INFOWARS Exposes Global Weather Warfare Assault


My most sincere gratitude to Alex Jones and INFOWARS for throwing their full weight into the critical battle to expose the toxic aerosol spraying in skies all over the world. The global climate engineering assault is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm, this is the most important untold story on the planet. The ongoing lethal geoengineering programs hold life in the balance, these programs must be exposed and halted. In the 30 minute video below Alex Jones and I cover the many lethal effects that are being inflicted on the biosphere and humanity from the geoengineering weapon of mass destruction. Help us to bring this dire issue to the light of day.
Dane Wigington

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  1. kirk Mannor says:

    11/162015 these sick pigs are spraying again , north east Ohio, if I am still alive I hope to see these people go to prison.

  2. Eric Hall says:

    Dane, Approximately 11 days before your appearance with Alex Jones, I sent him a mailed letter begging him to begin covering the chemtrails and HAARP issues.  In the past, his radio show was spotty on these issues.  Not sure if my letter worked as a catalyst but I am glad you were on and you sounded very presentable!!  Good job….
    I still talk to everyone that I come in to contact with.  Some think it's nuts but I back up the facts with radar images and other photos…

    • rose says:

      Thank you, Eric. More than once we begged Alex to cover this or we would  go else were to get it. All radio host MUST listen to their LISTENERS and subscribers Why? we are all being poisoned by this everyday it is horrid We are done talking MEN politics We have gone way far past  flesh man politics .. We should NOT have to beg preachers for TRUTH or people we THOUGHT cared  to cover what we ask for or they are no better than main street media. The LORD says FEAR not him(man) that can kill your flesh body ,but fear HIM that can kill your flesh body and make your SOUL parish ALSO  FATHER has foretold all things He would say Have YOU read it? Do not trust in man period LETS hope they come AROUND all at once

    • Ken Hall says:

      I mentioned this topic event on another section of this informative site. Today, November 9, 2015, 7 jets with dual spray section releases off each wing flew north west and south easterly patterns for about five hours above central Bosnia Herzegovina. I live in Tuzla, and am retired US Army here for several years. I have been watching these jets for months, and they typically fly in groups of two during the last two days of the month here. Today, it was 7 large aircraft, and they were really busy turning what was a clear blue sky a milky, grayish white as myself, and all the other patrons at an outdoor cafe bar in the center of the city looked up in silence. My Bosnian friend asked me why someone would want to 'kill us all?' I said simply: so the one's with all the money can have the world for themselves and their heirs. It will take a Bastille moment to save ourselves from climate genocide of the human race.

  3. Cheri Kay says:

    Big Thanks Dane and Alex.   We here in Wisconsin are being sprayed like bugs, too.   It's affecting our crops and livestock.   Amen to all of the above.

  4. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Alex Jones thank you so much! We all have children, but not to be made ill, or die. 

  5. I've noticed that a lot of the now spraying planes over my area leave some trails while others leave none but, after a couple minutes, plumes start to make an appearance and small hair like waves start to appear and as soon as HAARP activates, we can see RUFFLES chips style white crap formation. I have an opinion, they are changing the way to spray and the chemical solutions are being changed in order for us to not be able identify trails so we could think it doesn't happen again. Don't be fooled, it is being sprayed 24h/day 365 days long!

    • Kim corgiats says:

      I have also seen a significant increase in the flight activity as one plane leaves an easily observed chem trail and then two others  that are flying nearby without anything( including a "contrail". Yet the clouds are not natural and look as if they should have rain dumping over the central Cali valley/ as they are dark gray, and dense with an occasional faint rainbow; yet no rain. 

    • nomad says:

      @Jonathan Letourneau 

      I have noticed something similar. I call it stealth chemtrailing.

