Winter Storm “Nemo”


The engineering and naming of “winter” storms, and the Weather Channel coverage that goes with them, is truly becoming ridiculous.

The energy and moisture of many “winter” storms now come straight from the Gulf of Mexico. Should such storms consistently now be “winter” storms? Why are low pressure systems from the Gulf now regularly “changing over” to snow at such unusually warm temperatures?

As previous articles have cited, in general, atmospheric spraying from ongoing geoengineering programs signifigantly reduce overall precipitation, rain or snow. The US drought monitor maps clearly reflect a lack of moisture and snow pack across most of the US. But, as always, there are exceptions to the “scheduled” weather being whipped up by the geoengineers and the military/industrial complex climate modification programs. Every so often, it seems they need to make an example.

The temperatures predicted for the “Nemo” event are on the high end, as one would expect with ice nucleation of rain that originated as sub-tropical moisture from the Gulf. There is a major source of moisture for this storm because it is “sub-tropical” The warmer moisture is a factor with artificially nucleated “thunder snow” which is also predicted for “winter storm Nemo”.

Once a rarity, “thunder snow” is now becoming the norm, as are above freezing temperature snow storms.

The ongoing weather manipulation is looking increasingly desperate in nature.  Artificial ice nucleation appears to be going on in almost all precipitation events in the US this winter season. The Weather Channel now often terms this “heavy wet snow” which typically does tremendous damage to trees, power lines, etc.

As the ongoing geoengineering and ice nucleating programs intensify, so will the extreme weather fluctuations. It is important to remember that the climate is a very complex system. Variables will always occur depending on the factors involved, but the over all long term trend from the global geoengineering spraying programs is becoming ever more clear, and the picture is not pretty.

Dane Wigington


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