Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes

The entire climate science community pretend to be scratching their heads over the ever more erratic jet stream patterns. The "experts" continue to come up with various explanations as to why the jet stream is behaving the way it is, but all of these explanations are willfully blind to the geoengineering elephant in the room. Ionosphere heater installations located around the globe are a major component of the ongoing climate engineering. These extremely powerful and dangerous facilities are being used to manipulate the jet stream. The climate science community as a whole is turning two blind eyes to the ongoing geoengineering insanity while Earth's climate and life support systems are being systematically torn apart. If the current trajectory of planetary destruction continues for much longer, we will have nothing left to salvage of our planet. We must ALL hold the "experts" to account. Email them, their associates, local media, groups, agencies, etc, and share these email contacts with others so that they can do the same. It's up to all of us to take every step possible in the critical effort to raise awareness with the still uninformed public and to give notice to those that are lying for the establishment that we know they are lying. The article below sheds more light on the increasingly destructive weather on our planet, even though the researcher/author of this piece will not mention the climate engineering issue. I have passed substantial amounts of geoengineering data on to the author (Robert Scribbler) and had nothing but silence as a response. Scribbler, just like the climate science community, knows that mentioning anything about the geoengineering issue is a very bad career decision, or worse. This being said, the article does accurately outline the rapidly increasing destruction from ever worsening weather. The entire climate system is unravelling, climate engineering is a major factor in this equation.


Jet Stream Re-Mangled: Record Winds Rage Over Scotland As Polar Amplification Ramps Up Yet Again

Source: Robert Scribbler

Polar Amplification January 9

(Polar Amplification on Friday January 9, 2014 plainly visible in the GFS summary. Another warmer than average day for the Arctic in a warming world. Image source: Climate Reanalyzer.)

For the Arctic, it’s another much warmer than normal day…

Temperature anomalies for the region spiked to 3.55 degrees Celsius above the, already hotter than normal, 1979-2000 average. And a swath of the Arctic Ocean stretching from Greenland to Siberia experienced extraordinary 15-22 C above average temperatures.

It’s another day of Arctic Amplification — the fourth in an ongoing progression this week. Another day of extreme dipole temperature anomalies. And another day of record-setting weather. All symptoms, plain as day, of a world undergoing a fit of rapid, human-induced heating.

Warmth in The High Arctic Drives the Cold Out

Last night, while studying Earth Nullschool, I found a temperature of 27 F near Zemlya — an Island in the Arctic Ocean off Siberia. The night before last, I captured these two pictures — one of a region a few hundred miles south of the North Pole and well north of Svalbard at 22 F and another of the surface temperature near Richmond, Virginia at 20 F.


(Top frame temperature at 85.3 North, 39.2 East. Bottom frame temperature at 36.9 North and 77.3 West. In other words — it’s warmer up north than down south. Image source: Earth Nullschool. Data Source: NOAA, Global Forecast System Model.)

In other words, it was warmer just off Santa’s front porch than it was thousands of miles to the south in Richmond, VA.

In technical meteorological parlance there’s a term for such warm north, cold south temperature variations — dipole. In this case, it’s a cold North American Continent and a warm Atlantic Ocean pushing much higher than average temperatures far into the Arctic.

Jet Stream Re-Mangled — High Amplitude Jet Stream Waves

Such a warm airs surging north forcing cold airs south arrangement can result in some pretty extreme waviness in the Jet Stream. The kind of waviness that Dr. Jennifer Francis has warned is set off by just the kind of Arctic warming we witnessed this week.

And, as we can plainly see in the map below, we have an extraordinary meridional pattern in the Jet Stream occurring in perfect coordination with the current instance of polar heating:


(Last night’s extaordinarily high amplitude Jet Stream pattern. Note the greatly intensified storm track setting Scottland directly into its sights. Image source: Earth Nullschool. Data Source: NOAA, Global Forecast System Model and various.)

I suppose some may call this kind of instance circumstantial. But what a circumstance, especially when one considers the plainly obvious and visible mechanism of the current polar temperature spike, the subsequent southward displacement of warm air from the polar zone, and the related warm air invasion flooding up from the North Atlantic into the heat compromised polar core.

