Engineering Earth, Do We Really Believe The Government Would Ask Our Permission?


Dane Wigington

Any that answer yes to the question on the title of this article should do a serious rechecking of their reality. Top US military leaders have repeatedly stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. In the 43 second video below, Obama's recent statements make the government's stance on our imploding climate system crystal clear.

What rationally thinking person would believe the US government/military industrial complex would ask for public permission before fully engaging in what they themselves admit is the greatest threat to national security? Though the ongoing climate engineering insanity is making an already catastrophic climate scenario far worse, geoengineering is an immensely powerful covert weapon that the power structure is not about to admit to or give up. There is one thing you can truly depend on from governments (especially the US government), that they lie and deceive to a degree which can scarcely be comprehended. How consistently did the US government lie to the Native Americans? They signed over 500 treaties, ALL of which were broken. US citizens, who believe what they are told by the criminal cabal (that is our government), are living in a delusion. The criminally insane individuals that actually run our government (which are above our "elected officials" who are little more than puppets) ultimately view American citizens in the same light as the Native Americans, we are an increasing liability to the power structure.  As the American population awakens to the tyranny of its "government", the ever increasing surveillance of the US population is  yet more proof that our government ultimately views American citizens in the same light as any other adversary. Every one of us is being systematically poisoned by the constant highly toxic aerosol spraying of our skies.

The US military has been completely engaged in climate engineering for many decades, historical documents prove this fact. Their climate intervention/modification programs have radically added to the overall damage to the climate system. How bad is it now? Military installations in low lying coastal regions like Virginia are already flooding just from high tides due to rapid sea level rise. 2014 was the hottest year on record, 2015 is headed to shatter that record. Ocean temperatures are climbing so fast that charts constantly need to be remade. The heating is unprecedented in at least the last 3 million years and mass ocean die-off is occurring. Thousands of people are literally dropping dead from the heat in India while Alaska and SIberia are also undergoing rapid meltdown. California snow pack is at ZERO percent of normal

But what about the "global warming pause" that some have claimed is happening? Special interests have propagated the absolute lie of a slowdown in the rate of warming on our planet and now that lie has just been completely exposed.

Many believe it's getting colder in Antarctica overall, is that really the case? Well, NO. In 2015 Antarctica recorded record shattering heat. Ice sheets in Antarctica are now facing imminent collapse due to continued temperature acceleration. Though there is some sea surface ice expansion in Antarctica, this is largely due to the voluminous amounts of fresh water running off the melting land ice. Fresh water freezes at a much higher temperature than sea water.

The military industrial complex does whatever they want because they can, because they are beyond any and all accountability or oversight. They have long since stated their desire to "own the weather". If you think they would ask your permission before intervening in the climate, you are not living in reality. Make your voice heard, get educated, get involved in the fight to expose and stop the climate engineering insanity. Our collective futures depend on the outcome of this battle.

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  1. Feeling sick enough yet??? If this lying pukesack fails to make you retch, you must not be alive… So watch it again. Which lie will it be this week, Barry?

    Feeling sick enough yet? Read this. >

    What is FREEDOMTAKER ?

    "That term comes from the idea that freedom is never given, but inherent and resident in the individual if the individual is willing to protect his/her rights, powers and freedoms against constant attacks, denials and temptations.

    The idea that freedom can be granted or that it is a "benefit of citizenship" is based on defective logic. Anything that must be granted to you cannot be your freedom because someone apart from you is controlling the granting of it."

    Please read ALL the data and ideas Jerry Day has provided. Freedom Taking is for those who are sick of being treated like lab rats…

  2. Katherine Gale says:

    Whenever someone mentions cycles, I agree with them and state “yes, we are in a cycle. In the midst of the sixth extinction event”. Unfortunately, this one has been caused by human activity but will have the same end result as others set in motion by periods such as vulcanization in which the C02 levels exceeded 350 ppm. Methane hydrate deposits melted and a runaway green house event took place. All clearly evident in the geological records.

