Pentagon Focus Is On The Climate As They Blow Apart Another Storm In California


Those that believe the US Department of Defense would ask for the public’s permission before they would interfere with the climate should wake up to reality. Take a good look at the satellite photo below. You don’t need to know much about meteorology to see what looks like giant paint brush strokes through the image from just off the California coast all the way through the western states into Canada. This effect is due to massive aerosol spraying of the incoming storm front, once again robbing California of desperately needed precipitation.

satellite - FOGREFL.GIF.8

Though considerable moisture passed over Northern California all day on October 14th, 2014, not a drop has fallen as of the penning of this article. The first waves of moisture from the incoming front were completely migrated over the parched state by massive aerosol spraying over the tops of the clouds. From below, the cloud cover is largely featureless when the aerosol spraying is the heaviest. The spraying effectively melts the cloud  cover together into a blended canopy of toxic aerosols and natural clouds. The rainless aerosolized clouds then migrate inland for hundreds or thousands of miles. This is the goal of solar radiation management, to create massive areas of cloud cover to block the sun. This greatly diminishes rain from falling where it would have and causes it to migrate further where it may eventually come down somewhere else in a deluge. So where does the US military fit into this equation? As the ongoing global climate engineering becomes impossible to hide, the military is beginning to admit they are indeed focused on the climate as a primary threat to US national security. In reality, the military is using climate engineering as a weapon against populations around the globe, this includes the US.
Dane Wigington

Pentagon Views Global Warming as an ‘Immediate’ Security Threat

Source: Mashable

Navy Unmanned Aircraft

A Navy X-47B drone is launched off the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush off the coast of Virginia, on May 14, 2013. The Pentagon is taking global warming into account in new weapons acquisition.

The Defense Department sees global warming as a challenge that “poses immediate risks” to national security, rather than one that will rear its head only in the future.

This shift in thinking comes as the sprawling department puts in place a wide range of measures to ensure that its bases do not sink below the sea as the oceans rise, that its weapons systems still work in a variety of extreme weather conditions, and that it is prepared to deal with increased demands for humanitarian assistance and regional instability.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the department’s “2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap” in a speech at a regional defense ministers meeting in Peru on Monday.

“The loss of glaciers will strain water supplies in several areas of our hemisphere,” Hagel said. “Destruction and devastation from hurricanes can sow the seeds for instability. Droughts and crop failures can leave millions of people without any lifeline, and trigger waves of mass migration.”

We have already seen these events unfold in other regions of the world, and there are worrying signs that climate change will create serious risks to stability in our own hemisphere. Two of the worst droughts in the Americas have occurred in the past ten years … droughts that used to occur once a century.

The roadmap outlines the many ways in which climate change is already affecting the U.S. military, from increased flooding at the massive Navy and Air Force bases in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area to melting permafrost underneath military training grounds in Alaska.


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is greeted by a Peruvian military official as he arrives in Arequipa, Peru to attend the 11th Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas Oct. 12, 2014.

The military is completing a survey to assess the vulnerability of more than 7,000 military bases and other facilities, including more rigorous studies of bases that are considered to be at high risk from sea level rise. In the Hampton Roads area, for example, sea level is expected to rise by at least 1.5 feet by 2050, making storm surge flooding far more routine and damaging.

An analysis by the science research and journalism organization Climate Central found that, in the Hampton Roads area, there is a 100% likelihood of a flood reaching or exceeding five feet above the high tide line by 2070. This scenario would put nearly half of Joint Base Langley-Eustis under water. That base is home to a squadron of expensive F-22 fighter jets.

According to the group’s report, sea level rise along coastal Virginia could amount to between four and nearly five feet by 2100.


Projection for sea level rise of six feet above sea level at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia.

“In our defense strategy, we refer to climate change as a ‘threat multiplier’ because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we are dealing with today — from infectious disease to terrorism.

We are already beginning to see some of these impacts,”

We are already beginning to see some of these impacts,” Hagel wrote in the forward to the report, which was also published as a blog post on the White House website. “A changing climate will have real impacts on our military and the way it executes its missions.”

In the report, Hagel references the political controversy surrounding climate science, with many Republicans in Congress who don’t recognize the basic scientific link between manmade greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. “Politics or ideology must not get in the way of sound planning,” he says.

Our armed forces must prepare for a future with a wide spectrum of possible threats, weighing risks and probabilities to ensure that we will continue to keep our country secure. By taking a proactive, flexible approach to assessment, analysis and adaptation, the Defense Department will keep pace with a changing climate, minimize its impacts on our missions, and continue to protect our national security.

