Scorched Earth, Climate Engineering Continues To Fuel Planetary Meltdown


Around the globe record numbers of wildfires have continued to rage in 2015. Of all the sources of anthropogenic damage to the planet (and there are countless sources) the greatest single factor fueling the wildfire increase is climate engineering. Fires are currently raging all over the US West, all the way north to Alaska where record levels of acreage are going up in flames. Further east into Canada the story is the same. There was an extremely early start to the now record fire season in Siberia where vast sections of boreal forest are incinerating. In Russia, many recent fires in the Chernobyl "exclusion zone" pose radiation dangers in addition to the fire threat. Southern California is ablaze yet again. Portugal is one of many more countries battling wildfires. How about the southern hemisphere? The story has been the same. Brazil is burning to the ground, so is Chile. In Australia, the fires have been relentless and horrific.

south west fire

​As the forests burn, the feedback loop of continued burning is fed. All the while, the decimating affects of climate engineering are feeding the planetary meltdown. Below is the latest update from Alaska where fires are continuing to devour the landscape at a record pace.
Dane Wigington


Half A Million Acres Burned In Just One Day, Alaska Shatters Record For Worst June Wildfire Outbreak Ever

Source: Robert Scribbler

All throughout the mainstream media last week we heard the same myopic litany — ‘a massive wildfire outbreak ongoing in Alaska is not abnormal.’ Well, today, all pretense that there was anything normal about the 314 wildfires still raging throughout the state has gone up in a cloud of boreal forest, tundra, and thawed permafrost emitted smoke.

As of 6:28 AM Alaska time today, 1,912,000 acres had burned in Alaska since the start of the year. That’s roughly 1,800,000 more acres burned than just before the current wildfire outbreak started on June 18th and 497,000 more acres burned over just the last 24 hour period alone. By comparison, the previous worst ever June fire outbreak for Alaska during 2004 burned less than 1,200,000 acres of the Arctic state.


Alaska Interagency Center map of currently active wildfires now burning in Alaska

With 42 hours left in June and with more than 300 fires still active, it’s pretty clear that the current fire season is a historic, unprecedented, record-shattering event. One that will almost certainly break the 2 million acre mark and may show double the over-all previous record burning during June of 2004. An excessive new record that is occurring in the ominous context of the hottest year in the global climate record and a vastly irresponsible dumping of 50 billion tons of heat-trapping, CO2 equivalent (of which 32 billion tons is CO2) gasses into the atmosphere through fossil fuel burning and related industry each and every year.

As Alaska Experiences Worst Ever Burning for June, Northwest Territory Lights Up

As Alaska burned through half a million acres of forest in just one day, a massive heatwave was also setting off extreme wildfires throughout northwest Canada. It was the same heatwave that broke new temperature records all across Washington, and the mountain west. Temperatures in places like Walla, Walla Washington hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 Celsius) on Sunday — breaking the previous all time June temperature record for the day by 4 degrees (2.2 C). A pulse of heat rising off the back of a strengthening El Nino in the Pacific, running all the way up the Western Seaboard and Mountains of the US and driving deep into northwestern Canada.


Massive plumes of smoke emitting from wildfires burning near Great Slave Lake in Northwest Territory, Canada on Sunday. For reference, bottom edge of frame is 350 miles. Image source: LANCE-MODIS

The added heat riled wildfires burning throughout much of the permafrost zone in Canada, pushing blazes to explosive size and dumping massive plumes of smoke into an atmosphere already heavily laden with Alaska’s brown carbon pulse. In the above LANCE-MODIS image we can see about 30 of these fires burning away near Great Slave Lake. Note that some of the fire fronts in the above image are more than 15 miles long.

Given the satellite assessment from yesterday, it appears that the same excessive heat, dryness and permafrost thaw that has set off record fires for Alaska during June is now also in play for Canada. Initial reports from Canada’ Interagency Fire Center confirm this assessment with 138 new fires erupting in just the past 24 hours alone and more than 2,250,000 acres burned for the country since the start of 2015. As a result of the excessive Arctic heat (associated with both El Nino and overall human warming) and extreme rate of new fire starts, we are at risk of seeing unpecedented wildfire conditions continuing to spread throughout this warming, vulnerable Arctic region.

