guy who I watched in an interview say, we had to de=population of this planet.The interview is still on tape. Where as if those same actors where alive today?? My goodness they would be calling for TED'S head. I'm sure of that!! That's why none BS happened before now… They had that same technology then too; if these great actor were alive today, they would demonize this whole population agenda or more known as agenda 21, by the new world order, which Ex-President Bush Sr. said, and I quote "There will be a new world order, there's no stopping it" well; the people are waking up at such a pace, and that's all people talk about in there living rooms, and compilling a list of all the evil doers, which will secetly for now be passed down to each generation, so these war crimes against himanaty can be punished and history can be rectified, it's like what HAPPENED TO AMERICA'S MORAL COMPASS, and what happened to our Brave Men and Women in the Military, did they all go over to the dark side; or are we military people all contractors now?? Or are they secretly feeding the information threw the right channels, I believe it's the latter, What would the Duke Do??? Big John Wayne, what would he Do? I think I know, and they know too; he would be carrying that Winchester down Main Street and Grabbing Ted and Others New World Order Criminal elements; grabbing them by the scruff of the neck; John Wayne would be with Kurt Douglas along with Burt Lancaster, Jimmy Steward, and a lot more true Americans who believed in the Freedom of speech and the Constitution of these United States, People like Jimmy Steward, who , severed in WWII and was decorated as American Airforce Piolit – What Happened to that Generation that makes them so bitter now? the ones who didn't find there morals after the war, what was said to be "The war to end All Wars,  That they "The Elites" want to destroy everything on the way out, they can't live any longer so they forgotten what a first kiss fells like, they must not have any grandchildren nor great grandchildren that love them? Their so damn bitter and alone inside, they want to take the world from every other generation to come. Why? Didn't they learn the meaning of the word empathy or they just know of the word???  I almost feel sorry for them, because history will be cruel in remembering these people, It always is,  It's like JFK is remembered for trying to help & warn all mankind, and Bush Sr, is remembered for the only American who doesn't remember where Dealey Plaza in Dallas, or where he was, this day and this Location of John F. Kennedy Assassination.and there's a photo of him right in front of Dealey Plaza…There is about a hundred or so books that say so!! Or do people like that, people that sell their souls for money and power really just believe themselves. You wait and see after Bush Sr., Dies, The books that will be written then, my Lord. There are so many whistle blowers now for America the Brave, Look, Look at all the wars she "America" got into that we didn't truly understand how it happened and NOW we do! it's so, so, so clear now!!! Every parent will be reading these story's for themselves before they send there son's and daughter's off to war!!!  Why can't they read HISTORY for themselves, tyranny only works before people will not just eat cake, a reference to History; when elites then didn't care about the masses… and History as far back as you can read; Always ends the same!! Kids are starting to realize that DARWIN was just a theory that just started in the 1800's, now they believe that we can't of come from apes, The science just doesn't work… and not because of the Bible either, because they are learning at such a high rate, the elites have no idea or maybe they do, and that's why their coming at them from so many directions. Sorry to go off on a trenchant, but it all ties together? History!! And to my Great Britain / English friend, Us common folk that are the educated middle class, we must do everything in are power to keep the lines and the freedoms to say the truth no matter how hard and how much we disagree about certain facts!! Even if someone disagrees with me, I will die defending their right to disagree. As Benjamin Franklin famously said: when a lady asked ? What's our government going to be? she asked to an old and wise Ben Franklin as he passed her on a busy Philadelphia Street, Ben said; "it's a Republic It's Freedom as long as you can hold on to it"!!! No truer words were spoken! WE MUST REMEMBER OUR OWN FIGHT TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT, GREAT BRITAIN TOO, HAD THEIR OWN FIGHT, That was more internal, more gentlemen like, but a fight never the less. Thanks people & Thank you Dane for allowing me this forum to speak my mind. I hope this will awaken more people.!

    • renate summers says:

      Hello all,

      This is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. In his lecture he mentioned a patient that works for universal studios that got paid 6 million $ to change the skies in all Disney cartoon movies. I know it’s a long lecture but worth the listen. Yes, he talks about chemtrails, sickness and more.  

    • Dennie says:

      Well, the elites' motives are pretty clear, namely Money, Power and Control– Father, Son and Holy Ghost ("..the three men I admired most, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for the coast, the Day the Music Died," so said that other iconic songwriter, Don MacLean, in American Pie, "a song about America," he said of it).  The rattlesnakes are starting to bite one another in a last-stand fight over the last of Earth's dwindling resources that fuel their machines that keep "them" in "power."

      The Senate Select Committee on Assassinations determined some time in the 1970's that J.F.K.'s assassination was indeed a conspiracy:  I.C. The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee was unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy

      Here's the source article:  So, um, now, just why the F*CK are people still arguing over this, actually, when we have had a Senate report about it for over 40 years now saying that there were multiple gunmen and Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy?  And, so what's with the C.I.A., as if conspiracies are so unusual..?

      P.S.:  Why is it that the Brits, actually, do the best Country-Western songs, like Costello's Stranger in the House, and Didn't I by the late, very very great, golden-voiced Gerry Rafferty.  I won't even get started about the blues, except to say that it was Stevie Ray Vaughn's playing as heard over the radio that caused Eric Clapton to pull of the road as he drove along in his fast little car, just to listen in wonderment to the entire cut that was playing.

    • horsegirl says:

      I'm dying of a white Christmas

      Unlivke the ones I used to know…

      How about flash mobs purloining old favorites"  Imagine 200 people uniting – anonymously at first, no placards, just a surprise somewhere – to strike up a new anthem:

      Oh say, can you see those planes in the sky

      what they brazenly spray makes for twilight's toxic cleam…



    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Joe, You asked about John Wayne.  He was involved in the making of The Conquerer with Dick Powell as Director. A Movie about Ganghis  Kahn   They were situated down from a Nuclear Plant that leaked, 91 out of the 210 there came down with Cancer! Including John Wayne & Dick Powell !    It is also Noteworthy that it is assumed by many now, that Jimmy Stewart met his end due to his realization of the Military. Dead Men Don't Talk !!! I agree these were Men that would have Stormed The Castle !!!    Maybe that is why so many Great Men have Perished.  John Candy another who had a Bullet to the head & they call this a Heart Attack !!! Blame it on his weight. The Public will Believe That !!!  I wish for Many Great Men to fill their void. I Hope the time is Soon !  We Need Them Now !

  10. Diane Friday says:

    I guess by now everyone knows about this massive "Arctic blast" scheduled to impact much of the lower 48 beginning tonight. Watching the skies today after the morning overcast broke, these psychopaths are clearly employing new and/or different technologies. The spraying was in a very distinct fan pattern from ESE and ENE to W and WSW. As quickly as the trails were laid down, they were hit with HAARP/rf/microwave, with the distinct ripple patterns lasting longer than usual. The chemical ice nucleation, here in eastern Pennsylvania at least, hasn't stopped for six weeks or better, and I'm convinced it's been ramped up since the first of the month. It's become increasingly painful, and I think it's making us sicker every day. 

    The magnitude of this scheduled "Arctic blast" makes it quite disturbing. Having read on this site how much of this cold air may have been effectively hijacked, and the correlation with rapid melting of the  Greenland ice sheet, I can't even pretend to understand the true motives behind this. Is it a grand attempt to lend credence to the global cooling myth? Is it to guarantee one last blast of unimaginable profits to the big energy conglomerates? Teach those no good DAPL protestors and all of us who support them a lesson? Is it to kill as many people as possible, primarily the homeless and those who can't afford to crank the heat up as much as it will need to be to get through this? Is it a gigantic and dangerous diversion and distraction from something even worse? All of the above? Something else entirely? There's no way to know the motives and all of the truly evil methods of these psychos, but this one has me more concerned and more anxious than usual. Does anyone have any thoughts? I could use some help, and this is the only place to find it, as we all know. Thank you. 

    • MS P says:

      Good points.  Too many are either too cold, to move about, & think as normal. Or just the opposite, can not do much, due to extreme heat. Exhausted either way. A form of mass control, using the weather. We are more, & more stuck/trapped inside, due to extreme weather.

      The pipeline  protesters have good reason to protest. Right now the heavy weather, is preventing the clean up, of a pipeline disaster in North Dakota.

      Also a story about North Dakota's oil spill record. 85 disasters in 20 years.

    • BaneB says:

      Diane:  No doubt it's overwhelming.  It's all I can do to follow my regional weather.  The aerosol spraying off the California coast is massive.  The Pineapple Express has been moving a river of water up from the Hawaiian Islands area for the past five days or more.  The jet stream is carrying this into California.  The weather warfare terrorists can't stop the Express, or don't dare in the current scenario, because the current weather systems are many and complex.  The psychopaths juggle their out of control creations and are in panic mode from the looks of the Pacific mess I see going on.  And Southern California is the prize for the weather makers. It's so obvious the southern half from say San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border is targeted with a special kind of evil.  The rain clouds trying to get lift as they enter the land mass from the ocean, necessary for rain, are massively sprayed to create that inversion canopy which prevents lift. The California coast line is peppered with golfball style microwave transmitters manufacturing faux high pressure.  The effect is to evaporate as much of the clouds as they can and spray just to make sure Governor Moonbean and the brain dead Sacramento seat of insane governance gets the message that the gods of science, technology, and warfare own them and us.  Currently here in Mendocino County I sit here inside looking out at an enveloping "fog" that has been drizzling for the past 24 hours.  This mashed down rain cloud would produce raindrops but it too cannot get lift because of the massive aerosols being dumped above.  As I type this another terrorist jet can be heard going over.  I am not residing under a commercial flight path.  Good luck.

    • Dennie says:

      Meanwhile out in "sunny California," it's humid and muggy today.  After days of freezing cold ice-nucleated heavy spraying then the rain.  Now it's warmed up.

  11. Hello again, fellow geoengineeringwatchers, you who are islands of sanity on this wacky, modified globe. I just posted a small semi-humorous Christmas season musical video. It’s a 2-minute take-off on the ancient Yuletide classic “Sleighride”, only this time, it’s Santa plowing his sleigh through the fat white plumes of the SAG trails…here’s the url:
    I hope this might raise a smile or 2! May God bless and keep Dane, and all the wonderful contributors to this site this Christmas.

  12. horsegirl says:

    Consider the development of the "information age" whereby all manual labor has been yanked out from under those not in business for themselves, and most of the rest:  People pass their lives in boxes pecking away at computers etc.  They simply are not out during daylight most of the time.  Lunch hours are spent indoors somewhere for the most part.   Driving to and fro is a course in tunnel vision, the sky hemmed off by the roof of the vehicle, staring straight ahead at the bumper in front of oneself transiting the highways.  Because how many times do we read how those of us who see what's going on – the commentariat here – first observe a beautiful sky, then sometime around 8 or 9 the war initiates, the sky is slathered in toxins, and the white sheen soon obscures the crime.  How convenient for the scum legion now administrating this world system.  This too is no doubt an aspect of the "master plans" hatched in Davos or wherever the wretched worthless leaders (spin on worthless eaters) congregate to scheme.  someone probably said this before, but with winter's shorter days we realize how little vista of the crime most US workers will have.  Perhaps a factor in how so many of the commentariat here are persons who have spent life outdoors. 

    • Dennie says:

      Many of the "useless eaters" are certainly more like "useful idiots" for the Power Elites, like Heinz Kissinger, their favorite champion– all certainly worthless "leaders," the kind that want us to follow them as they march with great certainty right over the edge, off the cliff into oblivion.

  13. SD says:

    Yet another suspicious M6.5 EQ reported offshore NorCal.  Suspicious because location in direct line with Atmospheric River delivering precip to area.  Past two months of rare early season rain/snow most likely enhanced by Geoengineers.

    Don't write off Ivanka as a spoiled rich kid.  We have to hope The Donald will indeed be swayed.


    • MS P says:

      That area has many quakes. (Lost Coast) This is the furthest point west, on the US map.   It's where 3 plates come together. The major quake, in 1992 had raised the coastline 4 feet up.  Rio Del dropped at the same time. Quakes up there are very sharp, compared to the ones I have been through, in southern CA. So Cal quakes are more wobble like. 

  14. BaneB says:

    For what it is worth:  6:52 am:  I just felt a earthquake here in Central Mendocino County, California.  The house moved and there was a cracking sound within the wooden frame.  It's raining.

  15. Eva says:

    Is this a good thing or bad thing in the battle to stop geoengineering?:

    Trump to pick Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt as head of EPA, source confirms to CNBC:

    • Knownlongtime says:

      I sure hope he stops this spraying of our skies. I was very sick yesterday. I actually wore a mask it's insane. I feel like when I look up it's a war zone.  We just want answers. 

  16. Mario says:

    Sacramento sky update 12-7-16: Sacramento valley was absolutely hammered with aerosol spraying this morning.  7am: planes everywhere, flying all directions. parallel, perpendicular, and everything in between.   The canopy had been set within a few hours during the morning.  By about 11am the sky was a white out with calls for rain this evening.  I now know that most if all weather is manipulated, and I can tell that they spray in similar patterns before our trickle of rain comes through.  My question is whether or not these precipitation events in California are simply being manufactured to confuse people as to the severity of the on going drought, or are they true rain events that are sprayed, dispersed, and manipulated?  I keep trying to wake people up.  Even a buddy of mine who is a staunch republican is taking in what I have to say.  He cannot deny what is in the sky.  Like many of us, he is most interested in the WHY question.  

    BTW, congrats to the MSM on another new meme: "Fake News" . . . Joseph Goebbels would be so proud!  If we don't understand history we are condemned to repeat it.  And that we are.  BIG TIME.

    These aren't the droids your looking for . . .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mario, the attached presentation should help with your question. FYI

    • Wanda D. says:

      Over the summer months here in SE NC, while working outside, I would tell my Mom that we would have rain in three days just by the amount of spraying that was going on. Never failed, within three days we would have rain to some degree. I have captured so many photos over the past several years and spoke to any one who would look up and listen about what was going on in our skies.


    • LS says:

      Mario, 2 days ago there was a big red blob coming toward California. Yesterday it was gone. Blown apart and dried up by sea based transmitters. We would get real precipitation if they'd leave it alone. No one seems to notice or is concerned about the loss of the jet stream. That is like the end of life on earth all on its own and people are too busy and tired to respond. The ice nucleated snow burns your skin, we notice. And there are sliver bugs hatching in the snow everywhere. Never seen it before. It is wrong. I am always willing to show anyone the disastrous state of the environment here, if anyone wants to take me up on it or send a science denier my way. Bless you all for facing the truth.

    • Sandra says:

      I remember Sacramento back in the 1970s with the spraying being more open, even the weather guys used to say they were doing it for the skiiers in Tahoe. It amazes me it's gone underground and now "a conspiracy for tin hat wearers."  No kidding… that's what we are called in local groups now that I am in Oregon. Hang in there, people are bound to wake up and create a tipping point. I don't think it has anything to do with Republican or Democrat from what I am seeing in posts.  Just folks that woke up.

    • Dennie says:

      We have "multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and no public discussion."  So much for the "Why" of the spraying.

      Lots of toxic "powder" nanoparticulate metals raining down with the rain "event" here for the past few days in the S. F. Bay Area.  Hard to breathe, hard to swallow, lots of gas and bloat from the toxic spray powder.  Got quite a bit of rain but look what else we have to take along with all the wet stuff?

      "History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme."  — Mark Twain


    • JF says:

      There has been heavy spraying here in Southern CA the last few days. I went out for a walk early this morning (Friday), and there were out spraying, but there was already heavy coverage. They must have been spraying all night.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Stay on top of Channel Five in your area.  The weather department knows this is going on.  They have yet to admit it.  I sent them massive amounts of information via text.  And photos.  And commiserated with a Mr. Swartz via text.  And when they blocked my e-mails I mailed them a packet.  So, they are informed. And regardless of my entreaties to those coverup artists, how could they not know something is going on?  Is there another area of California, outside of Los Angeles and San Diego, that is smothered more by jet induced aerosols?  I look southeast from my place and way way off the streaks are layered as far as can be seen from here.  And a smudge of yellow pall.  They know. They see.  They report fake weather.  They lie.

