“Stop Geoengineering” Billboard Goes Up In The Heart Of Reno


Another billboard goes up in the ongoing and rapidly intensifying effort to expose the climate engineering insanity to the public. This billboard is near the heart of Reno, Nevada. It is visible to all traveling East on I-80 from California to Reno. Every day the climate catastrophes continue to increase around the globe. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet which are greatly affecting the climate system, the ongoing global geoengineering programs are the greatest assault of all against our biosphere. From the constant toxic aerosol spraying to the constant bombardment of radio frequencies (that are part of the climate engineering assault), the onslaught of decimation related to climate engineering is truly relentless. This particular sign was funded by friends who wish to remain anonymous at this time. My most sincere gratitude to them and all those that are helping to support our ongoing efforts in this battle.
Dane Wigington






Below is another one of our billboards that is still up on I-80 near Elko, NV, my most sincere thanks to Frank and Terry Reps for their help with this billboard and others in different locations.


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  1. Kenny says:

    Hello Dane! How can I get his artwork? I would also like to put up a sign in my own town.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      GeoengineeringWatch is happy to help with billboard artwork, Kenny, I have sent you a message in regard to this subject.

  2. Serenity says:

    Hello I've lived in Reno the past 10 years and the skytrails or geoengineering clouds have gotten real bad on certain days. They are trying to control the weather. Today the skies are crystal clear blue but the weather forecast today May 10, 2017 say it's mostly cloudy but the only clouds in the sky are the clouds created by the plane trails! I think they are trying to cover up the moon. Today there is a very odd full moon rising at 2:42pm. According to moon phases this should not be possible, as the full moon can only be seen while on the night side of the earth. Otherwise we'd be looking at the other side of the moon if it were to happen during the day.

    • KMc says:

      Chemtrails ugh there are tons today and my sinuses have been off and no other signs of illness – plus for years I get a strange odor in the back of my throat randomly with no rhyme or reason and I’m extremely suspicious of these chemicals.  I’m ready to take some action. Feeling betrayed…

  3. Donna says:

    Today is one of the worse days I've seen in Reno for spraying. There is a scary iridescent ring around the sun. I also noticed several military sounding planes flying over. Are they spraying or hiding the fact that there are military planes flying overhead today. Yesterday, one of the chemtrails had a strange redish/pinkish color in it. This has got to stop.  I want my blue Reno skies back.

    • Elodie buck says:

      I'm in Southern California near Temecula and we're just being hammered constantly with these damn things they're getting worse and worse I've been watching him for 15 years this is horrible. Wait till you see the black ones that they're sending out every once in awhile just a black trail of smoke period be a notice to Sun is like 50 times hotter than it used to be question mark That's because the ozone layer is being broken up that's protecting us. God help us

  4. Johnna says:

    I’m so thankful to see these signs posted, as I do not know what I can do to help. Please, is there anything we can do? A petition, organized strike, etc.? Who is doing this? The government? Feds? State? I’m sure this is contributing to the lack of rain and drought conditions. I teach high school, and we do an environmental unit where I educate my students about this, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and more. They, too, have grown apathetic. It’s disgusting and depressing. Please let me know what else I can do and how we can be a part of a solution.

    • Ed says:

      Organize a protest with signs etc., outside the gates of the military base where the planes takes off and invite the press to attend.  Make sure there's a good turnout.

