Main Stream Media “Scientists” Try To Cover Up Engineered Snow Storms.


Main Stream Media And Their Paid Liar "Scientists" Are Desperately Trying To Hide The Truth About Climate Engineering

Dane Wigington

The artificially nucleated snow storms have finally raised the attention of the public. As we expected, main stream media has responded to the explosion of public awakening with a steady stream of disinformation. They attempt to back up the disinformation with "scientists" who are all too willing to lie for the empire. None of the mainstream media stories bother to mention any credible science terms in their "stories". That could lead people to solid information and that is the last thing the power brokers want. Main stream media of course fails to mention science terms like "climate engineering", "geoengineering" , "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" (SAG), "solar radiation management" (SRM), "stratospheric aerosol injection" (SAI), etc.


The patents below should be examined, important points in them are already highlighted to make reviewing easier. Please review the data below, get up to speed on the gravity of what we face. Our future depends on having a critical mass of the population that is clear on the truth. A critical mass that is not swayed by the constant stream of lies put out by the so called "experts" who are paid to hide the the truth at any cost. The power structure can not afford to have the American public wake up and they will do anything they can to keep this from happening. They control the media, they control the message, and they think they control the definition of "truth", but they do not. Please take the time to look and learn. If you know you are standing on solid ground you won't be swayed by illusion and lies.


snowy-blue-farmland (1)

"Artificial Ice Nucleation For Weather Modification", Patents

"WEATHER MODIFICATION METHOD" (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)

"FREEZING NUCLEANT" (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)

"GENERATION OF ICE NUCLEATING CRYSTALS" (Artificial ice nucleation for weather modification)



Snow storms are being completely engineered, period. The article links below will provide further details for those that want to truly get their arms around the now total weather modification on planet Earth.

Geoengineered Storms Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth Into Winter, (part 1)

The Snowmen, Turning Warmth Into Winter (part 2)

Engineered Storms Begin Again


46 Responses to Main Stream Media “Scientists” Try To Cover Up Engineered Snow Storms.

  1. Muad'dib says:

    I have noticed the same thing, when most if not temperature gauges are linked to a satellite or computer hub its not hard to put out false information. My satellite linked car says it 85 when my old fashioned thermometer says its 100. I notice aberrations in actual vs reported on a daily basis

  2. Katherine says:

    I have been telling people for over a year now that YAHOO weather reporting is completely lying, it’s all wrong. I moved to the Western Slope of Colorado nearly 4 yrs ago. I researched the weather so that I’d know how to dress and what I was going to be living in. I arrived on Oct 2, 2010. It was blazing hot, then a couple weeks later it was freezing. That winter it was negative 15 and my damp hair froze as I tried to start my truck with a dead battery. Each winter has had several negative 15, negative 12, negative 8 and negative 6 repeatedly days on end. Yahoo says our average low in January which is when all the extreme cold shows up is only 16. Not negative 16, but 16 degrees above zero. HOW CAN THIS BE? It was 104 degrees on my patio yesterday in the shade. According to the local news and yahoo we were 95. HOW CAN THIS BE? People think I’m crazy for noticing this, but there is a conspiracy and I am not crazy – just a little nutty ; )

  3. Patricia Yamashita says:

    Yes, organize ourselves. I am in Hawaii, Big Island. I am looking for others that have been awakened. Please contact me. We need to gather our resources.

  4. Gail D. says:

    Those of us that are awake and aware should begin a social community so we could communicate more effectively with each other with the ultimate goal of expanding the group through “evangelizing” those that refuse to look up and acknowledge this atrocity. In other words, we need to organize.

  5. Danny says:

    Rrrrrrrrr Rrrrrrrrr Rrrrrrrrr
    That’s all you hear above
    Starts clearing up and
    Rrrrrrrrr Rrrrrrrrt Rrrrrrrrr

    Then it gets overcast

    And yes you are right, it is coming faster than we think
    It’s obvious that is the only ones that think

    Us because according to the posts on the different subjects on this topic

    We are the only ones that Think

    All the other people out there are in Fantasy Land
    They have conditioned people well to think it is normal now


    Blows me away

    This is BS as we know and the people that I have told
    They are way to Ignorant to the fact

    I give up on telling people

    That is sad

    It seems to be useless because nobody wants to listen

    I find that looking after your health seems to be a much better objective to accomplish

    Have a Nice Day

  6. Agent Xtra says:

    Though maybe the Tea Party people should’ve acted like the Occupiers and damage stuff so they could’ve gotten noticed by the media. It seems unless you are acting negative or extreme you will be ignored by the media.

