Updated, Is Global Warming “An Inconvenient Lie”? A Public Response to Ed Griffin


Dane Wigington

Exposing and halting the global climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare assault must be our greatest priority if we are to have any chance of salvaging what is yet left of Earth's life support systems. When patently false "global warming is a hoax" and total climate engineering denial disinformation is pushed on the population by individuals that actually claim to be in the fight against climate engineering, the anti-climate engineering cause is greatly harmed. Mr.G Edward Griffin is the organizer of an upcoming event that is titled "Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie". The top speaker at this event ("Lord Monckton") completely denies the climate engineering/weather warfare reality, on the record. What has Ed Griffin's other top "expert", Tim Ball, said on the record about the climate engineering reality? Mr. Ball also catagorically denies climate engineering. It's all just "contrails" according to Mr. Ball. Mr. Griffin claims to be against climate engineering, if this is so, why is he helping to completely discredit this most critical cause with speakers that completely deny the issue? Why is it so imperative to expose this kind of blatantly false disinformation, and all those involved with it? Because credibility is absolutely essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. The 13 minute video below is my public response to G. Edward Griffin's attempt to refute my full article on his disinformation event (The full article begins below the video response and recent update comment).

Credibility Matters, A Public Response To G. Edward Griffin

When I publicly documented the fact that Mr. Griffin's upcoming event will completely undermine the anti-climate engineering cause (on which all of our futures depend), Mr. Griffin promptly challenged me to debate the issue with himself and his "experts" (Lord Monckton and Tim Ball). I contacted the only radio show host who has previously interviewed all the parties involved: myself, Mr. Griffin, Tim Ball, and Lord  Monckton. This radio host is Jeff Rense, who is well known and respected in the alternative news community. Jeff's previous unbiased interviews of all the individuals in question is a clear reflection of his unbiased position. On Tuesday, November 22nd, Mr. Rense sent the following message to G Edward Griffin. 

Dear Ed…
I hope this finds you well.  The world stage has become ever more dark and dangerous
as we all see on a daily basis.  
I received a note from Dane yesterday in which he suggested we have a round table 'debate' between
you and Dane of the issue of GeoEngineering and the evidence for it.  
We agreed this was the place to do it and I'd be very happy to donate a two hour segment 
on the program to host you both and present your positions. Equal time will be the format.
If this is something you'd like to do, just say the word and I'll pull some dates together
for everyone to agree upon.
Will all good wishes…

Mr. Griffin has, unfortunately, sent no response to this invitation, the invitation still stands. If Ed Griffin truly believes in the validity of his upcoming conference, why hasn't he accepted the debate challenge that he himself offered? The 13 minute video below is a public statement which makes clear all the reasons why G. Edward Griffin's disinformation event is so harmful to the critical effort of exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Griffin's top two speakers/experts (Lord Monckton and Tim Ball) completely deny the climate engineering reality and have stated on the record that all we are seeing in our skies is just "condensation" (which is of course false).


Is Global Warming "An Inconvenient Lie"?

Global warming disinformation is greatly harmful to the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering (which is greatly exacerbating planetary warming and poisoning the entire planet in the process). Though Al Gore is a criminal, and carbon credits are a scam, reality is still reality. Because patently false climate information is so harmful to the anti-geoengineering cause, we must not look the other way when individuals of noteriety push total disinformation on the public. Countless lies relating to the climate are so egregious and increasingly blatant that it is nearly impossible to imagine that they are still being propagated. Could a 3 day symposium pushing the "Global warming is a hoax" false narrative actually be carried out with a straight face while the planet is free falling into a state of total meltdown? While BOTH of the planets ice caps are at record low levels with the science community sounding the alarm? Are there people who would pay nearly $400 dollars to attend such a symposium and have so called " world's top experts" attempt to convince them that "global warming is the biggest deception in history"? Mr. Griffin claims to be fighting climate engineering, yet his top "experts" also completely deny the climate engineering issue. Exactly who would sponsor a "global warming is a myth" event? What would be their motive? The organizer of the "Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie" conference (with top speakers that deny climate engineering) is Mr. Ed Griffin of "Freedom Force International" who seems to be running some sort of multi-level marketing program.  Who is Mr. Griffin's top "expert" for the upcoming "global warming is a hoax" event? Enter "Lord Monckton" of Benchley. (who has falsly claimed to be a member of the "House of Lords")


"Lord Monckton" has a long resume indeed, but in reality his resume is better described as a "wrap sheet" which should be examined by anyone who has any notion of attending this disinformation event. Why would "Lord Monckton" put so much time and energy into the "global warming is a hoax" false narrative? Could the fact that Monckton receives funding from the fossil fuel industry have anything to do with his tireless efforts to parrot the oil industry disinformation? Is this the same reason that "Lord Monckton" ardently denies the climate engineering issue in a shocking interview? Exactly as the fossil fuel industry and the geoengineers would want him to?

Who is the second string "expert" in the "global warming is a hoax" line up? Yet another fossil fuel funded actor, Tim Ball (who also denies climate engineering), 


Tim Ball has been called "the lie that just won't die" for good reason. Ball's trail of disinformation has been well documented by numerous sources. An international radio show host (Vinny Eastwood) once invited Mr. Ball to debate the geoengineering issue with me on a live radio broadcast, Mr. Ball refused. He denies the reality of the issue, as does Mr. "Lord" Monckton. Individuals like Monckton and Ball are simply paid props in a rapidly disintegrating disinformation theater. There are more featured "experts" that are apparently pushing the "global warming is a hoax" disinformation, but you get the idea (again, denial of the true state of the climate greatly harms the fight to expose and halt climate engineering). Who is the head of the coming disinformation event? It's Mr. Ed Griffin.


Ed Griffin made the following statement on the record in 2013:

… the planet now is in a cooling stage…global warming is a politically inspired myth…

What has happened since 2013? And was already inarguably happening for many decades before 2013? Anthropogenic activity has continued to inflict immense damage to the planet. This damage is fueling what may already be a runaway greenhouse effect. 2016 will break the global temperature records yet again, beating out the record just broken in 2015 which beat the record from 2014. Ice is at record low levels at the North Pole AND the South Pole.The anthropogenic (human caused) sources of decimation to our biosphere and climate of course includes climate engineering at the top of the list. Mr. Griffin is apparently already receiving emails of criticism from his followers for his ridiculously false position in regard to the state of the climate. Griffin actually just published one such message that stated "Griffin, you've got it wrong, climate change is real". Ed seems have been motivated to publish this criticism because he was proud of his answer to critic who had expressed justifiable concern about sea level rise submerging islands. What was Mr. Griffin's answer? 

That is part of the global-warming myth. In some places….. the land is sinking…

So, according to Mr. Griffin there is no sea level rise, the land is just sinking. For the record, Mr. Griffin, rapidly rising sea levels are chewing away at shorelines all over the globe. So here is a question for Ed, is all the land sinking all over the world where coastlines are being inundated? What are Mr. Griffin's views on climate engineering? That is also a very interesting narrative that is truly baffling. Apparently (according to Mr. Griffin) the grid patterns we see in the sky are just being blown into these patterns by the wind. Why would someone who claims to be in the fight against climate engineering push the exact "global warming is a hoax" false narrative that the geoengineers, big oil, and the military industrial complex want the public to believe?

So what is the bottom line in regard to the state of the climate? The planet and climate system is not just warming, both are descending into a state of total meltdown with global climate engineering programs helping to fuel the overall fire. Those who have made it their mission (for whatever reason or motive) to deny the planetary meltdown, are simply toeing the line for big oil and the geoengineers.

Here is the climate reality, the record breaking heat on our planet continues to build. Septemper 2016 was the 16th consecutive month of all time record shattering hot months. October 2016 will likely break the record yet again, but that data is not yet available. 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded since record keeping began, breaking the record set in 2015, which broke the record set in 2014. On the top of the world, the Arctic is in a state of total meltdown (along with the rest of the planet). Even Antarctic sea ice ( the last vestige for the global cooling false narrative) is also now at record low levels.


The "departure from normal high temperature" map above shows the Arctic meltdown with startling clarity. The US is also experiencing record shattering heat with no end in sight.

Ice deposits are crashing around the world. Front-line film footage of the imploding ice deposits (the cryosphere) proves this fact beyond any doubt. 


The graph above is a shocking image of the radical decline of global sea ice. And about the front-line reality, we don't need graphs, we have front-line fim footage.

What is the bottom line? There is either the truth, or there is a lie. Those that are pushing the "global warming is a hoax" false narrative are pushing an unimaginably ridiculous lie. Why does it matter? Because credibility is critical in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Why is stopping climate engineering so important? Because the global weather warfare assault is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. When so called "independent" news sources completely discredit the anti-geoengineering cause by pushing completely false disinformation, bridges with the science community cannot be built. Such bridges are absolutely essential if we are to have any chance of fully exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. Investigating the truth is our responsibility, as is sharing it. Make your voice heard.

The extensive list of articles below is only a sample of the front-line information that is available on the state of the climate. We have a responsibility to investigate, all of us.













































































205 Responses to Updated, Is Global Warming “An Inconvenient Lie”? A Public Response to Ed Griffin

  1. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I listened to Ed Griffen explain himself in this video online. I was so upset at what he had to say about you Dane. It did'nt seem right with how detailed you are with all of your research and facts, to send him only one document, which Mr. Griffens dwelled on. This is a man that had a freind murdered by the very persons we are fighting to end Geo Engineering. Ted L Gundersen. Found dead with Arsenic Poisoning! He called the practice; "Death Dumps"! How shameful to Honour his efforts and the sacrifice of his Life this way. I have respect for his efforts on Cancer truths.  But to now lie and make his online followers see you Dane in a False Light, Pisses me off. United we STAND, Divided WE FALL!!!  Why would he act like you were not interested in an Honest debate? This really rocked me. I know you are always willing to let the public hear what you have learned with your tireless efforts and others at Geo Watch. I am so Glad you cleared up your side of the conversation and that you did send him almost one hundred link's. That's the Man we Respect. Half truth's like DeCaprio are delaying the end we so need to SRM Programs. How could Alex Jones have both of these so called experts on his show and not ask either of them about the Military Ind. Complex spraying Our Planet each day with Toxic Chemicals and ask them if this could have anything to do with the Climate! Not a WORD was spoken about SRM to either of them. Then Alex has a photo up of people with Winter Coats, tukes and scarves on saying Global warming is a fraud and here is the proof. I guess Alex has no clue about Ice Nucleation. I sure hope Mr. Griffens listeners have the sense to listen to Dane's response to his statements. I am sure glad I sat through Mr. Griffens. No matter how hard it was. But that is what Dane asks of us, To listen to mainstream and to listen to what they are trying to hand the listeners. Now I see who Mr. Griffens is working for, and it isn't the Planet. And some of the reply's to his video were so sadly ignorant. Go back to sleep. Mr. Griffen's told you what you wanted to hear!!! I know we would never have known how much you helped Michael Murphy and others with What in the World…unless you needed to make it clear that you were once again wanting to get the facts out. Thanks for doing that Dane. You are such a Good Man. I Pray for thousands more like you. Then a change will come to US and OUR PLANET.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, yes, you are correct, Mr. Griffin’s attempt to make it appear that there was only one source document in my article post (when there was nearly one hundred), was simply total deception on his part. Also for the record, it has now been 8 days since Mr. Griffin and all his “experts” were officially invited by radio announcer Jeff Rense to debate me on air, Griffin and his “experts” have not responded. Griffin publically challenged me to debate the issues of climate engineering and our decimated climate system, and now it seems he is not willing to follow through with that challenge. Thank you for marching with us in this critical battle Gail.

    • tim peters says:

      hi Dane All MR ED has to do is google are sea levels rising .

  2. Susan Ferguson says:

    Did Föhn Winds Just Melt Two Miles of East Antarctic Surface Ice in One Day?   / robertscribbler … in both the November 27 and November 28 image frames appears to indicate the presence of surface melt. So the downsloping wind related warming may well have produced a more subtle surface melt for this region of East Antarctica. … in the satellite image. A swatch of blue that seems to indicate an approximate 2-mile long melt lake formed over the surface of East Antarctica in just one day. If confirmed, this event would be both odd and concerning. A part of the rising signal that melt stresses for the largest mass of land ice on the planet are rapidly increasing. … While scientists and environmentalists are understandably concerned about ocean warming melting the undersides of sea-fronting West Antarctic glaciers — resulting in risks for rapid sea level rise for the near future, another consequence of global warming is also starting have a more visible impact on the frozen and now thawing continent. Surface melt, which was hitherto unheard of for most of East Antarctica, is now starting to pop up with increasing frequency.    Surface Melt as a Feature of Glacial Destabilization: Supraglacial lake is just another word for a surface glacial melt lake. And these new lakes pose a big issue for ice sheet stability. Surface melt lakes are darker than white glacier surfaces. They act as lenses that focus sunlight. And the comparatively warm waters of these lakes can flood into the glacier itself — increasing the overall heat energy of the ice mass. … while Greenland holds enough ice to raise sea levels by around 21 feet, East Antarctica contains enough to lift the world’s oceans by about 195 feet.  Surface melt there, as a result, produces considerably more risk to the coastal cities of the world. https://robertscribbler.com/2016/11/28/did-fohn-winds-just-melt-two-miles-of-east-antarctic-surface-ice-in-one-day/

    • wearevolution says:

      That ice sweet  (huge a mount of ice) has recently broken off and will take 7? years to melt.

  3. The Ghost of Fall says:

    Open Letter to the Elite 

    Up until this point many people have wanted to talk directly to you but no one ever knew where you were hiding. I am here to tell you that I know EXACTLY where you are hiding. I know because I have been traveling around the world my entire life, and I have seen you everywhere in the shadows of this beautiful planet. I have seen you causing war, starvation, stealing resources, destroying nature, putting individuals in cages and entire countries in cages…….thinking you were somehow free. You were wrong. Because of everything you have done I had no choice but to put you in a cage with ME. My conscious wouldn't let you get away. And now I have set myself free, and you are trapped in that cage all by yourselves. If you knew how to get out of it on your own you wouldn't be here reading this. And now I'm looking in at you, waving the key in your faces. We here on this site are the only ones that you are actually afraid of for this reason alone, so you better pay attention to everything we are saying right now. 