Many of the vulnerabilities discussed in the roadmap have been known for some time, since reports such as the Quadrennial Defense Review have addressed climate change’s potential impacts on military operations and readiness before.

What is unique in this report, however, is that it represents a tactical shift for the Pentagon, away from a long-term planning perspective on climate change, and toward one that also recognizes that climate change impacts, from extreme weather events like heat waves to sea level rise, are already affecting military readiness and mission demands.

While the military has long considered climate change to be a “threat multiplier” that is likely to drag the U.S. into a greater number of rapid humanitarian relief operations and weaken already fragile governments, the new report indicates that the Pentagon is also concerned about its impacts on the readiness of U.S. forces and changing requirements for new and expensive weapons systems.

The roadmap even notes the possibility that climate change, by altering the distribution of freshwater resources around the world, could make it more difficult for the military to ensure its personnel have adequate food and water, both in times of peace and war.

Although scientists have not yet firmly established a climate change connection to the ongoing California drought, it has already affected military training operations by increasing the number of high fire risk days, as well as excessive heat days, at military bases in the state. California is having its warmest year on record so far, after having its driest year.

Hagel’s speech also looked forward to the next round of U.N.-sponsored climate treaty talks, which will take place in Lima, Peru in December. “Defense leaders must be part of this global discussion,” Hagel said.

In an interview with Mashable on October 9, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s environment minister and the president of the upcoming climate talks, said a key goal of the negotiations will be to emerge with a draft global climate agreement. Without that, he said, “we are going to create a lot of frustration.”

The Lima talks will be followed by a high stakes round of negotiations in Paris in 2015, at which time a new treaty is supposed to be signed and slated to go into effect by 2020.

Source: Mashable

30 Responses to Pentagon Focus Is On The Climate As They Blow Apart Another Storm In California

  1. fiona says:

    Yes, Representative and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, wrote bill HR 2977 naming chemtrails “exotic weapons” when they came out with the Space Preservation Act of 2001 which seeks to…

    “preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.”

    It did not pass, and I’d be interested to read the language and find out who voted against it.

  2. verna Smith says:

    Dane , I have been researching the aerosol injection program for many years now. My health is deteriorating each passing day. I recently had a urine test for arsenic. Blood test for cadmium. I showed trace amounts. Today I had blood test for aluminum, barium and strontium. I will post my results when I get them. They are sending these test to the Mayo Clinic. I hope they are reputable. I encourage everyone to get tested so we can present this as evidence.The more test the better as far as evidence. I am also have rain tested and then my soil. There is not a day pass that I am not educating someone about the ongoing geoengineering and the health effects.More and more people I find are more than willing to have someone explain why the sky is white like latex white paint. I am unable physically at this time to be as active as I have been. I am hoping I will be up to the meeting in Redding on Nov.21 2014. Thank you once again. Sincerely. Verna AKA Grandma.

  3. Joe says:

    I saw them spraying like crazy yesterday, and what I thought was crazy then, turned out to be moderate compared to today. I live in Santa Clara, I’ve been outside all day with my father who has dementia, so i have a lot of time to look up. from today and yesterday, I personally saw about six different jets spraying, and MASSIVE amounts of chem-clouds disspersing into what might be thought of as clouds to those who do not know.

    Last year, they kept that pressure of the West Coast for a record breaking time, I think it was over 145 days. Same pressure zone they’re keeping strong now.

    All i can think, is that Fukushima fallout is far worse and far more easily carried across the ocean to US, and they are attacking precipitation, because THEY ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT AMOUNTS OF RADIATION ARE WITHIN THEM…

    They are NOT saving US, they are saving the agricultural zones — California and Mexico…

    the main part of the front that “WAS” coming in, straight for the Bay Area, is now moved up towards Oregon and Canada. The little bit of precipitation, that they say we will be getting on Saturday, is a section of precipitation for which came “up from” the south, and is not a part of the main front, and therfore chould not have “fallout” from the hurricane that blew over Japan.

  4. Mysteriousbarges says:

    It’s not about what we vote but the people who DON’T vote!!

  5. katrina and kevin says:

    We see these chemtrails over the skies of Northern Colorado almost every day. We watch the beautiful blue sky turn ugly with the clouds that come. The clouds don’t even look natural like when we grew up and they don’t even make rain! Yet no one seems to notice! What positive effect do “they” pretend to promote these activities? Who gives them permission? And who is paying $ for it? They’re not doing it for free……..