      "The… thing that I noticed this morning (8:30) was a plane flying at about 40,000 feet almost directly above me going west, a tiny white silhouette. It was leaving a trail of a thousand feet or so that quickly melted into an already glazed sky. it was leaving a double trail and as I pondered whether or not this trail was aerosol spray, I noticed another plane flying near it just ahead of it, going in the same general direction, at approximately the same altitude, leaving no trail at all. So that answered that question. This was a stealth chemtrailer, emitting a reduced amount of aerosols, which is why the trail it left was short and did not linger. As if to underscore the point, the plane that had not been leaving a trail emitted a small burst and then a longer dash of trailage which did linger, emphasizing that these were not engine generated contrails but were in fact the controlled release of aerosols."

  6.  One of the best Alex Jones presentations I've seen. He allows Dane plenty of time to clearly state the facts, and (for once) keeps his interruptions to a minimum. Very well done Dane. Thanks!
    Perhaps readers would do well to understand the historical elements behind the "science" of eugenics and economic technocracy: >
    Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation
    An Interview with Patrick Wood
    "The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy."

    • Cheri Kay says:

      Thanks Dane for getting this on InfoWars.  I have been waiting for Alex to get more serious about this.   Finally he seems to have gotten on board.  

  7. Jeff says:

    I am glad to see Alex giving due notice,and support to this dire issue,and as always Dane,your an inspiration.

    Last night I woke to a thought,that connected some big dots.

    I have been handing out fliers with the UN "Simulated Reserve and Corridor System to Protect Biodiversity" Map,showing the UN (New World Order) plans for restructuring the US. If you look at the map the majority of soon to be off limits to people shown by the markings,are on the west coast (California,Washington,Oregon,ect). My connection is that the lower east coast is designated by the map as where the population is going to be allowed. Being that the satellite maps of the US show drought on the west ( forcing the population to move out as an act of survival),this act,is helping the Agenda in relocating the population where they intend.

    I hope some one else researches this map,and can confirm,or deny this dot connecting.

    Thanks again Dane for your compassion on exposing this crime,I am one that is with you to the end.

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Jeff,
      I have been making that same correlation for about a year now. It is, of course, pure conjecture, but circumstantial evidence is admissible. Look to where they want us to live; these areas are also under a different kind of onslaught.
      Whereas on the west coast they don't let it rain, in the Midwest where I am, they let it rain, and rain and rain in order to destroy our ability to grow non-GMO heirloom food. The metals are destroying wildlife so that we can't catch fish and other small game to survive. We are set for a cataclysm on an order no one will make it through unscathed. No matter the extent of the damage we individually suffer, the cold hard facts are; though EVIL to the core, they have not undertaken this destruction without having covered all the bases. At least that is what they THINK.
      There is yet one unknown variable in these equations, the HUMAN response to omnicide. That is what has them in fear, US. That is why the UN is pushing for mandated flouridation of ALL member nations water supplies, forced vaccination, censorship of the internet, etc.
      They know their goose is cooked if they don't chemically lobotomize the lot of us.
      Well, thanks to you and folks like Dane they are in for a surprise.
      Best to you,

  8. debra says:

    Now this is the exposure needed. Such a great interview to a large base!

    Checking this site daily now as Facebook has blocked my access. I got two thousand flyers and copying video's daily to distribute. Critical mass is building. Thank you Alex Jones, and Dane.

  9. Terri says:

    finally starting to get the word out. Thank you Dane.

    i have some pictures i took of the planes today and they look like drones. i am thinking they are not using pilots in the planes. they are using drone pilots. I read recently that they had a computer in complete control of an airplane in a test. They had it take off. hit its target. then land back on an aircraft carrier. They said it was a success but they doubted they would use it…yeah..right!! 

    i am wondering if some of those pilots are computers. no pilot flying them. an artificial intelligent computer. That would explain why there are so few whistle blowers. I would think they would have grown a brain cell by now and started talking or refusing to continue. Either  the pilots they are willing to do it regardless of the damage or the have computer controlled airplanes. Autonomous. Programmed to go from point A to point B in a straight line. Drop their load of poison and return to refill. 