It’s as easy to see as 1,2,3.

This re-arranging of air masses has re-instated the kind of circulation pattern around Greenland we warned about during late November of 2014. A kind of off-center displacement of air masses that shoves cold toward hot and can result in some rather extreme weather.

Record-Setting Winds over Scotland Last Night

Dr. Francis has also mentioned this resulting heightened severe weather potential in her research. And she can count herself among such visionaries as Dr. James Hansen who warned of ramping storm intensity resulting from a combined polar amplification and melting and softening of the remaining great glaciers in Greenland and, later, Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the more recent polar amplification episode did set off a spate of rather extreme weather in Scotland. The North Atlantic storm track intensified as temperature differentials ramped up. On Tuesday, a 930 mb low bombed out between Greenland and Iceland. Fed by a massive meridional air-flow, this storm soon generated very strong winds raging across the North Atlantic.

By last night, these winds roared throughout Scotland, peaking at 113 miles per hour — a new all-time record for the Northern Isles since wind measures began in 1970.

In a return to the kind of extreme weather that battered the UK for much of the winter of 2013-2014, trees were torn down, power lines unmoored and roads and railways blocked. This, in turn, forced a wide-scale emergency response throughout Scotland after last night’s brutal battering by hurricane force winds. From the BBC:

The storm caused the suspension of all ScotRail trains, although some limited services are now running. More than 46,000 homes are currently without power as the Atlantic jet stream caused gusts of more 100mph (160km/h).

So the observational evidence is pretty clear. Here we have yet another instance where polar heating is driving some rather extreme Jet Stream changes coupled with related instances of record extreme weather. And as human-related warming continues to intensify, we are likely to see far worse instances than today’s minor episode.


Engineers Battle To Re-Open Scottish Rail After 110 mph Winds

Hurricane Force Gusts Cause Disruption to Travel and Power

Global Forecast System Model

NOAA’s National Climate Data Center

Climate Reanalyzer

Source: Robert Scribbler

44 Responses to Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes

  1. Heidi says:

    Scientists at Dartmouth call the unusual cool down in the eastern US "US Warming Hole".  They looked at measurements when the unusual cool down winter temperatures started (1958) and discussed this drop of temperature and why the jet stream coincidentally also became wavier at that time. Of course no mention of climate engineering.

  2. Britton says:

    The weather has certainly gotten worse and the cold nights during summer here have proven to me that something is being done to the atmosphere on purpose. I see the jets flying over dumping the dust out the back but that is denied, even when we know they are lying they continue to lie, like everyone is a complete idiot.

    Why don't they just stop tampering with the weather and leave the atmosphere alone? Some claim it's to late to stop spraying and heating the atmosphere but that seems false. If they stopped the experiments or whatever it is: ionic heaters, particulate sprays, etc wouldn't the climate recover over time. Seems like a lot of fear mongering from all sides though.

    Will those doing this not be happy until the atmosphere burns off and we are just like Mars? The arrogance from the elite is astounding. Treating the human race like a toy to be tossed when not needed is going to be the end of us all and no underground bunker can save anyone on a dead world. The people doing this are playing a dangerous game and the elite while wanting to reduce the worlds population may find they over did it and they themselves will die too.

    If the planet is doomed then I can take solice in knowing that those responsible for this will go down with the rest of us. Eat on that from you bunkers A holes!

    Thanks for posting about this topic, I used to be a climate denier when I thought it was just the Earth itself heating and cooling but to know that this is intentional makes me so angry I could bite a nail in half.

  3. Phyllis says:

    The s.o.b.'s are destroying our earth.  Is it the U.S. military?  Is it NATO?  Is it the CIA?  Is it the U.N.?  What part of the sinister government/s are using the ionospheric heaters?  They definitely are zapping areas with extreme heat and causing all sorts of weather havoc.

    Is there something that you can observe with weather programs to show what is happening in order to prove this manipulation?  I get so very outraged at what is happening and yet I am just an average citizen that has read enough to know what is happening yet can't relate it to others very well verbally. 