    Not only is a large part of the population of the world angry at you, but the Earth itself is VERY ANGRY NOW. You think you are going to destroy first the animals and trees, and then the population of this Earth, and use technology to save you? I am here to tell you that that will never happen. The population of the Earth is the only spiritual resource large enough to fix the problems you have facilitated by your complete lack of connection to the source. At this moment in time you only have two choices:

    Option One

    Stop the chemtrails, stop the vaccines, stop putting flouride in the water, stop the fracking, stop HAARP, stop the slave labor, stop the wars, stop the armies, stop the contract government, stop building nuclear facilities, and most importantly stop the lies. For once in your lives tell the world truth. Use the media to start telling the populations around the world the seriousness of situation and how everyone must now focus on turning things around while there is precious little time left. The population will start to renew their karma by restoring the planet back to a natural environment that supports all life as it once did. This will be more difficult in the first world countries that have gotten far too comfortable living within your lies. It will be easier for the third world countries which is most of the planet, who have been forced to endure your shackles. You will start to renew your karma by making a book listing in detail all of the countless ways that you have brought an entire planet nearly to the brink of extinction. This will be spread across the entire planet as the new law of the land for future generations to know exactly what to never do ever again.

    Option Two

    Continue to "play" God, watch the population of the planet disappear shortly to somewhere better, watch the world face a complete meltdown shortly after that, go down into your bunkers never to see the light of day ever again. Your karma will be so beyond repair that you will never escape this cage you are in for the rest of eternity. Let me explain to you what this looks like. This cage you are in now still has some natural light bestowed on you by God. That light will be replaced by artificial light. Your grandchildren will not be close to you because you will be the only connection they have to a humanity that destroyed the entire world, to which your lies will continue on even to them. They will go looking for the truth, and they will find it in a book about the changing of the seasons that no longer exist. And I will come back to them as the Ghost of Fall, time after time. And I will tell them that I tried to save their futures even though you wouldn't. And I will show them the truth behind every one of your lies. After awhile none of them will keep coming back to this Earth down there where you reside because there will be nothing left for anyone to learn there. The artificial light in your cage will then go dark. The spirit of the Earth itself will depart, and you will be left there for the rest of eternity by yourselves trapped within a dead planet unable to ever escape.

    Only God holds the hands of time and this is what it looks like. You really think you can play God? Think again.

    If this post is removed it will only prevent everyone that needs to from being able to come out of the shadows immediately which will further seal your own fate. You think you are serving us trying to destroy all life of Earth? You are only serving yourselves. So remember this:


    Even at this late hour GOD will not take away free will. The fact that you are reading this now before everyone around the world that cares the most about the future of this Earth is the only sign that GOD needs.


  4. Teri says:



    more poisoning by the government. they do whatever they want when they want without remorse and with no controls on them. law doesn't apply to the military. apparently ethics doesn't either. what a surprise. think of the all the bombs they play with. nuclear and others where does that pollution go? into the environment without a moments consideration for the environment. the same insane individuals and with the same mentality are the ones spraying us each and every day. perfect way to get rid of their toxic waste. make the slaves breath it. drink it. eat it. 

  5. JR says:

    In Southwest, New Mexico yesterday 11-28-16 with our climate (weather) so uncharacteristic with very high winds, mixed with rain clouds and SAG/SRM yet no rain. The lines up there –Chemtrails were off the chart people. Our 4 seasons are gone forever it seems as we once knew them, even though our weather has been messed with for over 70 years. HAARP wasn't around then or the GWEN TOWERS and our so called Technology! So much more evil nowadays. Way to much Brainwashing and Propaganda from within.

  6. Octavia says:

    Griffin is a clown. I don't know who respects his view. I have heard him speak against "collectivism" on numerous occasions and consider him a very pro-capitalist libertarian. He's only an obstructionist. Dane will demolish him.

    That said, I am surprised that no one in this community and on Dane's show mentioned the ongoing Pizzagate scandal. This worldwide pedophile scandal, leading directly to the DNC, Clintons and Obama himself, is exploding online. Check Reality Calls on youtube and pizzagate on voat, as well as pedocrats.com and the YTs of David Seaman, a former HuffPo (MSM) reporter who was fired for reporting on Hillary's health problems. The Podestas (Clinton campaign manager) took Madeleine McCann, and stayed at the house of Freud's grandson, Clem, a known pedo British MP (now dead) during the time the girl was taken in Portugal. This is huge considering how huge the McCann case is. Wikileaks has BLOWN this open and we should consider how this can play to this movement's strengths. At the very least, we should be aware. Reddit banned the discussion of Pizzagate and MSM is playing defense. This is important to this cause because it DESTROYS the power structure's credibility to such a degree — and on a very visceral level such that their abuse of children and BABIES is making some 15,000 citizen researchers very ill and disturbed, led by the FBI insiders who want to bust this and can't. This is good to be aware of also in the sense that the power structure's operatives (local officials) are usually "compromised" by participating in pedo activities and this is another reason they are kept in the box. USIC ("US intelligence community") has been doing it for years and this is a key mechanism of their control over the power structure: printing money and sexual destruction of children. It will make you upset and sick, but it may be key in knocking down the power structure's unearned credibility. People are physically repulsed by this and should be. Don't discount its relevance. Check it out!!!

    Also Wikileaks is probably now compromised and Assange and 15 others likely renditioned though we do not know for sure. This is a clue to how big the pedo scandal, which includes satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism, is. But again as I say, this rabbit hole is not for the weak of stomach.

    • Marc says:

      Octavia, as impossible and ridiculous and absurd as this all sounds, I concur with all of your observations here based upon my own investigations over the last couple of years. It is truly sickening in ways that are extremely difficult to even think about, much less discuss with anyone. Most people recoil in horror at the mere suggestion of pedophilia (and worse). Trust me. It hit close to home a couple of years ago when I found out my own father sexually abused my two stepsisters for upwards of 10 straight years when they were little girls. Took me fifty years to find out. I wanted to beat him up in the worst way, but reason intervened. He's passed on now, but he is no father of mine.

  7. Donna-AZ says:

    Dear Mr Griffin, while in Phoenix, I suggest that you spend a little time outdoors, so you can see with your own eyes, the trails being turned on and off. And, if you would like to see up-close footage of which airlines are performing these crimes against humanity, I would be more than happy to drive over and loan my telescope to you. Oh, and Mr. Griffin, while in Phoenix, if you develop a slight cough and eye irritation from that fake, toxic, white canopy (which used to be blue) above you, don't worry, we're told it's just condensation from the jets.


  8. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, the Scientists of today could resolve every issue on this planet, however the power structure will not allow good scientists to work on real solutions. That's if you want to work!  They own these scientists.. Lock stock and barrel. I speaking in the simplest terms so everyone understands. Money truely the root of all evil men and their power hungry control. We as scientists know there has been an intentional plan to hault progress in saving anything. A man at Lockheed Martin said, and I wouldn't mention his name, said " anything " "you can imsge, anything you can imagine we have already have done" been there, done that. Free Energy, DONE!  I would say more but you get my drift… Manlind doesn't mean what it once did! And soon everyone will see!!

    • Nemo says:

      Thinking that "scientists can resolve every issue on the planet" is what got us in this mess.  In fact undoing scientist's attempts at resolution is the basis of this incredible site.  As Dane said the pharmaceutical approach to healing the planet will not work.  We must abandon the growth model and live as naturally as possible.

  9. sea says:

    This is who we have become- this is America first hand…as my mother would have said if she were alive, "you make your bed and you lie in it".Shopping for the holidays and killing- they go hand in hand- right?


    We are the "ULTIMATE" CONSUMER OF EVERYTHING" no matter how it effects our lives, asleep at the wheel- welcome to the US of A !

    I wish everyone here (on this site) lived in close proximity  so we could have the human touch… take care to all those that post or visit.

    AND Dane THANK YOU always for all you have given up to help us through this – whether we make it or not, you deserve a circle of love and energy that is beyond description, you are the most outstanding representation of integrity, honesty, perseverance, and unselfishness I have ever experienced in my 60 yrs.

  10. Seeing Clearly says:

    There is so much deception in so many things it feels like everything.

  11. jeff says:

    Hi Dane, I don't know if you read back articles, but I wanted to say thank you very much for your dedication.

    I just watched Ed Griffin's response to this article. What a total lack of evidence, perspective, or honesty. I think it will do more to direct his viewers to your site than sway opinion. I hope you get the chance to face them all, in an open debate.

    My best friend is a pro fighter, and I we discuss a lot about the focus of perspective, and thought involved in the battle. Train hard (educate yourself), focus your intent on nothing but success,and just be yourself. I see you as having this in spades, and its honorable.

    In the battle here.

    Thanks again Dane, I hope all the positive energy helps us push the truth out.

  12. penny says:

    It's been well above freezing here in northern Montana most days… and nights!  I have yet to see frozen puddles in the morning, even though weather.com has forecasts of dips below freezing fairly often.  Today, I walked to the store wearing (after losing layers) a flannel shirt on top, and wishing I'd worn shorts on bottom. 

    Unfortunately, when I went to Wikipedia to look up the climate information for my new home, I found two serious downers: a) their 'average highs/lows' are now based on NOAA data using a 1971-2000 baseline (hardly representative of the historical averages), and their other source is the Weather Channel – which, as we all know, lies; and b) they have scrubbed the 'year record was set' from all their record highs and lows (!!!) 

    I checked several pages for various locations; all were doctored in this way.  I know that they used to list the year-of-record-setting in the past.  Apparently that information has been deemed dangerous – it might start people worrying, if they saw that all the record highs were from this century (many from this year or last).  Information that is, as they say, 'Too hot to handle'.

    On a more positive note, though there were definitely newly-laid trails in the sky, there was a large patch of blue overhead.  (It wasn't by any means a natural blue, but it's been weeks since the sky hasn't been silver-grey…)

    • LS says:

      Penny,  These signs of lockdown on data are telling, aren't they.?Someone thinks it's a good idea to put a cell tower on our local fire dept.  So I went to print out some info on the health effects.  Gone. The FCC is headed by the former lobby head of the WiFi industry.. coincidence? He is on record saying he will not let science get in the way of 5k signals being everywhere in the country. (Billions can be made, he said) Go in any direction and you will find that science data are no longer THERE for the public to view and use. We apparently are dangerous when armed with facts and people in power don't want to hear facts. I don't revel in the fact that their denial will not matter. Acknowledging reality doesn't change IT, acknowledgment changes us. I am eternally grateful for Dane and all that he has done and continues to do for humanity. 

    • penny says:

      Hi LS,

      I share your concerns about cell phones, WiFi, etc. (in fact, I let my internet router crash 2-3 times a day rather than enable the WiFi on it).  Here are some links that could help you.  Good luck!




  13. Susan Ferguson says:

    Emergency Services Declare ‘Major Disaster’ after Mass Thunderstorm Asthma Event
    Hospitals across Victoria [Australia] have been left reeling after an unprecedented number of people suddenly fell acutely sick on Monday evening, in what is believed to be a mass incident of "thunderstorm asthma".  Ambulance Victoria was flooded with calls after a storm hit Melbourne shortly before 6pm, prompting a "major disaster response" from emergency services. The demand was so great that Ambulance Victoria ran out of ambulances and had to call in police officers, non-emergency patient vehicles and field doctors trained for disasters to help with transporting acute patients to hospital. State health commander Paul Holman said in his 40 years as a paramedic he had never seen an event like it. Mr Holman said it is thought the storm brought with it an increase in irritants, leading to the huge wave of patients suffering from breathing issues. He said the majority of the patients were so sick they needed to be taken to hospital (rather than being treated at the scene) and at one stage there were 190 people waiting for assistance. "Every ambulance and ambulance manager was recalled," he said. "It was an unprecedented night."

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Tiny particles may pose big risk: Some nanoparticles commonly added to consumer products can significantly damage DNA.
      Anne Trafton | MIT News Office  / April 8, 2014
      … several studies have shown that some of these engineered nanoparticles can be toxic to cells. …Some of these nanomaterials can produce free radicals called reactive oxygen species, which can alter DNA. Once these particles get into the body, they may accumulate in tissues, causing more damage. “It’s essential to monitor and evaluate the toxicity or the hazards that these materials may possess. There are so many variations of these materials, in different sizes and shapes, and they’re being incorporated into so many products…”  … genotoxicity, or the ability to damage DNA — a phenomenon that may not necessarily kill a cell, but one that can lead to cancerous mutations if the damage is not repaired. … Zinc oxide and silver produced the greatest DNA damage in both cell lines. At a concentration of 10 micrograms per milliliter — a dose not high enough to kill all of the cells — these generated a large number of single-stranded DNA breaks.  … The most common routes that engineered nanoparticles follow into the body are through the skin, lungs, and stomach, so the researchers are now investigating nanoparticle genotoxicity on those cell types. They are also studying the effects of other engineered nanoparticles, including metal oxides used in printer and photocopier toner, which can become airborne and enter the lungs. The research was funded by MIT’s Center for Environmental Health Sciences, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Is not MIT the lair for mad scientist David Keith?  Obviously we are put here on earth to breath in his nano-particulates so another bunch of sociopaths at MIT and assorted Frankenstein universities can run tests to see just how much more of his aerosols we can tolerate before we kick off.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, yes, the state of the universities you describe is accurate. About David Keith, he is connected to Harvard, not MIT.

    • Dennie says:

      David Keith is now at Haaahvahd, prior to that at the U. of Calgary. 

      Ken Caldeira's "handlers" are Carnegie Science down on The Farm (Stanford University), would l-o-v-e to show up on his doorstep someday, just to say, "Hi, thought I'd drop by just to say that we all know who you're working for, we know what you do and we know how to find you. Have a nice day!!!"

      Don't the Idiot physicians actually EVER test people for metals poisoning?  When I suspected metals poisoning I specifically asked my physician for aluminum and barium testing.  Boy, you shoulda been there to see the look on her face when she reported the results to me– shocked as sh!t, almost to the "WTF" level of shocked (duh)– well, me too, actually,but mainly because THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MASS MURDER!!!!  Now the docs won't even test for this because they do too know it's there, we're getting sprayed with it 24/7/365 (and let's face it, physicians are trained to observe, you bet they see the streaks every day, but you can also bet they're most of them playing possum).  The aluminum, I believe, must get taken up fairly quickly into the tissues.  The barium, however, always circulates in your blood stream and rather easily found by serum test.  Over a period of three years mine was always coming in higher than anything allowed by OSHA, but who cares?  And with the trumpster soon to occupy the White House, we soon won't have an OSHA.

  14. Jenny says:

    I clicked on the link to watch Griffin's video response to you.  While he seemed like a nice man, his presentation did not seem chock-full of facts, as yours always are.  

    I also clicked on the link at the top of your 2013 article about him.  It was his written response to something you'd said regarding some of his statements.  Hoo-boy!  The thing about the checkerboard patterns, and then when he said We still need to find out how these chemicals are getting into the atmosphere!!!  He keeps mentioning Occam's Razor, but he doesn't think the most likely reason for the visible trails/particulates in the sky is the jets we see spraying them every day with our own eyes???  

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so um, like, WHO is paying Griffin?  Where does his money come from?  Because THOSE are the "people" who need exposed.  BIG TIME.  YESTERDAY!!