    it is hard to believe anyone would be willing and able to do harm to others in this manner. hard to believe but i guess there are enough insane people willing to do so. Nazi Germany proved that. What soldiers can be programmed to do. They sign up to kill. it is what they do best. little wonder their mind snaps. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      My guess is that Kristin Meghan, the former U.S.A.F. industrial hygienist, might possibly know how the jets deliver the spray.  Here's why I believe this is being done by remote controlled flight programs:

      1. The technology to get a jet in the air, fly it around and land it using remote control has been around for quite some time; this fact was documented in Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, 2004.

      2. Remote flight means no liability regarding pilot health and safety– when no one's at the controls, nobody's being exposed to the sprays.

      3. Remote flight means that with no human pilot at the controls you don't get "leaks" because there's no one around to leak info about the programs. 

      Those all seem like pretty compelling arguments NOT to use pilots if you ask me.  And if I were one of the thugs, you bet I'd do everything I could to use remote controlled flight.

      The idiot U.C. Davis "scientist" with the credentials from M.I.T., "Tae Kwon Do," or whatever-his-name is, apparently doesn't know any of the other idiot scientists, including the one from Harvard, Dr. David Keith, or the idiot on board at Stanford, Ken Caldeira– Sheesh!  A whole boat load of idiots working overtime to destroy Every Last Vestige of Life on Planet Earth.

  10. Boopa says:

    It's going to take a spiritual awakening to solve all this crap going on in the world

  11. Marc says:

    Has anyone thought about the question, "What if they won't stop?" Even if worldwide rage goes to the streets, THEY are the ones with the technology, THEY are the ones with military support, THEY are the ones making billions off of these snide schemes, and that includes the health care industry (how dare the paeans sign onto Obamacare, we'll show them!) What if the bastards won't stop, regardless of public opinion, by using the reason that it MUST BE DONE TO SAVE THE WORLD? Where will the debate occur between opposing factions? Who will be the spokespersons for the pro and con? How much higher will the meatsocks behind all this ramp up the disinformation to an already distracted and blase public?

    Just a few thoughts for the afternoon……

    • Earth Angel says:

      Geez Marc, Thanks for the cheery thoughts!  ; )

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We're definitely seeing a run up to the December Paris Accord on Climate Change, or whatever it's being called right now.  We've got His Holiness, Pope Whatcha-ma-callit from Argentina, who used to be a very authoritarian leader, we heard recently; that is, until Something Happened and now, of course, HE'S CHANGED, and we see before us a Kinder, Gentler Pope– could it be so bad–? He was heard chastising the American Congress (HOW do all these foreign idiots like Nut-on-Yahoo and Il Papa get to address Congress, for God's sake– are THEY running our country??) about being nicer to all the poor people, who will suffer the most, when the climate changes (so, WE GOTTA DO GEOENGINEERING ALL THE TIME NOW!!). Aw, C'MON folks– let's all go along to get along!

      Everyone in the army is not always so well-paid and the veterans are treated worse than most people treat the family DOG– And that much we DO know. 

      So, no– "They" don't have It All Figured Out.  History is full of examples of militaries splintering and splitting, and whole armies rebelling. 

      "Obama Care," a.k.a. the "affordable health care act" should have been much more aptly named "the somewhat more affordable health insurance act." It was a bone to the insurance industry (look at how many new customers they have now) and we still don't have "affordable health care" the way they do in Germany, Japan, England, etc.  It's already not working here, rates are going up and people like me are paying $759 per month just to have single-payer health care.  And look what you get– drugs that just make you sicker, then you have to have the new symptoms from the poisoning treated, with what?  MORE toxic crap!  And now we have enforced medication coming right down the pike ready to hit us all right in the face.  If California can be forced into doing something crazy, it will be relatively easy to enforce this monstrous NAZI scheme everywhere else in the country– hoping like Hell I am wrong!!