    • SD says:

      Excellent observations about Geoengineers laying down a "canopy" of cloud cover.  Just what I'm seeing here in SoCal. But for what purpose?  To protect artificially cooled air mass or to trap heat or disrupt hydro cycle?

      And of course "Fake News" is at the heart of their ops.

  17. Robert Gardner says:

    How long will this information stay up , not very long as Big brother does not what the every day general public to be in formed. So many people that I talk to about Geoenginering are dismissive saying there's nothing they can do about it and they are to busy with just making it from day to day. However, I also talk to a lot of young people from Europe and they are very well informed and trying to do something about it .

    In Willits, CA it just snowed today for a bit, and it was 39°!!! It's the first time we have ever seen nucleated snow!!!


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello GBob.

      Hello Dane.

      About temperatures, I think we are experiencing now a reality that people can't even imagine.

      Here in "my" beautiful and broken country ( that belong now to the world banking system MAFIA ), in Europe, the weather reports insist in giving info about the temperatures that we should have for this season. For the ones that work outside a cabinet, under the Sun, like me sometimes, is clear that temperatures are 6 to 12 degrees higher than they are telling US. But this is not all; this differences of temperatures are being experienced by everyone in days when we have a LOT of spraying in the air, covering the Earth from the Sun rays! It's insane. Yesterday was one of these days. A LOT of white F lines in the sky, being sprayed early in the morning ( before Sun rise and through the morning ), that with the advancing of the day started to spread, forming an immense white sheet that turned into big and dense clouds with the catalyzing effect of the Atmospheric humidity and properties that the F aerosols have ( but in the middle of the day was very warm, 22 or 23 degrees – for sure. They gave previsions of 15 degrees – max ). We are in December, in a Mediterranean region. In the days they don't spray almost nothing ( we had a day like this last week ), temperatures are reaching 30 degrees ( Celsius ).

    • BaneB says:

      Robert Gardner:  The snow came down in buckets over here in Round Valley for several hours.  The temp remained a steady 29F.  Around 7:00 pm it began to rain. The temp was still at 29.  It rained all night.  This morning the temp is 40F.  Still raining.  Jets operated above the cloud cover during yesterday and are up there now off and on.  I hear them and an now automatically attuned to the slightest sound of their presence, not unlike those who suffer the war jets in civilian area around our planet.  

    • MS P says:

       This morning's CA 6.5 Earthquake off the coast. 100 miles west of Ferndale.  (South of Eureka) . Did you feel it?

    • BaneB says:

      GBob: Addendum to my earlier reply to you, my eyes and back of my throat, and my lungs have been burning this morning ever since I got out of bed.  One eye was particularly painful under the lid and was a discomfort to open and close.  A burning sensation on the eyeball and under the eye lid.  The temps here in my area were at or below freezing for a number of days.  I check my thermometer out on the work porch every morning and during the day. About four days ago the 6:00 am temp was 30F.  I checked it every hour or so up until around 8:00 pm.  What struck me as odd was the temperature was a steady 30F from six in the morning until eight in the evening at which time I called it a day.  The work porch is an open air affair on two side so basically it's outside. Your nucleation comment has me wondering if this entire cold snap is not just a natural weather event.  Currently it's 10:22, raining with a temp of 43F.  It seems to me a Pineapple Express from the Hawaii area of the warm ocean there would not bring in cold freezing temps and snow.  I realize there are variables like cold air getting into the mix out of the Gulf if Alaska.  And daily watching the Intellicast weather animations did show the 'express' being stalled and sprayed silly at the leading edge just off shore of northern California.  Just some thoughts……

    • MS P says:

      BaneB & friends affected. (Maybe this will help?)  Try washing your face, with some vinegar, in the water. When my eyes, & nose burn, It helps me. I also put some ACV in my drinking  water, it clears any congestion, & sooths my throat, on bad spray days. There are days my eyes get very red, & sore. Soaking in vinegar water has worked. Best remedy, that  I have found so far.  I'll pour vinegar into my tub, & soak in it. 

    • JF says:

      The main stream media and politicians are waging a war against "Fake News" sites. In other words, the sites like this one, that is trying to tell the truth of what is really going on in our world.

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  Thanks for the health tip.

    • Dennie says:

      The geezers down in Ukiah think we're due for another Ice Age– really, some guy was trying to tell me that last year in December when I was up there working at Mendo J.C.  It gets plenty cold up there, that's for sure, and the ice nucleation's making it worse, burning your skin, making it difficult to swallow, breathe, causing respiratory and GI upset.  Bane, are the Round Valley Strings still playing up there?  Donna Lim's group, now she's back in S.F. ,one of our Northern CA Suzuki Institute organizers, teacher trainer and founder of the Dominican Suzuki School.

  18. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello All, This is extremely important and if Dane posts something new today as usual, I will repost this.  Today, in Daily Kos, they were urging that all call the president NOW, with regard to his selling, this week! of our protected lands to energy companies giving them the waters and lands for fossil fuel extraction.  It is of course more than that, it is also mining.  It is exactly what I've been going on about for years now, including Hillary's facilitating the sale of part of Burns county Oregon to Russia to mine for uranium for yellow cake!  And part of Arizona to Canada and Australia to mine for copper.  Every time that man places something under protection, it is time to worry.  I did call this morning and the number is: 202-456-1111.  Strongly urged the president to Not go through with these land sales.  As I've been saying for years, America is having a yard sale, literally!  I can't begin to say how angry I am.  No one believed me or did anything but Daily Kos says people are protesting at BLM places all over today.  Too little too late?  Dunno.  But when I asked who took out a hit on our trees, I do believe this is the answer!  And as I said, the better to mine, to drill.  I told the person who took my call that I'd voted for Obama twice, (boy do I regret that), and that doing this Will destroy his legacy!  Call!  Please call!  No time!  By the way, Daily Kos wanted to know how my call went and I told them.  I also told them that I believe our trees were purposely killed, droughted out, for this purpose.  I said they might think that too out there, but it is not and do the research, as I'd done about these land grabs for at least 3 years now.  Believe it!  I added that the "black snake" of DAPL is a hydra!

    Thank you.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Mrs Rachel, I wish the best Luck to All the People that live in that regions and that everyone can overcome the GREAT difficulty of this moment. Sincerely.


    • LS says:

      Thanks Rachel.  I will add that to the call I make to ask for a VETO on the 966 page 21st Century Cures Biomedical Research Act that passed yesterday. Roll up your sleeve to get your chip. And your child will get a baseline psyche test. They will store all your bodily and brain wave info forever. We are so screwed. I will not get chipped without a fight and I have reason to believe I am not alone on this one. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Pedro for the One reply to my plea! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you LS!  I swear, I do not know why most people seem not upset about this?!  Livid!  Heck, they can do to me, or try to, what they want.  I am old, soon gone.  But the lands!  Protected yet for good reason, and national parks as well, paid for by ya'lls' tax dollars!!

      Umm.  Yesterday they passed WHAT?!!  Well, there's another call for tomorrow, and I guess I know I have issues given I know the White House's phone number by heart!  Can you clue me into whom to call for the veto, and where in this 966 page thing I so do not want to read?  I'm with you of course on not wanting to be chipped!  Few do, I suspect!  So, we need some chip removal clinics.  I mean if my teeth were good, I'd chew the sucker out.  But, a sharp knife and maybe a suction device will do.  Brain wave studies/results from Me and My family!  Hysterical.  Not to mention a baseline psych test on young grandson!  Hell, I'd like to see that one!!  "Forever" is a bit wishful! given reality's timeline.  Again, try to have at me and mine as the Earth burns, and good luck with that!  But DO NOT F*** with the LAND and WATER!!!!!  OUR LANDS!  Everything's life!  How many geese have to die?  How many caribou?  Mne Wiconi!  Water is Life–for ALL!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, I hope you look back to this, I might have to repost it.  My answer to your chip comment was confusing as I asked whom to call for a veto, which of course would be the president.  I do not have the time to read this 966 page thing, at least at this time, but I have been checking it our from a number of angles.  I see zip nada about a chip.  What I do see is chip like pills to swallow, lasting about 5 hours through GI track, with various applications, so far tried on soldiers to, for instance, monitor temperature, future applications to be, for one, another version of a colon check up.  Not perfected yet it seems.  If there is a specific part that mentions chips other than this, can you let me know where or how to find?  I have tried.  Also, I've found nothing on a base line psyche test on children or anyone else.  Does appear to be a big giveaway to big Pharma, financially. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, uh, oops, forgot to add that this sweeping bill which Warren railed against is Obama's baby, so calling him for a veto….?  And it is Done.

  19. Dana MacCuish says:

    Found this article this morning.  Gave it a quick glance that time permitted…  Passing on to you people.  I believe the title was 'Who really Owns the Military Industrial Complex – Part One', or something similar.  I will look at it closer later.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Dana MacCuish.

      They have Christ crucified on a wall, haven't they??

      Christ ( our Spiritual Father ) represents Humanity ( ALL ).

      We must look better to the SIGNS.

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Dana MacCuish — Thank you! here is a brief excerpt regarding SAIC, which involved Bobby Ray Inman:  Director of Naval Intelligence, Vice Director at DIA, Director of NSA, on the board of SAIC, the Council of Foreign Relations, and now head of the board of Directors of Eric Prince’s Academi, formerly known as Blackwater.
      The CIA’s – Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)  Leidos, a joint spin-off of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), is an American defense company headquartered in Reston, Virginia, that provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. Leidos works extensively with the United States Department of Defense (4th largest DoD contractor FY2012), the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Intelligence Community, including the National Security Agency, as well as other U.S. government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. On September 27, 2013, SAIC changed its name to Leidos and spun off a $4 billion government services and information technology company, which retains the name Science Applications International Corporation.
      Insight Program – DARPA awarded a $14 million contract to SAIC for the DARPA Insight program, which is intended to help U.S. intelligence experts detect threat networks, irregular warfare, and terrorist operations by combining intelligence information from imaging sensors, crowd-source and other social network or text-based sensors, as well as from other sources for further analysis. … The DARPA Insight program seeks to develop integrated human/machine reasoning into intelligence equipment to encompass operator knowledge and reasoning when dealing quickly with complex data from many different sensors. …  SAIC experts will build model-based behavioral correlation, modeling, prediction, and threat network analysis tools that combine intelligence information across many different sources automatically to improve the efficiencies of multi-intelligence sensors. The company also will develop a unified data-management and processing environment that integrates new intelligence sensors and software algorithms.
      EM fields and Hidden symbols – DARPA is revealing programs, which have existed for years, to develop methods and techniques to incept thoughts and ideas into the mind. They reveal how once a mind has been programmed with the memory patterns, words and symbols can trigger the programing without the need of the original device.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      About the Syrian GENOCIDE ( not the only one that is going on right now ), I don't know if in the States you all have heard about the more than 10.000 children that are missing from the map and that lost themselves from their parents during the Exodus ( that still goes on ) of millions and millions ( of Persons ) that are running away from their destroyed country trying to enter into Western Europe zone, walking hundreds and hundreds of miles with their Families??, yes is TRUE, and I'm not talking about the tens of thousands that drowned already and died in the Mediterranean Sea. More than 10.000 children are missing and no bodies ( live or dead ) to tell the story.

      Read to the article:

      satanic pedophile cabal's iron grip of evil,

      from 6th December.

      From the same site that our friend showed US.


      Good Luck to ALL the Children in the World.


    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Don't you just love the Orwellian use of the tech language?  It's the spook language of the Luciferian high priests of corporate science.  And changing the brand name is very much in vogue.  One has to believe this is done to further obfuscate and confuse the general public.  How is one's mind programmed with the memory patterns?  Education policy.  Young minds the younger the better.  I read the human brain is not fully matured (formed) until around age 25.  Threat networks.  Irregular warfare.  Symbols and words that trigger..

    • ron hall says:

      DANA:  Thanks for that link!  If we are activists at any level, we need to consider "the whole 9 yards"–not just the banksters. The list is densely packed and crucial to grasp, IMO. I bookmarked it. Good job!

  20. MS P says:

    I saw a post "Sierra Club" is all upset. MR Trump plans to end some NASA  climate study weather programs. Fire scientists. End funding. HA!

    Since the Sierra Club  does not acknowledge geoengineering.  I sort of welcome the news. In hopes maybe the  next  US administration, might just stop all this spraying  madness. Only time will tell?


  21. MS P says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is less human  babies? I used to see/hear them more, in restaurants, & at public places. Now it seems the majority of the children, seen in public are about 10 years. or older. 

    Less infants in baby buggies these days? 

    Baby clothing is selling less too. The sections for baby goods, are getting smaller. Where 10 + years ago, the baby  sections were very large. 

    Just an observation? 

    Even the rabbits are not reproducing. Not like before. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Yes, MS P, you are correct, the US birthrate is infact declining. FYI

    • sea says:

      MS P in response to your comments regarding the decline in births perhaps reading this brief Abstract on Dr Stoller's website, regarding high levels of aluminum found in semen and the deterioration of semen from aluminum will shed light. Great way to control the population, unfortunately for all of us as we know it is not just the birth rate that is paying the price!

    • horsegirl says:

      YES.  Thank you so much for bringing this up.\\\\\\\\\

      We live on the US side of the Mexican border outside Douglas, Arizona which is the tiny northern tip of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.   Because of our experience in Mexico – watching babies go extinct, really, as we documented in an article here – we became acutely aware of this.  Mexicans are unrivaled in their pride of newborns.  Take them everywhere.  And in Douglas, we have not seen a newborn in at least two years.  The youngest children we see in the major shopping venues are at least two years old.  Furthermore there is a constant haboob of some toxic description aloft over this binational city, which never moves an inch even if the wind blows 90 mph.  It is KILLING PEOPLE.  There are ambulances transitting the highways far out of proportion to the population.  Every single time we've gone to town in this perhaps 50,000 population base spanning a fifty mile rural area on the US side, we see a minimum of one ambulance.  ALL the women have a spare tire of fat above the hip line, and other protuberant fatty tissue.  This appears to be some kind of estrogen response, which is the key to how birth control pills worked.  And those of us who lived through the 70's know that the pill etc. was far from perfect.  This is not people finally mastering birth control.  This is a biological alteration of the human species.

    • Dennie says:

      Hmmmm… I'm seeing LOTS of kids in Berkeley, CA.  Also San Rafael. 

    • virginia says:

      Dear Horsegirl:  Your report is truly upsetting and worrisome.  Has anyone in your city tested the soil or air quality of the "haboob" that you mention lurking over the population?  The situation is intolerable – if your suspicions are accurately documented, it would seem the city has some recourse in the courts?  I'm so sorry….please keep us abreast of the situation?  Thank you and blessings.

    • BaneB says:

      No dearth of babies in my area.  Last Spring it seemed every mother of child baring age gave birth.  My heart felt sad about bringing into this satanic asylum so many innocent children who, and it pains me to say it, will not reach maturity nor see a happy long life. Granted, better a rural birth over a city birth, imo.  The BIG question is will these babies be healthy and free of allergies, and not laced with every man made molecule created since WW2, nor morphed into radioactive halfwits with brains not able to think. Half the population in my area has some physical or mental impairment.  Of course my excuse is age:-)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All I can say is that here in Berkeley, CA, I am surrounded by babies.  Given what was mentioned and Dane's response, I decided to count them.  Lost count!  Babies everywhere!  Gotta say, I love that.  My daughter's friend gave birth at Standing Rock.  Her 6th child.  I am not trying to be contrary, just that I really am surrounded by babies.  Across the street from me, a baby day care.  Next door to that, a brand new baby.  Next door to me, a little one.  Down the block, more.  And lots of men carrying wee ones in chest packs by themselves.  Love it!  Could this be a regional issue?