    • izzy says:

      Occam’s Razor, Moore’s Law, Murphy’s Law, Fermi’s Paradox, etc.


      How it is that so many can adopt these clever semantic constructions as proof of anything eludes me. I suppose it’s easier to quote secular scripture than to actually do a little thinking. The triumph of form over substance and propaganda over truth is effectively complete, at least at the scale of collective society. Persevere we must, but it’s like slogging through molasses. Maybe our dumbing down has simply pushed the whole thing past the point of no return for this epoch.

    • Dennie says:

      @izzy:  The Stoopids are all herding up in a corner, for sure.  We heard on NPR last night how Trump is a fan of Alex Jones.  So now we see Jones emerging as a player on the field in U.S. politics– here we are, at last.  At least Nancy Reagan had real astrologers doing her prognosticating.

  15. Joe Ceonnia says:

    One more thought, these Elites have sold their souls so many times that no one's buying their b******* anymore, these people are morally bankrupt and those who go along with it or morally bankrupt as well.

  16. Marc says:

    A few observations. I flew back to the Midwest for Thanksgiving yesterday. When I returned I had to take my 15 year old niece to the doctor, really bad sore throat, feeling crappy, etc. At the pediatric office I sat in the waiting area and witnessed maybe 7-8 different moms or dads come in with their kids and sit down at a check-in desk with one of two "receptionists". EVERY SINGLE PARENT was asked if their kids had had their flu shot. EVERY PARENT was asked if THEY THEMSELVES had had their flu shot, and if not, would they like to take care of that today….etc. A huge placard had been placed on an easel next to the sign-in area: "We are pleased to announce blankety-blank will be offering flu shots now to parents. 25 bucks. Are. You. F**king. Kidding. Me? It turns out my niece had just recently had a flu shot. And here she is, today, sick as a dog with an inexplicable sore throat, (not strep) general fatigue, sore glands, etc. Yes, of course, I cannot know if there is a connection but my intuition tells me otherwise. I've seen never seen so many sick kids in one place. Several of the parents, when asked if they'd had their flu shot, said yes. And so it goes, on and on. 

      We have to ask ourselves, I mean REALLY ask ourselves, what exactly is going on here? With the revelations of "Vaxxed" and "Silent Epidemic" fresh in our minds, when I witnessed first-hand the strategy of the folks working in this pediatric office, it was obvious to me that they have been trained and told that they MUST ask every parent about flu shots. The agenda could not have been more clear. I almost got up to ask one of these people how much money the office is rewarded for each documented flu shot administered. I'm quite sure I would have been viewed with palpable suspicion and likely brushed off with an "I don't know".

      Staying at my sister's house. Turned on cable TV to try to find some decent news, surfed past "Good Morning America", but stopped just to see what it was about. Haven't seen it in years. I sat absolutely slack-jawed with disbelief, I f**king kid you not. Either THEY are all from a different planet, or I am. But they indicated an upcoming "report" about airplane air, and the dangers posed by breathing it, etc. So I slogged through some of the show, including commercials, which, by the way, I could literally not bear, never can, actually. And we wonder why everyone is soooo f**king zombified or testy, or somewhere in between. When the show about airplane air finally "aired" (pun intended), I became quickly convinced that it was just a disinformation piece to keep the public pacified about the real true dangers of breathing "airplane air". They're never in ten million years gonna tell us the skies are absolutely saturated with a cornucopia of deadly substances, many, many of which have been intentionally placed there to f**k them all up. Good morning, America. Holy Mother of God………..

      Furthermore, what with all the broo-haha about fake news on FB, perhaps we can lump Mr. Ed Griffin's upcoming conference under the same heading: FAKE NEWS. Indeed, is his program any different? You take a whole topic that you know millions will be drawn to, and you dress it all up with apparent facts and experts and photographs and charts and so forth and then you toss it out on the ground for the hogs to eat. Voila! Dumber hogs than before. Mission accomplished.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  you see Susan's article about "thunderstorm asthma.  That a new one!  I got a robo-call from my supplemental insurance carrier to come in and get a flu shot.  No way!  Regarding fake news, the new coined phrase is being brought to us by the creators of fake news…the MSM.  No doubt this Geoengineering website would be labeled "fake news."  But for "fake news" there would be no news, but rather we would be captives of the lies, distortions, and mind control programming and commercials.  

  17. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I understand why these billionaire's want to rule everything and everyone??? I think, they never been told NO nor a hug, a honest heart felt unconditional warm hug of love. That's why they have no empathy nor real feeling for other humans.. They see humans as an inconvenience. Because they DON'T Like to see others not need them, so they want to own everything that others my need to make life. That's why they want to kill and destroy everytho that lives without their say so… I get it now. No one truely loves them, they think that it's their power & money that makes them wanted by others. And that makes them hate humans. Because everyone want some thing from them or to use them for their money & power which is not true, most people could care less about there money or their power, unless it's people just like them! Chasing money and power from those with it… Quite sad really, because it sounds like every politician in America doesn't it?? These people may change (not) but if they can remember the first real love, maybe, just maybe, they will UNDERSTAND HOW I feel about this planet and the the many great thing living v on this planet. Like my loved ones and the beautiful earth that so many of us take for granted. Now these PEOPLE with all this money & Power want to destroy it all, just because they don't love.. Nor get real love. All they really gay is people just like themselves no empathy leeches it just wants her money they can also be powerful. Sad. There's so much good they could be doing I'm putting smiles on so many young children's lives for so many years into the future but they'd rather just own it not because they need it just because I own everything else. Hopefully one of these billionaires can share their thoughts and use this media to let us know how they really feel because we really need to know I really need to know

    • Jenny says:

      I'm sure at least some of them are just born with a biological tendency to sociopathy–no conscience and no empathy–just as some people are born with a tendency to be gay or to develop diabetes, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression.  There are so many babies born with things physically wrong with them (I know firsthand), that it does not surprise me at all that some are born with something wrong with or different about their brain or other parts of their nervous system.  And certainly mental illness often runs in families.  Of course, babies could  also sustain damage in utero, or suffer damage from infection, isolation, or other environmental assaults at any point after birth.

  18. Carl says:

    Hi Dane

    I live in Spain near Marbella and witness daily the spraying. I also witnessed it whn I lived in the UK in Manchester. 

    I am constantly trying to convince people what is going on, by posting your links and whatever I can via social media.  The only comments I get back is that I am a conspiracy theorist. One of my pilot friends, who flies for a major airline, just puts it down to contrails and gives me his biased opinionated views of how silly I am thinking otherwise. It is as if most people are living in a bubble. It is so difficult trying to wake them up to what is reality. One thing i will do though is keep trying!

    Thanks for all your good work in this arena!  

  19. Roma says:

    Hi Dane, Neil Keenan and his team have prepared a list of recommendations for President elect Donald Trump and his team (which he says was requested by them).  The very first item on this list is "The immediate cessation of chemtrail spraying , associated geoengineering activities and weather warfare".  Underneath this he posts a direct link to your site.  Do you know this man?  Would he have any influence with Donald Trump?

    I really appreciate all the work you are doing to expose this criminality, I read your site every day and was particularly interested in your comments regarding the recent NZ earthquake (which has devastated one of our main tourist attractions).  I spread the word whenever I can and hope we can all see an end soon to this madness.

    • LS says:

      Thank you Roma,   This is the most hopeful news so far that Geoengineering is in the sights of the new administration as the first thing that has to go!!!!!!  I've been working on them getting the info for so long it is a relief to know someone has heard. Actions are what matters. Looking forward to clear skies…. not the giant X over my house like right this moment. Keep informing. Don't let your guard down now.  

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thank you Roma, I had not heard of this gentleman. Finally, someone willing to speak about real issues. 

  20. CW says:

    SEA ICE LOSS NOW?! Japan 7.4 Quake + Tsunami  https://youtu.be/yzXdWk74RmI Could this be a foreshock, like in March of 2011?

    • Dennie says:

      Those quakes have been going on and on and on for some time now in the Fukushima area.  A search on the internet and you can see quakes in April, September and October this year, and now here on November 21, 2016:  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-quake-idUSKBN13G2DC Gotta keep those Japanese in line, ya know…

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      CW, Here is another good video from Dick Benton.


    • What do these straight lines over Japan on Nov. 21 2016 have to do with it? http://www.theforgottenroom.org/seismic_activity.html

    • virginia says:

      Stepping aside from the usual comments: the people of Japan, and the Fukushima Prefecture area, especially, are so deserving of our heart-warming thoughts that they may find safety and resolution of some kind to the nightmares that they are undergoing.  Thinking of families, little children who are so innocent and deserving of a better life, going through the horrors of the quakes, tsunamis and the effects of radiation is sad beyond belief.

      We are all affected by the radiation spewed by the reactors making this world a toxic marble spinning in space, but for the Japanese, they  have been hit more than once by atomic conflagrations, and, so, to them I offer my own personal sorrow, apologies, and love and hope for a better future. 

      At this time of celebrating our own good fortune, let us remember those who are in such desperate need no matter from what source. Peace and hope.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Evil aside, you guys do know? that Japan is a land, group of lands, prone, very much, to earthquakes?  My best friend moved there to work, actually creating her own work, in the mid 80s or so, and told me, called me often at first, telling me every little detail.  Such as in order to cook, one had to turn on the gas from the wall, as stove not set to just turn on, this owing to earthquakes.

  21. Susan Ferguson says:

    ARCTIC NEWS: Sea ice is shrinking
    Nov.20, 2016
    Arctic sea ice extent fell 0.16 million km² from November 16 to November 19, 2016, as illustrated by above ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop image. This is happening at a time when there is little or no sunlight reaching the Arctic, as illustrated by the image below. … This recent fall in extent is partly due to strong winds, as illustrated by the image on the right. … Mostly, though, the lack of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean is caused by very warm water that is now arriving in the Arctic Ocean.  During the northern summer, water off the coast of North America warms up and gets pushed by the Coriolis force toward the Arctic Ocean. It takes several months for the water to travel along the Gulf Stream through the North Atlantic. It has taken until now for the Arctic Ocean to bear the brunt of this heat. As the image below shows, record sea surface anomalies showed up near Svalbard on October 31, 2016, when this heat first arrived in the Arctic. On October 31, 2016, the Arctic Ocean was as warm as 17°C or 62.7°F (green circle near Svalbard), or 13.9°C or 25°F warmer than 1981-2011. This indicates how much warmer the water is beneath the surface, as it arrives in the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean. … Moreover, Antarctic sea ice is also falling, reflecting the warming of oceans globally.  For some time now, Antarctic sea ice extent has been at a record low for the time of the year.  On November 19, 2016, the combined extent of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice was 22.423 million km², as the image below shows.   [graphs here]:

  22. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    Ed Griffin should explain in detail why he thinks the land is sinking! The statement about wind blowing the jet contrails into criss sross patterns and grid patterns that we all see, what a blatant statement of disinformation that is! I'd like to ask him how is it possible that a perfect X can be formed in the sky, by winds blowing the contrails together. What a joke that is!

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I believe Ed Griffin has been paid a visit by the "Men In Black"

      He seems to have been 'Neuralized' or maybe just paid to lie.

      What a douche bag!

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    Global warming is earth having a fever if it gets too how it starts to dye.

  24. adam coleman says:

    Knowing that yesterday would be the last warm day here in SW, Blowhigho, I took the opportunity to roll up my 75' garden hose for winter storage and raked some of the fallen leaves which are so discolored into every color of dog shit imaginable and still, at the center of November, most of the leaves are still on these huge Oaks, Maple and every other leaf shedding tree around. In a normal mid November, they would all be on the ground ready to be put to layer for gardens next year. The question is…..what are the chances that next year's gardens will bear more harvest than this year. Last January, I was eating Brussel sprouts off my my plants in my front yard which was odd to say the least and I suspect this winter will be a similar harvest IF we make it to winter. I KNOW I can see a big difference in the trees and leaves but I suspect I am only one of too few around here (I speak to every neighbor I know about it) who really knows or even notices why this is happening. 

    As for G. Edward Griff? I am shocked that a man who HAD sofa king much integrity BEFORE would put his reputation in the bed with treason to hold such a treacherous endeavor as he has chosen to engage. There is this thing….known as KARMA who sees EVERYTHING and misses NOTHING. So for one to go from truth journalism BACKWARDS to ProPaganDUH will most assuredly be noticed and noted by KARMA and there will be a price to pay for the sale of one's soul which I suspect he will be paying up when that time comes.

    The elephant is in the elevator ladies and gentlemen. It has made its way down the corridor and has BOARDED THE ELEVATOR with everything that breathes in there with it. ABSOLUTE EVIL CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY and if there is any good news for the planet as a whole, it is that public enemy #1 and the most despicable politicriminal in US history, Thee Evil One, didn't somehow manage to get her hooves back in the oral office to eventually RE-SHORT CIRCUIT and push the WW3 nuke button during one of her many notorious fits of rage and temper tantrums.

  25. SortingHat says:

    In fact guys it's gotten to the point where the USA is seen as a nation of clowns running around and are treated internationally as a joke.

  26. SortingHat says:

    I've seen a small handful that aren't but MOST American's are fat,lazy and very boastful about their ego.  Why is that?  What's up with American's being so closed minded to most of what's going on in the world and furthermore they don't give two flying fucks if you tried to inform one.

    They'd rather martyr you instead for trying to free them.   


    I hope this isn't a sign of the NWO where if you try to free the ones not already awake to begin with your literally fucked. 

    It seems Obama has done nothing but install MORE racism and MORE Intolerance in this nation then actually whatever was happening before.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Most American I know work two jobs take one week vacation a year.. It does depend on what your talking about. There the hard working Middle Class there are those who just work the system and want everything for free and get it… And there are small business owners that work even harder then most. You must be talking about our politician's, they did everything for free the medical is free they end up being rich which is a mystery to most because it's supposed to be public service and then there's the government Hangarons parasites and then there's the other government people you will always have a job screw in the world these are the shadow government people treacherous and treasonous and don't give a damn about the world these are probably the Americans that you know

  27. Michel B says:

    Not that I would pay for Ed's Congress, but I would love to hear the arguments for a Cooling Earth Theory. We will learn of them soon enough and then we will pick it apart.

    Brisbane, Australia, Saturday 19th November, the sky was heavily SRM'd for the first half of the day. Sky has now turned 'clear', ie no obvious SRM but the colour is still wrong. And wrong is wrong. Even with the SRM cover, the heat coming through was so intense. I now understand how the ozone layer is 'suffocated' by the SRM blocking rising oxygen from getting to the stratosphere to form O3. This plagues my mind now.

    So many are now learning about this something has to give soon. I endure ridicule and rolling eyes and laughter from some who are still lost. The Red Pill is hard for them to swallow.