    • Michel B says:

      Marc, that is a dismal possibility. Look how many have died in the wars in the last 150 – 200 years. More and more are catching on to how these wars have been staged by the elite for the elite with us as the disposable meat in the sandwich.

      But the wars are still going on. The Military build up is still going on. Climate engineering is being ramped up. Mass awareness will have to be followed by some action by the people. Protesting an overseas war carried out by your country's government motivates many people to join in that chorus. What if everyone knew they were being sprayed like bugs, being droughted out, flooded out, toxified out, off the scale UV'd out and radiated out?! Then there might be motivation to take some effective action.

      Now, what is 'effective action'? Marching on Washington? Marching on the air bases where the planes take off from? Marching on the facilities where they produce the spray toxins? Marching on the HAARP facilities? Mass walk outs/strikes of government employees? Everyone not paying their taxes all of a sudden? Citizens' arrests of all those involved in and supporting these programs?

      I don't condone violence, but if someone shot down an air tanker or two or one thousand that was used for spraying, I wouldn't be sorry. If someone sabotaged one or twenty of the HAARP facilities I don't think I'd shed a tear. But the best way to deal with this would be a non violent way. A non violent method will best lead to a non violent outcome.

      TPTB will be insistent on continuing these programs. There is plenty they want to achieve. Your genocidalist, communist leader, Obama, once said, "My personal salvation lies in a collectivist salvation." Isn't that nice?! Not! Can the average American see what he is saying?! I wish they would, because what he is saying is that he wants you enslaved, more than you currently are.

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      What are we going to do….don't forget the French Revolution.

    • penny says:

      But let's also not forget the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution, and the backlash from that which brought the same old aristocracy back into power. 

      We don't need another Robespierre.  As Tina Turner sings, We don't need another hero.  We need to get down to some radical equality.  Are humans ready for that? 

      Marc, I have those thoughts every minute of every day, pretty much.  Today I went hiking with my beloved daughter in the hills above Stirling, in Scotland, and from on high we looked out at nature's beauty and… olive-green clouds.  And my spirit soared as my heart broke, if you know what I mean.

  12. Marc says:

    Alex Jones' disgust and rage was palpable in this interview. I must admit it is heartening to see exposure at this level, with no bullshit, no sugarcoating, and no pansy-assed greenhorn reporters invoking and repeating the PS catchwords and phrases, such as we saw in the CBS piece on the topic. 

       I agree with Nicole, in that I am not a dyed-in-the-wool Alex Jones fan, but with this one interview he has indeed redeemed himself, as far as I'm concerned. His display of emotion suggests to me that he ain't likely to give up on this issue anytime soon. To have his voice in the game is a huge asset to the cause. Once again, standing ovations for Dane, and Alex too.

  13. Al C says:

    Great interview.

    In today's newspaper, it showed the Pope speaking to the masses with all of Washington's finest beside him………….Up above, was all aerosol skies!
    I sure hope they're not going to use the Pope to plug Geoegineering.

    • SD says:

      And watching news report today about the Pope in NYC, a rainbow miraculously appeared in the sky – with no rain.  Of course that rainbow was indeed chemtrail residue . . .

  14. They do not want to stop this genocide on our Planet due to closing their minds to usual this is how they uproot our reality
    They are still spraying everyday during the early am hours like were so not watching them LOL
    Our skies in California if not filled with smoke from Fires just today in Colfax a large  outbreak in our little town..but under control but aliened with garbage of chem trails
    Dane we all stand in ovation to you

  15. Cori Gunnells says:

    Exceptional interview. Alex Jones was prepared, had ample documentation and evidence on the screen in tandem, and Dane as always delivered a solid message. It appears that Alex sincerely grasps the gravity of this issue, and plans to schedule more interviews with Dane. It's needed. 