  22. Donna-AZ says:

    BaneB, you mentioned a small jet operating over your area, flying over at a very high altitude at breakneck speed. I took pictures of a small, fast, all white plane spraying above Sun City, AZ @41,000 ft, and according to flightradar24, it was a Bombardier Global 6000 (ID.GLEX) going 481kts. It flew in a large baseball diamond shape path, departing out of Tucson to the NW, then NE, SE, then SW, twice. I caught it on it's second trip around after it turned NE over us. Sure would be nice to know what was sprayed.  Have not seen any planes flying above 41,000 ft on flightradar24, as someone else stated, but then I'm only looking at the planes spraying as far as my telescope can see.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna: Thank you for sharing that information.  It's through the dialogue here on this bbs that we are able to piece together the visual observations, even greater insight about how the weather control terrorists operate, when, and where, our observations playing a vital role in the learning curve.  The tactics morph, technology is upgraded, and we see and pass it on.  Like the other day here…..a tanker flies over from west to east.  I look up and at first thought the plane might be on fire.  But instead it was having trouble laying out a clean trail.  The thing was wiggly and ziggly and included what looked like puffs of white  smoke.  Disjointed and actually a comical caracature of the usual spraying, Thanks, Donna AZ.

  23. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, thanks for the reply to my previous post.

    Just an update on the situation here in Vancouver. Yesterday we woke up to heavy wet snow falling. The weather network had initially been calling for about a half inch of snow, but as the temperature rose during the day to around 2 celsius it continued snowing this heavy wet snow and we ended up with about 5 inches. It was apparently also the first time in over 1000 days that the Vancouver airport saw any substantial snow accumulation.

    It did a ton of damage to the vegetation in the area. Hedge/Shrub branches everywhere are all bent outwards from the middle radiating out in a big circle around the base of the hedge. I saw young trees bent over in the forest as well. The weight of this snow was just too much for them, and it was only 5 inches! The density of the snow was just amazing. The news was reporting that people were having windshields smashed by falling "ice bombs". I guess big globs of this heavy snow were falling off trees or overpasses/bridges and had enough weight to crack windshields.

    I took a walk around a small forested area that I like to walk in and it was very hard to actually walk on the pathways because vegetation was bent over the path almost everywhere due to this snow. Not to mention this morning everything was coated in ice because the sky totally cleared after the storm and the overnight temps dropped below freezing.

    I do remember wet snow falling when I was a child but I don't remember it doing this much damage. I'm not sure if the snows of my childhood were nucleated or not, I'm 32 years old so it is possible even then it was happening.

    Now it is clear skies for the next 2 days and then we're supposed to see another round of snow falling with temps around the freezing mark, with total accumulation over a 4 days span expected to be as much as 18 inches.  If its the wet stuff again the trees are going to take a massive hit.

    • Dennie says:

      Sean:  For sure "they" have been experimenting with weather since the 60s.  We had some pretty cold winters down here in San Rafael, CA with temps in the 20s for a few days, that froze pipes and killed things like citrus, ivy and bougainvillea wholesale.  There were cold snaps like that back in 1974 when it snowed here one night (we are less than 75 ft. above sea level where I live, near San Francisco Bay).  We've had water frozen solid overnight after winter storms in years like 1966-69.  There was a huge flooding storm back in the earlier part of the 60s that killed people in California.  I'm sure that was a test run for the weather warfare unleashed on Viet Nam– and look at how well it worked to "win" the war there– HA!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, yes, most of us alive today have likely never experienced truly untainted weather, FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie and @Dane, Coming up on my 70th birthday, I was certain I had once known real weather.  And probably some of it was.  But a very close friend who is 5 years older than I, when we were debating the color of the sky back when, pointed to the blue in my colored world round pillow map.  A very deep blue.  I said no way.  She insisted way!  She was born before WW2.  It is fascinating to read The Brothers Vonnegut and how this all started right after WW2.  At GE.  Where once science was fun, then quickly co-opted by the government.

      It does keep occurring to me that each new generation only knows the world they know and so assumes it is real.  I remember walking to school in deep snow with an icy crust that would crunch before sinking your foot, sometimes even cutting my leg.  I also remember trees covered in ice, sparkling like magic and so beautiful, the grown ups complaining, saying the branches will brake, much destruction.  To us kids, we only saw the beauty of it.  I was the first female ski lift operator in Colorado in '69, always much discussion about powder snow-preferred-versus other stuff.  Snow seemed to fall on other ski areas but not ours!  When it did, tended to ice over.  I used to love camping in snow caves I made.  Even as a kid.  The air would smell so clean! 

  24. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The Weather Channel stated the Blizzard conditions over North Dakota will be a LONG LIVED EVENT! We all know why that is. The YouTube video from Standing Rock, North Dakota posted by Stephan is proof. The Power Structure will do absolutely anything to keep people quiet. Pure Evil!!!!!!!

    • Debra Evans says:

      I hate the 'Weather Ch'..but I watch it ..Cause they know what's happening.. They use the word..'Ramp'..Gonna Ramp it up.,They use the word 'Moisture' .

      They know exactly what's going on.  And, how in the world do they know 'how' many inches of 'snow' we're going to get in 5 days??  ha


    • Dennie says:

      .. and so now this is The PERFECT TIME to BUST "Them" on their damnable WEATHER WARFARE– the veterans should be the ones to come out with this FACT, since it is in their domain and they need to turn whistleblower.

    • frank says:

      My Philly weather guy says a pattern "has or doesn't have a 'steering mechanism.'" Seems like a slip from his geoengineering side, but he says it all the time!

  25. Barb Z says:

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.” – Ronald Reagan

    • JR says:

      We here in Southwest, New Mexico and our clouds with moisture are taking a beating with SAG/SRM, HAARP! Lots of Humming in air! Remember that Ronald Reagan and Donald Rumsfeld are the people who brought on board Aspartame in Diet Crap. Check out dvd "Sweet Misery a Poisoned World", don't take my word for it. Much illness and deaths related to Aspartame, and it's still being sold worldwide, $$$. Real nice guys, look who took us into Iraq, another good operative job there at work, nice Donnie boy. This country is way over knee deep in much corruption by the likes. Words are nice and all good if there are good deeds done with them. Nothing personal with you mind you, I thought I'd throw that out there…

  26. virginia says:

    Well, apparently the world is now in good hands…Ivanka Trump is meeting with Al Gore to discuss climate change.  First she sat in on a first meeting with Japan's representative, then her brother met with representative from another foreign country.    Apparently, the people of this country voted for a Trump Incorporated.  Of course, the business interests of the 'kiddies' still alive and active, thank you.

    Also, for those keeping up with DAPL, Jim Kirwan at gives a fairly concise report on the Sioux leader's directive to the water watchers to 'go home.'……basing his decision on Obama's promise to stop the easement rights and re-route, even tho the owners of the pipeline have told Obama to go suck an egg.  This is betrayal on a huge scale if these brave water watchers and veterans are being played again by USA.   Also reported that Trump has transferred all of his financial interest in the pipeline to dummy corp.  Of course, he has already admitted that he is for the continuation of the line and will act accordingly after his inaugural.  Our encirclement is getting smaller all the time.  What does this bode for all our efforts to stop the poisoning of our skies?  Does the government really care who the hell they kill?  I think not. 

    • Dennie says:

      virginia:  I wouldn't be so sure that "our encirclement" is getting smaller all the time– it's just that the Ones Who Have The Most To Lose are getting more and more desperate to float that economy away via inflation once again, and selling more oil from Canada to the Chinese via pipeline across the U.S. is a good way to do that, so "they" think– never mind the Paris Climate agreements, or Obama having come out to say that we have to do something about that.  I think the Ivanka Trump-Gore alliance could be pretty useful.  Let's hope the Trumpettes will be decent enough people and steer the ship away from the rocks.

    • virginia says:

      You could be correct, Dennie, but my point was that Trump is actually giving his kids (all self-described Zionists, by the way) almost carte blanche in the governance of our country.  Exactly what background does Ivanka, the model and CEO of a very expensive line of jewelry and clothing (some manufactured in foreign countries) have that would qualify her participation in the discussion of climate change, when we have knowledgeable, educated professionals, like Dane, for instance,  His son-in-law, Jared, has a direct line to Netanyahu and the Likud Party in Israel.  His family has donated heavily to the"settlers" that are taking over homes, land, villages belonging to the Palestinians, leaving them homeless in their own country.Jared and his family are avowed Zionists and Trump, by his statements, depends on him for Near East and Middle East foreign policy.  These relatives of Trump have no security clearance or mandate from 'we the people' ….we did not vote for a Triumvirate with clear and stated allegiance to a foreign country….Israel.  That, combined with the fact that Trump has appointed only generals and multi-billionaires to his most important posts gives pause for reflection.  Eisenhower's admonition of the power of the military-industrial complex has arrived  full bloom in the coming administration. Will the world be better off for it?

    • virginia says:

      Dennie:  To wit:  Trump has just appointed Marine General John Kelly to head the Department of Homeland Security (itself an illegal, non-governmental organization).  Kelly's former command was head of Guantanamo Bay 'detention center."    Trump has a proclivity for generals and Wall Street billionaires, it seems.   This DHS appointment affects us all, "right here in River City." as the song goes.   

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  Thank you for a clear view of the collapse of empire.  It's always the "Generals" who are tasked with taking over the corrupt republics when the breakdown is imminent.  Babylon is fallen, fallen……  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, it's waaay bad.  As one of our real leaders recently said, we are now being governed by Tweets.

  27. Marc says:

    Disconnection. It was inevitable when human societies so complexified that the individual was no longer required to hunt or gather. That was done by others for the community, while others within the community had their appointed and necessary tasks. Fast forwarding to the present, we find countless millions alive for only one reason: agribusiness on a massive scale. We have been afforded the luxury of sitting on our asses to fiddle away our lives while others til the soil, plant the crops, harvest the grain, vegetables and fruit, and deliver truckloads of this bounty to the hordes imprisoned inside towns and cities. This bounty, in spite of Big Ag's attempts to multiply their harvests, is running headlong on a rail to complete collapse. Why? Simple. For all the reasons Dane makes so crystal clear here on this website. The TRUTH nobody wants to contemplate (because it's too horrible) is just around the corner, and it is mass starvation. It's actually already happening in some areas as it has for decades. Take a number. We're next. A self-imposed "fast" for health reasons is one thing. A "fast" imposed upon us because there's f**king nothing left to eat is quite another. 

    • Dennie says:

      We also have massive food distribution problems.  There's a whole lotta food that rots because it can't be gotten to the people who need it, when they need it.

      I'm sure Big Agra's doing a lot of exporting but then there is the matter of the fact that most of the world is actually being fed by small farms.  The U.N. came out with a report about that a few years back, you can look it up.  And local "foodshed" awareness is going mainstream in the public schools around here in the S.F. Bay Area.  Many schools have their own gardens and some, such as MLK Jr. Middle School in north Berkeley, CA have at least two acres where they're growing their own vegetables and serving them up for school lunches.  Along with chickens that run around in the gardens– cool or what?  A few years back "Bonny" Prince Charlie and Camilla went to visit that campus, right down the street from my teaching studio, on a tour given by Alice Waters, whose digs are just up hill.  We have organizations such as the Marin Agricultural Land Trust existing to protect Marin and Sonoma County agricultural lands from the bulldozer and suburban sprawl.  So local nearby and even urban foodsheds can do a lot to help, if people want that.  We have people surviving in between the ones and zeros of Cartesian tyrrany.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  I like that…."being caught between the ones and zero."  It's another phrase I'm gonna steal from you. Lots of descriptive writers' potential.  And yes I recall his visit to Bolinas and the town of Pt. Reyes. He and Camilla were very well received.  And garnered great publicity for the cause of local sustained organic growers and community gardens.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Larry S.

      The masonic MFs!!! The only dream they have is killing People!!!

  28. frank says:

    I think about getting the word out all the time. It is a complex political-scientific-financial-psychological- you name it – problem. How about putting an ad out on one of those cheap cable stations that carry the pharmaceutical lawsuit ads you have seen? An ad has mind-changing power if only for its existence, but could you get it on? 

  29. BaneB says:

    How the weather geoengineering terrorists do their dirty work:  Combining aerosol atmospheric spraying of nano particulates from high flying jet aircraft with the manipulative very powerful microwave transmitters (NEXRAD, SBX1, etc.) can and do function to block rain making low pressure systems that otherwise would naturally slide into California and reverse the deliberate six-year drought that is assaulting California's population, forests, and food producing regions.  December a major incoming jet-stream-induced Pacific storm being microwaved and aerosolized to weaken and destroy the rain and much needed snow.  The entire Colorado River basin and much of the southwest US are buried under a major canopy of jet-sprayed aerosol dessicants.  This terrorism extends out into the Pacific into the storm front's leading edge.  One can observe the blossoming of the artificially installed microwave induced high pressure bubble(s) and the electronic "fences" that manipulate direction, separation, and moisture content.  Where is the epicenter, the controlling authority for this special brand of evil?  While no doubt private contractors such as Raytheon (god's ray) invent and operate the  weather warfare machine, one need look no further than towards the Pentagon and the US Air Force and US Navy for the monies and personnel.  They have openly stated for the public record their diabolical scheme to control the weather by 2025.  They are ahead of schedule.

  30. Teri says:

    I appreciate your efforts Dane and applaud your tenacity. Thank you!

    I listen to your show each week and read what is newly written. Last Saturday I enjoyed a letter written by an airline dispatcher, but I came back to read it again and it was gone. I went into my history to pull it up and it is no longer available on your site. Why was it taken down?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Teri, yes, the article in question has been taken down for now as the author appears to have already been threatened. We must all continue to help raise awareness in every possible way, the potential whistleblowers desperately need public support.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Teri, I have found that a good way to preserve articles for later reading, is to copy and paste in an email to yourself. I really wish I had done that with the Mercola interview, hopefully it will be re-posted in the future.

  31. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane and all – A short video from Standing Rock

    • virginia says:

      Stephan:  Thank you so much for this link.  Just watched it.  What a powerful, emotionally-charged plea from a courageous native of this country.  She speaks truth – about the chemicals being sprayed on the encampments, the bio-warfare on the helpless group.  May she continue her strength of purpose and may her people be victorious. 

      Hopefully, many of you will watch this short video and pass it on.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Director of CIA talks about Geoengineering.

  32. MS P says:

    Al Gore’s Climate Reality program is airing 24-hours of programming, talking an hour per country of those detailed. The US is last, and Great Britain is near the end. Venezuela is up currently, in its second hour of the 24.

    Maybe it's a place to share what we the people here really think about what is going on? 

  33. gene maynard says:

    Commentary by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter and activist

    Ryan Cristian sums it up pretty well.  We are being bombarded with information.  We are given SO MUCH information it is mind boggling and how do we wade through it all?  Difficult at best.  A little side note to the video below, the HAARP facility in Alaska is still in use.  They did turn over “control” of it to the University but all that means is they have gone covert, the US Government is still involved and does not want their antics made public, it was getting too much press. 

    Let me share with you a truth.  The people around us, our families, friends, coworkers and strangers on the streets WATCH us.  Yes, they watch our reactions, they FEEL our energy and it AFFECTS them.  You may not think they are paying attention but they ARE.  Rather than wade through information overload they look to us.  I see evidence everyday be it a glance or a random comment on one of my Facebook posts.  It may not seem like our message is being heard but I contend it IS!  You have no idea how powerful you really are!  Simply by BEING. 

    How do I know?  Mainstream media is in a FRENZY to cover the truth.  The latest attack?…. “alternative media” and “fake news”.   More attempts to control the information and the truth.  The programming is at a fever pitch.  But we are on to them.  

    Bottom line …. we KNOW they are engineering the weather.  We KNOW.  It has been going on for a very long time and yet they continue to push that agenda of “theory” and potential use.  LIARS!! 

    I feel there is a major shift coming.  And they FEAR.  I do not know when, I do not know how but there is a shift coming.  So hold true my friends.  

    We DO make a difference.  (CG) 


    By Ryan Cristian 

    • BaneB says:

      Great post!!

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Love your post. We awaken more & more people and we together wade through all the information just like what this site is doing. Keep on keeping on my friiend. Word of mouth is how all great movement's start and this one started with one person and it's over 100,000,000 00 strong & getting stronger bt the day. 

  34. Joe S says:

    I made a follow up to the American Airlines flight attendants

    request to have new uniforms due to sickness .

  gives all details of chemicals used

    in the making of the uniforms..Yes, Toxic chemicals found in

    the testing.  

    Delta airlines went to Land's End rather than Twin Hill maker,

    AA uniforms.


