Re: Griffin’s “Don’t Blame The Pilots” , Correcting The Record, Again


Ed Griffin’s “Don’t Blame The Pilots” article commentary link:

Review of the article linked above will add  clarity to the need for the response penned below.

Do Debates Help The Cause At Hand?

Though debates in the ranks of those addressing a common cause can be counterproductive, there are instances when information presented by one party is so far from scientific consensus and observable reality that it must be pointed out. Ed Griffin’s article “Don’t Blame The Pilots” is one such case.

No Tankers Are Spraying?

This is the first major flaw in the article in question, “Don’t Blame The  Pilots” It is claimed that only commercial jets are being used for geoengineering, and no tankers are spraying. Mr. Griffin Claims this fact is “undeniable”. This statement is astounding when one considers the fact that tankers have not only been identified spraying on a regular basis, but can be seen on numerous Youtube films plastering the skies with toxic metals and chemicals. Numerous articles also document tankers spraying.

KC 10 spraying

KC 135

Evergreen Aviation Tankers/geoengineering contracts

“The Pilots Are Not Aware Of This Process”

One should question how such a definitive conclusion could be reached. It is further claimed that if the pilots did know, “there would be thousands of pilot whistle blowers”.

If a considerable amount of the general population knows the spraying is going on, it is extremely implausible that there are no pilots with even the slightest clue among the tens of thousand flying.

“Global Dimming Is Not The Same As Global Warming”

Mr. Griffin is correct in regard to this statement, but incorrect in asserting that I ever said otherwise. He further seems to assert that I implied “global dimming” and “global warming” were one and the same. I made no such assertion but rather simply tried to point out that “global dimming” (caused primarily by geoengineering) was a major factor in the climate disruption now occurring around the globe which Mr. Griffin does not seem to recognize. I stand by this claim as there is a mountain of data to support this conclusion.

Is It really Getting Colder?

Though I have great disdain for Mr. Gore and his hypocrisy, the ongoing geoengineering programs have decimated the Earths climate systems and the atmosphere as a whole. The planet is indeed warming, whatever one wishes to consider the cause. Certainly there are special interest groups and individuals that write impressive articles claiming its getting cooler, but the vast majority of peer reviewed data says otherwise. The planet warming is in spite of the fact that fully 22% of the suns direct rays are being blocked by the particulate saturation of the atmosphere. Though Mr. Griffin’s article admits to the global dimming fact, there seems to be no willingness to take into account the cooling effect of such massive blocking of the suns thermal energy. There is also no mention whatsoever of the temporary cooling effect of the “artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms” being geoengineered around the globe.

Geoengineered snow storms, turning warmth into winter

Geoengineered snow storms turning warmth into winter (part 2)

Geoengineered snow storm wreaking havoc around the globe

The Planet Is Getting Colder?

(In spite of the temporary and toxic cooling effects of the ongoing geoengineering, the planet is still warming rapidly.)

Globe continues hottest decade ever. (National Geographic)

Last twelve years among 13 warmest on record

Long term warming continues (NASA)

Last decade warmest on record (NOAA)

Last century hottest in at least 1400 years

Earth warming at fastest rate in thousands of years

Over 97% of scientists agree global warming is anthropogenic ( human caused,) It is important to remember that –

geoengineering is a human activity and worsening global warming dramatically overall.

Again, although Mr. Griffin admits there is a massive global dimming effect currently occurring on planet earth, and also admits this is likely due to geoengineering, he apparently does not consider any of the short term cooling effect caused by this artificial dimming nor does he take into account the ongoing artificial ice nucleation of clouds and storms and temporary cooling effect caused by that process.

Geoengineering is temporarily masking the warming in many regions of the planet though only temporarily and very toxicly. The overall long term effect of the ongoing global geoengineering is a greatly worsened warming overall as these programs continue to shred ozone, completely alter all natural weather and climate patterns, and significantly reduce overall global rainfall. The damage geoengineering has caused to the climate system is already beyond measure. The ongoing spraying literally holds life on Earth in the balance at this point. The longer they spray, the worse our collective odds are for long term survival.