UPDATE: Preliminary numbers for acres burned in Alaska, according to Interagency Center reports have been downgraded somewhat to greater than 1.6 million total acres burned. These totals are still in record range with between 200,000 to 300,000 acres burned each day. It seems, given the unprecedented number and intensity of fires now burning (currently 300) in AK that there’s some difficulty getting an accurate assessment of conditions on the ground. The downgrade is somewhat good news in light of an overall difficult and record fire season for Alaska. Will keep updating as new information becomes available.

Source: Robert Scribbler

26 Responses to Scorched Earth, Climate Engineering Continues To Fuel Planetary Meltdown

  1. Earth Angel says:

    UV readings in North Ga. USA here today show in the EXTREME range- 11 on the scale here. In the past 2 weeks since I have been checking a  government site. Seeing radiation damage on plants and vegetables, berries struggling in our garden. A message and photos from a fellow activist in Montana shared horrific damage and mutations she is seeing there. Similar to what I am seeing here only worse. Her baby goats dead because of this also- and STILL they are spraying her area with toxins BOTH on the ground and in the air!    😮  It is hard to hold back tears today..  : (

  2. Kyle says:

    If we were to organize and tear down their HARRP facilities using home made weapons being willing to risk the law to put fear into the criminal minds would that restore our *natural* balance of weather or would doing that just make the situation even worse? 
    Lawwize the most they can do is charge us for vandalism which is one of the courts quicker cases they will not want to waste money on especially if what we as the public are doing makes it to the news they will not want to look bad so if we keep pressuring them they will eventuallly grant lenecy if caught.
    That's how the American Revolution was won by fighting for one common goal risking the wrath of the British soldiers who were listening into people's homes similar to othe NSA spying without warrants.
    Where is the modern day *shot heard around the world?*  for freedom?

  3. Tim says:


    Even you guys are baking! This heat everywhere is unreal! I have a bad feeling that something really bad climate wise is coming thus the Jade Helm, etc…

  4. Melody Meachum says:

    Michael B is dead on with what he states above. I've been on a quest for nearly 2 years to get to the heart of who the hidden hand is.  Reading, reading and more reading until many nights feeling like I would lose my eyesight.

    Many writers have already left behind a lifetime of labor researching, documenting and revealing the hidden hand and their agenda. I have read from countless sources and the sources all point to the origin and involvement in occultism.

  5. Dean S says:

    Dane,  Thank you for your outstanding work!  I live in Louisville Ky and we have been experiencing very heavy aerosol spraying since spring began.  Since we literally sit in the middle of the country, we seem to get it from all sides (north, south, east and west).  I suffer significant heath effects, mainly Dysphasia (difficulty swallowing) which intensifies when aerosols are high.   I take 13 medications daily just to keep from my food getting stuck and losing too much weight.  It started about 5 years ago when spraying began in ernest.   I have written letters to the Mayor of Louisville and Pollution control.  I am interested in taking part in a class action lawsuit related to my health ailment.  Alcoa has a plant in Louisville ironically enough, this is where most of the Aluminum aerosols are manufactured.   Please let me also know if there are attorneys in Louisville that I can contact to begin to put significant pressure on our local governments & pollution control?  Also, I have included an image that I took last week on my way home.  Pretty amazing that no one else sees this! 

  6. Marc says:

    Kinda strange I think, what with the massive amounts of rain we've had here in the midwest, that given the heavy metal content of said rains, you would think trees and bushes and plants would be suffering more than they appear to be. I have a very large back yard for being smack dab in the center of south St. Louis. I have 3 apple trees, 2 large black walnuts, a large red maple and a whole forest of volunteers at the very back third of my yard, including wild cherry, sweet gum, red bud, silver maple, white oaks and others. Everything in my yard is growing at record rates and looks very green and "healthy". I can barely keep things under control. The wild grapes are vining along fences up to 80 ft. long. If I let 'em go, they vine over the tops of the volunteers and create a massive canopy of strangulation. I'm not sure what any of this means necessarily, but there can be absolutely no doubt that my property is not magically exempt from the rain of insidious evil bullshit these evil f**kheads are launching into our skies 24/7/365. Lots and lots of mosquitoes too. 