    Foreign suppliers , China,  and others use toxic chemicals.


    Those toxic chemical are now all over globe.  And,

    with all the geoengineering skies are carrying more toxins

    to enter the Aircraft cabins too.


    Joe, San Francisco, CA



  35. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Maybe whatever the fighter jets are spraying is creating these electric blue clouds.

    • gotta go says:

      Insane it's all toxic manmade clouds.

    • BaneB says:

      Steven:  There is a jet stream "river of water" swinging up from Hawaii into the northern Pacific whereby it then arches upward and to the east directly curving toward California.  The jet stream is over our region.  But the aerosol terrorists operating in force in front of it are spraying their dessicants.  And the microwave transmitters are in overtime mode to maintain high pressure off our coast.  There was a small jet operating over my area.  It flew over at a very high altitude at breakneck speed heading north.  Five minutes later it flew over again going south.  Prior to that there was a thumping rumbling thunder-like sound being emitted by a larger jet.  It was not a regular steady roaring sound.  I think both were up to no good.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Bane, The fighter jets have been spraying like crazy here in Alaska. No doubt about it, they are fighter jets and they are spraying. Same thing here, high flying fast movers with massive trails lingering and spreading. High bypass engines or low bypass engines it doesn't matter, these MFer's are spraying, period. My observations and opinion are fact, enough said.

      Never give up Bane, take care my friend.

    • MS P says:

       In the photos. Looks like the clouds we have here? 

      Bane your mention of a fast moving jet  & A thunder like sound form a larger jet. I had observed & heard the same thing yesterday. I too noticed it, & thought it to be odd. The sound, more so than the fast moving jet. The sound got my attention. Jets.  I see those often. Since they fly out of,  & train @ PT Magu. 

      Saturday was lovely, & clear. I could see the islands in detail. Not perfect. There was a little haze, in the distance. 

      Sunday the planes started again. First these jets, flying high. 50-60 K feet.  With  short trails behind them. Wispy clouds appear. Then came the big thick high thin cloud action.5 jets at a time.  Yesterday, extra thick lines across the sky. It's seems to me there is a few applications,all of which are different. 

       Today it's gray, like winter. Hard to tell real weather from, manifested conditions. Other than watching the planes build it up. 


    • Dale K says:

      Is "Thunderstorm Asthma" a Biowarfare Weapon? They Are Releasing Live Viruses
      DAHBOO77 | Dec 7, 2016

    • joe S says:

      All of you observing fighter jets seen geoengineering.……


      Yes, It is US military jets.


      I have noticed prior 7 years over San Francisco, Ca

      after spray days, a single fighter jet will  check the

      results or do additional spraying.


                   YES,  YOU ARE ALL SEEING CORRECTLY.

      And I am sure those fighter jets appear in different location each year.

      …Joe   San Francisco, CA




  36. Dave says:

    A battle may have been won, but the war goes on,via Zero Hedge, "As Dakota celebrates Trump advisors propose privatizing indian reservations. I believe part of the calculation to stop the pipeline was because the geoengineeringwatch precipitation analysis would have been widely circulated to the participants proving the existence of SAG/SAG and didn't want the military folks to know to much. 

    • nobodiesfool says:

      but of course, the agenda moves on, no change, only tactics

    • MS P says:

      Trump sold his pipeline  stocks. So the story goes. 

    • Teri says:

      definitely not over. just a delay. the company who is running the pipeline through put a memo that nothing has changed and they will complete the pipeline on schedule in the original alignment. so if they believe that then how is people are so easily fooled to believe it is ''over'' and standing rock has won? it isn't over. 

      read the memo from corps of engineers and read the double speak in it. they even say it is to defuse the situation. that was their whole goal.

      as people start to go home and go back to sleep watch for an oregon standoff style arrests of those who are the leaders or representatives. the tribal leaders ect will start being rounded up. Those most vocal. those who are capable of and who have spoke out. ect. 

      after that is done. the bull dozers will roll in and the pipeline will be completed on time with little or any delay. there are billions of dollars at stake for the corporations involved. they won't abandon that money lightly.

      lastly, they even say in a number of articles they cannot run the pipeline near the Bizmarck ND water supply but it is okay to do it to the Native Amerians.. funny how that works. ye ole double standard. 

      it isn't over. not by any stretch. when they actually move the pipeline and it is well over the borders is when i would consider it ''OVER''…people celebrate much too quickly when the war isn't even won yet. a small battle might be won…not the big battle yet to come.

  37. Chrissy says:

    Thank you, Dane

  38. Sean says:

    Hey Dane,

    What do you think is causing the massive cold anomaly currently setting up over a huge area of North America? It seems far too large an area to be all chemical cool down. I'm thinking the air has been displaced from the Greenland ice sheet and is now over continental US/Canada, causing the anomalies.

    I don't know if this is engineered to happen or not, but the reason I believe it's from Greenland is that the Greenland ice sheet is currently experiencing massive positive temp anomalies while most of North America is experiencing massive cold anomalies. We're sure to hear endless coverage in the news of how cold it is in Canada/US right now. Did they rob Greenland of its cold for this?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, yes, based on all available data your conclusions are right on target. The cold air mass that will impact the US (along with massive chemical ice nucleation aircraft assaults) is being displaced from the Arctic as a whole. I will try to give all relevant details in the coming days with a post on the unfolding scenario.

  39. MS P says:

     Just like dogs & cats get micro  chips. Humans are next?

    I have heard of this for some years now. Implanted RFID chips, into humans. If this story is for real? it is getting much  closer to fact. Credit cards, banking info plants into the hand.  Ban cash, & credit cards will be microchips. Scary!

    "The UAE telecoms giant Etisalat unveiled new injectable microchips, which store all your credit card, ID and business card data inside, for the first time in the Middle East at GITEX 2016 in Dubai."

    • BaneB says:

      These Luciferian corporations are banking on turning us all into their pets.  Surveillance enslavement is a huge goldmine for the sociopathic control freaks.  Who owns the patents?  That is where the trail begins.

  40. MS P says:

    Earth-Sky will not admit to Geoengineering. This story did catch my eye. What looks like microwave skies, is being called Gravity Waves? 

    "These ripples are high in the upper atmosphere. They’re thought to be caused by gravity waves."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS P, yes, you are completely correct, “Earth Sky”, like so many other “environmentally minded sites”, refuse to face the climate engineering reality. I have tried to communicate with them, but to no avail.

    • MS P says:

      Yes Dane, I agree.  Thank you for your reply.

      They had ran a Geoengineering story , including photos! About how it is not real. About the same time all the media did so;. In unison.  Press release was the same story in many places.AT THE SAME TINE. Go figure. 

      I was so very disappointed in this site (Earthsky). I like the "where the moon & stars are" in part of the stories. I just do not believe much, after this story had been published.►

  41. Joe Ceonnia says:

    It was Saturday night with couples you know Friends and mainstream media became a topic and without hesitation everyone agreed that you can not I repeat you can not believe a story from mainstream media you have to fact check everything. To a person, everyone agreed, you can't trust a word they report!!!! It's a shame, because it wasn't that way in the past. 

    • Dennie says:

      The mainstream media is now full of reports about "fake news," and that "fake news" websites will be targeted and shut down.. because their stories are "fake."  So easy for the lying shilling little cowards doing all the dirty work for their EVIL "masters" at the Central Idiots' Association to switch that up and tell you that the truth is a lie and all the lies are somehow all true, to which I say, "You're entitled to your own set of opinions but you are NOT entitled to your own set of facts…" yes, never mind the FACTS. 

  42. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane, I think it would be helpful to mention in your broadcasts that citizens from across the planet write in here and testify as to the conditions and results where they live.

  43. Mario says:

    I think we have an example in front of us . . . that played out at Standing Rock.  This example / lesson is simple . . . there is power in numbers, power in peace, and power in caring for something bigger than money — each other and our Mother Earth.  People know this in their hearts.  Our Native brothers and sisters just taught us all a BIG lesson.  We all need to take serious heed of how powerful of a lesson this is as we move forward in the fight against Geoengineering.  The people of Standing Rock have shown us that the wisdom, courage, and willingness to stand toe-to-toe with the b*stards is something that we all have the ability to do.  We all just got taken to school by our elders.  I hope you all realize that.  The ones who have had it the worst over the last 500 years were the ones standing on the front line to save what's left of this land.  The work isn't done, but this lesson in now part of our living history. 

    To you brave, amazing, caring, protector spirits at Standing Rock, I bow in reverence to your answering the battle call.  YOU ARE THE TRUE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.  But as Bob Marley said, "This peace work . . . it never stops"  And BTW, to the incredible veterans who showed up, I think you did the most courageous thing in the world.  I think your solidarity with our Native protectors was a key part in this success — you made a bold statement and you are on the right side of history.

    Where do we go from here, folks?  Standing Rock needs to be the first stand in a fight to start truly taking back our Earth, our home.  Its up to us.  Are we going to learn and become inspired by this, or let it fade into a nice anecdote?  Choice is ours . . .  

  44. Elena says:

    I am just going to give you all the title to a video on YouTube since I can't get the link to post right now, here it is: Urgent: Julian Assange is in CIA Custody, by Scott Binsack. This guy know his stuff, it is a very long video, am not even done watching it, but I've been trying to figure out if Julian is still at the Embassy or is missing, and I think this is the definitive video. I've been watching so many and weighing evidence; the recent report that he had dinner with a friend at the Embassy is debunked by this guy who knows people and has contacts and hears things. That "friend" is CIA and there is just an elaborate scheme to make people believe Julian is still at the Embassy and is OK. The "recent" interview with Pilger has been doctored. I know Dane thinks highly of Julian so I'm posting about this video. I've been hoping everything is ok with him, of course; when I began to see the evidence that he was missing I just felt completely sick, to the point I began to feel just beside myself, but then as I was sure I was about to lose it I felt a warm golden energy surround me. Not sure what this means, maybe it will offer a clue to someone. I am not sure Julian is still with us on this side, or if he has crossed over to a better place, but I am very sure now he is not at the embassy after all I've seen. This is the video that put it all together for me and the guy knows a lot about computer stuff. I have had a great deal of experience dealing with evil myself, and I had begun to realize that his internet connection was never really severed, that story was just a cover for the fact that he was taken around that time. These people, the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, etc. are extremely dangerous people, extremely sick, and I guess there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered rat. Bill Clinton is CIA from his college days, I saw on a video the other day; that explains how they were able to have their enemies killed by ricin and anthrax. The child trafficking ring is so huge and involves so many people in DC that Julian had to be shut down. There was a woman investigating the child trafficking by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, and she turned up dead under mysterious circumstances; I am sure the Clintons had her murdered too.This guy makes me nervous, please pray for his safety; he is doing kind of what he said Julian should not have done, which is say what you are going to do before you do it. Whoever's out there listening, If ever you are going to do something to TPTB that they won't like, don't announce it or say you are going to do it, just do it. They had to shut Julian down, he had too much on them. Maybe if he had just dumped it all at once, then he would have been better off. I hope he is still alive, and can come back to us, and to his family.      

    • MS P says:

       Voted on Sunday Dec. 3 ►The Department of the Army will not approve an easement that would have allowed the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, and then we have the former CIA guy who spoke at the summit back in the fall saying that he was perfectly honest and upfront about what he is going to do, he makes a very clear announcement to them and, he says, because he is very transparent and honest, they leave him alone.  Apparently there is a way to do this. 

  45. Dennie says:

    Wesley Clark, Jr. (the generals' son): "What we do to the least of our brothers, we do to Christ:" 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thank you Dennie for the video, and thank you Wes Clark, Jr., and all the Veterans taking a stand against the "private corporate security" (our police officers). 

      I hope all 7,000 of the Water Protectors and Veterans are now aware of the weather manipulation/warfare, and learn the results of Dane's tests. What a perfect opportunity 'to expand another's field of vision'.  Thank You Dane for those words, and for all you do.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, my involvement with the testing in Dakota is the coordination of the various parties that are conducting the testing. I am told all is on track, I will publish results when available.

  46. Dennie says:

    "Wanna burn the U.S. Constitution? Shoot at us first."

    U.S. military veterans literally stand up at Standing Rock:

    It takes becoming EX military before they finally stand up, but here, some 3,500 former military stood up and put themselves literally on the line.

  47. SD says:

    Engineered Cool Downs appear to be of shorter duration this year.  Geoengineers running out of ample supply of cool air. 

    Cool Down which swept across eastern Europe earlier this week traveled all the way to Sochi, Russia, smashing ashore with characteristic high winds, waves and tornado.

    Tiny amount of snow atop Mt Baldy (10,000 ft elevation) here in SoCal.  Ski resorts all running on manmade snow, surrounding areas mostly snow-free. Ski areas soon to run out of water? Sunday AM here clear blue skies.  Spotted two high flying tankers at approx 1100AM, short trails only.  Full blown spray patterns in western sky approaching dusk, Arrival of "marine layer" will cool area down for several days .


  48. Yar Swerc says:

    There exists no words to say how deeply and completely I agree with your recognition of moral responsibility and how that is invisible to the general population. No matter how optimistic you remain (Bless your heart) I fear the masses will not awaken until the lights go out for good and there there is nothing left to eat but each other. 

    • JR says:

      Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico. We recently received rain but the Cloudbusters "SAG/SRM-CHEMTRAILERS" demolished everything in its way as we all are to familiar with here. I've also noticed that the humming inside home, HAARP no doubt is at longer intervals as this morning for a good 45 seconds as timed. They are very constant through out day and nighttime while everyone is sleeping?! Totally not cool for all it affects. My Heart goes out to the People in North Dakota as well as people in Australia and rest of World. EVIL is running loose but has been for so many many years past in deceitful wars and so many people oppressed, and losing lives and way of life. The Word says it would and so many of these events exposed we now find out! God only knows, HIS Peace upon His when we should know better…..

  49. Zav_k says:

    Hears you say in an interview the other day Dane that pilots have had to fly at lower altitude cause of the heat. Could this possibly be the cause of planes like the recent one with the football team fallen out of the sky? Also we now keep getting articles warning us of "thunderstorm asthma" here in australia

  50. Seeing Clearly says:

    There is a big event being prepared to freeze the US. Keep an eye on the weather they will try to hide it and make sure they can make this weather control seem as natural as possible.They will probably make sure to avoid having to create geometric storms and large cloudless spots and all that stuff they will try to make it as natural as possible they will check to see if they left footprints and erase the evidence there leaving we need to be careful on this engineered cool down coming up the weather channel is hyped about it already and people are in so much emotional pain because they can see that global warming is at apocalyptic levels that they are going to look for reasons to deny global warming and this cooling coming  up is just what they need for there denial we cannot let it be we need to be on the weather controllers nerves as much as possible.

  51. virginia says:


    • Dennie says:

      Good catch:

      Standing Rock Sioux chairman Dave Archambault II has issued a statement expressing his gratitude to the Obama administration for enabling the “historic decision” to re-reroute the pipeline.

      “We wholeheartedly support the decision of the administration and commend with the utmost gratitude the courage it took on the part of President Obama, the Army Corps, the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior to take steps to correct the course of history and to do the right thing,” he wrote.

      The news is a massive win for the Sioux tribe that established the protest camp at the site in April and has gained huge support in recent weeks.  

      The pipeline was intended to pass through North Dakota's Lake Oahe, which is a burial site sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux. The tribe voiced concerns the pipeline would threaten the community’s drinking water and would also damage sites of sacred significance.

      Military veterans joined activists, who call themselves water protectors, at Standing Rock this week, with more than 3,500 pledging to join the demonstration. 

      The tribe’s chairman paid thanks to its “millions of supporters around the globe” and said they looked forward to celebrating their victory at home with their families in the coming days. 

      North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple reacted to the news of the changed route in a statement, calling the decision ‘‘a serious mistake’’ that “prolongs the serious problems” that law enforcement faces, as well as what he described as the dangerous situation experienced by those camping in cold winter conditions.

      US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the Department of Justice will continue to monitor the protest in North Dakota in the coming days, and is ready to ‘‘provide resources’’ for those who ‘‘can play a constructive role in easing tensions.’’