“Checkerboard Patterns Not Evidence Of Chemtrails”

According to Mr. Griffin, “the jets we see spraying grid patterns, are not really spraying grid patterns, its really just the wind blowing the trails into the grid patterns”. I will let the reader decide their own conclusion from the long and complex explanation in Mr. Griffin’s article of the “wind blow” grid patterns which can be found on the link at the top of this page. Even more astounding is the suggestion that the “Occam’s razor” principal applies to the wind blown grid pattern theory and not to the jets we see spraying with our own yes. Is it really more likely that the grid patterns we see being sprayed are not really being sprayed but rather are being blown in such patterns by the wind?

The “Seeder Planes”

Perhaps the most implausible of Mr Griffin’s conclusions are the “seeder planes”. His theory suggests that the jets we see spraying, are not really spraying, but rather, there are not-so-visible “seeder planes” that are actually doing the spraying. This somehow makes it look like jets are spraying (the ones we see with our own eyes) when they are in fact not spraying, they are just passing through the spray laid down by the “seeder planes ” that we did not see spraying.

There is a reason for my effort to expose the verifiability off base conclusions suggested in the article “Don’t Blame The Pilots”, and that reason is this: We are not just debating some peripheral issue here. Based on all available data, the ongoing geoengineering programs are quite literally decimating all life on Earth. When anyone in a position of notoriety makes outlandish and confusing statements and assertions on an issue with such gravity, assertions which are not supported by available data, assertions which cause great confusion for those seeking truth, those assertions must be challenged.

What is the motive for causing such confusion in the ranks of the anti-geoengineering movement?

Though I salute Mr. Griffin’s work in regard to the criminality of the “Federal Reserve”, with all due respect, I do not believe available data supports the direction he has repeatedly taken in regard to the most dire issue of all, global geoengineering.

Dane Wigington

6 Responses to Re: Griffin’s “Don’t Blame The Pilots” , Correcting The Record, Again

  1. helot says:

    Does G. Edward Griffin even spend any time outdoors, or does he just spend all of his time inside in a stuffy study pontificating the subject? It sure seems that way. He needs to get outdoors in the coutryside more.

    RE: ‘The casual observer might conclude that three planes have traversed the sky parallel to each other or that the same plane flew back and forth in different sectors of the sky but, in truth, there were three planes following each other along the same flight path.’

    Unless of course, ‘the causal observer’ was stationary and watched in real time as each aircraft only moments later took a different flight path significantly to the left or to the right of the one before it – or even flying slightly staggered and parallel at the same time – and watched that happen multiple times for miles on either side – zero assumptions, just pure observable Fact.

  2. Lee Schinagl says:

    I have met Mr. Griffin twice and I was there when he premiered the first film What In The World Are They Spraying in Atlanta. He is very sincere and committed to this issue, and I believe that it’s because of that film we see many looking up nowadays. I believe that FlightRadar24 is a useful tool, but I am hesitant to say it is conclusive. When I first started using FlightAware and then FlightRadar24, I would see the planes on many occasions going over and spraying along the beach line and when I checked the software, many times the tail squawk was non existent and no aircraft visible on the screen. Sure, I could spot and track commercial(?)planes trailing also , but like I said, numerous times I was not able to get a track on the plane. Because of this I have pretty much abandoned using it because I felt that it was not very accurate.
    Long story short, they are doing it. Exactly how, will remain a mystery to be uncovered eventually. Sooner than later I believe. Dane is a powerful voice that we need at this time and I truly respect his efforts. I am glad he changed his mind about whether to pursue this issue. It was the right decision and at this time the only decision that could have been made. I respect them both.

  3. Morgan Carey says:

    I am very disturbed to see all this infighting going on. In my humble opinion, the most important thing is to try to get everyone rallying around the most basic principle which is, we can all agree that we don’t want our children sucking down this poison and that the spraying must stop. If we get distracted by the need to,” be right” we all will lose. Clearly certain people are more motivated by emotionality, money, agenda, and ego rather than facts. We all know Dane to be vigilant, tireless, and meticulous in his research and work ethic so when we see others disparaging him or his data we do well to take it from whence it comes. Political agendas do not have a place in this conversation. We need to keep our eye on the prize and make this fight about the survival of the human species, Mother Earth, and the health and well being of our children.

    • admin says:

      Absolutely! Thank you Morgan.

    • Deborah Barker says:

      Ditto, Morgan. Very well stated! There is no room for ego in this fight. Ego is the reason for much of our anguish. Let’s excuse it and move on with Dane’s ethics.

  4. admin says:

    Hmmm, can’t get that link to load, Oswald. What browser are you viewing it in?

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