A Shocking Dose Of Climate Reality

How bad is our climate situation? How much damage has actually been done? The 5 minute video below is an absolute MUST WATCH, my most sincere gratitude to the makers of this extremely informative and important video. This information is condensed, extremely hard hitting, and absolutely critical. Confusion and division in the population must be shattered so that all can unite in a common cause to change the direction of humanity before our once thriving planet is beyond any hope of recovery. We collectively face countless and immense challenges, but the largest single leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt global climate engineering. The ongoing geoengineering programs are literally filling our atmosphere with megatons of toxic metals and chemicals on top of all the countless other sources of atmospheric pollution. Our planet MUST be freed from the climate engineering insanity. We must all sound the alarm, every day counts.

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  1. Organic Gardener in Colorado says:

    As this spring unfolds, I can see the devastating effects of geoenginneering on my plants. I live in Denver have lost 3 hardy shrubs, witnessed the lack of germination on my organic seeds and have routine headaches when I take a walk. All of this is new to me as I have lived in the same place for 29 years and in Colorado for 42 years. I have noticed measurables differences in the weather patterns, not to mention the condition of the plantlife in my yard in the last 5 years.

    I would like to raise awareness of this subject by bringing in a speaker to the Organic Gardeners club I belong to. Can anyone recommend a Soil Scientist in the area who is versed on this subject? Please do not recommend local universities as Colorado State and others are bastions of GMO-food engineering, nanotechnology and weather science.

    Any contact would be much appreciated.

  2. Talawanda says:

    @ Tim – I agree with you. So, the last dead pope was the one who’d said, “There is no such thing as a physical Hell.” He was right because we’re already there.

  3. William H. Osborne says:

    Yes!!! That’s absolutely correct.
    The ‘Arts’ are the expression of a collective consciousness that was hypothesized by Karl Jung, the student of Sigmund Freud.
    The health of any given society is reflected back on its self through art, painting, theater, movies, books, etc., or the lack thereof.
    We as a species are in big trouble. But what causes me the most pain is knowing that our behavior will trigger the demise of so many beautiful living things, flora and fauna alike. I would gladly, and in a heart beat, give my life if it would make a difference…this is not an exaggeration.

  4. iceman33 says:

    Yep I read that one, hahah, talk about Brainwashed conditioning for the masses, prepping them already, and like security, its for your own safety, they will say the same with the poison spraying, it’s for your own good. They have been tunneling half the states for years in preparation for all this, check out the Ozarks, and Denver airport! It’s game reset time, I said last year, if there is anything in this lot, this winter and next winter we will all see some very big changes starting to happen with the weather, thus far, it’s happening, sort of as I thought. I will tell you now, within about 3 to 5 years life is going to get extremely hard for about 85% of people on this planet! That’s why they bring those films out, the road, the book of ELI, mad max, water world, they are giving us a veiled insight into what we are in for!

  5. Tim says:

    Even sadder if you have kids…if I see a pregnant woman, I feel sick inside knowing that that kid is being born into hell.

  6. lee bartram says:

    Geo-engineering: Climate fixes ‘could harm billions’ – BBC News

  7. gypsy2014 says:

    To John Glavis. Beautifully said, thank you … an epiphany occurred for me two days ago. I was saddened to learn that a dear friend had been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. Later, when I went out for a ‘meditative’ walk in the country, my attention became focussed on how the soft, golden autumn sunlight intensified the many glowing fall colors (now at their peak in central Texas) and felt an amazing, renewing energy in thinking of the advancement of the seasons … knowing that the cycle continues filled me with a joy that seemed vast, yet concentrated in an instant inside me. It left me with a great feeling of inner peace for my friend and her situation and for the future in general. Within my heart and mind I shared it with her and everyone. Previously my friend had introduced me to a wonderful, very insightful book just published by Matt Socha titled ‘The Toxic States of America: And How Spirituality Can Foster a National Nervous Breakthrough” … restoring individual spirituality is the key to all of the perceived multitude of conflicts today. It’s written in simple language with a generic prescription. I share this in hopes that others may find and share the same peace and hopefulness in their lives.

  8. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Having recently viewed the NASA/Nat’l Geographic video about CO2 in the northern hemisphere, I’m glad to see this and hear further, even more honest commentary. But’s it all sad and apocalyptic. We’re past the tipping point apparently.

