Accelerating Into Total Collapse, The Consequences Of Denial And Inaction


The propensity of the human race to deny unpleasant and frightening realities until the last possible moment is truly profound. The power structure (and the mainstream media they control) are using every imaginable means at their disposal to fuel the constant distraction of the masses. The current facade is disintegrating on every front and even now the vast majority are completely oblivious to what is unfolding. As the horizon grows ever darker, we must all examine our priorities. What can we yet accomplish at this late hour that would have the most impact toward the greater good? Combining our efforts to expose and halt climate engineering would be the greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction. The ongoing global atmospheric assault has already horrifically affected every living organism. This being said, there are also countless other aspects of the reality we have all known which are unraveling by the day. The report below directly addresses dire issues which the powers that be are doing their best to hide from public view. Get educated and help to sound the alarm, every one of our voices is essential in the fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington

No One Gets Out Alive

Source: Collapse Of Industrial Civilization


As China’s appetite for resources wanes with the bursting of its real estate bubble and America’s shale oil boom fueled by easy credit comes to an end, floundering petrostates are beginning to queue up for bail-outs. Financialization appears to have exacerbated the collapse in oil prices. Of course none of this capitalist boom-bust cycle negates the fundamentals of peak oil; prices will swing upwards again in a few years as marginal producers get weeded out. After all, the world still consumes nearly three million gallons of oil per minute, and only a relatively thin margin separates surplus from a shortage. Most of our energy usage does not involve electricity which is what alternative energies like wind and solar produce. Electricity comprises just 18% of the total global energy consumption of which alternatives make up a tiny sliver. 250 new human beings are added to the planet every minute; each born into a world of depleting resources and mounting pollution; each scrambling to secure the necessities of life. The black stuff will remain the primary fuel supporting this growing population of a globalized technological civilization.

A recent study estimates that if we are serious about implementing alternative energies to satisfy the goals of the Paris climate accord, then upwards of 12 trillion dollars will have to be spent over the next 25 years. This price tag is an investment that is 75% more than current growth projections. At a time when governments have spent their last ammo pumping more electronic money into the economy to try to stimulate economic growth, the prospects of decarbonizing the entire global energy system appears daunting, especially considering the many shortcomings of alternative energies. Time constraints on a planet indifferent to our energy needs are also bearing down on us:

CO2 levels must now be kept below 405ppm (where we’ll be in under 3 years at current emission rate) to avoid 2C warming.

As the Keeling curve creeps irreversibly higher and the gap between rhetoric and reality widens, pipe dreams like geoengineering and carbon sequestration will become desperate Hail Marys for a species whose time is running out. The New York Times editorial by Piers Sellers, a NASA Earth Sciences director who has terminal cancer, perfectly sums up this techno-fix mindset: “…it will be up to the engineers and industrialists of the world to save us.” Keep calm, keep shopping, and await further instructions; the elites have it all under control. Jeb Bush’s recent comment that we should pin our hopes on “someone in a garage” fixing climate change illustrates the widespread delusion that technological innovation, good ol’ entrepreneurial spirit, and capitalist market-based solutions will be our saviours. Ironically, Jeb belongs to the political party hell-bent on defunding public education, a policy that would seem to make those plucky garage inventors even more implausible.

We cannot possibly rely on a system that profits from the very disaster it has helped to create, yet that is the dead-end feedback loop we are locked into. Mexico is a good example of how landscapes and communities are being carved up for alternative energy farms and carbon trading schemes that benefit only large corporations. Even philanthrocapitalism promotes the convenient myth that market forces and the whims of billionaires will solve systemic problems. The precautionary principle has been thrown out the window in the pursuit of short-term profits and power. We have only a vague inkling of nature’s rich complexity and interdependence. The scale of our ignorance is frightening considering our oversized impact.


The truth of our predicament has been criminally concealed since the 1970s by the fossil fuel industry which all the while knew that an overheated Arctic would melt away, exposing fresh deposits of carbon for them to exploit. Unfortunately the bonanza they planned for has not materialized; melting permafrost wreaks havoc on infrastructure and exploration. The cryospheric regions of earth, key geographic features regulating the planet’s climate, were systematically dismantled within the geologic blink of an eye; such environmental changes are imperceptible to the real-time cognitive processing of humans, but in geological ‘deep time’ these events are cataclysmic and portend a dire future for humans. There are more signs that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is slowing down.

“We’re sitting on these planetary boundaries right now, argues Rockstrom, and if these systems flip from one stable state to another — if the Amazon tips into a savannah, if the Arctic loses its ice cover and instead of reflecting the sun’s rays starts absorbing them in water, if the glaciers all melt and cannot feed the rivers — nature will be fine, but we will not be.” ~ Johan Rockstrom, director of the Stockholm Resilience Center


The time to avoid critical tipping points in those decades has passed. The projections from the IPCC were downplayed and underestimated in order to continue the destructive business-as-usual:

“…new scientific findings were more than twenty times as likely to support the ASC perspective [that disruption through AGW may be far worse than the IPCC has suggested] than the usual framing of the issue in the U.S. mass media. The findings indicate that…if reporters wish to discuss ‘‘both sides’’ of the climate issue, the scientifically legitimate ‘‘other side’’ is that, if anything, global climate disruption may prove to be significantly worse than has been suggested in scientific consensus estimates to date”.

We’re in the early throes of economic and ecological system failure; headlines grow more alarming each year:

Plastic is projected to outweigh fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. This may happen much sooner since it was just discovered the number of fish remaining in the ocean has been grossly overestimated. We only recycle 5-10% of plastics today and many are not recyclable. It’s cheaper for industry not to recycle and the quality of plastic is degraded when it is recycled. No international body exists that can hope to regulate dumping in the oceans. International ships dump freely without consequence. Unenforceable legislation is heroically passed in bodies of government from time to time, but it remains ineffective. Waste is also shipped across borders to more “business friendly” countries where waste can be cost-effectively dumped.

The warming Indian Ocean is becoming an ecological desert. According to new research, rising water temperatures over the last half century appear to have reduced phytoplankton numbers, threatening to cascade through the food chain and crash the ecosystem. Climate change has been implicated in a rash of recent animal die-offs across the planet. The changes are too abrupt for animals to adapt. Today’s build-up of atmospheric CO2 and other heat-trapping gases is much, much faster than past hyperthermal events. In fact, scientists now fear climate change is happening faster than it has in all of Earth’s history.

Hot days are occurring 145 times more often over the last 10 years than just a few decades ago. Unique World Heritage Sites are being destroyed by climate change. The latest one, an ancient Gondwana ecosystem in Tazmania, burned down to the ground from fires sparked by dry lightning strikes, a direct result of climate change. A warming planet is also providing a growing range of favorable places for mosquitoes, the bane of mankind, to spread pestilence and disease. Our interconnected world can fast-track their dissemination with the help of a single intercontinental plane flight. At the moment, the Zika virus is grabbing headlines with its explosive expansion. Scientists are on the verge of confirming that it has jumped to the common mosquito and the WHO recently declared it an international health emergency. Microcephaly appears to be just the tip of the iceberg for the fallout of this virus. Normal-appearing newborns are suffering ill effects as well. It is believed that the Zika virus was introduced into Brazil during the World Soccer Cup in 2014 when an influx of tourists visited cities throughout Brazil. The 2016 Olympics in Rio will provide a perfect vehicle for the worldwide distribution of Zika.