      Standing Rock Sioux tribe also expressed its wish to heal the relationship with police following tensions and clashes during the standoff. While protests have been largely peaceful, confrontations with police have led to violent clashes in recent weeks.

      The chairman emphasized the importance of working together and considering native tribes when making huge impacting decisions.

      “We are not opposed to energy independence, economic development, or national security concerns but we must ensure that these decisions are made with the considerations of our Indigenous peoples.”

      [source article]:

    • Teri says:

      i would watch this carefully. in my experience they claim they won't do something and the moment everyone goes home. in come the workers to push it through. they even said they would not let it go through until they do an environmental impact study. double speak for ''it will go through as soon as everyone goes home''…the moment their backs are turned the corp will say they see no problem with proceeding and off they go. 

        in the years i have watched stuff like this they never reroute anything. they come at you with a different weapon only or wait until everyone goes back to sleep but they always proceed on target. 

       watch your back Standing Rock, Watch carefully. 

    • Dennie says:

      Teri:  That is why the veterans will still be camping out with the water protectors after Trump moves into the What House. 

  52. Michel B says:

    As for the Melbourne Thunderstorm Asthma (MTA), the BS could be dispelled ASAP by some simple tests for the so called Rye Grass Pollen (RGP) that was named as the culprit. While they are testing for the RGP, they could test for the elements of SRM and SAG. Knowing the truth would be AOK.

  53. HARRY MILLER says:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Harry, it’s no secret, just denied by  “official” sources and the mainstream media crimincals that serve them. FYI, this is just one example.

  54. Steve Parsons says:

    Desi, .. I appreciate and understand your sadness and concern… However, …you (and I, ..and other folks) must continue to bring the 'truth' to the attention of other people that are in denial and fearful. You are doing a great service to humanity by continuing to help other people to face the truth, and move out of their denial. Consider how Dane Wigington continues to broadcast the truth via radio and social media … every Saturday morning. It's important for us to continue to 'make our voices heard', … and to never allow the oligarch elites intimidate by fear tactics and orchestrated distractions. Remember, these elites are psychopaths and they are mentally ill. The elites are loosing this war, … and 'we' (collectively) are ready to shift over the the new paradigm. Keep the faith Sister, … and keep pushing out the truth!

  55. Ron Marr says:

    We cannot continue yo believe that the illusions of science, technology and the industrial society make the world go around; that the knowledge of reality is hopelessly beyond our comprehension and out of our control. Science has always been bound to technology and the industrial society. The oldest obsession of the scientific imagination is to make human beings drones or machine like with their single vision mind control. The mystery of the Human being has been so ruthlessly debunked that the very concept of mystery has become hopelessly trivialized. Science and technology dominate our minds with the character of a nihilistic campaign against the legitimate mysteries of human nature. Yet the imaginative energies to which we owe so much of the world's myth and folklore remain within us, hedged in on all sides by the fake superior knowledge. In a world of experts what becomes of the imagination of every day people? Where everything ha been staked out as somebody's specialized field of knowledge, what is the thinking of everyday people worth? NOTHING. What can one know that an expert knows better? Experts on sex, dreams, relationships, your children, your voting habits, morals, tastes and needs. So what holds the experts research of science and technology together? NOTHING; except the demonic commitment to expand single vision in all directions. So now we educate on the assumption that the meaning of things( this could include Geo-engineering) can be exhausted by making good, clear, logical talk about them. Where we need experience we only get more talk. Or better still, numbers. They place learning above inspiration. We humans come to a point where we must WILL unpredictability, randomness, chaos against the over systematized, technological, scientific social order, against the manipulators of technology. We must take the example from our indigeous Americans who are laying down their lives with love and peace for their rights,water and a future.Blocking the path of the Dakota access pipeline.(DAPL)  Will we continue to set back in cushy chairs and watch it on TV as if it's not real? Can we give up our homes, jobs, pension and weekly income and join them for our planet, children or whatever? 

    • izzy says:

      Now I a fourfold vision see,
      And a fourfold vision is given to me;
      ‘Tis fourfold in my supreme delight
      And threefold in soft Beulah’s night
      And twofold Always. May God us keep
      From Single vision & Newton’s Sleep!

      – William Blake

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Technology is the cancer that gives body to our ego.

      The ultimate ego creation?

      Weather control and manipulation / population control by MASS MURDER way.

    • Dennie says:

      We went from "superstition" to "reason" in a few short years, geologically speaking.  Now our "god" is "science," the study of knowledge, and that has now bowed down to that "almighty" ruler-of-all, money.

      We are way post-Enlightenment and just take a good long look where that's gotten us– plenty of evidence of the results all around us, and we can read about what's driving it all right here. 

      Reality is, logic and reason need to balance with the emotions and inspiration in a compassionate heart, for the betterment of the common good. 

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Many people warships vaccines and are closed minded to alternative ways to prevent illness we don't give enough attention to diet and sanitation we have lots of technology like UV lights and air filters and even not so dangerous chemicals we could use instead of vaccines I know your going to wonder why I mentioned chemicals and here is why because not so dangerous chemicals are less harmful that potentially dangerous vaccines that we inject into our veins these are better or ideal alternatives to vaccinations (safer).

    • MS P says:

      I agree, & they are trying to fast track a mandatory Vaccine plan, on everyone. They vote on it today!

  56. MS P says:

    Good article Dane, Weather Channel has been doing these "Extreme Weather" Programs. Going back into history. As if what is happening is normal. A friend who I mention geoengineering to, seems to use these Weather Channel programs, as a tool, to discredit, what is  currently going on in the world. While there is no denial to the spraying, when I point it out. We see 5 jets in a row, making a white out. Same elevation, direction, in patterns. Then with my friend, there is a major "short" to making the real connection. LA LA land is a place for many. Including those who look up, see it, acknowledge the spraying, then tank  off into TV land. Perhaps much  of what is going on,is just beyond comprehension?. Maybe I need to find some new friends? Who are more like minded?

    Best to learn survival skills, in these times. Just in case one has a slight chance to survive?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Rabbits are a blessing from Nature. All Humanity could live from the proteins of the rabbit meat. They are so prolific and adaptable that we wouldn't never have the trouble of breeding them in captivity. It would be only going to the woods and catching one. But this would be not a good business to the industry ( of ignorance and greed ), instead we must have hundreds of millions of pigs and sheep ( and the rest ), and tens of millions of cows to satisfy Human needs… of having a good business with expensive meat that creates a LOT of pollution. And in Australia they want to control the rabbits by giving them poison and viruses???

      Better if they catch the rabbits for eating and exporting the meat. But the control freaks want to control Nature, and kill Kangaroos.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Pedro, as an Australian resident I have eaten rabbit, but only when I bought it from a butcher who stocked them. Those rabbits came from farms where they were raised. I don't know of anyone who eats wild rabbits. Perhaps some farmers might, but I doubt it. Not many would.

      As for kangaroos, there are many of them and if you are not averse to eating a large marsupial which is the national emblem, they are a good source of food. I understand what you say about rabbits. But this would apply to farmed rabbits because they are easy to raise, take up little space and reproduce quickly.

      If I farmed rabbits to eat, I might go hungry. I don't know if I have the heart to kill the cute little things for supper.

    • MS P says:

      I agree. Rabbits could feed many. The meat is healthier than chicken, beef, & pork. Less calories too. The chicken industry, ended the US rabbit industry.

      Rabbits also produce, the best fertilizer in the world. I do not eat rabbit.

      I also do not like how they are being killed. RHVD is bleeding from the eyes nose & mouth. If RHVD is detected in an area of US. They will kill every rabbit in the area. 

      Mxyo – is a now a mosquito borne  virus death all along the  US west coast. Highly contagious, & wipes out the rabbits, in very  horrific ways. Santa Cruz CA & Oregon had some major losses of rabbits, this past summer.

      With getting rid of the rabbits, the Kangaroos are starting to take over now.  Australia also has this deal with killing Carp. Which also could be turned into food. 

      People see the killing of a certain species, considered pest. Barred Owls & seals in California also are part of this thinkings. 

      With all this population control & killing. Many people do not mind it. Until we are next. Which seems to be the reality, these days. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I had a friend who raised rabbits for food.  So did my father when he was young, so did the French.  I wanted to, and for a long time, in part because I need at least 150 pelts to make a Shoshone blanket, which is just brilliant, and Very warm.  It's the killing…..but also, found out that rabbit meat is minus some important protein, forgetting what, of course.

  57. Ted says:

    Elena, Thanks for the "" web site. At least it's a way for me to vent, It may even help.

  58. Anti says:

    It's sad but NOBODY knows how to stop it. I have woken up at least 34+ people this year to what's happening. NOBODY knows how to stop it…..all we can do is make people aware that were all going die when the planet dies….I would much rather not know since we have no clue how to stop it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Anti, what you are already doing is the only way forward in this most critical battle, to wake others, to reach a critical mass. No matter how painful, facing the truth head-on is aways the best choice. Hope you will continue to march with us in this most critical battle. How do we stop the insanity? There is only one way forward, FYI

  59. paul fowler says:

          There is one common denominator to all problems of the world , individuals with too much money , power and influence with  no morals what so ever .

          No more billionaires is the only answer . The entire system we live in has been high jacked by the filthy rich . Some will say it has always been like that . That it has , however doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result , well we know what that is a sign of . The only question that remains is who are the crazy ones , , them or us 


    • Dennie says:

      Then we need to STOP the Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm, the one that relies on compounding interest forever and ever, world without end, Amen.  Einstein was quite right when he said that compound interest was the "greatest invention" humans ever dreamt of.  I'm sure he had his tongue in cheek at the time he said that.

  60. curly says:

    Imagine the money being made by the corporation that have the military contracts to make the chemicals that are being sprayed to fight our biggest enemy and weapon, the weather.  Imagine the money being made by the corporation spraying.  We pay them with our tax dollars but can never know where the money goes because of national security.  It's the most ingenious scam ever maybe beside war itself.

    Now imagine all the malevolent energy, resources, and genius used to destroy and make profits being redirected to do something that is sustainable and benevolent.  Too bad.  

    Sorry, I've given up hope.  I anxiously wait for the harvest of the fruits of the seeds of greed.  The sooner the better. 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Curly, yes, the horizon looks dim indeed, but who can yet say how all will unfold? Who can say what allies we may have that have not yet come out from the shadows? The will to never yeild, to never give up, this belongs to each of us, this can never be taken, ever. I hope you will again stand with us in this most critical battle, we will expose the insanity. If we work together, we can still make a quantum leap in the right direction. Stay strong Curly, we need you in this fight.

  61. Dave says:

    Hello all,good to hear from Dane that there has been high level contact at the political/military regarding SRM/SAG, lets all hope and pray that the spirit of truth will guide these people and that awareness and acknowledgement of these programs will be disclosed. As for the Standing Rock people, what poetic justice that the sins of corporate greed, pollution political betrayal have been focused at a native american holy site, where reverence ror the creation was woven into their everyday life. I can't get the image of a standing rock out of my mind and spirit as in this rock of truth will not be moved or pushed over. Again, prayers and thoughts for strength, wisdom, perseverance, protection and ,discernment, as I'm sure the forces of evil have some "assets" among their encampment. "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effictive", James chp 5 vs 16.

  62. Ken says:

    American Airlines' flight attendants union called on the airline Friday to recall its new uniforms claiming the garments are to blame for a string of health problems including headaches, rashes and respiratory problems.

    • Michel B says:

      And when those ailments still keep coming after the uniforms are returned, will they ask for their underwear, deodorant and aftershave lotion? (straw clutching, aren't they?)

  63. Ken says:

    Sounds like another made up excuse for geoengineering sickness.

  64. Dennie says:

    We got blitzed here in Northern CA again last night.  The particulates are particularly obnoxious today, air feels crunchy and has a texture, my eyes are burning, nose is totally stuffy– this has been going on and on and on for the past five years now and I heard "they" want to keep it up and ramp it up, even, until 2030?  There'll be nothing left!  They were at it again laying fat trails most of the day today over Marin.

    Talking about radically conservative, last night on the Commonwealth club broadcast on KQED San Francisco, CA, there was a panel discussion about living on Mars and what it will take to live there.  If you're on Mars, you need to live in a pressurized bubble because the atmosphere's so much lighter you will fizz to death– the nitrogen and oxygen you need to have in your blood, having evolved on Earth, will start fizzing like when you get the bends (come up too fast from a heavier-pressure environment, like diving and staying down deep).  If that doesn't get you, the solar radiation from the thin atmosphere will bombard you with ionizing radiation.  Since we don't know how much water is actually there, you'll probably die of thirst, if the atmosphere doesn't take care of you first.  Yet we have these idiots who wanna LIVE there– ??  It was amazing that some of the people actually said, "NO," they wouldn't be going.  Obviously a crazy notion, except to the ones who want to leave.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Dennie.

      One trip to Mars is totally impossible. We don't have and we will not have in our Planet the tools to accomplish that, ever.

    • Dennie says:

      Last night the particulates were relentless in my house after nightfall, when they start dropping down as the air gets colder.  The worst part was the onset of a stiff neck, pain behind my eyes and VERTIGO!  Yes, dizziness.  Quite bad at times.  Now I do drink red wine and had a glass last night, but I had one on Wednesday with dinner and one before on Thanksgiving– no problems, I did not have this kind of reaction to red wine either of those times or any other times I've had it.  Yes, I've had slightly elevated liver enzymes from taking red yeast rice with CoQ10 added (use the kind with ubiquinol) which works to clear out excessive cholesterol (mine went from the high 200s to 160 in about 2 months' time, probably less, really) so we cut my dose back from 2400 mg/day to 600.  I never had dizziness at any time using the higher dosage so I suspect that whatever we're being sprayed with now is The Problem– it's happened a few times before when the chem clouds start graying-out the sky.  After attending a surprise memorial service after church this morning I'm looking forward to a quiet evening of healthy musical diversion (learning more Bach minuets/preludes on piano), some Vivaldi A minor violin concerto memorizing for my church solo and then, frankly, some vapid distraction like the Sasquatch Chronicles (MORE crap you are not going to hear the truth about) if I don't watch a decent documentary.  At least we get to control the content when watching stuff on YouTube.

    • jsthe2nd says:

      Don't worry, they can't get pass the VanAllen Belts.

    • Dennie says:

      Well,"They" tried to blow up the Van Allen Belts back in the 60s.. exploded nuclear bombs way up in the atmosphere, maybe the magnetosphere–  WHAT TOTAL F*CKING IDIOTS– CAN'T THESE SCIENTIST- A$$HOLES THINK, ACTUALLY???

  65. Barb Z says:

    NEW YORK POST update on India ……The global war on cash has devastated India and its economy.

    Leaving millions of people without cash.

    Since the Nov. 8 decree, scores of Indian farmers have committed suicide as a result of being unable to pay debts associated with planting for the coming growing season.

    Nearly half of India’s 202,000 ATMs have been shut down during the crisis. Those that operated quickly ran out of the new notes as scores of people descended upon them.

    The bank staff are facing unimaginable mob anger and abuse. In some cases, the angry crowd has locked them up from outside and the staff had to call the police to come and rescue them," Venkatachalam added.

    • BaneB says:

      The plan is to implement the same here in Babylon.  The globalists want a new world order that will see everyone buying and selling with a plastic card.  The ultimate control of everyone and everything associated with being able to live.  No one will be buy or sell without a assigned computerized ID number.  Your face has been captured.  Your medical info is captured.  Your GPS location is a capture.  Your Facebook page is a dossier-capture.  Your new auto is a capture.  Travel plans are a capture.  Your iris print has been scanned and captured.  In sum we are at the mercy of a police-surveillance state that has computerized everything available about each individual.  A cashless society is a final solution.