  5. Here are some articles on GEO ENGINEERING from my new website:-


    Best Wishes,


  6. Rob says:

    Perfect works our support from Czech Republic East Europe

  7. Mary Willits says:

    Dane, I live in the town of Quincy, CA. We are getting bombed here. I am trying to alert people but no one wants to hear, naturally. I also have been sick. I have been blowing real weird things out of my nose for a long time now. I thought I had parasites for a long time because of what I see. I have been having breathing problems that get really bad. It is sporadic of course. I paid attention this time and I realized this bout started the day after our skies were littered with sprays. That was about two weeks ago. I told my Dr that I was concerned about what I wa blowing out my nose. Naturally she was amused and told me to save the stuff and bring it in. I have never done that, although I wanted to. I was too embarassed. But the other day, I blew my nose and what I saw scared me so bad I went to the hospital with it. Im sorry if I am grossing people out btw. It looked like a sore and somethin.g was sticking out in the middle of it. It was bloody in parts of it and it literally looked like it had been ripped off of the inside of whereverit was, almost looked like it was attached to meat. It was ugly. The Dr was rude and condescending with me of course. But later, she came in and said the lab said it was from a viral infection in my upper lungs. I made an appt with my regular Dr on the 16th. The er Dr said to see a Dr in 5-7 days but that cant happen. But Ive since been thinking about it. Over 2 years ago, when I lived in WA, I got extremely sick. Well, its a long story and would take up a page to explain so I will get to the facts. I had an abnormally low white blood count then, I lost 20 lbs in a week and a half. I was blowing my nose and when it dried it was a shiny, whiteish color that glistened.. It looked just like silver glitter. And it still happens. I thought it was parasites making me sick. I have stomach problems that are weird and I am certain I have bladder or kidney problems. My ears started ringing about the same time and still do, constantly.My vitamin d level is very, very low and will njot rise, even with the huge doses of vit d they prescribed for me. The Drs and er here will never take me serious enough, I dont think anyhow, so nothing will be exposed regarding my sickness relat ed to tyh chem trails. I have medicare and medi-cal. Fairly good coverage. Is there anyplace I can go in CA that is aware of physical damage from chemtrails that may see me? I know, with everything that is happening to me that I am dying as a result of chemtrails. I am 61 years old. My symptoms are not imagined. I could tell you more but like I said, it would take forever. I feel that I am getting worse and that my mind is slowly being affected. I have begun to notice feeling agitated, sporadically. I just know I am experiencing weird stuff. I would like to have my illness diagnosed, and if it is because of chemtrails, which Im sure it is, people need to know. If I die, I want people to know why. I am trying hard to wake up the people in our little town, but unfortunately, I believe the fb crowd is just writing me off as a nut case. This is all just so sick. Im starting to think it is far too late for us. Maybe for the sleepers, ignorance is bliss, if we cant stop it anyhow. Im tired.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, you are not alone in regard to all the problems you are experiencing. I would suggest going to see the nutritional and supplement experts at your local health food store, they will likely be of much more help to you than mainstream practitioners. A heavy metal chelation program is important, but it must be done correctly, seek the advice of your local experts on this.

    • mike says:

      Its a sinus infection and it makes you feel like you are dying. Doctors are all quacks. They spray everyday in Reno. Rains constantly here and it never use to rain. At the same time Jerry Brown the scientist blaming every fart on climate change. I know in my heart this is the global UN agenda. Control of what you do and more taxes for the use of their resources in the name of the earth. I have ALL your symptoms including giant fleshy bloody masses coming from my lungs. They are spraying right now and its cold today in AUGUST in RENO. Jerry Brown is a liar. Wake up idiots. This moron liar and the Pope hanging? You have to be dumb not to see the UN agenda. Also every comment I make online about chemicals and agenda 21 get deleted immediately. And forget telling people. Everyone I tell about chemicals stops talking to me.

  8. MorningStar says:

    The Political Campaign and Convention season is in full swing for America – let's "give them something to talk about" …


    Outdoor Billboards:   http://www.outdoorbillboard.com/

    • John Doe says:

      I have been noticing satellite loops from NOAA which shows that after chem-trail jet spraying along the west coast of California causes incoming weather systems and any moisture they contain to dissipate before they even reach inland causing draught conditions throughout the western US.

    • John Doe says:

      Not only is it visible on satellite imagery from NOAA and one can timestamp all of the imagery and satellite loops as current real time spraying activity, but one can also see in the infra-red loops zooming in to the pixel levels that the pixel detail of higher resolution satellite imagery would also show that the chemical elements being sprayed can be tracked in real time via infra-red as a progress or weather pattern tracking or progress indicator of success in manipulating weather patterns.

  9. Mike Murphy says:

    I have driven N/S on 395 and E/W on 80, but the billboard is eluding me. Can someone in the Reno area tell me exactly where it is? I'm putting the word out as much as I can, but people are questioning my brain matter.

    • Coolwise says:


      The location is just before the Keystone exit heading i-80 East. You can easily pass it at highway speed because the trees and the hill bank from the Cemetery block much of the view until you get to the bridge over Stoker Ave.

    • Mike Murphy says:

      Thanks. Cool, Need to trim those trees.

  10. sandra fruechting says:

    Dane,i live in Reno and was involved with a small grp trying to educate and have people look up! they spray almost every day here.

    you are such a hero to us so thank you so much for this billboard can't wait to see it for myself!

    • shawn says:

      We are in sac they spray us every day also, off the coast. Pray against those demonic sob s! It works.

    • Mary Willits says:

      Sandra, I live nearby in Quincy and am desperately trying to awaken people who dont want to hear. I am so frustrated. I would like to be in contact with your group. I am on fb, my number is there. Would you pm or call me? I am alone here and just want contact with others that are trying to wake up the mass. I am sick also and I know where it came from. Thank you. Also, as of today 4/12/2015, all cell phone service has been out going on 4 days now and alarms are going off all over the place. Is that going on in Reno also?