    Back to Ed: How disappointed I am. FreedomForceInternational is a great idea, but not if its proponents sell out. The political structure of a Holographic Constitutional Republic is a possible solution, but it needs the integrity of those who will not sell out. The forces of evil will try to subvert every attempt to highlight their deeds. That is why Ed is supporting a warming denialist stance. They got to him. Just like Dr Mercola asked for his article to be withdrawn. They got to him. Anyone who makes too much of a dent will be approached. Soon it may happen to Dane. It probably already has, but he stands strong.

    If only everyone could understand how small is the group that assails us. They win by recruitment of their own enemy. They win by stealth and secrecy. There would be no other way to do it. They believe in deception, lies and subversion as the means to some end. Do we dare name them?

  28. Dane, Thank you for clearly speaking on the facts. It will be interesting to Mr Griffin's response. Keep up your good work. Many are listening. 

  29. Joe Ceonnia says:

    We MUST LET PEOPLE KNOW THE NAMES OF THE FOLKS FUNDING THESE PROGRAMS, here are just some of those people..Mr. George Soros who stole from his own PEOPLE in WWll while pretending to be a Christian, Mr. Ted Tuner who publicly stated that we must depopulate the Earth, Mr Bill Gates who has poisoned children adults and entire nations in the name of helping people, and let's not forget about the Rockefellers who profit from all sides of all wars. These folks are psychopaths & sociopath, when you have everything and don't need anything you don't understand anything it's just your money and influence that brings you power of a psychopath. People must peel back the onion in order to reach the truth. I hope people around the world will read this and Bowl investigation these people and others that are treasonous against all mankind people must understand AR just a handful of people that control the entire wealth of the world which gives these people great power which we the people have to expose and exposed their various foundations which are front just like any other criminal front these people must be carefully read and they must be brought to Justice before it's too late For All Mankind

  30. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I hate to say this, but Mr Griffin is a IDIOT. HIS STATEMENTS are IDIOTIC. MR. GIFFIN YOU ARE A LIAR PLAN AND SIMPLE. WE MUST GET RID OF THESE TRADERS if president-elect is true to his word he will extradite all Traders, Andy's so-called dual citizenships of power who only want to see the Earth destruction we got the storm naming names and then get these folks out of this country they're here to destroy us with their money power and influence – don't fall for it…. 

  31. Rosalie says:

    I think they've really stepped things up with crippling the population via fungus in the aerosol spraying.  Big problem on the east coast of Canada.The military base is about fifteen minutes from here. It has been weeks of constant grey, wet, rainy days. Fungus is growing on trees all over the place. I have a relative who has developed schizophrenia, as well as my neighbour next door.  Research schizophrenia and fungus. Very interesting.  

  32. virginia says:


    To all the readers of this forum, please think about signing this important petition to President-elect Trump telling him to end the mandated vaccinations.  You can find it via this link:  http://www.activistpost.com

    Please do it for our kids.

  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    [SF: Of course they don't mention the fact that the "very wavy'" jetstream is being manipulated by geoengineering with the ionospheric heater transmitters around the entire planet, because this is a classified technology. The "vast area of cold polar air" over Siberia is precisely what Dane has been accurately pointing to!]
    SEEMOREROCKS: North Pole is 20C warmer than normal …
    The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends  / Chris Mooney and Jason Samenow, Washington Post, 17 November, 2016
    … people in the science community are watching — the Arctic. … in fall of 2016 — which has been a zany year for the region, with multiple records set for low levels of monthly sea ice — something is totally off. The Arctic is super-hot, even as a vast area of cold polar air has been displaced over Siberia. … “The Arctic warmth is the result of a combination of record-low sea-ice extent for this time of year, probably very thin ice, and plenty of warm/moist air from lower latitudes being driven northward by a very wavy jet stream.” Francis has published research suggesting that the jet stream, which travels from west to east across the Northern Hemisphere in the mid-latitudes, is becoming more wavy and elongated as the Arctic warms faster than the equator does.  “It will be fascinating to see if the stratospheric polar vortex continues to be as weak as it is now, which favors a negative Arctic Oscillation and probably a cold mid/late winter to continue over central and eastern Asia and eastern North America. …"  … Judah Cohen, a forecaster with Atmospheric and Environmental Research, who has linked odd jet stream behavior with cold air over Siberia.  Indeed, another Arctic expert, James Overland with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said that the jet stream at the moment is well configured to transport warmth northward into the Arctic. “There is strong warm advection into the Arctic, especially northern-central Canada, in through the Atlantic, and east Siberian/Chukchi Sea…” – "… the duration of this warm Arctic — cold Siberia pattern is unusual and quite an impressive crysophere/sea ice feedback.” (The “cryosphere” refers to that part of the Earth’s system that is made up of ice.) Abnormally warm air has flooded the Arctic since October.

  34. Ryan says:

    Carpe diem .  An idea or thought by a Roman poet which we find embedded in our brains . 

  35. sandy says:

    Dane, thank you for your tireless efforts in this urgently important issue.  In light of the changing administration can you get a few minutes of Trumps time?  This is affecting us all, his children and gradchildren as well as ours. I wonder if he is even aware.This is more important than anything on his agenda,as it speaks to the very survival of the human species and ever other living thing on this planet.  What can be done to reach him?

    • LS says:

      Vaxxed fb page has a link. It says – tell your vaccine injury story, but the form is for any suggestions to the new administration. Everyone should suggest Trump have a meeting with Dane, at the minimum. 

  36. Marc says:

    Dane, just listened again to your audio response to Griffin posted here. May I humbly high-five you on what can only be described as a total checkmate against Griffin's "defensive position". You covered every aspect and angle to this "skirmish" with dignity, straightforwardness, inarguable reason and the spirit of a true warrior for truth and for planetary survival. You flat out whooped his ass, to use a vernacular. Even so, Mr. Griffin will continue to swaddle himself within his cloth of self-righteous indignation and regard your adamantine position as a personal affront to him and to his twisted cohorts. Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose from pole to pole on planet earth.

  37. CL says:

    Steve Bannon was recently appointed Chief Strategist for the Trump Administration. Bannon led the Biosphere 2 project in Arizona. Biosphere is an attempt to replicate all of Earth's biomes within a set of airlocked buildings. The project was originally funded by Oil Billionaire Edward Perry as an experiment about Mars Colonization when civil unrest takes over Earth. However, in a C-Span interview from 95 Bannon states another goal:

     "A lot of the scientists who are studying global change and studying the effects of greenhouse gases, many of them feel that the Earth's atmosphere in 100 years is what Biosphere 2's atmosphere is today" …"We have extraordinarily high CO2, we have very high nitrous oxide, we have high methane. And we have lower oxygen content. So the power of this place is allowing those scientists who are really involved in the study of global change, and which, in the outside world or Biosphere 1, really have to work with just computer simulation, this actually allows them to study and monitor the impact of enhanced CO2 and other greenhouse gases on humans, plants, and animals." source

    I visited the site some years back and thought the idea was laughable. The ocean is dead, and the reef never worked. The basement of the building is an industrial monstrosity, requiring huge qualities of power to simulate nature's simplest functions. I did not take it seriously then, but now I do. Bannon was putting human beings in a gas chamber to test the effects of the atmosphere with CO2 off the charts and Methane rising. He knows exactly what is happening. The fact that the project was funded by an oil tycoon in 1983 makes it all the more insidious. Onion style mainstream news headlines declared yesterday "Chinese tell President Trump 'we did not invent climate change'" I have no clue how Bannon will effect a President Trump, but I do find it terrifying that Bannon has already run human experiments gassing scientists with methane and nitrous oxide. 

  38. Marc says:

    I calmly sat and listened to Ed Griffin's entire 14 minute "rebuttal" to Dane Wigington's alleged "personal attack" on him and a few of his (Ed's) primary contentions. Not once, NOT ONCE, did Mr. Griffin defend or elaborate whatsoever on his contention that "global warming is not only a myth, but a lie." He never alluded to any substantive scientific data that would support his absurd claim. Furthermore, he attempted to establish a contradiction between an article Dane allegedly sent to him regarding rising seas and a different article that Dane posted lambasting some of the "propaganda" that a certain institute disseminates. This is cherrypicking of the most petty kind, especially in view of Mr. Griffin's utterly fantastic (as in fantasy) view that it isn't so much that seas are rising, it's that islands and other lands are sinking. WHAT. THE. F**K? This guy is one sad sonofabitch. A floundering old man who is f**king losing it. This guy can't be for real, can he? Somebody please help me out here. And I have watched George Noory kiss Tim Ball's (ahem) arse on his show "Beyond Belief" on Gaia TV. Yet another buffoon (Tim Ball) whose ideas sound vaguely intelligent on the face of it unless you happen to have actually taken the time (months, years) to dig deep into all this stuff. Even so, Mr. Griffin has succeeded in assembling quite a lineup of personalities whose credentials appear impressive. But I'm not gonna tolerate any smart-ass egghead no matter what his or her credentials if they attempt to refute or otherwise de-legitimize the vast data proving anthropogenic causes for increasing warming since the start of the "industrial revolution".  Go f**k yourselves, gentlemen.

      Mr. Ed Griffin made a very weak and milktoasty case in his response to Dane Wigington. Again, at this very, very late stage of the game, with literally mountains of extremely fine data out there, I cannot fathom how these idiots think they can make an intelligent case for their claims. This Phoenix conference has an aroma of fishiness about it. It just does. There is not only too much at stake, but there is also too much potential for magnificently orchestrated disinformation, and I believe strongly that this conference should not be written off as perhaps just a manifestation coinciding with the fabricated rise of Trumpism and denier-ism. It reeks of something else. Maybe I'm overthinking all of this. Maybe these geniuses are just surfing the denier wave and hope to cash in on it.

    • BaneB says:

      Methinks it's a collection of antique spooks.

    • Dennie says:

      " Michael Murphy has also gone on record saying that we cannot know whether the planet is warming due to anthropogenic causes because of the long history of active geoengineering. He implies that, to the best of my recollection, the planet might otherwise be cooling were it not for the effects of geoengineering. WTF? It is almost laughably ridiculous that we would still be entrenched in these kinds of discussions at this late, late stage of the human game. For these guys to be actively running around the country, and the world, espousing what amounts to reeking cowshit reminds me of the degree to which the NIST report on 911 is equally offensive, not to mention laughably delusional in view of the laws of physics. Are there dark elements funding Ed Griffin and Tim Ball to openly prefer such trash??"

      Most likely, I say.

  39. gene maynard says:

    For a while now I’ve been observing the trees and also the lizards around our property. I’ve watched on cool days and especially on cool mornings as the lizards laid flattened out in the sunshine. Since their environment regulates their body temperature they flatten their bodies to expose more surface to the sun’s rays. Being able to change their color from bright green to dark brown is regulated by hormones. I’ve observed stressful cause them to turn brown, this usually happens when you disturb one. However, lately it seems where ever I see one laying in the sun it is brown; I’ve concluded just like most humans today they are suffering hormonal damage from the heavy metals they and we are inhaling. I believe they are losing their ability to regulate their body temperatures.

    This is similar to what I have observed with the trees. When the weather begins to turn cold and moisture is less plentiful, a tree in order to maintain life seals up the point at which it’s leaves are attached. The leaves then lose their original color, The leaf pigments change and the chlorophyll absorbs colored sunlight to give the leaves their color in the Fall. Now however, the leaves are not falling, they hang on well into the new year. I believe the extreme UV-B rays and extreme heat as we can feel on our skin, is causing hormonal imbalance in the trees and plants. Being confused they are trying to live…instead of closing the points of leaf attachment and retaining nutrients and water, they are holding the leaves in a desperate attempt to survive. This only robs them of moisture as it is drained through the leaves. The leaves usual pigment transformation no longer takes place, so the leaves rather than absorbing color, are actually burned up by the extreme UV. It is extremely hard to watch when you realize what is happening to life right in front of you that is in its death throes. When you think about trees actually communicate with each other of the same species and will actually try to keep the other one alive, it’s even harder to witness what is happening to the environment. But just realize we are the higher animal and apart from a miracle we are next.

    • kathleen says:

      Beautifully expressed, Gene, even if only telling us the tale of our destruction. Be well, sweet soul. And DON'T give up! Much love. Oh boy, it's gonna take MUCH love.

    • Chad says:

      Hello gene, and others. You are so right. I noticed the exact same thing last few years on west coast.  I'm in Idaho now but starting to see same thing. They have been really manipulating the weather lately, 20 degree plus changes overnight with chemical ice nucleation.  One day 64 high,  next day 42. Lows one day 32 next day 18 degrees. Snowed little, could've urinated more than they made it snow. What a nightmare and joke. These clowns need to be stopped soon even if it takes a Revolution.  The chemicals of recent days have made people really sick, me included one day. I believe it was radiation poisoning because I was gagging,  puked, loose stool and felt like crap couldn't breathe well and was pale in color. Felt tired and weak too. All the trees here are dying and many less animals and bugs on daily basis. They are microwaving the skies day and night. See the man-made clouds and ripples and can taste the poisons.  Whatever chem cocktail has left my lips chapped and literally BURNING!!! GOD BLESS TO ALL AND KEEP UP THE FIGHT AGAINST THESE SATANIC BEASTS OF ANTICHRISTS!  GOD = LOVE!!!


  40. bob says:

    I'd have thought he would do better on researching, based on his older lectures.  Now he sounds like he just goes against global warming based on hatred of government and possibly religious reasons.  Like how anti-agenda21 people often decide there is no such thing as pollution and get angry at anything sustainable.

    Did the Mercola interview get deleted?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, yes, I believe your assesment of the minset is accurate. About the Mercola interview I did, Dr. Mercola asked us to take it down. Why? Warned perhaps? I can’t say. I will hope that conditions will change and that we will be allowed to repost it in the future. Time will tell.

    • Neil says:

      Such a shame about the Mercola interview.  I'm glad I caught it when it was posted.  He seemed to be genuine and forthright in his dealing with the subject matter and I thought perhaps he was one who could weather any backlash to his foray into the subject of GE.  We all know, however, how these 'low men' get to brave individuals who are unafraid;  they threaten those who are near and dear to them.  They know the good man/woman, while perhaps willing to sacrifice their own life for the greater good, is not willing to sacrifice the lives of their loved ones and innocents.  It is such and old and tired story.  Most unfortunate, indeed. 

    • virginia says:

      Dane, It is puzzling to me why Dr. Mercola requested the removal of his interview.  This puts a new light on the honesty of his website, as he professes to be 'open and up front' about his topics.  Did someone give him 'that pill' of persuasion that he could not refuse to take?  If you are reading this, Dr. Mercola, you owe us an explanation, if for no other reason than to preserve your credibility.  Thank you.

    • Joseph L. says:

      About the Dr. Mercola interview — that is bad that he requested to have it taken down– It is almost like all the environmental groups– it seems not almost one of them will touch geoengineering because of their charity status.  We are certainly living in some very strange times when the most important thing on the planet you would think — would be clean air, water and food.  

