The Weathermen, Paid To Cover The Tracks Of Climate Engineering


“Weather forecasters” are now little more than script reading actors in a grand production that is completely orchestrated by those pulling the strings at the top. The military/industrial/climate engineering/media complex now controls the weather, and they control the weather “forecasters”. “Mostly Sunny” now generally means heavily sprayed skies with few natural clouds. The meteorological community, and especially the TV weathermen, are literally towing the line for the “collective insanity”. Their job is to convincingly put out the official narrative, to explain the completely engineered weather as if it’s completely natural. All of us need to contact and peacefully confront local meteorologists with credible data. Keep track of the information you are passing on and let the weathermen know you are making a record of the fact that they have been officially made aware of the climate engineering issue. Eliminate any excuse they might someday give that they just did not know, it’s time to hold them all to accountability. Radio show personality David Tulis has put more light on this subject in the excellent article below that he has just penned, my thanks to David for helping us to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington


It’s perfectly rational for Barys, other weathermen to ignore sky striping

Source: Nooganomics, article by David Tulis


To keep their integrity, forecasters who created this chart at a Chattanooga TV station disregard weather-altering activities of Uncle Sam.


Governments talk up ways to “combat climate change” and have manipulated the weather with hazy factory skies  for years. So why do weather forecasters reject sky striping as a developing “good government” or “environmental” story? To be men of integrity.

If they give 1 percent credence to chemtrailing as a story and an influence on the weather, that becomes the story and they lose their jobs. If they try to account for stratospheric aerosol geoengineering in the slightest, they have to inject into their forecast a human (anthropocentric) unknown outside their job description. As it is, weather forecasting is tricky enough, with no accurate forecast possible more than three days out. Sky striping is weather modification on a grand scale that creates cloud banks, dries up rainfall, tosses weather systems left and right. To attempt to account for jet traffic that manipulates weather patterns is ludicrous for the professional in front of the camera. It’s a separate story, coverable by the news department if any credible sources or interviews from officials emerge (none do, as officials insist weather control is merely theoretical).

Other points are in favor of rejecting the striking aerial visuals of sky striping. Most people, the forecaster knows, offhandedly reject or discount weird doings in the sky, the perpetual hazes, the magnification of the sun through layers of mist, the blurring out of your own shadow on sidewalk or wall, the whitening of sunlight. Hardly a soul notices. There is no cost socially or professionally to denying visible effects of sky striping. No stigma attaches to one who ignores solar radiation management and keeps it out of his daily weather storytelling.

To be a man of honor who supports his family, his employer and meets the expectations of his TV and radio audience, my city’s top forecaster has to pretend no irrational and no unpredictable human factor exists in his forecasts. He has to pretend that the only computer-aided tea leaf sifting he does is upon nature itself. Implied in his stolidity is the hope that God owns nature, God owns the weather — and by His agency has charge over wind and drought. The forecaster’s job is to discern trends based on existing cloud and rain patterns using his best judgment. His presupposition is that nature exists and rules, that it is not “over,” as one commentator on weather modification put it in Time magazine in 2012. Paul Barys, David Karnes and Patrick Core — the three main TV forecasters in Chattanooga — suppose an organized universe, an orderly creation that stands apart from mankind and is not subject to his whim. Weather may mystify, but not because some federal joker is wobbling a joystick.

Sky striping as a meteorological cause raises the margin of error to an unknown level, and makes any reasonable professional forecaster realize that he has an impossible task. To intellectually account for U.S. weather control programs in the stratosphere, thus, injects an element into his professional career that is irrational, dangerous to his income and estate, and disruptive of his routines and personal studio and production relationships.

Weather forecasts routinely ignore the biggest weather story that in my hometown I am attempting to cover. This blindness is lamentable, perhaps. But we can understand it and assume no bad faith or ill will on the part of the meteorological clan. Their inputs are consistent, their premises orderly; the great narrative of the war on global climate, instead, is breaking on other media platforms.

