Total Economic Collapse And Climate Engineering, What Is The Connection?


The biosphere is collapsing and the global economy will collapse with it, there is no other possibility. The grand facade of perpetual expansion on a finite planet is at its end, the illusion is unravelling by the day. As the walls of the industrialized civilization crumble, the power structure is desperately trying to carry out multiple agendas with the ongoing climate engineering insanity. First, they are confusing and dividing the US population on the true state of the climate by engineering toxic cool-downs over and over again in the same regions of the eastern US. The corporate media propaganda machine then pumps out constant coverage of the engineered winter events while almost never mentioning the fact that the western US and most of the world is in meltdown. Massive amounts of methane are now entering the atmosphere and the climate engineers are trying desperately to hide the effects of the methane with the very same destructive programs that contributed to causing this unfolding cataclysm in the first place. The constant engineering of weather disasters is also a tool to distract and occupy the public’s attention so they are thus unable to concentrate on the larger picture. California's food production appears to be a target, control the food supply and you control the population. What is most critical is that each and every one of us is being subjected to the constant bombardment of toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Not only does this exposure weaken our immune systems and thus our health, there are neurological factors to consider. To put it bluntly, this exposure is affecting our cognitive function, our ability to think clearly. If we are unable to think clearly, we will have no chance of standing against the power structure for long and they most certainly know this. If we are to have any chance at altering the fate we will face on the current trajectory, the climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare must be exposed and halted, every day counts. The collapse of global trade is a glaring harbinger of what is unfolding. As the various forms of collapse (economic and environmental) become impossible to hide from the public, the power brokers will be more dangerous than ever. The article below should be examined and considered. The paradigm we have all known is ending by the day.
Dane Wigington


Collapse Of Global Trade? The Economic And Financial Lies Are Getting Bigger. A Spade Can Never Be Called A Spade!

Source: Global Research, article by Bill Holter

Yesterday we looked at the situations in both Ukraine and Greece, and how they are both out of money which makes them potential “flash points” for reality to set in.  What I’d like to talk about today are the various “slights of hand” and why a spade can never be called a spade.

Currently in the U.S., some (but certainly not all) of the recent economic numbers are showing an absolutely booming economy.  All you need to do is look at Friday’s unemployment numbers, they were clearly bogus.  The biggest driver of employment over the last five years has been the boom in the oil patch …which is now busted with 1,000′s of pink slips being handed out.  BLS revised the November and December numbers to show the fastest growth of employment for any three month period …so far this century!  Really?  Do you believe this in any fashion at all?

The economic and financial lies are getting bigger and bigger while the economy is shrinking and the financial position is more perilous.  The gap between the reality and the true conditions have never before in history been this wide.  Stocks are not allowed to drop, institutions are not allowed to fail, heck, financial institutions have been “told” not to mark to market as this would expose failures.  Inflation is understated, employment is overstated, gold is not allowed to rise and the game continues. Everything you now see and hear has one goal behind it, hide the reality at any and all costs.

The situation with Greece is very sticky for the West for several reasons.  Each and every one of them is because a Greek failure will expose the very ugly reality that the West is one big and interconnected series of Ponzi schemes constructed in pyramid fashion.  Greece cannot be allowed to fail because of what, how much, and who they owe.  In order for the reality to stay hidden, Greece absolutely must be forced to borrow more money so they have the ability to pay past debts.  Already this morning, a six month “trial balloon” extension has been floated.  If Greece is allowed to fail, other central banks (including and particularly the ECB) and many commercial banks will take some very real losses.  This CANNOT be allowed to happen because of the leverage factor and the fact that no more collateral exists within the system that’s not already encumbered.

You see, many assets have been hypothecated (lent/borrowed against) many times over, including Greek debt.  In case you don’t see the problem here, I will spell it out.  When something is “lent” out or “borrowed” more than one time, it is theft pure and simple.  This truth cannot in any fashion come to the surface because it will create a “call”.  The original owners will flood in and ask for their security, their asset, (think gold) back.  What do you think the world will look like when 100 or so “owners” of the same asset decide they will not be one of the suckers who are left with nothing?  This will be a bank run on a system-wide basis and include nearly any asset type you can think of.