    As a ten-year-old child in 1960, riding through then idustrial northern NJ, we watched the Sun rise create day-glo colors before those colors had a name. Even then I knew it was unbelievably stupid to use the sky as a sewer. And look where we are now.

    I’m thankful some of us still can breathe and think for the moment. The challenges we face loom large.

  9. John Glavis says:

    We are kneeling before the death mystery and are arriving at our global Ghost Dance moment. Have spent much of my time around indigenous elders who extracted me from the American wet dream long ago. I have come to accept my death and just get over it and on with it….. best to be fully alive when you die. This is a spiritual transformation through which we rediscover death as over-rated,,, tis the spirit as Shiva dancing in this world of dire beauty…. spotted sun dogs in the chemtrails today… and marveled at the rainbows. Speak to the spirits of my garden daily and play as much as I can with my granddaughters. These final daze are spend growing food and building community….taking long walks on desolate beaches pondering quantum physics and shamanic methodologies that leave me strangely absent of fear. This room may go dark for a thousand years only to be instantly illuminated by an unsuspecting child with a candle. We are the sum total of our ancestors… they stand praying with us with legacies of sacrifice and great compassion for this trembling world. Rejoice,,,strengthen what remains of truth…as we descend together from those nasty peaks to the valley below…where already others awaiting our arrival…

  10. Diane says:

    You can lead a human to knowledge, but you cannot make him think!

  11. Thank you, Dane and all those that are involved in making this horrible CRIME obvious, to those in denial. Proof positive, you can’t deny what you SEE!
    I will be sharing this post with Orbis Vitae. Russ Tanner is very much aware of, and exposes these dreadful chemtrails in upper north east. Thank you once again, and PLEASE keep up the good work! We need you!

  12. Ray Rush says:

    you can lead a horse to water,but you cannot make him drink!

  13. Gene Maynard says:

    The air we breathe should be approximately 21% oxygen. Oxygen has a detoxifying effect on body tissue helps to rid our bodies of harmful toxins. When available atmospheric oxygen is diminished there can be adverse effects on our bodies. Depending on the percentage of reduction our bodies may adapt such as with mountain climbers or people who live at high altitudes. Even a sharp reduction for a brief time can be recovered from. What we in America and many places around the world are experiencing is an extended incremental reduction in the available atmospheric oxygen level. A general rule is; at a 17% level of available oxygen, night vision is reduced and the heart rate is accelerated. At 16% we experience dizziness and require more time to perform familiar tasks. At 15%, which judging from this writing and also experience and observation, apparently is about the norm now for much of the United States, here are some things to expect if you are not already experiencing some of them; Impaired attention, impaired judgment, impaired coordination, intermittent breathing, rapid fatigue, loss of muscle control. At 12% all of these things are multiplied in severity, 10-6 % results in the inability to move and finally death. In my understanding of the science of Geoengineering, if every aspect of it was halted right this very moment, all of the life destroying effects we are witnessing would continue in increasing severity for some time to come. I’m just saying, whatever your reaction to this is going to be, you should have begun yesterday .I have concluded that anything I am doing other than responding in some manner every waking moment to the dire situation the planet is in is an exercise in total futility. I started to say I’m not trying to be an alarmist but then I thought; why would I say that? I hope this is very alarming to many people. This is very real. Reduced available oxygen has already made all of us passive and that is the least of what it has done.

  14. Ana says:

    If they think 2050 is the “grace period” “of up to 2o years…” as is written in wikipedia about stratospherical sulfate aerossol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratospheric_sulfate_aerosols_(geoengineering) they must be forgetting about what happened in Artic with the melting of ice so much sooner than the scientists were expecting …So ,they never did enough studies before using their “weapon” called geoengeneering cause probably they just had much to earn/to profit/to win since the beginning that they started with geoengeneering and kept this in secrecy ,they really thought it could be in secrecy forever?specially when they are getting so visible in the skies in these last years…but now ,shouldn´t they stop with this?…what´s going on with this people?making the world a big laboratory for their experiments for all these long years were not enough? and the populations that find it so hard to believe ,does these people even bother to take a better look at the sky or to find odd all these climate changes or crazy weather ?…seems to me that geoengineers like Dave Keith or Ken Caldera or Tom wingley(?) are counting with the desbelief of mankind to continue depriving us of our sun and of our natural world and i´m sure that´s the main reason why they keep denying it or giving half thruts to the more eye opened or informed people (like i think it happens in the above link of wikipedia,just half truths either).But are these irresponsible people the ones leading these geoengeneering programes?are them believing there is still any “grace period”?what more irresponsable it could be when they seem to be expecting more up to 20 years of grace til they are hoping to find a magical solution of cutting greenhouse gas emissions as required -wich they never did -so i guess they must think this is a delay of the end of civilzation/societies ,maybe a delay of the total chaos or of the End of our world if they do not stop with geoengeneering .I guess they are not expecting a “grace period” but a “god´s grace”?…About Geoengeneering :Every patents ,every idea ,every project or programmes such as “owning the weather til 2025” is on paper /documents why people find it so hard to believe?did those rulers or scientists told them everything since the beginning of our world History?so ,why they tend to descredit geoengeneering weather/climate programmes?What people need more to open their eyes and start to think and see that something is terribly wrong? Good vídeo!