    I have a better understanding of what is going on because of geology. I would suggest you give them a copy of the sixth extinction event and refer them to a lecture on youtube by oceanographer Peter Ward which is “A future without ice caps”. In this lecture he mentions 10 mini-extinction events similar to what we are experiencing now. The geological evidence is explained (layers of sediment). Lake bed and ocean bed core samples provide clear cut evidence of previous extinction events. Ice core and ocean bed cores clearly indicate C02 levels at 400 ppm have created a chain reaction that releases Methane Hydrate from the ocean bed. Which leads to abrupt climate change and extinction events.

    The Sixth Extinction: an Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert.

    Over the last half-billion years, there have been Five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. This time around, the cataclysm is us. In prose that is at once frank, entertaining, and deeply informed, New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert tells us why and how human beings have altered life on the planet in a way no species has before. Interweaving research in half a dozen disciplines, descriptions of the fascinating species that have already been lost, and the history of extinction as a concept, Kolbert provides a moving and comprehensive account of the disappearances occurring before our very eyes. She shows that the sixth extinction is likely to be mankind’s most lasting legacy, compelling us to rethink the fundamental question of what it means to be human.

  3. JDG says:

    My first post here and you know what I find so encouraging? I see liberals and I see conservatives posting in harmony. Guys and gals, if ever there was a time and issue to unite on this is it. Forget about everything else, we won't make it much longer if we don't. Left and right unite, (should be a slogan) the time is now. We are post political in 2015. Like all of you I am sickened everyday when I look up at our skies that are being utterly savaged. I awoke to this travesty in 2013, and know that this is the biggest evil mankind has ever perpetrated on this planet. It is staggering beyond belief. Turn off the sports, reality TV, and political shows. It is time to get very wise and join the fight. Left and right unite. 

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      In 2013 I awoke to the genocide as well.  I commend you JDG, and all of the others who post on here, for seeing above the partisan tactics that the those in the power structure utilize to divide us.  At this point in time the aerosol program has become, as Dane rightly points out, the number one threat to life on this planet short of a nuclear exchange.  The criminal cabal has absolutely no incentive to reveal these ongoing covert operations to the public.  Politically speaking, mainstream disclosure of these programs should result in major discontent and upheavals.  How coincidental would it be (for tptb) given that such disclosure did occur this September – with all of the elite military units deployed with hardware and supply lines to contain a reactionary uprising of Southwestern citizens who are extremely agitated about being intentionally droughted/destroyed/exploited…  Prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of the Obama-FEMA-LAWMART-Deathcamp (new Gulag) because it just might happen soon!

    • Jenny says:

      2013 is the year I noticed too.  Maybe that is the year the program was most stepped-up.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jenny, heavy spraying has been going on for a very long time, big ramp ups in 98, 06, 08, etc. This being said, it is worse now than ever before.

  4. Ana says:

    What does he mean by "act now"? the only act  here seems him to be acting like he doesn´t know  anything about geoengeneering  but he doesn´t convince me to give him an "oscar"  for such bad performance…

    Nobody sees anything ,everybody seems to find natural all those white lines in the sky covering the sun (or trying to) and those haarp effects too. Seems like weather is perfectly normal cause everything now has the perfect excuse or the perfect explanation: Climate Change(the global warming term is not used so much anymore? to not cause confusion or to cause confusion?).Seems like Obama is very worried about the ones who deny the human impact in climate change? i´m sure the deniers of geoengeneering are much more useful  to the "national security"?!If he talks about human impact he should talk about geoengeneering too…but no word about it! It´s a taboo issue.No public server seems to be aloud to talk about it! nobody wants to talk about it! Many people seem to be afraid to talk about it!

    About the native Americans, in my opinion they were a people with lots of wisdom and good values cause i´ve read some statements of indian chiefs and they seemed to know everything that was going to happen . The treaties were not respected by USA government but the Indians knew very well the greed and destruction that the invaders of their land were going to bring to their territory .The sensation that i have is that Native americans were decimated cause they were not easy people to win to and to  enslave and to be sold as merchandise.Natives probably chose to fight for their land sacrificing their own lifes than to be conquered and forced to live under the invaders laws (the invaders were us the europeans).I´m sure many Native Americans can see what many not native  Americans can´t .Many Americans citizens  and many  European citizens are too blind to see! We were programed to believe in our our system and we are in tune with that system trough MSM everyday of our lifes  so we tend to "buy" a number of lies they sell to us every minute in our lifes …we are bombarded everyday with losts of false information and just a few people  question that information …unfortunatly!