    After looking at the satellite photo of the WV tonight and seeing we have no jet stream crossing the U.S. I was angry.  The weather pattern is absurd and have never seen such a mess of the weather system. 

  4. I had observed this deep Southerly dip in Jet stream for sometime. In TN for all my life the stream has played above and below us here within say 100 miles either way. I connected the dots deducing messed up jet stream messed up weather. I was astonished to learn there are AT LEAST 14 HAARP installations or 462 acres of RF beams firing on an aerosolized atmosphere. This is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Yor tax dollars at work. Meanwhile 90 yo granny is a greeter at Wally mart to qualify for social security. Are you human!     

    • Donald t. DiNaro says:

      June 15, 2016, RECORD Cold last night <47F in Pocono's of NE.  Pa. a record breaker!  All day 70,000 feet  strange wispy weird clouds with spectrum reflection rainbows in them were moving over NE Pa. I photographed them. In case you think I am a conspiracy nut, know that I have a BS in earth Science, Taught Earth science in pa for five years and astronomy and have a MS in geo Physics! The usa Government has reactivated HAARP causing massive high altitude bone dry clouds to alter the Jet Stream pattern for this time of the year. These clouds at Night time are glowing electric Blue//UV , thats means their carrying highly charged particles down onto the lower 48. I have lived in this region for 44 years and noticed jet stream clouds in the last three weeks,,, HAARP must be closed down forever!

  5. Catherine says:

    HI Carol – I find it sad also that creation is being willfully demolished.

  6. Catherine says:

    A collolary to the Co2 inundation is of course DEFORESTATION. You need the balance of oxygen and co2 – people seem to forget what they learned in 1st grade.

  7. Michael Millilo says:

    Glad I found this article, very insightful, and informative, has nice range of discussion. I can only hope that MANY more people of earth wake up and spread the knowledge. But… I doubt it will happen.

    • Benjamin Pardee says:

      When you tell people the truth they just look at me like I'm a conspiracy nut

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Benjamin, hope you will continue planting seeds, those in denial will soon be forced to wake.

  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Dylan and Dane, To me, it really doesn’t matter why THEY are doing it. Either way it has to be stopped.

  9. Dylan says:

    Hi Dane,I appreciate your response but I fear your generous nature holds you back from viewing the actions of these miscreants as something other than those of well meaning idiots. Psychopaths are incapable of panic, they sow panic, they thrive off panic but they rarely feel it.
    If they are so worried about the methane, why are Fracking operations stepping up worldwide? I`m sure you are aware that the Gulf Oil Spill was 50% Methane. The oil itself served to protect the Methane bubbles from the organisms that recycle it. The corexit they used to “correct it” actually made the oil more effective in this role and actually killed the organisms.
    Simply turn the notion that they are trying to reduce warming and methane production on its head and it becomes clear what the agenda is here.
    The ice nucleation seems to be used in conjunction with the warming to fuel the superstorms that James Hansen conveniently “warned” us would plague his grandchildren and of course, as you suggest, to fool the population.
    Forgive my cynicism but the data seems to point towards deliberate intent from day one.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      I respect your opinion Dylan, and I fully realize many events are intended, but others are the consequences of insane and destructive activities. To say all is intended is to insinuate that those in power never make mistakes, I do not believe this is reality.