The following analogy sums it up pretty well I believe.  This game works well …for a “while”.  It works “while” everyone is confident and no one asks any questions.  It works while no one at the poker table decides to cash in and leave with their chips.  It works well for as long as no one believes anyone else is cheating.  Actually, it even works when everyone knows that everyone else is cheating …as long as everyone is winning.  The problems begin when people start asking questions.  Questions begin when people start to lose money.  The answers are brutally ugly when discovered so it is imperative that no questions are allowed to be asked… and this is where we are today.  This is exactly what “official policy” is today.

The Chinese, the Russians, The BRICS nations and 135 other nations tagging along ALL know what the “answers” are.  They fully understand the casino is 100% rigged.  They understand that everything of value has already been borrowed against and in many instances, several times over.  This is why there have been so many trade and currency deals signed over the last year and a half …without U.S. involvement, approval or even “dollars”.

My personal opinion is this, a spade will very soon be exposed as the spade it is and all the theft, corruption and intentional fraud will be uncovered.  The relevant event could be anything.  It could be Greece failing to pay, leaving the EU or even being kicked out.  It could be a local currency blowing up which bankrupts someone in derivatives.  It could be the failure of a debt auction somewhere in the world.  It could be something already well known or not.  It could be a war.  It could come from the West or the East, and it could be an accident or even an intentional event.  It doesn’t matter “why”, the event is coming.  The event is coming because everyone knows that everyone knows the system is fraudulent.

Please don’t reply to me saying “no, not everyone knows, the sheeple are as asleep as always”.  I am talking about “countries”.  I am talking about the players that count.  The East et al absolutely knows they are dealing and trading in a lopsided and unfair system.  They know the West is massively leveraged and has been dealing unfairly for many years.  Even Western countries know this to be true, for example, why are countries repatriating their gold?  Because they hope there is enough still in the vault to cover what they originally deposited.  Like I said, everyone knows that everyone knows.

As mentioned yesterday, it is my opinion the East would prefer to allow the West’s failure to occur ”naturally” and not force the issue.  Time alone will do this.  The U.S. has been pushing for war at every turn.  A war will be pointed at as “the reason” everything failed.  A war will also be used to cover the tracks of the fraud.  This is not new thought and only the way it has always been.  Distract, pretend, and extend!

If you believe the meme of “recovery” or “growth”, all you need to do is look at this.  The Baltic dry index has just dropped to ALL-TIME lows!  This index is very basic and when broken down reflects the state of global trade.  Global trade has collapsed since the 2008 crisis began, unlike ever before.


courtesy Zerohedge​

This, after huge global deficit spending and monetization.  “Magic Policy” which we were assured would cure all ills has failed miserably and no amount of bogus economic reports can mask this fact.

Expect out of control markets, unimaginable financial failures and ultimately a breakdown of distribution and society itself.  The truth is, we have lived in financial fantasyland since 2007.  2008 came along, markets collapsed and the reset which should have occurred was aborted …only to become a much bigger and far more painful “inevitable” event now.  More debt, more money supply and of course less gold in Western vaults.  We in the West have spent, frittered, and given away 100′s of years worth of labor and savings of our forefathers.  This in an effort to resist living within our means and calling a spade a spade.  Spades are almost all that is left, all the other suits have been spent, lent and borrowed 100+ times over!

Source: Global Research, article by Bill Holter

23 Responses to Total Economic Collapse And Climate Engineering, What Is The Connection?

  1. john says:

    This planet is run by a hand full of very greedy people who want total power, we have to wake up and realize that we are caught up in this game and we are slaves.  The planet was so be free and God gave plenty for every one we have allowed ourselves to fall for the lies, fals belief system and as a result entrapped ourselves.  How do we get out of it???????????????????????????????????? Yes it is  so  astoundingly absurd, to think a few control everything but it is true and we have no choice but play into their hands.  There are few  critical thinkers left and that is why they have been able to advance their agenda.  Those behind what is happening believe they cn have a one world order but they are failing now and are desperate to keep the chains on humanity.