  5. Tim says:

    It is getting worse. Top Scientists now say a 6 degree rise C by 2030 is guaranteed due to positive feedback loops. We have less than 15 years left as a species. Granted, some may be able to live in deep underground  bunkers.

  6. Marc says:

    Inertia. Is this not what we are fighting against? Not only amongst others but within ourselves? "The resistance of an object to any change in it's state of motion, including changes to it's speed and direction". I speak figuratively, of course. But it feels appropriate as it relates to the task of trying to awaken and inform. 

      I think the bottom-line actual reality is that the Masters of Deception have quite systematically and intentionally buried us neck-deep  in a clusterf***k of phony "wedge" issues and incessant partisan bullcrap all designed to confuse and/or dilute any and all real conviction about real issues. And concurrent with this we find verifiable evidence of drug dealing by our own government (for decades actually) for the express purpose of stoning down segments of American society. I also find it quite interesting how the so-called war on drugs is slowly but surely disintegrating, as TPTB realize the tax dollars are way cool and a stoned public potentially less adversarial to the implementation of questionable agendas. However, it must be remembered that that was not the case during the Vietnam war. A whole helluva lot of stoners marched against that war, including myself.

      But alas, now we find that geoengineering recipes have many of the necessary ingredients to systematically, and over time, dumb us down, or otherwise compromise our health in ways that take us out of the protest game, or radically limit what we are motivated to do. It all seems too much like a grand scheme devised by covert operatives whose only gig for their entire careeres was/is to invent a thousand ways to corral or control or even slow-kill their fellow human beings. And now, lo and behold, we dumb-asses are about to be told by our two-faced president that geoengineering MUST be deployed in the interests of our "national security". Have they really succeeded in dumbing and castrating us just enough to where this seems like the right and patriotic thing to do?  I swear to f***king God, if that's where Obama is headed with this kind of propaganda, I'm gonna lose it!!! 

      Have a nice weekend….

  7. bill says:

    Will the Rothchilds nuke (or something else) the Jade Helm exercise and then claim ISIL attacked our troops so that many troops can be put on the ground in Syria, where they then will claim Iran attacked our troops in Syria, so that a war on Iran can be launched?  The Rothchilds MUST be stopped; America MUST print a SOVEREIGN currency!

    The Rothchilds are printing money for themselves, because it all has to be paid back to them, and they are starting all the wars to protect this racket. Did the Rothschilds secretly conquer America?; Are they parlaying their rule of America to become a World Oligarchy? Yes, absolutely.

    People shouldn't say illuminati, elite, bankster, or Jews, they should just say the Rothschilds, because that is who is doing this, and their style is to create a private operation that is an adjunct of the government, that the government gives up its power to, for example, the privately owned Federal Reserve, and the TPP.

    Climate Engineering was likely handed off to the Rothschild's private Climate Engineering company, and the government doesn't even know what their plans are or what the are dumping. Just as the Obama Administration is doing the TPP in secret, with the truth hidden from the government and the people, it is also doing Climate Engineering in secret.

  8. Derkit says:

    Government = Overlords = Ya Right, just like they asked our permission to do anything else.

  9. PLT says:

    Here is what seems to be a relevant question, since global warming is being recognized as such a threat:  If those really were contrails coming out of jet engines, with H2O being known as such a potent greenhouse gas, shouldn't there be steps taken to Stop Contrails Now? (Thinking man's answer: Yes!)  A reasonable follow-up question, then, would be: Jets produced barely any trail back in the 70's, when (we all would agree, I think) technology was far less advanced – so why should we have these sky-obliterating trails today?  Obviously, we shouldn't.  Thus, either these are easily-eliminated threats to the planet's health, and we should stop seeing them – including the fine, misty ones which produce white horizons and sun halos but no trails per se – tomorrow.  Because the President himself has declared them an existential menace.

