The Geoengineers Are Decimating South Africa, A Farmers Report



There is no place to hide from the ongoing global geoengineering programs, no one is spared their toxic assault. We have been in communication with individuals in South Africa that are passing along ever more dire accounts of what is unfolding there.



As farmer in the North West Province of South Africa I have been deeply connected with the weather and Nature for 20 years. The main topic amongs fellow farmers is always the weather.

The past 2 years I have noticed that the cloud formations are not ” Natural”. Aeroplanes fly over my farm and leave white trails , which hang in the sky for a very long time. Much longer than I am used to seeing some years ago. Often when Cumulous Clouds pop I would see some white unmarked aeroplane flying through them. Very soon the clouds will ” fall out” into a silver grey mist. It became so bad that the skies would only show up in their healthy blue state once in 6 weeks. Together with this I would hear very high altitude aeroplanes flying over, especially when a favourable moisture front was moving in.

I started photographing this ” Cloud Phenomenon ” some 18 months ago and I have hundreds of photos of (which I subsequently discovered ) chemtrails. Our air is acrid and dry and my crops have failed. My animals are on their last legs. We are being forced to take out loans via the Landbank, thus enslaving us and also forcing us to buy GMO seeds . The North West has been declared a Disaster Area.

This fields remind me of the Scorched Earth Policy which was implemented during the Anglo Boer War when 25,000 women and children were thrown into concentration camps and the crops of the farmers were burnt down together with their live stock. This was the only way the British could break the spirit of the Afrikaner.

The Global Cabal has returned to our land. Maybe it never left.

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  1. michelle says:

    North West Province Zeerust, Groot Marico, Lehurutsi, Mafeking, we have not seen the sun or blue skies in over a month.  We are hit every morning and every evening.

    Heard a rumour that the American Airforce is out at Hoedspruit training (training in what)? chemtrails and weather control????  What are they doing here.  Do we not have our own country people who can train?  Why now is Hoedspruit hit with hail storm with farmers losing millions?

    • michelle says:

      Chemtrailing back in full force over North West Province of Zeerust and Groot Marico.  My bees have all gone and my hives are empty. I have lived here for over 30 years and the weather patterns have changed dramatically.  Very irratic and unpredictable.  My dogs (all 13) have gunged up eyes and runny noses.  the insect population has decreased depressingly.  More depressing is that we are doing nothing about our rotten government and dispicable pilots who are killing off our planet.

  2. Padraigin Eagle says:

    SA Farm Attacks, indeed

    Just as with the endless physical assaults (knives, guns, etc) on farmers in South Africa, so too the aerial biowarfare, designed to make us all ill and landless, ultimately corralled in high rise apartments in cities designed by the usual "synagogue of satanic creatures", fed via Monsanto GMO flavoured menus, my most recent December holiday sojourn in my home town of (KwaZulu) Natal evidenced the usual high altitude spray effects, a washed out milky haze spreading out from early light until well after midday, drought conditions created all along the tropical coastal farming belt, north and south of Durban, drinking/bathing water in miniscule supply, water tanks now de rigueur in many towns, the lychee (my December favourite) crops 75% wiped-out according to Indian traders (the stores had limited stock, mostly shriveled and/or mouldy), not a peep from the puppet controlled "government", nor the weather bureau "experts" nor the lame stream media, it be up to the good folk of geoengineeringwatch to awaken the sleeping satellite population, one "look-the-fluck-up, wake-the-flock-up" at a time.   

  3. Jo says:

    Hi,the poisoning started in bapsfontein two weeks ago ,fist time I became aware ,today was very bad by twelve thirty the sky was streaky with white plumes,not many people seem to be aware in these parts I think.this policy wil destroy us be it farming ,water animals you name it .for those who remember the movie ,soilent green ,with chalton Heston ,this is it ,the movie came out early seventies , if u have a chance to see it ,even thou it’s heavy ,someone was telling us our future ,blessing.