  11. Lori Lambert says:

    I had a bumper sticker made, but it's not that great.  Would love to buy a decent bumper sticker.

  12. Geni says:

    I have been to Mexico 2 times in the past year and want to report that there were no chemtrails either trip.  Four years ago I did see chemtrails in the mountains outside of Guadalajara.  It was so nice to be where there are natural skies, puffy blue skies, and rain showers everyday!  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Geni, you were in a fortunate window of time when you went to Mexico apparenlty, Mexico gets pounded by spraying most of the time.

  13. mike czyz says:

    Thanks Dane, about time!!! It’s not global warming it’s the chem trails along w/HARRP or NEXRAD that’s super heating the ionosphere with the help of the slurry of coal ash everyday. It destroys the moisture bands off the west coast and hence we are in a drought. This is a program from the USAF. Controlling the amount of moisture that’s needed to provide groceries in the most fertile valleys in the world. California is the largest producer of small organic produce which feeds the country w/good healthy food and meat. Visually I have seen these chem trails everyday and have brought this to my friends attention. Thanks for speaking up and where can I send my $10.00 bucks to help support this cause. As of today I know there is no law from preventing the continued poisoning!
    MAC and friends (true blue Americans)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, though I am completely focused on exposing and halting climate engineering, and that will not change, it is imporatant to consider and remember that ALL forms of human activity that effect the biosphere are forms of geoengineering. Putting 100,000,000  tones of Co2 into the atmosphere every day, cutting down forests, all are factors that effect our climate. Again, this being said, exposing and halting climate engineering is the most dire priority.

  14. james says:

    Just curious – about how much does it cost to rent a billboard for a month or 6 months (or however long you have to rent one for)?  And is there an extra setup fee for applying artwork?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, the costs vary widely. The best thing to do is get the billboard people in your area up to speed on the most critical issue of climate engineering, that can help your price considerably. When they realize we are trying to save their lives also, they become part of our march.

  15. Pamela says:

    Dane, this billboard is amazingly cool.  I have always wanted to use billboards as part of the message.  Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tamara Skaar says:

    Thank you for putting that up here in Reno, NV. I have noticed how bad the spraying has gotten and since that billboard went up I have noticed they have doubled their efforts in spraying us. They are starting at sunrise and yesterday March 7th, 2015 I counted 10 different planes spraying. That was in less than one hour. This morning I walked out and have noticed the sky is once more filled with trails and it is already hazy outside (9:00 am). Who do they think they are fooling? I pay more people wake up and see what they are doing to us before it is to late.


  17. Melody says:

    Thaaaannnkkk YOOOUUU!!!!!!  This was my wish and I didnt know how to raise the money. Living in Tahoe and Reno has really made me AWARE… and disgusted!  Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you so much for posting this billboard in Reno!  I, and others like me, have been trying to raise awareness of this issue for several years here.  I have been taking pictures of our sky and posting them for over two years now.  I have two Facebook sites… Reno Skywatch and Chemtrails Over Reno. We have put on several Marches, and booths at various events here. This billboard will go a long way in helping to get the word out! Many thanks to all that put this together!  We the people of Reno salute you!  Rev. Jonathan 

  18. Marc says:

    The fact that the spraying of our skies has been implemented for so long without any public discussion or disclosure implies a very sinister motive indeed. Even if that motive is "defense research" in nature, it does not give the PTB the right to spray overtly toxic substances right over the heads of the very people whose tax dollars fund such "research". But a quick search online will prove that the U.S. government has experimented on us in decades past without any apparent conscience.  The relatively sudden appearance of articles and open media discussion about geoengineering as if it is an emergency program the public MUST consider to save ourselves and all of civilization, smacks of MSM and covert government complicity at an extremely high level. The whole thing is so utterly depressing and repulsive. Meanwhile, our skies become ever increasingly un-blue, and the loss of strong sunlight is affecting the functioning of our brains, our sleep cycles, our moods and our vitamin D levels. All the while lethal clouds of heavy metals and, arguably, bio-warfare agents, are settling down over the entire surface of the planet, lands AND seas. The utterly heartbreaking die-offs of vast numbers of fish, plankton, and marine mammals around the world should cause us all to look at ourselves in the mirror, because we're next. But until then, I am considering funding a billboard here in St. Louis. I will need to investigate the costs and obtaining graphics etc. The "STOP THE SPRAYING" graphic is extremely potent and to the point. Bravo to those behind it's installation!!!