    If we see them tomorrow then, friends, they are not contrails.

  10. PLT says:

    He is definitely giving notice that climate change deniers are on the red list.  Which would mean the Koch brothers are a-goin' away – ???  Oh right, that list has an upper limit cut-off of income…

    Also that they are going to become more aggressive in their spraying, even though their own peer-reviewed science shows the deleterious effects of spraying, even with regard to global warming!

    In other words, madness marches onward.

  11. JR says:

    Hello Everyone; Here in Southwest, N.M. the big rain clouds coming from West of us were all demolished. You could see all different colors from residue left over from all the SAG spraying and its chemicals, what else? Two weeks ago I spoke with my Congressman's very opinionated young secretary from my district on SAG denying our government doing any manipulation of weather ever. I requested her facts and Congressman's and to date I've received zilch, 0. All the lies and constant denial is not good for us and the direction this country is headed in. It's not healthy for a people and their country to be manipulated in lie after lie. We see other countries and it's poor people and most believe it can not and will not happen to us in the good ole USA??? I pray Our Lord has Mercy on HIS….

    • Nancy Ferrell says:

      Hi To All,

      I too have been in touch with our "Elected" and they acted as if they never heard the term "Geoengineering" .  I have also started emailing all the Governors of the states. I live in Ar. and they spray all the time and then they say rain and storms ate coming??? This has got to stop!! This is nothing more than the take down of the US and the American people! I have family in the DC/VA area and she said "They don't do that here" so yes I do feel that they are Targeting certain areas? I also have run ads to try and Wake up people. Good Luck to all!! 



    • Jenny says:

      Nancy Ferrell, what you said about DC/VA area caught my eye.  I would like to know whether they actually spray or not over DC.  Anyone on here actually live around there and can comment?  Because your family might just not be aware of it.  I know mine denies it's happening here in MA, but it's actually happening 7 days a week with very, very few exceptions.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jenny,  yes, DC also gets sprayed regularly.

  12. Dane: Well done, my friend. Well done. You have my greatest respect.

    Paul Vonharnish

  13. Hello Stacey Del Bucchia: I hear you regarding the fungal and morgellon issues. When I walk in the forest the trees are loaded with lichen and dying at the soil line… It's all chemical poisoning.

    Your mold and morgellon issues will be helped considerably by injesting calcium bentonite clays. There are many suppliers. Here is some information. >

  14. Earth Angel says:

    The news just reported today- 3 FEET of HAIL in Colorado!?.. and showed a tractor scooping it up with a bucket- In JUNE, no less?? Unbelievable.. If people can't see that there is something REALLY WRONG with this weather then they are deaf, dumb and blind!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Can we all say- chemical ice nucleiation?

    • joy says:

      I live in Colorado and people say things like: "Oh, that's what we see here in 'Spring time in the Rockies'."  No wonder they keep spraying and are getting away with it. No one seems to see a problem.

  15. Sara Militello says:

    Thanks for this great article. If this doesn't wake people up, then nothing can. I guess this is why so many ancient civilizations have come and gone. Our dubious distinction is that this civilization has lasted a mere couple of thousand years. Ancient Egypt lasted 5,000 years before they destroyed themselves with technology their leaders barely understood.

  16. Deb says:

    After days of rain and misty days, it cleared and I saw the bluest sky I have seen in longer than I can remember. But not for long. Spraying started again I NC. I also saw 2 very low black planes heading towards Ft. Bragg. They were different from the ones I am used to seeing living 40 minutes from the base. I wondered if they were UN planes I’ve been reading about. What’s going on in our skies and on our soul is very unsettling to say the least.

  17. Does anyone know where Bernie Sanders stands on Geoengineering?  I'm very pleased with so much of what he's saying.. I hope that he's with us on this. 