The refugees fleeing from the war-torn Middle East are only a foreshadowing of the mass exodus to come from regions racked by climate chaos. With ethnic, religious, racial and ideological tensions simmering, we can already see the welcome mats being pulled up in host countries. Recent studies have shown a loss of freedoms for citizens and rise in authoritarian governments around the world over the last decade; this trend tracks with our net energy descent, deregulation, rollback of environmental protection, and pursuit of corporate trade agreements. It also follows historic patterns:

“…history tells us that civilizations experiencing dramatic declines in their net energy uptake usually develop authoritarian political systems in an effort to stave off collapse, but then crash and disappear anyway.” ~Eric Zencey

Historically speaking, the elite are last to feel the effects of their hubristic decision-making, insulated as they are in their positions of wealth and power. Modern ideals and virtues of human rights, social justice, and a strong American middle class have all been aberrations of a civilization built atop a surfeit of energy.


The disparity between MSM news and real world problems like climate change, pollution, growing wealth inequality, the unraveling food chain, etc. are breathtaking. Wrecking the biosphere and bringing on a mass extinction leaves no one unscathed or in any position to survive long-term. Secret plans of survival by the “elite” are simply another myth. The wealthy may be buying up tracts of land in remote areas, but they are perhaps more delusional than anyone else because of how their wealth insulates them from hard realities. Without all those just-in-time supply chains operating seamlessly across a stable planet, no one gets out alive.

Source: Collapse Of Industrial Civilization

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  1. Janet says:

    This is how they Play!  Pay close attention. Especially the Snow Prone Areas…

    They dump a Huge load of Nucleated Snow on your area in which you reside. The snow reflects the sun so it does not have a chance to Evaporate or dissipate. Then they change the weather patterns and Super Heat the area in which you live in most likely with HAARP or the Cell Towers. When this happens all that snow melts rapidly and causes Major Flooding. Can you grasp that or are you in some sort of dillusional world that you think that is all Fiction and is just Silly.

    Well if you think that way you might as well go back to sleep and live in your Fairy Tale World. 

    Or even better go to Dizzzn'y Land and pretend everything is just Great.

  2. Dennie, Jill and others–I agree that lawsuits are the way to go–one way to help fight geoengineering is to help fund lawsuits–see

  3. Teresa says:

    The news is grim. Seems like all the (real) news is grim these days. Makes it difficult not to feel all those negative emotions – fear, anger, disbelief, depression. I know i’ve certainly been feeling ‘despondent’ over it all lately.

    I almost avoided this article tonight just for that reason, because there is really only so much negativity anyone can willingly take in one day. For me anyway, it gets very overwhelming waking up each day knowing what i know and seeing what i see .. when so many don’t (if that makes sense).

    But i’m glad i didn’t avoid this article because the words left in the comments gave me hope and make me feel a lot less alone (& crazy).

    And hearing people talking about light and vibrations and Rumi reminded me that i too know how to feel those feelings, i’d simply forgotten about the ‘good’ while being so focused on the nightmare in front of us all. I should never have forgotten it, in my heart i know it’s all connected somehow.

    Things are just so dark these days that i think we’re all going to need bigger doses of ‘light’ and ‘inspirational’ to keep going effectively. Tonight i certainly needed to see some of the light that often shines so brightly from those who write on this site and you didn’t disappoint.

    Thanks for those who took the time to leave those words here. It’s a good lesson for me that you never know when your words were needing to be heard. When as they say ‘the ground is fertile’.
    Because i think many people today DO know that something is very wrong, they just don’t want to talk about it because then they would have to face it. So they deny. They may well just not quite be ready for the truth now, but they may well be looking for answers for the gut feeling they have that ‘something is wrong with the weather’ (i hear people say that a lot).

    And when they do go looking, they will remember the words spoken to them about geoengineering. I feel certain that there are more people who know it’s happening, but who choose to deny it, than we realize.

    But people can only deny or ignore things for so long, most can’t keep it up forever. Humans are curious and they will look for answers when things don’t ‘go away’ (as long as they are able to anyway).

    And when the time comes and they make the decision that they can’t ignore things any longer .. they will know that it’s geoengineering creating so much calamity and suffering. It will be the only thing that makes sense.

    So when Dane needs them, when we need them .. i believe the masses will be there in support.

    Thank you for the encouragement i feel from this site. You’ve certainly lightened my burdens tonight. Your words do make a difference.

    And as always thank you Dane for keeping us informed and for giving up so much to fight such a massive battle. We do all we can to help but you have done the lion share and have given up so much. You all are amazing human beings.

    And now i have to go read some Rumi :J

    ~ T

    • Sheri Kennedy says:

      Excellent information, and written with true concern and compassion.  Thank you for taking the time to write this comment,  personally I'm so overwhelmed, tired and ill.  I wish to get more involved in the Chem trails issue but it's undercover, mysterious and I'm so angry I'm about to implode.  You are well versed in this topic and would love to have further contact with you.  I've been photographically  documenting Chem trails for over a year.  I just found this website about 1 hour ago. I'm going to be very honest I am so ill that I don't have the energy to put into this reply to your comment that I would love to do for the good of all the planet. out of necessity and because of the problems the environment has caused my health I am not doing well at all and I need to deal with his side like I said I have documented it with photographs and its it's the New World Order it's the the government allowing people to buy them off to get away with the solution to the situation is dire like you said its very bad it's irreparable I think at this point.I think that legal action and the peoples of the world and America especially need to wake up and the address these issues immediately it's so far into the damage that's being done that it's killing people, animals,  plants anything that is trying and meant to live.  I pray we can connect,  please respond to my comment in only using a phone fir the so my ability to connect with people and writing and storing and saving and editing is almost impossible. at this very moment I am so ill that I am going to have to send reply aren't I'm going to lose connection with you but I just found this website tonight so it does give me some help like you mentioned in your comment and your letter. something has to be done if it's not the world you know war and crisis going on in we aren't going to be around long on this planet with things going the way they are I am sort of retired because of my classes and I have taken a lot of time to do I'm studying and petitions and educating myself on all of this crisis going on in the world and I'm just running out of gas basically and I need help and I think I have information and photographs and some you know real solid evidence of the destruction of how our country is letting the the use of chemicals and and covering things up is killing us and then we need to do something about it I don't want blood on my hands and basically I'm barely living of and alls I have to do is you my activist work and driving and it's become impossible the more I get into it like I said with the equipment and I'm using so please reply to me and I'm praying that this website picks up on the urgency of my situation and someone will contact me I know they hide our information and I don't I've just been hacked into and my phone was nearly destroyed and all my photographs were stolen so I hate to put my email or any information out there but we need to connect if it if we want to live we want you know my grandchildren are going to have a planet to live on because of what's going on and I just feel that the onus is on us to do something the ones that have the knowledge and the evidence and the tenacity to put up with this is so overwhelming it's definitely almost killed meI'm going to have to sign off now and click the reply button like I said with with hope I'm in my heart I hope that we can connect and then that I can become more of a part of this website and the event on you no march against Monsanto and I'm pretty well educated as far as what's going on and what's being covered up and like I said I have photographs and I'm also a victim of a cover out from a government agency and the doctor so M I hope to hear from you I hope there's a response from you and if not maybe you know we can help each other in some way or you know the planet the this website by the sharing of information m I really enjoyed reading your writing it was it was not invasive like a lot of articles are there there like just the tip of the iceberg it's like you had some real meat cheer your your information and your compassion and concern. but I like I said I just found this website and I am going to I haven't joined or anything I'm I don't know I'm just starting out on this site I've done other work other places which I'm rambling at this point because I'm diabetic and I'm my blood sugar is dropping and I need to get something to eat but I found you and I don't want to let go of you and I don't know whether you just crossed my path at the right time and I am a writer recognize and appreciate well written full-bodied content like your article contained. I will bookmark of this and keep a copy of whatever it in you and try to reconnect with you somehow I met in my situation its very urgent of I am fighting the system you know with medications and you know all the drama of that and like I said I'm not ready to implode but anyway I will look for response and hopefully I can get more connected with this website and I didn't know it existed as you know how the web is you just run across something in and in my research and studying tonight I found this and your comment was one of the first ones I've read so I haven't even had a chance to get involved in the website but very interested I am ready to do something I'm ready to take action I have nothing to lose except for my little therapy doggie I really hope that this go somewhere and that until I take my last breath on me know I'll be working on what I call the voiceless issues you know people that can talk animals and the environment of things that can't speak the elderly spent the last five to six years doing nothing but educating myself on all of least I found this website and its like you have given me some hope until I'm going to sign off now and prayer that we can do something weather g of this website with a geo engineering or but it seems like this this site has more impact and more integrity to it than a lot of the activist type work that I've been doing that anyway thank you for your letter thank you for taking the time to write in it was really nice having an article to read that actually address the real issues and you did it with integrity thank you for that. and trying to bring this letter that I repeated myself off in 5 different ways and 10 and off and still have hope and we can go somewhere with with it and  addressing the person that you mentioned,  Dane. RUMI , I have read excerpts from those writings but I need to do more reading it appears. well I'm going to bid you a good evening and thank you for very nice article and hopefully Iowa get to connect with you or at least I found the website so I'm starting there and I appreciate everything that people are you doing the people that have woken up anyway but anyway I hopefully will hear from you and you keep up what you're doing it sounds like you've got it on the hip as they say about this topic and I appreciate your work thank you

