Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas


Dane Wigington

Hurricane Harvey brought an abrupt and catastrophic end to the 12 year long major hurricane landfall drought in the US. Were climate engineering programs a factor in the Harvey disaster scenario? Available data has already made clear the answer is yes. How much decimation will the manipulation of Hurricane Irma inflict? The US government has been actively engaged in hurricane modification programs for a minimum of 70 years, historical documents prove this fact conclusively. Yet, the power structure controlled circles of academia (and corporate media) continue to fuel total denial of the climate engineering hurricane modification reality, this should not be a surprise. How much decimation have global geoengineering / weather warfare programs already caused? What are the primary objectives and agendas? How much worse will it get? The short video below provides verifiable data to confirm that climate engineering is a reality, and exposes some of the primary objectives.

Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engingeering / weather warfare / biological warfare assault is the great imperative of our time. The best chance we have of accomplishing this monumental task is by raising an army of the awakened, by reaching a critical mass. The most effective way of accomplishing this is by sharing credible and compelling data with family, friends, organizations, agencies, elected officials, the list is endless. Only when enough of the population realizes that the fight to expose and halt climate engineering is a fight for life do we stand a chance of bringing these programs to a stop. Make your voice heard, we must all do our part.

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  1. Bill F. says:

    Every once in while – 'A slip of the tongue' (or keystroke) gives us some hope that at least a few people are willing to "Risk It All" by hinting at TRUTH?

    "Read Between the Lines" and the actual 'Message' that is carefully positioned in the text body – provides the reader will "Food For Thought?"

    Form your own opinion, but one can only wonder what the "Backlash" of the following article might be?

  2. Bill F. says:

    Every once in while – 'A slip of the tongue' (or keystroke) gives us some hope that at least a few people are willing to "Risk It All" by hinting at TRUTH?

    "Read Between the Lines" and the actual 'Message' that is carefully positioned in the text body – provides the reader will "Food For Thought?"

  3. Sel says:

    Hi again Dane,

    I was sad to hear you mention that you were going to be on Alex Jones radio program to discuss geoengineering as I wonder if you realize what a terrible reputation he has for spreading "fake news". What's sad about it is that you are NOT fake news and geoengineering is NOT fake news – but if I posted your video to those who still are having trouble understanding or believing in geoengineering, and they hear reference to Alex Jones that would be the end of it. Because of his unwillingness to accept reality on many levels, ie, his denial that the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, his acceptance of the "far right", he has gained a reputation for being completely fake which in this case, would not be true. That said, I'm sad that because of this I'm not able to share this particular video to my followers. I wonder what your take is on Alex Jones or if you are aware that so many find his show to be completely without merit.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sel, is it about Alex Jones? Or about the accuracy of the information I get out on his show? Isn’t it our goal to give credible information to the widest possible audience in order to give then a correct compass heading? That is what I did, and what I will do again when I am back on the Alex Jones show later today. 

    • Diane Petersen says:

      Thank goodness Dane Wigington is airing twice today on Alex Jones, not a man disseminating Fake News.  I have forwarded the link to the show to as many people as possible, so they have the chance to learn this Vital, Life-giving, well researched information. Thank you, Dane, for your honorable work in this field!  I've posted many of your videos today to social media, exactly because  I landed upon the brief program this morning on  We need to turn all of this geoengineering around now for the survival of all species.  Blessings, Diane Petersen

    • Dennie says:

      @Sel, et al:  Please memorize this:  

      "The best disinformation is 98 per cent ice cream and 2 per cent bullshit."  

      Mike Ruppert said that.  He had highest level government security clearance because he was from a C.I.A. family so he knew how The System of Secrets and Lies works.  Mike was one of the original four 9/11 Truth Movement founders.  FYI All:  Rosalind Peterson was on the Alex Jones show, she also appeared as keynote speaker at the United Nations summit on climate change in 2007, you can go to YouTube and watch the tape of her presentation.  And she is definitely not in the 2 per cent part of the equation above.   Neither is Dane.  

      If people are sooooo lazy and stoopid that it never occurs to check facts, that is their problem. Unfortunately, that is true for the rest of society as well.  Your ignorance becomes our collective problem.

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.: FYI, Mike Ruppert was heard saying that Alex Jones is a known disinformation agent and that was something Ruppert had evidence of.  You just have to pay attention.

    • Alice Lee says:

      I sent several of these recent articles to ALEX at his show and asked him to get Dane back on as it had been several years since he was on the show.  I first heard Dane ON Infowars and it opened my eyes to the craziness going on overhead.  When I heard Alex say he was having him on I was so happy because now with this Hurricane insanity so out of control, it was so beneficial.  Alex has been talking about all of this several days since Dane's appearance.  And yes, I agree.  It's NOT about Alex, it's about Dane's ability to recharge and SUPERCHARGE the effort to stop these insane operators from killing all of us.  I lived in KINGWOOD Texas  for 30 years, that was so insanely flooded, also from unreliable San Jacinto River Authority "board members" that didn't let people downstream know they were going to let out much more water out of Lake Conroe, than in the past.  Already a Class Action Lawsuit is underway.  So many friends and their children's homes flooded.  I won't shut up about this until something is done-I'm sure I will leave the earth first but won't stop showing and telling others to LOOK UP!  2 straight days of full blown aerosol spraying here now-I live in Central Texas now.  Bigger sky than Houston-easier to see when they're killing you.  Keep up the so important work, Dane and thank you for all efforts from the start.

  4. penny waters says:

    i have no belief in the people who think they run things – governments, military, petrochemical companies etc. etc. etc. – never have really!

    i feel so sad for the people in america who cannot get away from the storms and just have to sit tight 

    i keep seeing news about the hurricanes and it makes me so sad i can hardly tell you all over there how unhappy it makes me

    first the fires threatening to engulf, now the hurricanes

    saw the elderly in wheelchairs up to their elbows in water – how can i help – i cannot

    all i can do is try to help the people around me but i have to say that people don't seem to know what is going on

    everyone seems close to tears – where ever i go (and i try not to go out if i can help it) – but i think people know that there is stuff going on but feel helpless, which is where the tears are coming from

    it is hard in britain – there is no-one in the public arena that is trying to pull people out of despair – they all seem to be blaming each other – weak cowards all of 'em

    our weather is strange

    have been spending time feeling the quality – if you know what i mean – for sure you people over the atlantic have been sprayed for longer.

    the quality of everything is becoming warped, the taste of the air, the wind, the rain, the sun, all feels wrong.

    when i was younger i noticed that many of the old people said that food didn't taste good anymore – and they were belittled because people said that they were old and stupid

    and then i found out about organic food and the industrialisation of agriculture and realised that they spoke the truth – cos they had been brought up when horses, people and steam engines brought in the harvest

    if one does not know how it was – how can one compare?

    a relatively new friend of mine who was recently turned onto organic food proudly proclaimed to me that she had a list of all the fruit and veg that weren't sprayed with 'icides

    i looked her straight in the face and said 'what about the soil they were grown in' and realised that i might have been talking english but she didn't know what i meant and wasn't about to ask!!

    why do younger people want to compete with knowledge

    i love people telling me what i don't know – i'm not in a competition – i love talking to people 'cos i always learn something – but why are so many conversations so vacuous – empty of content – is there nothing between their ears!!!

    even when people have lost it on this site, hahaha i wrote sight – more like it dane – your site is insightful – what a wonder you are – where would we be without you

    never feel disappointed dane – even if we don't/can't stop what is going on – never feel disappointed because you have given to many of your human companions rare gifts – knowledge, hope and love

    thank you – you are a good friend – even if i never get to shake your hand you are often on my thoughts as are many of you good folk on this here little piece of human space

    to all the good human friends much love to you all out there on this whirling piece of matter in space

    try to keep safe

    all my love to you


  5. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Rodster, stay safe and secure in Venice, Florida, I am in Jacksonville, Florida Irma will be in my vacinity early Monday morning on September 11, what a coincidence 911! Marc, that was an excellent detailed comment on the 2008 Baggage Fees! Good job with yoyr analysis on those activities that began to take place within the Airlines.

  6. Tim says:

    Recently, I sent a message to University of Alaska HAARP communications rep, asking for a list of all HAARP related research being done during the past couple of months. No reply as of yet. The website invites the public to request information about research.

    Prior to the change to UA, various HAARP data were being posted daily for the public to view. I was able to see extreme spikes in certain atmospheric readings days before the massive Haiti earthquake. It would be interesting to see the data leading up to the initial development of Harvey, and later Irma.

  7. marc says:

    I find it curious that in approximately the same general time frame as when fees began to be charged for extra luggage on flights,(around 2008) it became clear that commercial jet flights (passenger jets) were being retrofitted with spray nozzles to assist in the absolutely criminal dissemination of toxic materials into our skies. What was the general public response, aside from outrage and disgust? It was TO PACK LIGHTER AND LIGHTER leading ultimately to a trend whereby a vast number of travelers started relying on just their carry-on bags to avoid additional fees. Hello? I know some airlines waffled on this policy because of public criticism. Southwest still does not charge for bags. However, it seems to me (and this is pure speculation) that the airlines might, and I stress "might", have been looking for a way to open up additional load carrying capacity on their commercial jets to accommodate the considerable weight (and space requirements) associated with the loading of geoengineering substances onboard as part of this vile and disgusting program. They had to reduce the baggage load somehow to accommodate the tanks and their associated hardware, piping, etc. The net result of additional fees for baggage has proven to have reduced the baggage load by enough of a margin to have increased the efficiency of airline schedules, not to mention an obvious windfall of literally billions. I know this scenario is complex and I am prepared to admit I'm wrong about this but we all know for a fact that many, many commercial jets have been retrofitted with exterior nozzles for spraying, usually close to the engine cowling so as to dupe the world into thinking it's all just conventional jet exhaust condensation or whatever. The net reduction in baggage is a clever ploy to accomplish several different things: increase airline operating efficiency which is nothing but good for business even though the downside is potential customer dissatisfaction, line their pockets with vast revenue from baggage fees, open up room to accommodate the additional hardware for spraying operations and finally, in a manner analogous to pediatric doctors receiving lavish fees form Big Pharma for their vaccination performance, I think we would be utterly naive to think that the airlines aren't receiving huge fees from some government agency or another for their assist with the SRM programs. And here again, I hesitate to identify it only by SRM because I think most here would agree we can't know exactly what the fuck they're spraying over us (other than the obvious field test results) because these guys are absolutely psychopathically insane and none of us would put it past them to be regularly spiking our skies with bio-weapons which the overwhelming vast majority of us could never imagine to be actually happening. In fact, I am personally certain of it. 

    • Blue Sue says:

      Absolutely plausible conjecture Marc.  I wouldn't doubt it for a second!

    • Frank says:

      marc, my friends always tell me I think too much, but I think I have met my match in you. I'm with you to the bitter end. Peace and love.

    • Dennie says:

      I find it curious that right as the telecommunications industry is rolling out the 5G network, our computer speeds, not unlike the "official" temperature readings, are lower numbers than they actually should show ;-).

  8. Blue Sue says:

    Buddha said life is suffering. What terrible suffering must be endured by  all beings who live.  But in all this horrible suffering, we have little gifts — glimpses of joy, of love, light, and laughter.  The heavy burden we all carry and share, the painful knowledge of the countless atrocities waged upon the world and its creatures by dark forces, is enough to drop us to our knees. So I thank God for those little gifts, that get us through the day, and help us to push through the increasingly dense negativity of our times. 

    This morning's gift was a blue sky — our Alaskan skies were blue (briefly) but while strolling through our school's playground during the children's recess, I observed the usual streaks and trails that I knew would soon diffuse and steal away the blue.  By the school day's end, the sky was totally overcast — again (sigh). 

    Poor children today.  The air they breathe is toxic, their food is mostly fake or nearly depleted of nutrition, and so many deviant distractions and devices, electronic especially. Sadly, so many children today have to compete with their parent's smart-phones for attention. Also, I've seen many young parents handing their iPhones to their little ones (even toddlers) as electronic pacifiers. Very disturbing to witness. 

    Thank God for those little gifts, though, that get us through the day — the smiles, the hugs, the simple gestures of kindness and unexpected generosity that brighten a darkening world. Yesterday, I received a lovely gift — a baby flowering maple tree — from a friend who knows I love flowers.  There is a place I visit sometimes when I the weight of the truth of our poisoning becomes too intense.  Oddly located in an industrial-type section of town, it's a little paradoxical haven, a magical trio of beautiful flower gardens one would never expect to find there, just off the roadside of a major highway now under expansion and reconstruction.  Encircling each Zen-like botanical haven are various little stone cairns standing like guardians of grace over the flowers. These incredible gardens are a blessing to all who behold them. The garden's creator and caretaker is a humble artist and naturalist whose been awake and aware of geoengineering for a long time.