  6. katrina and kevin wambolt says:

    We totally agree with every word you said! We were wondering if it stopped too, but they’re back at it again. Every morning my husband can’t breathe, etc, etc. We live in Colorado near an international airport and major Air Force Base- we know commercial flights don’t leave stripes across the whole sky and make clouds that block out the sun. Young people think its normal! Its very sad.

  7. Mike says:

    Has anyone had success getting a politician or media reporter/investigator to pursue this? If anyone has found someone to carry the baton, we all need to pounce on them in mass to get this exposed!

  8. Ben says:

    Getting some light rain in San Francisco right now! I saw heavy clouds coming in over the past few days off and on. I also saw a lowish jet spraying a very large trail on a clear sky and kind of hot day a few days ago, not at all water vapor. I think that given the evidence on this website and all of the testimony from eye witnesses no one can deny that some crazy stuff is going on. I don’t think anyone voted on this kind of stuff as allowable, does any one remember voting on weather modification?

  9. Max says:

    Hi Ed. I moved to Manhattan in January. Having monitored the ‘trails’ for years now, I was quite amazed at how much spraying went on here in the city. I get sick about every 10 days, allergies/symptoms are endless and too numerous to mention. Anyway, my point is in late Sept. it looked like it stopped. I no longer see them during the day even though the large # of flights departing NY remains. Hence my theory is that if it were just ‘exhaust’ spewing from the engines then why would we even have blue skies? There are 3 major airports surrounding us and if it were not geo-engineering planes, then those ‘trails’ would appear EVERY DAY! But that is not the case. Yes I’ve seen them in droves on multiple occasions, laying tracks across Central Park’s blue sky, slowly turning it to a dull white, with patches of rainbow, similar to an oil slick. Was daytime spraying way too obvious, too many people looking up now due to web sites like this? There have been so many clear days these last few weeks, I thought it may be over but my body tells me otherwise. What is happening, I think, is they have resorted to spraying at night which would allow for an even heavier dose without causing mass curiosity/hysteria. And in light of Ebola, I would imagine the dosing to be a heavy one.
    I must say, in all my 54 years I cannot recall a time when this many people, animals were so UNWELL. Basically, people feel like $%&#!!The foods that once would nurture us are nothing but contaminated crap, zero nutritional value. The oceans/lakes, along with the fish, are diseased. And the constant human craving for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, etc. is due to the ill effects of chemicals in the air, water, earth. Hate to say it but the future looks bleak.
    We are all born with that ‘WTF DID I DO’ detector, that PIT that forms in our stomach when we KNOW we’ve taken things too far, when an apology just won’t cut it and there’s no tuning back. That’s the current state of our world along with everyone in it. But KARMA will soon reign supreme and believe me, she is pissed.

  10. poppy robbins says:

    yesterday the 17th oct while walking dogs i watched 5/6 air craft spraying very high but clearly visible , there was a large blue area and in under an hour clouds had closed in ,and yet agsin there was a comercial passenger aircraft going over,lower, and no trail what so ever . i have finally got local radio news to listen and will be going in to talk to them ,wether they will then present anything live , which is what i hope for , we shall see? dane i have said before you are the inspiration and light to motivate and guide us all and i wish i had woken up sooner , i try very hard to channel my emotional response to all i am learning and not give in to despair ,all life is so precious ,. . .

  11. Syn says:

    Dane, Im on this everyday! contacting celebrities, local reps, fire departments. I understand that we are deep into the 11th hour, but i refuse to be silent & behave while all I love is being murdered. The M.I.C. IS being exposed and WE are coming together as ONE. I love you Dane, your dedication to Gaia and all life is Hero worthy. Lets just keep moving forward my friend. At least we die fighting the good fight.

  12. bob says:

    It is Oct. 16 and the spraying over southern ontario / canada has been relentless the last 4 days. I took our dog out for a short 5 minute walk and my eyes and nose/throat were just burning. No on notices ………….it is all very sad . This feels like it is irreversible .Hard to believe mankind has degenerated to this level.

  13. Bette says:

    Dane –
    Why can’t we get this information on a Cable Channel like the “FOX NEWS”. I think putting it on like “The Kelly File” with Megan Kelly or “Justice With Judge Jeanine” would be a beneficial avenue to attract more interest. And, since you are a very interesting speaker, it would be great to see you as a guest on one or both of their shows…in the near future.

    Also, where can one obtain information to help out in their communities??