  4. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hi all it was 64F here in southern Ontario on Wednesday of this week. Along with that I counted 12 Robins in one tree, they dont usually show up here til around the end of March early April.

    Maybe they know something we dont.

  5. Howard Taylor says:

    Screw the doctors.I have there nurses and assistants to educaabout ournd yes the listen and believe.The common people are the ones who know they are being screwed. 

    Use todays money problems and how the banks own everbody.Then add geoenginnering to topic .Talk about how the Saudi Arabians own all politicians.The will listen.Then talk about our shies and how the are being sprayed.Screw the doctors and the upperclass  .Start with mother and fathers.Our children are the targets.Talk about that.

  6. Marc says:

    For the last 2 weeks or so, off and on, it's been unseasonably warm in St. Louis. We had a few pretty chilly days but the warmth shoved it's way back into the picture. I wish I had a hundred bucks for every time I heard someone say: "Enjoy this nice weather!" or "Enjoy this great weather!" as they were leaving my general vicinity. I generally just say: "Alright" or "Whatever," knowing in my mind that many simply aren't gonna tolerate a lecture on why they need to wake the f**k up and quit exulting in the unseasonably and tragically incongruous warmth here in St. Louis in the middle of f**king January. What a perfect PSY-OP! Geoengineer half the goddamn country into record warmth. Get everyone flipping out about the beautiful weather so as to utterly derail any concern about the F**KING FACT THAT THE PLANET IS IN ECOLOGICAL MELTDOWN!!!! Keep everyone as stupid as technologically and academically and politically possible. Yeeeehaaaaa! These guys really think they've got their shit goin' on, don't they? Well, guess what? This dumb-ass warm weather ain't f**king fooling me. Seductive? Yes. Pleasant? Yes. Alarming as hell? Yes. Meanwhile, keep those winter storms coming occasionally so people don't forget that climate change and global warming aren't as bad as they're sayin'……………….. What a cluster……

  7. Helene says:

    Hi All, here's something interesting particularly for Dane & Susan: just finished reading a book called "Rescue In the Pacific" which is about the Queen's Birthday storm in the South Pacific in early June 1994, in the NZ/Fiji region.  Every yr at this time, a flotilla of yachts, from NZ, Australia, the US mainly, leave their winter NZ ports and sail to Fiji and Tonga and on to explore the South Pacific and/or sail back to California.  But this year, a freak storm caught the sailboats by surprise, many people had to be heroically rescued and the folks on one sailboat were never found.  The storm started with the barometric pressure dropping more than anyone had ever seen in such a short period of time, from about 1018mb to 978mb, there were 2 depressions and one was called an "anti-cyclone" but was never called a hurricane or cyclone even though it was a Force 12 storm, 90 knots waves 100 feet high, there were 2 systems knocking against each other creating waves going in different direction against themselves, many boats were lifted up and completely turned upside down and around.  As I read the descriptions of this storm, including by the NZ weather folks, I began to wonder if this storm wasn't engineered, some kind of test case…there had been a similar but not as bad storm same time in 1983…I recall 1994 was an "El Nino" year for the west coast of the USA.  And speaking of storms, we had a big one last night here on southern Vancouver Island, winds about 60 mph sheets of rain, when I checked various meteorological sites, one at about 9:30pm Pac Time, said the storm would be over in 26 minutes–actually it didn't end until very early this am…just remember, there are more of US than THEM and as Bernie says if everyone gets up of their tushes and participates good things will happen…

  8. virgina says:

    Dear Friends and Fellow Sufferers:
    After reading all of the educated and helpful posts, I noticed that no one has addressed something that CAN really be done about this horrendous spraying that is destroying our lives and environment.  We can demand from our presidential candidates (such as they are, regretfully) that they address this issue, talk about it, give us reasons for it, what they intend to do about it, and so forth and so forth.
    We have the power to do that, if nothing much else, other than write letters of encouragement, such as in this blog.
    Many of us have written to our representatives to no avail.  I, for one, in Redding, California.  But why don't we form a group or groups that personally confront these presidential candidates to address this issue and stop beating about the bush on other silly issues as a means of distraction. There must be many of you so savvy about organizing such a group….are there any thoughts on this?


    Thank you for your comments two posts ago.  It is really hard for people to see the big picture these days due to decades of psychological warfare.  The "keeping up with the Jones's" propaganda/mentality.  It was devised on the lower level, to increase consumerism, but in the bigger picture, it was to change humankind into service to self, instead of service to all.  To spread the "disease" as far and wide into the consciousness of humankind, thru division, ie: envy, jealousy, etc.  There is no right or wrong, among individuals.  Individually, our "opinions/opines" are based upon our experiences, that form our "perceptions".  What humankind needs to innerstand/evaluate within themselves, is how you as an individual came to your perspective/opinion.  In most cases, there is no right or wrong, just perspective, which is an illusion of reality.  THIS RIGHT/WRONG, WIN/LOSE MENTALITY weaseled/slivered into the consciousness of humankind, so many years ago, until this day.  It is the sharing of our experiences, long ago, that allowed humankind to thrive and grow.  OK, your not good at baking, so your neighbor was and loved doing it.  You loved raising chickens and growing wheat.  Exactly what you the baker in your community needed to produce the baked goods you loved so much.  It was a mutual exchange between one individual and another, to do what they loved to do, while providing for each other.  There was no incentive to increase your prices for your eggs and wheat, because you knew, that your neighbor would need to increase the prices of their baked goods.  We need to cut out the middle men/women in all instances..hell, growing up I did not even know about "food brokers"..

  10. Damon Duval says:

    Another great share from Dane, Thank You
    Pass it on. Thank you Kelly Slater for speaking up w/that interviewer.
    #1 priority: Man/Woman/Child  Air/Earth/Water [Salt And Fresh]
    Neutralize weapons of mass distraction/destruction
    Truth DOES NOT need a defense

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Scientists say they don't know what is causing massive seabird die offs. Data gaps my *ss! Scientists are liars!

    • Dennie says:

      I don't trust the New High Priests, the "scientists" of the new RELIGION, "Science."  They are completely heartless A$$holes.  The only "god" they worship is mun-neeeee!!!!