  9. Bill F. says:

    Back in the days when this song was released, several of our favorite musicians were "Sharing Their Concerns & Simple Understanding of Planetary Destruction" that was already 'Well Underway" even then.

    This piece of music was POWERFUL then and the need for it's "MESSAGE" it even more IMPORTANT in our present day ! ! !

    They simply brought ATTENTION to these Criminal Activities in the best way they knew how to, "Wake People Up to the DIRE REALITY of Planetary Destruction that had already been deployed and was easily observable to most people – even then. 

    They simply "Sang the PURE, UNADULTERATED TRUTH" about what was painfully obvious to them and everybody else – even then.

    I guess because there were a LOT of people who preferred to escape "THE REALITY of the Day" with many of the Psychedelic Drugs that were quite readily available –

    Much of humanity 'Missed Out on Their Golden Opportunity' to properly understand the great importance of Doing Something to HALT GeoEngineering & many other Environmentally Destructive activities? {can't blame MASS IGNORANCE entirely on drugs though} 

    I made a personal choice to avoid using the drugs that many of my own peer group – found "Entertaining," but I certainly enjoyed the "Music of the Day"

    Lived a pretty 'Sheltered Life' but DID understand the "STRONG MESSAGES" that musicians like "Iron Butterfly" were attempting to 'Call humanity's ATTENTION' to.

    The overall effects of mankind's anthropogenic activities was producing then – was already critical, but NOW is virtually – "OUT-OF-CONTROL" and today, it is not the possible psychedelic ignorance that can be blamed for generalized "APATHY & COMPLACENCY"

    Is 'Anybody' actually "LISTENING" to the WORDS & the MUSIC?

    My greatest RESPECT to Dane for over 15 years of "Singing the Same Song" over & Over & OVER again.

    This is NOT a time in Human History where the THREE MONKEYS should be considered 'Credible?'

    'See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil' because what is happening "All Around Us" is "PURE EVIL" 🙁

    • Blue Sue says:

      Bill F,  thank you for the link.  Great song from Iron Butterfly.  My boyfriend back in the day only had the album In the Gadda Da Vida which was my introduction to their music, but I was not familiar with Metamophosis.  Another (personal favorite) song that spoke to the grievous state of the times was from a Space in Time: I'd Love to Change the World.

    • penny waters says:

      just a little note with one of the problems that we all encounter with the overpopulation of the earth which has caused much of the problems that we encounter today – too many people – too much gobbling – of everything – and governments ruling too many people  – not tribal and local anymore – no human connections!!!

      there were four monkeys and the one that everyone seems to have forgotten – the last monkey had its hands crossed over its genital regions and was entitled – do no evil!!

      and unfortunately the last 70 yrs seems to have been about the break-up of close family  – with women and men having one family after another – with no extended family influence how can a human couple with children expect to be able to make it through the difficult times – without Elders help – and i don't often use a capital letter hahaha

      and have you seen trump – he does not look well – he now knows the state of play that he didn't before – wonder if he can sleep at night!


  10. Daisy says:

    Over the past 5 years, the physical extent of “cold fronts” have grown from the size of a state or two to spanning the North American continent and beyond. One of those giant infrared fronts is now associated with Irma. It spans from the tip of Greenland to Irma. Watch carefully over the next several days as that front will remain attached or in close proximity to Irma. When Harvey made landfall 2 weeks ago a similar giant infrared front from Greenland to Harvey was loosely attached as well. See the CONUS East IR images at These giant fronts originating from Greenland appear all of time and are often associated with severe weather.

  11. Rodster says:

    According to the Tampa news affiliate as of 5 O’clock Irma is now projected to come up from the Florida Keys and into Naples and up the State. I happen to be in Venice, so we can expect wind speeds Sunday night of around 98-102 mph along with storm surge anywhere between 5-10 ft. The only somewhat good news is that the storm is moving at around 16mph.

  12. Kaza Dum says:

    One thing is for certain, the public is becoming aware, I have never seen so many videos on Harvey being engineered. There are countless articles and videos on how Harvey was engineered and weather has been weaponized. Your efforts are indeed paying off.

  13. Mark says:

    Irma steered up the middle of Florida on 911?  

  14. American Patriot says:


    Forgive me if this is controversial or wrong, however based on my observations, in the time when our current administration specifically Trump rightfully looks moderately to severely bad in the publics eye, people disapprove of him l included l haven't and don't think l am ever voting for a president because they are all evil, hurricanes continue to slam the US forcing Trump to give patriotic speeches that give the illusion that Trump cares about us and is on our side while cutting funds for disaster relief by the way. Maybe this is all a coincidence, however it is good to make the connections and send a clear message that we are paying attention and watching carefully over their criminal immoral activities. Because I said something not very positive about Trump l have to clarify that I am not a Hillary supporter because clarifying that you don't support any side and denouncing the left-right paradigm sets an example to the world and help people start to think a little more rationally and erase this power structure society programming and dichotomous thinking. Thank you Dane for not buying into that system. It has been a while,

    If there is a platform that l can share images of the upcoming hurricane let me know. An image speaks a thousand words as the saying goes and silence is not the answer to exposing these men with weather weapons. like to call these people either corrupted or lost souls or freaks.

    • JF says:

      Trump just signed legislation for disaster relief.

    • American Patriot says:

      Hello JF, Critical not Mean I say these things,

      According to some sources he has cut disaster relief and apparently others say he signed legislation for disaster relief so my take on this is that from the outside he wants to be seen as a hero however as he has stated he is worth billions of dollars what is a few million to him like a penny when having a dollar? Trump is an evil guy we saw it in the Hollywood access tape and we see it in his twitter and his policies. He has pocketed money from the presidency he has cut funding from government programs that help the needy under the idea that we are welfare queens and all when Trump himself has lived a life like a slave owner in the sense that he is so rich that he could pay people to tie his shoes for him, the average American doesn't have that kind of money.

      If you want to believe Trump is a good man or president that is up to you however, I simply don't see much good in such an in my analogy filthy president like Donald Trump.

      By the way can you please link the sources that you are citing I watch Ring of Fire I used to watch infowars and similar media however I felt betrayed that they omitted the whole story and only reported propaganda favoring Trump. Rind of Fire is left leaning alternative media I myself don't call myself a leftist or believe in the left right paradigm however when a republican is elected I like to watch left wing media and when a democrat is elected I like to watch right wing media because the media that holds the president accountable is the media that disagrees and dislikes and disapproves of his political party.

      There is only one TRUTH and we must be worthy to know it.

  15. Bryan says:

    Trump wants infrastructure. By (man playing) God, there shall be infrastructure!

    • Dennie says:

      Not so fast– with all the hurricanes roaring in, you can wave buh-bye to any infrastructure because it will be GONE with the wind– just take a look at all the pictures.  Trump, or anyone else for that matter, will simply have to keep rebuilding.  These Lords and Masters of the Universe just know how to play their cards.  They make money either way, when the economy goes up, or down.

    • American patriot says:

      They  definitely know how to play their cards, here is a fact, as long as we use this current saying that they use which is the American dollar,  they will win. Unless you consider other factors, if we use their money they can control us. This is why I am so passionate in researching ways we can survive without using any or using very little money.

      They print the money to fund wars and we use and participate in that same economic system this makes us participants in this malicious system of carnage.

      I know many of us are dependent on money to survive and meet our needs however it our responsibility to try to boycott the American dollar here in America not because we hate America but rather in protest of the malice in the way our currency is being used such as to fund wars and much much more.

      Massive boycotts are needed in order to bring change. Vote with your dollars.

    • Dennie says:

      Saul of Tarsus, otherwise known as St. Paul, said that the love of money is the root of all evil.  Money itself is NEUTRAL, and not "evil–" it's HOW you USE it.  Your evil intentions are what's evil.  

    • penny waters says:

      dear american patriot

      using little money – eat your weeds – or if pretentious – wild food

      tis what we eat before shops existed to sell food to us

      hunter gatherer way tis easy – get books for identification and herbal medicine books as well – herbal medicine is wild food – connect the two – defined by your taste buds 

      move away from eating industrialised food – grown inside artificially on crap soil – picked too soon – kept too long – travelled too far

      pick it close – eat protein and wild food before 9 in the morning – will keep you going much longer than these 'healthy muesli dusty stuff' – why do you think men would eat a hearty fried protein rich breakfast – takes longer for the body to break down protein, so stays feeling full for longer – last food should be full of vitamin c – fruit or more greens – keep circulation going – repair arteries and veins – circulation of food stuffs broken down takes place between 9 and 12 in evening – stomach should be empty by 8.

      eat from the wild – listen to the wild – love the wild

      love to all you wild ones



  16. Alan says:

    This NOAA article from six years ago addresses the discovery of a significant increase in atmospheric aerosols in recent years.  Of course, to the brilliant scientists involved in the study, the source of the increase in aerosols is baffling, surprising, mysterious, strange, unusual, inexplicable and under investigation.

    • Patrice Lopatin says:


      Interesting how that NOAA article goes out of its way not to point out deliberate particle injections into our atmosphere!
      "The reasons for the 10-year increase in stratospheric aerosols are not fully understood and are the subject of ongoing research, says coauthor Ryan Neely, with the University of Colorado and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES). Likely suspects are natural sources – smaller volcanic eruptions – and/or human activities, which could have emitted the sulfur-containing gases, such as sulfur dioxide, that react in the atmosphere to form reflective aerosol particles".

  17. roxanne mendoza says:

     tried sharing this to my Facebook and it won't post..

  18. Dennie says:

    Breaking news:  B-I-G 8.2 magnitude earthquake off the Pacific coast of southern Mexico a few hours ago (it's 1:47 a.m. PDT as I write this):

    • Dennie says:

      I tuned in to radio this morning.  Someone reporting on the Forum program said that there were reports of mysterious blue and green lights seen over the area where the quake struck, 22 miles deep in a tectonic plate subduction zone off the coast of Mexico, where the faults are very active.  How convenient… wonder if M.I.T.'s got any dirt on this one yet?

  19. Jill Tana Ballard says:

    Thank you, Dane.  You have been inextricably linked to the staunchest efforts to inform the citizenry of the planet of Geoengiineering.  Now it is up to us.  United we stand. Is there a way to find out the names of the Scientists who are creating these Monster Storms?  For all we know, they are being forced into complicity by the Ruling Elite.  It wouldn't be the first time.  How can we put our best efforts together as ONE VOICE?
    Eternal Love ♥ Jill Tana Ballard

  20. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #18, only 4 more to go…  Today was a great day at our booth. I was so busy talking my throat went dry a couple of times. The fire smoke here has been thick and relentless, that might have something to do with it. The smoke is toxic as hell but is pretty good at SRM, geesh, go figure.

    I want to thank Ben in New Mexico. He sent me a 10 pound box of printed out articles from (Which is almost gone now). That material has been instrumental in helping folks learn what needs to be learned. Many "aware" folks around here do not have "internet". The remarks of gratitude I receive from these folks is heart warming. They're all looking for answers to what they see happening all around them and up in the sky. Thanks to Ben, they walk away with answers in their hand.

    I had many significant visitors today, but one sticks out. "A truck driver". After a few words with him I asked, "where are you from?" He said he was from Quebec, Toronto and before that "Persia". I've known several Persians in my life time. All good folks. I am forever intrigued how folks from that region that are the "good folks" still call themselves "Persian". My new truck driver friend is very politically awake and is quite aware of what goes on in our skies. He's been watching it since he lived in his home land back in the Carter days. It would have been enlightening to tip a few cold ones and listen to that "truck driver".

    My friends, I don't know how else to put this. "If we don't take up a public stance, we will never reach mass awareness". So you can't get into your local farmers market. "What's next on the list?" How about flea markets? Community garage sales? I could go on. The booth I created is a beacon. It shines, It's loud, it stands out and it stands for something! And it's not made in china!! I can memorize faces, I've watched many folks walk by week after week and eventually they stop by and have a chat and are "given" information. I could put up a "free information" sign and I would be cleaned out every week. No, I want folks to come to me for other reasons. Like answers to the questions in their head that keep coming up. "Build it and they will come". I built it… and took it down 18 weeks in a row now. "They" showed up and were heard. "Be known and they will come to you".

    Love to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Horseman,

      Best wishes of good health, and thank you for your commitment to the anti-geoengineering cause.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, Hello and about your new Persian friend, reminds me of a friend of mine long ago who himself was from Persia and emphasized that and why.  The why had to do with so many Americans and possibly others who at that time and now? thought his people Arabic.  Not!  To him, Arabs were like hillbillies are/were to us in US.  Persia is a distinctly different language and culture, a very developed culture, very 'advanced'.  Prior to US interventions, theirs had been a thriving forward nation of mostly young people, in which women had much freedom, doctors, scientists, etc., many students, incredible art everywhere.  Revolution and all undone.  But, friend taught me, not to confuse Persia with Arabs.  Persian architecture and intricate mosaic work, and gardens too, were famous world over.  Roses come from Persia.  Their work with water was amazing too way back when, and with sound, music, and math.  Much to feel pride in.  How interesting you should meet such people at your market booth and talk of geoengineering!  Only in America?  Love hearing your stories! 

