A Message To The “Order Followers” And The Geoengineers, Stop Facilitating Tyranny


How can so few at the top exercise so much power and injustice over so many? The blind obedience of the "order followers", this is the mechanism by which total tyranny has taken control. The brief moving statement below and the powerful short videos following it, are from a father and devoted activist. His message is extremely important and completely on target. My most sincere gratitude to Sezer Behlul for his very valuable contribution to the fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington

To The "Order Followers"  

By Sezer Behlul

What would you do if your sanctuary was being systematically decimated? How would you feel if your children were robbed of their  childhood and their opportunity for a future?

It may seem that all hope is lost when one observes the state of our world. However, that being said, no large scale tyranny would manifest if there were no people to carry out tasks that are ordered by a corrupted system structured by a few for their personal agendas. All that it would take for this fragile establishment to collapse, would be the decision of order followers to exercise their moral obligation.This, however, requires dedication on our behalf to break the programming that has been cast upon us. We must take action in ways where compassion and courage are stimulated amongst fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.

I am a father, a husband, and a human being, just like anyone else. I didn't want to carry the load of the world on my shoulders, but I have a moral obligation and I will exercise it for the sake of all the living that are now in jeopardy. We must abandon adherence to such notions like nihilism or defeatism that a lot of us have been indoctrinated into believing. We must not underestimate our potential to do good. We must give all that we've got to raise the alarm on this critical issue of climate engineering.

I hope these clips serve their purpose as a vehicle to help carry the vital message of human unity across the world to all "order followers" participating in the violation of justice.

Sezer B.

The 15 minute message below from Sezer is powerful, moving, and compelling. the kind of message that can and should be used as a tool to wake others.

This next exceptional 3 minute video by Sezer Behlul further expands on the global geoengineering assault against planet Earth. 

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  1. download says:

    That is a really good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  2. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    I agree with Marc that Leslie, Dancing Spirit, summed it up beautifully.  And the truth coming out in these pages gives me so much hope, despite horrific moments of sadness, anger, depression about what is happening to our world…sometimes the feeling of futility at how to combat all this is overwhelming.  But if we can continue to hold the truth in our minds and not whitewash or ignore what is really happening, I think that is a great contribution to the world mindset.  Telepathy is a real thing and it is increasing.  If we can combine whatever positive actions we can take to alert people and try to stop this, along with holding strongly to the truth as we know it, perhaps we have a chance…(I liked the idea of somehow linking youtube videos with a reference to this website).  

    I also agree with Sean that we must never stop caring and stay strong, that the time is near for a big change…I can feel it coming.  And I am sorry to bring up Ramtha's predictions again, but almost everything he told me personally…came true in the end.  He said "just when you think it is all over for Mother Earth, you will be surprised and delighted to suddenly find yourself in the blossoming new world, with Mother Earth once again like a young girl…and your lives wonderful beyond imagining."  Amma, the hugging saint, in replying to worries about our world, also said to not fear, that this is all maya (illusion) and waved her arm to show a vision of the world we will soon be in….a vision so beautiful that it has remained indelibly in my mind.

    We must not give up at this 11th hour….and I join with Theresa in mourning the loss of the wonderful California cropland….the food produced there was so healthy and delicious (the substitute food now is a mockery indeed)…and I miss that bounty that California gave so beautifully. (And yes, I agree with some who said CA is especially targeted, because perhaps we are too outspoken and want to forge ahead….they had to punish and restrain us…have felt this for some time.)

    Here in La Jolla, we are getting some days of light, steady rain….it is a miracle after all the dryness and the crumbling cliffs.  Is something starting to change?  Quite puzzling, so welcome, and gives one a tiny bit of hope.

    The videos are awesome Dane…thank you so much.  It fires up the spirit to renew.  And all the information coming in on these pages gives hope & encouragement…thanks to everyone for not giving up and for sharing so generously….the courage shown in the face of real evil taking place is astounding and moving.  It brings tears.  I thank you from the depths of my heart.  Please never give up.

  3. Thanks again Dane for posting these videos.

    I have reposted them in a couple of recent articles on my blog:

    Géoingénierie et une planète à l’agonie!

    Mental blocks on the path to awareness: the “Four Horsemen of Mass Amnesia”

  4. C.J. says:

    I have to say this. In order to follow all of this. You only have to go back to the 9/11 days of the Twin Towers and research the Deviant Hoax that was put upon everyone. It's just like horse racing where people put down bets. If you research it is the same deal. People that benefit from this are players in Wall Street. The Bush family. And Lordy Lordy the list is way too long to mention here. We are being ambushed by a bunch of Greedy Tyrants. They are right in your own very neighbourhood . You can pick them out very easily. Most of them drive very expensive vehicles. They know how to bet on the Internet. Like all of the floods and devastation. Energy. There are so many things that these people invest their money into and they do not give a care about what happens to anyone else from the outcome. This Geoengineering of the planet is nothing short of Global Disaster and people are making huge buck on it. I plead to anyone out there that understands this then make Your Voice Be Heard. Don't be afraid because that is exactly what they want. They want you to be afraid so these 1% of the population can control us. Don't let them get away with it. Let your voice be heard. Whether it be posting here or informing your friends of the ongoing assault and problems that we all are facing because of this Autraucity. 

    • Doug says:

      You must understand that many of these people have been mind controlled and brain washed and do not have the slightest idea of what they are really doing.  Please give them a chance to come to the light. I am not talking about the controllers, I am talking about their brainwashed minions that blindly follows their orders.  They have been deceived just like the rest of us.  
      In Love and Light

  5. Teri says:

    Where do the feds get the power to draft? they don't. this is a wonderful article in relation to how the military has been warped and twisted. 
    they claim the right to force someone to kill or be killed but it is a lie just as it is a lie to tell a man he must follow orders without question. no matter how evil. that too is a lie. there are choices. mass murder of millions by spraying them isn't one of those. it doesn't have to be that way. a free man can say NO. 

    • bija says:

      The 2015 movie, EXPERIMENTER, is a very telling depiction of the psychology of order following. Quite alarming how basically good people will so easily ignore their own moral values! 

  6. Augie Snyder says:

    They've been spraying a lot in my area lately. Last Friday I was taking my cat to the vet about 5P and there were four planes all spraying at the same time, all going in the same direction.

  7. 2 Intense videos indeed, thank you Dane for posting them, and thank Sezer for creating them.
    Many of the comments are articulating the profound sense of imminent tipping-point crisis which we are feeling in our spirits. We must keep the Spirit of life burning brightly inside to cleanse our mental, emotional and physical afflictions, and to power our committment to doing our utmost to wake up all who we know.

  8. Dennie says:

    Questions for Mr. Caldeira at the USCS meeting next weekend:

    Mr. Caldeira, you are on record having asked for more public discussion regarding the proposal to spray our planet with "dust" in order to effect a "temporary" cool-down. 




    4. Regarding no. 3 above, WHEN AND HOW?

    5. WHO IS DOING THE EIRs FOR THE PROPOSED SPRAYING OF the "DUST?"  WHERE ARE THEY ALL– ??? YOU need to show them to us, for God's sake.