  19. Debbie Culver says:


    Could you please send me the Billboard artwork? I'm interested in putting one or two up in Tampa, Florida (especially near MacDill AFB.

    thank you very much for your hard work!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Debbie, I sent you the artwork in a private email, thanks for helping us to sound the alarm.

    • Julie D. says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Do you know of any group in SE Florida i.e. Ft. Lauderdale-Pompano-Boca. We need to do something here, too. I have tried to find without any luck. Thanks. Julie

  20. Matt Hatfield says:

    Dane, I would love to see one here in Robertson County Tennessee just North of Nashville I have informed hundreds of people about this and through my videos and photographs before and after they now know .

    Good work ..

  21. Catherine says:

    I'm an expat living in Belgium.   They spray all day, everyday here.   Crisscrossing the sky, parallel lines, short lines, dark dirty stuff, lightning and thunder in the winter, colder everyday during the lunch hour than the morning, haarp engineered clouds.   I have a retail business and try to tell people about it, and I loose them as customers.   I've looked all over the internet for websites here in Europe, but nothing significant is organized.  There is this pathetic attitude here and they always parrot  "what can we do about it, nothing?".   Makes me sick and I don't know where to turn to help.   I can't afford a billboard.   I do need some stickers or cards translated in Dutch?   Anyone have any resources for me?

  22. Gregg says:

    Dane, this is a great way to get the message in front of people so that more and more people begin to get curious and hopefully that will lead to asking questions and people will begin to talk more about this and act against this insanity more effectively. I have been wearing my "What Are They Spraying" sweatshirt for a couple of weeks now and people are begining to ask me more often what my shirt is talking about, so these are all methods to get the message out whether people want to know or not they are beginning to hear this term geoengineering over and over. Here in chehalis washington we are experiencing extreme spraying on a daily basis starting in the early morning hours before sun up and going on through out the day untill we have the "white out" conditions I have heard others refer to. The most people have to say around here is "how nice the weather is". It never ceases to elude me how one can look up to the sky and see the sun without wondering about all the aeresol lines on a daily basis. For an aircraft to trail that much of anything long after take off- you would think it would have to be on fire, but some people where I live  seem to think this is normal even after you explain the facts to them. Many of this countrys' founding fathers commented of the problems this nation would face in educating its multitudes of rulers. They Were Right !  Take Care Dane

    • skilled says:

      I live in western wa. as well, and YES it’s out of control on a daily basis. I too struggle with getting people to wake up!!! :-/

  23. russ says:

    live in upstate N.Y.———–spraying doesnt stop— where I live its all farm and Dairy farms——-this crap is in everything——-sometimes I cant believe the ignorance of my friends——-some are starting to understand—as a former air controller in the service I know some of there formations are too tight for regular air traffic—–before I get too upset -Dane thanks for your hard-work

  24. Jeff says:

    Everyone saying saying it should be done, then do it.  Get people in your

    area interested in contributing and get them up.  Dane what is the protocol to get this started.  Who do we contact for the design?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, I sent you the artwork for the sign in a private email, thanks for helping us to sound the alarm.

  25. Arrow says:

    This petition regarding chemtrails just became active on the white house gov site. Please sign it and move it forward, especially on facebook


  26. Jeff says:

    Everyone saying this needs to be done, then do it.  Get people who will

    contribute to the cause and get the billboards up.  Dane, please advise

    who do we contact to make this happen?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, all need to learn to be leaders in this battle, all need to learn how to move the ball forward in their regions. Check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrows” link on the home page of geoengineeringwatch.org

  27. The Mayhem says:

    Awesome billboard. We need to spread the message on the evil geoengineers of this country. Their reign of terror should end ASAP.

  28. Karen W says:

    With all the replies below one would have to ask the question;  Is it not clear that the people behind all this crime has accomplished their mission on testing "weather warfare" here in the states but the "terror snow storms on the east coast"?  This website needs to be front and center on peoples minds!  We are not only under attack by the chemicals falling from the spray, but being attacked by drought, death, and storms… all in one shot!

  29. Dane and Dane's brave friends: Thank you for having the courage to stay on the long march. These billboards are excellent! Bravo!

    It's a shame that man has declined into such a state that people don't even notice the sky has become an industrial a pig-pen…

    Apathy is a many splendored thing

    – Paul Vonharnish –

  30. Ken says:

    Hi Dane,

    I agree that geo engineering is very harmful to the planet and should be stopped as it is harming people and destroying the biosphere. What if they stopped today, would the arctic ice melt faster, releasing more methane into the atmosphere or would the rate of ice melt remain the same? How do you reverse this ice melt fast enough to prevent global catastrophe ?  Is it too late to start the natural processes going in the right direction? 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, yes, stopping climate engineering will indeed trigger a climate backlash due to the built up pressure in the system, but this must be allowed to happen if we are to have any chance of even short term survival. See the attached link. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/double-catastrophe-scenario-document-paints-bleak-picture/

  31. Inge says:

    Everything is weaponized these days: the weather, our food, our health"care", etc. Google "Vision for 2020". Explaining the goal: TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION!