Source: Nooganomics, article by David Tulis

23 Responses to The Weathermen, Paid To Cover The Tracks Of Climate Engineering

  1. Joe Sullivan says:

    Today – I watched the sun come up while on my offshore 39 some miles out into the Atlantic Ocean to fish. Beautiful cloudless korning

    unlimited visibility on the sea and sky. We started fishing and I began to tell everyone the sprayers will soon arrive and turn this magnificent day into a ma made grey dirty looking cloud cover with thousands of passes overhead by jets spraying their chemical death. Offshore in the Ocean you can see everything overhead / the jets fly irregular patterns even turn with our stopping spraying. It's sickening to witness – I feel helpless other than to keep educating people about what is going on overhead.

    I am not too happy with our Military raining slow death upon us

    • Weather watcher 2 says:

      It is hard to expect any weather person to be able to stand up and talk about the problems with weather control/spraying/potential damage to the environment etc.  All of the major stations/weather information suppliers have been bought out by the biggies.  Maybe in the US is still independent?

      Here are some of the others in the news:

      It was reported that the Rothschilds bought one of the weather reporting companies.  See the Wall Street Journal blog:

      Jan 31, 2011 2:40 pm ET

      The Weather Channel is owned by NBC Universal and private-equity firms Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

      Does anyone remember now owns and the Weather Underground?


    • Weather watcher 2 says:

      Followup to question of who owns the and weather sites:

      The owners of the Weather Channel ( also own, and the Weather Underground.  So there are fewer independent channels to get weather information.

      And as it says on their website:

      The Weather Company (etc) is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

  2. truthchase says:

    one of the stations  here in Charlotte  N.C  the "weather"  script reader  calls  the  chemicals in the sky "thin,whispy "clouds" ,  I want  to reach into the TV and SMACK him on the back of his head to knock some sense into him . I mean  these guys  can not possibly believe  what they are telling us ,  but i think they actually  are this stupid ,  the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations ),  was founded   in 1921,  1918  is when they started  forming  their take over  &  agenda 21 &  new world order  etc…. they  said  their  plans all  where based on the stupidity of humanity & if humans  where as stupid ,greedy & narcissistic as they thought  that  their plans to take over the planet  would  work ,  they where RIGHT .   CFR –   &     &

  3. Leesy says:

    I live West of Boston, MA.  I just came in from a walk today – it's 3pm in the afternoon and these planes are up in the sky overhead spewing white trails behind them in front of the sun that is now in the western sky.  Clouds are forming.  Weathermen today said "possible" thunderstorms.  One thing I do agree with – these pretty weather girls act less like meteorologists and more like very pretty actors.  As for the other old timer meteorologists on the Boston news stations – I can't understand, other than fear of losing one's job, that they are not screaming out loud as to what is truly going on over our heads.  I cannot believe they do not know.  I believe they know and I cannot understand how they can live with themselves and NOT speak up and out with transparency.  Truly a disturbing environment we live in that seems to be controlled by madmen and madwomen!

    • Lexi says:

       i just can't figure  it out either Leesy, where have all the  REAL ( moral) MEN ( & WOMAN )  gone ?  absolutely mind boggling/ their silence –  as an activist, I do a  LOT  of posting,tweeting , sharing  trying to wake people up on this subject  ( & animal welfare  also)  etc…. When i used to post just 6 months ago  i would  get ZERO responses on my posts  about geoengineering  , my page on FB  had  150  "likes"  the first  year 1/2   & in the last 6 months now i have 1,600 suddenly on it &  i get THIRTY "likes"  pr  day & many comments on my posts ,  so  people  are  waking up in the numbers now  but it still isnt nearly enough yet as i still have much difficulty  getting anyone  to post on major pages  ( the tonight shows- the big daily shows – GMA  &  the  very popular shows pages , we have to get the word  out more  more more  to people  we dont have normal access to , so i do it on FB, But I  am  the ONLY  one  posting  still .  so i think mass awakening  is still too far off  & that means  dooms  day  for us all  as time is not on our side  at the rate the eco system is imploding now,  the entire eco system is in free fall  and i see things being murdered  in horrifying  numbers  now, from sea life to grass pastures being overtaken by weeds to the fruit trees  have STOPPED  PRODUCING & entire  gardens DEAD , not ONE  vegetable  in the last 2 years ,  it is now  extremely frightening &  i think our time is running  out to wake people  up if we dont get more help & quickly.