    Mr. Caldeira, although we do not have Ph.Ds, anyone with eyes to see can see clearly that the spray pogroms (programs), clearly visible with the naked eye, have been ongoing for quite some time.  The U.S. Patents show this and honest water, soil, serum and other tests match what's in the patents.  Now TELL US TRUTHFULLY!:

    6. How many programs are ongoing,

    7. WHO is behind each one, and


    You said you wanted a public discussion– well, you have GOT one, and it's JUST GETTING STARTED–  WE ARE NOT DONE!!!

  9. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray  Alert  ….. 2-19 -2016 @ 11:00 hrs
    Last nights Storm had lots of Big Wind Damage.
    When will this Madness End?

  10. DrDignity says:

    Note to everybody: On Truthdig, my post about Dane's web site adddess as a reference to a blogger who was mentioning geoengineering was completely removed as if it never existed.  What gives with Truthdig?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello DrDignity, unfortunately, “Truthdig” (like so many other “independent” news sites), is only willing to go so far with telling the truth. Courage is in short supply, cowardice still rules the day in all too many scenarios.

    • Julie says:

      I am surprised to know that not all alternative media sites cover this subject. Has anyone got a list of the sites that never cover Geo-Engineering? Maybe we should all start emailing them and asking them why they don't cover this subject. I think I will start by emailing "Truthdig" now. 

  11. Mystery black rain hits Michigan town: Tar-like substance falls from the sky and leaves residents bewildered as it covers cars, porches and driveways
    The black, oily substance first appeared on at least six driveways in Harrison Township, Michigan, on Sunday. The mystery substance was seen on resident's roofs, cars and porches. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials collected samples of the substance on Wednesday. Residents originally believed that the substance could have come from the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base. The airbase released a statement saying it was not coming from their area. It could be at least a week before the city discovers what the substance is
    By Kelly Mclaughlin For Dailymail.com  /17 February 2016

  12. penny says:

    Michigan appears to be the Central Research Base for Experiments in Genocide Techniques.  Along with all its other problems it now faces black, oily material falling from the sky.  http://www.sott.net/article/312448-Strange-oily-substance-coats-homes-in-Michigan-neighborhood

    On the bright side, I mentioned the recent, unprecedented Hong Kong snowstorm to a friend who is from that island, and he shook his head knowingly and said, "It's because the government…"  We didn't have time to get into a conversation about it, but it's clear he knows all about weather warfare, and assumes everyone does.  So apparently the Eastern peoples have been much quicker to wake up than the Westerners.

  13. Chemtrail Disclosure? Military Chaff Reported on Radar by Local News  /Apr 14, 2012
    Friday, April 13, 2012 San Diego, CA — FOX5 & NBC7 News cover "Mysterious Booms" heard around the county and report a possible connection to "Military Chaff" sprayed from planes and picked up on radar. Local officials ruled out earthquakes and thunder as the cause of the boom sounds. Marine and Navy officials say business and training are as usual, "Nothing is out of the ordinary". However, radar at the time of the mystery boom showed line patterns consistent with chemtrail aerosol geoengineering. On a Friday the 13th filled with extreme weather and unexplained sounds & shaking, three local meteorologists disclose how chaff particles sprayed by military planes appear on radar.
    Fox5 News – San Diego Hears And Feels A Mysterious Boom
    Another possible coincidence was discovered by folks at the National Weather Service. "Sometimes, occasionally, the military will put some substances into the atmosphere that are detected by our radar, our weather surveillance radar. It's a substance that's called chaff."
    The chaffs do look similar to the oncoming storm system but they're actually an indication of an aircraft. We replayed the radar images from 8:40am. It turns out several of those "chaffs" or planes where near the San Diego and Baja areas. Depending on how low and how fast, the planes could have created that sonic boom.
    video here

  14. bill mudd says:

    I believe it was the UN's approved AGENDA 21 that opened the gates on geo engineering back in 1997. The passage of this allowed many different covert actions to take place under the sustainability act. So any country in the UN is automatically part of this. And with thousands of air bases worldwide, the US can be the leader in chemical air crimes.


    I believe that the "stack and pack" apartment hi rises abundantly going up in California is also a result of the same agenda. It squeezes people into small spaces where there lives are going to be very controlled. 

    Control Control –  

  15. Leslie ...dancingspirit says:

    "It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society"…..Krishnamurti………………..Perpetual war, daily massive chemical assaults in the skies, a country that can spend trillions on defense, yet cannot afford to provide clean water for citizens, a huge homeless population who live in boxes on the streets, a country that permits fracking, which is also destroying the earth, a secret society/cabal who controls the central bank/money, a gagged and censored corporate media, and a numbed out populace who barely notices or cares. Is this an Orwellian dystopic novel?                                 "There is no God higher than truth"…..Ghandi







    • Marc says:

      Leslie….dancingspirit, beautiful summary of our total predicament. Perfect.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      You know, no matter how many times I've read 1984 there is always one thing that rings true every time.."WAR IS PEACE..FREEDOM IS SLAVERY..IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH".. Whatever really happened to Eric Arthur Blair?  Gee..massive layoffs, minimum wage, no benefits, no hope, condemned to penurious future..No matter what the calendar says, it's really 1984..

  16. Ana says:

    Why all this cover up and lies about the real collapsing state of the world by  MSM ,governments,scientists/geoengineers ,weathermen, military etc. ? I think it´s because the lie needs to be perpetuated cause in the minute we will all find out this system  can no longer provide us  the food and shelter that we are used to and that Nature can no longer provide for all of us ,in that minute will be the end of their power over us and their financial empires  will be worthless…As long as this system will continue and a majoraty of people still believe that they still own their money on the bank or their properties or salary/pension etc .people will not care about what really matters: the sake of our planet. I live in a fight with people cause all their actions are based above all on money .Even when people know they are doing wrong people continue doing wrong as long as they are paid for it. There are very few people able to stop being followers or that want to make the difference to change things before it´s too late…maybe it´s too late already for many of us but we should never give up trying for our children …and we don´t eat gold or silver like the economists say for us to buy or to invest.i like to hear "x22 report spotlight" on you tube but sincerely i think they can´t see   the  whole "picture ".Many "roads"or "projects"  go to geoengineering world weapon of mass control ,everything happening or being hidden from us (the people)seems to be highly connected with these programs,perhaps that´s why we have these massive global  geoengineering programs  in secrecy or denied even when they are so visible .No fake weather or fake snow or fake temperatures and lab tests showing chemicals seem to wake up people .People don´t even bother to get informed.And the Arctic melting sea ice  is far from people´s sight !(it´s not the football game or the shopping center  so they can´t see it):i´m still with you Dane!You and this wonderful people supporting you is the best in the world for me! thank you Dane ! thank you all!

  17. Christine says:

    A very naive question about Federal Reserve, on what grounds did they 'receive' the right to print money, which always needs coverage by goods for the purpose of exchange using that money.. Just knowing how one gets screwed by Bank, who writes a check for which one 'buys' a house, which then needs to be repaid sometimes .>x2  of the original price back to the bank.. And that in a situation where the bank doesn't even have the 10-15% of that initial coverage, meaning for the ~ 10% of 'real' money, the bank receives our work of many years (if not entire life), almost for free.. This entire scenario smells extremely criminal. If the law regulating these actions is so weak or maybe even non-existing, like in case of GMO's, the prosecution shouldn't be hard, one would wish to think..

    • Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

      Hey Christine. Great questions(s)! It helps to look at the big picture and understand  how 'control' over populations has been organized. It's no surprise that all the subtleties about money / interest were not taught at school and many really don't 'get' how it all proceeds as they are 'part' of it and though that ignorant participation, keep the machine spinning.
      Now, with computers and mass media 'feeds' and soon to be cash less transactions, the ability to maintain control and profit simultaneously has never been more sinister. With global debt now at ~ $245 trillion and 'compounding' (as you observe) at a rate faster than can be paid back, it creates a scenario where individuals, governments and nations become subservient to their creditors, and thus the ability to be controlled which is the original objective, and not a random 'result'.
      Have a look though this site (below) and keep in mind that the current 'system' has been in play for a very long time and in the context of this site and drawing attention to the great work that Dane and his apostles are trying to do to save this planet, this 'banking' system is an integral component of the SRM and climate modification programs.
      Banking's 'Achilles heel' is 'growth'. If 'growth' (consumption, borrowing, expansion of economies i.e. 'everything) stops and reverses, the system will explode. It will eventually; all previous advanced human civilizations have, but the latest one (ours) is the the only civilization that is proving quite comfortable in sacrificing our biosphere (future) to keep 'growth' humming along. Consciously choosing to not  to contribute  to 'growth' will help bring  the banking machine's demise. At that point of 'breakdown', we'll have the opportunity to make the 'breakthrough' that is so needed. Last, to help keep the faith, the very industries that require the current weather modification in order to 'continue' their growth, are being savaged by the banking system's very own rule book- the 'share' market or scoreboard of 'value'.
      Coal, Oil, Gas ( all fossil fuels) which have grown to become economic and therefore power 'behemoths' with the support from the banking system are likely to be the first casualties in this battle to protect the planet. They are now fighting for their very existence and not surprisingly, lashing out wildly as they never expected to be 'hit'. They arrogantly believed they had complete impunity inside the corporate suites and monied vaults; protected by law firms and legislation, and toadies and surrounded by an impenetrable moat of money created by the banking system.
      Helping defeat those industries who require the spraying to  continue is very important and thankfully, as they are so inter-connected, when one expires they all will expire. Never lose sight of the objective and remember, "The winds of tribulation, which blow out some men's candles of commitment, only fan the flames of faith in others."-Neil Maxwell

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      "The Creature From Jeckyl Island: A Second Look At the Federal Reserve" by G. Edward Griffin will answer any questions you may have. My short answer is private bankers give kickbacks to politicians just as oil field contractors give kickbacks to those seated in high back chairs in high offices. This world is corrupt and we are the vassals performing the labor for it to keep turning the gears of economy.  

      A very interesting bit of information came to me last year.  We create money every time we ask for a loan.  If I walked into a bank today and asked for a million dollars, I would be denied of course, but the mere action of applying (begging – Black's Law 3rd edition) shows a demand was made and presto, the money will be created.  We can all pay back the interest to the IMF.  

      We are incompetent (not able to represent oneself) slaves that blindly submit (submission) applications for registration (Regis- to rule over), or submit applications for permits (permission).

      At some point we have to teach our children (none for myself) that the entire system is corrupt due to bankers, lawyers, and politicians.  The children of today will become the creators of the future world.  Let us try our damn best to leave them something to work with. Thanks Dane.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I have a few suggestions, which may help all of you in convincing people, who think the artificial sky condition is only water vapor interacting with sub freezing temperatures, creating Condensation Trails (Contrails). I live in Northeast Florida, our climate is warmer than most everyone's living North of here. My point is, when the ambient air temperature is in the 50's, you can see the water vapor from your breath, of course this is variable with relative humidity & wind speed/direction. Also at these temperatures and colder, CO2 from vehicles exhaust can be visible, for a short time, then it dissipates. The CO2 does not persist and expand in coverage, completely obscuring visibility, like a fog with white out conditions. My point is our breaths, CO2 & Aircraft Condensation Trails, all dissipate within a few seconds to a minute time frame. Now look at Stratospheric Aerosol Injection/SAG/SRM, when it is discharged it does not behave like the above three I mentioned. The particulates linger, persist, expand in size & coverage eventually and at times completely cover (overcast) the entire Celestial Dome (sky). Also you can tell them jets do not fly in crisscross grid patterns, and at times the jets are spraying the aerosols in the Southern half of the sky dimming the Sun, as the Sun is not directly overhead this time of year. Third I notice SAG/SRM begins in the morning between 5-6AM, before Sunrise which is currently at 7:01AM. The particulates have over an hour to be dispersed creating a blanket as the Sun rises. On certain days SAG/SRM is taking place non stop for 24 hours. I also compare NWS/NOAA hourly weather observations. If any of you would like to know how to decode/interpret weather observations & cloud layers, let me know, I will post how to do so!

  18. Marc says:

    I am going down to a remote farm in the Missouri Ozarks this weekend to reboot myself because the toll that hopelessness has taken upon me has reached a critical stage. Ongoing recognition of the full scope of geoengineering and the impossible task of turning the tables on the motherf**kers behind it all has buried me underneath a shroud of gloom so dense that I just have to get the f**k out of this city and out to where I can figure out what to do next. I am struggling with certain health issues I KNOW to be associated with immense exposure to airborne particulates accumulating in my system, not to mention the inescapable air pollution surrounding and permeating my every move here in the big city. Horsegirl, if I can, when I'm out in Arizona in April, I will take you up on your invitation to visit your beautiful little corner of southern Arizona. I'm beginning to feel, I mean like REALLY beginning to feel like our paradigm is absolutely right on the precipice of a profound descent into madness. So many who come here are feeling this, too. The current state of affairs simply cannot go on much longer. Pandora's box was opened long ago when mankind got it in his head that to control the weather and to split the atom would be so cool. What a wonderful future awaits those who can command the unthinkable, or so they all thought, back in those spiritually naive and simple-minded times. Now we find that Science, and the high priest-class who tirelessly wring out every last drop of it's secrets, has exponentially enlarged the reach of the psychopath's will. And is handsomely compensated in the bargain. Scientists will apparently continue their work, no matter how evil, as long as funds flow freely through their bank accounts. Order followers?? Hello? I dare say. But even these erudite geeks with all of their intricate knowledge of the "natural world", and all of their incomprehensible mathematics and infinite databases are missing one single paramount fact: their creations are rendering their planet uninhabitable and heaping more and more "science" on top of the science already guilty of this crime of omnicide won't undo the omnicide. Oh, but they are just following the money and the dictates of the M.I.C. (military/industrial complex) Is it all just too big now? Is the whole insane mess just so big that no one individual feels responsible for a role in it's creation? And so therefore feels comfortably relieved of guilt? So then we have the thousands of power brokers and madmen paying the scientists and militaries to essentially figure out ever more magnificent ways to subjugate the world and all that lives in it, ALL OF THEM PERFECTLY CLEANSED OF GUILT EITHER THROUGH THEIR PERCEIVED RIGHTEOUSNESS OR THEIR ANONYMITY IN THE VAST SEA OF HUMANITY. 