  14. Rob Schick says:

    I live in San Diego and as Jerry said we had 3 weeks of beautiful clear blue skies~~Now the chemtrails are back~~we had a protest here the 27th of Sept. Hardly anyone showed up~~??? Are these chemicals making people ignorant and apathetic? I’ll just keep doing as much as I can to wake people up~~pass out fliers~~spread the word via Facebook and e-mails and hope it isn’t too late to get the natural weather patterns back and for the Earth and all living Things to heal !

  15. Jay says:

    Things will get much worse in the near future as I see it, good luck and happy motoring. 😉

  16. Ed says:

    In NY also I’ve watched massive storm fronts blow into JFK Airport while working there- looking like Atomic Bomb clouds & Not 1 drop of Rain.
    In Far Rockaway- right off the ocen I watch massive rain clouds roll in -black & ominous & continue sailing overhead & NOT 1 DROP OF RAIN.
    Of course they spray here VEREY SINGLE DAY but it only lately that I watched these massive storm front come in & just keep going with absolultely no rain.
    These people are sick- They PLAY GOD & are disillusioned enough to believe they are doing it for THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND.- WHAT BULLAHIT RUBBISH. They are nothing but Satanic Evil God Wanna-Be’s.

  17. Jenny says:

    I hate to have to agree with Alan but he is right. Too little, too late. Most suffer either physically or mentally from whatever: vaccines, chemicals, radiation and apathy is rampant. We woke up to the horrors way too late. Good time would have been the 60’s when we could still think clearly but even then we were being manipulated and controlled. When you look at the whole picture and truly understand it as a step by step agenda (Frankfurt School) unfolding you must despair. Psychopathic murderers are the new norm. Sometimes I think those claiming that evil ET’s are among us may be right. Let’s face it what rules over us ain’t human.

  18. Judith Robinson says:

    In Alicante, Spain, many years ago (approx 20)a certain Senor Bonalba (Tomatero) was fined by the Govt. for interfering with the weather over their tomato growing fields, ie stopping rain falling. He was stopped and that was the end of it. We could hardly believe it.
    We live in Ireland now which is a passive place.
    If what is true that I am reading, I agree, that the US
    has reached a point of No Return. The people need to have a free and open media – which I’m afraid is owned by a few people who run the agenda of the country and any so falled ‘free speech’ is going down the tubes.

  19. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Every day I am actively waking people up. I am relentless in my efforts to expose the psychopaths that are killing our planet. The cognitive dissonance of the deniers can be broken with a constant barrage of facts and documentation. If you are aware of what is going on, you must tell everyone you know. You must step up your efforts to grow our fighting forces. Although I only believe there is a small chance for a diplomatic solution. We must all stay on course to reaching critical mass. If you are one of those people that are aware of what’s happening but keep it all to yourself, please try this. Tomorrow approach one person and bring up climate engineering. Throw out a couple of facts about the dangers of these programs then hand them a flyer or just a piece of paper with the website on it. On day two you approach two people and do the same thing. On day three you approach three and so on. Maybe you could restart and repeat this cycle every week. Personally I approach an average of 25 people a day face to face and reach hundreds more thought signs, posters and flyers on my pizza boxes at my restaurant. If you don’t think you can approach this many people at least commit to engaging one person a day on the subject of Geoengineering. Please do something today.

  20. Jerry, San Diego says:

    I was in France this past May, and as we were crossing the coast of France getting ready to descend into Paris, I saw two jets at our altitude almost arm and arm spewing their poison in the sky. It was really weird at 30,000 feet to be next to these strung out plumes of aerosol. I was wondering what our pilots were thinking. While in Paris that week there was aerosol spraying every day all over that beautiful city, and I never saw anyone look up in curiosity.

    San Diego went through a spell from mid August where the skies were brilliant blue until almost the end of September. It was great but eerie to have our blue skies back. And I wondered what triggered this anomaly. But then the spraying started again.

    I really can’t take this purposeful destruction of our climate. It boggles my mind how geo engineering is orchestrated all over the western world. There must be a UN organization that sponsors it. So that must mean that the leaders in these countries are all participating in the demise of our civilization, and somehow feel or believe that what they are doing is bettering the long term agenda of this world. I can’t believe that they have all bought into this evil. I know in Europe they are cracking down on GMO’s, Fluoride, and the care of bees, etc. It just doesn’t make sense that aerosol spraying doesn’t make the agenda.
    It all makes my blood boil.

