Alarming Posts And False Accusations From Kim Moore


Fair Use Doctrine
17 U.S. Code § 107 – Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

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Those who really want to see Kim’s  character in regard to her opinion of all others in this fight and in the community in general should read the post below.



4 Responses to Alarming Posts And False Accusations From Kim Moore

  1. Catswhiskers 100 says:

    My goodness what a tantrum queen. She knows it all and drops names like rain – means she knows nothing!  This is her way of getting attention. She sounds like a raving rabid feminist. Give her a wide berth and ignore the silly woman.  She sounds completely mentally challenged.  I can't imagine a man would want to live with her – Ugg.  Honestly, if you had slugged her you would probably been right to do so, but she could have taken you to court for assault. I don't see that happening because she'd have to get witnesses and the only ones she can call on are the fairies in her head.

  2. Carpe Diem, tomorrow's 2 late says:

    She sounds like an uneducated little brat bully trying to make herself look good. Poor thing….she failed. Don’t waste your time worrying about a bitter and jealous woman like her, she’ll shut up when she figures out no one is listening to her.

  3. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I have had people slander me before. It sounds just like the ranting here, nothing specific is ever mentioned. It’s just a bunch of dribble from someone being ruled by one of the deadly sins, avarice.

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