    • I do hope your weekend away makes you feel better and lifts your spirits, it is hard to stay positive in this crazy world. Just remember there are many individuals all over the world trying to deal with all this. I do not know anyone who is awake, I used to feel lonely but now I just think about all the people all over the world who are in the same situation. Together we can win.

    • Todd says:

      Marc,  your words are profound in mirror my feelings exactly. How much longer can our planet take the abuse of mankind? Between geo engineering, nuclear, CERN, HAARP, GMO's, vaccines and the list goes on and on. The military-industrial complex has a careening straight for the edge of a cliff. Their vision of the future is one of trans humanism on the planet that could not sustain human life. My question is, how can over 7 billion people let a few selfish little fucking pricks destroy our planet? The air we breathe the water we drink and the oceans that we eat out of and swim in. Our planet has been around for billions of years and it only took these psychopaths under 100 years to just about destroy it completely. Why do we tolerate it? Why can't the people stand up in kind the escort them off of our planet. Our time is short before they check mate humanity once and for all

    • Diane Friday says:

      I know how you feel Marc. I too have reached critical mass. I don't know what to do with all the rage at this point, but since I'm getting physically sicker almost on a daily basis, I suppose it will take care of itself. 

      The thing about guilt? Psychopaths don't feel guilty, about anything. If their minions were at one time capable of feeling guilt or remorse, those days have long since passed. And, as has been mentioned here many times, anyone who did feel guilty enough, or had a serious enough crisis of conscience to decide to speak out, well, they all seemed to have unfortunate accidents, or woke up one day and decided to commit suicide. We'll never know how many may have tried, people whose names we'll never know, and ultimately met the same end. That wouldn't stop me, and I'll bet it wouldn't stop you, or the majority of people who comment here. It certainly hasn't stopped Dane, and we are all so grateful for that. Grateful, but always worried. I'm sure Dane has all his bases covered, but still, there is constant concern. 

      Here's at least one thought that helps me when my anger is about to make my head explode: The pilots of the planes carrying out the daily aerosol carpet bombing all over the planet? They're all no doubt under the impression they'll have a place at the table, so to speak, when all is said and done. I, however, am pretty certain their fate will be the same as ours. They followed orders. They fulfilled their duties. And they know too much. They know the truth. Therefore, I can't imagine they'll be around very long after they've flown their last mission. Imagine the looks on their faces when they finally see where following orders got them. I'm guessing the majority of those pilots have to know what they're doing and why, and therefore must be psychopaths as well. And psychopaths don't believe they can do wrong because, to them, no clear-cut right or wrong exists. They're special. They're above the laws of man and nature. Ah, but their overlords are in a class all their own. Surprise, surprise, surprise. 

      All I know is I hope there is such a thing as reincarnation and its attendant karma. The karmic debt for omnicide would be rather significant, don't you think? 

    • Marc – Safe journey! Keep up your chelation practices. My escape to New Zealand made me understand that even though I was not inhaling massive amounts of these metals anymore, the aluminum, barium etc. was still dug into my digestive tract slowly ruining my immune system and making my life hell. God protect you.

    • horsegirl says:

      Marc, if it comes to venturing into Tucson (we hate cities one and all) to drive the getaway car so be it.


    • krissylea says:

      I just spent three months (nov-Jan) in the Ozarks. I was surprised to see that the skies were the same as the gulf coast. Sprayed. The locals said it was a "mild winter" this year. I saw clear skies full of stars at night and clouds that seemed to rise with the sun in the morning. Some days the spraying was so clear. "X" marks the spot and they just kept aiming there. Other days you could barely see the sprayed clouds behind the real clouds. The coldest it got was 1°F, after days of cloud coverage. Some days they didn't spray at all but it was rare. Im no scientist, in fact, never went to college. But by MY observations, the winter of 2015-2016 over the Ozarks was as fake as dolly's tits.

  19. Kate Willens says:

    I am absolutely awed and blown away by these pieces.  Thank you Dane, and Thank you to the wonderful man that created them.  I will share everywhere.  They get the message across so powerfully and cogently.  I am so proud to be part of this movement, knowing that people that are giving everything to this cause.  The only one that can possibly compete for place of primary importance to earth's life systems is Fukushima, and it too is tied into this crime of crimes.  Lead on!! 

  20. Dana MacCuish says:

    When an actor asks something of you, for example…. "May I see your drivers license and registration?", simply ask, "Is that an order?".  When the reply comes back "Yes", as it most certainly will, write the order down on a piece of paper before proceeding to carry out the actions of the order. The next step the actor is taught to say in the script of the drama we are all caught up in is usually "May you step out of the vehicle sir/ma'am?" Once again ask if that is an order.  The response is almost guaranteed to be "Yes".  Once again write it down on your handy notepad that you carry in the console or glovebox of your vehicle just for this purpose.  By now the actor is starting to notice your peculiar (definition- one's own ) actions of writing down his/her requests every time they open their empty minded sound hole and may ask, "Why are you writing down my orders?", to which you can respond, "Every judge in this corporation knows business law. You are carrying out the orders of your superior commander, who is carrying out his orders from his.  You receive a paycheck for carrying out your orders and handing in your hours to your commander.  I value every moment of my most precious life that the Creator has granted me and when you give me an order "in your voice", I am compelled by the laws of the corporation we both work for to "invoice" your superior commander for acting out my duties as required.  It is nothing personal, not any different from ordering a cup of coffee.  Whenever an order is made, it is billable, it is the essence of the law of business, and any judge will agree."

    By this point, the actor is very flustered because this is a part of the script that was never taught to him/her.  They are more then glad to be rid of an actor that doesn't follow the script at all.  It leaves too many alternative endings in their molded minds.  They also do not want to get scolded from their superior commander, so I believe more are happier to see your tail lights leaving then to live out the next part of Your Script.

    My Dad once told me, "Sometimes the best way to lead is to be the awkward Stone, by simply refusing to sink or budge." ….. I think I am starting to understand (stand under) the words of my deceased ancestors a little more each day.

    Who was the wise guy that said, "All the worlds a stage and we are merely players?"

    I hope everyone enjoys this little bit of "civil disobedience" as much as I do….. I think we make Henry David Thoreau very happy with every script we write to empower ourselves towards Freedom from slavery.  Thanks for everything Dane, today's article was perfect to think about how we all follow orders blindly.  Take care and May Peace be with you all and flow forth to all you encounter on your sojourn.