    Thanks Dane for creating this platform.

    • donna ford says:


      I live in NM also and want to help you, please advise how to contact your group. I'll work my butt off for the cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thanks for your message Donna, thanks for your willingness to help. I would suggest starting with the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the upper left of the home page ongeoengineeringwatch.org.  Thanks for marching with us in this battle Donna.

  32. Anita says:

    thank you for your courage in spreading the word.  When I first saw chemtrails back in the 90's in AZ, I thought it was just specific to that region.  Little did I know that I would be witnessing the change in our skies on a global level.  Living on the east coast I have seen a beautifully brilliant blue sky turn to murky grey within hours of chemtrails spraying.  It is truly a travesty that most people have no idea it is happening on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  Doesn't anyone ever look up anymore?!

  33. Sandi says:

    This billboard is so great. Finally! I've been watching these chef trails for many years, telling everybody that will believe me. This winter in Massachusetts, New England, was terrible, but many people say it's just like the winters we used to have. They don't realize what's happening, or don't want to. Even 5+ years ago we would be sitting out in my daughters yard, watching the trails form all day. She would finally say, tomorrow will be cool and rainy, and she was right. We would discuss the patents, the chemicals. Please put more of these billboards up. Work your way toward my area with them. This spraying, this weather, is killing us in more ways than one. Make people "look up", and think about it.

    • Inge says:

      PLS, do some crowd funding and errrect one yourself.

      We are in the process of doing that here in NM

  34. southseas1 says:

    Well, if people are too ……, to look up, this should help, ty, for attempting to wake up the sheeple, and giving courage to the fearfull

  35. Ellie says:

    They fly so low in our corn country. It’ll be a beautiful starry night-they show up and spray low and then like a cartoon, a huge storm forms what seems like out of nowhere. I’ve seen sprays to block sun, cause storms, and intensify storms.

    In storm season I’ve seen them spray before a super cell hits and it worsens it and we get micro bursts and I don’t get it! Why screw the farmers trying to grow feed?

    Tornadoes were rare if not unheard of until this started 8 years ago here.

    we also had late winters stick around until May. we’ve had tornadoes in November because we had a heat spell and they wanted to play god and cool it down and we got severe weather at Thanksgiving.

    if we get a drought no problem! (sarcastic) they decide to ‘fix’ that too by dumping us with rain for months and we get fungus so bad our town’s trees are dying. my trees are infected in fungal overgrowth and my neighbor had to chop three mature trees that died young in those five out of eight years those trails have been here.

    If these PO’s are really believing their trails solve weather problems like warm days and an occasional drought, they are misguided. IMO, you can’t solve all the weather problems with manipulation. I see it causing devastation and crop loss.

    btw, in the heat blob of 2011 in the Midwest, those chem trails blocking sun didn’t do jack-just cause a super cell that tore our crops down. because it was humid and clear. not dry and drought.

  36. Iseelies says:

    I live near Detroit and I wrote our local weatherman and called him out on his bizzaar – very wordy – weather forecasts. They are using weather forecasts to throw out made up terms that they claim have been around forever i.e. Polar Vortex, Urban Heat Island, etc. and then I brought up chemtrails. His response to me was that he and other meteorologists had studied chemtrails in Europe (trying to impress me) and decided they don't exist. Again, just contrails. So I asked him why we do have days of clear blue skies – do all the planes stop flying on those days? Never heard back.

  37. bob white says:

    This aerosol nonsense has got me so ill i cant get out of bed.Something radical has to be done to stop these criminals.I feel more resentful with each passing day that they are taking away our right to a clean environment,good health,and blue skies.

    • Inge says:

      As I replied to other comments here: pls do some crowd funding and erect a billboard in your state. We are doing that here in NM

  38. SortingHat says:

    BTW. How the royal f**k can EVERY single person be so silent about this?  It's like something out of the body snatchers where people are replaced with dead machines told what to do and just do it.

    Hell I wonder if we even STILL live in the same planet or if we have quietly been invaded by the beings some of the ancient civilizations have warned us about thru ancient texts?