    *It would be very helpful for everyone to go to the YouTube itself, and leave a comment showing the legitimacy and urgency of this dire issue (do not argue with trolls/shills). 

  16. Nigel holden says:

    Stay strong  dane . We will get there in the end. I share as much as I can 

  17. Dennie Mehocich says:

    People around here are beginning to talk pretty openly about geoengineering and chem trails, at long, long last.  I think it's time I became a certified event planner, to throw the long-awaited "Going Away Party" for those who are stupid and heartless enough to conceive, perpetrate, sponsor and otherwise go along to get along with this Diabolical Plan for Earth. 

  18. Karen W says:

    inforwars + geoengineeringwatch = something BIG is about to happen!

  19. Jactn says:

    Front page now on Infowars! 

    Twitter and Facebook going crazy!

    Is this evidence the dam has began to crack?

  20. Frank says:

    Thanks Dane for the great interview and also thank Alex Jones Info wars for having Dane on your show. I fully appreciate showing the full show from Alex Jones. The very important information he and his guest spoke about before and after you you spoke Dane is all tied in with the power structure. What is happening now with the Pope's visit and his speech of the Climate agenda is the final push that will effect billions of lives. I try not to discuss politics and religion but they are so tied together with the parasitical elites. The pope's visit is far from world peace and should concerns us all. What I have seen the past few days disgusts me and many others. 

  21. Earth Angel says:

    Way to go Dane! The momentum continues to snowball! We have to keep waking people up FAST because they just brought out their 'big gun' the pope. They are clearly using him as their 'closer' to 'fast track' Agenda 21 through very quickly now. DON'T FALL FOR IT! It disheartens me to see the throngs of people fawning over him like some 'rock star' or famous actor, which is perhaps the appropriate catagory he belongs in. ( fyi: I was raised in the catholic church) We must stop tyranny at all costs. Thank you Alex Jones and Dane, you guys really hit one outta' the park today!

  22. Jactn says:

    We seem to have momentum! 

    Going to be posting at area stores bulletin boards all weekend. 

    Sunday school class too won't know what it them Sunday! 

  23. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 74th email to my contact list titled '…faster than expected'

    1.  I have lost count of the number of times I have heard or read climate scientists, doctors, researchers and organisations such as the IPCC, use the phrase "…faster than expected" (FTE): sea levels are rising FTE; Arctic is warming FTE; sea temperatures rising FTE; Greenland ice melting FTE; el Nino heating FTE; sea acidification FTE; algal blooms growing FTE; autism, dementia and alzheimers increasing FTE; Arctic methane emissions happening FTE; tree die-off happening FTE; UV levels increasing FTE; etcetera etcetera (Yul Brynner in 'The King and I').

    If the scientists, organisations and IPCC were running businesses, they would be going out of business FTE. 

    Every house and business should be self sufficient for their energy needs (without the 'subsidies' scam).  It will never happen even though there are plenty of free energy devices, because the major power companies would go out of business FTE.

    Maybe humanity's epitaph should be 'Because of greed and the love of money, we destroyed our planet and caused our extinction FTE'.

    2.  What defines 'humanity'?  It is certainly not: the love of one another, compassion, friendship, tolerance or humour – our pets and local wildlife have that in bucket loads, and they definitely have souls.  So it has to be greed, the love of money, and our extraordinarily efficient methods of killing and damaging our environment and all life forms.

    3. Another great understated video from Prof Peter Wadhams:

    4.  Lord Ashdown also thinks the current refugee crisis is a "rehearsal" for the real thing.

    5.  Joseph Goebbels said "Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."  Oh so true.

    • Marc says:

      Great information from Prof. Wadhams, however, once again we find at about 15;10 into the video, when asked whether geoengineering might possibly stabilize or reverse the retreat of Arctic ice, the Professor casually states that such programs are ready to go but only await proper funding and commitment. In otherwords, yet again we are seeing the party line on full display. I'll bet 1000 dollars right now that Professor Wadhams is WELL AWARE THAT GEOENGINEERING IS IN FULL DEPLOYMENT, and yet he is constrained to mention this important fact. This stance renders much of his so-called climate expertise woefully incomplete, if not irrelevant.