  21. The US Economy Has Not Recovered And Will Not Recover
    Paul Craig Roberts
    The US economy died when middle class jobs were offshored and when the financial system was deregulated. … … The American “New Economy” is the American Third World economy in which the only jobs created are low productivity, low paid nontradable domestic service jobs incapable of producing export earnings with which to pay for the goods and services produced offshore for US consumption.
    The massive debt arising from Washington’s endless wars for neoconservative hegemony now threaten Social Security and the entirety of the social safety net. The presstitute media are blaming not the policy that has devasted Americans, but, instead, the Americans who have been devasted by the policy.
    Earlier this month I posted readers’ reports on the job situation in Ohio, Southern Illinois, and Texas. In the March issue of Chronicles, Wayne Allensworth describes America’s declining rural towns and once great industrial cities as consequences of “globalizing capitalism.” A thin layer of very rich people rule over those “who have been left behind”—a shrinking middle class and a growing underclass. According to a poll last autumn, 53 percent of Americans say that they feel like a stranger in their own country.
    Most certainly these Americans have no political representation. As Republicans and Democrats work to raise the retirement age in order to reduce Social Security outlays, Princeton University experts report that the mortality rates for the white working class are rising.
    The United States government has abandoned everyone except the rich.

    • BaneB says:

      No truer words ever spoken!  Watching the primary circuses and the clowns on the stage and in the media, the missing link is the questions never asked concerning how this nation managed to throw it all away.  Yes, blame the victims of the infinite wars, for the 9-11 con,  and for the burgeoning prison-surveillance-law enforcement computer police state, the legal industry, the NAFTA "free trade" scam, Wall Street, Congress, the White House, and yes for the Supreme Court that failed to protect us from the parasites…..Scalia being at the top of the list IMHO.  The recovery I am in is trying not to allow the creeping mental depression that accompanies this reality to not cause me to just shut down.

  22. Alida says:

    Thank you Dane for all you have done in tireless education.  My concern is, IF we could turn off ALL of the global spraying tomorrow, won't we only hasten the blistering abrupt heating due to the methane and fossil fuel industrial pollution?  Doesn't that have to somehow be turned down/off in a balance to avoid sudden demise in a few years? We have destroyed our climate and environment so thoroughly, it sounds as if we are backed in a corner now. I copied the following from the transcript of the Dimming the Sun (Nova) program. And yes, I know they never acknowledge the aerosols.

    Dr. PETER COX: (Univ. of Exeter)We're going to be in a situation, unless we act, where the cooling pollutant is dropping off while the warming pollutant is going up. CO2 will be going up and particles will be dropping off, and that means that we'll get an accelerated warming. We'll get a double whammy. We'll get reducing cooling and increased heating at the same time, and that's, that's a problem for us.

    And this selection from an interview at a conference:The climate crisis is more severe than even many scientists have acknowledged. Kevin Anderson is deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester in Britain. He has said many scientists are self-censoring their work to downplay the severity of the climate crisis.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alida, your concerns are correct, but stopping climate engineering is still the only way forward. See the attached link for clarification. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/double-catastrophe-scenario-document-paints-bleak-picture/

  23. Nigel says:

    I just came across this piece of news. Perhaps we should send them some information?  


  24. If you 'google' ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN THE IONOSPHERE, you will get many links, including the following:
    by Michael Mendillo, Jeffrey Baumgardner and Peter J. Sultan, Center for Space Physics, Boston University, Boston MA.
    I.1  Introduction to ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS: "…barium plasma injections in the ionosphere or magnetosphere result in observable effects… Ionospheric heating effects generally last as long as the heating is applied, often in the 10's of minutes domain. The end result is that active experiments require a comprehensive set of multi-diagnostic instruments that can handle the small time constants associated with the induced effects. …[the Chapter 9, page 250, pdf concentrates] on the chemical release experiments used in ionospheric investigations…
    I.2  Types of Chemical Release Experiments
    Chemically induced ionospheric modification experiments involve either the enhancement of ambient plasma densities or their depletion. …the most widely used technique involves the release of barium …an element that is ionized by solar ultraviolet… Strontium (Sr) vapor has been used in conjunction with Ba [barium] release experiments …releases of other species such as trimethyl aluminum (TMA), cesium, calcium, etc.  
    The second type of chemical release experiment involves the release of molecules that react very rapidly with ambient ionospheric plasma…These…modify the ionosphere via recombination chemistry (plasma neutralization) that leaves the ionospheric F-region plasma in a depleted ("ionospheric hole") state.
    II. Incoherent Scatter Radar Techniques Applied to Active Experiments
    Incoherent scatter radar…is based on the fact that an upwardly propagating radio wave that is higher in frequency than the plasma frequency anywhere along its path will be weakly re-radiated by the free electrons of the ionosphere … Incoherent scatter radar is a unique and ideal diagnostic instrument…a typical chemical release cloud from a sounding rocket payload reaches an approximate maximum radius of …50 km…
    …in 1985…the Space Shuttle's OMS engines were used to generate an ionospheric hole above New England… [one wonders how many such "holes" have been generated in the ionosphere since 1985!]
    Arecibo in Puerto Rico is an Incoherent Scatter Radar Facility.
    A problem unique to ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS is that the composition of the observed ionospheric plasma is changed by the released species, and the radar os often faced with ions not usually present in the natural ionosphere. A spectral analysis program that is not expected to handle unusual ions will misinterpret the presence of those ions as changes in other parameters (i.e., temperature).  [In my words, they are creating false 'compositions' with these injections and analyzing mixtures of ions that don't exists in the natural ionosphere!]

  25. Ojai watcher says:

    Faded heavy spring this week and then we had that day of 92 degree weather here in the Ojai Valley and this morning it was like 80 degrees in the Sun and then income the rain clouds. I have lived in California for 50 years and in the last 7 years this nonsense has increased tenfold. They are spraying the skies, nobody wants to talk about it, everyone thinks I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist if I bring it up, I've seriously turned people away from me for believing this stuff. But I don't care because I truly believe that the spraying of the skies has everything to do with are screwed up weather. On this subject has anyone noticed the infiltration of geoengineering videos and geoengineering watch pages and even official weather pages with planted non accurate information trying to make our movement look like a bunch of crazy people? When I read that I took pictures showing a plane flying by and the contrail disappearing within 5 seconds wild beyond it in the same photograph at the same height is a chemtrail for geoengineering Trail for climate control trail or whatever you wanna call it which lingered in the sky for over an hour eventually turning the sky to a sepia haze

    • AR says:

      Hi Ojai Watcher.  I am your neighbor in Santa Barbara.  I am ridiculed and dismissed all the time about this subject.  We have to stay strong and keep spreading the word.  It is comforting to see someone close by on here.  Take care.

  26. Carolyn says:

    its Wednesday February 17th in Oakland California, after a week off record heat in northern California which started on supper bowl Sunday, we are back to cooler windy weather with no rain. I wish we could post the video to both facebook and you tube so the whole can see it. When regular yahoo have been writing posts on the weather for people to respond I have been writing about geo engineering the weather, I have been ridiculed and put down. Thank you Dane I look forward to your weekly painfully honest up dates. Thank you all.

    • gail says:

      I live in San Mateo and watch the skies all day long; I can't mention chem trails without someone laughing at me, or someone telling me to shut up; I'm spoiling people's moods.