    • Dennie says:

      I drive a 35+ year-old car.  I put my money in a regional credit union.  I don't use the ATMs.  I still pay by check, or cash, and when necessary, credit card (FasTrack to get across S.F. Bay Area bridges, completely cuts your time down to use it).  I wear dark glasses all the time so no iris capture when I walk into the bank.  I already told my physician what I really think about their current skill set and abilities and go mainly to an L.Ac. or two whom I pay by check.  I'm not on Facebook (and screw Mark Zukerberg– he's been soooo busy screwing YOU!).  NOT ENOUGH MONEY to pay a police force is the "why" behind all the surveillance tech.  And, all it is going to take is ONE LITTLE REGIONAL CRASH OF THE GRID– IT WILL TAKE THE SYSTEM DOWN.  Amazing how almost no one is paying attention to THAT giant, glaring Achilles' heel right in front of their noses.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Oops:-)). I forgot about 'voice prints.'  The beast is capturing net user voice prints.  Every time one speaks into a phone or related technology, a automatic electronic capture is achieved.  The technology is such that with a few voice recorded snippets an entire conversation can be manufactured of any persons voice.  "Hi mom, this is Steven Bingham."  In fact the Luciferian derived technology can create from capture (or remove) the digital person and the digital voice. I am sure you know about this.  "Fake" news is only the tip of a deception-iceberg.  Regarding your vertigo, I also have greater or lesser times of staggering about:-). Not so much dizzy as feeling uncoordinated.  And the tinnitus seems to be non stop to varying degrees.  My bias has been to blame everything falling off of my chassis on old age.  But, it is the very young and the elderly who are less able to weather environmental change (degradation).  I don't have the laboratory tools to measure the unseen assaults at the nano/microbial/atomic level.  We are "theirs" to experiment upon.  The 'slow-kill' method would be easily hidden behind something like "thunderstorm asthma" or the flu, or any label that works to coverup….such as "Legionnaires Disease" or "AIDS."  Geoengineering is the most obvious health assault.  The documents state the program will (is) kill off some people.  But then these psychopaths rationalize that there is a greater good by conducting SRM.

  66. I'm thrilled to see that some of you are having success waking people up. Despite all my efforts I feel like a failure in this fight. How quickly people forget what our weather used to be like and what the sky once was. Just like the last few so called winters we have clear starring nights but right before sunrise here comes the disgusting cloud cover blocking out the sun with no moisture released unless they want it too, and then magically after sunset it clears up. I have friends and family who are sick all winter even after going to a doctor for more medicine. It never helps them. With helpful tips from all of you I don't get sick anymore but I do feel tired all the time. I am so disgusted with the sleeping masses.

    • Luis says:

      Man, you are not alone. Here in Belgium I experience the same. The other day I tried to explained to owners of chocolate shop we work with. She said days after to my ex and colleague who asked me please NEVER again to to her business partners. "It's so shameful what you do", concluded. People here don't want to know anything about this topic. I have even sent links from this site to radio stations and weather channels with no luck.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Luis, thank you for your efforts to help sound the alarm. Consider this, even if you don’t get a response, you have still planted a seed of awareness that will very soon be forced to sprout.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      That is exactly how they are spraying here in Alberta, Dan. They start around 5 – 6 AM spraying blocking the Sun all day, then, when the Sun sets …They allow the Sky to clear. I guess they are saving money by doing this! This does stop the ground from warming and the Fake Snow from melting and the clear sky makes it even colder at night giving the people the illusion the Planet is Cooling, not Warming. They are Dirty Dogs!!!

    • joe S says:

      Dan, from Idaho,


      Our body requires rest for natural healing. You are doing fine


      You pick up tips from others on this site.

      I do too. all natural fruits and vegetables will increase body's over

      all optimum health. 

      Good going for you and others too.   Joe 

  67. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Thank you Dane for allowing me to put my thoughts to paper…

    My wife went to bed, she doesn't want to think about it…Not any longer.

    So, I thought I would share my thoughts of this night, a night that used to show us beautiful bright stars, Not any longer… There's just these alien sky's, I remember when people cared about each other – Really cared? Unlocked doors, cars that roared, music that soared! Not so much, It's as if people are losing there empathy. Is it the weather or what they're putting in our weather?? These power that believe that can can rule by fear and disharmony, they're wrong – Me and my wife had a sensational life and our evening was special. Image a world not that far in the past , that was so much more then ourselves.. It was our children, happiness, heartache, stress, but it was the very best of us…we never thought our own government was trying to experiment with diseases that could make people ill or even kill, we imagine that the folks were better than that, That the people in government were here to help the unfortunate. I thank god we never needed that sort of help, But I was happy to know our taxes when to those who needed it, NOW! However that's not the case, now we're looking for a break from these Government whores, leave the money on the table sort of rebbles, rebbles with a definite agenda. As John said, " there will be a day when there's no need for possessions, no need for greed, nor hunger, a brotherhood of man,  Imagine all the people sharing all the world, You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us and live as one". Well It's late, but I have these thoughts on my mind, and I wonder why these folks are so hell bent on destroying the only planet we have??? I just don't understand man. Americans used to invent things to help the fellowship of man, Invent at such a pace, now technology is at the route of the axes of evil, we're left to ride out the storm, and this is just the beginning of a storm, a storm so fierce that there will be no where to hide. As Rod said; " Live it long, Live it fast, get in kid because it doesn't last". How right those words are to me now.

    God bless all, for all the days that are left… Live every moment as it was your last, because life is fleeting………. From a guy with nothin, really important to say, just another day, I don't want to feel defeated. Don't let these SOB's make us feel as if this is their last decree, get out there and see, wake up and see for yourselves…Don't be defeated!! Thanks for letting me put some late night thought on the table. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !!

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Good post Joe. They might have control over our bodies but will never have control of our souls. God Bless.

    • Marc says:

      Joe Ceonnia, what a beautiful and heartfelt post. Twanged my heartstrings to read it. Bless you and your family, my brother.

  68. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    One's Mood is Lifted from a Blue Sky. The Sun gives us Warmth and Comfort. "They", don't want us to have either in our lives. Our entire Summer was "Cloudy" each and every day and a massive amount of rain over the three months. mushrooms growing in open areas. the size of softballs and larger, Fungal issues everywhere. The first week into Autumn, Snow! Trees have suffered Greatly. Not to mention… All the Birds, Animals, and Insects etc. I have forgotten what a Blue Sky looks like in this Province. I have never spent so much time inside. Ever! They are Fumigating us here in Alberta Canada. Almost daily fog, from the North to the South, and the East to the West. OMG! They want to pass the Carbon Tax here on Jan.1,2017 and Albertans are PISSED!!!  I Pray the Court cases are in Full motion. Not only are we dealing with the results of being sprayed 24/7 but now they want us to pay them to do so!          Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness;     But rather… expose them!       I Pray we do very Soon!   How much more can this ole Planet take?

  69. horsegirl says:

    Dane I am so glad you have made an alliance with those at Standing Rock in particular and native America in general.  In my hour of concern, I recall our visit to Navajo this past fall.  The people I spoke with about geoengineering beheld me the way a starving person looks at food.  They knew perfectly well the skies are sick.  I told them we need the native people to act.  If it's left to the colonists nothing will happen. 

  70. horsegirl says:

    We are anxious about the deadline for the people at Standing Rock tomorrow.  A bitter nucleated chill – goes right through a brick wall like you opened a window – has permeated our region today.  Dane, we were glad you mentioned how they were sending air up from the Gulf of Mexico.  Because here outside Bisbee, Arizona at the Mexican border we are right in the path.  People in Montana, where I was born/raised, report getting hit with what we experience shortly afterward.  We are getting the frigid foretaste of what's in store for the eastern face of the northern Rockies.  They're sending very bitter cold up to Standing Rock for sure.  There are ties.  I wonder about James, the Lakota boy who was a dear friend in youth.  Who forsook Livingston, Montana to live and teach art on the Lakota reservation.  James is precisely the kind of person who would be found camped among the people at Standing Rock.  A warrior, yet a mirthful and sweet heart.  Sometimes a little too quiet.  I pray for him and others like him tonight.  

    This is a turning point for you, America.  Take heed.  But most of you won't.  If you even know your country is repeating its transgressions against the natives.  Wallowing in wickedness.  An extravaganza of arrogant disinterest in all but the local orgy.  I posted the verses I did because I am blue, riled, agitated and aghast.  Sick of cowardice, indifference, and the malaise of internal blindness.  We are ruled by the most foul, vile entities to ever squirm out of hell, and so many people love it that way.  They have ensconced themselves in the periphery of Yellowstone.  The vile Kissinger, under a fellow Bilderberger, has set up house 35 miles from my hometown.  And what do the locals think?  People boasting that Montana is swollen with the ranks of the fleeing rich from all countries.  For safety, they tell me.  Proud to be a refuge for the guilty.  They believe that in Montana they are safe.  The once pristine hills now defiled with even 14,000 square foot "cabins" of the rich and famous..  No one blushes that Rumsfeld, Cheney, Gates, Turner and other genocidal maniacs have taken over the beautiful periphery of Yellowstone.  All the better for the economy.  People thrill to a stolen railroad renaissance – theft of that great public trust by scheming private capital – to carry the bowels of the earth from the Bakken fields by train to China.  Not a teaspoon of which is destined for US use.  But it's good for the economy, goes the mantra.  They don't give a damn about the rest of the world.  As if the rest of the US could crumble but they'd still be getting truckloads of chocolate truffles.  You can get anything now in Bozeman (25 miles from Livingston) because the superrich have dug in.  The world is ravaged for the US bread and circus yet few take it to heart.  "I'll do my part by sending out good energy," some say.  No one wants to hear the truth among friends.  People, again and again, tell me plainly that as long as long as Montana's safe, who cares.  All that matters.  I learn of this when I speak of geoengineering.  People just astonish and disappoint me for their immoral stance.  That nothing outside of their periphery matters.  

    One more thing to fly under their collective radar is the deadline tomorrow and the angst so many native people share tonight.  For now there are people of so many nations at Standing Rock.  Not far away in Livingston, most people don't even know the Absaroka Mountains surrounding them were named after a vanquished tribe whose diaspora now resides on the other side of the enormous state at the Crow reservation (abalooka/absaroka roughly translates as crow).  Seven internment camps called Indian Reservations lie within Montana''s borders, but the new occupants couldn't care less for the most part.  I am so ashamed of my own people tonight.

    • virginia says:

      Dear Horsegirl:  I feel your pain and also your love for the Indian Nation so beautifully expressed in your writing.  Thank you.  Please know that there are millions of us in this country and throughout the world who lament the horror we bestowed on the native population – and what is even more tragic is that corporate greed and malevolence still rule the day.  We each pray in our way for a miracle of justice for the water protectors, their families and their future.  Peace.

  71. Elena says:

    For the person on the last post here wanting to get to that website to tell Trump about Dane, it is a dot gov website; and can be found at It has a section for ideas or suggestions, and will let you write as long a message as you like. I also wrote in and told the Donald about Dane, that he should be his science advisor. We need to try, even though at the moment he doesn't believe the planet is warming, I feel he could be convinced by credible data 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Elena, thank you for your efforts to help us sound the alarm. About Trump, his top campaign people (and Carsons) attended a meeting specifically on geoengineering that was held at the home of a USAF major general whom I know. The staff from both campaigns were given materials from There is no question they know, whether or not they will addresss the issue has yet to be seen.

    • Robert West says:

      Thank you, Elena, I submitted comments to Trump. He needs to know the masses are waking up and this issue cannot be ignored.

    • Ed Lomax says:

      Flood social media with Dane's info. Thanks Dane

  72. Joseph L. says:

    Bless you Dane for such inspirational shows.  Anyway,like you said we need everyone on board spreading the  word. On another note I also give it out info as you know on nuclear power along w your great climate engineering flyers.   The other day I made a call to  and I spoke to Maggie Gunderson she is the founder along w her husband of this educational site on nuclear power etc,-  I mentioned geoengineering , climate engineering and she said that alot of people in her office don't believe in it.  I politely told her to do more research and referred her to your site.

  73. Abigail says:

    HORRIBLE! Thank you, Dane. Sharing with Russ Tanner on Global Skywatch. This is serious stuff! Keep those letters and emails going to the governing officials. They are destroying PLANET EARTH!  Yes, pray against these evil spiritual attacks. They are straight from hell.  God have mercy.  God have mercy on us, your people.  o:

  74. Tony says:

    I'm pretty new to the Geo-Engineering watch and it's pretty obvious they are spraying the skies with something. What I have yet to figure out is what is the end game? If it's to kill the planet, well it's the perpetrators planet too, so how do they benefit? I've thought maybe it's to keep us sick for the profit of the drug companies.

    Can anyone shed some light as to why they are doing this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tony, glad you are willing to investigate the critical climate engineering issue. You can find answers to many of your questions by viewing some of the presentations on the home page of

  75. Michal Richtar says:

    Next video is Asthma rain in Australia, 8500 people got sick and six die after rain. People couldn't breathe. There is more to the spraying than just weather modification. They can kill us as they kill the fishes in NY last month and many times before.Millions of fishes and birds in large numbers die , becase they "STOP breathing, like somebody turn their lungs of !!!!!

    • MS P says:

      Australia's " population control" of rabbits. Will human population control be next? What is being done is a really horrible way to die!


      Domesticated rabbits arrive with convicts on the first fleet.


      Feral rabbit population first reported in Tasmania.


      Twenty-four rabbits released for hunting purposes at  Thomas Austin’s Victorian property Barwon Park. Escaped enclosures after a fire.


      Feral rabbit populations reach the New South Wales and Queensland borders.


      The world’s largest rabbit proof fence (1700km) erected to keep rabbits out of Western Australia.


      Rabbits have spread across most of Australia.


      It is estimated that there are up to 10 billion feral rabbits in Australia.


      Australian government pushes bounty hunting and poisoning to control rabbits, to no avail.


      Myxoma virus (Myxomatosis) is released to control the feral rabbit population.


      Feral rabbit numbers increase as populations develop resistance to Myxomatosis.


      Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV1) released to further control the feral rabbit population.


      Natural strain of calicivirus (RCV-A1) found which causes resistance to RHDV.


      Researchers working on new tools to manage rabbits in Australia.


      Imported Korean strain of RHDV1 (K5) set to be released.

    • moderncalamity says:

      I'd like to know what the autopsy results show in those who have died.  Common sense indicates that this is chemical warfare.  I hope the families are able to publish what really caused the death of their loved ones.  

    • horsegirl says:

      Glad you mention this.  We've finally realized that what's under these dark clouds is not shadow.  It's a toxic dousing.  You might not see it, but it's blinding.  Vision just goes poof.  You feel spongy matter in your eyes.  Lungs can fill too.  I dilute Nutribiotic GSE one drop per ounce of water in a spray mist bottle.  Inhale repeatedly until you begin to expectorate.  Until it all comes up.  That can take as much as an hour's work.

    • Dennie says:

      And just what is all that biological warfare shit doing in the environment once unleashed?  How is this impacting the wildlife and other domestic animals?  Don't these motherf*ckers CARE, actually, or are they all just waay too stooopid to think to ask the kind of dumb questions only an idiot music teacher could think of?

  76. horsegirl says:

     Oh, that my head were a spring of water
        and my eyes a fountain of tears!
    I would weep day and night
        for the slain of my people.

    I will weep and wail for the mountains
        and take up a lament concerning the wilderness grasslands.
    They are desolate and untraveled,
        and the lowing of cattle is not heard.
    The birds have all fled
        and the animals are gone.

    Now, you women, hear the word of the Lord;
        open your ears to the words of his mouth.
    Teach your daughters how to wail;
        teach one another a lament.
    21 Death has climbed in through our windows
        and has entered our fortresses;
    it has removed the children from the streets
        and the young men from the public squares.

    excerpts from Jeremiah 9

  77. BCS911 says:

    In my country, when it would have been large demonstrations, it was brutal, record amounts of snowfall. The country is down almost 3 days. But, it happened several years ago. 

  78. BCS911 says:

    It makes me depressed. Inertia, I'm really sad. What should I do? 🙁

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      This is where I find Strength BCS911    I /We all know the feelings of Helplessness . They though, feed off of this helpless feeling. Please find strength in others that care as much as the ones on this site do. Pray for strength and guidance. We have tried no matter the outcome.