    • BaneB says:

      Number 5!  9-11 being the con that it is, is there any wonder a surveillance police state has subsumed Babylon's Constitution FTE.  

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Marc, I understand that earlier this year he was warned not to be too outspoken – a (probably deliberately failed) attempt to kill him.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Have Three Climate Change Scientists been Assassinated? The astonishing claim made by a Cambridge professor:

    • Andrew from Scotland: Loved your "faster than expected" (FTE) comments. Damn funny. Good on ya! 
      "Why aren't civilians taught to abuse the legal system as well as the corporations do?"
      – Paul Vonharnish –

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Dennie, there have also been at least three researchers go missing in the Arctic…measuring sea ice – maybe they fell through, but I doubt it. 

      Thanks Paul, and good question – the answer is that individuals lack the funds/money to survive legal proceedings.  There we go again, it all boils down to the love of money.

  24. Kat L says:

    Good news and please be vigilant for infiltrators. That's how they work. Keep standing tall Dane, your weapon is truth. Thanks!

  25. Pat says:

    Thank you for your work and Gods blessings to all those who help fight this evil destruction. Always sharing, not easy to get people to believe. Battle Hymn by John Scura explains a lot.

  26. JACTN says:

    Just posted flyers at Whole Foods Chattanooga!

    Spot fire set!

    Inforwars is a very large base!

    September 23rd – CBS

    September 24th – Inforwars

    September 25th??? We will see!

  27. Damon Duval says:


  28. Mindy says:

    Way to go Dane! I'm so happy to see Alex focus on the aerosol issue in the skies! We really needed that.  Hats off to both of you!! Keep up the good fight 

  29. James says:

    Alex Jones eats big Monsters for Breakfast ! 

  30. Irene Parousis says:

    This is Great Dane, it feels like the balling is rolling faster now.  May the sheeple wake up before it's too late!

  31. Karl Knudsen says:

    This may have been the most important conversation happening on the planet at the time. The number of people that the broadcast reached could be in the millions. Hard hitting, to the point delivery Mr. Wiggington, so pleased to see you team up with Mr. Jones on this topic. Thank you for your education and courage.

  32. Nicole says:

    This is truly awesome. I'm hoping Jesse Ventura will be next, since he really botched his first coverage by interviewing the madmen who are pushing geoengineering rather than interviewing an actual human being who not only is against it but has researched this as well as you have Dane.

    Some people don't care for Alex Jones. I'm not a huge fan of his shouting mannerisms but he speaks TRUTH a whole lot more than any mainstream media channel does. Whatever I may have thought about him in a negative sense, he has redeemed himself with this interview. Truly caring about humanity means telling the WHOLE truth, and I couldn't be more stoked to see this coverage. 

    Amazing! Thank you both.

  33. Boban says:

    Great work Dane,you are really getting a lot of media attention!

    You must have been one of the biggest thorn in "elite" eyes!

    I wonder do you ever get any life treats or maybe even bribe offers to stop doing what you do??

  34. True Lion says:

    Why Alex Jones bring this theme up now? After all the years he knows already about the 'cover up' of our skies… Too bad he didn't do it from the start of his knowledge. 

    • Muse Minus Time says:

      Alex Jones has made presentations about Chemtrailing for many years and has produced videos on the subject, however people discounted him for being a sensationalist.  He has tried to present the truth but it's fallen on deaf ears.  Thankfully people are finally looking up!

  35. carol freiberg says:

    Just when I was doubting our effectiveness I get this HUGE story from Dane. My faith has been totally restored and the fight goes on. Once we knock over this card and expose these monsters, the whole house of cards should follow suit. So proud to be part of this cause.

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