      I found this link on Dr. Mercola site all the way from 2001  on the subject .


    • sea says:

      I am very sorry to hear that Dr Mercola…got cold feet in the world of honesty, integrity and upholding his responsibility as a doctor, extremely disappointing. He obviously knows the truth!

      Perhaps he is concerned about his very comfortable life in Florida.

      I was very supportive of all his products, recommending everything from water filters to supplements for my clients- will no longer recommend his site as a source.

      What a shame….

    • Modern Calamity says:

      I think Mercola/friends/family do not want to get deleted.  Dane is very brave.

  41. SueG says:

    I knew it.. 🙁  And sadly, so many will take this as an acceptable answer.  I guess the good news is the report said thousands called in about the plane, and hopefully that means more are paying attention and waking up.


    • BaneB says:

      SueG:  Great!  Denver, Babylon's bullseye Capitol, reminds me of that other drone incident referred to as 9-11.  My guess, since none of the gibberish made public is likely to be true, is a drunken remote control operator went berserk and decided to reenact the 911 flight of the bumble bee….all the while showing the whole world a pristine view of Geoengineering loop de loops.  The FAA states it has no answers but will "continue to investigate.  Yeah, sure, just like they did for 9-11.  And curiously, given the incident seemingly as national security threat, not a peep is heard from the Department Homeland "Security."  Just as well.  Given the stated official nature of what the aircraft is designed to task, after reading the article it's strange but am I suppose to feel secure?  I don't!  Further given the nature of these times, our epoch, this aircraft could have been assigned to paint a nice satellite image of a bullseye, and perhaps an EMP bullseye.  Yes, I know this is speculation outside the mainstream sandbox, but what the heck.  Authority is not going to  let us in on the secrets of the producers of doomsday.  And why do we grasp these functionarie's public pronouncement as being any truth whatsoever.  When do we cease our trusting Pavlovian addiction to authority when time and again they fail to earn it.  If by some miracle one does hear an actual truth you can be sure it was done so because it fits into a convenience whereby truth is utilized for a perfidious purpose.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SueG, Hi!  To me, this is great!  For one thing, as you said, thousands called in!  That is amazing in and of itself!  I mean the most dramatic stuff happens here all the time and seemingly no one notices it!!  Much less calls in.  That, and so many, so many just like that, makes this one case the most remarkable!  And the news did all but tell the full truth.  It stuns me they said as much as they did.

      It does seem the Denver airport is a nexus of something evil for certain.  This was an example of cyber war prep.  A tuning in for.  By tuning, I mean checking, aligning this and that digitally, as cyber war is digital.  Stuxnet had evil offspring.  The first was Nitro Zeus.  Designed to hit electric grids.  Future wars Will be radically different.  Forget something as old fashioned as flying a nuke, or launching a nuke to an "enemy".  It amazes me that the news in Denver got the navy to admit this was indeed navy, trying to further communications with subs.  In Denver yet!  So very much of what they have been doing is just that.  I now feel that what we have been thinking as weather modification efforts, though beginning in that vein, got taken over by the military in our digital age.  I think the majority of what we've been seeing in the skies has been to create skies that serve the Force.  And not only did we go whole hog into digital everything as well as urging the world to follow, we developed its first war tool And set it loose before ready.  All know it was the US.  As it is, our cyber people fight off many thousands of various hits all the time.  And, not just war, a playing field for crime of all sorts, and worse.  Huge mistake, all this, huge.  As it turns out, Obama understood it.  Was in part responsible.  But now Trump set to destroy my life and my family's lives, and while his Orangeness tweets his brains out and lies all over FB, he knows little of this stuff, much less understands.  Dangerous times.  They are preparing for that transition ahead of time.  My take, anyway.

    • Dale K says:

      Posted on DCClothesline: Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?


    • Dennis says:

      The most important piece of information from this story was the fact that the flight originates from Tinker AFB. Tinker is a HUGE player in the geoengineering operations as disclosed by SAIC Ted Gunderson.

      Great catch!!

  42. Marc says:

     We have to ask ourselves, what kind of strange pathology is it that drives guys like Ed Griffin and Tim Ball to arrive at their absurd conclusions regarding climate change and it's associated effects, IN THE FACE OF MOUNTAINS OF VERIFIABLE FACTS. Michael Murphy has also gone on record saying that we cannot know whether the planet is warming due to anthropogenic causes because of the long history of active geoengineering. He implies that, to the best of my recollection, the planet might otherwise be cooling were it not for the effects of geoengineering. WTF? It is almost laughably ridiculous that we would still be entrenched in these kinds of discussions at this late, late stage of the human game. For these guys to be actively running around the country, and the world, espousing what amounts to reeking cowshit reminds me of the degree to which the NIST report on 911 is equally offensive, not to mention laughably delusional in view of the laws of physics. Are there dark elements funding Ed Griffin and Tim Ball to openly proffer such trash?? I confess I have not done my research about these two guys. Are they drawn to play their game all on their own because they perceive there's alot of money just sitting on the table waiting to be raked in due to the interest of those too stupid to know any better??? Or are they actually and verifiably on the take from elements of the MIC or U.S. government or intelligence agencies? It's all just too goddamn fishy….AND, too stupid to be believable.

    • Marc says:

      Alright, I can see I have some homework to do and I intend to do it. I just reviewed the Phoenix Conference website and I see that Mr. Griffin really has quite an axe to grind with Dane. I don't have time right now to dig into this further but I will tonight. Ciao….

  43. Mike looking up says:

    NOT MUCH I CAN ADD TO ALL THE GREAT COMMENTS. However, reporting in from SE Michigan, since September 1st.  Daily high tempetatures 5 to 20 degrees above average and night time low's 5 to 10 above normal.  This also holds true for the entire midwest and the lower 48, weather channel. Thank you Dane and all who adds such fine content.  My Facebook page is loaded with every article from Geoengineeringwatch for over 2 years.  God help us all

  44. MS P says:

    "A fog blanketed London in December 1952, killing as many as 12,000 people. Its exact cause and nature puzzled researchers for decades "

    They now blame it on coal. 

    • Chad says:

      Ps 2 days ago in Idaho a nasty black fog cloud came in over the mountain and mixed with the other man-made phony weather making a distinguishable multi layered nasty looking cloud. I started coughing and sneezing when it approached me but was working and had to suffer through it. LOOK UP PEOPLE.  GOD BLESS US ALL

    • MS P says:

      I too get these cough /sneeze attacks. A sign my body is fighting this, in more ways than one. It is a reaction to the spraying.  

      The thought of nasal VAXX technology is scary. They could just load up some pharma drug, into the spray.

      Yesterday, big fat extra wide trails went overhead. Ganged up in sly lines. Looking both directions. & all in the same East-west direction. Same altitudes, as well. I felt  really sleepy.  Took a nap. I expected white out. No white out. They just disappeared. So it must be a different kind of application.

      Perhaps  working it to bring down the temperatures, or induce wind events. Or prevent the rain in the forecast from falling.  Which is very noticeable. When wind is in the forecast. We get lots of planes overhead, working it. 

  45. MS P says:

    Another Mass 10,000 fish die off happened last Monday." Hampton Bay NY.  deaths of these bunker fish — in what's known as a fish kill  A similar incident happened in June 2015 on Long Island, when low oxygen levels caused a massive die-off in Riverhead, and again in September in Centerport."►The story says that they were chased by predators, & died due to lack of oxygen. YA RIGHT!

  46. Alan says:

    story on drudgereport.com this morning about a "mystery plane" flying over Denver.  photos and videos too!  you'll get a hoot out of this.  guaranteed.  nobody seems to know anything about this plane – where it came from, where it was going, where it landed. air force bases say it's military but they don't know anything else.  neither did stapleton airport representatives.  isn't it amazing in this day and age that we could have a mystery jet circling denver and nodbody, and i mean nobody, knows what it is? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alan, thanks for posting this very important story. This event presents an opportunity for us to wake up the Denver Channel 7 group. By sending articulate email and social media messages to everyone at the station (with supporting credible informational links), we may be able to push them into a more in depth coverage of the issue. We must all take action when such opportunities present themselves.

    • SueG says:

      How fun, I was just getting on here to copy and paste the same link, great job Alan!!  🙂  I saw this plane yesterday and watched its entire 'show'.  I snapped quite a few pictures of it, It was actually to me, pretty clear that it was depositing at an existing geoengineered formation.  I suspect they were creating the weather we have today which is a very poor excuse for measurable precipitation at noon here in the Denver area.  I hope Channel 7 will be receptive to any communication they receive regarding geoengineering and continue to cover/investigate it.  Unfortunately my suspicion is we will never hear from them again on this.

    • SueG says:

      Here is my email to Denver Channel 7, I hope so many more contatct them and flood their inbox!

      Great job on reporting on the mysterious plane over the Denver area yesterday!  I watched the entire show in the air and was amazed.  The reason no one will answer what the plane was doing is because it is geoengineering, and those you contacted are a part of the problem.  For excellent information on this subject I strongly urge you to go to:  https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

    • Bert Goodrich says:

      My email to Denver7's Mark Belcher about the "mystery plane":

      "Saw the little report on Denver7 with Mark Belcher on the "mystery plane".    I have dozens of videos and hundreds of pictures of exactly that same plane here above Albuquerque!  And I know FAA, EPA, et. al know nothing about it– that would be letting too much light into the room and enable us to see the elephant.   If you're sincerely "continuing to look into it," I can't wait for your public, truthful investigation results.   Some hints:  SRM, SAG, nano aluminum, etc., etc."   

    • BaneB says:

      SueG:  Channel 7 Denver states at the official site to "contact us."  I did. I wrote to their chief weather-liar, respectively.  I guess he does not want to be contacted because my properly addressed text to him was rejected.  Twice and rechecking his address and my errors if any…. Nope, rejected twice.

  47. SD says:

    Sun glare from skyscrapers is becoming more of an issue lately. Several years ago they had to sand the exterior of Disney Hall here in LA to reduce glare.  Now they are complaining about the new Wilshire Grand bldg.  Of course we know it's not a construction defect, but rather an INCREASE in solar radiation.

    Geoengineers trying hard to cool down SoCal, Much spraying yesterday (Wed) This AM clear, cool, moist air.

    Everyone wants early start to ski season. Winter clothes sales also important.  Can expect winter to again fizzle out here in Jan/Feb.

    • LS says:

      Wow SD I just experienced this yesterday while driving in Nevada. The reflection on the vehicle way ahead of me was blinding me even with sunglasses and looking through a sunshade visor. I was having trouble seeing clearly, in general,  from so much aerosol sprayed particles. Heavy EMFs. Looks like a blizzard is set to hit the Dakotas. Weather warfare?  

    • MS P says:

      Yes indeed, the  metallic nano particles are very bad for our eyes.

      My  best guess, for the so called sanding of the exterior of such buildings,  is to remove the build up of the nano particles? 

      I too wish for a ski season. It's not going to happen. Not in the S. Cal Mountains. Maybe we get a 1 day great snow event? At best? Season ski/board riding  passes, are no longer worthy of buying.   I used to love to wear my lovely winter sweaters, &  warm clothing for 1/2 the year. Now I feel like a Polar Bear, in the Mojave Desert, on a summer day.  Old Farmers Almanac predicts no frost days for Southern CA this year. Year round grow season, & no water. This is madness at best!

      On the topic of radiation. the numbers on the West Coast keep climbing higher, & higher. I started looking at the Radiation Network site May 2011.It was in the single digits, & low teens, along the west coast, tops!. Now upper 30's -to 50's is the norm. Anything over 100 sets off alerts.

       So how did the Fukushima Cloud in June 2015 not make the news? (Stating the obvious here) Look up the alert section of this site. ►


      "  Radiation detected on Oregon coast During the early afternoon of June 11, a station in Port Orford, Oregon momentarily detected a radiation level as high as 800 CPM.  The elevated levels lasted not more than a couple of minutes, but surged well into the hundreds of CPM against a normal background reading of about 26 CPM.

      For context , the Geiger counter in use is the ultra-sensitive pancake-tubed PRM-9000.  Logistically, the monitoring is done indoors with alternating open and closed windows, while the house is located only 350 yards from the Pacific Ocean.

      The pattern of the minute by minute spreadsheet activity tends to rule out a software glitch as the cause, and a Radon storm seems unlikely because those graphs typically demonstrate a prolonged wavy pattern.  Nor do we believe this was a hardware defect with the PRM, which showed normal readings on its display both before and after the 800 CPM detection.

      Our best explanation of this genuine Radiation Alert is of Fukushima origin.  The actively precipitating fringe of the Jet Stream was roughly overhead at the time, and this looks like a momentary detection of radioactive particles having made their way to the Oregon coast."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, The sun has been blinding me for a long time, but then, I have issues and so seek out shade to drive in whenever I can.  However, yesterday, here in Berkeley, with my daughter driving, and the thing is, she drives A Lot, is out doors A Lot, boats, swims, camps, never complaining of the sun.  First, she remarks that the sun felt so very hot on her face.  I remind her that it Is hotter, ozone shredded, and she says I know mom!  As if somehow I was missing the point of it bothering Her.  A short bit later she semi freaked as blinded in heavy traffic by glare from the building on our left.  Both, a first for me with her remarking on these two topics.  It was a cloudless day free of trails, not one trail or "cloud" to be found.  Daughter does not startle easily and seldom if ever complains about stuff like this.  Kinda comforting? to hear others say stuff about this aspect.  But gee, the potential problems….

  48. Bella_Fantasia says:

    In 2015 National Geographic was bought by Rupert Murdoch.  He fired 180 journalists and staff, nearly everyone.  I knew it would be lies after that, which is very depressing considering the Society's enduring legacy. 


    Love hearing (not) that the seas aren't rising, but that the land is sinking.  Apparently, the globe is deflating, and I may as well call myself Lady Jane Seymour.

    Thanks Dane for setting the record straight with these ghouls.  And there really is no time to mess around with these disinformation hacks.  If they're so "scientific"Do they think all the temperature information from NASA is lies (even though NASA works both sides of the street)?  To those who try to say the earth is actually cooling and that we can expect an ice age any moment, all I can tell them is that I'm in Alaska and THE ICE IS MELTING, WE'RE WADING IN PERMAFROST, SO WHERE IS THE COLD COMING FROM?

    But I wonder if a little bit of the cold we're experiencing isn't the last gasp ice box effect.  Anyway, the geoengineers are steering the jet stream entirely away from the East Siberian Shelf and Alaska, which is criminal.  We're mostly getting hot water come up from the mid-Pacific into the Gulf of Alaska.   They're making the thawing much worse than it would be without the "engineering". 