    I think that we're all realistic enough to understand that he may not be able to take a stand publically until after the election.. but he doesn't seem to mind taking the unpopular view,  Maybe…?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bonnie Fulford-Stewart I hate to burst your bubble about Bernie Sanders but wasn't he one of the Clinton water boys caught sneaking some kind of important evidential documents out from somewhere hidden in his underwear? I can't remember all the particulars about it but do remember hearing something about that. I know Mike Savage talked about it quite a bit awhile ago. I don't think Sanders can be trusted at all. He's just another member of the elitist back slapping club. See if you can research more about it and look under the surface. These people are mostly all establishment white collar criminals- and none of them can be trusted- republican OR democrat. (EDITOR: See Comment immediately below for a correction from Earth Angel)

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bonnie Fulford- Stewart, The Clinton water boy I referred to may have been Larry Summers, not Bernie Sanders so I want to make that correction. I still stand by my comment that most all these politicians are all in the same club behind closed doors and can't be trusted to do anything for the benefit of the general public.

  18. John Griggs says:

    Hi Dane,

    I am picking up a strange anomally on NOAA

    If it is no longer there I have posted two GIFs on my website  

    Appearing as a light or object just west of the hurricane moving up and west away from the hurricane while simultaneously Mexico is covered in either clouds or plumes maybe, i dont know enough to tell. 

    What do you think?


  19. Jonathan Létourneau says:

    Hi Dane, I’m not sure if I really understood the Obama video, is he admitting that geoengineering is wrong and must be dealt with, or does he mean that it HAS to continue? Thanks for clearing that up. By the way, I urge people to get the app SKYDERALERT and do what I do, that is send pictures everyday of my sky to the app and it petitions it automatically to the right people. And if you are mad enough do as i did and give them a call, since the numbers are provided in the app. It’s the least I can do other than awaken the masses. Again, thanks Dane for everything, you keep giving me hope and you’re the one mostly responsible for not losing my mind, because I have faith that it will all stop, at least I hope so. Also, I’ve seen that they developed clear and invisible mixtures for the upcoming climate engineering, is it possible? If so, people are going to think it stopped when in fact it still is going on. People must stay alert and continue fighting. Here in Québec, all pine like trees and cedars are orange and dying, it’s really crazy, all those people owning those trees, I’d like to know what they think is the cause. I’d be curious to know if they are aware. Keep it up Dane! United we stand, together we will conquer!

    • Milla says:

      They're going to be clamoring for it to fight climate "change" aka destruction. So, he is going to demand it continue. I have heard there are plans to legalize it at the UN in December. The power structure is trying to legalize it without admitting it exists.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Milla, many people are making many claims about upcoming meetings, there is no data to back up such claims. The bottom line is this, we must all focus on the continued fight to expose and halt climate engineering.

  20. Vickey says:

    I have association with Geologist and his wife who ignore me when I talked to them about climate engineering.  I have pointed out the blatant spraying above their heads over their ranch in Idaho and kept on them to look at how the spray spreads and "grows."  Because of their fixed belief in geology, they firmly believe earth is just going through another cycle.  Even with physical proof staring them in the eye, they choose blindness.  The majority of the human race are pathetic, unevolved laggard souls, who do not deserve the home which sustains them.

    • PLT says:

      Nowadays I think that the ones who have "evolved" (but not advanced) are the psychopaths and the brain-dead.  We who are closer to our evolutionary roots are the only ones to have retained a sense of morality and value for life.  Welcome to the Brave New Nightmarish World, or as Pink Floyd put it, welcome to the machine.  Where the new peon, in keeping with Diana's suggestion, has "a mind that's weak and a back that's strong."

      Time to create a new reality!

    • Milla says:

      The minions of the power structure include this class of people who are your friends. The professional classes have the most to lose, particularly if they are dependent on some institution in the structure. Their material assets and most of all their status and ego depend on it. Therefore, they seem much harder to get to wake up than people who really don't know anything particular, ie, the average Jane/Joe. I suspect the delusion is driven by the need for security more than anything.