      I feed my birds regularly, too, and yes, I have noticed what appears to be a decline in species diversity. The first 7 or 8 years I lived here I would frequently hear barn owls hooting out back in the huge cemetery I live on the edge of. Don't hear em' anymore. I used to see several species of hawk in the cemetery and have had their kill-feathers show up in my yard, too. Not seeing them either. I've seen red foxes, wild turkeys and coyotes out there too, but not for years. Yeah, I know this is anecdotal in nature, but my soul tells me that unimaginable changes are scrambling the world we all once knew. We city dwellers only see the smallest fraction of what's changing. Maybe that's true for all of us, no matter where we are, because of our "limited view", as it were. 

       Saw a You Tube video of Inuit eskimoes sharing observations of changes they are seeing near the top of the world. These guys have hunted for many decades in some areas up yonder and  they are saying everything is different now. Even more puzzling are their observations regarding the relative positions of the sun at sunrise and sunset: the sun is tracking away from where it used to according to these guys who spend alot of time out in the wilderness. Call me insane, but my house is oriented NW by SE. I've lived here 11 years and I'll be goddamned if it doesn't seem like the sun's rays entering my home have shifted a little. I've even investigated this on the internet and lo and behold, I discovered there are others who have been doing their own tracking and have detected a shift. 

       I first read about the concept of "pole shift" decades ago and there is strong, credible evidence of such a cataclysm in the archeological record. Perhaps multiple such events. Am I losing my f**king mind here, folks? In our desperate search for every conceivable explanation for why these Dr. Evils are doing this to the planet and to all life, just entertain a little flight of fancy here for a minute. Could there be a chance that our planet has in fact, shifted slightly on it's axis, causing at least SOME of the weather anomalies we are seeing? One might argue that that is patently ridiculous based upon the free availability of any citizen to observe from anywhere on the planet. If true, surely it would have become "common knowledge" and every person on the planet would know all about it. Oh, really?

      Don't know where else to go with that one. Stay tuned.

       Meanwhile, I curse at the sky every day in language that cannot be printed here. Why? Because the unbridled arrogance and psychopathic evil dominating the minds of the bastards behind all this so-called weather modification, seems impenetrable and unstoppable. That they would actually implement a program of such vast global reach (including the island and sea-borne HAARP arrays around the world) that uses as it's primary MO the spraying of highly deadly aerosols day after day after day right over the heads of all of humanity in it's glorious diversity, is an undertaking so inherently and intrinsically EVIL that my own mind stops dead in it's tracks trying to comprehend why this could possibly be happening here and now, right before our fucking eyes.

       If there exists a force of GOOD in this universe, I am left guessing as to how such a magnificent planet can be allowed to succumb to such wasting and devastation.

    • Sad and grim situation we are in…. When I first wandered onto this site, out of curiosity, the more I read, the more I cried. Now I have to stay somewhat positive to try to make a difference in the fight. I use two different posts to which ever I think applies….1. The Military Industrial Complex and HAARP are controlling the jet stream and the weather. They are spraying us with aluminum, barium and strontium, lead and mercury. The spraying is interfering with the normal activity of the sun. Trees and animal species are dying. Asthma, Alzheimers, and ADHD are on the rise. The elite (Illuminati…Agenda 21) have underground bunkers built, while we will have to face the ongoing global warming which they are making worse with their geo-engineering, as they say it is to cool the planet. They want to reduce the population.The ice is melting to almost nothing in the Arctic as we speak. Methane gas is releasing into the atmosphere. They now want to rape the Arctic as they have with the rest of the planet. Let's join in the fight. For more reliable info go to:

      2. Unfortunately, nothing is organic anymore. We have another battle to fight first. The Military Industrial Complex is spraying Aluminum, Barium and Strontium into the atmosphere, from above, around the globe. Along with HAARP they are controlling the jet stream and weather. They are trying to kill us off. Monsanto has developed Aluminum resistant seeds…hmmm. Wash your fruits and vegetables! Let's work together and fight. Go to this reliable site for more information

    • I print the above to all and every site I can which is alot. Anti-GMO sites, politicians, musicians, Info Wars, religious sites etc…

  7. Michel B says:

    The same centralized, privately-owned banking cartel that defeated Germany in WW2 is behind this whole scenario. They are institutions who wield great power through ownership and control of the economy.