    • marc says:

      Chemaware, this is incredible! How the hell did you find this?? Good job, compadre.

    • marc says:

      Three hurricanes from 7 years ago in almost identical juxtaposition to one another, and furthermore the gender of each storm from back then is reversed compared to now AND the first letter of each named storm today is the same as 7 years ago. Check this out!!!! This is of more than passing significance.

    • Blue Sue says:

      @Chemaware, Marc, I checked out the link you provided and it is amazing how remarkably similar the hurricanes are — even to the same alphabetizing of their names!  Simply diabolical!

  21. Eva says:

    Re:  Hurricane Irma – Thurs Sept 7 2017 – 6pm-ish ET

    Our oldest daughter and her family live near Raleigh, NC.  She just informed me that all gas station pumps in town have been shut down in anticipation of Hurricane Irma.  Fuel will be reserved for emergency responders only.  All stores are sold out of bottled water as the local grocery stores water orders have been diverted to Florida.  Supplies in Georgia are already dwindling or sold out due to those fleeing Florida.  According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma should be a tropical storm in North Carolina by 2pm Tuesday.  They do not have the option to leave and could be in a world of hurt if they stay.  Intentional?

  22. Frank says:

    Wouldn't you think if we figured this whole thing out that the real smart people would know too, but I don't think so. People like Richard Branson, cool rich guy, or the brilliant Steven Hawkings are running around without a clue to what is just ahead. They race around, staring at their phones, and give about .1% of their awareness to the grey swamp their great lives are wading into.

    I was in a supermarket today and I noticed that the first three aisles were dedicated to candy, chips, and soda. Why worry about being fat when there is no future? You know all those problems that never seem to get fixed, like "the debt," social security, interest rates? Doesn't it seem like the people at the top ran this ship as if they knew it was going to sink.

    And why is it that over the last few years as I walk through Home Depot, I feel like I'm at the airport with people from all over? Strange dress, languages, and faces? Could it be we've all been thrown together so that when the end comes we won't even be able to talk to each other to help each other. It will certainly be as chaotic as possible. Do you ever think about things like that?

    • wyatt earp says:

      Of course, many of us think about things like that. When "the end" comes, we won't have the breath to communicate, with anyone, in any language. I think people are incorrectly envisioning "the end". It won't be an observable media event, where people are communicating, to help each other. There will be a chaotic end to all scenarios. I believe Dane is saying, that we must end industrialized society, to have a chance of survival. That is going to be quite chaotic, as the masses attempt to feed themselves, with what nature can provide. Biosphere collapse is the more likely scenario, and at that point, you'll have a few weeks to learn Spanish, or whatever language you want to communicate in.

    • Susan says:

      A salute to Frank! I ask myself all the questions that you do. It is kind of like the Tower of Babel in the Bible where God confounded the people who were building it and could not continue on with their plans.

    • Dennie says:

      @wyatt earp:  Anyone who actually believes they can look in their crystal ball, take "clues" from "the illuminati" or scriptures or the tarot  or the I Ching or astrology or whatever, and correctly, exactly prognosticate how "The End" will come, also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.  In other words, it is the Great Unwashed who believe in literal truth because they are developmentally unready to "get" abstract thinking, let alone become responsible adults in the spiritual sense.  They are the same folks who wouldn't have the maturity to "get" that the "second coming of Christ" is more likely the evolution of the human heart, whereby the spirit of Christ, literally binding together the broken bits of humanity, comes to live within you, because of your understanding and growth in your own consciousness and the choices you make, and is not just some externalized facet of human expression of divinity that will get dumped down on us all from On High, just like in a fairy tale.  But ya know, thinking about this possibility and actually entertaining it as HOW this is going to occurs really does take some growing up and that implies taking responsibility.  Because at the end of the day (the end of "time") you are responsible for your own consciousness.

  23. Wanda Warkentin says:

    If 10 people call their representatives on a particular topic in one day it makes them nervous.  If 50 do it what could happen?  

  24. JaneNC says:

    Right turn, Irma. We're left to wonder what forces are strong enough to "just turn" what is supposed to be a Cat 5/4 storm which has been a record-busting event strongly traversing across the Atlantic Ocean. How obvious, yet the masses focus on water, sandbags and gasoline. Revisit the path of Hurricane Dennis years ago off the coast of North Carolina. Two separate landfalls! Who or what is behind the wheel? We're way beyond random explanations, but can the average lemming handle the reality? Ask someone to explain how their cell phone works. Can they see the signal? How do they know the signals exist? By the results. The cell phone didn't just happen, it was developed over years of study and research. Weather has been studied for many years now, the processes are known. We can "engineer" cell phones to the threat of 5G, encounter outer space through craft and astronauts, manipulate DNA, yet not try to manipulate the atmospheric processes?

    • penny waters says:

      well yes, we humans, living on this planet, can parasite from the earth to make stupid machines that people live by but…….

      control the earth and its evolution………some hopes…………..makes me want to swear…………………the arrogance of people……………

      we can control the weather, we, we, we, so sick of we.

      we are the idiotic species so caught up with our constant competition and arrogance we can't even place ourselves in the universe and see ourselves for what we are!!!! damn, damn, damn stupid humans.

  25. Matt Sarlo says:

    Scumbag criminals are underreporting temperature by at least 5 or more degrees here in Loveland, Colorado right now at about five a clock. I hate what has been done by the human race to this planet. I am convinced that if was just people that would be wiped out it would be a benevolent occurrence for the rest of life and the planet, but the entire planet and biosphere are doomed. Most people I talk too, even if they do listen to me just either do not grasp the severity of what is occurring at breakneck speed to our planet or refuse to think I am nothing but a left wing nut. Politics and ideaology have zero meaning to what is happening to our once thriving planet. I believe in THE FLYING SPAGHETTI GOD but am pretty sure my believe system is not going to miracoulsy save the world, even though I make sacrifices to meatballs and pasta all the time.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thanks for the chuckle in light of an otherwise sane and sober post.  I remember when the skies over Colorado were such a strikingly beautiful brilliant blue — at least they were in Creed (1977).  

  26. Brice Bias says:

    Does anyone think that the lack of precipitation in every corner of the country is being diverted into hurricane Irma somehow? I have been watching how much they have been microwaving across the country, and to me it seems possible that they are able to divert almost all the moisture over our continent towards Irma. Not to mention when you watch the Weather Channel's cloud base reflectivity you can see the highest clouds pulse. Now let me explain… Their highest cloud base colors are dark red, pink, and white for the highest. When you watch a 4 hour playback the the white fades to pink then suddenly they rebuild in strength. It's like the storm is trying to weaken but they won't let it. An interesting fact I heard this morning is that every category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic has not held that category for longer than 5-10 hours… Irma has been a category 5 for days! now.

    • Ed Bee says:

      I wonder also if the microwaved clouds are being used to steer moisture to certain areas, in this week's case to hurricane Irma. In Wisconsin the sky has been microwaved most of the past week. And it also has been so cold here I've had the heat on several nights since the latter part of August, which I have never done far as I can remember.

  27. Dennie says:

    I'm chiming up to say that I am reeeeally FED UP with the total fukcing NONSENSE that the "people" in charge of Planet Earth in positions of "power" somehow all have magical powers given to them by shadowy mythical figures that are really just EXTERNALIZED ASPECTS OF OUR OWN BAD BEHAVIOR and choices.  Like, "Lucifer," and "Baal," or "Baphomet," or yes, I'll include the Good Guy mythical figures, including (your favorite Ubermensch's or Supreme Deity's name here, God knows, I wouldn't want you pointing your ignorant, self-righteous finger at ME for making you THINK about it, actually…) who feels NO NEED to comment on YOUR commentary or remaking that deity in YOUR OWN piddling little image.  

    Go ahead and look up the definition of I-C-O-N-O-C-L-A-S-T, for it is THAT which you need.  Instead, WHAT HAVE WE ACTUALLY DONE?  Right, NOTHING.  "We" in Uhmerukuh have collectively sat on the sidelines, took money out of our dwellings and squandered it on jet fuel to whisk us and our kids, too, away to fancy vacations to exotic and far-away places, because, I suppose, we just HAFTA see this planet before we finally KILL everything here.  Or we took our kids to sports-sports-SPORTS, reinforcing the dichotomous thinking programming and oppositional programming, where you MUST have a loser in order to have a winner with your teams (but NOT in music– sheesh– can you imagine a my-side-your-side attitude in a symphony orchestra, or do you even know what an orchestra IS?), or we play with our goddamnable electronic toys like monkeys who won't take their damnable hand out of a jar of goodies even when they are threatened with death, or outright killed.  I need to say that most of you "humans" are a bunch of spoiled little fuckign DOPAMINE ADDICTS with NO CONSCIOUS CONTROL over almost any aspect of your behavior, and that is WHY you have created the mess you refuse to see.  So there will be NO cleaning it up.  YOU GET WHAT YOU CREATE.  

    • Right enough. Why are there no people in positions of power asking for a winding down of consumer life ? 

    • starman says:

      I understand your anger and frustration.This will not be changed at the ballot box.All the filth in D.C.has revealed their traitorous selves since the election of Donald Trump.Braindead John McCain and his one crappy vote.There is only one way you are going to get rid of these people.I believe that we are al in God's Hands and always have been. You just have to come to terms with that. 

    • josee says:

      Harsh but spot on.

    • Dennie says:

      "God" is behaving like an absentee landlord.  Now if you ask me, the REAL GOD wouldn't want you or me or anyone else to shirk responsibility by shrugging it all off and passing the buck, with a comment such as "Someone Else WILL take care of this problem."  That's the attitude that I came here and shrieked about.  WHO NOTICED–???

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      I totally hear you! I 100% agree! I am so sick of "devices" Sports, competition, not to mention luxury cars and condoz. That is all anyone seems to care about. Myself I'm a total weirdo freak because I love art, literature, music and history. Oh don't forget science and engineering they are our gods too. Science can do good but in my opinion it is all about doing evil things in the name of profit. So sad, sick, angry, and just plain tired…And it's been so cold in Chicago while the rest of the world bakes. No SRM lines but crazy microwaved clouds for the past week oor so.

    • Kaza Dum says:

      what, breaking pictures, that is what iconoclasts did. Byzantine era around the 900's under Basil I think. Its where they burned all the icons in Byzantium.

    • JF says:

      Harvey, Irma, Jose. three major hurricanes in just over one week. Something is fishy.

    • Susan says:

      Dennie – I can relate to your message. I am a very imperfect person, but you cannot put all people in the same boat. Not everyone in this world has had the luxury of flying on jet planes to fancy vacations, or fell for the absolute stupidity of sports, and bought senseless and useless electronic gadgets, phones, etc. Stop blaming everyone and take a good look at the man in the mirror. Your anger shows one reason why man has reached this point. If there was more LOVE for one's neighbor we would not be in this fix.  

    • penny waters says:

      well yes, me too, i have in my 67yrs wasted a lot of stuff on this amazing place where we live.

      my excuse is – i was asleep – a sheeple – as many people say

      i don't want to abuse people for being asleep 

      and i believe that people in power only get there by doing as they are told

      – the peter principle is it called?

      someone is good at a job so they get promotion and will keep getting promotion until they are no good at that job – then they are left there – so all organisations have their employees at a level of incompetence hahaha kinda explains a lot don't it?

      and had a thought about 'them' trying to engineer the atmosphere (here she breaks into manic laughter that would frighten the children or anyone with a sensitive disposition hahahaha)

      maybe tis like the vaccines and every thing else. 

      i had ovarian cancer in 1997 – surgery – and then they put me on a 'trial' – a new bunch of chemotherapy someone had been funded to knock up in a laboratory – never told me what it was and when i told another woman and she went to the doctor to ask for same she was knocked back and i was told not to tell anyone else!!!!

      or when i was learning herbal medicine at university – medical doctor who was teaching us allopathic medicine told us to never admit you don't know something and never get a book out or look up on the internet when the patient was there – i was duly horrified

      and so it goes on – 'they' think we can't cope with the truth but really it is 'they' that are the frightened people who wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit them!

      when circles were smaller and everyone knew everyone, (even worked in big cities like london up to the time of the oil driven vehicles) no-one could get away with anything but now………

      tis like a mad world i live in and the mad people have taken over the asylum and no-one knows the truth anymore.

      and the only place i find it is here


  28. terry turner says:

    The Most Important thing any concerned american { or any human being on this planet } can do is to make some sort of financial contribution to help defray the costs that Dane is covering to disseminate the information. All the ; ” Atta Boys ” though encouraging; must be accompanied by tangible financial assistance. DAVID CAN SLAY GOLIATH……BUT HE NEEDS SOME ROCKS FOR HIS SLING.