  12. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert !   010:30  2-6-2016
    We  need to Sue The State of California for allowing this to Fester.
    I  See and Feel all of the Poison we are being Sprayed with.
    I will not fade from history without a fight to stop the Genocide .

    • Dennie says:

      It is against the laws of the California Civil Code to spray any kind of unannounced substance into the air.  You can find this law.  You can also try to sue but I think it would have to be a part of a much larger lawsuit.

    •  Laws are invented by those who break the rules…
      Executive Order 13139 – Wikipedia
      Executive Order 13139— entitled Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations — as an executive order (EO) issued by U.S. President Bill Clinton on 30 September 1999. It outlines the conditions under which Investigational New Drug (IND) and off-label pharmaceuticals can be administered to U.S. service members. An “off-label" indication is a use of a drug in a manner (or for a condition) other than that for which they were originally licensed.
      EO13139 provides the US Secretary of Defense guidance regarding the provision of IND products or products unapproved for their intended use as antidotes to chemical, biological, or radiological weapons; stipulates that the U.S. government will administer products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only for their intended use; provides the circumstances and controls under which IND products may be used.
      It also stipulates that to administer an IND product, informed consent must be obtained from individual service members. However, the President of the United States may waive informed consent (at the request of the Secretary of Defense and only the Secretary of Defense) if:
      1. Informed consent is not feasible
      2. Informed consent is contrary to the best interests of the service member
      3. Obtaining informed consent is not in the best interests of national security.
      Executive Order 13139 boils down to a license to experiment on military personnel without prior knowledge or consent, period. Join the military: Become a hamster in a lab experiment… 
      It's the citizens of the world who allow morbid bastards like Bill Clinton to exist…

  13. Andrew from scotland says:

    Oh, and we have already peaked at 405.66 ppm CO2…so that was 3 years early / faster than expected.

  14. Andrew from scotland says:

    It is interesting how the Zika virus is dominating the press at exactly the same time as a deadly virus "leaked" from a US military laboratory near Donbass.  
    As of 22 Jan, the virus had killed or hospitalised several hundred Ukrainian military and civilian, and is said to be "immune to all medicines".

    • Dennie says:

      The Idea is to "Balkanize" the Former Soviet Republics, surround China and "own" the Himalayas, the source of much of the water for Asia– then you "own" Asia, according to that Arch-Demon, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who needs the Saudi Treatment: 

  15. Carol says:

     In our present dire situation I often think of some of the words to the song, America the Beautiful.

    " Oh beautiful for spacious skies …amber waves of grain…purple mountains majesty, ….above the fruited plains."

     All  going …going…or already gone. Makes you want to cry.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Carol,  It is is easier to say than it is for one to do, but: while staying in the fight intellectually, let go of the results emotionally.  This is not the end of anything; especially not the end of who we  really are.  Although  "change" can be uncomfortable, it is still  only change.  Larry
      Uncomfortable, it is not the end.  There are exciting times ahead for all of us.

  16. Rodster says:

    It's the 6th day of Feburary and here in Venice Florida, the birds are beginning to chirp and sing as if they think it's Spring. It's as if the season look to be getting shorter and out of whack.

  17. droughtsurvivor says:

    Wasn't sure what I was feeling this morning after the "high cirrus clouds" smeared the sky yesterday according to the weatherman out of Dallas.  But my usual sunny disposition was dampened by the slime in the sky and squirt of toxic rain I guess.  They say ignorance is bliss and having awoken to this assault four years ago I do understand.  It was told that after Moses lead the people out of slavery, they clamored to go back after their circumstances seemed impossible to overcome and their vision of freedom became marred by their adverse situation.  My human side also understands that longing to go back.  We can't go back and I wouldn't even if given the chance.  Can only move forward from this point in time no matter the turmoil, no matter what our eyes may see and our bodies feel in this dimension because I know that blue skies and green pastures await.  I pray we all are lifted up in our spirits this day. 

    • sam says:

      Your instincts are totally correct, it is not Humankind that wants to go back, it is the controllers.  We must all give our intention to moving forward, regardless of how "they" try to drag us back!  Hooray, so glad people are starting to get it.  What most of humankind does not innerstand, that these "entities/beings, want to go back to totalitorism, back when the so called "gods" ruled the earth and bestowed riches upon riches upon the royals/rulers, to enslave humankind.  Now we have the "medium"to speak out.!!!  These are not god, gods or godesses, they are the fallen ones, encased in their own "universe" to play their games.  Many believe that they are here below us in hell, I disagree, somewhere along time, I suspect Solomon, allowed some of them in.  These "entities" insist they are our rulers, and there are amongst humankind that help strengthen them, in exchange for power over humankind.  I state this, to let them (k)now we (k)now.  "you" will not escape responsibility or accountability for what "you" have done .  Your premise, among the legalize, legal system, you specifically devised, to keep humankind dumb downed and controlled is being exposed.  OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD.  OUR WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT WILL BE HEARD!!!   RAISE THE FREQUENCIES OF YOUR WITHDRAWAL AND NON-CONSENT.  

      Muse – Uprising (lyrics) – YouTube

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      Thanks Sam.  I also agree with you on the premise that fallen entities are amongst humankind using our vulnerabilities, weakness, greed, guilt or whatever for purposes that most do not comprehend (except us that are aware).  I find interesting that on days when I'm feeling negative and I talk with family and friends they also are in a mood.  Evil being described as "the prince of the power of the air" was foretold thousands of years before actual understanding of the devices of this power (i.e. smart phones, televisions, HAARP, ELF frequencies, etc.).  Powers of evil and negativity that try to drag us down or cover us up with their mire and muck.  Know thy enemy and what methods of deception are used against us to control our thinking, emotions, actions.  I am a child of the Living God and I embrace that understanding without sway or guilt, but with joy, from the negative energies all around because in the end that is all that I have and am and these demons will not take that away from me.  It is a battle to the finish and none of us will get out alive.  How we live, how we love ourselves and others and how we love our Creator is what matters in the end and this message counters the frequencies of evil.  In the meantime, the fight against these monsters destroying our planet, children and human existence is a worthy and noble battle to be engaged in, even if only speaking the truth in love.

      Thanks for the Muse song… it.  The lyrics are wise in their understanding of what we battle.

      Peace, Brother Sam.  Grace

  18. jill says:

    The spraying in Central California was horrendous today.  My face and eyes are burning like never before, and I have been indoors all day.  I own a farm, but didn't dare go out today.  Not that their poison can't easily get indoors, but my skin was just too sensitive today to risk any sun.  The inside of my mouth and stomach are raw also.  This is very unusual for me – I wonder if I'm reaching saturation point from 4 years of heavy spraying in the Central Valley? My beloved Calif. is dying before my eyes.  I don't know how much more I can take.  I try to educate people, but rarely meet with success.  God help us. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jill, take solace in the fact that you are doing all that you can, and that those around you who have so far shown shown resistance to reality will soon be forced to wake. Unfolding circomstances will make the collective denial impossible to maintain for much longer, wait and see. The more seeds of awareness we sow, the more parts to the puzzle people will have to connect once their eyes are forced open. Stay strong, you are not alone in this battle.

    • Tamra says:

      I think the only thing other than almighty God that will stop these evil Globalist is to hire the expert military that Obama has fired and get our States to secure each and every state boarder and have this military take action against poisoning us. People this is war! They are conducting genocide on the people and big pharma profits. For now even more importantly I ask for people to PRAY like never before, as NOTHING is to difficult for YESHUA! What's happening does follow scripture Read Revelation! 