  10. Dylan says:

    The commercial aspect of the deliberate effort to melt the Arctic fits the Military/Industrial agenda like a hand in a glove.
    Chapter from Unless Peace Comes 1968
    by Gordon J. F. MacDonald U.S.A. … w-weapons/
    “If a nation’s meteorologists calculated that a general warming or cooling of the Earth was in their national interest, improving their climate while worsening others, the temptation to release materials from high-altitude rockets might exist. At present we know too little about the paradoxical effects of warming and cooling, however, to tell what the outcome might be.”
    In his article in 1968 Macdonald outlined a potential method for inducing global cooling and concluded that the beneficiary of such a program would be some landlocked equatorial country.
    “Who would stand to benefit from such application? The logical candidate, would be a landlocked equatorial country. An extended glacial period would ensure near-Arctic conditions over much of the temperate zone, but temperate climate with abundant rainfall would be the rule in the present tropical regions.”
    Whilst the tropical regions would enjoy a temperate climate with abundant rainfall, the temperate regions would no longer be temperate, but would suffer near-Arctic conditions.
    What if we turned this hypothesis on its head? What if instead of some landlocked country, the major countries of the northern temperate zones decided to collude to influence the climate to their advantage? After all, it is clear that the global power base that would have the technology, is in this region not in some “equatorial landlocked country”.
    They wouldn`t be interested in inflicting near Arctic conditions upon themselves but the opposite, the kind of warm climate that enabled the Vikings to once settle Greenland. They would see the far northern climes opened up to commerce and exploitation for their vast resources.
    The landlocked equatorial regions would suffer intense heat and drought whilst those closer to the sea would suffer catastrophic flooding as predicted by James Hansen in his book, Storms of my Grandchildren. This would align with the globalists` views on population control.
    In other words, a global warming would surely be the desired outcome for the global power brokers.
    Is this in fact, not what we are seeing in the world today?
    What’s the mechanism for all this. CLOUDS. Artificial cirrus clouds formed predominantly over the northern latitudes, mostly in the winter and mostly at night. They HEAT the Earth and the Oceans far more than CO2 and have been doing so since 1970. Where does Methane fit into all this? Well it certainly has a warming effect but when it is broken down in the upper atmosphere it forms water which is used to make, wait for it, CLOUDS. Cirrus clouds, Nacreous clouds and Noctilucent clouds. All the clouds that have been on the up since 1970.
    This is where Project Lucy comes into it`s own. It`s aim is to
    “to design, build and test a microwave and laser transmission system targeting low-altitude methane clouds, while the HAARP experiment will target stratospheric methane clouds with the aim of breaking down the first C – H bond as soon as the methane erupts from the Arctic ocean into the atmosphere”
    “The transmitters can be mounted on submarines, planes and after 2015 on boats and drilling rigs when the Arctic ice cap has completely melted (Arctic News, 2012).”
    Yes, the HAARP technology and it`s children will be (is being) used to accelerate the breakdown of Methane into water vapour which will be used to form CLOUDs which have a longer lasting warming effect than Methane alone. And……”when Arctic Ice cap has already melted”? Hasn`t the cat already bolted by that point?
    Interesting that ionisation also accelerates cloud formation. So that not only will HAARP and the project Lucy radars be breaking down methane into water vapour, they could also be accelerating cloud formation through ionisation. Combined with metallic aerosols the process is even more effective.
    Perhaps this was the original purpose of HAARP all along.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dylan, I appreciate your articulate an detailed commentary. The only issue that I would wrangle with you about is this, the power structure has long since realized that the methane release was a game changer that they could not control. I believe they have been in a panic for a long time now and the only thing they seem capable of doing is even more of what helped to trigger the methane release in the first place, geoengineering/weather warfare. Data indicates that now they are simply trying to hide the gravity of what is unfolding as long as they can with engineered cool-downs to confuse and divide the population.

    • steve says:

      you are bang on the money my friend. it is well established that there are many vast underground cities that have been constructed over many decades – they undoubtedly have huge underground food growing areas – coupled with the svaalbard seed bank installation they have everything sewn up. this is being done by complete design to depopulate and then completely control the remaining few by total energy restriction.  

  11. Brian Fowdrey says:

    I am an oldtimer nye on 80 years and things are not right why mess with this beautiful world !!