  21. Chris Amend says:

    Major nasties all over Wyoming every single day. Low flights. Heavy heavy spray and much harder to breath with all the other symptoms…sore joints, foggy brain, burning eyes, heart flutter etc.etc.etc. Oh but I’m not complaining. Every day I pray and do many things to fight these Satanic life hating bastards. They WILL suffer very soon to be sure. They simply cannot be that disgustingly evil and not pay dearly. Satanic people can only create by destroying and have no talent and they WILL be exposed to EVERYONE very soon and they will pay and suffer greatly. Pray and teach. Learn and pray and teach and expose these lowlife thugs. Bullies are low esteemed loosers who WILL PAY. God bless all who are awake and fighting and do not relent. These enemies of life must and will fail, but fight them we must. It is ours to do ..Teach your neighbor but do not wait on him. Blessings and love to all who are awake and fight.

  22. Marsha says:

    Where I live in San Anselmo,CA Marin County It rained lightly March 15 from about 4-7am and then heavily 8-9am. Something like that. Didn’t think about time at the time til I read the article. Penetrated the soil about 2 inches.
    Couple weeks ago penetrated 3″, though in the next town it was really sporadic. Checked because I grow vegies

  23. Stefan says:

    They, seeing the’victory’ is at hand, seem to have greatly accellerated their diabolical Agenda.
    I’m at a great loss for what we can do effectively, so late during this course of events. Save for a few, we humans have been asleep, indifferent and in denial for too long, not aware that a war against Life Itself is being waged by these criminally insane psychopaths, masquerading as our leaders and representatives and with the assistance of an army of greedy, delusional dimwits acting as their ‘boots on the ground’.

  24. Janyl says:

    If Hampton goes under they can still use other locales in North Carolina to augment the loss and provide fields and support for the F22; already have been doing some of this. The game they are playing with the weather is the end game; don’t think they care about the ramifications and impacts. Sickening! Way beyond time for people to wake up, speak up and bring this evil into the light of day.

  25. Jack says:

    Looking north over Shingletown Ridge this evening I am watching the spraying above the beautiful scattered clouds. As usual, these trails are not showing up on eldorado radar. I fear they may succeed in depopulating California and letting big ag and big mineral have their way with it.

  26. Gistine says:

    Every last one of these evil maggots need to be tried and hung for TREASON!

  27. Trees Are Life says:

    The Official Forecast from the NWS is the same for the next two storms approaching California, “Dry Winter Storms.” How can a storm on radar showing rain falling out in the pacific be dry on land! Its truly amazing what they can do!

    On another note keep your eye on Hurricane GONZALO to brush the East Coast this weekend, will it make a 90 degree turn much like Sandy. How about Tropical Storm Ana—soon to be a hurricane, the second to threaten Hawaii this year after Iselle in August—is expected to barrel through the island chain later this week. If Ana makes landfall at hurricane strength, it would be the first impact of that magnitude in Hawaii since Iniki devastated the island of Kauai in 1992. In recorded history, Hawaii has never been hit by two tropical cyclones in one year.

  28. Talia says:

    Dane, I recently went on a trip to Italy during the month of September, we have family in northern italy and they’ve been reporting an abnormally high amount of rain in the spring and summer months. I saw one of your videos before our trip and was curious to conduct my own observations concerning geo-trails in italy. I immediately began observing and saw how green and lush the greens were much like in nor-cal years ago in our rainy months. I was looking for any signs of trails but I didn’t see anything at first just natural moving clouds but finally on one clear day I saw them. We later traveled down to southern italy to both naples and capri, naples was so hot and our friend who lives in naples commented on how its never this hot like this in naples at this time of year. so I thought it was really odd, Capri was unbearably humid and hot and again the locals said that this was really out of the ordinary for this time of year. It was just really odd and i couldn’t piece it together because i saw aerosol trails both in the rainy north and in the dryer south. Do you think its possible that there are different aerosol mixes for different results or does this fall in line with your current observations of the same aerosol mix moving along globally?

  29. Kim Ireland says:


    Timely and spot on report. Just north of San Francisco, rain was forecasted for Tuesday then for sure Wednesday between 4 and 5 AM. This morning at 4:45 it rained for about 10 seconds then stopped. Yesterday when there was a break in the cloud cover, easily spotted were the telltale chemtrails acting as sponges for the moisture in the lower level rain clouds.

    On it was possible to see the heavy green moisture passing through the area, but as you described, it passed through for delivery elsewhere.

    This control of natural Fall storms to deny this area it’s historical moisture is severely adversely affecting all life forms here. The military’s concern over potential rising sea levels on the East coast is a really poor excuse for what they are doing here.

  30. Alan says:

    Hello Dane, even if it rained the perfect amount for California over the next years, we are still f****d as a civilization.
    think about it…

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