  7. Agent Xtra says:

    That’s exactly what the media wants. They want people to panic and do dumb things like you’re suggesting so martial law can be *justified*.

    People like you destroyed many parks up here in Portland Oregon costing the city millions of dollars to repair them and businesses were harassed.

    Not just big businesses but mom and pop stores were being blocked access and you people refused to leave when the police ordered you to because you didn’t have a permit.

    At least the Tea Party people had permits and did not trash parks nor block businesses from operating during the protests. Heck there weren’t even police needed during their protests!

    We had a tea party rally in Salem Oregon several years ago and not a single policeman was needed and nothing got damaged.

  8. Agent Xtra says:

    The reason none of this is working out is because we are all doing it wrong!

    The bible specifically says not to *cast the pearls before the swine* meaning don’t do things to make yourselves look like sitting targets for the New World Order.

    If you keep trying to harass people they will simply close their ears even more and any chances you have of waking people up as slim astheywere are gone completely at this stage!

    We need to take action and be part of programs as much as we can that discourage this kind of behavior.

    The *leaks* about our corrupt Congress are designed on purpose to make us feel negative and the two party sytstem is feeding in one it.

    Sorry I am losing it. I am too stressed out to even tyupe properly!

    Basically we are attracting this negative energy ourselves somehow and God wants us to realize it and fix it but I am not sure how to do that.

    All changes in society begin in us!

  9. JR says:

    Hey TD MW; I’m with you. On another thread with Josephina Fraile I asked Mere here on this post please not to tread on me and ridicule. I’ve seen when chemtrails (long-jet) trails like rocket trails were laid out above. We could say from way back in ’77 when I moved out of LA, after 7 years living there I saw them here in my area when I moved back. I told my old man about them and he said, oh their just jet trails, so I took him for his word and went about my business for 25 years, duh, hello? The wake up call for me was around 2002 after a 1 year battle with cancer, hummpph, tough sister. A friend of mine opened up my eyes to these stupid chemtrails and HAARP after I was healed. He has since passed 2-3 years back. I used to think I was handed down with a curse but not by him because he again opened up my eyes and mind as I stated! Please remember we live in and amongst a cursed and depraved generation (people lovers of self) and things of the world, which we are not of but for a season. The battle has already been won with Christ’s death and resurrection for who believes in Him, o.k.?! I too have kids and loved ones as well as others in this world who are concerned for them. I as well get irritated by the unsuspecting and so gullible (christians to) people in general, that our government would do such works? We have to press forward with His armor (breastplate of righteousness) believing and not losing hope. His works and words are not void and fail…….See YA….Hope this makes sense, yeah…

  10. TD MW says:

    JR – I have much to share by way of this… I have already experienced the wailing and the gnashing. It’s from the body becoming too highly toxic due to exposures. I suffer greatly from these things. The time is coming and it may be a lot faster than most people think. As one who’s been through much, I have come to the conclusion that “we” won’t be out of here. I believe scripture refers to those who will be taken, in death, from this toxicity; but also refers to some that will be left here on Earth to rebuild for the return of Jesus. I’m afraid I will be one of the ones to go, even though I would love to see my children healed, and them able to live in a world of love and peace. They’ve suffered enough. I do not want death for them, I want life for them. I can concur with the other writings on this wall, as I am called crazy by both sides. My “Christian” friends have seen me suffer and I know they love me and care. But it’s infuriating when they say, “Ask God, he’ll help you,” not understanding I did ask God and they’re supposed to be my help. Not enough people care enough to really listen, much less believe. So many things are happening that have never happened before. People are frightened by them. They label the things that are true and real as “the devil” and those that are false and denial as being “God.” I only hope they sort it out soon. I know people are waking up. I can see it.