      All I can say is that don't give up.  I've see more people knowing about this than I did before.  Keep referencing this website; if they don't want to talk about it, make sure you mention geoengineeringwatch.org; look it up……I wear a bumper sticker on my car.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, thank you for your courage regarding trying to wake others up to what is happening in our skies. If you stick to the science terms like “climate engineering” “geoengineering” “solar radiation management”, you will have a much better chance of gaining credibility and traction. The “chemtrails” term leads people who search it straight to “conspiracy theory” and “hoax”. We are playing chess, we must learn to play effectively. Thank you again for your efforts.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Caroline …am sorry to hear that you were being ignored and put down on Yahoo …..maybe we should all write on Yahoo's weather report column  ……thats all of us everyday till those who put Caroline down will open there eyes to the spraying of the atmosphere.

      Is that Yahoo column open to all around the world or is it just local? If its local maybe we can all write to it ….let us know we can help with ignorance

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I totally agree 100% with Sezer Behlul on his post & video!  Money is the Root to All Evil. The Pentagon may propose, opening all combat roles to women, subjecting them to a Selective Service Draft! Do we really need more Military Personnel? The DOD Department Of Defense, should be renamed to The DOO The Department Of Offense. Is this a build up of more troops for new war. The bombing of innocent civilians in other countries is out of control, it is not Defensive it is Offensive.

    • Nigel says:

      Come to my FB page, lots of awakened people there! 

    • I have been studied this 5 years and ridiculed.  People thinks it is just vapor  and I tell to look up Geo Engineering and see. I.ve been taking pictures of the sky over Charleston,SC for 5 years and it's gotten worse. It's hard for people to believe. I found out that the pilots are ordered or else. I've seen cream colored flakes over my house and reported in other cities.

      Poisons are sprayed on the people all across US, but none reported in capital cities. We have to stand up to this tyranny  against humanity.

    • BaneB says:

      Central Mendocino County update:  rain overnight here.  How much I don't know yet.  This morning around 5:30 there was a quick series of lighting and thunder.  Just that one barrage.  The weather warriors have been aerosoling the entire past 8 days nonstop.  Maybe they did overnight, too, but clouds block any view.  There was a San Francisco news report on TV that stated the rain is saturated with mercury and is unsafe for children, pets, and the general public.  I swear to you that passed the censors.  But only because they are blaming it on the Chinese and their thousands of coal fired power plants.  Sorry the rain is not reaching your area.  But it cannot do so as long as these weather controllers spray aerosols in front of and into the approaching fronts.  And these criminals are messing with the jet stream directing it away from your southern areas.  They are determined to destroy the San Juaquin( sp) valley agriculture.  One would think the people in your area, many of them very wealthy, would figure this out and demand a halt, criminal charges, and trial for the officials and psychotic scientists involved.  The ocean view is in their face, and the aerosol rafts of dissicated weather fronts float right over top of Santa Barbara.  The obvious is obvious.



    • Dennie says:

      It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil, not the money itself, which can be used for very great good, depending on the USERS intent.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, Gail:  I'm up and down between Santa Clara and Meno counties a bunch.  Too many in San Mateo County in love with their "god," money, totally self-absorbed with climbing the many ladders in the Corporate Jungle there at Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple, you-name-it; I'm sure the kiddies understand but don't think a whit beyond knowing what those streaks in the sky are called in the vernacular.  There are plenty of us folks awake and alive in the Bay Area who do know what's going on.

  27. jeff says:

    That is an very well done set of videos. I  think "order followers" have been the root of the worlds problems for a long time,and I have tried my best to influence those in my family,to look at the twisted logic of there servitude.Rule of authority is engrained in most people from birth. Generations have been taught to fear and some how respect authoritative figures,and consider being one a badge of honor. The criminal assault we experience now was created over generations of demented programming,mostly induced by those we care the most for. We need a revolution,one of the mind,and empathy.

    This has been by far the most on target article yet,and I hope the "order followers" soon wake,to use those good intentions,and action,to fight the real beast.

    Always much respect for Dane,thank you for all you do.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Order followers is nothing new.It has been the mainstay of American "work ethic" forever it seems. I have worked for a number of companies, mostly US based and have found this disturbing "culture" very prevalent. Despite acquiring good and profitable business for my employers, I was dismissed many times and some even told me I was too good for their needs! This kind of mentality applies to whistle blowers who can't take the hypocrisy from their bosses. The government is no different. Most of these scientists and workers who do the dirty jobs are very aware of what they are doing, but get well paid and are sworn to secrecy. The airwaves are full of shills who are also paid to distort the truth and that's why people are either confused or just too ignorant to see the truth. Others, prefer NOT to know the truth simply because it just too scary for their simple ways of living.

    • David says:

      I recently heard this point of view, namely that parents should teach their children to become individual-warriors who can think for themselves and follow their own consciences, versus becoming soldiers who by design "follow orders" even when they know many orders lead to injustice or only serve the most wealthy.  I really liked that.  Also the key part they left off, but was implied is the individual-warrior can stand strong against corruption, versus a group of people who can become swayed by popular opinion, or become corrupted and pressure their peers to support the agenda being pushed down on us all.

  28. G. Day says:

    We must not underestimate our potential to free ourselves  from this destructive parasitic force. It is not possible to affect enough individuals through media alone as the problem is a conscious reality hijack, only understandable from a quantum physics standpoint. The answer will be to use the morphogenic field. If enough capable minds can focus the imagination intently on spreading 'the message' around the globe through the mass consciousness it will happen. If you know this redouble your efforts, if not educate yourself quickly – there are many YouTube videos available to restimulate and focus your mind and imagination. You can affect reality. The Earth needs your help and the evolutionary force is on your side. Take heart.

  29. Zach Jacobsen says:

    his is right down the alley of the great Mark Passio's work. Natural Law, everyone needs to check it out. Ghandi says obeying an evil system's orders is the same as partaking in the evil itself.

    I have a family member who is a top brass pilot in USAF (order follower) who marginalizes this subject. He is a lieutenant colonel, let's just say I don't consider him family and want nothing to do with him as he is carrying out the evil of the evil order givers. It is the very people like this that I despise the most and even if they are my family, I don't care.

    Aristotle said the mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain thought without accepting it. This is what our society lacks. George Orwell said that at a time of universal deceit (which is today), telling the truth is a revolutionary act. 

    We are proud everyday for what you do Dane. I try my best to help wake people up to this everyday.We have to continue to educate the uneducated on this because we are right at the tipping point. 

    Viva la revolution

    • Edward Palys says:

      Your family member, unfortunately, is part of the majority of people who have been successfully brain washed to do as they're told. For every one of us aware "activists" there are ten or more unaware dummies. 

  30. lee says:

    The Oligarchs/Central Bankers are using Geo Engineering to “break” the “Free” countries (NATO and Australia) by using Geo Engineering to cause the people that live there: psychological distress, lower IQ, health problems, economic distress, and fear.  Also, the Oligarchs/Central Bankers use open borders to cause community distress by flooding these places with waves of Islamic immigrants who cannot be integrated.

    The Oligarchs/Central Bankers are doing these things so that they create so much chaos that the “Free” people will beg the Oligarchs/Central Bankers for a World Government. This is what the Oligarchs/Central Bankers want, and Geo Engineering a one of there most precious tools.