  12. Scott Strayer says:

    I am also in Alaska.. Here for six months from California… I am a longtime researcher of what is now known as Geo-Engineering, and the increased weather and magnetic field manipulation of our planet…I have followed and collaborated on research with the Carnicom Institute and Clifford Carnicom of Santa Fe, New Mexico since the early 2000’s and feel he is one of the foremost authorities on Chemtrail, Geo-engineering, weather manipulation, and other profound research that affects our global health…The weather, or lack there of that I am experiencing this winter is amazing, and another eye opener as to the state of change that we as a planet are experiencing… I am also a frequent visitor to this site and have been in the past and appreciate the effort that I see here to educate and pass on factual data of our plight..Thankyou

  13. Chris Amend says:

    Every one; Please keep on talking, learning, sharing and teaching with those you know and those you don’t. Do it EVERYDAY without fear, shame or embarrassment. I have been spending my own time and money now for 3 years. I realize many others have as well. (Dane and so many). I’m just insisting that EVERYONE who posts here and reads this to do it when you wake up tomorrow. I will be attending the Wyoming state Legislature to lobby with packets, fliers, DVDs and questions for our “leaders”.
    We also put on a Geoengineering Summit once every other month at the library that is open to the public. Remember, we are not getting answers or the truth or any kind of positive response from our highly paid “professionals” or MSM so it is incumbent on each of us to do their job of teaching our community of these toxic and devastating programs while at the same time shinning a light of truth on them. Our young people have never seen a truly natural sky. That scares the hell out of me, and now they are taught that this is the way it is to be in the public schools. Be focused and a warrior not a worrier. We are out of time. Dane, thanks and keep strong. Chris Amend Riverton Wyoming

  14. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Sheila, Where are you in Alaska? I live in Nikiski. Maybe we can coordinate our efforts to reach more Alaskans. If we stand together our voices will reach further. Feel free to give me a call at Charlie’s Pizza at (907)776-8778. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  15. Sheila E Daughtrey says:

    I live in Alaska for two years we have had no snow ..its not right there is something deadly wrong here ,,this is the time of snow and 20 to 30 below ..its been 30’s and 40’s here in January …we are warmer than the lower 48 states…I have seen a lot of the jet stream our land here is melting ..think about it no more North Pols no more Ice…its just right people need to wake up …

  16. I think the climate science community is scratching the wrong end of the stick… Speaking of methane >

    Dahr Jamail | The Methane Monster Roars

    Methane could easily replace the majority of fuels used for building heat and private vehicle use. Oooops! That wouldn’t be profitable…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, yes, methane can be burned but the atmosphere is already overloaded and there is no technological way to even begin to capture methane that is releasing over vast expanses of seabed. We are truly painted into a corner and climate engineering has helped to put us here.

  17. Luna says:

    Dudes this is just so messed up.Poor little arctic creatures.

  18. BaneB says:

    Rachel, the thought also has occurred to me that the arctic is being artificially warmed for the purposes you touched upon. The two entities with the most to financially gain are Russia and the U.S. Wonder what kind if “quiet diplomacy” has been agreed upon to not only share in the booty, but the coordination of the ionospheric heater in synch to mangle the jet stream to maintain the northern flow of warm Atlantic air. The same can be said for the Pacific off Calif., Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and the Alaska panhandle. The flow of the jet stream takes warm Pacific air and shoots it north off the coast up over interior Alaska again into the arctic.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, its much more complicated than a simple quest for resources. In regard to the Arctic, you must investigate ALL the data to understand more clearly what is going on. Much of the geoengineering insanity is a desperate attempt to preserve what ice is left even at the cost of killing the rest of the planet. Once the Arctic ice breaks apart to a significant degree, there will be no hiding the climate engineering, the power structure is all too aware of this fact.

  19. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It is currently 43 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska at midnight! That’s about 40 degrees above the historical average. You know how Dane always says at some point the deniers will be forced to awaken. I think we are nearing that point.