  39. SortingHat says:

    In *their* minds of the ops control they probably figured they are damned if they do and damned if they don't due to the run away global warming so they figured they might as well kill as many of us peons as possible in order for the *country within a country* plan to form.
    On another weather forum somebody posted a pic in Sonqualeme or however the hell you spell that town in Washington mentioning jet trail mania but doesn't believe in chem trail *conspiracies*.
    We were heavily sprayed here in Oregon I saw 5 fat jet trails hang around all day near each other and the sky turned this awful icky grey almost blotting out the sun. 
    Every time we are forecasted to have an east wind these guys seem to jump ahead and try to keep the air stagnant. 
    I hate these guys and I seriously feel like killing myself.  I have autism and don't get along with society very well and I have no hope for man kinds survival let alone my own.    I feel that nothing will be left of this planet in the next 100 years. 
    Last summer has been the second straight year of super warm summers here in Oregon with very warm night time temps and *flat* patterns making the air really stagnant.  Most of last summer was under air advisories.  I have never seen so many yet people are still totally clueless as to what's going on.
    And if you dare say anything at a main stream site you will find yourself laughed out of the room and possibly banned if you irrate a forum mod for you're opinion.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sorting Hat, yes, we are likely already in a runaway warming event, but all available data makes it clear climate engineering is making our situation much worse overall, not better. Our best option is to focus all our efforts on exposing and stopping the geoengineering insanity.

    • charking says:

      I too live in Oregon and applaud your efforts to inform the public about the chemtrails and geo engineering.  I have to tell you I live in Salem and I am in the flight path of both Portland and Eugene PDX and I and others who I talk to who do look up, have never seen any chemtrails here in Salem. We are only 28 miles from the Ocean and perhaps that protects us, or they are not interested in a sleepy retirement city with prisons and state hospitals. I will say I do watch the passenger planes fly by and see the usual contrails but they disappear/dissipate within a few minutes.   As for our weather issues, at least here in the Salem area.. hot yes but I remember in 1964 when I was graduating from NSHS it was so hot in May we had to hold some of our classes outside.  Cold, yes that too my mom use to tell me of the " surprise " snow storm that hit Salem January 31, 1937 "Yes, This is Salem," read the caption of a front page photo in the Capital Journal on February 1, 1937. During an eighteen-hour stretch the previous day, the City of Salem had received 27 inches of snow–one of the heaviest snows Salem has ever seen"   Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there is no connection with the weather and spraying but I am saying there has been crazy weather in one form or another forever.  What I do see and worry about is the changes in the growing season.  Already this year we have the blossoms off the cherry trees, we are going to have our spring/summer crops early which will change the timing on picking, packaging and obviously on us the consumers.  I had azaleas all year, they never stopped blooming this year. My Daphne plant has had blossoms since January…  grass is already flowering, weeds are going to be a major problem this year, just as water will be in shortage, we have not had a winter in Oregon, at least this portion of Oregon this year.  People can argue about the existence of  Chemtrails but they can't deny what is happening in nature all around us… Are the Chemtrails responsible? No matter the cause, the result is the same, drought… dead crops and more unusual weather and strange illnesses.    Again good luck on your waking up the people to what is happening around them and reminding them to Look Up….

  40. deb says:

    Thank you, Dane. And thanks as well to your friends who cared enough to fund this project. This is a very effective graphic in that it associates the spraying with the planes and the people…boldly and up close. Is it possible to obtain a PDF download of this graphic so that I can transfer it to both a bumper sticker and a magnetic car sign? I've located other choices online for bumper stickers but I've rejected them as I prefer to reference your site on the graphic. You posted a link for a bumper sticker back in February 2013 but apparently this is no longer available as the page for the link cannot be found (https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-bumper-sticker-new-resource-to-spread-awareness/). I would also like to transfer this graphic to a 100% organic cotton t-shirt. I've sourced the t-shirt company but I need to deliver the graphic. Appreciate your direction on this one. Thanks much. Deb Barker

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, sent artwork to you in an private email, thanks for helping us to sound the alarm.

  41. Pj says:

    The planes flying out of Dallas fort worth airport don't even barely get off the ground when the chemtrail comes out the back!  Thank you Dane for all you do! This is insane, a crime against humanity!  And the govt. doesn't care who knows! 

      The chemtrails clouds turn dark and hang low, when there's a gap you see blue skies. If the weather is raining, like the chemtrails produce, it would be gray instead of blue behind the rain clouds.  

  42. Deborah Jacquet says:

    Dane, You are a courageous individual.  We don't have billboards in Jackson Wyoming, but boy do we have chemtrails GALOR.  Almost daily.  What a awful sight around the beautiful Teton range.  It makes me sick to my stomach what is being done. It is very evident that  there something very very wrong here in our skys.  May we all find the   ferver to expose and put a stop to this madness.