    • Dennie says:

      Ah, there's one more possibility:  The Genie is outta the bottle and the Sorcerer's Apprentices can't stop it– take a look:  Harvey-Irma-Juan, all in quick succession.  Let's suppose for a minute that you are not in truth omniscient and you are not in reality omnipotent… after all, NONE of the "humans" in charge of these programs is God, actually… so get over it!  Now, let's suppose that the global warming your creative powers brewed up by your gadgetry and technology actually is moving soooo fast, you've created runaway heating.  Let's suppose that all the green house gases your creations emit has spawned a situation of such extreme heat that all of the potions in the U.S. Patents list could not keep up with the warming, could not quell every single hurricane out there– Look how many, how severe, how quick in succession.  You think "they" created these monsters with intention to create damage?  Then why bother with filing the hurricane suppression patents–??

  29. marc says:

    Sorry, I apologize for the multiple posts. But it has been established beyond doubt that the MSM reporting on Hurricane Erin in the week leading up to 9/11 was minimal.. What. The. F**k? Screen captures from MSM weather forecasts prove there was only TRIVIAL concern at best, if any at all, about that hurricane which threatened to make landfall somewhere on the very populated eastern seaboard, but was on a trajectory heading straight for New York City. Why so little coverage? Indeed, this question all by itself, as far as I am concerned, proves beyond a shred of a doubt the depth of the complicity in the media/MIC/shadow government/deep-state. Hurricane Erin made a sharp right turn on 9/11 and started heading out to sea. This strange fact carries with it a whole other line of inquiry. Eastward looking photos of the 9/11 debacle actually reveal how close the hurricane was to New York because it can literally be seen some distance offshore. YET, virtually no mention was made of it in MSM. No big media circus preparing the public for a possible landfall. Why?? Why, indeed. If the fact of prior insider knowledge of 9/11 hasn't yet been understood by anyone seeking the truth, I would only say: try harder! This is the key that unlocks the entire Pandora's box of where we find ourselves here now today.

      Our government's ability to control hurricanes is now indisputable. Therefore, the fact that Harvey was "allowed" to come ashore where it did with the power and moisture it commanded, proves, as far as I'm concerned, that there is no other word to describe this scenario as anything but warfare. Hurricane Irma is shaping up to be more of the same: yet another military maneuver against the American people. When you have a military so bloated, so gargantuan, with more technology, more military hardware than the next ten countries combined, you end up with a cadre of psychof**k military commanders whose primary mindset is to locate and defeat anything and everything that might resemble an enemy. And if you run out of enemies, you invent one. Mother Earth apparently has become nothing more to them than a means to an end and by raping her she becomes humiliated, disempowered, subservient, exploitable. These guys know that by destroying Her they create negative energy which, as far as I can tell, they feed upon, they lust for, they're MAD for it. And it's all so wonderful for them, isn't it? Everybody in their little good-ol-boys club gets rich, all the trillions necessary to acquire or develop the best military technologies on earth come washing over them like a warm, turquoise Caribbean wave on a perfect, sunny day. They've got every angle covered, every exit blocked, and now I'm certain they'll be coming for our souls. Hell, they've probably developed a technology for that, too. May God help us all.

    • Dennie says:

      All these @ssholes get off on killing this planet.  Sadistic psychopathic personality disordered bastards.  

    • penny waters says:

      not just military

      when i was gardening and doing lots of houses turned into flats in east london when the rich people suddenly realised that maybe east london wasn't full of slums (don't ya love 'em)

      i would visit a garden and give the builder a plan about how to turn the garden into two, one for each flat, and go away and buy plants.

      i would come back and often would cry as i came into garden that had become a builders yard – the garden that had been created and loved had been flattened, the plants abused and destroyed, its soul had gone

      the environment was destroyed 

      once i asked a man for help, a few jobs i needed doing, he came up the crowded path (crowded with plants), stood next to me and with one sweep of his arm said to me – i'd have all that down

      hmmmm…. he didn't stay long…

      we do not love what evolved us, what grew us, what we have come from, but as i have said before, nature creates and destroys and we are just nature

      but tis hard to be a creative person at this time in human history

      much love to all the other creatives


  30. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Rachel, Blue Sue & Earth Angel.  As for the Mexican Navy being involved in the use of these interferometry emitters, I would conclude that they are working with the US Navy, which would be logical as a source of both technology and funding. Another location is the Maria Madre Island off the coast of Mexico and facing the mouth of the Sea of Cortez (between Baja and the mainland). Here is the evidence of a transmitter 'gone wrong' meaning malfunctioning – and therefore generating an INTERFERENCE PATTERN – on August 22, 2017. Guadalupe Island was creating ‘spirals’ on that day also.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Susan, I checked out the first link you provided and looked at the transformations of "cloud" cover between Aug 1– Aug 30, and saw that the spirals were formed on the 2,5,10,12,19, and 22, and some very weird "braiding" configuration appeared on the 7, 23, and 28 of Aug. On Sept 7 a very different pattern: striping instead of spirals.  As for your second link — Wow! Is that what an interference pattern looks like? 

      All very disturbing, but strangely fascinating as I am one that gets pulled into the hidden images my imagination reveals — just like when I look up at the clouds overhead and see shapes and animals and angels and demonic forms (in the manufactured fake "cloud" dispersions.) May God help our Mexican brothers and sisters and all those other poor souls in the path of the most recent and yet-to-come geoengineered assaults on humanity. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, thank you so much for answering, I was about to give up big time.  Someone here wondered about weather wars at sea, and I'm not at all sure he? meant the same thing that I wonder about, which is well, ends up being many things.  But in the main, how one countries weather modification affects another's, and, or, bumping into one another in the various atmospheres?  Maybe it is my lack of eyesight, or life long issues with maps, but boy do I have trouble with these satellite ones.  I agree that Mexico would probably not have the funds or ability minus US help.  When you say gone wrong, malfunctioning, you mean what shows here was real but an error?  How often do these things malfunction and if the malfunction manifests in the actual skies/atmosphere there must be repercussions.  You think such an error caused the spirals?  Do they ever oopsies cause a hurricane?  Is it not conflicting that all these maps of atmospheric hi jinks are all via NASA?  Why would we trust them, and can they be altered?  The second one pulled up, the first did not, today, upon two efforts.  Will try later.  Does NASA just figure no one will figure these out?  I have trouble trusting, or so I am told.  I really appreciate your response, as always, instructive!

  31. marc says:

    I've been watching a parade of alleged weathercasters blathering endlessly about Hurricane Irma. What's of particular note is the range of bullshit explanations as to why their "models" are saying one thing here, another thing there, yet another somewhere else. But what they make sure to emphasize is the great LIKELIHOOD that the storm will make a peculiar "right hand turn" just north of Cuba which will send it straight to Miami. Really? How could they possibly know this? The conditions over the ocean that might cause this right hand turn are never fully extrapolated upon. Meanwhile, vast preparations are underway in Florida in advance of this "right hand turn." What we are witnessing is nothing more or less than media spelling out the scheduled weather disaster to a vulnerable public. I am reminded of a FB comment I received right after I posted Dane's video about Harvey. I was accused of being "nuts" and that I should crawl back into my mother's basement and stay there. Unquote. Plausible deniability, etc. Who WOULDN'T think we are nuts to believe that the motherf**kers in charge can create hurricanes and move them around at will? Furthermore, who is dumb enough to believe that OUR OWN "GOVERNMENT" would intentionally slaughter it's own mainland with yet another cat 3-5 hurricane???? Of course we are all idiots for imagining such absolute, incurable nonsense! We are to be lambasted for our ignorance firstly, then pitied, then forgotten. 

       The strange irony is that those of us "in the know" about climate engineering and weather warfare are, in fact, the ones most qualified to lambast people for their ignorance, especially if they choose to remain willfully in such a state of blindness, and won't investigate the facts beyond a repertoire of knee-jerk insults and disinfo memes. 

       However, they say "you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." Reprimanding anyone for not knowing the truth of weather warfare is counterproductive in the extreme. And so…..the battle to establish truth continues……..

    • Rachel Robson says:

       Our NWS weather forecast is not the only one.  Apparently, Europe has one considered more accurate over the long run.  The two constantly compare and adjust, thus a range of possibilities.  The Euro one is saying Irma will take the path of least resistance, likely a trough into the Atlantic.  Also, that as it probably hits Cuba it will lose some strength absorbing deeper, cooler ocean waters below the surface.  And gee, it seems a lot of Florida is out of gas, literally.  It is an issue.  No doubt good news to the petrol industry!  Water shortages freak me out!  I drink one heck of a lot of water.  Too many things are getting too scary.

      Speaking of scary, CA Senate B. 649, regarding renting out OUR utility poles for cell towers including 5G is temporarily stalled in the Assembly. Apparently some discussions on amendments to it.  So there is still time for those here in California to call your assembly person and make it clear that if they dare to pass this, they will never again get your vote.  If enough do this, we may dodge this bullet, as it seems enough response to, so far, stall in assembly.  Occurs to me to wonder what happens to these things in, say, a hurricane?  

    • Kevin Myers says:

      Who are we fighting here?? So angry.

    • tom liccione says:

      Marc, there is a good article on Irma at, called "A visibly extreme Jet Stream in advance of Irma". This story seems to reinforce what I learned a couple of years ago in a presentation by a PhD from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) in Golden, Co. He was explaining that the speed of the Jet Stream is affected by the difference in temperature between the poles and the tropics. As the temperature difference diminishes, the speed slows down helping to create a "lazy" Jet Stream that meanders in great, deep loops. You can easily visualize how on a typical winter day you can have 80 degrees in Billings , Montana, and 40 degrees in Orlando, Florida.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, in regard to “Robert Scribbler” (and alias), unfortunately he will not acknowledge the geoengineering reality in any way, shape, or form. This climate engineering factor must be included in any legitimate discussion of the climate. This is not to deny the effect of polar warmig on the jet stream, but all factors should be included.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Part of the elitists attempt to kill us is keeping us guessing about bad weather and giving older adults stress to aid in the extermination.Prediction,Irma does not cause the damage predicted but the next hurricane which will be downplayed will wreak excessive havoc,not predicted by the fake news networks,all to mess our lives up.Its stress on our bodies as much as poison from the sky.Stay alert and remember news and weather agencies are being told what to tell us,anything to mislead us and alter our lives.

    • Dennie says:

      The utility poles are owned by the utility companies.  NOT us.  They are not public property.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Kevin Myers;

      We ( the People ), are Fighting against the bloodlines that rule the World, they are more or less 12 "families", and these bloodlines represent the biggest corporations ( financial, oil, industrial, nuclear, bio-technologies, etc.. ), the bilderberg group, the zionist political ideology, and they have invented the masonic lodges and the masonic cult ( in the 18th century ). This masonic cult rule the World, hiding behind the shadows of the official "governments". We are fighting against secrecy and against these secret societies of bandits, oligarchs, war-beasts, and depraved ""persons"" without Morality. This cult which I'm talking about is also a satanic religion, and these Fkrs are mass murderers. "they" have been infiltrating since decades ago until today in all major national and international institutions of the World. Some of these international "institutions" were created by them.  And these sociopaths / psychopaths have the means to force into submission every Nation that choose not be compliant with their plans. Summing up, they are the opposite of Humanity, and also the biggest cowards who have set foot on the Land since the occupation of the World by the Arthropod Family.


    • Pedro says:

      Kevin Meyers,

      I forgot mention the sector which is used by this bandits as their principal tool for controlling Mankind; the big pharma industry.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Your last comment here, gotta say my mother always said that-catching flies with honey not vinegar and not true!  Where the heck did that saying come from?!!  I have literally tried to catch flies with honey and never got one!  Flies like fly traps and shit!!  Unless a fruit fly, like we have out here and they are such a bane. They freaking love vinegar!  So much for old sayings!  This one my whole life!

