Weather Warfare And Catastrophic Climate Destruction


The global power brokers have absolutely no regard for who they kill or what they destroy. Going back to the 1940’s there was the nuclear bomb testing in what was some of the most pristine places on the planet, the islands of the South Pacific. Now to the ever increasing list of weather warfare assaults occurring today, those in power do not care about the cataclysms they cause. Below is a letter from a contact I have in Slovenia. His country was recently hammered by an unprecedented ice storm, also believed to be a direct result of climate engineering/weather warfare. Though the climate system as a whole is unravelling, and though there are countless factors contributing to this, especially including Co2 and CH4 (methane), geoengineering/weather warfare programs appear to be the single greatest disrupting factor of all.

We are under siege by the global elite from too many directions to outline in this statement. All are needed to stand and join in the fight against the insanity, every day counts. I hope all will take the time to view the short video links below.

Dane Wigington

Biblical floods in Serbia and Republic of Srpska

It was heavy raining for over 72 hours, People had less than 10 minutes to react since alarms were on. 30% of Serbia and 40% of Republic of Srpska (Bosnian Serbian Republic) are under water. All crops and cattle are destroyed. Entire villages, towns, roads and cities are under water. Hundreds of thousands of People were evacuated. Most of Serbia could lose electric power if defenses fail at Sava river near Belgrade. 2 biggest European fortresses (Belgrade’s Kalamegdan fortress and Smederevo’s fortress) are in danger. Etc… Serbia has been destroyed. Dead bodies are floating in Serbia’s town Obrenovac and Republic of Srpska’s cities Doboj and Samac. Water is coming from no where. People suspect it was HAARP by the west. Weather is acting strange. This has never happened in 120 years of records in Serbia and never such floods have been mentioned in long history of Serbian People.

HAARP poplavno „čiščenje“ terena bivše Juge


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  1. Amy Madragana says:

    It makes sense. I do know this – I live in North Texas, a little town called Cresson, about 25 miles SouthWest of Fort Worth.
    Last year, on May 3rd, we had a very heavy frost.
    This year, in May, twice now we have had frost.
    Very odd…
    I’m not even going to talk about the drought here… just the frost.
    It’s just something I’ve never seen here, and I moved here in 1998…..

  2. Lucretia says:

    Bella please, where can I get more information on the “Nexrad, SBX1 or new 2 laser method” you said were recently described?
    Here in Ashland, Oregon we have a huge white dome sitting on top of Mt. Ashland and I know it is being used to block our normal weather and to heat up the sky. My friend who is a scientist said it is not a HAARP unit as it does not have the vast array of antennas like the HAARP facility in Alaska. I believe they are using the WIFI towers and the heavy metals in the chemtrails as their antenna system to heat up the sky. I am very sensitivity to when the unit is turned on as my brain feels the pressure. Any links to information would be HIGHLY appreciated.
    Thank you so,

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Such crimes in an obviously lovely part of the world make me angry once again. Now that we know the Alaska HAARP is obsolete, are they using Nexrad and SBX1 or is this the new 2 laser method recently described? There seems to be no end to the destruction and terror. The methods keep changing and becoming more diabolical. And the US calls everyone else terrorists! I’m terribly sad for the people whose lives and livelihoods and homes are destroyed. We must keep trying to get this to stop. The question is how. This is war after all.

  4. Philip Dec says:

    “The global power brokers have absolutely no regard for who they kill or what they destroy.”

    Another good reason to withdraw from their corrupt system as much as possible.

    Don’t turn your children over to their evil influence.
    Refuse to vote for their fake candidates.
    Stop wasting money on things you don’t need.
    Unplug the poisonous signal from TV.
    Buy locally grown food.

  5. Ken says:

    I would have to say the Ice Storm was certainly Ice Nucleation to see that kind of devastation. It’s a crime against nature Dane.

  6. Lou says:

    Dale, I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging your post. I believe you want the word to spread? If it’s a problem, let me know and I’ll take it down. Lou

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  8. JR says:

    No they don’t, God controls but he’s seeing how far people will go with their imagination and see if they would do good. It’s very obvious though they want control and oppress people and bondage of masses. The Prince of Darkness is who controls down here for now until Christ comes and ends Earth as we know it (it was given power by God) free will. Again the clueless so called in power don’t seem to know their selling out their souls all the way to Hell. You (we) can’t serve 2 masters. You will love 1 and hate the other. Either serve God or Satan…

  9. Survivalist says:

    HAARP: Those who control the weather control the world!

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