    Cleary, Geo Engineering is a method of destruction with “Free” people as its main target.

    Of course, Oligarchs/Central Bankers want to protect their private ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank and their private ownership of the creation/printing of money. This money is then borrowed by the US government, and the big banks, and then must all be paid back to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. The Oligarchs/Central Bankers then use it to buy everything in the World that has any real value such as land, gold, real estate, water rights, and they buy the politicians. This is where they get the money to Geo Engineer.

    Time to stop letting the Oligarchs/Central Bankers privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, and it is time that the Government create/print the money, instead of borrowing it from the Oligarchs/Central Bankers, who are using it to do things like Geo Engineering.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Okay, so who's capable to put these oligarchs down? The world governments are so infiltrated with the same oligarchs that even an overthrowing of any present government will not survive. If you open your eyes to pictures from around the world, you will notice chemtrails present everywhere you look. That only means that the same oligarchs have the whole world by the neck.

    • David says:

      Reasonably it's not so much removing the Oligarchs but isolating them.  The Oligarchs are not totally unified.  They are really only unified by their shared greed and overall mindset to hoard wealth into their hands, but they disagree on details and/or all want to be top dog which means they compete against each other while they work to keep the masses in a feudal system as much as possible.  A solution that at least delays the Oligarchs and begins to rebuild prosperity is to understand their mindset.  For example Oligarchs place the most value on money/wealth and therefore do not care about things like physical value-production-real goods which are tangible and hence they've dominated the global monetary-financial systems to focus on speculation-derivatives-currency swaps.  As we've seen the results is the widen the gap between rich and poor, and in the meantime in the US our infrastructure is aging and falling apart.  So a solution would be to flip that where the financial-monetary systems are used as credit for real production-physical goods-infrastructure where the cost of (the more efficient power plant, new factory, new drug, new bridge, mag-lev train, upgraded-faster computers etc..) would be offset by the gains to the economy in the form of jobs, increased wages, less demand on social services, increased tax revenue, and greater productivity.  Of course for the democratic process to work the people, the public has to do their part and hold their govn't accountable since yeah otherwise whether we have the Fed as is, or nationalize the Fed, corruption can weed itself back in, but that does not mean "throw the baby out with the bathwater" since logic would say if corruption can enter this system, it can enter any other system (natural law, anarchy, socialism…) and therefore the key is for people to use what power they have to make the system work for the benefit of the majority.  My gosh our Founding Fathers were far from perfect but they put a lot of thought into our current system, and therefore I think we really should make it work (again) rather than play the Oligarch's game which is to talk about secession, balkanization, anarchy, extreme socialism, extreme capitalism etc..which have all failed and hence why the Founding Fathers and early Americans tried to create as best of a system as possible.  The issue is why the people slept the Oligarchs got their minions and their Oligarch mindset of slavery, wealthy only as money, empire-feudalism into popular culture and academia so that the masses are dither in a state of confusion, apathy, anger when something as "simple" as making-demanding the Fed begin to fund as noted real production, tangible goods, R&D, new technologies, new bridges that will help us alleviate planetary damage, while rebuilding the middle class.

  31. Roger Gibbons says:

    I just finished watching the video from Sezer …and if we all just follow this one and only commandment from Christ in the New testament …..

    Love thy neighbor like you love your self …..hmmmmm i guess if all the world did this one thing we would be fighting for your own lives against the sprit of anti-Christ.

    They will pay for what they are doing ……keep the faith all.


    Look up


  32. Bob Siemion says:

    Watch the video called
    JFK and 911 Everything is a rich mans trick

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Bob,

      I absolutely agree, this was one of my first "Awakening" videos I watched. It always amazes me how much more aware and awake the Brits seem to be.


    • Edward Palys says:

      Perfect example to show us how far the oligarchs have progressed. The people who did JFK in are the same ones who did 9/11. The deceptions are so well orchestrated and the control of the media to keep the truth hidden that the majority of the populations, by a long shot, believe what they see, just like they watch magicians doing their deceiving tricks. How many people watching these magicians finally admit that they believe in magic because their eyes tell them so.

  33. scott says:

    Has anyone identified exactly who it is that is ordering the spraying? It appears that it would have to be at the govt. level to clear these flight at military altitudes. But wait we do not have a legal govt. We have a foreign corporation known as UNITED STATES, Inc. in control of America. All imposters with no authority. We then must be under attack by a foreign entity. So who is fighting back? Maybe We The People, the American State Citizens not U.S. Citizens they are the concented slaves with no power. Or do they?
    There appears to be little time left, for us to have air to breath that is.

    • renate says:

      Hi Scott. Yes we are under attack, ww3; in US, canada, world wide, absolutely. If they dropped bombs, everyone would be crabbing their guns and shoot back, even the cops, maybe even the military would get involved. However, doing it this way, confusing everyone having different issues, are tricks of their trade. Just like in other countries they first send in missionaries, set up shop and start killing people with poison vaccines. Forbid food, control water, tax them to death, like everywhere else and use that money to pay for programs to kill the rest of the people. Here is a video I just watched, which kind of puts it all together. https://vimeo.com/35291112  or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-CrNlilZho

      Some notes: Who's responsible: The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell.  it also states that vaccinations filled with mercury and other brain damaging compounds would induce partial chemical…… (hope I got that right)

      “Carbon Tax”, is used in the western countries, it’s packaged as saving the earth/climate change, the money collected is used for population reduction and their planetarium control.  It was presented by the Club of Rome. doc., “The Limits To Growth”   In the U.N doc. “Global Biodiversity Assessment” it states, very clearly, we must reduce the human population down to one billion. Also “A U.N. inquiry on government population policies” & “The establishment of a new international economic order” (using biological warfare)

  34. Bruce Tanner says:

    Speaking of Order Followers: Ken Caldeira will be at UCSC on Feb. 26 for the UCSC Climate Science and Policy Conference 2016:
    http://socialsciences.ucsc.edu/climate/index.html – February 26 and 27, 2016 – Join us for the third annual Climate Science and Policy Conference at UC Santa Cruz. Presented by the divisions of Social Sciences and Physical and Biological Sciences, this year's title is Earth's Climate Future: Uncharted Territory. Panels will focus on public health, geoengineering, and geopolitics. Registration now open. Featured speakers include:
    The opening keynote address will be delivered by Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist working for the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University. He investigates issues related to climate, carbon, and energy systems.
    The Fred Keeley lecture will be delivered by Steven Chu, a professor of physics and molecular & cellular physiology at Stanford University. Chu served as the US Secretary of Energy from 2009 to 2013 and in 1997 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.
    Come on by if you'd like to tell Ken & Co. what you think about their collusion with the global program for eco-destruction and depopulation.

    • Nigel says:

      Bruce, I think that a huge, make that massive presence of anti geoengineering people at this event would be a media event. 

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, Santa Cruz used to be The Most Liberal of all liberal bastions, but I do know they fell into the soup when they got their "climate studies" dept. going and all the kiddies probably quickly fell in line to march in lockstep with The Status Quo– UGH!!  They were doing better when you could major in Underwater Basketweaving and marijuana cultivation.