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Jill, I have been very successful with the nine GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, that can be retrieved from this website! I like to verbally educate people, but the colored photos, facts, data & descriptions of evidence on GeoEngineering/Climate Modification in the flyers, are excellent tools for the people in denial who have the flyers in their possession, to do the research for themselves! I also tell the people about the Free GeoEngineeringWatch App, that they can Download on their IPhones/Smartphones. I do not want to seem like I am bragging, but I felt good Wednesday evening, at our monthly Downtown Art Walk in Jacksonville, after distributing & discussing the information on the flyers I passed out at the event! I even had several people track me down for more flyers, as well as discussing GeoEngineering in more detail! I am also, eventually going to burn multiple copies of the GeoEngineering DVD, to share & give to friends, family & anyone else who is interested.I feel it is my Duty to do so!

    • Tamra says:

      Has anybody planned a protest at the White House? And, since this a World Wide issue perhaps other people in other Counties might join the protest. I find that mostpeople are brainwashed by globalist controlled MSM to believe the BS of Climate Change without knowing CS it is caused by Globalist Satan worshiping Bilderberg Group (really its billionaires that worship satan)that infiltrated all areas of our societies. This assault has been planned and implemented decades ago. These men think they will become gods! They are possessed and morally insane.

    • Hi Jill,
      It is heart breaking to see & know how the health of the planet & all its inhabitants are under attack every minute of the day now.
      The global elitists are killing us all, yet most chose to remain ignorant of all the facts that prove this.  Most people are in total denial.
      It is not too late to turn this around. It needs to happen now. 
      I pray all of our sheep become wolves to stop the carnage of the planet & say no more to the evil doers.

  19. My friend in NZ told me about this incident – here reported in both RT and the NZ Herald. The Kiwis haven’t given up the fight against the TPP. The "rape of sovereignty" is right on! John Key is an ex-currency trader with Merrill Lynch in London.
    Mass protests over the TPP in New Zealand did not pass by without tomfoolery; a day after thousands took to the streets of Auckland, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was hit with a sex toy thrown by a woman, while speaking at Waitangi.  Joyce was an easy target, giving an interview to the press, following the February 4 signing of the TPP agreement, hailed as “the biggest trade deal in a generation.” But several thousand protesters had gathered earlier to march against the agreement, and a sizable presence was at Waitangi as well, four hours north of the original march, in Auckland.
    Shouting  “that’s for raping our sovereignty,” the woman threw a huge pink rubber penis, hitting Joyce square in the face. Security quickly led her away.

    Waitangi: John Key calls sex toy incident 'appalling' /Feb 6, 2016
    Prime Minister John Key says a protest where a sex toy was thrown at one of his senior ministers at Waitangi was "appalling". Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was speaking to iwi leaders at Waitangi when a woman flung a pink dildo at him yesterday, hitting him right in the nose.
    The woman was later identified as Josie Butler, of Christchurch, who called out "that's for raping our sovereignty", as she threw it.


    • Nicole says:

      Well. The ports are at a standstill. No one wants the dollar, they want a currency for payment that is backed by gold, not just paper and broken promises. The fake money is being dumped by our rivals now, they are getting out. Among many other back-stabbing reasons, the TPP allows for the looting of our resources, since we have no other way to pay for goods. If you haven't stocked up on food and water, you'd better because the dollar is done.


    • BaneB says:

      Sure beats throwing shoes.  Similar to face pies….no real physical harm, but gets the message across.  Indeed, this device and its symbolism as a genuine protest metaphor could very well become the succinct message that says it all.  Let the dildos rain down on their parade. Heave ho!

  20. ron says:

    Dane!  Keep it up, man! I'm 75 now and was a radical/anti-establishment person in 60s,70s.  I have had a long time to study and reflect upon certain things.

    What is the earth? Simply put; it is a huge molten metal core swirling in motion surrounded by a very unusually thick mantle. A very thin "crust" lies on top of the mantle(like the skin on an apple) –covered also by about 2/3s water. Infinite kinds of life live on the crust.  At this particular time, civilization is virtually eating itself and destroying hundreds of species a day. All this is performed on the thin crust and in the thin atmosphere.

    It appears humanity(as "civilization")has created an unstoppable poisoning of the entire oceans and top part of the crust. Totally man- made radiation will destroy most life ON this planet.  Bacteria at deep levels approaching the mantle will probably survive.

    The overall mass of the liquid metal centered planet and mantle could  care less. Civilization cannot really bother this massive and very dense orb. If I were more poetic in my prose , I might suggest that if this rotating sphere born from fire had a mind, it has casually decided to shrug us  humans off forever and enjoy the radioactive splendor until its sun becomes a red giant and earth is vaporized. 

    But Dane, YOU and your supporters must do what you do!  I understand the need to ACT in the face of absurdity.

  21. Melanie says:

    The spraying over Northern California has been absolutely nauseating  the last 2 days. Please everyone, let's come together, let's let our disgust turn in to action. We are all in this together. Stay strong and take action. Love to all of you.   

    • Dennie says:

      Hoping like Hell that the cameramen pan the skies over Silicon Valley in the Stupor Bowl on Sunday– spraying here in the Bay Area's been somethin' fierce the past few days for sure.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, yesterday was so blatent!  In the course of three hours in the morning, though the spraying continued less so in the afternoon, the jets came across the blue sky from every direction but not from the south.  A genuine blitzkreig.  The weather warriors managed to screw up another beautiful day.  Yesterday the weather icon shows five days of a clear happy smiling sun.  Already, this morning I see that changed to a sun peeking out of a cloud.  Which is another way of saying expect more jets, more grunge, more dimming, more fake clouds, and more disgust on my part.  Blocking the sun throttles the process of photosynthesis.  Choking off full natural sunshine has to mean that less carbon is removed by the flora.  And that less oxygen is produced.  Is this not the height of insanity??  Thinking about the Keil Institute, I do not recall there being any reference to what psychological impact dimming the sunshine has on living creatures.  The more they spray the more depressed we become.  And the angrier I get.  By the way, the spraying you saw in Redding, that was over me, was also all the way to the Bay Area.  All of Northern California was assaulted yesterday.

    • julane jazzique says:

      Hidious in Marin 

    • Dennie says:

      Spraying over Marin, Alameda, Sonoma, S.F., San Mateo and Santa Clara counties is heavy and blatantly obvious the past few days and again today.  Probably everywhere else in CA too.  I am wondering WHAT Gov. Brown actually knows about the programs?   We already know that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Marin resident, knows about these.
      I understand there's a national Day of Action on April 23rd.  Who's organizing Public Awareness Educational Events in the Bay Area in time for Earth Day? 

  22. pharmer says:

    The consequences of denial and inaction is a fate worse than death.  Acceptance and action is what's needed, if we are to survive…

  23. TnGeoWatch says:

    That video pretty much sums it up. 

    Everyone make a difference now. 

    Weve jacked this world up!

  24. Dave says:

    About the central banks, please check out the website Market Skeptic/ESF,explains what happened to the value of the dollar.It dovetails with what happened to JFK. Regarding ongoing effort to expose "chemtrail travisty", I was scheduled last Tuesday for a physical and was determined to relate some effects to the doctor about hoarseness of my voice as described in the UofM study resulting from geoengineering program. I could not believe how dismissive, and condescending he was. I tried to pursue it  as were both from the state of Michigan but he would not even look at me. I was hoping to get  him to at least investigate, but not a chance, but as Dane says you can't fill a cup that's already full. Been so cloudy continually you can't see any SRM ,but sure can hear the jets. Dane, your passion about this keeps me pressing on! 

    • Jenny says:

      Sorry you went through that with your doctor.  That kind of unprofessional behavior is not uncommon, from what I've read (and experienced myself once or twice, though regarding other matters).