      The weather forecast thing is sorta interesting in that there are three main models that I've found, though there must be more-one would think.  "We" have one, the NWS of course via Raytheon, with a sub group: HWRF. meaning: Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting which uses real time tracking, which is faster yielding 4 or more every 24 hours, but less accurate.  Europe's is the ECMWF:European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting, known in the trade as: European Model.  They use Very high powered computers for more than a decade tracking patterns around the globe using a thing called 4D-VAR: four dimensional variational data assimilators yielding two projections per day.  It is said the Euro one is costly but more reliable in recent years, however one must subscribe to it.  And there is a third from the UK called: UKMET which is known for accuracy and uses the the 4-D method.  And there are more, sort of: Weather Bell analytics, research meteorologist Ryan Maue, stressing the Euro model And many others like GPS-Global Tracking System from NWS, sigh.  And The Weather Underground with Jeff Masters, director of meteorology, a research group he founded.  I mention those with names in case any want to go after them about our main talking point and the degree to which they know or will talk.  Last I heard, Irma is on track to hit a lot of Florida.  Hurricanes in that region are not new of course.  But, the rather long time without a major one, of course was new.  Reminds me though of all the real swamps they drained, and as with what I found out about Houston, the population, housing, roads, facilities, golf courses! all that that theoretically once could have processed a hurricane, minus all this that goes with population.  When I was young, that old joke that if you believe 'whatever', I have swamp land in Florida to sell you.  Except no longer a joke, swamp land still wants to be swamp land, salt water has been coming in for a long time now altering things-orange groves?, houses have fallen into sink holes lately.  Swamp land wants to be swamp land.  And people who slogged through Harvey waters are pouring into hospitals with sores and rashes odd and severe–so very many chemicals, and sewage too.  And here comes Jose on the heels of Irma!  Good God!  And the incredible line of cars, evacuating!  And quite possibly running out of gas!  I mean, a person could not design a better disaster, the situation fairly begs for it!  Or, maybe that is the point!  That, and people are idiots.  However, the Natives that were, seemingly did fine.  If Irma does go over Florida mainland, it is bound to pick up heat, no?  Thus, strengthen.  Reminds me of that old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times!  I keep wondering what weather forecasting China uses?  They must, right?  Would we know?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Technically, you are right of course, utilities own the poles, but of late the city holds property owners here in Berkeley, responsible for even the sidewalks and street strips.  So, it is considered a land grab, as well as abuse of the public.  Berkeley claims poverty and will barely even deal with a street tree anymore, it is maddening.  Obviously this city is full of money, or should be!  But the point you make is why this horror is possible, for a few dollars more.  The sidewalk IS for the public, and ours went to pieces owing to city street tree, city would not pay to fix it, landlord had to.  I think he made a 50/50 deal with them.  They used a low grade of cement which will not last long.  Said so.

  32. Donna-AZ says:

    I sure hope some here get a chance to look at Irma on the intellicast map this morning, it doesn't even have an eye anymore. They are hitting it pretty hard. I guess they are showing us who's "boss". And Texas has had those radars "full on" keeping that moisture away.  and

  33. jintampa says:

    What do you do when a loved one  is not on board?

    • Maria R says:

      Love them anyway…….My husband don't believe either but with all the credible information on this site and time they will start to understand or at least that's true in my case…….It has taken me over a year but he is coming around some now…..

    • Irene Penney says:

      Let them grow at their own pace, and hope like crazy they catch up. Peace.

  34. Bill F. says:

    Shake & Bake was/is a crust-like coating for preparing tasty-skinned chicken in the oven at home?

    The 'NEW' Shake & Bake is what we see when the NOAA map clearly shows the "Baking" of the West Coast of North America.

    The 'NEW' "Shaking" is what we see when the completely deranged Geo-Engineers completely devastate the East Coast of North America with completely artificial cooling.

    The recent NOAA map displays Red & Orange on the West Coast, which is currently 'Super-Heated' which is clearly "Fueling" the large numbers of Out-of-Control WILDFIRES.

    The 2-color BLUE "East Coast" of the same map is clearly the obviously 'Artificially Cooled' side of North America, which is clearly "Fueling" the new barrage of hurricanes, with their EXTREME amounts of damage from extremely high winds & excessive moisture "Dumping"

    The very obvious extremes, make it "Unmistakably" clear that the 'Weather Wizards' behind the curtain are determined to "Play God" with their 'Weather Manipulation' – "Special Effects" toys?

    (NO ATTENTION is paid by them to the absolute IMBALANCE they are creating to the planet's natural Re-Balancing of EARTH's weather systems)

    Since many of this 'Cast of Cretins' are known by name, I suggest they ALL be loaded on a jet and the jet they are on should be "Forced" to closely follow – multiple Geo-Engineering tankers as they spew their "Payload' of forced emissions of "Whatever Substances" are leaving those lovely White Trails in our airspace.

    MUST follow within a distance that is close enough to "Guarantee" the 'Bleed Air' intake ports of their jet – "MUST" take in the materials "EXTRUDED" from these 'Unmarked' Geo-Engineering jets.

    It has become abundantly clear that the 'Bleed Air Intake Systems' are obviously NOT filtering the pressurized air that is frequently causing significantly high levels of "Very Undesirable Illnesses" to the crew members & passengers of virtually every jetliner.

    So let's go for a "Double Whammy?"

    Let's prove the 'Emissions' from geo-engineering jets are NOT SAFE AT ALL and these "Weather-Manipulation Wizards" can be OUR version of the 'Lab-Rats' they expect us to accept as our "Lot in Life"

    The exercise will also prove the "Bleed Air Intake Systems" are an Unforgivable Failure that has existed for about as many years as the Geo-Engineering Activities have already been fully deployed.

    <- – – – – >


    Should hurricane IRMA make landfall almost anywhere on the USA east coast on September 11, 2017 – That event will absolutely "ECLIPSE" and far surpass the devastation of September 11, 2001.

    FFT ? = If I were a "Betting Man" my best guess and bet would be – The Geo-Engineers made certain these huuricanes are "PLANNED EVENTS" because they already have their own physical 'Safety' guaranteed by the Tickets they already hold that will provide them a pre-selected spot in the Underground Bunkers that have been fully prepared for this Elite group of Weather Wizards and other Psychopathic Rats. (who seem to believe that living underground like Moles; Shrews & Rats, for the next several years is going to be a "Wonderful Life?"

    As thick as the Geo-Engineered "Air Quality" is – under the current regime, I would rather be 'Dead & Buried' underground – than to "NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY" because I "HAVE TO" live underground, because living 'Above Ground" is Certain Death.

    My prayer:

    "GOD Help Us Every One" who just wants to "Be GOOD STEWARDS" of the ONLY planet GOD has provided – that presently, sustains 'Life' as we know it at this time in human history. (although our lives are already seriously compromised by the Weather-Manipulation Wizards)

    Be a "Friend" – Share this DIRE NEWS about Geo-Engineering with another 28 MILLION?

    My sincere THANKS to Dane Wigington, for giving his ALL in an attempt to 'AWAKEN the Sleeping Masses'

    You sir – Deserve to wear MANY GOLD MEDALS for your "Undying and Relentless Efforts to help Right these WRONGS." We ALL owe you our "UTMOST RESPECT & ETERNAL GRATITUDE" for all that you have accomplished & taught us thus far – With or without our help.

    It's pretty damn obvious – This is "NOT" – A ONE-MAN SHOW ! ! !

    Pray that together we can all "Help Dane Carry the TORCH" and together WE CAN ACHIEVE – "Critical Mass" before it's TOO LATE.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Bill F.- What a fantastic observation as it looks like Irma is scheduled to make landfall somewhere into the S.C. / Ga. borderline area on Monday- which just happens to be Sept. 11!.. oh wow, what a coincidence.  ; o

  35. Christina says:

    Some people will be making a lot of money betting on the weather.  If you can geoengineer the weather prior to the event then you can hit the jackpot.

  36. ShadowElite says:

    Also I forgot about FEMA.

  37. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Report from Southern Europe:

    Hello Dane, since 15 of August and until 27, very large quantities of dark trails were released into the air ( the carbon — the coal-fly-ash ), along with other trails bright white ( this particular spraying is/was happening at the beginning of the evenings ). The contrast between both kinds of these aerosol trails is so great that for me is really amazing how so many persons can not see that this lines the planes are leaving in the sky have nothing to do with the burning of the jet fuel. 28 of August at dawn ( and after two days of heavy spraying ) we had big and torrential rain falling for more than 1 hour. The same for the dawn of 29 of August, and for the beginning of afternoon. If we have rain, we can only have it if the rain comes with LEAD and ALUMINUM, the level of psychopathy of these "guys" is hard to comprehend. Until 27 and after 29 until yesterday ( 5 of September ), we have had also always large quantities of the aerosols ( the aerosol with more granular appearance ) being sprayed into the skies. They keep up with the task of drying up everything. Yesterday and the day before ( 4 and 5 ), at the beginning of the evening, very large quantities of the aerosols were sprayed into the air,  forming in some cases the geometric patterns that some know and understand very well. But it was more of the same ( nothing of rain in the nights ), they are fueling the Forests with more and more Flammable nano particles, the days are still very warm, with almost clear skies, despite of the spraying. Spraying, which is making the days to become even warmer, almost always, for these last several weeks and it was like this during all Summer, with some few exceptions. And today ( 6 of September ), and after a evening with lines of the aerosols covering the bright Moon, we had; zero spraying, nothing in the air, only a clean sky with stars and the shinning Moon as witness of the tyranny perpetrated by the masonic tribe, by its "leaders", and their soulless servants. Here the minister is keeping is promise; 3 months of drought for everybody. And in my "country" ( region of the EU ), for the first time since ever a politician maintains what he says about something. In deed, strange days on Earth.

    they will FALL.




    • Nina says:

      Hello Pedro, thankyou for your report! Here in the south we got no rain, but did notice the dark trails. It is very hot here and we have had fires again close by. We desperately need rain, but like you say it is not coming any time soon.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      About a NUCLEAR WAR without missiles:

      Dane, in the beginning of the year, there was a major nuclear accident, here in EU ( media is SILENT about it ), check out the videos. It seems to have happened in Halden (Norway), and the greatest amount of radiation has fallen in Germany and over the Nordic region;

      They are starting with the events.. It is the colossal flooding in Asia ( and in other parts of the World ), the big fires and severe drought in places where the rain should be falling, and now this..

      they will FALL.



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Nina, thank you for the reply.

      We are in war for years ( the silent war ), and "they" are killing us. The Trees are dying, only the genetically changed eucalyptus are resisting more to the aluminum. And People are confused about that, they say ( the "experts" ) that this is happening because of the beetles. The plagues are dangerous to the Trees because the Trees are already dying because of the desiccant effect caused by the aluminum! Palm Trees, Oak Trees and Pine Trees ( several species of Fruit Trees and other also ) are very sensitive to the aluminum, and are dying. If my Grandfather were alive today he would be more than 100 years old, and he would cry with his knees on the floor, if he could see the terrible shape of sickness that the Forest has today. The insects are almost gone, principally flying insects, nocturnal and diurnal. You know very well that 6 or 7 years ago it would be impossible to have windows open at night, with open lights, without having hundreds of different bugs and mosquitoes after some hours ( I live outside the city ). Last Summer and this year, we can stay all night with open windows without having almost any insect inside the house. Almost Zero.

      Bats are gone also, of course. Birds are almost gone, and we still have some birds because of the private and public watered gardens. I want to see what will happen after the extinction of Bees and other Pollinators, If we have the time to see that. About the Bees the "experts" say that they are vanishing because of the Asiatic alien Wasp, the wasps are giving the last axe blow in a dying and sick population of bees, which is dying because of the aluminum, pesticides ( glyphosate, etc.. ), EM radiation and RF, etc. But the aluminum is number one cause.

      My grandfather was also a beekeeper.

      People must understand this is RED ALARM, insects are the base of the Web of Life. If the majority of the Insects species go EXTINCT, everything will collapse, as is happening NOW, and the Human Specie will be next in the line.

      The information about the great Global killing which is called; geoengineering, must CIRCULATE! Fast!

    • Pedro says:

      Nina and All, one more thing; for now we'll not stay without all Trees because of the transgenic species that have resistance to the Aluminum, but the end of the non transgenic Trees will open another Pandora box.


    • Nina says:

      Hello Pedro, yes I do remember the insects!  6 years ago was when we first noticed the spraying, and every year since there have been less. Now almost all gone. The birds and the wild animals followed. It used to feel like a "Nature Paradise" here, now there is silence. Just that strange "artificial" wind and horrible chemical smells that drift in from the ocean. How is it that so few of us notice or care?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Nina,

      People can see what is happening, some do not know what is the meaning of the aerosol lines we see in the skies, but they know something is NOT right ( we must talk with them ). The majority are under the induced trance performed by the systematic brain-washing which is conducted by media, the trance must be broken.

      The "guys" responsible for this Global crime are condemned to FAIL.

  38. Joseph L says:

      I have heard most of it for a long time. I hope for new people coming to this site that they go to this button

    There are several live presentations on the subject of climate engineering available on the windows below. If you are new to this subject, the red window, "Climate Engineering, A Clear And Present Danger" is a recommended starting point for an overall summary presentation. .

  39. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today I worked in town at a little shipping outlet, USPS, FEDEX and UPS. A gentleman came in with 4 cases of water and wanted it sent to Florida to his brother. "Over night". It cost $900 bucks. Now there's some spendy water. Brother is not evacuating when the storm Irma hits. He has plenty of food but water is at a premium. I had a brief conversation with the man and handed him a flyer and directed him to this article specifically. He said he would meet up with me at the farmers market tomorrow. $900 bucks, That man sure loves his brother.