  11. TD MW says:

    Nicholas – I’m with you. Most are oblivious. I kept wondering why, the sicker I got, the more people around me, even my husband of 27 years, were more willing to believe me insane than believe what I was trying to impart. Please put me in your group. I’m very interested in joining others whom I knew existed even at my sickest. I’m still not well and fear I will never be. I’ve been to an environmental doctor who is trying to help me, and he has stuff that I know does work and can help, but only insofar as getting me back up and going to become exposed again. It’s very frustrating. I am trying, single-handedly, to spread the word of the need for convergence. We have all allowed “them” to keep us busy and divided with the lies of a two-party system, as well as among race lines, religious lines, poverty lines, etc. We are all human and we are all borne of this Earth. We are made of the Earth and the Earth is made of us. We are here for a reason, and to be poisoned, controlled, and killed because some believe there’s not “enough,” isn’t it. I’d like to point out to you that there are people who actually do pay attention to doctrines and have learned real truths from them. Like the idea that Jesus tried to impart in the telling of the story of some fish and bread and too many mouths to feed. And the fish kept coming, and the bread too. It’s to tell us that there is abundance for all. Of course, we must get rid of the waste. And that is all of the things that only money can buy. We are to turn away from worldly things, which is part of the purpose in recognizing what is doing humanity harm. I want to join you, and I want to help in finding other like-minded, affected people who will help in the fight. We must have convergence. Which included those religious people who currently are so brainwashed, they are making the ridiculousness obvious to those who still have working minds. Meanwhile, those with working minds are the ones who are accused of being “crazy.” Like me. May God bless you, sir. The real God. The one within all of us and our conscience for the world in which we live.

  12. TD MW says:

    (This was in reply to Jane)

  13. TD MW says:

    Oh, my goodness, I’ve had revelations about just this. When I was first so sick, (after having been exposed to multiple chemicals at work, before I learned what was causing my illness,) I awoke in the middle of the night, telling my husband something was killing me. I told him another night, telling him that there are many other people who are awakening to the same things I was. I was praying non-stop because our son had nearly died, and this scenario had been his. Another night, I awoke, telling him that IT WILL come to pass that these entities WILL topple, I saw it in a vision. I put all sorts of pieces to the puzzle together. People have been brainwashed since birth to believe in synthetic medicines and that something called “poison” can’t hurt or kill you. We are being controlled with medicine as well as other things that make profits for the unscrupulous and funnel money out of our ability to take care of ourselves when we become sick with their engineered illnesses. We don’t need half the crap we’ve been told we should want. We are selling our souls for the love of money. Doesn’t matter if it kills me, or my family because they believe the world is too crowded, or don’t believe what they’re doing is having and effect. Love multiplies, the love of money divides. There will be a convergence between science and real love amongst all walks of life. When that happens, the People will take their rightful places of power. The meek will inherit the Earth; and we will reverse all this damage that’s been done. I only wish I were able to be here when it happens. God is and will show as being ALL of us, combined in one common goal, to take our planet back from those who are destroying her, and serve all of humanity evermore.

  14. Sel says:

    We have been bombarded with chemtrails for the run of geostorms in Maine. We have had ice pellet storms and of course more than 2 feet above average snow fall with several weeks of below average artic temperatures. It makes sense that electric, oil and gas companies are the ones to gain from these weather occurrences as well as those who may want to decrease the population by creating weather related accidents and causing injury and death. How they can get away with it and how so many people are afraid to see it is beyond me. People simply can’t believe their own eyes. They are so used to being told everything they believe that they can’t rely on their own senses or their own intelligence anymore. It’s sad and it’s appalling. I too gather as much info as possible, video, photos, etc. One day the truth will come forth. I am sure of it. Of course they will try to water it down, and say it’s because we need it, and some other bullshit. But we all know better. It’s good to know we are not alone in the quest for truth. Peace all.

  15. Jane says:

    All meant to be. Compromise your immune system so you need drugs.
    Make you sick. Of to the doctors or the Hospital. Make the Corporate Money Bags richer.


    Forgot about Depopulation too.

  16. Anje says:

    I too, live in Indy. When I notice a “chemtrail day” I always stop my car and get out and run the video. I am keeping a log of videos for the Indianapolis area. Not sure if anything will come of it, but at least I can show my “dumbed-down” friends what they are oblivious to…. as they call me an idiot. I have a few theories myself, not familiar with your theories. Anyway its good to see someone else “from Indy” that is not oblivious to their surroundings and environment. We, as humans are merely in a very large zoo…….just like animals in the zoo that don’t realize or comprehend what surrounds them, most humans don’t even look up at the sky to realize what is surrounding us…..amazing.