  4. Angela says:

    I am grateful to find this site…I have been observing the spraying over the Oudemuragie Valley in the Klein Karoo for the last 2 years…our drought and lung illness caused by these operations…I observed 9 planes spraying today alone and that before a weather front that ws to bring us some much needed rain…checked the weather site and it has mysteriously disappeared…I appeal please??? What can we do to create real awareness…I am enraged and desperate!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Angela, check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of, thank you for making your voice heard in this critical battle.

  5. Katy says:

    Back in the 50's in Rhodesia, my Father was selling chemicals that farmers could send up in weather balloons to 'seed' the clouds to make it rain. Seemed harmless at the time, but if that was possible then, imagine how far the chemical companies have come by now!

  6. Juliet says:

    I would like to raise awareness of what’s going on by giving talks about it. I think having peoples undivided attention for just an hour or so to explain that all you have to do is look up and see how these trails develop is all they need to understand that we are under attack! Seeing with your own eyes makes all the difference! I moved back to SA from England just over a year ago and feel that there is much less awareness of what’s going on over here. I would like to give these talks with other people who can give relevant input like farmers, pilots etc.. anyone who’s interested in this idea please contact me on

  7. Stan says:

    Yes, the globalists have engraved their intent on stones (mimicking the 10 commandments?) that they only want 20 million people on the earth…are you guys familiar with this? I will meaan 7 billion must die….

  8. Shanna says:

    I appreciate you taking the time and telling us the truth about Chemtrails.

    Thank You

  9. I have a Facebook page on chemtrails and I am hoping that you would be able to post some of your photos on my page, it seems to me that it is important to show un doctored photos from the past along with new photos to show how our skies have in fact changed. I would appreciate that very much, also have a look at the page yourself see photos from all parts of the planet photos posted by concerned people, http://www.facebook/ourskiesourlives this world needs to be cleaned of chemtrails so all life forms can have normal healthy lives.

    • YN says:

      Hi Shane,
      That’s great you are helping to raise awareness. We personally do not have time to post anything on Facebook presently, but you are more than welcome to post anything you find on this website to your Facebook page.
      Thanks, and be safe,

  10. Cathrine says:

    Our Weather Bill and the Air Quality Act has been changed thus giving the authorities Carte Blanche to allow the manipulation of our weather and the ongoing spraying of Chemtrails and dumping of Chem bombs.


  11. Cathrine says:

    In the NW of SA we had 11 days of Natural Weather. All Chemplanes had departed and it was wonderful to see how quick Nature restores itself in the Sky above. We had 100mm of rain. Man and beast felt free again. Then the planes were back and all spraying started with a vengeance. I have been informed by a lawyer that farmers are flocking in to buy ” Monsanto Farms” Obviously the farms which the farmers lost during the drought and are now being sold by Monsanto for the exclusive growing of their seeds. The farmers that have not lost their farms in the past drought will certainly lose it in the continuing drought. The farmers that still hang on will probably be murdered by the gangs that are sent out . Interesting the link between Monsanto and Blackwater.

  12. I live in Northland, New Zealand. There was a huge increase in aerosol material in the sky in early-2010, and we had a severe drought. Since then and most unually there have been two other droughts in this region. We normally get plenty of rain here. Aerosol material was present in vast amounts in the sky during both droughts. Photos can be viewed on this website: Rainwater tests have confirmed the presence of Al, Ba and Sr in New Zealand.
    Operations Director of Farmers of NZ, Bill Guest, stated on November 8th that farmers in Northland are carrying an average debt of $150,000 NZD owing to the previous drought(s), and many will fold if there is another one. Link to interview:


    Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Found In Rainwater In Whangarei, Northland.

    Why Is Aluminium In The Rainwater? Geo-engineering & Chemtrails.