  15. Jon Aretakis says:

    We know they are geoengineering the planet by spraying deadly chemicals that will continue to have an increasingly grave effect on all life on earth. We know atmospheric methane has to be increasing as the polar ice caps and the permafrost melt due to the increase in global temperatures. Now… what can we do about it? Does anyone have any solutions?

    • PLT says:

      I think Dane's approach is the only one we can take: stop the spraying, and let the planet adapt.  We will of course have to stop polluting it ourselves, and we will have to find a way to decommission and isolate all the nuclear power plants before they go all Fukushima on us. 

  16. Mike Shimmin says:

    The methane figures shown in the maps actually are in sync with the figures shown here – (but they are not presented in a dynamic format, as in the video link above)

  17. mark says:

    This is so sad ,an to see how much the media is lying to us,it seems now we are all doomed in the future unless people start getting there act together to expose all this geo engerneering around the world,its time people stopped looking down at there i phones and look up to see what is happerning above them. Me myself i did not believe any of this until i wached one of Danes videos ,then one morning at 6.30 i stood outside my flat in London on a beautiful october sunny day ,an there it was planes chris crossing the skys for 2 hours, after 3 hours they had completlly whitened the skys and blocked out the sun.Now i fully believe this and i am doing my bit to inform people an printing of leaflets to make people aware some thing needs to be done we all live on this earth together and there is no were to hide,an we are slowly being poisoned.

  18. Freedom Ranger says:

    I think they are using HAARP to break down methane 13.56 MHZ, I also believe they are releasing chlorine and hydroxide radicals to further break down methane hence no ozone. I believe we are headed to an extinction level methane event. They are building underground cities and they need our cooperation or nothing gets built and stocked, the methane event will reach its maximum in 75 years with extiniction beginning in the northern hemisphere starting around 2020-2025 and really setting in full around 2051 after all ice melts. The people with wealth plan to ride this out underground for at least 150 years. I mean we are seeing fluctuations of 60-70 degrees. It doesn’t get more serious, we are being lied to. We are being lied to on a massive scale and with no conscience behind the lying. I fear for what the truth may really be because they are not using our treasure to protect us or tell us the truth. They are using our treasure to make shelters for themselves and to deceive us on a massive, massive scale. It should start becoming clear to you all something tremendously awful is now on the horizon and the powers that be simply want to keep us tied down whilst they make a speedy exit. This geoengineering is so they can buy time for themselves to prepare, they dont care what they do to the environment. They expect nearly everything to be dead in 50 years.

    • PLT says:

      I suspect you are right, especially that they don't care about anyone but themselves.  However, if a group of psychopaths were stuck together in underground cities, they would undoubtedly turn on each other.  Meanwhile, if they succeeded in killing us all off, above ground 453 nuclear power plants would be in meltdown.  They would never make it back out from their bunkers. 

      We should start organizing groups of people with knowledge about all aspects of construction, because soon they will need to start building sarcophagi around those 453 blights on the planet.  And sealing off those bunkers.

  19. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Very informative, but very sad.

  20. Gloria says:

    The spraying is constant. Everyday now it wears away at me. It is obvious, visible, and ominous. It has become the norm. It has increased immensely since I began noticing them and photographing them, in the year 2000. I sigh with sadness, and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness surrounds me, as I actually mourn the loss of our beautiful blue skies and clean air that is being taken from us. Clean air and Vitamin D3

  21. carol freiberg says:

    Well…that was not the cheeriest thing I have heard today. This is why Mr. Mcphearson has been so busy trying to wake people up. Sounds terminal along with all the other crap they feel the need to spray. We are in big trouble.

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