  17. […] Main Stream Media “Scientists” Try To Cover Up Engineered Snow Storms. […]

  18. James says:

    Someone sent me an email today suggesting:
    “CH4 is a likely component with these clouds, see the attached link”

    I have since discovered the atmospheric phenomena known as Noctilucent clouds, however they only occur in summer months and usually above the 50th parallel (i am above that)

  19. James says:

    Hello again Nickolas, just saw your latest post. Thank you for your thoughts. I just came across something on an obscure website called ‘Airglow’, defined as follows:

    ” CHEMILUMINESCENCE: emission results from chemical reactions mainly between oxygen and nitrogen atoms and molecules and hydroxyl molecules at a height between 100 and 300 kilometers. Solar radiation energy breaks molecules apart during the day, and it is their recombination, which is accompanied by the emission of light, that generates the nightglow.”

    Because this effect seems to switch on and off, maybe the above cited description is a clue to RF radiation as the source, in place of solar radiation. Maybe a reaction is taking place that emits light, molecules being excited to form snow perhaps.

    Another version is here:

    “As the sinking gas comes into contact with carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere, the atoms of oxygen and nitrogen recombine. This recombination process results in an ultraviolet nightglow from nitric oxide (NO), as well as a near-infrared oxygen (O2) emission at 1.27 microns.”

    The above helps because it explains the blue shift i am seeing. The clouds on the horizon appear blue, not black. It must be an ultraviolet light emission.

    All the best,

  20. James says:

    Feb 14th. – Update on the glow phenomena. I have a glowing sky tonight. It’s overcast. This marks the 3rd occurrence since Feb 2nd. The moon is approaching its full phase tomorrow. Last night the same moon, but no luminescent atmospheric glow, however tonight after midnight i can read my test-book outside – with cloud cover, overcast same as the other two glowing Feb nights. 1cm of snow in the forecast tonight. Heavy chemtrailing observed on three horizons at sunset. -8C on the ground

  21. DaddyD says:

    you want to talk hurricanes, come to florida. and they do make sharp turns. lived close to roswell, pensacola, eglin air force base and seen a lot strange things in the sky. maybe you saw some ufo’s that were trying to warn you about the coming hurricane since they’re not so frequent in jersy.

  22. Kim Moore says:

    My mind can not comprehend how/why local weather reporters deny these programs when the AMS “American Meteorological Society” just held their conference last week and geoengineering was the main topic. This is just a snipet of the schedule on one day for one section (this was a multi day conference with numerous discussion on the topic daily)> Session 12
    Aerosol-cloud interaction representations in regional and global models and associated climate impact-II
    Location: Room C207 (The Georgia World Congress Center )
    Host: Sixth Symposium on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions
    Chairs: Leo Donner, GFDL; Chun Zhao, PNNL
    1:30 PM 12.1 Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Clouds: Mechanism, Significance, and Parameterizations (Invited Presentation)
    Jiwen Fan, PNNL, Richland, WA; and L. R. Leung, D. Rosenfeld, Q. Chen, K. S. S. Lim, Z. Li, J. Zhang, and H. Yan

    1:45 PM 12.2 Regional simulation of aerosol impacts on precipitation during the East Asian summer monsoon
    Longtao Wu, UCLA, Pasadena, CA; and H. Su and J. Jiang

    2:00 PM 12.3
    Unraveling the contribution of dynamical and aerosol parameters on cirrus cloud formation in the CAM 5.1 using online adjoint sensitivity analysis (Invited Presentation)
    Athanasios Nenes, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and B. Sheyko and X. Liu

    12.4 The sensitivity of cloud radiative feedback to cloud representations at a global climate model

    2:15 PM 12.4A Aerosol impacts on deep convective clouds by acting as CCN and IN in regional climate model WRF-CAM5
    Kyo-Sun Sunny Lim, PNNL, Richland, WA; and J. Fan, L. R. Leung, C. Zhao, P. L. Ma, B. Singh, and G. J. Zhang

    2:30 PM 12.5 Do sophisticated parameterizations of aerosol-cloud interactions in CMIP5 models improve the representation of recent observed temperature trends?
    Annica Ekman, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

    2:45 PM 12.6 Impact of biomass burning aerosols on regional climate over Southeast USA Peng Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and Y. Hu, A. Nenes, and A. G.