    America, you are being brought down by the same people you have been voting for. This is a grand plan. America has to be destroyed for what it represents: freedom and liberty.

    JFK's speech on the responsibility of the Press in its role in exposing secret societies says it all. It was an ominous warning that has not been heeded.

    • Abe says:

      The same cartel created the Nazi's.

      Prescott Bush "Trading Enemy Act"

      Smedley Butler "Wars a Racket"

      Bonus Army

      1933 Coup.

  8. Dog aka db says:

    Thanks to all! All that visit this mind blowing site and others! On the move to see different places and people! I have seen the devastation that the ptb have dumped on us and have been since inception! 1000 years is far from over! I might even know some of the ones that think they know better! Sick puppies! I do know dogs very well! As my father told me more than once! Don't let the bad guys get ya! If this site and others have baffled me for many? Years! Then what does it do to people that I share this info with! What friends and family I have left see me comming! I will keep sharing with people I meet along the way and keep moving! I do concure with this site, responders and other sites! Now is time to do something? Pray! Rev. 22!!!!!!!!!!!! I.M.G.O.!

  9. Anna says:

    So, can we identify any coherent logic to this? Droughting out California, flooding Texas and the Midwest and cooling the East beyond normal. Melting the Arctic — or this is ineptitude at its most cataclysmic? I've heard of some MOs — psyoping the east, ruining farmland for easy pickings, using IMF to target individuals, spying on countries trying to break from the dollar. Ruining everything for easy pickings is certainly the Anglo-American way of doing things. (Of course there will be no pickings. The eagle has always been a vulture.) The web of interests is so vast, it will take a lot of study and critical understanding to get your head around it. Any thoughts?

    I think world leaders are preoccupied with all the US-created destruction and with breaking away from the dollar without nuclear cataclysm. Unbelievable times we live in.

  10. Hello boys and girls? These geoengineering poisons are saturating our entire food supply. You are what you eat, ya' know? Corporate Exceptionalism = government fraud, energy extortion, food monopolies, endless war, and a dead planet. All end products of economic illiteracy. Ever heard of the

    Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Wikipedia

    This is where your future is traded for a new excuse…  Too many vegetables I guess…

  11. Bluv says:

    Here in Portland Oregon we have't seen any activity in the skies for a few days now. What I have noticed is a ramping up prior to 4th of July is a media blitz of terror threats for the weekend. I believe this could be the start of what we all suspect. Any other observations or comments appreciated.

  12. Wyatt Berry says:


    The cracks in the dam have become dents.  You have done all of us an unquantifiable service in exposing these crimes to our fellow citizens.

    I recall that last year in Boston a fire engulfed a residential building and killed two firefighters.  At the time I could not help but wonder if the accumulating aluminium dust in the basement could have produced the explosive effects, because the other responders at the scene stated that they had never seen a building go up that fast before.  Just a thought.

    Keep doing what you do best

  13. Thomas Potter says:

    Local news this AM is covering flooding south of the St. Louis area, and directly south of here where I reside.  Seven inches of additional rain yesterday made life miserable for many as they watched their homes and cars buried under water.  I am convinced this insane government, and it's military, are directly responsible.  SRM has been going on here a long time, the ramp up is significant, the damage is great.  How this is done, as I looked at increasing cloud cover prior to the last rain event here, it was clear the spraying activity was over these cloud banks. This mechanism is being used to amplify or direct these storm events, and the day after day deluge just adds clarity to the idea.  How do we end this?  Wish I knew.  I am persuaded the only way may be the remedy offered in our Constitution.  Our Second Amendment, 100 million citizens taking up against tyranny, and broken government.  One other thought is this.  God may be playing out His last days on a broken sinful world too.  Babylon, Washington DC, being the center of all this.
    T. Potter