  21. Diana Moss says:

    I am sure that others have had the same response that I have had, recently when trying to get a message to my congress person,  the response to my last email (the switchboard was 'temporarily shutdown due to overload) was: a thank you note with the message that as the"144th Congress moves forward (forward?) I should keep my issues in mind." 

    Blankity Bllank, I do keep THE ISSUES in my mind, why can't someone at  least acknowledge those issues instead of just ignoring them with a polite thank you message???

    This is so utterly disgusting, so frustrating, so unnerving, so (fill in the blanks)

    I am sure that the entire Congress knows that we (the people) know that they have all "sold their soul to the company store," and we are to blame because we (the people) voted for them.  This is supposed to be a Democracy, or at least that is what we are led to believe.  We have been led down the proverbially ''garden path' only to find it lined with dead and/or dying things just floating away, blowing away, melting away or burning up.  Nice job Congress.  Perhaps you could do us one more favor, Look Up and say to yourself, "This is my world, too, that I am destroying."

  22. John says:

    Great article, thanks Dane

  23. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    I agree…i am awake!! I have been infected by chem trails..started with toxic mold and could be the beginning of morgellans. I have been studying…researching…trying different remedies…changed my diet…i am disgusted with these psychopaths!! I am using apple cider vinegar faithfully and wear a mask outside…i get sick all the time for 6 yrs…i am exhausted! I am disaapointed in the people i talk too they think i am crazy…dont believe me…i understand chem trails affects us all….will they wake up when it is too late? I feel like i am in this fight alone no one wants to hear that i am sick…i cant help it…no love no concern….i am a believer in God he is with me all the time i pray the church people will have compassion…i reach out and help others i love to give to the people and animals who need brings me joy! I live alone with my cat and am thankful to god for everything but would be nice to have someone in my corner…i am on a limited budget and try so hard…this is over my head to think the government is destroying us…yet others keep saying the government cant do all this?? I am puzzled…,do they not want to see the truth…many dont look up they seem to have no clue and dont want to know….i pray and trust god he will get us through this nightmare…truth and love will win!! Evil will not prevail…lets stand together and fight this….the great american spirit thrives in our liberty and freedom now is the time to stand before it is too late! I pray the people wake up….i am tired of being a lone wolf!! God bless and peace….pray for a better world! Pray for the truth to be revealed…

    • Jaana says:

      Stacy,  I know how you feel. I'm feeling very alone with this also. I'm pretty sure some of my physical symptoms are from the spraying. I'm so angry and disgusted as you are!!  I'm worried sick for my children and grand babies! I can't believe that there is such evil going on! I also pray that God be with us! I'll keep you in my prayers and also that more people will awaken to this!  It seems like a science fiction horror movie happening right before our eyes! I don't understand how when it's pointed out to people, most do not get it or look at me like I'm losing my mind. It is a very lonely feeling for sure! 

      Thank you Dane for all your hard work!!! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Stacey Del Buccia, I know it often doesn't feel like it, but you are not a lone wolf. Many more are joining our ranks every day and I too pray that those responsible for the terrible crimes against us all and the innocent life on earth will get their comeuppance soon. Blessings to you for your caring and I pray your health improves. So many are suffering with health issues now. If there was true justice the injuries being wrested on others would be suffered by the P.E.R.P.'s.( Persons Engaged in Ruining the Planet) We can only hope so!  PS- I cannot take credit for the great acronym, I learned it from another great activist posting on this site.  🙂

    • lydia says:

      I m sick all the time also.  I am sleeping at least 12 hours a day.  Chronic sinusitis/swelling eyes and pessure in my ears. There are days when it The HAARP/ELF's get so bad, the only thing I can do is just go to bed.  You can see the electronic frequencies vibrating standing waters.  I live near 3 military bases to the west, so there is never a chemtrail/chemcloud free day anymore.  We are lucky to get a couple of hours in the morning, if that.  The rain is so toxic here, that it is stripping the paint off houses and other painted surfaces.  2 years ago, our vinyl siding started to blister and peel  The contractors we got estimates from, all said, they had never seen vinyl siding breakdown like that.  Windows and plants covered in a milky residue.  Black mildew covering rooftops and sidewalks.  I used to love planting petunias/etc every Memorial Day weekend, but for the after last year, seeing them just rot away again, I have given up.  And this year, regardless of how much organic soil and enhancements I put in my vegetable garden, none of my seeds have come up (record low temperatures and constant sunless days in NJ has not helped).  Local growers having little luck even in greenhouses.  The plants are all spindly and yellow.  Strawberries rot before they ripen at the local farms.  I cannot believe our military is so mind controllled, they have no conscious, just programmed to destroy everything on command.  A living nightmare, like that old black and white movie, the body snatchers