  23. Inannaishtar7 says:

    I live in Indianapolis,In and have been watching them spray heavily for the past 7 years, when I first became aware of the issue. I have seen so much more activity the last 2 years and the first snow storm we had I actually watched as the cloud shelf was moving out of the city and you could see the planes spraying above the shelf. There was a sunset at the time and one side of the sunset was orange as it should be and the side aligned with the storm shelf was florescent pink. I am astounded how people completely ignore this. I also have noticed the light at night where abiove the cloud it appears to be light. It is so incredibly odd.. I have also witnessed a silent sir craft 3 summers ago once hovering for 20 mintues over my backyard and again 6 months later it followed me down a city street for about 7 miles. There were others who reported the same type of craft in the same area. I actually have a theory about why they are spraying. I have studied the works of Sitchin and he talks a lot about how the Sumerians clained the “Gods” were here mining for gold for their planet. The ancient mines have been found. I wonder if it is possible that we were given the technologies needed to do this very thing (spray chemicals ) in order to avoid some catestrophic end. The 2 theories that have the most evidence in my opinion are a polar shift or run in with a dwarf star. Or a polar shift from the gravitational pull from either a dwarf star or planet. Obviously it is something big as the chemtrail campaign spams so many major coutnries. I think rather than focusing on stopping it (as this is futile)we should focus on whatthey are not telling us. The well being of humanity as whole is taking precedence over individuals. I would like to know if anyone has links or info on these issues I raised as I cannot seem to find anything . Thank you for this site. Kristi

  24. Nicholas says:

    Dear James, sorry for the delay. Yes, I think you may be on to something with the ELF waves. I did not notice that it only occurs when the skies are cloudy and overcast with the chemical soup. But I think you are most likely correct that it only can occur when the sky has the chemical saturation in it. So lets assume that is the case, then the energy input as you state possibly from the ELF waves might explain the excitation of the (junk)/ molecules, etc. and the fact that it turns off and on during any given night or maybe it is always luminescent during the cloudy soupy nights or when the ELF is on??. I tend to agree with this good observation and now not to believe the luminous sky is from any particular city light source, moon or the sun. The only other source we could think of would be the charged particles coming from the sun constantly as cosmic radiation which has been stated to be abnormally high in terms of sun plasma discharges. That is if you can believe any of the science data sent to us anymore. See my problem is we can’t trust any of the data anymore and since we do not have direct access to the satellite data that NASA or data we can trust as true and accurate, I cannot do my own direct observations so we have to rely only on past intelligence and analysis of observed current events as related to such. Sorry for the ramble but I am at my wits end on all the devils servants and the impact they are having on all of us, and especially my children who are still of youthful ages. I just want to line those responsible up and do you know what to them but unfortunately they have the military in their pockets too. I just can’t help but wonder when the SHTF in finality will the military stay on the surface and kill all of us who don’t respond to their will and then they will also eventually die with the rest of us or do they have a place in the bunkers too??? And what is it exactly that the military would be protecting when the elite are in the ground, and the surface of the earth and its remaining people are at war with each other trying to survive. I just have to ask what would compel a military person to protect the sinking ship at that point??? Service to a country or doctrine that no longer exists??? Well I am trying to explain a rational human perspective, I am so sorry I forgot these people are insane…………. and psychotic including the military if they do not convert to our side, the innocent civilian who did not do this to the earth directly, even though so many of us continued to own and drive 8 cylinder cars when 4 cylinders were just as good to do the job. Can you imagine if only the powers to be actually cared enough to do a worldwide ban on any engine larger than a 4 cylinder during the first oil embargo of 1972 is even sooner, how much further humanity may have gotten??? Just speculating. But we know even back then the PTB wanted as much oil consumed as possible so they could make maximum profits. You know there is no other justification for burning as much fuel as you can other than you can and make more profit. You cannot defend enough additional jobs to justify the waste, sorry you just cannot do it. And they say communism was bad, at least it told people how much resources they were allowed to use… That much is true.. Why do you think Russia still has so much still available, but they are going down with the rest of us now too. As soon we all will be. If you know anyway to organize please call me because I will come to help on my last dying breath. Information to the people is what DANE is hoping will cross a threshold for action but I also know that everyday the people I see are going more insane and are becoming hopeless in their physical and mental ability to fight which is a direct result of the influence of the nano chemicals and any other junk in our systems (GMOs, etc.) that is affecting all of us pretty much on an equal footing health wise. But I know I can rise up with others if we can make it happen. I studied Environmental Toxicity for 45 years since I was 10 and know too much about the bad stuff and then there are the bad people who release the bad stuff and you pretty much get total death and destruction at that level. Sorry for my grim outlook but again I have children I need to worry about and I feel helpless to protect them. I will take out my anger on those responsible when I encounter them and believe me there are always those responsible as it is their wicked ways. Then again I can leave it up to the LORD such as the true worshipers do and just lay down like a lamb and let it all happen to us and say it must be GODs way. But something in me just isn’t ready to do that just yet…….. Any strength you want to offer will be highly considered. Best to you and GOD bless all those who enter here.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I live in Canada just outside of T.O. I can tell you this. I know one thing for sure is that that Air Ambulance service is Going in and out way too many times. I see it go out when the sky is fairly clear and within like 20 minutes or so the sky becomes dark blue. I also remember the brigade of little planes flying around obviously spraying and the the air ambulance went out and within about 1/2 an hour there was a huge wind damaging and rain storm. I don’t know how people can be do daft and not see what the Jets are doing higher up. Lay a constant trail to block the Sun. I really think the Majority of people are real Dumb, Ignorant, or plain Stupid. Well I suppose that is understandable because this Crap is Dumbing the people down. I watched this Video on Utube called “Lithium Rockets over Virginia”. They were sending these rockets up and they dispersed Litium over the public in that area. They said it had something to do with checking the weather wind currents or something to that nature. I smell BS there. I am trying to tell people about GMO and the Weather Modification program that is going on. Most of my attempts were to no Avail. Real dummies out there. Well I am glad that at least there are some that don’t have their head stuck up their butt. Good to see the posts. Maybe, just maybe some more people will pull their heads out of their A-S-S