    • Dennie says:

      Ken Caldeira was a panel speaker on the January 28th, 2016 Climate One program of the Commonwealth Club of California.  If you go to their website you can download an iPod cast of the discussion.  Caldeira actually says he would like to see more "public discussion" of the possibility of doing geoengineering, which as it was explained in a preview of the program, consists of spraying the planet with "dust."  Making it sound like you'll simply need a feather duster to clean up after the mess they propose more "officially" to be making.

      I propose that a large number of us of similar understanding of the totality of the many spraying programs going on all at the same time with no coordination and no oversight give Mr. Caldeira exactly what he's called for:  A PUBLIC discussion of such magnitude it would blow even HIM away.

  35. Pam Cameron says:

    Not even a month ago (I'm in Boise) I could see 4, yes, F-O-U-R of those tanker planes going back and forth / back and forth, across the sky and am truly shocked that a couple of them didn't slam into each other !  We are inundated with GWEN's as well – one cannot swing a dead cat without hitting one.

    Hugs to one and all . . .

  36. Sean Slavin says:

    The moment that we stop caring, is the moment we cease to be human.

    God bless you sir for this fantastic contribution to the fight for our species survival.

    Stay strong people, the time is near.

  37. Epictetus (c. 55 – c. 135 AD) was a Greek Stoic philosopher. The name given by his parents, if one was given, is not known. The word epiktetos in Greek simply means "acquired".
    * What wouldst thou be found doing when overtaken by Death? If I might choose, I would be found doing some deed of true humanity, of wide import, beneficent and noble. But if I may not be found engaged in aught so lofty, let me hope at least for this—what none may hinder, what is surely in my power—that I may be found raising up in myself that which had fallen; learning to deal more wisely with the things of sense; working out my own tranquility, and thus rendering that which is its due to every relation of life…. If death surprise me thus employed, it is enough if I can stretch forth my hands to God and say, “The faculties which I received at Thy hands for apprehending this Thine Administration, I have not neglected. As far as in me lay, I have done Thee no dishonour. Behold how I have used the senses, the primary conceptions which Thou gavest me. Have I ever laid anything to Thy charge? Have I ever murmured at aught that came to pass, or wished it otherwise? Have I in anything transgressed the relations of life? For that Thou didst beget me, I thank Thee for that Thou hast given: for the time during which I have used the things that were Thine, it suffices me. Take them back and place them wherever Thou wilt! They were all Thine, and Thou gavest them me.”—If a man depart thus minded, is it not enough? What life is fairer or more noble, what end happier than his?

  38. Todd says:

    I waited with much anticipation for the upcoming El Nino in California this winter. Not only has it not shown but the rain has fallen is below average. My question for you is: is California a sacrifice state as some have suggested? If so what possible plan could the weather makers have for doing so? 
    I'm in Santa Cruz and I watch as they spray just off shore ahead of an upcoming storm. Does this then push the storm north and around us?
    I think I speak for us all when I say thank you for all that you are doing and we are lucky to have you on our side.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Todd, California must also be considered a target for drought creation, not just a climate sacrifice zone (see the attached link). When the incoming moisture is heavily sprayed (aerosolized), the moisture can be effectively migrated right over the top of the state without falling in significant quantities. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-drought-catastrophe-target-california/

    • Theresa says:


      I feel one reason why California has been hit so hard with drought is an intentional killing off of the San Joaquin Valley for the sake of "Free Trade." Giving a large part of our wonderful produce & farming market/farming to Chile, Mexico, China, etc. We even get meats from all over the darn world! California has or had the best of everything. It was the "Bread Basket of the World"

      The politicians have even caused the killing off of the best Almond, walnut, pistachios,tangerine, orange, Peaches, Nectarine farms in the world. The world! 

      The fabulous farms have been sacrificed to make way for foreign food, which is not the finest. Food that is GMO's, & doused with toxic poison, gassed and travels across the world to our plates is the plan. The GMO Franken-food never dies, is toxic and is not as nutritious. The powerful GMO Cartel, Agribusiness have taken over.

      I remember the politicians even helping squeeze the water supply out of Central California because of a teeny, tiny fish called the "Delta Smelt", so they prevented water rights to farmers. On top of this we have the issues of the Colorado River water and this geo-engineering of the weather, which is the continual spraying to dry up California even further.

      So, I feel a large amount California's big farming was sacrificed and out sourced to other countries. California was forced by the climate change agenda and the water being squeezed out by this silent weather modification geoengineering agenda in the name of "Climate Change"and helped along by politicians with the last names of Boxer and Pelosi….


    • Maureen says:

      First, please accept my continued thanks for your exhaustive efforts on the geoengineering front. 

      Perhaps I'm a bit naive, but why would the military industrial complex deliberately design weather patterns to bypass California with much-needed rain, the largest food producing state in the union, and instead create devastating flood, wind, and freezing weather events to the east? 

      Thanks again and all the best.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maureen, it is a mistake to believe the current structure of the US military is to serve and protect the American population. Though there are honorable men and women in the military, as a whole, the institution serves it’s own interests and those in power. The attached link highlights a few of the countless examples. http://wariscrime.com/new/the-13-most-evil-us-government-human-experiments/

    • Jaana says:

      I also believe as Theresa stated..part of the reason for California being so hard hit is because of all the farming in the San Jouquin/Central Valley.  Huge source of food. The crops are being destroyed!  Soon only the Monsanto GMO seed crops will be the ones making it. So sad and  infuriating to see all plant life struggling and dying.  How much longer can people survive?  It's so hard to get others to see this and believe what's happening 🙁

    • Dennie says:

      Support your LOCAL farmer.  Shop the farmers' markets. Buy local.

      WHERE is the HONOR in the average military signee– ??  I say if you have it, then SHOW it.  Yes, too many who speak out pay a very heavy price.  We aren't going to see a lot of movement from this direction for a very long time.  They and their puppet-masters are obviously just as affected by the spraying programs and ionizing radiation as you and me but they're in total denial about that, as long as they're making money.  NO ONE is going to do much of anything as long as they perceive they aren't being hurt by any of this.  I can call a spade a "SPADE" when I clearly notice a spade.

  39. Matthew Madden says:

    A good idea to spread awareness would be to post a message about the harmfull effects of geo engineering with a link to this website in the comments section of which ever headline video is posted on Youtube. If we can enough people to do that, hopefully more people will click on the website and get informed about what is happening in our skies.

  40. Wanda Allen says:

    Excellent message and video. It is heartening to hear the Military speak against these horrible crimes and see that they are being used as pawns.

  41. Joe G. says:

    To those who swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, it is up to you to "Honor your Oath".  Say "No, I will not comply to this unethical order"!  We can render these criminal powerless if we band together and just say no. To the w*ores who fly and spray dangerous chemical from aircraft, you must stop now.  Do not comply to this criminal activity.  I urge you to wake up and realize that what you are doing is no way worth the money you a being paid.

  42. Emmy koponen says:

    I would love to do much to stop this.  In New Mexico we have been inundated for years. It is so creepy to wake up and realize the milky smeared skies are here to stay.  I do talk to people and to Washington but am so bummed. 

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