    Musing over civilizational collapse, it's certain not to be pretty.  I know the aerosol spraying will stop some day, but will there be anything left to save by then?  I'm praying there will be.

  49. Donna-AZ says:

    11/16/16, 3:30AM The biggest ring I have ever seen around the moon. It was so big, it wouldn't all fit in my picture. And, there were toxic moisture squashing illegal trails everywhere around it.

  50. tony searles says:

    Dear Dane I thank you for you endless great work and try to keep up with this but I must say so much information is some times daunting.I am not a scholar but an ordinary man with a family of two grown daughters and a grand daughter and a beautiful partner who is a Head of Dept Nurse and I love them all dearly.My question is are we making any progress or are these b….ds winning this debacle or have these psychotic souls who are poisoning our beautiful mother earth any idea of the human suffering they will cause? I know at the end of every thread is money but can we win.Since first starting on geo engineering watch nz I have seen it grow and have a nice support network of people who can see the big picture in the clouds and I pray we are at least seeing a crack in their lies.After going through another earthquake,thanks to the Amazon Warrior parking off our East Coast in NZ and doing nasty stuff to our fault line I want to do nasty stuff to the ship and those behind its intension,s.I am not a violent man but is that what is needed to wake these sheeple up.Sorry for the rant but still suffering from earthquake fever.Wishing you great things and hope my and others efforts,no matter how small bring us closer to the truth.Kindest Regards Tony Searles Christchurch New Zealand

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tony, thank you very much for your ongoing efforts. Yes, we are making a great deal of progress, much more than is yet even visible. The undercurrent of awareness is much greater than any yet realize. Never  yield, never give up, face to the wind, thanks again for marching with us in this battle Tony.

  51. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    This site see's over 10,000 new visitors per day. I know this because I have have been visiting this site daily for close to four years now.

    Here is something to ponder for the newbies.

    Early on I remember thinking that there must be somewhere I could  move my family to to get away from the spraying. I know now that there is nowhere to hide from Climate Engineering. I remember when I believed only military planes did the spraying. Now I know that THEY ALL are spraying. THEY ALL have been commandeered to participate at some level. I watch them on approach to Anchorage Intl. Airport everyday. ALL commercial and cargo jets are involved, period. 

    Realizing that there is nowhere to hide from the spraying and that ALL of THEM are involved is a hard truth to accept. What scares me the most is what will happen when the spraying is stopped. I feel that the intensity of the global storms will scour the the planet like a grinder on steel.

    This scenario is our only way forward. We must stop the spraying. We must allow our planet to heal itself. Although much damage has already been done, who knows for sure what will happen if our natural climate systems are allowed to function on there own. The only way to save our planet is to let it save itself.

    Print some flyers and hand them out EVERYDAY until the spraying stops. I do and will.


    Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • MS P says:

      On days when some political leader visits S CA. We get normal weather. The UV index is also low. Blue skies & fresh air! Sure it's not totally normal. But it  sure give me some hope.  I'd be willing to give this planet a chance to right itself. If the spraying was to stop. I'd also accept what ever in weather, to cleans the earth. If only the geoengineering would just stop!

    • Chad says:

      Awesome job pizza guy. Me too. Keep up the good fight. God bless.

    • Chad says:

      We are the Saints and Angels!!!! Know that People!!!GOD BLESS  and AMEN. Calling all Saints and Angels! Ayeee.

  52. Christine says:

    The carbon tax should burden alone the oil PRODUCERS…

    A recent study, 'confirmed' the CO2 impact on human health:

    downloadable at:
    Thus solutions like:
    confirmed at:
    and at:
    maybe of help, in addition to PLANT TREES and stop driving cars, unless they are equipped with WATER engines…

    If CO2 continues to rise like it does, in less than 200 years, humans won't be able to think clearly, due to the described CO2 effect on human brian. Btw. Clear thinking is impaired right now already, by the chemtrailing and HAARPING of our skies..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christine, yes, the carbon tax proposals are all shams. This being said, the buildup of Co2 and methane in the atmosphere are very dire. Climate engineering is making the entire scenario far worse overall, not better. About our timeline if the human race remains on the current course, it will be blindingly short. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/global-geoengineering-fueling-venus-syndrome/

  53. talawanda says:

    Griffin has joined the money men…to lie.. or avoid the truth at all costs. We're behind you, Dane. Blessings always.

  54. debra says:

    Monckton is nothing more than a Jesuit coadjutor. Long time family ties to Knights of Malta/ Freemasonry, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Monckton,_3rd_Viscount_Monckton_of_Brenchley. Classic divide & conquer tactics being played out. TY Dane for all you do!

  55. stephen langley says:

    An honest question:  If G. Edward Griffin knows about chemtrails / geoengineering what is he doing debunking climate change with his "Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie Conference" in Phoenix, AZ in December 2016 ?  How can anyone who is aware of geoengineering deny climate change?  How can this NOT BE PART OF THE CLIMATE CHANGE / GLOBAL WARMING DEBATE ?  Has the venerable Mr. Griffin been co-opted as controlled opposition ?  This defies the common sense logic and research integrity he has built over a life time.

    I can only hope he will be dropping a bombshell at the conference exposing geoengineering… however, I'm not too confident he will considering an interview on the Richie Allen Show.  In regards to that interview at 18:45 or so he let's slip "geoengineered foods" rather than genetically engineered foods… or maybe it was a slip that reveals a coming revelation/bombshell at the conference ?  … strange days indeed. a 

  56. Diane Friday says:

    Perhaps these sell-out pseudo scientists know something we don't in reference to the global cooling myth. I read comment after comment here from people in various states, detailing the above-average temps during the day and specifically at night. That hasn't been the case here in eastern Pennsylvania. Quite the opposite. It's the fourth week of relentless chemical ice nucleation here (as well as jet stream manipulation, going by the horrendously loud hish I hear when this is going on). We were having above-average temps until this onslaught began four weeks ago. At that point, the overpaid weather shills were reporting that a cold front would be moving in from Canada, bringing significantly cooler temps. That cold front is apparently of the same class as the "ridiculously resilient ridge of high pressure" off the coast of California. Must be. Because even though it's obvious that the daytime temps want to rise a lot higher most days, another round of high-altitude spraying of what is probably chemical ice nucleation takes care of any further warming. 

    Maybe it's because I'm becoming highly sensitive to so much of what is being dumped on us every day and every night, but to me, whatever they're using now seems to be far more toxic and caustic than whatever they've used in the past. Or maybe they just have to use more of it. All I know is that crap is like an entity! It makes my skin burn. It seems to cling to skin and clothing. I'm pretty sure it's what's been making my tongue, sometimes my whole mouth burn for over a year now. It makes everything so cold that it hurts to touch even things like wood or plastic, with anything metal being the worst. 

    The nighttime spraying has been so bad it's absolutely surreal. There are planes flying in every direction, high and low altitude, and there are some aircraft that are unidentifiable; they're silent and somewhat triangular in shape. On some nights there are trails, some nights no visible trails whatsoever. But the results of these "trail-less" nighttime bombing runs become very evident the next day. 

    We know the northeast US was subjected to two brutal winters: 2013-2014, and 2014-2015. Where better to conduct this large-scale and very significant artificial cool-down than the most populated area of the country? The Raytheon-controlled NWS and NOAA make sure it's in the news constantly, and they're already predicting snow for this area beginning right after Thanksgiving, with one snowstorm or snow event after another scheduled to last through January. The lead up, with temps already having gone down to freezing or below at night at least five to seven times this month, will make it appear to the clueless masses that it's just a natural, and NORMAL, progression. What global warming? All is as it should be. All is well. 

    May every single individual involved in or with knowledge of this, down to the friendly local "meteorologist", rot in hell. 

    • Leanne says:

      Yes, Here in Northern CA., we were sprayed almost everyday during the Summer. I have seen the Glider like ..white..Aircraft also and believe they may be Drones. The Sky's were Silver Grey most of the Summer and these Craft seem to be moving through Wet Silver Fog. I got a glimpse of a red light on one of the wings. Very Nasty this year. Did not feel well all Summer either due to the heavy spraying and constant Silver Sky. I wont' go into what it did to my Garden and Fruit Trees.

  57. Well, I have to say that this makes me a little more sad than mad because I've always had the utmost respect for Ed Griffin. This is an 'unfortunate' example of how things are going as money and power rule common sense. I honestly don't think he was bought off…but who knows.  This is why I wrote an article on Disinformation and misinformation which can be read here http://www.lotusguide.com/disinformation-and-misinformation/ I've said it before and I'll say it again…"Sometimes I don't know how you do it Dane, but I'm so glad you are out there exposing all of this." Take care, Rahasya Poe

    • ron hall says:

      Dane, echoing Rahasya, it is sad to see an old man(85) with zero serious science credentials whatsoever utter such glaring babble. Ironically his book re: the federal reserve system was a powerful expose for the 1st couple of hundred pages, then he wandered off topic and started a critique of the Fabian society and showed love of strange attraction to endless secret societies, etc.

      I am actually sad that you even have to worry about the guy. Among other things he does not "believe" in HIV/AIDS, thinks cancer is only a metabolic syndrome, worked with the John Birch Society(filled with paranoid whackos re: communism in the 50s, 60s, especially) and hangs with questionable "thinkers" who seem bat-shit nuts! I suspect he off his meds! And I would bring into question some degradation of certain neural pathways and diminishing synaptic development–a fancy way of saying the old dude has lost it!- and he will hang on to his phantasmagoric opinions no matter what! He is now obviously waaaay beyond accepting facts.  Nothing behind the eyeballs there. You will be dealing with a strange faltering brain, IMO I wish you could just walk away from such creatures, but you are a warrior, my friend!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ron, Hi, and I agree with you.  Dane is forever telling us to just walk away and plant another seed when in the face of an utter denier.  So?  Is it warrior, or stubborness?  I think Dane is one stubborn son of a gun!

  58. Scott says:


    Thank you so much for your tireless effort on this front. I always look forward to your emails. I live in so cal and have been an avid weather watcher my hole life. What I have seen over the past several years has killed me, probably almost literally. I have hundreds of bizarre cloud pictures. Were you aware of the recent HAARP installations off our coast from Guadeloupe island to most of the islands off our coast.

    Thanx for your effort


  59. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane — Excellent response! You are so very right in emphasizing the fact that “credibility is absolutely essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering.”  While there may be many who do not understand your choice to draw such an adamantine ‘line in the sand’, I have understood from my own experiences that sorting the wheat from the chaff is an inviolable necessity. The confusion arises when the uninformed, the misinformed, perhaps innocently cling to a piece of the ‘chaff’ and run with it six-ways-from-sunday. I agree that you are right to address the cognitive disarray that pervades the plethora of anti-geoengineering groups. As witnesses, we are endeavoring to expose technologies that are essentially classified by the military – and therefore our position must be grounded in as much scientific data as possible. This is why I have chosen to support your relentless Herculean efforts. Already you are perceived and quoted as the one reliable source for real information in this fight — and as you say, this will allow for the serious professionals in academia, science and hopefully the military to eventually come forward when they understand the full terrible consequences of geoengineering. And I have no doubt that we are in this fight for our very lives and our planet.

  60. Philip Stone says:

    It has been my experience that most if not all 'hoax' spokesmen all use 1998 as their end point for 'previous climate history' and 1998 to present as 'current climate history'.  1998 is key.  Only by carefully picking this as an endpoint can they skew their data to meet their pseudo-scientific conclusions. 

    Industries with a point to prove all design their studies to reach a certain conclusion.  The oil industry is no different.  I'm sure that you, Dane, have noted and pointed out this already, but it is important to emphasize their dishonesty and how they do it.

  61. Grant Jones says:

    Dane, Once again I thank you for representing unbiased truth without attaching any "Spin" whatsoever. Relating facts and issues rather than unprovable Belief. No politics, no Religion, no Personal Attacks, Just facts and issues. Watching  Kevin Shipp again.  Thanks to all who are representing Truth. G


  62. brian girard says:

    HI DANE MY FRIEND, I am writing from VENTURA CA , I was wondering what  kind of false flag or false flags do the GLOBAL ELITE have in store for us before now and JAN 20TH 2017 . It looks like the race wars to cause mass chaos in order to disarm the nation or EMP. I dont know there are so many cards these evil scum can play on us. I respect and love your opinion that why i was wondering what you think may occur .

  63. GM says:

    So what other thinks can we do for action besides talking and passing out flyers to prevent or put a stop to being sprayed day and night

  64. Kimberli M says:


    They have sprayed us pretty much daily, since July here in the Knoxville, TN region.  Different sprays and patterns and vehicles are used, with different results on the weather.  

  65. J. Lee says:

    Lets ALL call Mr. Griffin and tell him how we feel about his anti GE efforts.

    how about a phone campaign to Griffith?
    Mr. Griffin at 805-497-0685.

    • James White says:

      Email joanhunter@verizon.net this is the person who answered his phone call and wanted an email sent to her in regards to his target against Dane. I'm w you Dane!! James White Blackstone MA

    • James White says:


    • LS says:

      I called and spoke to Joan. I am sending an email detailing my experience of climate change in my area. I have invited Ed and company to tour my area and visually witness and document what has happened. Sounds to me like they are saying there is only climate change because of chemtrailing, (their words.)  Climate is changed… how has it happened is another question. We have to agree on the change part in order to be part of a solution. ..(hearing us Trump?)  Hard to believe people will pay to listen to  this kind of backassward thinking. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello LS, just to be clear, Griffin is not saying that the climate is changing only due to “chemtrailing” (which would also, of course, be incorrect as there are many anthropogenic factors effecting the climate). What Griffin and his “experts” are saying is this, “global warming is a hoax” and “global warming is a myth”. And this also must be remembered, his top two “experts” have both competely denied the climate engineering issue on the record. How can Mr. Griffin claim to be fighting against climate engineering when he is pushing a message from “experts” that completely discredit this very cause?


      About “Lord Monckton”


      About Tim Ball


  66. Marc says:

    Myron Ebell? Really? Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Reince Priebus, Michael Bolton? Really, really?? It is exactly as if there is a scriptwriter, a team of soulless "social engineers" who are orchestrating this assemblage of candidates for maximum social volatility. It is almost too perfect to be real. No matter. This "scary clown show" will not escape the leveling of the playing field that the coming years will initiate. ALL of this political drama, ALL….of it, will pale to nothingness as the truths so eloquently detailed by Geoengineeringwatch.org begin to inescapably dominate the world's consciousness. Alot of smiles are going to be wiped off the faces of folks, no matter where on the spectrum of ideology one happens to be, as the gravity of our planet's failing health becomes all too obvious.