  13. On-our-watch says:

    I live in a temperate city where we have never seen regular contrails because there are no high flying jets going to other cities over us and the planes that take off and land here are too low for the cold temps necessary to form them. However in May there was a fat broken Chemtrail above my house that I photographed and someone nearby had filmed. I sent the relevant info to our local Green parliamentarian who would not acknowledge it at all. We get the spraying happening covertly out at sea and inland as confirmed by a farmer – so the city dwellers remain unaware. Our skies are dreadful – very silvery, chembows, sun halos, weird multidirectional Haarp bands etc. BUT, the other day amongst a particularly messy sky, I saw a Chemtrail right over our city. BRAZEN. Wonder if anyone else spotted it….the question is; how do we educate people when they are so unobservant and when the spraying is done at night or some distance away? V difficult.

  14. On-our-watch says:

    Yes Marian. We were in the South Sland late Sept to mid Oct. The spraying was shocking in the extreme – all the way from Nelson though Chrischurch, Akaroa and over to Mt Cook and Wanaka.. Near Wanaka we saw a banded cloud formation that was totally unnatural and unlike anything we had ever seen. We have photos galore and then on the Air NZ flight from Auckland to Melbourne, we videoed the spray moving out from under the wings as we neared Melbourne. It actually kind of ruined the holiday for us as so dreadful.

  15. Do the Afrikaners have any discussion groups/blogs on FB or other social media? I can be reached on FB, as Apprentice.Vinbeazel and have helped other intl groups start their own discussions on subjects of mutual interest.

  16. john mcklain says:

    Very Interesting To Learn a bit more on geo engineering and how they are using this for their benefit. I also agree that the weather has changed and the sunny nice clear blue skies have vanished. Im from California, been here all my life and in the last 7yrs the weather has seem to change. We have familiy gatherings every spring and take lots of pictures of us and recently we could see that the sky looks stranger year after year in family fhotos. My grandfather played golf in the 70s and traveled around the state for big golf events and in the fhotos that were taken you can clearly see that sky looked nice clear blue in the background. I compare those pics to how the sky looks today and its scary to see that its like a haze or a grayish death looking sky now, it seems and feels like nothing is alive. The last time i seen a clear blue day was 4yrs ago during April after it rained but not anymore. I havent seen any spraying for a month and its weird that during the month more and more is being sed in our local news to be prepared for a natural disaster.

  17. Helen says:

    John Stevens. Research Project Blue Beam. Also there is a book you can get; “Exo Vaticana” by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, which goes into this scheme. NASA, and the Catholic church are the ones most involved in this. In short, it is a plan to stage a “return of the Messiah” in the form of a hologram in the sky, then have “extraterrestrials” come from “another planet” to save us from “ourselves”. The aliens are nothing but demons and fallen angels, masquerading as a race from another planet who claim to have “created” us. (It sounds like a sci-fi movie, I know)

  18. John Stevens says:

    All I can say is I’m sure looking fwd to the coming Event.
    When the alien ETs come to our planet to fix up this terrible mess it has become.
    Research that, if U don’t believe me.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When out and about I see more and more people with the Big Ski boot on their leg.
    Not any coincidence that they are being affected by the garbage coming from above.
    More and more wheelchairs.
    People with canes.
    More getting the cough.

    More drug stores popping up.

    Asked my doctor if he had ever heard of NWO.

    Funny enough he said No.

    Really. I said nothing else.

    All participants of the Big Act

    Big Money

    And on and on it goes right under everyone’s nose.

    How Nice

    The people that comment on this site.

    Cheers for Dane

    Very Smart. Smart Indeed

    Good Luck to you all…

    Remember that Song called

    Hold Your Head Up?

    Well sing it and watch everyone else looking at the ground.

    Might as well Dig a hole and burry their heads in the hole.

    Before they Wake Up

    NOT a realality for pretty much out there.

    Way to Dozy

    Wonder Why


  20. Anonymous says:

    Dumbed Down Society
    Look up by Google-ing

    How to get rid of Geo-Engineering

    How to get rid of Chem trails

    Might find some valuable information there for the ones that are not completely Brain Dead yet!