  2. ferkemall says:

    If you actively try to stop the machine your classed as a terrorist ,you loose everything and or get 50 years in prison or you get dead !

    That's how their system works !

  3. ferkemall says:

    There comes a point in time where there are just to many people on the planet chasing to few resources ,look back at the roman civilisation they had there haves and have nots big time but it all crashed ,Myans ,and all of the rest .

    Go back to 1890s and look at the old news reels at the sheer amount of people on the streets 1914 /18 did not kill enough so they wheeled out the Spanish flue that some way to culling the population , 1930s the population is on the up so WW2 is wheeled out ,now days we have designer viruses that just verge on pandemics ,and today here we are again its time for Another catastrophic event as makers crumble and resources are in short supply the governments are tooling up with techno!ogy to direct weather pattens as a weapon ,flatten a country with adverse weather move in with offers of help and take it over because they can't pay the bill , its called the weather wars .

    You got a wonder if someone is going to drop the Palmer shelf so we end up with water world !

  4. Tim says:

    The labor participation rate is near record lows. The greatest job growth is crappy part time jobs or minimum wage jobs. 49 million are on food stamps. This is not a booming economy for the middle class. The rich have reaped nearly all the benefits since 2008. Also, debt has fueled most growth. How will trillions be unwound? I don’t know. Guess they are too busy spraying toxins in the air to care.

  5. Gene Maynard says:

    Dane I reposted an article from your site with credit to The intro was mine. I notice I have a captcha code. I can assure you I’m on your side, I’m not a zombie. I am first and foremost on God’s side,

  6. WHY? It all about Power ! How do you fight a fanatic?

  7. John Dennis says:

    Great Work Dane!
    What do you make of this conversation seemingly unresolved awaiting further answers regarding a question put to a NASA scientist with regard to Solar Radiation Management. She says it’s happening quote:’NOAA-SWPC does it for the FAA’
    Conversation Link here, check back in case further answers appear.

  8. Frank says:

    The final card is being played now. The global elite think that they have the card of all cards. That card is weather warfare. The control of weather to most people is and has been just a fantasy. If people really knew what has been suppressed all these years they would freak out. The technology that does exist could benefit all and we have the ability now to cure all diseases. The one disease that is stopping this from happening is irrational thinking of the human mind. We all need to get past the Nuclear threshold if we as a human race ever truly want to succeed. I thought this might of happened after the disaster in Japan. The power structure has there final card and there playing it, that is climate control weather warfare. They think that they can dupe the masses by playing mother nature. Will they win, that is up to us all to plant the seed in as many people as you can. We all are being led to the gas chambers are you going to fight or lay down?

  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Yes, pophamse, the Boston Blizzards and the drama of the Polar Vortex is completely engineered.  Thunder snow is just added drama.  He's an explanation.  It's the short version, but on Youtube search for The HAARP Report Polar Vortex. I think they want to kill us, psychopaths will never make sense to rest of us.

  10. JerseyCynic says:

    Hey pop — I can sure relate to your frustration.     I hear Cantore might be joining Sesame Street!

    Baby Cantore!

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It’s currently 41 degrees at 1:30 am in Nikiski, Alaska.

  12. They are going to be forced to very soon, I can assure you that. Their bubble will pop, and something will be done about this issue. I also want to mention that Alex Jones was talking about geoengineering for a while yesterday, which is good, but no mention of global warming whatsoever. Today, though, one of his reporters put out a video on his channel about the topic, denying it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christopher, yes, it is not helpful to the credibility of the effort to expose climate engineering when so many in the alternative media community and the activits that follow them say exactly what the geoengineers and the power structure want them to say, that the planet is not warmig. Holding on to such a position of completely unsupportable ideology is increasingly undermining our cause as the planet contineus into meltdown due to many causes, geoengineering itself at the top of this list.