      I believe this is all about the truth be revealed….this is all an attempt to stop disclosure/revelations.  "they" would rather destroy Earth, than be unmasked

  24. Cori Gunnells says:

    Thanks for taking the time to piece this article together with so many links Dane. At this point, my mood… I'm sick and tired of people who are not willing to even 'click', read and take note of the consistent and worsening pattern of meltdown. Don't shoot the messenger, and don't be so stubborn to hold to "beliefs" that aren't founded. We are in meltdown. Nothing climate-wise is normal. The anomalous extreme weather systems are literally taking out our survival. I know that N. California is looking at 105-100F temps in the next few days. Arizona is currently getting rain, and is 'scheduled' for storms with 60MPH winds and large hail. I dream of the day when people/activists will acknowledge what is truly happening, and see that we are nearing the brink. No time left for stubborn "beliefs", when evidence is on the ground crashing all around us. I'm a calm person, but at this point I'm without patience or tolerance for those who aren't helping. I know many who feel the same way. 

    • Melanie says:

      Cori, please be assured that there are a growing number of us out there who are recently awake and we are doing our best to spread awareness. You are not alone in this, as Dane has mentioned we are reaching critical mass. There are powerful forces of good working on the sidelines. Keep the faith and keep up your good work. 

  25. Steve Parsons says:

    We will not accept these PSYCHOPATHIC….ELITES …NEVER ! !

    • Dr doom says:

           We are all in big trouble as the lunitic elites are as of now considering arresting and imprisioning all who do not believe in the climate change in the narrow minded fashion that they believe. And any who are against geoengineering and SRM aerosol attacks on our skies are against the government . We may be considered terrorists! They are planning to initiate the jade helm in July and possibly create a false Isis enemy attack and then sign in martial law to freely target all undesirables for FEMA camp reprogramming/ brainwashing or destruction including lovers of freedom the constitution and the bill of rights .I also believe all web sites that contain any freedom of speech as well as all of the people that freely speak with email posts about what we truly feel and believe in is coming to an end fast . 

           As many have found out it is impossible to get thru to any of our elected officials to even get them  aknowledge the facts we try to present to them. The news is also hopeless and totally censored .

           It's pretty much hopeless as this is simply too big to stop and with the military running the program it is impossible to change the agenda .Huge funds are no doubt being exchanged in aluminum based aerosol cocktails and those elite that are in control will never stop the cash cow.   The military is covertly using the program to cover up the fact that the army and now the navy are responsible thru two decades of unchecked use of HAARP that has torn and shreaded the ozone and disrupted the earths magnetic fields that protect the planet earth from the relentless solar radiation bombardment that is now 200% higher than ever recorded. We are being fried by the life giving sun that is now the Death Star to the planet. If the experiments could be halted and the bandaid fix chemtrails were stopped then the earth would heal and the weather would get back to normal but that is never going to happen. 

          My thanks to Dane's courageous fight as well to all that have tried to effect awareness to their friends and families of the on going assault to the sky the trees and every living thing on this planet .

      If jade helm is successful this summer and instigates martial law then we are all Finished and we the average but aware citizens  will be treated as the enemy by our own troops and local police special forces . No more posting our feelings , no more information websites like this one ,and  no more freedom as the New World Order is ushered in. I hope and pray that I'm wrong and that we never see this take place but ithe future is not looking too good and from what I have recently learned the documents exist that are proof that laying the ground work for the collapse of America as we have known it is set to happen soon.

           So hang on the ride may be rough!

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