  43. Jo Anne says:

    The spraying was HEAVY here in Kitsap County, Washington State – it thoroughly ruined my walk!  I KNEW they were going to spray today as the forecast was originally for VERY warm temperatures and 'clear skies'.  Yeah, right.  It look disgusting now.  What an outrage.  

    Love these signs, they need to be EVERYWHERE.  In the meantime, what would it take to get BUMPER STICKERS with these messages on them?  I would buy a dozen to start with.


    • Bob James says:

      Bumper stickers are a great idea!  If I could afford billboards, I'd do that here in central Florida.  But I'd sure buy a bunch of bumper stickers!

  44. Plages says:

    Could be that congress should be sprayed! Over & over until they fully get the message!

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      sky looks that way here in NoW Montana;  yes…do spray Congress and all Washington DC until the evil ones stop this!!

  45. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Dane, you truly are a hero, and in spite of all you've gone through and continue to go through, all you've lost…you continue to fight fearlessly for all of our lives!!! Words cannot express how much respect and gratitude I have for you! You are a shining example to all of us! Thank you Dane, and may God Bless you!

  46. Mickey Scott says:


  47. Diana Moss says:

    At least one of these brilliant billboards on every major  highway leading to every state capital, two or three  right over Sen. Inhoff's house and several as close to D.C. as  possible.  They certainly cannot arrest every whistle blower, or can they?  I believe that our government is  doing this to us and that they will do anything to prevent our population from realizing that not only are we being slowly poisoned, every living thing is already showing signs of the toxins we are forced to live under.  I keep asking why their explanation of contrails never were visable in the past.  No one has an answer for that.

  48. paul russell says:

    In Jacksonville, FL, I frequently see the parallel lines. One morning I watched three large jets flying almost side by side (which the FAA should disapprove of). 

    We get criss-cross and parallel here. And as someone stated above, the weather changes and we frequently get rain not long after the spraying. I've noticed spraying in clear blue skies accompanied by a weather forecast for precipitation that seems eerily accurate.

    Pilots are supposed to be responsible people. Is a paycheck more important than people's lives? (I wonder what line they tell pilots to get their cooperation and their silence?)

  49. Patrick Doyle says:

    Hi Dane.   I am in Lethbridge Alberta tonight. They started spraying here about 8:30 this morning and continued all day. Every time the sun would shine they were there to fill in the hole..there was even a trail across the moon at 7:30 tonight.       Patrick

    • Laurie Jo says:

      In northern Wisconsin and the U.P, they have sprayed EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 years!

    • LaurieJo says:

      In Northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan, they have been spraying U.S. EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 2 years!

      The trees are all dying, and the wildlife is getting scarce. The rivers which were beautiful, lush and full of fish a couple years ago, are now brown and sludgy.

      Also for the past 2 years it has been about 30 degrees below normal.  Last summer, it was so cold, none of us went kayaking or river-tubing.

      We also get drowned in rain until fall when it starts snowing at 45 degrees.  Winter lasts waaay beyond May! Farmers could hardly cut and put up hay because of the rain, and most farmers got less than half what they normally get in hay crop.

    • Shawn says:

      I'm in Lethbridge too. I'm glad at least one other person is noticing this constant and ongoing assault.

  50. Jean GODBOUT says:

    Put these up all over the world !

  51. Abe says:

    You ought to have one on the roof of that Pawn Shop in Vegas where they do Pawn Stars! Every shot of the store it always looks like a Tic Tac Toe game in the sky.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      great idea.  But the fools must awaken and DO something to stop this!!!

    • SkywatcherGrandma says:

      Abe or anyone living in Vegas, sounds like the Pawn Shop would be a good place to hand out flyers! Also if you live near a large airport why not hand flyers out to the airline crews when they walk thru the airports or parking lots, passengers too. 

  52. Sharon P. says:

    Thank you for informing bill boards.How do we get one in Tucson? our skies are so thick with all the "goo" we can't see the sun most of the time. The planes fly day and night. Help!
    Thanks, S.P.

    • bija says:

      Sharon P. I’m in your area. Maybe we can research and work together to get a billboard along the 10, possibly form a team with others in S.AZ who are active or would like to be.

  53. ️Nance says:

    I just came back from a trip across the country and saw both billboards!

    Look up Speak up!

  54. Helene says:

    lately I've noticed the chemtrail lines don't crisscross, they are laid out parallel to each other, horizontally as you look at the sky and the horizon; the weather always changes after a large number appear, in that we go from completely clear and sunny skies to cloudy and sometimes rainy weather, I live on southwestern Vancouver Island. Has anyone else seen parallel, not crisscross lines where they live?