  13. For persons too lazy to find out who John Maynard Keynes was:

    [“In addition to being an economist, Keynes was also a civil servant, a director of the Bank of England, a part of the Bloomsbury Group of intellectuals,[12] a patron of the arts and an art collector, a director of the British Eugenics Society, an advisor to several charitable trusts, a successful private investor, a writer, a philosopher, and a farmer.”]

    I’m sure John was a very lovely fellow, what with all that “exceptional” influence he’s bestowed on current Eugenics enthusiasts (like Bill Gates) in our former America…

  14. This quote from the above article rather says it all:

    “It works well for as long as no one believes anyone else is cheating. Actually, it even works when everyone knows that everyone else is cheating …as long as everyone is winning.”

    Here’s another great quote from a famous person everyone should have studied more carefully:

    “Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all.”

    – John Maynard Keynes –
    (June 5, 1883 – April 12, 1946)

  15. Elle Keathley says:

    It is vital to us and our Earth to speak out against the climate engineering atrocities that are occurring on a daily basis. Please take 5 mins and send this letter to all elected officials and representatives that YOU can!
    We have to bind together to be strong. We can create change.

  16. Earth Angel says:

    Welcome pophamse, you’ve come to the right place for a healthy dose of the truth. Please send as many others as you can to this site who want a reality check. The information is difficult to swallow but rings of the truth of what is being done to us and the beautiful planet we were given eons ago. Those guilty of the mass destruction and fraud being perpetrated against humanity MUST PAY DEARLY for their crimes. Another good place to go for truth is and peruse the broadcasts there. You will find much information there to help learn and cope with the insanity going on all around us right now. Blessings to you and all God’s good children working to survive this and salvage whatever we can! 😉

    • pophamse says:

      Thank you,

      I will tell everyone who will listen about this site.  Blessings to you too, I feel like I have new friends.

  17. Marc says:

    In the collapse of 2007/2008 I lost half of my entire life savings and I know many others with similar tales of woe. It is my understanding that TRILLIONS evaporated out of the markets. And yet, unbelievably, not one single Wall Street banker or fund manager has been indicted, as far as I know. I think some fines and penalties numbering in the many millions were levied but this is laughably absurd. And we have a republican congress hell-bent on perpetuating policies of deregulation for Wall Street. Can you say….C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N?
    That said, the above article spells out, with far greater understanding than mine, what these despicable, narcissistic, psychotic, insatiable fuckheads have been up to since 2008. The whole entire financial sector is analogous to the methane emergency we now face: OUT OF CONTROL!!!
    Yes, it would seem that on multiple fronts we are in fact headed for apocalypse. This is not speculation. It is not guessing. All the facts are lining up to paint a clear picture with HD resolution: collapse of life as we know it is imminent. This is unbearably sad on so many levels. I am almost incapable of feeling the width and breadth of emotion that this realization should engender. Sometimes, yes, I get teary-eyed and filled with intense longing (for a different world) and at other times I am numb with despair. My mind reflects on the countless simple joys of life, friends, children, grandchildren, music, our beloved pets, our favorite mountain range, hot spicy food…..whatever. And all of these wonderful things and countless more appear poised to be turned under by the plow of greed, stupidity and selfishness.

  18. klynn says:

    Lorraine, you are right. The problem is the truth is so absolutely and astoundingly absurd, no one but the few critical thinkers left in this country can see this. And unfortunately in order for anyone to override these atrocities, we need a LOT more people awake and willing to rise up to stop it. Not likely to happen until it is too late. May I suggest prayer? That's all I got at this point. Just pray, lady.

  19. pophamse says:

    This is my first time visiting this site. I came because I was wondering if Geo-engineering was responsible for all the blizzards in Boston. All that heavy snow and hardship, I used to watch the Weather Channel, but then you see those Idiot “Meteorologists” whooping and cheering at “Thunder-snow”. The first time I ever heard Thundersnow, (lighting causing thunder in a snow storm) in Minnesota was the Halloween Blizzard in 1991. I never heard it in my life before then, I have heard it many times since that day because of HAARP. Why are they killing us? WHY?

  20. bruno bancheri says:

    The burocrasy eat the word

  21. I can see it but if people refuse to wake up,, what can we do?

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