    • virginia says:

      Dear BCS911:  Please do not be depressed in the face of the current state of chaos happening  throughout the world either by nature or by man (although nature is being bombarded to the point of incapacitation). It is natural for all of us to feel down and disgusted at times, but we must show our strength of purpose by standing tall, defying those who seek to make us weak and continue our fight for our common good, for the welfare of the future generations and for the salvation of our planet's beauty and promise.   Do not allow anyone or anything to cause you to be depressed, for everything changes;  If we stick together as a unit or union, we can do a lot of good, or, even win!  Besides, we have this exceptionally informative site directed by the best – Dane and Company who do so very much for all of us. Good luck to you and let us hear from you by posting on this thread.  You will learn much.  Peace.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      BCS911 — The suppression and suffocation of our feelings leaves us feeling depressed, in a state of frustrated inertia. Fear and anger are two sides of the same coin. When we redirect our fear into a righteous anger by an intensely concentrated focus, it becomes a weapon for the Great Good. Dane has taught me this by his example. We know what they are doing is immoral, evil, wrong. Without expectations, we proceed against the greatest assault on our planet Earth by vast demonic forces. Regardless of the outcome, we require adamantine faith and strength. As Robert Kennedy so wisely said, "Don't get mad, get even." This attitude will relieve you of inertia. Do what you can in the ways that are within your abilities.

  79. renate summers says:

    Border Patrol Stops Journalist From Heading To Dakota Pipeline Protests, Searches All Of His Electronic Devices from the border-town-of-Chilling-Effects,-USA dept

  80. Enlightened Patriot says:

    Going off other information available over the past 3 or 4 years about the reasons for all this geoengineering, as I have said before, I have come to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that there is more to all this than Solar Radiation Management. Perhaps I am now behind events here in thinking this.

    It is well documented that some of the most powerful people in the world are advocates of mass depopulation, one being a mega-rich, ubiquitous computer software inventor and another a main religious leader. The early dispatch of billions of people is now a real possibility by various methods currently in use including geoengineering, vaccines, GMO's, micro-waves, etc, and RFDI's, soon to be implanted in human beings under a host of justifications, like having a cashless society. I understand that such is the electronic sophistication in them, the life of the host carrier can be terminated at the flick of a switch. Not good if you stand up to government policy.

  81. Johnsee says:

    Some time ago I sent mails to Dutch government parties but did not get any reply.  Subsequently I sent an email to EU in Brussel on Chemtrails with following question to open up the discussion.
    Where can I find legislation and EU permits regards chemtrails?
    Within one week I received from EU Brussel following answer:
    FROM: EDCC []
    Thank you for your email about the chemical trails (so-called "chemtrails").
    Currently there is no legislation that describes this issue. However, the Commission services are aware of such discussions. However, there is no scientifically underpinned evidence of high-flying aircraft deliberately spraying chemical or biological agents in the European skies. Scientific evidence demonstrates that aircraft engines emit mainly carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and soot. The bulk of these emissions is covered by international standards to limit their exhaust. The International Civil Aviation Organisation is also working on measures to limit the overall carbon dioxide emissions of aviation.
    As background, there were several Parliamentary interrogations on chemtrails:
    We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions.
    With kind regards,
    EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre – your shortcut to the EU!

    The fact that there is an answer is positive. Be it that it is strange that the EU maintains that chemtrails are contrails. 
    So the EU maintains that there are no harmful materials introduced by airplanes despite excessive information that proves otherwise.
    May I suggest that we send more information to the EU with more data?  And may I ask for your help in this?

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Great to have made the effort but, with all respect, I have to question whether there is any point in further communications as I believe they are lying just like the UK government/agencies.

      I similarly wrote to my local Member of Parliament, along with some evidence and photos/videos of this activity in the skies above us in the NW UK. Result – complete denial. He has been assured all is OK.

      Same for the Department of Transport in regard to these flights, who authorizes them? Whose are they? Who pays for them? Etc.

      Result – complete denial.

      Same for DEFRA – Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs, ie, responsible for the quality (and therefore monitoring) of our air, soil and water. Also requested copies of recent sampling reports.

      Result – complete denial. No reports offered.

      It seems we will just keep hitting a wall going though official channels and only growing public pressure will bring this out into the open – yet we are running out of time for that to happen at this rate.

    • BaneB says:

      Johnsee:  As an experiment, resend your letter by replacing the term 'chemtrail' with the science term 'Geoengineering.'  The science of the ongoing "covert" aerosol particulate operations is under the Geoengineering term.  Chemtrail is a popular term but has no basis in their science papers, patents, and discussions.  

  82. nobodiesfool says:

    And Dane, here in No. Thailand, many of all ages from throughout the planet are aware. While recently deceased King was alive, this nation refused a Haarp shovedown, and stated many years ago never would GMO be allowed.  Geoengineering assault full on here now. Brutal today and tonight. Thanks for reporting on India, details would be even better. ATM's closed down.

  83. michael says:

    are the standing rock people aware of the climate engineering and how they're in the middle of weather warfare right now?….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, yes, many of the water protectors at Standing Rock are aware, and we are doing our best to wake up the rest.

    • Dennie says:

      I believe that Standing Rock has the potential of being the lightning rod needed to wake up the rest of soporific Uhmerukunz from their unenlightened stupor.  The more who can hear about the weather shenanigans, the better.  And aren't we supposed to be moving away from hydrocarbon fuels, anyway??

  84. It should be pointed out that rainwater analysis after chemtrail spraying proves the toxic ingredients as Al (aluminum), Ba (Barium), Sr (Strontium), Tl (Thallium) and aerosols. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's and Autism, and makes trees slow down – even  shut down – water uptake, and thus making kindling out of them. This fact alone if proof why large wildfires (like the one in Tennessee) have doubled from 12,000+ to 24,000+ per year in the US alone.

    A German doctor (Heidelberg and Tuebingen U.) on Dec. 1, 2016, called me to let me know that protests against chemtrail spraying have started in Germany. Inside information from various "energy" experts suggest that this Climate Change ElToroPooPoo is pushed by the greedy carbon interests.

    For a summary of chemtrail spraying effects on your environment and health check out , p. 3 and 5.


  85. Chuck says:

    What has me very concerned is that as the completely ruined weather patterns continue to be even more erratic and abnormal, instead of attributing it to geoengineering, they will continue to blame other man made sources and step up the spraying even more which is what they have been doing I suspect.  They will see that the weather has gotten worse and massively increase their spraying instead of stopping it.

    A vicious circle where the supposed cure ends up being the cause of the problem.  Our world right now is in an extremely desperate situation and on the verge of being destroyed. It MUST STOP !!!

    Thanks Dane.

    ~~~  Chuck S

    Durham, NC

  86. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 141st email, titled: Time of Trial (2)

    1.  We are facing an imminent extinction level event which will be quick, brutal and full of grief, but it will also bring out the best in most of us.  

    For those living in the temperate zones it could start with 2 years and last 6 years. Many areas of the tropics and poles have already started their extinction event.

    It will be our 'Time of Trial', and how we act and react with each other and all other life forms, will affect our evolution.  

    Most major religions teach the belief in an afterlife, resurrection, reincarnation or similar. 

    Some mystery schools teach that we reincarnate on a birth to rebirth cycle of 144 years (12 times 12 for the numerologists). The intervening time ('death' to rebirth) is spent happily at home with Universal Soul/God of your Understanding. What we did and experienced in this life is taken into consideration for the next life – our Karma.

    We are beings of a dual nature, with a mortal physical body and an immortal soul – or to be more accurate, our individual soul personality (frequency).  

    Every organ in our body resonates at its own frequency. For instance, our brain alpha waves (which controls our creativity, performance, anxiety, stress and immune system) resonate at 7.83 Hz, exactly the same resonant frequency as mother earth.  We have evolved to, and are meant to, live in harmony with earth.

    Our souls resonate at extremely high frequencies – beyond current equipment measuring capabilities. 

    Love is when two souls resonate in harmony, particularly if at the same frequency.

    'Time of Trial' comes from the Christian religion. In the Lord's Prayer are the words "Lead us not into temptation". This is an inaccurate translation and current word usage gives a false meaning – plus of course, the God of my Heart and Understanding would never lead me into temptation (I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own!). 

    The correct translation is: "Take us not to the Time of Trial".  

    The early Christians (called Followers of The Way) prayed these words because their 'Time of Trial' was the awful decision of having to renounce their faith or suffer terrifying painful torture and death.

    Why do I believe all this?  Well, it certainly helps me face whatever is coming, and there is just too much evidence over the millennia for it not to be so…and no, don't ask – I have no idea where the next 'life experience' will be after this extinction event.

    We must face the next few years with love, hope, understanding, fortitude and grace.  Faith in a new life gives us all of these.

    "They make the immortality of the soul the basis of all their teaching, holding it to be the principle incentive and reason for a virtuous life.  Believing in the immortality of the soul, they are fearless in battle".  Julius Caesar wrote @ 54 BC, describing the British Druidic warriors. 

    "Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom". Rumi (1207 – 1273).

    "…Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul…" A Psalm of Life. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  (1807 – 1882). Excellent poem, worth reading.

    "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop".  Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997).

    "Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love".  Mother Teresa.

    2.  There will be another Arctic heatwave of plus 30ºC anomalies next week (6 -10 Dec), with huge areas of above minus 5ºC temperatures.  Yup, they have had to updated Climate Reanalyzer to show 30ºC anomalies – probably have to upgrade again in a year or so to show 40ºC anomalies. 

    3.  And finally, just 'cos…For all, but particularly my wife: 


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Andrew.

      Time to evoke the Spirit of the Sumerian Lioness.

      For dying is worthy if we have our body with deep wounds, fighting beyond death.

      The ones who bow their heads will die as lambs.

      Let's see if before they turn on the "oven", we'll have the chance of getting our Immortality through the Warrior's way.

      It's a shame; a small bunch of filthy rich socio-psychopath MFs have in their hands and actions the possibility of building an End Game for ALL the Biosphere.

      Trees are Water, Ozone and Atmosphere.

      In nature the first miracle of Love is the transformation of the CO2 into the wood of the Trees, through the magic process ( for me it's magic – we have to feel wonder for better respecting the World ) of photosynthesis that gives to ALL the living Beings the Gift of the O2, and Climate stability.

      Equatorial and sub-Tropical Forests create a LOT of Water vapor ( and O2, ALL the year ) that ends up provoking storms ( when rising ) that in turn with their electric discharges eventually end up producing the Precious Ozone.

      Without Atmosphere, no Trees. This is a closed an ancient circle.

      These ultra narcissistic MFs are playing with the Sacred, and they don't have a clue about the outcome. It's because of that these COWARDS have their bunkers in the mountains.

      A message to them and to their satanic helpers:

      The rat hole strategy is not TIME PROOF.

      If YOU are one of the helpers, You're expendable, Your Life is short and no future for Your DNA.

      Good Luck to Us All.


      The way of the Warrior ( the eight virtues ).

      – Righteousness, Integrity.

      – Heroic courage.

      – Benevolence, Compassion.

      – Respect ( for ALL living things).

      – Honesty and sincerity.

      – HONOR.

      – Duty and Loyalty.

      – Self-Control.

      Another Virtues associated with the warrior's way;


      If the "military" of the MAD-complex had a glimpse of the meaning of these words, ALL the World would be in Good hands.






    • penny says:

      It's comforting to read such an inclusionary missive.  Religion has been a powerful weapon in fomenting the divisiveness by which the ruling class keeps the masses under control.  The only thing missing is the perspective of humanists, who believe that the finite time we have on the planet is a very good reason to live each day well, with integrity, and with equal respect for all living beings. 

      We are all in this together.  As far as I can see, the end of humankind is nigh and the true challenge is to let 'the best in most of us' come to the fore.  The road ahead is rocky, but we can seek to make it less miserable for all by practicing the nearly-lost art of compassion. I would add tolerance, but Tolerance (TM) has been made into a buzzword, wielded by members of certain groups to emphasize their supposed difference from all others.  Differences are fine, but they are not the defining characteristic of humans – or of any form of life.

  87. horsegirl says:

    Great presentation, Dane.  We are so glad you are getting out the story on Standing Rock.  I was born only 65 years after what may be the true "worst shooting in US history" as every FEMA live shooter event is now cracked up to be:  the slaying of Wounded Knee.  Its anniversary is coming up – December 29, 1890.  I grew up in south central Montana where the native bodies were hardly cold while the colonists celebrated statehood.  This ghastly history of genocide must be hauled forth, confronted and understood by US people if we ever are to reckon with the true history of North America.  Dropping of bias towards this knowledge is key to any healing.  Here is a link to an article I wrote about it.  I hope this is helpful to the native people in getting word out as to the back story of this now crucial struggle at Standing Rock ironically being played out in the same vicinity where the blood spilled before:

    • Deb Buckler says:

      I sure hope the Veterans will stay with them through December. Did you see where the sheriff there in Bismark is saying that the natives are going to arm the vets and then "trigger their ptsd" so they will attack the oil police? OMG.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, yes, there will certainly be those elements of the power structure that will try to provoke the peaceful protesters.

  88. Past three weeks something terrible is happening with the constant chemtrail spraying here in England. I now suffer from nose bleeds yet my nose started to bleed very heavily during the night 3 weeks ago. It did stop and a week later bled again. But past week I simply cannot breathe through my nose, its completely blocked. Cannot lie down so cannot sleep either. Called Doctor/Ambulance but told I am having a panic attack! Which is just not true. Told nothing wrong with my nose even though I cannot breathe through it. And if I mention Chemtrails/Geoengineering to most people am told talking nonsense as they do not exit. And it feels rather dangerous too to speak of Chemtrails. Soon people will be carted off to the Mental Hospitals in this Country. How on earth is Chemtrails/Geoengineering ever going to be stopped with this attitude? 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Gillian Dennis —- Try spraying olive leaf extract into your nasal passages. Also I find that colloidal silver nose drops help me – and hemp oil. Stay indoors during these assaults. We all must continually boost our immune system, no let up. Our diet can really help: No sugar, no alcohol, fresh organic non GMO food as much as possible. Become alkaline. Sugar is a poison that weakens our immune system. This battle will get much worse as they continue to poison us from the sky. Some are more vulnerable than others to early and severe symptoms. I am almost 71 and have been working everyday to gain ground with my immune system. You can do this.

    • Malcolm Foster says:

      Sorry to hear of that. I am in NW UK where I have seen a BIG increase in the spraying of our skies lately but have not had any nosebleeds – yet. People still ridicule me in online media comments for pointing out what is going on and pointing them all the evidence available here. They insist they are harmless con-trails, even two involved in avionics for very many years. People just want to deny it without looking at the evidence but I am noticing a few more supporting comments when, 3-4 years ago, I was a lone wolf on this.

      Like many others, I am prone to asthma and use a spray twice a day to help and I hate to think how many are now on these things. Of course, it is put down to car/diesel pollution in the air.

      Tptb are getting more Draconian in their censorship of free speech, and talk of geoengineering (I avoid ch*mtrails for Dane's sake as I know he disapproves of the term – for good reason) might get you locked up soon. They are shutting down support for Donald Trump, the online `Fake News' Alt media and now proposing it an offence to be critical of the EU!

    • tom liccione says:

      Gillian, toxins in your bloodstream can cause anxiety.   Our kidneys are in charge of the mineral balance of the body and will try to excrete unneeded minerals such as aluminum. If Aluminum is present in overwhelming amount, the body will put most of it in the bones and teeth, the rest goes to the brain. Drink lots of clean water and take mineral supplements, especially calcium and magnesium. Think about how they identified where the Iceman (Oetzi) was from: they used his body mineral profile! (He was from Sardinia!)

      Good luck, Tom

    • carrie from aus says:

      Yes, same here west of Brisbane, Australia.  Its been relentless spraying for the past 2 weeks. I don't try for help from Hospitals or Doctors anymore. They do not accept any sort of chemical poisoning.  Like you nose blocked, trouble breathing, same symptoms & so very tired. 12 mths ago I presented to emergency because I was having problems breathing. They checked everything, said nothing wrong & decided I must need a physic evaluation! That scared me more as you can be forcibly detained through the QLD Mental Health Act 2011.  My close friend presented to a different hospital 2 wks ago & received the same treatment as I did 12 moths prior.