      I always wonder why people find it so outrageous or "crazy" that a person believes geoengineering is going on when they SEE IT going on and the resulting "clouds"/haze, when there are PATENTS, GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, mainstream ARTICLES describing how it would be done that correspond to what we're seeing, etc.  It's the classic "Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?"

    • Dennie says:

      The hoarseness is caused by dryness due to the nanoparticulate barium robbing your body of water, like it does everywhere else it goes, and the irritation caused by the metals.  I can feel and taste these, and they are very, very fine and powdery now, making your mouth feel dry, drying out your nose, causing nosebleeds. I put a little menthol-type petroleum jelly inside my nostrils and that cools down the dried out inflamed tissues.  The metal particulates rob the respiratory system of water as well as the digestive system and can cause such a shut-down in the large intestine, which in Chinese medicine is the Yang mate of the Lung (whose associated element is metal, BTW), that it mimics bowel obstruction.  Here is a very good little treatise from the Chinese medical perspective about the lung and it's functions, in health and illness, and treatments:

      This is a paper from NIH researching the relationship between the lung and the large intestine: Yes, there is a relationship, and western medicine is beginning to acknowledge ancient eastern wisdom.

      On Tuesday I will have a new private viola student starting to take weekly lessons with me.  She is a physician originally from Australia.  She works with my personal physician and a few other docs who've been my music students over the years.  At one point in our conversation I said that I hoped we'll begin seeing more Holistic M.D.s and Integrative Medicine M.D.s. I'd go if I could find one in my HMO (Kaiser).  I hope we can get this across to the health care providers because I believe this IS the way of medicine in the not-too-distant future.  There are fewer than half a dozen of these kinds of M.D.s in Marin County, where you'd think there would be plenty, but no.  I think AMA keeps the lid very tightly on who gets to be a doctor and how they're going to practice medicine.  As if there's only one way, huh?  Never mind that it's completely clear that the pharmaceutical model of healing, like the infinite economic growth paradigm, isn't really working.  So just try more, and that'll fix it, huh?

      It's completely senseless that EVERYTHING in "medicine" as it is practiced here in the United States hinges around the hub of Big Pharma.  Part of this is being driven by the fact that so many people really just wanna take a magic pill for every ailment.  Most have no idea how or what to eat, or even why.  Most are eating too much overly refined carbohydrates.  I haven't felt better since I started eating a bowl of brown basmati rice almost every morning.  My appetite, ravenous for the past fifteen years, has calmed down and my energy is smoother.  I am beginning to lose the weight that crept up after age 39 or so; it's almost magically going away because now I'm no longer eating all those refined carbohydrates that rob everyone of their energy and their health.  Now if we can just STOP the chem spraying we'd have a chance to heal the planet, but we MUST stop it!

  25. Atmospheric CO2 Rocketed to 405.6 ppm Yesterday — A Level not Seen in 15 Million Years / RobertScribbler
    As CO2 levels hit a new record global high of 405.66 ppm yesterday, I couldn’t help but think that HG Wells could not have imagined a more perilous mechanism for exploring the world’s past.
    For when it comes to testing the range of new climate extremes, the present mass burning of fossil fuels is like stepping into a dark time machine. As all that carbon hits the airs and waters, the climate dial spins backward through hundreds of thousands and millions of years. Speeding us on toward the hothouse extinction eras of Earth’s deep history. Now, not only is it driving us on through extreme weather and temperature events not seen in 100, 1,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 years, it is also propelling us toward climate states that haven’t occurred on Earth for ages and ages.
    Ever since 1990, the world has experienced atmospheric CO2 levels in a range that hasn’t been seen since the Pliocene geological epoch. A period of time 2.6 – 5.3 million years ago hosting carbon dioxide levels ranging from 350 to 405 parts per million and global average temperatures that were 2-3 degrees Celsius hotter than 1880s levels. Overall, global sea levels towered about 80 feet higher than those humankind has grown accustomed to.
    (Never has the Earth seen a CO2 build-up so rapid as the one produced by the human fossil fuel energy era. Rates of CO2 increase just keep ramping higher ever as the world’s climate sinks appear to be filling up. In this context, 2015 saw the swiftest pace of CO2 rise yet. Warming ocean surface waters can’t absorb as much CO2 as cooler oceans. And a record hot ocean during 2015 contributed to this extreme atmospheric CO2 accumulation. For the whole of the past year, CO2 built up in the atmosphere at a rate of 3.2 parts per million per annum. That’s well above the already raging pace of 2 parts per million average annual accumulation during the decade of the 2000s. Image source: NOAA ESRL.)
    If global atmospheric CO2 levels had stabilized in this range, it’s likely that we would have eventually seen climates, temperatures, and sea levels that became more and more like those experienced 2-5 million years ago. A process that would have likely taken centuries to reach a final, far warmer climate state. One in which little to no ice remained upon Greenland or West Antarctica, and one hosting a substantial retreat of coastlines.    [full article & graphs here]:

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    I originally wrote this in reply to an earlier post of mine, but it seems equally appropriate here.

    Jonathan, you are quite right. The trouble with "religion" (as we know it) is that it has been used as a means of control – consciously and subconsciously.

    Two of the most recent religions, Christianity and Islam, which appeared within about 500 years of each other, are classic examples. Jesus never carried a sword, could heal people and raised his cousin Lazarus from the dead (within the 3 day deadline before his soul and spirit left his body) and was the 'King of Peace'.  Mohammad,  although a very compassionate man, ended up being the 'Warrior King' that many were looking for.

    To my mind, one of the worst lines in the Christian Lord's Prayer is "Lead us not into temptation":

    1.  This is an incorrect translation. It should be: "Take us not to the time of trial". This saying is in reference to the terrifying persecution, torture and death that many 1,000s of early christians suffered. The only way to stop the torture was to renounce their religion and beliefs – hence the prayer not to be taken to torture and have to make that awful decision.

    2.  Our subconscious mind works best on positive affirmations, and will try to ignore the word "…not…", and hence many are "lead into temptation".

    3.  For me, The God of My Heart and Understanding would never lead me into temptation (I am perfectly capable of that on my own), and thus I have no need to ask him not to!  At this point of the Lord's Prayer I say "Lead me away from temptation". 

    Mother earth may be about to hit the reset button (as some say she did to the Atlanteans when they started playing around with the weather, and changed the world as they knew it), but our most important higher energies and frequencies will prevail.

    The ancient Druidic Church taught the immortality of the soul and the omniscience of one God, and their battle cry was "The Truth Against The World".  

    Later, during Roman times, they were greatly feared and never conquered. In @ 54 BC, Julius Caesar wrote: "They make the immortality of the soul the basis of all their teaching, holding it to be the principle incentive and reason for a virtuous life. Believing in the immortality of the soul they were careless of death."

    Our energy does prevail and our highest frequencies are little affected by the ingredients of atmospheric spraying.

    We are going through our own "Time of Trial" and the world as we know it may change, but as Steven Chamberlain writes, we must carry on without fear or trepidation.

    • I so agree with what you have said that, "Our energy does prevail and our highest frequencies are little affected by the ingredients of atmospheric spraying." That exactly what I am feeling and experiencing. We are not the body. Carry on without fear. Yes! Thank you!

    • bija says:

      Andrew and Susan – Thank you both so much for your beautiful thoughts that resonate so much with me (and I'm sure many here) at this strange and troubling time on this planet. I often ask myself if I am here at this time for a reason. My answer is usually Yes! and that I have something to do here, hence coming at this specific time. I've always been one to take on tough assignments, often making me question my sanity. Nonetheless, that has been my pattern in this lifetime. Without getting too much into my spiritual and personal beliefs, I will just wholeheartedly agree that we are not these bodies and while we must act for the good, we must also remain detached from the material distractions that only keep us in bondage.