  40. marc says:

    Miami, FL. has captured some headlines over the last year or so because of the high tide inundations due to just small fractions of a sea level rise that will inevitably one day mean complete submersion of virtually the whole peninsula. And wouldn't you know it, Irma is appearing to take aim almost directly at Miami. Given what we know about the worthless motherf**kers who command these storms, this cannot possibly be sheer dumb luck. Miami will be fubar-ed if it ends up in the path of the storm surge associated with Irma. I'm sure the disaster capitalists are feverishly positioning themselves for maximum profit off of this situation. This is an abomination. Dear God, please, prepare a special Hell for these heart-dead bastards.

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      'Im sure the disaster capitalists are feverishly positioning themselves for maximum profit off of this situation."

      Great point Marc!

      Many are unaware that just 20 miles south of Miami (Turkey Point)and close to the Atlantic are two (2) Westinghouse nuclear reactors that have been operating since the 1970's. The last Cat 5 to hit Miami was Allen in '92 and severe damage was received everywhere including $80 mil to the Florida Power  Electric nukes.

      Irma dwarfs Allen in both size and intensity and as recently as Mar 2017, there was an explosion at Turkey Point. Like all old machinery, vulnerabilities increase and are difficult / impossible to forecast.

      As we know, once things go wrong with nuclear 'anything', they can go very wrong, very fast.

      The arrogance and the endorsement of our ancestors who installed these nuclear devices so close to inevitable catastrophe regions cannot be forgiven. It was always 'about the money'.

      Size of Irma v Allen

      Turkey Point

    • Kazadum says:

      Dont you realize Mark in OZ, that is why they placed them in disaster prone areas, government money and to hold the population hostage. They were planned on fault zones and other disaster prone regions for a reason. the are owned by the Rothchilds, government doesnt go along with them now they use their leverage.

  41. Frank says:

    I'm sure some of you have come across the supposed significance of the number 11 and its multiples. I know it was just at my location, but this morning there were two, half-hour mild rains in the morning. I looked at the clock as they started and the times were 5:22 and 7:22. It is so bizarre, but what does it say about these bastards at the weather controls?

    • Dennie says:

      It's pure and simple superstition.  SO WHAT if we can dance around the moon to the left 31 times more efficiently when saying the number "eleven–" Numbers fixation is simply a manifestation of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER– that label describes these fucking MONSTERS just about completely.  Oh, and HEARTLESS, too.

    • Kazadum says:

      Dennie, or numbers themselves are very special. We are imprisoned by numbers all of our lives do you ever stop to think why?

  42. Frank says:

    Thank you again, Dane, for keeping the pressure up. If there ever was a time that the word might pass quickly through the population, this is it. All of our years of study and preparation are coming to fruition while so many know nothing.

  43. Barb Eaton says:

    The map showing their continued cool down of the north east is so true. Some days here in southern NH I've had goosebumps it's been so chilly. The last two days it's been so humid it was hard to breathe, along with full "cloud" cover and now rain, rain, rain.  Watching the local news and their new "predictions" that Irma will hit FL and then take a right turn is so blatantly obvious that they will use the local microwaves to keep it out of the Gulf and send it up our coast instead. What about Jose and Katia?  Irma now the biggest ever North Atlantic hurricane!?  I think they are out of control at this point. Yes they could move the storms out to sea, they can manipulate where they go, they could HAARP it to kingdom come. They won't, they are out to test us I think, to see how people react to losing everything they own, not being able to work, having no food, no water, no power, nowhere to live along with all their other agenda's against us.  Watching the weather channel (so much hype to panic people) and seeing the winds in the islands – why were the winds only 80 miles per hour when they're saying the wind speeds are 185 miles an hour?  The palm trees were blowing, but nothing was falling over or breaking apart, why is that? They should of been decimated. Made no sense since Harvey blew apart Texas when it made land fall. Something is very fishy about this Irma, and the 2 others behind her. Very fishy!!

  44. marc says:

    A peculiar atmospheric pattern hangs over Tucson, Az. There are no nearby forest or grass fires that might be generating enough smoke to cause the entire Tucson valley to look smoky, murky, a little gray-brownish. The sky has an unusually blanched out weird look about it, very little of the blue we all so crave but rarely seem to get anymore. I reckon it's possible the L.A. fires have mucked up our skies here but I couldn't confirm this possibility. 

      In spite of this, I went on a bike ride in 100 degree heat awhile ago. It's always a weird feeling knowing there's stuff I'm breathing in that I can scarcely comprehend; enough substances to fill a foot-long paragraph on this page and then some. Modern human civilization has always taken for granted the self-renewing aspects of our breathable air column. Somehow we have always thought that we were so small, and the planet so big, that the impacts of our fires and our industry would never be anything to worry about. Fast forward to 2017. How incredibly insane we have become in our assumptions about our relationship to this planet. As Dane reminds us, all it takes is just one of four or five different scenarios to continue and any one of them will terminate humankind. We're talking absolute game over. For us, our kids, our grandkids, our friends, the living world, everything we or any of us ever knew. Over. Not in some abstract sense, tucked away somewhere up in the mind. Right here, right in front of us, game over. Death and suffering on orders of magnitude not seen in millions of years. 

      On my bike ride today I watched a dragonfly that had landed on a reed at the edge of a small lake. He was just sitting there rock-still, looking heartwrenchingly beautiful, about two feet from me. I wondered if he might be inwardly singing the Beatles song "Across the Universe":

                Jai Guru Deva…..Om…..Nothin's gonna change my world….nothin's gonna change my world……….

  45. You give out more and more detailed information with the truth no quessing no denials straight in the face facts which your supplying more and more of , I send thses talks out but few respond or care either to comfortable or scared to fight or spread truth , one day as you state there is no turning back even for those politicians who close there eyes and keep there mouths closed

  46. John says:

    Dane, that was so incredibly powerful because it hit very hard with documented proof of a type of warfare unleashed on the population that can scarcely be comprehended in it's barbarity and evil. This I believe, will force many to awaken from their self-imposed state of oblivion and take responsibility for seeking out the truth and help others to do the same.  I feel a strange sense of foreboding now that this is it, this is now the beginning of a terrible assault on mankind designed to desensitize,demoralize and then neutralize.  The chaos has been ramped up exponentially everywhere in the world and a legion of evil has been unleashed upon us.

    May God bless us and Our Blessed Mother protect us!

  47. barbzi says:

    1961….. Eisenhower's farewell address

    Now this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet, we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society.
    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.'s_farewell_address


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello barbzi,  I find it of great interest that Eisenhower actually said in his draft notes: the industrial/military/congressional complex!  Offed the last bit for the speech he gave, but remains in his notes/draft.  And is key, I think.  And I think too late to mitigate our bloated military, done is done. They rule now, president be damned.  Congress a sham.  I fear this really is the beginning of the end game right now.

    • Dennie says:

      And West Point, where "they" create our military "leaders,"
       is a looney bin. Check it out, see if you think what happens there is any good for this or any other country:

  48. Captn. Jack says:

    Hey Dane,Am I nuts or do we have a weather war sea battle starting.Take a look at katia starting  up as a low pressure that is now moving East hopefully to knock Irma out to sea,but along comes good ole jose up the rear trying to catch up to Irma and overtake her on her starboard side to keep her on an even plot up through Florida.Can Katia get there first and save Florida or will Jose make it alongside and hold her to her job.I know it's probably BS but who knows.

  49. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Thank you, Dane. You are a Light of Truth on this darkening planet!  Since Dec. of 2016, I have been collecting a database of evidence aa research on NASA Worldview. I have found multiple very interesting screenshots of ‘spiraling’ formations in the clouds coming from Guadalupe Island off Baja CA. I have often wondered if they were experimenting with shaping SPIRAL weather formations, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. The article below is actually reporting this type of research, but in space, space hurricanes. Since their geoengineering technology is a military secret, I simply infer, interpolate or extrapolate beyond the original information into a possible understanding of the endlessly bizarre cloud formations I am continuously finding on NASA Worldview.
    Research on space plasma hurricanes could lead to new sources of energy  / September 6, 2016 by James Roddey
    A new study by researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, funded by the National Science Foundation, has identified for the first time a process by which the solar wind is heated along extended regions of the Earth’s magnetic shield as it penetrates through this barrier. The process may have parallels to the unsolved problem in astrophysics of how the solar corona is heated. It may also be helpful for understanding the cross-scale transport of energy in man-made plasma devices that may lead to the creation of practical fusion power.  … “In space, the fast streaming plasma (solar wind) originating from the Sun creates large ‘space hurricanes,’ called Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) waves, at the boundary of Earth’s magnetic barrier,” said Nykyri. “The KH waves typically have wavelengths in range of 20,000-40,000 km and a 1-3 minute period, and as they steepen and roll-up like ocean waves they can transport solar wind plasma into the magnetosphere.”
    full article with similar spiraling pattern illustrations:

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Spiraling cloud formations from Guadalupe Island / Nov.17, 2016

      WIKI: At the southern tip, on Melpómene Cove, Guadalupe Island there is a weather station staffed by a detachment from the Mexican Ministry of the Navy. The site is called Campamento Sur ("South Encampment").

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Susan, Informative as usual!  But this Mexican weather station also at southern tip of Guadalupe Island, a weather station.  I wondered about is it possible other countries would do this to us, and suspected Russia and China, but hello Mexico.  They have good reason too.  Wonder if they have the ability?  Do you know?

      By the way, what I observed in the skies a few days ago that was so awesome though obviously engineered,  what I saw looked so much like these various satellite pictures, but for being from ground looking up and in living color.  The sheer power of these things, these manipulated, invented 'clouds' as they move and morph–just stunning.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Susan, I checked out the link you provided here and those spiral cloud formations off of Guadalupe Island are incredible – almost symmetrical and surely unnatural.  Thanks for sharing. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Good God, I wish these scientific kooks would quit f*ing around with Earth's natural processes and leave our atmosphere alone. We've GOT to DEFUND The National Science Foundation ASAP.   : o

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I think I know how those spiral clouds formed, via what I watched recently in our skies.  To the right of the spirals is a whiter and dense glob of stuff seemingly pushing against all that incoming.  As push comes to shove, it folds, yet wants to move as the rest, resulting in these spirals, representing a temporary resistance effort, no doubt lost.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Mrs SF;

      the pseudoscience have discovered another pretext to developed new ways to harm People, now is the research on new sources of energy that could be found in space, and under that pretext they develop new methods of destruction here, on Earth. Revolting.


  50. lina says:

    You have to wrap your head around who the enemy is. I'm not sure how many people are aware of what is going, but I would say what is occurring is biblical in proportions. There are lots of people who don't care to see the truth and things are obscured by the diversions and in some cases spells and enchantments so no wonder that there is a huge divide in perceptions. The hidden agenda is always cloaked with admonitions, so you don't speak up. Trump called for a day of prayer, how many prayed and asked for help for themselves and others living in dangerous and ungodly times. How many have turned against their own worldly ways? Everyday should be a day for praying. Today's sins are yesterday's abominations. I judged myself and fell short, so I am not judging anyone else, just suggesting there might have to be a reset in our souls to prepare for what is being set up. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Excellent perspective Iina! Thank you for your comments. I do pray numerous times every day for continued rapid enlightenment of the many and myself, salvation for the planet, mercy for our ignorance and sins, and a change of heart for the evildoers in this world. 

  51. Michael says:

    I was a sleep like so many but was awoke by the help of a friend who is now on your legal team. I make it my mission to wake as many up as possible. My father is a retired airline pilot and did not know of any programs. If commercial planes are being use then it has to be the work of plane manufacturers he said. Keep doing what you're doing Dane! 

  52. barbzi says:

    1961….. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warns the American people to keep a careful eye on what he calls the “military-industrial complex” that has developed in the post-World War II years.
    Eisenhower was gravely concerned about “the acquisition of unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex.” In particular, he asked the American people to guard against the “danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”
     World War II and the ensuing Cold War resulted in the development of a large and powerful defense establishment. Necessary though that development might be, Eisenhower warned, this new military-industrial complex could weaken or destroy the very institutions and principles it was designed to protect.

  53. Rhonda says:

    Thank you so much Dane!   I wanted to share what just happened to me regarding a call to the Ruh Limbaugh Show. Today, he is talking about hurricane Irma and 'his' opinions of how the media sensationalizes weather events and such. I was fortunate to get through to the call screener and told to voice my question or comment. I simply asked "What is Mr. Limbaugh's opinion of weather manipulation?" I WAS SHOCKED when the screener instantly said " Which "KOOK" are you?" Stunned, I asked what he meant. He replied "I don't do kooks. Are you the chemtrail kook, the geoengineering kook, the SRM kook? I don't do kooks and you are a kook." I am still shocked at the rapid, rabid response!  Yet, clearly, they are HYPER sensitive to the subject, which is very revealing. Wow! Just stunned! Have you had any experience with this show?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rhonda, members of the power structure controlled media (like Rush Limbaugh and his staff) must at this point be considered criminal accomplices to the climate engineering coverup.