  20. Marc says:

    Being a spiritual fellow myself (but not religious), I am regularly making appeals to what Linda Moulton-Howe calls the Divine Field. Therein lies Superconsciousness, infinite love and sacred protection for the ability of the biosphere to nurture living beings of every conceivable type. Indeed, we find ourselves at the crossroads today. Where do we turn now for sustenance when our very own brothers and sisters conspire to kill everything that lives and breathes? Has the entire world become nothing more than a stage upon which to enact political and military paybacks, and to orchestrate acquisitions of fading natural resources with which to stock their underground bases? Something just doesn’t add up. If Dane is right, and there is not much time left before collapse of civilization, how can this covert army of blockheads expect to escape the wrath of the onset of starvation, or of absolute anarchy in the streets, the collapse of the markets, the unlivable increases in global temperatures, the suffocating loss of fresh oxygen?
    Something doesn’t feel right here. Who wakes up on Monday morning and says “AH, WHAT A GREAT DAY TO MURDER OUR PLANET!”
    Call me naive, but it seems to me that even if these asswipes have underground bases to escape to here AND on the moon and Mars, why murder planet earth? If the population is their problem, why murder us all in a manner which also poisons the entire goddamn planet, oceans included? Aren’t there ways to do away with us without murdering the whole planet for generations to come. If there exists no one to maintain the over 400 worldwide nuclear plants, won’t meltdowns fry the planet for millions of years?
    You mean to tell me that there exist human beings on this planet who are going for broke with this geoengineering shit? Willing to sacrifice it ALL!? For what?!? Is all of this collective human stench riding on a runaway train to hell……because …it feels good?! WTF!!!

  21. Vinciente says:

    We have high winds and storms for more then 7 days in a row now and the forecast predicts very heavy storms for this week. It’s not normal for the Netherlands to have these kind of storms for 2 weeks.

  22. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Racheal, Thank you for noticing my comment about there being NO snow in Nikiski, Alaska. The last snow we received was on Christmas Eve right after a barrage of low flying jets. We got about two inches of nucleated that day, none since then. Although this is stunning, I consider it to be more alarming than anything else.
    Past nuclear testing in the arctic my play a part in the warming, but clearly jet stream manipulation along with the massive spraying is the biggest factor. By using HAARP and SBX Radar to lock in the high pressure ridge in the eastern pacific, warm air as well as warm ocean currents are pushing into the arctic through the Bering Straits.
    It is currently 39 degrees under heavy aerosol skies in Nikiski, Alaska at 10;30 PM. Our historic averages for this day are 22 degrees for the high and 4 degrees for the low. That’s Alarming!!!

  23. Scot Savoie says:

    Thankyou Dane For all your hard work. Trying to enlighten all in my path. Everyone, take your Chlorella and Spirulina without fail, Daily! Organic of course. Sedona, AZ Thanks again.

  24. Rachel Robson says:

    Steven, I can remember many many years ago now, various companies and governments salivating over the prospects of an ice free Arctic for part of the year anyway, so as to be able to ship more directly from east to west-boatloads of oil, no doubt. Nonetheless, I think the little known many nuclear experiments by Russia under the Arctic cap has got to have something to do with these particular waters warming more and faster than others. These experiments ranged from the area around and near Greenland to Siberia. The US did some off an island of Alaska, but nowhere near what Russia did. Gotta be at least a factor. No?

    Stunning to hear of NO snow in Alaska right now! Just stunning!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, the problem is complex. There are many forms of damage to the climate system including the 100,000,000 tons of Co2 that gets dumped into the atmosphere every single day. Climate engineering is causing even more dire problems, I agree, but we must all be careful not to put things into this or that category, there are many factors to consider.

  25. Karen says:

    They may be “experts”, however the people who’s eyes are opening to this massive insanity are the “expert witnesses”. The ones who matter the most period!
    Thanks Dane, and all the others who are stepping up to the plate.

  26. The Mayhem says:

    While SoCal was drenched in rain this weekend, Central California got screwed over AGAIN. Why? Ah, yes. Geoengineering at work. Can’t wait until the State of the Union in a couple of weeks. Obama’s got a lot of explaining to do with why California is still left in a drought while the majority of the Eastern U.S. is hogging all the winter while California will be basking in endless sunlight and warmth, still waiting for an unsettled pattern to set in. This 4th year of madness continues. -Mayhem

  27. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico. It sounds like a tape recorder with a repeat here on status of weather (climate) zilch of precipitation! Rain clouds (snow) bombarded with SAG, no good, nothing left. Yes we are in high desert but nothing? Well we should not be shocked folks, they love evil works and perceived control but one day will pay, believe me. Evil has its followers and we are seeing it before our eyes. How much worse will it get before it gets better? Look at all the lies after lies, war after war and our men and women putting lives in harms way for who or what freedom? Yet the so-called leaders are ready to point the finger elsewhere but at self, and they keep on shoving crap down our throats. Stumbling block after stumbling block, what’s up? Greed and oppression! Evil has to flee………..