    • LS says:

      Dane, I confronted Joan with this absurdity. I said what you said, and she says, " don't you think chemtrailing is doing this"?  "Doing what, I said, this is a conference on climate change being a hoax" (sounded like a "whose on first skit) I didn't flinch and she ended up agreeing with me and asking me not to repeat that. So there you have it. He is a whack job and even people in his employ admit it. Thanks for all you do. I'm not emailing him now that I've spilled the beans on his assistants position on this. I will keep inviting these posers to my area for a tour. I take on deniers.

    • W.C. says:

      Marc and All, while personally I have no left/right or Dem/Rep side to be on, this article taken from a book by the late Michael Collins Piper regarding "Who Towers behind Trump" leads me to believe that those who are looking for a 'Swamp Draining' any time soon are likely going to be very disappointed. Everyone I guess deserves a chance, but I certainly suggest everyone have a plan B (and C and D…) at the very least. From the Contrail:


  67. frank reps says:

    Not that  may years ago ; Flouride was touted as a wonderful cavity preventer.   Aftert belatedly being recognized as a substance that reduces cognitive ability ; is has been rmoved  " in caoital letters " from the label of the toothpaste tube ; and hidden in fine print in the list of ingredients on the content section of the label of the tube.  Our entire country  is losing it's abolity to think ,  The false labeling of  the Climate manipulation apologists is no different  from the Flouride scam.  Use baking soda if you cant find flouride free toothpaste.  Avoid  any media source or publication or sponsor of the publication that promotes this scheisse.  I am not kidding about flouride.  Nazi's and Gulags put it in the water for their captives to  keep them stupid.

    • Dennie says:

      The idiots who go along with the fluoride LIE quite mistakenly think/believe that you have to INGEST the fluoride (drink it) as part of your WATER TREATMENT PROTOCOL for it to do it's anti-cavity work– never mind you can BUY fluoride-treatment anti-cavity products and they work topically–!!!! 

      Well, and, so then, please tell me, whatever happened to EDUCATION and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, hmmm???  We have here the exact SAME THINKING, the SAME THING as the Big Pharma Approach to Everything Related to Health and Welfare (just make sure this isn't you, somewhere, deep deep down inside…):  "I don't give a flying rat's a$$, I. DO. NOT. HAVE. PROBLEMS and I'M NOT GETTING OFF THIS COUCH to so much as lift a finger to solve my own problems– why should I care about yours??" 

      Ya know, folks, it's HARD to have something called "The Common Good" when you live in your own individual little pink-and-fuzzy climate-controlled BUBBLE, where nothing will come to "disturb" you– EVER– HMMMFF!!!!!

  68. m.foster says:

    I'm confused…I've heard you say it yourself in the many Videos I've watched Dane Wigington that the Geo-engineering is causing the Global Warming…It makes total since w/ the aluminum blanket it imposes on the earth and just like all you have to do is look up and see that's not normal you can also feel it when it's a nice cool day and they start spraying that crap a few hours later it get's so hot and humid ….It surely doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out and to feel…what they sprayed a few hours ago has heated up the earth! Thus doesn't that prove right there that the culprit of this is Geo-engineering It surely does make a significant change in temperature…Please explain I'm very confused because like I've said I've heard you admit that it is causing GW…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello M. yes, under some geoengineering scenarios immediate warming is created. This occurs in conjunction with the creation of high pressure zones that are utilized to steer the jet stream. Under many other scenarios, short term toxic cool-downs are engineered with chemical ice nucleation. Overall, climate engineering is absolutely contributing to the warming of the planet. This being said, as I have stated on the record countless times, the equation related to our rapidly warming planet is not a “this or that” scenario, but rather a “this AND that” equation. There countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet, and countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate system, all of them must be remembered and considered.

  69. Abigail says:

    As always, thank you so much Dane Wigington for keeping us updated on Geoengineering, and the glorbal warming. They WILL BE sorry. They are totally blinded and refuse to own up to the truth. BUT, one day soon, 'Lord willing, they will reap what they are sowing." ~~

    Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae. Blessings on you, Dane and your family. Sincerely, God bless you all.

  70. Elena says:

    See water car inventor murdered after turning down a billion dollars to sell patent at: https://youtu.be/4zMpM-jAnFs and then watch "Official Stanley Meyer Autopsy Report" on YouTube. Some of the comments were saying that the tank to hold the water would have to be too big, but it seemed legit to me, and hey, they murdered him for it so it must have been good. And now they want to blame us for what they have created, and blame us for having to drive cars that burn fossil fuels, but now that I think of it, that is standard psycho operating procedure. (I've known lots of psychos so I know whereof I speak!)   

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Elena.

      This "guys" don't have Moral Conscience, of course, neither Intellectual Honesty. They attribute their GUILT over the victims of their actions, that by the way are the ones who make them to have huge profits, with the paradigm of the oil centered economy which was created by them; the builders of this abominable system. Pollution and the loss of Biodiversity ( caused by them, principally ) is just one pretext for the mass depopulation, for the global altar of sacrifice "they" want to have for their ridiculous little and CRIMINAL cult of death in which they "believe".

      Good Luck to Us All.

  71. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    I would think Ed Griffin would take the time to do his own research, as to why land is sinking. Griffin, Lord Monckton and Tim Ball should be real men, by trying to associate themselves with the real data and facts of what is taking place with the planet, rather than just denying and repelling the truth!

    • Marc says:

      David, there is an interview on Gaia TV (subscription only) on George Noory's "Beyond Belief" show with Tim Ball as guest. So much of Tim Ball's rap is bullshit, I don't even know where to start. But what is equally disturbing is how Noory caves to alot of what Tim says. Yes, I know he's just doing his job but I've been a COAST TO COAST listener for a long time and I also notice a palpable DILUTION and softening of George Noory's lines of questioning. He seems to be manipulated from behind the scenes. Sad but true.

  72. Dennie says:

    Well, "they're" at it again, fightin' the Injuns, turning the dogs and the mace and the tear gas and the bullets once again on the poor First Nations peoples, totally not caring WHY the people are against the pipeline, about the only thing the ones pulling the strings of the "law enforcement" fighting the Indians care about is their almighty "god," Money.  Who cares about NO environment when you have plenty of money in the bank?

    The Bioneers Conference is an annual event designed to pull in the next generation of forward-thinking young people who want to save the world.  At this year's conference held at the Marin County, CA civic center, the main speaker was Bill McKibben.  The event was covered in one and a half pages by our local weekly, The Pacific Sun.  McKibben spoke passionately about making the move to using 100% renewable energy, putting solar panels on every rooftop, and what might have happened had it not been for the oil companies' drowning out of any discussion of the reality of global warming and "climate change," twenty-five years ago and more.  Not once did he mention one thing about ge-oengineering, solar radiation management or SGM at any time.  That's our controlled media.

  73. dane , i just must say a hugh thankyou for all you do. you are a true example of a hero. much love and respect. keith crawford

  74. MS P says:

    On the topic of interesting/ or unexplained sounds. Such as the Taos Hum. About 5 years ago. I too could hear a strange hum, where I live. Like a very large  amplifier at a concert, when on. But not being used, type of sound. I went around my house, unplugged everything. I could still hear it.

    So sorry for the life in the ocean. Whales beach themselves, to try to get away from it.

     This story is about a ping, that is driving wildlife away. 


  75. MS P says:

    A good article. I must thank who ever here in this group, had shared this website on health. I signed up for it. This article gives VAXXED credit.


  76. If I were sovereign King of Earth's fine dominion
    I would reclaim every aircraft and space craft ever made
    I'd would create an enormous and imposing aluminum tree
    With gleaming magnesium apples
    Majestic at every branch
    – Paul Vonharnish –

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, You are here!  Waxing poetic! yet.  Stunning fantasy.  But I can't help but think of the shadow it would cast!

  77. Jenny says:

    When I see the cloud cover broken into what I call a "monkey bread" pattern (which I see very frequently), what technology is it that does that?  I haven't had the time (nor do I feel I have the brainpower at this point to understand and retain) all the differences between HAARP, RF, microwave, etc.  (or are they all different words for the same thing?)  Some ppl on this site understand this stuff a lot better (I just understand and can see crap being sprayed and spreading, lol) than I do and can maybe answer in a sentence or two.  Is it the same or different technology than causes rippled clouds?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jenny, radio frequencies and microwave signals are in the same catagory. The HAARP facility in Alaska is one of many such frequency transmitters. The transmissions from these facilitys are the primary causal factor behind the uniform rippled cloud patters. The atmospheric saturation of electrically conductive heavy metals is also a part of the equation.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you.  Although I'm not sure if you understood what I meant by monkey bread.  I should have thought to explain myself.  The clouds often look like monkey bread…broken into irregularly shaped pieces which fit together like a puzzle.  When you google monkey bread images, some of them look like this type of cloud cover.

  78. Seeing Clearly says:

    Our society is disintegrating , we have more and more problems every day and we are fixing/curing less and less. We have so many ban influences on TV , music industry,movie industry and more infact many many big influences are the epitome of insanity. We overall don't practice good and or righteousness I believe we are going through the great delusion if not we are going to go into the great delusion we have so many people believe lies and so mortality corrupt I think our behavior towards our problems for example it's all in bigger hands is not only irresponsible but also very bad and can lead to big consequences the world is ending as we know it. I am at least trying to wake people up ,take the demons or deception and confusion and corrupt morals or deception out of there minds I am trying to clear the lense ,clean the mind and heart .

  79. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, New Mexico with awesome blue skies this morning 11-4-16 and rain clouds as well. These punk lowlifes spray their SAG/SRM-aka CHEMTRAILS over them and the winds are coming as always with their HAARP. One can hear the humming like never before, more intense sorry lowlifes, and the real clouds look like an atom bomb like explosion hit them (mushroom form). For the observant of one's surroundings it does not take a big brain and open mind to see the atrocities associated with these evil works from these scum 2 legged jackasses. The winds are not normal for the season (or) seasons we now experience. I'm appalled by Dr. Tim Ball's association with the lowlifes, I really thought he had character, I'm blown away with him, what a puke I'm sorry to say…..

  80. Mario says:

    This kind of stuff only works on the uneducated.  That means a vast majority of people in this country.  The Federal Government has a vested interest in keeping the populace uneducated.  Its ok to go conquer the worlds resources, but to hell with funding education.  The imbalance of what we spend overseas compared to what we invest in our own education system is embarrassing.

    • tom liccione says:

      Mario, America resembles more and more the Catholic (Universal) Church. She kept people in the dark, the every day folks could not own a Bible, she was the king maker, she persecuted the "heretics", she had many lovers despite her rottenness. Thank God for the whistle blowers, America's "heretics"! At the pinnacle of decadence, money could buy a cardinalship and soon you could be a Pope. Similarly, money could fast track anyone to the American presidency, Lastly, the Church pretended to save the world while in fact they were after power and riches. And so does America!

    • BaneB says:

      The Military-Industrial-Surveillance-Prison Complex has sucked up the vast majority of the credit card monies.  And this spawn of the Devil wants more.  Insatiable, it is an addict for money and power.  This is why it attacks social programs, and is against a guaranteed health care and education system for all. It attacks the Europen models unjustly for fear we might cast our eyes in that direction for a redress of a grievance.  We have become the captives of a deep state police apparati.  Frankly, the drift reminds me of what occurred in Weimar Germany that facilitated the advent of the very psychotic NAZI participants.

  81. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, another great article. Just a heads up on the ice extent measures: It is possible that we are going to see another very rapid increase in the extent measure simply due to the fact that despite the temperature anomalies, the threshold for those areas of the ocean to freeze will at some point be crossed this winter. When that  happens it is likely that due to the record area of open water, there will also be a very large/fast extent increase once the temperature threshold of saltwater freezing (-1.8C) is breached in these bodies of water.


    This is not to be denialist, quite the contrary. The volume is going to be rather pathetic in all likelihood come the maximum in march. Just making the point that even with the huge anomalies, these areas are likely to at least produce a very thin layer of ice at some point this winter due to the 24 hour polar night. Deniers will likely cling to that and  make a point of talking up the extent increases when this happens. Again, the volume will be poor, but even with the anomalies it is likely to get cold enough in the next 4 months for these peripheral seas to freeze and bump the extent quite a bit.


    Thanks again.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, yes, your point has validity. The variables are the sea temperatures (which are astoundingly high), and the exponential methane buildup (which is building by the day). Given the extremely non-linear nature of the equation, it will be ever more difficult to predict. Given that the statistical data surrounding the Arctic sea ice is being manipulated, who can say what the real scenario is. When official sources consider any section of ocean with at least 15% surface slush to be “ice pack” (which would still be 85% open ocean), the truth is no longer part of the equation. We are very near to a “blue ocean” event. FYI http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2016/10/blue-ocean-event-september-2017.html

  82. Joseph L. says:

    This is the same Edward Griffin that did the movie What in the World r they Spraying w Michael Murphy.  I wonder if he really is against geoengineering since now he believes the planet is cooling– makes no sense.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, yes, Griffin was a part of the WITWATS films, and he also wanted and made profit on the films. I actually purchased the first hard drives for these films out of my own pocket, paid for many other expenses for Michael Murphy, including supplying him tickets to Belgium and paying for auditoriums, rental cars etc. I never asked for or wanted a cent from the films, but what I did insist on (if I was to be involved) was that the films were not discredited with the "global warming is a hoax" false mantra. This is the reason the films did not go down that road. Michael's films did a great deal of good. It should be mentioned that the producer and editor of the films, Barry Kolskey, deserves a great deal of credit also, which he never really got.

    • Greg Dane says:

      Mr Griffin laid out a challenge to you to debate him at his conference.  What better way for you to prove YOUR points and provide documentation to that effect than to take up the challenge and refute his claims.  This would put to bed any disinformation and set the record straight!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Greg, if you perhaps did not hear it in my public response, I made it clear I would gladly debate  Mr. Griffin, “Lord Monckton”, or Tim Ball, anytime. Tim Ball has long since refused an equal time debate with me on air, which well known radio host Vinny Eastwood tried to arrange.

  83. paul fowler says:

        Lord Monckton is full of bunk man . This guy looks like a cross between Marty Feldman and Jimmy Saville and is obviously as slippery as an eal dipped in cod liver oil . When some pop eyed purp sits there and tells me there is nothing in the air out of the ordinary , my blood starts to boil . I can see it with my own eyes , it is an insult to anyone that has a grasp of the obvious . A couple of evenings ago we had what looked like two suns , there was that much heavy metal particulate in the air . Clouds do not reflect light as intense as the sun , should not happen . Perhaps this is how the shadows cast in two different directions in the famous Japanese pilots photo op. with Jehadi John . 