  4. Nick says:

    Kind of a sick world we live in where weathermen doesn’t tell the whole truth on what’s really going on outdoors.

  5. Earth Angel says:

    BomboGenesis? Carol, I had to check that one out for myself- that has to be the stupidest term I’ve heard yet! I’d like to know who gets paid to think this crap up at the weather channel. Unbelievable! Do these people have college degrees, do you think??? This sounds like something a 5th grader would come up with. Lord help us.

  6. Carol says:

    I especially love these new fabricated weather terms, and the puppets who attempt to make them seem scientific. The have now replaced “polar vortex” with “BomboGenesis,” stating in this article that this occurs fairly frequently in nature. REALLY? I’m 56 years old. Why are we just now having this supposed “common occurrence?”

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed for the past few years the weather reports given are so confusing and difficult to read or make sense of. It never used to be like that. It is clear that the meteorologists are uncomfortable, stammering around up there on the tv screen. Tonight Jeff Hill in Atlanta even said something like- “we talk like the polar vortex is something new but its always been there”..oh REALLY!!!! If so then why has it NEVER EVER been mentioned until the past year or two??? I’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of weather reports in my lifetime and NEVER EVER heard it spoken of before..You don’t need to be a meteorologist to figure that one out. Shame on these b@**#r&s!

  8. Aroha Taurerewa says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I often get depressed, then angry, even miserable, but then I remember the bigger picture. I am not alone in this. The people I know are not subsumed by this lie and do what needs to be done..informing regardless of being put down. Thank you for your words of inspiration. We would be soulless people, not caring about our brothers and mother earth if it wasn’t for a higher power guiding us.

  9. Lynne says:

    Live in middle Tn and I have been keeping track of the skies daily from 10/8/14 to 11/8/14 there was 1 day with blue skies with no jet clouds.
    I also wonder if anyone else has health problems after being outside for a long time. I have a lot of yard work and I often wonder how cutting the grass which, I’m sure, is saturated with the chem crap,has got to be nasty on the lungs. If I am out for the day my heart skips continual for days after then it goes back to normal.

  10. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Our breathable air column is now saturated with the shit that THEY spray. Every night I shine a light into the darkness and every night the air is full of it. Everyday I see less and less beauty than the day before. I now avoid talking to people that I know are deniers. The town that I live in has a population of about 5500. I’ve reached most of them through my GeoengineeringWatch pizza box campaign and my “words to awaken” highway sign for ALL to see everyday. I have also called into local talk radio shows dozens of times since last January. There is not much more that I can do. I don’t even think I’m going to vote on Tuesday. There is no lesser of two evils to vote for. Why vote for the puppet government that I hate so much. I sometimes feel that the weak spineless population of God’s Green Earth deserves what is coming. This shit has me plodding through life with a deepening depression daily. If I would have known that this shit was going to happen I wouldn’t have had any children! Well, it’s too late for that now! If the spraying doesn’t stop soon I’m going to have to change my tactics. Oh don’t get me wrong. The highway sign and flyers on the pizza boxes will continue. I’m in this fight until my last breath of Aluminum Oxide laden air!!!

  11. Michel B says:

    Now they are offering these percentage chances of whether it will rain or not and it is usually 20% or 30% with a description of “slight chance” of rainfall, but it never happens.