      Whenever these unnatural skies bring me to a place of fear, depression, anger or hopelessness, I find a beautiful verse such as the writings of Rumi, find some protected place in nature, or plant some seeds, meditate or chant to raise my own vibration and that around me. I swear there are times when the trails part or dissipate and I am astounded and left wondering if my vibration helped in some way. I like to think it can and does.. A few years ago I stumbled upon a book called The Mammonite Agenda by Frank Stronghorse. For me, it was one of those life changing reads. He also re-worked The Lord's Prayer for this age of Mammon. I won't quote it here so as not to mess it up and alter any of its meaning, but I will look for it to post later. 

      Ultimately, it will be the goodness and light of the many, including all those here and many more who share our thoughts and actions, that will put an end to this insanity and criminality. Even though we all seem so separate and far away, we are an army that cannot and will not be stopped! My heart is with you all!

    • bija — Thank you. I love Rumi! A great Sufi master, poet and teacher indeed. Are you in Italy? Are the chemtrails bad there? I worry about my 80+ year old sister and her Italian husband in Rome, both are very ill. Could you report a little on any awareness of geoengineering in Italy? Is the lovely Italian countryside inundated with chemtrail poisons like California? I posted that brilliant Italian documentary you recommended on my web-blog:

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      The Sufi Masters are amazing, and can achieve what we would call miracles. They show great knowledge of, and competence in, natural laws.

      I know people who, with concentrated focused thought, can create holes in or disperse clouds. 

      Love to all, even the bad guys!

    • Dennie says:

      And yet there persists a hatred of the physically manifested Creation that I can't really understand– like somehow all of us are just supposed to.. rise ABOVE it all– hmmmmm….so you tell me what we do about our coughing, hoarseness, nosebleeds, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, digestive ails, higher-than-the-sky levels of toxic heavy metals in our tissues– I'M SURE A LOVING GOD who created everything DOES NOT WANT THIS for His creation.  Only a pyschopath would manifest everything here, then somehow see fit to believe that "He" needs to start destroying it the way we are seeing.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Andrew, the emails you have sent to your elected officials and representatives are very important. They serve as a warning to these people of the consequences of their inaction and willful blindness and can be used against them in court. I have copied several of them and sent them to my congressmen and local leaders. Please keep them coming, never give up!

      Try signing your 100th  email with this borrowed quote from Dane Wigington.

      "I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity,"

      Steven W. Chamberlain

    • bija says:

      Hi Susan…I live in Arizona, but have always had a deep connection to Italy through family heritage and a few good friends who remain there or travel there often. Unfortunately, my grandparents' and parents' generation are mostly gone, making familial ties very thin. I haven't traveled to Italy since the 90's. The thought of long flights in toxic skies keeps me from spending time in places I might otherwise visit.
      Seems the good people of Italy are very aware of what is going on over their heads. I have been able to freely and honestly talk to friends and relations there, who mostly live around Rome and Calabria, (unlike my friends and relatives here). From my point of view, they remain very active and outspoken (gotta love the Italians!) in media and rallies at least since 2010.  In 2003, the Italian Government made an agreement with the US Airforce, allowing them to fly over Italian airspace in order to do climate "research" . Dane has written a few articles on Italian activism and the role of Senator Domenico Scilipoti, who demanded the release of secret documents in 2014. 
      Like major cities here and everywhere, Rome and really all of Italy is sprayed heavily. There has been an increase in drought along the Mediterranean Coast which has been attributed to manmade climate change, much like what geoengineering has caused in California. Sadly, we and all our loved ones are suffering from this assault. The situation is dire for us all!
      Susan, many thanks to you for all your great research and links to related and impactful information that helps reveal the bigger picture. The best to you and yours always!   

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Steven, – impressed that you know 100th is my next!  
      As you indicate,  I am indeed mentally drafting it… without fear, trepidation or timidity.

  27. Frank says:

    The biggest display of spraying today here in SE Tennessee. The concoction quickly spread out into wide trails that make the sky a silvery mess of biological poison. The preparations begin for the next round of engineered winter weather for early next week. The east coast will freeze while the west will fry and bake. The masses are excited at the super bowl parties and brainless commercials and halftime shows. It so convenient that the weather will be sunny and warm in California for the game. It should be rain and mountain snows. The insanity continues as the criminal cabal continues there relentless poisoning of our once beautiful planet. Great post Dane and thank you for all your diligent work everyday.    

  28. Karen Strong says:

    The spirit of light and truth which we are all born with is telling every individual , no matter their distractions in life or their denial, that things are not right in our world …. I have always thought if people can't get the weather modification signs that are obvious then they aren't going to recognise the inherent evil that is hidden ….. I know also that people are starting to look up more and the subject which once was scoffed at is starting to be more accepted as people recognise that our skies aren't good ….. We are living in amazing times when truth is finally being pushed forward by the good amongst us ….. I am Grateful for well informed sites that we can direct people to … 

    • BaneB says:

      "The devil knowing his time is short will have much wrath."  Simply put even more simply this implies that continued revelation of the astounding corruption within the ruling elites, and the attendant organs of repression and control will create greater repression.  The more the curtain is opened to allow in the light of truth, the greater the risk of the distraction of these psychos igniting a global war.  That in itself is the stuff of a ethical dilemma for all of us.  What is the greater good?  Of course, a rottin "house" will fall of its own accord.  Where is the convergence?  What is our charge?

  29. Dan says:

    Please take all of this information and tell someone. Then they will and so on. Don't feel overmatched or overwhelmed. We need the strength in numbers approach to attack the problems we face. I mention something about Dane Wigington and 5 times a week. I went through every phase of learning the TRUTH that everyone does. Horrified…scared…desperate…lost…hopeless…upset…angry…vengeful…hopeful…vigilant…attentive…involved.  We can all make difference. If you don't believe that the "powers that be" hope everyone hits the BONG and just sits on their asses and stay in this pathetic lethargic state of mind you are dead wrong and are doing what they hope you do…expect and believe you will do. That's do nothing. So do something with me and others. Tell someone. Every day. It adds up. Don't feel like you are alone. Mr. Wigington is a hero. He has done more to help humanity than anyone you can think of and his efforts and energy need our collective boost. Not head nods…but something tangible. We are not defeated…We will not go quietly into the night…it's not what we are hardwired to do…to accept.  I urge all who care to make a difference…for the greater good. God Bless us EVERYONE. ESPECIALLY DANE WIGINGTON.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dan, thank you for your support, and for the record, I feel the same gratitude toward you and every other activist that is truly dedicated to this all important battle. Together we are strong, and our numbers grow by the day. Every one of us matters in this fight, every one of our efforts is critical to the overall outcome.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Dan, thank you for taking the words out of my head and posting them here. I went through all the phases you did in exactly the same order. Well said my friend! Never Ever Give Up!

  30. Kevin says:

    In New Jersey yards are full of dead branches after the snow we just had.

  31. jason says:

    The Central Bankers (the Cabal)  control the whole show because they privately own the creation of money, all other government is merely a puppet. Any other country that tries to create their own money outside of the Central Bankers gets attacked as Libya and Iraq tried to do and then were therefore attacked.

    Don't let the Central Bankers trick anyone into thinking: "Geo Engineer or die".  This is what they want people to believe. Hypothetically, if this were the choice, which it is not, my own choice would be to die rather than have Geo Engineering, because having Geo Engineering means the Central Bankers control it ALL.