  21. Johan says:

    Lets Go !!

  22. TheMan WithNoName says:

    I think we will have to take back control of the situation. Extreme situations call for extreme actions and I will not go down in history as the guys who knew they where getting screwed but said nothing about it. So who’s with me. The whole world is in the palm of a single clan I think democratically they should be removed from their positions today.You know who they are the Rothschild they are the ones behind all of this. They own BP, Exxon, Texaco, Shell, Mobil, cnn, NBC, PBS and so may more, they own shares of every bank of the world oh and they are the one behind the stock market crash in the 1930, the ones behind the twin Towers, not to mention them likely exterminating the population likely by putting enough methane for combustion. Why else would you put a combustible gas with aluminum semi conductor and barium radio active know for causing electric arcs around ungrounded metals. I say we go find them.

  23. Johan says:

    Since the posting of this article I have been following the comments. As I also live in the NW Province I can also vouch that not more than 200 drops of pseudo rain has fallen. Farms have been burnt down claiming the lives of game and stock. Many cloud fronts have appeared only to be “aerosoled” away. This is a Crime against Humanity and Nature and our Government is allowing it !!!

  24. jane lovejoy says:

    I’ve been blogging for years that HAARP are supporting the quantum laser surveillance technology that is now up and running around the world. It’s a relief to find here that I wasn’t merely whistling in the wind after all. I would guess that Dr. Charles Hopkins comment is the closest to the truth.

  25. Marian Sutherland says:

    In my beautiful homeland of New Zealand, the Aerosol Geo-Engineering Operations have been steadily increasing in the skies of rural North Canterbury, South Island over the six years I have been observing them. Other sky-watchers from Bluff in the South, to Whangarei in the North, are sharing photos of badly manipulated, contaminated skies, and doing what we can to spread awareness of this criminal activity.

    Our politicians resolutely deny that there is anything but condensation trails in our atmosphere. The mainstream media people constantly drag out the “conspiracy theory” insult (and excuse,) when concerned citizens attempt to ask valid questions about the constant chemical onslaught from above.
    However, the numbers of citizens “waking up” are growing.

    Parts of the North Island suffered “the worst drought in 30 years” earlier in 2013, badly affecting farmers,and this is having an ongoing widespread impact on the economy.

    Thankyou to GeoEngineering Watch for being a great educational resource.

  26. Johan says:

    ” Let alone the Fuel….of the Jets that are spraying. Lately even helicopters fly around leaving puffs of ” puff clouds” under the higher more dense cloud cover. We Sleep…thinking that the Police is patrolling. At these times you can also smell the terrible chemicals in the air. Ever wondered why every one has lung ailments of late. Why are medical Doctors not rising up against this. Surely they are intelligent and know what is happening. { Please ADD this to the previous comment.

  27. Johan says:

    On Thursday evening a ” mountain range” of clouds appeared in the East. My heart leapt with joy. A high flying aeroplane flew over twice,3 Bursts of “thunder” which sounded rather like a huge firework being ignited in the cloud was fired and 200 drops of rain fell.Friday we had winds and you could smell the chemicals. In the evening Huge natural clouds appeared from the West and in the night horrific wind gails, but one could feel the EMF’s and HAARP was most certainly used to bounce our clouds away.( The big ELF towers standing all over your neighbourhood assists in this. Have you ever made any calculations about the Electricity which these operations must take ?) Let alone the fuel.At night one could see very thick corrugated rings of cloud. It was very strange looking. Full Moon is the time of their sinister rituals aimed against God and Creation. I do find hope and strength because the Righteous will Inherit the Earth. Not the Elders and their followers of Zion.

  28. Louise says:

    No, they spray to DRY UP the clouds, so there will be no rain, the crops will be ruined and farmers will be persuaded to buy GM seeds that withstand the chemtrails (filled with alumnium, which dries up clouds, as well as lots of other nasty things).