    • Rhonda says:

      Thank you for your response and explanation. You are absolutely right! I must tell you, the response from this call screener was so ugly, (name calling? Really?) and rapid on the subject, that it gave me chills. No doubt they are part of the cover-up. We are living in evil and dire times. God bless you and all of those who never give up. Always praying for you and your family. God bless our children.

    • Brice Bias says:

      Dane and everyone else check out nasa worldview, and click on the earth in the top right corner, then click arctic. Go to the 1st of September to the 6th of September. Notice all of the heavy microwaved clouds, and countless chemtrails in Canada and Norway. This is how they could be engineering the cool down for the Midwest and the Northeast. It was 44 this morning heading to classes! brrrrrrr. Unseasonably cool.

    • Willie says:

      That is clearly Rush's opinion or direction to not discuss this topic, he is either totally asleep or quite possibly been given the "order" not to discuss.  Remember Tim Russert's demise after harping on the WMD's with Bush?


    • Joseph L says:

      Gate keepers are everywhere.  Before the Iraq war started In  2003  — MSNBC kicked Phil Donahue off of the air because his ratings were very high for questioning go into Iraq for WMDS = weapons of mass distraction          — On vaccinations — medical industrial complex wouldn't let the truth out about how dangerous they here- aluminum and mercury in them. etc    We go on an on — climate engineering they will hide from us too but not here.

  54. Martha says:

    I want to share an exchange I had with a friend, a good friend who is awake and very aware of this insanity but….I'll leave it at that. My main reason for posting is to give encouragement and maybe some ideas to those who are taking action. I had just sent some "wake up and do something" links and this is the exchange that ensued.

    Their reply:  "I agree about the geo discussion. There's no doubt that they are messing with everyone. There appears to be so much going on. I'm hopeful that the power of love, integrity, kindness & goodness will prevail."

    My response:  "I totally agree that love, integrity, kindness & goodness are powerful and embodying these qualities is the only way to be. Since the vast majority are still fast asleep regarding what's being done to them, their children, the rest of us and our earth isn't it the responsibility of those of us who are awake and aware to do all we can to inform them and wake them up? If you were in a deep sleep and and in serious danger, wouldn't it be an act of kindness for someone to wake you up and tell you that you're in harm's way? You would then be aware of what's going on and able to take whatever action was needed and you would, wouldn't you?

    Simply behaving in a loving, kind manner may not be enough to counteract the abject evil moving against us all unless we direct that love, integrity & kindness into productive, constructive action. The sign of a healthy mind is to face challenges head on and deal with them. An unhealthy mind whimpers or cries, "doom & gloom!" in the face of evil-in-action, pretends or tells themselves it isn't happening or isn't as bad as it seems, or refuses to see or acknowledge there's even a problem at all because if they did they'd be obligated to do something about it.

    It's my perception that we're all obligated to do our part and most aren't. It's part of being a responsible adult. It seems so much easier to adopt an attitude of denial, or powerlessness,"there's nothing I can do about it anyway," or simply refuse to care and go about their "normal" lives…until it becomes so blatantly clear that there is no "normal" life anymore. Actually, that's the hard way because at that point it may be too late.  Sent with love, integrity and kindness…."

    Hopefully, it will make a difference and we'll remain friends. Time will tell. Stay strong everyone. Much love to you…

    • Dennie says:

      @Martha:  I've been trying to say that but I am rightly out of patience and time for the "Pink and Fuzzy" "Love-It-Up" faction of the New Age-New Thought crowd.  I don't know where that Pink and Fuzzy stuff gets you– either in the lint basket on a clothes dryer or back in bed, with the covers up over your head, maybe?

  55. Kendra says:

    I know the resistance will not be televised,  but where the hell do I sign up ?!

  56. Roy says:

    1962 protest song  What Have They Done to the Rain by Malvina Reynolds pertaining to strontium would be a good addition to the music collection on your website.

  57. Stephen Strutt says:


    Dear Dane,

    Thanks so much for the great updates. I am always following your website, and announce and LINK Geo-Eng articles to your website. I just wish that we could persuade enough people to rise up, and put a stop to the Globalists Agenda, instead of DENIAL! Keep up the great work!

    Best Wishes,


  58. Ron Marr says:

    Great work, Dane.

    They do believe they're god… of their fake reality… and still want to exterminate us, again and again…But, I have to agree with the American Indian elders… it is us we are waiting on.

    • josee says:

      Dane, you are one courageous soul. Thank you for all that you are doing and have been doing tirelessly for years ! You are one of the few remaining real news sources that have been consistent throughout the years.

      @Ron: I enjoyed reading all the comments but out of all of them, YOU  nailed it. And so did one other post that I can't seem to find. It has gotten this bad BECAUSE we have been complacent (and therefore complicit) to the madness. It is up to us. Only WE can make the change happen. We have the power, together, to change the course we are on. The people around me know things are messed up but refuse to go any further.

      I have been dropping truth bombs to loved ones for years. It really saddens me that while my knowledge and opinions once mattered, they are now met with apathy and scorn.

      There must be an extra dose of fluoride in my city's water supply, because the blank stares and eye-rolling are doing me in. How do the rest of you cope with totally asleep people you've known your entire lives ?

      As for my "New Age" friends who are supposedly awake, the idea of simply allowing "everyone to wake up in their own time " or to "follow their own path" is so absurd at this point. I'm beginning to think that precisely, is part of the New Age psy-op. The person who helped wake me up six or seven years ago believes this idea. Nothing will get done if we wait until ppl wake up on their own. We need a hell of a lot more of us and we need them… well… soon would be good. 


  59. Arlyne Ball says:

    Dane & All Awakers, I just share what I know and I educate folks how to detox and speak into people's listening of what those strange clouds are above. No fluff just facts and I tell them to go to your site. The internet has been a good tool to circulate info as well as talking to your community about what's happening today in our world and some here have presentations that help people get out and wake up. We aren't all dead yet we are alive and that is a good thing. It saddens me to hear about the oceans and marine life massively dying as well as all the wildfires here in the west. Weather warfare is just that. Where is the UN in all of this..? There are many ways today to feed all of the people here on this planet but the elite the evil ones just don't care. I do care for the next generation and many of them are Awake and have dropped out and  have changed and built sustainable lifestyles and walk and bike and don't use fossil fuels. They use compost worms to clean up pesticide dirt and use mushrooms to clean up nuclear contamination. We all need to change one person everyday and let that be the start of change, 

    thanx for listening. I am a retired kindergarten teacher & worm farmer in N.California.


  60. Seeing Clearly says:

    Hello Dane, thank you for this high quality film. Keep up the good work and continue to watch over the climate ready to document and report climate abuse such as weather-warfare.

  61. Jane Flowers says:

    Well there is one thing that is different – President Trump.  Seems to me the global elite suppressed the weather for the last 12 years, but suddenly we have Harvey and Irma.  Trump is an outsider.  There is nothing more threatening to power structures than an outsider suddenly becoming the most powerful.  Especially when that person was elected by the people. 

  62. James says:

    The weather animation and your logic in your video makes for  very good projection.  Thank you for this report, it is just what we were looking for.


    This looks like a good source.  Where did you get this map?  We need to continue to track the storm.


  63. Michelle T says:

    NASA began sonic boom testing on Florida's Space Coast on the day of the solar eclipse. I live in the area, and there were days of several booms. I believe the testing has ended. My question: Might these booms affect the tropical systems? Harvey was in the Atlantic during the tests.

  64. Abigail says:

    Dear Dane,

    As always, thank you for your relentless work to get this CRIMINAL WARFARE OUT FOR ALL TO SEE!  WE MUST SPEAK UP!

    I am sharing this with Russ Tanner, GlobalSkywatch. Thank you Dane for carrying the torch, and for your wonderful family helping you to get the information to the Public's EYE!  The Hurricane's are all being manipulated by our GOVERNMENT! WRITE TO THEM! EMAIL THEM! Stay on them. PRAY ON! We must keep sounding the alarm as Dane informs us. May GOD bless and FORGIVE America.  

    PEOPLE, please keep Dane in your prayers. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field, as it was his whole life's calling. NOW, we must stand behind him. Write the Governing System in your Country. BUT DO NOT KEEP  RANTING on about how ' "HORRIBLE THEY"  are.'     Naturally, they will CUT YOU OFF!  Be prepared. Dane has so much information over here. IF they can not read, or at least LOOK AROUND THIS WEBSITE, then they will be of NO help to our EARTH.and all LIFE HEREON!

    The future of the our planet EARTH is IN TROUBLE! BAD TROUBLE! Don't stop sharing the information, one day they WILL 'HAVE' TO SEE what's happening. IT'S DISASTROUS! BLESSINGS TO DANE and ALL of you people that TRULY CARE! KEEP SOUNDING THE ALARM.  We only have about 5 years left before something terribly catastrophic will happen! DO SOMETHING!, PLEASE.  GOD BLESS AMERICA! IN GOD WE TRUST! 

  65. Donna says:

    Just tried to pay my sister $100 to watch this 12 minute video. She's not busy. Just sitting watching the "weather" channel re: Irma.

    She refused. Wow.

  66. Sarah says:

    I'm just curious… You spoke of sharing data as one of our biggest weapons in this fight. Do you have data about hurricane Irma?

  67. GretchenThomas says:

    Notable quote from ABC affiliate WTVG weather reporter Ross Ellet this morning," Here's a record you don't hear every day, a record low high temperature" scheduled for Thursday, September 7th for Toledo, OH.

    Clearly, we still don't know the extent of the media's manipulation of our  perception of that day's events, or the scope and scale of the "government" collusion and conspiracy as we approach the 16th anniversary of the mass murder of innocent civilians by the true terror organizations that are the military industrial complex and the psychopaths that control everything. They are the enemy.

  68. Margaret says:

    The spraying has been going on for years.  The spray contents have to be coming from somewhere — some manufacturer producing them.  Does anyone have an idea?

  69. Anthony says:

    Living in Atlantic City ocean front I get to wake up  to see the spraying start just about every morning till the sky is covered and what starts out as a beautiful blue sky turns into a yellowish gray dome.  Monsanto now is involved with  the GMO seeding of Marijuana to control the growers as they do with the food crop farmers. We need the the millions of sleeping sheep to wake up and stop this evil insanity.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Thank you Anthony for reporting in. I am originally from outside Philadelphia. It is"good" to know what is happening there. Take care there in AC.

  70. Teresa Jacobs says:

    Dear Dane, thank you so much for this most timely and succinct report tonight. I have been wanting such a summary all day – for sharing the big picture about this most dire and complex situation.  It seems that many people are waking up. They are disoriented and looking to make sense of all the chaos, as they experience and see all the anomalies of fire storms and water storms (even as anomalously huge IRMA approaches land) – on top of the ongoing effort to divide-distract-scare The People – on top of blatant efforts to unravel our society by people who took solemn oaths to protect and defend our nation. 

    Here in Montana, where some of us have suffered 8 weeks of record-setting wildfire damage and smothering smoke (with no end in sight), some fires are simply out of control.  The Missoulian quotes an experienced fire manager who is baffled by "unprecedented conditions" this past weekend: "I'd hate to say how many collective years of fire experience are on our team, but we're all just scratching our heads because nothing's working. Things we'd think normally would work aren't working the way they should." 

    The growing tally of trauma is waking and shaking people up to the possibility that this is not just climate change, and not just random.  So many people I know have never even heard of geo-engineering and can't fathom that humans have figured out how to control hurricanes. 

    Hugs for every person as this news blows their mind, as we all wake up to literally fight for our lives together.  No doubt the sledge hammer threatens to comes down again and again – without any reverence for life, or respect for solemn oaths of office.  I hope that all potential whistle-blowers and all proud members of the military will now imagine looking into the face of their children and grandchildren, and imagine talking about the day they chose a future for them under a big, blue sky.  Buckets of gratitude for you, Dane.

  71. Tim says:

    Dane – an ice free arctic will kill all the trees once the methane eruption happens. No trees, a dead Ocean = dead humans. I am afraid Scientists like Guy McPherson is right. He has been right thus far. The only hope is a complete stoppage of this insanity and even then, I think it is game over.

  72. Josie says:

    This is so depressing that our beautiful word is being destroyed. I'm 76 in good health and was looking forward to enjoy rocking grandbabies and shellings butter beans on my front porch.  Ha, I don't even want to go outside anymore. This is so evil that this is being done to us. But what I'm wondering is how are the elites planning on living on earth after they destroy it? 