    The Central Bankers plan is to first legally prohibit all freedoms, then ramp up their depopulation efforts. This plan is illustrated by their gun control laws, free speech control laws, surveillance, the TPP, vaccine laws, Monsanto protection laws, and Geo Engineering.

    I think the Central Bankers are Geo Engineering not because the Earth needs it, but because THEY need it, for their own agenda. They will keep Geo Engineering secret until it definitely has wrecked the atmosphere, then they will tell us "Geo Engineer or die”.

    I think if all the Geo Engineering were stopped right now, there would not be a devastated atmosphere, however, if Geo Engineering continues, there will definitely be a devastated atmosphere and environment that will kill us.

    Therefore, now is the time we MUST COMPLETELY HALT Geo Engineering!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Jason:  There's no question that geoengineering and the selling of war machines is making a few people on Planet Earth more than plenty rich.  It's about the money.  Anything having to do with saving Earth is purely coincidental.

  32. Melody Meachum says:

    In separate post I wanted to say Dane really put the pen to the paper for this report…great execution!

    We all feel the tension mounting day by day and it's becoming exponentially more frightening and challenging.

  33. Nikki says:

    Brilliant article.


    The truth is not fun to hear.  It is not designed to make a person angry or complacent .  It is not designed to tag the writer as a pessimist; it is only there to let people with open minds learn the truth. 


    This article has information that everyone needs to hear – parents and grandparents especially. Humans , though the cause of these terrible problems , from mass extinction , to resource destruction to toxic skies/soils/waterways , are also the only species capable of doing something for their offspring. 


    To to not try and do something to stop these terrible problems only makes people ignorant – and as parents – horrifically irresponsible. 


    Sharing information ion and being proactive is something everybody needs to do to help slow these terrible problems. They cannot bee " hoped" or " prayed" away. There are no heroes, but you. 



    • Nina says:

      I totally agree Nikki. This article may seem pessimistic to people who believe in reincarnation and believe you can manifest whatever reality you want or the people completely blind to what is going on. All we really have is to die with our chosen attitude, like the story of Jesus describes. I feel that our planet is so strong that it could recover if we collectively come to our senses and start caring. Self care has been eroded out of most people starting with our unnuturing ways that we receive children into this world. People desperately want someone to look after them, it seems, and the ones running the show don't have a fragment of care left. My advice is to stop vaccinating, stop the brutal practice of circumcision, and stop ingesting toxic food including alcohol. This is what handicaps a planet. Be the change you want. The fake food, alcohol and drugs, and the fake medical care system lulls us into extinction.


    • Larry Charles says:

      Nikki,   Your last paragraph is not only right on target, but profoundly important fo us to realize.  Thanks.  Larry

  34. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane…Very timely and hard news indeed.

    I think it would be hugely beneficial if we had another articulate and informed voice in the battle. Pro surfing legend Kelly Slater does rare interview mainly speaking out against 9/11, GMO's and many other important issues. I found it especially interesting to learn that Monsanto has long used the Hawaiian islands as major testing grounds. Although Kelly Slater doesn't mention geoengineering/HAARP, he may be fully aware.

    Could there be potential contact w/him so he can help raise awareness, especially given the fact he's well respected and an activist already? I will see if there's an avenue of contact to forward Dane's site on to him.

    "Surfing legend Kelly Slater is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, just days after being in the news for saving a woman and her baby from a huge wave in Hawaii that swept them away.

    In this interview the surfing icon opens up about his views on various issues including politics, 9/11, the wars in the middle east, ISIS, Monsanto and GMOs.

    Slater is now part of a growing number of celebrities speaking out about import issues facing our time.

    Like many people, the 11-time world surfing champion began questioning things after 9/11 and is now someone actively seeking the truth. He stopped watching the mainstream media to follow the alternative media instead, to find out what is going on in the world.

    His concerns on topics such as Monsanto and GMOs are close to home for the surfer who lives in Hawaii, a well known testing ground for Monsanto."

  35. Nicole says:

    The video of ecocide is just as heartbreaking as it is disgusting. Civilization was modeled and continues to be, based on greed and money. What a horrific waste of our planets resources. I'm so mad, the tears burn down my face and my mind spins. All of us want so badly to change what is happening but we are up against such a terrible beast. They have destroyed the earth, and now they are blaming it on the population, and exterminating all of life just to cover their own asses. It didn't have to go like this. God, help us. 

    • Dennie says:

      Nicole, you've spoken for me.  There are days when I feel hope, which is a form of prayer, and though prayer can't do it all, even in spite of my anger at Original Cause and the "God" behind that, I feel that it can only help.  What other choice do we have?

    • Ilya Kraev says:

      The answer, Dennie, is FIGHT, through doing The One Great Work of educating ourselves and others about the nature of our reality and Truth. This agenda cannot be stopped if we do not mature in our consciousness. If we point fingers, attribute blame on others and wait for some deity to save us, then not only do we NOT have what it takes to stop this, but we ultimately DESERVE THIS. We act like little baby children, ignorant and blissful, always looking to some daddy figure, be it religion or government to save us. Save us from WHAT?! The responsibility we have for creating the world we SAY we want? Well, no matter what you've been led to believe, abdicating your personal responsibility is IMPOSSIBLE. End of story. If anyone doesn't like this, I suggest they take this up with the creator of the universe, because there's a big fat F-all we can do about it as individuated spirits.

      Let me let y'all on a little secret, really advanced knowledge!


      I'll reiterate, sitting here behind our keyboards, crying and calling the elite "evil scum" and the such is not going to do anything besides cement our status as VICTIMS (which is a retarded state of mind to be in, I know, I've been there). The elite know what they do and they do it flawlessly. It is US who are at fault for the state of the world. WE DID THIS THROUGH OUR DELIBERATE IGNORANCE OF TRUTH. All they did was point some fingers and yell out orders to completely retarded stupid animals calling themselves guards and soldiers (Police and Army in our new enlightened age).

      Yes, this is what people hate to hear. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PERPETUATION OF THE HELL YOU LIVE IN along with the rest of humanity. we've had 30+ years of warnings, literature, information and events to put our stuff together and realize what's going on here and how to stop it. We've actually had the knowledge to stop this for quite some time; and what did we do?

      We created the modern world. The cutting edge. Our glorification of Kim Kardashian's ass really would make our (your, I am not from US) founding fathers cry in joy. 

      We've created this world. We must accept responsibility for it. Act or wait for the totalitarian regime to completely emerge and envelop whatever divine spark this forsaken species ever had in an eternal veil of darkness (until the creative force of the universe decides that this pathetic slave species has suffered long enough and terminates this bad joke of a species, through some natural disaster). 

      And seeing how humanity behaves even at the edge of its death and extinction, honestly makes me kinda glad that we get THIS fate. Decadence and stagnation must come to their natural conclusion, as the Natural Laws of creation dictate. Although come to think of it, more probably we will be turned into a genetically modified, grown in a laboratory, completely mind controlled species and "enjoy" the utopia that our loving leaders constructed for us, because they were the Illuminated ones!).

      Is my outlook dark? Yes. Is the world equivalently dark and getting darker? Absolutely. Does this scare, hurt or diminish my spirit, the eternal essence that is the REAL ME? NO! Even if it's all over, even if we all die, I will still continue my journey, I will still remain, after my physical vessel becomes dysfunctional, for one reason or the other. 

      Want to pray to god? Try praying to YOURSELF because ultimately, at the end of the day, you are the only legitimate source of power for yourself, and this applies to EVERYONE!

      "I AM THE WAY" refers to this dynamic precisely. Stay strong and learn while you have the chance people, this is our EndGame. Let's see what epilogue we manage to get and if we deserve a sequel to this saga!

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