      I take Vit C, 5-6,000 mg a day & Vit D.  Eat organic, only drink reverse osmosis filtered water, refuse to go outdoors when spraying is visibly bad & invested in an air purifier which now runs 24/7. I've been struggling because the spraying has been so bad, but mostly cope ok. 8 people have died in a Melbourne storm & thousands had respiratory distress. We are told it's only rye grass pollen… further information given out. We are all being slowly poisoned & the ones that are more sensitive feel the effects more.  Good Luck, I hope this helps as you are not alone.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great advice Susan. Gillian may need an Iron supplement too.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Hi Gillian, try to make your home more humid as it is very dry these days due to the aluminum in the air.  We have the same issues with breathing and find it a little better by having a low boiling pot of water on stove, hope it works for you.

    • youss says:

      hi gillian,

      just as a shlrt info regarding your sleeping problems and generally to all the rest reading this i. ever heard of sleeping in an inclined bed ?

      helped me a lot with my problems breathing at sleep (snoring,aphneu) and having a much more relaxing overall sleep !

      best of all its free (thats why we'll never hear of it in any medical advice) and you can just get started and test it because you just have to raise your head end of your bed (approx. 15cm, with books )


      more info on this on the website of the nice chap who found out about it:

      regarding the geoengineering front in germany, the sky as all year a grey, reddish fog,no natural clouds, freezing without any natural process.

      people mostly depressed and 'don't wan't to know'…..anyway i'm not stopping getting on everyone's nerves with our knowledge.

      thanks dan for your energy



  89. virginia says:

    Some good news:  Cuban trained doctors are heading to Standing Rock. Doctors from the prestigious Latin American School of Medicine, Cuba,  will be arriving at Standing Rock to lend medical care to the water protectors. Thank you to Cuba and the people of Cuba for your kindness and generosity.  God speed. Link: Now to hear Dane's recent Alert…….

    • stephan says:

      Hi Virginia – The link shows as 404 error-page not found – Regardless, that is good news. Thanks.

  90. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: There are 38 American military installations in Germany.
    WikiLeaks reveals secret collaboration between US and German intelligence agencies  / Wikileaks bombshell could DESTROY Merkel's plans for EU domination, Julian Assange warns
    * A TROVE of WikiLeaks documents revealing the true scale of cooperation between the German and US spy agencies risks derailing Angela Merkel's hopes of dominating the EU, Julian Assange has warned.  / the Express, / 2 December, 2016
    * A 90GB cache containing almost 2,500 top-secret documents, now made public by the whistleblowing website, sheds light on the murky relationship between Germany's Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and America's National Security Agency (NSA). … "The collection contains early agreements between the BND and the NSA and internal processes at the BND, but also more recent details on the close collaboration between the two agencies. For example, one document from the BND states that a BND employee will be tasked to use and write software for XKeyscore, an NSA system for searching and analysing data collected through mass surveillance. A number of the documents show how intelligence agencies find ways to work around their own government."

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan, I love reading your post, I have put together an analogy :

      There's a FIRE in the Kitchen and I've woken everyone in the house !! They won't believe me, and go back to sleep.

      Their intent on not BELIEVING ???? Nor just take a look for themselves???

      All have perished… Plenty of time to awaken and be free of the horrifying agony of burning alive … They Won't Listen !!!!

      I believe it's because there's fires in so many rooms, and everyone is yelling fire !! Fire !! Fire !! You have FOOD genetically modified food GMO's – You have Vaccines that can't be trusted – You have Acidic Oceans – You have FRACKING of the earth, – You have Nuclear Power Plants leaking radiation in unbelievable quantifies – You have Chemicals being sprayed over head. – You have Animals being injected with hormones – The GMO's being Fed to All Animals Groups that are prepared for your dinner tables, Farm raised Salmon Genetically Grown.

      There are you many fires… Are Politicians don't give a damn, Not all but most. When our future looks back they will be disgusted with what we did, or lack of what we did to stop all these fires of madness, and the people whom should be hero's, are chased away in disgrace, whistle blowers that are Vilified, As we have looked back just 84 years to the extinction or should I say forced efforts to make one peoples extinct, called the Jewish Faith. Remember the Nazi's – Now we have the new Nazi's but their not called Nazi's They're call NWO or neocons, or if you prefer "The Military Industrial Complex" "Multi-National Corporation", "You Have a Corrupt Media" There are people!!, Great people have died trying to expose these sociopathic people, but again there are so many assaults coming from so many directions it's hard just to keep up with all these fires. 

    • Frances says:

      New Zealand is collaborating with NSA, same as Australia.

      Snowden Reveals Information on New Zealand’s Secret Spy …

      The recent documents revealed by Edward Snowden show how closely New Zealand is working with the NSA to maintain surveillance coverage on the South-Pacific region.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your work.

      The "leaders" of Germany aren't trustworthy. Historical reasons to prove this, over and over again. The old dream of World total domination carries on, hitler was only an EVIL instrument, the puppeteers are still out there pulling strings from the shadows. Remember the recent volkswagen scandal?, no consequences to anyone from that. All masonic groups were invented in Europe, and the biggest and most prominent masonic lodge that rule ALL the others was created in Germany. "Now" they relocate themselves in the US. These "guys" like money, you know? Now German rules Europe through the economic and financial way, in the past they have tried with weapons. ..In the last 100 years German people have paid a heavy price, but without great protesting against their "leadership" that leads them to cyclic disgraces. And that is a bit surprising for me.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Frances — Thank you! Very important for KIWIs to realize what is actually going on in their country. The NASA Worldview shows the ongoing assault of New Zealand by radio/frequency microwave technology.

  91. LS says:

    I have left behind many who refuse to see and face the truth. Yesterday we snowshoed and it was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. The 'snow' was a mess at above 7,000 ft. The most heartbreaking part is that we saw not one single animal track in the snow. Not in the meadow. Not by the river. This says it all. We cannot separate ourselves from what has happened to our environment. MSM reported Artic sea loss and above normal temperatures on last nights news. 36 degrees above normal. Then photos from a decade ago compared to now. They cannot finish the sentence on this one. Like our geologist friend says "the damage is done, the point of equilibrium will come" That would be the massive sea level rise. It has to happen. Like the bird that Alvin described, my brother always spoke of the perfection of the life of a dolphin.  Humans are the lesser species…(Twain) Thank you Dane and all who comment here.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      True, LS. In Oregon, almost no bugs at all, no birds, no acorns to speak of, most trees dying, and so much denial, same as it ever was,same as it ever was. Do not waste your waking, grieving for those who yet sleep, for you too will sleep again. Make the most of Your day, if we had waited for everyone to come, Woodstock would not have happened. They were half a million strong, and by the millions we shared it and it changed many more who carried it forward though they were not a part of it. Do not despair, we made an enormous impact before, and we are doing it again. So very very many you will never hear from. We have our own super heated raging fires burning counter to those of destruction.

      We Are Doing it.

    • Neil says:

      >reply to "nobodies fool et al:

      Botanical observations from the midwest/south Chicagoland: 

      -Oak tree in my back yard dropped its acorns prematurely this year, all small in size and still green. 

      -Maple tree leaves had big black spots on the dying leaves. 




  92. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: One of many illuminating US patents found on Dane’s website.
    US PATENT 4712155 – December 8, 1987 – Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma  *Abstract: A method and apparatus altering a region of plasma that lies above the earth’s surface at altitudes (e.g. below 50 kilometer) where the collision rate of the electrons in the plasma is originally greater than the cyclotron frequency of the electrons. First, artificial magnetic lines of force are established from the earth’s surface by positioning a loop of cable at the earth’s surface. An electrical current of sufficient amperage … The plasma is then excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby further alter the plasma by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along the artificial field lines. … The earth’s magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet. As such, the earth’s magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line having ends which intersect the earth’s surface at points on opposite sides of the Equator. The field lines which intersect the earth’s surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth’s magnetosphere while those closest to the Equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere. … Above the earth’s surface, plasma is naturally present along these field lines. This plasma consists of equal numbers of positively and negatively charges particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which are guided by the field line. … energy is added to the plasma by transmitting electromagnetic radiation to establish electron cyclotron resonance heating in a region of plasma … by passage of a radio frequency current through a coil which is concentric with that producing the axial field … many benefits (e.g. long distance communications, weather modification, etc.) may arise from being able to alter plasma regions … artificial magnetic lines of force are established from the earth’s surface into the region in which the operation is to be carried out. … the plasma is now in condition to be excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase the charged particle energy. This is done by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation from the earth’s surface at or near one end of a artificial magnetic field line where it intersects the earth’s surface. … The radiation is deliberately transmitted at the outset in a direction substantially parallel to and along the artificial field line which extends upwardly through the region of plasma to be altered. … Sufficient energy may be employed to cause ionization of neutral particles (molecules of oxygen, nitrogen and the like, particulates, etc.) which then become a part of the plasma thereby increasing the charged particle density of the plasma. … to replace the rising plasma and to form new plasma. … Since there is evidence that these stratospheric winds may be linked to certain weather patterns on earth, the present method may be used to affect similar patterns. … the main beam is modulated and/or at least one second different, modulated electromagnetic radiation beam is transmitted from at least one separate source at a different frequency which will be absorbed in the plasma layer. The amplitude of the frequency of the main beam and/or the second beam or beams is modulated in resonance with at least one known oscillation mode in the selected region or regions to excite the known oscillation mode to propagate a known frequency wave or waves throughout the stratosphere which may be used in communications.


    • ron hall says:

      Susan Ferguson: This Eastland idea is diabolical beyond words! I'm sure the secret elites of the world have been developing such Frankensteinian  mega-structures for decades. As you know, the patent is basically divided into 2 main sections:  Technical and "Claims". In the Claims section I noticed some staggering details. For example, for "starters", the earth-bound electrical coil is 1 meter thick and it's diameter must equal that of the cyclotron enhanced plasma embodiment. Therefore, if the desired artificially created plasma embodiment is 35 kilometers high, the 1 meter thick cable must have a diameter of 35 kilometers! –That's about a 65 mile circle!  So one can only guess at what humanity has constructed by now! 3 meter thick cables with diameters of 150 kilometer diameters or, even worse, 3 meter thick cables with 20 mile diameters!? This could mean, in theory,  the man- made plasma embodiments(f***kig blobs!) are now some 20 miles above our head!! 

      As I was reading the patent, and being familiar with physics, I wondered how they could transmit the EM helical beams horizontally across the the earth? oui la! Just build another one of these things at x distance and a horizontal beam can be created between these hellish things!! And each artificial blob of plasma can be tweaked/used, etc.

      Then I naturally concluded the Dark creatures must've gone waaay beyond these claims and have covered and continue to cover our little planet with endless wild Magnetic and Electrical warps and configurations along with electro-magnetic waves which are smashing electrons everywhere.  BTW, to a theoretical physicist, cancer and many diseases are all caused by EM waves(photons) smashing electrons and protons from the evolutionary designed state. So, aside from the endless aerosol spraying, friggin blobs of plasma will be lobbed/directed anywhere. Ahh….humans, what have done?

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      ron hall — Thank you for this! We know they are turning the entire atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor, generator, capacitor, resonator.  "This could mean, in theory,  the man- made plasma embodiments (…blobs!) are now some 20 miles above our head!!"  What you have said here is very interesting to me because I have now identified and taken so many screenshots off NASA Worldview of bizarre hideous cloud formations that to me appear similar to these electrical coils you speak of. I have seen the actual graphic illustrations of various copper electrical coils, and the weird clouds resemble these depictions and are like tightly bundled formations. I started calling them "bundle" clouds. I still wonder if they are actually that way because they are in fact capable of transmitting carrying electricity.
      Dane – I understand if you cut my link, and it has the image. :o)

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hayao Miyazaki, the Great Master of Anime have a "post-apocalyptic science fiction anime series" from 1978, and in the generic presentation of the episodes ( I've saw the all series when I was a teenager ), he talked already, back then, about a post apocalyptic scenario of a World destroyed by new electromagnetic weapons. This Genius did this extraordinary series of anime stories about the life of a boy from the future – Conan ( Future Boy Conan ) and his friends Jimsy, Lana ( Conan's Love ), and Conan Grandpa. It's basically, as all the incredible stories of Master Miyazaki, a series of stories about Love, Friendship, Family, Justice and Humanity vs stupidity, cruelty and greed, full of metaphors about the evilness of the Human species, the lack of reasoning and sense of the military and the unbreakable Spirit of Humanity, represented by the full of virtues and super Kid that was ( is ) Conan.

      If the Military of this World had grown up as kids seeing positive messages of courage and Love like the Stories of Master Miyazaki, I'm convinced that their Hearts today could be CORRUPTION-PROOF and much more permeable to Humanity.

      Let's see if ( like in the anime story of Conan ) Humanity can overcome this time the stupidity, greed and cruelty of the EVIL puppeteers of this still Beautiful World.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  93. Seeing Clearly says:

    Our bodies have struggled to prevent disease and disorder because of chemical and other environmental factors we where not always that sick we have an epidemic of almost everything. 

  94. Seeing Clearly says:

    The war on normal to promote tolerance and diversity worries me because it breeds lawlessness we have autism and other disabilities or diseases of what they call "differences " being accepted as alternative ways to be when in fact our bodies have historically done a good job to prevent these "differences" and only in more recent years have our bodies struggled to prevent these "differences " which is actually disorder and disorder is illness which we have lots of in society all this disorder is accepted and embraced as diversity that's insane our bodies do not embrace DNA mutations what they do is prevent it the cells kill themselves then the mutate and if they don't they become cancer same thing genetic mutations is disease not diversity and we need to help our bodies heal we have the autism community selling to us that the cure to the autism epidemic is acceptance this is our twisted society.

  95. nikki says:

    There are extraordinary and catastrophic problems with the biosphere right now.  In central CO 100% of trees are affected – flash dead, half dead, dying…etc.  – over the past several years the decline in birds, bats, pollinators and other insects is accelerating.  I have seen several dead birds on the ground over the past month and some of the bee keepers I work with have reported near-full loss; stating they will not have a job/product within the next year or two.  Constant chemical clouds and chemical storms leave cars with filthy spots on them and murky, taupe-colored skies the following day.  I speak with people every day about these (geoengineering) projects and while a few people give me the "tin foil" look, many more are interested in learning more, or knowing about what they are.  Though it is certainly not optimal, it is okay to lose friends and family over sharing knowledge of these projects; it is more important than ever.
    I have friends who think I am a doomsayer.  I am not. I am a realist. 
    Silent Spring is coming soon.  A horrible, sad, dangerous, time.
    Keep your mouths open.  Be proactive.

    • Chad says:

      Wake up people.!!! We are deep in revelations! Calling all of God's ANGELS and Saints!!!! It's go time . GOD BLESS AND AMEN

      !!!I'm in Idaho, can hardly breathe and nose bleeding a little. Wake up. Look at news, WEATHER, temps, economy, tornados, all of it!!!

    • Chad says:

      Wake up people. It's time to revolt.!!! We are deep in revelations! Calling all of God's ANGELS and Saints!!!! It's go time . GOD BLESS AND AMEN

      !!!I'm in Idaho, can hardly breathe and nose bleeding a little. Wake up. Look at news, WEATHER, temps, economy, tornados, all of it!!! P.S. look up definition of psychological and medical DENIAL!!! It's just as Dane explains in BIAS!!!! FREE WILL, USE IT CORRECTLY QUIT BEING INSANE! SEE THAT DEFINITION ALSO!!!!!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      It it said that this is the second Greatest time to be alive. The First was:  The Birth of Jesus Christ and The second: The return of Jesus Christ.    This is in The Book Of Revelations!!!  I Think GOD"s PISSED!!! Are You Standing Up For God's Creation?      Silence in the face of Evil is Evil itself;   God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.Not to Act, is to Act.

    • Dennie says:

      "Silent Spring" is already on us– as is Silent Summer, Fall and Winter.  The "tin foil hat" idiots who are so afraid of the term "conspiracy theory" are pretty much lost, never mind who thought up that term (CIA) and the very well-known political fact that conspiracies happen all the time and they are very common (!!!!).  They won't look in the right direction because so many of their eggs are carefully laid in the System's basket.  They have too much to lose, never mind they've already lost, staying in that doomed system of thinking and behavior.

    • horsegirl says:

      History's conflicts all begin as conspiracies until manifest (e.g. dressing up as Indians to sneak aboard ships and throw a tea shipment into the Boston Harbor).

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