  28. Carol says:

    Sorry I did not finish my statement. Our weather forecast here in Southeast Michigan seems to change on a dime rather than being fairly reliable for a couple of days like it used to be. Of course, our skies are filled with the evidence of geoengineering constantly as it is everywhere else. I am no longer shocked by any kind of weather! And I find that very sad.

  29. Freedom Ranger says:

    Paul, isn’t it odd, or par for the course, Brazil is the B in Brics and we are draining them of ALL water through geoengineering. We live in a sci fi movie. You are right about flying Paul, if we halted all flying I dont think the global economy would be adversely affected. The skies would clear up, I am with you on alot of things, one of your comments made me think about living in the modern age. I think living in an age without computers and electricity and closer to nature is really the height of achievement for sentient beings. I mean star travel, hey we are already on a planet in the milky way, we already star travelled. Nature is what is so magical, it is what we are here for, she is divine. I miss the fact that the universe was once a magic place for man, technology has destroyed so much and given us so little.

  30. Kipperbob says:

    It could also have something to do with the potential privatisation of Ireland’s public water supply and the ongoing opposition from the public against the Government metering programme, everytime we organise a nationwide protest we get a storm warning or deluge of rain on the day of the event, check out 10th of December protest Dublin storms were forecast, or 1st nov nationwide protest it rained all day! coincidence i think not! wonder what the 31st of jan is goin to do?

  31. Doppler Darling says:

    Hi- quick question and comment,
    Is there a map of locations where ionosphere heaters are located? And if so, with the obvious weather manipulation, could we not bring this to light to local media with verifiable data??
    In my location we were hammered with endothermic cooling effect that truly was painful as many are witness to the stinging of skin and bone chilling effects of these storms. One chemically nucleated artic front back to back with lows in the 20’s for a few days and then today…60 degrees! That is a huge differentiation in temp, but NOBODY asks questions and NOBODY seems to see these team of chemtrail pilots in the skies!
    Nobody knows if these weather modifiers are in their back yards, but if there is one near, don’t think me and a few of my buddies will not put into practice our right to ask questions!

    One spot fire at a time! 🙂

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Doppler Darling. There are some maps showing part of the global network of ionosphere heaters, just search this subject and you will find it.

    • Lane says:

      There is a small facility in Westford, MA (Millstone Hill Radio Observatory).  There is a larger facility in Platteville, CO ((Platteville Atmospheric Observatory) and the newer one in Alaska, for which I do not have a name or exact location.  Try Google Earth.

      The NSF has funded "experiments" at all 3 facilities, using their budget of tax-funded dollars.  As yet, there is no Ethics Committee to review this finded research. 

  32. Seems to me that this extreme weather is directly related to Scotland’s wish to become independent and depart from British rule. Same game in several former Soviet countries that get sudden deluges of rain, or drought. Like this interesting situation: Romania HAARP – YouTube

    Seems any country that doesn’t play the same extortionist song the globalize glee club plays, gets the wrong end of the club… This has been pointed out on this site as well as many others, and it’s NOT just coincidence. “Owning the weather by 2025” has been stepped up to owning everything left standing by the end of 2015. These geoengineering ghouls will go to any measure to fulfill their morbid dreams. Me thinks they need a way different dream, including a whole new band…

  33. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It is currently 36 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska. We have NO snow on the ground when it should be waist deep. More and more I am believing that THEY are thawing the east Siberian ice shelf deliberately. Local independent snow plow operators are starving. I have only had my parking lot plowed once this winter back in early December and that wasn’t really necessary as it was only about 5 inches followed by rain. The scheduled weather for the next week is for day temps in the upper 30’s with night temps. in the upper twenty’s. I’ll keep you all updated.

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