    • Gretchen says:

      I feel the same way.  I am a retired 70 year old who expected to spend time with my folks now that I can, but I blame geoengineering for my outdoorsy Dad's Alzheimer's and death.  I used to run trails as part of my training, but always got pneumonia from breathing that nanoparticulate matter, stomach problems, high spray days of confusion and lethargy.  I cannot find a face mask that allows enough oxygen, so have abandoned most of my training outdoors.  I really feel so frustrated.  Even though more people see what is going on, nobody is doing anything. I want my retirement back, and I want my families health back.  I am so surprised that outdoor athletes (even pros) have not found this site.

    • Kahalafan says:

      "But what I'm wondering is how are the elites planning on living on earth after they destroy it? "

      Ha. Life and the betterment of it is not part of their agenda utter destruction is their only mission.

      I guess if you peruse thru 'The Omaran Saga' by Adrian Cole you can glimpse how souls can be warped and hellish worlds created by people who may have once been good and trustworthy.


    • Debbie says:

      They have created underground cities for themselves to live in for decades to come with our tax dollars. 

  73. marc says:

    I have a friend who is a commercial airline pilot (Delta, I'm pretty sure) but who also plays, of all things, bluegrass mandolin. He texted me today and asked if I wanted to get together to "pick". (that's code for "jam") I agreed and will see him next week. (I'm a professional fiddler, folks) I had a "run-in" with this feller about a year ago when, after I'd had a few margaritas, I confronted him on what he knows about SRM, etc, whether or not he knows if Delta's fleet is retro-fitted with spraying equipment, and/or what his opinion is of the massive degradation and obscuration of the atmosphere due to spraying. Well, you guessed it: total f**king deer-in-the-headlights. He actually contended he didn't notice anything unusual and that the idea that a massive spraying program is underway is absurd. I now live in the same town as him, but didn't back then. When he comes over he's gonna get Dane's new brochure and a video served up with a cherry on top. Not to mention an upgraded interrogation from yours truly. I'll keep y'all posted on that development.

       On a different front I was holed up in a little town in Texas due to car engine failure 🙁 a few weeks ago and stayed in an itsy-bitsy down-home out of the way motel, very clean, very nice, next to a soybean field. My car had been towed to the motel until I could figure out what to do. There was only one other patron at the motel, whom I met the next morning when I emerged to get something out of my car. He said hello and then said, "I know all about what your stickers are saying on your car." (I have several stickers that say "Spraying skies, telling lies", with a graphic of a jet spraying crap out of the wings) We ended up having a fantastic conversation that ranged from government surveillance run amok to geoengineering and beyond. But almost the last thing he said to me before the tow truck arrived was that Jesus is all we have left, He is our only salvation in the face of this assault on all things living. I confess that was the last thing I expected this big, bearded galoot to say. In any case, I don't personally subscribe to Jesus, though I will concede he was likely an "incarnation of God" in the Hindu sense. An Avatar, if you will. If it turns out to be true that some brand of Satanism or Luciferianism lies at the core of what drives some of these deep-state motherf**kers to do what they're doing to this world, (and there is more than passing evidence to support this) then maybe Jesus, or something kinda like Him, might be just exactly what this world needs in what can arguably called an epic battle between Good and Evil. How all that will play out is something I cannot keep my hopes up about. If I just sit around and let "God" take care of it all, I'm no different than all the congregations and their phony pastors who refuse to get involved with raising awareness of this critical, life-threatening issue (geoengineering, etc) If just one pastor knew there might be a Satanic influence behind these activities, would that qualify as reason enough to get up off one's ass to take a stand? I suspect probably not. At what point does complacency become complicity?

    • Tanya says:

      Hi marc, 

      We are at the point where complacency is complicit. And silence is agreement. In my line of work I come across pastors all the time. And many feel that the devil is behind all of this. They feel small and insignificant and so they look for a savior. It is my opinion that no one is coming to save us. Consider this as food for thought when I was involved in the "New Age movement" I was taught that the second coming of Christ would not be a person or a human being in the body arriving on the Earth. But rather a collective Christ consciousness. An opportunity for all the people of Earth to raise their awareness to Christ consciousness. And this of course means growing up, taking responsibility, being a good Steward of the Earth, and engaging in the practice of love. Jesus tried to cast the money changers (bankers) out, so things haven't changed too much in the last two thousand years. The common denominator of the people here visiting Danes site is that they are concerned for the greater good and the well-being of all life. Some of the others in denial still haven't chosen service to others and continue to serve self. 20 years ago I asked what would it take to wake the people of Earth? And I bear witness to it everyday. You are an avatar and so is Dane, a simple horse man, SF, and all the others that bear Witness to the heartbreaking murder of all life on this planet.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Yes Marc, us Jesus followers come in all shapes & sizes. If you would like to be informed on the miss information that these same Freaks have spewed about him. Please research, A Lamp In The Dark video's which too are based on Documented Facts as Dane sets before us at this site. The Series is Vast, & covers government dealings, etc. They have been duping the world about the Fact of Jesus too. That's how I know that he is Real. When they fight so hard to take him out of every discussion. And at the same time pushing the devil on us. It becomes CLEAR, Why they have been Fearful of His Power all of these Century's. Just by the mention of his name causes anger, by them or others.  What Power He Has!   As it is said; God's People Will Perish For Lack Of Knowledge!   They don't want us to know the Facts to any Life Altering Truth.       Including Jesus!

    • Deb Buckler says:

      This is a wonderful post, Marc. Very refreshing to see someone on exactly the same page as me. Good job! So many people use their religion as an excuse to not acknowledge what's going on nor do anything about it. It's all "Gods will". I just shake my head and wonder…what "GOD" are they serving?

    • Martha says:

      Marc, I always appreciate your posts – and can relate. I like your "Spraying skies, telling lies" stickers. Are they available? I have one of Dane's in my window which unfortunately doesn't seem to be getting noticed. I'll be getting another car soon and didn't want to put it on the bumper because I probably wouldn't be able to get it off and reuse it. Are any of yours available? Thanks!

    • marc says:

      Martha, thanks for your comment. Go to and you'll find the sticker in question. Unfortunately they use the moniker "chemtrail" as a search parameter to find anti-geoengineering bumper stickers. 

  74. Anna says:

    I feel sick in my soul about all of this weather "engineering", on every front, in every country, on every coastline, in everyone's face. Whether it be "historical or biblical" hurricanes, earthquakes, floods; or the US hypocritical war machine invading yet another country in the name of "democracy", I want to scream out to everyone, WAKE UP, LOOK UP, SPEAK OUT to everyone and anyone who has eyes or ears. We are all being led off of a cliff…depopulation is the REAL AGENDA here…we're all being lied to, infected with, killer foods, killer air, soil, water, vaccines at gunpoint, and enough propaganda to keep us stuck in the Matrix forever, like a herd of sheep fattened with poisons in our minds, hearts and heads so we can't think, listen, challenge, the most obvious and obnoxious of war crimes that are not happening "just over there' in the Middle East (Syria, Yemen, Iraq) or in Latin America (Venezuela) or soon, North Korea…but right here at home, in good old sociopathic USA… where all of us are just as disposable, deplorable, and becoming as destitute as our neighbors are around the world that we read about or listen about in fake news that bombards our psyches 24/7. Just open up and say what is wrong, what is ugly, what is cruel, what is engineered, including our weather, our lives, and our minds. Just say it, and be free. I have been doing it all day long, and I feel liberated! Speak the truth as we know it here with Dane. Spread the seeds, they will sprout given time.   

    • Debbie says:

      Oh..we're  waking up.. the internet is all abuzz. I agree with you about it ALL. All this is monstrous to say the least.

  75. Debbie Tummins says:

    This is UNBELIEVABLE !!!  I can see the possibility being there, but I can NOT see our Military and our Government DELIBERATELY steering a Hurricane into a populated area and even claiming to make it stronger than normal.  All this to KILL AMERICANS and cause hardship on Americans.  THAT IS CRAZY.  People better leave the things that are God's for God to deal with.  Manipulating giant storms to hit this country is NOT an option

    • Vivien Bunnell says:

      Debbie dear, this is exactly the plan. They know now that people are waking up and will not tolerate this agenda…so what happens, they cause all this destruction to distract the populace…all these families are displaced and have no choice but to depend on the government!

      It time folks for us all to rise and say no to communism!

      No to Mandatory Vaccines! No to GMOs, No to GeoEngineering!

    • Raymond Hein says:

      There is profit in destroying. it will open up lands that would not be allowed to have been allowed to be developed on. The Insurance companys will denie thousands of claims opening up people owned lands to banks as most will just let them take it. and it is a good oportunity for Distraction you know the saying (Don't let a good crisis go to waste) are goverment is evil.


    • ThomasT says:

      Pilots won't know. Stuff comes out of the back of the engines. Even engineering staff don't ask questions from the 'team'. I flew Capt on 4 eng. jets for 4 years and wouldn't have a clue what comesout of behind me unless I did a 360 turn in broad daylight to have a look.


    • nancy brickman says:

      IT is called money, power and being a minion to a vast demonic force.  Killing innocent people blunts the heart and makes people servants to self deception.

    • Kate says:

      Depopulation and control of the people. It's easier to control the masses when they are dependent on the government…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      With all Respect, they have been killing people since a long time, by the MILLIONS, but some people are still distracted.  It is the brain wash conducted by media, and the bla, bla, bla about democracy..


    • Anne Nonimous says:

      I thought it was unbelievable until UNDENIABLE bitch-slapped me into reality 5 years ago.  The US Government is simply the manager of the Western Division Branch of the New World Order.  You think we're any different to the NWO than every other populace they've brought to their knees before us?  As a newbie please understand that to the NWO it's our turn now to be bled like stuck pigs and looted before death.  Kinda like the Jewish in Europe during WW I I.   It won't happen now, too many people getting woke.  I thank Jesus and pray frequently.  

  76. Dale Smith says:

    Absolutely, Dane…….I couldn't add anything that you have laid on us. I apologize for not posting here much but if people are reading posts here? I am simply speaking to the choir. I can easily validate what you claim using other sources. I have a huge following on FB and I have had many I have alerted tell me that the backyard gardens that they use to grow have yielded nothing and they are scared…..and they should be. I am just a pebble tossed into a shore but eventually the waves reach the shore. 

    My reason for chiming in was to encourage you to keep up the fight because I and many are with you….you may not see them but you are not alone and you are our biggest voice.  We will go down swinging…….

  77. Trillian says:

    Powerful, Dane, thank you

  78. Sherri says:

    Who is the villain? who do we go after in a public way? Where do we aim the guns and what organizations should be targeted with the full force of every possible destructive weapon? With vaccines, we can aim at Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, Aventis, GSK. With GMO, we can aim at Monsanto. Who is the geo-engineering villain? 
    Assume for a minute that 1 or 2 or 5 or 7 billion people ARE WAKE and the DO GET IT. You've had over 27M hits on this website. 

    When everyone is away and angry, what can they do to feel POWERFUL? The American way is to seek out who or what is causing the problem and make it stop. WHO do we go after to make it stop? 

    1. US military? then appeal to the UN 

    2. the airline industry?

    3. the pilots? 

    4. The chemical manufacturers who stock the planes? 

    Waking people up is one thing: creating a way to take action to MAKE IT STOP is something else. I think we all know it will take decades – or maybe never – to reverse the damage, but isn't the point of all this information to make people know how bad it is……but what can we do to MAKE IT STOP? Who? What? Where? Why? Who is spraying this S**T? Who do we hang at dawn to make it stop? 

    Information is key to waking people up. But once awake…then what? if everyone in our circle is awake…then what is the next step?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sherri, all of us who are aware and awake share your frustration, but the vast majority are still fast asleep. There is no silver bullet in this battle, there is only one way forward in this fight, to reach a critical mass of awarness. I am attaching a link in this message that was also hyperlinked in the article post, it will fill in some blanks. FYI

    • CIndy says:

      Why would you tell anything to the UN? They are absolutely NOT your friend. Everything is so compartmentalized that every scenario you have come up with will lead absolutely NOWHERE. Get outside and tell people around you to look up. Then tell them what you know. Direct them to learn more. Your knee-jerk reaction is very frightening. If you run around screaming those types of comments NO ONE will believe you. You are not helping spread the word by getting so angry. Yes, it's horrible. But we have been praying over this for a very long time. You  are not awake if you think you can pin this on one organization and get everyone else to back you. Nothing is ever that simple. Get educated on who really runs the world. The octopus is horrendous and huge.

    • Mr. Stacey J. Boudreaux says:

      Took the question right out of my mouth!! Bravo

    • ShadowElite says:

      NASA and USAF are behind the trails and the Geoengineering Eather Control experiments. An Airforce/PaganAgenda.

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