    • Susan says:

      I live north of Olympia, WA. The lines are parallel, not usually perpendicular or diagonal. I did not notice chemtrails in WA until about 8 years ago even though I'd seen them in AZand CA. 

      Now in WA the spraying occurs almost everyday. The only time I don't see chemtrails is when it rains. I believe this has something to do with the warm dry weather this winter in WA. 

    • paul russell says:

      Yes, Helene. In Jacksonville, FL, I frequently see the parallel lines. One morning I watched three large jets flying almost side by side (which the FAA should disapprove of). 

      We get criss-cross and parallel here. And as someone stated above, the weather changes and we frequently get rain not long after the spraying. I've noticed spraying in clear blue skies accompanied by a weather forecast for precipitation that seems eerily accurate.

    • J. Carl says:

      Helene – yes, the parallel patterns are prominent in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA – as if they want to completely concentrate the skies with whatever is being sprayed – then there's the tic-tac-toe, and of course, the  X's.

  55. Nancy Battle says:

    Thank you so much Dane….I listened to you on Caravan to Midnight….this Chemtrail spraying to killing everything….I see birds that seem to have mutations in their feather coloring….my garden is all organic but I noticed the plants seem stunted because of the chemicals that have seeped into the soil.  WE SO APPRECIATE YOU BRINGING THIS ISSUE TIRELESSLY, TO THE PUBLIC'S ATTENTION

  56. DCode says:

    Put these up all over the U.S.

    • Inge says:

      More in the making………..We are working on it. You can do it as well with some crowd funding.

  57. Earth Angel says:

    These look GREAT. It's wonderful to see things on the MOVE now. Thanks everyone!  🙂

  58. Dennis says:

    I am a firm believer and I hate to be a "stick in the mud", but it would be even better to get shots of the billboards with some nice "fresh" spray over head!!!!….. Just a thought.





  59. Adam says:

    We need one in Edmonton Alberta along the QEII highway. Major spraying today! Disgusting.

    • wandakate says:

      I wish we had a sign or two in Lake City, Florida. Every week they spray sometime there are 6-10 planes up there all at once. It messes up our sky really bad. On days when they don't spray the Fl. skys are usually a beautiful blue with the big puffy whilte clouds, but on the days when the planes are out, the appearance of the sky changes into just lines and more overcast, like a grey cloudy ugly sky.


      I'm sure this isn't healthy to breath, probably causes sinus problem, asthma, lung disorders and possibly cancer as well, or it fogs up our brain. Maybe that's what the government had in mind. 

  60. Carol Reay says:

    We need one here in the High Desert area (Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley) as we are in the direct flight path for planes flying to Arizona. I am surprised daily at the number of people who are awake here, but so many more need to wake up. Thanks Dane for everything you do.

  61. MM says:

    Imagine well-placed signs like this all over the United States. Hoping and praying this really catches on.

    Excellent and many thanks to your friends out there!

  62. bija says:

    Let’s work to get these signs on all our major highways! Planting seeds is the way to wake people up. Thanks, this helps us all…

    • Inge says:

      PLS, do some crowd funding and errect one in your state.

      We here in NM are working on it

  63. Johanna says:

    What's the best way to get in contact with people in the SF Bay Area who are raising funds to put one up here?

    • Dolce says:

      I have several photos of the constant bombardment of chemtrails, one of a radiated one (looks like a chemtrail hit by heat so it separates into wavy lines).  It's wholly criminal how they're destroying the Bay Area with these domestic terrorism tactics.  The other crimes of radiation bombardment and brain-killing EMF's via smart meters, cell towers, wifi, and the new mercury-filled street and home lighting mandated for conservation, etc., are happening there, too, to the extreme.  Could this be all be impletemented by ICLEI, the international corporation pushing forward this fake "green" Agenda 21 and Plan Bay Area that no one voted for?  Yes, it most definitely could.  Depopulation, folks, and it's working.

  64. jimmi mac says:

    BRAVO ! thanks for this. im tired of being poisoned.

    shine the light brightly on these criminals

    god bless the 1st ammendment !

  65. Deena says:

    How do we get some signs here in Southern California?  They have been spraying nonstop today since last night.  Someone on our water board also said many people are asking her about the spraying to.


  66. DebW says:

    They shouldn't be able to miss that…but – the brain deads on their cell phones….all we can do is keep on them. Eventually…

  67. John says:

    Thanks Dane! I saw the one in Utah on my way out to go skiing. I live in Reno so I will have to drive by and take a look. That particular spot gets a lot of traffic so hopefully we can raise awareness. Plus the climate engineering here is so obvious they just obliterate the skies of Tahoe it make me sick

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