  14. Bob says:

    I reread the Wikipedia entry on 'cloud seeding' and I find it so interesting that the powers that be admit fully that it is NOT a fringe science.  They openly admit to have been performing weather modification experiments for close to a hundred years.  In my opinion, they are fully admitting that climate engineering is also NOT fringe.  It amazes me still that you call it something darker sounding, like 'chemtrails', geoengineering, climate engineering, and all of a sudden it's  a tin foil hat wearing subject, inane, and ludicrous.  

    And furthermore, if they fully admit to being able to successfully cloud seed, why aren't they employing these decades long, known, techniques, to California and Alaska?

    The only reasonable answer is , they do not want to. Which implies their nefarious reasons for allowing this to continue.  Our leaders do not want us to 'progress', they are full on killing us and they prove it by admitting they know how to fix it, but don't. 

    The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      I consider that logic quite sound.  Keep digging Bob

    • Marc says:

      To Bob, Absolutely right on the target, my friend. I posted a comment a week or two ago that asked the identical question you have just asked: since it can be easily concluded through a simple internet search that rain-making has been in their arsenal for several decades (Woodstock, 1969 for example) INDEED!!!! WHY ARE THEY NOT USING THESE TECHNOLOGIES TO BRING RAIN TO CALIFORNIA OR ALASKA? 

      Your last paragraph says it all………………..

      Well, in the case of California, it is not "rain-making", it is "rain-removing". The RRR IS THE EVIL CULPRIT. 

  15. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane…completely devastating news! I can't keep up with all the world trauma escalating daily, especially when reading international news as well. Thank you for bringing this report to our attention

    @Ralph…appreciate the stylish analogy. The hidden hand and their agenda was in place decades ago. To "accompany" your musical theme…the agenda has been carefully orchestrated with each column and underlying spheres of influence working in concert!

    Chapter from Unless Peace Comes by Gordon J. F. MacDonald U.S.A.
    1968 [Abridged]
    Among future means of obtaining national objectives by force, one possibility hinges on man’s ability to control and manipulate the environment of his planet. When achieved, this power over his environment will provide man with a new force capable of doing great and indiscriminate damage. Our present primitive understanding of deliberate environmental change makes it difficult to imagine a world in which geophysical warfare is practised. Such a world might be one in which nuclear weapons were effectively banned and the weapons of mass destruction were those of environmental catastrophe. As I will argue, these weapons are peculiarly suited for covert or secret wars.
    Substantial progress within the environmental sciences is slowly overcoming the gap between fact and fiction regarding manipulations of the Earth’s physical environment. As these manipulations become possible, history shows that attempts may be made to use them in support of national ambitions. To consider the consequences of environmental modification in struggles among nations, we need to consider the present state of the subject and how postulated developments in the field could lead, ten to fifty years from now, to weapons systems that would use nature in new and perhaps unexpected ways.

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee Ralph, you forgot to add the aluminum factor-as in making the soil too alkaline for many trees and how flammable the stuff is!  My precious plum is dying.  Just hurts so much.  But hey, now science is saying that bushes sequester Co2.  And much better than they previously thought.  So, plant a bush!?  I know people, of people through people, who fly all the way from Japan to Hawaii and plant a tree, a bunch of trees.  It is a feel good thing.  Like: now I've done my bit.  As if that is gonna make up for that flight.  And the return one.  Meantime, those living on the Big Island use lava tubes for sewers.  All food, well, most of everything there is imported.  But hey, it is Paradise!

    Yeah, I am feeling cranky today.  I am so pissed off-words cannot express.  

    • Martha says:

      Every year we are losing the precious trees we planted on our property.  It started with our huge jewel maple, then a plum, then a cherry, this year an apricot just dried up to a crisp (even though I was watering it)  I even see our cottonwood leaves turning yellow and dropping.  In these triple digits, I'm not sure they can absorb the water I'm giving them before it dries and evaporates.  I am very disheartened.  I love this property and my trees.  The bird houses remain empty – when they used to fill every spring.  Even the ticks are gone.