  84. Deb Buckler says:

    SO much going on these days! The situation at Standing Rock is just devastating while these brave people try to stave off yet another nail in our collective coffin…the massive oil pipeline.  I just watched Leonardo DiCaprios new movie…bless his heart, he put it on YOUTUBE and has had over 7 million views  in just a few days. That HAS to be good news. At least 7 million people are getting SO motvation to wake the hell up. Sadly no mention of the Chemtrails but he really covered alot of bases anyway. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet:https://youtu.be/90CkXVF-Q8M

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, yes, DeCaprio did cover some important data, unfortunately he of course completely ommitted the largest single climate disrupting factor of all, climate engineering. In addition, DeCaprio (like so many other environmentalists and organizations) gave the false impression that some sort of magical technology will fix all the damage that has already been done. This notion is simply more delusion and is in many ways hampering the full wake up that must happen if the human race is to truly change course and survive.

  85. Seeing Clearly says:

    Global warming policy is being used to suppress us  and all that dark evil stuff however that doesn't mean the planet is not warming.


  86. This week I attended, along with my mother,  a supposedly informative session on "Climate Change" in Winnipeg which was directed at seniors.  The retired meteorologist discussed global warming/change and how it has been actually happening for thousands of years and tried to explain it away with useless graphs and colourful charts.  He also told us we are in an actual cooling trend and that the amount of CO2 produced today is very low, a mere trace gas.  This went on and on until I could contain myself no longer and asked him about SRM, etc.  Those are only contrails that are blown around by the wind he explained and he was dead set against this kind of pollution himself.  My mother and I argued with him for a while until he insisted that we carry on following a "put a cork in it" comment from a rude man in the crowd.  Unbelievable.  I was able to introduce your site, Dane to a few of the women in this case who seemed somewhat interested.  As usual, the vehemence expressed by non believers is shocking.

    The worst part was that this "meteorologist" refused to talk about anything related to geoengineering. He ignored the questions, brushed them away and remained eerily silent. His last power point stated:

    Can we save ourselves? 

    -will power

    -fusion power

    -Alternate Energy Sources

    -Substantial Population Decrease

    I kid you not!  Even the local retired meteorologist has a diabolical agenda.

    Many thanks to you Dane for your tireless efforts and devotion to the cause.  Let's hope the world wakes up soon!

    • Jenny says:

      Next time some speaker tries that during a lecture, someone in the audience should pipe up, "I volunteer YOU to be decreased"!

      Was this guy paid to do the presentation, and if so, by whom? 

    • stephan says:

      Hi Louise – Unbelievable is right. Too bad there are no corks the size of this meteorologists mouth. By the way roses are blooming in the back of my apartment block in Winnipeg.

  87. Edward Palys says:

    The biggest culprit in global warming seems to be CO2. Please consider the following calculation: One gallon of gas, no matter where it's used, produces 19.4 pounds of CO2. One gallon of diesel produces 22.2 pounds of CO2. Now, look up at the air traffic above us 24/7 and consider how much our air travel produces daily, keeping in mind that jet fuel is basically diesel fuel. It is estimated that the US military in total produces some 48 BILLION TONS of CO2 annually! And we are concerned about outo pollution???? In my previous statement I declare that man's progress may be the biggest problem of global warming in this nutshell alone.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, your points are all valid, and an inarguable part of the equation. This being said, the negative climate impact of the climate engineering particulates and microwave transmissions are immense. How much has climate engineering fueled the Co2 and methane loading of the climate due to the shredded ozone layer, the protracted global droughts, and the burning forests, all of which are a direct result of climate engineering? So many factors to remember and consider. All of this being considered, the single greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction would be to fully expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Hello Dane, I do agree with what you're saying just that my point is focused on the common perception that CO2 is the main culprit.The powers are using that as an excuse to levy a carbon tax on all people who depend to auto transport to make a living and survive. t imagine the billions of tons of CO2 emitted every year for how many years now? One would think that the earth would have "burned" out of existence by now. My own thinking on nature is akin to our bodies being fed artificial, man-made goods, like GMOs and any synthetic material that is NOT meant for our bodies to accept. Similarly, the geaoengineering factor is something that nature cannot tolerate too long. Nature has a way to adjust to natural changes, but cannot correct artificial disturbances such as deliberate geoengineering.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, yes, the planet would have done exponentially more to respond to the damage done if not for being completely hampered by the climate engineering insanity. This being said, we must remember that there are still limits to what the planet and atmosphere can handle. The degree of anthropogenic damage that has been inflicted on the planet from countless sources is truly beyond comprehinsion. Many things must change if anyone is to survive. As I have stated so many times, the greatest first leap we can make in the right direction is to fully expose the climate engineering assault to the masses, and then stop the geoengineering nightmare. This would allow the planet to respond to the damage done on its own. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Edward Palys.

      Trees feed on CO2. Massive Forests must grow again.

      The destruction of the Ozone layer is deliberated, as we Know Sr.

      They spray in the Stratosphere ( without needing – if climate engineering was a benign "science". And if this was the case, stopping ALL aerospace activity would be a good 1st measure for a conscientious and BENIGN – in this way yes : SCIENCE ), and in second hand "they" have the super dangerous HAARP toys, to make sure that depletion is TOTAL ( among other F little things ).

      More; because this ""science"" IS NOT BENIGN, but instead – CRIMINAL -, the MFs spray on Us with aluminum, lead, arsenic, and the rest of the POISONS that we ALL know. Only lead can be game over for ALL Humanity.

      Without the Ozone, GW will Rise and is RISING exponentially.

      Because of this Very important Point, will will stay dependent in one way or another ( while we wait by the Ozone reposition ), for some level of spraying.

      For "them", this is only business.

      Good Luck to Us All.


    • Larry Charles says:


      I'm a bit confused, maybe you can help me out.  A gallon of gasoline weighs 6.183 pounds in liquid form.  I'm having difficulty understanding that: after the liquid has gone through the engine, and the resultant exhausts are emitted into the atmosphere…..how the carbon di oxide (CO2) portion of that exhaust can weigh 19.4 pounds, which is nearly three times what the gasoline weighed to begin with?

      Thanks for your help.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, perhaps I can supply the information you are looking for. FYI https://micpohling.wordpress.com/2007/05/08/math-how-much-co2-released-by-aeroplane/

    • penny says:

      Hi Larry,

      I get your confusion – it looks like the law of conservation of matter is being violated, eh?  But there is a lot of oxygen being added in during combustion, so the gasoline doesn't account for the entire mass of the output.  Still surprising that so much CO2 could come out of one gallon of gas.  What idiots we humans are!  There were people warning, from the very dawn of the industrial age, about the damage we would wreak, but did we listen?   I'll bet Chief Seattle's tears alone could end California's drought…

  88. michael says:

    ooooooooh boy that ice extent graph looks bad…..

  89. Edward Palys says:

    Dr Tim Ball. I had, by chance, contacted Dr Tim Ball after searching through the internet on another subject. At the time I was unaware of Ball's  real agenda as he was represented as a professional weather man highly respected in the academia. I wrote him an email questioning those "trails" of "smoke" behind so many planes. I noted that these "trails" stay up without disappearing as a contrail normally would. He sent me back a lengthy report saying that those were, in fact, all contrails of water vapor. Along in his response he gave me a lecture on a few cloud formations which had nothing to do with the subject of my concern. I've had a similar response from Environment Canada before. Needless to say, I got so upset that I wrote back a rather nasty reply and never heard from him again.

    • BaneB says:

      Edward Payls:  I commiserated with a regional weather-person a few years ago about the same.  Somehow he managed to turn the conversation into the topic of "cloud theory."  I suppose no matter how freakish the cloud, or how bizarre the behavior, there is a canopy of cloud theories and new cloud names to cover their arses.  By the way, Ketchian, Alaska reported that the month of October is the record holder for the driest rainfall totals ever recorded for that region.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Mr Dane Wigington, amazing work, your Work is vital and All People will start listening soon, that is my conviction.

      About the ball thing n1 and n2, their hands are made of blood.

      When all the Ice vanish, persons will ask;


  90. Cori Gunnells says:

    Nothing makes me angrier than the ignorance and denial that people display regarding this very subject – the unfolding runaway warming situation/predicament that wil literally end life on Earth… very soon. It's now very visible, if you care to look. You should envision holding the Earth in your hands with the same responsibility you would if you held a dying infant. No tolerance of denial campaigns, myths, ideologies, sarcasm, memes… will do. Only truth, the serious search to understand what is happening, and the best and most accurate advocacy you can offer. It's that serious. This isn't a time for laziness, for popularity (herd mentality), for hiding/ignoring/denying, or supporting or repeating/sharing disinformation… The planet's systems are interrelated. One thing affects another. It's not just this, or that, it's all of what human civilization has done that has upset the balance of climate. It's not just geoengineering, it's not just emissions, or deforestation, or paving the planet in concrete – it's all of it. It's a closed system – negative effects do not just go away, float off, vanish – they stay and they build (toxins, greenhouse effect). You should care enough to look past your own backyard. Look at the poles – they are both melting at unprecedented rates. Doubt, uncertainty and 'denial' were cleverly crafted and  propagated and are still maintained by big gas and oil. Exxon was once the pinnacle of climate research – they knew exactly what would happen, and they intentionally decided to fund denial campaigns to steer policy, manipulate and gag truth, and form your narrative and beliefs to support their interests (power, control and profit), not the 'viability' (the ability of a thing, a living organism… to maintain itself or recover it's potentialities) of the planet. Look at the poles (daily), look at the heat and acidification (CO2) of the oceans, look at the numerous countries (Kiribati, Marshall Islands, W. coast of Africa, Bangladesh…) and areas that are already inundated by sea-level rise, losing crops, losing fresh water, and are now climate refugees. This is happening in the USA also – Louisiana, Inuit villages in Alaska, Miami, coastal areas of the NE… There will be more to come. See their faces in your mind's eye if you doubt this is real. Big gas and oil lied to you, and continues to lie to you. I find it pathetic that most people are impassioned by the NoDAPL protests (big oil), but somehow forget or never care about the others, or the end result for all – the entire planet. Truth is truth. To be an activist for anti-geoengineering, you must understand it all, and stand for all. You must strive for credibility. You must guard the truth and facts like you would if you were holding a dying infant. You are holding a dying planet. If you don't, if you skip facts and evidence… you blow the credibility of our important issue and movement. Understand the interrelated whole, which includes all the negative effects of our civilization as it relates to climate. And… have the courage to face the opposition of those who continue to spew lies and disinformation – that includes damaging and ridiculous climate change (warming) denial. You might lose friends who refuse to see the truth. You have a mirror to face each and every day. Humans are responsible for this extinction event. All humans. https://insideclimatenews.org/news/22102015/Exxon-Sowed-Doubt-about-Climate-Science-for-Decades-by-Stressing-Uncertainty

    • Edward Palys says:

      Gori, you point out worthy criticisms. fossil fuels and big oil is the result of human progress. The best solution to save the planet in our age would be to go to medieval times where humanity didn't depend on fossil fuels. Of course, big oil will continue to praise fossil fuels for as long as they can. What other solutions can we invent? There are activists who blame all this on capitalism, which is nonsense. The world went through ages of discoveries and inventions because of man's progress. Maybe it is that progress that is truly destroying our earth.

    • Jill M. Clarkson says:

      Cory, that was FABULOUS,…every word.  I'm not blowing smoke either!

    • BaneB says:

      Edward Payls:  the Industrial Age is the main cause for the disintegration of the family farm.  And that includes the many the new regulations forced upon family agriculture to the monopolistic achievements that benefit agri-gro corporations.  The requirements for stainless steel this and that, and other expenses and regulations slowly destroyed a rural America.  The giant corporate operations took over.  The Industrial Age also produced the many philosophical, political, and social terminologies we are taught in school, two juxtaposed trouble-making ideologies being Marxism and Capitalism.  Human "progress" has exterminated whole tribes and cultures, murdered  hundreds of millions of people directly and indirectly, and we need look no further for the symptom of the "disease" than the current state of affairs in the middle-east, and the mess in Europe, that has quagmired America the Babylon.  It's non-ending.  Civilization has never been civil.  Yes, "progress" is nothing but driven by a profit motive.  And that is, imho, the absolute opposite of what ought to inspire human progress.  And I would suggest that given the many inventions derived from military/warfare needs, such as this spyware upon which I type this missive, I submit the very foundation for our ephemeral culture will at some point dissolve and disappear.  Sadly, those still standing will have their work cut out for them.

  91. MS P says:

    One thing I have noticed. Which is not good. Is that people are having these mini strokes. We had the microwave skies over the month of October. Last month.  Both my neighbors were hauled off in an ambulance to the ER. Within a couple of weeks of each other . Both on a Saturday.  I find this to be really odd.???? Both came home soon after the ER visit, such as the same day.  They  wander about as if nothing happened. Story goes they just stopped. Lost all their energy.  Then someone called 911. One of these people is just 43 years of age. The other one is older. They both  do spend much time outside. 

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  Thanks for the warning.  Most of my waking hours are outdoors.  Indeed, being outside and observing the sky finally woke me up to the Geoengineering operation going on in "plane" sight.  I should wear a "life alert" that says "poisoned by nano-particulates."

    • MS P says:

      I try my best not to stare at the nano particles/chem clouds. They are highly reflective. Worse than staring at the sun. It can burn your eyesight. The particles are too small, to see the reflections. Sure I see them. I just try not to stare at it. I'm guessing eyesight is also a health issue these days. More so than ever. Looking at the chem clouds, does hurt my eyes. I'll come back into my house, on a white out day. My eyes are like I starred at the sun, until the readjust.  Even when I take photos. I feel it. Sun rise sun set can be very bad for one's eyesight. Sadly. It's come down to that. Someone I know who had cataracts, said the DR said something to the tune of. There is more cases these days than ever. Go figure.

       Might be what caused the people near me to short out?  My other guesses would be they live near the smart meters. I do not. The boxes are here, but  right next to the house next door to me. There is 3 boxes there.  Grouped together. The cell tower nearby, was also being worked about the same time. I saw the crane there, last month.  I did not pay attention enough to say for sure, the tower was being worked on @ the same time these 2 people got hauled away in an ambulance.  So I have no real explanation. Just that there is a lot wrong these days. 

  92. Ron Marr says:

    It is hard to be surprised these days. I am a little surprised that Mr. Griffin is on the other side of the geo-engineering issue. What else would he lie about?!

    • Michel B says:

      I wonder the same. I really like some of his ideas on political solutions to our current squalor and he does acknowledge Geoengineering is going on. But if he denies the signs of SRM, how exactly is he acknowledging Geoengineering? I will keep a watch on the 3rd Congress he is helping to convene in order to find that out. This creates a conundrum and cognitive dissonance for me as I really do (largely) respect and admire him, but how he can argue against the abundantly evident global warming and apparent SRM signatures overhead I am not at all sure. I will weigh it up for myself.

  93. Greg O. says:

    Thanks Dane for your tireless efforts in this most crucial issue!  I am still amazed at the amount of delusion, distraction and denial fueled by disinformation, but onward we go in this march against psychopathic insanity.  Greg O.

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