    Take Care Jane

  26. JR says:

    We are being inundated practically on daily basis anymore. Skies are powdered out in white, gloomy orange, yellowed funky crap. In the final days we all know the word says much wailing, and gnashing of teeth will come and we will be out of here. We don’t know when that day will come but it will. There is much suffering now but it will end one day. These evil characters (the perpetrators-and like them) are the ones left behind for the rapture and wrath no doubt of the Lord. Can’t serve 2 masters folks…

  27. Mere says:

    Elizabeth, I’m thinking your idea would have, might have, worked during hippy times.
    How would I scale the 10 ft. fence, with my hibachi, I would not want to lose my wieners.
    Or would one have to buy a ticket to get even close to a runway. Would they allow my hibachi thru security? Are they going to take my food?
    Will they think my hibachi is something else? Will my “bachi” end up in the slammer before I can say “hi”…? To me, these would be points to ponder.
    If I still had kids in school, I would INSIST they stay indoors during recess. How can teachers send those kids outside, they know what’s going on!!!

    In my eyes, ANYONE who hides truth about this ongoing modification of our weather, leading to death, illness and destruction, is an ACCOMPLICE TO MURDER!!!!

  28. Gary says:

    Well said, Steve.

  29. James says:

    More data on the glow topic: Sunday night, clear, no overhead glow, moon visible in first quarter phase, interrupted by faint misty cirrus clouds. Precipitation is forecast for three straight days following the full moon on the 15th. I expect the glow will return then, I’ll keep you posted.

  30. Jose Gonzalez says:

    I live in New Jersey and I also noticed a week before Sandy hit I seen six of them flying in formation across the sky from east to west I’ve noticed chemtrails before but never seen them do that really strange also Sandy took a sharp left turn towards the Jersey Shore I never seen a hurricane do that before either the amount of damge was unbelievable .

  31. chad says:

    Hi guys,
    I found out about chemtrails and geo engineering a while ago, I am from the UK and it is happening quite alot here too, albeit nowhere near as bad as in the US. Anyway, one of the things that helped me actually understand climate geoengineering was this video on YouTube. I found it randomly, and it’s not actually the video itself which is the important part, although it is chilling, it is the document it has linked in the video (both of which I will link at the bottom for you guys/girls). It is an official document from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTR) in Washington. The title of the document is weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather by 2025.
    It goes on to show how nanotechnology can be used to exploit the solar absorption of carbon Black dust and be controlled to enhance rain, cause clouds, and even cause culumonimbus clouds to generate storms, for example. Another method is shown by producing artificial computerised fog that can adjust buoyancy and communicate with the other nano cells. And it’s this ‘chaff’ amongst other things, such as Aluminium, Barium and Strontium that is being sprayed everywhere in our atmosphere as it reflects most of the visible spectrum.
    The document also mentions Space-weather modification and shows you exactly how it’s done…yes people HAARP exists…Thanks to Nikola Tesla (a great man might I add).
    The document is only 7 pages long but after that there is another the 28 pages of blogs and such. Each of the points made are followed by references and sources, so feel free to read up on them too. Notice how these sources are dated so long ago, and people think the technology doesn’t exist now…when in fact it did ages ago!! Anyway I will stop waffling on and let you guys make your own minds up, but both the video and the document it has linked both seem fairly legitimate to me, please tell me what you think people! 🙂 – video – document.