  29. Earth Angel says:

    Disturbing to hear all this happening globally. I know you would prefer the rain but it may now be tainted with toxins, metals, chemicals and perhaps even radiation particles from the Fukushima disaster which is still ongoing and the severity of which no governments are publicly addressing. Be glad you have your clean well water yet. The globalist &as#@rds are doing everything they can to spoil our lovely earth and strip it of every single resource for themselves.

  30. Marlene says:

    Zak, please find my comment amongst the ones above. Sorry many mistakes, but I have to go make dinner. Just want to add to it, that the farmers should write up the petition for, while all of us stand by them. It is easy to start a petition with them and completely free. Whoever represents them, must then hand this it in to Pres Zuma or whoever, you guys will know best. But I reiterate, Carte Blance, Morning Live, and 50/50 are good avenues to explore. Unfortunately 3rd Degree is no more.

  31. Marlene says:

    I live in KwaZulu-Natal and found this article on engineering on Philosophers Stone, and not in the Volksblad or any other South African newspaper! We need to get it to the attention of Carte Blanche and 50/50 and for that matter to our Minister of Environmental Affairs. I am not a kid, nearly 70 but garden out at Monteseel and saw the same thing happen to the sky here the other day, one moment an intense blue with promising clouds rising from the horizon. I heard planes overhead, but high, could not see them and about 20 minutes later the sky had turned grey blue. I noticed it, because my veggie garden is high and commands a good view of the sky. If we as South Africans need to stand up as one, we must do it and I agree with you guys, we have no time to waste. Monsanto too, is already getting huge hidings abroad and we must make sure they are booted out of South Africa met hulle vrot saad en al! Maak my so woedend kwaad! Another thing, we can start a petition with, as this way we can reach millions in the shortest time and without great expense of traveling to Pretoria, which few can afford to go and protest there. But we must have spokesman, so you guy must discuss this and I launch the petition with They are over 25 million strong and you most probably know of them. Love to you all en moenie worry nie, ons sal hierdie bleksems finaal hier uitboender!

  32. Dr. Leo Rebello says:

    What you have written is from the heart. I know this is true… The fact is that miniscule people are ruining us. These are the deviant people… Identify them and crush them before they destroy us and all that is good. These deviant people are Jews and they are half humans half machines. They are doing everything as planned by them.

    For solutions, for paradigm shift, for making safer world possible, on this World Peace Day, please, do read my book WORLD WITHOUT WARS which contains 66 in-depth articles by eminent persons, several quotes, 40 inspiring poems, 111 NGOs working worldwide for a paradigm shift and 42 well considered solutions to save the world from imminent disaster. Commenting is one thing, and working on the solutions is another… And finally, WE MUST UNITE.

  33. Donna says:

    I also am wondering about why no one wants to know or even notices , when the chemtrails are happening. I live in the Northern part of Idaho, USA.
    For the last 3 days the sky in the morning is blue, but the lines in the sky start coming in all day long. Each time the sky gets white afterwards. If a weather front is coming in, they usually spray the sky ahead of it. I guess to make it rain, but it doesn’t do much.
    We live in a place where we usually get lots of rain. This summer has been very hot, and dry,
    No one notices the lines and does not want to talk about it either.
    I see it every day, and wish I could do something about it.
    It is a good thing that I have a lot of water in my well, as I had to water my garden from that, to get it to grow. I would rather have the rain, though.

  34. Dr Charles Hopkins says:

    It is the mass global depopulation agenda.

  35. Johan says:

    The drought is being used as an instrument to create food shortages. Rocket food prices. Create political instability. People are poor and sick. The farmers are losing their farms. Those that remain get trapped by very heavy banking loans ( mostly originating from the World Bank) They have already stripped our resources from our mines where they are busy creating unrest again. All the while they sit back in their hide outs of big aerias proclaimed as Protected Wild Life Areas. Our Land for Our People, but they use our money we donate to the WWF to protect them on our land in our parks.