    It’s a placatory language offering just a bit of hope but not too much to get the populace use to being disappointed. In reality, rainfall is kept to almost zero for whole regions and any rain is just a sprinkle, instead of long periods of good rainfall that can soak into the soils to penetrate properly.

    To the west of my town, I watched a tall cumulonimbus get eaten up by aerosols that completing surrounded it and it disappeared. I can see the normal fluffy clouds trying to form then swishing away to nothing by the constant haze in the atmosphere.

    At the beginning of our recent hot season, a blond bimbo weather reporter offered the predicted outlook for the whole summer season as “hot and dry” while smiling as she said it. Incredible how three words (two really, ‘and’ is a conjunction) sums up the complex weather season for a whole nation. And this easy explanation will be assumed, though misunderstood, by the viewing populace and no more thought will be put into it.

    Keep passing this website on to others to improve their education in reality.

  12. Karen says:

    also, the last time we had (fizz) I took pictures of my morning sky (7am) with engineered clouds, about half hour later whitish-gray skies (no rain) and then a RAINBOW in my south/west sky. It hadn’t rained yet! The sky started clearing up…..then cloudy again, then came the fizz rain for about a half hour. It’s insaine here.

  13. Karen says:

    Just yesterday my husband told me that Monica Woods, a chief meteorologist, said on KFBC, Sacramento, that it was going to rain from noon to 4 pm today (Friday). What? The rain came as she predicted but it’s still just a “fizz” type rain. The skies turn more whitish-gray and it turns off.

  14. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    The weathermen in my area are always wrong. Especially when it comes to rain. We never get it when they say we will or if we do it’s 1/10 of an inch. Soon the temps will be below zero and the snow will fly. I could never understand the last 3 years when we had zero and below temps they would be spraying like crazy. WHY do they have the need to cool us down with those kind of temps? Please enlighten me on this.

  15. hellofromthefascistunion says:

    You may or may not find the commodity “markets” interesting.

    On strong down days like today you will find that gold is down, silver is down, platinum is down, palladium is down and copper is down. What is not down? ALUM, that’s what. It appears that there is always a very strong demand for aluminum. Gee I wonder what could possible be driving that continuously strong demand…

  16. Jenny Goddard says:

    I too became aware about 10 years ago, no body told me, I just looked up and saw it all, it was never as blatant as it is today. I was walking my dog early morning, normally about 7.00 and could not believe my eyes as plan after plane was laying down trails, I got home and kept checking the garden, within about 3-4 hours the sky had gone from blue to a hazy white, I knew it was totally unnatural. I have watched it ever since and told as many as possible…even stopping people in the street, to ask if they can see them and know what is happening.

  17. Joe Campbell says:

    I recently posted a photo of our Weather girl showing the forecast on TV and she was completely oblivious to the fact that what she was showing was indeed Geoengineered cloud formations. Will be posting another photo of something similar later.

  18. carol freiberg says:

    I can’t remember when I have seen a real clear blue sky. As soon as we get a clearing the planes are there to block out any sunlight. Must be hard to live in a continual lie. Poor bastards ought to come clean and do something respectable for themselves and their families. Maybe then they would get a better job or be famous for exposing this insanity.

  19. ronfoster says:

    If chemtrails/geoengineering were to “cool” the planet by reflecting sunlight away from earth

    1) Then explain why they are spraying it at night?

    2) Instead, paint the roofs white. Reflect as much of the sun away from earth by painting stuff white.

    When Obummerr selected a “Climate” czar, I heard the guy say with his own mouth when asked “what do you plan to do to curb global warming” he answered:

    “By painting the roofs white.”

    Never heard from the guy again. Honest.

  20. jet says:

    I was wise to this first of all 10 yrs ago, I hadnt even heard of it from anyone else back then or done any research on it but somehow instinctively knew that the government where controlling the weather to finish off countries, We need to educate the masses surely as quickly as possible?!

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