  32. JR says:

    This morning they’re at it big time covering the sun as it comes up east of me. It looks like there was a front coming in from east but they are busting them to nothing to a powder form. Lack of rain or moisture, hello? Around ten years ago or so on the Science Channel there was aired on a company from Florida called Dyn-O-Mat, a company into weather modification. They showed also how after they sprayed over clouds with their fleet the rain clouds were turned to mush. A bowl of water on the boob tube for illustration purposes had chemicals poured in also what right after this looked like whipped cream afterwards from said company owner when he stuck his hand in it (boastfully), no longer water! In the U.S. last I heard in the Dakotas there was a company called Weather Modification Inc. also into these evil works…….Have a Blessed Day……….

  33. Kerry says:

    I’ve seen that too. Weird stuff is going on.

  34. Elizabeth Cook says:

    What about an OCCUPY AIRPORTS movement. I’ve suggested this here before. But since no one up until this point has been able to physically stop the atrocity, I’m posting it again. We pick a few days over the course of the year, and occupy the runways of your nearest airport hippie style. Set up camp, bring your hibachis, and block the planes.

  35. Steve says:

    I’ve just been made aware of this very scary topic, luckily someone had managed to get this out on Facebook! Totally shocked!!! All we can do is spread the word until the masses join together before it’s too late. I’m sick of being blinded by the media, of all the wrong doing that our world leaders are doing to control and poison our wonderful planet.
    Unfortunately I feel there is not enough single minded people out there to make a difference! They are already controlled by money not only for wealth but the majority for survival.
    Steve from the UK

  36. Steve says:

    I work outside all night and i could sure tell you about the night sky..It seems to flash all the time like heat lightining.with the odd big glow now and again seen it lots, 15 yrs ago it was not like this…

  37. James says:

    Hey Carol, I’m in central Ontario and have been doing snow-melting experiments. My snow melts at room temperature after about 60 min and gives up water, but it retains the moisture until then,while sublimation occurs until some watershed moment. Before that moment, there is not a free drop of water. Some of the mass is sublimating until then, roughly 80%.

    There’s no doubt regarding this snow’s artificially. But the snow is just the tip of the iceberg here, as regards what is going on. I’m seeing on-and-off luminous skies at night. It looks very much like the atmosphere is a form of plasma. Go figure.

    This winter has been a constant cloud cover, a low ceiling, like living inside a giant refrigeration unit, day after day. Its artificial. How do I know this? Between the age of 8 and 13 i had a paper route in this town, and for five winters pulled my sleigh full of papers, going door to door. I encountered every kind of snow, every wind, every condition Mother Nature delivered, and it was manifold. Hundreds of different types of snow. The Inuit have over fifty descriptions in their lexicon. Today we need only one.

    I grew up ice fishing and shoveling the lake by moonlight in order to play hockey until midnight. We had the first snowmobile on the lake. I know snow. This stuff is too powdery, too cold, and consistently, snowfall after snowfall is the same man-made shite.

    I’d like to hear from the Inuit on what they think about this snow; and also what are they are seeing in their skies at night. I am seeing weirdness.

  38. Mere says:

    James & Nicholas,
    I have been noticing this as well, more than once.
    I live in mountain time zone. Strange, because a while later it’s all dark again.
    I am so glad there are other people who notice what is going on!
    Now lets pray the comatose will wake up, preferably soon.
    Many Blessings.

  39. Carol says:

    In NW Ontario the snow is disappearing like dry ice without leaving any water; lots of snow but no water for trees or wells as it disappears.

  40. James says:

    Greetings Nickolas, thank you ( so very much) for relating your story on this phenomena. Before sitting down to reply, I went outside with my test book, a large cross-word puzzle catalogue-type with pages of letters in a range of different point sizes, and it reads perfectly, down to the smallest print. There is full luminosity, and it’s just after midnight EST, same zone as you. There is a cloud cover and I’m guessing its essential to the phenomena, now having seen two dark nights under an open sky; these observations occurring in Feb. new moon, and waxing into first quarter. I live in a valley on the edge of a small town, on the darker north side. It is rural area, I see farmland from my deck, behind my wood lot; the city is 100 km distance. I should NOT be able to plainly read a book on my back deck in the middle of night, and what i am seeing – is what you are seeing. We are both seeing the same luminescence.