  36. Zak Voordewind says:

    As a professional living and working in the North West
    on a Water Estate Project next to the Neser dam and therefore being on the building site I also realised these various strips of “condensation” from aeroplanes.

    Now I know that these strange white stripes are actually chemicals sprayed for crop farming and, what shocked me was when I actually learnt that it is toxic to humans and animals.

    That Friday afternoon I saw all these honeybees lying on the ground, some dead some barely moving and they just dropped from the Li-quart tree on my property. Then I realized that the fruit has just blossomed and the fine hairs on the foliage probably gathered these toxins, poisoning the bees.
    I actually took a video on my phone of this phenomenon and became convinced that there has to be a link.

    As I became more aware of these spraying of chemicals I was told that this is the reason why it is simply not raining as it nearly October.

    After reading the Farmer Karel’s letter it just made sense to rationalise the whole thing where farmers experience this unusually severe drought and I have the deepest sympathy with them as my grand farther was also a farmer.

    I think it is time to get to the bottom of this because it really does seem very suspect and I would like to find out the truth as I am sure that this would not only affect our animals and children but would also have severe effects on our already fragile biodiversity and climate change which no one anymore can dispute as a concrete fact.

    All this makes me more and more concerned as I attended the COP17 Climate Conference which was a fantastically Horrific experience when you realise that we might be too late to change this around seeing that only a 2 degree rise in earth temperature is going to change the world as we know it, drastically.

    There is an existing graph that was started in the 1970’s that tracks the expectancy of life on earth, the reality of the matter is that extrapolated, it has shown that the graph would reach zero at around 2045-2050. Isch! Scary!

    • Burzum says:

      What I would suggest if at all possible, try take some pictures of these air crafts, then go to the local airport and see if you find the same types there. I’m not sure if a freedom of information act exists in SA, but if it does you could stage a demonstration at the air port demanding to know what the purpose of those aircraft is and who they belong to. That at least would draw some attention to the matter.

  37. Andy Kruusi says:

    Can’t find the pics of the clouds and trails. Sounds dire. Where’s all the comments? What’s wrong with people?

    • James says:

      Hi Andy,
      Your question ‘what’s wrong with people’ illustrates something profound.

      I have taken photos of the chem trailing over my area, posted them on several websites, with very little response. Others everywhere are doing the same, and the response is low.
      Here we have Dane’s website, most certainly the preeminent website on the topic, and look at how many people comment. Its just a handful.

      I have had a few discussions with pilots on various websites, and they seem to think i’m from pluto (i.e. nuts.)

      In general people seem to walking around in a trance of self-absorption. They don’t look up. The kids are all looking down at their text messages, even as they walk. Those ppl that do hear about chemtrails, mostly all ppl dismiss it as nonsense, the idea is too crazy for the brain to digest. Where does this all lead?
      my 2-cents

    • Angie Home says:

      I have discussed what is going on with my son, who has also taken photos showing spraying in Cornwall, UK. He accepts that the spraying is going on, obviously, but he believes that whoever is doing this is trying to stop the results which would be that farmers would not be able to grow food. But what he can’t understand is that the spraying is actually having the same effect, as we see here is this report. I have been printing flyers and posting them where ever I go. I just don’t understand, like you, why no one seems to be interested. We are continually listening to these high flying jets together with the “observer plane” which always accompanies the jets. The results are that we never have a clear sky, always hazy or complete white outs. I think the population of the country is just so disheartened with their experience, socially and politically, that they just don’t care. They are sleep walkers. They are disinterested in anything which does not impact on their lives per se. But what they don’t understand is that it is not only affecting the weather but everything else living under it. I read a report a while ago that in the UK they expect in the future that 50% of the population will have cancer. How do they know this? Projection figures probably, but in my opinion it will be the result of this spraying. I have a friend who keeps bees, and produces honey and also a strong wine. Its a full time business. He will be affected if what has happened to the bees in Africa happens here.

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