  17. Alexander High says:

    Maybe when the power structures can no longer hide what they are doing and people do wake up we should burn the criminal elite all in one go and rid the earth of the evil madmen. I volunteer to to throw the torch that burns them. They deserve nothing less for what they are doing to our world. God damn the lot of them. They wage war on us and deny it with a smirk on their faces, the arrogance of those people. They think they are untouchable. They are murderous scum.




  18. Irene Parousis says:

    On the same topic, you may also want to read this article,, yet people still insist global warming is a hoax.

  19. alan says:

    The earth burning so severely is really sad to see. 

    It's just one more bad sign. 

    We are past the point of no return. 

    The deal is done.

  20. Ralph Ely says:

    In July of 64 A.D., a great fire ravaged Rome for six days, destroying 70 percent of the city and leaving half its population homeless. According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.”
    ["Remember last year when NOAA started presenting their "weather Fiddle virtuosity?"  For your viewing it appears below."]
    December 8, 2014 NOAA: “Natural oceanic and atmospheric patterns” are to blame for the drought, the 42-page report says. Specifically, it highlights a persistent area of high pressure off the West Coast that has blocked rain-bearing storms from coming ashore – which some have dubbed the “ridiculously resilient ridge.”
    ["That was the primer to get "the media and the masses" to tap their toes to the "Natural… patterns" beat.  The beat that blames drought and global warming on everything but the real causes…  and there are many.  The media stops being a passive listener and joins in to provide background to the Fiddle Virtuoso of the Power Elite, as shown below."]    
    July 1, 2015 Washington Post   California’s burning again as drought’s vicious cycle takes its toll. The worst California drought in recorded history has stressed out the trees. That makes them more vulnerable, for example, to bark beetles, which suck out their sap and kill them by the million. The dead trees produce fuel for wildfires, which in turn are harder to fight because the state’s reservoirs are depleted, which means fire-fighting helicopters have to fly further and further away to refill their tanks, which gives the fires more time to spread.
    Cal Fire has already responded to 1,000 more incidents this year than they see on average annually. By the end of June, officials had fought nearly 3,200 fires.
    In total, Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service have responded to fires stretching over 65,755 acres so far this year. And this is just the beginning for California’s 2015 wildfire season.
    ["The Fiddling begins to build with the expectation of more disaster to come.  Suddenly there is an expression of hope and resolution as the beat is slowed and the strings are plucked with assertiveness"]
    June 30, 2015
    The Secret Weapon in fight against climate change.
    What if we could slow climate change with a few good inventions? That’s the promise of “geoengineering,” often described as plan B if all the politics and protests fail to spur a response to global warming.
    Some experts have suggested we repel the sun with cannon-fired reflective dust or clouds of reflective bubbles. Others have mused about free-floating filters to suck carbon from the air. Still others have never given up the old military dream of controlling the weather.
    But besides being dangerous beyond belief – akin to levering the earth without knowing exactly where it will roll – these proposals might also be pointless. We already have the perfect geoengineering technology, as President Obama made clear in a joint press conference Tuesday with the president of Brazil.
    They’re called trees.
    ["The fiddling transforms into a 'forte burst of joyous music.  The media and masses will not have to use "geoengineering" after all to eliminate world wide warming and the catastrophic events that are occurring. They can leave geoengineering 'just a theory.' All we have to do is Plant Trees!
    Plop… Plop.. Fizz, Fizz… oh want a relief it is.  Really?  All we have to do is Plant Trees?  Trees are going to stop the shredding of the Ozone Layer by the high altitude spraying from aircraft of heavy metal particulates that are poising our Air, Land and Water?
    The fiddlers performance presents GeoEngineering as a theory, when in realty the world village community is celebrating under a false assumption that all is well and if anything does happen… just plant a tree.  Also in that reality is the fact that GeoEngineering is the most immediate threat to you and I as a species.  Time is short.  Take Action.  Take your earth back."]

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