    Yes, it’s a puzzle why there are dark nights and luminescent nights, but that is indeed my empirical observation. Yes, here too it appears constant to the horizon, 360 deg. Since about 80% of mankind live in cities, i doubt they would notice this phenomena.
    The (normal) dark nights with stars visible, a clear sky with darkness indicate that on clouded luminous nights, it’s a refraction of light associated with the atmosphere. But what is the light source? It seems no brighter closer to dawn, so I’m ruling out the sun. It’s not the moon. I think the atmosphere is glowing. Have you ever observed phosphorescence in the ocean? It’s the same. Note that ocean phosphorescence is created by living matter, bioluminescence. It could be bacteria in this case; if they are using bacteria to nucleate the moisture, that’s a possible source to add to the list. Somehow i think it’s ionization of particles, a chemical reaction is taking place, uniformly, and controlled by a source that switches ON and OFF. We see the ELF waves in the atmosphere. Doesn’t that source seem most likely?
    Over to you my friend, and thanks again for speaking out. I can imagine there will be scores of people reading this that only need to walk outside and look out, to corroborate these findings and observations.

  41. Nicholas says:

    Dear James, thank you for mentioning the luminosity of the sky at night. My son and I have been noticing this for over 1 year now and in our area it is more common then not. Mostly it is light out 360 degrees from sundown until morning. We have 2 homes in 2 completely different states PA and NJ and in two totally different locations. One is in a suburb of Trenton, NJ and the other is in the total rural farmland area of Bucks County, PA. I know of every light source in every city we are near. Trenton area we could maybe say it was from some of the lights from some of the directions but not all directions could the light come from. Up in Bucks County there is no light source in any direction. So we are baffled in all fronts except to think it must be major refractivity of light from all the mega trillions of quantity of nano-sized metals and either the sun, moon or all the city lights from around the entire region are bouncing off of the particles and showing refractive 360 degree lights at night when it should be dark. The other baffle is why and how is it that there are still a few dark nights???? How can it possibly be that most nights are light out at 360 and some nights are still dark out. When there is so much sinister activity from our devil possessed human counter parts, you can’t answer these questions and I guess it does not matter at this point either but I felt compeled to get it out there because again no one notices this stuff. We live amoung very very very simple people. Also I notice as Dane has said that everybodies and me included ability to focus and stay sharp are being degraded everyday due to the nano metals we breath. Our ability to fight and have motivational anger is also diminished so I do not have much faith in the populace rising up to stop the insanity. As a scientist I know that these body reactions are the direct result of nano metal toxicity on the brain and central NS as well as all the other physiological affects on our other organs and our health. I fear they have already succeded in their mission. If anyone can mobilize it must be at a very very big level. Look what happened to the Anti Wall Streeters movement 3 years ago!!!!!! God Bless the coming of the Lord and God Bless all of you.

  42. James says:

    “Is this Snow?”

    Ha! It’s sublimating.. Tomorrow, i’m blow torching my snow, and unearthing my high-school chemistry lab set. I’d like to know if this white stuff on the ground is indeed producing an endothermic reaction and super-cooling the air. It feels that way.

    Then there’s the bizarre night-time luminosity witnessed on two different nights, both low-overcast and after snow activity. At 3am and again at 4am three nights later. Last night I was reading a book outside to demonstrate to myself, every letter visible, as if seen in daylight. Yet, tonight when the sky is clear, its pitch dark, as it should be. I can’t even see the page in the same book i was reading outside last night. What is the source of that light? Could it be phosphorous?

  43. JR says:

    Here again in the Southwest our rain clouds or snow clouds were broken down to nothing. I’ve seen these aerosol operations for a good ten years now, no wonder we are in drought and fed lies over lies fist in hand by the deceitful ones. They say it’s normal or El Nino, or La Nina is the cause but they don’t mention the Diablo (Satan-the root of all evil) who they represent and I’m sure worship by now. You can’t serve 2 masters, you’ll love one and hate the other. What good does it do these idiots doing what they do when they are selling out their souls. All the deceit and money won’t help them where I believe they will be going if they don’t repent and change their evil ways? We will not lose hope because this will be over one day and we will be out of here in the blink of an eye and in His eternal kingdom and the rest will go to fire and brimstone forever with no rest there, huh! It is said what good is it to have all the riches of the world but in the process sell your soul! It is written……….

  44. Sharon Strong says:

    This needs to stop!!!! I have morgellons along with a lot of others they are killing us.

  45. I would be interested in mailings. Thank you for your work.

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